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Lance Quinn - Lazarus

"I am here for one reason, and that, is the be the very Spirit of Vengeance. Those who need to pay, will Pay. And the Price will be $19.95 per Month. I'm just kidding. I can't wait to get Revenge!"

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a character in “A Shinigami's Life”, as played by zody



Name: Lance 'Lazarus' Quinn
Age: He's 19 Years old, not that he'll be aging any more anyway.
Gender: Lance is a Guy.
Cause of Death: Lance was murdered by his Brother. More in Lance's Biography.


As you can see, Lance has blue Hair, blue eyes, and, well. He likes the color Blue. He's Australian, and he was murdered in cold blood.

Additional Appearance:


That's a close-up of his face, the Tattoo on his neck is from his time in Prison.


He just woke up, or, well, you just woke him up.


Windy Days =3

Likes: Windy Days, Cool Breeze's, Music, Singing, (Don't tell anyone -_-) Chocolate, Ice Cream, any other Candy. Blue.
Dislikes: He dislikes nosy, oppressive people, even though he can be one himself. He also Dislikes his Brother, who MURDERED Him.
Other: He was killed for an unknown reason, and he's out for revenge. And he will succeed.
He's Straight, Heterosexual.
He is slightly Masochistic and hateful. And he can easily turn into a Deceitful, Manipulative person if he needs to.
He's also way too kind for his own good. Most of the Time.


Personality: Lance is kind and caring, free spirited, outgoing, and overall, very Friendly. But, like most people, he has a Dark Side, and he isn't afraid to let it out. He can go from being kind and caring, to deceitful and full of Hate. And he will burn you. He enjoys helping other without getting anything back, if he likes you, that is. If he doesn't like you, expect Hell every time you see him. He won't hold back, he just doesn't see why he should. As far as he's concerned, you don't deserve to be given a chance. The fact that he is so Hateful is due to his Brother, who Murdered him in cold blood. I'll tell you why later, cuz I bet you want to know. He also likes to joke around whenever possible.


Lance carries around a Basic Scythe. That's it. Or so it seems, right? The Heat of Battle approaches, and he says something that makes the Scythe Glow. Suddenly, millions of microscopic Blades surround him. Get close enough, and you're screwed. He can control these with pure thought, and they can solidify and form objects he wants them to. They can obviously deflect lots of thing, and absorb others. The downside? Sometimes the cut him as well. Yeah, it sucks, right? See, that's why Lance has his Jacket, which is made of a lightweight material that they cannot pierce. He isn't gonna tell you what that Material is though. By the way, there are billions upon billions of the Blades, and if you're close when he sends them out, bye bye for you. They will Shred you. More Later though, Right?


Bio [when you were alive]: Lance was raised in a House with two Brothers, both of whom were jealous of him. Let's skip forward a few years. Lance's been in Juvenile Detention, Prison and his Younger Brother's been killed. Now it seems to be Lance's turn. He came home one day to find that his Brother had killed his own Girlfriend, and Lance and his Brother got into an argument. Turns out that Lance's Bro was a bit paranoid about his GF hooking up with Lance, so he decided the only sane course of action was to murder them. Anyway, Lance turned to run, got him ankle broken and his kneecap smashed in. He crawled away, down some stairs. Only to find his Brother right behind him. Cue the Knife. Lance's Brother brutally beat him, stabbed him and them crushed his throat. Lance was paralyzed and could only croak. Like that chick from the Grudge. So then, to top it all off, Lance's Brother slit his throat and left him there to Bleed out.

Lance was angry.
And he wanted Revenge.
And he will get it.

So begins...

Lance Quinn - Lazarus's Story