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Guan Qing Yue

The Demon Rider

0 · 348 views · located in Qi Empire

a character in “A Shattered Empire: Hunt for the 5 Treasures”, as played by RedRaine


Clan: Bull

Name: Guan Qing Yue

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Appearance: Qing Yue stands at an acceptable 5"5. Her raven black hair is tied into a high ponytail and her eyes have the hue of a smooth hazelnut. Qing Yue wears a similar garb as her mother did back in the war but in black. She wears a black dress adorned for battle with steel shoulder plates, steel armor also lining the inside of the dress, allowing smooth movement and protection as well as still showcasing her femininity. As her mother used to say, 'A battle is decided the moment two opponents meet. If your enemy is distracted the battle is won.' Aside from this, Qing Yue also has two arm bracers laced in black and white cloth and steel plated leather greaves and shoes.


Motivations: Wishes to gather all 5 treasures and take the throne for herself; she hopes to create a country where everyone including demons, humans, and animals, can coexist peacefully.

Personality: Qing Yue, like her father and grandfather Guan Yu, is fiercely loyal to anyone she considers family and will always rush to their aid despite what's in her way. Qing Yue is a headstrong and mentally resistant woman that typically takes responsibility onto her own shoulders. While she's calm and collected, Qing Yue has a strong determination for doing what she believes is right and an even stronger passion for protecting her loved ones.


Weapons: A dadao with a solid black handle and the characters 'tiān xià wū yā yí yàng hēi' etched into both sides of the blade in black. It means "All crows in the world are black."

Other Items: Carries a 'dizi', a flute, to play to her mount in her spare time.

Mount: Hei Feng, her mount, is a demon hound and is somewhat responsible for her nickname. Hei Feng, black wind, was part of a pack attacking an unknown village near the borders of the Rat region that Qing Yue was unfortunate enough to be staying in a few years ago. After scaring away the majority of the pack Qing Yue was surprised to find a single demon hound still in the village. Unlike the others it did not attack the villagers, only choosing to fight the young Qing Yue. The two fought for an entire day and a half until the hound was finally subdued. Instead of killing as many of the villagers suggested Qing Yue instead brought the hound far away from the village and tied it to a tree. There she spent a good month taking care of the hound and fighting with it when it got free, the hound never choosing to run away but instead fight the young bull. In time the demon hound and Qing Yue came to an understanding and became partners; Hei Feng, as she named him, allowed the young girl to be the first to mount a demon hound.


Background Information: Daughter of Guan Ping and Guan Cai, Guan Qing Yue is a rather revered daughter of the Bull Clan; both her father and mother were key generals in the Imperial Army during The Golden Age and are acclaimed highly in the Bull Clan.

Guan Qing Yue, although sought after by the men of the Bull Clan, ignores most of the basic traditions of the Clan; this included both arranged marriage and the pressure to choose a mount to ride. Qing Yue found horses, as many other animals chosen as mounts, to be quite boring and so spent many years ridiculed for being so picky. To compensate she took up a typical mounted weapon, the dadao, and mastered its use on foot. Qing Yue's proficiency with the weapon earned her the nickname 'The Killing Edge'.

At the age of 16, Qing Yue chose to leave her village to explore the lands in search of a proper mount. She dressed herself in dark garbs not familiar to the Bull Clan as to hide her true identity as one of the clan and swiftly disappeared into the Kingdom of Qi. Qing Yue traveled the lands for many years afterwards, doing odd jobs to keep herself monetarily afloat as she wandered the Kingdom; many of these 'odd jobs' were in fact protection and escort jobs. Many of these included caravan escorts and overnight village protection. Rumors of 'The Killing Edge' began to spread throughout the lands, all stories of a black haired warrior defeating bandits left and right as well as reducing the steadily increasing crime rate. Within two years 'The Killing Edge' had become well known in the lands of the Rabbit, Phoenix, Dragon and Tiger.

Later on that year, Qing Yue eventually found a mount, Hei Feng, a demon hound. She and Hei Feng traveled the lands together, training with her mount in battle and dispatching bandits with ease. With her speed, sword, dark appearance and demon hound for a mount she earned the nickname 'The Demon Rider'.

Stories of a warrior evil enough to tame a beast of the Oni soon began to spread. The revered name of 'The Killing Edge' soon turned sour as people soon began to fear her; all scared of the demonic forces the young girl must have possessed to tame such a fearsome beast. In time no one would accept Qing Yue into their towns and villages, fearful that her demon hound could snap and lay waste to the entire town. Qing Yue and Hei Feng were soon forced to live off the land in order to survive. Although it seemed Hei Feng was remorseful of the position he placed his rider into, Qing Yue never once complained, instead only berating the hound for thinking such things. She had spent her entire life without a mount because she had never found the right one. Now that she had, Qing Yue wouldn't allow anything to separate the two. In order to consolidate their bond Qing Yue vowed Hei Feng as her brother and partner, one she would never separate from until death. As Qing Yue would always say, "A friend is like a piece of garment, but a brother is like a limb."

During her travels Qing Yue ended up intercepting an assassination attack on a caravan transporting the young Lung Shin and his mother Lung Feng. The efficiency of which she dispatched the assassins impressed the Empress; so much she offered her a summoning to a certain meeting that would occur in one month's time. Although Qing Yue was hesitant at first the Empress promised her full pardon for her mount in any city aligned with the empire. With such an offer Qing Yue had no choice but to accept.

So begins...

Guan Qing Yue's Story