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Isabella Gray

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a character in “A Stoney Summer”, as played by Isabella Sophia Gray


Name:Isabella Sophia Gray


Hair Color:Ravenous Black//Midnight Black

Eye Color:Hawaii Ocean Blue with gold specks in them.

Face Claim: Image

Personality:Isabella has always had the urge to be nice to every and anyone.Yeah, she gets sick of it pretty quickly, but she tends to keep her true emotions hidden away, and isn't the easiest book to read.
Always true to her word, if she breaks a promise, she will go to great lengths to fix her mistake, making her seem gullible.
Although appearing as the beautiful gullible girl, she is quite smart, and is simply observant.
However, she does have a dark side.
When she's angry, she's furious.
When she hates something/someone.
When upset, she lashes out, be them friend or foe, and frequently says things she cannot take back.
This is what makes her a witch.
Isabella has an heir of confidence and authority about her. She doesn’t excessively seek or strive for attention but she is the girl that isn’t afraid to speak her mind or do whatever she wants. When she has a job she gets it done, nothing can get in her way.
When you think about Isabella the words stubborn and strong willed come to mind. When Isabella makes up her mind there is nothing that can change it. She is determined to do what she wants when she wants it. She trusts her own instincts and no one else’s. Isabella is a very compassionate person. She takes others feelings to heart and adjusts her actions and personality accordingly.

Quirks:Outgoing//Talkative//Happy//Always has her hair down and makeup on//

Likes:Social media | Starbucks | Healthy eating | Manicures | Tanning | Bahamas | The smell of the ocean | Febreeze | The Vampire Diaries | Money | Power | Roses | Wine | Parties | Drinking |

Dislikes:Losing in anything | Chocolate ice cream | Criticism | Beer | White bread | Overly salty foods | Rejection | Unrequited love | One night stands |

Major in College: Nursing

Summer Job: Convenient Store Cashier

anything else you want to tell us:Someone is blackmailing her. They hacked into her laptop and took pictures of her while she was undressed. She has to do whatever they say or they will put the pictures of her on the internet.

So begins...

Isabella Gray's Story


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Kyle and Harkot joshed with one another as they drove to pick up their friend Isabella. When the van pulled up beside where she was waiting the two noticed some kids giving her a hard time, and Harkot was the first to speak up in Isabella's defense.

"Come on Kids! Leave the poor lady alone!" Harkot shouted out the window, before leaning back and having a chuckle. Kyle on the other hand leaned partially out the window and threw an empty bottle of Coke at one of the kids head - causing them to turn around. "Don't be little pricks man, now book it before I throw another one of these bottles at ya"
All the kids took off in a hurry, but one managed to mutter "jerk" before booking it, something Kyle couldn't help but smirk at.

As the duo waited for Isabella to throw her stuff in the back and join them inside Harkot again spoke up.
"Do you think anything interesting is gonna happen this summer?"
"Well," Kyle began, as he shuffled his feet around on the dashboard. "Depends on how blitzed we get, how many chicks we meet, and if we can avoid the fuzz or not!"
The curly haired blonde would laugh at his own comment as he heard the back door open and assumed Isabella was climbing in.

"What took ya so long?" Harkot asked, before revving the engine some. "You guys wanna stop down at Harry's Shop and get anything before we head outta here?"
Kyle shrugged at the idea. "I wouldn't mid stoppin, could get some cokes and tid bits! Sound good Isabella?"