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Savannah Avianne Reynolds

"In my field of paper flowers...."

0 · 229 views · located in Invisible Angel Institute

a character in “A Sad Day for Happiness”, as played by MagicalNeko



:SAVANNAH . a v i a n n e . r e y n o l d s:

[Mostly he's just called Savannah, but if they're close, he lets them call him Savvi.]
[Room 114, Bed One]
[Homosexual. Bi... curious? He's never been with a girl before, so he's not sure.]
[Severe Anorexia and Bulemia, as well as Aphephobia]


[Savannah lives mostly in a world of his own; he spaces out often and fades into his own world. He's been known to say strange things, or reapeat lines of songs as answers to questions when he can. Dispite the fact that he's recently not been eating, he's still very lively and out-going. It's not unlike him to bound up to a new resident and scare them out of their mind by talking a mile a minute and not shutting up. He's been known to slip every now and again, and say something vulgar or reference his past. Those who are close to him can probably piece together what happened to him based on the things that he drops by accident during his little rants. It takes him a little while to be able to trust people, but once he does, he will very allow physical contact from them. Savannah is not depressed by his brother's death; actually, its quite the opposite. He's happy Eden died, because it means that he was released from the pain and suffering of life. He has a strange way of looking at life, but it makes sense to him, and he won't try to change it for anyone.]

[Bright, Vibrant Colours; they're cheerful. Just because he's anorexic doesn't mean he can't be happy.
Being Annoying; it's entertaining.
Origami; it never ceases to amaze him how a square of paper can be turned into a flower, or a bird, or a dog....
Mangos; they're so bright and colourful, but he rarely sees them in IAI, so they're like a rare treat for him.]

[Kraft Dinner; doesn't matter how you make it or what you put in it, he'll throw up if he sees it.
Music; he won't even go near a room if he hears it.
Being Touched; brings back bad memories that he won't even talk about.
Raisins; they get stuck in his teeth and he can't stand it.]

[Anything Neon]

[Imaginary - Evanescence]

[Savannah has an extreme talent for the piano, and a voice that could stun his listeners. He has ever since he was very young. However, he never sings or plays anymore. He's picked up a new talent for origami.]


[When Savannah was very young, his father left him, his mother, and his twin brother, Eden, alone to suffer. For years, his mother worked as a stripper and a bartender in a night club before she realized the musical talent of her twin boys one night in the rehersal room in the back of the club. One of the other strippers was teaching them both the piano and they were picking it up quicky β€” mind, they had to sit on stacks of books to reach the keys. Coupled with a childish β€” but still remarkable β€” singing voice, their mother was able to show them off between dances as an intermission. It made most of the men flood to the bar to refill their drinks, but a few others had different plans. It wasn't long before Savannah and Eden were shown off nightly, on stage and off, to the men who wanted them. Making twice as much as she did off her tips by whoring the boys out, she didn't even think about the well-being of her children. Suddenly, they could move out of the motel and into a decent apartment, and they could afford heat, water, electricity, and cable TV; all at the expense of their food. Cupboards were stocked with Kraft Dinner, and when the twins were sick of it, they were force-fed. It was when they were twelve that Eden was killed.

One night, after going off on his own to make a little extra money the only way he knew how, Eden disappeared and was never seen again. Both Savannah and his mother accepted him as dead and never pried any farther. It was just one of those things that happened. But, it made Savannah fight. He didn't want to end up like Eden. He refused to eat and fought the men that paid for his company; eventually he got away and went to the police to report his mother's abuse. She was taken away after a thorough inspection and background check, charged on several accounts including the murder of her own son.

Savannah was put into a foster home where he had two loving parents and and two older sisters; he was happy here for a little while though he didn't enjoy being touched at all... or at least, he was able to feign happiness, before he stopped eating. His foster parents picked up on it very quickly and made sure he ate, watching him and not letting him leave the table until he did finally eat. To counter this, he would induce vomitting after the family fell asleep every night. When they realized that they couldn't help him, he was put into the hospital. Eventually, he was committed to Invisible Angel Institute, where they gave him a little more freedom and no Kraft Dinner. He had begun to eat again, and was able to keep it again, but recently he's fallen into old habits and hasn't eaten in a few days. The physchiatrists think that Savannah's eating disorder and reported Aphephobia may be caused by depression after losing his twin brother and closest attachment, combined with the trauma of what he went through with his mother from the ages six to thirteen.]

So begins...

Savannah Avianne Reynolds's Story