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"Me? I don't matter right now, after all, you are the main course~". [WIP]

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a character in “A Tale of Seven Children”, as played by zody



"I guess since others have had to fill out this form, I'll have to fill it out as well?".


Name: My real name is a confidential secret, so you can just call me 'Illusion' for now.
Age: Hahahahahahaha~ As if I'd tell you that, you'll just have to guess now, won't you?
Real Age: Hmph, not many people know this, but I don't exactly age.
Gender: Female, obviously.
Exorcist Class/ WDL Ranking: Principal.
Demon Queen Ranking: SS Rank Demon.
Star Sign: I don't think I actually have one, but I.. I don't know what mine would be...
Chinese Zodiac: I dunno what I'd be, but I remember one of my friends always went on about how the Chinese Zodiac and stuff were important and we should celebrate the Chinese New Year and stuff. I think she's dead.
Weapon Specialisation: I specialise in my Psychic Wristblades, which is also the same basic Weapon that Deon's Demons use.. Whoopsie, not meant to know that!~



Major Abilities!

Dissipation: Illusion can force her body to become untouchable, meaning that nothing can harm her, effectively making her a visible ghost. She can also make herself invisible if she wishes to.

Illusionary Arts - Four of a Kind: Illusion can create four copies of herself to fool attackers into falling into hazards, or she can do it just to make people wonder what's going on. Four is not her maximum number, it's just the number she uses the majority of the time.

Aura Control: Illusion can see Aura, manifest it and manipulate it to her whims, limited by her nothing but her own imagination.

Demon Queen Ability - Master of Illusions: As is her namesake, Illusion can, well, control Illusions and their derivatives. This, combined with her Heart Reading, means that she can mentally butcher her opponents, and then do so physically as well. This has one drawback, however. If soembody somehow distinguishes the truth from the lies, she can be harmed.

Minor Abilities!

Power Shutdown: Illusion can shut down somebodies powers through physical contact, and if she wants to. This applies to almost everyone, excluding extremely skilled demon Kings and Paladins. The powers are shut down for at least ten minutes, but if the person is experienced, it can be less.

Regenerational Capabilities: Illusion can regenerate most wounds at slightly higher than Demonic Speeds, but if you get Holy Water on her, or give her a fatal wound, she can't regenerate as fast. She also can't use her Dissipation Abilities if she's too injured.

Heart Reading: Mind Reading and Heart Reading are different in that Heart Reading is more powerful, and reaches into the person's Heart as well as their Mind. It is also different in the fact that one must have their Third Eye open to do so, and the fact that Illusion cannot change, or even interfere with a persons memories. If Illusion was to close her Third Eye, she would gain another power.

- People who willingly let her bite them.
+ Entertaining humans, and Immortals.
- Intelligence gathering and knowing more than she lets on.
+ Mindfucking people.
- Cranberries, raspberries and strawberries.
+ Making wagers and bets.
- Sweet things.

+ Boring people.
- Food that burns her tongue.
+ Douchebags.
- Almost all of the WDL, and a ton of the residents of Hell.
+ Brenhin, he's a traitorous bastard.
- Long working hours.
+ That one Exorcist.

Other?: Illusion is prone to fits of both insanity and stupidity, almost as if she's never been outside before.
She is actually a sweet person deep down, it's just that people have a habit of dying around her, sometimes by her own hand.
She is prone to getting bored of people quickly, which may be why so many bodies turn up.
She's the Devil's Personal Representative in the Demon Council.
Oh, and she's a Vampire too.


"For some reason, people think I'm crazy. That's just to scare people a bit".

Illusion has always been locked away somewhere, or hidden beneath something, and forced to watch as the people around her moved on, but she was left forgotten. So she'd developed a way to get through, which let her live until she managed to convince her Sister to let her out of the Basement and she left. This frame of mind would usually cause those who saw her to think of her as a deranged maniac, but she's actually one of the sanest people you'll meet, until she gets into a Battle of course, although she'd rather sit on the sidelines and watch, cheer, etc.

Or would she? She always loved her Sister, and when they both became Vampires and her Sister took it upon herself to build them both a life, she was torn apart inside when one of the Exorcists from the WDL murdered her Sister and her Servants. Little did they, both Illusion and the WDL, know that the Sister had survived, thanks to one person.

Illusion mostly acts crazy to seperate the truly caring people from the mindless sheep that are the WDL, and if she takes a liking to somebody, she'll stick to them like bloody glue. I dunno how sticky that is, btw, She's also well-known for her playful streak, both flirtatiously and in a friendly way.


"I have nothing but my own body. Maybe you'd like to test it out?~". < See what I mean? <(-_-)


"Heh, let's just say that I'm a lot older than I look, shall we?".


So begins...

Illusion's Story


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#, as written by Tanman
Slowly rolling down the dirt road, the low hum of a motorbike could be heard as it made its way across the countryside. The empty field of grass, now well overdue for cutting reminded Ash of an old farm that she’d visited with her family once, and she smiled at the faint memory of the time her sister had been kicked by a cow. Slowly but surely, she continued up the road, though a pair of rapid honks from behind her indicated that the ‘WDL’ wanted her to pick up the pace. The sleek black car with a pair of agents had been following relatively close the whole time, making it quite clear that they didn’t trust her to head to… Wherever it was she was going. It’d been a while since the last time the car in front had turned, and seeing as they were in the countryside, it all looked basically the same – the only reason she’d be able to find her way back to civilisation was because it was practically straight.

Again, the horn sounded behind her, and she mumbled something under her breath, revving the engine a little more as the first few droplets of late afternoon rain began to form. Bringing her hand up to shut the visor of her helmet, the soft scent of salt began to become clearer, and the low rumble from her bike began to give way to the sound of waves against the rocks. Glancing to the side of the road, Ash didn’t realise she’d travelled all the way to the ocean, and part of her marvelled at the sight. Even though the cliff was sheer rock, she could still see the way the foam crashed and sprayed up the jagged wall. Wherever they were going, it certainly had a nice view – especially at this time with the sun dancing off the rain.

As the car in front veered to the side, Ash got her first glance at the structure they were heading to. It was a large, dingy looking warehouse, and part of her was just a little bummed it wasn’t some mansion or something. Gingerly slowing herself down, she pulled her baby to a stop by the wall, kicking the stand and removing the key from the ignition. Slipping her helmet off and shaking her hair free, she tussled it twice with her hand, getting the black strands clear of her shoulders before nestling the helmet into the seat. Somehow, she didn’t think she had to worry about thieves taking it. Glancing across the other cars arriving, she didn’t get much time to view who exactly was attending this thing before she was somewhat roughly nudged in the back. The ‘gentleman’ behind her was clearly the impatient fellow behind the horn earlier, and he had no intention of letting Ash lollygag about. Rolling her eyes in disdain, Ash made her way through the opening in the warehouse doors, taking in the gloomy décor before being shown to a rickety looking metal stool. Normally she would comment on such treatment, but the somewhat sullen, serious nature of the atmosphere made her refrain. Instead, she made do with folded arms and a sceptical expression, looking bemused at the current predicament.

Glancing about the room, it didn’t take her long to acknowledge who the ‘important’ people were. First of all was that kid one seat across from her: He looked young, maybe around her 2nd youngest sister's age? For a moment, she met eyes with him, but he quickly broke it off. Didn't seem like he had much confidence. Turning aside, she looked to the next one on her right, and eyed the coils of rope binding him to his chair. This man was a bit older, closer to her age. She wasn't sure how close exactly, he could've been late 20s for all she knew. Regardless, the fact he was bound worried her somewhat. Was he that dangerous, or just uncooperative? Deciding not to dwell on it, she looked to the last person seated nearby, a tall and pale fellow, that she could only guess was younger then her. Probably needed to get out in the sun more. As she continued to think on the situation, it occured to her that anyone without that MIB wannabe suit was probably in the same boat as her, or…

As the lights suddenly flicked on, revealing the body of who Ash could only assume was the leader, she leant forward in her seat, waiting for the inevitable announcement that was to follow. At the appearance of the… strange woman…Well, ‘strange’ was possibly the polite way to put it; Ash was more than a little transfixed by the numerous and somewhat… mystifying features of the girl... Snapped from her daydream by the man’s words, the sudden, sinister change in attitude put Ash on edge, and instinctively, she clenched her fists and stood up as the guns were drawn and pointed their direction. So this was how they were going to deal with things? Drag her off to some isolated warehouse and then cover up spilling her blood? Shit, how could she be so stupid? These people were clearly psychotic…

The sudden slamming of the door, accompanied by the coincidental strike of lightning brought everyone in the room to a pause, swirling to the boy who had made his entrance to the room. With the shaky excuses coming from the agent, Ash begun to wonder if perhaps she should have put up more resistance to this trip… But then remembered the fellow tied to the chair on her right. Still, something about the boy irked her. Perhaps it was his nonchalant attitude arriving late, playing some game and being unfazed at the multitude of arms pointed his direction?

Oh wait. That was what annoyed her.

As the man known as Arthur began to laugh at the situation, rambling on about a ‘choice’ for them, Ash’s annoyance was quickly shifted to a new target. Forget the bad boy, this old guy was definitely on the top of her asshole list. And for those who didn’t know, that was a pretty big list. She couldn’t stand bigshots like that guy, especially one hiding behind all his little agents rather then facing them like a man. For the ‘strongest’ human on Earth, he certainly seemed scared about them. As the man summoned forth some shining armour and mystical axe, Ash was beginning to wonder if perhaps he’d heard her. She didn’t have time to dwell on that before hell broke lose. Screaming as she ducked down, shielding herself from the splintering glass all around; the whirlwind of chaos was almost more than she could handle as she backed up to the wall, crouching down. Not in fear though - Don’t be stupid - She was just protecting herself.

And suddenly she felt cold. Alone. Empty. She froze as she stared into that blue void, a haze of nausea and weakness flooding through her. Just… What was this feeling? That taloned freak seemed to be staring into her soul, picking it apart… Clenching her eyes shut and shaking her head, slowly, she stood to her feet. She wasn’t afraid of this thing and she wasn’t about to go see some demon father. She had a father. She wasn’t going to let him down. Narrowing her eyes, she gave her own piercing stare of defiance at the monster. She’d made her choice. The WDL were no saints, but in her mind, at least they wanted to protect this world.

Better the devil you know.

The soft hum that had accompanied Ash for her trip became heard once more, before filling the air with a deep roar. Screeching through the front door, the black blur bowled over a number of the demons scrabbling about the ground before sliding to a stop in front of Ash. Her personal Ninja and escape ticket had just arrived. She wasn't sure how in the hell her motorbike had gotten in here like that, but she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Straddling the seat, she revved the engine twice, looking over her route. Gunning it and filling the air with the smell of burning rubber, she shot off, crushing one of the already crippled demons on her way to the tunnel. Suddenly swerving and slowing, she barely missed the tall boy with the black hair giving the demon the bird, having awkwardly stopped in the middle of the road.

“Out of the way, dumbass!” Ash yelled in irritation over her shoulder, before focusing back in front of her as she travelled on her bike through the black tunnel…


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Chang Tartarus Wilson

Chang's life had changed in the strangest way possible and until this day, he couldn't determine if this was a bad change or not. It had been a typical day for him, wandering around the New York's dark part and trying to find easy prey when it happened. One minute he was talking on the phone with his boss - a beautiful woman in her late thirties and the next minute, he was being pinned down on the road by two oversize men with no where else to run or hide. He hadn't gone down without a fight. He had taken out his pocket knife and proceeded to stab both of them. He had managed to escape. The next events were very blurry in Chang's memory as all he remembered was the chase between him and a group of strange women and men, all aiming with weapons. Finally, he was defeated and forced into an uneasy sleep filled with nightmares and men with weapons. He was tied up and now, he was being leaded into a warehouse that looked like it hadn't been used for years by those people. Chang sighed. He had experienced the ups and downs in his life, normally the downs were always being overweight by the ups but now, it seemed he had undergone too many downs and for once, Chang wondered when he would have those precious ups that he desired so much.

Being shoved into a chair by a man, Chang turned back and glared at him hatefully, a part of his mind was working furiously on how to torture him the worst way he could think of. So far, he had only thought of dismembering, stabbing, using electricity, cutting him into pieces and taking out all of his organs and forcing him to eat them. A hit in the back of his head forced him to focus on his surroundings as he looked around, trying to find a way to get out. The house was dark and slightly cold, something Chang found very uncomfortable. He wasn't afraid of the dark since he was a part of New York's underworld and therefore, working in the dark was something he had to get used to but he never really liked the cold. The lights suddenly lit up, causing the young man to flinch slightly, searching for the one that had done it. The room that had been very quiet from the start had become even quieter and Chang could even hear the noise of the flies if he focused hard enough. There was a man, sitting on the most luxury chair in the room and around him, he could see several other people, a few he could recognize as the ones that had chased him and brought him here. Chang bit his lips, slipping into his cold mask easily, his eyes were devoid of all emotions. Standing next to the man was a woman whose eyes were as empty as his and before Chang could ask, the man in the middle of the room opened his mouth, speaking in a voice that demanded attention.

"You four have been summoned here because of one reason, and one reason alone. You all possess one thing in common, although none of you have met before, you may think that those round you are slightly familiar or that you are somehow connected. Indeed, this is the truth, you all are connected, all of you have the blood of the Devil running through your veins. You are all born of Human Mothers and Human Fathers, or maybe both, having gained your blood further on in the past, but it remains the same. You are all half Demon, and you are a danger to Humanity".

Chang blinked. Wait, what did he just say? He, a demon? No, not a demon...a half demon. A part of his mind scolded darkly. Like that would make anything better. He was just spitting lies right into his face. He was not a stupid brat and there was no way he would believe something as stupid as that. What would he say next? Was he going to tell them that they all had to become the messiahs and save the world now? What a laugh! He clenched his teeth and waited, his cold mask had never once slipping. He had been forced to go here, might as well listen to what all of them had to lie. The air in the room had darkened immediately after the man spoke and Chang could feel the insane part of him giggled uncontrollably in his mind, this was those times he had slipped into the yakuza's house. The sound of clicking guns was heard and Chang looked up, almost lazily as a man pointed a gun into his skull, ready to kill him if needed to. Why did he want to kill Chang again? Oh yeah, apparently, Chang was a 'half' demon so he was dangerous. He raised his eyebrow, looking challenging at the man, daring him to shoot. The man's hands were sweating slightly. 'A coward...not really worthy of my time' Chang thought smugly when the door opened with a bang, a boy walked in. He seemed like a young boy with a calm face, too calm in a situation like this. He grinned and the man laughed in a booming voice, making Chang's ears hurt. The lightning struck again, illuminating the house, he caught a glimpse of the man's face with only a working eye.

The man then continued to say as if nothing had happened. 'How amusing...' Chang thought sarcastically. His thoughts were interrupted when the man raised his voice once again "But I shall give you all a choice, you may come work for the international organisation, called the WDL, or the 'Warriors of the Divine Light', or you may die here, and be of no threat to humankind at all, and you shall be sent straight to Purgatory, where your soul shall rot for all eternity for the sins you have no doubt committed in your years. I am Arthur, current Leader of the WDL and the Leader of the Paladins, the WDL's elite Demon Hunting Squad. In short, I am the most powerful Human on this Earth".

Ah, now was the threatening part. He could only choose to serve the WDL or something like that or else he would be doomed in Hell. Anger coursed through Chang's veins. 'So, because they needed our help, they decided to take me by force...and then spitting out some sorts of nonsense lies, expecting me to believe it? Are they kidding me? Is this man insane?' Chang growled softly, irritated with the whole situation but above all, he felt useless, unable to escape the ropes. What kinds of ropes were this? Why couldn't he escape it using his strength? Chang began to struggle once again, wanting to escape from the rope...or maybe, it was to escape his destiny, Chang didn't know and frankly, he didn't care. He wanted to get out. Now.

The leader of the whole crazy bunch gestured toward the woman who was also crazy enough to follow him and introduced, ignoring Chang's weak attempt to escape. "This young lady here is known as 'Illusion', due to her nature and skillset, she is the head of our Demon Program, being one herself. Due to her Demonic heritage, she is not very trusted, but she has served us for a long time, long enough to gain at least a molecule of our trust, therefore she will be watching over all of you as you grow. I will not reveal much about her to you, as it is strictly confidential, and only very few of our own men, even the higher-ups, know anything about her".

'She...betrayed her own kind? Is this for real?' Chang thought in disbelief but quickly corrected his mistake 'provide that there're demons, of course'. The lightning struck again with a big thunder followed this time but Chang didn't flinch. He was focusing hard on how to make his decision. What should he choose? These people were obviously crazy and he couldn't afford to let them kill him if he chose the wrong things. The lights went out and everything was silent.


All the windows in the room were smashed and Chang swallowed...what was this feeling? A long forgotten part of him was laughing with excitement like it recognized the silence as a friendly one. Chang's head was starting to hurt, too. What about the shadows? Had they really just...moved? He was so confused he didn't even noticed the crackling in the room until a pair of eyes focused on him. Before Chang could control himself, he had already hummed with the laughter, creating a disturbing noise. But it was like a part of himself was awaken...and it was demanding to be free, which Chang found was very easy to just give in. The young man struggled with his rope again...Still no use. What was he going to do now?

He locked eyes with the demon and Chang found himself petrified. Those eyes...those eyes were the ones he had seen in his dreams...a long time ago. The dreams of sweet nothingness and promises full of destruction and deaths for those who had mistreated him. Chang let out a small scream which turned into a pain groan when he felt himself being smashed by the gun of the man who was still pointing it at him. He growled, louder this time, his voice had taken a deep tune and it wasn't even a human's growl anymore. It was more like a beast's growl. He wanted to be free...He desired to be free. He would do anything for this freedom. He needed his freedom...very badly.

"Ah, my Masters Children have mostly all been summoned into one place, easy pickings really. But I am not here to kill you, I am simply here to... recruit you into our Ranks." The demon's voice brought a shiver to Chang's spine. What was happening to him? He couldn't control his own reaction anymore...It opened its wings and a swirling blood red portal to form, the darkness and hatred from the gate to hell invited Chang to step through it. "In naught but a few seconds this place shall be filled to the brim with minor Demons ready to feast on your very souls. Now, those of you that are more.. darkly inclined must come to me quickly, and then we shall meet your Father. Soon..."

Chang couldn't take it anymore, he had enough of this stupid rope. He was going to make his own destiny. And no shitty 'strongest human on Earth' was going to stop him. If the man wanted him to join them, he would do the exact opposite thing, see how the man took it. "Strongest my ass" Chang muttered and growled at the demon who was grinning from ear to ear "What the hell are you waiting for? Cut these fucking ropes for me so I can get the hell out of here...I'm sicked of these supposed exorcists and their insane ways"

The Demon blinked in surprised before chuckling, a deep dark voice sending another shiver running down Chang's spine but he didn't struggle as the long claws helped him cut those ropes loose. Shaking himself out of the uncomfortable ropes, Chang stood up and walked with the demon to the Portal. Standing next to it, he could practically feel his demonic power growing by the seconds and he was pretty sure his eyes were bright red now. He looked into the shitty leader's eyes and spatted out coldly.

"Well? Where were you when I wanted to end my life? Where were you when I had no where else to go and ready to open my heart to anyone who so much as gave me a smile? Where were you when I was forced to eat food from trash bins? Let me tell you where you were probably sitting in that fucking chair and giving out orders. And now you expect me to come to you with open arms? Are you fucking serious? Don't fuck with me, old man. I'm done with this. I'm done with all of this. I'm making my own destiny now and I dare anyone of you to stop me."

He turned to face the other children, whom were also half-demons just like him. "And you guys listen to me...this man is manipulating you all...I won't mind having new brothers and sisters...please join me...I'm pretty sure I'll always welcome you guys" He looked at the shitty leader and cursed the man with all the hatred he could manage "I hope you'll rot in hell, Mister 'strongest human on Earth'" With those last words, he stepped into the Portal, to a new dark world and his newest home. He had made his own decision and he was the owner of his destiny now. No one, not even Satan himself, could stop him from doing what he wanted.


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#, as written by zody
Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

Several of the cars took off, speeding away from the Warehouse fater than the Demons could chase, although this was only a temporary thing, the minor Demons, having eaten everything and everyone inside the Building, and still thirsting for the blood of Exorcists, pursued the Cars down through the tunnel. It was dark in the tunnel, only lit up by the dim lights on either side of the walls, and a centered line of lights stretching along the roof, the entire length of the tunnel.

The Cars easily caught up to the female on the Motorbike, and Deon actually took the time to look at her, now that he had some time to. 'Hmm, not bad, but not amazingly attractive either, maybe I should give her a hand or something?'. Deon pondered this, until something hit the back of the truck, knocking him into reality and annoying him somewhat. He looked up just in time to see the swarm of Demons close in, sticking together and transforming into one to slam into the car once more. The Phoenix Boy had a few seconds to realise what they were doing, groan in annoyance, and kick a door off of the side of the car, before the demons hit again, flipping it over and sending flames flying through the tunnel, incinerating and illuminating Humans, Demons and other Vehicles alike.

"Damn, I liked that Car, and I didn't get to finish my goddamn drink".

If the female on the bike had decided to look up at that second, she would have seen a shadow flying over her, landing on yet another Car, and pull out two revolvers from seemingly nowhere. The figure grinned savagely, leaning into the roof on one of the Cars, before he pulled his head out and took aim. There was a mask covering his face this time, hiding all but the blue and gold eyes, and the vicious smile.

"Now, shall we have some fun? The Executioner has.... arrived!".

The sound of bullets hammering through the bodies of the Demons could be heard by all, echoing mercilessly throughout the tunnel. The attacking gunner seemed to be dancing in the air and on the cars roof, all the while humming loudly, as if he was waiting for something. He felt the powers of his bloodline awaken, and a savage growl arose from his throat. He hated using it as much as the next person, which, apparently, wouldn't be that much at the time, but he needed too all the less. Well, he would've had to, except he remembered something.

The Gunner sheathed his Revolvers, palming himself in the face in a way that said 'How the fuck did I forget about that!'. He pulled something out of his Pocket, and flicked it in his hands a few times. "I'll probably just be able to blame all of this on Illusion, or make somebody else an 'awesome demon-killing dude', but I can't let them know about me yet. Not until I'm more well acquainted with them, and I'm able to ditch the WDL".

The boy pulled his hood on further, hoping that nobody had noticed who it was that had decided to murder a gaint amount of the Demons following them. He pulled the pin and threw it, waiting.


"Did I pull the pi- Whoa!".

The boy shielded his eyes against the brilliant glare, as the holy water and shrapnel burst from the tiny canister, shredding through the hordes of Demonic enemies and leaving their torn, bloodied bodies littering the floor of the Tunnel. The boy grinned as the light faded, and the demons finally relented their attacks. "Damn, if I hadn't remembered my Grenade, I would've been given away. Oh well, it's just a little favor of mine to the WDL, saving their goddamn asses".

The Boy sighed and shook his head, leaping down into the open rooftop window of the limousine he was on. He was angered, and wondering how the hell the Exorcists had even become such, when a high voice, dripping with slight amusement, spoke to him from the darkness.

"I'd congratulate you, Hikari, but I'm not sure I like you yet".

Deon, or Hikari, as the Exorcists knew and spoke of him as, turned to the girl, Illusion, and gave her the bird. He wasn't very fond of her mind games, and the fact that she always eyed him oddly, in fact, he didn't like her much at all, although her eyes were pretty.

Deon thought to Himself. 'Well, she isn't that bad, after all, she's probably just like me somehow. Or maybe... that spark in her eyes betrays her somewhat. And I'm sure that I'll know her when I get my memories back, stupid WDL blocking them! Gah, I just want to fucking murder them, tear their throats out and strangle them with their own organs!'

"But then I wouldn't get them back, and I'd be screwed forever".

Deon reclined in his chair, whilst Illusion mumbled something about returning to the Academy early to sign some enrollment plans... 'Wait... what? Enrollment plans!? I have to go to them WDL's Academy now? As a Student? Fuck that!...Wait, no. This is just what I need, to scope my Sisters and Brothers out, to find and weaknesses and destroy them'.

Deon would've opened his eyes again, but sleep was claiming him, and he fell into a restful slumber.



Illusion vanished from the Limo as soon as Deon had fallen asleep, watching as Arthur sent out the beam that would open the portal to the WDL's Main Academy, and where they Children would be safe, or so they thought. Illusion smiled at the stupidity of the WDL's Leader, Arthur had foolishly trusted her enough to allow her to oversee the Academy, and the occupants. Most of which weren't Demonic, and almost all were fully Human. She closed her eyes, a dark smile on her face, and let the shadows consume her.

"Ahhh, my Daughter, what have you found? You, the embodiment of Lies and Deception herself, have succeeded in your mission?"

"Indeed, I have, my Father, my Lord. Five of your Seven Children have been found. Two are coming to you, and the rest are joining those idiotic Warriors of the Divine Light. Sadly, one of those is also one of your eldest Children. Him".

"That is only troublesome due to his memory loss.... Send for Loki, ask him to see the Council immediately. I shall send you as my representative".

Illusion turned, and with the click of her fingers, and a grin on her face, summoned a Demon, a timid fellow with a life to live and a family to care for. He would work nicely for Loki.

"Find Loki, tell him that the Council wishes to see him and his idiot Brother, and then return to me with news".

The Demon stammered his reply, and left, disappearing to find Loki.

"This is working well, it is. Isn't that right, Deon? Something tells me that Loki will be looking forward to seeing you again".

A smile snaked it's way across her face, spreading until it took up the entire width, literally from ear to ear. A laugh began to slide out of her vocal cords, an unsettling laugh that depicted a young girl ruined and crushed by hatred and rape, of a taste for blood, and her fight for life, and it all ended with nothing but insanity. The insanity that could infect anybody, and had infected everyone at some point, the Illusions of grandure and lustre that proved to be nothing but false hopes and the beliefs of the idiot population. When it ended, she vanished, as if she was never there.

Just like a true Illusion, because they never really are there.


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Nathan Salazar Jackson

Nathan had seen many things in his life. He had seen things that people twice his age hadn't even seen yet and he had seen things that were so strange no one believed they existed. But in his wildest dream, Nathan couldn't believe what he was seeing right now. It started out quite typically with him killing the demons and reporting back to the headquarter. After that, he was surprised or maybe not really that surprised to receive an order to come to the meeting warehouse where he proceeded to meet Arthur - the leader of the WDL. It started out quite nicely with Arthur making threats, introduction, more introduction. He wasn't sure which part he paid attention to and which he did not. All he remembered was somehow, Arthur had managed to collect all the demon's children here to tell them the usual threats - join them or die in hell...yada yada yada. It might be interesting the first few times you heard it but after 10 times, the speech became boring as hell and Nathan felt himself drifted off into his dreamland.


A very disturbing noise woke Nathan up and he looked around sleepily. The house had suddenly become very quiet and Nathan suddenly wondered if he had woken up the wrong time. Slowly, his whole body was filled with dread as he realized the familiar presence in the air. Oh, the demon had come to collect the children. He pushed his glasses up his nose and observed the scene in front of him with calm eyes, waiting for it to happen, waiting for the children to choose their own destiny. The red portal swirled dangerously and one of Nathan's snakes hissed, warned him about the danger of the zone but Nathan just smirked in a knowing way. Slowly, he saw two figures approached the gate and walked through. They were...hmm...let see...He looked into the files and crossed out two names:

Sebastian 'Inferno'

Chang T. Wilson

He waited calmly until all of the children had chosen their own destiny before jumping down from the ceiling, his eyes shone with mildly amusement. "'s time to interfere, I the others" He called out and watched as snakes slithered out of his coat and into the floor, the snakes hissed venomously before biting the demons. He picked up one small green snake and whispered to it urgently "Child, tell him Inferno and Wilson are taken care of...I have sent a snake to the ones that run away and as for those who stay...I will keep an eye on them. Now go, child...make daddy proud" The snake obediently slithered off and Nathan looked at the demon army with a gentle smile. Rolling his sleeves, he grinned and gave a small gesture with two fingers, inviting them to attack him "Come and get me if you dare, gentlemen" He said with a small chuckle.


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#, as written by zody
Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

Those words kept repeating on and on, echoing throughout the room that they were in.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry".

Flinching. Dark, cold, filled with nothingness as the bat swung down, a brutally thunderous crack resounding throughout the room, and the night sky seemed to react in kind, pouring her tears down onto the Earth.

"I.... I'm s-sorry.... I'm... s-sorry.... I...."

Sentences were cut off by gurgles as the cold, icy grip of the reaper closed around her throat, and the crimson liquid flowed down to her lap, and she finally left him. He looked down at the weapon in his hands, a feeling of relief flooding through him, and when he opened his eyes he saw the world for what it really was. The syringe on the ground contained not a deadly drug, but medicine that a Doctor had prescribed to him.


The two girls and the boy that he had thought were trying to do him in, to end his existence as they had suddenly, or supposedly ended the lives of so many others, were only trying to help him get over his sickness, his cold. He didn't need their help, or ask for their help though, and then it finally sank in.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. I... I- I thought you guys were tryi-... I should've known better, not to trust him... I... I WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU, DEMON! YOU, THE DEVIL HIMSELF, SHALL FALL TO MY FUCKING BLADE! HEAR ME!? I'LL TEAR YOUR FUCKING FACE OFF AND THEN STRANGLE YOU WITH YOUR OWN ORGANS!".

He stood, clutching the metal bat in his hand, he threw it at the wall, screaming like a savage beast that had been driven to the absolute edge of sanity, lusting for nothing but vengeance against the one that had cursed it with it's power and anger. He roared again, tearing at the wallpapers and leaving long tears in the walls themselves, the blood from his own fingernails mixing with the pool of blood already on the floor. He hated his Father, his real Father. He would do anything to kill him, and bring his friends back from the dead.


And with that, the boy leaped out of the window, avoiding police and innocents alike, cursing the day he was born.


"Gah! Hah.... hah....ah...".

Deon's breathing was quick and heavy, and a pool of sweat had pooled up on his brow, which he promptly wiped off, cursing the nightmares that almost constantly plagued him. He looked outside, realising that the Limousine had gone through the portal that Arthur had opened, and they were safely in the academy, where no Demons could enter, or so it was said. He quickly longed for fresh air, and he practically leaped out of the Limo, kicking the door open and clambering into the dazzling light. He looked back at the Limo, only to see two armed men get out and reach for him. His eyes widened and he bolted forward, but in all his speed, a coughing fit took him to his knees, and he clutched at his chest, trying desperately to drag oxygen into his lungs, and he kept this up until somebody kicked him roughly in the small of his back, lifting him up and hitting him across the face with the butt of a Shotgun. How he ached to take the smile off of the mans face by tearing into his throat, and then going on a rampage through the Academy, but he simply hissed dangerously at the man, spitting at him, which gave him nothing but another few whacks to the face and stomach.

The WDL was known for it's brutally efficient methods and the fact that not even a Demon King could last long due to the Weapons they carried and their abilities. Deon punched his assailant square in the jaw, and leaped on top of him, with the intent of caving his face in. 'Heh, I think I'll enjo- what?'. He grimaced as he was once again lifted from the ground, this time whilst being restrained by two armed soldiers, both with tazers and pistols at their hips. His previous assailant stood, just as the others must have arrived, and pulled out a vial of holy water, splashing Deon in the face and watching as he writhed in agony, which was followed by a few good whacks from the butt of the Shotgun. He grasped Deon's face by the cheeks and looked at him.

"Do you submit? The pain and suffering will end here if you do".

"No, it won't. The pain won't end for a long time, asshole".

Luckily, Deon was too far away from either Ash or Devin for the two to hear what he said, and so he gave them a sign to make them think. He spat straight into the face of the man, blood and salive alike hitting him in the eyes and causing him to recoil in shock and slight pain. he quickly got over it however, and then seemed to make it his life goal to make Deon suffer and scream, but he would be met with much resistance, and Deon would resist as long as he could stand to, after all, weakness and submission hadn't gotten him this close before, had it? No, it hadn't, and he wasn't about to let this opportunity slip out from his clutches, he would fight with the strength of a Deon, and he wouldn't let anybody win over him, because his Phoenix pride had been awoken, and once he starts something, he intends to finish it.


The man beared down on the boy, beating him with much vigour and strength, whilst Deon was held back by his two accomplices in the crime, the blood starting to drip from his nose and the pain increasing with every hit from the mans Shotgun. Suddenly, something happened, the man had broken his Shotgun with the last hit, and it had snapped. It fired in the mans face, the bullets barely missing, but the aftershock hit him square in the face, causing him to stagger backwards and roar in agony and anger. He motioned to his friends, and they let Deon go, but only for a second. Deon gritted his teeth as he felt a taser bump him in the side, causing him to spasm wildly, whilst the other man had grabbed him and begun savagely booting him in the chest, and Deon thought he heard ribs break.

"Heh... Is that... all... that you assholes have?".


Deon's head whipped backwards as he felt a fist collide with his chin, and he was sent flying backwards into the Limo, leaving a massive dent in the side of it, a human-shaped dent, mind you. The main assailant was grinning, unwrapping the bandage on his hand, which revealed an insignia on the back of his palm.

"The Warriors of the Divine Light's Sigil grants those who use it to smite Demons enhanced physical powers. I can break wall with this hand, and walls are stronger than you are".

Deon lifted himself off of the Limousine, staggering and falling to his knees lightly, coughing up blood and letting it dribble down his chin. He knew it would be better to pretend to be defeated, and his power was being restrained due to the Holy Water. Already though, his wounds were healing, aside from the punch the man had given him. He grinned, but only slightly. The man took strides toward him, rearing to punch him when....

"I hate to stop your fun, but...."


Illusion - Alexandra Demonia

A red and gold blur blasted out of the Limo, flinging the Man into the air and sending him flying into a far off wall, causing several pillars to collapse, but that would have no overall effects on the main Academy Building, nor the Dorms, only the Gym. 'Oh well, it's just a Gym. And possibly a few expendable people'.

Illusion grinned lightly as the man's allies rushed to his aid, she sighed loudly and beckoned Ash and Devin over, grinning innocently as if that sort of thing happened all of the time. Deon stood, coughing a few times as the last of the blood shot from his mouth onto the already scarlet stained ground. Illusion smiled at him. "Is your last name Scarlet because you always cough up this much blood?". Deon looked at her, unamused and obviously slightly miffed. Illusion laughed, a perfectly normal laugh, of course, one that somebody would use when they were amused, which Illusion was. "You're a weirdo, you know that, Illusion?".

Illusion laughed again, grinning. She opened her eyes, surveying her audience, and opened her arms dramatically. "Welcome to the Academy! You'll enjoy your stay I'm sure, but only as long as you're able to keep your Demonic heritage a secret, of course. Arthur has already left to his Quarters, since his is technically the Pope, so he could easily be in Rome now. Allow me to further introduce myself. Yes, my name is 'Illusion', I am a Demon, and I love being so. This form is only used to allow me to blend in around here, and i go by a different name. In Public, I am known as 'Alexandra Demonia', and I am the Principal of this School! People will state that i am not, for I have a Human as my spokesperson, so people will ask you who I am, simply answer with 'A Friend', and you'll be fine. The people here absolutely hate Demons, even though some have rebelled and walk among them, they are constantly fighting, but when a real threat appears, they stop all that nonsense".

She turned to Deon, a small smirk playing on her lips. "I trust you've already met Mr. Hikari Scarlet here, so you can introduce yourselves when I set up your Dorms later, for now, I'll give you a Tour of the School!". She looked at Deon, or Hikari, and grinned. "But you should rest first". She tapped Deon on the head, causing him to wonder what was going on exactly and emit a 'What the he-', before he dropped to the ground, unconscious. She gave a little chuckle, then clicked her fingers, watching as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. "Don't worry, he's in the Infirmary being patched up, they're used to me doing this type of thing".

Illusion grinned, and turned to Ash and Devin, gesturing for them to get into the Limousine. She stepped inside, leavign to door open for them to enter into if they wished to do so, and a light giggling could be heard from inside. "Hurry up~ We only have an hour!~". When they stepped into the Limousine, Illusion, or Alexandra Demonia, as she was also called, looked them up and down. "Firstly, any questions?".


Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

"But Loki, what do we do now? Are you really gonna have to leave? That sucks, but I'm sure you'll find friends when you get there, right?".

I never knew, but from that day, my best friend for almost the entirety of my Childhood, Loki Belphegor, one of the most powerful Demon Kings in Hell, would change into the perso.. No, the monster, he was today. He was my best friend, the only person I actually slightly looked up to, even though I was a few months older than him, but what did that matter, we had eachother and we had our imaginations. Funny... we always played games where we would get sticks and fight with them, pretending that we were both powerful Demons on different sides, or that I was an Angel come to Earth, fighting off the darkness in the world. Sometimes we'd even pretend that there were others, other people, other Demons and Angels, and they all had their own parts and roles to play. I remember that one time we'd stubled across a little hidden garden, and me and Loki went inside, of course, his misheivous nature caused him to do things that I didn't, and maybe that's where we went apart.

Kind of like a bit of foreshadowing, isn't it?

"Hey Deon, look at this! It's an injured animal".

"Really? Whoa, it's guts are hanging out!".

"Should we help it? It looks like it's.... in pain".

"Well duh, come on, we'll put it somewhere it can lay down in peace,alright?".

"Y-Yeah. That's so sad....

Eventually we moved the animal, a little Squirrel, to the nice little grove that we'd found a few months beforehand, and laid it down on a little piece of blanket that I'd torn off of my old one at home, and watched it. Loki's eyes were brimming with tears for the majority of the time, and the Squirrel died at the exact same time as the last rays of the sun died from the loveliness of the sky. Loki even cried at that point, which was really odd for me, since to me, he'd been a strong guy, but at that moment, I realised that I was wrong. He wasn't strong, he seemed like it, but he had a mothers love, as did I. So we both went home that night, after burying the Squirrel, and Loki and I were sullen for a few days after that, I'd admit.

"Maybe the aspect of death was a shock to him?".

It was a few years later, but eventually me and Loki seperated. We still kept in touch for a long time after then, but one day, when I was sixteen, nearly turning seventeen, that I lost all contact with Loki. He'd simply vanished, on the exact same night that his Mother's corpse was found, bloodied and practically torn apart by what seemed to be claws.

When Loki's Mother was found dead, Loki was nowhere to be found. I didn't automatically put two and two together, it took my a while to realise that Loki was the killer, and on that day, I came out of my room after a week locked in there with the ample supplies to keep myself alive. My Mother tried to comfort me, and my Father did the same thing as always. Nothing, but it's not like he was there anyways. From that point on I'd been alone my entire life, until we moved again, and I found friendship once again in the form of a closely knit group of two girls and a guy. Sure, they weren't the most popular people, but they weren't the most hated or beaten up either, in fact, they were perfect for me. They were the best friends one could hope for. they encouraged me, liked me, and they even comforted me when I was sick or depressed, and with their help I always bounced back up from whatever had brought me down, I even nearly forgot about Loki, maybe I even did for a bit.

Then again, all of that changed on that one day. It was an awesome day, I was seventeen and a half at the time, and it was the school holidays, although it didn't matter much since I was schooled at home, so I had whatever time off I want anyways. Back to the point, it was an awesome day, we'd just had a Party and everybody was leaving, and somebody decided to cut the power switch, so that the entire place was dark. When I walked into the main lobby of my Mansion, (which was shared, by the way) and my friends were all sitting there, grinning like maniacs and being generally creepy. I told them I would go check on the lights and they smiled and nodded.

Let's just say that that was the night when I first met my real Father, the Devil. He'd instilled a paranoia in me that raged on inside my mind for at least a month. Then, people started dying, nothing was found, except weird symbols on their bodies, and another strange thing was that they'd been torn apart, from what looked like tools, too. This, combined with my Friends acting strange, and the fact that they'd been avoiding me, added onto by the Paranoia that my father had instilled in me, all lead me to one conclusion. They were the killers. Of course, I couldn't have been more wrong, but the Devil's magic was strong on me at that one point in time, and it wasn't until it was too late that I had realised my mistake.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

It broke my heart when I realised what I'd done and I'd spent all of the rest of my Human life trying to find out if I could bring them back. Sure, they might've been happy in the afterlife, but I wanted to at least apologise. And so one day I found a Sword, a magical sword, that could be insufed with a person's soul. I wanted to buy it, but I had no money since I'd run away from home. I resorted to stealing, and I'd succeeded in that respect, but I was nearly caught, so I had to flee once again. I ended up somewhere I can't even remember, maybe in Australia, or even Austria, who knows? All I knew is that it was me, and my newfound Blade, Mokou. One of my old friends who I'd killed, she'd forgiven me and even promised to tell the others my apology. And when I was given news of their acceptance and forgiveness...

"I remember that I cried for at least a few hours, straight".

Then I realised something, I wanted to kill my Father, but I had no way of doing this... it sucked, in all honesty, it really did, but at this point I guess you're tired of hearing my screwed up, bull shitty sob story, right? And besides, it's not like I remember any of this anyway, the Warriors of the Divine Light saw to that, with a fair bit of efficiency.

But there is one thing I'm sure of:

"My name is Deon Morris, and I will kill my Father".


"The heck? How did that bitch even knock me out that fast? What the hell is she?".

Deon sat up, his head still letting the room fly in a circle for few good minutes, when he grimaced and blinked away the dizziness. He allowed a few minutes to let his eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, and then he stood up, pulling the blinds open and flinching at the sudden light. He noticed his clothes on a table next to him, and noticed that he was naked.

"... Wha... What type of place IS this!?".

He quickly put his clothing back on, blushing slightly at the fact that somebody had seen him naked, without his permission. He growled and turned to the mirror, his wounds had nearly healed, and he looked mostly fine, but the bruise from the mans punch was still there, and it hurt like a bitch when he touched it. He pulled his hoodie on and pulled the hood over his white hair, growling slightly at the pain of the hoodie's slightly rough inner fabric as it slid across his chin. He looked at himself in the mirror one last time, and went to leave through the front door.

It then occurred to him that, in his state of unconsciousness, he'd probably remembered something, only to have it forgotten as soon as his eyes opened. He leaned against the door and hit it once in anger. Once he'd gotten close enough to Arthur, or even maybe Illusion, he'd be able to use the machine. He shook his head free of those dark thoughts and stepped back, opening the door and leaving the Building without much incident, he walked outside just as Illusion's Limousine rolled past, with the Principal herself still inside, and possibly the other two if they even got in with her. Deon ignored them, but since he was headed to the dorms, and they seemed to be heading that way as well, he had no choice but to try and keep himself unseen.

"Hey, Deon? Where're ya going?".

"The Dorms, I'm gonna sleep in there, and I'll let the girls materialise as well".

"Good, they're annoying me. A lot".

And the conversation kept going as long as Deon kept walking.


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Devin snorted in amusement as he flopped into the back of the car.

Pffft no, why would I have questions? It's not like the metaphorical rug was just pulled out from under our figurative selves. Oh wait...

"Yeah, I got a question for you. Where can I get my hands on some sharp-n-pointies?" and who am I allowed to use them on?

The crazy blonde just grinned at him like she was a pedophile and he had "jailbait" written all over him.

The hell are you smiling about you madwoman?

Her grin grew impossibly wider as she looked at him.

Just as he was about to open his mouth and ask if it was 'smile like a loon day' today, the car started moving and he was distracted by the sounds of fighting and cursing outside the window. It looked like the grunts were doing some sort of training exercise on the grounds, lots of shooty-shooting and 'splosions everywhere. Devin frowned as he saw a couple of the guys lying on the ground, clutching the bleeding stumps where limbs used to be, suddenly disappear. He blinked repeatedly, trying to clear his suddenly hazy vision when something wet and red splattered all over the window. Through the dark tint and the crimson ooze, Devin was able to make out several large forms ripping the panicking WDL forces to shreds, turning the whole scene into an LSD nightmare.

Then, one of the large forms turned and looked straight at him, as its' six comrades continued to sow destruction around it. Its glowing yellow eyes were visible, even through the lifeblood splattered all over the window, and its poisonous glare made him feel something strange and ravenous awaken deep in his chest. It reached out and grabbed a nearby human who was desperately trying to re-attach his arm, then, without any visible effort or breaking its gaze on him, it tore the hapless man in half, threw his still twitching remains to the side and gave him both middle-talons. He blinked in shock-


-and suddenly it was right outside the window, its' baleful yellow eyes burning holes right through him. He flinched and fell out of his seat, spilling a bottle of... something that smelled of apples all over him.

"Aw, Apple juice."

He looked back at the window, surprised that the creature hadn't torn the car open and devoured them like an oversized tin of sardines, only to find it clean and demon free.


An amused cough from the other side of the car interrupted his though before he could finish it. Devin looked up to see Illusion still giving him that cheshire grin. He frowned back at her, confusion and wariness showing plainly on his face.

"Just what the bloody hell is this place?"


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#, as written by Tanman
“What the…” Ash muttered aloud as the vehicles moved towards the shimmering golden gateway found deep within the recesses of the tunnel. Though its outer walls shined and rippled like a river of aurum, she could clearly see through it to an entirely different world. White tiled paths and potted trees framed an open courtyard surrounded by beds of flowers. Marvelling at the décor amongst the orange glow of the streetlights, she unconsciously slowed her approach to the portal, til she came to a complete stop in front of it. Cautiously, she pushed her hand out, as if testing what she saw was real and not some illusion. Indeed, her hand moved through the air, and even through her gloves she could feel the change in temperature as it entered a new domain. Withdrawing her hand to her chest, she sat there a moment, dully listening to the echoing sound of her engine, her mind drifting as thoughts and emotions played within her head.

"And you guys listen to me...this man is manipulating you all...”

That man… He’d spoken with such conviction… And the way he’d been treated… Was this Arthur fellow she’d willingly followed to escape the demons that untrustworthy that he’d risk dealing with the devil..? Had she made the right decision? For a moment, her confidence faltered as she sat alone in the darkness of the tunnel. Staring through the portal, Ash realised that none of the suits had noticed her stop. She was on the precipice. This was her chance - Her only moment to make a choice other then what was dealt to her. If she turned back now, she could escape it all... Demons… Exorcists… She could forget it all and go home. She could have her family.

Turning to look back down the tunnel, the last embers from the explosion were dying to the cold, their brightness fading. The ragged pieces of decaying demon flesh were still swaying from the force they’d been struck with, and the shattered lights on the ceiling were broken and dimmed from damage, leaving nothing but an endless black abyss. And just like that, the answers came to her amongst the darkness. She couldn’t return. Not after what she’d seen. Before all this, she felt she understood the world and her place in it. At the moment, she had more questions then answers. Now that she knew everything could shatter in a moment… That those demons could burst forth and do to her family what occurred at the warehouse…

She cared too much to let that happen.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she drove on through the portal, taking one last look behind her as the gateway shrunk and close. “Goodbye mum, dad. Take care everyone… I promise; I’ll be back one day.” Hanging her head a moment, she coasted to a stop behind the parked limousines, her body heavy from both stress and the weight of her decision. She knew she couldn’t trust Arthur, but by that same token, she knew that there was no way the demons were trustworthy. Inside, she knew she hated herself for what she was. Had she not had that blood… If she wasn’t part demon, then she could’ve continued her normal life. She would’ve gotten an apprenticeship, became a mechanic, and made a living. Now… now…

She hated them. Both of them. They’d ruined what she had and stolen her dreams. But she wasn’t stupid. No, she knew she was being manipulated, both by the demons and by the WDL. But the best way to make your own choices, was to let someone else think they were guiding you. She’d play along with the WDL while it was convenient, but she held her own ideal and motives. When the time came, she’d be ready to do what was necessary, regardless of what they wanted. She wasn’t a demon. She wasn’t an exorcist. She was Ash Clade, and in the end, she’d make her own choices.

Renewed in her confidence, Ash stepped from her ride, glancing over it before stopping once again as another thought dawned on her. She’d completely forgotten about the mystery of how it moved of its own accord, not to mention the lack of a key in the ignition… Squatting next to it, she placed a hand against the surface, feeling the warmth through the tapered metal. If demons and magic portals and everything were real, maybe she had a possessed bike or something? What was that Marvel guy called again… Death Rider? No, that was it: Ghost Rider. Maybe she had a spirit bike thing? She smiled at the thought of her motorcycle having flaming wheels. “Now that would be cool… Heh, guess I owe you one… Maybe I’ll give you a name…”


The sharp sound resonated throughout the courtyard, Ash sitting up to turn to the source. She managed to turn her attention just in time to catch the brutal sight of the WDL Suit repeatedly slamming the butt of his gun into the young man’s face. She was about to intervene when the white-haired fellow burst from the beating to connect a punch squarely in the jaw of his assailant and tackle him to the ground. The shocked view on the guard’s face brought a smile to her own, but only for a moment before the violence kicked up to the next level.

She winced as something that looked and sounded like acid was thrown into the face of who she now recognised as Mr. non-chalant from the warehouse, the boy thrashing about in the grip of his tormentors as his skin burned from the liquid. Then, once it was finally over, it seemed the boy couldn’t let it go as he spat in the face of his aggressor. ”Idiot…” Ash thought to herself as the men continued to beat down on the ‘demon child’ for his insolence. It served him right for needlessly provoking them, the dumbass. She wasn’t a coward, but she was smart enough not to get herself into a mess like that and needlessly get the snot beaten out of her. For that reason, she’d leave him to the repercussions of his mistake. Folding her arms and watching the scene continue to unfold, Ash’s hardened expression began to crack as the brutality continued, and she uncomfortably shifted her weight to her other foot before taking a step forward.

A firm hand on her shoulder stopped her from moving forward. “Uh-uh. Don’t make me mess up that pretty face of yours too.” The deep voice of the agent that had stopped her was slightly sinister, indicating that the threat was not an empty one. “Tch…” Roughly shrugging free from his grip, Ash glared at the man before turning back to the vicious display before her. Despite the fact she probably couldn’t help, she was not the kind to just sit back and watch people take things too far. “Damnit, that’s enough…” Ash continued to watch the violent display, willing those agents to get bored of it, to shut up and finish their business. And to think they thought that they were the human ones…

The boy slammed into the limousine, crumpling the door as he feel back to the floor, coughing up blood and staggering from the beating he’d received. As he got back to his feet, the agent once more drew back his arm for another bone shattering punch. “That’s enough damn it!” Ash growled viciously as she took a step forward, planning on intervening. He’d had enough, and so had she. He didn’t deserve everything that they were giving him – No one did. She didn’t know what she could do, but it was a damn sight better then watching them kill the boy.


In an instant, the man standing over the heavily savaged boy went sailing across the courtyard, colliding with a large building and sending a number of pillars splintering to the ground, marble crashing across the tiled ground and scattering in all directions as a plume of dust rose from the point of impact. Ash watched this in shock before slowly tracing the line from the destruction back to its source, locking eyes with perhaps one of the last people she expected to see. It was her… That ‘Illusion’ lady… Well, she was a demon, which explained why Mr. WDL had just beaten the world record for the long jump.

As she met eyes with Ash, and then the pale young man in turn, she gestured them over while still speaking to the man struggling from his injuries on the ground. So his name was Scarlet, was it? Bit of a girly name, but at least it was something. Listening intently throughout Illusion… No, Alexandra’s speech, Ash’s eyes occasionally wandered back to Hikari. Even now, given what he’d just endured, it looked like little more than a soft brawl rather then torture… Not only that, but Ash had certain suspicions about that young man, and part of her wanted to ask- In a wisp of smoke, he was gone, sent off to the infirmary for medical care. Blinking a couple of times, Ash wondered if she’d be able to do that at some point – then decided she much preferred walking or using her bike when given the opportunity.

It seemed however that neither was to be her option as she was called to enter the limo, alongside the pale fellow next to her. That’s right, he was the guy who’d wanted to flip the demon the bird. Great, she’d be stuck with this jackass for the trip… Clambering in after him, Ash glanced back at her bike before stepping inside. Well, if it was some mystically possessed demon bike, she had a feeling she didn’t have to worry about its safety. And if it wasn’t… She’d make damn sure someone here paid for it.

"Hurry up~ We only have an hour!~"

Ash eye rolled some at the tone used against her. She hated people that did that cutesy accent to their voice, it reminded her all too much of the most annoying of her siblings… Wait an hour? Hour for what? She glanced to the blonde demoness, who simply met her sceptical expression with one of amusement. Still, it seemed part of her had picked up on Ash’s curiosity, taking this opportunity to answer any questions the duo might have. First to take the initiative was the other boy, Ash shaking her head a little at the content of his question as she gave an incredulous sideways glance at the boy. Seeing he was serious, she sighed and turned her attention back to the window as she leant her chin in her hand, not in the least bit interested in Illusion's answer to his question. It was funny – From this side of the window, she could see right through. She couldn’t even see her reflection in the opaque glass.

A giggle brought Ash’s attention back to their host, and she glanced across at the other guest to see just what was so amusing. Her eyes widened a little as she watched the panicked expression etched on his face, the boy scrabbling to escape some invisible assailant before panting and glancing about frantically, as if regaining his bearings. Eventually, he looked back to Illusion, studying her before asking his next question: "Just what the bloody hell is this place?" Ash gave an exasperated sigh as she sat up, staring him down dryly as she gave a response.

“In case you missed the announcement, this is the Academy; and judging by what Alexandra’s told us, I’d say probably some sort of training ground for Exorcists under the guise of a school. Maybe if you had half a brain you would’ve worked that out by now.” Her voice drenched in sarcasm, Ash’s cool demeanour was lost to confusion for a moment as Illusion burst into laughter. It was as if her ‘joke’ was the funniest thing in the world. Ash waited a moment, but since she didn’t seem to be stopping, she instead decided to begin her enquiry. “I have some questions of my own, but first off I’d like to get some things straight.” Ash spoke with a surprising amount of confidence given the circumstances, and it seemed that Illusion respected that to some degree, ceasing her laugh and returning to a ‘stern’ expression as if she’d never stopped being serious in the first place. All at once however, it broke back into a devilish smile. “Go on then~”

“For starters, you said something about Dorms. I am not sharing a room.” Ash watched that grin seemingly widen just a bit, but she shook it off as she decided to continue her list of demands. “Secondly, my bike. I want somewhere safe to keep it, and where I can work on it. In private. Adding emphasis at the end, Ash’s face turned irritable as she was unable to read Illusion’s expression beyond that stupid grin of hers. Waiting for a response, Illusion prompted her to continue her little list of ‘needs’ in frustratingly innocent style “And?~”

“And…” Ash repeated, trailing off as she glanced over to the other boy before looking back to Illusion. She had nothing to be ashamed of, so why was she hesitating? She wanted to know if they’d done as they said they would and left her family alone. “And…” At the last moment, Ash switched tact, leaning forward to meet Alexandra’s face. “Illusion… Or, should I say Alexandra? Either way, I don’t consider you my friend, so don’t expect me to ever call you that.” As intimidating as Ash was attempting to be, somehow, she could tell it just wasn’t working with that grin on the demon’s face. Huffing a little and folding her arms as she fell back into her seat, she finally decided to ask an actual question.

“So what exactly are we in a rush for? You said we only had an hour.” Trying to act disinterested, Ash’s view returned back to the window, watching the school buildings slide on by… Once Illusion had explained satisfactorily, Ash remembered the next most salient point in her mind, reminded of the beating Hikari took earlier. “Uhuh. So what are the rules here anyway? Both for you, those suits, and for us.” What she meant by that of course, was not only what they were allowed to do, but what the exorcists were allowed to do to them. Part of her imagined that what she saw today wouldn’t be the last time the WDL attempted to instil a lesson with their fists…


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#, as written by zody
Illusion - Alexandra Demonia

Grin. Just grin and bear it, they're only new Demons, although some of them are kind of odder than others. Their Hearts are easy to read though, but I think I'll keep that ability a secret for now, shan't I? I hate how Arthur constantly insists that I'm not sane, but I very much am sane, I just don't show it much. Hikari is being treated as we speak, and these two are already hating the WDL more every second, it's a good victory.".

Illusion sat in the chair, happy about her victory over Devin's mind, but in the dark recesses of her own, she was shifting uncomfortably. Of course, all that the other two could see was her cheshire-cat esque grin. She wanted to rebel against the craziness, but even if she did then she'd probably just get laughed at again...

Illusion snapped to attention from her inner thoughts as Ash asked her question, finally. It's a shame about her last staement though, since Illusion hadn't seen a female Exorcist with that much spunk in a while, and it'd be enjoyable, maybe. Illusion blinked a few times, focusing on what Ash said.

"...You said we only had an hour.”

Illusion's grin disappeard, and she rubbed her forehead with her index finger, not in a rude way, but more in frustration that Arthur hadn't even told them about it. Illusion's eyes flicked to Ash's, a certain something in them, something buried deep within her past, after all, Ash was a woman as well, and immediately Illusion had thought that they might've been able to get along. Well, she was wrong, apparently.

"Huh... wha? Oh, right. Since the Hour's almost up, we'll go pick up Hikari and then go to the Hall, where the Assembly is gonna be taking place. And no, nobody will be getting beat up again, unless you have some weird fetish and enjoy that type of thing". Illusion giggled to herself, and then, noticing Ash's expression, she stopped giggling, coughing awkwardly and muttering a barely audible apology. Illusion looked outside of the Limo, a smirk crossing her face as she found the person she was looking for. "Hmm, is he talking to himself? I think he i- oh wait, nevermind".

Illusion gave the two others ample time to study the Boy, who was walking by himself, but his mouth was moving, and it seemed like another voice could be faintly heard nearby. Illusion smiled, wondering what the others would think of it, and when she tired of that, she opened the door of the Limo, just as it slowed to a halt. She stepped out, and proceeded to sneak up behind Deon, whom was completely oblivious for a few seconds, as someone shouted a warning, and illusion pounced. She grabbed him by the wrist and, quite literally, dragged him over to the Limo, throwing him inside and then getting inside herself, closing the door after.

As the boy grumbled, seating himself far away from the others and closing his eyes, leaning back on the couch and relaxing a bit. He breathed out heavily, rubbing his chin, and then letting his arm fall down onto his lap, in an obviously comfortable position. Illusion eyed him, smirking slightly. She turned to Ash, eager for one last jab at her.

"Oh, you'll be sharing your Dorm with these two, and since we've only got two rooms, and Devin doesn't seem very sociable, you'll be sharing the same room with Hikari~". Illusion grinned widely as replies came flying at her, and she waved her hand in reply. "Only screwing, you two. You'll all be in the same building, but have your own sections".

Illusion laid back, closing her eyes and humming softly, completely ignoring the other people in the Limousine, as she drifted away into her own mind.


Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

Deon rubbed his chin, wondering where the hell Illusion had come from, and how much the people inside the Limo had seen of him speaking with Mokou. He opened an eyelid slightly, observing the others sittign there, when Illusion said something he'd never even expected. "Oh, you'll be sharing your Dorm with these two, and since we've only got two rooms, and Devin doesn't seem very sociable, you'll be sharing the same room with Hikari~".

"Wh- WHAT!? Why do I have to share a room with her? I need my privacy, ya know!". Hikari has practically nearly leaped out of his seat, and when he say the grin on Illusion's face, he knew he'd fallen for it. He glared at her and sat back in his chair, pissed off about the day in general. He could still feel the remnants of the Holy Water on his skin, and it still burned slightly, but luckily, he was healing faster again. He sighed and rubbed his eyelids lightly, grimacign at the barely audible sizzling that emanated from his burnt flesh. "Ugh, Holy Water's a bitch[.". He wasn't speaking to anyone in particular, but since nobody else had said anything for a bit, he felt that he need to break the silence.

His mind was still reeling from Illusion's joke, and he realised that, under any other circumstances, he would've probably been fine with bunking with Ash, but since she seemed to hate him for some reason, and he needed to research into finding his memories more, he just couldn't. He just hoped she wouldn't be too angered at him. He opened his eyes, blinking, and he pulled out his iPod, and plugged his earphones into it. He turned his musicup loud, so that if nybody spoke, he couldn't hear them, but then he got an idea, and turned his music down, just in case somebody said something of interest.

He sat there, or maybe layed there, whatever you wanted to say, as a light drizzle began to patter onto the roof of the Limo, and the concrete road that they were travelling down. He wanted to go to the dorm, and just sleep there, relax and then maybe cook some food or something, but he knew that it was mandatory, and annoyingly so, that all Exorcists had to go to the Assembly. Sure, it was annoying, but it was mandatory, not even Illusion, or rather Alexandra, could say no. It was the Pope's orders that it would be so.


"Okay, time to get out and go inside the Hall, all of you, aside from Mrs. Demonia, who will be doing something quickly before entering the assembly hall". Deon opened his eyes, realsiing that he'd fallen asleep. He sat up, wiping the tiredness from his eyes and stretching, yawning semi-loudly. He watched as the others left the Limo, and then he went to get out himself, but Illusion grabbed his arm with her iron grip, and whispered into his ear.

"You should stop being a hero so much, otherwise you'll be found out, Deon. You're not First Class Exorcist Deon Morris anymore, you're the Rookie Hikari Scarlet". Deon hoped that Illusion hadn't spoken too loudly, but he nodded anyways and she let him go. He stepped out of the Limo and was pushed lightly in the direction of the Hall. He glanced at Ash and Devin, and then proceeded straight up into the Hall, opening the doors and waiting in the Lobby. "This is gonna be juuuust great".


Illusion - Alexandra Demonia

Illusion watched as the others left the Limo, and the door closed. She chuckled to herself, and watched as a dark maisma dripped out of nowhere and into the middle of the Limo. She bit her thumb as she watched it transform in anticipation, and she grinned widely when it had fully formed it's Human state. "Hello father, how are you?".


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#, as written by Tanman
Ashley Clade

”Assembly, huh? Reminds me of Grade School…” Ash thought to herself as she slouched back in the limo, before disdainfully glaring at Illusion for the masochism joke. Clearly, she still had her touch, as her glare broke Alexandra’s façade and forced her to take a step back. Somehow, that served to inflate Ash’s ego at the thought of being able to intimidate a demon. Smugly smirking, she didn’t notice the limo stop until Illusion had departed the vehicle, slyly sneaking up behind Hikari before manhandling him into the passenger door. Not that he entirely seemed to mind, seeing as Ash had already seen what he was like when he was resisting.

He didn’t seem to say much, slouching away from the two – an aspect that Ash took note of, but was more than happy with. She wasn’t entirely sure if he’d be any better company then the other boy, but she’d be lying if she said she wanted to engage in friendly small talk. Maybe in another scenario, but with all that had happened, the situation seemed too serious for such things. Still, in looking over Mr. Scarlet, Ash couldn’t help but notice his body. No, not like that. She had way better taste than that. What her critical eye perceived was the absence of most all of his injuries in their entirety. Either the medical staff were holding out on modern medicine, or, just as she’d noticed during his ‘welcoming’, this guy was like that Wolverine guy. Shaking her head, Ashe realised that was twice she’d referred to nerdy superhero comics. She’d been hanging out with little Jean way too much. Not that that was going to be a problem now she was here. She had other accommodation issues to worry about, as evidenced by Alexandria’s next statement.

"Oh, you'll be sharing your Dorm with these two, and since we've only got two rooms, and Devin doesn't seem very sociable, you'll be sharing the same room with Hikari~".

Ash’s face said it all, her eye widening as her nostrils flared for a moment. Then, just before she spoke, she realised exactly what Illusion was doing, the glint in her eye giving it a way. She relaxed, refusing to take the bait. Unfortunately, it seemed her ‘roommate’ wasn’t so lucky. Still, it made it all too easy for Ash to slip in her own private dig at the boy.

“I wonder what a boy needs privacy for? Hmm…” Smirking as she insulted Hikari, Ash happily ignoring the select finger he showed her. Turning to Illusion, who was quick to admit that she was indeed messing with the two – an activity Ash was beginning to believe was a habit of hers - Ash tried to read whether the joke was supposed to provoke her, Hikari or both. In the end, she decided the latter was the most viable. As Hikari pouted, much like a child after a tantrum, Ash decided to prod some more buttons and provoke her compatriots just a little further. “I can’t believe you fell for that. Oh wait, you are the guy stupid enough to be rendered near comatose within the first five minutes of being here. Never mind, it makes sense that you’re gullible to boot. At least you didn’t nearly wet yourself like Devin here.” Casually leaning back in her seat, Ash listened to Hikari’s retort in mild amusement.

"At least I'm not gonna get my throat torn out by a Demon when they pop up, or taken to Hell and made into a Slave. They love girls down there, ya know, not too many female Demons, so the Girls are treated the worst, and made to do all sorts of... unsanitary things" He was grinning, like that was supposed to scare her. Ash was more than happy to return the banter however, unflinching at the threats of danger. “I suppose you’d know all about unsanitary, wouldn’t you? Kinda sad you need such sick fantasies to get hard, limp dick. Explains why you want that privacy so much.” Readying another insult in her head in case Hikari wanted thirds, Ash decided her next angle would be that stupid name of his. Hikari Scarlet, huh? Mr. ‘Light Red’. Hah! Pinky. That was good. She’d have to save that for an opportune moment…

After the heat died down, Hikari was the first who dared to break the silence, commenting on the holy water that he had smeared across the face. Considering how much that had burned, Ash wondered if it would have the same effect on her. Sensibly, she decided she never wanted to find out. Still, it seemed no one was willing to bite on the conversation offering, everyone slipping into their own private world. Illusion humming to herself, Hikari with his music, and Devin… Lost in his thoughts? Well, now she felt like a bit of a jerk, killing the mood for conversation. Well, whatever. It’s not like she wanted to chat with them at all anyway...


“Hey! Hey, can me and Louise come to the ball too?” The eager young girl looked up to her sisters with bright blue eyes, clutching her doll in front of her in anticipation. She was a small young thing, little more than five or six, and always eager to join in on the games with her elder sisters. “Uh… Sorry Ash - Louise can’t come.” The youngest of the trio, Penny, spoke up; not meeting eyes with Ashley as the other two sisters began snickering with laughter. “What?! Why?!” Ashley asked indignantly, pouting a bit as she looked to them in surprise, her face falling significantly. Why wouldn’t they want to play with her? She just wanted to join in…

“She needs a dress to go to the dance, stupid.” The 2nd eldest, Jasmine was the next to speak, pointing to Ash’s doll, Louise. “She can’t go looking like that.”

“B-but Louise is like me – she doesn’t like wearing dresses…” Mumbling to herself with her head downcast, it was barely audible enough for the other girls to hear; but it was enough for the eldest sister, Cindy, to pounce. “Well maybe she should sit out and play with her toy cars like you! Haha!” A chorus of laughter went out amongst them as Ash began to sniffle to herself, wiping the beginnings of her tears from her eyes. It was true that she normally played with the cars her daddy gave her, but she still wanted to play with her sisters.

“Come on, I just want to join in…!” Ash was sobbing a little now, blubbering as she wasn’t able to hold back her tears. Still her sisters laughed at her. “Aww, poor Sooky Sooty’s upset!” “As if we’d let a crybaby in to the dance!” “Louise is probably a wuss like you too!” The demoralising laughter continued to echo about the room, and no matter how much the little girl protested, she was not heard. Finally, she could take no more, crying out as loud as she could. “Fine! I don’t care! I didn’t even want to go to your stupid ball!” Tears streaming down her face, Ash ran from the bedroom and down the hall, escaping to the solitude of her bedroom. Sobbing into her bed, she continued to cry to herself. No matter how many times she said it, she couldn’t convince herself otherwise. She would’ve loved to play with them…


As the Limousine cruised to a stop at the hall, the driver indicated they had to leave the ‘principal’ behind. “Good riddens…” Ash mumbled to herself as she pulled herself up out the side. Stopping to look over the building, she was a little surprised how huge it was – almost like that massive coliseum in Rome. Whistling a little, she stepped up, taking a few steps before glancing back to see if she was being followed. Indeed, Devin was behind her, but Hikari was lagging behind, Illusion having a bit of a private word with him. Just what was that all about?

Stepping inside the lobby, once again, Ash was a little awed that it seemed even larger from within. The interior was a massive circle, a large platform in the middle of the room surrounded by seats. Forming each of the four corners was massive private booths with tapestries, Ash a little curious just what they were for. It was kind of like one of those broadway musical halls, except radiating out of a centre stage. Part of her wondered where the ‘front’ seats were and whether she’d be looking at someone’s back all night, but it didn’t really matter to her as she filed her way to one of the back rows, getting the odd stare from Exorcists. Honestly, she didn’t stand out that much, did she? Regardless, she wondered if the boys would bother to follow her or not. After all, she had gone a little bit further ahead, and perhaps she’d lost them in the crowd? Well, either way, she’d try to pay at least SOME attention to the presentation. Hopefully it wouldn’t be a boring preach show…

Kane O'Reilly

Well, this was it - his big chance to make a name for himself in the Academy. Kane O’Reilly, a recruit and rookie in the WDL - and one day, going to make his way to be a Master Knight and save the world from the threat of Demon invasion. Not for any glory or anything; but because it was the right thing to do. Nay, what had to be done! Ooo, that was a good line. He’d have to add that one to his speech. Scribbling on his piece of paper as he prepared for his big announcement, he was so excited for the opportunity. He honestly had no idea why all the other exorcists had rejected the chance to make a speech at the assembly – It was such a great honour!

Sitting up straight as his name was called out; he grabbed and flicked out the lapels of his jacket before striding up the stairs to centre stage. After this, everyone was going to respect him; he was going to be-“Waaahahoooa!” Kane cried out as he tripped on the top rung of the stairs, falling face first into the floor as his papers scattered everywhere. Rubbing his chin in pain, he winced momentarily before remembering where he was. Oh god no, not here. Not now. Scrambling onto all fours, he hurriedly began scooping up the bits and pieces of his paper as a chorus of discussion rippled through the crowd. “I can’t believe I just did that! Ugghhh.. Alright, it’s cool. I can still do this. Just recover, act natural like nothing happened. You got this Kane.” Calming himself with his thoughts, Kane pulled up the first sheet, and began reading steadily.

“Ahem. And that’s why, I’m proud-AH! Wrong page! Sorry, sorry everyone. Uh, give me a moment… I um, just got to put these in order-Aw shoot, dropped one…” Leaning over to pick up the paper, Kane stayed kneeling a moment as inside he was crying and pleading for this moment to be over. Finally however, he composed himself, lining up each paper correctly as he begun his speech. For real, this time.

“Greetings my fellow Exorcists. None of you may know me yet, but by the end of this speech, I think you’ll all understand who I am. Not just my name, Kane O’Reilly; but who I am. And for that reason, I ask all of you – Who are you? Not just what you’re called, but who are you inside? For me… I’m nothing. I’m just a recruit, the lowest on the totem poll of agents here at the WDL. But that also makes me a proud. Proud to be a member of such a prestigious organisation. An organisation of heroes, men and women alike who strive to protect mankind at all times from the bane of demons. I may just be a recruit, but I’m also an exorcist. I may not be strong now, but one day, I’ll be a hero, just like all of you. We’ll save this world, protect it, and one day, we’ll all be able to live in peace and harmony…”

After getting started, Kane found it all the easier to keep going... And going... And going... The short, 5 minute presentation had easily breached 10 minutes, and already, much of the content seemed to be doubling up and repeating himself. It wasn’t until another exorcist stepped up and less than politely tugged Kane from the mic, did the presentation end. Still, Kane had gotten his message across. He was going to be a hero, just like everyone else in the WDL. Smiling as he made his way down the stairs, he stumbled once more, but caught himself this time. Learn from mistakes, become a bigger person. That was how he was going to do it.

The setting changes from The Earth, 2015 to The WDL Academy


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#, as written by zody
Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

"Illusion keeps looking at me suspiciously. I don't trust her. She looks like she will attack me at any moment. I must be careful."

Deon strode straight down to the front of the Hall, and sat down the front, gaining a few glances and murmurs about him. It almost seemed like some of the observers knew him, but they couldn't know him, not personally anyways. He sat down, a sigh escaping his lips. He observed the ceremony, until a certain blond maniac took the spotlight. He looked away for a second, but was immediately drawn back when he realised something was odd. Instead of having a Human onstage, Illusion herself was up there. She looked different, most likely the fact that she looked, well, for lack of better words, she looked sane. It was odd, and her expression was unreadable aside from a dominant seriousness. Deon was pretty darn worried.

"Hello there, my fellow Exorcists, both young and old, both veterans and the new ones, it is my official honor to both invite and welcome you to this semester here at the central Academy for the Warrior's of the Divine Light. Now, as you've all heard, there's been a large amount of recent activity going on in the outside world. Yes, those of you that have trained enough will be allowed to go out on Exorcisms and Missions, scouting, hunting, exorcising, and the like. Now, before I move on, I'd like to hear how much excitement is pumping through your veins".

As if on cue, and like they'd been pumped with steroids and marijuana, the crowd surrounding Deon lunged upwards as one, yelling and screaming like maniacs, aside from the quieter ones and the veterans, of course. The clamor lasted for a good few minutes, causing Deon great annoyance. After all, he could be at the Dorm Cooking or setting up his room, maybe even trying to sort his own mental bullshit out. It also didn't help that he had a group of seven voices laughing at the Exorcists around him. When the noise subsided and the idiotic zealots sat down, Illusion spoke again, a hint of deviousness in her eyes.

"Glad to see that you're all happy and ready to join our... prestigious organisation, and hopefully become a beacon of light in this time of darkness. Alas, my time on this stage is nearing it's end, as I have very pressing matters to attend to. If you have any questions, feel free to ask an older Exorcist or a Teacher. For now, my name is Alexandria Demonia, and it is my very own please and honor to welcome you to the Warrior's of the Divine Light's main program!".

The surprising amount of charisma that Illusion had displayed would most likely be a major shock to those whom had labeled her as insane or crazy, and if you thought she was stupid, think again. Deon caught sight of her grin, and she locked eyes with him for a moment, before turning away fully and leaving the Hall. Deon glared at her as she vanished behind the curtain, and he was sure she was up to something. His attention shifted to a young man striding up the sta- 'Ouch. That would've hurt a little bit'. He observed as the man scrambled to get himself together, and while everyone else laughed, he just watched. This kid was obviously different from the others in the Hall, for starters he didn't look like an idiot, and he looked like he was joining the WDL because it was the right thing to do. Deon sat through the rest of the assembly, but the thought kept coming back to him.

"Illusion keeps looking at me suspiciously. I don't trust her. She looks like she will attack me at any moment. I must be careful."

Deon shook his head. Illusion was slightly unnerving, sure, but she wouldn't actually attack him, would she? After all, if she did, Arthur would probably murder her. Deon laughed on the inside, banishing the thought as a simple idiotic rambling that he'd thought up when he was listening to his music earlier. He laughed in his head again, before Kane finished his speech and headed offstage. Moreso, he was dragged offstage, and this time Deon couldn't stop himself from letting out a little chuckle.

"He's kinda funny, ya know that? But in an Innocent way".

Deon's eyes widened and he looked around, before realising who'd spoken. Well, telepathy isn't really classified as speaking, is it? Deon had no idea, but suddenly another voice in his head decided to answer his questions for him.

"Yes, Telepathy is well known as one of the most common ways to communicate between Demons and Humans, Demons and Demons, and Humans and Humans".

"Did you really have to give me that much info, Luci?".

"Yeah, that was kinda... overwhelming, dontcha think, Sis?".

"Well, since I'm the eldest, I'm smarter than all of you! So shut it!".

"I think Luci's overcompensating for something".

"No I'm not!".

And suddenly all seven of the voices were going off in his head at once. He rubbed his forehead, knowing that they wouldn't stop bickering until he banished them, but he had to say that in order to get them out, and even then they could still pop up every now and then. Lucifer, Satan and Asmodeus were gonna be screwing around for a long time, and Deon was a bit pissed off about it. He tried his best to ignore it, but in the end he managed to shut them all up by shouting. Telepathically, of course.

"This is gonna be a looooong day".

Illusion - Alexandra Demonia

Illusion was humming as she left the Academy's Hall. She grinned at the passersby and winked at some of males she walked past. She was thinking nondescript thoughts to herself when she rounded a certain corner and bumped into a young man. He quickly apologised, being fairly timid and squeaky, and that was before he noticed who it was that was helping him pick up papers. He leaped back quickly, apologising like there was no tomorrow, or like there wouldn't be a tomorrow if he didn't apologise fast enough. Illusion laughed lightly, and put a finger to the young man's lips. The man silenced himself, an audible and visible gulp emanating from his throat. It was obvious that he was scared out of his wits, and normally Illusion would've enjoyed toying with him, but something had changed. Illusion herself thought it was... odd, to say the least, but she was more preoccupied with calming the man before her, giving him his papers and speaking with him quickly.

"So what are those Papers, anyway?". Illusion asked this out of curiosity, and the man adjusted his glasses, and Illusion allowed her powers to creep into his heart. Before he could reply, she stepped forwards, passing him. As he turned, she winked and gave him a single comment.

"Congratulations on your Child, Mister Johnstone". Before the man could reply, Illusion had already completed her turn on the corner, waving away his stuttered 'thank you's and boarding her vehicle. She giggled slightly and pulled out her phone, dialing a number. "Yes, inform them that I'll be present at the Council Meeting shortly. Mhm, I'll be on my way".


Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

"Heh, that Assembly was boring as always. I mean, come on. We already know the rules and stuff. The one thing that got me was Illusion's charisma. Where the fuck did it come from? She's insane, isn't she?".

"She's good at keeping up her facade's, Illusion. You should be more careful around her, just in case she's more dangerous than she looks".

"I KNOW that she's more dangerous than she looks, Mokou. I can feel it, you can feel it, and so can the Girls".

"Just... be careful. We're so damn close to getting your memories back that if we screwed up now, you might not ever get a good chance again".

"I know".

By the time Deon had left both the Hall and the Courtyard, it had started to rain a little bit. He looked up and sighed, observing the Limousine driver beckon him over, a gesture which he ignored with a certain one-finger salute and a twist of his heel. He rolled his shoulders to alleviate some pain and strode towards the Dorms, more importantly, his Dorm. He walked at an even pace, but he started to speed up when the rain started pounding down more heavily onto his shoulders and head. He laughed a little bit inside as he remember the look on the face of the Limo Driver when he'd given him the bird, and he assumed that the other two were already boarding the Limousine and heading towards the Dorms themselves. He figured that he'd arrive early and cook something up for them, since he already needed enough stuff for himself and the Girls. He grinned slightly as he remember when he'd first met them after losing his memories.

~~~~~FLASHBACK GO!~~~~~

Deon's POV -


Lucifer wasn't able to finish her sentence due to being punched in the gut with the force of a condensed fighter-jet. She grimaced in pain and flew back a few meters, finally realising that taunting her opponent was still her old Master, and her current master, aside from his memory loss. And that meant that no matter what, he'd be able to beat her. She pulled herself up to her feet and swayed slightly, feeling the blood from her cuts drip off of her and hit the ground. The boy, or moreso the man before her held his blade to her neck, and his eyes were cold as the ice that made up the arctic circle.

"You are a Demon, therefore you're evil. You serve the Devil, and I will destroy you".

"You mean you really have no memories of who I am?".

"No. From what I've gathered so far is that your name is Lucifer, you have six sisters each representing a Cardinal Sin".

"You're so thick sometimes. It annoyed me so much before, and it still does".


"I meant exactly what I said. And if you really can't remember, then you won't be expecting this!".

Before Deon could react, something sharp and dangerously pointy was headed straight towards him, aimed at his heart. He dodged just in time, but it still nicked his ribs and kept going. He gasped and spun around, only facing the silver spear of light that was a milimeter away from his face.


Deon's eyes widened as he felt whatever it was penetrate his chest cavity, slicing straight through his heart and continuing on it's path. He staggered for a few miliseconds and then realised that he now had a massive hole through his chest. No. A massive hole through his goddamn HEART. He clutched at his chest as the pain hit him, but something was wrong. Shouldn't a hole through the heart kill him instantly? He was bewildered as to what was happening, but he couldn't voice his opinions due to the raw shock. He choked for words, before realising how much blood he was losing. Wait, no. He wasn't losing any, not any more anyways. He looked down at the blood puddle the was below him, and then traced upwards with his eyes until he reached the spot where the hole was.

"What the...."

The hole was closing by itself, and Deon was already raising his had and tracing the tiny scar that remained. It took a few more seconds, but the scar was barely noticeable now. He blinked a few times and then turned around, and looked at the girl who was now sitting on her ass on the ground wiping excess blood off of her clothing. She looked up just as the tip of his sword met her neck again, and sighed.

"Go ahead, kill me. I'm too exhausted to move anymore".

"I will, spawn of the Devil".

The girl waited, an expression of boredom on her face as Deon pulled back his sword. He pushed forwards, bringing the blade straight at the girl's face.



Lucifer's POV -

Lucifer opened her eyes, flinching at the fact that a blad was right in from of her face, pressing against the tip of her nose slightly. She sighed in relief, but she shut herself up when the blade slipped a tiny bit closer to her. She looked up and noticed that the man above her had a scowl on his face, but it was... different, as if something had changed inside of him. It was then that Lucifer realised that the voice she'd been hearing wasn't just a little spurt of insanity. It was that girl who'd had her soul put into the sword. Lucifer moved back slightly, and spoke.

"H-Hey, it's you. That chick... uhh, Mokou, was it? Mind telling him to back off a bit?".

"Oh hey, you're still conscious? I figured that having the shit beaten out of you would've at least K.O'ed you for a bit".

"S-Shut up. I was only faking it! I'm surprised that you haven't rusted, you stupid piece of metal!".

"Yeah yeah, don't get your panties in a knot, dirtface".

"There's no dirt on my face, rusty!".

"Suuure there isn't, weakling".

"Do you want me to snap you in half?".

"Hey, a few seconds ago I was gonna slice through your face, so shut it".

"Sure you were, tool!".




"Scrap Metal!".


If swords could flinch, Mokou wouldv'e just shat bricks, and I mean quite a few bricks. Lucifer on the other hand, being an animate object, is able to flinch, and she flinched alright. Lucifer stood, nearly falling over again, but she managed to keep her balance and didn't fall back onto her ass. Her vision was blurring though, and she was only saved from falling to the floor by two pairs of arms holding her up. It was unavoidable, but Lucifer didn't think she'd black out that quickly, and from that day, she'd always stopped herself from being beaten up that badly again. It screwed with her pride.

~~~~~FLASHBACK END!~~~~~

Deon laughed to himself again as he left the store, holding a few bags of ingredients and the like. He nudged the door open with his foot and proceeded out into the covered area outside, noticing that the rain's strength and ferocity had increased substantially. He was lucky that he'd gotten plastic bags instead of the regular paper bags, because they wouldn't do very well in this weather. He looked over to his left and saw that there was an undercover portion of the sidewalk extending all the way past the doors of the dorms and other rooms. Deon sighed, noting just how overcrowded it was, and how if he even thought about going that way, he wouldn't have gotten to the Dorms the quickest anyways.

Which is how he ended up running like a madman through the pouring rain towards his dorm, he pounded on the door a few times, hoping that the rain would let up soon. The bags couldn't hold out forever.

"God fucking dammit".


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#, as written by Tanman
Ashley Clade

Sidled in amongst the crowd, Ashley leaned back in her seat, before finding that uncomfortable. Shifting herself once more, she leaned forward with her chin in her hand as she propped up on her elbow, staring down at the stage. “Yup, just like Grade school…” She murmured to herself, the position eerily similar to the one she adopted all throughout her teen years at her school desk. It was the only way to stop herself from slipping off into dreamland. Drearily watching Illusion take the stage, she was more than a little annoyed at the rally attempt – more so that it was actually successful. Man, did she hate the masses. Still, she was getting a few glares from the people beside her. Sighing, she half-raised her arm with her most lethargic ‘Yay’, her tone dripping with sarcasm as she turned to the guy nearest her with a ‘Satisfied now?’ look. Clearly he wasn’t, but the glare that followed was enough to make him redirect his eyes back forward.

After some applause, another fellow went up to take the stage. Scrawny, blonde, fairly young; maybe he was- Ash’s thoughts were interrupted at the sight in front of her as the exorcist decided to introduce his face to the floor. She couldn’t help but snort in amusement at the display, though she did her best to contain it just to that. Had to suck to be that guy – oh, and look, he was all flustered now. Poor guy… Well, at least the loser made her smile after all that happened. The effect was short lived however, as the speech began to drone on and on like a broken record. Man, she was actually sympathetic a moment ago, but now this bore was beginning to make her think the trip was Karma in advance for the pain he was making them all endure. Ugh, that was it, she had to get out. He’d been going for 8 minutes straight, she was going to die if she stayed any longer. Somewhat subtly, Ashley sat up, pushing herself over the back of her seat and creeping to the door. The few people next to her glanced over their shoulders to watch her go, but the worst case scenario was they’d tattle and she’d get reprimanded later. Slipping out and silently closing the door behind her, Ash took a deep sigh before snickering to herself. For now, it was the perfect crime, so she just had to find where she’d be staying and chill out ‘til the morning. Maybe if she felt like socialising, she’d ask tweedle dum or tweedle dee for a summary of what she missed.

Plick. Ash blinked. Wet. It was raining? Since when had that happened? Ugh, it’d been silent in that stupid auditorium, now she was going to be soaked well before she found where she was staying… Shaking off the droplets for a moment, she tugged her jacket up over her head. She looked like a bit of an idiot, but at least she’d be a bit dryer. If only she had her bike, then she’d… “Gah!” Ash yelled out as she tripped into something, falling chest first on top of… “You…? Well, I guess this settles that you are some kinda demon bike… But would you mind giving me some warning next time? I didn’t even see you pull up…” Ash blinked a bit as the hazard lights on her bike switched on for a moment, flashing repeatedly. She sighed. “Oh haha, very funny… Wait, you understood me? So you’re actually you know, uh… Sentient?” Once again, the hazards flicked. But this time, only once. “Wait, so is it one blink for yes?” The lights blinked once. Then Ash realised that she was no closer to working out if that was yes or no. She sighed, climbing on.

“You’re worse then me, you know that?” The left indicator flicked on. Then the right. Then the headlight flashed. Great, so she had a demonbike with a sense of humour. Wonderful. Maybe if she showed the exorcists that was all she could do, they’d let her go out of sympathy? Shaking her head, she pulled on her helmet and started up the engine to leave before… “Crap, I don’t even know where the dorms are… How am I supposed to skip the meeting if I’ve got nowhere to go…?” The question was rhetorical as Ashley began flicking the side of her helmet in annoyance, pausing to wipe the droplets from her visor. It took her a second to realise that the left indicator had turned on, continuing to flick again and again. “What, so you’re psychic now too? You think you know the way to the… Ugh, what am I doing? I’m talking to a frickin’ motorbike…” Ash slapped her forehead, before jumping and grabbing hold of the handles as it jerked forward on its own. Okay; maybe she was a little crazy having a conversation with this thing, but it was quite clear that it was listening. Still, why now? She’d done stupid things like whispered to her bike before. What was making it react now? If she’d been a demon all her life, shouldn’t it of done something like this before? Maybe she was overthinking it, but it was something that was bugging her… Why hadn’t she done anything demonic til now?

The bike swerved and sent a spray of water into the air from a puddle, mingling with the bullets of rain hailing down from the sky. It was quite the storm, heavy droplets felt even through the thick padding of Ashley’s leather jacket. She drove for a while, past a few rows of buildings, before turning off towards a… Garage? Remarkably, the door began to fold up and out of the way as Ash drove in, sheltering from the rain in the cavernous warehouse. Pretty cool that it had sensors to open up, but was that secure? Then again, how many thieves would hang out on a campus of exorcists…? The soft pitter patter of rain could be heard outside, but the sound paled in comparison to the echo of Ash’s boot heels. Even though the place had some benches and tools, it was still pretty empty. That was good. That meant plenty of room to do her work. “This is a nice space you picked out. Thanks uh… Bike? No, I better call you something now…” Ash frowned, unbuckling her helmet and removing it, setting it on the bench. Thinking on it a moment, she put her hand to her chin, before snapping her fingers. A little corny, but it’d do. “Alright Umbra, you chill here ‘til I need you… … Uh, no going out after dark... I guess.” Ash added a little hastily, almost as an offhand joke to make the situation feel less corny. She was talking to a frickin’ motorcycle - She still wasn’t going to get used to that. Still, the sound of its horn made it clear that it heard her. She wasn’t sure if that meant it would listen, but it was something.

From the dark concrete of the garage, Ash headed through the next door, cautiously opening it and peering inside. The inside wasn’t exactly thrilling, but at least it was bright – A corridor with white walls and sleek wooden flooring – it reminded her of that display home she’d gone to once with Penny when she was looking to move out, except maybe a bit more bland. At least that place had some pictures on the walls. Sliding inside and shutting the door behind her, Ash casually wandered about the hall, and immediately was disgusted by the first room she came across. What century were these people catering for? Persian rugs, angel statues, old paintings of… more angels, big surprise. With the candelabras in the corner, about the only modern thing was the cool glass coffee table, square white couch, and the ever impressive flat screen TV. Still, the décor in this place was going to need an overhaul. She half expected to hear Beethoven playing in the background. As she wandered about the remaining rooms, Ash began to work out just what this place was. The dorms seemed simple enough, with the shared rooms like the lounge and the like downstairs. She assumed the upstairs were the bedrooms, which was proven to be correct as she checked each one. Interestingly, each had two bedrooms, a kitchen, and even an en suite in one of the sleeping quarters. Well, the one closest to the stairs would be as good as any, Ash slipping off her jacket and placing it over the bed. One thing she could say about this place – the heating was good.

With her tour of the dorms complete, Ash figured she had at least another hour til that assembly was finished. May as well make the most of it and get cleaned up. Heading into her bathroom, Ash fiddled with the taps before stripping down, flinging her clothes over the railing before stepping into the sweet stream of liquid. It was completely refreshing, the warmth permeating through her body as she gave a contented sigh. Even the steam was like a breath of fresh air after that frigid rain…Soaking under the hot stream, she stood like that for a while, not exactly having anything to wash with. That was, until the loud banging from downstairs caught her attention. Really? Someone wanted in now of all times? Grumbling to herself, Ash grabbed a towel as she stepped out… Then swore. Shit, she didn’t have a change of clothes. Heck, where was her stuff anyway? Hopefully in the trunk of one of the limos that didn’t get blown up… Well, it wasn’t like she had any options for now. Bunching the towel up under her arms, she conservatively covered up after a quick dry, tying the towel in a position wrapped around her. Her hair still dripping as she padded back downstairs, she flicked the lock before opening the door. “Yes…?” She asked irritatingly, before smirking at what she saw. Mr. Scarlet was more like Mr. Drenched, and he seemed none too pleased to have been kept waiting so long. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t order any Pizza.” Ash stated casually as she closed the door and went back up the stairs. Thankfully for Hikari, she wasn’t enough of a bitch to leave it locked.

Kane O'Reilly

With the assembly over and done with, Kane headed out from the hall with all the rest, walking amongst the crowd. For the most part, despite his mistakes on stage, no-one really seemed to notice him, chatting amongst each other as they wandered towards the various campus dorms. As for Kane? Well… To be honest, he still couldn’t remember his way around the academy. It was kinda embarrassing, but he was a rookie, and he hadn’t been here that long. With the rain adding to his misery, he was quite certain he'd be well drenched before he got anywhere near his room. Everyone else seemed to have umbrellas, so it seemed he was the only one stupid enough not to check the weather. Sighing as he sauntered along with the crowd, he shivered from the cold, wiping the rain and hair from his eyes. It seemed it really wasn't his day. Thankfully however, it seemed luck was on his side for once.

“Hey, Kane, right?” A soft, feminine voice came from behind him, steps picking up pace to come up alongside the exorcist in training. "Here, you can share with me. No sense getting all drowned like that." Pullling up next to him and holding her umbrella out over the two, they were almost close enough to be touching shoulders - though was she taller then him? Turning to look at her, Kane could only guess she was around 20 years old, but she certainly looked mature. She was tall and slim, with a slightly angled face and bright blue eyes. It gave her a refined look, but it was still rounded enough to give her a cute and friendly appearance. N-not that Kane found her that cute or anything! I mean, the short and vibrant pinky-purple hair was pretty and made her stand out, not to mention her figure was definitely worth a second look - Oh crap she was saying something! He hadn't even thanked her yet!

“My name’s Claire, it’s nice to meet you personally. I found you on my dorm list, so it looks like we’re going to end up being partners for the training.” She smiled warmly, cocking her head slightly to the side. Man, he’d totally lucked out with this one. With the way she walked, she had a bit of a serene grace that made her almost look like she was gliding. Perhaps it was her long legs that - Oh crumbs, he was staring again! Say something, play it cool. “N-nice to meet you Claire! T-thanks for the umbrella. I’m Kane.” Extending his hand for a shake, the girl responded in kind, bringing her other hand to her mouth as she giggled a little. “I kinda said that already.” Sheepishly, Kane blushed and rubbed the back of his head with his spare hand, chuckling a little to himself. “R-right, my bad.”

“No, no, it’s fine. I liked your speech today though. It’s nice to see someone with aspirations for the world.” Picking up her pace a little so they were walking rather than standing amongst the rain, Claire seemed to take point, turning off to the side. Perfect, he’d be able to find the dorm thanks to her. “You really think so? The guys in the seats around me said it was pretty lame…” Kane chuckled, a little as he walked beside her. Claire put a finger to her cheek, eyes upward as she thought on it. “Well, the content was good, but you probably could’ve cut it at the five minute mark.” She smiled again as they pulled up to one of the doors, reaching to her satchel bag to find the key. Smoothly, she flicked it out and opened the door, pushing it aside. "Well, I may as well get started on dinner. You hungry?" Kane just dumbly nodded as the girl made her way inside, standing outside in the rain for the moment before jumping inside. He had a feeling things were going to work out for him at the WDL.

The setting changes from The WDL Academy to The Earth, 2015


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#, as written by zody
Illusion - Alexandra Demonia

Illusion grinned as she heard the doors to the Council's meeting chamber slam shut and lock behind her. She twirled around in the familiar sights and senses of the room that was soon to be filled by the masked Council Members and their companions. Demon Kings and Queens of varied type, power level and gender, obviously, would gather here to converse with eachother and talk over recent events and the like, but only a few of the more powerful Demons would sit at the ovular table that sat in the middle of the room. In the center of the table stood a small chalice, and inside that chalice swirled a dark liquid. For a second it looked crimson, but then it would be blacker than the blackest black, tinged with rims of pure crimson and sparkles of violet drifting around in the abyss of nothingness. Illusion stopped her twirling suddenly, as if she had heard something, and quickly danced her way over to the table, until she was able to stare directly into the chalice itself. Her ears pricked slightly, as if she was listening intently to someone speaking to her directly through the chalice. Illusion took a step back, curtsied, and the proceeded over to a table at the side of the room. She opened a drawer and pulled out a pure white mask, and then proceeded over to one of the Wardrobes that was positioned further towards the back of the room. She stepped inside for a moment, and when she stepped out again, she wore a blood red cloak that matched the curtain that hung from the walls. She took a few steps forward, then spun suddenly, allowing a small amount of wind to pick up and join her in her transfixing display of agility. She spun faster, and faster, and continued to spin even as the other members of the council entered the room, surprised at the ferocity of the winds that would have been buffeting them. as they took their places, the figure that spun was still an anonymity, none knew who it was save for the person behind the soon-to-be placed on mask, and as the figure slowed to a stop, face down, the mask slid into place, and their identity had become something that noone would ever find out for a few millennia.

"Ah, greetings to all of you, my brothers and sister of the Council of Gehenna. It is my pleasure to announce that quite a few interesting topics have become a thing of conversation amongst our Demonic populace, and so they will thusly be discussed by ourselves. After all, nothing becomes into the lands of our Father without the watchful eye of the council overseeing their every move".

The figure twirled again, reaching out with gloved fingers and grasping the chailce between them, balancing it in the palm of their hand. The figure spun it around, and then set it back onto the table. It continued to spin itself, the liquid inside remaining still as a corpse, and as whole as the tension in the very room in which it sat. Until it finished spinning, the room was silent. No voice could be heard, no sounds disturbed the tense quietness and nobody dared to move a single muscle. The only person exempt from this rule, was of coruse the spinner of the chalice herself. The chalice has stopped spinning, and lay still on the table, no explosions or discharges of electricity to fry any insubordinate Council Members emerged from its perfectly unbroken surface. Not even ripples dared to betray the perfected flatness of the liquid.

The Demons all looked up to see that the Twirler had sat on her throne, a silver chair that rose a good few meters from the floor, reachable by two seperate straicases, each with about ten steps each. From the position of the majority of the Council members, it seemed like the chair gave the woman a position of power. Something along the lines of Judge, Jury and Executioner.

"Well, now that we are all presented to eachother aside from the protection we wear on our faces to hide and conceal our true motives and lives, we shall begin our... routine"
. The word curled around her tongue, almost as if it was a poisonous snake, although a snake wouldn't have much effect on a Demon since the poison wouldn't do much. Illusion grinned, albeit it was a silly thing to do since she had a mask covering her face.

Illusion decided to go straight to business. "Okay, shall we begin? Gentlmen? Two of the newly found children of our Father, the Devil. have joined our Hellish Ranks, and three of them have decided to join those brutish Warriors of the Divine Light. Silly thing to do, actually. Anyways, onto the next horrendously boring topic, shall we? Let's see.... Hmm?".

Illusion looked towards the Chalice as a deep voice emanated from it, causing everyone in the room to freeze in fear. Illusion grinned again as she recognized it. "Hello Father, how are you?".

"Always one for foolishly given banter aren't you, my eldest Child? You haven't changed a bit. I have a personal order for two of my most powerful Children. Brenhin, you will go and... entertain... those three whom have sided with those zealous fanatics. If you yourself cannot make it, then send one of your more powerful minions to the Academy directly".

The voice from within the chalice was filled with malice and hatred, and it seemed that it's very being was created from nothing but evil. The voice spoke more, but it seemed that only it's intended recipients were able to hear it, which in this case would have been Illusion. She stood up and nodded when the voice apparently finished and sighed. "Fine then. Anyways, onto the next topic. There is more news to be had, it seems".

Illusion grinned widely when she saw what else had apparently happened. "Ooh, now this seems like a fun topic. It seems like there has been a small rebellion of Demons that have attempted to usurp the throne from our Father. What a shame i missed it, it would have been fun to play some games with them. Anyways, the rebellion has been quelled, or squashed for those of you with low intellect, and the perpetrators will be executed later on today. Publicly".

Illusion looked around the room, trying to find out if anybody was showing guilt or fear, but then she remembered that that was another reason that the Council Members wore masks. It was a quaint little accessory that hid almost anything, but the being that was entering the room via the Chalice could see past masks, or so it was said. But it would be fitting that the Devil's powers were overrated, wouldn't it? Being to contrasting figure to the powerful being that resided in the Heavens, it'd have to be powerful, right?

"Anyways, that seems to be all of the notices for now. Remember Brenhin, our Father will punish you if you keep him waiting. Also, Loki. Would you mind staying back for a few moments after eveybody has left the room? I have something to speak with you about. In private".

After everyone had cleared out of the room and there were no disturbances, Illusion proceeded over to where Loki was. She leaned close and whispered in his ear. "I'm sure that you remember a Human named Deon Morris, correct? Well, when I said that there were three Children that had joined the WDL, he was included. Now, I know how much you want to see him again, since it's been.. Ooh, how long? Too long, right? Anyways, when I leave here I'll be filling out an Enrollment Form for you, my little Otouto!~". At this, Illusion pinched Loki's cheek and wiggled it around, like an older sibling does to their younger brother. "You're soo kawaaaiii!~".

Illusion took a step back and then produced a key from her pocket, throwing it to Loki. "This'll get you into the Academy, and past the security systems. I'll meet up with you later and take you to the Dorm that Deon is in, although he's sharing it with his two siblings. Anyways, you should probably head off now, but you'll see me when I meet you. Just don't piss off the Guards, alright?".

With that, Illusion vanished from the room, leaving Loki by himself

The setting changes from The Earth, 2015 to The WDL Academy


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~ ??? ~

The demon moved casually through the building, as if it had been many times before. A guard ran up to it, but it's sword was drawn and it's purple glow was seen only briefly for half a second, before the next half second the man's head fell off. Then his body was cut into pieces as they fell into a bloody pile. "How pitiful. That's the 3rd one I've had to kill today." He spoke out, as the other two appeared by his sides. To the left of the figure, a demon's skin glowed with a light blue presence, making it feel like you were observing the sea upon looking at the color, his clothes made him look like he was from an underwear city. To the right of the figure, darkness surrounded the demon as if it was smoke, the demon itself was wearing clothes that made it look like it was royalty. "We have found them Kallos. Just as you predicted they would be."

~ Name: Balarus of Kallos.
Nickname: 'Kallos'
Type: Crystal Demon
Rank: Believed to be a C rank demon
WDL threat level: K.O.S. high danger threat ~

"Good. We will make for the cells they are in at once. Kalhmahn, open the first cell. Yami, open the second cell." Kallos commanded, as Kalhmahn was the first to move. "How pitiful... This cell was only see my work for a split second."

~ Name: Kalhmahn the Graceful
Nickname: None yet
Type: Water Demon
Rank: C rank
WDL threat level: High threat, should be captured on sight ~

At this, Kalh moved his hands through the air around him in different motions, water forming around his body as this happened. Then, the water focused only to move around his arms, as he then spun around and used the water like a whip, breaking the lock from the force of the hit. The water then vanished, returning into his body as he walked away, the cell door bursting open at this. "So hungry..." The earth demon called out, it's gigantic form breaking the walls around it down as it walked out of it's cell.

~ Name: Golem the Unwise
Nickname: Golem
Type: Earth Demon
Rank: D rank(?)
WDL threat level: Very high threat, must be outwitted and captured on sight ~

"Golem hungry. Golem eat pity humans." It spoke out as Kalh looked at it with a brow raised. "You idiot, it's eat these pitiful humans. Were you born under a rock?" Golem looked down at Kalh then, as it opened it's mouth, little pebbles kept flying out of it's mouth until it spoke, making them drop from the sides. "Golem thinks he was. Golem so hungry, Golem must eat human." Kalh shook his head as he sighed out. "Great... I freed the idiot." At the sound of a sword being placed in it's sheath, both turned to look at Kallos. "Enough you two... Let Yami focus on the task at hand."

~ Name: Yami the Sinister
Nickname: Yami
Type: Darkness Demon
Rank: Looked upon as a high C rank
WDL threat level: K.O.S. threat, must not be allowed near any form of darkness when attacked ~

"Yes, now if you would all so kindly shut up..." Yami spoke out, snapping his fingers as the shadows around the cage rose up and formed into a demonic shape, the demon shadow quickly cutting the lock into pieces as it then broke away into shadows and they all went back to where they formerly were. "Come out little one, I will not kill you... Yet." Yami spoke out, as quickly a demon appeared next to him. He chuckled as he cracked his next side to side before flexing his arms. "He-llo world! Who wants to see my skillful moves? My legs will be pump once again!"

~ Name: Bellfoar the Boom Racer
Nickname: None yet
Type: Lightning Demon
Rank: D rank
WDL threat level: Capture on sight threat ~

"I assume you are Bellfoar then?" Yami asked, before Bell went into another pose. "That's right, you have heard right! I am the boom racer, although you may know me more as... The boom boom racer. If you catch my drift." He gave a quick wink as he laughed and reappeared near Golem. "All the ladies love me for my speed, unlike this loud piece of crap! Who kept yawning and ruining my concentration!" He quickly vanished as a rock fell down where he once stood. "Golem hate annoying bug." Golem mumbled, as Bell appeared near Kallos. "Ah, boss man, good to see you came for us. I was worried we were going to be executed after all, but nope! You rescued me, and for that, I am in your debt!" He spoke, Kallos raising a brow at him. "Yes... Well, if you would be so kind, remove one of the locks for us. Golem, free the light demon." He said, as Golem let out a loud groan. "Golem hate bright little thing. Golem wish he could leave him for dead. Golem will do this though." Bell rolled his eyes after Golem spoke, appearing near a lock and kicking it until it broke. "There." He said, but was quickly met with a gust of wind as a demon walked out of his cell. "Hmm... This is amusing." The demon spoke out, as Bell shook his head. "Ah man, the party pooper! If I had known you were in there, I would of left ya to die!"

~ Name: Itzhet
Nickname: None yet
Type: Wind Demon
Rank: C rank
WDL threat level: Dangerously high threat ~

"Only one more to go sir. I hope Golem can --" Kalh was interrupted as a large rock was sent crashing into one of the cells, breaking down the door as Golem let out a loud groan. "Golem hate puny little cells. Golem wishes to crush these puny humans, and then eat them when they are down." Yami sighed out as he looked over at the only demon to walk out with his hands restricted. "This is not good... Why have you freed me?" The demon spoke out to them, looking over with an upset expression.

~ Name: Photos of Light
Nickname: Photos
Type: Light Demon
Rank: Considered B rank
WDL threat level: Capture on sight threat ~

"I will not be a slave for your evil deeds." Photos spoke out, Kallos letting out a laugh at this as he pointed up. "Right then... Gentlemen! It is time to ascend! Let's get out of here!"

~ Sebastian's Story ~

The ice demon at first rose one of it's brows at the sight of the ice. But when it saw more beads being thrown, it quickly used this to it's advantage. The ice quickly grew around it as the beads hit, burning most of them as when the fire was done, most of the ice around it was gone, but it was left unharmed. "I see..." The ice demon said, before shattering the ice around it and then placing it's hands on the ground. "Let's see how --" It was interrupted at this by an explosion coming from the WDL building, as several figures slowly began to come into view. "... Well, the boss finally stopped being lazy." He spoke out, before standing up straight at this. "What? Who's your boss?" Lucifer asked, as Kane was stumbling to quickly stand and get out a new weapon, but was forced to look back at the group coming. "... Oh... That's bad, isn't it?" He stuttered, Lucifer quickly hitting the back of his head with an upset look. "Of course it's bad! It means some damn fool got into the building while we were fighting!"

~ Michael's Story ~

It didn't take long for the three to notice the lava demon coming right for them, Rin quickly preparing for a fight, but Michael had other plans. "Move it Rin!" He cried out, taking a hold of her and Scott's arms as he forced his angel wings to come out and spread into full wingspan before quickly taking off away from the spot as the large hand slammed into where they just stood. He landed away from the lava demon with them both as the lava demon looked at them, ice beginning to cover it's hand, but when it moved, the ice broke and melted away. "Shoot... That thing appears NOW of all times?!" Scott spoke out, but the explosion and sudden gathering of several demons got his attention more. "What the heck just happened?!" Michael asked, as Scott was starting to panic. "It can't be... No, did they just free them?!?" He spoke out loudly for others to hear, as Rin blinked a bit out of confusion. "Freed who?" She asked, before the demons came into sight. "... Crap, this may have just been a diversion! The real action was to get into the building!" Scott said, before Michael realized who they were. "Kallos?! What's he doing here, isn't he suppose to be in Russia or something?!" Michael tried to ask, as Scott shook his head slowly. "Oh man, this is bad..." He said, as Rin looked from Scott to Michael, to Scott, to Michael before finally asking. "What's the big deal about this guy? He's just another id --" She stopped, thinking on it for a moment before remembering. "... Oh, him. Yeah, I'd rather fight the lava demon, thanks. Kallos ruins most of his fights." Scott put a hand on his face for a second. "... You haven't changed."

~ ??? ~

The parts of the robotic servants suddenly found life again, as they all quickly gathered up and formed into one pile, before only one robot rose, but now made from the parts of many. The robot gasped as if just having woken up, looking around with new life in it's eyes before seeing ice forming it's way. "... What am I meant to do?" The robot asked itself, lost without it's leader, and lost without the memory of it's past brothers. "... Why do I need to kill?" It asked itself, but then the explosion came, and a group began to head for the park's direction. The robot coughed out slightly as if assuming it were alive, noticing Kallos as it's eyes widened instinctively. "... Yes." It spoke out, slowly walking forward like a newly resurrected zombie, slowly becoming used to it's new form. "... I must kill." It spoke, before a devilish grin grew, and it's arms quickly shifted. It now had six feet long blades, both were covered with electricity as it then fell into a stance and dashed forward, it's unrealistic speed made it also impossible to see by the human eye. Those with demonic traits could barely see it, but could tell where it was going.

"KAAAALLLLLLLLLOOOOOSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!" The robot shouted out as it suddenly appeared in front of him, the two meeting eye contact for three brief seconds before the robot sliced it's arms down. "I HAVE YOU --" It started, but then it's arms fell to pieces in just a matter of seconds. "Wha --" It started, as black liquid came bursting out of it's body, before it's torso fell backwards, it's legs falling forward as soon they were all covered in a black pile of liquid. "Ah, so one survived. Pity it was no match." Kallos spoke, returning it's sword back to it's sheath, even though no one seemed to have noticed him drawing it. "Right... Photos, summon it." He said to the light demon, as he was met with angry eyes. "No. I will not allow you to -- AGH!" He cried out as Bell punched him in the stomach. "Shut up and do it. We haven't got much time, and we need to leave at once." Kallos seemed to not care for Photos' concerned expression, as he looked back to the fighting, and then heard the sound of a motorcycle quickly approaching. "Do it now." He said, as Photos closed his eyes, letting out a defeated sigh. "Forgive me, my beautiful creature of the day..." He then clapped his hands together and concentrated, a bright light forming in the sky.

The creature came shortly after, a bright light appearing in the sky as it moved in the form of a snake, it's body shining with such brilliant light that no details could be made of it. A short light followed it, instinctively following it's mother and remaining close for protection. Kallos looked up as the two light demons approached, Kallos quickly pointing to it. Yami was quickly on the move, summoning shadows over it's weapons as it then sent them up into the air, watching with glee as they pierced into the mother's body and sent her beautiful blood scattering onto the battlefield. The baby light demon stopped as it's mother let out a cry in pain, and Yami tugged with a delightful smirk, as the mother came closer to the ground, unable to fight the pain it felt. Then Bell joined in, sending more of the long ranged weapons into it's body as more of it's blood became scattered, before both tugged as hard as they could, watching as the light creature's gigantic body was sent crashing into the ground, a loud painful cry coming from it as it was brought to the group of demons. "Shut up, you stupid creature! You are ours now, you hear me?!" Bell spoke out in a taunt, the baby light moving closer at this, but stopped when it was noticed. "There's the target... Get it!" Kallos cried out, as the baby light quickly darted away, just barely missing the deadly weapons that had gotten it's mother. "Damnation indeed, the blighter's fast!" Bell cried out, before Yami shook his head. "Leave it. We have the mother, it will come when it's ready."

~ Michael's Story ~

Anger. It was the only thing Michael could feel as it saw the mysterious light demon crying out for help and being forced to crash into the ground, leaving a gigantic trail as it stopped by the group. Golem was the one to pick it up, beginning to carry it off as the others began to follow it shortly after. "Rin, why don't you --" He started, but the lava demon's presence was made again as it dragged itself closer to the three, Michael glaring darkly at the lava demon s he had enough of this. "Stop them... I'm taking care of this thing." He called out, as he quickly rose into the air and slammed his hands together to make a thunderous boom emit throughout the battlefield. "SERAPHIM!" He cried out, as a bright light surrounded his form as singing began to emit throughout the entire battlefield. Many of the remaining fire demons caught to this would begin screaming out as their flames began to harden, their bodies quickly turning into stone as they were subjected to the torture. His concentration was only on them though, everyone else was safe, although they could still hear the singing and either run away in terror or be brave and hear the angel's song. Then the song of bells began to emit, and this was when the lava demon would begin to feel strange. It's hands would quickly begin to form into stone, and if it broke them off and grew new ones, they too would begin to turn into stone.

"Damn it Michael, he's risking everything at this point... Rin, go for the lava demon and whatever other enemy got turned by this! If the enemy isn't destroyed while in stone form, they still have a chance to break out. Although I worry... Only demons with a strong will could break free out of this, and he's only turning his attention on the fire demons. I will join you soon..." He said, before racing off towards the demon group. He stopped shortly though, as he fell on to his knees and put a hand over his wounds. "Damn it!" He said through gritted teeth, shaking as ice began to form faster. "... What in the hell could possibly be -- oh..." He stopped when he looked up, finding the answer walking towards it's prey.

~ Sebastian's Story ~

"Come on, come on..." Kane said, as he tried to look for more items to use. "What are you doing, hurry up and use something! Or are you really that pathetic of an exorcist?" She asked, as Kane quickly picked up the pace at this. "J-just give me a second! I knew I had more, I -- I swear I -- oh... No, I lost the others when I fell!" He shouted, dropping to his knees as Sebastian put a hand on his own face in the form of a facepalm. "We don't have time for this..." He mumbled, as the ice demon looked at them. "Indeed, you don't. How about I... Raise the odds?" He spoke, before ice began to form around him. "I don't have much time now, so... Forgive me if this seems rushed." He said, before vanishing in the ice as it formed over ten feet - twelve feet - twenty feet - twenty-five feet. "What the..." Sebastian said, before the giant ice body of twenty-eight feet rose to it's full height. Now with it's new body prepared, the giant ice demon let out a loud roar as the park dropped to even colder temperatures, ice forming more over the park area at a more rapid rate. "... Wow, did not see this coming." Lucifer said, as Kane was too busy picking up beads to notice. "Okay, got you, got you, oh how can I ever forget you?" He said, before standing up and putting his beads away. "I -- OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!" He cried out as he looked up at the giant ice demon's new body. "... Well, this takes the cake for the day." He said, before Lucifer hit him in the shoulder.

"Well this day couldn't get any wo --" He started, before the ice demon began to inhale. "Nevermind, nevermind!" He said loudly, before the ice demon breathed out ice at them. Lucifer pushed herself and Kane out of the way, as Sebastian followed them shortly, an ice pillar forming where they just stood. "Does this guy do anything but make more ice?!? I'm freezing my ass off over here!" Lucifer cried out, as all three looked up as the ice demon walked towards them slowly, leaving behind gigantic ice footprints in his wake. "... Well I got an idea." Sebastian said, as he closed his eyes, concentrating. "This is no time to be thinking of using the bathroom, moron!" Lucifer shouted at him, as Kane rose his brows. "The bathroom is way back there, and there are hardly any --" He stopped talking when Sebastian spoke out. "I'm trying to go berserk again, you know, that whole demon thing?!?" Sebastian said, as both Lucifer and Kane said it at the same time. "Ohhhhh!!!!" Sebastian furrowed his brows at this. "Just hurry up and distract him or something! I think I almost got it!" He said, as Lucifer rolled her eyes and dragged Kane forward. "Come on you idiot!" She said, before then letting go of him to slide around a little on some ice as she quickly shifted into her weapon form, piercing through the ice demon's shoulder as she was satisfied when it screamed out, before landing and noticing some ice beginning to form on her. She quickly broke it off as she shifted again, piercing through it's other shoulder as the ice demon let out another scream, she landed again and had to break off more ice. "Do something you idiot!" She cried out to Kane, who nervously slipped and nearly fell. "Oh, sorry, sorry!"

The ice demon formed two ice spears in it's hands as it threw them at Lucifer, who quickly dodged both as they pierced through the ground and made more ice around them. "... Yeah I am freezing my ass now. Idiot, throw some more of that crap at it!" She shouted to him, as Kane tried to nervously do something, but was quickly stopped as the ice demon breathed on him, freezing some of his body as he felt he couldn't move now. "Uhhh.... H-h-h-help me?" He tried to call out, as Lucifer ran over to him. "Oh for christ sakes, let me do it!" She said, and began to break off some of the ice when the ice demon breathed again, and she quickly moved only for her feet to be frozen together. "Oh crap, not now!" She said and started to break it off, but then the ice demon walked over to them both and raised one of it's hands slowly at this. "N-n-n-n-n-n-n-n-no!" Kane called out, and as the ice demon began to slam it down at them, a blast of fire rammed into it as it stumbled back from the hit. It then looked over to see Sebastian with wings again and flying towards it, as it breathed out ice at him, but he quickly flied out of the way of it. "Hold still, you little pest!" It cried out as Sebastian began to fly in circles around it, blasting fire into it as he did.

~ ??? ~

It heard the gates opening as it looked from it's prison of flame, watching as several fire demons who served under Brenhin came to it. "Oh? Now you decide to free me, huh?" The gigantic voice spoke out to them, as they released the restrains on it and watched as the flame started to fire down. The gigantic three story demon walked forward slowly, stopping before the others as it looked down at them, then shrank down to human size as it looked at them. "Why now?" He asked, as the others looked at each other before answering. "Brenhin has orders for you to be released from your cell, without approval from the council or the devil. As such, we wish to interrogate you." They spoke out, as he tilted his head a bit at this. "Funny... I didn't realize the council was so demanding these days." He spoke, and looked over as a sword was handed over towards him. "Your sword, sir." One spoke out, as the demon quickly took it and looked at it. "Ahh... My little angel, tell me what secrets you now contain." It said as it slowly drew out it's sword and glared at the others, a sinister smirk coming over his features.

He slowly walked away from the prison as he sheathed his sword, remaining in human form to disguise himself as the prison slowly broke apart behind him, everyone inside having died, his blade shaking in it's sheath. "Yes, my sweet, feed on the flames you have consumed. Master will be pleased with our return in his ranks." The fire demon spoke out, heading towards Brenhin's castle as no one would of suspected such a weak-looking little thing like him having killed every prisoner, every guard, and just about any fire demon in there he could find. One of the hottest places in hell, one of the toughest prisons a fire demon could be kept in, now destroyed with no purpose but to join history now. "I am coming, master. And I shall bring only suffering under your rule."

~ Name: Eppenos of Flames
Nickname: ?
Rank: Believed to be of C Rank
Overall threat level: Kill. On. Sight. ~

The setting changes from The WDL Academy to The Earth, 2015


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~ ??? ~

The figure walked through the warm depths of hell itself, seeming to embrace his return back into his home. His body moved at a total of nine feet, a sheath moved at his side with a sword resting within it. His black cloak moved, hiding the left side of his body with the exception of his head, what could be seen of his upper body was mostly just muscle, he did not recall having any fat within him. He stopped before two guards as they both saluted him and he returned these with a nod of his head. "At ease, men." He said, and at this, they began to lower their arms. "I wish to speak to the master himself, I have a report to make." Both nodded to him without question, moving to both sides of the doors as they grabbed a hold of their canes and put it on the handles and opened them with ease. With that, Rhanksar entered into his master's place.

He made his way into the Council Meeting Room, looking around at how little things had changed as he looked down at a table and picked up a mask he found on it, examining it before narrowing his eyes a bit at it. "... I haven't worn one of these in a long time." He spoke quietly to himself, putting it back down on the table as he looked around then. As he did this, the torches behind him suddenly lit up with life as he rose his brows at the sudden brightening of the room. "... I don't recall this ever happening before." He spoke out, before a familiar giggle came to him. "Well met, Lord Rhanksar." He turned to look at the blonde figure who had suddenly appeared in the room out of nowhere, seeing her bow to him as she continued. "Wonderful day in hell, isn't it?" He watched her snicker towards him and lock eyes with him, responding to his question. "Indeed, it has been a long time since you've graced the Council Room with your presence." Illusion spoke to him, as he bowed his head briefly to her. "Mistress." He spoke before raising his head up. "It is indeed, never before have I seen hell's flames dance with such passion or such fire before." He closed his eyes for a brief moment before opening them up to look at her.

He watched as she twirled and produced a chalice from her robe, setting it down on the table with a grin. "Milord, Rhanksar has returned with good news, I hope..." She said, as the liquid inside of it began to swirl and spin, inside it was beginning to fill up with the familiar malice and hatred his master was known for. "Ahhh, Rhanksar, one of my most powerful Champions. How are you today, hm? I trust that your task has succeeded?" Rhanksar fell down to his knees and placed his right hand down in front of him, bowing his head down as he spoke. "It is good to speak with you again, unholy one." He rose it back up to look at his master, who's liquid began to bubble at this point, seeping over the edge of the cup and suddenly exploding forth with a mighty torrent that aimed for the roof of the room. Illusion had vanished back into the shadows at this point, as the ground shook as the liquid began to shape itself, limbs becoming identified, it's torso, face, hair, eyes and lips could also be made of as time passed. The liquid then formed into obsidian and the fully-formed figure opened it's black eyes that seemed to shiver, pulsate and tear into the souls of any whom challenged it without his consent. The lips drew back to reveal human-like teeth, with the exception of the far too long and sharp canines. More liquid then poured out of the chalice and surrounded the figure, wrapping it in clothing worthy of nothing but the best. It then clenched it's fist once and sneered, watching the obsidian skin crack under the power it held within. The Devil then looked to Rhanksar, and floated just inches above the ground.

~ Name: Satan(?)
Nickname: The Devil
Type: Fallen Angel
Rank: X Demon
WDL Threat Level: God-like ~

"Stand, my Champion. The floor does not suit you." The Devil spoke to him, grimacing as it's arm melted and remolded itself without even a conscious thought from him. As Rhanksar rose, he spoke again. "Indeed, it has been good to speak to you again. Although my exit was a bit... How do humans put it? Spur of the moment, I believe? Some unexpected things happened on my travel back to the WDL base." He said, watching his master give a smirk at this as his interest grew in what Rhanksar had to tell. "So, how are the Children? In particular my eldest and your Son, Sebastian. How do they fare so far?" Rhanksar kept eye contact with him, making sure to stand up straight as his eyes would only wonder upon two things - entering his thoughts or fear. Rhanksar was experiencing neither. "Good progress, potential in them. Deon Morris, the revival one, has left the WDL it seems, along with his seven servants naturally. The female child appears to be doing fairly well, although she must learn still. As for my boy... Heh, what potential I have seen. A remarkable thing, really. He has already entered into the transformation stage, twice, and survived. Although I fear he may be ill for a while, but we shall see how he progresses against other demons."

Rhanksar gave a chuckle after saying this, his master smirking before speaking a reply. "You will know soon enough, Champion." The Devil spoke, his eyes glittering when the children were mentioned as he continued on. "Of course, you may not have sensed it quite yet, but if you focus on the Phoenix' Soul, what do you see, Rhanksar? And as for your child, he has much potential, and no doubt he will be training further in case of the Exorcists or us Demons attacking them." He clutched his other hand at this, watching it reform and drip down on to the floor as it turned into it's liquid state again, but then floated back up and reattached to his shoulder, hardening back. "Also... I was wondering if you gave word to the Demon King Brenhin to attack the WDL forces or not? It appears that I had caught him in the middle of doing so, about five dozen forces were accounted for. Very few, if any, survived. Also, his warlord, Ansgar, is dead. As far as I saw, the invasion had failed... Was this part of your plan then, my master?" He asked, watching his master's eyes looked back towards him at this question. "Of course, I allowed Brenhin to attack the Academy, I did plan on having Deon being found out around that time, so I saw no reason to stop him from attacking, and having the Phoenix show his flames."

"Ah... So it is that way, is it?" Rhanksar started off, seeming to keep his attention on his master while his mind wondered in thought. "So it was part of your plan all along then. But I must wonder how Brenhin will feel about this... After all, he has been nothing but seeking power for ages. Possibly his entire life. I look forward to seeing how his next fight will go, alone of course... The question now is, who will be his challenge?" He then looked down and reached inside his cloak with his right arm before pulling out a scroll and lightly tossing it towards Illusion. "Just for the record, this is for the master's keep." He said, and then looked back to his master, who held out a hand and sent energy forth from it to catch the scroll before it even got close to Illusion. "I managed to get this as an additional bonus for you. It is a copy of an official list of the most wanted demons in the world right now. Well, the top fifty anyway... I do wonder, do people cast magic on it to make it keep up with current events?" The scroll then unfurled and within, the writing revealed itself. "Hmm, it seems like you are on the Top Five of this list. As well as my Phoenix Son, who is only slightly behind you." The Devil looked over the list one more time as a smirk came over his face. "The Demon Train? I remember when that little beauty was created. By my hand, of course. More so my left index finger." The devil then closed the scroll and passed it on to Illusion, looking back to lock eyes with Rhanksar as she caught the scroll and held onto it.

"So, Rhanksar. Why the sudden interest in Brenhin now? Do you wish to be his opponent? I'm sure that he would like the stakes of such a battle, although he may cower behind his minions, although I highly doubt that they would take much of your efforts to massacre." The Devil then held out it's hand and shot a blot of dark energy at Rhanksar, who upon getting hit in the chest with it, accepted and embraced it. "May your strength and will never fail, Champion. Is there any more that you wish to discuss?" Rhanksar then grew a sinister smirk upon his face, his eyes changing to a demonic red and shadows becoming cast over his face. "As much as it would be a pleasure to slaughter them all... I must refuse at this time." Rhanksar's face then returned back to it's normal look, the shadows fading away as his eyes toned down, although his master could clearly see a twinge of madness still held within his eyes, a madness that yearned for battle and bloodshed. "I will allow him to do as he wishes for now, and besides, I have nothing against him. Unless he aimed to outright kill me, then I would gladly execute him in public and send one of my warlords in his place as a demon king... But that is another day for another time." He spoke as he moved his hair back at this. "My interest with him is because I found the attack unlike him. Usually I recall records of him outright attacking with brute force and numbers, that is the usual tactic I see in his plans. This time, I only counted five dozen before they began to die. Either Brenhin is dying, or he is finally weakening after these years."

Rhanksar then looked through his mind as he thought about what else there might be. "... Ah, yes, there is one more thing. I seem to have heard or read somthing about a new Archknight... Does this mean the poor fool Arthur is now in hell with us?" Rhanksar smirked darkly again as his master grinned in response before speaking. "I know not where Arthur is, but I have a feeling that he will end up being in one of two places, Gehenna being the most likely. If you wish, you may find his soul and bring it to me. And you may be rewarded with a new Servant, Champion." At this, the Devil's obsidian face cracked where the lips were, the chin separated from the rest of the face until the nape of the neck. The inside of the crack seeped blood, Illusion quickly lurching forward and, unable to stop herself, but quickly apologized and vanished as she tried to regain control over herself. "Vampires are so easy to tease, Rhanksar. They are so manipulatable sometimes. It amuses me what a little bloodletting can turn them into." His master then grinned and focused on Deon's wavelength, his eyes closing tight before they opened again. "Angel D'Brightaine. Ah, the one with the grudge again the Phoenix. This shall be entertaining. The new Archknight is very, very much more powerful than the last, and he has the Demon Blade Excalibur to aid him"

The Devil then bowed to him and Rhanksar bowed back in response. "If that is all, you are dismissed, my Champion. And if you do happen to run across Arthur's Soul, bring it here, or devour it, if you wish. It all depends on what you wish to gain. An ally or more power." Rhanksar grinned at this as he turned his back around at this. "You know what I will choose. I will be back soon... With his soul intact." He grinned demonically as he began to walk away. "Oh, and Rhanksar..." The devil spoke, Rhanksar stopping as he looked back at his master. "... Don't forget what you must do next." He said, as Rhanksar turned around and bowed from the waist. "... Very well, as you wish my lord." He spoke, before turning around again and finally leaving the place.

~ Name: Illusion(?)
Nickname: Illusion(?)
Type: Unknown
Rank: Believed to be SS
WDL Threat Level: None(?) ~

~ Name: Rhanksar
Nickname: The Swordsman of Hell
Type: Unknown
Rank: Believed to be SS
WDL Threat Level: Near god level ~

~ Kallos' Story ~

With the arrival of the other three demons, who had left once the children had escaped with the Renegade forces, settled down into their own seat. Kallos was at the head of the table, his chair being entirely made out of crystal and made to resemble a throne. Behind him and to the wall it was facing were two screens, ones which currently had the symbol of an eye on them. Kalh had the next seat, it was blue of course, and it's color made it look like you were looking through glass to see the ocean moving behind it. In front of him was an empty red seat that was meant to belong to the fire demon of the group. Next to the empty red seat was Yami, who sat with a seat that gave off a rather sinister aura, with it's entire color being made out of the darkest black. In front of him and next to Kalh was Itzhet, who sat in his gray-ish chair. Next to him was Bellfoar, who sat on his yellow chair that was based on the color of lightning. At the other side of the table sat Golem, who had no chair of his own.

Photos sat in his cell that was nearby, seeming to look down as he looked at the demon sitting near him. "So, are you suppose to be my guard?" He asked, as the figure looked up at him. "They just recently captured me, tried to break me down to serve them. Hah... Like that will happen anytime soon." The demon spoke as he looked at Photos. "You must be the famous Photos of Light. They got you too, I suppose?" He asked. Photos gave a light chuckle in response. "So... You know me. Who are you, then?" He asked, as the figure straightened up. "I am Kibo." He said, as Photos felt his eyes widen at this. "My god..." He said as Kibo nodded in response.

~ Name: Kibo
Nickname: The Earth Shaker
Type: Unknown
Rank: Believed to be B rank
WDL Threat Level: Eliminate at any cost. ~

"Alright everyone!" Kallos spoke, rising up to his feet as he pointed to the screen. "Allow me to introduce our leader... The one who formed this revolution against the Council of Hell! Presenting, his royal grace... Our leader!" A figure then appeared on the screen, sitting on his throne as he narrowed his eyes at them, making Bell shiver, forcing Itzhet to raise his brows, forcing Kalh to straighten up his back. "Geetings everyone..."

~ Name: Unknown
Nickname: The Revolutionary Leader of Hell
Type: Unknown
Rank: Believed to be A/S rank
WDL Threat Level: Unknown. ~

~ Michael's Story ~

Scott stood at the spot where Michael would of stood, near him were two other spots that would hold Rin and Deon. It had been a rough few hours to make it to the Renegade base, but it was worth it. He felt pressure befall on him for a moment before he regained his confidence, his body was mostly wrapped up in bandages due to the fight he had endured. Michael was recovering like any person with angel blood would - perfectly. In three days, he would be back on his feet and ready to lead again. Scott needed stitching though at times, Michael did not. Scott then held out his right hand in front of him in front of a cursor like object, watching as the big screen in front of them all turned on and waited for his commands. After quickly typing in a few things, the updated top fifty wanted list was up, and he narrowed his eyes as he began to moved his hand down, watching as each name was highlighted before the next one was, reading each until he got to the number one spot, where the devil was. "Interesting..." He mumbled to himself.

It was now around the evening, possibly three or four, Scott did not know. This was when he heard a voice speak out to him and pat him on the back. "Nice to see you're alive and well." Deon said to him, as Scott turned to look at him, he could see a glass of fresh fresh water in his hand, and his wounds fully healed. He watched him look at the screen, and grinned as he saw his name on there. "Heh, the WDL must really hate my guts. I haven't even gotten my powers back yet. Well, all of them, anyways." He then watched as Deon scanned the list and nodded a little. He had flinched at the touch on his back and waited until he was scanning to speak. "What I don't get is how all of you, well, most of you from there... Are already in the top fifty -- possibly top thirty!" He watched as Deon looked back over at him. "So, how've the Renegades held out without me being here? Are they still as awesome as they used to be?" Scott rose a brow at him as he asked this question and gave it a few to think over. "In a manner of speaking. It's been hard having to lead three divisions when your leader can't even handle his own without my help. So yeah, they're still beasts." He joked as he began scrolling through the list again, going up this time as he watched name after name be highlighted.

"So... Mr. Morris. I've heard so much about you, the leader I barely knew, the guy Michael said would always come back. Standing right beside me, totally unexpected, totally out of the blue. Hmm... So, how was that fight? I hear Michael watched you duke it out with Quake." He watched as Deon grinned and took a sip of his water at this. "Want a drink? I'll tell you more over a good few beers. Waddaya say, Scott?" Scott looked back at the screen at this. "Unfortunately, Mr. Morris, Michael doesn't recover as fast as you do... So I'm kind of busy." He said as he stopped at number thirty-one; The Monster Train. "Hmm, well, looks like your already busy..." He tapped the cursor as he made it's profile come up at this. "Did you assign yourself to a mission already?" He asked as he turned to look at Deon grinning. "Yeah, I haven't done this in so long I can't wait to go hunting again." He said as he looked up at him. "I'm going with Quake and someone else, maybe one of my Siblings. Gonna see how strong they are." Deon then turned to look at him. "Maybe when I get back we can have a few drinks together and discuss things. Sound good?" Deon patted him on the back and made him flinch again. "Oh, and the fight?.... It felt good, it brought up something inside of me that hasn't been around for hundreds of years."

"You don't say." Scott said, tapping the cursor to get out of the profile and continued to scroll up. "Interesting... Well we'll find out soon enough. I plan on sending the kid out for a test ride. The one named Sebastian... Ranked 11, jesus, how the hell did he manage to get there already? There must be something up with him I don't know about... Just like Michael and his damn angel blood." He said, then stopped at number fifty as he rose a brow at this. "Ah, here's a good one we can try to put the kid against..." He tapped the cursor and watched as Drayne's profile came up at this. "Him? HE'S up so high? What happened, I thought he was suppose to be one of the weaker type's?" Deon then turned and eye the screen as a smile came across his face. "Drayne? He's just a Type A Vampire with a massive appetite. Mostly just a dick. Should be easy if you can get past his draining aura." Deon's grin then turned into a smirk. "Sebastian, eh? Well then I guess i'm stuck with 'little-miss-bitchy', aren't I?" Deon then laughed and began to walk away, but after a few steps, he stopped. "Scott. You're aware of who Frankenstein is, yes?" Scott rose a brow at this and quickly looked over at him. "... Hm, interesting." He said before looking back at the screen and beginning to type int it, marking Sebastian for the mission to capture Drayne. "Frankenstein... Famous fictional monster around the world. He's rank number seven... Made out of mostly human parts, a high strength of his is lightning that can power him up. So yeah, I'm aware he's a freakish monster... Why do you ask so suddenly with interest?" He turned back to Deon as he grinned. "Well, it's more than one Demon, ya know. I'll leave it at that, for now." He then made his grin turn into another smirk as he suddenly vanished, leaving Scott to raise an eyebrow and sigh out. "... Deary dear... Michael, what do you get me into sometimes?" He mumbled to himself before resuming the typing.

~ Sebastain's Story ~

Sebastian opened his eyes as he felt himself lying down on something, groaning out as he put his hands down and forced himself to sit up. "Oh my god..." he said, as he shook his head and looked around. He felt ill, light-headed and more he couldn't describe. "Where am I...?" He put his hands on his stomach as he groaned out a little. "... Ugh... What happened to me...? Why do I feel like -- like... Dirt?" He said, until he suddenly grabbed a water bottle like it was instinct, raising his brows as he looked to see Lucifer grinning at him. "How'd ya sleep, Princey-boy?" Sebastian grabbed the cap and twisted it around as he took it off. "I was asleep? I... Guess it was fine." He looked at her as they locked eyes briefly before she spoke again. "And my name isn't Lucy. It's Lucifer, imo." He rose a brow at the last part as he quickly took a sip of the water and let out a sigh of relief afterword. He then looked to see her lean back into her chair as he saw her sightly smile. "God, I regretted going to the Orhpanage, ya know... Ditching Deon and my Sisters, but when I left I realised something, ya know..." He tilted his head at this as he blinked a little out of confusion. "Lucifer? What do you...?" He tried to ask, but stopped as he narrowed his eyes a little at her. "... What was that?" He asked her, looking back down at his bottle.

Lucifer grinned at this. "Do you even remember? We were pretty close, weren't we? For a Human-Demon relationship, anyway." She sat up straighter at this. "I realised that I missed you. Yeah, sounds corny, eh? I bet it does, but it's kind of true. Eventually I... I hate to admit it, but I forgot about you." She looked down at this and sighed. "I just wanna say that I'm sorry about that." Sebastian closed his eyes and quickly took another sip of the water, putting the cap back on and putting the bottle down beside him. He then looked at her and frowned at this. "... I was lonely there. You stopped coming, I..." He stopped himself and sighed. "... It's fine." He then shook his head at this. "... So everything you told me was a lie?" He asked, looking back at her as he saw her fidget a little uncertainly at this. "Y-Yeah, not al of it, but a lot of it. They wouldn't accept a demon there, would they?" She then took a sip of her own water as Sebastian looked away at this, when he suddenly felt her colliding into him, clinging on to him as she held him tightly in her embrace. "I-I'm so, so, so sorry, Sebastian! I shouldn't have left you there. I'm sorry...." He had yelped out as he felt her cannonball into him, blinking as he patted her back. "Calm down, uh, calm down... I said it was fine, I mean -- uh..." He said as he tried to sit up with her on him, but felt himself fall back down. "... Umm, w-when did you get so emotional...? I thought you were always the tough one." He smiled at this as he rubbed her back. "... Your a demon though? Wait... Does that mean you know how Rob got turned into an ice demon then?"

He then saw her stiffen slightly at this. "No. I don't." He then saw her lean back and glare at him. "What's with that Ash girl anyways? Why's she so important to you suddenly, hmm?" She then took some steps back as she suddenly had a more prideful and bitchy personality. "And hurry up, we've got training in a bit." She then turned on her heel and looked over her shoulder at him. "I'm not waiting for you, either. Move it, kid." She said as she then left the room and stormed down the halls, leaving Sebastian confused as he got up, he could still feel how light-headed he was as he tried to follow her. "... Ack. There's the Lucy I used to know. Oops, sorry, I meant Lucifer... If you can hear me." He said as he then followed after her, stumbling a little every now and then until they finally got to Scott. "... Um, hi." He said, as Scott nodded in response to him. "Hello there, I am Scott of The Renegades, second-in-command of Michael's division." Scott said, then looked towards Lucifer. "So, you must be one of Deon's so called demons... What do you call yourself?" He asked, as Lucifer put a hand on her hip and grinned. "Lucifer, of Pride. And who're you anyway? You look like the type of guy that gets beaten up all the time." She glanced over at Sebastian before looking back at Scott. "Sebastian here is pretty scrawny, so go easy on him. I don't need training. Not yours anyway." She huffed at this and nudged Sebastian. "Well, go on. Don't be a pussy now."

Sebastian glared over at her after being nudged and rubbed his shoulder. "Hey now..." He mumbled, looking back at Scott. "I'm Sebastian Thomas." He said, watching as Scott nodded again. "Right... Lucifer of Pride, huh? I can tell..." He said, turning around and beginning to head off as the two followed after him. "I'm fully human, that's why I'm like this. If you saw Michael take a punch from me, you'd see the difference between us. Anywho, I suppose Deon's explained to you about how we do things here at the Renegades and how we treat new recruits?" Sebastian blinked, confused by Scott's words as he looked over at Lucifer. "Um, excuse me?" He tried to ask, then grabbed her shoulder and started to shake it. "What did you do?!?" He asked, she didn't even look at him. "Don't ask me, he's being a dick of his own accord. Like most Humans do." She then caught up to Scott quickly and glared at him. "Deon hasn't spoken to Sebastian about anything, so you'd better help him or I will hur-" She paused, something stopping her as she sighed and bowed her head. "Yessir." She said, and rose up at this. "I'm sorry for being a bitch, alright? Just make sure Sebastian doesn't get killed." Scott rose a brow at her at this as he looked forward and shrugged. "Very well, but remember if he does anything, your his responsibility." Scott said, making Sebastian raise his brows as they then stopped in front of a room with two doors, as Scott opened them both and entered in with them. "Behold... Our demon weapon." He said, as he indicated towards a sword within a case, it's aura radiating and being felt by the three as Sebastian narrowed his eyes at this.

"... Um, excuse me?" He asked, looking over the sword as Scott chuckled at this. "We always use it with demons to see if they can handle it or not... Sadly, it seems to be picky about who it wants." Scott then looked over at Lucifer. "Like I said, watch him for anything hostile..." He said, getting a laugh in response as she watched Sebastian walk towards the sword. "Hurry up, we don't have all day. And quit being so darn scared. It annoys me sometimes." She said, as Sebastian stopped before the case as he saw the case slowly open as he rose a brow. He then reached in and took a hold of it, pulling it out as he suddenly felt light-headed again and stumbled back, falling down on to his knees as he coughed slightly at this, his head beginning to pound from this. "Welcome, child with the devil's blood. Today I will test you with my trial and see whether you are ready to go out into the real world or not. Your friend, the one named Ash, will also be tested just as you are. Now with this said, it is time to face your worst fear. My name is Eclipse, now... Prepare to enter into a nightmare."


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#, as written by zody
Arthur's POV

The man stood, surveying the flames and brimstone surrounding him. His nose picked up on a specific scent. The scent of death and evil. Arthur looked around, sensing something, his one good eye peering into the darkness, and he drew his axe. "Come out, Demon! Or shall I tear you to shreds right here and now, sending you to Purgatory!?".

"Oh Arthur... You have not changed, even in death".
The Demon spoke, stepping out of the shadows as he towered easily above the man. "... You are in hell I am afraid. Does it not surprise you, with the multiple sins you have committed over the years?". Arthur knew that this was none other than Rhanksar, one of the Devil's most powerful Champions. Arthur glared up at the towering demon, not flinching in the slightest. "So, it is you, Dread Champion. Most powerful of the Demons Servants. What foul purpose have you come here for, fiend?". Arthur raised his axe, and pointed it at the Demon. "I will slay you. And as for my problem of being here in the hellfire, I will leave once I destroy you, demon!". Arthur lunged forward, slamming his axe down towards Rhanksar's head. The axe hit Arthur's opponents head, but was stopped. It didn't even cut the Demon, not a single mark could be noticed. Rhanksar's eyes grew wide at this, the madness rising up again as he slowly grabbed a hold of Arthur's arm with a grip that held fast, like an iron band woven around ones arm to stop it from moving. "You prideful son of a bitch... Hehehe, you were slain by the new Archknight I'm afraid... Angel. Heard of him?". He teased Arthur, watching his expression for any signs of change. Arthur growled at this statement, and threw his free hand forward, intent on scoring a blow to the Council Members chin. His fist hit hard, but there was almost no reaction, until Arthur unleashed his soul-force straight into the demons skull, that was. Arthur grunted, and slipped out of the dark Champion's grip, and hefted his axe. "So, how long will this fight last us, Dark Champion?".

Rhanksar laughed with madness as all of Gehenna around them moved and shuddered. It was as if Hell itself was afraid of letting Rhanksar's power out. "Not long, I'm afraid. You are weak down here, Arthur. You have no power over me. I am a council member of hell, after all. I have power over hell, I am one of it's rulers in a sense. I am like a god here, you have no power over me, human. You, the strongest of humanity? If that were true, humanity would be dead. Or dying". He then moved his hand in a gesture behind him as a figure appeared and landed down, his raven-esque wings spreading out on his back as he slowly walked forward at this. "... I think you would like to meet one of my warlords. He's good at persuading people. Would you like to test him on that?". Arthur turned, and immediately lunged at the Yatagarasu that appeared before him, a grimace sliding across his face as he swung blow after blow at the Demon. "Die, Hell Raven! I shall smite you unto the deepst depths of Purgatory!". Suddenly, the Hell Raven's finger was on Arthur's forehead, and a massive weight ws pushing him down to the ground. Behind Arthur, a crater formed, followed by another one forming behind him as the Yatagarasu pulled his finger away. "... I encourage you to respect my master's wishes."

~ Name: Zelszar
Nickname: The Blood Raven
Type: Yatagarasu (Hell Raven)
Rank: S
WDL Threat Level: Destructive force of hell ~

Arthur grimaced as he felt himself being pushed down onto the ground, and he striggled to rise. "What have you done to me, Hell Raven? And what are your master's wishes!?". The Warlord folded his wings across his chest as he folded his arms across his chest. "My power, sir. If you cannot figure out what I can do, then do not ask me about it, for I shall not tell you". He then indicated towards Rhanksar. "Thank you, Zelszar". He spoke as he walked to Arthur. "How does it feel, having lost Excalibur to Angel, hmm? You only have normal weapons now, you also do not have power here in hell. As I said, I am like a god here. Now... You may not like this, but you are coming with me". Arthur had just decided to keep a dignified silence, up until Rhanksar spoke of taking him with him, which was when Arthur began struggling and shouting out obsceneties. "Curse you all, my Followers will grind you into the dust for this!". At this, four pieces of paper came out and landed around Arthur. Then one slammed into his chest as all five glowed red, followed by Japanese Kanji Symbols appearing all around them. Then, a young figure in robes emerged out of the shadows, the same a Zelszar, a Japanese mask hiding her face. The only thing that was noticeable about her was her several fox-like tails. "Well done, restraining him like that". Rhanksar said, as Arthur observed the Kitsune bow from the waist to Rhanksar. "Thank you, my master". She spoke as she then rose back up.

~ Name: Zetsubou
Nickname: The Prison Keeper
Type: Kitsune
Rank: S rank
WDL Threat Level: Unbelieveably high. ~

Arthur struggled in his confinement, a scowl upon his face. "You Kistune always were traitorous, snivelling creatures! When I escape my confines I will tear you apart with my Axe, nay, my bare fists!". Arthur struggled even harder, and swore. "When I get out!". Arthur struggled even harder at this, and grimaced. "Ohhh, such strong words~". A voice called out as a figure landed in front of Arthur and slammed down a basket large enough to fit over the seals. Then he would turn it around to see the seals now attached to the basket, with Arthur now trapped inside of it as a large glow covered the top of it, preventing Arthur from escaping. The man then kicked the basket up into the air like a soccer ball easily, kicking it around with his feet a few times as he heard Arthur's struggles before finally catching it with his hands and putting his legs down. He could see the man wore a hat over his head, but there were unusual rabbit ears poking out of it. "Good day sir~ A glorious day to come and become one of us, eh? Oh now there I go, sounding human. Oh well, it's time for you to come with us now. Or must I kick you around some more? Actually, I think I'll do that on the way back to the main man himself. Oh I can't wait to watch him put you through Hell and Hell's suffering.~".

~ Name: Larry
Nickname: The Lunar Star
Type: Lunar/Earth Rabbit
Rank: S rank(?)
WDL Threat Level: To be executed on sight at all costs! ~

Arthur, from inside the box, was shouting out obsceneties at the top of his lungs. "I WILL NEVER BECOME ONE OF YOU! NEVER IN MY LIFE OR AFTERLIFE! I WOULD DIE AGAIN BEFORE I WOULD OPENLY DO SO!". Arthur thrashed about, managing to break one of the seals, although he was tired and shocked. He then began beating on the box with his fist, intent on opening it up. Larry simply poked through the seal quickly and poked Arthur with immense strength, nearly knocking him out upon contact as he shook his head, letting out a 'tsk, tsk, tsk' as he did. "Oh dear, it seems I have diagonised a new mental condition today. It is called - the Arthur syndrome. The Arthur syndrome is where a guy named Arthur was dumb enough to actually waste his time struggling. Struggling, with what though? Stress, sexual tension, I can do this all day~". He said as he quickly put the basket upside down on his head, only barely supported by his ears. "Time to go!~" He shouted, before suddenly bouncing away with incredible speed and leaping high into the air every time, all the while Arthur felt like he would fall off at any moment.

Rhanksar chuckled a bit as Zelszar shook his head. Zetsubou merely remained quiet as the three followed after him at a fair pace. "Why did we bring him along?". Zelszar asked Rhanksar. "Because... He said he had some tricks he wanted back from the WDL". Zelszar rose his brow at this to him. "Tricks? Like toys?". Rhanksar then chuckled again. "No... The cereal". Zelszar then put his hand over his face in annoyance. They arrived back to the devil's place where Larry would strap Arthur down to the ground as he watched Zetsubou would pin him down with seals on his arms, which would start to burn him as they started to change him, giving him painful impulses as if each heartbeat would have destroyed him, but kept him alive as the process began. "Do it", Rhanksar spoke as Zetsubou stepped forward and brought down three seals over one spot, then slammed her hand down on all three of them as a bright red light covered over them, making Arthur scream out in pain as it seemed like he was being burnt to death again. "So how long before he turns to us?". Zelszar spoke, as Rhanksar smirked at this. "Give it a few...". He spoke, as Larry stood behind them, all three watching the painful process. Time passed, and Zetsubou finally stopped, walking away as she let the seals one by one fall off like wet paper. She stopped and turned to look at Arthur's new physical form as Rhanksar smirked. "How do you feel Arthur? I believe a mirror is needed...". He spoke, as Zelszar grew one and held it out in front of Arthur. "What do you see.....


~ Name: Insight
Nickname: The Oracle
Type: Hakutaku
Rank: ?
WDL Threat Level: ? ~

The Hakutaku grinned as it took in it's new appearance, from the three horns that sat on it's head like a crown, to the massive third eye set into it's forehead. it blinked it's two normal eyes, laughing inanely at the recovery of the eye he had lost as a human. The Hakutaku still wore Arthur's robes, but his skin was paler, and the horns jutted out at a foot each. The third eye on his forehead turned red, and shot a beam of pure energy at the mirror, breaking it. "It feels good, Champion. What are we to do next?". The newly-made Half-beasts horns shrunk, disappearing, and it's third eye closed. "Until the next full moon, I will not be at full power, but I will still do as you wish". The Hakutaku kneeled, and smirked, it's hands changing into talons, and a row of spikes burst out of it's back, only to go back inside instantly. "These changes are my insight into myself, my surroundings and the living". The Hakutaku stayed on it's knee, and spoke again once it had returned to a vaguely human form. "I am Insight, for my insight goes to all". Rhanksar stepped forward and stopped before him. "Very well. Your name is now Insight the Oracle. Let it be written down from this day forth!". He then got down on his knee as he looked at him. "... Although, I am curious to ask you a question. I want to test out your new powers... So, before we do this, I want you to remember back some years. How long was it in human years...? Hmm... Ten to twelve years ago. When an unusual demon attack was made on one of the holy cities... Do you remember this incident, Insight?". Insight locked eyes with Rhanksar, a grin on his face. "I am Insight, a Half-beast. We remember and know all. There indeed was an attack on a Holy City. The Vatican. You are curious about this battle, correct?". Insight quickly coughed and grinned. "Although I may be wrong, I'm sure. There have been many Holy Cities destroyed and war-ravaged. The basis of life is death, thusly. Also, do you want to know how many Youkai and Demon are in this world right now?".

Rhanksar seemed to go into his mind before seeming to come back go reality. "Very well. Tell me how many Youkai and Demon there are. Also, Vatican sounds like it... I am curious to know about the name of the demon who lead this attack. I have one more question to ask you after this, but... It shall wait." Insight stood, brushing himself off, admiring his now young body. "Ahh, it is so beautiful to be young again, and those pestering WDL shan't pose much of a threat to us, Milord, since I just happen to know every single little thing about them. And the amount of Youkai and Demon in the world? 784,233,105,377,159 Youkai and Demon are currently on the Earth... On second thought, make that 784,233,105,377,158, one just died". Insight grinned and looked back to Rhanksar. "The Demon whom led the attack was named Gale, otherwise known as Talon. He and my previous human form fought many times, and now, what is your next question?". Rhanksar stood up slowly as he looked down at Insight with a serious expression. "... I want to know how many Nue are left." Insight's eyes glittered and he spoke. "It is hard for even us Half-beasts to gain knowledge of where a Nue is, and how many exist, but I know that there are currently....". Insight closed his eyes, put his hands together and began to hum. A red ight illuminated the area around him, coming from his third eye. Suddenly, when the bright red light was nearly unbearable, the light vanished, and Insight was standing there, a smile on his face. "There are currently three Nue alive, two are untraceable, and one is in a very peculiar place". Insight turned, and grinned. "You wouldn't expect a Nue to have infiltrated the WDL, would you?".

Rhanksar grinned demonically at this statement. "Excellent...". He said as he looked towards his warlords. "Zelszar". He said, as Zelszar gave him a salute. "You will go and find any information you can about this Talon. Zetsubou will escort you, and will interrogate anyone you wish". He said, as both nodded before heading out. "Larry... I am assigning you temporarily to be Insight's guard. Until he is more powerful, that is. But for now, he is too valuable to let die". He then turned back to Insight. "... I am giving you a personal assigment. This Nue you have found... I want it found and brought to me. I wish to interrogate it, it must know where it's friend is... One of my former soldiers. One of my... Former warlords, to be exact". He said angrily as he turned around and walked a few steps away. "... Do you have anything else you wish to tell me?". Insight grinned, and spoke. "By chance I have looked into your past, Champion. Your son was found by My Human self, idiotic as my human self was, he still knew that Sebastian was valuable. Also...". Insight looked at Larry for a second, and stepped to Rhanksar's side. "Your main challenge will be the Phoenix. If he gains power enough, he may be able to convince your son to kill you. The only problem with this is that he cannot permanently die, but I have other... solutions, to that problem, if you would hear them later". Insight laughed, and turned. "Whatever you wish to be done, it shall be done, Dark Champion".

Rhanksar nodded in silence as he put his arms behind him. "... I will be making my way back to my empire's base. My... Castle, if you would like to call it. I think you've heard rumors of it, but you will find out it soon exists. It is very large, very large in comparison to your former WDL base". He said as Larry moved to Insight's sight, idly bouncing in place. "I would like to hear these when you have the chance. Write them down if you fear you will forget them, although I doubt you will have much problems now with that... My son and the Phoenix. Perhaps we can use them to our advantage... Perhaps they will help me eliminate this foolish rebellion that has sparked. And if you live long enough... I may make you a Warlord. That is all, you both are dismissed."

With that statement made, Insight bowed, and turned, leaving the area with a smirk on his face. He turned to Larry and grinned. "I wish to observe something, not of utmost importance. We will be needing to go to the Main Academy of the Warriors of the Divine Light, which also happens to be where the Nue is located. I already know the way, mind you. After all, I am a Hakutaku now". Insight grinned, and strode off.


Deon Morris - The Executioner

Deon grinned as he strode down the hallways of the Renegade's Base, but something was off. He felt... odd, after all, he had noticed that his madness was resurfacing at the worst possible time, but unbeknownst to him, it was all going according to play for a certain Puppeteer. Deon rubbed his forehead as he proceeded down the Hallways, completely focused on his own thoughts, until he walk straight into Quake, that was. Now, with Quake being a particularly tall Oni, Deon's forehead was around the height level of her neck, in other terms, Deon walked right into her chest. Needless to say he leaped backwards, and quickly put a hand up to his face, covering his nose and stifling a few laughs. He looked up to see Quake eyeing him, and then her towel fell off.


"Oh, hey Boss-man. I was just finishing up in the shower. Looks like you bumped into me at the... 'best', time?". Quake laughed as she noticed the blood seeping out through the small gaps in Deon's fingers. "You've got to be kidding me. Are ALL Oni like you? If they are...". Quake laughed and cut him off. "You're gonna die of blood loss, are ya? Haha!". Deon just glared, and Quake picked up her towel, rewrapping it around herself skimpily, and giving Deon a flirtatious wink. "Seeya later, since we're on that Monster Train mission together". As Quake strode past him, Deon let out a sigh. "The hell is wrong with me? Why didn't i tell her off?". Deon lay back and let out a laugh that echoed through the hallway, and he grinned. "Seriously? Why was I never told about any Oni by anyone before?.... Oh, I was meant to go and get Ash, wasn't I... Heheheh.... Fucking Oni distracting me". Deon slowly stood up, his head straining as his eyes flashed. "Okay then, let's get things going". Deon took a few steps forward. "I just hope this mission goes quickly. I don't want to be fighting too much with this madness resurfacing".


Rin - The Sniping Kasha

Michael sat in silence as he finished the rest of his drink. His body was covered in bandages, although he seemed fine. He sighed and stood up, hesitating a second before rising up fully. "This day just keeps getting stranger... First reports of someone going berserk, then Deon fighting Quake - oh lord, that could of gotten out of control - and now that kid named Sebastian is getting his initation... What's next?" Rin grinned as she suddenly appeared beside Michael, and snatched the glass out of his hands. "Aww, I wanted the last bit, Mikey-wikey". Rin grinned and flipped over the chair, landing expertly and smirking. "So, how's our majestic half-angel leader, hmm?". Rin stood, and spoke again. "I told Quake to accompany Deon on his latest mission, I'll tell you why when you get over your shock". Michael rose a brow at her. "He's facing number 31... I know. Unless there's something I don't know about this mission, in which case... Yeah". He coughed a bit into his arm as he shook his head and lowered it back down to his side, looking at her. "You seem energetic today... Don't tell me you got a mission as well or something. And what's with all this chaos today, huh?". Rin grinned, but her smile faded, and a dead seriousness drenched her voice. "Michael, you know how Deon and Number 7 are connected, right? Frankenstein?". Rin locked eyes with Michael, and continued to speak. "You remember when they fought last, right? Well, we thought that he was killed. Apparently we were wrong".Michael blinked at her seriousness and tilted his head a little at this. "... Well he was kind of still on the list you know". He said as he sighed and shook his head. "... Alright, where is Franky? We might need to send in one of our tougher members to fend him off in case he's attacking". Rin laughed, and put a hand on Michael's shoulder. "Shut up and be serious, Michael, do you remember their last fight? How Deon was changed?". Michael nodded to her at this. "... Of course." He put a hand on her wrist. "... You don't mean it's happened again, do you?".

Rin sighed, and turned away. "Did you see what he did to those Guards that were meant to capture us? I know that they nearly killed me, but he didn't need to... you know". Rin turned back to Michael. "His eyes... they weren't his. They were, dark, cold, merciless and completely full of.... evil. They were the eyes of a killer. A murderer. A sadist. A monster, and they definitely weren't his". Michael furrowed his brows. "... I must of passed out". He said, and closed his eyes, his head tilting down a bit as he put his hands on her shoulders and sighed. "... I want Deon forbidden from entering into Eclipse's room until further notice". Rin sighed in relief. "I didn't want him to get into trouble, but I'm sure that he's aware of the fact that it's resurfacing again, which is why he's distracting himself with missions. I sent Quake along with him due to the fact that she could shut him down if she has to, with his Knockout in Three Steps trick, although he might see through it. I gave her a special something that could sedate him if she needs to use it as well". Rin let out a nervous laugh and spoke again. "I just hope he doesn't react brashly, like when he.... Nevermind, that was in his past, not something I should even know. i shouldn't have read up on his records in the WDL anyways". Rin tensed up as Michael wrapped her in a hug, placing his forehead on hers., closing his eyes. "... I know". He said, opening his eyes to look into hers as he put his head beside hers, resting their heads against each other. "... I just hope it doesn't have to come to the death solution." Rin wondered how to continue. "M-Michael, you... you're hugging me... W-Why?". Rin's cheeks reddend slightly as she felt Michael's head next to hers, and she stammered. "Y-You're too nice to be a human, you know. You're like a reincarnation of that Jesus guy, or something. Heh". Michael smiled a bit at this. "... I know". He said as he shrugged his shoulders. "... I just felt like hugging you, you know, like how you did me earlier?". He said as he pulled away and looked at her. "Why? You aren't nervous, are you?"

Rin's eyes widened, and she backed away, holding her hands up in front of her, like an embarrasing scene out of an anime. "Wha- I... Whait, I never... Wha? I never did you! What're you on about, Michael!?". On the inside, Rin was giggling her ass off, but she wanted to see how Michael would react. "P-Pervert!". Michael felt his eyes widen a bit and he hit her lightly on the head. "FOOL!" He shouted, somewhat nervous as he looked away at this. "... I didn't mean it like that....". He mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest. Rin laughed and nudged Michael in the ribs. "I'm just lightening the mood a little bit, ya dumbass. Of course ya didn't mean that, haha!". Rin patted him on the back, and grinned. "So, you saw Deon and Quake fight, eh?". Michael looked at her and smiled, lowering his arms again at this. "... Yeah. It was amazing. They've both improved greatly". Rin grinned. "Mind telling me about it? I didn't get to catch all of it because of the crowd... Heh". Rin grinned even wider and launched herself onto the seat, sitting in a mildly alluring pose. "Oh come on, Mikey-wikey, don't be shyyy...". Rin laughed and adjusted herself. "Just kidding. I wanna know how they went. All the details!".


Deon Morris - The Executioner

Deon had reached Ash's room, with the guidance of Asmodeus, of course. He knocked on the door before just stepping inside, with Asmodeus' permission of course. He stepped inside, first of all noticing that the room was empty. "Asmodeus, there's nobody here. Why did you invite me in if Ash isn't here?". Asmodeus just turned and shrugged. "I thought she would be here, ya know". Deon sighed. "Your blondeness must be getting to you, you're not thinking very straight at the moment. Where else could she be, then?". Asmodeus took a few seconds to think to herself, and then answered. "Oh right, she's probably at the Garage working on Umbra". Deon laughed, "Umbra, as in the motorbike? Sweet name she gave it. One more thing, Asmodeus". Deon leaped onto her and tackled her to the floor. "THE GARAGE IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE GODDAMN BASE!".


Illusion - Alexandra Demonia

Illusion was bored, and it didn't help that the new Archknight, Angel D'Brightaine, hed locked her away in a jail cell in the WDL's Dungeons. She sighed and inspected her nails as she heard the footsteps coming down the hallway, coming to a rest outside her cell door. "Well, it looks like the demon filth is awake and breathing, isn't that right, Miss Demonia?". Illusion scoffed. "You couldn't even kill me if you tried, Archdouche. Trust me on that, you only beat Arthur by using assassins and trickery. And the fact that you have two eyes". Illusion grinned at this, knowing full well that Arthur had been transformed into a Hakutaku, and now had three eyes, which was more than Angel could say, at least. "Silence, flith. You have not been told to speak by our Mas-". The soldier was cut off as Illusion burst to the bars, gripping him by the throat and tearing flesh from bone and sending him flailing through the air, without a head, of course. Illusion grabbed the next guard and slammed him into the bars, watching as his head split into pieces due to the force. Before he fell, she grabbed the keys from his hands and unlocked the door, closing it behind her, throwing the bodies inside and allowing illusions to take over. Suddenly, another Illusion was sitting inside the cell, and the two guards were still patrolling as if nothing had happened.

Illusion turned, appreciating her work fully and taking her leave from the room, before ascending the stairs and finding the tip of a blade pointed in her direction. She blinked and sighed, clicking her fingers which caused all of the lights to go out instantly. All that could be seen were fangs, gunfire and a pair of glowing, rusty red eyes. When the lights clicked back on, the girl was sitting in the middle of the room, wiping excess blood off of her lips and grinning like a lunatic. "They almost always underestimate me, because of my form. Sucks to be them, I'd say". Illusion stood, laughing lightly. "It was a shame that Angel had sent a double to me, instead of actually facing me, but I have other occupations to attend to, but I think I'll be keeping an eye on this little play in the background". Illusion looked to the stairs, and seemed to glide over to them, ascending and eventually appearing on the roof.

A man awaited her, his waist length golden hair flowing freely in the wind. Illusion smirked as the figure drew his blade, which seemed to glow with a golden hue. "So, Miss Demonia. You have escaped your confines and have arrived before me, as I knew you would". The man, Angel, turned, only to see nothingness, and he stared in disbelief. "Did she just leave in the middle of my monologue?". Meanwhile, Illusion was flying away to an unknown location, her laughter ringing out through the night. "What a dick!~".


Deon Morris - The Executioner

Deon had finally reached the garage, a slight grin adorning his face as he stepped through the door, the scent of oil and exhaust filling his nostrils, and he opened his eyes and his grin widened. "You're sure she'll be here, Asmodeus?". The blonde beside him grinned and nodded. "Of course. I'm smart enough to know her a bit now, and we've been hanging out a lot so I know what she likes a bit". Deon grinned. "Just don't make me have to walk all the way over to the other side of the base again". Deon immediately regretted his choice of words. "Oh but Deon, I like it when you were restraining me... Your body pressed against mine, your breath on my neck and our passion igniting into a-". That was when Deon put his hand over her mouth and sighed. "Shut up. Seriously". When Deon felt that it was safe for him to take his hand away from the busty demoness' mouth, he did so, and she let him have his peace by keeping her trap shut for the remainder of the time it took the duo to find the black-haired half demon. Deon was tempted to sneak up on her, but due to her rage-quitting when the other chick had tried to speak to her earlier, Deon decided that it probably wasn't a good idea, so he purposefully made his steps a tiny bit louder so she would be aware of his location. Another thing that Deon noted, was that Asmodeus stayed in a position where there was always something between her and Umbra, as if she was scared if the motorbike or something.

Deon leaned over Ash for a moment, then drew himself back ,coughed once, and then decided to vocalise. He grinned as he eyed Umbra, admirign it slightly, but then Asmodeus nudged him and he let out a light chuckle. "Hey Ash, since Asmodeus told me about how you and her have been training, how'd ya like to tag along with me and another Renegade on a real mission? Get some experience in or something. Don't want ya to fall behind or anything, although I doubt that'd happen any time soon". Deon grinned before noticing the two cats in the room, but he decided not to mention them at all, although it clicked in his head that they weren't exactly normal cats. "Anyways, we'll be heading out soon, so if you wana come with us, meet me in the Main Room, which is where we were before, ya know". Deon turned, and strode away, before stopping and grinning. "And you might want to move before Asmodeus glomps you, as well". With that, Deon let out a chuckle and left the room, leaving Asmodeus to deal with whatever Ash had in store for her.



The Train Station was fairly deserted at this time of night, and the man wearing the labcoat and smoking the cigarette wasn't going to get on just any train. He was looking for a very, very special train in particular, and it was due to arrive in around twenty-two seconds, as the timetable had stated. Unlike most people, who simply boarded the train to get home or to go somewhere they needed to go, this man was boarding it for a very specific reason. He had an objective he wanted done, and he didn't intend on letting anybody ruin the chance he had this time. The trains pulled up, and he grinned, stepping inboard and letting the doors shut behind him. He knew that they wouldn't open again unless the trains wanted to open the doors, which he highly doubted that it would. The man grinned as the lights went out, replaced by a glowing, pulsating red aura of sorts. He dropped his briefcase onto the ground and grinned, pulling out a camera and holding it up. He pulled his cigarette out of his mouth and dropped it onto the floor, watching it slowly die out to a cinder, and then vanish, with amusement. He held the camera up, turning it on and aiming it at himself. He grinned and adjusted his glasses, then spoke. "Hello there. My name is Doctor Stein, but you can call me Franky, if you want to. Why am I on board this cursed train, you may ask. Well, I will tell you after the Trains is done eating through your skin tissue and if munching on your skeletal system, how about that, hm?". The man deposited the camera onto the topside of his briefcase, and then the lights went out fully.

That's when the screaming ended, and the slicing sounds began.


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~ ??? ~

"I don't know why I keep on doing this to myself..." The icy breath of the ice demon known as Chill, formerly the human Rob, came out of his mouth and made the air colder around him. He sat in a very special room in Kallos' base, a room made entirely out of ice. He liked it, he needed it to cool down after the rough battle he had with Sebastian and his two new friends. He had yet to see one of them was Lucy, a former close friend of his. "I don't know why I am recording this, or why I feel the need to... But I feel as if every day I must make progress on how my new life is. This would be the... Ninety-seventh one I have bothered to make. Maybe. Or is it ninety-two now...? I don't know anymore, but this one shall be to recall back to a more simple time. A time when my life was fine, and I knew a person who would change my life forever. I do, by this, mean Sebastian Thomas."

"How I remember the day we first met. How he came in, looking worried and sick, with fear and sadness in his eyes. Back then I was nicer, I was a kinder person then I am now. I quickly introduced him around, I was the first kid he had talked to, and the first kid he had made friends with. It was nice, those two months we enjoyed the little adventures we created together. But then after all the fun and joy we had, there came Lucy. Oh how I miss the way her eyes looked at me with such sweetness in them, how I long to feel the warm touch of her hand on mine again. Oh how I long for someone to bring me warmth again. When Lucy came, she told us on how we should be more weird and look at life from a different point of view. Oh how I wish I had known ahead of time what was in store for us."

"I know that as I continue to speak with a frosty tone, and my breath comes out as if it was in the middle of winter, I recall the beginning of a horrific set of events. One of them being Lucy's accident. One day she suddenly collapsed, she was as sick as a dog and blood continued to escape her mouth. So I told Sebastian we needed to help raise the money for her, and we would stand outside day after day praying someone would give us enough money for the operation she needed. As I continued to went in, Sebastian slept outside. As the operation came closer, our caretakers found it was time to talk him out of it and bring him back inside, dirty and tired as he was. Fortunately, they got enough money for her operation it seemed, though how this happened i am not sure, but she recovered quickly back to health. But this all seemed in vein, for when she grew old enough, she left us, saying she would visit Sebastian time and again. As I feel I am rushing through this log, I feel I must confess something at the end of this, and after this next part, I shall."

"It was a few months ago when it began. Sebastian started acting more selfish, always wanting more then he had. When I tried to talk to him, he told me off, and decided it was time to leave. When I talked to him again, he felt I was trying to push him down, and he ran. I watched him run through the rain, oh how I miss it when I feel something besides water coming from myself now. Everyone thought he was going through a phase, that he would return and it would be fine. I knew otherwise... I knew Sebastian. This was not him. I knew I had to do something, but then... A miracle came before me. The man with the crystal in his forehead came before me one day, and asked me if I wanted to be adopted. I refused at first, claiming I did not need a family, but he insisted. That I could see Lucy again, that we could spend time together, and that Sebastian would return back to normal and we would be friends again. I agreed. After I was adopted, he asked me if I wanted the power to change history itself. I agreed, and he did the unthinkable. He changed me into an ice demon, giving me the name Chill. So there ends the memories, and now, I shall conclude this log with my final statement..."

~ Sebastian's Story ~

"What's wrong with my head...?" He asked himself, as he tried to stand, everything around him looking... off. Things were moving that shouldn't of been, the room was tilting a little, and his body was shaking as if he had spun around in place several times. "Remember my name. Eclipse. I was once a strong proud demon before I had to fight the leaders of The Renegade. As per our deal, I am now a part of their inventory. Although they never said who could wield me, which is the best part, hehehehe... Any way, let's see how your reflexes with my basic form are." Sebastian's eyes widened as he looked over towards Lucifer, and used his fast speed ability to move in front of her, quickly taking a stance with the sword as he felt a powerful force collide into him. "Good... You can at least protect people from weak attacks." The voice told Sebastian, quickly forcing him to block against more attacks. "Good, good." The voice spoke, slowly sliding Sebastian back slowly towards Lucifer. "What are you doing Sebastian?" She asked, as he gritted his teeth at this. "Not a good time!" He spoke out, as the next blow was enough to send him flying backwards into her, making them both stumble around for a bit as a demonic laughter came over them before. "Nice moves, idiot." It spoke as he stood up, grabbing her arms and pulling her up as well. "D-don't mistake this situation. I -- I was just... Playing along with this." She said, as Sebastian rolled his eyes at her words.

"But what about attacking someone?" It spoke, as a demon appeared and quickly charged at him. His eyes widen and he quickly spun around, using the sword in his hand to slice across the demon's torso, making him split into two as both vanished. "Good enough, I guess. You were off by a little bit on the angle, but otherwise... My skills are at least having an effect on you. But now it's time to truly see... What you fear most." The voice said, as Sebastian suddenly recalled back, back to that day years ago...

+ Flashback +

The town Sebastian and his mother use to live in was nice. He was only four years old, barely able to understand anything of what was about to happen. He was walking hand in hand with his mother, who as he looked up to, smiled down at him as he smiled back and looked forward. He loved being close to her like this, holding her hand, feeling safe and sound and knowing everything was going to be alright. Then, a voice called out that would ruin everything. "DEMON ATTACK! DEMON ATTACK!!" Suddenly, everyone was in a panic, running for their lives. His mother suddenly picked up the pace, and he was almost dragged along as he found he had to run faster then he had ever had before. Then, explosions began to erupt all around the town, devastating everything that was caught within them. Buildings fell and crumbled, the ground in each being destroyed and left to rot with the corpses they held in them, demons suddenly appearing in huge amounts of numbers as they destroyed anything that got in their way.

"LET IT BE KNOWN FROM THIS DAY!" A voice boomed out across the town, as five figures now stood on the tallest building, each of them looking down upon the attacks happening. "THAT ARMAGEDDON IS COMING! THE PROPHECY IS COMING TRUE! AND I SHALL BE THE ONE TO LEAD OUR FORCES THROUGH THIS EARTH, WHEN I AM RULER OF HELL!" The figure spoke, among the figures could be seen Kallos. The others were a mystery, one of them wearing advanced armor over his body, another looking pale and wearing a cloak over her body in the way a vampire would, and the last one was completely covered in knight's armor. "FELLOW DEMONS! AS YOUR NEW MASTER AND FUTURE RULER, I COMMAND YOU TO WIPE THIS CITY CLEAN OF ALL HUMAN SCUM! LEAVE NO ONE ALIVE, TAKE NONE PRISONER, DESTROY EVERYTHING MADE BY THEM! REPLACE IT ALL WITH ONLY DEATH!"

+ Present day +

Sebastian felt weak, collapsing down on to his knees as the demon voice remained quiet. "You are a survivor, you have struggled since that day came. No... Even before then." It said, as Sebastian slowly rose up to his feet. "... I see a dangerous future for you, much more dangerous then what the phoenix has to face, though this all depends on how you all proceed through these trials." As he stood up, he felt a hand come down on his shoulder as he looked over at Lucifer. "You fainted there for a few... You look sick." She spoke, as he looked back down at the sword. "You have the potential to wield me, but you are not yet ready it seems. Place me back upon my resting place, and we will meet again in the future. That, I can guarantee." It chuckled as he walked back over to the case and set the sword down within it, Lucifer quickly pulling him back as the case slammed shut. Another chuckle came out, although Sebastian knew this one was not from Eclipse. He knew he was once again being observed by someone, or something... He couldn't see it, as he looked around the room, but he felt it. The eye had returned.

~ Michael's Story ~

"Alright, that will be enough. Lucifer, take him back to his room and show him the new equipment that will be there for him." She looked at Scott as he said this and nodded when he finished, taking Sebastian and quietly walking with him, making sure he didn't over-exert himself. "... I only hope he survives this mission." He said as he walked back to the main room, standing in Michael's place again as he took out a small little tube and inserted it into a spot, watching as the blood in it went into the machine and a map was brought up. "... Alright, let's see if I can remember all of this." He mumbled to himself.

Michael, on the other hand, felt extremely nervous. Rin was... Well, she was... His mind was getting off track, as he grabbed a chair and, rolling his eyes, placed it next to her and sat down next to her. "... I have missed you." He said, looking at her as he got a gentle smile out of it and she patted his back. "Just get on with the details, Michael. We can talk more later." She said, making him smile as he looked down at the table and tried to recall the events of the fight to her. Meanwhile, his mind recalled back to more easier times...

+ Flashback +

His master was training him with Deon, as they both were fighting as hard as they could against the Kasha leader. But in the end, he beat them both and they lay near each other, gasping for breath and struggling to regain control over themselves. "You both have obvious flaws in your strategies. Michael, you rely too much on your strength for guidance. Your mind must be kept clear and it must be allowed to flow through the fight. If you think things over and fight with more then just strength alone, you may be able to turn the tables." He closed his eyes at his master's words, hearing Deon give a little snicker at Michael being lectured. "And you, Deon." The Kasha leader turned to him, as Deon immediately fell silent. "You tried so hard to look like a fool at first. In fact, you are a fool now that I see it. But when you knew I was overpowering you, you tried to touch me, tried to get a grip on me that would allow you to turn the tables on me. Am I right?" He spoke, Deon remaining in silence at how observant the Kasha had been. "Try and remember that you need your own power before trying to take others." Michael opened his eyes at this, to hear Deon groan out in annoyance. "I know, I know... But practice will be good for the both of you. I see something in you both that I have not seen in a very long time... Perhaps once you both have matured more, you can show me what I need to learn from the new age that is coming."

Michael then recalled back to when the three were just new leaders and had control over The Rengade. All three were needed for a special assignment, the first mission that would give them all trouble. They all stopped as they saw a demon walking forward, slicing his way through paralyzed enemies, demon or human. "What is he doing...?" Michael asked, as Rin looked over at Michael. "I -- I don't know what's up with that thing... I -- I feel something coming over me, as if I --" She was interrupted at this by Deon. "Maybe you two should go and make out somewhere? I can handle this bozo~" He said, and Michael lightly punched him in the shoulder. "It's not like that, you idiot." He spoke, as Deon rubbed his shoulder. "Geez Michael, when did you grow a brain?" He teased, but was stopped as the figure came into view. "You must be the replacements... Well done, but you all look foolish." The demon said, as all three held their ground as they saw the demon take a stance. "Allow me to introduce myself... I am Eclipse, the Nightmare Bringer! Now, FACE ME!" And then he charged forward, all three of them shocked as his sword cut Michael's chest first, and then, blank.

~ Name: Eclipse
Nickname: The Nightmare Bringer
Type: Unknown
Rank: Believed to have been A rank
WDL Threat Level: Was believed to be Deceased ~

+ Present Day +

Michael was brought back into reality when he saw a soldier walking to them both and saluting. Both of them rose as the soldier kept his stance. "Scott of the Michael Division would like to see you now." He said, and Michael nodded. "Very well. Resume your daily activities." He said, as the soldier nodded before running off. Michael and Rin then walked towards the main room. "What could Scott want at a time like this, it's a little unusual for him." She said to Michael, as he sighed out a bit. "No doubt it is something concerning the kids." He said, as they both soon found themselves looking at Scott, who nodded to them both. "Glad you both made it. I have some important news to share with you." He said, indicating to the screen, as Rin rose her brow. "What's this?" She asked, seeing several red markers appearing on the map... Over the already dozen that were being shown. "I took the liberty of taking some of Sebastian's blood while he was out. After analyzing it, I have compared it and found that we currently have two others similar to him. One of them being Deon's, the other being possibly Ash's." He continued, sighing out as he looked at the screen. "So what's the problem?" Michael asked, as Scott looked over at him. "... It's a little unusual, but... It appears there are several people out on here that are identical to his blood. In other words... We may have a few children missing. That is why I have sent out a team of three soldiers each to search five locations. Once a team has searched all five locations, they return here, with or without the correct child."

~ Kallos' Story ~

"The demon has been sent to me, and we are currently analyzing it." The leader spoke, a smirk coming on his features as everyone nodded in agreement, seeming to like that they were successful. "Because of your little outbreak, you now are all on the WDL's most wanted list. Be proud, you all are very high." With this, everyone cheered out as they heard the good news. Photos furrowed his brows and tried to rise, but was stopped as Kibo put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head, to which Photos sat back down. "Now, I will list off each of you in order from least to most. Photos, you are 27. Golem, 23. Bellfoar, 21. Itzhet, 14. Kahlman, 13. Yami, 10. And Balarus, you are six. Well done, each of you." More cheering followed from this, as the leader let this go on for a few before raising his hands up to stop them. "Now then... You will be receiving a new member to your squad in a few. Once this is done, you will be my Elemental Force. Take great pride in this, for you all have a role to play in my upbringing." A dark chuckle followed as he shook his head. "It has come to my reports that Deon, Sebastian and Ash, three of the children we are looking for have joined with The Renegades. I thank you for this report, Kalh." A bow quickly came from Kalh's end as the demon leader went on.

"Devin, who was formerly with the WDL, has currently been listed as missing for the time being. Chang has been reported to be within hell's ranks, no doubt a future enemy to my cause. As for any other children, we do not know. As for demon kings, Crisis has been reported to not have been seen in hell at this time. Loki was last seen with Chang in hell, and Brenhin... Well, that bastard will get his soon enough." He chuckled again as he rose up a finger. "It is time for your first assault against the WDL, your first concern. You will place bombs around the surrounding towns, and within three days, they will be set off. If this succeeds, you will have an easy way in. Good luck figuring out who will set them up." A dark chuckle came out of him, almost turning into a laugh before the screens returned to normal, and the symbol with the eye came back on the screens.