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Isabel Greyhardt

"Allow me a chance. I can prove myself many times over."

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a character in “A Song of Ice and Fire”, as played by Maeve


Isabel Greyhardt

Her name is: Isabel Greyhardt

But she is known as: Her family/close friends call her Is, but she mostly goes by Isabel.
Formal titles- simply "Princess." She has not earned many titles yet.

She is this many: 17.

Role: Second eldest daughter of King Greyhardt.

She is known to be a bit like this:
In a word?
Contrary to her almost delicate features, Isabel is rather loud and hard to miss, with a kind sense of humour. She is deeply compassionate, so much it could be described as protective, of those she cares about, but this encompasses more than just her. She loves to love, however shallow that may seem. She sees the bad in others as well as the good. Very logical about the entire process. If it doesn't make sense, then it won't work. Has a shrewd sense of right and wrong; when being told something she'll stay silent for a fraction of the time to reflect, then accept or reject what she's been told.
Isabel also can see the stress that rests on the shoulders of her family and friends. She does her best to be a beacon of light; she sends out an aura of calm and compassion that you rarely see in anyone else. She's been acting this role so long it's become natural. She's the peacekeeper. As long as she has the support of another, she'll go as far as she can imagine. Her optimistic outlook on life also draws many people to her. She's not easily impressed, except perhaps with a good book.
Her character will develop more in the roleplay. I'm a big fan for strength that doesn't show until it's most needed.

* Being herself.
* Spicy foods.
* Exotic accents.
* Beauty- in all forms.
* Noise.
* Emptiness.
* Long walks.
* Laughing.
* Writing. Anything and everything.
* English.
* Cold beaches.
* Swimming.
* Standing up for others.
* Good books.

* Silence.
* Math.
* Extreme heat.
* Moody people.
* Liars.
* Anything too shiny.
* Hoarding power.
* Acting superior.
* Coconuts.
* Battle.

Being alone and/or helpless.
Letting others take advantage of her.
Being struck dumb because of her lack of knowledge.

Skills & Talents:
Isabel has an almost photographic memory. If motivated enough, she can remember most anything. Even entire messages or passages. She can lie very well and fool all people, but doesn't enjoy it. She won't hesitate in standing up for herself or her friends, but she can restrain herself enough to avoid fights and phrase things in such a way people instantly feel defensive for her. From all her years of reading and writing, she can call on knowledge instantly to help her in different situations. She loves swordplay and uses her lithe and tall stance to her advantage, often.

Isabel can panic when feeling too stressed. When she gets angry her eyes tear up, something she hates. She's a little hesitant to make big desicions before consulting with other people; though that suggests she's clever enough to realize she can make mistakes, but she's also reliant on someone else spotting them. It hasn't been done, but she's not quite sure of what her breaking point is. She has never killed a person and hates battle as well. She has never seen a "glorious" war. A bit too competitive.

If you were to describe her to a blind man: 'Blue eyes dark like storm clouds, but a smile as warm as a summer's day.' Her long black fair falls straight to her middle back and her bangs are often falling into her slanted blue eyes. She has a tall, strong body, but curves in all the right places. Her skin is alebit pale, especially against the frame of her hair. Her hands are long and elegant, her face sloping, her stance strong. She was always considered the "beauty" of the family.

Isabel grew up a middle child; she had a fairly normal childhood, nonwithstanding the fact that she was a princess. Men began to notice her at the mere age of 12. Along with being the middle child, she felt she had to prove herself to others. She grew a mild interest in swordplay and grew along with the occupation until she was fighting against swordmasters, though she was never the athlete her eldest sister was. She found herself taking great interest in culture and learning. She loved music and making it; she used her status to her advantage and could get almost any master of an instrument to teach her. Due to this she has a wide expanse of knowledge in music. She's clever; but perhaps her downfall will be her curiosity- and her competitive edge. She won't back down from a challenge. She's engaged to the eldest son of the House of Damian, although she's only 17, but cannot find much in common with him.

So begins...

Isabel Greyhardt's Story