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Linzie Lional

''Don't worry, i won't bite..''

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a character in “A Supernatural Affair”, as played by nosyfatguy



ImageName:Linzie{Lizzer}Lional, or she sometimes calls herself lioness
Age:22{60 in doggy years}
Special Skills:
Heightened senses: Linzies basic 5 senses are all much more powerful as a result of her being a werewolf, she's workered on these senses and has made them even better. Her hearing, smelling is better etc.
Super strength: Linzies a werewolf afterall, giving her more strength then the average human, she can be caught often boasting about this.
Super speed: Even when not in her werewolf forum Linzies paste is exceptionally quick, she can keep up with a small car that's going about 30 mph.

Eye color:A bright green in her human form, a very murky brown in her lycan form.
Hair color: Pink now, but brown roots from weeks back can still be noticed
Weight:It's rude to ask a woman her weight

Linzie really dosen't have a style, one minute she could be wearing skinny jeans and a 2nd hand top, the next she can be seen wearing a summer dress with a matching hat. You can often catch her with her darkrish brown sunglasses, she thinks of the sunglasses as her ''thing'' Linzie's favorite outfit has to be the one with her Christmas jumper, her grandmother knitted it for her that's why it holds such a special place in hear heart. Linzie will usually be wearing red type boots, or blue in some cases. Sometimes on lazy days she won't apply any make up and just go out in her tracksuit with her make up.This year she had chosen pink for her hair for the year, she does a roulette every year and whatever it lands on she uses she's been known to die it green or grey some years.
Embrassing body builders
Loud noises.
Being punched in the snout/nose.
Someone taking her glasses off.
Silver bullets
God's cross
Sensitive sounds
Losing her family
Being in water


Lizzie a very bubbly girl. She'll often be very friendly to people, and she'll always use a very relaxing and soothing tone with them, they've been through enough today why give them more trouble? That's what Lizzie thinks. She'll often flirt with the boys, not cause she likes them or anything. But to see their red faces when they light up in embarrassment, oh she lives for that very look. But a rose has it's thorns. She'll often be very moody or won't speak at all when somethings up. It'll be that persons duty from then on to cheer her up or she'll blow like a volcano. She'll stay quite if needed for the good of others, why cause other people pain if it can be avoided. This can lead her to sticky situations eg. ''WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!'' She's always loyal to her friends and see's no use it back chatting them, after all they've blossomed the beauty of friendship with her. She finds it very easy to make connections with other people partly because of her sweet nature, but there can be other factors involved sometimes.

Lizzie's childhood was very homegrown. As most wolf packs, Lizzie lived in the forest with her father (The head of his Wolven clan) and her mother with her 4 brothers. Having such a male influence in the family was very heavy on Lizzie and she started to want to compete with her brothers, her brothers being very large brutish boys. She started to go out hunting with them and she enjoyed it quite a lot, under normal circumstances girls wouldn't be allowed to join the hunt but her father was a softy for his little princess and he bent the law of the pack for his own daughter. She quickly developed very good skills whilst in the forest, the ability to hear touch smell all improved while she was in the forest. It was as if she was finally at home their, and all of a sudden her wild instincts kicked in and she brought down a deer herself without knowing it. Fearing this unusual take over, she started to take more training, she thought what if it wasn't in the forest and what if she'll end up killing somebody. But she did spend a fair time at home, with her mother because if only they were the 2 females in the house, so they had to cook for 5 grown hungry men/lycans phew what a job. Their home is at a small forest, it's a cabin of a sort, made of wooden housing and it's heated using logs the perfect getaway i daresay! After that she started to learn how to live like a human ladie, not a savage beast. She took interest in mechanics and started working with motorcycles she fell in love with them the instant she saw them and she's got one herself. By the name of the great ''Betty!'' Until this day, she still lives with her brothers and parents in that small forest but she often goes to the city to stay with her friends and go shopping.

So begins...

Linzie Lional's Story


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#, as written by Tink87

Dialogue Colour: #191970 || Location: Ashhurst, New Zealand

Carissa stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in one of the green and teal polka-dotted towels that was hanging on the wall of her bathroom. She stood in front of the mirror, observing the lack of wrinkles on her ivory skin. She sighed, pulling out her blowdryer to dry her hair. As she did so, the small bathroom started to become a little too warm for her liking. She finished up, quickly smudging on some black eye makeup before heading to her bedroom.

She slipped on her undergarments before putting on a pair of black pants and a long sleeve black shirt, completing her outfit with a pair of black combat boots. She grabbed her duffle bag with her hunting gear inside of it and headed out, locking the door behind her.

When she reached her car, she threw her bag into the back seat as she got in. She started the engine, buckling up as she did so. She exited the parking lot of her apartment complex and drove towards the local coffee shop. It was where the Hunters usually met if they were going to be going out on a hunt.

As she pulled into the lot of the coffee shop, she didn't see any of her fellow Hunters yet. She pulled out her cellphone, dialing them quickly into a conference call. When they finally picked up, she spoke: "Hey, I'm at the coffee shop. I'll order your usuals for you. Be here as soon as possible. I have some information to share. Important information," she said, pausing for their responses. "I'll see you both in a few." She hung up the call and sauntered into the shop. She ordered the coffee and took a seat at one of the larger tables, waiting for the others to get there. She sipped her coffee, watching the steam come off of the other two cups that were sitting on the table before her.


Dialogue Colour: #778899 || Location: The Wilderness

Victor stretched his aching arms, waking up slowly as the sun shone through his open windows. It was much too early in Victor's opinion, but there was no sleeping in for him this morning. The sun was too bright. He sat up, looking around the living room of the log cabin he lived in. Dammit. I fell asleep on the couch. Again, he thought to himself, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and index finger. It had been a long night, and he was far beyond exhausted.

He got up, making himself coffee quickly. After his cup, he got dressed and decided to head out. As he was walking, he noticed a few Supernaturals out and about as usual. There was one in particular that caught his attention, however. She had raven black hair and piercing, light blue eyes. He was instantly drawn to her, but he couldn't figure out why. He walked up to her carefully, attempting to not scare her as she didn't quite seem to be paying much attention to anything.

"Hello?" he said, trying to strike up a conversation with the beautiful creature before him.