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Carissa Grey

"Don't wait to be hunted to hide..." -Samuel Beckett, Molloy

0 · 200 views · located in New Zealand

a character in “A Supernatural Affair”, originally authored by Tink87, as played by RolePlayGateway




{{ Name }}
Carissa Lily Grey

{{ Age }}
1024 years old (Appears 24 years old)

{{ Gender }}

{{ Role }}

{{ Species }}
Witch in Disguise

{{ Special Skills }}
Choleric - Pyrokinesis - Fire Manipulation | Geo-Thermokinesis - Lava, Magma, Volcano Manipulation | Thermokinesis - Temperature Manipulation | Fulgurkinesis - Lightning Manipulation

Imperfect Immortality - No aging but are susceptible to mortal wounds and can be killed if they are hurt badly enough and not healed. However, they are entirely resistant to disease or illness. Only physical injury can kill them.

Clairsentience - Extrasensory awareness. The intuition-based version of Clairvoyance.

{{ Hair Colour }}
Dark Brown

{{ Eye Colour }}

{{ Height/Weight }}
5'8" | 127 lbs.

{{ Ethnicity }}

{{ General Appearance }}
Carissa has a petite figure and is of average height. She has dark brown, shoulder length hair that falls in layers that curve under slightly at the ends. She wears black eyeliner around her eyes to give her small, cute face a sense of mystery. She wears hooded armour with tall high heels. When she smiles, she never does so with her teeth, so her smile seems sweet.

{{ Likes }}
❤ Herbal Tea ❤
"It's natural, delicious, and soothing."
❤ Red Wine ❤
"Smooth and usually needed after a long day."
❤ Aroma Therapy | Essential Oils ❤
"It's one of the only ways I can relax."
❤ Trees | Nature ❤
"Beautifully simple and not manmade."
❤ Crossbows ❤
"My weapon of choice. Easy to hold and gets the job down quietly enough."

{{ Dislikes }}
ϟ Guns ϟ
"They're loud, and if you miss your target, they already know where you are."
ϟ Most Supernaturals ϟ
"It's not that I want to dislike them, but I have to force myself to if I'm going to kill them."
ϟ Big Cities ϟ
"Manmade, ugly, and far too loud for my taste."
ϟ Loud People ϟ
"Keep it down! I'm trying to think, dammit!"
ϟ Crowds ϟ
"I can't stand feeling cramped and like I can't escape from wherever I'm at."

{{ Strengths }}
✔ Crossbow Accuracy ✔
"Oh, my aim? It's deadly."
✔ Hunting Supernaturals ✔
"It's not my favourite thing in the world, but if it keeps me alive, I've got to be good at it."
✔ Herbal Remedies ✔
"Screw that 'advanced medicine' nonsense. Natural remedies are a thousand times better."
✔ Intuition ✔
"My Clairsentience gives me badass intuition."
✔ Self-preservation ✔
"I've got to stay alive, right? Don't I have a right to live?"

{{ Weaknesses }}
✘ Large Crowds ✘
"I can't stand people as it is. Why would I want to be in a giant group of them?"
✘ Unnatural Surroundings (i.e. cities) ✘
"Nature is just so much prettier and a whole lot quieter."
✘ Other Witches or Warlocks ✘
"I can't kill them. And watching them's just...awful."
✘ Temper ✘
"I've got a short fuse. So what?"
Phlegmatic Witches/Warlocks
"They're my opposites, which makes them the most deadly for me to fight."

{{ Fears }}
☠ Death ☠
"I don't want to die. That's why I joined Hunter's Dogma."
☠ Getting Lost ☠
"If I get lost, I might end up alone. Which means I'd end up dead."
☠ Last of Her Kind ☠
"I don't want to be the last of my species... That would be so lonely."
☠ Being Found Out ☠
"If my fellow Hunters find out I'm a witch...I'm deader than dead."
☠ Lycanthropes ☠
"Disgusting, dirty creatures. They're just so gross."

{{ Personality }}
Carissa has a somewhat explosive personality. Her fuse is short and her temper is grand, making her a force to be reckoned with when she's angered. However, she has to be extremely careful with her anger because if she's angry enough, her powers manifest against her will. Deep down, somewhere, she has a very loving and caring demeanor, and she hopes that one day she will find peace in the world, and hopefully someone she can enjoy it with.

{{ History }}
Over a century ago, Carissa was born in new Zealand to her parents Clara and Dimitri, who were human and originally from South Korea. They loved Carissa with their whole hearts and were so proud of their daughter. When she was 14 years old, her father took her shooting, and she proved to be a great shot with a bow and arrow. She made her father so unbelievably happy. A few years later, the first group of Hunters emerged, the Huntsman's Guild, and her parents were some of the first to sign up. They explained to their daughter that there was a serious threat in the world. They were called Supernaturals, and they were dangerous. At the time, Carissa didn't really understand. She didn't know where Supernaturals came from, or why they were such a threat.

At the age of 22, Carissa moved into an apartment with her boyfriend at the time. Her parents didn't particularly approve of him, but Carissa didn't care. After a few months of being there, Carissa and her lover got into a heated argument. He went to strike her, but mid swing, he stopped and started screaming, grasping his hand. It was turning red and began to melt, which made Carissa scream. Soon, he was nothing but melted skin and flesh on the ground beside her. Carissa fled the apartment and took refuge in a cave she came across in the wilderness.

While in the cave, she knew she would need to make a fire in order to keep warm. She gathered sticks and put them in a pile. As she attempted to get a fire started, she became frustrated by her inability to do so. In her anger, she threw the sticks on the pile and turned away from it. That's when she heard the familiar spark of a flame starting. She turned back around to see a small fire had started in her pile of sticks. She couldn't believe what she was seeing with her own two eyes. She wondered to herself how it was possible.

Over the next few years, she began to exhibit other powers. She could manipulate fire, lightning, temperature to some degree, lava, magma, and sometimes volcanoes. She had stopped a volcano from erupting, out of sheer fear of what would happen if it did erupt. She came across a woman one day, who explained to Carissa what she was. A Choleric Witch, which meant that she could manipulate fire and fire-like things. Slowly, pieces of the puzzle that was Carissa's life began to fall into place, and shortly, everything started to make sense to her.

At the age of 24, she decided that she would remain in the appearance of this age, though she would continue to live on indefinitely. She figured out that her extreme sense of intuition was referred to as Clairsentience, and she also learned that although she could technically live forever, physical injury had the ability to kill her. This made Carissa extremely cautious.

Over the next century, Carissa learned how to control her powers for the most part; however, if she was angry enough, her powers would start out of nowhere, catching onto random things in her environment.

She found out that a new Hunter organization had cropped up, Hunter's Dogma. Much like the Huntsman's Guild, their aim was to eliminate Supernaturals from the world. In order to live, Carissa joined their ranks. She kept her powers a secret, and she became one of the strongest crossbowman in the organization, proving her worth to them tenfold.

So begins...

Carissa Grey's Story


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#, as written by Tink87

Dialogue Colour: #191970 || Location: Ashhurst, New Zealand

Carissa stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in one of the green and teal polka-dotted towels that was hanging on the wall of her bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror, observing the lack of wrinkles on her ivory skin. She sighed, pulling out her blowdryer to dry her hair. As she did so, the small bathroom started to become a little too warm for her liking. She finished up, quickly smudging on some black eye makeup before heading to her bedroom.

She slipped on her undergarments before putting on a pair of black pants and a long sleeve black shirt, completing her outfit with a pair of black combat boots. She grabbed her duffle bag with her hunting gear inside of it and headed out, locking the door behind her.

When she reached her car, she threw her bag into the back seat as she got in. She started the engine, buckling up as she did so. She exited the parking lot of her apartment complex and drove towards the local coffee shop. It was where the Hunters usually met if they were going to be going out on a hunt.

As she pulled into the lot of the coffee shop, she didn't see any of her fellow Hunters yet. She pulled out her cellphone, dialing them quickly into a conference call. When they finally picked up, she spoke: "Hey, I'm at the coffee shop. I'll order your usuals for you. Be here as soon as possible. I have some information to share. Important information," she said, pausing for their responses. "I'll see you both in a few." She hung up the call and sauntered into the shop. She ordered the coffee and took a seat at one of the larger tables, waiting for the others to get there. She sipped her coffee, watching the steam come off of the other two cups that were sitting on the table before her.


Dialogue Colour: #778899 || Location: The Wilderness

Victor stretched his aching arms, waking up slowly as the sun shone through his open windows. It was much too early in Victor's opinion, but there was no sleeping in for him this morning. The sun was too bright. He sat up, looking around the living room of the log cabin he lived in. Dammit. I fell asleep on the couch. Again, he thought to himself, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and index finger. It had been a long night, and he was far beyond exhausted.

He got up, making himself coffee quickly. After his cup, he got dressed and decided to head out. As he was walking, he noticed a few Supernaturals out and about as usual. There was one in particular that caught his attention, however. She had raven black hair and piercing, light blue eyes. He was instantly drawn to her, but he couldn't figure out why. He walked up to her carefully, attempting to not scare her as she didn't quite seem to be paying much attention to anything.

"Hello?" he said, trying to strike up a conversation with the beautiful creature before him.


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Location: Ashhurst, New Zealand
Interacting With: Carissa Grey and


Julia's eyes opened in a panic as she felt her cell phone vibrate. Who was calling her and why? She quickly saw that it was Carissa. She quickly answered the call, the soft piano music she had been listening to turning off. The other Hunter told her and Kieran that she was already at the coffee shop. Apparently she had some very important information to share, likely regarding their hunt today. Though Carissa paused for the other two to respond, Julia said nothing. The other two knew she wasn't much of a talker. Besides, Kieran talked enough for both her and himself. The music returned to her ears once the call had been hung up.

She uncrossed her legs before standing up and glancing around. A few other Hunters were inside the armoury, none of them were paying any attention to her. After all, they weren't part of the group that she normally worked with. She stretched her arms above her head. She'd been sitting on a chair for about an hour and was stiff. She had woken up early and gone to the armoury to retrieve her sniper rifle for today's hunt. However, given that she had time to kill she'd decided to just listen to music to relax herself. After all, hunting Supernaturals wasn't exactly enjoyable for her.

After taking her rifle case, she left the armoury and proceeded to drive to the coffee shop. Once there, she found Carissa sitting with a cup of coffee. Two other cups sat on the table. She gave a nod to her fellow Hunter as a 'hello'. Julia sat down in her seat and took a sip of her hot tea. Though she was a calm person and had been relaxing, she could feel the anticipation building up inside of her. What news did Carissa have? What Supernatural species would they be hunting today? These questions would have to wait to be answered however, until Kieran had taken his seat at the table. Until then, Julia was content to sip her tea and observe the humans around her. Humans could have such strange conversations, many of which she could hear due to her heightened senses.

Location: Ashhurst, New Zealand
Interacting With: Nobody


Jax was singing loudly as he showered in his small apartment. In fact, he was singing so loudly that his neighbor was banging on the wall in an attempt to shut him up. The warlock paused briefly and noticed the banging noise. He couldn't help but grin. He enjoyed pushing his neighbor's buttons, but he'd never done anything to truly piss the other man off. After all, he wanted a place to live.

He finished his shower, drying himself off and then dressing. He wore his usual dark pair of jeans, a fitted t-shirt, and black shoes. Today he had his contacts in. Jax whistled as he poured a bowl of cereal and some milk. He ate quickly, eager to start his day. There was nothing in particular to set this day apart from any other, he just was excited for whatever the day may hold. Even if it was rather mundane, it wouldn't be a day wasted to him. When you could possibly live forever-- and had lived for almost nine centuries-- one wasted day really was nothing.

Jax bounced down the stairs and out of the door of his apartment. As he walked out into the bright sunlight, he shielded his eyes with his arm. Once his eyes had adjust to the bright natural light, he looked around. There were some people he recognized strolling about, but nobody in particular he felt like striking a conversation with. He decided to walk down the street, going wherever the wind would take him.


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Location: Ashhurst, New Zealand
Italics = Thoughts

Image Kieran was, if he was being brutally honest, absolutely exhausted. After he had gotten back last night he simply collapsed next to the window in his hotel room and passed right out. Big mistake. Waking up with your stomach in pain, your clothing covered in blood and a pounding hangover headache was not one of his finer moments. 'Ah, at least no one I know saw me. That would make for an awkward conversation in the morning.' After assessing the damage done to his room alone Kieran grumbled and picked himself up. First thing on the list was a shower. Everything that was destroyed could wait until he was clean.

Another bad idea.The water on his head made it ache even more and his clothes got soaked because he stupidly decided to get in the shower before he got undressed. After he managed to peel his shirt off it was revealed to him that he had a long and gross looking slash around the side of his stomach. It was alarming at first until he recalled that he had gotten into a fight last night with some random drunk guy. The guy had been carrying a knife and Kieran had made a tipsy error in dodging. Thus, the blood. Well that made him feel slightly less grossed out knowing that the blood he was covered in and scattered around his room was in fact his. He would need to stitch it up before he did anything today.

After showering and drying himself off he inspected his wound in the bathroom mirror. It was long, and deep enough that he would need to stitch it, but it had stopped bleeding and as long as he kept it clean it shouldn't get infected. Poking it and stretching made him wince but that was about it. Once it was taken care of he could simply ignore it until it healed. Once he had gather his medical kit and the clothes he would wear for the day he set up in front of the mirror in the bathroom. It didn't take long to disinfect the wound, and after an annoyingly amount of time taken threading the needle, he began stitching the cut. When he was halfway done his phone went off and it was shocking he didn't stab himself with the needle. He groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose. 'Bet I can guess who that is.'

He grabbed his phone from the pile of dirty clothes and looked at the name in mock surprise. 'Knew it. Early bird Carissa.' The information on the phone showed him it would be a conference call as well. He stretched his mouth into a smile, put the phone to his ear after clicking 'answer' and continued stitching.

"Good morning ladies." He greeted. Kieran squinted in the mirror at Carissas words. 'Did we have a hunt today? I can't remember. Crap.' When she paused to wait for the responses of the other two, and Julia said nothing, Kieran clicked his tongue thoughtfully. He could leave soon if he hurried. "Yup yup I should be there very soon I just gotta fini -ah" his finger slipped and the needle jabbed his skin. "finish getting dressed. Can't go to work naked. Would shock all the critters." After the call was ended Kieran resumed his stitching at a slightly faster pace. As soon as it was finished and he was satisfied with his work, he rubbed some soothing cream across it and wrapped his stomach in a thing and stretchy bandage. It would stay for now and as long as he didn't get into any life-or-death fights then he would be fine. He quickly dressed in a white T-shirt and black jeans, put his boots on and grabbed his black jacket. He wasn't going to bother doing anything else to his appearance for the moment, he was far too tired and hungry to really care. His messy hotel room was looked over with a glare. That would have to wait until he found out what the important information was. With a sigh he left the room and locked the door.

Thankfully he wasn't too far from the coffee shop and he placed his food order at the counter. The very nice waitress told him she would bring it out when his meal was finished and he gave her a big thankful grin. The other two were already there and strolled over to flop in the remaining chair, careful not to wince as his stiches itched a bit. "Ah. My two most favorite people in the world. How are we this morning? Good?" He looked between the two of them a couple times and grabbed his coffee cup. "Awesome! I'm slightly hungover, so this coffee is an excellent way to start my day. Thank you very much you lovely woman." Taking a gulp of the still slightly too hot coffee he sighed in contentment. Black, fresh coffee was his favorite. He grinned at the two of them. "So. What have you got for us today M'lady?'




Location: Wilderness
Italics = Thoughts

Image Riley was thankful that this community of humans and supernaturals was mostly shady. The morning had been bright in the sun so far and yet she wasn't feeling quite as sick as she usually would, thanks to the trees and buildings casting so many shadows. The weather was also cool enough that it didn't bug her and she could move comfortably in her blue jeans and button-up red blouse. She hadn't needed a jacket, and her gun holster was hidden underneath the blouse nicely. no one would really notice it there unless they put their hands on her hips. And if they were doing that then they were way too close.

She had been told to come to this particular community as the person she was looking for had been seen here recently. And by recent she meant anywhere from the past few weeks to the last year. So far her search had turned up no one who remembered her, which didn't come as too big a surprise. Grabbing a tea to go from a small shop she wandered around for a few moments lost in thoughts. All around her were a mix of humans and supernaturals going about their daily lives, and she found it refreshing. At the end of a street Riley was contemplating what to do next when a voice cut into her thoughts and she realized she had been standing still and staring into space.

She stared at the man in front of her with a slightly confused look on her face. He was taller than her, with a handsome and friendly face. It took a moment before his greeting had caught up with her mind and she blinked a couple times, offering a small smile. She had no idea what to say to a stranger when she wasn't probing for information. Most people would just ignore her presence, maybe give her a smile and continue with their day. She decided to simply return his greeting. "Hi there. Pretty day out huh?" Her smile remained on her face while she mentally scolded herself. 'You seriously did not just try to start a conversation with that, come on Riley this is embarrassing.'


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ImageChop chop chop. Linzie was paying a small visit to her family in the forest, she was cutting wood with her father. The axe was very rusty, but it was still able to compete with her brothers. Despite, her brothers towering her in size she was actually a good challenge against a bunch of male werewolves. Her and her brothers had been hunting in the woods, before they had to chop firewood she's done it many times and she thinks she's quiet good at it actually. Obviously, her brothers or her father usually get the kill, but that's how it just works in a lycan family Males>Females.

It's not like she's ever had a problem with it, she and her mother have grown accustomed to it besides the men can do the hard work and we get to do the easy ones simple! When she was in the forest, her appearance didn't really matter to her so she just threw on a sundress (Which was not ironed) and helped her mother clean the ''house.'' The house was a house indeed, but sometimes it would get confused for a monsters den or a wolves house. Her and her mother would usually talk about food, or how life was in the city this time Linzie asked her mother how she met her father her mother replied ''Oh your father was like a gorilla in those days, beating his chest all day long, barking out commands he wasn't always this tamed y'know.''

Linzie shook her head at her mother and replied ''This is him tamed? I wouldn't wanna see him wild..'' Linzie and her mother both starting chuckling to themselves, before the door slammed open and a deer head came in shortly behind it were a pack of hungry boys. Linzie looked to her mother to settle the boys down, and so she did ''Dinner will be ready in 20, go heat up the fire then lads.'' 20 minutes later, and Linzie and her mother had prepared a feast, they brought out a deer stuffed with a apple inside it's face cooked to perfection. So crispy infarct, that touching it would make a part of its meat fall off. As soon as she put it on the table, the boys tucked in like a pack of wolves well....a pack a of wolves...

At the end of the day, Linzie set off back to the big city and gave her goodbyes to her and her family, her brothers just to annoy her starting making some howling sounds. Tsk boys... She acted annoyed, but infact she was grateful for her brothers and she wouldn't trade them out for a single person. Her cab gave a quick beep, and Linzie rushed to it quickly it starting to drive off and Linzie waved to her family from the back of the cab. ''GOODBYE EVERYBODY!'' She said from inside the cab, not like they could hear her or anything but she still wouldn't stop blowing kisses to her. Linzie dropped her head and snoozed inside the cab, it was pretty late at night and the drive was a 6 hour one so might as well she thought. The next thing she knew she was back in the city and it was morning

''.. Ugh...jet lag curse you! or cab lag! or whatever..'' Linzies head was aching, presumably from the rough seats in the back of the cab ''Might as well go for a coffee'' she thought..Linzie gave a quick whistle to the cab drive and told him to drop her off at a coffee shop. When they arrived, she payed him some cash and she got out carrying her heavy briefcases...damn like a wild boar...or at least that's what she thought. Linzie walked up to the counter and said ''Can i have a chocolate frappe..thanks!'' The waiter went to make her order, so she went and sat down. She was set beside 3 people 2 girls and a 1 boy they looked like they were making a meet up..interesting she might eavesdrop on this one with her extra sharp ears.