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I think I'm living on borrowed time. But at least I'm living. So why don't I feel ??? I don't know ??? happier?

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a character in “A Story Retold”, as played by JEDH3




"Sometimes the lines get blurred. Sometimes the only thing between you and them is the mask and cape."

|| Shirley Walker ; Nightwing’s Theme ||

【ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя: #BF0000 ▮ тнσυgнт cσƖσя #005406

FC: Mikado Ryugamine


Richard John Grayson



June 28 Cancer

Peak Human Condition: Robin represents the pinnacle of human physical ability possible for his age, with his physical characteristics greater than that of even an Olympic level athlete. He is arguably one of the strongest non-metahumans on Earth, and his durability is such that he can be struck large amounts of blunt force trauma, and his endurance allows him to go a long period of time without stopping, both in the physical and mental sense.

Martial Arts: Robin is one of the finest human combatants on Earth, his skills honed to such a level even superhumans and armed adversaries can be overpowered by them. He has mastered several different martial arts styles from across the world, learned from Batman and the True Master. He also has knowledge of Tamaranean fighting techniques.

Genius Intellect: Robin holds expertise in numerous areas, both academic and physical. He is the second most technologically adept Titan (after Cyborg), and helps maintain the security and computer systems of Titan's Tower. He has impressive understanding of various sciences, like physics and chemistry, and is a skilled mechanic and engineer, building all of his own gadgets and equipment. He is a trained detective, with a keen eye and experience in forensics. He is an expert interrogator, and has a very logical mind; he is able to create plans and strategies that effectively take down his opponent. Robin is a master escapologist, marksman, pilot, thief and impersonator, having masqueraded as various identities for infiltration. His charisma and experience make him a nominal leader.

Birdarangs- a throwing weapon with a variety of uses and designs.
Bo Staff - A collapsible metal staff, this is Robin's main weapon. It can be used to strike and attack, and spun around as a makeshift shield. The composition of the staff is strong enough to block blasts of energy and support a large amount of weight. It can also be separated into 2 Eskrima sticks
Smoke Pellets - Capsules that release a grey smoke over a wide area, effective for confusing a large number of opponents and for covering escape.
Flash Bombs - Each marble sized bomb explodes in a burst of bright light, blinding his opponents.
Ammunition Discs - Easily thrown discs that contain various substances, such as freezing gas, extinguishing foam, and explosives. Robin can also attach these onto a specific target, then set a timer on them for a delayed release.
Grapple - Most often used to swing on buildings and catch himself from falling, it can also be used to tie up an opponent, or launched as a makeshift projectile.
Bola - Used for typing up criminals, and also to constrict the limbs of foes in battle.
Wrist Computer - Can scan the area, analyze evidence and hack into computer systems



His eyes. Robins has eyes that are far older than he is, and it is easy to get lost staring into their depths.
Due to his training, and battles, Robin's body is unevenly patched with scars, from cuts, burns, and chemicals.

Standing at 5’5”, Robin is slightly short for his age, however, he holds himself in a way that people rarely notice. He has short, black hair, cut so he does not need to bother with it. His eyes are a dark green and seem as though made out of steel, showing maturity and experience befitting one much older than he.
As for his attire, he wears dark shades of greens and reds, his top and leggings made out of a flexible Kevlar like material, his elbows and knees protected further by armored pads. As well as a green domino mask which conceals his identity, He also wears thin, yet very sturdy gloves that protect his hands, yet also allow him to keep his dexterity. His boots are heavy, made of a hard leather with steel plates around the tip and rear of the soles. On his waste is a utility belt with a variety of pouches holding a seemingly endless number of tools and weapons. Lastly, he wears a large cape and hood made of high-density polymerized titanium that serves as flexible armor, and has resilience to heavy artillery and various kinds of high-intensity flame.


Serious, stern, strict and obsessed with hunting down criminals, Robin is a natural born leader. He cared deeply for his friends, and shows great interest in their wellbeing, even if he does push them too hard at times. His drive to take down criminals can often overtake all other thoughts, and push him closer and closer to becoming much like which he hates. In times like these, it is always his friends who keep him in check, reminding him what is important and keeping him in check.

┍━━━X LOVE X ━━━┑

Martial Arts: Even the sharpest of blades need to be honed with use. I love learning new techniques, and improving what I already know. It keeps both my mind and body sharp and relaxed.
Friends: Before I met the other Titans, I was lost, having left Gotham city and Batman to forge my own path, I really didn’t know what I was doing. But having met my friends gave me new purpose. I am doing more good with them than I ever thought possible otherwise
Puzzles: this is where the detective in me really comes out. I probably picked this up from Bruce, but no matter where is came from, I love losing myself in a mental challenge. Finding the answers within answers and piecing all the clues together is more satisfying than most people realize.

┍━━━ XHATEX ━━━┑

Laziness: do I really need to explain why I hate this? If you don’t work, then your skills get sloppy, your environment degrades, and productivity ceases.
Criminals: Another one that doesn’t need an explanation. I know the pain that is caused by losing the ones you love because of the greed and hatred of others. Bruce does too, and he taught me almost everything I know about how to stop it from happening to others.


He cracks his joints when he is bored.

Intellect: Robins mind is powerful, he was taught to make connections between seemingly unconnected things and how to use the knowledge he has to his advantage.
Perseverance: When he decides to do something, nothing can stop him until he has accomplished his mission.

Anger: Robin has a habit of allowing his emotions to get involved when they shouldn’t, and go too far in his anger.
Stubbornness: If he makes his mind up on something, it is very difficult for others to convince him to change it.

His greatest fear is that he will become either like his greatest ally, Batman, or his greatest enemy, Slade. It frightens him that he is too much like either of them, and denies any implication that he shares traits with them.


Raised as an acrobat in a circus, Dick Greyson lost his parents to some gangsters who the circus owner refused to pay “protection” towards. Once an orphan, millionaire Bruce Wayne adopted him, and as Batman, trained him to be Robin, the Boy Wonder. He remained in Gotham City for quite a few years before having too many disagreements with Batman, and leaving. In Jump City, he met a few other superpowered teens all somewhat lost such as he, and they formed the Teen Titans.

❖ C R E A T O R ❖
❖ M O D I F I E R ❖
❖ U S E R ❖

So begins...

Robin's Story