Melron the Commentator

He just comments on stuff

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a character in “A Strange Land”, as played by SageStranger


An elvish looking being, long hair that seems to vary in color according to the lights in the sky at that particular time. Powerfully attractive and attractively powerful.

Melron is a playful type who loves to laugh, but at times what he laughs at SHOULD NOT be laughed at!

He carries a wand with a leather strapped handle, it has three charms dangling from the end of the handle two boys and a girl - at the tip is a cross constructed of three nails so that the sharpest point of the cross sticks outward like a dagger tip. Woven into the grip there are three metal skulls the size of a pinky nail.

Melron constructed the wand himself imbuing it with certain essential oils as well as herbs and minerals.

He is learning that through his wand he can channel great energy and intention. If he points the wand at something and claims it to be something that it currently is not but that he wishes it to be, it becomes!

So begins...

Melron the Commentator's Story


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We are here!

Wherever that is... I'm not really sure why I feel so excited about it but I do! Here We Are!!! Isn't that Great!?!?!?!

I guess I live here in this house with all rounded corners. Maybe I have a tendency to run into sharp corners so I just got rid of them. That sounds like something I would do......

Seems as though I have a full selection of food and drink and everything is working nicely so - Yay! I guess...

I have a nice bedroom with a very comfy large bed and you know what? I may just have to lay down in there a while, maybe things will become more clear to me after a nice rest. As of now, I feel very foggy and distant, almost as though I don't quite exist.... Does that make sense? What is sense?

Alright, let's just go lie down for a while....

ahh yes... so comfortable... rest.....


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Character Portrait: Melron the Commentator

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Well, my sleep was restless and tiring. I'll just get up and grab a drink....

*(opens the fridge and pops a soda can out, opens it up with a "pop" and takes a drink)*

What to do What to do....

Let's look around, shall we? My bedroom is on the northern side of my house, the north being a place of darkness!As I come out of the house I see that I am sitting in the grassy area in between the road in the middle of a curve that is winding down the extreme side of this mountain upon which my spaceship shaped house sits.

to be continued....