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Zena Rie

"Oh, this is getting so awfully boring. When does the violence start?" {WIP}

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a character in “A Single White Rose”, as played by Ruth Soul <3




❝Really, I don't see why Craven is so irked about this Resistance nonsense. Doesn't it simply mean more fun for us generals?❞


ImageImage| Apparent Age |
| True Age |

Over four centuries.
| Nationality |
| Accent |
A strong British accent.
| Scent |
| Voice |
Zena's voice is usually rough
and lazy-sounding, but it can range
from a crazed, high-pitched cackle
to a deep, intimidating snarl.
| Given Name |
Pheona Xillion.
| Taken Name |

Zena Rie (She felt it would be fun
to chose a name that meant hospitable
for irony's sake.)

| Nicknames |
The Virulent Hand || This nickname
was adopted by the mortals, due to
Zena's violent and (at times) deadly ways
of dealing with them.

| Role |
One of Craven's Generals.
| Gender |
| Sexuality |

| Face Claim |
Dead Master || Black Rock Shooter

| Place of Residence |

| Colour Scheme |
Zena's color scheme is simple, consisting of mainly black and

| Wardrobe |
Zena has been known to favor one outfit and one outfit only. She's
almost always seen in the same attire; a black Victorian-style
dress, along with metal claw-like gloves and a metal hat made
to imitate horns. The point of the gloves are sharp and considered
lethal, but are a writing utensil for Zena. The tips have black ink
contained in them, and when Zena presses a certain button (located
on the knuckle of her thumb) that ink is gradually released. She uses
the gloves like a pen to write symbols. The ink she uses stains and
drys within a minute's time. The horns are for a last resort trick of
hers, but other than that they're decoration. (Details located in the
discipline section.)

| Accessories |
She only has one accessory; a black choker that she always wears.
She will not hesitate to swipe at you if you attempt to touch it.

| Birthmarks/Scars |
Zena has dozens of scars, most of placed there by foes. Though,
there are a number of scars on Zena's body that she put there
herself. Of course, she would never dream of self harm for low
self-esteem reasons. But self-harm for future convenience in
battle is another story. The scars she put there herself represent
symbols she can tap at any time to activate their powers. Though
these scars prove extremely useful, Zena hesitates to engrave
said scars into her skin for it causes her immense pain. The few
symbols she does have embedded in her skin are meant for
| Hair Colour |
Zena's hair is a jet black color that seems to shine when
hit by the light.

| Hair Style |
Her hair is naturally curled and is often tucked behind
her artificial horns, creating pigtails. Though
most of her hair is curly, her bangs happen
to be straight.

| Eye Colour |
A vibrant green.

| Skin Type |

| Complexion |
Free of spots and blemishes.

| Height |
Standing at 5'8", Zena is a tall individual.

| Body Build |
Zena has a muscular build, which is not surprising.

| Piercings |

| Distinguishing Features |
The dragon tattoo, which is located right around her
neck bone.



❝The pen is mightier than the sword, my dear!❞

| Likes |
βœ” Fighting || Zena has always loved the thrill of battle. To her, fights are drugs and she's addicted.
βœ” Winning || What's the point in fighting when you're not going to win? Nothing pleases Zena more than victory, even if it's a petty and unfair win she won't hesitate to bathe in her glory... Not to mention rub it in your face. Winning always puts her in a festive mood, though losing tends to do the opposite.
βœ” Noise || For some odd reason, any kind of loud noise is comforting to Zena. She hates silence, and will do anything she can to make sure there is some kind of noise in the air. She usually blocks out the silence by humming.
βœ” Lullabies || Surprisingly enough, one of the best ways to calm Zena down is to hum a lullaby. Really, any soft song in general is enough to sooth her nerves. This is the only way (despite victory) to cool her off, though only those very close to her know this.
βœ” Being Feared || Zena's never known why, but for some reason she gets a kick out of intimidating others. Whether it be received by scaring mortals with a spiteful glare or threatening rookies by yelling to her heart's content, frightening others gives her an odd sense of satisfaction.
βœ” The Resistance || This is a secret liking of Zena's. She doesn't like their motives, in fact, she despises them, but the Resistance has talented fighters that she's itching to face. They're her excuse to provoke a fight.

| Strengths/Skills |
✦ Interrogation || One of Zena's strongest areas is interrogation. One of many reasons is the vibes she gives off. There's something about Zena's wicked smile that strikes fear into other's hearts, specifically speaking mortals. Zena also has a high tolerance for blood and gore. She doesn't mind; she's so used to fighting that she's learned to stomach it. Not to mention, causing pain is one of her specialties.
✦ Physically Fit || When it comes to endurance and strength, Zena is amazing. Hidden beneath her attire is a set of muscles that help to pack quite the punch. Not only is she very strong muscle wise, but her endurance is fantastic. It takes a lot to tire her out.
✦ Agile || Zena's agility is no laughing matter. She's trained herself to be quick on her feet and talented in the arts of evasion. When you must take precious time to write out symbols in order to use magic, you have to be able to finish the symbol in time and more importantly be agile enough to dodge the enemy before they hit you.
✦ Close Combat || Seeing as Zena's best physical features are most handy in close combat, it's only natural that it would be one of her strengths.
✦ Fast Writer || Being a fast writer comes in handy, especially when you're used to scribbling symbols in the middle of a battle.

| Dislikes |
✘ Silence || There's always been something very unsettling about silence, and Zena does the best she can to avoid this uncomfortable feeling.
✘ Feeling Helpless || Nothing else gets Zena so disgruntled and panicked.
✘ Losing || Calling Zena a sore loser would be an extreme understatement. She's very competitive and her lust for victory is nothing small. She often denies any evidence of a loss and secretly loathes herself for being (in her eyes) a weakling.
✘ Stupidity
✘ Fire || Since Zena's skin is fair, it is no surprise that she burns very easily. Nor is it a surprise that she dislikes fire.
✘ Obedience || This is, yet again, more of a secret disliking. Zena is constantly looking for a reason to fight, if not always. Obedient people don't start fights, but rebellious people do.

| Weaknesses/Flaws |
β–¬ Overconfident || Zena is overconfident, in the sense that she overestimates herself and underestimates her opponents.
β–¬ Ranged weaponry || Though Zena's muscles are no laughing matter, her aim tends to provoke a few chuckles. When it comes to weapons like guns and bows, her aim is horrendous. Even after years of practice, she can't seem to perfect the art of ranged weaponry.
β–¬ Irritable || It's almost amazing how easy it is to get under Zena's skin. She's very irritable and does nothing to hide her anger. She's easy to provoke and has trouble controlling herself when enveloped in such rage.
β–¬ Bloodthirsty || Zena is always looking for a fight; a battle in which she can challenge herself, improve her (already great) skills and prove that she is someone to fear. Because of this lust for violence, she tends to get herself into fights that can be easily avoided and at times, losing can be a serious consequence. In order to test herself, she frequently challenges her fellow generals to a friendly match.

| Fears |
✳ Fire || Once again, Zena's skin is very fair and burns easily. It's no wonder she fears fire. When around it or a strong elemental she isn't allied with, she'll visibly tense.
✳ Losing || Once again, due to her competitive nature she fears (and hates) losing. In fact, she'll do anything in her power to prevent a loss, even if it means trying to go beyond her capabilities.
✳ Death || To her, death is the ultimate loss. To die... would be to fail, to fail her allies, herself and her ideals. Failure is not acceptable, nor will it ever be. Of course, with failure comes redemption, but once you're dead... There is no way to redeem yourself.



❝Tell you what, sir. I'm willing to offer you my experience in battle, with no charge. I'm sure someone as... incompetent as yourself might learn something from someone like me, so really, why not face me?❞

| Discipline |

| Weaponry |

| Habits |

Habits: (At least two)
Personality: (With at least four or five traits mentioned)
Weaponry: (Optional)

Character Relationships: (Important, not optional! - Only for fellow Resistance Fighters or fellow Craven's Generals, but you may mention your relationships with the current/late leaders of each side)

So begins...

Zena Rie's Story