Beline Irae

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a character in “A Tale of Four Seasons”, as played by Bani


Name: Beline Irae
Class: Autumn Guardian, Mage.
Age: 16
Appearance: Image


Beline is a girl of few words. True to her season, she is bipolar, sometimes kind and sometimes harsh - with the former dominating. She's awkward and shy around strangers, and therefore tends to keep clear off them. Brought up in an extremely sheltered way by her Brother, she can be incredibly naive, and has an extremely gullible nature, salvaged only by the presence of a sharper than usual mind. She has a ravenous aptitude for knowledge and her curious nature has gotten her into more trouble than its worth.


Beline carries several small daggers in her boots and all over her body, and she carries a black raven with her, claiming its her 'familiar.'

Special Abilities: Beline has the ability to tame almost any bird or animal quickly.

*As an Autumn Guardian, Beline has the ability to manipulate plant life and foliage as she wills - unfortunately this only works when she is close to trees or other plants, and she's not really aware of this yet. Her abilities as a Mage remain unexplored as of yet due to her excessively sheltered upbringing.


Beline was found near the edge of the forest by a young lad of twelve, who was orphaned himself. Even though others in that position might have abandoned her, the boy who would later become her 'brother' didn't, maybe because he had experienced the pain of being abandoned himself. He decided to take her to his makeshift shack of a home, and raised her, often starving himself for her sake. He sheltered her from the outside world, resulting in making her unaware of their real situation in a country ruled by a Prince often called the Devil.

So begins...

Beline Irae's Story