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A Supernatural Life

A Supernatural Life


Five teens find out that they have supernatural powers and go on the run from their parents who are trying to kill them.

929 readers have visited A Supernatural Life since caiti_5678 created it.


Five teens that live in San Diego meet and become friends. Soon after they meet, their supernatural powers start to develop. They must go on the run from their parents who find out about them and try to destroy them. It would be easier to get away if they knew how to use their powers and what their powers were.

You may start roleplaying as soon as you are ready.

Dani Leiber is a fifteen-year-old vampire. [Played by Caiti_5678]

Deirdre Damorte is a fifteen-year-old witch. [Played by armageddon]

Kaylee Schaefer is a fourteen-year-old telekinetic half-demon. [Played by Forensic_anthro]

Seth Page is a fifteen-year-old sorcerer. Damion is his older brother. [Played by darkune]

Damion Page is a sixteen-year-old werewolf. [Open]

Toggle Rules

1. No God-modding.
2. Romance is welcome just keep it PG-16.
3. No power-playing.
4. No Mary/Gary Sues.
5. Don't be immature. I have the right to remove you from my roleplay and I will use this at will.

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Deirdre sighed, "I know...I'm sorry Kaylee and Dani." She shut her iPod off and set it in her bag. She shook her head and watched as the Pedestrians leaped out of the way.
Deirdre was missing Johnny already, she missed how he used to cheer her up. Just thinking of her dorky brother who put on makeup and bought glitter and fishnet tights, put on miniskirts and short shirts and danced just to make her laugh when she didn't even want to smile. It almost made her cry, Kaylee was leaving behind basically her whole life. It really was enough to make her fairly depressed, Deirdre didn't want to be anymore depressed than she already was so she forced herself to stop thinking about it. She knew next to nothing about Dani and wasn't going to ask, but she figured she was probably leaving at least one thing behind that she would miss.
"Yeah...I'll cool it. Sorry if I upset you, KayKay." Deirdre said, honestly as she looked out the window and then at the GPS, "McDonald's?" She questioned, bringing back the memory of her and Johnny walking in randomly just to see what people would say to them.
Johnny and Deirdre walked into the local McDonald's, Johnny wearing fishnet tights with the shortest shorts Deirdre had ever seen in her life along with a cut tank-top that only covered part of his chest and left his six-pack abs exposed, he was wearing glitter and the most hideous shade of red lipstick along with...Basically stripper heels. He slid up to the counter and looked at the boy at a register, "I'd like a five dollar foot long." Johnny pulled a five out of his tank top and waved it in front of the cashier's face and then put it in the boy's jean's pocket, smiling like he was a foxy lady, he leaned over the counter, giving everyone behind them a clear view of his ass. The guy looked horrified, "W - w -We aren't subway...And...That was high - highly inappropriate!" A few parents with their kid's stared. A mom covered her daughter's eyes. Deirdre snickered, she loved watching her brother.
"Oh...Honey, I wasn't talking about a sandwich..." Johnny bit his lip and burst out laughing at his attempt at a sexy voice, it was obvious he was a dude...So obvious...That's one of the things that made it funny. The cashier was frozen in place, eyes huge and then he laughed, "Okay...Um..." He was trying to find words. "Mmmm...Hmmm...Fox-a-licous!" Johnny laughed again and this time fell on the floor, almost crying he was laughing so hard, "Dei...Let's go. I need to get these things off if I ever want to have kid's one of these days." Johnny snickered and stood up, putting an arm around his sister's shoulders who was laughing so hard she was crying. "I can't walk in these damn heels...I almost broke my ankle when I fell down! By the way, I don't know how that money didn't fall down my shirt...I think that means I have man boobs or something..." Johnny said, randomly on his way out.
Deirdre could remember it almost like it was yesterday.


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Dani felt really bad. She had no idea what everyone else was leaving behind. The only thing she had left behind was her dad. Her mother dissapeared when she was too little to remember. She sighed and let her mind wander back to what was going on in the car.

"I'm sorry Kaylee, I really didn't mean to do that. I swear it won't happen again. D, I'm sorry I threatened to eat you. I would NEVER eat anyone. I'm's hard." She hoped she didn't sound fake. SDhe just wanted to stop fighting now and focus on what they had to do.


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"It's okay!" Kaylee giggled, already happy again.
"We're here!" She squealed as she swerved off the sidewalk and hit the brakes.

She got out of the car and twirled, squealing, "WALLYWORLD!"

As soon as everyone was out of the car, she hit the lock button on the door and took off running to the Walmart, twirling and tripping her way to the door. While she waited for everyone to catch up, she randomly began dancing jumpstyle and singing Jumpin' All Over The World by Scooter.

"Come on, guys! I'm starving! Plus, we need to go SHOPPING! she squealed, but this is the only place open right now!" Kaylee laughed as she watched some people around them trying to imitate her dancing but failing horribly.


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#, as written by darkune
When Seth came out of the trance he was happily following Kaylee. "Shopping?" He said looking at the ripped up binding of his spell book. "I guess I can buy some new parchment and a new binding job.


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Deirdre nodded, "I get it, Dani. It's cool." She said and the turned to Kaylee when she hit the breaks and then a second later jumped out and yelled 'Wallyworld'. She couldn't help but smile as Kaylee began Jumpstyle dancing, Deirdre could only do a little of the dance and snickered slightly as she saw people failing at trying to copy Kaylee's awesome dancing. Dei sighed and walked to her friend's side, Wallyworld wasn't her favorite place in the world...It was loud and probably filled with germs. As she waited for the other's, Deirdre did a little of what she knew of the Jumpstyle dance, just because she could and then smiled at Kaylee.

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San by caiti_5678

San Diego

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