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Forrest Inokira

"Yea, yea I get it."

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a character in “A Silver Record”, as played by Anraee



Forrest James Inokira

Ino||Baboo||Bambi{Only for those close to him}

Sometimes Monsters


Hair Color:

Eye Color:





  • Swimming
    For some reason he's always loved the wter. Since he was a kid he was always on swim teams and in the water in his ree time. It was one of the things he loved to do since he had nothing better to do. If it was up to him he would swim all day instead of practing along with the others. Don't get him wrong he loves to sing, but swimming is one of his favorite thinsg to do in all.
  • Showing Off
    Although he does it more in a calm type of way he loves to show off what he has. For one he loves to flash off his body to the people eyes. But whenhedoes get the opportunity he does take it and show off. Whenever he gets something new he'll find any reason just to show it off and impress everyone. Some people might think its annoying if they actually doing.
  • Baking
    Most people don't really expect this to bsomething he likes since he never wants to cook. But at certain times h enjoys to bake sweets for himself. When it comes to sharing with others that is going be a bit of a problem. If you want him to share that'll be a whole different process.
  • Carnivals
    This is easy! Who doesn't love carnivals? There is just so much to do there. When it comes to junk food and stupid games that you never win, he'll be the first to be there. Its just so much fun to be there in general. He's like a kid in the candy store when it comes to carnivals.
  • Headbands
    This one really has no explanation. He just likes the way they look on people. Every once and a while he'll wear one himself but it isn't often since people miht think he look weird in them.
  • Being called Forrest
    As a child people used to tease him about being named Forrest. It was an uncommon name and to others it was weird so they decided to trade him about it. So now when people do call him Forrest he tends to get upset and easily snap at others. It's not one of his best features at all. No one wants Ino to be mad especially since he isn't the type to get mad easily.
  • Cats
    In his opinion cats are mini versions of demons. They always seem to freak him out. Yes, they look cute an adorable at times . But majority of the time they creep the living hell out of him. He would rather bang his head on a wall than to hold a cat in his arms.
  • Staying in One Place too Long
    Ino was never the type of person to really stay in one place for a long time. He tends to get up and move around as soon as he wakes up in the morning. Not being able to move annoys him beyond belief. He only stays in one place is he HAS to otherwise he'll be all over the place when you let him.
  • Emotions.
    Ino doesn't like emotions. He sees it as something that will only get you hurt in the long run. Most people think he has no emotions especially when it comes to love. He thinks you're one relationship can ruin your while love life if the right person hurts you. But despite what you think the only thing that he hates really is love.



  • Fixing Toys
    This isn't something he really tells people since its rather embarrassing to actually tell in a normal type of way. Usually as a hobby he likes to fix broken toys. As a kid he learned how to do it since he had no one to fix his toys when they broke. After a while he got really good and if any kid asked him to fix a toy he would fix it no matter what.
  • High Pitches
    During his years of high school and middle school he was always in choir. It wasn't particularly something he really loved until high school. But his vocals had always been high pitched. He was good at it for a guy. He didn't sound like a girl when he was singing buy you get the point here
  • Woodcrafts
    He isn't ashamed of tweeting anyone about this since he thinks it's pretty awesome. He loves anything wood it just seems so cool in his opinion. In his room almost everything is made of wood and by him. It's also one of the things you'll catch him doing at random moments.
  • Concentrating
    Who knows if this is actually a skill or not. But Ino is really good when it comes to focusing on one thing. Sometimes he concentrates a bit too much when it isn't necessary. It can come as a good and bad thing. But mainly it's a good thing when he needs to memorize songs and such.
  • Fans
    Ino would do anything for his fans. Some people see it as weak since he literally does anything that is appropriate for his fans. He remains calm when he does it but he really loves his fans.
  • Chocolate
    This is really bad but he loves chocolate. If you bribe him with chocolate he'll agree most likely. The key word is most likely but he will accept the chocolate either way.
  • Movements
    Out of all things he cannot make really good moves at all. He just looks like an awkward penguin moving around the stage. Which is why he tends to move slowly on stage while singing



Ino has the type of personality not many people tend to really think about. On the outside he seems to be one of those people who don't care about anything and would do nothing all day. But in reality he isn't. Not many people know him that will because they either don't want to know him or they don't want to know him. That's the only way around it and there really isn't another way to explain it at all since into a lot of people want to get to know him. But there are a lot of things that majority of the human population do not know about him at all.

The first thing sis that he is NOT the type of person to express his emotions out to everyone all the time. Most people don't care to know your feeling so why waste your time telling them only for they not to give a flying fudge about it at all. He isn't too fond of the thing people call love. More so towards having a lover of some sort. When it comes to dealing with other peoples emotions and such he's really bad at doing it in general.

Ino does care. This one cannot be stressed enough. He does tend to have an emotionless face on a lot of the time when he's around people he's not so close with doesn't mean that he doesn't give a shit about things. Since he really does. Although he isn't very good with emotions that doesn't mean he wont try and help a person through there problems. After all everyone does car even if they chose not to show it at all.

As you get to know Ino you'll learn to love him and all of his awkwardness. That's another thing. He's really awkward most of the time so when he does a lot of things he looks weird but will laugh it off I the ending. That's how he is, he's that one person that is hilarious when doing things because he looks so weird doing it. Although he has his awkward and emotionless moments there are the ones that he's laughing and enjoying himself instead of acting like a socially awkward butterfly. No to mention that he will have tons of smartass and witty comments majority of the time.
He was like almost every kid in his childhood. he was never inside that house and was normally caused trouble wherever he was. He was constantly getting in trouble but he didn't min it much and often found it funny when he did get in trouble. He would constantly mess around with the girls, just because their reactions were hilarious. But soon after in hi mid girls weren't all that and he stopped messing around with them since they didn't become as much fun anymore especially but the time 4th grade rolled around. they were all into being girls instead of playing like before so he just kind of went his own way.
Around this time he was starting o get a bit more mature and such and girls tended to surround him. he was in choir for all the years in middle school and high school and gets would sworn him to an annoying degree. He would often laugh at how desperate they seemed even though it would seem really rude. Ino didn't mean it in a way like he hated girls but more of a way that it was just plain right funny. It was in high school he had been searched out and found and his used to be manager would help him with vocals and that was how he was eventually put in Sometimes Monsters.
Now a days he's a emotionless little guy. Well he isn't exactly little per say but you get the point. He has his good memories and bad ones like any other person. But he was just involved in a relationship at the beginning when he first joined the band, which may be the reason why he acts the way he does.
Currently he doesn't have an relationships with anyone really. His band mates are just his friends in his eyes since they don't actually talk enough to be good friends or something. If you ask him he really doesn't have a reason to not like his band mates, but he isn't really that close to any of them. Secretly hope that it would change and could be close friends with at least one of them. Then again if he is close to anyone he calls them his little ducky.
Face Claim:Nanase Haruka


So begins...

Forrest Inokira's Story

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Julian was rarely one to get nervous. So when he did it usually meant that something big was going to happen, or that he was over-thinking. In this case he figured it was probably both. Tranzistor had arrived a couple of days ago to settle in, they were early but that had been the plan. They wanted time to prepare and relax before the inevitable calamity that would ensue when the other band arrived. It had been a lovely couple of days too, with the beach at there back door they had gone swimming and sunbathed, nights were spent watching movies arguing over what to make for dinner. Normal friendly banter among band mates. Today however was not like that, no one had gone swimming, no one had even really left there rooms. It seemed everyone wanted to be alone to prepare for the up-coming meeting. Julian debated staying in his room and relaxing but had opted for a spot in the main floor living room right by the front door, he wanted to be able to warn everyone when the other band showed up.

By the time the sun was up in the sky and lunchtime showed up Julian had finished his book and picked up another one. The house was eerily quiet and that was shocking considering that Nicoli was usually doing something to make some sort of noise. All in all everything was devoid of noise except for the fan that sounded oddly loud and make a clicking noise each time it reached the end of its rotation. Jule's was considering abandoning his spot in favor of seeking out one of his bandmates, because at this point any form of company would serve itself better then the eerie quiet that waiting seemed to bring. Then again Julian supposed this was the calm before the storm. Something that only made his nerves worse. With a sigh he snapped his book shut and decided to hunt down Nicoli however it was then that he heard the sound of a motor. Peeking out the window he was both relieved and not to see a vehicle that could only belong to the other band turning into the driveway of the house. Moving the curtains back to cover the window he called out to the rest of the house hold, "Hey guys, the other band is here you should all come down and say hello!" And really Jule's wasn't making it optional. He wanted everyone to get introduced and settled down as soon as possible so that the knot in his stomach would stop trying to make itself worse.


"Rioooo I'm boreddddd." Orland was usually not one for complaining but this was just painful. Three hours trapped inside of a vehicle would turn anyone into a complainer though. The band had been out of the city when they got the call telling them where exactly they were suppose to be going and it just so happened to be a 2 day trip for them to get from where they currently had been to where they had to be. Luckily though yesterday had been spent doing most of the driving so today the drive was relatively shorter but just as boring. And Orland loathed long car trips, even if he had his handheld games to keep himself busy nothing could alleviate the pain of boredom. And usually when Orland got bored he'd bug Rio but today Riorek was on driving duty and despite Orland's urge to bug his friend he figured that it might not be the best of ideas to bug the person currently in-charge of your life. He also supposed he could bug Ino and Chille but he figured that they might not be as patient with him at the moment. Throwing his head back Orland was highly tempted to just give up and try playing more of his games but when he looked back out the window he noticed they were fast approaching a rather large house. "Oh my gosh yes! Is that it!?"

Orland had barely waited for them to park before he was throwing open the door and launching himself out of the vehicle. Soon he was stretching and cracking his back enjoying the feeling of sun, the sound of waves, and the smell of ocean. Maybe he'd bug Rio into going swimming with him later because really if he had to spend anymore time in a confined space he might actually explode. Orland quickly started gathering his things all boundless energy and happy smiles. In his excitement Orland almost failed to miss the door of the house opening and an extremely tall person stepping through. Orland recognized him as Julian, he seemed to be cautious in his approach but eventually asked Orland if he could help him with his bags. Soon everyone and there bags was inside the house and it had gotten oddly quiet as everyone waiting for the awkward introductions to begin, the silence was a little intimidating and Orland did not want to be the first one to introduce himself so he biding his time hiding behind Rio and peeking out curiously. He could not help but wonder what the other band thought of them, Orland had heard about them all before so all he could really think was how amazing it was so he wondered if Tranzistor had heard of them or if they really cared? In reality nothing quite so complex was going through Julian's mind in fact if you could hear his thoughts all you'd really get from them would be: 'There all so short and cute...'

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Nicoli wasn't worried. Everyone loved him, this wouldn't be any different. That may seem a little arrogant, but the majority of the time it wasn't difficult for the singer to make people fall in love with him. His happy-go-lucky personality and childlike habits made people want to wrap him up and take care of him. That all went straight over his head though, he honestly just thought people liked him because he was, well, awesome. Rich, young, playboy entertainer, what was there not to like? It was a really good thing he was pretty though, because it rarely seemed like there was much going on upstairs.

Surprisingly, he had woken up in his own room that morning. Well, his and Laven's room. He was probably the only band member actually comfortable waking up with the blonde clinging to him, because he did it as much as he did. Waking up in his own bed happened so rarely nowadays, and with the move it was even worse, so it was nice to know he had stayed in one place for once. It took Nicoli quite awhile to adjust to new places, so believe me, you'll be seeing a lot of him walking into walls and running into furniture. So in the middle of the night he tended to search for something familiar, and that happened to be his bandmates in this case. After waking up curled up next to the others so many time he really should have started to consider sleeping in more than boxers, but the thought didn't occur to him.

Nic is still in this oh so casual attire when his husband calls them down, which is what wakes him up, but he only barely hears it because apparently his head is under the covers... Oh, nope. That's definitely not a bed he's lying on. Suddenly the covers, which is actually a shirt, is yanked over his head and when he goes to nip at him playfully it's fabric he gets, not skin. Well if that's how he wanted to be, Nic would just go back to sleep. He snuggled in further and tightened his arms around Lavi, ignoring his complaints, up until he started licking him. Nic rolled his eyes and finally looks up, slightly loosening his grip. "Don't tell me you don't like it, Lavi." He teases, pushing himself up so he's off of the boy, but not before kissing his cheek playfully.

After that he gets out of bed quickly, not wanting to get hit by a pillow or fist or anything, and goes to his suitcase tp start pulling things out. And by pulling things out I mean grabbing articles of clothing and throwing them over his shoulder in search of something he likes, even though he already knows what he's going to end up wearing, and effectively making a huge mess of his and Laven's room, or at least his side of it. The kid (or Jules) would probably make him clean it up at some point, likely when it started going out into the hallway or getting on Lavi's side of the room. Whenever they moved, Nic always lived out of a suitcase, because he absolutely hated packing and unpacking. Someone else usually ended up doing it for him after enough whining.

Nicoli, after waiting for Laven to be ready so they could go together, goes downstairs in pretty much painted on white jeans and a loose red shirt that hung off one shoulder and showed a good bit of collar and chest. Jules is outside helping them carry things in, and Nic would help but he would probably just end up dropping something, he wasn't great at manual labor. He goes to stand by Laven as they start to file in, ruffling the drummers hair with a cute grin. Though it's soon turned on Sometimes Monsters as the door closes and they're all left in the front room, waiting for someone to break the silence and introduce themselves, he supposes. Well, don't mind if I do.

"Hello new-age band with a pianist!" Nic gives them the cheekiest smile, fluttering his eyelashes at the redhead before turning his attention to the miserable looking one. Before Nic opens his mouth, he typically looks... intimidating. Then he starts talking and it's hard to take him seriously. "My name is Nicoli, but you know that, and these are all my lovely band mates!" He wraps his arms around Jules shoulders, one leg bending up in the air as he nuzzles against his hubby's shoulder before letting go. If everyone could stop looking so scared, that would be great!

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#, as written by Skwidge


They had been driving for an eternity, a long and cramped trip. It had only been two days ago that Silver Records had finally divulged the ‘secret meeting place’, and shoved them off to head to the company’s beach house. Riorek had not been looking forward to it in any sense. He was being ripped out by the roots from his normal life, torn from a basketball game that had been scheduled the day prior, and then forced to drive the band through quite a bit of terrain.

Of course, it had not entirely been him who had driven the entire time, but in reality it had pretty well been. Rye didn’t trust his life to Orland with driving- the kid was a spaz and easily distracted, so the other three members of Sometimes Monsters had taken up the duty. Chilli hadn’t wanted to do it much either, so surprise surprise, he ended up doing it. Yesterday had been an entire day of driving, practically nonstop unless for breaks to walk and use the restrooms or to eat. Other than that, they were cramped inside their small vehicle. It pissed Rye off more than he cared to voice at this point.

He had been dumbfounded when Silver Records had told them to take one of their own cars. It was ridiculous; you’d think that a world-renown company would be able to take care of their own pupils, but nooo. They weren’t allowed to use their tour bus, as it would be ‘too flashy’ and possibly ‘reveal the secret location of the place’. As if people didn’t already know where it was. Not only this, but they had not provided them with a driver- thus the splitting of the duty between Riorek and Forrest.

They were close, Rek knew that much. He was currently leaned over in the driver’s seat, one elbow resting on the window while the other was busy with the steering wheel. The side of his face was placed in the hand that rested against the door, his fingers tapping with boredom against the wheel.

At least Oreo hadn’t been too annoying in the last hour and a half. Rye probably would have lost it, tired of hearing the whiny voices from the back of the vehicle. Not only was he pissed off about the whole having to drive for two days long, meet complete strangers, satisfy the ravenous press when it came to the supposed ‘feud’ between the boy bands, but he had not gotten much sleep in the last couple of days. He was cranky, and there were subtle, dark circles under his eyes.

Suddenly, just after they had rolled over a rise, a large building came into view with a gate sealing off the front of the property. Well, this was it. Riorek paid little attention to Orland as he excitedly squealed about finally being there. It took about a minute for the gates to open, and they drove down the long gravel pathway to the front of the house.


Rye had hardly even slowed the vehicle to a stop and put it into park when Orland jumped at the doors, trying to unlock them and get out. With a deep, grudging sigh, he pushed the button for the locks rather harshly, and with a little click, freedom was Oreo’s. The boy practically launched out of the car, happy to finally be out of it. Rio remained firmly planted in his seat for a minute or so before groaning.

”Everyone out. Let’s go see what we’re up against.” With yet another little huffy sigh, Rio unfastened his seatbelt and forced the driver’s door open. With a grimace, he landed on the ground and immediately stretched, hearing several satisfying pops from various places on his body, but mainly from his spine. He waited for everyone else to emerge from the vehicle before he went to the trunk and worked it open. He started unloading everything that the guys had decided not to keep nearby with them in their seats.

It had taken Orland a bit of convincing to at least leave some off his stuff in the back, simply for the sake of the rest of them. The redhead had been so excited, he hadn’t wanted to wait around for everything to be unloaded before he went in to meet everyone. It hadn’t really stopped him, either way. The boy had simply taken what he already had with him and bounded up towards the front door of the house. Riorek had taken a short moment to watch him go, but otherwise returned to his current task.

Rye had been the last one to enter the house, carrying all of his own stuff with him as well as what Orland had left behind in the trunk. It seemed as soon as the guitarist entered the house, an eerie silence settled among the eight gathered there. Or perhaps it had already been like that, but just worsened with his arrival. It was awkward, that was no doubt, and there was no way that Rio was about to stand around doing nothing. He didn’t want to meet these people in the first place.

It was right about that time when two other members from the band arrived on the scene: Nicoli and Lavi. Damn, they’re even taller in person. He thought to himself while grinding his teeth together a bit in irritation. Well, they were all tall except for the shorty- and boy was he, especially compared to everyone else. Riorek took one look at all of them, and he reaffirmed his already present dislike for each and every one of them. The only thing that was keeping him from going anywhere at that particular moment was the fact that Orland was clutching onto his sleeves and hiding behind him.

But then everything turned a whole notch worse when the blonde decided to open his mouth. A cheery, cheeky, flirty, bombastic little twat was somehow living in the 6’ 4’’ menace that stood mere feet away. "My name is Nicoli, but you know that, and these are all my lovely band mates!" The blonde then practically attached himself to the bassist- Julian or something- wrapping himself quite tightly around the man, nuzzling him.


Rio decided right then and there that he hated him the most out of all of them. A rather openly unadulterated, unmasked, and unfiltered look of utter disdain hit Rio’s already pissed looking face. His eyes were focused solely on the blonde, an intense look to his orbs. ”Oh. Hell. No.” He said as bluntly as humanly possible, the dislike painfully obvious in his tone of voice.

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Finally able to get out of bed, Lavi was getting ready in a heart beat. Throwing on a white button long sleeve shirt long with his black fleece sweat shirt that had buttons near the stomach area only. Not bothering to fix his hair, he just did what he normally did and grabbed a few hair pins, sliding his bangs back and clipping them up. Rushing over he caught up to Nic who was waiting for him to get done. "Readyy Readyy Readyy, let's go baldy! If I wasn't in such a rush, I'd rip that fake blonde hair out of your head for earlier." Of course he was teasing him about the balding, but the hair being blonde, he wasn't too sure about, even after all these years of knowing him.

Jerking him by the arm as the rushed to the door, Lavi paused as he saw Kali waiting by the gate for the others. Mean while Nic decided to mess up his hair! "I don't want to go bald like you! Leave it alone!" He combed back his bands and fixed the pin back up as Nic walked away and cling onto J.

"That's so not sexy Nic! Quit scaring away the band! Look you already made one want to leave. It's because you guys are to freaking tall and scary! Go shrink somewhere." Lavi, pushed Nic away from J as he took Kaz's wrist pulling him with. "Here, Kali will be your guide, I am sure he has been waiting the past days for you guys to show up. Don't hurt his feelings."

Lavi had to do something, Kali looked hurt from new guys words of 'hell no'. It irritated Lavi a bit. Seeing Kali hurt was like seeing someone beat up a freaking dog for no reason. It was sickening and it made everyone feel bad that such a hot guy was depressed.

Being jerked by Lavi, Kali was a bit confused, he had realized his emotions had gotten to his face until Lavi spoke up. "It's fine La-La. I don't mind honestly. If they don't want to be here, we can't force them." Kali smiled a bit towards Rio and a bit at Orlando who was hiding. "Sorry if we scare you, I get our height isn't enjoyable to be around. I wont be bothering you, any of you."

Gently he brushed off Lavi's hand from his wrist and patted his head walking off back into the house. He had silently went up to his room of the attic. It was a decent sized area, It fit a couch, a desk and his bed too all with still enough space to move around in. It was very nice and roomy.

Sitting at his desk chair he rubbed the back of his neck as he turned on his laptop searching for new e-mails or songs to pass the time. Eventually he just grabbed a book and laid down on his bed, reading until he fell asleep. Kal never really bothered with T.V, he found it boring and a waste of imagination. And the only time he used the computer was for e-mails, music or reading news artistic, maybe even order things here and there.

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#, as written by Thy

He had, actually, passed the driving exams with flying colours. But it was definitely not because he particularly liked it. From the start, Chilli was against the idea getting the driver license after having seen the costs and whatsoever; a simple waste of time and money. But it seemed it had its advantages, according to their manager at least, thus he got one unwillingly. Nothing that took very long though because Chilli could drive before the lesson had started. After all, there were certain opportunities where he'd just drive without a license in the past and even got skilled to do some dangerous stunts through it; so yeah, it was easy for him to pass the test. But he still was bitter of the amount he had to pay to get the license, not to mention he was not much of a car lover or driving freak himself so he knew he was not going to need it much. He'd rather relax sitting at the back, sleeping or doing whatever while being driven by someone else.

So, like obviousness he passed the job to another and thus it was Rio and Ino left who were pretty much forced to do it. No bad feelings, but Chilli was quite satisfied with the situation. Disregarding Rio's endless irritation and whiny Oreo who seemed to try annoying the heck out of him; yeah, the travel itself was quite nice and relaxing with all the sweets and cakes he had brought with him. Occasionally he'd come forward and gave away some sour candies to Rio, but he knew it wouldn't really change Rio's mood the slightest. Not like he could blame him for it though - he pretty much could guess what was going on in the head of the band's guitarist yet he didn't consider even only for a second to relief him from some hours of his driving duty. He was not that kind of a sweetheart who'd sacrifice his relaxing time for anyone really. Not to mention he'd need it now especially, while they were driving towards that 'secret' meeting place where they were suppose to live with the members of Tranzistor for a certain period of time and 'learn' from them. Utter bullshit and waste of time. Chilli would rather go back to their studio and practice some; but no. Brilliant idea whoever came up with it. So brilliant Chilli would want to meet them personally and beat them to pulp. Or even better, he'd invite Rio for the beating. That'd be quite the show.

Pleasing himself with the thought, he survived the countless hours in the stuffy vehicle. Summer seemed to be in its peak as even Chilli who loved summer to the point of passion got quite annoyed with the radiating sun. Chilli gazed outside the window lazily, sighed then upon their arrival. They arrived. Oreo who couldn't wait much longer had left the vehicle as the first one, jumped out as he embraced freedom like a little kid. "Got it, Boss," Slipped from Chilli's mouth nonchalantly as he took his little backpack where he had stuffed all his sweets in (by now, they were all pretty much swiped away) and proceeded to follow Oreo to the outside. The fresh air felt good and he allowed himself a deep breather and a little stretching (which he urgently needed) before he helped out Rio to unload their luggage.

He pretty much got his own things out (which were not that much actually) though the keyboard he had brought with him was quite heavy so that he left Rio with the task to carry Oreo's other things. At the very least he figured he could check whether they hadn't forgotten anything inside the vehicle and whether it was already locked right, before he went ahead and entered the house. With mixed feelings, he stepped inside only to be confronted immediately by all the other band's members. Chilli blinked as his eyes traveled from their chest on his eye level to their faces. Damn were they tall. Like a freaking door they stood in front of him, made his neck as though having a premonition start to feel stiff already.

Being from the same studio, of course he had seen them around. But it was the first time he actually saw them up close. Chilli had placed not much interest in other bands and much less comparing his band's music with another. It was distracting and will influence him negatively, not to mention his creativity might be afflicted – few exemplary reasons from many not being bothered by other bands. Due to this meeting thing he allowed himself to act otherwise though, and looked them up a bit. Therefore he knew each name and which position they fill in the band, at the very least. He doubted though that those ugh so popular Tranzistor band members even bothered to do such a stunt.

There was that one tall guy with weird red orbs; Julian Aether the bassist who stared down at them in a way that displeased Chilli in a way. And then the seemingly tallest guy of the bunch, Kali Mistry with his Arabic flair - if Chilli remembered correctly he was also the oldest one who almost reached the age of 31. He was the one Chilli's most interested in, after all they played the same instrument. Anyways, moving on there was the smallest (Chilli was quite surprised as he found out that the smallest member of Tranzistor was younger than him), Laven Divheart, played the drum and had weird lavender hair. He was quite the eyesore within a band consist of members reaching up to the ceiling. Then at long last there was this one flashy guy, Nicoli Zabrana, who banished the awkward silence and eyeing with his peculiar way of greetings and introduction.

Why the heck did he especially mentioned him as pianist anyways? After all, they had a pianist too. Chilli eyed Nicoli with slightly disturbed eyes whilst Nicoli began to get too familiar with the bassist. This was going to be a lot more a pain in the ass than Chilli had previously presumed. He was however, tactful enough to hide away his feelings and tried for a smile, but it seemed like once again, Rio was being too honest with his feelings and blurted out what Chilli had been feeling.

Rio, give me a break honestly. He was however, quite surprised how that big Kali Mistry was so easily disappointed and retreated soon after he had apologized for something they pretty much were not at fault. Of course it was not because they were tall; it was simply because their Nicoli here was quite the perverted weirdo. And Rio, well, Rio was already in shitty mood to begin with. Before Chilli could clear it up however, that big guy already went away like a guilty kid who'd walk off and cry in the corner. Damn, he was so Chilli's type.

Purposefully he tilted his body to Rio's direction, only for his shoulder bag to slip off and land right on Rio's feet. The insides were not that much weight, majority of it being clothes; but there was one quite big book inside that suppose to make the 'accident' quite a bit of a punishment. "Ah, my bad." He had told him with his eyes not smiling and picked up his bag again. That being done he turned to the Tranzistor band members (at least those who are left), smiling politely. "I suppose we all know of you. Let me introduce you to Sometimes Monsters you probably haven't heard of." There was a sharp tone in Chilli's voice like he was accusing them, as he without further ado proceeded. "I am Achille, this is Rio." Then he forcefully pulled Oreo out of his hiding (definitely not only for the introduction, but also to bully the red head a little). "This guy's called Oreo and that's Ino." He pointed to Ino. At the very least now, he had done something that made him appear as the oldest of the bunch - though it was not that he was much of a mature person either.

"It is good to see you and all, but I'd prefer if you could help us seeing our rooms first. It was a tiresome travel, for our Rio here especially..." He patted the guy's shoulder uncaring whether he liked it or not. "... who had to drive the whole time. Therefore excuse him for his behaviour; he is just tired is all." Chilli did not want to start a conflict on the very first day. It would only make things awkward that'd be a pain in the ass. They sort of need to stick with each other for quite some time, so he'd prefer stress less days wherein he could relax himself to the fullest.

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Julian could feel the tension it could have been cut by a knife it was so thick, but he wasn't much sure how to fix it and Kali leaving only seemed to make it worse. And Nic... Well he was lovable but Jule's knew his at time over-zealous personality could cause people to get defensive. Luckily though Julian did not have to defuse the situation because Lavi and the one called Chilli did. Giving a small smile of gratitude Julian decided to try and ease things along further. "It's a pleasure to meet you all, and don't worry as the one who usually drives I know its exhausting... Especially when Nic here decides that he's bored." Flashing a look at the blonde he gave a small smile, they were good friends and while most had a hard time telling when Jule's was joking the blonde always seemed to pick up on it. "Anyway, lets get you to your rooms so you can settle and I'll make some lunch, good food is the best way to get Kali to leave his room."

Julian quickly picked up the bags wanting to be a good host, then he gave only a gesture in order to have everyone follow. Though he did give a small smirk of amusement when he heard a small "I hope my room is close to Rio's" coming from the back in a shy curious voice. The tour did not last long, at least not for Julian, because really he wasn't saying anything just going to the rooms and depositing luggage then he was excusing himself to start on lunch, he knew most people would avoid the kitchen so that was a good place to be for someones who's social skills were less then fantastic. It also helped that he enjoyed cooking. Maybe he'd bake a cake while he was at it, something sweet to cut the obvious tension and strain that seemed to be predominant over the entire house. Luckily more then a few people seemed somewhat oblivious to it, or they were aware and just very good at keeping a peppy positive attitude.


Orland was probably the one person who at that moment in time did not find any fault with Nic's hello if anything it made him smile a little though he could have done without the blonde zeroing in on him while he was hiding behind Rio that just made him feel uncomfortable. But Nic seemed nice, a little odd but friendly and that made Orland feel allot more comfortable already because he had so been worried about arriving and finding out that the other band was full of jerks. But they all seemed friendly enough even if Kali was somewhat intimidating and the Julian guy seemed eerily quiet and immune, the guy barely even blinked when Nic practically threw himself on him, maybe it was just a common thing? But things seemed to be going well...

Until they weren't. Orland could not blame Riorek for his comment he knew his friend was already not happy about all this and he really did not like peppy people but he still tugged at Rio's shirt and gave him a worried smile, a mix between 'its going to be ok' and 'try and be nice pretty please for me?'. And then Kali was leaving and Laven was talking and Orland was starting to feel a little lost, well at least Tranzistor was full of interesting people right? It was that point that Achille took up the reigns apologizing and presenting them something Orland was a little thanful for though he could have done without him saying his name was Oreo that was just a nickname, but he still gave a big friendly smile feeling a little less shy and letting himself come out of hiding a bit more. And when Julian spoke Orland's smile grew a bit more, the quiet man was a little intimidating but he seemed friendly enough just awkward, and with his shyness slowly being reduced Orland was starting to get fidgety and let his eyes wander the room taking everything in with curiosity and they were getting a /tour/ and that was just awesome! The moment that Julian signaled for them to follow because the tour was starting well Orland was all too happy to grab onto Rio and drag him along, because he wanted to see there rooms and he hoped his was close to Rios, what if he got a nightmare? Or Chille decided to prank him? Or he decided to prank Chille, either way Rio had to be close if something bad happened.