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Kaya Lillia Xenlyiun

"Sing--sing for me, my precious ones."

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a character in “A Tale of Lastra”, as played by Igari


Name Kaya Lillia Xenlyiun
Age "A lady never reveals her age, what a silly notion." [Though she appears to be in her mid-twenties, it can be safe to assume she is older than her physical looks.]
Appearance Possessing nearly unblemished caramel skin, the dark elf is a mysterious beauty upon the eyes. Long locks of azure hair tumble around her body, trailing to the backs of her legs, possibly near her ankles. Her hair is always rippling due to the power she is constantly emanating so it always looks as if there is a gentle breeze sifting through her hair. She has alluring silver eyes that seem to glow from beneath full bangs. Coating her nose are faint freckles, upside-down triangular marks of a reddish hue directly underneath her eyes. Her pointed ears are partially hidden by some stray tufts of hair. The corset resembling top she wears is combined with a half-jacket of sorts which extends up to her neck in a choker-effect. Around her waist is a ruffled skirt, tied in a messily, elegant fashion with an opening in the front. She wears tight, leather pants which show off the curves of her thighs nicely.
Dragon There was a point in her life Kaya did indeed have one such companion, but whether this companion is deceased or she is separated from it remains something of a mystery.
Other Her flute is fashioned out of wood that came from homelands and unlike most other musical instruments, was created with a bit of magic. It can adopt an array of different sounds and she is rarely parted from its company. Only she can play it properly, anyone else that attempts it will end up burning their lips among other side effects.


Alluring and sweet-toned, it is hard to believe that this woman could ever mean one ill-harm by the soothing edge to her voice. This, however, is a misconception. It is best not to be fooled by the sound, for she is fully capable of carrying out what needs be done as she accepts that life is not always about taking the easiest of routes. Kaya is careful with all her words and enjoys adding a spark of a riddle to her statements. This could be taken for playfulness, or perhaps more accurately attributed to the fact that she does not enjoy sharing information that much with strangers or outsiders. She is conscious of perceptions of the outside world--despite her lack of exposure, her common sense allows her to breeze by this inconvenience rather easily. It can be tricky to tell when she is insulting a person, as she has a tendency to sugar-coat her cruel words and mask them behind odd compliments. Not surprisingly, she bonds better with those who have heightened spiritual sense and find those without magic to be dull and uninteresting. She is a good conversationalist, however, so she can smoothly relate to anyone, even those that she does not specifically like. When she wishes to be, she can be quite engaging and a darkly, amusing woman to be around. She can seem partially distracted at times, for part of her is always attuned to the spiritual plane and to the entities that reside there.


Abilities: Kaya is, for all intents and purposes, a necromancer, but not quite in the way that would first come to mind. Her abilities do indeed stem from this origin point but she has tailored each to fit her personally.

I - Spirit Sight
Automatically, she is able to perceive into the spiritual plane that exists right atop the physical one, giving her a clear sense of what truly exists at a given moment. It is not unusual to catch her conversing with a resident of the spirit world, though said creature is often unseen in its' true form by others. These residents will appear as thin, pale blue wisps of energy that float around the elf, sometimes few in number and other times, in large quantities. The energy will pulsate when it is speaking with her and, funnily enough, can be used as a sort of light or torch.

II - Summon
The flute that she fashioned acts as a sort of beacon tool that she uses. When she presses her lips to the instrument and creates a melody, she can bring creatures from the spirit world into the physical one by giving them a tangible form. Depending on the tune that she may play and the speed or intensity of it, she can change which beast she summons and how many. Her favorite is actually a large arachnid which she will sit upon as it carries her to different locations. Every creature she gives a form is actually dead, the shape it takes lasts only as long as her music. It can be assumed that she regards each beast as a guardian of sorts who resides over it's own natural energy field. She tends to avoid summoning the spirits of actual people into corporeal forms, though theoretically, it is possible for her to do so.

Guardian Beast of Earth: Barsuun
Regarded as her most favorite and prized guardian, her arachnid beast is the most commonly summoned and rarely not in the presence of it's mistress. Her arachnid, of course, is the most majestic eight-legged creature in existence (according to Kaya) and is quite graceful when it walks. Despite it's rather large size, it's head alone large enough for Kaya to sit upon when they are traveling, this does not impede it's agility. The beast attacks by basically "immobilizing" opponents, limiting their escape options to slowly draw them into a web it is weaving. It's legs work much like the pincers it also possesses and a stab from one can instantly kill the target, for each of it's legs have poison running through them. The spider's bite provides a more slow and painful death, paralyzing the victim from the legs up and encasing their body in a stone prison. It can also use it's stringy webs to hoist itself up, even lift it across larger gaps if the web is woven thick enough. The creature can borrow into the earth, using it's legs to grind into the ground. Once it has done so, it can create large boulders out of smaller rocks and dirt that it hurls at it's opponents, propelling the objects with it's webs. This was Kaya's first summon and still remains her closest (save for her dragon), perhaps for the quick bond the two developed.

Guardian Beast of Water: Rusalka
The slippery and enigmatic guardian of the water is a tricky character, though utterly loyal to Kaya, it is whimsical and possesses more human-like qualities. (Perhaps due to it's form) The siren can sometimes more closely resemble a naga for it's ability to maneuver on land as well as in the sea. The creature runs the most parallel to it's mistress with it's enchanting voice, the tones of which can manipulate anyone that hears it. It matters naught the gender, the siren can cause anyone to come to a complete halt and will have utter control over their actions and even their words--so long as it continues to sing or hum. In addition, it can coil it's body around a victim, squeezing the life out of them with ease. The siren has large amounts of strength and mobility, though prefers to be in an area with water about. With this, it can also cause water to rise up and "drown" a victim, creating a small bubble of liquid around the person's head to fill their lungs with water. When it is in it's natural element of the sea, it can create whirlpools, the torrents of which will kill any who stray into them, and can also create underwater cyclones. With Kaya's help, the two can raise these cyclones to create a water tornado. The siren is also the only creature that can talk.

Guardian Beast of Fire: Moirasyl
The beast with ultimate control over fire is in the form of a phoenix, the size of which eclipses all the other guardians and can very well resemble a burning sun in the sky from a distance. The creature is constantly ablaze, though the flames will never burn Kaya should she touch it. The wisest out of all the guardians, the phoenix is a creature that allowed itself to be tamed, but not overtaken. It has absolute control over fire, even able to create blue flame, which is much more devastating than regular flame. It can also use it's fire to create small light beings that act as creatures under its command, which all take the form of smaller birds in the sky. The phoenix's talons are sharp and can easily slice into anything it decides to attack with them. Obviously the creature can fly and also breathes fire from it's mouth. It also has regenerative abilities, so this guardian acts as the healer when Kaya should summon it. No wound is beyond it's capabilities and it can even bring someone back from the dead... once it burns their body to a crisp of ashes, that is. The new body will be reborn from the substance. However, this process is very draining for Kaya, who is using her energies to summon the phoenix in the first place and must be used sparingly, else wise she would collapse and be unable to use her magics for awhile.

Guardian Beast of Air: Levixerum
This tragic guardian used to be Kaya's proud dragon, who soured through the air with her at one point in time. Kaya will never summon her dragon if she can help it, which most of the time, she can. When her dragon was alive, she realized she could not summon it much like the other guardian beasts and was fearful of it being killed, for their bond was quite powerful. Kaya sacrificed her beating heart and gave it to her dragon, the creature ascending to the spirit plane with both it's heart and hers inside of it's body. Though Kaya cannot be killed should her physical body be maimed, slaying her dragon by striking it through it's heart will effectively kill the woman. This is the only guardian beast that is still partially living, as it did not technically die as the others did. The dragon can make it's body into a mirage, seeming to exist somewhere between space and time--the stagnant location of air. It is everywhere and it is nowhere, a whisper and a strong gust. The dragon is silent in it's dealings if it does appear and for many, it will appear to be no more than a passing illusion or a trick of the eye. Her dragon is her weakest point but shares the strongest bond with her. The two are always telepathically linked, however, the beast does not communicate with words. It will cause wind to blow through her flute to produce a series of notes, a system of conversing they have long since mastered.

Guardian Beast of Metal: Tres
This guardian is the most wild and hostile, nearly uncontrollable and must always be handled by chains under Kaya's command. Her tunes are the most trying and fast-paced with this creature. The cerberus' power is physically very raw and brutal, the creature using it's paws and sharp fangs to tear into opponents. The tactics it employs are much more unpredictable and scattered to the winds, for this creature revels in the thrill of battle. Single-handedly, it could probably turn the tides of a battle for how vicious it is. It's fur is coated in metal armor, which is can strengthen to become more durable. It can also extend out metal spikes that it can shoot out it's tails or any one of it's three heads. It can also manipulate any metal substances nearby, to the point of levitation and turning the weapons or armor on the user to slay them. Though it seems to be single-mindedly focused on destruction, this creature is the most loyal, perhaps insanely so, and would do anything to protect it's Mistress. If one of it's heads is cut off, it can regenerate it (sort of like a hydra). It has the attention span of a puppy and can just as easily get bored of one opponent and move on to another in the blink of an eye.

III - Enchantment
A further stemming of her music is that of enchanting, or charming, an object or person. With her lilting tunes, she can control a person's body much like a puppeteer or even levitate objects if she so wishes. However, her control over a person can easily be broken if her magical energies conflict with theirs or their body is immune to her charms. Though she can indeed move objects, she cannot levitate things that she physically would not be able to carry. Therefore, it would be impossible for her to uproot a building or a tree, for instance. When she plays her music with this purpose, her eyes glow a bit brighter.

All of her abilities must be moderated--she cannot use them for an infinite amount of time. Her sight does not tire her by much but she will tune out from it when she is low on energy. It is impossible for her to manipulate her magics without her flute, which makes her strongly reliant upon it for her spells.


When the war of the Old God's broke out, it was her race that suffered quite a bit. The Tow'nak had always been on uneasy terms with their lighter skinned kin, the Lethandrill elves, and the war only worked to entice these fears and hesitations. The Dark Elves were effectively shunned and much diminished in number by the end of the war. Kaya's original home was lost during the war and she knew better than to seek refuge with her kindred elves. The talks of "repairing" their relationship were simply that--talks. While the elders and more official elves of both kin do indeed relate and attempt to repair interactions between one another, the majority of both races is still just as hostile towards one another as before.

Kaya instead took solace in an old shrine that had been overrun with water, due to leakage from the swampy grounds. She was at peace here, alone with nature, and far away from the watchful eyes of the mages. She had always had a distaste for authority figures attempting to control her life and naturally sought out a place that would put her as far from the strife as possible. It was in this shrine that she further cultivated and developed her abilities as a necromancer. Through hard work and diligence, she eventually rose to become an elven priestess. A few stragglers from her race also resided at the shrine with her--though numbering perhaps only four or five. The whole of her race became very rare and spread out over the lands.

Though she avoided contact with much of the aftermath of the war for several decades, the attack upon Lethandrill and the killing of many of her kin--even if they were not directly on good terms--was enough to draw her out of her seclusion. She left her shrine and her swamp with the intention of discovering answers as to the reason behind such erratic behavior... and why indeed the old God's power would be in effect once more.

So begins...

Kaya Lillia Xenlyiun's Story


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#, as written by Igari
Fukayna Muidrehd - Ro'ell

She had felt the watchful eyes of Isaehn on her as she straightened, standing up with Armen. The mage did not say anything, even as she allowed Armen to lead her from the main lobby and outside towards the horses. Sebastian was in the lead, the battered, worn body of Astrid limply in his arms. The older assassin was surprisingly attentive to the fire-head, despite the ruckus that had been caused back at Skyfall. Truthfully, it did not settle well with her to simply leave Fay behind, she more than most of the group understood the workings of Ro'ell. At the same time, the news of V'lyn being absent from the order was troubling indeed. Worry was already settling in her stomach, for the news of Miss Jennifer's disappearance caused tinges of panic to jolt through her body.

She glanced at Armen, taking quiet reassurance from his presence. At least he was alright... She made a mental note to thank the dragoness later, their species was truly one that never ceased to amaze her. But the usual light of adoration was lacking from her eyes, replaced by a dim edge due to her concern. Fukayna could only hope that they were able to make it back to Skyfall in time, perhaps even meet V'lyn along the way. She turned her gaze from the elf and settled it instead on the older assassin who was at the head of their small group. Sebastian's mood was certainly foul, for he led them with long strides away from the spire, eyes narrowed and a frown upon his lips.

"We need to go and quickly. If Lord V'lyn has truly left Skyfall, then we need to return as quickly as possible. Who knows what troubles will arise with his departure," Fukayna nodded and was about to step forwards to possibly help him with Astrid's weight when a loud noise sounded in the distance. It made her tense considerably and instinctively, she looked back towards the spire, half-expecting some procession of guards to be there. Her eyes were met with nothing but the faint darkness that was looming around and her attentions were brought back to Sebastian at the sound of unsheathing weapons. Though he did not look at the group directly, the older man spoke over his shoulder at them.

"Fukayna, come with me," Immediately, she reached behind her, pulling out her halberd from the holder attached to her back and gripping it tensely. There was a pause as the man looked over at Khrae before Sebastian continued. "You too. The rest of you stay here and watch over Astrid and wait for our return. If we're not back within the hour go back to Skyfall," He directed the rest of his orders at the others. She shifted slightly, the haste of his actions not giving her proper time to even bother addressing any of the others. She pursed her lips, masking her discontent as she followed Sebastian. She would've preferred to stay closer to the others, considering what had just happened within the spire, but orders were orders and needed to be followed.

She felt almost blind as she trailed after Sebastian, the quiet footsteps of Khrae not too far off to her side. They walked only a bit of a ways before rounding a corner, when the older man bumped into something. Or, someone. Upon closer observation and from the few, faint rays of moonlight, Fukayna was able to make out the figure of a man. Sebastian looked startled for only a few moments before resuming his composure, raising his weapon immediately to the others' face.

"Mind explaining the commotion and your running around like a mad man?" Taking in the example, she also readied her weapon in case he decided to attack. She squinted from beneath her bangs, from what she could make out, the stranger didn't look to be of a great many years. Though his stance seemed unimposing, there was something off about him... The man reacted quickly to the weapon being held to him and pushed it away and of a sudden, a giant wall of earth rose in between the group, giving a nice distance between them all. Fukayna barely had enough time to move back and flinched at the flow of magical energy. (She was getting a little tired of running into all these mages...)

The youthful man raised his hands in an appeasing manner with a shake of his head. "Look, Ay don't want any trouble! A'm being chased by the city guard, so A'm leaving the city. Ya'll seem like nice people, fer walking armories. So Ay'll tell you the truth. Ay've just killed a man named Bosack, a big gang type man here, so A'm in some trouble now. And if you let me go peaceably, Ay can fly away in seconds, leave ya be." His accent was very thick as he lowered his hands but his gestures were non-offensive. Fukayna cast her eyes over at Sebastian but sighed, wrinkling her nose. "Is that all right?" He said slowly, looking between them.

His behavior was certainly that of someone who did not appear to mean much outwards harm so it was she who opened up first. She had a feeling Sebastian was too set in his ways to relent overly easily, and goodness knew what was going through Khrae's head. Regardless, she lowered her weapon a bit but did not, in this event, reach for her notepad. There would be little point in the dim lighting so unfortunately, it looked as if she would be unable to communicate at all for the moment. She hoped that her less guarded stance would be enough to tell him that she accepted his words, partially anyway, and waited for Sebastian's final judgement.



Kaya Xenlyiun - Path between Lethandrill and Laowlee

The sky had shifted to an inky sort of black, accented by the illuminating rays of moonlight which bounced off the scant, few clouds drifting above. The roads and pathways were completely empty, the hour much too late (or too early, depending on how one looked upon it) for there to be stragglers about. Yet, not all was completely silent. Amidst the faint sounds of night that emanated from the creatures around, there was a lilting tune that whistled through the air. The melody was sweet yet with had an undertone of melancholic lament. As it hummed through the air, blue wisps could be seen hovering about a tall woman who, in the darkness, would appear to be levitating above the ground.

The woman was seated, long, azure hair flowing behind her and shifting about. A flute was pressed comfortably against her lips, the sounds that left the instruments simply vibrating with magical energy. Her pale, silver eyes were opened if but slightly, lashes partially shielding them from view. One of the wisps near her flew about, illuminating the surface upon which she sat, which was a large arachnid creature. The beast did not seem to mind carrying the weight of the woman as it scattered along the path. As it approached the crossroads, the woman removed the flute from her lips, the music still lingering about in the air for a few seconds.

"The right, my darling," She said in a smooth voice. "We will find our answers there." She brought the instrument back up to her mouth and continued playing, the arachnid complying and shifting itself before continuing down the designated path. As Kaya played her music, she closed her eyes, thinking back on the destruction she had just witnessed upon passing through Lethandrill. She had not been keen on verifying the information that she had heard back in her swamplands, but had forced herself to do so, nonetheless. Several decades had passed since the last war and she more than most had no desire to see another outbreak of such pointless violence.

The sight that had met her eyes had been a clear example of such acts of destruction. The once proud city of forest elves had been shattered and crumbled to the ground. It had been enough to firm her resolve, however. The Tow'nak Elf had initially not planned on wandering to far beyond the borders of the city but the very thought of so many lives having been lost, and for what? She had sensed a lingering of the old gods' power around the atmosphere, yes, she would know the reviling touch of that god anywhere. It had caused her much grief in the past.

As her guardian brought her further along the path, one of her wisps jolted around her and rushed up near her cheek. She opened one of her eyes as she felt the warmth. Unlike others who would perceive the shape, she could actually see the creature who was floating besides her. This particular one was much akin to a fae of sorts and looked worried, tiny wings fluttering about nervously. She raised her eyebrows as if to question the hesitation, the small creature fumbling in its' flight.

"The air doesn't feel right, Mistress," The creature spoke quickly as if determined to tell her everything all at once. "There's.. another source of magical energy." Kaya paused in her tune, only for a few seconds to stagnate her own magical flow in order to sense that of another. Somewhere in the distance, she could certainly feel another presence, though she was unsure who or what it was. Whatever it belonged to had energy enough to alert one of her spiritual residents however. And from this distance, the power must've been substantial. She flickered her eyes back down below her at her arachnid before gently patting the head on which she was sitting.

"You may leave now, love. I'll be making the rest of the walk on foot, it would seem." Her guardian looked at her from it's beady yellow-orange eyes before it faded into an array of wisps before dissipating altogether. The woman knew better than to be unable to act properly; playing music would impede her if she knew not what to expect. She laid her eyes back upon the fae creature. "Down this path, you say?" She asked calmly. The spirit nodded rapidly and she shrugged, pushing her flute into the folds of her skirt. "Then that's where we'll go. Who knows, perhaps we'll run into something fun~" She said, a chuckle escaping her lips as she did so.


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Before he could scream, his doppelganger snapped their fingers. Sergeants Graves died from magic he could neither comprehend nor anticipate. Spectral claws went straight for his larynx, tearing a chunk out of his throat and hand he had thrown up as a shield on instinct. Choking out air, Graves screamed wordlessly whilst retching over his own body fluids. The man hit the ground on his back before rolling on all fours in an effort to crawl away, to warn his comrades, to do anything other than die. All of his physical efforts were cruelly denied as a heel caught the corner of his trousers, pinning his legs to the ground like a nail. Eyes wide, Graves glanced around, following the tantalizing supple leg all the way up to the source of its owner. A brief flicker betrayed their identity, and Graves’ might have described the unblemished, moonlit face behind it beautiful if not for the alarmingly delighted expression she exhibited.

Most unnerving was her nonchalant smile which split painfully across her pink lips, wide as the crescent moon. Delicate fingers danced illogically until he realized she was strumming an imaginary guitar. She bent over, singing in sweet and melodic tones to his ear.

“Hush little baby, don’t say a word~”

“Jennifer is go-ing to bury you in dirt~”

Instantly he was consumed by the sink hole emerging beneath his feet. Muffled cries where dulled out as sand indiscriminately invaded his mouth and nose, slowly and agonizingly weening the air out from him. For a time the ground shook restlessly, disrupted by the desperate struggles of the still live man down below. Quickly, Graves’ movements ceased, the earthen surface naturally coming to rest as though nothing had even transpired. Hidden behind the mound of his dragon, no one would know of the crime that had just occurred.

“Can’t have you detecting my magic now can we?” Jennifer murmured, licking her lips. Only after she committed the act did she notice her elevated heartbeat. Trying to pinpoint the cause, she leaned against the dragon’s dead corpse, lowering her eyebrows in confusion. How long had it been since she was last outside Talon’s jurisdiction? Thirty years? Forty? Not that he forced her to behave in a certain way. Talon was expertly familiarized with her antics and had long since accepted her for who she was. Nonetheless, she always endeavored to act relatively well behaved for his sake. With a resounding boom, Fiddle Finger’s words goaded her psyche.

“In a different time, I’m certain you would’ve killed me on the spot, but you’ve changed Miss Live, as have your circumstances.”

Shaking her head, he dismissed the taunt as trivial and brought her attention to the task at hand. Wielding the face of the man named Graves, Jennifer’s illusion limped back to the troop of unsuspecting agents. Polack stood to attention as she made Graves’ approach him. The still flaming wreckage acted as a rudimentary bonfire, painted the landscape and men's olive drab uniforms in hues of orange. Shadows flickered as the strength of the inferno waxed and waned, barely disturbed by the light breeze rolling over the landscape.

“That damned mage,” Graves’ illusion growled and Jennifer added some tears for good effect. “I’ll never forgive her, curse her rotting soul!”

Polack nodded sympathetically and gave a sidewards glance at his investigations. “Well, she’s certainly not going to trouble anyone now,” Polack said, pointedly referring to the dummy corpse.

Jennifer manipulated her illusionary doll, keeping his weathered features stern. From her observations, Graves was a proud man, bound by duty but not entirely immune to fear. Considering his traits was necessary unless she wanted to break cover. “Agreed,” replied Graves.

“What now sir?” Polack asked.

Graves hummed to himself, “We should report this to The Nine.” The statement was a hazardous guess on Jennifer’s part, based on the facts she had heard during their interactions and the fact their destination was Laowlee.

Polack nodded again, “They’ll be happy to hear the infamous Jennifer Live is gone at least. That way they can move ont-”

A flash of steel abruptly severed the illusion, dispelling Jennifer’s fantasy. Polack’s short sword had been drawn and thrust in a wide arc, startling the rest of the men. “The mage is still alive!” Polack screamed. The sound of unsheathed weapons followed as the soldiers gathered together, anxiously scanning their surroundings.

“Oops,” Jennifer’s voice echoed sarcastically across the broken expanse.

Jennifer emerged from behind the dragon’s corpse, her hands raised up in a gesture of surrender. Dark locks pooled around her shoulders, perfectly framing her effeminate cheeks and brow which looked only slightly miffed at their discovery. “And here I was planning to infiltrate Laowlee. What gave me away?”

“Graves lost his left ear when you killed his dragon earlier, or where you too busy enjoying his death to notice that you dumb bitch?” spat Polack. Immediately the elf’s palm shot forwards, firing lances of ice. Alongside their dragons, the other men launched attacks of their own, saturating the area with magic blasts. Explosions ringed, basking the crater in a brilliant display of fireworks but Jennifer made no effort to dodge the incoming volleys. Her body shuddered under the impacts, splaying blood all over the floor and bending her backwards. They bombarded her for a whole minute before pausing in gasping exhaustion.

“You’re a conscientious man to have noticed that in this darkness Corporal Polack, but far too brash also,” Jennifer’s shoulder’s buckled as she laughed hysterically, “If you where really smart though, you would have waited until reaching Laowlee before revealing me.”

To their complete horror, Jennifer’s limbs cracked hideously as her wounds healed. Her body twisted up unnaturally as she recovered and regarded them all.

“World Fracture!”

The slaughter had been short lived and decidedly one sided. The relief fuelled her ecstasy, temporary banishing her concerns. For a moment she revelled in the freedom with reckless abandon, unhindered by her obligations to Talon or the order. It was not exactly according to her plans to kill them this early, but in the same vein she was overjoyed by the riveting stir of fully exploiting her abilities for the first time in ages, so much so she had even considered preserving a few soldier’s lives at one point to prolong her entertainment.

The aftermath spoke little of the extreme brutality which had developed, and Jennifer was already heading back in the direction of Skyfall when she sniffed the air. “Oh, did I miss one?”


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#, as written by Igari
Kaya Xenlyiun - Path between Lethandrill and Laowlee

Kaya had not traveled far along at all, for she could most certainly feel the strong presence of another with every slight step she took. The tall woman had decided to be cautious about it, her steps light and barely making any sound at all. Her wisps swirled around her form, the creature that resembled a fae fluttering about nervously. She paid it no heed, if it was the will of nature, then so be it--she would face what it was that she must as it came about. However, the magical aura that washed over from her, despite its' distance, definitely had a tinge of familiarity to it. She had felt the same energy signature when she had visited Lethandrill, for however brief a time that stay was. Though the waves did not feel directly the same as the ones she had sensed in the fallen city, they resembled the scant remains of an old gods' power. That alone was enough to encourage her forwards, for if the one who wielded such a power was using it for nefarious purposes, she would have to put a stop to it.

Her arms were partially spread out in a manner parallel to the ground, almost as if she were balancing herself as she continued along at her controlled pace. The wisps around her, though none would question her motives or her directives. She was their mistress, their master, not a being who they had any place to object to. Though Kaya was a fair mistress, she did not treat any of her spirit guides as below her. In fact, she had come to regard them all as her adorable, misshapen children really--well, besides Igberd. He was a rather annoying fellow who, fortunately, had not decided to show his form. Well, not yet anyway.

She brushed this thought off gently, as she did most distractions, with a faint nudge in another direction. She had to dwell on the current events at hand, of course, the trivial matters of spirit plane discrepancy could wait until later. She settled her energies more upon the task at hand, bright eyes glowing in stark contrast to the darkness that had settled over the land. To Kaya, it did not matter whether it be day or night, for all still existed in the world, still held it's place in the balance of nature and ultimately, in the universe. Physically visibility effected her for naught, if anything, being in darkness where such things were limited worked to better her senses--heighten them.

Breathing out slowly, she forced her natural magical pulse to cease it's somewhat radiating effect. She did not want to alarm whatever was dawning closer to her, so it would be best to keep those levels to a minimum if she could. As she began to draw her magic further inside of herself, her wisps' flames seem to sizzle a bit, dimming as she did so. Of course, when her ties to the stream of the earth began to become weaker, so did their link to the physical plane. This was all simple, natural, the way of the Almighty Mother. Kaya sent a silent prayer towards this magnificent being, asking for guidance and protection. She would need it.

As she at last reached the juncture in her paths, the raw smell of blood reached her nostrils and the woman instantly winced. 'Such a pained scent...' She thought to herself, though it would be wrong to say that it was totally unjustified. Indeed, there was taint in the blood that she smelled--the owners of such had not been innocent. Still, no blood was completely purged of sin, of misdeeds, but some were more soaked in it than others. She brought her eyes up, not having to look for long to notice an almost contorted figure which was quite vividly striking to Kaya. This figure had the scent of the deceased blood upon it, how it clung to this other person--as if to mark them as the guilty, the murderer. The distorted whispers, frantic, panicked, radiating from the surroundings told her all she needed to know.

This figure, this woman was dangerous. And had just killed these men and the dragon beast. The priestess calmly bowed at first, perhaps a seemingly strange gesture but one must always show respect to those that deserved it. Then she straightened and although she spoke, her voice was like a melodic murmur in the wind.

"You who carries the scent of death upon you--bearer of the old God's power. I give you my respects for what you wield, however..." She allowed the distaste to cross upon her face, yes, there was no mistaking it. One of the fallen was of her kin. This woman had slaughtered an elf. "This brutality surely could not have been warranted for?" Kaya was keeping her voice even, knowing better than to be angry or upset at this woman. She would hear the reasoning first, though she had a feeling that despite her attempts to be calm of the whole conversation... She could sense the air of a fighter. Already, she held her flute firmly in her hands--she would be needing this instrument fairly shortly. She was sure of it.


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The woman slouched in eerie silence against the pasty backdrop of the night, dangling her arms freely. Initially ignoring the elf, she stared at nothing in particular, head lulled back in a fashion far more reminiscent of her days spent as a slave weapon. Blood flecks mottled the fabric of her clothes and moonlit complexion, coating her skin in oil-like slick. Most of it was the guard's. There was no reaction at first, or maybe it was too hard for the mage to grasp Kaya’s whimsical words in her maddened state.

"This brutality surely could not have been warranted for?"

Drawn with insatiable hunger, raven eyes shone with a small glint of lunacy as her dilated pupils zigzagged before locking onto Kaya. Acknowledging her opponent, Jennifer's body twitched as it jerked into an upright posture, still somehow managing to maintain an air of unnerving nonchalance. The mage laughed out loud at first. A high pitched, cold pealing laughter that echoed through the vast expanse of the desert terrain.

“I’ll kill anyone who’s after Lord V’lynn,” she slurred, high on power. Electrical discharges writhed at the base of her feet, dancing over the sand grains like glow worms. It almost seemed like constantly leaking her power out was all she could do to prevent herself from combusting. Jennifer abruptly noticed that she was still carrying the glistening entrails of one of the guards and sniffed at the putrid flesh material. Distastefully, she tossed the unidentifiable organ aside before wiping her wet hands over her thighs, an action which only served to further bloody her trousers.

“You sound a little miffed,” she chuckled in a distorted manner, deeply amused by the dark elf’s sour expression. Her eyes narrowed upon noticing the woman's fingers, clenched tightly around a wooden implement of some kind, a gesture which the mage seemed to interpret as a grave insult. Like a switch had been flipped, all traces of nonchalance dropped from her beautifully feminine face.

“Were these guards your companions perhaps? Are you after Talon?” Jennifer asked, her voice taking a dangerous dip.

Kaya kept her expression cool as she regarded the woman, who seemed so long gone, so demented, so given into the darker temptations of the world. It was a shame, such distortion, such suffering the woman radiated. Kaya spoke slowly, though was quite sure that her words would not reach the deranged mind of this individual.

"I do not know who this Talon is, but I doubt you will believe me, so I will not waste time on the idle chit chat." Already the flute was smoothly moving through the air and perched comfortably between her lips. She flashed her gaze to the ground, which vibrated with the energy the woman was shooting off. This would not be an easy task but her kin had been maimed and the balance had been disturbed. She blew into her instrument gently and some fickle notes formed into the air. They hung there for all of a few moments before focusing on the child that she preferred the greatest.

Her wisps swirled about one another, faster and faster until they became a brilliant glow, fading almost instantaneously after the flurry of activity was created. In its' place was the familiar and large form of her guardian pet, her beloved arachnid. The creature reached out one of it's legs, wrapping it around her waist and bringing her closer against its' head. Her knees bent back fluidly as she sat upon its' head as she so often did, adjusting her legs underneath herself.

Her hair had already begun to flutter around her form and Kaya changed her whimsical tune to something more befitting to the atmosphere--a disoriented, seemingly random series of notes. Her guardian reacted in full, releasing an unearthly screech and elegantly moving it's long legs to swipe at the woman. She trilled in few, quick sixteenth notes, commanding her creature to also shoot a large web at the woman. She was definitely smart enough to know this would be avoided, therefore, the trills were soon followed by a series of these short-span notes, each key triggering another web ball to be shot at different locations. If you did not want to fight something, you trapped it first. And Kaya was going to build a large web for such a troublesome insect.

Faster than light, the thing covered the distance between them. How such a large beast could move so swiftly and so deftly was beyond the delirious Jennifer, but such thoughts were ripped to shreds as a barrage of chitinous hooks descended upon her. Too slow to react, scything claws ruptured her fragile tissue, digging deep into the mage's waist. Arcs of blood caked the lower segment of the leg as its force continued to carry the tiny mage, her delicate frame doing nothing to stop its frightening momentum. Lifted up from her feet, Jennifer tumbled several feet in the air before falling back to the ground, winded.

The mage gasped from the tsunami of shock and pain, feeling the weight of the blow jarring her rib cage. Beyond the realm of her vision, the spider's inhuman screeches continued to grate against her hearing. Just beneath that were the barely perceptible sounds of a flute. Soft, mellow tunes wafted down to her ears, enticing her senses. She looked around at the elf, now on top of her spider. Navy hair floated, fluctuating in windless air as she blew into the wooden implement held against her lips. Her lyrics produced a constant stream of ephemeral tunes that wanted to spell out her doom.

Deep down in her sub-conscious, Jennifer was aware of something breaking, a chain snapping, a barred gate ripped from its hinges. The jolt provoked something primal, disrupting the ingrained instincts and suppressed memories. Surprisingly, the first web struck her, but not before the mage released a broad grin.

"World Fracture!"

The web trap exploded, sundered by an invisible repulsion that continued to work its way forward, harmlessly scattering its sticky remains. Jennifer stood upwards, her shirt smeared in crimson, and threw her arm up in front of her heaving chest in preparation for the next attack, "Avalanche."

As if obeying some irrefutable command, the landscape warped. The earth groaned in resistance before it began moving on its own volition, a slow rise at first but quickly gaining in mass as it gathered chunks of terrain. Soon, a wall of sand began to roar overhead, surging towards the spider and its rider. Its breadth and width extending beyond the eye as it formed a breaking wave that resembled a gaping maw. Eroded land mass came crashing downwards relentlessly, tearing apart all its wake and leaving a desolate path of annihilation.


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#, as written by Igari
The release of strong, magical words was enough to make Kaya almost falter in her tunes. She could not take confidence from the fact that her attack had nearly connected, because nearly was the key word. The woman had used illusionary magic, Kaya could tell the instant the whiplash waves hit her being. Her webs were rendered useless as the very earth around the duo warped, cutting off the webs that had shot forwards as a maw began to spread. Her guardian screeched once more and Kaya tried to reassure it by changing up her tune to a more relaxing one but it did ill.

Her creature was thrown off balance by the oncoming shift in the earth and scattered about, unsteady on its' feet as it sought higher ground to evade the tactic. The movements jostled the priestess from her position and she had to stop playing, but the moment she did, the tangibility of her creature faded. Now with nothing to hold her weight up, Kaya went tumbling downwards, the maw seeming to open up more, like an eager giant awaiting its' next meal.

She faltered, losing her footing and descended partially into the gap, grabbing the ledge with her hand at the barest, last moment possible. She struggled, barely able to keep a hold on her flute and support her weight, which was close to succumbing to the tug of gravity. She forced her instrument up to her lips, knowing she would not be able to hold on to the ledge and play for very long. Still, she forced herself to get the notes past with shaky breaths. With how heavy she was releasing it from her lungs, the notes came out strained, her wisps nearly unable to comprehend it.

They tried their best at her re-summoning of her arachnid guardian, though the creature was warbled due to the unevenness of her music. Kaya couldn't afford to be in this position much longer, she could feel the woman approaching as if to deal another blow. Some scant notes were thrown to the breeze and her arachnid launched one of its' webs at her right beneath her feet. It couldn't have come at a better time for her grip loosened and was relinquished, though the priestess landed safely on the sticky, webbed surface.

Kaya wasted no time in picking up the pace, her creature shooting more webs for her to climb up on from her almost fatal descent. She jumped on top of her arachnid's head, this time her melody soothing. This woman wasn't pulling punches, she was clearly beyond reasoning, beyond sane thoughts. Kaya did not wish to fight her, no, the killing that had happened had been when this mage was not right in the mind. The other could not be faulted, she merely needed to be calmed. Her guardian heeded and instead of attacking the mage, this time, it swiped at the trees overhead in an attempt to create a tangle of branches to fall upon the woman.

'I'll catch you in my web, one way or another,' Kaya projected her thoughts loud enough for even such a deranged woman to hear. 'Relent. I do not wish to continue such pointlessness.' Entrapment was the only option here--else this would truly turn into a death match. And the priestess knew better than most that dying before one's time would really disturb the ever delicate balance of things.

Jennifer had been trailing behind the aftermath of her devastating spell, taking long, slow deliberate strides forwards. Wallowing in self-pleasure, the mage was in no particular hurry to hasten their duel. “Come out, come out wherever you are,” she cooed, too lost in her own frenzy to notice the pain by her side. She stalked the music, listening for the pacifying harmony as it danced above her. Then something boomed, but not in the physical sense. There was no corporeal application of energy, no impulse of power visible to the naked eye. No, something reverberated mentally, reaching into the very throes of her soul.

The effect was instant. As her mind was invaded by the incomprehensible voices, the mage's legs faltered completely. Jennifer dropped to her knees in an ungainly manner, all thoughts now focused on dispelling the inner voice. Curling over, her face twisted in anguish as she screamed, “Get out of my head!” whilst clutching the tangled mess of her hair. Kaya’s gambit was successful as the branches fell in shattered pieces. Thrown from the sky, the wooden ligaments squashed the vulnerable mage, immobilizing her against the ground. Twigs clawed, dug and scrapped over the surface of her skin, producing a series of nasty gashes. None of which the mage felt directly as she was bludgeoned unconscious, but not before she had managed to unleash an expanding sphere of fire. Perhaps it was a defensive mechanism, or maybe it was a final act of raging defiance. Whatever it was, the results were disastrous. The heavens howled with the inferno, drowning out all sound as a seething globe grew to the size of a small castle, incinerating trees and glassing the sand. For a full thirty seconds the spectacle rampaged, unhindered in its indiscriminate extermination, before losing cohesion. Deprived of their power source, the flames wailed and then died out.

The blast could've killed her. It should've killed her. Her guardian had sensed the devastation much sooner than she, for even with how attuned she was to nature, her spirits would always have a keener connection. Her arachnid had suddenly shifted, jostling her off of it's head. Kaya was displaced on to the ground but there was barely any time to question the motives of her creature. It scuttled over her, lowering its' body atop her so that was not visible to the outside world. For a reason she could not decipher, her fingers kept moving, breath still passing through her flute. Something inside told her not to cease in her music, under any circumstance.

A blast of fire shot forth, incinerating the overlaying area and encompassing a nice chunk of the path shot forth. Too late did Kaya realize what her guardian had done for her, but she could not stop playing as her eyes widened. She could feel the warm weight as if a last reassurance as her arachnid sheltered her from the horrors of the attack. Unearthly screeches left her guardian but still it did not move, it refused to budge--and after the longest 30 seconds of her life, it was all over. A numbing silence filled her mind as the music abruptly stopped.

Kaya hastened to wriggle out from underneath her guardian to check on it but without her melodies, it had no more physical attachment and before she could assess the damage, it had faded from whence it came. The priestess shivered, blinking rapidly against the stinging sensation in her eyes. She trembled, trying to tell herself over and over, you couldn't kill what was already did. She had to be strong, her guardian was not permanently harmed. Still, even she felt the smallest inkling of doubt, now left in a complete void of silence; the unconscious figure of the beautifully deranged woman several feet from her and dim wisps floating about in the night sky.

The light from her creatures was weak, barely constituting as anything as they lingered about, resembling flames that were just about burned out. The battle had greatly weakened Kaya's morale, she had been careless to let her precious guardian be harmed so. Furrowing her brows and biting her lip, she debated if she should attempt to summon another creature. But doing so would be risky now. The spirits needed time to reassemble and for the moment, she would be on her own. Stowing her flute in the folds of her skirt, the priestess walked over to the mage upon the ground, if with a strong sense of caution.

Her legs were tense, body ready to spring back at the first sign of movement. Her approach was met with no objections and Kaya lowered herself, hesitantly placing a palm upon the woman's brow. A flood of energy overflowed from the contact, jumbled images of thoughts, mana--a barely cohesive string of pulses darting about. Though Kaya could not read minds, she was definitely in sync with the life-flow of the beings that resided on the physical plane or otherwise. It was clear this woman had been through a lot, her actions influenced by passion and a desperate desire to be rid of a cage she was forced into. Though the priestess did have a feeling it would take a bit more to forgive this woman, for the mage had harmed her guardian nearly fatally (so she hoped), her heart was not so tainted that she could not help.

With a sigh, Kaya wrapped her arms around the woman and hoisted her up, supporting the mage against her as she straightened herself into a standing position. Judging by their location and the ironically convenient destruction of the other path, it would seem her only choice would be to take the other route. Kaya's eyes were too hazy to make out the sign properly, to see where her destination would be but it mattered for naught. For whatever reason it was, the will of nature had ordained this meeting and she would have to follow it's directives--whether she understood them or not.


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#, as written by Igari
Isaehn Raxieyl

He was alone once more, save for Zephyr, who stood faithfully some meters from him. It was not this fact that affected him so as it was the way Fukayna had decided to leave. Normally, he'd have brushed it off but the encounter with one of the nine previously had turned him contemplative. Lain had been too erratic, too out of control--more so than usual. Isaehn's mind was quick on the uptake as he re-evaluated the current state of things. The attacks, the separation, the assassination attempt. Even for one so composed and controlled as he, this was enough to push him just a bit closer to the edge and cause a modicum of concern. What had started as a playful game earlier in the day had turned into a dangerous series of moves, some of which he had not been responsible for. This fact alone was enough to annoy him but was compounded additionally by the actions of her.

Fukayna had chosen the elf. She had allowed him to direct her, to leave the mage's presence. Perhaps it had been wrong of him to assume she would automatically fall back into her old habits, but yet...

He felt a hand on his shoulder and slid his eyes to the right, finding the figure of Zephyr with a thoughtful expression on his face. Isaehn didn't bother to put in any effort to trying to act in normalcy, for his dragon was much more perceptive than that to be fooled by such antics. Instead he just regarded his dragon with a solemn expression, a blankness settling across his features. Zephyr regarded him closer before addressing him with a smoothly calm tone.

"Youngling, perhaps it is time to turn from these games to more pressing matters." Isaehn paused, furrowing his eyebrows. He was not in the mood to beat around the bush and sighed as he eyed his dragon.

"They were not all games, Zephyr, and you would do well to remember that," Even when he was at one of his lower points, Isaehn was still not a man to be taken lightly. His dragon nodded his head in consent and the mage pinched the bridge of his nose with another sigh. "What did you wish to bring to my attention?" His dragon removed the hand from the mage's shoulder and instead put his hands into his coat pockets.

"I wanted to discuss the members of the group that came here from Riena. More specifically, the dragoness who had given some life essence to the previously unconscious elf." A raise of the eyebrows was the only prompt Isaehn gave to continue. "She, that woman, was an enigma. Quite unlike myself, who takes this form with assistance from your magic. And unlike the larger, fat dragon that came barreling in here not too long ago. This girl was... different--not a halfling and not involved in a possession of sorts." Perhaps under different circumstances, Isaehn would've cut Zephyr off. He hated long-winded explanations. But he needed a breather from the events that had just transpired and the soothing voice of his dragon had always managed to relax him in such times.

"I bring this up not to seemingly nitpick at insignificant details, but rather to draw a point of interest. Though the dragoness possessed similar qualities to myself, such as scales that were clearly a part of her existence, a dragon soul affecting a Human body... the soul and body in question were both completely Human. That woman was a living, full-blooded dragon, but also an equally living, full-blooded Human at the same time. Despite this paradox, however, she was clearly a single being." Isaehn took a moment to process the information, raising a hand to his chin to stroke it lightly. A paradox? Zephyr seemed ill-at-ease with the knowledge he had just disclosed, which only led to strengthen Isaehn's growing suspicions that many things were on the game board that he had not previously assembled there.

There was a touch of a frown on his face before Isaehn regained himself, pushing his glasses further up his nose. "And the others, they did not trouble you as she?" He prompted, Zephyr shifting with the direct line of questioning.

"The situation is troubling, youngling. You are losing your firm hold on the game pieces and I can see them scattering about." The mage froze, blinking at the cool impact of Zephyr's words. He? Losing his hold? What an absurd notion. He brushed off he doubt that had risen from his dragon's statement, narrowing his eyes ever so slightly. Without a word, he stood up and turned on his heel. Perhaps it was time to check to see if any more of the visitors were still on the premises. There had been someone missing earlier when he had briefly counted those that were departing. He did not bother with addressing Zephyr, displeased at his dragon's suggestion that he was not in full control. So sometimes the pieces might not be moved to a section of the chess board that was preferable. That didn't mean the game couldn't be turned around.



Fukayna Muidrehd

She felt the plummeting feeling in her stomach, time itself seemed to have slowed as she tried to gradually comprehend the situation. Sebastian had lowered his weapon from the man, who had raised the wall between them in a defensive rush. He was making hurried claims to not mean any harm but she could barely understand his accent, as thick as it was. She furrowed her brows together underneath her bangs, trying to make sense of it all. Fukayna had never done well with foreigners or those that did not speak in the universally used dialect. So it should've come as no surprise that she was fairly confused by the exchange. Whether or not the older assassin was aware of her discomfort, she was unsure, for he continued conversing with the man in measured tones.

From what she could gather, he was going to take them through a tunnel system to a shop of sorts? She bit her bottom lip, feeling the magical tremors from the attackers that were still a fair ways off but still close enough to warrant caution. A gruff order from Sebastian that they would allow this "Mikeal" to lead them through the tunnels to escape was enough to propel her into action. If very reluctant and hesitant action. Fukayna couldn't help but look over her shoulder wistfully, privately wishing the older assassin hadn't chosen her to accompany him with Khrae. She wanted to be helpful, truly she did! But... at the same time, Armen was still with the others. Still... Wait. Why was she thinking of him?

She tried to shake herself of the thoughts but they still lingered in her mind. Gods above, why was she worried about him? Her heart was doing a small little panicked dance in her chest at the thought of perhaps more harm befalling him. But she had to obey orders and was in no position to return from him. Even though...

She fumbled with her polearm, jolting her attentions back to their progression through the tunnels. That's right, she needed to be focused on the present situation. Not on the elf she was starting to fear that perhaps she...



Kaya Xenlyiun

The priestess struggled with the weight of the woman she was supporting against her shoulder, breathing out slowly from between clenched teeth. Kaya would be misleading if she said that the battle had not worn her out, for indeed she was quite exhausted. This mage had put up a wonderful fight, though she could not help but wonder what the outcome would've been had this woman been rational and level-headed. Regardless, the mage had provided a formidable opponent. As Kaya adjusted herself so that she could carry the unconscious woman and still walk at a relatively even pace, she cast a wary eye at her surroundings. She could not rely on her precious arachnid at the moment, not whilst it was recovering it's spiritual energies. Without her beloved creature, she could not make the journey nearly as fast, but perhaps that was for the best. Whatever had driven this woman to the point of losing her natural reasoning must've been something gruesome indeed and it would be best to stay on the alert.

One of her wisps floated in front of her, a bit dim around the edges as some of it's energies were being siphoned off to supply for her recovering pet. The shape it took was a bit warbled but faintly resembled a small pooka--though babyish in form and not nearly as odd to the eyes. The spirit turned in midair, frowning a bit as it's images distorted at the seams. "Mistress..." It began, seeming as if it did not know what to say. Kaya was too short of breath to respond properly but she gave a tired nod for it to continue.

"Are you sure you will be able to make it... to the next city?" There was a faltering on the question. In truth, Kaya had never traveled anywhere on foot, not outside of her swamp. She had no idea the distance to the next portion of civilization and it would be fair to say that she was partially worried. The mage's breathing was uneven, swollen, clearly wounded and in a damaged state. The brown-haired woman would need to be tended to, and Kaya was in no position to provide any assistance. She felt responsible somehow for this mage, maybe because they had engaged in battle, or perhaps it was because of the name that the woman had mentioned earlier.

Who was this 'Talon'? Whoever it was, they must've had great significance to the unconscious beauty in her arms, to push her so far as to lose herself in her magics. At this point, she did not dare tap into the spirit plane to see the flow of mana coursing though this woman, she was too weak to try to repair some of the damage to at least make her temporary companion conscious. Her best bet would be to wait, deal with the extra effort, and hope that somehow she'd make it alright. Perhaps...

Kaya heaved out a sigh. Goddess almighty, her vision was starting to blur... She could barely make out the trail she was wandering on and was sure she was not specifically going in a straight line anymore. She tried to force herself to concentrate on her physical senses but that was starting to fail her. Her body was already trembling, protesting against the progress she forced upon it. Still, she told herself, just a bit longer. Just a little bit longer and then she'd be able to relax, to stop.

Then she heard it, in the distance. Immediately, her spiritual flow began to swirl a bit as alertness returned to her faintly. There was someone else approaching, someone else coming down that path. Kaya had no way of knowing whether this person was going to try apprehending her or assisting her--either way, her situation did not exactly present her with the option of trying to dart off the trail. She brought herself to a halt, holding on more tightly to the woman and praying to the Goddess that enough of her energy would return before whoever it was arrived.


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#, as written by Siryn
Talon V'lyn

He had to get farther away from the city. Talon knew that his magic had probably reached the outskirts of the walls. He was sure that the mages inside were scrambling around trying to figure out where it had come from. With the reigns in his hand, he stumbled forward slightly, tired from having to try to keep the power at a resonable level.

Raising his head, he looked out into the dim and caught sight of two figures in the dark. He slowed in his forward momentum, eyes narrowing to try to make out who it was. Unable to do so, he continued forward, but much slower than before. How could he know if they were friendly or not?

As he approached he could see who it was. His hand dropped the reigns of the horse and he straightened his body. His blood was flowing fast now, hot with anger as he witnessed Jennifer being held up by a strange woman. Both were battered and bloody and he didn't know what to make of the situation. Should he attack the woman out right? No... it didn't seem that this woman was the enemy, she was holding Jennifer to say the least.

He moved quickly over to Jennifer and took her from the woman's hold, bringing her close to his chest as he slowly dropped down to his knees. His eyes watched her carefully, she was outcold, heavy in his arms.

"Jennifer," he called knowing that she couldn't hear him in her deep sleep. Raising his hand over her body, the silver bracer glowed brightly and extended it's tendrils of pure magic out towards her. He began the tedious process of healing her wounds and giving her the energy that she needed.

Turning, his eyes were smoldering, the color of molten steel rather than their usual blue-grey. His voice ground out between his teeth, "What happened to her? I swear I'll hunt down whoever did this and kill them..."

Sebastian and Company

He was following the man who had started to lead them to some place in the city. All the old assassin had figured out was that they were going to a 'friends' place somewhere in the city. He wasn't sure where, or how long it was going to take. At the same time, Sebastian was feeling a bit impatient with the delay. Leaving the other group behind... perhaps it hadn't been in the best interest.


He continued through the tunnel all the same. It wasn't much farther in that the tunnel shuddered violently and Sebastian slowed, reaching out to grab Mikeal's arm in the process. The youth had been lucky for the assassin to grab him as a section of his 'tunnel' shuddered again and finally collapsed inwards. Whoever it was... they were determined to stop them from getting to where they wanted.

"Damned mages... I pray Riena sends them all to hell," he growled and turned to the side of the tunnel. He tapped the tunnel with the pomell of his weapon and grimaced. Looking over his shoulder to Fukayna he motioned towards the wall.

He motioned with his dagger to turn back the other way, pulling the youth with him, "Come on, side trip is over. There'll be time for visiting later!" He turned Fukayna gently and let her take the lead. It wasn't too long before they reached where they'd started, but it was a waste of time. Sebastian was more than irriated by the time they got out of the tunnel and back into the streets.

Once there, he took the lead and moved quickly through the alleyways where he'd come from. He was hoping to find the group where he'd left them, but he was fairly sure that they'd left already for Skyfall. The old assassin moved quickly and once he reached the area where he'd left them, it was indeed, empty.

"As expected...At least they can follow orders," Sebastian whispered to himself, "Come on, if we move quickly we can catch up to them in no time."


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#, as written by Igari

Kaya Lillia Xenlyiun

Kaya allowed the woman to slip from her grasp, not having complete where withall to stop it. The strong arms that took the mage belonged to a dark-haired man who wore a concerned look upon his face. She did not like making assumptions but it seemed save to entertain the idea that perhaps this was the 'Talon' that the woman had been speaking of. A flash of metal caught her eye, a bracer on his arm that seemed to glow when he touched the mage. He narrowed his eyes a bit as energy radiated from the object and flowed into the unconscious woman. He murmured her name softly, the word barely audible. Kaya had to strain to hear it but made no comment and overall tried to make as little noise as possible, save for her strained breathing.

Suddenly, he looked up at her, eyes loosing the warmth they had had when regarding the mage. "What happened to her? I swear I'll hunt down whoever did this and kill them..." He spoke harshly, suspicion marred as an undertone. Now without any weight to support, she leaned a bit behind her to steady herself against a tree. Her body felt heavy, constricted. She had definitely expended too much energy earlier and was having a hard time processing what he had asked her in the first place.

Her lips moved slowly as she strained herself to manage a reply. "I... cannot deign to say that I know for sure," She began lightly, already weary with the effort. Gazing at him, however, told her that whoever he was, he had a bond to this woman. She had a feeling the only reason he may not have attacked her outright was to fully comprehend the situation. She would need to be careful about what words she chose to explain but that much thinking in her current state was providing a challenge. The few wisps that were floating nearby rubbed against her cheeks in a worried manner but she brushed them off. She had to try reasoning, before he got the wrong idea.

"I was traveling to Laowlee--I recently departed from the city of Lethandrill. Well..." A light chuckle escaped from between her lips. "Former city perhaps would be more proper..." Her knees were trembling, ready to buckle in the coming moments. She forced herself to stay upright as she continued. "I do not know the circumstances behind this woman or how she came to be here exactly. All I do know is that she.... screamed for one known as Talon--would I be correct in guessing that is you?" Her silver eyes settled on his own pair.

"She attacked me, I believe whoever had harmed her before... " She faltered, breath hitching as the edges of her vision started to blur. This was getting dangerous--she needed Moirasyl to heal her. But summoning the phoenix at this moment would be a tricky scenario. There was the odds that she would pass out if she even tried to produce the notes appropriate for tangibility.

Talon raised his eyebrow slowly as he watched her carefully. She leaned against the tree as if she were utterly tired and he figured she must have been. Her face was pale, from what he could tell in the moonlight, and the slouching position told him she was weary from something. As she spoke of Lethandrill he became even more curious but didn't say anything, not until she mentioned his name.

"I'm Talon," he answered shortly, and allowed her to continue. Her gaze settled on his, the normally silver-blue color now a swirling mixture making them look like molten steel in his anger.

"She attacked you? You must have given her reason to," Talon growled back at her, ignoring the fact that she was leaning heavily against the tree now and there seemed to be a bit of a hazy look to her eyes. His hands gripped Jennifer tightly, pulling the unconscious mage closer to him whilst the silver bracer began to glow brightly. He was pulling power into the bracer, as his anger at how Jennifer was began to rise. It was unacceptable for her to be in the condition she was in. Unacceptable! How could this have happened to her?

He let go of Jennifer with the hand that was growing in power. This woman, how dare she try to put off her attacking his mage as Jennifer's own initiation. At this point, he was done with talking, now it was only revenge for his beloved mage.

She could barely even register what was going on but by the glean of his bracer, she could only imagine that he was starting to go on the offensive. This was too much for her to deal with--already her body was threatening to shut down on her at any moment. Yet it did not seem as if talking was going to solve this problem. Her legs wobbled as she forced herself to stand upright, nearly tumbling to the ground as she did so. The wisps that had floated around her face now pressed against her chest to give her some support so she wouldn't topple over. She withdrew her flute from the folds of her clothes, fingers feeling like lead as she gripped it loosely.

She already knew she was going to lose preemptively. She had no strength to fight him off. Even if, in the best case scenario, she could summon her phoenix, she doubted she would be able to keep playing long enough for it to heal her wounds. And even then, the spiritual energy she expended would not be so easily gotten back. The only thing she could think to do was control the wisps that were floating here and there--but they wouldn't do much damage. And judging by this man's appearance, he wasn't a pushover. She winced a bit, hesitating to bring the instrument to her lips. Doing so would be an acknowledgement of his unspoken challenge of battle. She bit her lip, hoping that the gods would grace her and perhaps the mage would awaken. Even if she couldn't talk sense into him, she could at least guess that he trusted this woman (judging by his reaction). And if that were the case, perhaps he would concede and listen to her. Maybe.

Fukayna Muidrehd

She stumbled a bit in the darkness as she felt Sebastian push against the small of her back, redirecting her away from the path they had been taking. Fukayna frowned gently as he spoke, voice a partial hiss of annoyance directed at the man that had been leading them through the passageways. "Come on, side trip is over. There'll be time for visiting later!" The girl tried to wrap her head around all that was happening and readjusted her hold on her halberd, letting the older assassin direct her to the front of the group. A faint blush coated her cheeks underneath her bangs--she was unused to being in the front of attentions. But now was not the proper time to succumb to her inner embarrassment.

The pitter patter of footsteps against wet ground did not last long--the trip back always did seem shorter than the trip there. As they exited, Sebastian veered off into one of the alleyways they had gone down. She hurried after him, not bothering to check to see if the stranger was still following them. Her long hair hit against her legs as she turned down the alley, the girl shifting her gaze from side to side every now and again. They were still in a dangerous spot--considering what had happened at the spire.

As they approached the area the group at previously been, Sebastian tsked upon noticing that no one was there any longer. "Come on, if we move quickly we can catch up to them in no time." Though he was already turning to mount one of the horses, she stared after the empty spot with a disappointed feeling plummeting into her stomach. Her frown deepened--why was she feeling like this? He had just been following orders, like she had. She shrugged off the though and strode over to her own horse, this time not struggling nearly so much to get on its back. Sebastian was right, they would all regroup rather shortly if they made progress posthaste.

She cast a glance over her shoulder back towards the spire. She silently thanked Isaehn for keeping her secret but still furrowed her brows a portion. Whatever he was up to, she could only hope that it was not related to the mages that had attacked them. She readied her reigns and lightly tapped her horse to get it to break out into a trot, cracking the reigns to get it to pick up pace. The sooner they regrouped, the better.


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Red. Why was there so much red?

Jennifer started awake with a groan, eyelids fluttering unevenly. Her first impulse was to sit up, to regain command of her limbs, but strangely, she felt completely sluggish. What had she been doing before then? Why was everything painted in red? Memories of the past flashed across her hazy consciousness, illuminating portions of her confusion. The soldiers and their plot, she at least remembered up until that part, but a gap existed between there and now. The world came into view around her, the harsh light blinding her vision before she could fully prepare herself. She stirred uncomfortably before sensing that someone was holding her, the strong grasp that stretched over her frame unnervingly familiar.

"She attacked you? You must have given her reason to."

The voice, immediately recognisable, was like cold water being poured onto her face. Talon? Alarm filtered through the groggy stratum of her awareness, imbuing her with the sudden strength to speak.

"Talon?!" Jennifer called, eyes wide. She scrambled to stand, only to find her legs completely failing her.

Jennifer's head whipped around instead, the cogs spinning to make sense of the situation. Where were they? Certainly not Skyfall. Talon stood above her, his features encased in a mask of vengeful fury. His anger was directed at the lithe figure that stood beneath the mottled shade of a tree. Dressed in a maroon dipped corset and half jacket, the flute clenched between her trembling fingers triggered yet more experiences. The stranger's appearance, like so many others things, was vaguely familiar, but Jennifer could not recall why for the life of her.

"Talon, what's going on? What are you doing out here?" Jennifer demanded, bracing herself up on his shoulders. The last thing she remembered was....approaching the soldiers. "Ugh," groaned the mage, holding her head tightly, "I get it now. You came in a nick of time honey. I was just about done dealing with this damned mage for interrupting my fun. You can explain why you're here later."

His heart leapt to his throat upon hearing Jennifers voice. Then her hands on his shoulders bringing herself up to his level. He looked down at her, his bracer slowly dimming from it's original course of action. Her questions ran through his mind but he couldn't really give her an answer at that moment. Talon hugged her closer, wrapping both arms around her, however his gaze lifted once more to glare at the woman against the tree.

His earlier anger rose up again, but Jennifer's continuation of explanation caught his attention. His eyes dropped down to her and narrowed. Did she just say what he thought she had? No, it couldn't have been. When was the last time that Jennifer had gone on a rampage? That was years ago... decades ago... it couldn't be true that she'd done it again.

"Jennifer... interrupting your... fun?" He asked her slowly, unsure if he'd heard that right, and hoping to the gods that he was wrong in what he thought it was. All thoughts on the strange woman were gone then. He wanted to know what it was she'd done that she would consider 'fun'.

The undertone of accusation gave the mage complete and utter pause, preceding a moment of awkward silence. Jennifer shifted her eyes back to Talon hesitantly, feeling his piercing scrutiny flush against the side of her cheek. Dread coiled over the rims of her shoulders, eating up into her guilty conscious as she realised her mistake.

“No, you’ve got the wrong idea! That isn’t the point! Those men were plotting against you! Against your assassin guild!” Jennifer responded staunchly, all the while wilting beneath his blue-grey pearls at the futility of her justifications. Like mirrors, they reflected his utmost horror at the perceived reality of her actions. Talon knew better than anyone what atrocious feats his mage was capable of committing, and clearly that disturbed him.

Or is was it simply to satisfy your own sadistic impulses? The question plagued her mind like fervent itch.

“I wasn’t going to let that go…they needed to be taught a lesson. They deserved what they got,” The mage’s voice faltered her, breaking into a stuttered rasp. No longer able to hide her shame, she diverted her eyes away and pushed herself free from his grip, staggering upwards in spite of her injuries.

“Whatever, I can finish this myself,” Jennifer seethed, eyes refocusing on the crimson-clad elf. This was her fault for interrupting.


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#, as written by Siryn
Talon V'lyn

He watched her as she stuttered, her voice faltering as she tried to explain what it was that she'd done. Her gaze looked away from his and he continued to watch her, unsure of what to do. His horror was directed towards her losing her sanity, his shock directed towards her having to resort to such methods. Had he not done enough for her? Had he not taken her out of that style of living? What had he done wrong? Finally she pushed out of his grip, standing quickly but stumbling once she was up. Despite this, she whirled around and faced the woman that leaned against the tree.

"Jennifer!" He lunged forward and grabbed her, bringing her back into his arms. He held her tightly, twisting her around so that she was crushed against him. Talon towered over her, ducking his head down to hold her close.

"Of course there are men that plot against me, but they also plot against you as well. Do you know how worried I was when I found that you were no longer at our home? I sent the entire guild after you! I know how you feel about people who threaten me, but do not think that I don't feel that way as well when you are threatened too. You are my world, Jennifer," he spoke softly so that only she could hear him, "You are everything to me. I don't want to lose you, to anything. That includes losing yourself to killing the people who go against us. I won't leave you again, it's my fault for doing so in the first place. Had I been with you none of this would have happened," he continued, voice softer as he blamed himself for having lost her.

He lowered his body, his arms dropping from around her shoulders, to her back and pulling her tighter. Nuzzling his head against her neck, he kissed her gently. Her warm skin was pleasant and he felt at peace having her in his arms again. Slowly he started to kneel on the ground again, taking her with. She was injured and needed to be tended to. It would give his magic something to do, a release, and then he would share it with her to help relieve his own pain.

"Stay still I'll heal you now. There's no need for you to do anything more," he cooed to her. His gaze shot up to the woman against the tree still, "As for you... you can explain better what happened later. Don't think I've forgotten, but..." he sighed, "Seeing as your fight was unjustified with her, I'm willing to let you accompany us."

He turned back to Jennifer and raised his hand over her forehead. Starting there, he began to heal her of any pains and wounds that resided on her body.

Armen Sorien

"Armen, may you do me a great favour? I require some...assistance." Stephano's voice called to the elf, getting his attention. Turning, Armen looked down to the little dragon who was carrying his precious companion.

"What do you need Stephano?" Armen asked, kneeling down as the whole group stopped with him.

“Could you...could you get the medicine out of Astrid’s left pocket, please? Her illness, I fear it is taking a turn for the wo-“

A sound in the darkness caught his attention just as it had caught the dragons. He stood up quickly, forgetting that the dragon was asking for his assistance with getting Astrid's medicine. He reached down for his sword just as the dragon growled towards the darkness.

"That better not be any more damn mages."

Armen's eyes narrowed as he watched the darkness, but the sounds of movement soon turned into people and a couple of horses came out of the darkness towards them. Sebastian was in the lead, but pulled the reigns hard to stop his fast approach. The elder assassin looked down at all of them and nodded as he mouthed something to himself. Armen figured that the old man was counting heads to make sure they were all there. Of course, the elf noted that there was a newcomer with them as well, a youth that sat with Sebastian.

However, his gaze didn't linger long on Sebastian and the new addition to their group. His eyes sought out the young woman with silver hair. Once he saw her he moved from where he'd been and went straight to her. Reaching up, he took hold of her horses reigns and looked up at her.

"Fukayna... you're alright," he said, a nervous feeling filling his stomach. He wasn't entirely sure why he was nervous looking at her, or speaking to her. His worry about her had been on his mind for a long time. Slowly he released the reigns, thankful for the cover of night to hide his heated face. Turning away he went back to Stephano and did as he had been asked the first time, getting out Astrid's medicine and giving it to her. He didn't say much, but once he'd finished his eyes went back to the assassin woman.

"We're heading back to Skyfall," Sebastian ordered, "I've got a bad feeling about it."

Skyfall; Armen & Company

The city opened up to them, each member of the party that had set out to Ro'ell riding into Skyfall right behind the elder assassin. He lead them quickly through the streets towards the Order of Reina. It was within a matter of minutes that they reached the manor that was home to Lord V'lyn and Lady Jennifer. Armen pulled his reigns to slow the horse he was mounted on, Sebastian had come to a full stop before the manor as well.

"What it is?" Armen asked, though he had a feeling that something wasn't right within the Order.

"Someone is here who should not be here," Sebastian muttered in response.

"You're good to notice, assassin. It seems that the Order of Reina should not be underestimated as some of my colleagues think. Reina walks beside you still, regardless of the... changes."

"It is rude to speak to a shadow."

"My apologies," the voice took form right after and from the shadows over the rooftop, a man in black walked out. His hood covered his face from view and his presence spoke of tremendous power, "Is this better? It is a pleasure to meet you, assassin. Though I would have preferred to meet with the Lord V'lyn. But he is no where to be found."

Sebastian ground his teeth but didn't answer. The hood of the cloaked man above them shifted and Armen felt as if he were being looked through completely. It was a chilling feeling as he sat in the saddle. His hands tightened around the reigns and he frowned at the man standing above them.

"You have interesting company, assassin. Two from a clan of phoenixes, a street rat of Ro'ell and a young elf who doesn't even know who he is. Though... it seems you are missing one. Where is the Navile woman?"

"Why do you care where she is?"

"It was a simple question, assassin. Don't feel as if you have to answer it."

"Who are you? What do you mean by my not knowing who I am?" Armen jumped in, irritated by such an accusation. He knew who he was.

"Ah, so the young elf has a bit of spirit. Well, why don't you come here, Armen Sorien, and find out what it is I know."

"Don't," Sebastian ordered, but Armen wasn't listening. He drew his sword and dismounted. The figure at the top of the building disappeared and the elf was confused as to what happened. Where the hell did that man go? He turned to the elder assassin, his eyes asking the question rather than voicing it.

"Damn it all to hell. Find that intruder and make him leave," Sebastian barked towards the others, he turned to Stephano and Astrid, "You two stay here, neither of you are in a condition to fight. And you!" he whirled back to Armen, "Don't go doing anything reckless, boy. I don't trust that man and the last thing I need is for you to go and get yourself killed," Sebastian dismounted then and drew his own weapons. With the elder assassin in the lead, Armen followed right behind and entered the dark mansion.


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Talon’s restraining hug subdued her before Jennifer could manage another word. Resistance was futile as his solid grip twisted her bodily into his chest. She had forgotten how fast he was capable of moving. Jennifer gave a sort of shocked expression, eyes wide with confusion at the situation and his sudden outburst. Uncertain off how to response, she remained glued to his body, wordlessly soaking his familiar warmth. Breaking the silence first, Talon clutched to her fiercely, unwilling to let go.

"Of course there are men that plot against me, but they also plot against you as well. Do you know how worried I was when I found that you were no longer at our home? I sent the entire guild after you! I know how you feel about people who threaten me, but do not think that I don't feel that way as well when you are threatened too. You are my world, Jennifer," he said, whispering proclamations only meant for her. Jennifer blushed slightly, flattered by his unconditional love.

“You sound like some love deprived maniac, you know that?” she teased, digging her face further into his chest.

"You are everything to me. I don't want to lose you, to anything. That includes losing yourself to killing the people who go against us. I won't leave you again, it's my fault for doing so in the first place. Had I been with you none of this would have happened.”

“It’s not your fault,” she stated, frustrated that the world had thrust them into difficult circumstances once more. Once again he was taking responsibility for her madness. Jennifer never liked to admit it, but she depended on Talon far more than he depended on her. Certainly, their feelings were mutual, but Talon provided that crucial sense of stability in her life. His presence anchored her, enjoyably so. Back in a time long forgotten, he was the only one who believed in her. “Do you act surprised when a hound attacks an intruder? No. You know I’m unstable Talon. If peace and prosperity can’t change that nature within me, than lingering threats certainly won’t.”

As her anger died down, exhaustion replaced adrenaline. The aching numbness that invaded her body reminded Jennifer of the numerous wounds that still disabled her body. Acquiescing to his better judgment, she allowed herself to be pulled down, too tired to resist his strength.

“Stay still I'll heal you now. There's no need for you to do anything more," he murmured to her like a nurturing parent. Jennifer exhaled a deep breath and savored the sudden clarity, knowing it could end at a moment’s notice. How long would it be until something tried to harm Talon again? Let them try, she would never allow it. Attending to her injuries with his magic, Talon diverted his attention to strange elf that had brought her here, "As for you... you can explain better what happened later. Don't think I've forgotten, but...Seeing as your fight was unjustified with her, I'm willing to let you accompany us."


“Talon, I must repeat my objection to this…reckless course of action, and if I’m saying that then something must be wrong!” Jennifer stated, shifting her gaze from the distant silhouette of Laowlee to Talon’s remarkably good looks. “The assassin guild needs you back in Skyfall. It’s bad enough that you ordered them to search for me, but what will happen if you don’t return? We know people are targeting you now. Without you there the guild is woefully exposed.”

Jennifer could hardly believe the words of reason coming out of her mouth. She was meant to be the unstable one. When Talon and ‘Kaya’, as they had come to know the dark elf, decided to venture further away from Skyfall a few days earlier, Jennifer almost experienced another outburst of rage.

“Everything you’ve worked for in the past few decades…” Jennifer sighed, regretting her decision to allow herself to be captured. “Just so you know, they’ve already been forewarned. They expected to hear from those soldiers I killed.”

A sour expression greeted the figure of Kaya as Jennifer turned on her, “This is your fault you know? A dozen other directions you could have walked in and you picked the one that bumped into Talon.”


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#, as written by Siryn
Talon V'lyn : Laowlee

“Talon, I must repeat my objection to this…reckless course of action, and if I’m saying that then something must be wrong! The assassin guild needs you back in Skyfall. It’s bad enough that you ordered them to search for me, but what will happen if you don’t return? We know people are targeting you now. Without you there the guild is woefully exposed.”

Talon turned to look at his beloved before returning his steady gaze out to the distant shadow of the large city known properly as Laowlee. He was heading there because it hadn't been the mages that had stolen Jennifer from him, it had been the Nine that had done so. He wanted to know why exactly, rage boiling just underneath his stone like features.

“Everything you’ve worked for in the past few decades… Just so you know, they’ve already been forewarned. They expected to hear from those soldiers I killed.”

"Good, then that makes it all the more easier. I want to know why they targeted you. If they were trying to get to me they made a terrible mistake," Talon growled in response, his eyes narrowing as the continued down the road towards Laowlee, "To think that they've enough power to directly assault me..." His body shook slightly as he was doing his best to retain his anger, the bracer on his arm glowed even so. The silver light pulsed around his hand and forearm.

“This is your fault you know? A dozen other directions you could have walked in and you picked the one that bumped into Talon.”

Talon gave a sharp laugh at his lovers skill of passing blame, "It is hardly her fault, love. If anything she saved me a lot of time, as well as saved your life. You should thank her."

He reached out and took hold of Jennifer's hand and pulled her close to him as they approached the gates. Leaning down he whispered in her ear, "Work you magic, love. Show them how they underestimate you and I."

Armen Sorien : Skyfall

The building was dark as he entered it right behind Sebastian. The old assassin glanced around before turning to Armen and Fukayna, "You two go that way," he said pointing down one of the long halls that stretched for what seemed to be a mile, "I'll go upstairs with Khrae, the rest of you down the other hall."

Sebastian wasted no time then and took the tall man with long hair with him up the stairwell. Armen glanced over to Fukayna and nodded his head in the direction of the hall that they'd been ordered to go down. He led the way down the hall, lifting his blade up and keeping it in a defensive position. Slowly he moved down the hall, pushing opened doors to look inside each one only to find that so far each was empty.

As he pushed open another door and deemed it empty he turned back down the hall and then froze. There was a figure in the darkness a few doors down. It stood there in silence for a while and unmoving. Armen watched it carefully, tightening his hand over his sword. The figure moved then, slowly coming down the hall towards them and the elf moved himself in front of Fukayna.

"Armen Sorien, it is a pleasure to meet one such as yourself."

"You know my name, but I do not know yours."

The figure laughed, "Ah yes, you'll learn it in time. For right now lets talk about who you really are."

"I know who I am."

"Do you now? What a pity. Let me educate you then," The figure announced and then disappeared. Armen's breath sucked in sharply and he turned around to see if the man had gone behind them. The air was knocked from his lungs as something hit his chest and flung him back. He hit the floor hard and didn't have time to regain his bearings. The figure appeared over him and raised their hand. The power lifted him up off the ground and towards the hooded man.

"You're a rare one, little elf. There is power inside of you that you don't even know about. You can't even summon any magic because it's been locked away from you. Ever wonder why all of your brethren could wield their innate magic and you could not? It was subdued for your own good because you cannot handle it just yet. Of course it would be a problem if you were to gain that power," the man leaned in towards Armen's ear, "You might even surpass Talon and his lover Jennifer in all of their power."

Armen's eyes widened as the thought and his throat closed. Hardly able to draw breath at the notion that had just been told to him, he couldn't fight back as the man who held him in the magic, let him go. Armen dropped to the floor, his knees buckling as soon as his feet hit the ground. Only his sword tip driven into the floor kept him up right. The figure stepped away from him and flexed their hand.

"That's impossible... Lord V'lyn and Lady Jennifer are... they have the power of the old dragon gods. Nothing surpasses that! No one has more power than those two!"

"That is true that they are the two most powerful beings in this world right now. However, when the last war ended the magic that was strewn across the land affected many people, your kind included. You might be more powerful, I never said you would be," the man laughed lightly, "But enough about that. The problem still remains, and I'm going to get rid of that problem."

Armen's head snapped up to look at the man. He could feel the magic gathering in the air and he lunged forward, swiping at the man who attempted to attack him a second time. His blade just barely caught the fabric of the man's cloak and tore through it. Magic expelled from the intruders hand and smashed into the wall behind Armen as he ducked out of the way. He swung again and his blade hit metal as the man drew his own weapon. With their blades locked together, Armen pushed forward as hard as he could, putting every muscle into the motion.

"How... am I... a problem?!" he growled at the man.

"You'll learn that... if you live," the man retorted. He kicked upwards and caught Armen in his stomach, causing the elf to double over from the blow and lose his footing. Steel scrapped as the swords came undone from their previous positions. Another kick sent Armen tumbling sideways. Out of breath, he pushed himself upwards as quickly as he could, wincing as he went. Once on his feet he stumbled slightly and adjusted his hold on his weapon.

"I don't... plan on dying."

"Good to know. Give me the pleasure of your struggling," the cloaked man's hand raised and magic swirled around in his palm. Armen grit his teeth and lunged forward trying to get there before the man released the power.

Lain Gareev : Skyfall

He materialized out of the darkness, his power expelling from his body as he showed up in the courtyard just outside of the mansion that was home to the assassins. His lips were turned in a smile as he looked upon the group that was huddled outside. His gaze flicked from one person to the next. There were only a few of them there from what he could tell.

"My my, a pleasure to meet you all again. Did you enjoy your stay in Ro'ell? I hope so. Alas, I've no time to chit chat at the moment as I've got orders," Lain sighed heavily as if he were truly bothered by the fact he couldn't talk too much with them. His eyes landed on the boy who held a woman next to him. At least he thought it was a woman, hard to tell in the dark.

"Ah, the dragon-girl. I remember you. And the boy as well. Lets have a bit of fun, shall we?" Lain lifted his hand and magic showered the area. He wasn't trying to hit them really, mostly just toying with them as the rain of pure power fell over them. If his bolts of magic hit, great, if not, that was just as well. He didn't want to kill them right away anyway. It was far more fun to let them think they had the advantage when they actually did not.


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#, as written by Igari


Kaya had been wary of her now current traveling companions ever since the one known as Talon had laid down his weapons a few days earlier. She was normally a trusting woman but she was not foolish nor was she underexposed. After the clash with the woman mage, she was not so quick to simply look the other way. While it had been made plain that perhaps they shared a common goal, she was sure they did not exactly share the same mentality. Especially when it came to coping with the situation at hand. After the air had cleared and Talon had helped heal Jennifer, she had been extended a similar courtesy to help her recover. She had only taken a little, however--her spirits could help her with the rest.

She had not played any tunes since she re-began her journey with the other two, figuring it best to store her spiritual energy and regenerate it as quickly as she possibly could. They had been traveling in the direction of Laowlee and now could finally see the city on the horizon. There had been chatter coming from near her but she had not truly been paying attention--not until Jennifer suddenly whirled on her with a distasteful expression.

This is your fault you know? A dozen other directions you could have walked in and you picked the one that bumped into Talon.” Kaya raised her eyebrows very slowly--this woman seemed volatile, as if she were waiting to pick a fight with anyone stupid enough to be angered by her quips. This only elicited a laugh out of Talon who made no efforts to hide his amusement. He had chuckled to himself nearly every time before Jennifer glowered over at Kaya and now was no exception.

"It is hardly her fault, love. If anything she saved me a lot of time, as well as saved your life. You should thank her." The priestess nodded her head in thanks towards him but didn't say anything to either of them. There was little reason for it, anything she said would just work to incite some frustration out of the mage. She just sped up her walk a bit in front of them, not turning back as they progressed towards the city. A few of her wisps circled around her, the pooka sticking out its tongue at Jennifer as it huffed out and sat on Kaya's shoulder.

"She is such an ill-mannered woman--nothing like you, Mistress." It squeaked, crossing its little arms and giving an affirmative nod. Her smile was brief as she sighed, rubbing her eyes.

"She can be no more than what she is conditioned to be," She said lightly, murmuring under her breath so that the others wouldn't hear. She had known ahead of time that Talon and Jennifer wouldn't be able to see the little spirits that hovered near her most of the time and didn't want to appear as if she was losing her mind. She was a perfectly sane and rational woman... who just so happened to speak to spirits. Kaya shook her head delicately, looking up as she noticed they were standing a fair distance away from the gates.

She paused, allowing Talon and Jennifer to walk in front of her--the former pulling his partner against him. He whispered something in her ear, the tone of voice too low for her to hear it from where she stood. And she was perfectly fine with that, thank you very much. The mage had been bad-mouthing her for the last few days and Kaya had been unfortunate enough to overhear some of it. If she weren't made of stronger stuff, she was pretty sure she would've broken down crying or angrily confronted the mage. As it stood, she remained her distance away--watching and waiting for what the other two would do. As far as she was concerned, she was a guest and she wasn't going to intrude.


She held her breath faintly as she dismounted her horse, the familiar scenery of Skyfall greeting her eyes. But her mind was far from the place she was currently calling home, it was more focused on the figure that had just recently disappeared. The one who had called Armen's name. Sebastian seemed ill at ease, more so than usual as he barked at Stephano and Astrid to stay put. The young woman looked back at the two of them meaningfully before taking her halberd in her hands and following after them. The manor they were approaching felt cold, the air unsettling and making her feel slightly sick in the stomach. She brushed it off as best as she could--she refused to be the weak link in their team.

However, the dim lighting once again rendered her form of communication obsolete. Just as it had in the mage city, she had no way of conversing with the others. It was all she could do to make gestures to indicate she was following along without any trouble. As they approached a stairwell, Sebastian paused, looking up before glancing over at the hall.

You two go that way," He said as he referenced Armen and herself. "I'll go upstairs with Khrae, the rest of you down the other hall." And just like that, the group had effectively separated but she had been left with... She swallowed a bit and smiled weakly at Armen as he nodded at her. That soon faded as her fingers tensed around her halberd, holding it up in a more offensive position as they walked gradually down the hall. They took the doors on either side, the two of them opening them up slowly but finding no traces of anyone. They were reaching the end of the hall as Armen withdrew from yet another empty room when he suddenly tensed, looking over her shoulder.

Fukayna spun around, catching sight of a figure that was standing in a doorway not too far away. Armen immediately moved in front of her, holding his sword up defensively as the two of them regarded the figure. "Armen Sorien, it is a pleasure to meet one such as yourself." The figure's voice was quiet but... firm, confident. Whoever this was had power. Unable to speak herself, she could only silently glare at the figure (though she very much doubted it could see her doing such a thing).

"You know my name, but I do not know yours." Armen said in an equally quiet tone, as if conversing with an acquaintence--yet there was a tenseness to the whole thing that told otherwise.

A chilling laugh followed the comment as the figure straightened, taking a step towards them as it did so. "Ah yes, you'll learn it in time. For right now lets talk about who you really are."

Armen seemed unimpressed, flexing the weapon in his hands a bit. "I know who I am." Fukayna gave a nod of agreement, staring at the figure with narrowed eyes.

"Do you now? What a pity. Let me educate you then," And just like that, the figure was gone. The two of them looked around cautiously--he couldn't have gone far, no one would just... And then she was pushed back into the wall, the figure moving forwards so fast she could barely see the movement. Armen was hit in the chest, his breath hitching sharply as he faltered to the ground. The figure re-appeared, hand hovering over the elf as he was lifted into the air.

These tingles... magic. Fukayna bit her bottom lip, trying to adjust herself from the force of the push earlier. "You're a rare one, little elf. There is power inside of you that you don't even know about. You can't even summon any magic because it's been locked away from you. Ever wonder why all of your brethren could wield their innate magic and you could not? It was subdued for your own good because you cannot handle it just yet. Of course it would be a problem if you were to gain that power," The man leaned in closer to Armen, Fukayna giving a mute hiss in response. She could not hear what he said but didn't dare try to attack him at the moment. She could risk hitting Armen in that wager and she didn't want to take that chance.

Whatever he had said caused Armen to gasp and then the elf was released from the grip of magic. He used his sword to remain upright, nonplussed. "That's impossible... Lord V'lyn and Lady Jennifer are... they have the power of the old dragon gods. Nothing surpasses that! No one has more power than those two!" Fukayna's eyes widened under her bangs. What...? More power than... her two idols? She sucked in her breath, could it be?

The man laughed again, this time it sounded cruel... as if it were laughing just for the sake of it and not out of any true amusement. "That is true that they are the two most powerful beings in this world right now. However, when the last war ended the magic that was strewn across the land affected many people, your kind included. You might be more powerful, I never said you would be," Armen reacted to the words and lunged forwards, swinging his blade at the man. Fukayna went to call out to him--couldn't he see that the man was baiting him? This was clearly all a trap! But too late she realized he would never hear her warning. She tightened her hold on her weapon as she heard the clash of metal, the two weapons locked together before they separated again.

She had seen enough--she wasn't going to sit on the sidelines anymore. She couldn't hear what they exchanged next but she doubted it would matter. She saw Armen lunging forwards, as if trying to strike him. She felt those tingles again--magic, he was going to cast a spell. Armen wouldn't be able to... There was no time--she darted forwards, pushing him out of the way just as the man's spell came to tangibility. Using the tip of her halberd, she ground her teeth together, using her weapon to deflect the spell. The force of it pushed her body back a few feet but she held her ground. She was fortunate, her weapon was still the weapon of a mage, even if she didn't cast magic anymore.

The man didn't seem surprised though and wasted no time in readying another spell. But she was more ready this time and struck forwards with her weapon. She could only delay his casting in short bursts, he was so fast! It was almost as if he could read her movements before they landed and none of her attacks connected. Changing tactics, she suddenly took the weapon in both hands and raised it above her head, bringing it down to aim a vertical slice at their opponent. The man stopped her blow with his weapon, throwing her off. She was jilted off balance and stumbled back a few steps, glancing over at Armen.

They couldn't take him on one-on-one--maybe... She pointed at herself and then at him, making a plus sign with her fingers before gesturing over at the man. If she could ward off his magic spells, then perhaps Armen would be able to land some blows of his own in the interim. She signed as quickly as she could--the figure wouldn't be waiting around for them and she had a feeling he was meaning to finish them both off.


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Talon brushed of her comment without pause, chuckling as he tended to do so at her wanton accusations. He leaned down to her ear and whispered the words she had thought he would never say. "Work you magic, love. Show them how they underestimate you and I."

Forgetting current implications, Jennifer licked her lips as a broad grin of anticipation grew on them. “This is a strange change of pace, you giving me permission to use my powers,” Jennifer commented coyly. Wrapping her arm around his neck, she turned her head slightly and drew him close enough to kiss. Leaning back, she gazed at Talon, her dark eyes alight with the exhilarating prospects of carnage.

“Not that I’ll complain. Just make sure lil’ miss piper doesn’t get in my way.”

The air hummed, coming to life on its own as Jennifer’s magic congregated. She pushed Talon back a few steps, suggesting the immediate area around her was treacherous. “I’ve never tried to destroy a city before! World fracture!” she yelled, extending her right arm in front of her and pointing it at the gate, “Knock knock!”

Reality screamed as two score catapults materialized from nothing in a grid pattern behind Jennifer, each one primed and loaded. Standing beyond the shadow of the front gates, Jennifer flicked her wrist. The siege machines creaked as twisted ropes sprang cut. Succumbing to tension, their baskets shot out, flinging a deadly barrage of boulders. They soared overhead, dotting the sky with their numbers before crashing into the walls surrounding the gate. Stone cracked, showering the walls in dust and rubble as boulder after boulder slammed against masonry, some rolling onto the ground, others imbedding themselves in granite. The walls issued a groan, protesting against the brutal assault. It threatened to give way but Jennifer had no intentions of showing restraint.

Abruptly, the bombardment stopped midway. Shaking her head, Jennifer frowned at the display, “No, no, no, I can do much better than that…”

Subject to the whims of her mind, the armada of catapults vanished into thin air without utterance. Jennifer plied her fingers, already preparing to mold her magic in new ways. “Maybe they didn’t hear us the first time!” she called, winking at Talon. Too preoccupied with her magic, she missed whatever expression he wore.

Lifting her right hand to the sky, Jennifer laughed as she spoke the next words, “World fracture!”

Swinging her arm forth, Jennifer looked like a general giving the order to fire, yet nothing appeared at first. Quite easy to mistake the following silence as failure, Jennifer held the position for a while longer, as if waiting for something to happen.

When it came, it came with a roar of thunder. Entering the planet’s atmosphere, the phenomenon screeched downwards, catching the attention of everyone. A fiery streak lined the path of its trajectory as the meteor spiraled down to Lastra.

“I’d suggest you all take cover!” Jennifer cackled.

No larger than a cottage, the comet smashed into the gates. Alongside broken fragments, it showered the plains with white light, temporarily blinding its witnesses. Though they could not see the moment of contact, they could certainly feel it through the violent tremor that shook the earth. The earthquake lasted for less than a minute as bits of wall, steel and meteorite rained across the ground. Splintered and strewn like tinder, mounds of dirt surrounded the disaster zone where the force had thrown them out. The hand of fire left its black mark on Laowlee, and where the gate once was, nothing remained standing.

“I said knock knock!” she announced, stepping over the wreckage. The mage planted her hands on her hips expectantly, almost demanding for some form of retaliation.


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#, as written by Siryn
Armen Sorien

His heart clenched as he watched the power shoot down the hall at Fukayna and hit her full on. The woman hadn't moved when he'd yelled at her to. Something had kept her in one spot and she'd taken the powerful shot of magic nearly head on. Her staff seemed to be the only thing that kept the attack from being fatal. Armen's body shuddered in his shock and rage as he watched her fall over onto the floor in a convulsive manner. The elf's body seemed to gain a bit of movement on its own as the intruder had to shift his energy between holding Armen down and attacking Fukayna.

Armen's power expanded outwards immensely. He directed all of his focus onto the man before him and gave a shout of rage. His magic flooded outwards and struck the man. Armen watched as the enemy flew backwards and hit the wall hard. The power that he'd expelled cut into the cloth that covered the man's body and he could see trails of blood starting to stain the black cloth. Armen was shocked a moment after when the intruder started laughing.

"This... has been entertaining," raising his hand, his fingers snapped together and the darkness of the hallway seemed to congregate around him. In a matter of seconds the intruder was gone. Armen stared at the space where he'd been just a moment ago for a long while before he groaned and doubled over. The boiling of his magic was too much to handle and he toppled over onto the floor, unable to do anything else but rock back and forth as he tried to get control of himself once again.

Sebastian and Khrae

"I think we can consider this area secure, for now. Shall we continue, then? When this is all over, I can assure you that if you so desire, I can reimburse you for whatever damages I'm forced to impose. I do apologize by the way, I did so enjoy this interior."

Sebastian straightened after disposing of the intruder. He turned around to examine the damage done to the hall. Most of the carpentry was burned as were some of the furniture as well. With a sigh, he sheathed his sword and glanced over to Khrae who also put his weapons away. The man sure was a mystery as well as a powerful fighter. Sebastian hadn't seen anything quite like it before.

"After you." Khrae motioned for the old assassin to take the lead.

"Don't worry about the damage. We can easily repair it ourselves, what matters is getting the mansion back under our control," Sebastian answered as he started forward. He led the man further down into the hall with no one else seemingly there. As they reached the end of the hall, Sebastian turned around and glowered back down the hall in the darkness. It was then that he felt a rumble from the first floor and his eyes widened. Turning to look at Khrae for a single moment, he started back down the hall as quickly as he could with the dagger in his side inhibiting his movements.

"Tell me you feel that too..." Sebastian rushed down the stairwell and into the hallway of the main room before the front doors. Turning around he tried to find the source of the rumble, the feel of immense power. As he was about to start down one hall, another rumble struck the mansion and he whirled around, pivoting on his foot and wincing slightly from his wound. With a slight growl, he reached down and pulled the dagger free from his side. Blood poured freely then, but the pain of the steel inside his flesh was relieved.

Sebastian came upon an awful sight as he rounded the corner from where the magic had expelled from. At the very last second he spotted the congregation of shadows and he immediately thought that it was an assassin that was using the darkness, but when the shadows faded away, there was no figure to be seen anywhere. What foul magic was that? Sebastian's dark eyes narrowed but he didn't have time to ponder what was going on. Instead he rushed to the elf who had collapsed onto the floor, rocking back and forth. His body was the source of the pure energy he was feeling. Something had been done to him, and Sebastian found he could do nothing for the young man.

"Damn," he whispered, and then looked around. It was then he spotted Fukayna on the other side of the hall someways away, crumpled on the floor. His breath hissed into his lungs between clenched teeth. Had Jennifer been there to see what had happened to the girl... he feared nothing would have been left of the mansion. The mage had a tender spot for the young woman who was laying on the ground now. Sebastian stood up and rushed over to Fukayna. Kneeling next to her, he rolled her over and gently lifted her up into his arms.

"Fukayna," he called to her. She didn't look to be harmed too much, but the way she'd been laying it was obvious she'd been attacked by magic. What kind and how it affected her, he did not know. That much was scary all on it's own. He could only hope that she would pull through.

Lain Gareev

As he was holding the youth, he noted that a small dragon had come out of the shadows, away from it's companion. The beast growled at him, baring it's sharpened teeth as it threatened him coldly. Raising an eyebrow, Lain took a short breath to whistle lightly. So, the dragon kind could speak. That was new. The Nine gently moved backwards, pulling the boy with him. His grin was still very much apparent on his lips as he started backwards. It wasn't ever his intention to hurt any of them there, well perhaps a cut or two maybe, but nothing serious. He had only been ordered to distract them, and that's what he was doing.

"Return with me," the voice called to him. It was something only he could hear, a connection with those of his kind only. Turning slightly, his gaze flicked back to the mansion, a frown now upon his lips.

"Ruining my fun... And things were just getting interesting," Lain said. He glanced down at the boy for a moment before offering the group a bright smile, "Well, seems I'll have to call it for today," he called. With a hard shove, he released the youth and stepped backwards into the darkness. His magic swirled around him and he disappeared from the courtyard.

Talon V'lyn, Jennifer Live, Kaya

"Impressive," Talon whispered to himself as he watched his lover break down the large double doors that led into the city of Laowlee. He moved with her as she called out into the city in a playful manner. He was going to have to keep an eye on her, she was on her magic high once again, heightened because he was there encouraging her. Talon grinned to himself, he'd changed much with her around. Never had he asked her in the past to use her magic to her desire. With a shake of his head, he came up next to her and glanced around the ruined gates and wall.

There was no one there, something that he didn't care to see. Something was wrong with the situation and he didn't like it one bit. His hands slowly snaked across his body as he gripped his weaponry. They'd come there to figure out why they had kidnapped Jennifer to begin with, but the lack of guards and others was putting Talon on edge. His sharp gaze flicked around the street before them. Slowly he moved forwards, the shadows gripping him like hands as they twirled around his body. Reina was there with him. If the Goddess had shown herself once more, surely something was amiss.

"Be careful," he warned Jennifer, though he figured she needed no such warning. Even so, saying it gave him some level of comfort. As he stepped off the ruined gate and into the street, his gaze caught something moving in the distance. Slowly he found it to be a figure that was heading straight towards them. Narrowing his eyes he reached out a hand and stopped Jennifer from moving passed him. In his other hand, he drew his long knife and waited for the figure to reach them.


He was seated upon his throne in the only building that was left standing in Lethandrill. One hand rested against the arm of the throne with his head propped up in the palm. His eyes gazed at the double doors of the marble palace, all the while his thoughts on the power he wielded, and how even with that power he'd let Armen slip from his grasp and even attracted the attention of Lord V'lyn, possibly the worst person in all of Lastra to have the attention of. His teeth ground together as he sat there, writhing in his own anger and rage.

"Brooding, as always," the deep voice came from his right side, startling him. Torak jumped slightly and turned to look at the man standing next to him. His eyes narrowed even further in anger and his teeth bared at the man.

"Sneaky, as always, J'haren. What do you want now?"

The hooded man's face was never seen and the darkness under the cowl sent a slight chill up Torak's spine as he regarded the tall Nine standing next to him, "The pieces have been set."

After a moment, Torak smiled and turned to regard the doors of his palace once more. Leaning comfortably in his chair, his other hand tapped the end of the armrest on the throne, the claws of the gauntlet making soft clicking sounds as they hit the marble. How long had he waited for things to finally fall into place? Far too long.

"What do you plan to do now?" J'haren asked.

"I'll let them run around as if they've gained their freedom for now. The noose is slowly closing around them all. Things will move much faster now, and soon I'll get what I want."

"Yes. Very soon," the Nine commented, a slight difference to his tone than usual. It startled Torak and the elven steward glanced over to the man but was greeted by nothing. With a frown upon his lips he returned to his plotting and planning.

The setting changes from lastra to Laowlee


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#, as written by Igari


The priestess shook her head as she watched the mage forcefully break down the gates. What was the need for that pointless violence? She did not say anything, as before--the woman that was now striding into the city seemed to have something of a violent tendency. Kaya was becoming more and more convinced that a part of the mage's mind was broken--or at least a part of her had snapped. Still, the long-haired woman kept her thoughts to herself, pursing her lips as she followed them into the city. The lover of the other woman seemed to be used to such forward behavior and even seemed to be commending her for it.

What an oddity.

Kaya was careful as she made her way around the gates. She heard many rushed whispers against her ears, had there been casualties with that entrance? She paused, glancing around as she heard the obnoxious yells in the background. She sighed, pinching her nose. Mindless instigator...

She let her fingers slip from her face as she spotted an arm from beneath the rubble. She needn't get overly close to ascertain that its owner was dead--the wisps floating around told her as much. The woman knelt down, taking out her string of prayer beads from her sleeve. She clasped her hands together, bowing her head as she began to murmur prayers to the fallen. Something told her she would be doing this a lot today.

A dozen spells and arrows tore out of the rising smoke in retaliation to her provocation. Jennifer collapsed backwards, struck by a tempest of arrow heads and magic blasts. One arrow impaled the right side of her shoulder, another fire ball engulfed the right side of her face. The collisions turned her, twist her body and wrenching her face violently to the right.Pain or something akin to it seared through her features, but only for a second.

Through the scorching flames, the lithe mage smiled excitedly and raised her arms to the sky.

"It's getting hot in here! So let's take off your clothes!"

A thousands droplets fell from the heavens, materializing even with a distinct lack of clouds. It appeared seemingly harmless until it evolved into a relentless torrent of acidic, boiling death. Twenty screams echoed in the ruins surrounding the gates as the soldiers crumbled, turning to dust.The image of Jennifer burning vanished, replaced by a laughing visage as she held a protective umbrella over the head of Talon and only Talon.

"Oops. I forgot about the elf," she said, innocently shrugging her shoulders, "You're going to be here all day if you keep that up!"

The last statement was directed at Kaya. Obviously not caring for whether the elf had survived the barrage or not, Jennifer thrust an elbow into his shoulder, encouraging the assassin to move on. "Shall we?"

Kaya had, in fact, fared perfectly fine. Her spirits had been able to sense the disturbance in the mana flow and had grouped together above her to fend off the watery assault. The priestess sniffed but still refused to say anything. She had a feeling that if she said a word to this "Jennifer" that she would feel the compelling need to reprimand the woman for these audacious actions.

She stood up slowly, returning her beads to their previous place. One of her wisps glided close to her cheek, sticking its tongue out at Jennifer.

"Gosh Mistress, that woman is such a bi--"

"Ah ah," She murmured, cutting it off before any profanity could be stated. Even if she didn't think much of Jennifer's behavior, she was in no place to judge someone she barely knew. She swept her hair over her shoulder, walking closer to the pair but letting her eyes drift over the destruction. Mentally, she extended out prayers to any fallen that had gotten caught up in the mayhem. Deities, forgive her.


Isaehn watched the events with a smirk upon his lips. When he had been ordered to go greet the unexpected guests, he hadn't foreseen being quite so entertained by it all. The woman, Jennifer Live, was reveling in the destruction as she shot several spells from her person. Perhaps if this had been a different time, under different circumstances, he might've sat down and spoken with her regarding what spells she liked best for the most potent decimation.

The man pushed his glasses further up his nose as he looked to the other two. Of course, Talon V'lyn was here, why wouldn't he be? He was never far from his mate, even when steps were taken to separate the two on purpose. It was the last woman that caused him a bit of intrigue. Hm, he hadn't seen that face before--definitely also a magic user. The expression on her face indicated her ample disapproval of Jennifer's actions. Isaehn bit back his laugh, my my, what a pacifist.

Well, he had been watching long enough and it was getting boring just standing around. He tapped Zephyr on the side of the dragon's head to let him know it was time. His dragon complied, giving a low, guttaral sound before flapping its wings. The burst from the wind hit one of the buildings in front of the mage, causing some rubble to shake loose and tumble to the ground.

No one ever said he had to get their attentions the nice way.

The setting changes from laowlee to Lastra


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#, as written by Siryn

Sebastian, Armen Sorien, Khrae Var, and Fukayna Muidrehd

Sebastian knelt next to Fukayna, her unconscious form giving him serious cause to worry. He was no mage, and there was no way to tell what was wrong with her. What was worse was the fact that the elf was also in bad shape, his facial features of pure pain and fear were something to contend with. Whomever they'd fought, they had been powerful. To take out his most promising assassin, and a youthful elf. Did the older of their group even stand a chance? What about himself? Wounded as he was, he sure was growing old.

Leaning over he pulled the woman into his grip, an arm under her knees, the other wrapped around her shoulders. She was light as a feather as he stood with her in his arms. Turning, he witnessed the man from the phoenix clan leaning over Armen. His hand was on the elf's forehead and he seemed to be deep in concentration. What was more was the fact that he looked strained. The fight earlier and the display of power he'd shown hadn't even seemed to do a thing to the man's endurance. Whatever he was doing right then must have been even more powerful.

"What company we keep, my Lord," Sebastian whispered to himself, his thoughts going immediately to Lord V'lyn. He watched intently as Armen's face twisted into that of utter discomfort and pain, his body shuddering under whatever it was that Khrae was doing. When Khrae pulled away, the elf collapsed, sweating and seemingly in less distress than before. Sebastian was curious as to what the man had done, but he was more happy to see that the elf was a little bit better. Khrae moved and lifted Armen into his grip easily as well and turned to Sebastian.

“I hope that helped. Let’s get these two somewhere safer…”

"It seems that the mansion is safe once again, we should take them upstairs," Sebastian said and moved towards the stair case. There was the large room that was usually the medical office where the assassins would go for injuries and the like. It was there that Sebastian led them. Upon opening the door, he found it empty and felt a bit of anger wash through him. Not only had the assassin's who had stayed behind been killed, but it seemed that his staff for medical was also. Grinding his teeth, he walked over to an empty bed and laid Fukayna upon the sheets.

"I'll go get the others and we'll deal with the dead while these two sleep. I'll bring Astrid here too, she'll need to rest as well," Turning, Sebastian faced Khrae, "Thank you for all of your help, but if you're tired you should rest as well," the old assassin said, wording his sentence carefully for he did not want to insult the man in anyway. He had noted the tired look earlier when he'd lifted the elf. The last thing Sebastian needed was for the seasoned warrior to also collapse from fatigue.

With a slight nod of his head, the old assassin moved towards the door and made his way down the stairs and outside. There he found Dante on his way to retrieve his sword and pivot back around to charge towards the mansion. The old assassin put one hand on his hip, leaning on the good leg and glowered at the boy.

"It seems that you lot have had your own share of fighting, that or you're disobeying my order," Sebastian stated coldly. Without waiting for an answer, he turned to the others, "Come inside now. Stephano, take Astrid to the medical room, the rest of you will help me with clearing out our fallen brothers and sisters. After that, we'll discuss what we'll do next," he turned on his heel and limped back into the mansion to get started.

Talon V'lyn, Jennifer Live, and Kaya Xenlyiun

At first, Talon's chest clenched as he watched Jennifer take several hits. He almost ignited his own power to wash over her own and destroy everything before him. However, her cackling laughter told him that what he saw was not reality. Sometimes he really hated her illusions, they were so real they even fooled him. His lips turned into a frown as he watched her, lifting an umbrella over his head as her rain fell and scorched everything before them. Perhaps he'd allowed her to be too forward with her power.

Reaching out, he touched her shoulder. He didn't say anything, his gaze would say it all and she would know what he wanted just by looking at him. They'd been together long enough that most times, he didn't need to say a single word for her to understand his meaning. He narrowed his eyes ever so slightly at her, his lips still turned into a frown. He remained that way for a few moments until her rain stopped. Then he flicked his gaze over to who was approaching them. The person seemed unaffected by Jennifer's attack, and in response a gush of wind came at them, throwing debris all over as well.

Talon's teeth ground together as he made out the dragon behind it's owner. Then his eyebrow raised as his gaze finally sharpened and took in the man who met them. Lowering his head slightly, his blue-gray gaze turned to molten steel and he took his hand from Jennifer's shoulder to close it into a tight fist. The silver bracer on his wrist started to glow as well.

"Isaehn. I thought you were in Ro'ell," Talon growled, his voice holding a hint of accusation to it, "Perhaps you could explain to me why Jennifer was taken from me so suddenly? Or is it that the Order of Vyldi wishes for total annihilation?"

The setting changes from lastra to Laowlee


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#, as written by Igari


Talon's voice was cool but there was an edge of frustration to it, as if the man was holding back some threats. Isaehn paid it no heed, barely glancing at the glowing bracer. The assassin's little tricks didn't scare him in the slightest but he did not allow his condescension to show as he normally would. The mage, Jennifer, was also nearby and she looked highly volatile.

Considering she had destroyed the front gates, that much was to be expected. She had always been known for going far off the deep end... best not to get her overly riled.

He pushed his glasses up his nose casually and smiled almost kindly down at them. There was definitely a little something off about the smile though. "I get around, what can I say? As for your concerns regarding Jennifer..." He trailed off, flicking his gaze over to the mage again. "Your worry for your woman is understandable but your accusations misplaced. What role would I have in her being separated from you, Talon V'lyn?" He asked lightly, re-focusing his gaze on the assassin.

The assassin let out a soft laugh, "Interesting. Never did like mages," Talon muttered beneath his breath. He looked around for a moment, mostly his gaze was settled on the large dragon behind Isaehn. He didn't want that thing attacking them out of the blue. Bracer or not, Talon was sure he couldn't fend off the beast alone. He didn't want Jennifer using up any more of her power either.

"If I knew that, I wouldn't be here, asking questions. Now would I, Isaehn?"

Tricky. He probably had no viable way of persuading Talon that he actually had nothing to do with the kidnapping whatsoever. He had been kept in the dark by the Order, as per the usual as of late. It was probably just as frustrating to him as it was to Talon, a degree less as he had no emotional connection to the woman whatsoever.

"I assure you I had no part in... whatever debacle your woman mage might've found herself in. But from the looks of it, she has arrived unscathed. And with a friend as well." He said, gesturing to the blue-haired woman behind the two of them. She seemed mildly surprised to be referenced; from the looks of things, she had been trying to edge away so as not to draw attention to herself.

That was one of the irritating things about Isaehn. He was more observant than others liked or seemed to care for.
Talon glanced over his shoulder to the woman that they'd acquired. She was father away from them than she'd been in the beginning. Perhaps she had been trying to sneak away from the tensions that were growing. With a shrug, Talon dismissed her entirely and returned his attention to the mage before him.

"I've learned that trusting a man just by his 'word' never garners anything good afterwards. Why don't we start with why you're even here. Aren't you supposed to be in Ro'ell?"

Isaehn rolled his eyes--ever with the questions, this one. "And aren't you supposed to be in Skyfall? There are plenty of places we are supposed to be yet not a one of them appears to be where we are at this moment. Why not merely accept that the tower gets to be, how shall we say, confining? One does need to spread his wings, so to speak." At those words, Zephyr shuffled a portion, the dragon's wings shimmering as the beast adjusted itself.

"Well, figuratively and literally." Isaehn added with a chuckle. The mage shook his head, dismissing the humor just as casually as he did mostly everything else. "Now do have a care to lower your bracer. I'm not here to harm you."

The assassin's eyes narrowed and he looked between Isaehn and Jennifer before he did anything. Well, even if the mage were to attempt something, Talon was fairly confident in his swiftness to react. After all, he was called 'Lord V'lyn' for naught. Slowly he let the bracer fall to his side, the glow shimmering a bit before winking out of existence.

"Well, I would have been in Skyfall if someone hadn't decided that it would be a good idea to tempt me. That aside, I'd like to ask some questions of the High Nine seeing as they seem to have their noses in just about everyone business."

This was coming together more smoothly than he would've initially thought. Perhaps he needn't worry about a fight at all. If Talon wanted to speak to the High Nine, then he'd bring the assassin to the High Nine. He tapped the side of Zephyr's neck to signal to the dragon, the beast lowering its neck so that Isaehn could reach the ground safely. After all, jumping off tall buildings was an act of stupidity.

Isaehn felt his feet touch the ground, straightening up as he regarded the trio. The woman in the back had been unexpected but he was certain he could handle her if the need arose for it. "I'd agree with you there." He said with another laugh, a half-smirk on his face.

"I see no reason why I cannot grant your wish for counsel. After all, that is what a good host does, correct? Makes sure the wishes of his guests do not go unanswered." He gave a sweep of his arm, bowing to the man and his mage. The action, however, was not as respectful as it implied. Isaehn knew full well that Talon would not believe for a second that the mage would cater to him. But for the sake of being polite, he suspected the assassin would keep his mouth shut on the matter, for now anyway.

"Shall we?" He offered, glancing behind him.

Talon lifted an eyebrow as the man gave him an over exaggerated bow. Arrogant bastard, Talon thought to himself. He frowned at the man but he understood full well why Isaehn had done such a thing. It definitely wasn't out of respect. With a huff, the assassin kept his tongue from spewing any further insults into the situation. A habit that was becoming a problem. Perhaps it was Jennifer's influence on him, she'd definitely influenced him on more than one subject.

His hand tightened into a fist, the bracer growing warm on his wrist. He kept the magic down though. Even if he felt uneasy about following the mage, what choice did he have in the matter? With a slight huff of air from his chest, Talon nodded once to Isaehn.

"Lead the way," his deep voice rumbled, a sound hardly anywhere near comforting.

The setting changes from laowlee to Lastra


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Jennifer Live

The mage’s chest heaved to display her excitement, even as Talon reached forwards to gently restrain her. How could simple touch suppress such wanton violence? For any observer, the gesture seemed futile. Yet in an impressive showcase of partnership, the rain slowed to a stop. Disappearing as abruptly as they appeared, the dark clouds parted like curtains to reveal sunny rays and blue skies. A few bleached bones enhanced the rubble strewn destruction that had been wrought in a matter of minutes. Nothing within the vicinity was unaffected, even the stone bore signs of accelerated dissolution from acid rain.

“They’re lucky that you’re here,” Jennifer huffed, offering him a queer look over her shoulder. She lowered their protective umbrella, squashing the top spring beneath her thumb and folding the canvas before tossing it listlessly. The umbrella disintegrated the moment it left her fingers, losing the materiality her physical contact offered. Her attention went to the large flapping shadow ahead of them the same time as Talon’s did.

“Isaehn…” she murmured. An angry spark of red magic crackled around her neck as she recognizing the Ro’ell mage’s smug expression. Jennifer didn’t communicate with many mages these days, not since cutting her ties with Ro’ell. The few mages she had kept in contact with, or were brave enough to converse with her, tended to be ambassadors or emissaries. Even so, it was hard to forget someone like Isaehn. She’d ordered Fukayna and the others to meet with Isaehn earlier, assuming he’d be a reliable source of information. Now, she was beginning to doubt that decision. His presence in Laowlee couldn’t have been mere coincidence.

"Isaehn. I thought you were in Ro'ell. Perhaps you could explain to me why Jennifer was taken from me so suddenly? Or is it that the Order of Vyldi wishes for total annihilation?" Talon asked, echoing her thoughts.

"I get around, what can I say? As for your concerns regarding Jennifer... Your worry for your woman is understandable but your accusations misplaced. What role would I have in her being separated from you, Talon V'lyn?" Isaehn replied calmly, shifting his gaze briefly between them. Above and below him now, it wasn’t hard to notice he was avoiding addressing her directly, a fact which gave cause to a small smile of triumph. The Ro’ell mage was as wily as she remembered him, and if her presence alone could make him crawl in his skin, all the better.

"If I knew that, I wouldn't be here, asking questions. Now would I, Isaehn?" Talon said simply.

"I assure you I had no part in... whatever debacle your woman mage might've found herself in. But from the looks of it, she has arrived unscathed. And with a friend as well." Isaehn insisted on his innocence. The mage noted the attendance of Kaya, who had so far chosen to remain silent throughout the proceedings. Noticing she’d survived also, Jennifer stuck her tongue out at the self-contained spirit seer to ensure her that her feelings of loathing had not diminished.

Their back and forth interrogation continued without mercy. The most surprising thing for Jennifer was Talon’s diplomatic manner. She was certain he’d realized that getting straight answers out of Isaehn through questioning wasn’t going to work. Was he planning something? Or waiting on her? Surely he wasn’t entertaining the thought of blindly following the mage? Jennifer’s dark eyes narrowed as Isaehn touched the neck of his dragon and smoothly slid to the ground.

"Well, I would have been in Skyfall if someone hadn't decided that it would be a good idea to tempt me. That aside, I'd like to ask some questions of the High Nine seeing as they seem to have their noses in just about everyone business."

Implying that there’s only one of them. Jennifer thought with a roll of her eyes.

"I see no reason why I cannot grant your wish for counsel. After all, that is what a good host does, correct? Makes sure the wishes of his guests do not go unanswered." Isaehn bowed non-to-graciously. "Shall we?"

"Lead the way."

“What a second rate villain. I wish he’d stop acting like he knows nothing and at least treat us with some respect,” Jennifer scoffed, “I’m pretty sure we all know where this leads.”

Despite her protests, Jennifer’s illusionary doppelganger set off to follow Isaehn obediently, walking in tow with Talon. She’d observe the procession for now and wait for the right moment to act. Neither The Nine nor Talon was likely to play it completely straight, but she was confident she could overpower them should worse come to worse. Nonetheless, best to prepare for the worst scenario. Jennifer’s nose could always smell trouble from a mile away, and at that moment, meeting The Nine smelt like a worse idea than unwashed Armen.


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#, as written by Siryn
Talon V'lyn

The assassin followed swiftly behind Isaehn as the mage led them to where they were supposed to meet the high nine. Next to him, he had his arm Jennifer, keeping her close to him. He'd lost her once already he wasn't about to have it happen again and if anyone tried there'd be hell to pay. His eyes looked around suspeciously as they walked, he didn't like the way he felt right then.

"Isaehn, it shouldn't be much further... should it." Talon asked, a hint of malice in his voice.

Already with the treatening tones. Isaehn looked over his shoulder with a low whistle, innocently shrugging his shoulders. "Not at all, V'lyn, relax." He laughed quietly. "I'll get you there soon enough."

"Ah," Talon responded lightly. A tower slowly slid into view and Talon figured that was where the High Nine were. He followed after the mage as they gained on the lonely tower. A few minutes later and the doors were opening to them, allowing them entrance. Talon allowed for Jennifer to enter first while he came in behind her.

They were immediately within the center of the dome like structure, the tiered balcony above them making it feel as if they were being looked down upon. An eyebrow raised on the assassin's face as he took in the very small handful of High Nine present. They were cloaked, hoods pulled up to conceal their faces as they sat there in the gloom. Fire light along the walls flickered, casting shadows around the room.

Lord V'lyn gave a slight huff as he eyed the group. He really disliked how they sat there, thinking they were more powerful than everyone else. One of the High Nine stood slowly, the robes that curved along their body marked her as female and her voice gave her away as well.

"Lord V'lyn, a pleasure."

"Not so much."

He could almost feel her frown on her face as she leaned forward slightly to regard them, "What brings you to our city... uninvited?"

"I think you already know that, High Nine. Seems like someone wanted my attention. Well, you've got it now."

"Are you threatening us, V'lyn?" Another of the High Nine cut in, the woman raising her hand sharply, but she was far too late.

"Take it as you wish. But, I was the one threatened first."

"Well, Lord V'lyn. There are many things that we wish to know. I suppose it's no coincidence that you're here now, and with your mage lover. In fact," the woman leaned forward even more, "Why don't we start with her hm?"

"What does that mean?" Talon growled back, his body dropping immediately into a defensive stance and moving himself in front of Jennifer.

"Welcome to your trial. Or rather, the trial of Lord Talon V'lyn and Jennifer Live."

The setting changes from lastra to Laowlee


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#, as written by Igari


Trial? Had she heard that right?

Ever since her adventures with this Talon and the mage had begun, Kaya had felt a strong sense of... unease around them. It was a tense air, one she couldn't quite place and one that made her feel ill-at-ease with them. It encouraged the priestess to keep a firm distance from the pair more often than not. Now, upon hearing that this was a trial, well, she couldn't have possibly been surprised to hear that. The mage was a danger all on her own, unstable, psychotic, and deranged. The man she had not know nearly that long but since he seemed in favor of the woman and also her lover, there were a few questions that she had about him as well.

Either way it went, the two stood before what appeared to be a small jury of people. The High Nine. Even Kaya, in all her recluse nature, knew who they were. She doubted there was a person that did not, the Nine liked to make their power known throughout the land with a touch of superiority. She immediately shifted backwards so that she would not be grouped together with them. If she had known the trip to Laowlee was going to end like this, she would've separated at the gates.

Well, that was her fault for not making that decison so she couldn't blame the others.

She took a calming breath as she observed the scene before her. Patience over action--she would not merely jump in the middle of this. She could spawn misinterpretations and put herself in a rather precarious situation. Instead, Kaya chose to look at the woman who had announced to the couple that this was a trial. She could not make out the woman's face but the aura around her was an unpleasant one. These High Nine individuals weren't as "high and mighty" as they liked to let on. They had done their fair share of misdeeds too...

The whole room was full of those that had committed sin, the mage reeking the most. Though perhaps that was mere personal bias on Kaya's part as she was not particularly fond of the mage. Kaya pursed her lips, eyes skimming over everyone. Something told her this was not going to be as simple as all that. She stood back, glancing over a shoulder towards one of the vacant seats. She sat down, pushing her hair over her shoulders so that it hung in front of her--she'd rather not sit on her hair after all.
Best not to say a word. Watch, wait, observe.

The setting changes from laowlee to Lastra


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Jennifer Live

"Isaehn, it shouldn't be much further... should it?" Talon growled out, quickly becoming impatient of Isaehn’s leisurely pace. In his infinite wisdom, the assassin decided to question the wily mage once more, hoping perhaps they’d be told something informative. It wasn’t the first time he’d voiced displeasure during their relatively short journey across the city, and Jennifer suspected it wouldn’t be the last either. Isaehn’s response was predictable as usual, a vague shrug followed by a suitably vague reply. Most normal people would’ve already pulled their hair out by then, but Jennifer just found it amusing. The intermediary tended to be like that, his casual, yet scheming personality wouldn’t allow for anything less.

"Not at all, V'lyn, relax. I'll get you there soon enough."

How patronizing, she thought.

She followed them all the way, sauntering between buildings and taking the occasional time out to enjoy the fantastic view of the sun now offered by the ruined gates. Of course, there were traps to be wary off also, so she attempted to act as appropriately cautious as an all-powerful mage could – meaning not at all. The most noteworthy characteristic, or perhaps lack of, was the absence of people. Nothing, not even a speck of grime contaminated the vacant streets, all but confirming that something was amiss in the great city.

Almost immediately on cue, their destination exposed itself before them, rising over the gabled rooftops below. "Ah," Talon said as a tower arose within sights. Jennifer spotted it at the same time also, a glorified spire of bricks in the distance. The exterior design was perfectly symmetrical, disgustingly so in her opinion. So like the Ro’ell of old. A row of twisted columns decorated the tip of the structure at regular intervals, framing an abundance of open alcoves. This pattern was repeated as the building’s footprint expanded towards ground level and eventually opened up to a courtroom of sorts.

“These people can’t get enough of their rules and order,” she half-mumbled to herself. Give people enough time and they all develop in the same way she guessed.

It wasn’t hard to anticipate what would be greeting them as they passed the entrance, and thus, weave her magic ahead of them such that her clone’s integration was seamless. Her illusionary replica moved besides Talon as they absorbed their surroundings, their attentions drawn to the balcony which housed the High Nine. Inside, a number of cloaked figures waited, watching them with impudence.

"Lord V'lyn, a pleasure," stated one of the female members, not even caring to introduce herself. "What brings you to our city...uninvited?"

Jennifer rolled her eyes as she stepped aside to venture up the closest staircase. “Why does everyone act like they don’t know what’s going on? Stop wasting our time,” she groaned, blowing a stray band of hair away from her face. For the time being she was satisfied to comb the gallery of potential threats. Absentmindedly, she also noticed that Kaya had calmly taken a seat in the public gallery. The reclusive elf had said very little since their arrival at Laowlee, leading her to once again question why Talon decided to bring her along. It’s not like she served a purpose beyond being that shoulder angel Jennifer never had.

"I think you already know that, High Nine. Seems like someone wanted my attention. Well, you've got it now," Talon said, coming to a similar conclusion.

"Are you threatening us, V'lyn?" asked another council member, a tinge of blatant animosity revealed in his tone. The first woman to speak lifted her hand to silence him, as if the gesture would do any good.

"Take it as you wish. But, I was the one threatened first."

"Well, Lord V'lyn. There are many things that we wish to know. I suppose it's no coincidence that you're here now, and with your mage lover. In fact, why don't we start with her hm?" said the woman, finally cutting straight to the matter of importance. Jennifer never quite understood their need for all the pointless preamble, she could only assume they shared her natural flare for dramatics.

"What does that mean?" Talon retorted, immediately moving forwards to shield her doppelganger.

"Welcome to your trial. Or rather, the trial of Lord Talon V'lyn and Jennifer Live."

It was hard to restrain her laughter, and neither was it particularly suitable given the situation, but she did so anyway because her real form was technically invisible to everyone for the time being. “Our trial? Who died and made you kings?” chuckled her duplicate. She signaled Talon to relax by placing her hand on his shoulder and then gazed to directly address the woman. “A trial for what exactly?”


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#, as written by Siryn
Talon V'lyn & Jennifer Live

“A trial for what exactly?”

Even if her hand was on his shoulder, he couldn't relax. Always, always, they were after her. Something was dragged up in her past that they tried to use against her. In doing so, they were attacking him as well. What was with people and their power struggle? Was it not ever enough? His hand curled into a fist as he struggled to maintain his outward appearance of semi-calm.

The female High Nine who had been standing, leaned forward as the question was asked by Jennifer. Talon could almost feel the sneering smile beneath the dark cowl of the hood that covered her face. The woman placed her hands on the banister before her as she began to speak.

"Perhaps a list will help to jog your memory, Jennifer Live. Lets start with the most minor and lead up to the finale, shall we?" The woman's head turned off to the side. Next to her another of the High Nine stood and pulled out a piece of paper that they unrolled. The deeper voice rang out in the room as he announced what was written on the paper.

" 'Obnoxious and unruly conduct; using illusionary magic to disguise herself; intentional deception on many cases; using magic in public and disturbing the peace; blackmailing numerous organisations; destruction of Laowlee's gates; assaulting numerous officials whilst aiding Lord V'lyn; loitering around using illusionary magic even at this moment; and finally killing the soldiers that had been escorting her to Laowlee.' "

"Well, there you have it, Lady Jennifer, wife of the Lord V'lyn head of the assassin's cult. Since this is a fair trial, let's hear what you have to say for yourself?"

Talon ground his teeth together, "I hardly see this as a fair trial."

"You, Lord V'lyn, will be next, so I suggest you hold that tongue of yours."

"I don't have time for this!" He snapped, "I don't suppose you know of the destruction of Lethandrill do you? Or that the steward of that city has the gauntlet of Barthomel in his possession? I knew that I disliked you all for a reason. You always have something other than the important things to deal with."

"Why were you in Lethandrill, Lord V'lyn? I find it a huge coincidence that the city just happened to be destroyed with that unruly mage woman of yours at your side. That gauntlet has no power, we made sure of that. We also made sure that the Steward there was understanding of the fact that the item was to remain locked in it's chest at the farthest reaches of the treasury."

"Fine job of doing that," the assassin snarled in return, "Believe what you want. But I was there because the gauntlet wasn't were it was supposed to be. That man is drunk on power and he destroyed his own damned city!"

"Enough!" The woman shouted, her voice reverberating through the room, "Unfortunately even you lack evidence of that, V'lyn. To add to your growing list of atrocities, you've got nearly as good a rap-sheet as your mage woman, if not worse. Shall I list it out for you?"

Talon didn't say anything, only narrowed his now molten steel gaze, his head lowering slightly and the bangs of his hair falling down to give shadow to his gaze. The woman didn't seem affected by his threatening presence and continued onward with her so called 'trial'.

" 'Threatening and blackmailing the higher orders; intentional deception on many cases; using magic in public; the destruction of Lethandrill; the destruction of Laowlee's gates; the deaths of several council men in three of the Orders in Lastra several years ago; the death of Lord Astrad of Ro'ell several years ago; the death of Vicount Friez of Letolill several years ago; the death of Lady Sheir of Letolill several years ago; the death of Lord Ive and all of his family including the maids and servants of Laowlee several years ago..." the woman paused to take a breath, "Shall I continue Lord V'lyn? Just because you're the leader of the assassin's guild does not give you immunity to such vile actions. I don't care if another Order gave you orders to do such things. That doesn't give you the power or the authority to go about the land and do as you please. Now, with that out of the way, I think it's time we start discussing your future plans in our cells."

Armen Sorien

His heart seemed to settle as he noted that Fukayna was moving and her lips mouthed to him words that he seriously needed to hear. So she was alright after all, though he was pretty sure she wasn't feeling all that great. Even so, she had strength enough to communicate with him, that had to be something right?

"I'm glad," he told her softly, a smile on his lips, "I was so worried..."

"Now that she's awake, we can get stuff done," Sebastian said, his gruff voice filling the room as he lounged in the chair on the other side of the bed. The old man had his arms crossed over his chest, the leg that had been injured was wrapped tightly and he was nursing it gently by keeping weight off it.

"Sebastian... she just woke up."

"I didn't say I was gonna make her do anything, elf. I told you earlier we would discuss what to do next and I can't wait around any longer for the others. So her being awake helps. She's a part of the assassin's guild so it's important for her to hear."

The elf held his tongue though he didn't really like the assassin's tone all that much. His hand curled around hers and he looked down at her with a slight frown on his lips. Sebastian sighed heavily.

"It's alright, elf. The important thing right now is we need to find Talon and Jennifer. Nothing good can be going on if he's been away this long. I don't like how this feels."

"We can't just up and leave, though, Sebastian. Fukayna just woke up, I'm sure she's still in pain and in no condition to do anything-"

"I didn't say I would make her do anything-"

Armen continued, raising his voice slightly, "And Astrid is still bed ridden as well. As it stands right now we don't have much going for us. Seeing as there aren't a lot of assassins here and there weren't that many casualties too, I'm assuming that Lord V'lyn had sent most of the order out for something. I'm sure if we wait, we'll hear something soon from one of them."

Sebastian watched the youth for a long while before he heaved a heavier sigh than the one before. His head fell forward and he tapped his fingers against his arm. After a moment, he finally looked up slightly to gaze at Armen thoughtfully, "Fine. I see your point. We'll stay here for the time being. Soon as we hear from an assassin... well, we'll go from there I suppose."

Armen released his pent up breath and smiled in return to the old assassin, "Thank you."

Sebastian rolled his eyes and grunted. Standing he hobbled over to the doorway, stiff from having sat down so long, "No need..." he muttered and left the room.

The elf turned and watched the woman lying on the bed for a moment before he turned away slightly, a bit of a faint blush upon his face, "Is there anything you need?"

Fay X'san

Confusion assaulted her as Valentino fell off the horse suddenly as the creature simply snorted and shook. She pulled the reigns to stop the horse and turn it so that she could face the flailing man who was now on the ground. The elven woman couldn't even bring herself to speak as she watched him half in amusement and the other half in confusion.

What was wrong with him? It was just a horse, but it seemed that he'd gotten sick from it. Perhaps it was the jostling. Not everyone got used to riding a horse, she had seen her fair share of that with her own people. Technically the Navile weren't a people meant to be upon beasts for transportation. They had their magic after all. Fay was pretty sure that most elves were not all that accustomed to horses... but then she'd never been out of her forest to have any evidence of this.

She couldn't help a slight laugh at his flailing as he upstarted again, this time it was over a toad in the road. The adorable thing (adorable to her anyway) just sat there staring at the poor man who was cursing at it. After a moment, Valentino finally smote the creature and upon seeing what it turned into afterwards, he was even more upset again.

Fay hoisted herself smoothly off the horse and walked over to him calmly. He'd said something about resting in the green fields next to them. Reaching out she took his hands in her own and started to move them off the road where the roasted toad was at and the horse had wandered to eat some of the grass. Her smile was wide as she watched him.

"My apologies, if I'd know that you were uncomfortable with the horse, I would have used my magic to get us there faster," she told him smoothly. Though at the back of her mind she didn't have the slightest clue as to how she would do such a thing. It just felt like the right thing to say to him at the moment, or maybe it was because she was seemingly infatuated with him. It was definitely a little bit unnerving at times to feel so... out of control for some reason.

"I think it's a great idea we should rest here," she cooed, no it's not... we should be hurrying back to Skyfall an inner part of her mind spoke clearly and harshly. Yes, there was definitely something wrong with this picture, but she just couldn't bring herself to figure it out. Nor did she really want to. Or was it the other way around? It was beginning to get confusing.

Fay settled herself on the ground and patted the spot next to her, inviting the man to join her. She would leave the confusing stuff for later. Right then she wanted to relax and enjoy the man's company. No matter how much the other half of her screamed that it was wrong, that something was terribly off about him, she ignored it completely. A fools smile still crossed her lips as she sat there.


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Jennifer Live

"Well, there you have it, Lady Jennifer, wife of the Lord V'lyn head of the assassin's cult. Since this is a fair trial, let's hear what you have to say for yourself?" the first woman spoke at the conclusion of her list. Damned politicians always loved their lists. Their statements caused the real Jennifer to pause by the stairwell as she briefly pondered the reason why she was being allowed to roam freely if they were aware of it.

“Ugh, Talon~” her clone protested, harassing the assassin’s sleeve like a spoilt six year old child, “We don’t have time for this – What with a lunatic waving his magic gauntlet around Reev knows where – Why don’t we just kill them and leave?”

There was more to the statement that Jennifer wasn’t willing to let the council on, a deep rooted paranoia. She preferred to call it caution. Jennifer’s terrible habit was she never really trusted anyone to complete a job done better than she could, even within the secular assassin organization. It goes without saying that the High Nine certainly couldn’t be trusted, nor any of their agents like Isaehn. If she had the time and opportunity, she would’ve dug further into the High Nine’s information bases. They should’ve been more prepared. Now at this crucial period however, the one time she needed to be exploring and securing the area, she was regulated to safeguarding Talon.

"I hardly see this as a fair trial," Talon accused, shaking off her objections. She always loathed that necessity of his too, giving others the benefit of the doubt. The man’s compassion had been the source of their problems on more than one occasion and she always felt like reprimanding him for it afterwards.

"You, Lord V'lyn, will be next, so I suggest you hold that tongue of yours," snapped the woman, evidently keen to press her point forwards.

Talon would have none of that. Quite the contrary, if her intention was to intimidate him, she failed entirely as the color flared on his features. "I don't have time for this! I don't suppose you know of the destruction of Lethandrill do you? Or that the steward of that city has the gauntlet of Barthomel in his possession? I knew that I disliked you all for a reason. You always have something other than the important things to deal with," he retorted just as quickly.

Her reply to them was, as anticipated, evasive. That’s what they were good at, shifting the blame. Jennifer half watched the progression of their conversation, continuing to scour the area for traps, until the woman’s voice boomed in a desperate cry for attention. The shout was hardly required, it wasn’t like there was an overabundance of people within the room, and that became painfully evident when her words echoed over them, carried by the spiraling interior of the tower.

Talon stood stock still, though it was clear the assassin was only remaining visibly so for the sake of courtesy. So focused was his attention that you could’ve almost called it an angry glare. Jennifer wouldn’t have been surprised had the woman had abruptly burst into flames. If the woman was concerned, she hid it well as she recommenced their discussion, drawling through another agonizing list of accusations. Her clone’s shoulders sagged as she sighed into the distance, her attention wandering elsewhere in her boredom. There were some nice vases displayed upon marble plinths along the side of the room, perhaps she’d steal some on the way out.

"Shall I continue Lord V'lyn? Just because you're the leader of the assassin's guild does not give you immunity to such vile actions. I don't care if another Order gave you orders to do such things. That doesn't give you the power or the authority to go about the land and do as you please. Now, with that out of the way, I think it's time we start discussing your future plans in our cells."

Cells? They were threatening her with iron bars and reinforced concrete walls? Jennifer thought incredulously. She’d fought no less than two ancient dragons, summoned a meteor, slaughtered hundreds without batting an eyelid and they wanted to separate her from Talon? Well fine, Jennifer could play their game also.

They could hear another sound coming from across the room, a noise which was quickly recognized as laughter. Drawing attention to her, a second Jennifer appeared next to one of the vacant seats lining the judge’s panel. “These are some nice seats you have here,” she purred, caressing her fingers over the soft velvet. Stretching obscenely, she shuffled her boots over the floor so she could plop her shapely ass on it.

“You’re getting rather ahead of yourself though ma’am. Are you not even going to give us a chance to defend ourselves? I thought that was a part of being ‘fair’ in these trials,” Jennifer’s first clone said, the one next to Talon, as she performed a gesture of air quotation marks. “Nothing you’ve said so far qualifies as hard evidence. You haven’t even presented a single piece of evidence against us. Sending us to jail now would be a gross violation of your constitution.”

“More to the point. I’d like to see you try restraining us,” the second one dared, “What exactly makes you think that I’ll come quietly?”

A lethal smile settled onto her face and her eyes seemed to glimmer as both copies regarded the High Nine, mirroring the same expression. One way or another, she was going to find out what the High Nine were planning, and she had zero qualms about employing brute force. This was who she was, snarky, defiant, and in the end, she usually got what she wanted.


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#, as written by Siryn
Talon V'lyn

“More to the point. I’d like to see you try restraining us. What exactly makes you think that I’ll come quietly?”

Talon was hardly fazed by the fact that his lover had dispatched yet another doppleganger to taunt the High Nine. She was of a brilliant mind, and that much he could count on. It took everything he had not to smirk at them, or laugh out loud. She sure had a way with words. When they were finished here and once again back at Skyfall... he was going to have her.

He slipped his arm around Jennifer's illusion's waist, pulling her close to him. The assassin's gaze didn't leave the startled group of High Nine that were staring at the second apparition. He could feel their shock, could tell that they were now uneasy about whom they were dealing with. The only one that didn't seem too far affected was the woman, giving Talon a bad feeling about her.

"You wanted proof? Well, here's one on Jennifer's account, Lord V'lyn."

"Then why aren't you stopping her?" He asked out loud as he leaned down closer to the illusion and whispered in her ear, "Found anything yet?"

"Because there's nothing to find. Sorry to disappoint," the woman said off handidly, "As for your evidence, we have plenty of that as well. You think you clean up well enough, but I assure you, it's quite the contrary," the woman pulled from her pocket a few items which she layed upon the banister in front of her. Talon eyed the gleaming objects for a moment before it became apparant as to what they were.

They were rings.

Rings of the lords and ladies that he'd taken care of in the many years that he'd been the head of the assassin order. His lips pulled into a frown, but it wasn't a frown of being caught 'red handed'. Lifting an eyebrow he lifted his molten silver gaze to her hooded face, "So? A couple of rings gives you the 'evidence' you want?"

The woman's hand curled into a fist as she stood there, clearly his response wasn't the one she was looking for. He grinned at her then, unable to help it this time.

"Well, as fun as this has been, we'll be leaving now. As my beautiful mage stated earlier, we don't have time for this," he said and turned on his heel. The air crackled around him and he registered it as magic. Though he knew that the illusion next to him would hardly be harmed or hurt Jennifer's real body, he still threw her to the side on pure reaction. A black cage dropped down around him, just large enough to hold his size. Talon had raised his hands to cover his head as it dropped around him and when he looked about, he glowered in anger.

Whirling around he lunged forward, grabbing the bars of the cage in anger, the silver of his bracer beginning to glow brightly. The moment he touched the bars, though, the magic surrounding it burst at him. The assassin gave a cry of pain, his body rebounded from it and hit the back of the cage only to have the same thing happen. He dropped to one knee, growling in anger and wincing slightly. The silver bracer ignited, white tendrils of magic curling upwards like flames wreathed his arm.

"Now that was a very big mistake," he hissed between his teeth. The woman pulled away from the banister, her head turning between him and the Jennifer in the seat not to far away. With a sound like a snort of annoyance, the High Nine snapped her fingers together and her body vanished.

Talon already had his doubts about the woman, and with that he was even more convinced. Not a whole lot of magic hurt him all that much these days. The cage around him was definitely of some sort of darker magic that had been banished a long time ago. He snatched his hand outwards and gripped the bar, ignorning the pain that pulsed through him the moment he touched it. The white glow curled around the pitch black bars and began cracking through the magic that caged him.

"Jennifer," he called, knowing she would hear him no matter where she was, "Kill her."

The others of the High Nine stared in shock at the display of magic that the woman had just done. They were immobile, in shock no doubt about the unfolding situation. Talon ignored them. The woman was his main concern, there was something off about her. Though, at the moment he really didn't care about finding that out, hence his order to Jennifer.

His magic pulsed, grinding against the woman's as he fought to break free from the cage. What kind of dark magic was this? Something about it was slightly familiar, though he couldn't put his finger on it right then. He ground his teeth, he was going to have to unleash more magic from the bracer if he wanted to break the cage. How annoying, that damned woman was going to pay dearly for weaving such a trap.

His hand tightened around the bar of the cage, the pain grew in intensity causing his frame to shudder slightly and bend over. The white glow grew as well, engulfing his shoulder as well as it spread out over the bars. He could feel the bar beginning to crack underneath his grip and a few seconds later the entire thing shattered around him completely. Talon went to stand, only to fall forward on all fours, a deep cough forcing its way through. Flecks of blood coated the floor beneath him.

When he was done, he wiped his lips with the back of his hand and glowered up at the seats before him, "If you wish to live you better stay right there and do nothing to interfere," he ordered, absolutely livid.

Armen Sorien

She rested against him and he kept his arm wrapped around her. Armen was more than happy to see that she had recovered. Fukayna had been the center of his thoughts the moment he'd regained consciousness. He'd been fearful that the woman had been killed from the attack. She seemed fine though, tired of course, but otherwise just fine. The elf released a soft sigh and leaned forward slightly to ease his position. His fingers began stroking her silky hair, pulling the locks of white through his fingers. It was so soft.

Fukayna was very small next to him, he felt he could engulf her entirely. He rested his arm across her shoulder, allowing her to lean against him. It was a strange filling that filled his chest, made his heart beat a little faster, and caused the normally pale skin on his face to heat and turn a slight red color. Armen would have loved to stay there forever, lost in her warmth.

However, after a long while of just listening to her breath against him, he felt a sharp pull in his chest. He ignored it at first, not wanting to alarm Fukayna. The pulling grew increasingly and soon he was unable to keep it a secret anymore. Lightly pushing her off him, he turned away and clenched at his chest, eyes shut tightly as he ground his teeth. It was the pain of the magic from before, but there was something else mixed in.

A faint presence began to push against his conscious, the pressure giving him a headache. Slowly he fell forward until he was on the floor. Half curled in a ball, his chest heaved, breath hitched in his throat and coming out in heavy pants. He didn't like the presence at the back of his mind, but the more he pushed it away, the more it came back until finally it broke through. Armen gasped, his eyes flying opened but not seeing what he was facing.

I've been waiting a long time for you, the deep rumbling voice echoed through his mind.

"What the... who... what do you..." Armen couldn't really get his thoughts together, nor could he finish what it was he wanted to say.

Who am I? I'm called Ivorine. I'm a dragon, and I'm calling out to you because you're mine and I am yours. What I want is to help you. I cannot allow my rider to die, that is the way of a dragon. Or rather, the way most were when we had human companions. We are a dying race, you see.

"...what?" he panted, more questions flooding his mind but washed away with the growing pain of the power that had been stirred up by the stranger the day before.

You must hurry, in that condition you won't last long.


The mountains behind your city. I'm only able to reach you because I've gone to the very edge of where I'm being held in chains. It's taken all I can to reach you now, I've been trying to for days. Perhaps it is your magic that is helping, who knows. But right now you need to come to me. I can help you. Be wary of those cloaked in black, my little elf.

As the deep voice continued in it's speech, the pressure in his mind slowly faded and the voice became far off sounding as well. Then it all faded away, all except the pain of his overflowing magic that he struggled to contain. What exactly just happened he wasn't sure. However, if there was a slim chance at fixing what was done to him, he'd take it. It didn't matter if it was some strange dragon who offered it to him.

Lain Gareev

The sound of heavy chains shifting filled the dark cavern where Lain was at. Out of curiosity-- or poor judgment depending on how you looked at it-- he'd followed J'haren into the caves when they'd left the headquarters of the Nine. As of late, his superior was doing some very strange things and Lain was intent on finding out what it was. Of course, he was still curious as to why he'd been ordered by J'haren to kill the elf several days ago. However, nothing had cropped up to answer that question.

So he had started his own snooping around. There wasn't much to find though, J'haren was good at hiding his tracks, even to the High Nine. Lain wasn't all that trusting of the High Nine either, so he'd not gone to them in many weeks with his questions. He figured they would either avoid the topic entirely, or turn it around on him and he would be the one in trouble.

As he crept through the cave, going even further into the darkness he could hear something very large shifting at it's end. Chains dragged along an uneven floor and soon after, the sound of breathing filled the air. J'haren's voice echoed out too soon after and Lain froze where he was, half fearful that the Nine had figured out he'd been followed. The Nine was pretty positive he'd hid his presence well enough, though.

"Still trying, hu?" J'haren's voice curdled the air with it's acidy tone. Lain shivered slightly, he'd never heard that tone before.

"Foolish human," the deeper voice was thick in an accent of a kind that the Nine did not recognize at all. It also sounded as if the common language was not one that it used often, if at all.

"The elf is dealt with, long gone and dead. There's nothing left for you here."

The strange voice echoed out with a rumbling laugh that shook the cave and the tunnel where Lain stood, "Your chains and magic will not hold me for long," scratching alerted Lain that the creature within had dragged it's claws along the ground almost as if it were threatening J'haren, "You can be certain of that."

"Perhaps, but I'm certain that it will be far too late once that happens," J'haren returned and the sound of his footsteps growing closer made Lain move.

The Nine quickly exited the cave before his superior could and he disappeared quickly via magic. He did not return to the home of the Nine, though. He had a bit to think about before returning there and he was also fairly sure that going there right then would be dangerous for his health. Lain tapped his finger against his lip. The only place with enough knowledge to even get him a bit started on his search was Ro'ell.

Time to visit the mages.