Hayato Irae

Offense is the Best Defense!

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a character in “A Tale of Four Seasons”, as played by Bani


Name: Hayato Irae
Class: Warrior
Age: 25
Appearance: Image


Hayato is hot-tempered, and ends to be over-protective. Even though he's strong and a good strategist, his impulsive nature often gets the better of him, resulting in him appearing more arrogant than he really is. Extremely stubborn and loyal to his cause, his traits make him hard-working and focused. His determination and cautiousness of the world (due to the harshness he himself had to face from it) has made him a strong warrior.


Hayato uses knives with wires attached. This enables him to trap his opponent in a makeshift cage of wires by throwing knives all around his position, and also even if the knife itself is dodged, the attached wires might manage to cut the opponent.

Special Abilities: Hayato guides his knives with his willpower, meaning that it is impossible to dodge them unless they meet some kind of solid resistance.


Hayato was a child out of wedlock. His mother was killed in a raid when he was three. Ever since then he had been surviving on kindness, and, when he grew up, by foraging for food and doing odd jobs. When he was twelve, he found a 3-year-old Beline and took her home with him. He trains excessively, hoping to protect his sister from the outside world, which in his opinion is filled with 'enemies'.

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