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The StoryTeller

Me, the GM. I will be taking a more hands on route in directing the role play and the npc inhabitants of this world. This will also serve as a preview of the character sheet

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a character in “A Tale in the Time of Tumult”, as played by Wake


The bellow may be subject to some changes here and there over the course of the week. Please bare with me while I get the machinery up and running for this roleplay.

Code: Select all
[left][b]Name[/b]:[/left][right][b]Caste & Aspect[/b]:[/right]
[left][b]Nature[/b]:[/left][right][b]Anima Banner[/b]: (Born from the personality and character of the exalt, it is an iconic image that flairs behind them when they burn great amounts of essence)[/right]
[b]Totem Animal:[/b] (Lunar's only. Their 'spirit animal' if you will and one of the lunar's 'true' forms. )

All Attributes start with one point in them, and are divided into categories of Physical, Social, and Mental. Of these categories you will decide which is your Primary (8 points to spend on raising attributes) Secondary (6 points to spend) and Tertiary (4 points to spend). This is most important for lunar's as their charms are drawn from their attributes rather than their abilities. No Attribute may be raise above 5.
[center]STRENGTH (#) DEXTERITY (#) STAMINA (#)[/center]
[center]CHARISMA (#) MANIPULATION (#) APPEARANCE (#)[/center]
[center][b]Mental [/b][/center]
[center]PERCEPTION (#) INTELLIGENCE (#) WITS (#)[/center]
Pick three that are not your caste abilities to become favored abilities. You will have 25 points to spend here but at the bare minimum 10 of these must be spent on Either caste or favored abilities.You may also pick up to five 'specialties' that exist as more narrow focused versions of the other types. No Ability can be raised above 5)



(optional: A subgroup within a larger ability that you have a particular aptitude. Such as dancing specialty from performance, sword from melee etc )
[center][size=170][u]YOUR LIFE[/u][/size][/center]
(Write here)

[b]Motivation(s)[/b] (Motivations are the personal aspirations and ambitions of a character.

(The four Virtues are core to your characters beliefs and desires. You draw strength from them when you set your self to a difficult task and give you motivation towards your goals, and they define you as a hero to the masses. But be warned, the higher the virtue the more difficult it is to ignore for the sake of pragmatism. Resist holding true towards your beliefs of right and wrong too often and you may just snap. Each virtue has one point in it, and you have five additional points to distribute how you choose, but non may go above five.  )

(No, this not like final fantasy. The nature of the great curse the defeated primordial's placed upon their vanquishers periodically warps their virtue into twisted inversions in moments of great stress. When an exalt has been force to ignore his or her own principles one to many times they under go episode of madness in which the corruption of the primordial curse comes to the surface. When this 'snap' occurs the exalts primary virtue (the one that's ranked the highest or which ever one you prefer if they are of even rank) becomes compromised into either a twisted reflection of itself or inverted as a polar opposite of itself. The exalt is then forced to act in the terms of this new corrupted virtue until the effects of the curse finishes burning itself out. This effect can last anywhere from hours to DAYS. Though to avoid forcing too heavy a restriction on the player I'll put down a guide line that the character's break down should at least last until the end of the current scene, and after that it's up to the player to decide how long the episode will last.

Examples of Limit breaks are berserk rages, to uncontrollable crying, to a sudden bout of extreme apathy, paranoia, hedonism or whatever else you can come up with. Seriously, so long as it at least tangibly be attributed to a particular virtue in a corrupted state you can go nuts on the concept.)




Your early life? (what was your childhood like)

Your family and friends? (Did you grow up in a dynastic house of the realm tutored by servants? Child of nomadic barbarians weaned on the shamans stories? A street Urchin stealing purses with their friends for bread money? Who raised you and taught you what you know?)

Reaching Maturity? (However you wish to define 'Maturity'. Anywhere from your early teenage years to your adult life. When did you learn to accept responsibilities and the value of hard work? (Or maybe how to avoid it.) )

The events that led up to your Exaltion?(This is a dramatic shift in your characters life. A rebirth with new godly powers. A change that cannot be undone, triggered by important events that you either may or may not have had control over, and a new destiny laid at your feet, for good or ill. )

The after effects? (What did you do with your new found powers? How did you react to becoming what you are now? How did the people around you react?)

And finally how did you get where are you now and what are you going to do?
[size=170][u]MAGIC, GEAR AND TALENTS[/u][/size]
[u]Essence score:[/u] 2 (all exalt's start play at this level)
[u]Health:[/u] 0/0 (your stamina stat+3, can be raised further with an endurance charm called ox body technique. Mortal's only get their stamina in health.)
[u]Willpower pool:[/u] 0/0 (Equal to the sum total of your two highest virtues.)

[b]Essence motes[/b]
The magic of the exalted in quantified as 'motes' which can be 'burnt' to power their charms. All exalted have two pools Personal and Peripheral. Personal essence can be burned without causing the exalt's anima banner to flair and is the first one to recharge when the exalt rest to regain their power.

Essence pools are calculated slightly differently between the exalted types.
Solar's and Abyssal's essence pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score+2) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence score X 5))
Lunar's and Sidereal's Essence Pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score+1) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence score X 4))
Dragon Blooded Essence Pools: Personal (half your willpower+your essence score) Peripheral (your full willpower + (essence X 3))

All exalted start off with 7 charms, based of their abilities (or attributes for Lunar's).

Each 'charm' is a magical trick designed to enhance or augment the exalt's natural talents in super natural ways. The more powerful the charm the more essence it will cost to activate, with some requiring the exalt to also burn a point of willpower as well, or hit points. All charm also require a certain level of skill and spiritual enlightenment in order to learn, necessitating the exalt to to raise their essence score and their abilities/attributes if they wish to acquire stronger charms.

A combo is a specialized form of charm use that allow rapied fire activation of multiple charms at once. Using a combo allows the exalt to overcome the '1 charm per post rule' but only if they have invested the xp to learn that combo first. You may not have a combo at the start.

You may choose to exchange one of you charms to unlock the first level of sorcery, the terrestrial circle which will mark you as a sorcerer at the start of play. You will start off with only one spell that you have mastered, but may exchange more charms for more spells. For all other cases, spells are treated the same as charms xp coast wise, and are treated as 'occult' charms this purpose.

[b]!!!!!BONUS POINTS!!!!![/b]
You will have 10 Points to spend on any stats you wish. You may also choose to spend 4 BP to gain another charm/sorcery (or 3 if it is a favored ability/attribute). Also you may spend 3 points to start with a piece of magical gear.



So begins...

The StoryTeller's Story