Loki Belphegor

"...Oh, my brothers are up there? Gotta pay them a visit...can't let them don't know their elder brother's face, huh?" WIP

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Loki Belphegor

Full Name: Loki Belphegor

Age: "Trust me, ya don't want to know"

Gender: Male

Nicknames/Codenames: The Prince of Darkness, Loki

Occupation: "Do you REALLY want to know?"

Role: Demon

Basic Description: [WIP]

"Like I would tell you something like that"

Major Abilities:
    Z Human - Demon form: Unlike other weaker demons, Loki has two forms: His human form and his Demon form. In his Human Form, he looks exactly like a normal teenager human except for the occasional flickers of red in his eyes whenever he's excited about something. It's hard to make him excited and so, it is also rare to see his red eyes. However, the drawback of this form is that he will only have the power of a normal human so he CAN be killed in this form. The other form, however, is not so easily killed. He will grow two horns, a tail and a pair of bat wings. He barely dresses in this form and his clothes only cover his 'key areas' so to speak.

    Z Summoning: One of Loki's major abilities is his summoning. He's extremely good in summoning any demons with minimum effort, especially the Hell Hounds. He can summon a hundred of those things with little effort and he can even summon Satan if he wants to. But of course, he isn't that stupid or retarded and therefore, he only summons Hell Hounds for fighting purpose and rarely summons any other Demon with higher ranks than them. His Hounds are very loyal to him.

    Z [WIP]

Minor Abilities:
    Z Lie Detection: Loki can tell if a person is peaking the truth or not. It is a very useful ability and to some small extend, he can even aware of the truth based on the lies he has been told. However, he can only apply this ability to someone who knows the truth directly and tells lies. If that person doesn't know the truth then he simply knows it's a lie but doesn't know the truth from it.

    Z Wound Transferal: Loki can transfer all kinds of wounds from fatal to minor, from mental to physical wounds from one person to another. Currently, he uses it to transfer the wounds from himself to his enemies but if he applies it correctly, he can even cure one person from a disease (but in turn, makes another person has that disease). He needs physical contacts in order to make it work and it is usually very draining. Besides, he views this act as an unhonorable act so he rarely uses it.

Special Ability:
Z War Desire: [WIP]

Natural Talents:
    Z Seduction: [WIP]

    Z Cooking: [WIP]

    Z Singing: [WIP]

Weapon(s): Assisted knife

Loki has the appearance and expression of one who is extremely crafty and confident, an appearance which he lives up to. He claims to love humanity, and greatly enjoys putting people in miserable or chaotic situations in order to observe their reactions. With a thorough understanding of human behavior and tendencies, he is able to determine people's thoughts and predict their reactions with high accuracy. Loki is cunning and charming, but he's not very interested in romantic relationships. He has a very jolly and mocking personality, speaking informally with most people as if they are close friends and often using nicknames when he talks. He plays on both sides, so that whoever wins, he will have an advantage.

Although Loki 'loves' all humans, he has no interest in loving individuals, even his own family or friends. Also, Loki always keeps a thick wall around his heart. Although Loki enjoys conflict, often showing up wherever there is potential for one, he usually stays out of it, preferring to observe the fight instead of directly taking part in it. However, when provoked, he quickly puts his opponent in his place, simply proving his superiority without actually beating the other person. Therefore he is usually seen as the one starting fights, but hiding in the shadows instead of directly taking part. He uses an assisted knife (the blade he uses must be slightly opened before the mechanics of it springs the blade open - a switchblade will open on its own after the user presses a switch) and is skilled in parkour.

It is also noted that Loki's loyalty is unknown. On one hand, he never disobeys a direct order from the Devil but on the other hand, he has been seen helping some exorcists now and then. He denies or tries to stir the conversation to another direction whenever he's asked and therefore, he's one of the wild cards that cannot be determined yet. He disgusts with the way some of the demons kill their honors by doing lowly things. He considers himself to be honorable and he has his own pride and code of behaviours. Till this day, no one, not even his friends, knows what his code of behaviours includes and he doesn't desire for others to find out about it. To him, life is a game which he should enjoy.

Another thing that should be noted is that Loki is very ambitious and is secretly planning some grand evil schemes in the background, hiding it from everyone else. He often expresses that there should be a new Hell - a better Hell and it might be his plan to create a different world. He has tight bonds with quite a lot of Devils in Hell and he's proud to say that he has managed to make some really good 'friends'.

    ✓ Manipulating people

    ✓ Having fun

    ✓ Killing

    ✓ Turning people dark

    ✘ Exorcists

    ✘ Losing

    ✘ Disobedience

    ✘ Disrespect

    ✘ Sunlight

    â˜ē Sleeping

    â˜ē Playing

    â˜ē Doing missions

    â˜ē Watching fun stuffs happen

    â˜ē Killing


History: "Hoh? So, you desire to know about my history, dear? Sorry but that's classified information...maybe later, huh?"

Theme Song: [WIP]

Other: [WIP]


So begins...

Loki Belphegor's Story


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Loki Belphegor

Dear Diary,

Today was a fine day in Hell. The birds are singing, the flowers are everywhere, people are living happily with each other and there is no arguments whatsoever. Overall, it's a pretty nice day compared to last week where one house lost their chicken and quarreled with another house over a dog. I am sitting next to my window, looking out of my beautiful garden and I see a very beautiful maid tending to my trees. How awesome is that?...

Loki looked at the piece of entry he just wrote and laughed out loud at his own silliness. Who was he kidding? This wasn't true at all, not even a little bit. Chuckling to himself, the demon crossed out what he just wrote and dipped his quill into the ink bottle, ready to write again.

Dear Diary,

Today was a fine day in Hell. The birds are singing, the flowers are everywhere, people are living happily with each other and there is no arguments whatsoever. Overall, it's a pretty nice day compared to last week where one house lost their chicken and quarreled with another house over a dog. I am sitting next to my window, looking out of my beautiful garden and I see a very beautiful maid tending to my trees. How awesome is that?

Sorry Diary, just kidding...well, really...I'm just kidding. Today is a typical day of Hell. The smokes are rolling from the distance and the agony screams can be heard pretty well from where I am standing. The air is filled with sulfur smell...not that I mind, I find it comforting somewhat. The fire is crackling merrily underneath my feet and ya know what? I think I just stepped on a human's arm. Oh well, it's not my business, really...I'm just here to observe something and then get back to my homey and sleep through out the day. There are more and more demons born everyday so I think the wars on the upper-world - ya know, the human world? yeah, that...I think the wars on that place are pretty intensive right now...wish I can go up there but I can't. Still need to do some paperwork. Urg...paperwork...the ban of my life. Ah, where was I? Oh yeah...observing things...I am-'

A soft tap on his shoulder caught Loki's attention as he stopped writing in his diary and turned around, looking at the soon-to-be-dead demon with a scold "What do you want, demon? Don't you see I'm busy here? Or do you have a death wish?" The demon that was bold or stupid enough to make him lose his focus on his precious diary was trembling pathetically in front of him, his voice stuttered so bad that Loki couldn't even understand. The Demon King's scold deepened and he snapped impatiently "Are you stupid or just plainly deaf, you dimwitted demon? I ask you to slow DOWN!" The trembling demon took a huge gulp of air and said shakily "M-master L-loki, s-sir...T-t-the c-council re-requires y-your p-p-presence...T-the children h-have come ba-back, si-sir..." Loki snorted distastefully. What did the council want from him now? Not another stack of paper, he hoped...He had enough paperwork for a lifetime. Sighing, Loki closed the diary with a soft snap and said coldly to the demon in front of him "Tell the council I'm free on Sunday...I'm going to go and greet my dear old brother Brenhin now...see ya"

He tossed a wave at the stunned demon and turned to walk away only to be stopped again "B-but, M-master L-loki...t-the c-council r-requests t-to m-meet u-up with y-you now" Loki turned back and looked at the daring demon. How dare he told Loki what to do? He walked to the demon until his noise was just inches away from the demon. He could feel the guy's hot breaths and trembles. This was too pathetic. He didn't even begin to use one of his more...forceful methods. He sneered darkly "Look at me and tell me something, demon...do I look like I care what the council has to say in the matter? I'm telling you...I'm FREE on SUNDAY. Go the fuck out of my sight and come running to them and tell them that, you piece of shit! I don't give a rat ass what the council wants. Hey, You know what, demon? Maybe I can send one of my messengers to the council later...you have angered me enough, you lowly cockroach"

He picked the demon up by his neck and slowly twisted it until the demon was blue because of the lack of air. The demon scratched his arm weakly but Loki shrugged it off. "Die, cockroach" He said coldly and began to squeeze harder. The despair in the demon's eyes grew with each passing second "I-I'm s-sorry, M-master Loki...p-please fo-forgive me...I have a-a Mother, a w-wife and a-a son at home...p-please don't kill me" Loki looked at the demon for a whole minute before dropping him suddenly. The demon couldn't even believe his luck. Loki - the prince of darkness - one of the most ruthless demon in the entire Hell was...sparing him? Without turning to face it, Loki whispered dangerously "Guards...kick him out..." He looked at his bloody palm and licked it, the blood on his face didn't bother him the tiniest bit. He had gotten used to this by now.

"Give me my coat...I want to visit Brenhin"

The order was met with absolute obedience as his demon servants were just too afraid to do anything else. Loki scolded again. 'How boring' Demons were just so boring...he could always predict their actions, unlike humans, whom he took great pleasure in discovering their emotions and connections to each other. As his servant handed him his coat, he put on the black silk without a word and disappeared like morning mist. He didn't want to stay here any longer...the council would probably send someone else to bitch him. As the great demon disappeared, all the servants were visibly relaxed. One maid whispered to another "D-did you see Mas-master Loki today?" Her friend nodded and whispered back "Ye-yeah, he seemed even grumpier than normal...do you think someone is stupid enough to make him mad?" "What? Stupid enough to make M-master Loki mad? They must have a death wish" "Yeah, no doubt about that...I feel sorry for whoever's going to endure his wrath"

Loki gritted his teeth as he listened to his maids' words. He had gone to Brenhin's place but that didn't mean he didn't know what was going on in his own house. Those two maids were the ones who would endure his wrath today. They dared to talk behind his back...how bold of them. He would teach them a lesson. He clenched his fists and snapped to a nearby demon to tell Brenhin that he was coming to visit him. He looked at the blood red sky as a memory flashed in his head.


A much, much younger Loki was starring at a woman as he looked at her innocently. There was a sad glint in his eyes that did not belong to any children. "Mama...why don't they play with me? I said I was sorry already" The woman ruffed his head and smiled sadly "don't worry, Loki...I'm sure they will come to their sense soon and see how awesome you're, huh?" The child - Loki, brightened up and grinned happily "Really, mama? They'll see how awesome I am?" The woman nodded with great conviction "Of course, you are the nicest child I know...Now, what did you learn today, honey?" Loki grunted underneath his breath but didn't speak out loud, causing the woman to frown slightly "Speak louder, dear...I can't hear you"

"I said...I learnt that violence doesn't sold everything" Loki said louder this time, his face flushed red in embarrassment and the woman laughed sweetly "Good boy...remember, honey...violence isn't the solution to everything, okay?"

"Yes, mama"

Flashback ends

Loki smiled sadly as he looked at the dead bodies in front of him 'I wonder what you would say if you saw me today, Mama' He thought and quickly shook his head to dismiss his dangerous ways of thinking. If the council knew what he was thinking, he would be dead. As a demon informed him that Brenhin was in the castle, Loki nodded and quickly dismissed the little servant, whom was too happy to run away from him. He walked into Brenhin's place, wrinkled his nose as he smelled the death everywhere. Brenhin seemed to be even more disgusting than the last time he saw him.

" Find him. And bring him. To there, I desire to meet him."

He heard Brenhin's orders and his servants happily ran off to fulfill his wish. Loki clapped his hands to announce his presence before smirking and walked to Brenhin's throne "How are you today, Brenhin? Looking for our younger brothers and sisters?" He scratched his head and yawned in a bored tone "The council wants to meet up with us, ya know...I managed to tell them to meet us on Sunday...though I can see that they're not really happy with it...not that I give a fuck about what they think...some old senile demons" He snorted and looked at Brenhin, raising an eyebrow "I hope you're not planning to interfere with the children, aren't you? The king won't be happy, ya know" Shrugging his shoulder, Loki smirked "Not that's my business...and you really should clean your house more often...it smells like something rotten in here"


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#, as written by zody
Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

Several of the cars took off, speeding away from the Warehouse fater than the Demons could chase, although this was only a temporary thing, the minor Demons, having eaten everything and everyone inside the Building, and still thirsting for the blood of Exorcists, pursued the Cars down through the tunnel. It was dark in the tunnel, only lit up by the dim lights on either side of the walls, and a centered line of lights stretching along the roof, the entire length of the tunnel.

The Cars easily caught up to the female on the Motorbike, and Deon actually took the time to look at her, now that he had some time to. 'Hmm, not bad, but not amazingly attractive either, maybe I should give her a hand or something?'. Deon pondered this, until something hit the back of the truck, knocking him into reality and annoying him somewhat. He looked up just in time to see the swarm of Demons close in, sticking together and transforming into one to slam into the car once more. The Phoenix Boy had a few seconds to realise what they were doing, groan in annoyance, and kick a door off of the side of the car, before the demons hit again, flipping it over and sending flames flying through the tunnel, incinerating and illuminating Humans, Demons and other Vehicles alike.

"Damn, I liked that Car, and I didn't get to finish my goddamn drink".

If the female on the bike had decided to look up at that second, she would have seen a shadow flying over her, landing on yet another Car, and pull out two revolvers from seemingly nowhere. The figure grinned savagely, leaning into the roof on one of the Cars, before he pulled his head out and took aim. There was a mask covering his face this time, hiding all but the blue and gold eyes, and the vicious smile.

"Now, shall we have some fun? The Executioner has.... arrived!".

The sound of bullets hammering through the bodies of the Demons could be heard by all, echoing mercilessly throughout the tunnel. The attacking gunner seemed to be dancing in the air and on the cars roof, all the while humming loudly, as if he was waiting for something. He felt the powers of his bloodline awaken, and a savage growl arose from his throat. He hated using it as much as the next person, which, apparently, wouldn't be that much at the time, but he needed too all the less. Well, he would've had to, except he remembered something.

The Gunner sheathed his Revolvers, palming himself in the face in a way that said 'How the fuck did I forget about that!'. He pulled something out of his Pocket, and flicked it in his hands a few times. "I'll probably just be able to blame all of this on Illusion, or make somebody else an 'awesome demon-killing dude', but I can't let them know about me yet. Not until I'm more well acquainted with them, and I'm able to ditch the WDL".

The boy pulled his hood on further, hoping that nobody had noticed who it was that had decided to murder a gaint amount of the Demons following them. He pulled the pin and threw it, waiting.


"Did I pull the pi- Whoa!".

The boy shielded his eyes against the brilliant glare, as the holy water and shrapnel burst from the tiny canister, shredding through the hordes of Demonic enemies and leaving their torn, bloodied bodies littering the floor of the Tunnel. The boy grinned as the light faded, and the demons finally relented their attacks. "Damn, if I hadn't remembered my Grenade, I would've been given away. Oh well, it's just a little favor of mine to the WDL, saving their goddamn asses".

The Boy sighed and shook his head, leaping down into the open rooftop window of the limousine he was on. He was angered, and wondering how the hell the Exorcists had even become such, when a high voice, dripping with slight amusement, spoke to him from the darkness.

"I'd congratulate you, Hikari, but I'm not sure I like you yet".

Deon, or Hikari, as the Exorcists knew and spoke of him as, turned to the girl, Illusion, and gave her the bird. He wasn't very fond of her mind games, and the fact that she always eyed him oddly, in fact, he didn't like her much at all, although her eyes were pretty.

Deon thought to Himself. 'Well, she isn't that bad, after all, she's probably just like me somehow. Or maybe... that spark in her eyes betrays her somewhat. And I'm sure that I'll know her when I get my memories back, stupid WDL blocking them! Gah, I just want to fucking murder them, tear their throats out and strangle them with their own organs!'

"But then I wouldn't get them back, and I'd be screwed forever".

Deon reclined in his chair, whilst Illusion mumbled something about returning to the Academy early to sign some enrollment plans... 'Wait... what? Enrollment plans!? I have to go to them WDL's Academy now? As a Student? Fuck that!...Wait, no. This is just what I need, to scope my Sisters and Brothers out, to find and weaknesses and destroy them'.

Deon would've opened his eyes again, but sleep was claiming him, and he fell into a restful slumber.



Illusion vanished from the Limo as soon as Deon had fallen asleep, watching as Arthur sent out the beam that would open the portal to the WDL's Main Academy, and where they Children would be safe, or so they thought. Illusion smiled at the stupidity of the WDL's Leader, Arthur had foolishly trusted her enough to allow her to oversee the Academy, and the occupants. Most of which weren't Demonic, and almost all were fully Human. She closed her eyes, a dark smile on her face, and let the shadows consume her.

"Ahhh, my Daughter, what have you found? You, the embodiment of Lies and Deception herself, have succeeded in your mission?"

"Indeed, I have, my Father, my Lord. Five of your Seven Children have been found. Two are coming to you, and the rest are joining those idiotic Warriors of the Divine Light. Sadly, one of those is also one of your eldest Children. Him".

"That is only troublesome due to his memory loss.... Send for Loki, ask him to see the Council immediately. I shall send you as my representative".

Illusion turned, and with the click of her fingers, and a grin on her face, summoned a Demon, a timid fellow with a life to live and a family to care for. He would work nicely for Loki.

"Find Loki, tell him that the Council wishes to see him and his idiot Brother, and then return to me with news".

The Demon stammered his reply, and left, disappearing to find Loki.

"This is working well, it is. Isn't that right, Deon? Something tells me that Loki will be looking forward to seeing you again".

A smile snaked it's way across her face, spreading until it took up the entire width, literally from ear to ear. A laugh began to slide out of her vocal cords, an unsettling laugh that depicted a young girl ruined and crushed by hatred and rape, of a taste for blood, and her fight for life, and it all ended with nothing but insanity. The insanity that could infect anybody, and had infected everyone at some point, the Illusions of grandure and lustre that proved to be nothing but false hopes and the beliefs of the idiot population. When it ended, she vanished, as if she was never there.

Just like a true Illusion, because they never really are there.


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#, as written by claw
The giant Demon chuckled as he turned to look at his younger and much smaller brother. "You never where one for the old ways were you brother." He shifted in his throne. "And since when did you." He pointed at Loki. "Care much for the matters in which I work in, that is unless you are after something." He enjoyed talking the much smaller Demon, despite the difference of appearance they were both quiet similar in their ways.

He Looked around scenting the air. "When you live in a land constantly ablaze you get used to the smell, although I am the one who caused most of the fires here." He then waved at Loki clearly wishing him to be gone. "Tell the council that I will be present at the allotted time, and I wish for no more disturbances until then." He sounded angry which only made his voice even harsher.

It didn't take long for Sebastain to turn up, with some form of guide on the boys shoulder, he smiled to himself and shifted so his chin was resting on his right fist, sparks and embers flew from the contact. "I am not blind I called for the boy to be brought here." It was clear he was talking as if Sebastian wasn't even there. "And don't think me ignorant either lesser creature, besides I was not the one to fall that day, simply one of my weaker brothers hardly fit for the title of Demon King." He then looked at Sebastian as if he had only just entered the room. "My reasons as always are my own, however I will tell you that I find something... Useful in this boy." He snorted in a slight annoyance at the boys lack of any sort of initiative, clearly he had not been taught how to great a better in the Demon world but then again he was only human. "Now then, who are you exactly?" He looked at the eye again. "I would rather you would be gone."


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Loki Belphegor

"You never were one for the old ways, were you brother? And since when did you...care much for the matters in which I work in, that is unless you are after something."

Loki eyed his brother for a whole minute before a grin made its way toward the younger demon's face. He chuckled and shrugged his shoulder like he was trying to shake off some invisible dust "Brother...you know me too well" He ran a hand through his short black hair and smirked deviously. Pausing to give himself more time to think, Loki finally admitted "You are correct, Brenhin...I'm here for something..." Sending quick glances at the crystal ball in his brother's hand, Loki waved his hands in a dismissive gesture and quickly reassured Brenhin as he sensed some of the demon king's servants and guards seemed to be on edge "And no...I'm not after your precious prize...I'm here for something else" He turned his head and took a few steps away from Brenhin. "I know that you are doing something that our Father...our Lord won't approve...trying to take the prize all by yourself is not a good action for a big brother, you know..." He stopped walking away and turned around, coming closer to the Fire Demon. His grin widened a little bit more and he dropped his voice into a low whisper "Fortunately, I have something I want as well...so I will keep your actions quiet for now...after all, I can't let our Father knows that I approve of such actions, correct?" He chuckled and tapped his chin, appeared to be very thoughtful.

"Brother...have you heard the name...hmm...Deon Morris? I believe he's one of Father's children..." He asked and raised an eyebrow, looking at Brenhin mockingly. Taking out his pocket knife, he began to cut his long nails and yawned. "Hmm...normally, I won't say this to you, Brenhin...but since you have taken an interesting in one of the children...I may as well come out and say it..." He paused to let the sentence sink in before Loki leaned in dangerously closed to Brenhin, whispered in the demon king's ear with a tone that sent normal people to cower in fear "I want you to stay out of my prize...He's mine. I will deal with him personally. If I found out that you dipped your nails into my prize or harmed a hair on his head, you would find Father become suddenly interested in some of your more...hmm...secretive activities, brother..." He grinned and leaned back.

Looking satisfied with his threat, Loki smiled charmingly at Brenhin, appeared to be a rather innocent looking boy than a demon king. "But of course...there's no way I would do that to one of my dear siblings...or would I?" His eyes quickly lost their evil glint and he gave Brenhin one of his famous 'cute smiles'. Chuckling, Loki finally said "And in conclusion, I won't touch what are yours...if you don't touch what are mine..." He knitted his fingers together and grinned once again "So, dear brother...do we have a deal?" He said nonchalantly as he stepped on a small flame on the ground, effectively put it out "...you don't have to answer today, Brenhin...You can tell me your answer the next meeting...I'm waiting for a positive answer"

"Tell the council that I will be present at the allotted time, and I wish for no more disturbances until then."

Brenhin said angrily, obviously wanted Loki to leave his territory. The younger demon just smiled in a knowing way and nodded his head "Farewell, Brenhin...I hope you have a nice day with you prize" He walked out of the room and stopped as he stood in front of a boy with black hair and dark blue eyes. Studying the poor one, Loki laughed out loud "Brother...is this your prize? What the hell did you do to him? He is as stiff as a wooden board" The demon king patted the head of the boy, whom he assumed was Sebastian and chuckled "Relax, little brother...we won't eat you or do anything to you...yet. Just relax and you'll be fine."

As he continued to walk past Sebastian, Loki blinked in surprised as he encountered another person. He was tall and had long black hair that was tied into a pony tail, a scar adored his nose, his face was bloody with ten raw claws, still bleeding profusely. 'So, this is the other one...Chang, isn't it?' As the boy - Chang looked at him in the eyes with a look of mixed angry, confused, and awe, Loki felt the tip of his lips curled upward. He nodded in approval. "Hey, Brenhin! Since you don't need the other one...I'll take him, too, huh? Have fun, Brenhin. I'm leaving" Loki yelled at Brenhin and put a hand around the new boy's shoulder.

"So, little brother...What's your name again? Chang, isn't it? Let's go to my place, okay? I will show you a lot of fun things we can do together, Chang-chan" And with that, Loki leaded Chang out of Brenhin's castle to come to his own.

Chang Tartarus Wilson

Black. It was pitch black.

The moment Chang stepped into the Portal, he had panicked. His senses had been shut down and he could not hear, see, smell or even touch something. He waved his hands frantically, trying to calm his racing heart to no avail. He didn't know where he was, what he was doing, who he was. He lost sense of time and space. Black. Dark. Black. Dark. It was too dark, too black, too much for him to endure and the next second, Chang had collapsed and hold his head, trying to prevent a scream from escaping. He held onto the fragile piece of his sanity, what left of his mortality and his past. He didn't know he was screaming and tearing his face and drawing blood until he felt the liquid trickled down his skin. His voice was all scratchy but Chang didn't care. All he wanted was to feel something, to know that he was still alive, to believe that he still had his senses. He didn't know he had started crying until the silver liquid dropped into his opened palms.

What was he?

Who was he?

What was his purpose in life?

He didn't know how long he had walked until he spotted a small, flickering light. Like the light at the end of the tunnel. Chang had run, he had run as fast as he could to the light that would save him. The moment he had come closer to the little light he had stopped abruptly in shock. It was no light at the end of the tunnel. It was not a way out. The light in front of him came from a small white flame, hovering above his head like it was mocking him, laughing at him. Chang had reached out and touched it, felt the warmth, felt the relief, felt the emotions. He was not dead. He had a purpose. He was somebody. The young man felt his back arched and he let out an agony scream as pain exploded inside him. Whatever the flame was, it was hurting him. He had tried to shake it off but it didn't come out. Finally, after seconds, minutes, hours, days, months or even years, Chang didn't know...he had lost tracked of time, he felt the pain lessened and he could stand up straight.

He felt a surge of power running through his body and at that moment, Chang truly believed he could do anything. He continued to walk until he saw it. His way out. The end of his journey. Chang walked out of the Portal calmly like nothing had happened at all. He had believed it was all over...how wrong he was. The moment he stepped his foot on Hell's ground, he was attacked by hundreds of sounds, scents and feelings. He felt the hot flames licked his skin, he felt the smoke caressed his face, he heard pained moans, he heard tortured screams, and he could smell the rotten flesh, the burn human meat. Chang did the first natural thing he could think of. Vomiting.

As he finished emptying his stomach's content, Chang looked around. He was not alone. 'Funny. Come to think about it, I didn't even see him when I walked into the Portal.' Chang thought warily as he looked at one of the half-demons standing next to him. He looked quite young, perhaps he was still a teenager. His hair was black and he had a pair of dark blue eyes. He seemed...nervous for some reasons and Chang felt himself getting confused. What had happened when he was out of it? He didn't remember much about the details in the Portal, he only remembered he did not want to go through the same thing the second time again. Chang studied his surrounding. He was standing in a huge castle with flames everywhere and dead bodies scattered here and there. The young man wrinkled his nose in disgust. Was this...Hell? It was certainly more disgusting than he had thought.

His eyes traveled once again until they stopped at an enormous figure sitting on the throne. It was huge. Enormous. Giant. Terrifying. Chang could practically feel the heat rolling from the demon's body as it seemed to be having a conversation with someone else. The young man continued to stare, trying to see past the smokey background and see who the demon was talking to. Suddenly, his wish was granted as he could see much, much clearer and Chang realized with a jolt that the demon was talking to a tiny...human? The human had short, black hair and was wearing a...was that a fur coat? He seemed rather relaxed for someone who was talking to a big demon like that. Chang could hear bits and pieces of the conversation as the human stepped on something on the ground.

"...you don't have to answer today, Brenhin...You can tell me your answer the next meeting...I'm waiting for a positive answer"

'Brenhin? Meeting? Council? Positive answer? What the hell is that?' Chang thought in confusion as the human, or at least, the one he thought was human walked to the other one and began taunting the boy. "Brother...is this your prize? What the hell did you do to him? He is as stiff as a wooden board" To Chang's surprise, the human man began patting the other boy's head and did he just call the demon his...brother? What was going on here? Before Chang had the chance to ask, he heard the man continued to talk in the cheerful voice Chang disliked very much "Relax, little brother...we won't eat you or do anything to you...yet. Just relax and you'll be fine." Chang, once again, felt himself being surprised by the man. He didn't think he would be surprised again because so many things had happened today but he had been proved wrong. 'I'm pretty sure that guy just admitted he's a demon, too...what the fuck? He doesn't even look like that big ass demon over there. He looks like me and I'm pretty sure I'm a human...well, half-human but whatever'

Chang didn't even notice the man until he felt a hand warped around his shoulder and he flinched instinctively. He gave the man a panicked look and pushed him out. The demon-that-looked-like-human just laughed and said to him "So, little brother...What's your name again? Chang, isn't it? Let's go to my place, okay? I will show you a lot of fun things we can do together, Chang-chan" Chang could only nod numbly and let himself being leaded out of the castle by an over-enthusiastic demon(?). As he was being leaded far enough, Chang stopped abruptly and pushed the man's arm out of his shoulder.

"Okay, enough is enough. I'm not letting someone I don't even know lead me to who-knows-where. Spill it. Who the hell are you? No, wait a minute...I have to ask correctly. What the hell are you?" The man looked at him in surprise before laughing out loud, his voice sent chills down Chang's spine and he involuntarily took a step backward away from the obviously insane man. The man seemed to realize Chang's discomfort and quickly ended his laughter. Wiping a tear from his eyes, the man gave him an apologetic look.

"Sorry, little brother...it's just...it has been a while since someone talks to me that way and it's a refreshing change. I'm sorry for not introducing myself sooner. I'm Loki Belphegor, the Prince of Darkness and your older brother. Nice to meet you, Chang-chan"

Chang blinked as he looked at his...older brother before his eyes narrowed and a suspicious look crossed his face. He had seen this stuffs a lot of time before in the time he was still in New York and he wouldn't buy it now. He wasn't a fool after all and there was no way he would believe a guy appearing out of no where and claimed that he was Chang's older brother. "I don't believe you, Loki or whatever the hell you are. You look completely like a human...like me. There's no way you can be a...what did you call yourself again? Ah yeah, Prince of Darkness. Back off, I'm not believing in that bullshit. Give me some proofs, oh-mighty-older-brother" He said mockingly. He knew he was pushing his boundaries but he didn't care. Chang just wanted some evidence that he was not crazy and this was all true.

"As you wish, Chang-chan..." Loki replied cheerfully and before Chang could fully prepare himself, Loki had changed his appearance into...another kind of creature. This time, it was clearly a demon. With two sharp horns, a tail and pointed ears, Loki looked down at a stunned Chang and smirked "So? Whatdaya think, Chang-chan? Is it good enough?" Chang nodded again, still felt overwhelm by everything and Loki patted his head, grinning widely "Don't worry, Chang-chan...you'll get used to it soon enough if you live with me"

Chang's head snapped back as he heard Loki said and he repeated "Live...with you? Are you kidding me? I have to live with you?" Loki gave Chang a look and changed back into his human form "Uhm, yeah, of course you have to live with me...unless you want to sleep in the wild and eat rotten flesh...God knows I won't stop you if you want to do so, Chang-chan" Chang shook his head, feeling a little ill at the fact that he had to eat flesh if he had to live alone and then felt a little annoyed at the suffix Loki kept calling him "And what's with the Chang Chang thing? My name's Chang Tartarus Wilson, you know...not Chang Chang or anything" Loki eyed him, looking horrified at the fact that Chang didn't know the meaning of his suffix "You never hear of the -chan, -kun, -san, -chin, -tan, -sama...stuffs? Where have you been? Have you been living under a rock or what? Come, brother...I have a lot to educate you...and first of all, I have to open your eyes to the world of...Anime and Manga. I can't believe you don't know any of that and still live. It's a crime"

Chang looked uncomfortable for a moment before he asked uncertainly "Am I...in trouble?" Loki laughed and patted Chang's head. For a human this age and a conman to boost, Chang sure was innocent "You? In trouble? Hardly, otouto...but I will make sure you won't lack any of those precious knowledge again. Don't worry, Aniki will take care of you, Chang-chan" Chang pushed Loki away and scolded angrily "Don't touch me...brother. And what about my power or something? I'm not powerless, am I?" Loki chuckled but stopped patting Chang's head "Hoh? You still haven't figured out your power yet? Tch...let's come to my place quickly...I will lock you in my castle until I deem you have enough knowledge about this world...I can't believe you're even more innocent than Deon-chan when he first got a real glimpse of the real world."

Chang felt himself being pulled quite harshly and he pressed his eyes shut as he felt hot winds blew into his face. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself standing in front of another castle, this time it must be Loki's place. It was a large castle but very nice. It wasn't hot like the other one but there were many kinds of flowers and trees growing around. There were strange vines that Chang had never seen in his life. As he wandered and prepared to touch a colorful flower, Loki warned "Hey, don't touch anything, Chang-chan...you don't want to have a strange case of sickness on your first day here" Chang flinched as his hand stopped mere inches from the flower and he took back his hand carefully "Err...Loki...brother, how does this place work?" Loki looked at Chang thoughtfully and sat on a bench, inviting Chang to sit with him.

Chang looked warily at his brother but sat down nonetheless, trying to sit as far away from Loki as possible "Ah well, let's see...there's our Lord...our Father...the one that leads all the Demons in this Hell. After that, well...there're his advisers, his council as he often calls it...A bunch of senile old demons in my opinion" Loki snorted and Chang felt himself listened carefully to his brother's words "Well, after the council...there're a bunch of Demon Kings...like me or Brenhin, ya know...the one you just saw...yeah, we lead different territories and mind our own businesses. And then there're a bunch of lackeys that follow us. There're also the outcasts, demons that don't follow anyone...they don't often live long to tell their tales but the ones that manage to survive long enough are pretty decent, too...There are demons that have been kicked out of Hell because of their bad deeds or something like that. And of course, there're you guys - half demons. If you manage to climb on the Rank, you'll be respect and stuffs...but if you don't, you will be a disgrace to our demons. Personally, I don't care that much but yeah, that's about it, I think" He gave Chang a look "Do you have any more questions?"

Chang nodded and opened his mouth "What about the powers you're talking about?" Loki nodded, feeling pleased that Chang was learning fast "Well, powers are more complicated than that...there're three types of power...one, you were born with them. Two, the powers you have practiced hard enough and so you have them and three, the powers you have obtained from other demons. The first type of powers...."


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#, as written by zody
Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

Those words kept repeating on and on, echoing throughout the room that they were in.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry".

Flinching. Dark, cold, filled with nothingness as the bat swung down, a brutally thunderous crack resounding throughout the room, and the night sky seemed to react in kind, pouring her tears down onto the Earth.

"I.... I'm s-sorry.... I'm... s-sorry.... I...."

Sentences were cut off by gurgles as the cold, icy grip of the reaper closed around her throat, and the crimson liquid flowed down to her lap, and she finally left him. He looked down at the weapon in his hands, a feeling of relief flooding through him, and when he opened his eyes he saw the world for what it really was. The syringe on the ground contained not a deadly drug, but medicine that a Doctor had prescribed to him.


The two girls and the boy that he had thought were trying to do him in, to end his existence as they had suddenly, or supposedly ended the lives of so many others, were only trying to help him get over his sickness, his cold. He didn't need their help, or ask for their help though, and then it finally sank in.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. I... I- I thought you guys were tryi-... I should've known better, not to trust him... I... I WILL FUCKING DESTROY YOU, DEMON! YOU, THE DEVIL HIMSELF, SHALL FALL TO MY FUCKING BLADE! HEAR ME!? I'LL TEAR YOUR FUCKING FACE OFF AND THEN STRANGLE YOU WITH YOUR OWN ORGANS!".

He stood, clutching the metal bat in his hand, he threw it at the wall, screaming like a savage beast that had been driven to the absolute edge of sanity, lusting for nothing but vengeance against the one that had cursed it with it's power and anger. He roared again, tearing at the wallpapers and leaving long tears in the walls themselves, the blood from his own fingernails mixing with the pool of blood already on the floor. He hated his Father, his real Father. He would do anything to kill him, and bring his friends back from the dead.


And with that, the boy leaped out of the window, avoiding police and innocents alike, cursing the day he was born.


"Gah! Hah.... hah....ah...".

Deon's breathing was quick and heavy, and a pool of sweat had pooled up on his brow, which he promptly wiped off, cursing the nightmares that almost constantly plagued him. He looked outside, realising that the Limousine had gone through the portal that Arthur had opened, and they were safely in the academy, where no Demons could enter, or so it was said. He quickly longed for fresh air, and he practically leaped out of the Limo, kicking the door open and clambering into the dazzling light. He looked back at the Limo, only to see two armed men get out and reach for him. His eyes widened and he bolted forward, but in all his speed, a coughing fit took him to his knees, and he clutched at his chest, trying desperately to drag oxygen into his lungs, and he kept this up until somebody kicked him roughly in the small of his back, lifting him up and hitting him across the face with the butt of a Shotgun. How he ached to take the smile off of the mans face by tearing into his throat, and then going on a rampage through the Academy, but he simply hissed dangerously at the man, spitting at him, which gave him nothing but another few whacks to the face and stomach.

The WDL was known for it's brutally efficient methods and the fact that not even a Demon King could last long due to the Weapons they carried and their abilities. Deon punched his assailant square in the jaw, and leaped on top of him, with the intent of caving his face in. 'Heh, I think I'll enjo- what?'. He grimaced as he was once again lifted from the ground, this time whilst being restrained by two armed soldiers, both with tazers and pistols at their hips. His previous assailant stood, just as the others must have arrived, and pulled out a vial of holy water, splashing Deon in the face and watching as he writhed in agony, which was followed by a few good whacks from the butt of the Shotgun. He grasped Deon's face by the cheeks and looked at him.

"Do you submit? The pain and suffering will end here if you do".

"No, it won't. The pain won't end for a long time, asshole".

Luckily, Deon was too far away from either Ash or Devin for the two to hear what he said, and so he gave them a sign to make them think. He spat straight into the face of the man, blood and salive alike hitting him in the eyes and causing him to recoil in shock and slight pain. he quickly got over it however, and then seemed to make it his life goal to make Deon suffer and scream, but he would be met with much resistance, and Deon would resist as long as he could stand to, after all, weakness and submission hadn't gotten him this close before, had it? No, it hadn't, and he wasn't about to let this opportunity slip out from his clutches, he would fight with the strength of a Deon, and he wouldn't let anybody win over him, because his Phoenix pride had been awoken, and once he starts something, he intends to finish it.


The man beared down on the boy, beating him with much vigour and strength, whilst Deon was held back by his two accomplices in the crime, the blood starting to drip from his nose and the pain increasing with every hit from the mans Shotgun. Suddenly, something happened, the man had broken his Shotgun with the last hit, and it had snapped. It fired in the mans face, the bullets barely missing, but the aftershock hit him square in the face, causing him to stagger backwards and roar in agony and anger. He motioned to his friends, and they let Deon go, but only for a second. Deon gritted his teeth as he felt a taser bump him in the side, causing him to spasm wildly, whilst the other man had grabbed him and begun savagely booting him in the chest, and Deon thought he heard ribs break.

"Heh... Is that... all... that you assholes have?".


Deon's head whipped backwards as he felt a fist collide with his chin, and he was sent flying backwards into the Limo, leaving a massive dent in the side of it, a human-shaped dent, mind you. The main assailant was grinning, unwrapping the bandage on his hand, which revealed an insignia on the back of his palm.

"The Warriors of the Divine Light's Sigil grants those who use it to smite Demons enhanced physical powers. I can break wall with this hand, and walls are stronger than you are".

Deon lifted himself off of the Limousine, staggering and falling to his knees lightly, coughing up blood and letting it dribble down his chin. He knew it would be better to pretend to be defeated, and his power was being restrained due to the Holy Water. Already though, his wounds were healing, aside from the punch the man had given him. He grinned, but only slightly. The man took strides toward him, rearing to punch him when....

"I hate to stop your fun, but...."


Illusion - Alexandra Demonia

A red and gold blur blasted out of the Limo, flinging the Man into the air and sending him flying into a far off wall, causing several pillars to collapse, but that would have no overall effects on the main Academy Building, nor the Dorms, only the Gym. 'Oh well, it's just a Gym. And possibly a few expendable people'.

Illusion grinned lightly as the man's allies rushed to his aid, she sighed loudly and beckoned Ash and Devin over, grinning innocently as if that sort of thing happened all of the time. Deon stood, coughing a few times as the last of the blood shot from his mouth onto the already scarlet stained ground. Illusion smiled at him. "Is your last name Scarlet because you always cough up this much blood?". Deon looked at her, unamused and obviously slightly miffed. Illusion laughed, a perfectly normal laugh, of course, one that somebody would use when they were amused, which Illusion was. "You're a weirdo, you know that, Illusion?".

Illusion laughed again, grinning. She opened her eyes, surveying her audience, and opened her arms dramatically. "Welcome to the Academy! You'll enjoy your stay I'm sure, but only as long as you're able to keep your Demonic heritage a secret, of course. Arthur has already left to his Quarters, since his is technically the Pope, so he could easily be in Rome now. Allow me to further introduce myself. Yes, my name is 'Illusion', I am a Demon, and I love being so. This form is only used to allow me to blend in around here, and i go by a different name. In Public, I am known as 'Alexandra Demonia', and I am the Principal of this School! People will state that i am not, for I have a Human as my spokesperson, so people will ask you who I am, simply answer with 'A Friend', and you'll be fine. The people here absolutely hate Demons, even though some have rebelled and walk among them, they are constantly fighting, but when a real threat appears, they stop all that nonsense".

She turned to Deon, a small smirk playing on her lips. "I trust you've already met Mr. Hikari Scarlet here, so you can introduce yourselves when I set up your Dorms later, for now, I'll give you a Tour of the School!". She looked at Deon, or Hikari, and grinned. "But you should rest first". She tapped Deon on the head, causing him to wonder what was going on exactly and emit a 'What the he-', before he dropped to the ground, unconscious. She gave a little chuckle, then clicked her fingers, watching as he disappeared in a puff of smoke. "Don't worry, he's in the Infirmary being patched up, they're used to me doing this type of thing".

Illusion grinned, and turned to Ash and Devin, gesturing for them to get into the Limousine. She stepped inside, leavign to door open for them to enter into if they wished to do so, and a light giggling could be heard from inside. "Hurry up~ We only have an hour!~". When they stepped into the Limousine, Illusion, or Alexandra Demonia, as she was also called, looked them up and down. "Firstly, any questions?".


Deon Morris (Hikari Scarlet) - The Executioner

"But Loki, what do we do now? Are you really gonna have to leave? That sucks, but I'm sure you'll find friends when you get there, right?".

I never knew, but from that day, my best friend for almost the entirety of my Childhood, Loki Belphegor, one of the most powerful Demon Kings in Hell, would change into the perso.. No, the monster, he was today. He was my best friend, the only person I actually slightly looked up to, even though I was a few months older than him, but what did that matter, we had eachother and we had our imaginations. Funny... we always played games where we would get sticks and fight with them, pretending that we were both powerful Demons on different sides, or that I was an Angel come to Earth, fighting off the darkness in the world. Sometimes we'd even pretend that there were others, other people, other Demons and Angels, and they all had their own parts and roles to play. I remember that one time we'd stubled across a little hidden garden, and me and Loki went inside, of course, his misheivous nature caused him to do things that I didn't, and maybe that's where we went apart.

Kind of like a bit of foreshadowing, isn't it?

"Hey Deon, look at this! It's an injured animal".

"Really? Whoa, it's guts are hanging out!".

"Should we help it? It looks like it's.... in pain".

"Well duh, come on, we'll put it somewhere it can lay down in peace,alright?".

"Y-Yeah. That's so sad....

Eventually we moved the animal, a little Squirrel, to the nice little grove that we'd found a few months beforehand, and laid it down on a little piece of blanket that I'd torn off of my old one at home, and watched it. Loki's eyes were brimming with tears for the majority of the time, and the Squirrel died at the exact same time as the last rays of the sun died from the loveliness of the sky. Loki even cried at that point, which was really odd for me, since to me, he'd been a strong guy, but at that moment, I realised that I was wrong. He wasn't strong, he seemed like it, but he had a mothers love, as did I. So we both went home that night, after burying the Squirrel, and Loki and I were sullen for a few days after that, I'd admit.

"Maybe the aspect of death was a shock to him?".

It was a few years later, but eventually me and Loki seperated. We still kept in touch for a long time after then, but one day, when I was sixteen, nearly turning seventeen, that I lost all contact with Loki. He'd simply vanished, on the exact same night that his Mother's corpse was found, bloodied and practically torn apart by what seemed to be claws.

When Loki's Mother was found dead, Loki was nowhere to be found. I didn't automatically put two and two together, it took my a while to realise that Loki was the killer, and on that day, I came out of my room after a week locked in there with the ample supplies to keep myself alive. My Mother tried to comfort me, and my Father did the same thing as always. Nothing, but it's not like he was there anyways. From that point on I'd been alone my entire life, until we moved again, and I found friendship once again in the form of a closely knit group of two girls and a guy. Sure, they weren't the most popular people, but they weren't the most hated or beaten up either, in fact, they were perfect for me. They were the best friends one could hope for. they encouraged me, liked me, and they even comforted me when I was sick or depressed, and with their help I always bounced back up from whatever had brought me down, I even nearly forgot about Loki, maybe I even did for a bit.

Then again, all of that changed on that one day. It was an awesome day, I was seventeen and a half at the time, and it was the school holidays, although it didn't matter much since I was schooled at home, so I had whatever time off I want anyways. Back to the point, it was an awesome day, we'd just had a Party and everybody was leaving, and somebody decided to cut the power switch, so that the entire place was dark. When I walked into the main lobby of my Mansion, (which was shared, by the way) and my friends were all sitting there, grinning like maniacs and being generally creepy. I told them I would go check on the lights and they smiled and nodded.

Let's just say that that was the night when I first met my real Father, the Devil. He'd instilled a paranoia in me that raged on inside my mind for at least a month. Then, people started dying, nothing was found, except weird symbols on their bodies, and another strange thing was that they'd been torn apart, from what looked like tools, too. This, combined with my Friends acting strange, and the fact that they'd been avoiding me, added onto by the Paranoia that my father had instilled in me, all lead me to one conclusion. They were the killers. Of course, I couldn't have been more wrong, but the Devil's magic was strong on me at that one point in time, and it wasn't until it was too late that I had realised my mistake.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

It broke my heart when I realised what I'd done and I'd spent all of the rest of my Human life trying to find out if I could bring them back. Sure, they might've been happy in the afterlife, but I wanted to at least apologise. And so one day I found a Sword, a magical sword, that could be insufed with a person's soul. I wanted to buy it, but I had no money since I'd run away from home. I resorted to stealing, and I'd succeeded in that respect, but I was nearly caught, so I had to flee once again. I ended up somewhere I can't even remember, maybe in Australia, or even Austria, who knows? All I knew is that it was me, and my newfound Blade, Mokou. One of my old friends who I'd killed, she'd forgiven me and even promised to tell the others my apology. And when I was given news of their acceptance and forgiveness...

"I remember that I cried for at least a few hours, straight".

Then I realised something, I wanted to kill my Father, but I had no way of doing this... it sucked, in all honesty, it really did, but at this point I guess you're tired of hearing my screwed up, bull shitty sob story, right? And besides, it's not like I remember any of this anyway, the Warriors of the Divine Light saw to that, with a fair bit of efficiency.

But there is one thing I'm sure of:

"My name is Deon Morris, and I will kill my Father".


"The heck? How did that bitch even knock me out that fast? What the hell is she?".

Deon sat up, his head still letting the room fly in a circle for few good minutes, when he grimaced and blinked away the dizziness. He allowed a few minutes to let his eyes adjust to the darkness of the room, and then he stood up, pulling the blinds open and flinching at the sudden light. He noticed his clothes on a table next to him, and noticed that he was naked.

"... Wha... What type of place IS this!?".

He quickly put his clothing back on, blushing slightly at the fact that somebody had seen him naked, without his permission. He growled and turned to the mirror, his wounds had nearly healed, and he looked mostly fine, but the bruise from the mans punch was still there, and it hurt like a bitch when he touched it. He pulled his hoodie on and pulled the hood over his white hair, growling slightly at the pain of the hoodie's slightly rough inner fabric as it slid across his chin. He looked at himself in the mirror one last time, and went to leave through the front door.

It then occurred to him that, in his state of unconsciousness, he'd probably remembered something, only to have it forgotten as soon as his eyes opened. He leaned against the door and hit it once in anger. Once he'd gotten close enough to Arthur, or even maybe Illusion, he'd be able to use the machine. He shook his head free of those dark thoughts and stepped back, opening the door and leaving the Building without much incident, he walked outside just as Illusion's Limousine rolled past, with the Principal herself still inside, and possibly the other two if they even got in with her. Deon ignored them, but since he was headed to the dorms, and they seemed to be heading that way as well, he had no choice but to try and keep himself unseen.

"Hey, Deon? Where're ya going?".

"The Dorms, I'm gonna sleep in there, and I'll let the girls materialise as well".

"Good, they're annoying me. A lot".

And the conversation kept going as long as Deon kept walking.


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:: Sebastian was way out of his league here, he felt as if his entire world was collapsing and he couldn't do anything to stop it. Watching the two demons bicker with each other was something that made him feel his heart start to beat within his head, although he couldn't physically feel it happening. What was happening to him? Was hell having some sort of unusual effect on him? He couldn't tell, he had to keep his cool, so he wouldn't get eaten. At this, he felt a hand drop down on his head as he looked over to see Loki, his brows raising as he walked away and went with the other 'child' as they were called. Sebastian may have been the youngest, he thought to himself at least he was, but that didn't mean he was the weakest. Nor was he going to allow himself to be, but this place was no where near where he wanted to go. All he wanted to do was get to know that woman more, he shuddered as he collapsed on to his knees, finally realizing the truth. He knew why he had been sent down here, looking down at his tattoo's, he realized that maybe this was to grant him power to help her. Maybe, in some sick twisted way, hell was actually being allowed to destroy those accursed corrupted holy men who believed they were following god. Was the only way to stop them to join forces with the devil himself? Was he doomed to never see her again, but be like a guardian angel from the sidelines? He refused to become a shadow in the sidelines, he refused to be ignored. He would meet her again, and he would get to know her name, just as she would get to know his. And he would get her to giggle, just once, he would.

The eye watched Loki carefully as he walked over towards Sebastian, watching then as he walked away with Chang. Then it looked over towards Brenhin, seeming to almost hold back a chuckle that was coming up. "Well, looks like your brother's been quite busy, hasn't he?" It asked him, floating above Sebastian's head now as it continued to watch Brenhin. "In a response towards your earlier question, or rather harsh statement about me, I believe I cannot even if I could. For you see, the head master himself, that being devil, has ordered me to be the boy's guide from here on out. I am to always be with him in hell and on earth, so it looks like I'm stuck here. Oh, do you not like that Brenhin?" It taunted him a bit, seeming to chuckle with delight a bit as it floated up a little more so Brenhin would stop having to look down always at it. "Or would you rather I personally call the master himself to your place and we have the meeting here, oh I don't think you would like him to discover what you've been doing, or have him get on your nerves because of one mistake you made, right?" With that, it chuckled and lowered down to the boy's shoulder. "Now then, seeing as how we are running out of time and the boy needs to get use to your, well, rather 'sudden' appearance, I will talk for him. Right, Sebastian?"

He looked over towards the eye again, feeling his chest rise and fall as he kept on his knees now, only just figuring out what was going on now. He gave a short little nod towards the eye, looking back towards the demon king known as Brenhin. Then he suddenly rose up on to his feet as the eye widened a bit at this, watching him as Sebastian regained his breath. "...Lord Brenhin, is it? I would like to know more about hell and my father before I go to meet him. I would also like to know more about what I am... And what it means." He dared not stare into the demon king's eyes, for even glancing at them made his legs shiver, but he stood his ground all the same, trying to look as bold as he could get. He didn't want to appear weak before this demon any more, but at the same time, he also didn't want to insult him, for he knew nothing about a demon king's standards, rules, and things like that. He thought back to the organization simply known as the WDL, and he thought about how they were corrupted and needed to be stopped. If joining with these demons and the devil was the only way to do, so be it. The woman appeared in his mind again, looking at him briefly before walking away, and the chains that suddenly began to wrap around her unnoticed, the collar being slammed around her neck as a dark gate slowly closed before him with three keylocks. That's when he knew he would save her, somehow he would get her out of that hell and let her be free again. He didn't bother to glance over at the eye as he heard it chuckle a bit, probably at what he had just thought, but it didn't matter to him. Even if it was just some stupid crush, even if he was the one who had to be crushed for the price of freedom, the reward would be worth it.

In a matter of seconds, a memory passed by, although it felt like a lifetime ago. He was now alone at the orphanage at the age of ten, a young looking boy now having grown since his mother's death, and how he loathed the fact she would never see him like this. The orphanage had allowed him to stand outside with an empty old cup, as today his clothes were a little dirty from standing out there so long, it had already been two hours and yet he had only gotten three cents. Running over towards a person, he stopped and walked along them as he rattled the cup a bit while looking innocently up at them. But as he tied this, he felt a hand press against his face and push him aside, his back hitting a wall as he felt himself slide down in to a sitting position. He shook his head as he got up and looked at the cup, only to find it empty again, and in a panic he looked around for the three cents, but they were already gone. His hard work had been wasted now, and feeling so pathetic about it, he walked back to the orphanage with a still empty cup. And that's when one of the people saw him and ran out, kneeling down in front of him as he felt his shoulders grabbed. "My child, what are you doing out here still?! You look so dirty, so tired, and so hungry! Why do you do this to yourself?" She asked the young Sebastian, as he looked down at the cup in response and held it out for her. "I'm helping raise money for her operation." He told the woman, her eyes widening as a sad look came across her face, her grip tightening a bit on his shoulders.

"You don't need to raise the money, we only need three more dollars. She'll be fine, we'll pay the three dollars and she'll have the operation tomorrow, and she will be fine." She tried to tell him, but Sebastian felt this was too important. "But you don't need to waste your money, I can get the three dollars. I want to help, please, let me help her." The girl they spoke about was a young orphan girl, two years younger then Sebastian, who had caught a fatal disease, and only this operation could save her life. Sebastian had met her before, the most recent being when he found her in that bed, coughing occasionally into the air, her arms unable to move. He had spoken with her, and how he was finally happy to have another child as a friend, his first real friend in so long. The woman smiled sadly at him, oh how it made him want to cry now. "You have already helped her so much, all you can do now is come inside and wait. You need a bath, and what would she think if she found you all dirty like this?" He smiled at her lightly as she took the cup and lightly took his hand, taking him along inside. Of course, she had the operation and in three months she recovered, all during this time her and Sebastian grew closer together, having so much fun. Then two months later, she was adopted. But they made a promise, that she would visit three times a year, and she almost did. Sometimes, she wasn't able to make it during some visits. Sometimes, it had to be moved to a later date. He remembered the last visit he got from her, only six months ago. Did the WDL intend to kill her off to get to him, did some horrible menace intend to kill her, or eat her? He would not allow it, even if it meant death, somewhere in his heart he knew that by saving the woman and destroying the WDL, he would also be saving a life long friend.


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#, as written by claw
Brenhin shook his head, slightly annoyed at Loki daring to threaten him. He let it slip this time but Loki's time would one day run out, if only I am there to see it, he mused to himself. He chuckled to himself however as he saw Sebastian fall to his knees, so the children can be affected by even my weakest power, good then no-one can stop it save the strongest Demon Kings. His smile faded when the guide was foolish enough to taunt him. He growled deep in his chest and brought his left fist down onto the arm of his throne causing the Demons to quiver in fear of his wrath. "It wouldn't be wise for any involved to continue to taunt me lesser being. Our lord." He said this in a slightly sarcastic tone. "Has had far more important things to worry about than me desiring to talk with one of his children."

The Demon king looked a little bemused at Sebastian's bravery, but that quickly changed. "Lord Brenhin?" He asked calmly. "LORD BRENHIN?! I Am King Brenhin and it would do you good to remmber that." His voice had turned into a roar like the sound of a thousand explosions. The gathered Demons screamed as the angered Demon King rose to his feet, the flames on his body flaring. He glared angrily at them. "Be silent!" He roared waving his hand over half of them, as he raised his palm a jet of fire sprang forth from the ground under their feet, hotter than anything a Human could fabricate with science, and scorched the crowed turning them to cinders in seconds and ending the noise in the room.

He then looked down at Sebastian seemingly calmed down, his voice returned to normal. "Hell... Is like nothing you humans have on earth, in each realm rules a different Demon King, I hold a large swath of Hell known as the land of brimstone for it has more fire than anywhere else, my brother Loki has different lands as far as I know. Your father, my lord." It was clear he didn't enjoy calling someone else his better nor did he call the Devil father like Loki had. "Is different to everyone he meets, as only a God of Demons can be, you will see for yourself but I am sure you have nothing to fear from him." He chuckled to himself as another piece of his plan fell into place. "If you wish for me to tell you about yourself, then I would have to be your mentor and your liege lord only then can I truly teach you about yourself and the power in you blood without interference."


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Chang Tartarus Wilson~Loki Belphegor

"Look at me, look at me! I did it, didn't I?"

A child, barely older than 6 was jumping up and down excitedly, his long blond hair swaying back and forth as he continued to bounce in his excitement. Sitting on a black throne in the middle of the room, Loki gave the child a smirk and an approving nod, causing him to smile even more brightly. It had been three days since Loki and Chang discovered Chang's powers and they were in the middle of practicing his main power - shifting. Since Chang needed a target to practice, Loki had ordered some low rank demons to collect a wandering human soul so that the half-demon could turn into and the result was standing in front of him - a near-perfect copy. Unfortunately for Chang, a near-perfect copy wasn't enough for Loki. The Demon King stood up from his throne and walked to the young half-demon, his hands in his pocket as he looked like he didn't have a care in the world. "Hmm...your hair is still a little darker than the original version...and you are a little taller as well though I applaud you for the effort. Want a lollipop?" Loki asked casually as he patted the little boy's head and held a black lollipop for him to take it. Tiny fingers reached up hesitantly and wrapped around the candy stick before taking it from him gently like he was afraid he would hurt the candy stick. He sent Loki a confused look again but the demon king just grinned and waited patiently for him to take it. As soon as Chang sucked the candy, his eyes lit up "This is so delicious! What is this candy?" Loki chuckled but didn't reply, watching with attention as the younger boy continued to suck the candy. His lips curled upward but there was no mirth in his eyes, only cold calculation. Would his experiment success? 'This is it. This is the time I check the result...' Loki's eyes filled with unholy greed as he told the boy in front of him "Chang-chan...change back into yourself" The little boy looked at him in confusion but nodded nonetheless. Minutes later, Chang was standing in front of the Demon King in his real form, his mouth was still sucking the candy.

"Want another lollipop, Chang-chan?" Loki asked, his grin widened even more when he received a nod. Finally, Chang couldn't take it anymore and asked, his voice laced with annoyance "What's so funny?" Loki didn't reply and walked to the throne, throwing his legs on the armrest, the demon king made himself comfortable before answering in a know-it-all voice "I know the side effect of your power, Chang-chan" He played with his fingernails, ignored the half-demon as Chang fumed. "What side effects? What are you talking about? I demand to know about it." Loki's eyes flashed dangerously for a second, letting Chang knew that he wouldn't tolerate any signs of disrespect. Chang may have gotten off the hook the first day he came here because Chang basically knew nothing about Hell but after a few days, it bound to anger the demon king if his arrogant behaviors continued. Apparently, Chang was not stupid, either. He took a step back, his body was tensed as if he had been slapped, his eyes refused to meet Loki's as he muttered under his breaths a short 'sorry'. Loki nodded though his eyes lingered on the younger boy for a few more seconds before he answered "Well...you see, Chang...when I studied your power earlier, I noticed your personality changed everytime you...for the lack of better words, shift. And now-" Loki was rudely interrupted by Chang as he said on a chair nearby, his legs swung back and forth like an impatient child "Now what?" Loki frowned, clearly disliked the way the younger boy interrupted him "I'm about to say that before you interrupted me so...politely, Chang" Chang pouted and looked at his feet guiltily before whispering "I'm sorry. I'm just impatient, you know" Loki snorted and continued in his lecture voice "And now, I notice that your personality changes in your true form, too...like just now, for example. You changed into a small child with short temper and a love for lollipops and in your adult form, you still have his short temper and your love for lollipops hasn't changed." Loki explained, oblivious to Chang's growing horror.

Throwing the piece of half-eaten candy away with a gasp, Chang flinched slightly when he felt regret. Loki was right after all. A week ago, the idea of eating a candy would make him laugh but right now, he felt sad because he had thrown the candy away. He hadn't noticed it at first, thinking small changes in his eating habit and personality was normal for someone who just had such big things in life but now, when Loki carelessly pointed it out like that, it's...With a sinking feeling, Chang realized Loki was right. He was changing. He was becoming someone else, or more correctly, some pieces from other people were becoming a part of him. He had known...but he had refused to acknowledge that fact. He had begun to hear voices in his head after the first day he trained. Naturally, Chang had dismissed it, thinking he must have trained too hard. The half-demon paled dramatically...He could hear a childish voice in his head right now, wanting another lollipop. Chang wanted to throw up. Was that it? Was he going to be killed by his own power, disappeared like that because thousands pieces of souls ate him inside out? He didn't want to die...He had struggled to live too long to die now. Chang choked and tried to hold back a sob. Gosh! He felt powerless beyond reasons and he hated this boy's personality, too. It made him feel weak. And his brother Loki was mad at him, too. He felt so useless.

Strong arms patted his back and Chang suddenly felt himself clung to the only sort of human contact he could find in the large room. Loki's body was colder than Chang had expected and the half-demon found himself shivered unconsciously. Loki patted Chang's back, mimicked perfectly the actions of a worried brother. Chang sobbed into the black coat and didn't look up. However, if he had done that, he would have only found calculated eyes of a demon and not the eyes of a concerned brother; and maybe, he would have realized Loki was not who he claimed to be. Loki, meanwhile, could practically feel the colts running in his head, calculating the next moves carefully. If he could gain the half-demon's trust now, it would be very useful in the future. The half-demon was the perfect spy, the perfect person to infiltrate in the enemy's force and if Loki made his move right, he could be one of the important keys to help Loki archive his goal. Smiling cruelly, Loki faked his voice as he soothed the crying young man "Shhh...don't cry, Aniki is here...I won't let you disappear, okay? Don't cry..." He felt Chang's hold on his shirt tightened but the half-demon nodded nonetheless. Loki's smirk darkened. 'Perfect...just the way I have planned' He gave the maids a small gesture and the D-rank demons moved quickly to find him a clean handkerchief. Loki handed it to Chang who took it gratefully and wiped his red, puffy eyes.

"Thank you, brother" Chang said shyly and returned the handkerchief. Loki gave him a strained smile and dissolved the handkerchief with a snap of his fingers, not wanting to hold the piece of cloth longer than necessary. Pushing Chang off his lap, Loki said cheerfully "Okay. Since the problem has been taken care of...let's continue to practice. Ya want to become a professional, ain't ya?" Chang looked at Loki and replied hesitantly "B-but I don't want to practice shifting anymore" Loki frowned momentarily, causing Chang to edge away from him in fear but the smile returned as soon as it disappeared, leaving Chang wondered if he had imagined things for a moment. "Okay! It's not like shifting is your only power, right, Chang-chan?" Chang nodded and stood up. He stumbled a little but Loki caught him in time, the demon held his arm steadily, earning another blush from him. Chang suddenly remembered the event 4 days ago that leaded him to where he was standing, practicing his powers.


"Okay, Chang-chan...it's time we discover what your powers are. We can't let you go blindly around like that, right? What sort of brother will I be if I let my cute brother go around like a harmless human like you're currently doing?" Loki said cheerfully and clapped his hands together. Chang just scolded and crossed his arms, looking impatient. He wasn't sure if he could trust this demon king. All he had seen and known about Loki was that he had two forms. That's all. How could he know that Loki was what he really claimed to be? 'You don't really have any other means to find out...let's just go with the flow right now...at least, we're having a place to eat and sleep. That's good enough, correct?' A small voice whispered in the back of Chang's mind and he felt himself agreeing with the little voice. He hadn't had an easy childhood and sometimes, food and shelter were luxury things for him. "Alright...what do I have to do?"

"Well..." Loki began, his voice sounded thoughtful as he tapped his cheek softly, as if trying to think of some grant plans. "...we will have to test each possibility and see which powers you have." He held out a stack of paper and grinned widely "And we will begin with this. Demons with high rank or half-demons always have the ability to summon. So, it will be the easiest thing to test first. Just wipe your blood on a paper and wait until your summon or summons appear. You will learn how to chant later. Do you have any questions?" Chang pursed his lips and nodded "Yes, I have one. If any high rank demons and half-demons can summon, why bother testing if you know I'll be able to summon demon anyway?" Loki chuckled and nodded his head "Good question...why do I want to test you on this while I know you can summon things on your own...well, the answer is..." Loki emphasized the last word and put the stack of paper on the table before continued in a calm voice "...not everyone can summon high ranks demons. There's a handful of demons and half-demons I know that can summon C or B rank demons and maybe one or two people can summon me or Brenhin. To my knowledge, the only demon that can summon all the demon kings without breaking a sweat is the Devil...your father, Chang-chan. So, what's the point in being able to summon a demon if the demon you summon can't even fight? Do you understand my point?" Chang nodded thoughtfully and picked up a piece of paper "Okay, I get it...Now, I just need to let my blood in the paper and wait, right?" Loki nodded but said nothing as Chang took out a pocket knife and cut his index finger, letting the blood dripped on the paper.

A few seconds passed and nothing happened. Chang began to feel uncomfortable, what if he failed? It would be a shame. Slowly, white smoke seeped from the paper and covered the room until the half-demon heard a small pop. Loki waved his hand, instantly dismissed the smoke and looked at the table, where Chang's summon was supposed to sit and did the only logical thing he could think of.

Loki sweatdropped.

On the table was a fish...a very, very small fish. Granted, it was a demon fish but it was a fish nonetheless, probably a E-rank demon or even worse - a newborn demon. Chang looked at the fish which was beginning to shrivel from the lack of water and asked uncertainly "Err...does that mean I can't summon?" Loki facepalmed and answered, still amazed that his brother somehow had managed to summon the weakest demons in the entire Hell "No, of course not...it can still fight. You can still make your enemies laugh to death with this summon, genius" He replied sarcastically. "Or maybe they will even surrender to you out of pity" Chang laughed nervously and said after a minute "Uhm...shall we continue with the other tests?" Loki returned to his cheerful self and grinned "Of course, of course...how forgetful of me...let's continue...now, this is the next test...you see this small blue flame? All you need to do is..."

3 hours later

"Gah! Shit!" Chang yelled as the hell hounds he was supposed to use mind-control on broke free and proceeded to torn his clothes to shreds much to Loki's amusement. "Enough, boys...leave the nice boy alone..." Loki laughed out loud as he petted his hounds, completely ignored Chang's evil glare. Over the past three hours, Loki and Chang had undergone hundreds of different tests which Chang failed every single one of them. The flames which Chang was meant to control explode right into his face, the water he had to turn into ice remained stubbornly the same, the pictures that Chang had tried to turn into real living creatures laughed at him and mocked him for his attempt, the banshee who was Chang's teacher teaching him how to shriek had her attempt backfired and was now nursing a very bad case of headache, the plants Chang tried for 20 minutes to grow bigger turned to dust the moment his fingers brushed against them...and worse, Loki was laughing at him every fucking time he failed and was now beginning to think he had the power to destroy what he wasn't supposed to destroy.

Wiping a tear from his latest joke, Loki asked his secretary, a demon butler who had long black hair and was wearing a suit "Arashi-kun, how many tests do we need to do now?" The demon ran a hand through his silky hair and said emotionlessly "Sir, we have completed 349 tests and the number of tests remains is 12 784 tests, sir...of course, in addition to that, we still have-" Loki interrupted the demon and said pleasantly "Shh...I know. Let's not waste our time, huh? Chang-chan, let's continue" Chang, finally reached his limit, yelled angrily "No fucking way, don't fuck with me, there's no way in Hell I will continue with these fucking tests. Do we have any other ways to complete this without going through these stupid tests?" Loki said cheerfully "Well, let's see...there's a way but-"

"I will do it" Chang cut off Loki and answered without a second thought. He was tired of all these stupid tests. "Okay, Arashi-kun...help me take it out of there..." Loki nodded and gave a gesture to his butler, who went into his storage and took out a yellow, old and very long parchment. Loki explained, the mirth was still lingering in his voice, making Chang's blood boil "Three drops of blood will do, Chang-chan...now, chop chop...we don't have time" The half-demon glared at Loki and cut his index finger again, squeezing the blood out of it and let three drops of blood fell on the blank parchment. Loki said on his throne, looking at the parchment with great interest and slowly, the parchment darkened until there was white lines appeared on it, Loki smirked victoriously and held out the parchment for Chang to see "Your powers, Chang-chan...read it" Loki said and offered Chang the piece of black paper.

With shaky fingers, Chang began to read, his expression unreadable.

Chang Tartarus Wilson's demonic power test result


Prey Instinct

Memory Manipulation


Shadow form


Flames Manipulation

Mind control


"What does this mean?" Chang asked in confusion as he read the first few special lines on top of the parchment, ignored the normal lines. Loki raised an eyebrow and took the parchment from Chang's hand, studied it carefully. He ripped out the part where the normal lines written and tossed it into the fire, watching it burnt. Suddenly, Loki laughed out loud, his laughter was cruel and startled Chang into taking a few step away from the unstable demon king. "Sorry, Chang-chan...it's just so...funny. I have never thought you would have these kinds of abilities...please forgive me" He chuckled and at Chang's questioned look, began to explain things to him. Loki cleared his voice and began to lecture.

"...as you can see...there are a lot of powers in the parchment, however, there're only a few lines that are more special than the others, correct?" Chang nodded and took a seat beside Loki, ready to hear the rest of the explanation "Well...you have 5 special lines...that means you have five powers...and let's see..the ones that are written using bold and underline are your major powers...that you can access all the time, the ones that are written using bold only are your minor powers. Those you have to practice hard to have..." Loki stopped to take a sip of his tea which appeared out of no where and continued after a short pause "Now, I will explain each powers for you to understand. The first power is...shifting. This is a dangerous power and one of the rarest ones in Hell. Basically, you can turn into somebody else. You can mimic their appearance, their voices, their actions and to some certain extends...even their personalities. However, you can't gain their memories...If I remember correctly, it requires contact for at least 5 minutes to work or something. I will check it again in the library later. Now, onto the second ability...the prey instinct. It sounds a little cowardly but believe me, it's very useful. You will know when someone chases you and can find the easiest and safest place to hide faster than even some demon kings. With enough practice, you can even hide from me or Brenhin...as for your father, I really don't know. It's a passive power, meaning that it doesn't have a switch. When you're chased, the power will automatically kick in, whether you like it or not. Like a prey, you have to hide so you won't be killed, you understand me?"

"I see...so, these're my major powers..." Chang mused and pointed at the other three lines "What about these? Can you explain them to me, too?" Loki corrected sternly but then smirked and nodded "It's...would you mind and yes, I will continue to explain them to you, Chang-chan...now, as for your minor power, let's see...the first one...Memory Manipulation. It's the ability to manipulate someone's memory. You can control as well as modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view mental memories. And of course, in addition to that, you can also change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern and provoke nostalgia, and enter the victim into a psychic vision replaying the memory. Theoretically, you can even change your own memory...it's draining so don't try it unless you don't have any options left and use it when you're in full power only." Chang nodded quickly and looked at Loki, waiting for him to continue "Right, the next one...Adjustment. You know how human bodies or demon bodies need certain time to adjust to a new environment, right? Like if you go into the dark, you will need a few minutes so that your eyes can get used to the darkness? Yeah, that...well, in your case, you don't need a few minutes. You only need a few seconds. Your body adjust with a faster rate and more efficiently than other ones, humans and demons alike. I guess it's a gift, alongside with your shifting. Since your body needs to shift, it will automatically adjust with the changes and therefore, it leads to this." Loki sipped his tea and rested his vocal voice, waiting for it to work properly again while studying Chang.

Chang looked... overwhelm with the information he had just received, almost ready to pass out from shock. Loki guessed it was understandable, giving that Chang was still part human and this was bound to shock humans, half-demons or not. He raised an eyebrow and asked "You're ready for the next part?" Chang nodded quickly and returned his attention to the demon king "Good. Now, your last power....shadow form. no wonder you can't control the shadow...you can't control it because it's not a part of you, you're a part of it. You can turn your body into shadow, blend in with everything perfectly...you live in the shadow...I have heard some people have practiced this ability and become crazy. The shadow is so vast and ever-changing. Therefore, they can't understand it and they have gone crazy without a proper guidance. Lucky for you, the King of Shadow is sitting in front of you right now...I will help you with it...with a cost, of course" Chang looked more at ease, probably because he realized the familiar territory. He had been a conman for years after all, he had gotten used to these kinds of deals.

"What's the cost?" Chang asked, straight to the point. Loki chuckled and wiggled his finger "Maa, maa...so impatient...let me explain it to you and see if you can understand what I mean" Loki pointed at the parchment and let out another chuckle "You see, your powers...are perfect. Let's imagine someone with the ability to turn into someone...literally...and then, he can hide effectively every time someone spots him...in addition to that, he can erase his presence in others' memories, and he can adjust to almost any kinds of environment...plus, he can hide in the shadow...what do I have in mind for that kind of persons?" Realization slowly appeared on Chang's face, he looked shocked and a little hurt as well. He stuttered "N-no way, y-you want me t-to..." Loki nodded, impressed with the younger man's intelligence "Yes, otouto, that's exactly what I want from you...can you do it?" Chang swallowed thickly as he thought very carefully about what he was going to do next. On one hand, this was the perfect opportunity for him to learn from a powerful demon king of Hell but on the other hand, the risk of him getting killed because of this demon king was high as well, too high...should he agree? Or should he disagree?

Finally, after a whole half an hour, Chang took a deep breath and answered Loki, who was still sitting patiently waiting for Chang. The half-demon muttered softly "I must be crazy...really crazy to agree to this" He looked up and answered, his voice shook slightly at the weight of his decision "Fine, train me, Loki...I will do as you wish" Loki's smile, if possible, widened even further. Chang looked at Loki and hesitantly, he spoke once again "I have one last question I want to ask you, Loki" Loki looked at Chang and raised an eyebrow "You're not regretting your decision, right?" Chang shook his head and took a deep breath "N-no...what I meant to ask was...Well, if you can use the parchment thingy hours earlier, why don't you use it?" Loki laughed out loud and answered "You're so funny sometimes, Chang-chan...of course I won't use the parchment so early. I wanted to see you failed, it was so funny. I personally like the moment when my favorite banshee yelled in your face and told you that you was 'the worst singer...EVER' or maybe the moment when you tried to teleport and ended up slamming your face against the wall or maybe-" Chang glared at Loki and growled angrily "I. will. kill. you. Loki. Slowly. Painfully." Loki just continued to laugh and mocked "That's the spirit, otouto. You sound like our Father already..."

Flashback ends

Which leaded him to where he was standing, or hiding to be more exact, hiding from Loki's mad chase. The demon king wasn't kidding when he said he would train Chang until the half-demon died and had to be brought back to life. Well, Chang wasn't sure about the die part but the fact that Chang was half-death right now proved the fact that Loki was a very strict teacher and wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. Every day, Chang would have to wake up at the crack of dawn, do exercises because Loki refused to teach a weakling, then eat something that Chang believed was demon's flesh. He then would wait for a demon servant to bring him someone from the human world and transform into that person, no matter how old, young, ugly, beautiful, bratty, spoiled, crazy, shy, kind, blood-thirsty...etc that person was and have to do anything to make him as similar to that person as possible. Then, he would listen to Loki's criticism and have a fifteen minute break. He then have to hide from Loki as the demon king unleashed his hounds to chase Chang around and the hounds were allowed to hurt Chang if they caught him while Chang wasn't allowed to hurt them back. The chase lasted for the whole afternoon. In the evening, Chang was too exhausted to care what he ate, human flesh or not and then he had the luxury to take a shower. After that, the half-demon had to listen to lectures after lectures about the demon world from a teacher - the banshee who had the misfortune of teaching him how to shriek earlier. She was somehow convinced that a newborn demon had more talents than him and had taken to scold him at his tiniest mistakes. He was taught about politics, etiquette, sense of fashion, demon ranks and a whole lot of other things. Loki had sat with him the first day he 'went to school' but after that, the demon king had left everything to the banshee, whose name was 'Cinderella', how ironic was it?

The banshee would shriek in his ears every time he answered wrong and at the end of the day, Chang was taken to the nurse wing, and then was practically eye-raped by the demon nurse while he, yes, he bandaged Chang. Chang then walked to his bedroom, and slept the moment his head touched the pillow. Then, morning came and the circle began...again. It had been 4 days and Chang was ready to explode. The half-demon growled angrily, accidentally alerted the hounds of where he was hiding. Chang only had the time to run away as sharp teeth barked at him threateningly. While he was running, Chang half-yelled, half-sobbed "Fucking shit! I hate my fucking life! I will have my revenge on you, LOKIIIIIIIII" He could hear Loki's mocking laugh all the way as the hounds chased him around and he could swear he had heard Loki said "Good luck with that, otouto...I'll be here waiting for you"


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~ Sebastian's View ~

:: Sebastian could tell he had made something of an impression, but the eye was what worried him. Had it pushed Brenhin too far today? Did it make trouble for him and the eye at the same time? He caught his breath as if he was suddenly tired, looking up at Brenhin as he lowered his head a bit towards him. "I will consider what you have said." He told him, turning around while keeping his head lowered as the eye led him and Sebastian out of there. "Oh, and Brenhin." The eye called out to him with a little mocking tone to it's voice still. "Don't forget to check up on the other child and Loki now, you don't want Loki to use the child to betray you. Then you'll have to kill them both, and that would be such a waste for the great and powerful demon king." With a chuckle it let, setting things into motion as it once again made the fires in front of Sebastian make a path for them.

"Where are we going now?" Sebastian asked after a few moments had passed, the eye now having a tiny black body that resembled that of a starfish, with the eye dead in it's center. "We are going to meet your father, well, if he's in. If not, I shall return to Earth with you and we can catch up on what you need to do." It told him, Sebastian felt the weight of the entire situation rest on his shoulders, the image of the chains crossing his mind for a second, and the eye reacted as if it could feel this. "The WDL is what they are called mainly, and they serve to rid the world of us. But I think there is a bit more to this." The eye spoke to him with caution for the first time, not even around Brenhin had it gone to such lengths. Sebastian was interested now, so the WDL was much more of a threat to the world then Brenhin was? "I believe they aim to control the world, after all, they are being lead by the pope himself. Maybe God abandoned them and they are taking revenge against his actions now. Do not worry though Sebastian, we will have you to destroy the WDL in the end, and in return, you will have that woman you so desire."

Sebastian looked down as he thought back to what he saw earlier, he felt odd as everything passed through his mind. He had barely been in hell for a few hours and suddenly it was on him to save the world? "Can I trust Brenhin?" He asked the eye, as it took some consideration into this before answering him. "Yes, for all his dumb and dull actions, he will make a great ally for you. His brother, on the other hand, you can not trust." It told Sebastian with caution again, suddenly it sounded like having Brenhin on his good side was a good thing to have, maybe it had told Brenhin about his brother so that Brenhin could keep his brother away from him? He shivered, realizing that it may already be too late for the other child who had been sent into hell. "Brenhin has many soldiers under his wing, and the power as well. He may not seem like the best option for an ally, but he is also our only choice, besides your father of course. Even if they do butt heads from time to time..." It mumbled the last part to itself, stopping as a demon came before them.

"The lord is not here right now, you will have to go." It told Sebastian and the eye, slamming the butt of it's spear against the ground before turning around and walking back off into the unknown, somewhere Sebastian could not see. "Oh dear, so we have to go back to Earth now?" The eye mumbled, shaking itself a bit as Sebastian watched it. "Ah well, he will probably want to meet us up there instead of having to come down here to talk. This may get a little tricky, Sebastian, so don't be afraid." It told him, as Sebastian closed his eyes in preparation, but felt nothing happen. When he opened his eyes again, they were outside a town, no one seemed to have noticed Sebastian had appeared out of thin air. "I'm... Alive." Was his first reaction, falling on to his knees and hands as he gasped for air, the insanity hell had left on him was finally starting to catch up. He worried about the other child again at this, could he even come back to Earth without going into a seizure?

The eye appeared again to him, floating over while still in it's starfish like body as he slowly felt his strength returning after what felt like several minutes. He pushed himself off the ground as he groaned a little, shaking his head a bit as he blinked a few times, all the while the eye observed him carefully. "It's a good thing I got you out of there when I did, not many half demons can handle the first time going into hell's depths. You were lucky though, you had me." It told him as it turned around and moved a little forward, Sebastian taking a few steps forward, feeling light-headed but found himself coming back together. "We are close to the WDL, but not too close that we will be spotted out of the norm by the security they have. Come, Sebastian, and I will open the other ability you can use. This time, one that can be used in human form." Sebastian felt a brow raise when it said that, but he found himself moving towards the town, having no where else in the world to go now. So the two began to head towards the town, the next part of Sebastian's journey started here it seemed. ::

~ Michael's View ~

"I am sorry sir, but you are not allowed inside." The WDL guard told him, next to him standing another WDL guard, who kept quiet and merely concentrated on finding any suspicious looking demons around that might be left. "But there was an attack here earlier, was there not? Why was I not noticed?" Michael asked them, out of his entire group, he was the only one the WDL trusted most it seemed. Now, at least. "We could not notify you because were not prepared for this attack, but I assure you, your services will be called once another demon attack has been notified." The WDL said to him, leaving the conversation at that, and Michael was left to walk off towards the van in frustration.

"They did it again!" He exclaimed to the driver sitting next to him, a member of the group who he could always count on when he needed him there. Michael could consider him a best friend even, both were extremely well known by now for slaying demons, although they did not allow themselves to be placed among the exorcists. They were hunters in a sense, serving under god in order to stop Satan's forces and send them back to the depths where they belonged. "Ah don't worry about it man, things happen for a reason." He heard Scott tell him, Michael could feel his rage settling down now, yet he should of at least been notified of the attack. "We're suppose to be heroes Scott, yet people still died back there today! How am I suppose to feel good about myself when people are still dying and making our attempts for justice and peace look in vein?!"

"Now Michael, settle down." Scott told him, keeping his eyes on the road and occasionally glancing to the back view mirror. Once in a while Scott would readjust it, but this did little to help with the situation. Michael's division of the group now was left in charge of handling the other two division's, who no longer had their leaders support and strength, which left Michael more stressed in the end. "We are heroes, but like I said, once in a while something happens that is out of our hands. The people will not blame you for this attack, and I am sure they will be more then thankful you are still there to save them." Scott brought a smile to his face, Michael let out a groan out of his throat in defeat, watching as the town came into view. "So how long before the WDL decides to send me back up to them to make a speech?" Michael asked Scott, who in turn let out a laugh as he stopped the van and parked it.

"Probably not for a few more days, although I would prepare early. You are a celebrity now, so it could be at any time. The year has only just started for them, I'm sure they are waiting for everything to settle before bringing in a big name such as yourself." Michael left out a sigh as he and Scott got out of the van, and began walking towards the town, both wearing clothes that would make them look like they had just come out of college. In reality, this was very true. Despite being part of one of the biggest demon slaying organizations in the world, Michael and Scott still had an education to get, although the demons didn't help any with that. "You think any demons will show up tonight?" Scott asked Michael jokingly, Michael smiling as he looked towards Scott. "If they do, it looks like we get an excuse to get out of studying tonight!"

Both laughed at this, enjoying the time they had before they would once again get separated. They had been best friends since eight years old, grew up as neighbors, but times had quickly changed. One thing Michael knew hadn't changed, they both were still looking for a girlfriend, it was just they had very different approaches on trying to do this now. ::


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#, as written by zody
Illusion - Alexandra Demonia

Illusion grinned as she heard the doors to the Council's meeting chamber slam shut and lock behind her. She twirled around in the familiar sights and senses of the room that was soon to be filled by the masked Council Members and their companions. Demon Kings and Queens of varied type, power level and gender, obviously, would gather here to converse with eachother and talk over recent events and the like, but only a few of the more powerful Demons would sit at the ovular table that sat in the middle of the room. In the center of the table stood a small chalice, and inside that chalice swirled a dark liquid. For a second it looked crimson, but then it would be blacker than the blackest black, tinged with rims of pure crimson and sparkles of violet drifting around in the abyss of nothingness. Illusion stopped her twirling suddenly, as if she had heard something, and quickly danced her way over to the table, until she was able to stare directly into the chalice itself. Her ears pricked slightly, as if she was listening intently to someone speaking to her directly through the chalice. Illusion took a step back, curtsied, and the proceeded over to a table at the side of the room. She opened a drawer and pulled out a pure white mask, and then proceeded over to one of the Wardrobes that was positioned further towards the back of the room. She stepped inside for a moment, and when she stepped out again, she wore a blood red cloak that matched the curtain that hung from the walls. She took a few steps forward, then spun suddenly, allowing a small amount of wind to pick up and join her in her transfixing display of agility. She spun faster, and faster, and continued to spin even as the other members of the council entered the room, surprised at the ferocity of the winds that would have been buffeting them. as they took their places, the figure that spun was still an anonymity, none knew who it was save for the person behind the soon-to-be placed on mask, and as the figure slowed to a stop, face down, the mask slid into place, and their identity had become something that noone would ever find out for a few millennia.

"Ah, greetings to all of you, my brothers and sister of the Council of Gehenna. It is my pleasure to announce that quite a few interesting topics have become a thing of conversation amongst our Demonic populace, and so they will thusly be discussed by ourselves. After all, nothing becomes into the lands of our Father without the watchful eye of the council overseeing their every move".

The figure twirled again, reaching out with gloved fingers and grasping the chailce between them, balancing it in the palm of their hand. The figure spun it around, and then set it back onto the table. It continued to spin itself, the liquid inside remaining still as a corpse, and as whole as the tension in the very room in which it sat. Until it finished spinning, the room was silent. No voice could be heard, no sounds disturbed the tense quietness and nobody dared to move a single muscle. The only person exempt from this rule, was of coruse the spinner of the chalice herself. The chalice has stopped spinning, and lay still on the table, no explosions or discharges of electricity to fry any insubordinate Council Members emerged from its perfectly unbroken surface. Not even ripples dared to betray the perfected flatness of the liquid.

The Demons all looked up to see that the Twirler had sat on her throne, a silver chair that rose a good few meters from the floor, reachable by two seperate straicases, each with about ten steps each. From the position of the majority of the Council members, it seemed like the chair gave the woman a position of power. Something along the lines of Judge, Jury and Executioner.

"Well, now that we are all presented to eachother aside from the protection we wear on our faces to hide and conceal our true motives and lives, we shall begin our... routine"
. The word curled around her tongue, almost as if it was a poisonous snake, although a snake wouldn't have much effect on a Demon since the poison wouldn't do much. Illusion grinned, albeit it was a silly thing to do since she had a mask covering her face.

Illusion decided to go straight to business. "Okay, shall we begin? Gentlmen? Two of the newly found children of our Father, the Devil. have joined our Hellish Ranks, and three of them have decided to join those brutish Warriors of the Divine Light. Silly thing to do, actually. Anyways, onto the next horrendously boring topic, shall we? Let's see.... Hmm?".

Illusion looked towards the Chalice as a deep voice emanated from it, causing everyone in the room to freeze in fear. Illusion grinned again as she recognized it. "Hello Father, how are you?".

"Always one for foolishly given banter aren't you, my eldest Child? You haven't changed a bit. I have a personal order for two of my most powerful Children. Brenhin, you will go and... entertain... those three whom have sided with those zealous fanatics. If you yourself cannot make it, then send one of your more powerful minions to the Academy directly".

The voice from within the chalice was filled with malice and hatred, and it seemed that it's very being was created from nothing but evil. The voice spoke more, but it seemed that only it's intended recipients were able to hear it, which in this case would have been Illusion. She stood up and nodded when the voice apparently finished and sighed. "Fine then. Anyways, onto the next topic. There is more news to be had, it seems".

Illusion grinned widely when she saw what else had apparently happened. "Ooh, now this seems like a fun topic. It seems like there has been a small rebellion of Demons that have attempted to usurp the throne from our Father. What a shame i missed it, it would have been fun to play some games with them. Anyways, the rebellion has been quelled, or squashed for those of you with low intellect, and the perpetrators will be executed later on today. Publicly".

Illusion looked around the room, trying to find out if anybody was showing guilt or fear, but then she remembered that that was another reason that the Council Members wore masks. It was a quaint little accessory that hid almost anything, but the being that was entering the room via the Chalice could see past masks, or so it was said. But it would be fitting that the Devil's powers were overrated, wouldn't it? Being to contrasting figure to the powerful being that resided in the Heavens, it'd have to be powerful, right?

"Anyways, that seems to be all of the notices for now. Remember Brenhin, our Father will punish you if you keep him waiting. Also, Loki. Would you mind staying back for a few moments after eveybody has left the room? I have something to speak with you about. In private".

After everyone had cleared out of the room and there were no disturbances, Illusion proceeded over to where Loki was. She leaned close and whispered in his ear. "I'm sure that you remember a Human named Deon Morris, correct? Well, when I said that there were three Children that had joined the WDL, he was included. Now, I know how much you want to see him again, since it's been.. Ooh, how long? Too long, right? Anyways, when I leave here I'll be filling out an Enrollment Form for you, my little Otouto!~". At this, Illusion pinched Loki's cheek and wiggled it around, like an older sibling does to their younger brother. "You're soo kawaaaiii!~".

Illusion took a step back and then produced a key from her pocket, throwing it to Loki. "This'll get you into the Academy, and past the security systems. I'll meet up with you later and take you to the Dorm that Deon is in, although he's sharing it with his two siblings. Anyways, you should probably head off now, but you'll see me when I meet you. Just don't piss off the Guards, alright?".

With that, Illusion vanished from the room, leaving Loki by himself


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~ Eppenos' Story ~

The fire demon looked up to his father as he closed his eyes and concentrated. His form instantly grew back to it's full size, Baphomet increasing with him as it was now several miles long. Eppenos breathed out smoke through his nostrils as Baphomet let out a sinister growl upon awakening. "I look forward to taking it back." The prince fire demon spoke out, as it looked around for a second as Baphomet growled again, Eppenos could tell it was hungry. "Not yet my sweet, you shall have your fill once we done here." He spoke out, as the sword let out one more growl, but this one sounded more like a sigh. "Baphomet has told me many stories of what has happened while I was gone. It has been lonely it seems, being kept away by you and the ruler of this place. Fear not though, it understands why you had to do what you must to keep it safe." His deep voice made weaker demons shudder in fear, he was growing up more to be like his father every day. It had been so long since Eppenos was captured, they thought he had long since died in the flames, but he lived, having grown stronger for it. But his sword, Baphomet, had grown hungry since his capture, and was weaker then it use to be.

"Baphomet tells me an interesting tale of half demon children. It seems a rebellion is being formed against one of the highest people in hell. Rhanksar is the demon being rebelled against... I'm sure you know of him, yes father? After all, Baphomet tells me he is regarded as one of the strongest demons in hell. Neither of us mean offense towards you by this, of course. The last tale Baphomet tells me of is a demon lord you have been in contact with lately, who tends to you his brother... Do I know of this demon, King Brenhin?" Eppenos felt good to be out in his true form for now, although he knew he would have to return back in order to get to the tower he once called home. The devil would pay for sealing him away and forcing Baphomet to starve, but first, another was on his list. One he knew he would have to deal with later.

~ Michael's Story ~

Michael felt not himself, he felt something was... Off. He seemed to enter into a memory... A memory he had not seen for years.

+ Five Years Ago... +

Michael was eighteen years old at this time, still often needing to wear his glasses, to which he was picked on back then for. He had not known about his inheritance nor of his abilities, but he knew he was not completely human at this point. The leader of his division, a Kasha who was very well respected and very powerful at the time, had Michael sit down in front of him as the demon stood out looking over the men working hard to prepare for another demon attack. "Oi, Michael..." The Kasha spoke out to him, having a cigar in the right side of his mouth as Michael sat up at this. "Y-y-yes sir?" He stumbled for his words, as the demon turned to look back at him. The Kasha was unusual from the others, often wearing a hat and coat, but was ultimately seven feet two inches. His strong physical build only hidden by the clothing on him, although he still looked fairly large. His sunglasses rested over his eyes, but Michael could feel those wise and powerful eyes staring at him. It was unknown how old this Kasha was, his human appearance led some to believe he was only in his late thirties. "... How am I as a leader?" He asked, as Michael found himself shaking at this. "Y-you are a great leader sir, one of the best in The Renegade's history! You put others to mere shame just from the mention of your name!" The Kasha smiled at this as best as he could with a cigar in his mouth, and turned back to look forward. "... So they all say. You have done your research I assume then, yes?" Michael found himself suddenly feeling very strange... What was going on? He was just another weakling, so why was a strong leader paying close attention to him?! "O-of course sir!"

The Kasha remained silent for a few, his arms behind his back as one grasped the other by the wrist gently, as Michael felt some suspense now. "... I have looked at your progress reports Michael. And I must say..." The Kasha leader started, to which Michael held his breath at this. "... I am most impressed." Michael let out a sigh at this, but his heart was suddenly racing!? What was going on?! "Y-you are, sir?!" He asked, as the Kasha chuckled a bit at this. "Yeah...I have a secret to share with you, Michael. Actually, a few. Please... Do not tell anyone this until after I am gone." Then fear gripped Michael's heart... Why did he get a very bad feeling about this suddenly? "I am not long for this world, Michael." The leader spoke out so calmly and without care, that it made Michael nearly fall back in his seat! "W-what are you --" But the Kasha leader held up a hand to stop him, letting Michael calm down for a few minutes before lowering his hand. "... I am destined to die in a few years, that is the curse placed on me. I am not sure when this will be... I have kept this secret from everyone for years, but that is what the demon I fought so long ago said to me. Do you wish to know his name?" He said, as Michael nodded a few times, before the man went on. "... Rhanksar." He spoke, as Michael felt his eyes widen. "Y-y-you....? B-but..." The kasha chuckled more at this. "Yeah... It was a great fight. Rhanksar... What a surprising demon if you'll ever find one like him."

The Kasha then turned to fully face Michael, looking at him directly in the eyes. "... I am going to personally train you myself for when you are ready... You will take my place when I die, Michael." He said, as Michael felt his eyes widen again at this. "B-but said... I --" He tried to say, but stopped as the Kasha put a hand on his shoulder. "... Trust me. I have faith you will pull through this." He said, as Michael felt tears begin to gather in his eyes. "... S-sir..." He started, but the Kasha pulled his hand away and stood up then. "Someone bring the new recruit Deon Morris to me at once! I wish to have a word with him as well... Michael will need a partner from now on, and I wish to test his skills myself!" He said, as the soldier he spoke to look very shocked. "Y-yes sir!" He said, before running off to find him. The Kasha let out a sigh at this. "... These have been very hard times, since the Archangels seem to have vanished on us. How terrible... Heaven must be falling apart right now."

+ Three years ago... Two years after Michael was named the apprentice of the Kasha leader +

The four walked, as Michael was being joined today by both Deon and Rin, who had only just recently gotten into The Renegade. The Kasha leader stopped as he held out an arm for them to stop, looking up as he narrowed his eyes. Michael, Deon and Rin all stopped, confused as they watched him tense up. "... Whatever happens, none of you interfere." He spoke out, as he began to walk forward, but Michael felt fear grip him again. "S-sir, you can't..." He spoke, but stopped as the sky above them turned dark red. A loud demonic neigh broke through the calm and peaceful air, as it's hooves slammed into the ground, making all three nearly fall over. "What kind of horse is that?!?" Michael spoke out, not sure what the other two were saying, as a lone figure standing above them caught his attention. "... N-no..." He spoke out, as the Kasha leader stopped and looked up at him. "... So, it is time then, eh Rhanksar?" He spoke, as the omnipotent voice spoke out back to him. "Yes it is... Come then, and fight with only honor and your strength!" The demon spoke out, as the Kasha rushed forward into the inevitable battle. "SIR!" Michael shouted out just before the battle began, the demon's dark and sinister appearance, along with his sinister eyes, held him in place and stopped him from interfering.

+ Present day... +

Scott watched over Michael, then the demon warlord suddenly screamed out as something was wrong with him... Scott's eyes widening as he quickly picked up Michael and ran as fast as he could. "Come on... Come on... I'm not dying yet!" He spoke, as then the supposed suicide attack came out, and Scott stopped as he kept Michael safe, feeling his body being forced back, almost getting sent flying. After this was over, Scott looked over the scene in front of him, and felt depressed as the warlord had done something unforgivable... Michael had just healed the place, now he knew revenge was going to taste sweeter in the future. His thoughts didn't last long as he heard the familiar sounds of Renegade troops come in. All of them were wearing their outfits, as they all stopped before Scott and Michael, saluting as each held a holy weapon in hand. "Glad you came... And glad you all wore your suits." Scott spoke out, as he handed Michael over to them. "Get him healed, now. He needs it... And prepare the medics for more wounded." He said, as they saluted before the ones holding Michael ran back, Scott could hear the sounds of Renegade vehicles approaching. "... At least it's finally over." He said, looking out at the scene before him as WDL soldiers came before the group of demons.

~ Kallos' Story ~

Kallos and his group watched as they and Sebastian were surrounded and then weapons were aimed at them. "FREEZE!" One WDL soldier spoke out to them all. "By orders of our new superior, you are ALL coming back with us!" They spoke out, Kallos giving a slight chuckle at this. "Yami... I don't think they know who they're dealing with." Kallos whispered, as Yami gave a sadistic smirk. "What makes you say that?" He said, before looking at the WDL soldiers. "May I?" He asked, as Kallos gave a sinister grin of his own. "Yes." Yami then quickly summoned two gloves to his hands as he took a hold of them both and placed them on carefully, making the WDL soldiers tense as they all aimed at him now. Sebastian seemed to be confused by all of this, only watching as Yami stepped forward, the dark demonic symbols on both gloves glowing with a dark aura as he smirked at them. "Duck, boy. These gloves were made personally by me, a new weapon you could say... Too bad no one but a Darkness Demon will be able to use them." He said, as he aimed both hands at them, Sebastian ducking down as the WDL guards all gasped at this. "Shadow Sweep." Yami spoke, as suddenly darkness covered over the area the group stood in, this darkness giving off an ominous feeling towards everyone nearby as multiple screams were heard. When the darkness faded away, all the WDL soldiers and guards had dropped their weapons, their bodies becoming more older and weaker as they struggled to breath. "Enjoy hell." Yami spoke out with a sinister smirk that nearly grew more then a human's should have, before snapping his fingers and all of the WDL guards suddenly bursting into piles of dust. "Once again, you amaze me Yami." Kallos spoke, as Yami looked over and smirked. "I do my best." He said, before looking over at where Lucifer and Rin were. "I just saw that girl come near here... Shall I?" He asked Kallos. "Negative. If she comes over here, then you may. Otherwise..." Kallos spoke, before turning to face Sebastian. "... He is our primary target." He said, and gave another sadistic grin to the confused and terrified Sebastian. "Death will be good for you." Kallos said, before giving off an evil chuckle, the others soon joining with him as they all watched Sebastian shake with fear now, too weak to even stand without help.


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~ ??? ~

"I don't know why I keep on doing this to myself..." The icy breath of the ice demon known as Chill, formerly the human Rob, came out of his mouth and made the air colder around him. He sat in a very special room in Kallos' base, a room made entirely out of ice. He liked it, he needed it to cool down after the rough battle he had with Sebastian and his two new friends. He had yet to see one of them was Lucy, a former close friend of his. "I don't know why I am recording this, or why I feel the need to... But I feel as if every day I must make progress on how my new life is. This would be the... Ninety-seventh one I have bothered to make. Maybe. Or is it ninety-two now...? I don't know anymore, but this one shall be to recall back to a more simple time. A time when my life was fine, and I knew a person who would change my life forever. I do, by this, mean Sebastian Thomas."

"How I remember the day we first met. How he came in, looking worried and sick, with fear and sadness in his eyes. Back then I was nicer, I was a kinder person then I am now. I quickly introduced him around, I was the first kid he had talked to, and the first kid he had made friends with. It was nice, those two months we enjoyed the little adventures we created together. But then after all the fun and joy we had, there came Lucy. Oh how I miss the way her eyes looked at me with such sweetness in them, how I long to feel the warm touch of her hand on mine again. Oh how I long for someone to bring me warmth again. When Lucy came, she told us on how we should be more weird and look at life from a different point of view. Oh how I wish I had known ahead of time what was in store for us."

"I know that as I continue to speak with a frosty tone, and my breath comes out as if it was in the middle of winter, I recall the beginning of a horrific set of events. One of them being Lucy's accident. One day she suddenly collapsed, she was as sick as a dog and blood continued to escape her mouth. So I told Sebastian we needed to help raise the money for her, and we would stand outside day after day praying someone would give us enough money for the operation she needed. As I continued to went in, Sebastian slept outside. As the operation came closer, our caretakers found it was time to talk him out of it and bring him back inside, dirty and tired as he was. Fortunately, they got enough money for her operation it seemed, though how this happened i am not sure, but she recovered quickly back to health. But this all seemed in vein, for when she grew old enough, she left us, saying she would visit Sebastian time and again. As I feel I am rushing through this log, I feel I must confess something at the end of this, and after this next part, I shall."

"It was a few months ago when it began. Sebastian started acting more selfish, always wanting more then he had. When I tried to talk to him, he told me off, and decided it was time to leave. When I talked to him again, he felt I was trying to push him down, and he ran. I watched him run through the rain, oh how I miss it when I feel something besides water coming from myself now. Everyone thought he was going through a phase, that he would return and it would be fine. I knew otherwise... I knew Sebastian. This was not him. I knew I had to do something, but then... A miracle came before me. The man with the crystal in his forehead came before me one day, and asked me if I wanted to be adopted. I refused at first, claiming I did not need a family, but he insisted. That I could see Lucy again, that we could spend time together, and that Sebastian would return back to normal and we would be friends again. I agreed. After I was adopted, he asked me if I wanted the power to change history itself. I agreed, and he did the unthinkable. He changed me into an ice demon, giving me the name Chill. So there ends the memories, and now, I shall conclude this log with my final statement..."

~ Sebastian's Story ~

"What's wrong with my head...?" He asked himself, as he tried to stand, everything around him looking... off. Things were moving that shouldn't of been, the room was tilting a little, and his body was shaking as if he had spun around in place several times. "Remember my name. Eclipse. I was once a strong proud demon before I had to fight the leaders of The Renegade. As per our deal, I am now a part of their inventory. Although they never said who could wield me, which is the best part, hehehehe... Any way, let's see how your reflexes with my basic form are." Sebastian's eyes widened as he looked over towards Lucifer, and used his fast speed ability to move in front of her, quickly taking a stance with the sword as he felt a powerful force collide into him. "Good... You can at least protect people from weak attacks." The voice told Sebastian, quickly forcing him to block against more attacks. "Good, good." The voice spoke, slowly sliding Sebastian back slowly towards Lucifer. "What are you doing Sebastian?" She asked, as he gritted his teeth at this. "Not a good time!" He spoke out, as the next blow was enough to send him flying backwards into her, making them both stumble around for a bit as a demonic laughter came over them before. "Nice moves, idiot." It spoke as he stood up, grabbing her arms and pulling her up as well. "D-don't mistake this situation. I -- I was just... Playing along with this." She said, as Sebastian rolled his eyes at her words.

"But what about attacking someone?" It spoke, as a demon appeared and quickly charged at him. His eyes widen and he quickly spun around, using the sword in his hand to slice across the demon's torso, making him split into two as both vanished. "Good enough, I guess. You were off by a little bit on the angle, but otherwise... My skills are at least having an effect on you. But now it's time to truly see... What you fear most." The voice said, as Sebastian suddenly recalled back, back to that day years ago...

+ Flashback +

The town Sebastian and his mother use to live in was nice. He was only four years old, barely able to understand anything of what was about to happen. He was walking hand in hand with his mother, who as he looked up to, smiled down at him as he smiled back and looked forward. He loved being close to her like this, holding her hand, feeling safe and sound and knowing everything was going to be alright. Then, a voice called out that would ruin everything. "DEMON ATTACK! DEMON ATTACK!!" Suddenly, everyone was in a panic, running for their lives. His mother suddenly picked up the pace, and he was almost dragged along as he found he had to run faster then he had ever had before. Then, explosions began to erupt all around the town, devastating everything that was caught within them. Buildings fell and crumbled, the ground in each being destroyed and left to rot with the corpses they held in them, demons suddenly appearing in huge amounts of numbers as they destroyed anything that got in their way.

"LET IT BE KNOWN FROM THIS DAY!" A voice boomed out across the town, as five figures now stood on the tallest building, each of them looking down upon the attacks happening. "THAT ARMAGEDDON IS COMING! THE PROPHECY IS COMING TRUE! AND I SHALL BE THE ONE TO LEAD OUR FORCES THROUGH THIS EARTH, WHEN I AM RULER OF HELL!" The figure spoke, among the figures could be seen Kallos. The others were a mystery, one of them wearing advanced armor over his body, another looking pale and wearing a cloak over her body in the way a vampire would, and the last one was completely covered in knight's armor. "FELLOW DEMONS! AS YOUR NEW MASTER AND FUTURE RULER, I COMMAND YOU TO WIPE THIS CITY CLEAN OF ALL HUMAN SCUM! LEAVE NO ONE ALIVE, TAKE NONE PRISONER, DESTROY EVERYTHING MADE BY THEM! REPLACE IT ALL WITH ONLY DEATH!"

+ Present day +

Sebastian felt weak, collapsing down on to his knees as the demon voice remained quiet. "You are a survivor, you have struggled since that day came. No... Even before then." It said, as Sebastian slowly rose up to his feet. "... I see a dangerous future for you, much more dangerous then what the phoenix has to face, though this all depends on how you all proceed through these trials." As he stood up, he felt a hand come down on his shoulder as he looked over at Lucifer. "You fainted there for a few... You look sick." She spoke, as he looked back down at the sword. "You have the potential to wield me, but you are not yet ready it seems. Place me back upon my resting place, and we will meet again in the future. That, I can guarantee." It chuckled as he walked back over to the case and set the sword down within it, Lucifer quickly pulling him back as the case slammed shut. Another chuckle came out, although Sebastian knew this one was not from Eclipse. He knew he was once again being observed by someone, or something... He couldn't see it, as he looked around the room, but he felt it. The eye had returned.

~ Michael's Story ~

"Alright, that will be enough. Lucifer, take him back to his room and show him the new equipment that will be there for him." She looked at Scott as he said this and nodded when he finished, taking Sebastian and quietly walking with him, making sure he didn't over-exert himself. "... I only hope he survives this mission." He said as he walked back to the main room, standing in Michael's place again as he took out a small little tube and inserted it into a spot, watching as the blood in it went into the machine and a map was brought up. "... Alright, let's see if I can remember all of this." He mumbled to himself.

Michael, on the other hand, felt extremely nervous. Rin was... Well, she was... His mind was getting off track, as he grabbed a chair and, rolling his eyes, placed it next to her and sat down next to her. "... I have missed you." He said, looking at her as he got a gentle smile out of it and she patted his back. "Just get on with the details, Michael. We can talk more later." She said, making him smile as he looked down at the table and tried to recall the events of the fight to her. Meanwhile, his mind recalled back to more easier times...

+ Flashback +

His master was training him with Deon, as they both were fighting as hard as they could against the Kasha leader. But in the end, he beat them both and they lay near each other, gasping for breath and struggling to regain control over themselves. "You both have obvious flaws in your strategies. Michael, you rely too much on your strength for guidance. Your mind must be kept clear and it must be allowed to flow through the fight. If you think things over and fight with more then just strength alone, you may be able to turn the tables." He closed his eyes at his master's words, hearing Deon give a little snicker at Michael being lectured. "And you, Deon." The Kasha leader turned to him, as Deon immediately fell silent. "You tried so hard to look like a fool at first. In fact, you are a fool now that I see it. But when you knew I was overpowering you, you tried to touch me, tried to get a grip on me that would allow you to turn the tables on me. Am I right?" He spoke, Deon remaining in silence at how observant the Kasha had been. "Try and remember that you need your own power before trying to take others." Michael opened his eyes at this, to hear Deon groan out in annoyance. "I know, I know... But practice will be good for the both of you. I see something in you both that I have not seen in a very long time... Perhaps once you both have matured more, you can show me what I need to learn from the new age that is coming."

Michael then recalled back to when the three were just new leaders and had control over The Rengade. All three were needed for a special assignment, the first mission that would give them all trouble. They all stopped as they saw a demon walking forward, slicing his way through paralyzed enemies, demon or human. "What is he doing...?" Michael asked, as Rin looked over at Michael. "I -- I don't know what's up with that thing... I -- I feel something coming over me, as if I --" She was interrupted at this by Deon. "Maybe you two should go and make out somewhere? I can handle this bozo~" He said, and Michael lightly punched him in the shoulder. "It's not like that, you idiot." He spoke, as Deon rubbed his shoulder. "Geez Michael, when did you grow a brain?" He teased, but was stopped as the figure came into view. "You must be the replacements... Well done, but you all look foolish." The demon said, as all three held their ground as they saw the demon take a stance. "Allow me to introduce myself... I am Eclipse, the Nightmare Bringer! Now, FACE ME!" And then he charged forward, all three of them shocked as his sword cut Michael's chest first, and then, blank.

~ Name: Eclipse
Nickname: The Nightmare Bringer
Type: Unknown
Rank: Believed to have been A rank
WDL Threat Level: Was believed to be Deceased ~

+ Present Day +

Michael was brought back into reality when he saw a soldier walking to them both and saluting. Both of them rose as the soldier kept his stance. "Scott of the Michael Division would like to see you now." He said, and Michael nodded. "Very well. Resume your daily activities." He said, as the soldier nodded before running off. Michael and Rin then walked towards the main room. "What could Scott want at a time like this, it's a little unusual for him." She said to Michael, as he sighed out a bit. "No doubt it is something concerning the kids." He said, as they both soon found themselves looking at Scott, who nodded to them both. "Glad you both made it. I have some important news to share with you." He said, indicating to the screen, as Rin rose her brow. "What's this?" She asked, seeing several red markers appearing on the map... Over the already dozen that were being shown. "I took the liberty of taking some of Sebastian's blood while he was out. After analyzing it, I have compared it and found that we currently have two others similar to him. One of them being Deon's, the other being possibly Ash's." He continued, sighing out as he looked at the screen. "So what's the problem?" Michael asked, as Scott looked over at him. "... It's a little unusual, but... It appears there are several people out on here that are identical to his blood. In other words... We may have a few children missing. That is why I have sent out a team of three soldiers each to search five locations. Once a team has searched all five locations, they return here, with or without the correct child."

~ Kallos' Story ~

"The demon has been sent to me, and we are currently analyzing it." The leader spoke, a smirk coming on his features as everyone nodded in agreement, seeming to like that they were successful. "Because of your little outbreak, you now are all on the WDL's most wanted list. Be proud, you all are very high." With this, everyone cheered out as they heard the good news. Photos furrowed his brows and tried to rise, but was stopped as Kibo put a hand on his shoulder and shook his head, to which Photos sat back down. "Now, I will list off each of you in order from least to most. Photos, you are 27. Golem, 23. Bellfoar, 21. Itzhet, 14. Kahlman, 13. Yami, 10. And Balarus, you are six. Well done, each of you." More cheering followed from this, as the leader let this go on for a few before raising his hands up to stop them. "Now then... You will be receiving a new member to your squad in a few. Once this is done, you will be my Elemental Force. Take great pride in this, for you all have a role to play in my upbringing." A dark chuckle followed as he shook his head. "It has come to my reports that Deon, Sebastian and Ash, three of the children we are looking for have joined with The Renegades. I thank you for this report, Kalh." A bow quickly came from Kalh's end as the demon leader went on.

"Devin, who was formerly with the WDL, has currently been listed as missing for the time being. Chang has been reported to be within hell's ranks, no doubt a future enemy to my cause. As for any other children, we do not know. As for demon kings, Crisis has been reported to not have been seen in hell at this time. Loki was last seen with Chang in hell, and Brenhin... Well, that bastard will get his soon enough." He chuckled again as he rose up a finger. "It is time for your first assault against the WDL, your first concern. You will place bombs around the surrounding towns, and within three days, they will be set off. If this succeeds, you will have an easy way in. Good luck figuring out who will set them up." A dark chuckle came out of him, almost turning into a laugh before the screens returned to normal, and the symbol with the eye came back on the screens.