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Notable NPCs

A character sheet for the Characters that aren't played by any discernable person. (READ: Not given a character sheet of their own) WIP

0 · 2,602 views · located in The Earth, 2015

a character in “A Tale of Seven Children”, as played by zody



(Note: All credit goes to the original Authors for these images, will be removed if asked))

NPC1 - Rin

Age: 360 years old, but claims to be in her twenties.
Gender: Female
Species: Demon (Kasha)

Major Abilities: -
Nekoromancer: Being a Kasha, Rin can brings the dead back to life at will
Feline Form: Rin can switch between her Human Form and her Cat Form at will, the only downside is her clothes vanishing unless somebody grabs them for her.
Ghost Fires: Rin can bring back the souls of her recently deceased minions as ball of superheated fire, and she can throw them with terrible accuracy and power. They also home in on targets, and move faster the longer they're avoided.

Minor Abilities: -
Kasha's Claws: Rin can extend her claws to extreme lengths, and her claws can pierce through almost anything due to their demonic nature.
Feline Grace: Rin, being a Kasha, is extremely agile and quick on her feet in both forms.
Sharpshooter: Rin is the most skilled person in the Renegades with Firearms, particularly Rifles and long-range combat weapons. She almost never misses, and she's saved many lives with her skill. Her skills have still never been beaten.

Likes: Cats, Candy, Fighting, Tea.
Dislikes: Water in any form, Having Water poured on Her, Spicy Foods.
Other: ?
Bio: Rin was born in poverty, her Father worked 24/7 and her Mother was asleep most of the time due to trauma. A coma or something, they said. Rin grew up fighting her siblings for everything, and she grew jealous of the human's way of life. Eventually when she was old enough, she was forced into living aboveground. After a while, she heard of what the Demons were doing, and was disgusted to hear that her own family were some of the main attackers. Rin vowed to defy them, and she eventually joined up with a group called the Renegades, a group which her Uncle was a leader of, and she was devastated at his death by the hands of Rhanksar, an extremely powerful Council Member. From that day, she trained hard but still hasn't lost her playful attitude and cheekiness. It's also rumoured that she has feelings for a certain person in the Renegades, although she'll never admit it. Through her training in the Renegades, she became faster and more agile and her sharpshooting skills were unparalelled. She became the Leader of her own division after watched Deon and Michael take on an entire army by themselves, and then take down their Leader too. As she grew, she realised that the Renegades were her real family now, and even after her Uncle's death, she remains determined to see her goal through, and keep Earth, and her crush safe from the claws of the Devil.


NPC2 - 'Quake'

Age: 750 years old, or so she claims.
Gender: Female
Species: Demon (Oni)

Major Abilities: -
Oni's Strength: Quake is an Oni, therefore Mountains can be moved.
Energy Gathering: Quake can gather energy in her fists and feet, used in her 'Knockout in Three Steps' Move.

Minor Abilities: -
Uncanny Drinking Ability: Not exactly an ability, but damn, can she handle her drinks!
Stamina: Being an Oni, Quake can take a massive amount of damage before being knocked out.

Likes: Causing a Ruckus, Strong people, Alcohol, Fighting.
Dislikes: Weak people, conniving and sneaky people, dishonesty, sobriety.
Other: ?
Bio: Quake was one of the few Oni to have been born after their kind had moved to the Forbidden City, deep below the Earth's surface and far away from Hell and it's derivatives. She grew up like most Oni did, getting into fights and showing scarily overwhelming strength, but she was scarily fast too. At the age of 48, Quake met another Oni called Kibo, who was also strong. Strong enough to beat her to a standstill, at least. For 440 years they stuck together, and over those 440 years they found two other Oni to join them, but Quake and Kibo both stayed the closest. Eventually, Kibo vanished, leaving Quake with the other two Oni. One of the Oni decided to stay in the Forbidden City, and protect it from rogue Youkai and thieves, the other one stuck with Quake and they, with Kibo's help, left the Forbidden City and roamed the surface. Eventually the other Oni became a hermit in the mountains, while Quake took to wandering the world, testing people's strength and helping them out on occasion. Eventually, through the envy of another, Quake's only human friend was slaughtered, and Quake went berserk, destroying the village and viscerating anyone in her path. That's when Deon and Michael were called in. The three engaged in a harrowing battle, and eventually, with Michael unconscious and the two remaining fighters tired, the Phoenix delivered a crushing blow, knocking the Oni out and putting her into the Renegades Hospital. Throughout her drowsiness, the Phoenix brought her what she needed and took care of her. He only replied to her questions with a simple statement of 'We both know the pain of losing a loved one'. Eventually, she ended up joining Deon's division of the Renegades, and became highly respected for her skills in battle, and her ability to outdrink almost anyone and the fact that she always knew how to throw parties.


Don't piss her off.

NPC3 - Angel D'Brightaine

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Major Abilities: -
Superior Speed: Angel can dash around in short bursts of superhuman speed, enabling him to appear behind his targets.
Combat Genius: Angel can form and execute battlefield tactics that would require forethought with ease.

Likes: Strong Humans, The WDL, Underhanded Tactics, Winning, Control.
Dislikes: Demons, The Devil, Arthur, The Renegades, Hell, Losing, Duels.
Other: ?
Bio: Angel was born and raised in a very religious household, always being taught that Demons were bad and that no matter whatt hey did they needed to be cleansed from the Earth. As he grew up, he showed and aptitude for combat, especially against Demons and their kin. From the years he left School, to the day he found himself on the doorstep of the WDL, nobody knew what he was doing or where he had gone. After entering the WDL, Angel quickly found himself as a Higher Ranked Exorcist, a Paladin in fact. After a few years of serving Arthur, Angel grew tired of his subordinate position, and quickly eliminated the older man. It was by that act that Angel found himself heading the WDL, and the purging of Demons had begun.


NPC4 - Scott Turner

Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Abilities: - None

Likes: Order, Justice, Quiet and Calm places, Computers.
Dislikes: Violence, Death, Anarchy, Loud and Annoying places, Fighting.
Other: ?
Bio: Scott Turner was once a simple nerd who lived out a normal life. His best friend, Michael, turned out to be with an important organization known as The Renegades. Scott, in turn, decided to join in hopes of helping out. Scott wasn't like demons though, and didn't fit in at first. However, throughout the years, he has proven his worth and has earned a great trust among many of The Renegade, even them going so far as to call him 'Scott the Renegade's Brains'. He is now second-in-command of Michael's division, being looked up to highly by every human in The Renegade as a symbol of the future and a great figure to follow.


NPC5 - Claire Clade

Age: 21
Gender: Female
Species: Human (?)

Major Abilities: -
‘Claire-Voyance’: Claire can look into the not too distant future, seeing the most likely probable scenarios, and can then react appropriately to such situations. This requires active concentration on her part, and is particularly draining – However, she can actively perform this ability while still maintaining her focus on the present.
Light Prism: Claire can bend light, forming shields, weapons, piercing bolts - all manner of things by manipulating the energy.
Psychic: Claire has incredible psychic prowess, capable of telepathy, telekinesis, fortune telling, mindreading, and even a degree of ability to impart thoughts and memories into others.

Minor Abilities: -
Athletic Grace: Claire is physically fit and able, thanks to her time dancing. Inhumanly so, able to react and move far faster than a normal person.
True Sight: Claire’s mind is focused, and nigh impossible to breach. Additionally, she can see through most illusions and the like, and is a remarkably good judge of character.
Hyper Analysis: Claire is able to read and analyse incoming perceptual information at astonishing rates, using logic and judgement to accurately calculate the most appropriate choice or angle to approach a problem.

Likes: Cats, Strawberrys, Pink, Dancing, Reading, Shopping, Romance, Cute Things, & much more.
Dislikes: Pumpkin, Making Mistakes, Fighting, Vehicles.
Other: Claire is usually accompanied by a pair of cats, a black male named ‘Noir’, and a female white cat, named ‘Blanche’. Both are the family housecats, and are actually Nekomata. Additionally, she has a number of technological sidearms, such as her reading glasses, that can augment or assist her in varying ways.
Bio: Younger Sister to Ashley Clade, Claire is a bit of a mystery. She knows far more about Ash, demons, the WDL and even the Renegades then she often lets on, constantly calculating, analysing and plotting – though to what purpose is a mystery. For the most part, it seems her intentions are pure, and when the situation permits, she’s a relaxed, carefree, cheerful and friendly girl. She holds very close ties to her sister, but also seems heavily burdened with responsibility, which is probably why her predominant outlook is mature and serious. Fiercely protective of those she cares about; she’s susceptible to trying to do things on her own and refusing help, along with taking on too much work at the cost of herself.


NPC6 - Frankenstein (Frank Enrique Steinbolt)

Name: Frank Enrique Steinbolt, also nicknamed 'Frankenstein'.
Age: It seems like he's in his late 20' or early 30's, but some people know better.
Gender: Male
Species: Human(?)

Major Abilities: -
Power-Countering: Frankenstein can counter almost any attack that is directed at him if he is aware of how it works. This applies to swords and physical attacks as well as magic and mental attacks.
Maddening Presence: Being in the vicinity of Franky for too long will make you more and more susceptible to madness, such as in Deon's case.
Cancellation: Franky can 'shut-down' people for a few moments, paralysing them and disabling everything aside from things that they need to survive, such as their motor functions. This move is a Physical one, and it takes time and concentration to charge up.

Minor Abilities: -
Unsound Mind: Franky is immune to almost any and all mental attacks, and using his Countering abilities, he can send them back to their user.
'Evil-Scientist' Intellect: Frankenstein is skilled in almost all fields of science, and can construct or create anything you need. He can also draw elaborate blueprints for traps and vehicles, and can grasp knowledge easily.
Weapon Master: Franky is skilled with weapons, and he also knows a lot about Demon Weapons, meaning that he can find their weak-points with ease.

Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Other: Frankenstein actually used to be a Doctor. Then he started cutting people up for fun.
Bio: (WIP)


NPC7 - 'Kallos' and his Elemental Team

Name: Balarus of Kallos
Age: Around 1,700
Gender: Male
Species: Demon (Crystal)

Major Abilities: -
Crystal Manipulation: A Crystal Demon's ability to manipulate Crystal.

Minor Abilities: -
Incredible Physical capabilities: Kallos has incredible physical powers that far surpass a human's.

Special Ability: ?

Likes: Crystals, Dark places, Being in charge, Greed
Dislikes: Things not going his way, Humans, Being weak
Other: ?
Bio: Balarus started his life off always with murdering, being prideful of himself as he worked his way up. Showing leadership from a young age, Balarus was said to hold many things in his life, including becoming a prodigy among Crystal Demons. He took this further when he became one of Rhanksar's warlords, said to be the youngest among them to have become one. However, his prideful ambitions differed from Rhanksar's more honest ways, and he was the first to leave his ranks. He soon joined up with The Revolutionary King's army, and was one of the higher figures that attended his first strike on earth. It was believed Balarus was dead when he came back and had freed some elemental demons, once again having a group to lead. Having the equivalent rank to a Lieutenant, Balarus is often called Kallos, earning him the name Balarus of Kallos by the WDL.



Name: Yami the Sinister
Age: Believed to be 1,000 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Darkness)

Major Abilities: -
Manipulation of Darkness - The basic power for all Darkness Demons, Yami seems to have extremely good control over this.

Minor Abilities: ?

Special Ability: ?

Likes: Dark places, evil things, bloodshed, violence, anarchy
Dislikes: Anything related to a happy ending
Other: Yami has two gloves made out of shadows. It is unknown what exactly they can do, other then working properly for Darkness Demons.
Bio: Much of Yami is a secret, besides his origin. Yami was created in Japan and found himself having to struggle for dominance. At a very young age, Yami was given his name after the god of darkness, for gaining such a bad reputation so fast. Now working as second-in-command of Kallos' group, Yami always has sinister intentions, giving him the complete title by the WDL.



Name: Kalhmahn the Graceful
Age: Believed to be one hundred and twenty seven years of age
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Water)

Major Abilities: -
Water Manipulation - The basic power for a water demon. Kalh has very good control over this.

Minor Abilities: -
Increased agility - Having a higher agility that surpasses a human's, earning Kalh his nickname.

Special Ability: ?

Likes: Water, speed, cool places
Dislikes: Heat, power, ugly
Other: Kalh currently has an unknown staff that seems to be able to help him with his water abilities. It is unknown if it is merely enhanced or if it is a demon weapon.
Bio: Kalh's life is believed to have been started somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Kalh, even when he was young, admired being fast and always did his best to train this whenever possible. Kalh earned his title by the WDL when he killed off some of their 2nd classes. He was then captured by a Knight, who was then banished from land and was held prisoner by a peaceful water demon tribe. Kalh was broken free thanks to Kallos however, and in gratitude has offered his services to his group.



Name: Golem
Age: Possibly 500 years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Earth)

Major Abilities: -
Earth Manipulation - Being made up entirely of rocks and earth, Golem has little control over this and will be very hit and miss.
Resistance - While Golem has many obvious weaknesses to him, one of his major advantages is his surprisingly high resistance to most abilities. This ability is the main reason Golem has become a threat.

Minor Abilities: -
Low Intelligence - Because Golem has a lower intelligence then others, he is very dumb at times and speaks as such. However, this is also one of his major advantages, as most magic will not work on him because he cannot acknowledge it.

Special Ability: ?

Likes: Earth, food, earth, violence, earth.
Dislikes: Anything he finds odd.
Other: ?
Bio: Golem is literally just that - a golem. Being classified as an earth demon, Golem was/is... Very stupid. Very, very stupid. Because of this, he does not remember what is fact and what is false. Golem soon became enraged by the WDL and attacked a group of 3rd ranks, killing them all due to his unexplained powers, when in reality they are just heightened by his own weaknesses. Catching the interest of the WDL and Kallos, the WDL soon called in two Paladins, who easily defeated Golem and locked him away. Kallos decided to free Golem, and in exchange, Golem has joined under Kallos' ranks with the promise of being able to destroy any human he chooses.



Name: Itzhet
Age: Believed to be 300 years old
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Wind)

Major Abilities: -
Wind Manipulation: The basic power for Wind Demons. Itzhet has a fairly good control over this ability.

Minor Abilities: -
Keen Eye: Itzhet has trained his eyes so that they can far surpass a human's eye. It is said Itzhet's eyes are as good as a night animal's.
Teleportation: Due to Itzhet's control over wind, he can make himself become one with the air temporarily and reappear a short distance away. It is unknown what else this ability can do.

Special Ability: ?

Likes: The wind, being calm
Dislikes: Fire, loud noises, disturbing his peace
Other: Itzhet is in possession of a demon-like mask that may possibly increase his wind abilities. It is unknown if this mask is just an enhancement or otherwise.
Bio: Said to be born on a mountain, Itzhet is a natural at training on mountains and can easily climb them. Itzhet found his way down to the surface where he met and teamed up with Bellfoar, the two getting along pretty well as they formed a team. Itzhet helped Bellfoar escape by letting himself get captured by WDL forces who claimed he was too much of a threat. Itzhet refused to go down, but Arthur knocked him out using the hilt of Excalibur. Itzhet was then freed by Kallos and has since join up with his group mainly to help out Bellfoar with his goals.



Name: Bellfoar the Boom Racer
Age: Seems to be about 90 years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Lightning)

Major Abilities: -
Lightning Manipulation - A Lightning Demon's basic power - Bellfoar has some control over this ability.

Minor Abilities: -
Sonic Boom - Not much of an ability, but more of a way to get around while having big effects on the area. Bellfoar uses this ability to travel quickly over a short distance while also releasing a sonic boom into his enemies.

Special Ability: ?

Likes: Loud noises, yellow, electricity
Dislikes: Water, quiet places, gray
Other: Bellfoar is in possession of two boots that seem to help his agility. Whether these are enhancers or otherwise is unknown.
Bio: Bellfoar is the youngest of the group as well as being the fastest among them. Bellfoar was born unusually when a lightning bolt struck several demons bodies, frying them and leaving a body made entirely out of lightning in their places. The body soon adapted a more physical form, ultimately creating Bellfoar in the process. Bellfoar has since heard of Kallos' group and has decided to join them for his own ambitions.



Name: Eppenos of Flames
Age: Believed to be 2,000+ years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Fire)

Major Abilities: -
Flame Manipulation - The basic control for Fire Demons. Eppenos has mastered this ability and can use it with relative ease, especially with Bephomet.
Power Increase - Due to wielding Baphomet, Eppenos in turn will grow stronger with each soul Baphomet claims.
Summoning - Eppenos has the ability to summon up to B ranked fire demons.

Minor Abilities: -
Intimidation - Due to Eppenos' power, he has the power to intimidate his foes into not being able to move.
Fire vision - Eppenos can temporarily replace his normal vision with heat vision, allowing him to detect anything with a high enough heat radiation or signature.
Size manipulation - Due to Eppenos having to switch between forms constantly, he has learned how to control what size he can be at any time. He can not go higher then how tall his true demon form is.

Special Ability: ??

Likes: Fire, hatred, power.
Dislikes: Anything that will destroy Baphomet.
Other: Eppenos currently wields the Demon Weapon - Bephomet. The Demon Weapon's special ability is to absorb the souls of the fire demons it kills.
Bio: Eppenos is best known for being the son of the demon king Brenhin and for wielding the demon weapon Baphomet. Eppenos in his youth found the demon weapon one day in hell and took it for his own, but became tainted and lost to the demon weapon's own insanity. Eppenos began an uprising against Hell itself and began to slay hundreds of fire demons, which escalated quickly to thousands. The devil, seeing Eppenos too much of a problem, sent him into one of the hottest places in hell and sealed him away there. Over time, it became a prison. Centuries later, Brenhin would free his son and hand him back Baphomet behind the devil's back, who in turn slayed every fire demon he could find in sight and left the prison he had been rotting in for years to slowly crumble to pieces. However, Eppenos sees a better opportunity in joining with Kallos and his group for now, and his urges for hunting for souls have come alive again.



Name: Photos of Light
Age: Believed to be 250 years old.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Light)

Major Abilities: -
Light manipulation - The ability to control light. Photos has advanced skills with this ability.
Control over Light demons - This ability has been passed down through generations of light demons up to Photos. Photos is able to summon other light demons as temporary Shikigami.

Minor Abilities: -
Enhanced physical abilities - Photos' has a body that far surpasses that of a human's in speed, strength, senses, etc.
Light sensor - This ability allows Photos to be able to detect light and darkness creatures. Darkness creatures are included because they are the exact opposite of a light creature.

Special Ability: ?

Likes: Light, peace, good
Dislikes: Darkness, war, good
Other: It is currently held rumor that Photos is the current successor to a light demon group, who's purpose is unknown to anyone but him.
Bio: Much of Photos is unknown at this time, rumors hold that he is the successor to a very large light demon group, who could summon rare light demons. Photos currently is being held prisoner by Kallos and has captured one of these said light demons, Photos aims to free it before they kill it.


NPC8 - Chill (Rob)

Age: 16 years of age
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Ice)
Basic Description: Besides being bald for now?

Major Abilities: -
Ice Manipulation: Being an Ice Demon, Chill is an expert at using ice in his attacks against his foes.

Minor Abilities: -
Ice Sliding: While not a major notice, Chill can slide across things such as glass or ice or similar objects like them.

Special Ability: ?

Likes: Cold places, reading, (?).
Dislikes: Hot places, being bossed around, people being a bitch.
Other: Chill currently is learning a style that will help him better with assassinations.
Bio: Chill was formerly a human named Rob, who grew up with Sebastian and Lucy at the orphanage. When Lucy left, Sebastian fell into a depressive state, which led him and Rob to fight and Sebastian to leave the orphanage. Rob then turned to a higher being for help, who took him out of the orphanage and made him into an Ice Demon. He now works for Kallos' group and is looking to take down Sebastian as well as Lucy, and anyone who gets in his way.


NPC9 - The Wandering Blade

NPC10 - Kibo(?), the Earth Shaker

Age: Unknown. Believed to be a few hundred years old, but that's just rumor.
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Oni)

Major Abilities: -
High Strength - Kibo is believed to be very strong physically. It is unknown what this ability's real name is or how strong Kibo really is.

Minor Abilities: -
Endurance - Not so much an ability. Kibo can withstand drinking so much alcohol/beer, while also being able to withstand many people's attacks.

Special Ability: ???

Likes: Fighting, drinking, women, honor
Dislikes: Dishonor, staying still for too long, being captured, not drinking
Other: It is believed that there are actually two Kibo's, but if this is true or not has yet to be proven. They could be one and the same.
Bio: Kibo was one of the demons born in the Forbidden City. He was a loner, his family having left him to die out in the streets. Kibo was said to be raised by Terguns, who trained him in their secrets in how to be the fastest demon in the Forbidden City. By the age of just ten, Kibo was so fast, he could out race some of the most notorious demon groups in the city. Eventualy, Kibo met up with someone named Quake, who was very arrogant and prideful, the complete contrast to him. They loved drinking, and soon, the two became the most well known team in the city. When Kibo was offered the chance to become something far greater then that of normal demons, he was forced to leave Quake behind. However, as a token of appreciation, he helped her escape from the Forbidden City and let her go out into the real world. Currently, Kibo is being held captive by the Rebellion Forces, being used as an instrument of death whenever the need arises.


NPC11 - The 'Eye' (?)

Name: The 'Eye'
Age: ???
Gender: Male(?)
Race: Demon (?)
Basic Description: ...No comment, from me or TGT.

Major Abilities: ?

Minor Abilities: ?

Special Ability:

Likes: ?
Dislikes: ?
Other: The 'Eye' has a particular interest in Sebastian and is currently his guide, watching over what happens to him.
Bio: Not much is known about The 'Eye' for now. He helped out Sebastian when he entered into hell, and has been watching over him ever since.


NPC12 - The Devil

NPC13 - The Great King Paimon

Age: ???
Gender: ???
Race: Demon (???)

Major Abilities: - ???

Minor Abilities: - ???

Special Ability: - ???

Other: ???
Bio: ???

NPC14 - Elegia, Archduchess of the Wastelands

Age: ???
Gender: Female
Race: Demon (???)

Major Abilities: -
Queen Dragon: She has the ability to control and manipulate dragons at will. This also includes summoning them at her own choosing, although, when on earth she is limited to only the nearest dragons at her location.
Revelation: She can only see the truth in everything. Lies, illusions, deceptions, tricks, and such has no effect on her. Although, it is a different matter when she goes blind.
Molecular Manipulation: The ability to slow down molecules to the point that they move so slowly that the object appear to be frozen in time. She also has the ability to make it explode, melt, or alter its composition. It is limited by two things. It can only affect non-living objects and by her imagination.

Minor Abilities: -
Telepathy: She can communicate through thoughts, read them, and even implant ideas on another person's mind.
Weapon Summoning: She can call on any type of weapons she may want. It also helps that she is knowledgeable and proficient in using any known weapon.
Doppleganger: She can shift her appearance to any appearance may it be another person or animal but she does not gain the ability of the person or animal she imitated.

Other: She is currently involved in a certain plan. But, she had emphasized it was for the Devil. This means she is on the Devil's side.
Bio: Elegia is the Archduchess of the Wastelands. Her dominion is known to be the homeland for the majority of the dragons that resides in Hell. Despite her rank in nobility, she is under the service of the Great King Paimon but is well-respected by everyone in her territory for being a just ruler.


NPC15 - Alvanso

Age: Around 3000 years
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Oni)

Major Abilities: -
Brute Strength: It comes with his genealogy. He has unmeasurable strength which is further enhanced by his experiences in battle and current emotion or feelings when in the heat of battle.
Earthshaker: He has the ability to manipulate the earth or rocks around him. Although, it takes a lot of focus on his part which he is quite lacking in.

Minor Abilities: -
Swordsmanship: He is not only great with hand-to-hand combat. He is quite skilled in handling a sword and usually limits himself in using one when in battle.
Invulnerability: He is highly resistant in taking physical damages in his body.

Other: He has a rather bitter rivalry with Devant who also hates very much and is currently personally involved with a certain plan.
Bio: Alvanzo had lived for a long time and half of his life he had spent on Earth looking for anyone that could defeat him. When he was sure no one could best him on the mortal realm, he went to hell where he spent the other half of his life. It is in Hell that he had been under the service of Elegia due to unwittingly challenging the Archduchess in a match. He undeniably lost and been a subordinate of Elegia ever since.


NPC16 - Devant

Age: Around 3000 years
Gender: Male
Race: Demon (Kitsune)

Major Abilities: -
Trickster: As the nature of his kind, he has the ability to procure illusions to stir the heart and soul for him to manipulate his enemies or even defeat them both mentally and physically. He also uses this to show his mischievousness and to tease some people when he wants to.
Spirit Fire: It is by nature that he is able to wield one of the elements associated with his kind. He is able to control fire more specifically a white flame which is said to be the hottest of all the flames.

Minor Abilities: -
Fox Sensibilities: He has the acute senses, strengths, and weaknesses of his kitsune lineage.
Magic Endurance: He has greater resistance to magical, psychic, and non-physical attacks.

Other: He has great hatred towards Alvanzo. Due to his long-life, he is a nine-tails kitsune. He is currently physically involved in a certain plan.
Bio: Devant is a very old kitsune that had wandered and watched the world of humans and demons at his own leisure. In one of his many trips to hell, he had chanced upon Alvanzo. It was due to this that he is now under the servitude of Elegia. Regardless, he does not mind serving the Archduchess as he had commented that life had become much more interesting to watch.


NPC17 - Rhanksar, the Swordsman of Hell

Age: Very, very old
Gender: Male
Race: Demon(?)
Basic Description: ...

Major Abilities: ?

Minor Abilities: ?

Special Ability:

Likes: ?
Dislikes: ?
Other: Rhanksar, the Swordsman of Hell. Rhanksar, the Dark Champion of Hell. Rhanksar, the 3rd 'Most Wanted' Demon in the World.
Bio: Rhanksar is known as one of the most powerful demons in all of hell. His blade has cut down mountains. His fists have destroyed the toughest of Oni. He is loyal to his master, the devil. His intentions are unknown. His motives are unclear. His plans are unforeseen. The mere mention of his name sends the strongest of exorcists into fright. His mere presence makes them shiver and sweat!


NPC18 - Eclipse, the Nightmare Sword

Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Race: Demon(Weapon) (Former Rare Demon type)
Basic Description: Besides being a katana that's a demon weapon?

Major Abilities: -
Eclipse, alive or dead, has the ability to, with one cut, send people into they're worst nightmares. Not much else is known about this ability.

Minor Abilities: ?

Special Ability: -
Changing Form:
Unlike other Demon Weapons, Eclipse as a demon weapon as the ability to change into different weapons depending on the user. The method to do this is unknown. Not much else is known about this special power.

Likes: Watching people suffer. Nightmares. Anarchy.
Dislikes: Idiots. People ruining his fun. Being a f*cking sword
Other: "I'm a Nightmare Sword. The ONLY Nightmare Sword. I caught you. I have you in my grasp. I will -- NO, DON'T GO AWAY!"
Bio: Eclipse was a former demon who just liked to have fun. His rare ability made him unique and stood out from other demons. With one cut of his sword, he could use his opponent's nightmares against them. One day he met Deon, Rin and Michael. He took them down easily. He had fun with them for a while, teasing them around every time as he beat them up. But one day, Eclipse made a bet with them and, after a long struggle against Deon and Michael, was 'slain' and transformed into the demon weapon Eclipse. Now used as a testing means for demons, Eclipse is very picky about who wields him and who he allows to use his true powers.


NPC19 - The Jello Demon

Age: Believed to be around a hundred years
Gender: Male(?)
Race: Demon(Water/Jello)

Major Abilities: -
Water/Jello Manipulation: Due to being made entirely out of Jello, the Jello Demon can manipulate water as well as create jello.
Shape-shifting: The Jello Demon can morph any body part he chooses into a certain object(s).
Solidifying: The Jello Demon can solidify his body into an almost physical-like shape.

Minor Abilities: - None known for now.

Special Ability: - ?

Likes: Water, beating the crap out of people, being cunning.
Dislikes: Being humiliated, fire, people making fun of him.
Other: He's made out of Jello. Seriously, take a bite. It'll be your last.
Bio: Around a hundred years ago, humans accidentally took demon blood and added it as an ingredient for a batch of jello one day. The result was the Jello Demon. The Jello Demon broke free and wandered the world for a few years, before learning he could become a Shikigami and be useful. After becoming one, he was employed into the services of Kallos, who he continues to serve to this day. The Jello Demon's unique abilities make it very difficult to handle in battle.


NPC20 - The Mirage Puppeteer

Age: ???
Gender: Female (???)

Major Abilities: - ???

Minor Abilities:
- ???

Special Ability: - ???

Likes: ???
Dislikes: ???
Other: ???
Bio: ???


There is currently nothing known about the figures; the person or people behind the mask.
All that is known is that they are extremely dangerous, and to be destroyed on sight.
They represent Chaos and Discord.
They will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.
They are everything any good Exorcist would work against.
In short, they are...


So begins...

Notable NPCs's Story

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~ The Renegade Headquarters: Scott in Eclipse's Room ~

Scott stood there in disbelief for just a few. It only required a few minutes for him to register everything in, looking down at the head of Drayne, which he had put in here for a good reason and now it was cut and laid on the floor, to the empty case beside it. Scott's hand clutched slowly as he felt something going through his body, an emotion of such wrath that he felt he would of exploded had he not been human. He shook his head slowly, closing his eyes as he turned around and placed a hand upon his forehead, feeling the heat radiating from it. "Nothing... Change of plans." Scott told Mierya, who he had nearly forgotten about in his sudden rage. He took out his cell phone and quickly started texting, all the while his mind was quickly raging to form a plan. Once he had sent the text to Michael, he put the phone away and looked at Mierya. "I need you to go to where Michael is now, it's in the control room you briefly saw before. The one with the giant screen in it?" He said, watching her gain a confused expression as he looked away. As he looked away, an explosion came off nearby as it shook the very ground both of them stood on, Mierya would have trouble adapting to the base suddenly shaking while Scott held his ground. "No time to argue... GO!" He told her in such a harsh tone, he thought he might of seen tears start to form, though this might of just been his own mind playing tricks on him. With this done, the woman was gone, a demon was approaching him and all the while Drayne's head had vanished.

"My, my, Scott.... You've been busy. How are you, old enemy?" The demon spoke, gaining a sinister grin as he stopped and revealed his form before Scott. "... Tergun. What are you doing...?" He asked, watching the demon named Tergun gain a sinister grin on his face. "What do I want? It's called revenge, you stupid fool!" The demon spoke to him, wearing a uniform that looked similar to a human prisoner's, along with broken shackles being seen on his wrists and legs. The demon's skin looked metallic, his body stood at a mere five feet and six inches and his black hair and red eyes both made him look like a psycho. Sadly, he could not grow facial hair in the time he had been put away for these past two years.

~ Name: Tergun
Nickname: The Metal Kappa
Type: Kappa
Rank: C
Overall Threat: Capture on Sight (No longer in effect)
Threat Level: #101 on the WDL's wanted list (No longer in effect)
Additional Info: Tergun appeared two years ago leading the group he had dubbed 'The Metal Demons', who's goal was to make all machines in the country fail. Tergun's most unique ability was to be able to turn his body into metal at will, an ability he personally added instead of gained. Tergun's group ultimately was defeated and disbanded when Scott of The Renegades intervened with them, taking them down and sending them into The Renegade prison. Tergun has since been used as a prime example of how dangerous a Kappa can be and how they are always creating something new in the Demon World. ~

"I'm here to take you down, Scott Turner!" Tergun told him, seeming to walk closer as Scott moved back further into Eclipse's room. "... Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" Scott asked. Tergun, in return, gave one of his sadistic grins. "My men are waiting for me to break them out... My two year plan will finally come into play - NOW!" With that, Tergun made his move, and charged towards Scott.

~ ???, nearby a village close to the WDL... ~

"Oi, Bellfoar! Hurry up!" Chill's voice shouted out in the night, as the quick form of Bellfoar the Boom Racer came into his view. In just a short amount of time, Bellfoar had made it out of the town, stopping near Chill with a cocky grin. "What are you making me rush for, Chill? For being a guy we hired to help us out with the plan, you sure are making me want to kick your ass!" Bellfoar told him. Chill rolled his eyes at his comments and sighed, looking at the next town they were heading to. "... Whatever. I didn't ask to be hired, you know." Chill responded. "Ass! You could at least show some respect to a higher ranking demon in the group then you! I mean, I actually made the WDL's most wanted list, after all!~" He chuckled after this with such glee, his cheeks flushed a little. "Oh how I love it! To think that break out finally did it for them! I'm so happy, I could almost cry!" Chill, having had enough of this, intervened. "Enough of that foolish jibber-jabber! Remember the plan Bellfoar, we all have a role to play. Right now one of our own Shikigami is entering into the base to gain some information for us as well as a few other requirements. You may be higher then me, but you are weak in comparison." Chill then walked ahead, while Bellfoar's rage grew. "Weak...? DON'T CALL ME WEAK, JACKASS! I AM BELLFOAR THE BOOM RACER! THE FASTEST LIGHTNING DEMON IN THIS WHOLE REGION! What I don't have in strength, I make up for in speed! And that is all that counts! GOT IT?!"

+ Several years ago, during the Rebellion King's growing popularity... +

Bellfoar remembered the first time he met Kallos, who was still in his prime before the fatal fight that would bedridden him for a number of years following it. He was excited, this was finally his chance to prove himself to someone important! As he walked towards the crystal demon, his eyes lit up with such joy as he saw the demon before him. Kallos, during this time, let his looks be shown to the world. His appearance looked to be somewhere in his late twenties, his purple hair and purple crystal in his forehead stood out from everything. He looked quite amazing back then, his cape blowing behind him, his posture looking like a true leader's would and his eyes showing knowledge and the confidence this demon had. Stopping in front of him, Bellfoar saluted to him as Kallos nodded to acknowledge it, letting Bellfoar lower his arm. "Bellfoar of Lightning, eh?" Kallos asked. "NO, NO! That's what those lower lifeforms would like to believe! I am Bellfoar the BOOM racer!" Bellfoar said. Kallos' eye twitched, but he shrugged this off for now. "... Right. So, you want to join my group because...?" He asked Bellfoar. "Because you need a guy like me! Without me, there isn't a group at all! For I am Bellfoar, the fastest Lightning Demon you will see!" He boasted out to Kallos.

"... Fastest? But you are incredibly weak, are you --" "YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!" Bellfoar cried out, a serious expression on his face as Kallos rose a brow with a puzzled expression. "... Let me explain. Do you judge a demon based on his appearance? NO! Do you judge a demon based on the weapons he wields? NOT AT ALL! You base him by his skills! If he is damn well useful, and can also prove it, he is worthy to become a KING! Do you know the tale behind my creation?! It is a tale that is both unique and rare among Lightning Demons!" As he kept on going, Kallos simply stood in silence until he came to the word demons. "... Um, I didn't ask you to --" "It all started years ago!" Bellfoar interrupted him. "You see, there was this great storm that was said to be greater then any before it! And well, as you can imagine, it was amazing to witness! All the thunder to hear, all the lightning to see, it was a great show worthy to carry me in it! Well, during that same night..."

+ The Present, Bellfoar and Chill nearing the next town. +

"... Ah jeez, it's going to rain, isn't it?" Chill asked in annoyance as he looked up at the clouds forming above them, narrowing his eyes as he could already hear the ominous thunder booming across the land. It was strange for a storm to suddenly appear during this night, but for Bellfoar, it was another piece of paradise. "Ahh, isn't it wonderful? A storm such as this to celebrate before the morning comes and my victory shall be upon me. I remember the plan in my head, yes I do Chill! But for now, let me enjoy this moment." Bellfoar said. He closed his eyes then and spread out his arms as the rain began to fall upon them, making Chill roll his eyes in annoyance. "Did I ever tell you of the time I joined Kallos when he was in his prime? I tell you, it was a wonderful day, full of charm, grace and tension! I can tell you, it wasn't easy to talk to him like I did, but oh boy, you could imagine the surprise he had on his face when he saw me..."

~ Back with Scott and Tergun's fight... ~

Things weren't looking good at first, as Scott barely had avoided Tergun's metallic punch. Tergun had calculated this already, and following one of the expected routes for a human to make, he quickly turned and aimed a roundhouse kick to Scott's head. Scott barely had time to react, and just narrowly leaned back away from the kick, obviously at a disadvantage. Tergun was a master strategist in battle, his intelligence only furthered this as he could calculate ten moves and not be stunned by the option you took. Scott was still recovering from his earlier fight at the WDL, as well as his human body being so limited. Tergun had two years to mentally prepare himself, and while his fighting style physically had decreased over the last two years, his mental thinking had only increased over time. Scott jumped back as Tergun threw two tiny little objects at him, both of them exploding near Scott and making him get sent back with smoke coming off his form as he landed on his feet and skidded back a bit. Tergun jumped out through the smoke and made his way towards Scott, as Scott pressed a button near him and the room suddenly sent dozens of lasers at Tergun. However, Tergun dodged and reflected them with relative ease, and upon reaching Scott, sent his right fist into his gut.

Scott nearly collapsed as he stumbled back, sending gas into Tergun's eyes as he did which had caught the Kappa off guard. Tergun screamed out as his eyes burned and he put a hand over them, shaking his head as Scott coughed out lightly at this and pressed another button. "I can still hear, Turner!" Tergun stated, suddenly leaping forward at him as Scott rolled to the side while two paralyzing nets were ejected and wrapped themselves around Tergun's arms, electrocuting him. As Tergun screamed in surprise, Scott got back up and panted as some of the bandages were coming off and some of the stitches were very close to re-opening. Tergun merely smirked and looked at him with confidence, even though his eyes still burnt a little. "How foolish, Scott Turner. You once again underestimated my capabilities." Tergun then broke free of the nets easily, shrugging his arms off as he walked towards Scott. "Now make this easier on yourself and let me -- me... Ugh!" He stopped as he noticed his body starting to stumble. "Something wrong, Tergun? I thought you were going to come after me?" Scott said. Tergun turned towards him and growled, leaping at him as he formed blades at the ends of his fingers. "Tough luck, Turner!"

Scott watched carefully until the right moment, then pressed another button as he leaned away from him, getting a few cuts on his right shoulder but worth it as the same gas but at a larger quantity was blown straight into Tergun's body while it was in mid-air. Tergun screamed out in pain as he hit the ground, rolling around as he felt the burning all over now. "W-what have you done to me, TURNER?!?" Tergun asked as Scott smiled a little, putting a hand over his new cuts that Tergun had made on his shoulder. "Surprised, Tergun? I'm not, to be honest. You thought you were clever back then when Deon and Rin vanished, leaving The Renegades without two important leader figures to guide them. I always have prepared for the day a demon outbreak would occur in this base, so... I rigged every room accordingly." This made Tergun's eyes widen as he struggled to get up. "For example, there is this one you are in right now, Eclipse's room. I have outfitted it with a deadly gas to only to demons with an unusually high defense. You chose the wrong day to fight me, Tergun. I allowed you to attack me before so that I could get an understanding of how weaker you have gotten over the past two years you have been locked away. I admit, you are smarter and more sharper then were back then, but you are in an environment only I can win in. The gas that I have been sending into you, by now, has started to leave a burning feeling on you, right? I know I cannot win as long as you possess such a body..." At this, Tergun had enough, and charged in his rage towards Scott. Scott sent his right fist into Tergun's stomach, bruising Scott's knuckles in the process, but also cracking Tergun's metallic stomach. "WHA --?!" Was all Tergun could get out as he collapsed.

"... So I weakened your metallic form with the gas. You didn't notice it when I released it in your face, but the metallic structure around your eyes was actually weakening because of the gas. The more gas I also send into you, the more it will start to make your metallic parts burn up kinetic energy, making you more exhausted every attack you make. I have outfitted this room if ever the chance came up that Eclipse should escape, but I did not think of having to have it used on you. You remember Eclipse, right? How lucky for me... That you based your current metallic body based on a sword's own blade structure!" At Scott's words, Tergun screamed out. "TURNER! I refuse to admit..." And at this, he charged for another attack, leaping at him as he returned his hands back to normal and hardened the metal on them both as he clutched them into fists, ready to strike them into Scott's chest. "... THAT YOU ARE SMARTER THEN -- UGH!"

He was interrupted this time by Scott, who sent a kick into the side of Tergun's head and caused it to break like his chest, while also bruising Scott's foot under his shoe. Tergun was sent collapsing to the floor as he stumbled around and hit a wall, laying there as he struggled to stand. "... Face it, Tergun. You have regressed too much to be able to stop me now." Tergun once again rose up and charged towards Scott, sending a quick punch at him despite the weight that was being dropped on it now. "SHUT UUPPPP!!!" He shouted and sent his quick punch into Scott's wounded shoulder, smirking as he saw Scott winch for a second, but was cut off as Scott punched him in the face with his other fist. Tergun was sent back at this as blood came from Scott's fist, Tergun's metallic skin breaking off as when he hit the floor, the rest of it breaking off as well, leaving Tergun unconscious with his normal Kappa form. Scott sighed out and lowered his arms to his sides, watching Tergun's form. "... I don't have time to deal with the likes of you. I have more important things to take care of... Sorry. Maybe next time, you'll be smart enough to try to escape first."

~ Meanwhile, in the control room with Michael... ~

Michael, at the time, was preparing to head off to bed after a long day's work. He sighed out and looked at the screen with a content little smile, turning around as he began to walk away when he felt the vibrations of his cell phone go off in his pocket. Reaching into it and pulling it out, he looked at the text he had gotten from Scott, and his eyes had widened at what he had seen.

'Eclipse is loose, gather up all the children at once. I also have figured out who the extra child is, but we'll talk more about that after this. For now, do what you must to get this done!' - Scott.

Michael had little time to react to all of this, suddenly panicking as his heart felt like it was being grabbed by someone! He quickly put the cell phone away and ran back to where he just was, slamming his hand down on a red button as the entire base had a certain red glow to it now with a feeling of urgency over them. Alarms began to go off, he could hear the sounds of soldiers rushing through the building who began to rush for weapons. To others like Rin, Quake and the Seven Sisters though, it meant they had to go to him. Now.

Rin had ran out of her room at the sounds of the alarms, she was still in her sleeping gown and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She then made it to the room fairly quickly, finding herself beside the towering figure of the Oni that Deon had fought earlier. "What is it, Michael?" She asked him. Michael let out a sigh and closed his eyes at this, shaking his head lightly. "... Emergency code number 104 has been activated." He told her, opening his eyes again as he looked at the screen. "... He's free." Rin's hand crept it's way up to her mouth as she gasped from the news, she knew exactly who he was talking about. "We need to find Deon, he's the only one of us not here so Eclipse might already have him!" She went to turn on her heel, but was stopped when a strong hand was put down on her shoulder. "He'll be fine, pussy-cat. He IS the Leader of the Rogue division for good reason, ain't he?" Michael, meanwhile, closed his eyes again as he continued on. "... Worse still, is the one who's supposedly wielding him." Quaked turned to Michael at this. "Who? One of the Children?" She asked the obvious.

Michael only nodded in silence at this, Quake sighed out at this and let go of Rin. "Let's go, Rin. We gotta stop Eclipse asap." Quake said, and went to step out of the room when Michael opened his eyes and turned to them. "... Wait a minute. I need one of you to stay behind here and another one of you to go to where Deon is. That same will be for the sisters, except the one going can only take four while the others remain here." Rin sighed from all of this. "Quake, you're a better fighter than me, you go." She spoke up. Quake then grinned and turned. "Of course, I'm gonna beat him up for making me miss sleep. Laters." With those words, Quake was gone. In the background, a giggle could be heard. "I still need to get Ash back for scaring me with her bike, among other things. I'll go as well." Asmodeus said to them, and before anyone could respond she was off bouncing behind Quake. Michael shook his head a bit, being thankful that Quake and Asmodeus were at least volunteering to go. He hoped they would make it in time, but things got out of hand. "... Now if only the other sisters would appear. I have a special assignment for them." And then, on Que, they giggled behind Michael. "We've been here the entire time, Mikey. Waddaya want?"

Michael sighed out a bit again, turning around to look at them. "I need three of you to go after Quake and Asmodeus to handle the Eclipse situation. He's free, and the entire place is in danger. The rest of you, I need you to gather up all the children and keep them safe at all costs. That includes freeing whoever is in Eclipse's control." All of the girls nodded in response and then vanished, leaving only Michael and Rin left. Rin let out a giggle at this. "Oh man, look at me. Always prided on being ready, and I'm standing here in my pyjamas while you're wearing proper clothes." Michael smiled a little at her words. "I was about to go to sleep, to be honest... Although I find it ironic, how we're always paired together... Um, don't take that the wrong way -- I didn't mean it like -- like -- um..." He stopped at this, having forgotten the crisis at hand for a moment. Rin merely giggled and put her head on his shoulder. "Oh come on Michael, is that really that bad?" Rin then grinned and poked her tongue out at him. Michael blinked a little at what she was doing and looked over at her. "... N-no... Not at all." He managed to mumble out, looking back at the screen. He suddenly found himself conflicted, to act upon this chance or to resume the mission at hand?

Rin closed her eyes slightly as her cheeks reddened. "So Michael, what's next?" She asked him. Michael once again blinked at this out of confusion as his heart leaped a little at this. He looked over at her, trying his best to avoid her cheeks. "... W-w-what do you mean next?" Rin's arm lazily found it's way to rest upon Michael's other shoulder, as she sighed in content. "You're an awesome standing post, ya know that Michael?" She said, letting out a tiny giggle at this. "And..." She started. Michael was blushing a bit as he stared at her hand. "... And?" He asked her, placing his hand on hers gently. He felt himself conflicted again until... "Zzzzzz." She was snoring! Her full weight fell on Michael as she shifted slightly and grinned in her sleep. "Fiiiiishies~" Michael in confusion blinked and sighed as he looked at the screen. "Excuse me..." A voice suddenly called out, a voice that made Michael get chills sent down his back and made him tense slightly. He looked over to see a figure in the shadows. "How did you...?" He tried to ask. "I have my methods, Michael." The figure responded back to him, leaning against a wall and taking a bite out of an apple in his hand. "What a wonderful thing, this planet is..."

Michael narrowed his eyes a bit at the figure's casual tone. "Who are you...?" He asked, the figure looking at him with serious eyes now. "I'm quite offended that you don't know anything yet, Michael... Perhaps my name will give you a little rememberance?" Meanwhile, Rin's ears fluttered, and her voice slithered out lazily into Michael's ear. "Michael, don't touch me there, it tickles!" She then suddenly fell to the floor and threw into a fit of laughter and tears. "O-Oh god, Mikey, s-stop tickling me! Nyahahahahaha!~" Michael suddenly turned to Rin and widened his eyes. "What did you --" He started to ask, but stopped as he looked over at the moving figure, who stepped out of the shadows at this. "..... I-impossible." He said, as the figure's angelic wings spread out from his back at this as it sent out feathers throughout the room and Michael suddenly had a feeling of peace from him. At this, Rin's cheeks grew slightly pink and she let out a moan. "M-Michael..... you're such a nice guy and.... mmph.... I-I..... ununh...." Then, her eyes snapped open as she looked around in fear. "W-what happened to me?!" She asked, as her cheeks grew even redder at this and she tucked herself into a ball on the floor, her tails went whipping around wildly.

Michael closed his eyes from this and sighed. ".... Oh geez... This was a bad time to be having a dream, RIN!" He said, hitting her little form lightly as he indicated to show some attention and concern towards the stranger, quickly turning to the figure like nothing had happened just now, he was lucky the figure didn't see it. "I am sorry to interrupt, but..." The figure said and bowed from his waist, before then raising it back up to look at him. "... I am Gabriel, of the New Angels." Gabriel said, which made Michael felt himself frozen to the spot at this. "... And I am here to train you to join our ranks."

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Mireya Nightless
"When you reach the bottom, the only way you can go now is up... What if it's a bottomless hole?"

"Interesting..." This was the perfect word she could use to describe the situation and Scott's current demeanor. His plans have been greatly altered. Mireya did not prod anymore since he seemed too much preoccupied already. Seeing he took out her cellphone, she made this an opportunity to look around further. There was a head on the ground. It was cut probably by something sharp. If she would take a guess, it must be a sword. In any case, she was not certain if the head was some kind of prosthetic, props, or the real deal. Well, she would not be surprised if it was the latter. Walking towards it, she lowered herself to the ground and stared at it like a curious child. Without any outside provocation, she slowly reached for it. However before she can reaffirm whether the sliced head was real or not, Scott had addressed her. In response, she quickly placed her hand back to her side and stood with an awkward smile. It was like she was caught doing something red-handed. "Yes?" She managed to say after her rather curious phase. Scott looked away as she wondered where was the control room again which gained her a perplexed expression. "Michael at the Control room..." She repeated his words in a condensed sentence. "...Okay, I guess. But wh--" Before she could finish her sentence, there was a huge explosion that rattled the entire building. She was not able to keep her balance as she did not expect that at all. As a result, she fell on her backside. "What was that?" She muttered under her breath with slight surprise and a tint of annoyance.

Scott suddenly spoke to her with such urgency and harshness. The explosion surprised Mireya but this left her speechless. Her eyes were enlarged to show her shock but slowly it narrowed down into irritation. She was not even arguing with him. He could have at least be sensible about some things. After all, she was literally blind to what was happening. "You don't have to yell at me. High and mighty." She said with much annoyance as she stood from her position. Being shouted is something that she does not like and angers her. Especially when she had not done anything remotely wrong. "I'm beginning to hate this place..." She said to herself without any concern if anyone else heard it. Taking one look at Scott with irritation, she left him without another word. It still did not fall on her how grave the situation was as she retraced her steps. The only thing she could do even though she hated to listen anymore to Scott's words at the moment was to go to Michael at the control room. Taking a deep breath, she eased herself for a moment. There was no use getting worked up over something like that. He was not worth her time. "Now, where was that room. A large monitor... I think I saw that around this hallway..." She spoke to no one in particular as she walked along the corridors and recalling from her memory the path. Turning at the corner, red lights suddenly filled the area as well as sirens. It was definitely an alarm. Releasing a sigh, she shook her head knowing that something big was happening now. "It would have been better if I stayed at home..."

After saying that, Mireya proceeded to the control room. She could feel that everyone was on hype. Soldiers filled the corridors carrying weapons. This was like one of those action movies that she had watched. Now, she was part of it. Soon enough, she was in front of the control room. She managed to avoid being trampled by the people running and rushing around. "Here it is..." She was about to open the door when she felt a certain presence that made her body experience electrical shocks. She moved away from the door and looked at it with disbelief and at the same time confusion. "What was that?" She asked to no one in particular and as she drowned the noise of the alarm and the people panicking. She could hear voices inside. "Is this the Michael person that Scott was talking about?" She wondered to herself as she took a deep breath and entered the control room. There was no use not continuing. After all, she did not want to waste her effort coming her. Upon entering, she saw three people inside. There were two men and one woman. The woman was on the floor pretty much like something took her favorite toy. But what interest her was a tail. "She has a tail? A tail?" She inwardly thought and looked at the man with the girl who seemed to be in shock. It was probably due to the man on the other side of the room with feathered wings. "I shouldn't think too much on it or I'll be insane..." She commented to herself. In any case, they seemed to be in the middle of something and as it would appear, she interrupted. "Oh... I'm sorry to interrupt. I was sent here by Scott for Michael?" She said while scratching the back of her head. "Although, I'm not sure why..." She said with a sigh and then looked at them with carefree smile. It was official. Mireya has either no sense of danger or urgency or she was totally ignoring it despite knowing.

"Master. It seems that there is movement from the rebels and as well with the heavens." Elegia reported with a lowered head as she was kneeling before the throne of her Master. Her voice was tinged with respect and understandable fear in the presence of such power and authority. "As for the child, she is now currently with the Renegades." She ended her report at that and waited for her master's response. Silence reigned between them. It was not comfortable as she dreaded each second that it passed by. Her master is known for being unpredictable and at the same time being coldly brutal. Keeping her head lowered, she maintained her composure. Soon, her patience had been rewarded. "I cannot wait to see how she would bloom. Don't you think so, Elegia?" Her master's voice flowed like calm yet devastating storm. The question pertained to her seemed to be more of a statement. At this point, she raised her head to look at her master. Her eyes met with those steel silver eyes that did not betray any kind of emotions or even interest. In her opinion, it was like having piercing daggers go through one's body infinitely. "I am certain that they would be able to do that job, Master." There was silence once more as her master continued to look at her. A few moments passed by before her master closed those steel silver eyes and spoke. "Continue to watch over her and as for other matters." There was a slight pause in the master's words before he proceeded. "Let them have fun. It is about time something interesting happens in our realm. As for the heavens, it seems they had finally lost their virtue of patience." After saying that, her master stood from the throne. "Go. I tire of your presence already." Hearing that, Elegia immediately stood and bowed lowly. "I will excuse myself now, master." When that was said, she left the throne room with haste. She did not want to irritate the master.

"What did the master said, Lady Elegia?" This was the question directed at Elegia at the very moment, the doors to the throne room closed. "I'm sorry to disappoint but we will just watch." This response made the one who asked released a rather loud disappointed sigh. "I have been wanting some action and it seems the others are having it." The statement made Elegia shake her head as she looked at the person with a stern expression. "I would warn you Alvanzo. Do not test the master's leniency." The one named Alvanzo stepped out from the shadows with a condescending smile. It was a rather handsome human-looking male. He had short maroon red hair and a pair of pale purple eyes. It would also appear that he was wearing a school uniform indicating that he was attending one or in disguise. "Don't worry. I won't dream about it. Although, this form is rather restricting you know." She closed her eyes and began to walk away from the area. "I don't hear Devant complaining about it." Upon hearing that Alvanzo's smile was replaced with a frown. "Don't remind me about that bastard!" His tone was with a deep grudge which made Elegia stopped from her tracks and looked at Alvanzo over her shoulder. "I don't care about the bloodbath between you two. This is an order assigned to both of you. I suggest you do it." Alvanzo looked away while making a fist with his right hand. "What's the use? She is not coming back to school anyway." Elegia knew there was truth in Alvanzo's words however, there was still something they should do. "I need you two to do something there. And plus... I highly doubt that she would just cut ties easily. That girl is quite an easy read." A malicious smile was upon lips as she looked before her and continued leaving while Alvanzo watched her disappear from sight. "It's finally starting, eh..."

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There was a momentary silence between them. It made Keilani slightly nervous. She wondered if she had said something offensive. Thinking back on her words, she lowered her head as a instinctively gesture. She was not certain what words could have cause unwanted feelings towards the three before her. Giving up on recalling, she decided to apologize. It was the only proper thing she should do. Raising her head, she caught the rather slack-jawed expression of one of the males who seemed to be holding some packages. His expression caused her curiosity as she was completely oblivious of how she looked in her current apparel. But before, she could ask what was the matter and to apologize. The female had took the initiative to speak. Her words eased Keilani's words. "Thank you very much..." As such, a grateful smile was present on her lips. She was glad that the people that she met by chance were headed to the infirmary and at the same time were quite nice. It did gave her sense of security at the very least. The woman, now known to her as Claire introduced the others as Kane and Sebastian. had decided to help her. Keilani wanted to say a word of refusal as Claire offered her shoulder to serve as a support. After all, Keilani did not want to bother them by adding more worries to them further especially noticing Sebastian's condition. However, she has a feeling that Claire would not have listened to her. Thus, she remained silent and accepted the friendly gesture.

Looking at the direction, the group was now heading. Keilani noticed that she was going completely the opposite direction. It seems that her sense of direction was greatly addled by her current condition. Her decision to leave her bed was starting to be one of her greatest regrets. However, her inner thoughts were stopped when she heard something or rather someone. She glanced at Sebastian who was now being helped by Kane. It seems that Sebastian was murmuring something. Although, she was not certain what he was saying. His voice was too low for her to understand especially when she her senses were not that acute at the moment. "Pardon me, I believe he was saying something... He must be hurt..." She said with sincere concern and it could also be seen across her face. Fortunately, Claire had good hearing and interpreted Sebastian's words for them to understand. It eased Keilani's worries that Sebastian was not speaking of pain or something related to that. Instead, Sebastian was asking if Keilani could help to remember her. "I am not sure if I could help with that... I just have this feeling I know him." Keilani said with such softness and filled with guilt that she could not properly express what she meant or be a help to Sebastian's query. Regardless, she did feel a bit at eased when Claire released a light chuckle at the situation. At the very least, someone can still find something to smile about what is happening. However, it disturbed Keilani when she noticed the sudden change in Claire's countenance. "Claire? What is wrong?"

Claire just tensed further without answering. This worried Keilani and it was then she followed Claire's line of sight to see what had made her seemed so cautious. Before them, Keilani could see another person in the distance. Specifically, it was a girl who carried a rather strange looking sword over her shoulders. More than that, Keilani could feel once more the sense of dejection and familiarity. "She is the same like Sebastian...?" She murmured to herself not certain if anyone had heard it. This made her confused as something within her body was slowly coming out. It made her fearful for she does not understand what was happening to her and even more around her. In any case, she dismissed such questionable thoughts for now. The expression the woman gave them was bloodcurdling. It was the look of pure desire to end something. Keilani had a feeling that something was a life. Glancing at Claire, Keilani could see that Claire was analyzing the situation. If a fight was to happen, Sebastian and her was in no condition. Honestly, the two of them would be a burden. Although, she was not sure about Kane. Keilani bit her lower lips in being helpless as of now. She heard Claire saying something about not getting them involved. But, Claire was cut off with a surge of black energy discharged towards Kane and Sebastian. "Kane! Sebastian!" Keilani shouted in surprise and great worry.

Everything was getting out of hand. Keilani looked in horror as the woman slowly approached her and Claire while speaking of having insurance of having no dirty tricks. Another question entered Keilani's mind. "Did Claire and this girl fought before?" But, she pushed the thought away for later as they were currently in a pinch. Keilani could feel Claire tensing up and knew that this was going to be inevitable. The woman was now almost upon them however, as if on cue, someone intercepted the woman. Keilani had yet another of those deja vu feelings she had with Sebastian and this woman. This time it was towards the male who asked if they were fine. Pink eyes gazed at the man with confusion and curiosity. "Why do I have the sense I know these three people?" Keilani inwardly thought as her eyes trailed to Sebastian, the newcomer, and to the female who had every intention to cause mayhem. It was at that moment she felt Claire dragging her away from the area. "Claire, is it fine to leave Kane, Sebastian and the one who helped us with that girl?" Keilani asked with concern as it was reflected completely in her eyes. However, her question did not even made Claire stopped as Keilani was still being dragged to safety. "Claire..." After saying that, Claire finally responded to Keilani. Claire told her to go to a person named Scott and go to somewhere safe. Soon, they reached a cross-way. Keilani looked at Claire with concern understanding that she intend to face the woman who stated her intentions clearly. That woman was after Claire.

It was at that moment the alarms sounded and everywhere red lights filled the hallways. If Keilani was not mistaken, it would appear that everyone had already found out what was going on. If not, it is still fine. This would make anyone in authority to be aware. Claire had told her where to go and to tell this Scott that Deon and Eclipse are fighting. Keilani knew that she should listen especially in her current condition. She feels so worthless and pathetic. It makes her so sick. She does not want to be a burden anymore or run away while others get hurt in the process. There was no way she could allow that even more now. "If I were you, I suggest to stop self-pitying yourself. Pathetic people are the worst." Those words echoed in her mind as she lowered her head. Her bangs hair covered her face from being seen as silence claimed her for a moment. "I'm sorry. I don't want to run away. I can't leave you alone." Declaring her intentions, Keilani looked at Claire who has her back turned to her with serious determination. There was no way talking Keilani out of her decision. It was a fact that she still feels weak. Her body was not yet it is peak condition. The ordeal she had been put through before coming her greatly put much exhaustion on her. However, she cannot let such a trivial matter to prevent her from doing something. "That woman is strong. I can feel it. You need all the help you can get." Upon saying that, Keilani stood beside Claire and looked in front of her. She was not certain what exactly she could do. In all honesty, she has yet to grasp what she had done at the hospital. "I will help you in any way I can... Also..." She glanced at Claire with gentleness and a certain understanding. "You don't want to hurt her at all... I can feel that." Keilani said with a small smile and then felt prickling sensation. It seemed that the girl was near their location. She truly wish that everything would just turned out fine.

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~ Renegade Headquaters: Michael in the Control Room... ~

Michael stood there in shock of the scene before him, Gabriel and Mierya had his attention for the moment it seemed. Glancing between the both of them at this, his mind went blank as he felt... Off for a moment. Something pulled at the back of his head, urging him to do something and put an end to it. But he ignored it, looking over at Mierya at this. "Scott, huh?" He said, turning his body fully towards hers at this. "I am Michael. Michael A. Malachim... You were sent here at a request for all of the Seven Children to be brought here... Although it seems we only have you here at the moment." He then turned and walked towards the computer, beginning to type into it as the screen quickly as it showed up with another child's face and a profile. "If you don't mind, I would like to sit you down and ask you about a few things... I'm sure this hasn't been an easy day, but I assure you, after this... Well, you can rest easier knowing tomorrow things will be easier for you all." Michael sat down at this, turning around to look back at her. "If you don't mind telling me a few things about yourself before the other children get here..."

Gabriel slowly retracted his wings as he looked over at the newcomer, seeming to wait until Michael was done to then raise a hand and make a tiny light appear for a few seconds before making it go away. A feeling of clam, peace and ease rushed towards her at this, although whether she would accept it to calm herself or not would be entirely up to her. After all, all this trouble for a new one in the works was quite troublesome. "Please child, do not be afraid of me. I am Gabriel of the New Angels, I will do you no harm. I represent humanity's kindness, after all." He said to her in probably the most calming tone she would ever hear. Gabriel then seemed to look a little more worried at her. "You mentioned Scott, did you not? I thought I sensed some tension coming from his way... That, and the obvious explosion." He then turned towards Michael. "Mind checking on that for me real quick?" He asked. Michael then spun around quickly and input a few things before letting a map show up, a red spot glowing near Eclipse's room went on and off. "Oh no... It seems someone broke into the prison and destroyed the entrance. I hope he's alright..." He said, turning back around as Gabriel sighed. "I do hope you got out of there in time, young lass."

~ Meanwhile, at the scene with Ash and Eclipse... ~

Sebastian felt horrible at this. His vision was fading in and out as all he could mostly see at this point were blurs and such, his body shaking violently a little at this as he could tell he was starting to submit to something he couldn't understand. As he struggled to get up from the sudden attack that had hit him and Kane, he placed a hand over his stomach and forced his legs to stand, even though he felt like they were about to give in at any moment. His breathing had increased, his heart beat was going off the charts and his body felt like it was on fire. He looked over at where Deon and Ash were to find Ash having stabbed Deon with the demon sword Eclipse, and Deon just stood there, helpless. He coughed a little into his arm as he then looked over in the direction Kane was, raising his right hand slowly and pointing one of his fingers towards a nearby door. He closed his eyes tightly for just a moment, almost going outcold in that one instant alone. "... P-please..." Was all he could call out towards him. This was when his shoulders were grasped and he was suddenly hoisted from the ground, momentarily making him feel like he was going to puke out right there. Quake grinned over at Kane, who was still beside them and poked him in the shoulder at this. "Listen up, Kane. Get Sebastian to a safer place, maybe the Infirmary or something, but you gotta get him there fast, alright?" She asked him, then shoved Sebastian into his arms. She the turned to Ash as she walked towards them with a grim look on her face. "Well, looks like Deon's little sister was weaker than I expected. Not good at all." Quake's fists clenched at this as she glared at her. "Bring it on, you've started this, now you're gonna finish it. With me!"

Kane could only nod in response to the Oni and hoisted Sebastian up as best as he could. He stumbled for a moment before then proceeding to run down the hall Quake had come from. He could just vaguely hear Quake challenging Ash behind him, but he didn't stop to see how it all was going to go from here.
“I’m not exactly interested in dealing with a girl passing off as a Unicorn. Why don’t you go shove that horn up your ass and then I’ll deal with your fat ugly face, hmm?” Ash spoke out with a sickly sweet voice, but the words she said harshly contrasted her intentions. But it seemed Quake wasn't taking it seriously in the slightest, so she started to stride in the direction Claire had went. Quake stood in place until Ash stepped to her side, which was when she shot her hand out and went to hit Ash in the side with it. "How about I shove my horn up your ass instead, bitch?" Quake then turned to look at Ash, but only after stealing a glance at Deon to see if he was okay. From what she could see, he was still standing, but didn't look like he was in need of help. It was this glance that caused her to fail to notice her fist went clean inside of Ash and was now lost in swirl of darkness. She then casually turned to Quake with her eyes flashing red. As Quake tried to pull her arm free from it, she felt as if it was stuck in solid concrete, finding no give or yield. "Lose something?"
Sebastian could only feel Kane tugging him along, closing his eyes tightly again as he felt something wrong again with his body. When he opened his eyes, he could barely just make out the door he had pointed to just a few ago. It was somehow a stroke of luck that he managed to find a figure literally forming into shape right in front of them. He felt his throat and voice were too weak to be able to tell Kane about the attacker, so he did the only thing he could do for him; push him out of the way as the figure charged at them. The next thing Sebastian could only feel was a sudden pain in his chest and back that made Kane's yell of surprise be completely blocked out as his eyes widened slightly from this realization of pain, looking down to see... Five claws piercing through his chest, one had even nearly gotten through his heart. He felt stone-like, even as the claws were pulled out of his body, a liquid-like shape reforming them into a blade as it quickly backed away, the only thing he could make out was that it had no legs. It was at this he collapsed onto a nearby wall and violently began to cough up blood, as the liquid creature launched itself in for another attack at Sebastian. Kane had been roughly shoved to the ground, turning in time to see Sebastian getting pierced. His eyes had widened in horror at this sight, watching the liquid monster retreat momentarily and quickly drew up to draw his katana. As the creature made to attack Sebastian, he stepped in between the two and cleaved the blade arm, having saved Sebastian from possibly the next fatal blow.
Quake's brow rose as her arm was lost in darkness, and she grimaced when she tried to pull it free. "What is this? Concrete? Well, you do know, right?" She then grinned and her eyes quickly flashed! "I CAN BREAK CONCRETE WITH EASE!" At this, Quake gave a mighty tug and swung her arm around, pulling it free from whatever Ash had done and quickly leaped back with a slight grin on her face. "Well damn, she's definitely stronger now. What do I do?" She asked herself, seeming to not notice her arm now dripping black with a viscous liquid. She also didn't seem to notice where Ash had been punched it was like nothing had even touched her. She could barely hear what Quake said next, as it was inaudible to all others but herself, and she saw her straighten up. "Well, let's do this properly then, shall we?" She asked, Ash had watched her patiently and listened to her challenge. "Your resolute to fight me, are you?" She asked, sighing as she shook her head. "Very well." And with sudden ferocity, Quake found her own right fist slamming into her own cheek, which sent her careening into the wall. Even after this, her own arm would continue to attempt to pummel at it's owner.
Sebastian felt weary at this time, he was unable to tell what had even happened to Kane, hoping he was alright and didn't get hurt like he had. He closed his eyes quickly when he heard the blade suddenly being stopped, and then... His hearing lowered. His eyes quickly opened as he realized he was suddenly lost. He could hear it slowly coming back, but it was already going fast. He then looked to the door from before and stumbled towards it, seeming to not notice Kane dealing with the demon as he opened the door and struggled to breath. He then took one last glance at where he had saw Kane before looking inside the room. "... Sorry. I can't go." He mumbled to mainly himself, although he hoped Kane could still hear it, before then wandering in and closing the door behind him, briefly locking the knob at his. Meanwhile, the Shikigami withdrew itself from Kane as it reformed into a more humanoid shape after this. it then walked closer to Kane ,and the closer he got, the more Kane could see it's jelly-like body. Barely able to be seen in it's chest were the two main parts to a sliced up head that looked to be being put back together in it's stomach-like area. "... If you do not allow me entrance into the room, I will have to take you out as well." It told him. Kane remained determined however, his eyes narrowing as he hunched down, blade at the ready. His body posture was all the message that was needed for it. It took the answer pretty well, narrowing it's eyes at him as it quickly reformed it's right arm into a more hammer-like shape and, raising it above Kane, aimed to slam it down on him, as it's jelly-like substance hardened!
"OOOOORAAAAA!" Quake shouted out, quickly leaping forward as she threw another attack in the direction of Ash. It was bad that her other limp was stuck in darkness, but she had barely managed to stop herself from being beaten so far. "Dammit." She mumbled. "Idiot." Ash mumbled, her hair extending quickly around up and around her as it formed into a wall of pinpoint spikes. Quake quickly found herself being thrown into the air as her eyes opened in shock, before the tendril of Ash's hair drove her into the ground and shot through her body. A gasp left her lips before she began to cough up blood and curl into a ball on the floor. "God... God dammit...." Was all she could get out at this. Withdrawing each of the hair strands from Quake, Ash sighed as she fondled her hair between two fingers. "I dunno if these red highlights are really me..." She rubbed the blood between her fingers and examined it momentarily, before leaving Quake to wallow in her own blood. All the while she headed towards Claire and, unknowingly another child, a song was just finishing as another fight nearby had quickly ended just as it had started...
Sebastian looked around the room as his blood fell to the floor and was making a mess as he stumbled over towards what he thought was the controls and began to grit his teeth. "... A computer? Then.... I can --" He stopped to cough up blood violently onto the floor as he gasped weakly afterword. ".... Got to.... Find it." He mumbled weakly now as he quickly began to try out all the buttons he could find in reach on the keyboard, unknowingly turning on the speakers. Kane had rolled to the side of the hammer as it hit the floor and he could send in a counter attack the heavy blow with with a quick sweeping strike at the torso. As the shikigami watched it's hammer hit the ground, it reformed it's arm back to normal as it began to unharden until it was then stuck in the torso. It slide back a little but stopped itself just as quickly, but Kane now felt something getting sticky. The sticky feeling was beginning to be a problem, for it would put down pressure on to him as time passed, and after a few steps back, Kane would take a moment to investigate what this was as he glanced at himself. He found a piece of the shikigami's own body now stuck on him, but just as quickly as finding this, the shikigami rushed in for another attack, now having it's fingers formed back into blades and they were all aimed at Kane's head.

Kane ducked swiftly at this and whipped his jacket off to remove the liquid pieces on him as he then threw it over the shikigami. He then took the momentary solace in blinding the creature, reaching his sword as he then muttered a prayer and ran his fingers up the blade before setting it alight and swung it once. A small fireball was aimed at his jacket, and upon contact, lit it up, setting the creature also on fire. Sebastain had done it, but he quickly noticed his breathing getting rapidly heavier. His heart felt like it was starting to fail on him, and he could only keep himself awake for a few more minutes as he continued to bled out. He gripped his chest lightly as he looked at the screen. "... Please.... Mother... Help them..." He mumbled, then pressed a button as music began to play at this moment. While the music was starting up, the shikigami screamed out as it was set alight and let out an inaudible scream, trying to shake it off and get the fire off. It rolled around on the ground as it stopped after this. It sizzled for a while and twitched slightly as it laid there with a burnt jacket. Pushing this off, it quickly formed into a ball the size of a basketball before weakly rolling away as the lyrics began to start.

~ Fly me to the moon. And let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like, on jupiter and mars. In other hands, hold my hand. In other words, darling kiss me. ~

"Do you like music, Sebastian?" A voice asked, as the young Sebastian laughed a little in reply as his mother smiled weakly, looking to the wall as unseen memories began to play in her head. "... This is a very special song to me, you know. Your father always use to say it was our song. The song that brought us together." She sighed out sadly, as Sebastian grabbed a hold of her hand and looked up at her with a gentle and sweet smile as the music played. His mother looked down and smiled, although he could see it in her eyes, the tears that were begging to come down again.

"You're not getting away!" Kane yelled and then lunged forward. Moments later, he then hit the floor and slipped on the tattered remains on the ground. The shikigami stopped and looked over at Kane, reforming suddenly into a snake-like shape. "Your friend is going to die in a few minutes from blood loss. I would worry about getting to him then me." With a sinister smirk after these words it quickly made off to escape with no one seeming to to be able to stop it. The only thing left of it would be a trail of goo it left behind.

~ Fill my heart with song, and let me sing forever more. You are all I long for, all I worship and adore! In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you. ~

Sebastian felt weaker, his blood was making a puddle underneath his feet as his ankles shook. Blood fell from his mouth onto the keyboard now as he felt paralyzed to the spot. I never meant.... To do this to you all.... I..... His thoughts were interrupted his heartbeat was skipped, and his chest burned with pain! He clutched what he could, but found his hands too weak. He heard the song, as tears fell down from his face. A sad smile was brought on his face. His mother. Ash. Claire. Lucifer. Chill. Kane. Deon. He thought himself a monster, and they were willing to sacrifice themselves for him? So why couldn't he... Try to do the same?

~ In other words, hold my hand. In other words, darling kiss me. Fill my heart with song. And let me sing for ever more. You are all I worship and adore. In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you. ~

Sebastian's body couldn't take it anymore, he felt himself slowly slipping. Was this how his mother had felt when she was dying? Was his very presence the only thing that brought her joy from the pain? Blood replaced the tears at this, as he took a step back as his heart skipped another beat.

All went quiet.

All was growing dark.

His hat fell to the ground.

His body collapsed on to it's back, his mind now blank, and his eyes growing dull, a sad little frown on his face.

His last thought before he faded into the world of darkness and began to enter into the stage of dying, was that someone heard that song and heard his prayer.

With that... Only a loud thud could be heard from the room to all around it. Blood escaped underneath the door.

The song was over.

And so also were his chances lowering of surviving.

Kane burst into the room at this time, and found himself looking at the dying Sebastian. His eyes were now only filled with horror as he quickly rushed through the blood in his way as fast as he could and stopped nearby, falling down onto his knees as he grabbed Sebastian and lifted him up, checking for any signs of a pulse on him. Meanwhile... "Dammit Ash, you stupid fucking bitch! Making me miss my goddamn beauty sleep because you ca- Wha?" Asmodeus observed the scene in front of her. Quake laying on the ground, coughing up her own blood, and Ash walking away as if nothing had even happened. Asmodeus didn't bother to even talk to Ash, because her primary concern was Quake. She picked the Oni up, hoisting her over her shoulder and nearly losing her balance, before taking off down the halls, in the direction of the infirmary.

The setting changes from The Renegade Headquarters to The Earth, 2015


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#, as written by zody
Deon Morris - The Executioner

"Well shit, it's as gloomy as ever in here, it seems. What a shame...".

Deon looked around, a smirk gradually growing wider across his face as he recognised the scene being played out before him. Deon grimaced slightly as the bat hit the girl across the face again, crimson liquid splattering across the floor as she finally grew deathly silent. It was obvious though. Nobody could survive fifty hits to the head with a Baseball Bat, nobody Human anyway. Deon shuffled forward, remembering the last time that he was in the Nightmare World, and the hole he'd fallen through. It didn't exactly matter though, since no matter which way you went, you ended up at Eclipse's Home. "What a pain in the ass this place is.. I was happy going on with my life without seeing that scene again. Fucking asshole". The irritation in Deon's voice was plainly obvious, and even the most dimwitted person could've caught on to it. Deon took a few steps forward, and the vision vanished, replaced by a plain, red brick road. The reason said road was red was not because of the dim lighting, or Eclipse having painted it red. 'Well, not with paint anyway', Deon mused to himself, his grin slightly broadening. He took measured paces forward, before another nightmarish vision encompassed him, this new one taking place several months later. It was probably the scene he hated the most.

Deon's senses were barraged with the scent of dampness, dim lighting flickered around the basement on the Mansion, the scent of rot and decay surrounded him, thinly veiling the smell of burning flesh and flames. The cold, bare stone walls, engraved with intricate ornamental images and pictures, encircled a figure, strung up by chains and spikes and suspended over a seemingly bottomless pit. Deon remembered that he'd always figured that if he did ever fall, he wouldn't ever stop. The figure's face was heavily scarred, and his body was covered by naught aside from an improvised loincloth that was wrapped around his waist and hung down past his thighs. A door opened in the farthest corner of the room, spilling the colour of crimson and the smell of exotic spices and alcohol into the room. Two figures proceeded inside, followed by a group of assorted others. The two ladies, both seeming to be around his age, were grinning widely. The one with the blue hair, the figure recognised immediately, whereas the other girl was unknown to him, but it seemed that she somewhat knew who he was.

"Oooh, it seems like our new plaything is awake, doesn't it, Sis?". The man in the chains growled, and tried in vain to pull himself free of his bindings, and obviously it didn't work very well. "What do you two want? If you don't want anything important, let me go. Or I'll make you pay for not letting me go". The figure with the blue hair grinned, her eyes sparkling mischievously as she moved over to the chained male, and ran her finger from his stomach to the bottom of his chin, before leaning in precariously close and whispering into his ear. "Oh, but I haven't even tested you out to see if you'll break yet, Mister Big-Bad Phoenix". Something about the way her voice let of a certain sweetness, but failed to fully conceal the threatening tone that was layered underneath it irked both Deon and the Prisoner, or moreso both Deon's. At this point, the Chained One began to fidget uncomfortably, and the Executioner did the same. After a few seconds, the two girls giggled and left the room, the blue-haired one pausing momentarily before exiting the door, and, as if she knew he was there, winked straight at the spectating Deon, and he recoiled out of shock, before watching her finally mouth something and leave through the door, shutting the light out and plunging the room into dimness again. When Deon was there, in that hellhole, he'd never known who she was looking at, or what she mouthed to them, but now he knew just who and what it was. "I see you, Executioner".

Deon's smirk faded even more when the scenery shifted once again, and he found himself viewing the numerous tortures and injuries that had been inflicted on him by the blue-haired girl. Her name evaded him, kept elusive by the fog that formed a barrier between his memories and fears. He knew that if he was gonna do what he was gonna do, he needed to shrug off all the bullshit that was surrounding him and move on. He had his mission, and he needed to complete it before he lost all of his sanity. Another few steps took him to the darkest place yet, and his foot hit something metallic. His arms flew to shield his face as the lights suddenly clicked on, and the figure behind him took a few steps back as well. "Damn, this place is bright all of a sudden!". Deon turned to her and grinned. "Well, when we get back you might be able to join the Renegades. We could use your help". The girl just grinned, and turned back to him. "What's that!?". Deon turned just in time to see something moving out of the darkness of a corner of the building. "Dammit, the security drones have already found us!". And as if on queue, a small beam of light whizzed past Deon's ear, singing the side of his head slightly. "Dammit!".

Deon flipped, barely dodging the small particles of matter that were aimed straight at his chest. He landed on his feet from his maneuvering, pushing himself forward with tremendous speed and leaping into the air, checking the room for targets. He grinned as one of the Mechanical opponents moved from behind a fairly large device, which Deon figured was a holding tank for some sort of liquid or gas. Instead of facing the robot head on, Deon ducked and rolled, propelling himself across the floor and narrowly avoided the hailstorm on light particles that threatened to pierce him. Mid-roll, he felt his senses sharpen, and from the tattoo on his chest he withdrew a single item, a small, round object that looked very much like a Grenade. Maybe that was because it was a Grenade? As the object was thrown from the Phoenikoi's hand, it sailed through the air in an arc, seeming to slowly grow brighter and brighter as it flew across the room, landing next to the container and the robot. The robot ceased it's firing, staring down at the small object that let out a few beeping sounds, before exploding into a hail of light and sound, a pillar of flame spiraling out of it and blinding Deon as he rolled away, behind a small, fractured wall of concrete.

Deon's face left the security of the barricade for a few moments, before he grinned and signaled to his partner, who was cautiously looking out from the place she had hidden from the Security Drone. She let loose an embarrassed grin and rubbed the back of her head. "Nice moves out there, Mister.... Uhh, I feel like I'm kinda useless when they pop up, ya know? It sucks but... yeah". Deon grinned and pat her on the back as he walked past her. "You'll get a good amount of training with the Renegades, ya know. We need someone as good with Demonology as you on our side, to be honest". Deon turned to the girl and handed her his Revolver. "Take this, and maybe we can get some target practice in while we're here, eh?". He let out a chuckle and turned away again, stretching his arms and shaking the nervousness from his mind. "You've been helping me for.... 8 months, and I still haven't found a way to repay you, ya know. I'm sure I'll be the one feeling useless when this is all over, Kid". The girl behind him gave the weapon in her hands a good look-over before handling it as a trained person would, although she did have a habit of humming as the two proceeded down the passageways that riddled the facility. In the nightmare World, Deon only stood, his eyes twinkling slightly. "God dammit".


Meanwhile, the Deon that walked with his companion through the dark, musty hallways and passages of the supposedly abandoned facility was on edge, as if he knew that something horrible was coming up. He didn't know what, but he felt that if he spoke about it or even said anything, he'd lose his confidence. The little confidence that remained, anyway. Deon took a step, but stopped midstride, which caused his companion to bump into him accidentally, and a small stream of apologies erupted from her mouth, as if she needed him to know that she was sorry because she knew something bad was coming up too, but Deon's hand shushed her fairly abruptly. He peeked around the corner, staring into the massive room just beyond, his eyes widening at what lay at it's core. "Whoa.... this place is... Whoa". The girl that was with him leaned onto him for balance as she peered past him and into the room beyond, a whistle coming from her mouth as she took it all in. The two stepped inside, looking around. Everything was dark, but you could easily make out the stasis tubes that lay scattered around the room, on and in the walls, and some were even hanging from the ceiling and were embedded inside the floor. The two quickly overcame the awe of the amount of capsules, and their attention turned to the main object in the room. In the Nightmare World, Deon was on his knees, shouting at the top of his lungs. "DON'T GO NEAR IT! CHECK YOUR SURROUNDINGS YOU FUCKING IDIOT! DO IT!".


Deon looked around the room, and his companion pulled out a small device that showed their objective, which was located right in front of them. She took a few steps forward, in awe at the machine in front of the two, and Deon couldn't help but feel a welling of happiness and.... 'And what? It's almost as if something is.... telling me not to go near it. Telling me to stop her, but I... I can't. I have to finish the mission!'. Deon sighed, and he gave his partner a grin and a thumbs-up. "This is it, Mister Phoenix. After this we'll have clear sailing until someone figures out who was here last. Think we should make it easy for them and write 'Deon and Alex were here'?". The two of them laughed for a few good minutes, and when they had both calmed down, Deon let out a final chuckle and spoke up. "Well, should we get things done here, Partner?". The female next to him grinned and gave him a thumbs-up in return, and everything seemed like it'd be going good from there, it honestly did. Sadly, whenever it seemed like that for a Deon, a certain someone had to ruin it for him.


Alex's real name was unknown, as was a lot of things about her at that point. As a child she'd been forced to work for her Father, a corrupt man that held anyone aside from him in disregard and hate. He thought of his own family, his wife, sons and especially his Daughter as insects that he could torture and abuse, both mentally and physically, any time and anywhere. He was different in the way he treated Alex though, oh yes. The day she was born, she was raised to be her father's perfect little slave, a pet even. He had ingrained it into her very conscience that she was made to be his pet, his dog, an animal that he could force to attack anyone. She was the Dog on the 'Beware of Dog' sign, the perfect servant, but she hated it, and she hated him. Due to this treatment, her other family saw her as, well, nothing except an animal. They fed her scraps from the table and never made her food of her own, her bedroom was nonexistent, and she was forced to sleep outside in the full force of the elements. Eventually, she scavenged enough materials to build herself a small house which she decided to build in the largest, tallest tree in the backyard of her family's Mansion. After her Father caught wind of this, though, he decided that his little 'Pet' was becoming too free and happy, so he decided to tighten her leash. Every day, when Alex awoke, she was whipped for what seemed to be an eternity, all over her body. When she was done with her chores, and she hadn't done them well enough, she was given ten whips after being drenched in freezing water with no clothing to protect her whatsoever. Her Family didn't care enough to do anything about the abuse she went through, but a kindly man that passed through the town on a Bird-watching expedition saw the happenings, and immediately called the police, whom arrested the father and placed him in jail for a few years.

Ten years later, Alex was living comfortably with her new foster parent, Mr Jonathan Mark, when she returned home one night to find a man stabbing Mr Mark repeatedly with a Butcher's Knife in his Kitchen. Alex hasn't admitted what happened next, but the mysterious assailant was uncovered to be her abusive Father, who had tracked Alex and Mr Mark down to his Chicago Holiday-Home and had decided to exact his revenge. There were two corpses found at the scene, one was Mr Mark, the other was anonymous until the DNA was proven to be Alex's Fathers. At this time, Alex was 16 years of age, and she'd been given a large amount of money from Mr Mark's inheritance and will. She decided to travel, following his passion for Birds and avians in a peaceful and caring manner, and she eventually came to care about any and all animals, from Birds and Cats to Frogs and Octopi. However, her primary focus remained on avians and other beings that ruled the skies. Everything changed when she was investigating an abandoned ruin on top of a mysterious Mountain in Japan, where she was confronted by a girl with wings like a Crows, and a camera and speed unlike anything Alex had ever seen. This was Alex's first meeting with a Tengu, and a peaceful one at that.

Alex stayed with the Tengu for many days, and the two exchanged information about their lives and how they'd come to be in the Temple. The Tengu was from a distant area of Eastern Japan, which she said was 'farther North than any human could ever reach'. This interested Alex greatly, and she asked about that place. The explanation was quite odd, and only made Alex even more determined to start researching Tengu and other beings that the Tengu had called 'Youkai'. Alex asked about such things, and the Tengu gave her answers in the form of a book. The book itself was old and slightly faded, but could still be read with ease. Alex stayed up at the Temple for an unknown amount of days and nights, before suddenly reappearing in Venice, with no verifiable records to date or show her traveling there. She brought a Studio there and began purchasing books on the Occult and Demons, although this was tempered with her interest in birds and avians. One word seemed to elude her though, a Youkai of unimaginable power if given the determination and integrity to wield them. The word was barely audible when the Tengu had muttered it, but now Alex was sure of the word. The most rare and misunderstood of the Youkai, capable of gaining any power one could imagine. That Youkai, was little more than a Hell Raven.

By the end of that year, Alex had reached the age of 17 years, and began to study further into the Occult, putting pieces together and finally creating a list of Artifacts, from Demon Weapons to Dimensional Gates, information on Demons and incident reports. With her fascination of birds, she found an interest in the exploits of a certain Phoenix, due to his nature of being based on a bird of legend, and his success at his missions and activities. He had also lived longer than a lot of demons, so that spoke relatively well of his power level and skill. She would've set out immediately, but something stopped her. A booklet in the Newspaper spoke of how 'Nuclear Physicists discovered new source of Energy' and how it could be used to stop the harming of most animals. Alex immediately enrolled in the nearest University to learn more about said subject, Nuclear Physics, and she began a new objective. A year had passed, and Alex figured that she'd gained enough knowledge to throw her University Career away and go and hunt down the Phoenix. It was a daunting task, considering the fact that he was fairly unpredictable, and it was by pure chance that she'd been in town when the Phoenix had vanquished a demon that had infested the waters of Venice. After finding the injured Phoenix after the fight, and somehow managing to carry him to her studio without much hassle, she started counting her lucky stars.

She came home the next day to find the man looking over her notes with a sort of pseudo-interest, and he welcomed her back by name when she entered, as if he'd known her for a long time. "Well, you've been stalking me for so long I'd figured you be alright with a bit of familiarity, Alex". The girl put her groceries down on the counter and strode up behind the man, looking at the wall as well. "So, was I right?". The man just eyed her and grinned. "For the most part, yeah, although I didn't go straight to the Maldives after slaying Khyron, actually. I had a three month break". he found it pretty funny when she set out to correct her mistake almost instantly, but Alex didn't. He spent a few days with her, and she gradually became close to him, to the point where they could speak freely to each other about subjects such as Youkai and the Demon World. In fact, it was fairly refreshing to not have to keep all of her thoughts bottled up inside of her all the time. It was then that the Phoenix, whom she now knew as Deon, told her about his Organisation.

"The Renegades are an Organisation that are a lot like the WDL, 'cept for the fact that we don't go out butchering people for not being Christian or Catholic... I didn't know they actually did that. Either way, we kill the bad Demons, give the good ones a good life, and leave the neutral ones to their own devices as long as they don't get anyone killed or go evil on us". Deon smirked at Alex as he took a bite of the apple she'd tossed him before she sat down to read a new book she'd gotten. As the day went on, Alex knew more about the Renegades than any normal Human probably did, and she was also learning about the location of several new artifacts and objects that could be important to the Renegades in destroying the current Devil. The two had successfully gotten the Cursed Scythe, and had destroyed a gate that lead straight to Gehenna in Mosambique, but the third location had Alex squealing in glee. Deon looked over the page with a quizzical look on his face, and his brows rose even further when he read the location. "No way, is this a....".


"Nuclear Reactor". Deon looked around, making sure that, once again, there wasn't anything in the room to stop them. "So what does this thing... 'do'?". Alex turned to him, a grin on her face as she took a few steps forward. "Well, the Grimoire said that this thing is basically a Daemonic version of a modern-day Nuclear Reactor Core, so.... take a guess". She giggled a little bit and turned to Deon, who was crouching and going through the pack that he'd brought with him, pulling out one thing after another and scattering them onto the floor. Alex looked over these things with a slowly growing smile as she realised that Deon was pretty nervous, his fingers slipping over or through things and letting said things fall onto the ground carelessly. She stifled a laugh as Deon threw her an apple, and she caught it, biting into it with relish. "This is pretty good, where'd ya get it?". The Phoenix just winked at her and put his finger over his mouth, before standing up with a small device in hand, which he quickly passed to Alex. The girls eyes widened at this, but she seemed to remain calm, aside from her breathing being slightly faster and rugged. She turned, a twinkle of deviousness in her eye as she took steps toward the reactor Core. She stopped a few meters away, as she felt something cause the ground to begin to tremble below her feet. She turned to Deon, who stood, sword in one hand and gun in the other, facing a figure silhouetted by the shadows, it's face hidden from sight. It seemed like Deon knew this figure, and like two embers piercing through the night sky it's blood red eyes that seemed to be blazing with amusement and sadistic intent swept over Deon and landed on Alex. That gaze was enough to stop her from even breathing.


"It's good to see you again, Deon. How's life?".

That voice... It seemed so familiar to Alex and both Deon's, and the one in the Nightmare World sighed, knowing very well what was coming. He stood, swaying slightly as if he felt sick. Not the type of vomit-sickness, but the sickness that one feels when their nervousness and anticipation have reached that one level, the level where you just want it to stop so your heart will stop pounding and you can breathe easily again. This wouldn't be happening until the ghastly vision was over, it seemed. Deon ground his teeth in anger, and he swore that if he ever ran into that figure again, he would sacrifice anything to destroy them. Back in the Core, Deon and Alex both took a step back, as if an invisible force was forcing them to retreat unless they wanted to endure some slow, agonising death. Deon swore under his breath, and Alex's mind was racing. "You! You're the one that locked Deon away! Who tortured him for 500 years! What the heck do you think that you're doing here, bitch!?". Those crimson eyes once again swept over Alex, and a grinning mouth like that of the Cheshire Cats quickly appeared, forming the features of a young lady, around Alex and Deon's age, smiling dangerously as her bloody eyes penetrated their souls. Deon shifted his stance slightly, and threw himself forward, firing a barrage of bullets straight at the girl. Said girl simply grinned, and the bullets stopped midair, frozen in some sort of force-field that couldn't be seen by the naked eye.

Deon grimaced as the bullets sprang straight back towards him and his companion and using his speed, he managed to block or deflect every single one of them. The girl grinned, and spoke. "Oh, how long has it been? Our last playdate was cut short, I'm aware. I'll make up for that right now, shall I? After all, you've been a bad, bad boy~". She didn't get a reply, well, not a vocal one at least. What she did get, however, was a vanishing Phoenix. She tilted her head to the side in confusion, and spoke again. "Ooh, a new trick, I see. It doesn't matter, as I'm sure you're only stalling for time. Unfortunately, I don't exactly have much time. How about this, then?". Alex felt herself flung backwards by an invisible force, and she slammed into one of the poles that held up the roof above the Reactor Core. As the girl with the blue hair went to finish her off by throwing her into the pit, a figure grabbed her from behind, throwing her into the nearby wall and freeing Alex from the invisible hands that bound her.

Deon strode over to the hole in the wall, where the girl was embedded. He grinned, holding his gun to her forehead before speaking. "Have you gotten weaker?". The girl simply smiled at him, a feigned innocence overcoming her features. It was quickly replaced by a sadistic sneer of triumph. "Have you gotten dumber?". Deon turned, but was sucked back to the wall by something that he couldn't even attempt to resist. He felt his grip on the flooring go, and his back hit the wall with a crunch, although there was something between him and the wall still. His eyes widened as he felt her fingertips tracing the tattoo that adorned his chest, and slowly, but surely, his shirt began to unravel itself at her touched, eventually rotting away into nothingness. A teasing voice fluttered into his hearing, breath bore down on his neck. "If I don't want you to be wearing a shirt, you won't be wearing a shirt, Slave". Sudden pain tore its way across his chest, in the exact same place that the girls fingertips had traced his tattoo.

Deon tried in vain to move, to push himself away from the hauntingly alluring fingers that ran themselves across his body, stretching to almost inhuman lengths to trace the pattern onto every single cell that made up his flesh. He knew that he couldn't get away with brute force, because the 'Witch' had somehow manipulated gravity to pin him to the wall. His eyes widened as something began to form in front of him, a tiny hole in the very air before him slowly grew larger and larger. He began to struggle, fearing the horrible beast that might emerge and tear him apart with it's cavernous, gaping maw. Instead of a massive, demonic head throwing itself, howling and frothing at the mouth, through the Gap, something much more scarring emerged. Hands. Hundreds upon thousands upon millions of hands, extending into arms, all rushed out to meet him rubbing themselves against his legs, his arms, his chest, even his back was somehow being violated by the horrible, unearthly hands. He struggled in vain, but then help came from an unexpected source.

"Get the fuck offa him, bitch!". The voice shattered Deon's mental fog, and he threw himself upwards, finding that he was crouching in the middle of the Core Room, the girl simply bent over him and covering his eyes with her hands. She look up as Alex ran over, the piece of metal in her hands being swung upwards with surprising force, sending the figure that clung to Deon into a tailspin in the air, and landing on the floor with a thud. Deon coughed a few times, before finally standing and turning to the blue-haired girl that had screwed with his mind. He growled, his sword practically flinging itself into his hand, and his gun appearing in his other. He grinned and spoke. "Nice game, sadly though, you are getting weaker". The girl stood, brushing herself off with nary a scratch or bruise to be seen.

Alex grinned, hefting the pole in her hand and swinging it around a little bit. "You passed out after you shot at her, and judging by how that turned out, I wasn't gonna fire at her unless she was distracted or something". The blue-haired girl smiled politely, and bowed. "Well, you've definitely proven yourself to be quite a nuisance, Miss Mark. Unfortunately, I don't have time to 'play' with you, and besides...". The girl cracked her neck, and her eyes began to glow. "I have a habit of erasing any nuisances straight away".

Instead of toying with her prey, the girl cut straight to the point. Raising her hand and pointing at Alex, a repeat of the prior scene occurred, with the younger girl being sent backwards into one of the poles that held up the ceiling of the Core Room. Deon, prepared this time, ran forward straight away, throwing his sword straight into the girl and tearing himself upwards, which in turn shot the girl straight through the roof and left debris falling down through the holes she'd made with her 'exit'. Deon chuckled, turning around to find Alex sitting near the pole and slowly getting to her feet. Deon grinned and gave her a thumbs-up, but he was suddenly thrown up and backwards with such force that he was sent through several rooms, ending up rolling away on the precipice of the canyon that lay outside that Facility. Deon stood, rubbing his eyes as several spotlights shone on him, and he sighed. "Fucking Drones!".

Deon leaped from the ground, his rage slowly growing inside as he swung, cleaving the Drone clean in half. He used the momentum from his swing to pull his pistol from his chest, landing on the wall and shoving his sword through it for a foothold. He stood, observing his opponents as they circled around both him and their fallen comrade. The Phoenix grinned, and put both of his weapon away. "Let's do this then, shall we?". Deon leaped, throwing his weight into his fist and throwing said fist into the 'torso' of one of the Drones, his hand passing through it with the crunch of metal and the sparking of flames. He twisted in midair and flung the broken robot at the second robot, landing on a rock that was wedged into the ground. Light beams whizzed past his ear and he flung himself forward, but stopped midroll to dig his hands underneath the bottom of the rock. He grimaced as the weight of the rock resisted him, but eventually he broke it free from it's earthly prison and held it above his head, a grin sliding across his face. Deon didn't waste any more time in spouting out some monologue, after all, his audience were robots.


Deon reentered the room cautiously, but once his eyes adjusted to the darkness he realised that he hadn't needed to. The blue-haired girl stood in front of him, with Alex suspended in the air next to her. Deon immediately pulled his blade from his chest, and the girl 'tsk'ed at him in disapproval. "Oh, come now Deon, I'll tell you what will happen next. If you can cut me, make me bleed or even give me a bruise, your friend will not be thrown into the Reactor Core. If you fail this task by the time she's directly above it, however, then I'll be dropping her into it, deal? After all, someone as strong and as handsome as you would surely be able to pull off such a feat~". Deon didn't reply, and this only made the girl's grin widen. "Is that how it is? You're not gonna speak to cute, little old me because of the past? Tsk, tsk, tsk, such an old man you are! Remaining in the past isn't good for someone as lively as you, Mr Big-bad Phoenix~".

Deon simply sighed and nodded his head, and the girl grinned, sending Alex on a course straight towards the Core. Deon sprung straight into action, slashing at his opponent and getting her across the stomach, the size and power of his blade catching her and sending her crashing once again into the wall. Deon leaped backwards and planted his sword in the ground as he felt gravity suddenly change it's course. He was once again being dragged towards the wall, but he wouldn't let go or be defeated. Instead, he let go with his left hand, pulling the remaining gun from his chest and pulling himself up to sit on the blade. When he had positioned himself well enough, he reached out and his second gun flew into the hand on his right. "Bring it on then, Devil!". Deon squeezed the triggers as fast as his fingers could allow him to, sending a maelstrom of bullets and explosions straight at the girl who sat in the wall. Unholy screams of pain and glee could be heard amongst the chaos, and it was even working Deon up into a rage. Bullet after bullet hammered down into the wall, but the wall could only take so much before it finally broke. Suddenly, the wall collapsed as it would've, and it fell backwards, colliding into the wall behind it as it was pushed down by the barrage of bullets and the pure, unbridled pulling force of gravity. Eventually, Deon let his guns drop to his sides, and Gravity returned to normal. He let out a laugh and sat up, his eyes searching the room for Alex. She was still there, floating above the concrete flooring, and not anywhere near the Core. As Deon stood, a figure stepped back in through the hole in the wall, and Deon growled. "What's wrong, Deon? You're losing your touch~ After all, I'm still unharmed, and you're running out of time!~".

Deon stood, dropping his Guns and letting an unholy growl emanate from his vocal chords, spreading through the room and making his already boiling blood begin to erupt with fury. He leaped forward, abandoning his weapons and thoughts, reducing himself to his most primal instincts. he growled again as he thrust his hand into the chest of the girl, gripping her shirt and pulling her down to the floor, sending cracks through the concrete and a wave of demonic energy throughout the Facility. Deon lifted the girl up, repeatedly slamming her into the ground face-first until he grew weary of it, and he grabbed her by the ends of her hair and threw her, threw her straight through the walls that he'd been thrown through and he watched as she sailed straight over the precipice, only to reappear almost instantly standing there, beckoning for him to come closer with an alluring finger. Deon place his hands on the ground, now on all fours and began to growl.

The unearthly growl filled the room, the halls and the entire Facility, and Deon was physically changing. His teeth grew sharper and longer, and a tail flicked out from his lower back. Two flaming horns of the most extravagant red and blazing orange, mixed together to form horns that looked like fire erupting from the boys face appeared as well, and his eyes turned completely crimson. Two jet black wings burst from his back, tinged slightly crimson with the horns on them being flames themselves. The shirt he had worn had vanished, and in it's place was his tattoo, growing to cover his entire torso and back in a blanket of shadowy flesh. The girl simply grinned at him, and beckoned for him to come and hunt her down once again with the same finger. "This is new, so I guess I'll let you entertain me for a while, shall I?".


The sound of limbs smashing against limbs filled the air, the sounds of the ensuing battle spreading throughout the area. Deon lunged again, ignoring the slashes that had been flung at him, and he grinned savagely as the force of his hits sent his opponent backwards slightly. Landing on the ground, he placed both of his hands flat on the concrete flooring and slowly let electricity form around his arms. He stood slowly, watching the sparks dancing in the palms of his hands before drawing his arms back and then throwing them forward, straight at the girl before him. The girl only raised her finger as the arcs hit her shield, and a devilish grin slid across her features. As the raging storms finally ceased, the girl simply grinned wider and pointed at Deon, and suddenly the latter gasped in shock. He stumbled backwards, clutching his face as if someone had shot him through the eye. He lifted his hand away and saw the blood dripping down it. His eyes rose back to his opponent, and she clicked her fingers.

"Gaaaaaaaaah!". Deon stumbled backwards as the left half of his face exploded, sending blood and chunks of bone flying across the floor and half way up the walls, all the while Deon simply clutched the area that was missing, blood dripping down onto his shoulders and eventually pooling on the floor. Deon stood there for a few moments, before he grunted. His regeneration boosted to their normal levels, and his face was soon fully reformed, and he breathed a sigh of relief. He locked eyes once again with his opponent, and she grinned. Malice and a false innocence both seemed to emanate from that ghastly, horrid mockery of an expression used in a kind, caring gesture. Deon swayed slightly, but remained determined not to fall to his knees. "Just why are you even here? Does it entertain you to see me suffering like this? Do you really like watching other people's pain so goddamn much!? Aren't you a Member of the Mirage Orchestra!? You Witches are meant to be kind to your fellows, and not... not this! If anything, not even those bastards at the Animalia Sanctaris would take you in!".

The words reverberated throughout the room, echoing down the empty corridors and out into the night sky. Deon's eye was once again bleeding, the crimson liquid spilling down his face and once again pooling on the floor. His opponent simply stood there, her eyes slightly wider than he'd expected them to be. In all honesty, he'd expected her to just laugh at him or throw him through another wall. Everything was just.... too quiet. Deon shifted his stance, and stopped holding his breath in. He dropped to his knees, clutching at his bleeding left eye and panting in barely contained gasps. He looked up to see what the girl was doing, but she still stood there, her face shrouded in shadows and her right hand gripping her dress so tightly that her knuckles were white. Deon stood, remaining silent so to not provoke her, as he'd learned in the years he'd been imprisoned. He quickly turned away, and proceeded over to the floating form of Alex, who seemed to be unconscious.

He grinned as he stood under her, and he reached up to grab her, his hands wrapping around her waist. He pulled her down and she went limp in his hands, as she was sound asleep. Deon sighed and turned, only to see the very thing he hadn't wanted to see. The girl had resumed her haughty, fear-inducing stance, her finger tapping on her lip as she pouted at him. "Well, since you can rebound so well from Physical pain, how about.... this!". Suddenly, Alex was torn from Deon's hands, an action which awoke her from her slumber as she felt herself pulled through the air with speed befitting that of only magic. She looked around, dazed from her magical unconsciousness, and when she remember what was happening, she rubbed her forehead and sighed. "Fucking hell, guys". Deon's eyes narrowed as the blue-haired girl grinned, and with her other hand, she forced him to one of the poles near the Core, restricting him with mystical chains that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Deon shook his head as he looked back at the two figures heading to the Cores surface. At the edge, the blue-haired girl stopped, and from the corner of her eye she took in Deon's expression when he realised what she intended to do. He pleaded, and when that didn't work he swore and raged, and when that didn't work he began to slowly tear himself free of his bindings, tearing carvings into his flesh and causing the chains to rub against his bones once the flesh was gone. Eventually, his blood once again polled onto the floor, his arms had been worn down to breaking bone where he'd struggled against his bonds. He raised his his head again, to catch the eyes of the sadistic girl before him. "Maybe if you're polite, I'll think about letting her go alive". Deon began to plead again, but it proved to be fruitless,. His tormentor simply shook her head and grinned. "You know the magic words, why not just say them?". Deon's eyes widened and he almost growled, but the thought of Alex being tossed into the Core stopped him. He let his head drop to his chest, and after a few minutes, he raised it again. "... Please, milady. Let Alex go, and I'll do whatever you want me to. Anything, I swear, just let her go, Mistress". The girl simply chuckled and spoke again. "I've thought about that, and you know what?... I think....".

Deon pleaded with his eyes, but when he saw the girl raise her hands, he realised that... "I think, it's time for you to learn a lesson, Slave!". And with that, she tossed Alex into the Reactor Core. A high-pitched scream left the human girls mouth as she plummeted to her demise, and soon enough her screams and the shouts of her companion joined together, shortly combining with the maniacal laughs of her murderer. As Alex fell, everything that had lead up to this rushed through her mind, her love of Birds and Nuclear Physics, her interest in the Occult, her fateful meeting with Deon, and now some old enemy was coming to ruin that all. She knew that somehow, this fall, this plummet into the core of the Reactor wasn't the end. As she hit the ground, she looked around in vain for a way to escape, but as her eyes adjusted to the darkness at the rim of the platform, she saw the grinning figure of the blue-haired girl clicking her fingers. And that was when the Core erupted with light, sending a charge straight through the roof of the Facility and emitting a shockwave strong enough the cause the ground around it the crack, sending the building crashing down below the Earth on which it sat, leaving nothing but a crater in it's place.


Deon didn't even blink as the pale, feminine hand caressed his face. The voice sounded distant, but like that of a caring mother or lover. Deon looked up, and what he saw couldn't have been any farther from the truth. As her finger went to poke him on the nose, he lashed out, clamping it between his jaw and biting down as hard as he could. He almost jumped for joy when he saw the girl trying in vain to pull her finger out from his jaws. He grinned even wider when he heard her gasps of pain, and when he finally let go he saw that her finger was red, blood seeping from the lacerations that his canine teeth had carved into it. He grinned savagely, and spat more blood into her face, before she began to speak. He didn't focus on her words at all, instead he began to hear a faint rumbling sound, and wondered what it was. Suddenly, the ruins of the Reactor Core exploded in a flash of brilliant light. Deon turned, unable to shield his eyes, but when the light dimmed he nearly cheered. A figure stood a few meters away from them, facing away. Suddenly, said figure turned and faced them, her now red eyes piercing through both of their souls. "So, blue bitch. Am I gonna have to break your molecular structure, or are you gonna get the heck outta here before I have to erase you?".


Tense moments passed as Deon grinned, the blue haired girl glared, and Alex, newly reborn as a Hell Raven, all stood still, not even moving for a second. Suddenly, the two girls vanished, appearing halfway between their prior locations, each attempting to push the other back. Alex's arm was encased in some sort of mechanism, and honestly Deon couldn't wait to see what it could do, or even was, for that matter. Suddenly, the two vanished again, reappearing a bit further away, trading blows as if they were on equal power levels, but Deon knew that the blue-haired girl was waiting for an opportunity to kill her opponent again. As they fought, Alex didn't let her friend gain a mental advantage either. "What's wrong? I thought you got rid of nuisences, bitch? Don't tell me you screwed up again!". Her tone was all too cheery for the situation, but both Deon and Alex's opponent could tell she wasn't just playing around. Suddenly, the girl faltered, and Alex pushed her arm-cannon down onto her, sending her flying into the ground and bouncing into the walls of the crater they'd made. By this time, Deon couldn't even move, since the chains that bounding him stopped his life-force from flowing properly. Suddenly, two pairs of hands seized the chain and pulled, snapping them in half and sending Deon to the floor. "Heh.... thanks, Alex.... So you're a Yatagarasu now, eh? Not bad...". Alex grinned at him, holding up her right hand as the cannon reappeared suddenly, and she turned to face her opponent. "Sit back and watch this, ya big wimp". Deon would've jabbed back, but he was too busy trying to coax his life-force into circulating through his entire body. He looked up just in time to see the blue-haired girl stand up, but Alex was ready. Suddenly, the panels on the arm-cannon lifted up, exposing the barrel of the weapon. A ball of something indiscernable to Deon began to form in front of it, and suddenly it increased in size. While the ball got larger, Alex began to speak.

"Fusion levels stable; Nuclear levels also stable.
Particles Charging; 12% Complete.
Stabilizers activating, 47% Active.
Stabilizers Active; 26% Charged.
Acquiring Target; 43% Charged.
Calibrating Distance and Angle of Shot; Distance Complete; Angle found.
Energy Outputs at Maximum level; 69% Charged".

At this, the barrel of the cannon began to glow, and slowly but surely, electrical currents began to move around it, creating an awesome image of a charging barrel.

"78% Charged.
Activating Demonic Transitionalisms; DT's Active.
85% Charged.
Engaging Anti-Magic Shields and Shield-Breakers; Shields Up.
97% Charged; Shield-Breakers Engaged.
100% Charged, All statistics stable. Ready to fire at will".

Alex spared one last moment to grin at her companion, and suddenly.... Boom. And suddenly, the entire world was covered in white.


Deon rubbed his eyes as the vision faded, and he glanced around. He took in the vision of the path again, leading up innumerable stone steps that even he couldn't see the top of. He sighed and strode forward until he reached the bottom of said stairs and he grimaced. "Seems like someone copied 'The Stairs' from that place in Makai. Ah well, we can't all be original. Only problem is that I have to climb these things". Deon sighed, and began to trudge up them, encountering no obstacles or problems on his way. It was almost as if he was being guided up these stairs by someone who had something rather... sinister in mind for him. He didn't notice it, but his journey up the steps became drastically shorter, and he found himself standing in front of a door again. A door he had seen before, and he had gone inside before. He sighed and raised his leg back, readying himself for a kick. He pushed forward with force, and sent the door flying into the wall behind it. "Eclipse, show yourself you asshole!".

The setting changes from The Earth, 2015 to The Renegade Headquarters

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Mireya Nightless
"When you reach the bottom, the only way you can go now is up... What if it's a bottomless hole?"

Frankly, Mireya was not certain how to put everything around her in a perspective that would not have a positive result as her going insane or already one. Just a few hours ago, she was just this everyday ordinary high school student although, it might be too much to say 'ordinary.' Now, she was thrown into some kind of cheesy sci-fi/fantasy movie. Well, she did allow her curiosity to reign over her so the fault can't be blame on anyone else solely. Releasing a small sigh, her attention was then transferred to the man who had confirmed that he is Michael. He asked her to take a seat. Taking up on his offer, she found a nearby empty seat and made herself comfortable. Michael then spoke about having all of the seven children be gathered here. It seemed to be an order. This meant that she was going to meet the other people that were like her in a sense. Afterwards, a request to introduce herself was asked by Michael. She did not see anything terrible about so she obliged him as best as she could. "Mireya Elea Nightless. Most of the people tend to call me Nightless." Pausing for a moment, she wondered what she should speak about as a thoughtful look was present on her face. Few seconds passed and she continued on. "I'm 17 and a high school student. I work part-time at the Bonheuriffic cafe. Then just a while ago, I was told to have the Devil's blood."

From Mireya's outer demeanor, it would appear that she was taking everything in a stride but it does not mean she was oblivious to what was happening around her. Especially, the events happening outside the control room. However, there was nothing she could with just being impulsive and reckless. This much she knew. Even if she was supposed to have some powers. She had no idea how to invoke them as will. There was still a lot of things that she needs to understand first. Moreover, she was the type that needs to know the entire situation first before taking actions. It is in this kind of happenings that one should be calm. Although there are times, she could be reckless. But those moments are very rare. Glancing at the other female present in the room, she wondered if the woman with the tail was all right. She seemed flustered or worried about something. It would also appear that the woman was awaken from her sleep seeing her current appearance. On the other hand, the man with the wings introduced himself. "Gabriel?" Upon hearing this, she raised one of her eyebrows. "And he's Michael?" She asked while pointing at Michael who was in front of the large computer. "Angels and Demons... I believe I read that book somewhere." Speaking the latter part in a rather low volume, she truly wondered if the decision she made earlier would bite her back in the ass.

Dismissing such depressing thoughts for now, Gabriel spoke to Mireya in a very soothing voice telling her not to fear him. "He is an angel. I should not expect less, I guess..." Honestly, she was not afraid or even the slightest scared at the moment which was weird. But, it was probably because she was more confused and perplexed than anything. She inwardly commented as her attention was taken once more by Michael who began to bring up a 3D map of the facility they were in as Gabriel asked about Scott's current condition. It seemed that the angel had sensed great tension at her prior location. As if to confirmed this assumption, Michael declared that the prison's entrance was blown up. Everyone knows that a prison always contains prisoners that have probable reasons to be kept behind bars and with her own assumption, these prisoners would not be just some mad human scientists or something. "Is that why... He reacted that way?" She wondered to herself remembering Scott's disposition from before. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she finally realized what Scott's intention was. "He's reckless..." She muttered under her breath and glanced at Gabriel who had commented about someone getting out as she did not completely understood due to her inner contemplation. "That man is impulsive." This was the comment that left her lips. Clenching her hands into fists, she had sensed that something was off earlier. But, she was too focused on herself to think about anything else. If that man did not come out alive, she would probably bring him back from the grave just to lecture him about underestimating her. Closing her eyes, these thoughts continued on as she allowed tensed silence overcome her. Her expression appeared to be at peace but her thoughts were bordering annoyance and guilt. It was at that moment a song was played as it could be heard throughout the facility through the speakers. "This song..."

Opening her eyes, Mireya stood from her chair with alarm and looked at one of the speakers inside the control room. "Where is this coming from?" She asked with slight urgency in her tone as she looked at Michael. It was rather odd for her to feel such a sense of desperation within the song. More importantly, it was like hauntingly calling her. She was greatly confused but it was like something inside of her knew what was needed to be done. Soon, the location was given to her as it was pinpointed in the large monitor. Once, she knew where it was. She did not waste any time and left the room in a hurry but not without a few words towards Michael. "I'll be right back! Oh, and if Scott passes by. Tell him that I did what he told me and he should apologize for yelling at me. Later!" With a carefree smile and a wave, she was out of the control room before anyone could response to her words. She was now running along the hallways towards the source where the song was being played. After a few minutes, the song stopped as it had come to an end. This made her stopped briefly from advancing as she looked around her. "Something is not right..." She noted to no one in particular. There was this suffocating presence that was surrounding this block. She could feel it as if it was embracing in a death grip. It was similar to the one she had felt earlier in the room where Scott took her for a test. More than that, she was more concerned about the scent of blood assaulting her nostrils. She had been told to have a sharp sense of smell. Vince would always tease her being part dog or something. For that, she had always made sure Vince would regret teasing her about it. Although, she is slightly thankful for it. "It's coming over there..." Without anymore delays, she made her way towards the direction where the strong scent of blood was coming from.

"What happened here?" Mireya said in disbelief as she looked at the corridor that suffered quite the damage from a rather wild fight. More importantly, she was certain someone got heavily injured from the blood splatters on the floors and walls. She also noticed the blood that seeped underneath the door from one of the rooms there. Narrowing her eyes, she warily approached the said room and looked inside. There she saw two boys that she has no knowledge of their identities. One was holding another who was obviously in a critical condition. She threw her caution away out of window immediately and approached the two without minding the bloody scene that had unfolded before her. "Don't move him." She quickly instructed to the one holding the injured boy. It might aggravate the boy's injuries further. There was no use asking if the injured man was all right or what had happened to obtain such extreme damages. Those kind of details were irrelevant especially now. "It barely missed his heart." She noted as she looked at the extent of his wounds especially in the chest area. The boy's heart was slowly loosing its ability to pump. His heartbeat was getting faint by the second.This was not good at all. "Cut his shirt open! We have to stop his bleeding now." She instructed towards the other boy once more as she tore a sleeve of her shirt without much effort and hesitation. There was no available bandages or towels, so she has to improvise. "He is loosing too much blood and too quickly..." She muttered under her breath helplessly as she pushed her torn sleeve on the boy's chest wound. "I need to do something... I need to do something..." She repeated to herself inwardly like a mantra and as if on cue, her hands that were pressed on the boy's chest began to glow with a silver-white light. "Eh?" She had a bewildered expression on her face as she stared at her hands as if they were not hers to begin with.

Mireya could feel warmth emitting from the palms of her hands and at the same time tendrils coming out of them. There was also this sense of something within her being taken. She was not certain what was to make of it for now. But as she glanced at the injured boy, it seemed he was getting back his color and his heartbeat seemed to be slowly recovering. His heart was beginning to get stronger with each pulse it makes. "What am I doing?" She asked to no one in particular as this spectacle continued on. After a few moments, the light in her hands slowly faded and all that remained were hands. It was like the event did not happened at all. She removed her hands from the boy's chest and looked at them awkwardly. This was the first time that something like that ever happened to her. It was then she looked at the boy if he was fine. His injuries seemed to have closed up. His heart was also beating regularly and the deathly pale that overtaken his complexion returned to a healthy tone. He was now out of the woods. "I don't know what I did but it helped him... I guess..." She commented while looking at the other male present with a carefree smile. After doing that, she suddenly felt nauseous and at the same dead tired. "What's going on?" She asked to no one in particular as she held her head. It would also seem that everything around her was spinning which should not be possible. So, there was only one plausible conclusion. She was getting dizzy. "So tired..." She muttered softly as finally lost her consciousness and fell to her side towards the floor.

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~ A room in the hospital area... A brawl between Shikigami and Transformed Anders begins! ~

As if the situation weren't dire enough, a fight had broken out between the Shikigmai and one of the seven children, Anders. As Anders got closer to the shikigami, he uses his jaunt ability to appear behind the shikigami, and then turned to swing his makeshift club at it. The shikigami, however, had noticed Anders using his ability and spun around to catch the club and stab the tips of it's claws into it, it's arms now having returned to a more human look. "Ohh... Are you letting up, Devil's Child?" It taunted him, but Anders simply smiled at the shikigami. Anders quickly moved back to his bed and sent three chains at the shikigami, all of them spread out so that it would be harder to avoid them. But, the shikigami saw through this, and letting go of the club, reformed one of it's arms into a shield and placed it in front of itself as the chain hit the shield. It then quickly moved out of the way of the other two. "I am beginning to see through your moves..." It taunted him again, as Anders picked up a larger shard of his broken guitar while still smiling. "That won't help you for much longer." He said, and then chucked the shard at one of the lights, shattering it in the process. The shikigami chuckled in response to this. "Trying to cover up your movements? Ah... Then let's do this right."

The shikigami picked up the two unconscious guards and then threw them at the door, watching as they hit it and broke right through it. It then shot out more of it's liquid to cover the entrance of where the door use to be. It then started to drip a little, before starting to send off liquid from it's own body and spread it across the floor. "... What will happen if you can't move with your feet?" It then watched as Anders jumped onto the bed to avoid the liquid coming. "I was always really good at that the floor is lava game." He then fades into the shadows, shooting out a projection at the shikigami, but vanished before it could hit. The shikigami smirked as it already knew who would win. "Illusions, huh? Do you not notice my body? I am a rare form of water demon... The Jello Demon! My ability is to be able to copy any shape or form as I please, and another one of my abilities is to also solidfy any body part I choose. Do you get it? I can easily fill this room with jello the size of a pond. Darkness won't help you... I am the better fighter here. You are but a newborn in the way of me. Unless you'd like to prove otherwise?"

~ Name: The Jello Demon.
Nickname: The Jello Shikigami
Type: Water Demon (Jello)
Rank: D
Overall Threat: Cunning from the sidelines, dangerous to any mortal it encounters. Must be captured if seen.
Threat Level: #257 on the WDL's wanted list
Additional Information: The Jello Demon, true to it's name, is a water demon who, instead of being made out of water, is really made out of jello. It is unknown how this came to be, but it is believed that around a hundred years ago it was created as a result of a demon's blood being part of the ingredient to make it. Once the jello was made, The Jello Demon was born. Being different from the rest of it's kind, it decided to become a Shikigami and would soon be employed under the services of Kallos. While it is a D ranked demon, it is very useful to it's master with it's unique abilities and unique body. ~

Anders then used his jaunt ability to a shadow that was behind the shikigami and sent three chains at it. Two of them hit the Shikigam's main body, the other hit the liquid that was being spread across the floor, although it more or less was being dragged along with it now more then anything. The shikigami once again chuckled. "What do you plan to do? I told you.... I'm Jello!" It then pierced holes rapidly in it's arms and chest, making a total of nine as each hole would release liquid like a broken pipe, adding to the already increasing liquid in the room. "Let's see... Nine holes. That means you have to seal nine different spots on my body at the same time. Or are you going to try to kill me still?" "I will kill you, now that the chains are attached, its only a matter of time." Anders responded, vanishing again as he reappeared back on the bed with another smile. "I'll give you credit though, it takes alot to get me to smile this much." The shikigami then narrowed it's eyes at him. "Now what are you on about? The chains are pointless... They cannot harm liquid." It told him firmly. "They won't harm the liquid, no, i'm going for something a little more vital than the stuff that makes up your body, something that not even your liquid form can protect from my chains, something you need to function." He then sent two more projectiles that seemed to almost hit the shikigami, but didn't. It was more like he was just teasing him now...

The shikigami rose a brow at him. "Oh? And what would that be, Devil's Child?" It asked him. "Its kind of sad that you can't figure it out, considering the clue i just gave you. and i can't just tell you, that would be stupid, its the biggest flaw in all action movie villans. they always reveal how their plan works." The Shikigami blinked at this. "Movies? Is that a human device? But I think I know what your on about... Sorry to dissapoint you. But a water demon doesn't function the same as a human. For you see..." It then grabbed a hold of one of the chains and started to spread out it's liquid across it, doing the same to the others. "... My body doesn't have a heart. I'm all water, punk!" It told him confidently. "You may not have a heart, but water dosn't just controll it self, also, i'm not a punk, i'm a goth, there is a very big difference there." Anders told the demon. The shikigami then tapped it's head lightly and split it open. "See? Nothing but water... You have no idea how to fight me." It then reformed it's head back in one piece. "I need to end this... NOW!" It then blasted out more water at him, making it so that the water was up to it's waist. "How about that?!? I've nearly filled the room with just about my liquid! The bed will be consumed and then YOU WILL!" It exclaimed to him. "You have to think some how." Anders said to it, as he leaped from the bed directly towards the shikigami.

The shikigami, in response, spread out it's arms as it chuckled. "Then try me!" It taunted him as he leaped. "One last chance! Or you will drown!" It told him, watching as he neared. As Anders got close enough, he touched the demon in order to try to send impulses throughout his body, to which the shikigami merely smirked at this action. "My, my... I don't know what your trying to do, but..." It then formed a spear-like shape as the liquid exited out of the hole in it's chest and sent it piercing through Ander's stomach. "... You are so slow~" It taunted him, grabbing a hold of the spear and pulling it out of him as it watched Anders put a hand to his wound. He then jaunts out of the room before he could fall into the liquid below him. The shikigami absorbed all the liquid back into him as he phased through the liquid covering the door's entrance. "... What a pain. But... Time to die." It then changed it's right arm into a blade again. "Any last words?" The shikigami asked him. "Thought you could see through my moves?" He then laughed before the jaunt pulls him back into the room. The shikigami rose a brow and smirked, tapping the liquid that sealed the door's entrance. "... Fool. You should of been more careful!" It's holes then closed up as it looked at Anders now trapped in the room. "My prisoner... How lovely~" The shikigami stated, before then heading off towards the control room. "Now... To do what I was meant to do. Assassinate the Half Angel!"

~ Meanwhile, in the control room, unaware of the intruder closing in on them... ~

Scott dragged along the defeated body of of The Metal Kappa, who was currently unconscious whilst being wrapped in chains that restrained him if he awoke. As he approached the control room, he stopped as the doors opened, and he walked inside to see three figures. He let go of The Metal Kappa once he was inside, laying him down on his back as he looked over to see Michael and Rin on one end and nodded to them. Then he looked over and saw... Someone with angel wings?!? This freaked him out for a few seconds, before suddenly he felt... Calmer. Gabriel looked over at him with an apologetic look at this. "I apologize in advance for not warning you sooner." Gabriel spoke, as he walked over and held out his hand. "I am Gabriel, of the New Angels." He said to him so calmly and with ease. Scott looked down at his hand with confusion as he blinked and took his hand slowly, shaking it as he put his other hand on the side of his head. "You look injured... Allow me." Gabriel said to him, holding his hands as a bright light surrounded Scott briefly, as all his minor wounds started to heal. "My god..." He said softly to himself, watching the glow fade away and Scott feeling much better now! "... I -- I thank you..." Scott said out of amazement, to which Gabriel smiled and merely nodded in response.

"How touching." A voice called out to them, as from above a liquid form fell upon them and reformed. The Jello Demon grinned demonically as it looked at them all. "An intruder? So... I assume you are the one who freed Tergun?" Scott asked him. "Indeed I am, if that's the metal punk I freed earlier that you are referring to! I am the Jello Demon... Nice to kill you all. Now, if you'll just stand still for a few..." The demon said, Scott gritting his teeth as he looked to see Drayne's fully restored head in it. "... I need that head." He mumbled to Gabriel. "So it shall be." Gabriel said, walking forward towards the demon as Scott backed up slowly. "Scott, what are you --" Michael started, but was interrupted. "Listen to me Michael, take Rin and get out of here now." He said to them, as Michael rose a brow. "What are you --" He stopped as Scott glared a little. ".... Ok." Michael said, quickly taking Rin's arms out of surprise and dragging her away before she could complain. Scott then looked forward at the demon. "Foolish angel... Get out of my way, now!" It spoke, as Gabriel stopped in place. "... No response? FINE!" It shifted it's fingers into blades as it moved forward at the angel, only to be stopped as Gabriel's hand struck into the Jello Demon and pulled out the head of Drayne, throwing it to Scott, who luckily caught it in time. "You... Will pay for that." The Jello demon mumbled as it backed away slightly.

Gabriel glanced over at Scott at this chance. "I need you to get out of here... What I'm about to do is almost strictly forbidden." He said to him, as Scott's eyes widened at the thought of what happened before one time with Michael. It was on accident, of course, so it didn't count against him. After all, he was still developing to control his powers. "... You mean you can -- you have control over THAT?" Scott asked, shocked at what Gabriel could do then what Michael did. "... Okay, I'll leave it to you then." He said, before quickly rushing off. Gabriel looked back to the Jello Demon at this. "... I believe it's time we both got serious, don't you agree?" He asked him, to which the Jello Demon furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you --" But at this, he was interrupted when an angelic light surrounded Gabriel's form as his wings fully spread out. The Jello Demon stopped momentarily, seeming to be overpowered by this as lights began flickering on and off throughout the base. Michael stopped briefly to protect Rin from this holy force, most of the Renegade demon soldiers were put off by this immense holy power. "So... I underestimated you." The Jello Demon managed to get out, as Gabriel narrowed his eyes at him. "You did. That was your mistake, and the best part is... I can concentrate the main power of this on you and not anyone else. If anyone will die from this... It'll most likely be you."

~ A meeting between high ranking demons begins... The rebellion's leaders meet in a special way! ~

The Revolutionary Leader sat down in his throne as he relaxed all tension from his body, seeming to concentrate now on three other chairs. Immediately, three figures appeared as they looked like they were holograms of some sort, only you couldn't make out much detail from them besides the tones in which they spoke. "Ah... Finally time for another one, eh? I see Kallos has been able to fit us into his busy schedule." The more intelligent one spoke first, seeming to tap it's fingers gently against each other. "A lot better then what can be said of you, short one." The countess spoke out next, as the intelligent one glared over at her. "Watch your tongue there, countess. Otherwise you may find it --" They were both interrupted as the Revolutionary Leader raised a hand to stop them. "Enough bickering. It is time we do this now. Kallos, give me a full report on the children." Kallos shifted at this, the tubes sticking out of his body could be barely made out. "Deon Morris is the same as always. Although currently, our spy reports he has been subdued by Eclipse." The intelligent one shifted at this uneasily. "That annoying sword? How did he get out?" He asked, as Kallos looked over at him. "I'm getting there." He responded, before looking back towards the Revolutionary Leader. "Sebastian Thomas nearly died tonight by our own spy. The children are very weak it seems... They are still at human level." The Revolutionary Leader nodded in response.

"Devin Namach is still missing, although whether he is being held captive by the WDL or is just simply on the loose is unknown. It is fully possible he is also dead since no one has seen him in a while. Chang T. Wilson is believed to be under the same category. Ashley Clade appears to have gone berserk, from what our spy has told us, she is also the one who freed Eclipse. It also seems they have three new children with them. From what our spy has told us from looking at some reports, he has discovered a few names. Keilani Dreahen. Anders Agni. And finally, Mierya Nightless. All of these names were confirmed because someone had written them down on paper. Keilani's was medical, Anders and Mierya were for recruiting." The Revolutionary Leader closed his eyes at this. "We will keep an eye out for them as well... But there is a problem with your report, Kallos. That means there are eight children in this world instead of the normal seven. Care to elaborate this for me?" He asked Kallos, who looked at him calmly, already having the answer as the Leader opened his eyes. "We believe there is an extra child, sir." The Leader rose his brows at Kallos. "An extra? Who?" But before he could go on, the intelligent one stepped in. "It is obviously Deon Morris. After all, he was not born of the generation the others are in. It only makes sense then." The Leader then shifted his eyes back to Kallos. "Who do you believe it is?" He asked him, as Kallos closed his eyes slowly while he thought. "... We believe it to be Sebastian Thomas. Both have had strange readings in the past, Ash's readings are normal compared to them."

"I see. Where is the spy now?" The Leader asked Kallos. "He is currently facing off against one of the New Angels." He confirmed, as the Leader nodded. The Countess looked over at the Leader. "New Angels? They sound like pansies to me." She said with a laid back tone, almost insulting them as it were. "The New Angels are a group of the former highest angels in heaven's ranks. They are all half angel, it is unknown how they are this way, but it is believed that they are the children of an angel each before they died." Kallos rose his brows at this confirming from the Leader. "Some of the angels are dead?" He asked in surprised. "Yes. Someone killed them, and now they have passed on their ranks to the New Angels. That is why they exist. We only have a few confirmed kills though... Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Camael and Sataniel have been missing." The intelligent one chuckled at this. "The rumor is pretty funny, how one of their own betrayed them and they succumbed to a deadly poison. Quite interesting... You would of expected better from them." He licked his lips at this. "You really are disgusting." The Countess commented to him. "So, I wonder... What happens if a child does die?" Kallos asked them. "That's easy." The intelligent one spoke. "They go back to they're creator." The Countess shook her head at this. "I thought they went to Purgatory?" The intelligent one smirked at this. "They have the devil's blood in them. Unless they were directly descended from him, which is an ill possibility, then they will make him more powerful until he dies. THEN they go to Purgatory." The Leader sighed at this. "Whether one is right or not does not matter right now. Kallos... I have a special job for you to do. It involves giving those Renegades... A little warning. I want all of the children alive and safe, if not, well.... Someone will die by my hand."

~ The brawl between Jello Demon and Gabriel of the New Angels! Who will emerge victorious?! ~

"This is going to be interesting then..." The Jello Demon said, extending his arms out as they formed into multiple blades. "Let's do this then!" He said, and came charging right for Gabriel. Gabriel sighed as he closed his eyes and held out his right had. "Sorry, guys... I got to hurt you for a second to defeat him." He then furrowed his brows as a ball of light was casted towards the Jello Demon. "Heh! What's that suppose to do to me?!? I can just --" But all at once, the ball of light collided with the Jello Demon as it left him stunned, a bright light engulfing him as his scream howled loudly throughout most of the entire base. The light sent out a holy radiance throughout the entire base, nearly making almost every demon stop as if a heartbeat had skipped. "Incredible..." Scott noted to himself. "Gabriel's holy powers are powerful enough to do THIS? ... I hope the children are alright, otherwise... I just hope this stops the Ash situation, or... God damn it, this is NOT my day!" He stated before continuing on. The Jello Demon struggled as liquid dripped down his body rapidly, he struggled to move as he felt enormous pain. "That won't be enough... That won't be enough to hold me down, angel! You will have to do better then that!!!"

"Is that right? Then I will need to take extreme measures... Prepare yourself, Demon. You are about to experience the most terrible pain you have ever felt." The Jello Demon's eyes widened, but before he could even move, Gabriel was already on the move. "Heaven's Restraint!" He called out, as light portals opened up around the Jello Demon and holy chains wrapped around his body rapidly, restraining him to the spot as he struggled to get free, but could not even morph to get out of them. "N-no! Wait! D - don't kill me! You can't kill me! You are an Angel, right?!?! RIGHT?!?!? YOU AREN'T MEANT TO KILL, YOU ARE MEANT TO BE HUMANITY'S KINDNESS!" The Jello Demon cried out in misery, as Gabriel narrowed his eyes at him. "I will not kill you... But. I know you nearly killed a life here today. And so... I will unleash my second weakest attack upon you." Gabriel then held his hands out in front of him as light began forming in front of him. The Jello Demon continued to struggle, his eyes widening as he saw the attack forming. "N-NO! T-T-T-T-THAT COULD KILL ME! AND EVERY OTHER DEMON IN HERE! YOU ARE MAD! MAAAADDDDDD!!!" He continued to shout, as for that moment alone, Gabriel... Turned dark. His expression became very serious and stern, his eyes piercing into the demon's eyes as he was held frozen to the spot. "Exactly... I wish to not see any more pain and suffering here. That is why... I am willing to risk knocking out every demon in here!!!" And with that, Gabriel closed his eyes for the upcoming attack. "Heaven's.... Rage." He spoke the words, and a beam of light was sent hurling at the Jello Demon. His stomach area was pierced clean through by the light as he lost consciousness at this point. A bright light enveloped the whole control room, and bright holy light quickly dispersed through the entire base. The outside of it glowed as it could clearly be seen in the night. It lasted for a total of three minutes before finally stopped, with the Jello Demon laying collapsed on the floor, twitching every now and then as Gabriel narrowed his eyes at him. "... Have a good night's sleep, monster." Gabriel turned to the monitor briefly, to see that every demon in the Renegades had survived the attack.

~ Confrontation! Dark Ash and Eclipse meet face to face! ~

Eclipse stood in the 'Center' of the Nightmare World. He wore purple robes over his body as he made himself look as royal as possible. He looked human, if it wasn't for those demonic eyes. "I already know someone is already in my world... Besides Deon. This one feels familiar." He spoke to mostly himself, seeming to be alone in his mansion-like place as he sighed out. "Better to go and investigate then let this person cause trouble. I can't have that, the stupid bitch would have my head if I failed to keep this world as it is..." With that, Eclipse 'vanished' and 'reappeared' outside in the Nightmare World, standing on the 'ground' as he looked around the 'area' he was in now. "So, where is this intruder? The person is around here somewhere, I know that for sure..." The place he was in now was made of pristine metal and benches with various breaker tubes and the like were scattered about. There were similar microscopes and other sorts of technical equipment that were on display, though jagged and fearful shadows tended to stretch from them in the haunting light of the laboratory. He then heard the faint sound of glass being tapped that came from a corner in the room. When he walked over into there, he found Ash, who was examining a test tube in scrutiny.

"My, my..." Eclipse mumbled to himself as he walked over casually to where Ash was. "... Oi, you are the one from earlier. Why don't you do me a huge favor, and go shit yourself now?" He said, all the while remaining calm as he did. "... Unless you aren't available for an appointment?" At this, he then brought a big smirk on his face, revealing his demonic fangs. "You don't scare me, fear monger." Ash told him, returning the tube to it's place in the rack. "This may be your world, but you're as petty and pathetic as always." Eclipse slowly shook his head at this. "Such confidence. Why don't YOU be the ruler of this damn place then?!? Oh, I forgot... You aren't a demon weapon, and even if you were, you would be pathetic compared to me." He told her, his smirk fading rather quickly at this. "... So, I wonder... What would you do if I showed you a few 'disturbing' facts to light?" He told her. "I have better things to do then rule over this dump." Ash seemed to reply casually, ignoring the rest of his comments as she strode away from him. Eclipse merely chuckled. "... Then, how was it to watch that young man die again?" He asked, as his smirk slowly returned to his face. "... Or how was it to find out your sister cheated on you? Does it make your blood boil? Does it make want you... Want to hit me for knowing your inner fears?" He began laughing like a madman at this. "... I should probably explain myself. In this place, I am god of this world. I see all of my victim's fears... And my, what a pleasant thing Deon is goig through again~ But, here's my little thing... I don't tell other people what I've seen, no matter who they are. Now, unless you want me to dive deeper into your inner fears... I am going to assume I have your attention on me now."

Ash, however, laughed at this. "You misunderstand. That's her fears." Turning, her eyes flash red at this. "Not mine. Tell me, what do you see in the depths of my fears, hmm? Or perhaps does it frighten you that you can't?" She then returned her own superior smirk, seeming to think she was in control of the situation right now. Eclipse laughed again at this. He quickly stopped himself this time as he glanced over his shoulder at her. "You aren't like Inferno, who's blood was created from the devil's own, and passed down through several generations of a family. I know your type... A newborn demon who's in way over her head and gains control over a weaker territory in order to avoid the big boys. I know what you are scared of quite easier then a human's, contrary to popular belief. You seem powerful, but in reality, you are unbalanced. You fear becoming one with your host because you do not wish to fade. You also are cunning, keeping away from death's door. But you also focus too much on power, and your powers are out of control as they are... Hell, the girl gets better performance rates then you do! Ah-hahahaha, YAH-AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! If you'd like to show me otherwise though, we can do this all night my dear... Because I can keep going all night about what you fear. This is the NIGHTMARE world for a damn good reason! Tell me... Do you get off when you are in pain, are you afraid of not being in control? To feel the pain your host goes through as she fights her own battles, while you stay behind in the shadows in your true form... I wonder how big you are."

Ash simply smiled again. "Your guesses are amusing, but I'm afraid you can't startle me." Taking a seat on one of the benches, she absentmindedly played with a syringe she picked up. "Still, you're quite pathetic. If you're so powerful, then you shouldn't be concerned about little old me. Go back to the rock you crawled out from under before I get bored with you." Eclipse shook his head again as he chuckled at her response. "You two are the only ones I've had in the Nightmare World for ages... And amusing? I think I'm right here... Unless you have proof you are older then you seem. Until then, well... I'm going to have my fun. I was going to taunt that girl just now, but you've taken her away from me. So... I have to do it to you now." He told her. "Your taunts need some work." She told him, chucking the syringe and embedding it into the wall. Eclipse rose a brow at her. "So... What do you call yourself, dark spirit?" He asked. "That's a stupid question. Honestly, you're not very bright, are you?" She replied. Eclipse crossed his arms over his chest at this. "Explain. You look like the girl, yet you aren't really her." He said to her. "Why should I explain myself to a washed up loser like you? It's not like you're actually any threat to me." She laughed a little to herself as she turned to the nearby bunsen burner and fiddled with it to get it to light.

Eclipse snapped his fingers at this as, in an illusion, Ash's left arm started to bleed and soon, it would fall off, the arm looking like it had been severed. "... Nightmare World. Ruler of it. Hello? A newborn demon like you can't begin to even comprehend the years of pain and suffering most demons go through!" Not reacting in the slightest, Ash slowly pulled up her arm and watched the blood pool on the bench. "Tsk, what a mess..." Reaching over with her other arm, she made a sharp wrenching movement removing the rest of the limb and casually tossing it to the floor at Eclipse's feet, as he watched it fade away. Black ooze then began to secrete from her shoulder and flowed down to form a new arm in it's place, outfit and all, with no injury in sight. Eclipse shrugged his shoulders at this, the blood fading away. "So you avoided the nightmare... What a lovely surprise you are so full of. But... I must tell you that, well... Your stays in the Nightmare World are not that exciting, and I must expell you and Phoenix boy back to the real world. You don't mind, of course, do you?" He asked her. "Do as you will. It's of little consequence to me how you stroke that ego of yours." She told him, hopping from the bench and strolling past Eclipse, stopping once she was level with him. "But do bear in mind, I'm not so easy to get rid." Moving onward, she waved over her shoulder. "As he once said, the ash will always remain."

Eclipse rose his right arm up slowly as he cracked his neck. "... Ah, but you of all people should know... Once I let you back into the real world, every demon stronger then yourself will be hunting you down until the day you down. You are a danger, young lady..." He then lowered his arm and laughed. "... I'm just kidding! You can stay as long as you like really... Someone else can do the pain in the ass job of finding you and eliminating you." He then began to walk away. "... Besides, you are one of the devil's 'children' ..... Although I will tell you, there is a much greater threat to you then you realize. And you left him to recover... Want to know his name?" He asked her. "Names mean nothing to me." She stated simply, fading as she stepped through a doorway and into the laboratory.

~ Old nightmares! Sebastian's struggle in his own mind! ~

~ Lost.... I feel.... Lost. What is this feeling? Why have I never felt it before? I've lost so much blood... It was all over me. It was all over the controls. It was all over the floor, forming into some kind of puddle. My own pond. My own tomb. I hear voices... I hear Kane. And I hear someone else. I don't know who that is. I... Feel so lost. Like I'm inbetween worlds. Is this... What it feels like... To nearly die? I feel... So much better now. But... I feel... Like something's missing...
Maybe something IS missing.
What.... Is -- is that you?
Yes... It's me. I came to check on you. You nearly died back there, you know.
I don't care.... I just wanted to save her.
Oh, so you still want her, huh? It's always been about her, hasn't it? Right from the moment Arthur took you in, and then tried to make you all dogs. Now look where you've all ended up. Dogs. Miserable hunters meant to track down and kill demons. How pathetic. You have no free will of your own.
Who says I don't?
I'm not saying it's going to happen... I'm saying it has. Perhaps... A little dive into your memories will help you out? ~

It was a hot day for the orphanage... We were outside, the three of us. Rob, me, and Lucy. Lucy was my left hand, Rob was my right. Had I known this meant so much more, I would of found it funny then. But now, I find it tragic. Rob had hair, he wasn't blue. Lucy was... Still human. I was the first to talk. "Have you ever thought of the future?" I said. I sounded younger back then, looked younger too. Adults always said I looked too cute for my own good. I hated the attention I got from that. "The future? Of course I have. You aren't dying, are you?" Rob asked. He was... So nice back then. Him and Lucy were true best friends, no matter what happened, we stuck together. "Of course he isn't!" Lucy spoke up next. God do I miss seeing her like this, before she was... Crazy. "... You aren't dying, right Seby?" She asked me. "Of course not!" I replied. "It's just... I wonder if there's someone out there for me. That's all." Lucy and Rob both rose a brow at me. "What?" They both asked at the same time. "... A girl, okay!" I admitted to them. Both blinked at me... And laughed. "Don't laugh!" I tried telling them. "Rob, you can talk so easy with girls it's not even funny! And you, Lucy, you hang out with guys all the time!" Lucy punched me roughly in the shoulder. "Says who?" She asked. "Says the two guys you always hang out with." Rob interjected, laughing a little. At the time, they thought it was a joke, while I blushed for a few minutes. But then...

Soon it became me and Rob at the orphanage. It was cold this time, probably because the fan was on or something like that. I stared outside at the oncoming rain falling onto the ground. I felt... Lonely. "What's up, little man?" Rob asked me, hanging me a glass full of orange juice. I took it, and drank half of it quickly. "Whoa now!" He called out to me. "Drink slower, it'll help keep the taste in." He told me, raising a brow when he saw me just nod. "... You miss her?" He asked me. I sighed out and stood up. "Of course I miss her!" I admitted to him. "You two were all I had at this place, and now... Look at it. We're the only ones left of our group! Can you believe it?!" I told him. It was unfair... Everyone else had gotten adopted. Everyone but us. The outcasts. The loners. The non-normal people. "I could." Rob said, taking a slow sip of his juice. "... What's that mean?" I asked him angrily. "Well..." He started. "... Have you ever thought about what's beyond our grasp?" He asked me. "... If this is pay-back for that one time --" I started, but... "No. I'm serious. Demons, angels, humans... We are but the weakest part in this role! I mean, come on! Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like, to be well known for taking down one of the highest demons in the world?!?" He asked me. "... I think more of my personal life then my overall life, ok?" I told him. "... Still on about the girl thing. Why do you want a girlfriend so bad?" He asked me another question. "... Why?" I started. ".... Because... I want to know what love is like. How my mother felt when she was with my father... Something like that. Call it cliche if you want... But... It's how I feel."

~ Then that fight happened.
I don't want to remember it.
You have to. It was a big important part in how you came to be here.
I won't!
You won't?
I refuse...
Very well. But remember this... There is more then just Ash you know. Two more children have been found. And they are both females. Remember this, as you wake up in that bed of yours... And remember. I am always watching. After all... I only have one eye to do it with. ~

. . .

~ Deon and Eclipse, the reunion of two old foes! ~

Eclipse had just returned to his home as he cracked his neck slightly as he sighed out. "What a bitch..." He commented, walking over to a chair and sitting down in it. His attire consisted mainly of purple robes to make him look more royal then he already was. "Oh well, let her do as she wishes. I don't care anymore. I try to help warn her, and what does she do? 'Oh I can handle it all by myself, I'm sooo gorgeous that way!' BAH! Makes me sick that she even exists still... Oh well, she'll be defeated soon enough. That's MY revenge to HER!" He then laughed demonically. All at once, his door flew right open and slammed into the nearby wall, breaking through it as the leg of it's destroyer rested upon the floor. Deon stepped inside as his feet hit inside the room with a thud. His cigarette lit up in his hand as he looked around. "Eclipse, show yourself you asshole!" He demanded. The sound of three slow claps came to his ears then. "... You'll have to pay for that you know." He commented. He then stood up from his chair with a sigh out of annoyance. "Oh Deon, Deon, Deon... So quick, so rash, so... Dull! What business do you wish from me this time? Or... Is it me who wishes to know business from you?" He chuckled at this. "It was fun watching that scene again... Of the girl dying, being reborn into a demonic entity... Oh and the ending was SO priceless!" He chuckled darkly again at his own taunts.

Deon, however, simply grinned at him. And... That was it. Eclipse rose a brow at this action. "Did I go too far or something, young phoenix? I would of thought you would of been happier... Considering it is early morning now and all." He waited for a response, a taunt, a joke, something. Yet he got nothing. Only his eyes locking with Deon's. Eclipse blinked. ".... O..k then, don't answer me. Be as weird as you want, it makes no difference to me." Still he got nothing. Deon's hands were beginning to move unconsciously, his fingers being the starting point, twitching and moving in unknown patterns. His hands also began to clench and unclench at unknown points, his grin widened and the flame on his cigarette flared now. Eclipse sighed at this. "Oh dear... Insanity lost again, is it? How many times do we have to go over the same thing every time?" The fire in Deon's eyes sparked at this, and he cracked his neck. "Oh come on, Eclipse. You honestly didn't expect this to happen? Oh come on, have you really grown this dull?" Deon grinned again and his eyes widened, and out came the madman's laugh. Eclipse couldn't help but shake his head. "... I thought you were better then this." Deon's eyes widened as he hit the highest pitch in the laugh he could go, and dropped forward suddenly so that his spine was bent at a 90 degree angle. He looked up for a moment to lock his own maniac eyes with Eclipse's calm and calculating ones. "What's wrong, Eclipse? Can't handle it? You reap what you sow, right?"

Eclipse shrugged his shoulders at this. "I could honestly restrain you at any time, to be honest... I just don't yet because you seem to be torturing yourself rather then helping out others... Oh, but wait... I just remembered. You shouldn't be going crazy when someone very close to you is dying right now." All at once the sound of a blade being drawn emitted throughout the room as a cut appeared on Eclipse's neck, the sound reverberated throughout the room and Deon was now behind Eclipse, with a grin so wide that he could be mistaken for a Cheshire Cat. "Heheheheh, you let your guard down sometimes, Eclipse!" No blood came out of Eclipse's wound as he stood there, looking down at it. He pressed two fingers against it and closed it, sealing it as he sighed out, his form fading in and out for just one second, but Deon didn't seem to care too much, after all he didn't even bother to think something might of been up. "... No wonder she's so interested in you." He spoke. ".... And you don't seem to care whether that stupid oni you like dies from blood loss or not. Oh well, I can tell she's already dead anyway. Being dragged off like the corpse she is now... Oh, and what's this? More blood... Coming from one of your brothers it seems. The youngest... Yes. He was pierced, and he's lost so much blood now.~" Deon's grin slowly faded at this, and simply remained in the spot...

Eclipse then drew his iconic sword out and pierced it through Deon's back without hesitation, smirking as he did. "... Oh Deon, you are such a bastard. Allow me to... Show you what I mean." He told him, and then slowly pulled the blade out of Deon, who allowed this or try to resist. Deon, all at once, began to fade from the Nightmare World. "... I will allow you to return, if only to stop that crazy bitch from wrecking me like she did that vampire's head." He chuckled and sheathed his sword. "Enjoy watching Sebastian and Quake die... I know I will~" Deon growled at this. "Hey Ash, beat the shit outta him for me, will ya?" Eclipse grinned at this. "Ash?" He asked him. "I don't think you know where Ash is. The Ash I met a while ago just went to kill people... The Ash in the real world is going to kill people. And the Ash you know... Is being held captive! If you really want to be a hero for once, then just knock the stupid bitch out! Otherwise, Quake WILL die! You no longer have the time, reality is against you now! She is testing you here... Wanting to see if you will harm a sibling or not! Are you willing to harm her in order to stop her?!?! After nearly killing Sebastian and Quake?! Or.... Will you let the next person to die... Be Rin?" He chuckled at the fun, Deon's lower body was now gone, only his upper body remained. "... I wonder though. She seems to be very interested in your actions, your choices, how you affect the future of others. Rin, Michael and Scott all follow by morals... They never kill an innocent under evil influence unless that person is impossible to bring back. You were always the brute Deon... Think about it. You are nothing but a monster in your own right. I wonder.... If you killed this woman, would they hate you? Oh, who am I saying, of course they would! You would be hated among the Renegades! Ah-ha... Well, ta-ta~ I won't be able to see you off on your adventure most likely, but... I will be watching. Always~" And with that, Deon was back in reality... Eclipse having exited out of his body and fallen on the floor. "... Ow, ow, OW! Rough landing!"

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Mireya Nightless
"When you reach the bottom, the only way you can go now is up... What if it's a bottomless hole?"

Elegia sat upon her red velvet throne and released a rather heavy sigh. The servants and subjects that had welcomed her back had already left at her orders. She needed to be alone at the moment. It had been quite a long time since she had returned to her castle located at the center of her territory due to the orders of the Great King Paimon. There was not much of a difference. The sky was still ashen black with fleeting lightning that penetrated the dark clouds once in a while providing a certain gloomy illumination. The rumble of thunder could also be heard in the background as if to declare that its ruler had returned. Dragons of all sizes ruled the air in her dominion and the lands contained nothing more but barren rocks and jagged mountain ranges. The seas were still and lifeless. It was why she had been called as the Archduchess of the Wastelands. Regardless, she found comfort in these lands. The eerie calm accompanied occasionally by the sound of thunder or the roar of the dragons was similar to a frantic beating heart. For that matter, she liked staying in her lands no matter what others say about it. “I still have to work…” She muttered to herself in a rather disappointed manner. Looking at the papers in her hands that she had gathered, it would not be long when the rebellion would fully bare its fangs to Hell's denizens. Actually, it already has as there had been already reports about the demise of a few Lords and Nobles loyal to the Devil. Truthfully, she had grown quite weary about the matter. After all, rebellions in hell had become an annual occasion. Each of its residents had desired power even in the smallest of ways. It just that others want something bigger. “This only means that we should tread more carefully.”

Crossing her legs, Elegia lazily placed her chin on top of her right hand. She had been entrusted with a very specific mission that would break Hell if revealed. It was good to know that the rebels, solitary yet ambitious demons, and Heaven seemed to be unaware of the inner plans of the Devil. Well, it was better that way. This is why she could still move freely while everyone else fret over their own matters. "For now, everything is falling in their respective places..." Fully leaning on her throne, she closed her eyes momentarily. She had been made aware the rebels were not such small fries as the other rebellions had been in the past. They had evolved from a lint to a thorn to the Devil's rule. Regardless, she had noticed that the Devil was not that concerned about it. Actually, the Ruler of Hell find all of these interesting. Now, she fully understands that Master Paimon was truly the Devil's own son as they have the same outlook. They could be both arrogant or just confident. It was not also a secret that among all the Devil's children, the Great King Paimon was probably the most favored child among the rest. Adding to that, Master Paimon controls the one of the largest territories in Hell and commands 600 legions. One of those under the Master Paimon's jurisdiction was her. Honestly, she does not mind at all. For in the end, everything will only win if one was able to crush the other's trump card. As of now, no one was showing their aces. Thus, the climax was still far away.

"It depends on that one thing..." Elegia whispered to herself as she opened her eyes. "I should get back to work. Master would not be pleased if I went away too long." Standing from her throne, she looked to her right side where a large opened window can be seen. It showed a wonderful view of her territory. Her armies and generals were always on high alert and lookout since she mostly absent from her palace. Security of her dominion could not be lax despite being known as one of the most powerful demons in Hell, she still precautions whenever necessary. In addition, she does not like underestimating anything. Although, she appears to be carefree and has no worries. She was completely opposite of her chosen demeanor. Removing her eyes from the window scene, she began to exit her throne room. She just came back to put some things in order and to pick up as certain object. Now, she has done all that. It is time for her to return to her assigned mission and at Master Paimon's side. Releasing the papers that she held, it flew around her despite having no wind or even a light breeze. They fluttered around and soon enough they crumbled into wisps of sparkling light. The doors opened as she exited and the lights vanished into nothing. As the doors closed behind her, she had a small smile on her lips and murmured almost inaudible words. "Don't be a disappointment..."

Eyes of purple were filled with annoyance and deep seethed anger. The owner of those eyes was leaning on a stone pillar. "You sure take your time like a damn fox." This statement was spoken with clear dislike and blatant disrespect. As for the one being addressed, calm golden eyes met those very expressive purple eyes. "It is because I am not reckless like an oni." The one who spoke was quite a handsome young man with silver-white hair which enhanced his golden eyes and extremely pale skin tone. His physique was similar to that of runaway models and even more on how he presents himself. However at the very end of his statement, he was lifted by the collar and pushed towards a nearby wall with a certain amount of force for cracks appeared on the stone wall. "I dare you to say that again the high and mighty Devant." These words were delivered with rage and a threat but those golden eyes remained unmoved by the sudden violent action. "Alvanzo. I only speak the truth." Grabbing Alvanzo's wrists, Devant removed them with slight resistance. "Your actions proved it." After saying that, Alvanzo hesitantly released Devant while slapping the hands that held his wrists with disgust then he created a tolerable distance between them. "Good choice. As much as we want to tear each other's throat, we have other things to tend to right now." Devant stated with a suave confidence which only infuriated Alvanzo even further. "Shut up!" Alvanzo retorted as he walked away from his damnable partner. He would never understand the reasoning as to why the two of them were assigned to be partners. They could not tolerate each other's presence and would always yearn to kill each other. It had always been that way. Honestly, Alvanzo has no interests of changing that relationship between them anytime in the future.

Devant watched Alvanzo walked away. He straightened his clothes and dusted it as well in the process. There had been a few fragments of the stone wall that had fallen on his form. "So violent and crude. They are despicable creatures." He muttered to himself in a very cold manner as he stood straight and released a sigh. The idea of them being partners was truly a ridiculous idea to begin with. However, it was decided by the Master Paimon. As a result, they could not disobey. After all, it was an honor to receive such an order from such a great person in Hell. So here they were, they try to tolerate each other. He could say that their fragile relationship had improved for they are able to restrain themselves from killing each other. In his opinion, it was the best that anyone that knew them could expect. Because, he would not do anything further than that. For now, he would focus at the task at hand. He began to walk towards the direction where Alvanzo went. "Time to work." Soon enough, it came to his view the apartment complex where Mireya lived before being taken to the Renegade Headquarters. "Took you long enough." Alvanzo's words took Devant's attention. "You held me up remember?" This earned another deathly glare from Alvanzo as Devant simply walked passed him. Alvanzo clenched his hands into fists tightly as he held back the urge to tear Devant apart. He swore every time Devant opens his mouth it irritates him. "You're too slow." Snapping from his trance, Alvanzo looked at Devant and saw that he was already in front of Mireya's apartment door. "Say that again and I'll kill you." Devant released another sigh and shrugged his shoulders at Alvanzo's threat while he took something out of his pocket. "Forgive us for intruding Mireya." Devant said as the thing he took out was a key. Without delay, he was able to unlock the door and opened it.

"Why did you save him?"

"I saved someone?"

"Maybe... Did you want to be forgiven?"

"Forgiven for what?"

"You are truly a cruel and selfish person."

"Don't speak like you know me."

"But, I do. It is why I like you very much."

"Who are you?"

"Don't you know?"

"I would not ask If I know. So spill it."

"Listen well dear princess..."

The next thing that could be heard was a melody. Judging by how it was being played, the song came from a music box. It was a soothing tune. Somehow, doubts, fears, and sadness were erased from existence even if just for a bit. The melody had a playful nature to it at the same time a warmth resembling that of Spring. Mireya heard it as she slowly opened her eyes. What welcomed her sight was the clear skies that seemed to compete with her sapphire blue eyes. The scent of flowers blossoming filled the light breeze passing by. A fluttering butterfly came before her as it flew towards the clouds. She extended her hand upwards. It was an effort to reach out for the butterfly. However, it was a futile effort as the butterfly disappeared before her. She let her outreached hand fall to her side as the melody still surrounded her like an inescapable breeze. If she knew better, the song was lulling her to slumber and at the same time she had a feeling that this melody was very familiar. It was like she had used to listen to it always. This only provided her more questions than an answer. Closing her eyes in slight frustration, she heard the same voice that she had always heard in her dreams again.

"Do you remember? The day you were born."

"I don't."

"You have a one-track mind."

"I take that as a compliment."

"I intended it that way. You get things done at the very least."

"Tell me already, who you are. Who are you to me?"

"This melody was composed especially for one person. Can you guess who?"

"For you."

"It would be nice but no. It was for..."

The end of that statement did not come. Perhaps, it was carried away by the breeze. Incidentally, the melody had also come to a stop. Mireya felt that the calming environment she was in earlier was slowly dissipating. Opening her eyes, she saw something different from the skies before. Staring back at her was a pair of green eyes filled with horror and regret. She did not expect such a scenario as she reached out to the owner of those eyes but that person disappeared in a mist. Soon, she felt that the temperature was rising which was getting too close for comfort. Looking around her, she had witnessed the cause of this. Everywhere around her were flames growing larger by the second. It was engulfing everything that comes close to them. She looked for a way out but nothing was available as the fire had completely surrounded her. Standing her ground, she could feel the heat licking her skin. She was not sure what exactly she was feeling. The flames stalked towards her like a predator to a prey. She could not move from her position as there was no other place to run to. It was then she felt someone embracing and pulling her close from behind. Her eyes widened in surprise and at the same confusion. "Who are you?" She asked as she slowly turned her head to get a good look at the one embracing her. However, it was then that the fire finally engulfed her. "No!" She shouted in pain and horror. This is when she woke up in cold sweat unaware that she was currently in the presence of Kane and Sebastian.

The setting changes from The Renegade Headquarters to The Earth, 2015


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#, as written by zody
Deon Morris - The Executioner

~ Reconciling with the Old Me - The Madness Spreads ~

Deon walked down the hallways, running his forehead and stumbling slightly. He reached the end of the hallway, and thing began to... change. He didn't know what was happening, or how it was happening. Heck, he didn't even know if it was real or not. He fell to his knees, clutching his chest as a ghosty form began to appear in front of him. It's blue hair and red eyes stood out from the rest of the figure that was constantly blurry, and Deon couldn't stay focused on it for too long. as he looked aroun, the walls of the hallways became dark and damp, mould spreading through it and eventually dripping down the walls. The mould turned to liquid, black steaming liquid, and it slowly built up on the floor. The roof and walls were covered, and the liquid was slowly drippind down onto him. He looked down, and began to laugh at a barely audible volume. The liquid began piling up, and his eye started twitching. He almost allowed himself the short reprieve of giving in, but suddenly a voice came from the real world, and the Madness; the dark, oily madness that had nearly drenched him in itself, had receeded. "We've found him, sir!" An unfamiliar voice caused the madness to move back only a small amount, but then came a voice Deon knew belonged to Scott. "... Keep your guns ready, men. Remember, stun, not neutralize". Deon snickered as the madness began to move towards him again, feeding off of the anxiety that had just built up slightly. Suddenly, Scott came into view, and the illusion shattered with the sound of breaking glass. "... Deon? Can you hear me?". Scotts tone seemed to be one of concern, but had a bitter edge to it that reminded Deon that if he didn't cooperate, he would be locked away. He couldn't let that happen.

With a sigh, Deon stood. His eyes opened and locked with Scotts, and he rubbed his temples in frustration. "It's all good. I'm just tired, that's all". He attempted a smile, but whatever he'd given must have been slightly inane looking, because some of the soldiers stepped back cautiously and kept their weapons aimed at him. Deon simply cracked his neck, and pulled a cigarette out of his pocket. "So, what did you want, Scott?". Deon's grin faded as Scott began to ask his a question, but Deon's attention was focused more on the patterns that had begun to trace themselves across his vision. He tried to listen to what Scott had said, but by the time he'd gotten his attention back, more patterns began drawing themselves, back and forth across his vision. He began to see letters and numbers, the most common of these being 'M', 'A' and 'D'. Deon began to sway, before he caught himself and shook his head clear. He refocused just as Scott was halfway through his sentence. "Sorry, what did you say?".

There was a buzzing sound at the edges of Deon's senses, moving slowly in it's mission to overwhelm all. Deon rubbed his head, but managed to remain mostly focused on Scott's words. He grinned slightly as he caught the full sentence, and he sighed. Scott seemed to sigh, and Deon thought of his words, his question. "... The Eclipse event. I need to know who it was that broke him out and what happened". Deon blinked a few times, and spoke. "Oh right, that. Basically, Ash broke him out and she used him to seal me in the Nightmare World, while she hunted down Claire. I found Eclipse in the Nightmare World, because he'd been stabbed through me. These Gauntlets.... are him". Deon rubbed his eyes, and yawned, while Scott seemed to have trouble believing that Ash was the culprit, all evidenced by his shocked expression and his choice of words. "Ash?". Deon nodded, and spoke again. "It wasn't the actual Ash though. It was too.. dark. As well as too powerful.... How is everyone, anyway?". Deon locked eyes with Scott, and continued. "Is anyone seriously hurt?". Deon's mind was fully clear of all of the Madness now, and he felt like he would be able to hand le anything Scott said.

Scott remained silent however, and that silence stopped Deon in his tracks. Was he keeping something from him? Was someone dead!? Deon's thoughts raced as he tried to figure out who it could've been, but suddenly his mind was fogged up. It became harder to think, as if something was telling him that he knew the answer, but he would have to get the real answer from Scott. Deon once again locked his eyes with Scott's own, and spoke in a voice that was practically dripping with venom. "Tell me". Deon's eyes stayed the same as Scott sighed and spoke again. "Sebastian almost died of blood loss, but has miracously recovered somehow... Gabriel has reported in that he's captured the one responsible for it. There is, however, the matter of Quake...". Deon's brow rose, and he grabbed Scott by the collar, roughly pulling him towards him. "What happened to Quake? What's this 'matter'? Tell me".

As Deon pulled him close, Scott didn't seem to react much, aside from sighing and blurting out a sentence. A single sentence with an ironic pause in the middle, just to make Deon's anxiety go that little bit higher. Deon's ears pricked up as Scott spoke, and his stomach nearly rolled over with dread as he stopped halfway through. "...Asmodeus came in with her body. She says Ash did a good number on her earlier, and well....".

Deon's eyes widened slightly, and the hairs on the back of his head pricked up.

"...There's a chance she won't make it."

~ The Kasha's Story Begins - A desire to grow Stronger awakens, and two new opponents arise! ~


Against the release of Gabriel's powers, Rin was nearly knocked out and she was definitely powerless. Luckily, she had her of (half) angel to protect her. Michael held her close as Gabriel's power was unleashed, and she pushed herself deep into his chest to avoid the searing pain that the Angel's power brought. After a while, when Gabriel's power had settled down, she looked around the area. Michael let her go, and she looked around in case any danger remained. "What a mess...". He mumbled. Rin, after following her intuition and finding no threats in the immediate area, she turned to Michael, her head down and her eyes focusing on the floor. "T-Thanks, Michael. For saving me, I mean. If you hadn't have pulled me.... yeah, thanks". She coughed awkwardly, and turned. The Hallways was pretty much fine, aside from the smell of singed flesh and burning. Rin turned to Michael, and grinned. "Sooo.... what now?". Rin's eyes locked with Michael's, and he spoke. "... I'm not sure. I don't know what's going on right now". Rin tapped her chin, and spoke; "Maybe we should check on Gabriel and the others, since the Control Room has camera's pretty much everywhere". Rin made a turn to the door, but Michael stopped her. ".... You'd die if he still has his powers unrestrained." Rin grinned, and spoke. "I have a feeling that he's restrained them, so I should be alright". With that, she strode forward and pulled open the door, and Michael said something about Kasha behind her, before following her inside.

~~~~~ Flashback GO! ~~~~~

Rin took a deep breath as she prepared herself for the worst, which wasn't actually that much to be honest. She took one last breath, and then opened the door to her Uncle's Quarters. She stepped inside, making sure to close the door behind her, and she caught the end of a sentence he had been mumbling to himself. She moved quickly, but her Kasha body stopped her from making any sound she didn't want to make. So she found herself standing behind a man whom she thought of as everything someone could find good in a person. Her Uncle, one of the current Leaders of the Renegades. She prepared herself, and then she spoke. "Excuse me, Uncle". The slightly timid voice from behind the older Kasha seemed to struggle through the air, much more than Rin would have wanted it to. "Erm, I was just wondering about something.... Well, two people, actually". The Kasha Leader slowly looked over at her and gave her a gentle smile. He then fully turned around to face her and put his cane into position. He placed one hand gently over the handle lightly. "... Ah, Rin. Speak away then, my child". The girl looked away for a moment, but suddenly looked up. "Tell me about Deon and Michael! I wanna be strong like them, and protect people from... From my Family!". The girl dropped her head again, and sighed. "I'm just so weak, and I can't even cut through wood with my claws".

In reality, Rin had spent months trying to cut through a tree trunk with her natural claws, but they lacked the cutting edge of the other Kasha, and she was frequently made fun of for it. She always got tense when she was asked to help with cutting things or with chopping up vegetables for dinner without using a knife. The only thing that had kept her going, trying to get stronger, were two people. Deon Morris and Michael Malachim were both top of their respective classes, and they even spoke to her on occasion without it being an insult or a taunt. She'd walked past them and they'd smile at her like they were friends, but she knew that she wouldn't be able to keep up with them on the battlefield. One time, when she'd been being bullied for being so weak by some of the strongest people on Campus, Deon had taken the hits for her until her Uncle had arrived to break up the fight. She remembered it clearly. How the bullies had pushed her against a wall, intent on doing... god knows what to her, but suddenly a voice came, toxicity basically rolling off of it's tongue. The guys had left Rin alone, and she was thankful until one of them grabbed her by the neck.

Of course, it didn't end there. The boy agreed to trade himself for her, and the sounds of bones cracking and blood splattering, along with the images that were burned into her brain, still tormented her to this day. After an hour of the torture, Michael and her Uncle had found them and stopped the fighting, and the Phoenix boy was taken to the Infirmary. Rin thought he had died, but she learned that he was immortal the next day when she found him laughing it off as if it hadn't happened. Rin's brows furrowed, and she blinked a few times before looking up in shock at the man who was laughing at her. "Oh Rin...". He sighed, raised his hand and continued. "... I never believed any of my family would find me here. But you are different from them... You have good intentions, while they have fallen into corruption. It is why I was banished in the first place... But still, Deon and Michael are special conditions. Everyone knows about Deon, and, well... Let's just say Michael has a gift. A powerful gift. But you.... You will need to be trained."

Rin looked at her Uncle again, and spoke. "Tell me more about Deon first! He's technically the strongest, and if it was just a physical contest, I'd want to be able to keep up with him. I'm already faster than Michael, maybe stronger too. I wanna know everything about them, just in case either of them screw up and turn evil". The words her Unclespoke next made her wonder just who, or maybe even what, Michael was. "Michael cannot be corrupted". He told her firmly, patting his hand gently as he rubbed it. ".... His heart is blessed. Unlike Deon's... But very well, I will tell you. But... To know your friends, you must know the risks you must take. You must earn the right to know... Are you prepared for the training I have in mind? Even if it almost kills you?". Rin took a few moments to consider his offer, her mind was racing. What could possibly be so dangerous that it could kill her? After a few tense minutes, the younger Kasha looked up. "I'll do it!".

Of course, she'd wanted to do it, not only because she'd be able to incapacitate them if she needed to but she also wanted to grow stronger so she could repay Deon for what he had done for her. She wanted to get close to them, and to be friends with them and be able to protect them from harm as well. She knew that her journey would start here, but she still wasn't prepared for what happened next. Her Uncle smiled and pressed a button. "Ladies, ...Come in here for a moment". He then released it and put his hand back on top of the other. "I think I should intoduce you to two people Michael and Deon haven't fought or will not be trained by... They don't need it. But then again, they will miss out." Rin turned as the two figures entered the room. One was obviously a Shinigami, from the enchanting beauty all the way down to the skulls adorning her weapons and her massive Scythe. The other was yet another woman, her brilliant red hair was hidden underneath a green cap with a golden star on it, and a grin on her face. "So, waddaya need, 'Unclee Kasha'?". The second girl laughed, and her eyes blazed as she suddenly turned serious. "If ya didnt know, you're staring at a Dragon Youkai, Missy".

The Kasha leader looked at them. "Ah, ladies... Introduce yourself to my niece, would you kindly?". The Dragon Youkai jumped at the chance, but before she could speak the Shinigami laughed and spoke. "Just call me Lady Death, everyone else does anyway. I'm a Shinigami, blah blah blah. You get the picture". The Shinigami grinned at the Dragon and gestured for her to speak, with a smirk on her face all the while. The Dragon Youkai grinned, and nodded. "'Bout time, anyways... I stopped using my real name ages ago, but you can call me the 'Red Dragon'. Everyone else does anyway". She laughed, and Rin nodded. "I-It's nice to meet both of you...". Rin's eyes opened in shock, and she spoke. "You mean I get to train with two of the Leaders of the Renegades!?". Rin turned to her Uncle, and spoke again. "I just wanted you to tell me about Deon and Michael, that's all...". A voice from behind her, belonging to Red, froze her in her spot. "What, are we not good enough for you?".

The Kasha Leader laughed lightly at this. "And I told you. You must earn the right to do this... That is why you will be trained specially. Just like Michael is being trained by me, and, well.... We all know what Deon's doing. Ladies, are you up for this challenge I present to you?". He asked Lady Death and Red Dragon. Red grinned and nodded, and Lady Death just seemed to remain the same aside from a small tilt of her head. Red grinned and spoke again. "Only problem is..". She locked eyes with Rin, her grin broadening. "Are YOU ready for this challenge?". Rin's eyes dropped once again for a moment before she caught sight of Deon and Michael walking past the room, laughing. She grinned, a determined glint in her eye, and spoke. "Ready as I'll ever be!".

~~~~~ Flashback END! ~~~~~

Deon Morris - The Executioner

".... There's nothing that can be done about it, Deon. She has to make her own choice now about whether she lives or dies. I'm sorry about the chains restraining you, but... Well, nearly killing someone doesn't look good in our situation". Scott told him, as three Renegade soldiers grabbed a hold of three poles sticking out of the collar on Deon's neck. Deon struggled, and was promptly zapped with a buzz-baton by one of his restrainers. He growled and bared his teeth. "When I get outta this goddamn thing, you're all FUCKING DEAD!". He struggled more, growling and huffing but eventually the constant hits from the baton stopped him. He sigh and let his head fall forward, and he growled. "I'm sticking to that. I'll throw all of you into a Ravine somewhere in Germany". Scott narrowed his eyes at him. "Keep that up and I'm locking you down in a water cell tonight". He told him, as Scott and the Renegade squad followed along, a few Renegade soldiers forcing Deon to walk alongside Scott. "... Funny, you don't seem to be worried at all for Eclipse." Deon simply grinned and spoke. "Scott, you do know that I could bury you right now, in all honesty, right? I mean come on, sure... I'm not at my best right now, but I could snap your spine with ease. Trust me, I've done it before". Deon began to snicker lightly, his eyes widening in manic excitement, before he clenched them shut and calmed himself down. "And if you keep up YOUR attitude, I'll lock you in the cemetary tonight".

Scott stopped at this, making the other stop as well in worry. "... Hold him". He said, as the three soldiers pulled the poles enough to keep Deon restrained enough as Scott walked in front of him. He opened his right palm to reveal a demonic marking formed from blood on his hand. He narrowed his eyes as he slammed it into Deon's forehead, making red lines appear on him. Deon's eyes widened as his body was wracked with the pain of being drowned in a pool of Holy Water. He gnashed his teeth together and growled, after the ten seconds were up, and he growled again. His breathing came heavily, and his eyes were blazing. "I swear, Scott.....". Scott pulled his hand back and pulled out a glove, putting it over his hand. "You can thank Asmodeus for giving me a drop of blood for that. Besides... I have a meeting to go to tonight, Eclipse is being restrained and will be under lockdown until further notice. After tonight's incident, I take no chances...". He stated, walking further as the Renegade soldiers dragged Deon along. ".... You know what they'll want, Deon. The Exorcists will either want Ash to be publically executed by them, or... For us to strip you of your rank and place you under arrest until further notice. And you know Angel will be there in the morning... Waiting for either you or Ash to walk into that room. If I have to choose between killing Ash or risk you being trialed... You know what I will go for".

Deon grinned at Scott, and spoke. "Only one problem with that plan, Scott". He grinned wider, and locked eyes with the man. "What if I kill everyone here beforehand?". With that, he laughed his madman laugh and didn't stop, not even when Scott began to send the pain through his body again. In fact, he laughed harder at that point, and his eyes were wild. The static and the Symbols had returned again, and he knew what they meant. Deon laughed as Scott spun around, not bothering with his glove but instead striking a golden knife into his chest, and Deon felt the sweet, burning sensation of holy water slide into his cut from the tip of the blade.

"... I didn't want to have it come to this". He said, as he clapped his hands.


"Restraint!". Deon lay on the ground, cackling with savage glee as his eyes widened and his pupils dialated. His tongue shot out of his mouth and began to flick around in the air, and he laughed even harder as his old restraints were replaced by newer golden ones. Holy chains, something that even he wouldn't mess with.


Deon didn't struggle as his arms and legs were bound by the viscious chains that cut and slashed at his skin as they twirled around him, intent on sealing him inside of them and ending him, crushing him into oblivion and making it seem like nothing had happened. Eventually, he was enclosed in nothing but gold, and this was when it occurred to him that he wasn't going to get away with what happened before. Or did it?


Suddenly, the pain shot through him. A thousand times the pain he had suffered from the hits Scott had given him, all combined into every single cell in his body. He began chanting it, the horrible repetition that circled in his head. He wanted it so badly, it'd been ages since he'd had it. He wanted it. He wanted it. HE WANTED IT!

"I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I want it. I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WANT IT! I WAANT IIIIIIITTT GYAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I WANT THEIR BLOOD RIGHT NOW, I WANT THEIR SCREAMS AND THEIR MOANS AND THEIR FLESH RIGHT NOW! GIVE IT TO ME! GIVE ME WHAT I WANT, OR I'LL TAKE IT! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


Deon finally knew what those symbols meant, although he'd had a nagging feeling about what they had meant. Even now, all he could hear was the static, and all he could see were those symbols and the nonsense scribblings of the Madness. He felt damp, wet and cold, and he knew that the Madness had gotten a grip on him. No matter what happened now, it would only get worse as time went on. He grinned wider, and realised what he was seeing. The letters seemed to arrange themselves before him, and he finally saw them for what they really were. A message to him, and only him. Sent by the one who had instigated this madness inside of him. He grinned as the first word appeared, being 'Puppeteer'. The other? 'Madness'.

Deon Morris - The Executioner

~~~~~ How did this all happen, I wonder? Being reacquainted with an Old Foe! ~~~~~

From inside the chains, Deon could hear Michael and Scott outside of it, conversing about him. It didn't irk him that much, considering the fact that he was focusing more on keeping a lid on his craziness and trying not to let himself shout out anything else that could get him into more trouble. After all, he was going to be prosecuted by the five most powerful Exorcists soon enough, and hopefully he'd make his escape then. On the outside of the chains, Scott looked over at Rin. "Anything to say on the matter?". He asked her. Rin simply sighed, and shook her head. "I don't know what we can do... How did he even end up like that, anyway?". Scott shrugged his shoulders. "I believe it has something to do with the Eclipse and Ash teaming up thing..." Rin sighed, and spoke again. "Is that ALL you can think of? I mean REALLY!? Did you say anything to him? Do you provoke him at all? You should know the signs of his madness, we've gone over it hundreds of times, yet he's still gone crazy on us!". Rin went to speak more, but a voice from inside the chains cut her off. "You know, Rin. Madness is infectious, and you seem like you're getting a bit... 'crazy'... with the way you're yelling".

Suddenly, new voices reached Deon's ears, and a grin slowly spread across his face. "That will be all...". All Deon knew was that he was being dragged closer to the screen, or wherever the voices were coming from. "... He was going mad when I found him. That's it". He whispered before looking at the screen.

"Have you made your decision yet, Renegades? You know what we request... We have already gotten the report on the situation that broke out tonight". Scott narorwed his eyes at this. "I know, from me...". He stated with a hint of regret.

"Of course you did. Now then... We have talked over some things, and have decided on two things. Ash's execution, or Deon's trial. The choice is yours alone".


Suddenly, the voice from the chains returned, this time laden with sarcasm. Those who knew Deon's face would guess that his smirk was wide and devilish, and those that knew him well knew that things could easily get back fast. "You guys are suuuch gooood Exorcists! Surely you won't need to put little old me on Trial? Or are you all just too scared of me?".

Deon heard the sound of footsteps, and realised that two people had left the area for a bit. He grinned as the last voice, which he recognised as Michael's, shouted out at him. "That's enough Deon! Control yourself, for everyone's sake!". Just before the two other wer out of ears reach, Deon heard Scott say something, and he grinned to himself. Scott sighed. ".... Rin, come with me for a moment". He said, quickly taking her arm and pulling her away from where they could be heard. "... I told him about Quake". Rin nodded, and spoke. "Oh, this is to be expected then. The combination of lack of sleep, stress and the revelation about her must've set him off. He'll probably be better tomorrow, but now we have a... 'situation' on our hands. Get Michael to come over here now, too". Through all of this, Deon remained eerily silent.

Scott looked at the screen. ".... I'm afraid I can't do that. They won't allow him to leave until he makes a decision". Rin sighed, and nodded, heading back into the room. "I know what we can do".

"So Michael... What will it be? The death of a Devil's Child? Or... The Trial of a Renegade Leader?".

Michael, too, went silent.

And then, everything changed.

Rin was about to speak, when a tremendous howl swept through the room, cutting her off and knocking everyone down. The chains rattled, and the voice from inside spoke out again. "Lemme out now, Michael! Let. me. OUT!". Deon struggled inside his chained prison, and Rin watched as a person entered the doorway. "Well, it seems like I've arrived at the perfect time, haven't I, Mistress? Oh, I'm assured I have, milady". The figure paused for a moment, before grinning. "Indeed, I shall grab him immediately. I have also freed Eclipse again, just as you said I should. In fact, I have him with me right now". The man grinned, and strode up to the golden chains, a smirk on his face. "Milady, could you perhaps open a portal right now for me? Many thanks". With that, a massive, swirling hole appeared, and a figure stepped out. Her Rabbit Ears marked her clearly as a Lunar Rabbit, and she held her hair out of her face in the force of the wind. "Hurry up and get him through, before your powers run out!".

Rin tried to stand, but her feet were constantly kept under her by the force of the wind. She looked up just in time to hear a random soldier call out for Gabriel's help, and the Angel complied. "Very well....". He said, appearing in front of the man as he narrowed his eyes at him as his wings spread out to their full wing span. "... The sword will not leave this building". The man sighed, and spoke again. "Oh, it's an Angel. I never dreamed I'd see one such as yourself in my lifetime. Please, call me Ronove. This lovely lady here is Luna, although I'm sure you all know her better as 'Lunatic Red Eyes' or something of the sort. Please, get out of the way, kind sir".

"Number 26 and Number 12 on the Wanted List... You are in my way". Gabriel said, aiming a hand at Ronove. ".... The sword. Now". He said, being once again very serious. "What? What are you doing, Gabriel?!?" Michael called out. "The New Angels have always been in an alliance with us. Ever since Rapheal made the deal official. Why, today he visited Angel and got acquianted with him. They seemed to get along well.... Don't you agree, Angel?" The voices on the screen spoke again, somehow managing to stay above the ragining torrent. Suddenly, Angel's face appeared, smiling broadly. "Oh hello there, Phoenix! It looks like you're right where you're supposed to be. Tied up and about to be obliterated. I'll save you the speech since we'll be seeing eachother soon enough. After all, Gabriel is VERY capable!".

Deon groaned, and jabbed back. "Yeah, I bet he's very capable of shoving even more things up your ass than you've already got up there, right? Whoa!". Deon felt himself lifted off of the ground, and he began hovering in the air. From Rin's view, Luna grinned and her eyes flashed red for a moment. And suddenly, the torrent stopped. Ronove spoke, dropping Deon and speaking again. "I guess I'll allow you the priveledge of fighting me, Master Gabriel. Now, shall we dance?". Ronove grinned as Gabriel spoke again. "Fight? No... I aim to destroy yo --".

Suddenly, the chains around Deon vanished. He blinked a few times, clearing his head and looking around, He caught Scott's eyes, his entire expression telling Deon to run. To run away from Gabriel, the Exorcists and to leave it all behind. Deon didn't know what he was meant to do. Did he escape with Luna and Ronove? Did he stay and help the others? Or did he just bolt from the room and vanish from everyone, slowly letting the madness take him over? Before Deon could act though, Gabriel's hand was pointed at him. Deon grinned and spoke. "Oh, did you forget? I'm not exactly killable. Not even your 'God' can end me, dumbass". Deon grinned even wider, and held his hand up in the air, as if in defeat. "Alright, take me to your Leaders". Deon's grinned spread across his entire face, and he winked at the others. He knew exactly what he needed to do here.

Gabriel narrowed his eyes. ".... No prisoners". He said, before finding something being sprayed out from Eclipse's form. "What in the --". He stopped as he felt himself itchy suddenly, while Ronove would find his hands beginning to feel like they were burning. "N-no! What is this?!?! A trap?!? Why did it go off now?!? Curse the mechanics!".
"Mechanics?". Eclipse spoke out in a teasing tone. "No. What you two just got was some pretty power stuff. I have an opinion of my own you know, Ronove. I'd recommend leaving me, unless you want to lose those pretty little hands of yours~". A chuckle ran out at this, Eclipse had been enjoying the drama, and now, he got to kick in it! "Curse this sword!". Gabriel called out again, unaware that his target was now free to go.

"Gabriel, come to your senses and kill the phoenix already!". Deon sighed, and rubbed his forehead. "Oh man, doesn't ANYONE listen to me? You CAN'T kill me! Sheesh, dumbasses". Deon grinned, noticing his chance. He dashed forward, and while Gabriel was distracted, he flicked his right leg forward, a savage grin on his face as it connected with the Angel's face head on, and sent him through the wall and to the other side of the base. Deon put his foot down and grinned. "I've always wanted to hit an Angel, and I've also wanted to hit Angel. It's a win-win situation, I guess". Deon looked at the screen, an even savager grin on his face. "Yes Angel, that means I'm coming for you next!". Angel recoiled from the screen, obsceneties blaring out of his mouth as he ran out of the room, shouting for soldiers to get to the Renegades Base. Deon simply grinned at the other figures on the screen, gave them the bird and then turned away. He crouched and picked up Eclipse, and went over to the portal. "Let's see what's down the rabbit hole, eh?". With that, he vanished inside it, followed quickly by Luna and Ronove.

Gabriel, at the last moment, burst through another part of the wall and aimed both hands at the portal as the three ran for it. "HEAVEN'S DESTRUCTION FIVE; THOUSAND SPEARS OF CHRIST!" At his command, one thousand lights formed in front of him as he sent them all at the portal. The three had only five seconds, and the lights were closing in fast. Three, two, one... All the lights collided at the same time, creating a semi-explosion that was only as big as the portal. Gabriel landed and his wings vanished, as he narrowed his eyes. ".... Well I'll be.... They are fast". He remarked.

The smoke had cleared, the portal was gone. And so were they.

"I see....". The exorcist called out to the remaining observers, knowing full well they were Rin, Scott and Michael. ".... Tomorrow we need to talk. Morning. Make sure you bring a representative for the one named Ashley Clade. As of right now I am declaring Renegade Law by temporarily stirpping Deon of his Renegade Leader Rank. Also... WDL soldiers will be watching over the Base tonight for any activity. They find something strange and they will respond without delay. Oh, and Angel... IF you can hear me, clear your schedule for tomorrow morning.

Because you will be there in person to keep an eye on things during the meeting tomorrow. That is all, Everyone is dismissed to rest!"

The screen went blank, and all was silent as Gabriel walked away from the scene.

Deon Morris - The Executioner

~ Escape from the Angel's Wrath - Where the heck am I now? ~

Deon stood, looking around the lush Gardens that he stood in. Beside him stood Luna, and on his other side was Ronove. Deon turned, and spoke. "Thanks for saving me back there. I... don't know who you are or why you did save me, but thanks anyway". Deon looked around, wondering where he was. Suddenly, a hand appeared in his shoulder, belonging to Luna. "Don't worry, you're safe here. Nobody can find this place unless the Mistress wishes for them to. And the Madness will be kept away from you here too". Deon briely wondered how she knew about his madness, but he figured it would have been pretty easy to see. Deon sighed, and went to speak, only to be cut off by Ronove. "Please, do not wait for us. You will find your room in the Mansion, and if you ever need help, just call for me or Luna". With that, Ronove bowed and vanished. The Lunar Rabbit didn't leave though. She seemed as if she wanted to stay with him for a while, so Deon asked if she wanted to walk with him. "Sure, I might as well. I mean, your room is across from mine anyway, I think. I can show you there as well if you want". Deon simply nodded, a grin on his face.

After a few minutes of walking, the pair had made it to a mansion. It was beautiful. It seemed to be a fairly large building, almost as if it was meant to be a home for any and all demons who were banished to Purgatory or something. What a funny thought that was, Deon mused to himself. The doors opened as soon as they approached them, held open by two red men who seemed to be content with their life and job. Deon bowed slightly and proceeded inside, but something stopped him. "Who's that portrait of, Luna?". The rabbit turned and smile, before looking at the picture. "She's the one who asked us to get you. She cares about you, you know. She's the Mistress of this Mansion, in short".

Deon's eyes widened as he took in the picture, and it all came flashing into his head. His mouth hung open slightly, and a single drop of sweat dripped down his face, and fell to the floor. The portrait was beautiful, and even more so was the girl depicted in it. Deon swallowed, his mouth suddenly becoming dry. He took in the features of the girl, the slightly above average bust, the blue hair and the red eyes, all along with her pale skin. Deon knew what he was looking at, who he was looking at, and he finally found a name. Well, two names. One from memory, and the other from the plaque underneath the portrait.

Remilia - The Mirage Puppeteer


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~ Aftermath: A hard decision to make! ~

Silence. That was the only way to describe the feeling in the room, after Deon had gone off with two of the most wanted demons. Gabriel stood there, wings slowly entering his back, his expression still showed anger at the loss of the capture of Deon or Eclipse. Michael and Scott turned to the screen, where the remaining four figures seem to not be paying attention at the moment to them. This quickly changed after a few minutes. "... So, with that, I think we will leave you to rest and think about tomorrow. If I were you, I'd have the others stay -far- away from the meeting as much as possible." The oldest exorcist spoke, he was sort of speaking like the representative for the other three. He was strong, if he had been the one arriving instead of Angel, things would be different. Angel was younger, more reckless and more willing to kill off without listening to reason. This exorcist however had once respected the former three leaders of the Renegades, enough that at times, the three of them could convince him to see past a few things. It made Scott angry on the inside, but the decision had already been made, and the Renegades seemed more in trouble then ever now with Deon finally gone.

The screen finally died and Gabriel closed his eyes. He turned around as he opened his eyes, looking at Scott and Michael with sorrow in his eyes. "If it helps you both, I could go looking for any that are still mis --" He stopped as he sensed a holy presence in the building. "No..." He mumbled, Michael stopping as it came over him as well. Scott furrowed his brows. "Soldiers, investigate!" He called out, as the three human soldiers saluted to him before rushing off. "Over there! Go that way!" Michael called out to them as he saw them rush off into the direction he pointed out. He took in short breaths as Gabriel furrowed his brows. "It's gone..." He said. "What is?" Scott asked, looking between Michael and Gabriel. "Forget about it... It's nothing." Michael said to him, making Scott raise a brow. "If you say so... Alright Gabriel. I need you to round up anyone who's still out there. If you find any of the children, lead them back here, alright?" He asked him. "Will do." Gabriel responded, quickly rushing off at this, leaving only Michael and Scott to wonder...

Michael closed his eyes and sighed out as he shook his head. "Five..." He said, Scott looking over at him. "We only have five of them now... Eight children, damnation! An extra child... Two of them are probably dead, Deon's gone now... Our chances of keeping them safe are falling!" He cried out, putting his face in his hands as Scott looked over at him. "Rin wouldn't want to hear this from you..." He told him. "Rin's off going to check on Quake! Of course she would not want to hear this from me, we've all lost Deon!" Michael cried out to him. Scott furrowed his brows at him. "Would Deon want to hear this from you either? He did it because he had no other choice... To die or to escape, what other choice was he given?! The five most powerful exorcist in the world were watching over us, ordering one of the most powerful entities to fight!" Scott stopped and sighed out, putting a hand on his forehead. "... We need to search for the others." He said to Michael. "... I'll go search near where the Jello Demon was last spotted. I'll see you later..." Michael said to him before beginning to walk off. Scott sighed out as he looked to the screen at this. "... Why couldn't we get more help when we need it most?" He said before heading off.

~ The Jello Demon's only chance! An uneasy alliance! ~

The Jello Demon struggled to move as the hole wasn't exactly healing. The attack Gabriel had sent through him had effected him drastically, time seemed to have paused for him as his mind closed itself off to rest. Once he had awoken, he had no idea what time it was anymore. He groaned out lowly, seeing no one in the room... Except one voice came out. "Well, what a coincidence..." The metallic voice rung out to the Jello Demon, it's eyes widening as it slowly looked over at the chained up body of Tergun, who grinned at the defeated sight of the one who freed him. "Y-you... Aren't you --" The Jello Demon tried to ask. "Yes, I am Tergun. I am the Kappa who you freed from his prison, I am the Kappa who did as you asked and distracted the Renegades with my appearance. I am the Kappa... Who can save you." The Jello Demon looked at him with caution. "In exchange for...?" He started. "In exchange for my freedom, you will be healed and can go back to your so called master. I know you are clearly a Shikigami, who couldn't do well as a regular water demon due to being made of jello. You are infamous after all, a rare sight to see these days. The WDL will pay a hefty reward for someone like you... Of course, I can't get that reward. But if the Renegades turn you in, you will die... So, deal?" He asked with an uneasy smile. "... Very well." He said, extending his arm out as he formed claws and sliced off the chains with ease, before retracting his arm and his claws turned back into fingers.

Tergun chuckled as he stood up, watching the rest of the chains fall off with ease. "Impressive... I had heard your abilities were well developed, but to go this far... I'll need a sample of you first." Tergun said as he walked over and got on his knees, taking a tiny piece of jello off of the Jello Demon before putting it away in a tube. "Excellent. Now... Let's begin, shall we?" The Jello Demon narrowed his eyes at him. "Just heal me already... I hear you aren't good at keeping to your word." Tergun chuckled again at this. "You heard right. But... I do keep to a promise. So, no more talking, this... Will take a bit." Tergun said before beginning to work on healing the Jello Demon.

~ Kane's burden, an idol appearing before him! ~

A Renegade squad of ten was searching out, being led by one of the Renegade's more higher ranking. They were searching for anyone who was still missing, including the children. As they neared Kane's position, he could hear the faint footsteps grow louder. Remaining silent, he drew his blade out and was prepared to ambush the enemy if they got close. He was about to spring out into action when Mireya's sudden scream caused him to give a loud and fearful scream as well, jumping and turning back to her in panic. "Sir, did you hear that?" One of the soldiers in the squad asked the one leading the squad. "Yes I did... Could you investigate that?" "Of course sir." The soldier responded, the squad then moving out into the same area where Kane's room was and began looking around the area. "If anyone needs assistance, speak up now! We are of the Renegades, we are part of Rin's division!" Upon hearing it was the Renegades, Kane sighed in relief and sheathed his sword. "Yeah, over here! We've got a couple of, uh... Injured, I think?!" Kane said to them, not entirely sure whether the purple haired girl was injured or not. At his call, the squad entered in, three of them guarding the outside of the room while the other seven went in and began to look over the two. "The boy appears to be suffering from major blood loss... But... I can not find a single wound on him! Incredible... Whoever did this is certainly gifted in medical knowledge!" One of them said about Sebastian's case. "The woman appears to be merely suffering from over-exhaustion... Handle her with care, guys! We don't want to send her into some sort of panic attack!"

"Well done." A familiar voice spoke out to him, the figure walking into the room and stopping before Kane. “I am glad to see someone was brave enough to watch over these two while nasty events occured... Thank you for you support. May I ask your name?” The person standing over him turned out to be... Michael. "I.. I-I... I uh... Uh... Mah-" Kane stammered incomprehensibly as he stared at his idol. Michael merely blinked a bit by his behavior. “Tongue twisted, are you? I understand... From the amount of dried blood I see here, you must of seen some scary things. Everything’s fine now though.” His eyes wondered around the room at this. “... Were there any others with you then, sir?” He asked him. "N-No sir! Well uh, actually, wait, there was Keilani Ash and Claire!" Kane's mind was remembering more of what happened, he had been so distracted by Sebastian that he had completely forgotten the situation from before. Michael rose a brow as he head some names. "Ash Claire? Keilani Dreahen? Hmm... Do you have any way of contacting them?" He asked.

"N-no sir! Ash attacked us and well... I don't know where they are now." Michael sighed out from the news. “Damnation to that Eclipse... I suppose you have recovered enough to speak. What is your name then?” He asked Kane. "Kane sir! Kane O'Reilly!" Kane said, saluting stiffly as he did his best to show formality. Michael nodded at this. “I’ll remember it. Kane, I need you to do me a favor from here. Do you mind watching over things here while I look for your friend?” Michael asked Kane. "Of course sir! Anything you ask!" Kane remained rigid as Michael smiled at this. "Thank you." Michael said to him, before then turning around. “I’m counting on you to do this...” He told Kane before walking out of the room. "Of course sir!" Kane remained frozen, even as Michael left out of sight. The Renegade soldiers saluted Michael as he passed by them, before returning to their normal duties, but they watched Kane carefully from here... "Take the two back to the infirmary once they are well enough. If anyone finds Keilani, I want them in the same room. On different beds, of course, but I want them close. I don't want them turning up missing..." Michael said to the three soldiers outside the room, each of them saluting to Michael as he walked off...

~ The unusual team! ~

The Jello Demon rose up from his spot as he looked down his chest, which was now good as new. "My word... That stuff really does work." He commented, to mostly himself. Tergun smirked as he watched the Jello Demon begin to move again. "Yes, it is quite extraordinary what we can do sometimes... But we must leave now, if we want any chance of getting back to your master." The Jello Demon looked at him cautiously, but then heard multiple foot steps approaching. "This way! Go, go, go!" Many voices shouted out towards them, with both demons looking in the direction they were coming from. "Shoot... They came too early!" Tergun exclaimed. "You, lead the --" He stopped as he turned to look at where the Jello Demon was, only to find nothing there now. "No, he... He betrayed me?!?!" Tergun stated to himself, gritting his teeth as he quickly began to run away from the scene. "How dare that creature... Even though I would of experimented on him, I -- ugh... His master. That damn master of his! He knew something was up, didn't he?!?! Is he trying to mess with me, is he trying to make Tergun the Metal Kappa look like a fool?!?"

After running for some time, Tergun stopped and leaned against a wall, gasping for breath at this point. "Damn my luck... They haven't given up yet -- I'll give them that... But -- wait..." Tergun stopped himself as he looked over his shoulder to see a figure walking away with something. "... Who is that? I don't know either of them... But wait. Maybe -- yes... That foolish demon left me behind, but I can still get this girl and the other one! Yes... I can smell it from one of them. An unusual blood... It smells rare." Tergun's cunning mind quickly sprang into action. His mind began working out many ways he could surprise this person -- but then, a sudden jolt of pain sprang him back into reality! He grabbed his arm as he watched it shake slightly, gritting his teeth as he did. "Curse that Turner... I will get him back for that. But first... My new subject!" With that, Tergun began making his way towards the girl's position. The girl had pink hair and looked similar to the other black haired girl she was carrying. Tergun had to play it cool for now, otherwise the surprise would be ruined. Meanwhile... A liquid form of a creature watched him from a distance, narrowing it's eyes at him as it quickly slithered away. It's plan had worked, the distraction was going to make a scene, and that was all it needed to get back to it's master. Tergun's role had indeed gone back to what it originally was meant to all along.

~ A nasty surprise for Claire! ~

With caution, Claire was filing through the halls, Ash was slung over her shoulder and she was heading towards the infirmary. In the distance, footsteps of a single person could be heard, but her focus remained on Ash's health above all else. She turned to head down another corridor as a voice came out at this. "I'm surprised you aren't armed..." A voice spoke out from behind. "It could of protected you better..." It told her. "I wasn't exactly prepared for this." She admitted. She didn't turn though and continued to carry Ash. “Perhaps you need some... Assistance, then?” It asked her. The foot steps were getting closer at this, and since she didn't turn around, she couldn't tell who it was. "She'll be fine. Just needs some rest." She commented towards the mysterious person. “What about you? Perhaps I...” At this, she felt a hand rest on her shoulder, the mysterious person stood behind her now. “... Need to give you some help after all?” It asked her again. "I can take care of myself... I'm not really that hurt at all." She responded, keeping her focus on Ash and not this person. “Too bad.... It’s your life.” Tergun said to her, a smirk on his face as he tightened his grip on her shoulder. “Now... You will put her down, or... I crush your shoulder. Do we have a deal?” He asked her. "You will release my shoulder, or I will make sure you regret it." Claire told him, at this point she had stopped walking. “Ohhhh ho-ho-ho-ho-ho! Scary lady, are you? You don’t scare me... Why, I laugh at you! I was going to have some fun, but... I could just kill you instead. Real easy too...” Tergun said with such confidence, even in his weakened state.

With sudden ferocity, Noir leaped from the shadows and bit into the wrist of Tergun with deep fangs. “YOOWWWWCCHHH!!!” Tergun shouted out in pain, backing up a bit as he aimed to hit Noir, but Noir let go quickly and got away from Tergun's hit. “WHY YOU PEST! That’s it... Your dead. YOUR BOTH DEAD FOR THIS!” Ducking downward, Claire's leg kicked backward as she did a variation of the vertical splits, kicking Tergun clean in the face as it sent him flying back. Spit left the Kappa's mouth as he landed roughly on his back, twitching a bit. Noir hissed once, urinating on the Kappa as Claire ran with Ash down the hall, Noir following her. “How dare you, you fucking little -- AGH!” Tergun was suddenly pinned to the ground by Renegade soldiers as they quickly restrained him. “Take him back to a cell! Make sure the cell is refined this time!” Scott shouted out, watching as Renegade soldiers raised Tergun from the floor. “YOU ARE ALL DEAD! YOU HEAR ME, SCOTTY BOY?!?! DEAD!” Tergun shouted out before he was dragged away from sight. Claire stopped as she reached the next turn, not far from the infirmary now. "Good Boy Noir. You did great there." She smiled at the cat, hearing it meow pleasantly before it scampered off down to another part of the hall. Scott walked over to Claire at this. “Are you alright then...? I trust he didn’t do too much in his current state?” He asked her.

"I was prepared to deal with him if it was necessary, but I appreciate your assistance." Claire told him, sighing as she adjusted her grip on Ash before continuing to walk. Scott walked with her as he looked over Ash and rose a brow at her condition. “What happened to her...?” He asked Claire with some caution. "Deon plowed her into a wall when she was regaining control. She's just got a bit of a concussion is all. I'm taking her to the infirmary." She told him, hefting Claire up a little as she quickened her pace. “I’m Scott, if you don’t remember... I don’t think I caught your name before though. Mind telling me it?” He asked her, looking ahead to see the infirmary close now. "Claire. Claire Clade." She told him, turning to the infirmary as she quickly found a bed for Ash to lie in, taking note of Quake and the other injured. “Ahh.... Well, I know this is kind of sudden, but... Do you mind doing me two favors?” He asked her. "Depends on what they are." She told him in response. “Well, first... I need you to represent Ash tomorrow for a meeting... And second, I need you to start training Kane and Sebastian.” "Represent?" Claire asked. She then closed her eyes. "Wait... I see. Yes, that will be fine." She nodded before opening her eyes. Scott blinked at this. "Do you even know what's happened...?" "I have some idea... Though you can confirm the details with me. I... Have some time." She then took a seat by Ash's bed and crossed her legs.

Scott sighed and sat down at this. “Very well.... Earlier, there was an explosion. It was caused by Gabriel. I imagine you remember the WDL... Well, there are four other Exorcist organizations similar to it. Each of them has a leader - they are known as the five most powerful exorcists in the world. Deon was in trouble earlier, it was either he got on trial or Ash be sent in for execution... We all had to make a tough decision, but we had to choose Deon’s trial over her execution. Two demons then showed up, one of them holding Eclipse. The exorcists somehow got control over Gabriel and had him go to fight the demons... This didn’t go so well, and the three escaped... Now Angel is coming here by morning... And there’s going to be a meeting. If things don’t go well for us... They will take Ash away. Plus.... They want the Extra Child, and they think it’s Ash...” "So I'm to represent her in the trial and attempt to prove what exactly?" She asked. "That she was manipulated." "As long as the trial is fair, that shouldn't be a problem." She admitted. Scott looked at her with a risen brow. "One of them is the WDL's new leader... I think that says a lot about what they're going to try to do tomorrow. Plus, they wanted Deon dead for some reason... Must be because Arthur failed to make him under they're own control." He told her. "So you're indicating to me that they'll do whatever it takes to win the case?" She asked. Scott sighed. "That... And get power over us."

"If worst comes to worst, I will be getting Ash out of here. You understand that, right?" She asked. Scott nodded. "Of course... But if you do, take Kane and Sebastian with you. Also... The Extra Child I mentioned. You know of the Seven Children already, I assume?" "I do." Claire responded, but made no guarentee on Kane and Sebastian. "We believe, after many translations of ancient demon writings and many clues we've gotten before... The Seven Children are keys, in a sense. They are the only thing that can stop Hell and it's forces for good. They carry the Devil's Blood, they are, in a way, immune... But this Extra Child is different. Legend holds that, if an Extra Child was born... This child would go on to be a key for the apocalypse. The Child's powers could grow to such an extent, that he or she could become... The next ruler of Hell." Claire laughed an honest laugh at this. "And they honestly think that's Ash?" She asked. "I know it isn't her." Scott told her. "If that's the case, why don't you submit that as evidence in her trial?" She asked. "Because they themselves do not have facts... They're only guessing it's her because of this recent incident. That's why I need you to stand in her place... To defend her, to prove she is innocent, that she is one of the original seven..."

"I get it. You need me to defend her to cover your own secrets. It's a calculated risk, I assume." "... I'm sorry to put you in this position. But you already know the corruption the WDL has..." He admitted. "I'll do what I can. That's all I can promise." ".... I also need to tell you.... I've found out who the Extra Child is." "Don't think I haven't done some investigation of my own." Claire smirked at this, sitting up. "I have my own ways of finding things out." Scott blinked again. "So you know too then?" He asked. "Naturally." Scott smiled a little at her response. "... Looks like I made the right choice in having you train the two after all. Anything you would like to tell me then before I go?" "You need to work on your security." Claire told him, giving him a quick glance over the shoulder. Scott chuckled a bit from this. "Right... Is that all then?" "I'll detail anything else you need to know in a dossier for your desk. For now, I hope we can have a quiet night until morning..." Scott nodded at this. "... Anyone with demon blood is also not allowed to go outside... WDL guards and all. They'll be guarding the outside of the base until Angel arrives in the morning... I just hope we make it tomorrow..." "Have a little faith in your people. We can manage this." Claire stated, standing up at this. Scott took out a plastic bag and put it down near where she had just sat. "Take that with you... It'll allow you into a few places normally no one would go. It has a feather in it... An angel's feather. You can go visit the injured and ill with this as well... I best be going as well. Also... Faith is what we need most." He said before leaving the room. Claire nodded and thanked him before taking the parcel.

~ The end of a day... ~

Sebastian was in a dream of sorts. A dream of a memory. His mind was sent back to that day... The day the attack happened on the poor city. His mother had grown up in that town, her name... Something Adam. Why couldn't he remember? And her last name was not that of his father's... Something Thomas, probably. He would probably forget once he awoke... He had no idea when that would be, he felt his body was being moved... Perhaps some place to rest? Who knows... He felt himself being laid down somewhere, his dream was repeating itself... That memory came to him over and over again, and he felt hot. He probably had a fever of some sort. He knew he had lost a lot of blood, they would probably try to make him recover somehow... His mind then went back to that day, it was a horrible day for all.

* ... *

Young Sebastian awakened, as if right on cue, to witness a horrible event. His mother stood in front of him, wounded and tired, her body had been beaten with so many bruises to show. In front of her stood Balarus of Kallos, back then he had no need for tubes in his body. Kallos was at his prime here, and back then he was just referred to as Balarus it seemed. His partner stood in the background with two other figures, one of them who's name was never mentioned back then. The other was known as Countess Cecilia. The partner's name was Kergun the Mechanical, who was sitting in some sort of mechanical device that had several spider-like legs. Balarus narrowed his eyes at the woman and spoke words, but he couldn't hear anything. It was at that moment Sebastian saw the unforgivable... His mother was struck down by his scythe! Sebastian's mouth opened as he shouted out for his mother as she collapsed. More talking... He couldn't make anything out. He felt himself stand up and race towards Balarus, only for his chest to get cut by three blades instead of one... He collapsed, his mind fading in and out as the... It came. Only two words came to his head...

Shadow Guardian.

With this memory slowly fading, Sebastian rested on for the day, waiting for the morning. He wouldn't wake up probably util the morning... He was on the center bed, the other two were reserved for Keilani and Mierya.


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Mireya Nightless
"When you reach the bottom, the only way you can go now is up... What if it's a bottomless hole?"

Mireya had her eyes wide opened however, she was not really seeing or even hearing anything. Kane and Sebastian's presence or even the Renegade soldiers who had entered the room were completely ignored by her. The licking heat of intense flames still lingered on her skin. Her senses had yet to adjust with the reality she was currently in or to process that she had awaken from her nightmare. She could feel how her body was trembling and beads of sweat fell on the side of her face. The events of her dream slowly become a blur as she tried harder to recall it. Holding her head with one hand, she felt a headache that radiated. Closing her eyes, she began to regain her senses. The erratic beating of her heart returned to its normal pace and the terrible shaking of her body had stopped. It was then she could finally hear voices surrounding her but, she had yet to entirely comprehend what was happening. All she really wanted was to rest. Her body still felt very heavy and tired and adding to that she was mentally exhausted. " I feel so scared...?" She whispered in a very inaudible manner so, she was not certain if anyone had caught the words that left her lips.

Opening her eyes, Mireya could see people hovering over her. Slowly and gently, she could feel someone carrying her. It made her wonder if they were enemies but then she heard a familiar voice. "Michael?" She whispered as she directed her attention to the source of that voice. Her vision was also affected by her exhaustion as she could only see a silhouette. But, she was certain it must be him as she relaxed herself in the arms of the one that held her. However If she had enough energy left, she would have not allowed herself to be carried. She hated feeling so weak and helpless. Due to her condition, she cannot even move her limbs to do as she wants or even speak above a whisper. Thus, she had no other choice but to let it happen for now. Closing her eyes, she recalled the events that had happened that led her to her current situation. She was taken to the Renegades at her own decision and then an attack occurred out of the blue. Everything appeared to be in utter chaos and she met a cat-woman and angels. Then, there was this music that beckoned her to someone.

"Is he fine? That boy..." Mireya whispered with desperation and concern seeping through her voice. She had no energy to mask it with her usual casual remarks. To get the attention of the one carrying her, she had managed to grip on her carrier's clothes alarming the person to her. "Is he fine...?" It seemed that her little action tired her even more she had anticipated. "He? Do you mean the one who lost a lot of blood?" She closed her eyes and gave a meager nod of the head. "He should be fine." Upon hearing those words, she felt a heavy burden being lifted from her shoulders. "Good... I don't want... my efforts... wast---ed..." She managed to say before completely losing her battle with consciousness. Her grip on the person's clothes was relinquished and her head laid meekly on her carrier's chest. Her breathing pattern began to be even which meant that she had fallen into a deep slumber. Her body was now slacked on her carrier's arms but at the same time, there was this odd scent that seemed to overpower the scent of blood in the room. "Roses?" One of the Renegade soldier noted while the one carrying Mireya looked at her in wonder as the source of the scent came from her strongly along with the rather inaudible words she spoke before her falling asleep. "It must be her."

"Can I ask you a question?" Vince suddenly spoke with seriousness while looking at the blue skies. Mireya looked at him with curiosity. The two of them had decided to skip classes for the morning. So, they were currently at the rooftop. It was the perfect place to hide from prying and overbearing teachers. "You can but it does not mean I would answer." He released a light chuckle at her response. They had been friends since middle school and even now that they were in high school. "Freedom of speech, right?" He paused momentarily and met her blue eyes. "Don't you want to know what happened to your family?" Upon hearing the question, she looked away from him by looking up to the sky while leaning on the balister. "Not interested. I was left at the orphanage when I was just an infant without a word of my name or an heirloom." She raised her hand upwards and tried reaching the sky. "They want me to stay away. I also want them to stay away." Letting her hand fall on her side, she glanced at him and shrugged her shoulders. "I don't need them." He released a soft sigh and placed his hands inside his pockets. "Whatever you say. But, they might know why you have those abilities..." She removed herself from the balister and then jumped over it. "Nightless!" He called out to her with great concern as he reached out his hand to her to hold. She was now standing at the ledge without anything preventing her to fall to the solid ground below except her balance. "Are you afraid of me, Vince?" He looked at her with confusion. "Get over here now! That's dangerous!" She let him grab her wrist but she did not budge from her perilous position. Instead, she smiled with a certain sadness and malice. "Tell me, are you afraid of me?" She did not hold onto him as she slowly stepped back and just a bit further would result to a tragic death.

Vince's mouth opened but no sound came out and his eyes reflected complete desperation even his gesture mirrored it. "Why are you so desperate?" It was Mireya's passing thought as she looked at him in wonder. Despite that, she wanted to hear his words but she could not understand it. Yet, she felt something stirring inside of her. She was not certain what emotions she were having. All she knew her wish at that moment was to hear his words and the warmth around her wrist would not subside. Her dream continued on that way while on the world of those who are awake. She had already been brought to the infirmary and was laid on one of the beds available beside Sebastian. The medical staff attended to her and to Sebastian as well. However, no one noticed a lone tear that rolled down from her eye as she continued to slumber allowing her body to recuperate so she would be able to face anything that would happen when she opened her eyes once more while the scent roses accompanied her in this endeavor.

The passersby mostly the females cannot help but blush at the sight of Devant who was leaning on a lamp post with his hands inside his pockets. His eyes were closed and he had a very solemn look on his face. It was no secret that he is a very attractive male which made the girls swooned around him. However, they did not have the courage to approach him and contented themselves from looking at a distant. Honestly, their decision was the best. Sometimes, things are more beautiful at a distance. "How many times should I tell you not to sleep in random areas?" Upon closer inspection, he was sleeping without much of a care. He even muttered something about muffins. The man seemed to dreaming about food. "Devant." Without another word, the person who called out to him pinched his nose preventing him from breathing. This was enough to wake him up but not before his complexion turned into blue. Eyes of gold met those red eyes. "I'm awake!" At that notion, his nose was released as he coughed and tried to catch his breath. "You're making quite a scene." After saying that, a group of people passed by them. "Hey Janet! Tell your boyfriend to bring you home safely, okay?" Janet looked at the one who spoke. It was her manager at the Bonheurrific Cafe. She gave a warm smile and waved at the elder man. "I will. Good night and be careful!" After a few moments, she gazed at Devant who had regained his composure. "I wonder what they would do if they knew our true relationship, Janet." There was a certain mockery in his words accompanied by a smirk on his lips.

"Nothing. They would do nothing." Janet answered with great confidence as she went ahead. Devant shrugged his shoulders and followed the woman who is known as Mireya's closest friend and fellow co-worker at the Cafe. "You have little faith." He noted as he was now walking beside her. "It's not a question of faith. It's reality." She answered without a hint of doubt. "It is just how things are." After those words, silence ruled between them. They walked without uttering another word to another. It was quite hard to believe that they are a couple as known by everyone at the Cafe. Soon, they had arrived at a certain part of town where only a very few people passes by. But as of now, no one was there except them. "Shall I talk now?" He asked in a nonchalantly manner while looking at her. "Sure." It was her brief answer as her skin began to peel away like a snake's skin. It was like watching a metamorphosis in a bigger scale. There was a slight evening breeze as the deteriorated skin was torn into bits and flew with the wind. "Welcome back, Lady Elegia." He greeted her with a smile for the woman before him was not Janet anymore but of the Archduchess Elegia. "Enough with the pleasantries. Is it done?" He crossed his arms over his chest before answering. "To a tee. I would just have to ask. You know this would really anger her."

Elegia looked at the Kitsune before closing her eyes and had a small smile in her lips. "She should have taken her lessons to heart, don't you think?" Devant released a soft sigh before removing his arms in front of his chest. "You are playing with forces unpredictable." Crystal blue eyes gazed at him with much authority and confidence. "Are you scared Devant?" He shrugged his shoulders and smirked at the inquiry. "I hardly doubt that. I am only asking my employer. After all, this plan won't work if you have your own hesitations." She ran her fingers through her ebony locks and then looked at the moon who was currently in its crescent phase. "I have none. Those are only for cowards." Pausing for a moment, she returned her eyes on her Kitsune companion. "The Lord and Master require her to bloom perfectly. It is a task handed to me and so I shall. Even if I have to destroy a few weeds that surrounds her." It was spoken with a seductive innuendo added with the spice of maliciousness. "And that is why you are the Archduchess. I will take my leave then." He said with a satisfied smile on his face. "Before I forget, the dumb oni wants to know what you want to do with the body." She crossed her arms over her chest and then tapped her right index fingers on her lips in a playful manner. "Display it for all to see." She said with glint of enjoyment present in her eyes. "Make it pretty too!" She added with a chime of energy. "Will do." With that said, Devant was gone from the scene. The only evidence he was there was the collection of wind and dusts floating in circles.

"The one who will bless the world would be covered in the blood of sin." Elegia muttered under her breath and released a light chuckle. "What would you do if reality catches up? Will you accept it or will you fight it?" She closed her eyes momentarily before walking n front of her. There was an eerie silence that even the night seemed to fear the Archduchess and probably it was correct to do so. "I have my assumptions. Still, it will be entertaining to see how everything can crumble with one word." Stopping at her tracks, she looked at the crescent moon once more. It's light had a feeling of emptiness and loneliness to it. She had heard that death and the moon had been most of the time accompany each other. In a sense, she agrees to that connection. "Show me the Devil's Children and especially you, the lone flower. Show me how beautiful you will all be..." The light of the moon shone upon her but dark clouds covered the illumination as it passed by. Darkness filled the area where she was and when the moon's light can be seen once more. She was nowhere in sight and not even a trace could be seen.

"What do you want with me, boy?" Mauve eyes gazed at the one who had asked for his attendance in one of abandoned factories near the school area. "Thanks for coming on such short notice, Alvanzo." The one who spoke came out from the darkness as the dim lights from the posts and the moon revealed his identity. "Cut the talk Vince. I don't have all night." Alvanzo spoke with an annoyed tone as he released a yawn emphasizing that he is getting quite sleepy. "Alright, what do you want with Nightless?" Vince said with complete seriousness as his brown eyes seemed to appear as if it wanted to drill a hole on Alvanzo. "I don't like your tone boy. We may be on the same basketball team but, it does not mean I like you. And Nightless? Is that your girl or something?" Alvanzo looked at Vince with a glare and the atmosphere around them went from casual to tense in a matter of seconds. "Cut the crap. I never told Nightless about this but you have been stalking her for the longest of time, right?" Alvanzo remained silent which prompted Vince to continue with his statements. "I found out that you are always there where Nightless is even following her to her current school. I brushed it off as a coincidence. After all, Nightless denied any relation with you and you don't even talk to her, but..." Vince stopped for a brief moment as he made a fist with his right hand. "I saw you at her apartment the other day with that Devant guy."

Laughter. It was Alvanzo's answer to all the statements being thrown at him. Vince was startled by such a reaction and his irritation doubled up. "What the hell is funny!?" Alvanzo's held his stomach as he was also tearing up due to his fit. "Yo--- You---" He managed to say as he continued to laugh. Vince had enough as he approached the older male and made a move by punching Alvanzo. However, the punch was ineffective as Alvanzo caught it with ease. "I was thinking about going easy on you, lover boy." After that statement, Alvanzo threw a punch, hitting Vince on the gut. Instantly, Vince fell to his knees as he clutched his stomach. He had a fit of coughs where blood spilled from his mouth. "I should be the one asking you. What are you doing at Nightless' place?" Vince managed to raise his head and glared at Alvanzo defiantly. This act made the Oni smile. It was always nice to meet humans who would annoy Death when encountered. "Are you worried about her? Do you want to help her?" Vince gathered enough willpower to get himself back on his two feet while still clutching his stomach. "What did you do to her!? Her apartment was a mess and I'm sure she did not invite you two! She would never give you a key like mine! Where is she!?" Alvanzo released a sigh and picked his right ear in a bored manner. "If you are so intent on blaming me, why did you not go to the police?" It was only answered by silence.

"Let me guess... You want to play hero or, you told them but, they did not believe you." Vince visibly cringed at Alvanzo's words. There was truth in that statement. Alvanzo gave a crooked grin. "Or is it, you doubt her? You think she is hiding something from you. It burns you isn't it..." He circled Vince with his hands inside his pockets. "It's true she is hiding something and I know it, unlike you." At the end of those words, Vince lunged at Alvanzo who effortlessly dodged it while Vince tumbled to the ground. "Boy, have you ever been in a fight? I'll tell you this. You suck." Anger welled up inside Vince as he decided to struck Alvanzo again. But similar to the first time, it was useless as Alvanzo dodged it again making Vince fall to the ground again. "Where is she!? Where is Nightless!? Tell me! If you hurt her, I'll kill you!" His last words made Alvanzo smirked in utter satisfaction. "You'll kill me, really?" Vince managed to return back on his feet as he glared at Alvanzo. "I will." Upon hearing that, Alvanzo extended his hand to Vince and beckoned him to come. "Do it and I'll tell you everything about her that you don't know even her forgotten past."

Upon hearing that, Vince mustered his strength and run towards Alvanzo while focusing all his strength in his right fist. Then, it connected. His fist hit its target which was Alvanzo's left cheek. Inwardly, Vince felt satisfaction to have punch that cocky bastard. However, it was short-lived as he noticed that Alvanzo did not even move from his position although, his head was turned to the right side from the impact of the punch. "And you wanted to be her hero, her man with puny strength? Spare me." Alvanzo commented as he grabbed the hand that punched him. "But, I like your guts even if it's selfish." Pulling Vince towards him, Alvanzo whispered his next words to Vince's ear. "I did all of that to lure you out." Vince's eyes widened in shock and confusion but those feelings changed into pain as he was punched again. He felt his ribs cracked. "The girl is safe actually. I should say she is doing better than you are." Alvanzo released his hold on Vince's hand. Blood was coughed out by Vince indicating internal damage. "Nightless..." Vince whispered despite the twisting pain inside him.

Alvanzo grabbed Vince by the hair and raised him in that manner. "You really care about her." Vince noticed that his vision was getting blurry and he could taste the blood in his lungs. One of his broken ribs must have punctured it. He was floating in between consciousness. "Don't worry. I'll take care of her." Vince had Mireya's face flashed within his mind. This gave him a burst of strength and determination as he grabbed hold of the arm that was lifting him. "I won't let you harm Mireya." It was the first time Vince had ever called Mireya by her first name. "You're a man after all. Too bad, you met her." Vince continued to struggle despite the obvious fact that it was useless. Alvanzo grabbed hold of Vince's throat this time around with the other free hand. "You'll help her more when you're dead." With that said, Alvanzo crushed Vince's windpipe and along with his neck without a resistance. The light of life in those brown eyes slowly faded into a void. Vince's hands went limp and Alvanzo released him as Vince's lifeless body hit the ground.

"Mireya... I'm so sorry..."


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#, as written by zody
Red Rain in Tokyo - A Dark Errand for a Darker Being (?)

The figure stood, the mask covering their face stained with the blood of the foes that had thought of resisting it's masters embrace. Although in actuality the being had no true master, it was simply playing along in order to get stronger, to gain more power and fulfill it's long awaited fantasy. The destruction of the world could wait for a few moments, for it had a job to do. The cafe in Tokyo was a haven for Youkai disguised as humans, and they had no idea just who was walking among them. The figure grinned behind it's mask as it walked inside, the patrons of the Cafe not caring due to the fact that many of them were dressed the same. The figure sat down at an already occupied table, and the man across from it shifted uncomfortably at the sight of the red staining his companion's mask.

"So, you're her new errand boy? Seems like it, with that blood".


"Not very talkative, are ya? Can I get ya something to drink?".


"Erm, what about a snack?".

"Your pathetic attempts to prevent the inevitable are amusing. Shall we simply bypass the formalities and do what I was sent here to do, or do you have valid reasoning as to why I shouldn't kill you right now, Mister Farrantino?".

The man shifted, sweat beginning to fall down his face as the intensity of the situation hit him. In front of him sat an anonymous figure, clouded in secrecy and mystery, but it's lethality was deadly obvious. Farrantino shifted again, and coughed. His hand shot out and grasped the cup of wine before him, and he pushed it to his lips while weighing his options. One option stood out the most, and he went with it. Placing the cup down on the table, he stood. His anxiety was struck when the masked figure didn't move to stop him, or even seem to notice. The dark miasma that surrounded it kept him on edge, and he felt like he needed to stop looking at the being's mask. Not even it's voice gave away a possible gender, somehow bordering between male and female and keeping everyone in the Cafe guessing. "If you'll excuse me, I have it in the Car outside. I'm sure you'd be able to give a man a short break from such an intense gaze, would you not?". The figure sat motionless for a few moments, and Farrantino stayed tense. It's head slid forward, nodding once, and Farrantino sighed in relief. He stared at the mask, and he felt something nagging at him on the inside, something telling him not to let his guard down at any time. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, and left the Cafe. He hurriedly opened the door to his car, and ordered his Driver to do his job. The man agreed, muttering something under his breath. The car took off, and Farrantino thought he was safe, having escaped the clutches of that devilish Ronove, and extending the time he had until he was forced to pay his debts.

A few minutes passed before the car was heading through the Industrial District, which happened to be a frquent meeting place for Farrantino and his associates. Being a foreigner in Tokyo had gotten him the attention of the Triads and Yakuza. His car slowed to a stop, and as he exited he was met by a circle of men, all in tuxedo's, but they were obviously Triad. Farrantino mopped his brow with a handkerchief, and sighed. "Okay boys, let's make this quick. I have someone on my tail, although they mustn't bee too brig-". He was cut off as one of the Triad's men dropped to the floor, his own shadow receding and vanishing into the mix of darkness that surrounded them. Farrantino grimaced, and looked around in shock, before noticing the figure approaching the group. The same masked person as before, although the mask seemed different somehow. Instead of the pattern it had before, a blazing sign appeared in it's place, and it seemed to be glowing brighter and brighter as they stood there. Suddenly, the figure extended a hand and a tendril of... 'something' reached out and grasped one of the Triads. The man struggled and screamed, but the tendril suddenly multiplied, and the new tendrils slammed into the man, running him through and pulling him apart with enough ferocity to send his organs and blood across the clearing and splatter onto other people. Farrantino yelped in horror, and leaped back into his car. He shouted for his driver to drive, but as he looked up he noticed that the man's head had been pulled open, and his brain had vanished. He grasped for his phone, and dialed for the police. Before anything could happen, he blurted out his location. As the words left his mouth, the screaming that had haunted him for the entirety of his time in the car stopped. With fear in his eyes he turned around, and he came face to face with 'it'. He whimpered and pushed himself back, unlocking the other door and falling to the ground. He got to his feet and wiped his brow again. Suddenly, something grasped him from behind and slammed him into the floor.

He looked at the figure beside him with dread, and the mask grew a mouth full of sharp teeth, and it laughed in his face. The voice from behind it, a mix of human and demons, spoke to him. "It's time to pay back your debts, Farrantino". With that, it lifted him up and placed it's hand on his chest, digging it's fingers in and tearing the flesh away. Blood oozed out, dripping onto the floor as Farrantino vomited on himself. The putrid vapors seemed to not affect the figure, however, and it simply reached into the hole in his chest and grasped something. Blood poured out of the wound, and the hand pulled backwards, dragging Farrantino's heart with it. He looked down to see the organ holding onto his arteries and veins as if for dear life, but with a final tug it came free. The life in Farrantino's eyes slowly drained like the blood from his body. and the Masked man stood over his corpse. The mask grinned as the figure pulled it away from it's face, and it's mouth opened wide to accommodate yet another heart to fill it's craving. The mask was put back into place, and it returned to it's normal form. "Hmm, that makes.... 23 Hearts~ Yummy yummy~ Hmm, maybe I'll leave a surprise for the Police when they get here, too?". With that, it left a simple card on the ground, and began it's dastardly work of presentation. Something that only the most twisted mind could even imagine. After it's work was done, and the sound of sirens reached it's ears, it vanished from sight as if it had never been there.


The Officer looked around the scene in disgust. 23 casualties, all dead with their Hearts and Brains missing. Something seemed off, but his thoughts were put on hold when he was called over to the final corpse. All of the bodies had been strung up by their intestines, with the rest of their organs scattered everywhere and their blood layed on the floor in a seemingly random places, although to a keen eye it was obvious it was a pentagram. The worst off was one Alberto Farrentino, a middle-aged man with ties to several underground organisations. It seemed like one of them had finally gotten fed up with his laziness and decided to 'sack him'. He was in the middle of the scene, his entrails cut out and his body sown back together. The killer hadn't bothered to allow the man to keep his dignity. His skin was torn off and used to bind his arms and legs together, and his mouth and eyes were sown shut. Blood was caked on him, as decoration for a psychopath. His intestines were wrapped around his neck, armpits and crotch, and his... 'you know what' was missing. The other victims were simply strung up by their intestines and wrapped in their own skin, but someone had definitely had it in for Farrantino. The man proceeded over to Farrantino's body, which people had only started to look for clues on or around. His subordinate turned to him and held out a card, and he took it. As he looked over it, a puzzled expression came over his face, and he eyed his subordinate who simply shrugged and continued his investigation.

Only one thing was on the card, a single Symbol;


The man walked away from the scene, when several screams were heard behind him. He whirled around to see all of the corpses explode with blood, which shot up into the air and spread across the sky, where it finally rained down upon them all and drenched them in itself. "Hmm, I would ring the WDL, but this is too odd. Maybe Kintaro could get a word in to a superior at the Renegades for me..... Eh?". The man sat down, and as he pulled his phone out of his pocket, he found that it was already ringing.

Dialing - Kintaro...

"Konbanwa, Shinjei Kintaro!"

The conversation soon turned serious, and Kintaro hung up the phone and ran straight down the Hallways, eventually finding the room where Scott and the others were. "Guys, there's an emergency in Tokyo!".


Embodiment of Evil - The Phoenix's Decision

"So you mean to tell me that you're going to hold me captive here until my friends decide to come and pick me up or you get tired of my company?".


"Can I ask you something?".

"What is it?".

"Are you fucking retarded?".



I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck as the girl stood before me, her eyes shining and betraying her intentions. Although I stand there, it is unwillingly that I do so. I'm being faced with a choice; Either I stay in that Mansion, living in the company of the very person whom I have been seeking vengeance against for hundreds of years; or she will transport me to the main Academy of the WDL. It makes me wonder exactly how this entire situation would've played out if I simply had gone with Gabriel. I briefly wondered how the others were doing, when a door behind me opened and Luna waltzed in, a smile on her face and a package in her hands. She whispered to the woman in front of me, and said woman took the box and opened it. I decided to take a step backwards but it seemed like I didn't exactly need to. The blue-haired woman,, who I now knew as Remilia, had finished tearing the box open and had produced a mask. It's very surface gave off a malicious vibe, something that caused the madness at the edge of my mind to begin to react and rile out of control. I shifted uncomfortably before Remilia put the mask away, and the Butler, Ronove, appeared and then vanished with it. I cracked my neck to alleviate some pressure, wondering just what would be happening next. Something grasped my wrist and pulled me away, and I turned to see Luna pulling me towards a door to the side of the Lobby. It opened by itself when she came near, but it didn't have any mechanisms to open it. "Must be a hidden one somewhere. Maybe a Magical Door?".

I looked around again, having adjusted to the eerily dim lighting of this new area of the... what was this place, anyway? Was it a Castle or a Mansion, or maybe a pocket dimension that Remilia had created for herself, if that was even her real name. Either way, the rabbit that was persistently dragging me down the corridors was gaining speed, and she was pretty darn fast for a non-Tengu. As we dashed down the corridors and hallways, the dim lighting began to get to me and I couldn't help but feel nausea and disoreintation. As the journey took longer, I felt my head begin to spin more and more, faster and faster. Eventually we stopped outside a door, and I took a look at the sign that was embedded into the wall beside it. "Executioner.. Heh, haven't used that moniker for a bit.... Gah, my head's killing me!". I watched as Luna opened the door for me, and as I stepped inside my legs simply dropped from below me. Luna caught me as I fell, and she pulled my arm over her shoulder to give me some support. I decided to use this to my advantage. If Remilia and Angel could be crafty and sneaky, so could I. I gasped in feigned pain, and Luna quickly took me over to the bed, which she sat me down on. "Do you need some medicine? Maybe some cold water will help you. I'll be right back, okay?". Luna stood, quickly turning away and leaving the door. I lay there, pretending to be in agony for a few moments more before I was assured she wasn't just hiding around the corner, which was when I flung myself out of the bed and poked my head out into the hallway. The red walls were carved with intricate patterns, and it gave off a very... odd feel. I made sure the Lunar Rabbit wasn't anywhere nearby, and I stepped outside. There was a window at the end of the corridor, and I approached it. Looking outside, I could see an endless plain, full of different types of plants and flowers. A feeling of peacefulness and antiquity came over me, and I knew that if I was ever swallowed by the madness, that would be the place to go for me.

I decided then and there that I might as well go take a look at the Garden before Luna got back and attacked me or whatever, but I felt kind of bad for ditching her like this. I mean, she's a servant of the bitch who chained my up for 500 years straight, but she doesn't seem all that... 'evil'. Something behind me caused me to whirl around, and I saw something at the end of the hallway that filled me with dread. A black, dripping maisma was flowing towards me, but not like it was before. Instead of slowly slithering across the floor, walls and ceiling menacingly, it came at me with surprising speed, and I could already feel it's influence hitting me, and the roof was already dripping with black ooze. I turned, yanking my feet free from the amount of liquid piling up near them and trying to cover them. allowing myself one last look at the goo, my heart sank and I leaped out of the way just in time to avoid a slimy, black tendril aimed for my chest. I scrambled to my feet, fear giving them wings as I propelled down the Hallways, but the Madness never gave up and never gave in. The longer I ran, the closer it got and I couldn't run forever. Don't get me wrong, I can run for a loooong time at really high speeds. I mean, I can move at Tengu speeds most of the time, which usually near breaking the sound barrier, but I just felt so cramped and off that I knew that if I used my full speed, I'd probably smack into a wall or trip, and it'd all be over. No use wasting my strength until I had absolutely no hope, was there? I hit the end of the hallway, pushing off of the wall and using the momentum to ush myself harder to get to my goal. I knew that there were doors opening behind me, and things were lookin out, viewing me and studying me. I had this odd sense of deja vu as I ran, and then it happened.

A dead end, with only a window to stop my 'wallbreaker' tactics. I turned behind me to see the writhing mass slow to a stop, but it didn't need to move in any case. I was trapped. Now don't get me wrong, the things I did next was just a spontaneous thing. I figured that physical pain was better than mental and psychological anguish, so I did the only thing my half-conscious mind could think of. "Fuck off!".

Then I threw myself out of the window.

Then I hit the ground with a crack.

Then the Madness receeded, because I'd made it to where I'd wanted to be. In that Garden, the Madness couldn't touch me. In that Garden, I was at peace. I felt at home, like when I was younger and I'd go and hide in my treehouse.

Then I fell unconscious, and the nightmares began.

Then the Madness resurfaced, and began to feast.


Dreams - Madness is Infectious

Swirling, Darkness, Hatred, Anger, Jealousy, Envy, Rage, Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Demons, Memories, Manipulation, Growing, Insanity, Fear, Anxiety, Rape, Murder, Devil, Unstable, Madness.

Oh come now, Deon, you've got nothing to lose by giving in to me, you know that!

Doesn't mean I'm going to, though.

Oh, you want to, I know it!

The darkness was swept aside like the curtain on a play, andthe room beyond shined in front of me. It had always been there, the final place where I could keep up my final defences. It was a small room, a couch in the middle with an official looking chair beside it, as if a Psychiatrist would sit there. Deon opened his eyes and found himself laying on the couch, a guitar on his lap. He'd always liked Guitars above all other instruments, acoustic and electric, and had always longed to learn to play one. He was 15 when he first picked one up, and his skills had only grown in time. He idolized Slash, and wanted to at least be on his level, although this seemed like a far-fetched dream now instead of a reality. Deon looked around for the form to appear, and seeing that it wasn't, he began to play. Slowly at first, but eventually the guitar picked up on his emotions, and the notes and chords began to flow easier. Slowly, a blackened mass began to form on the chair, and eventually it was solid enough to be acknowledged as semi-human. Deon looked at it with distaste, and continued to play. Alternately, Deon could play many instruments with much skill, due to his long lifespan and ability to take in new things easily. Deon continued to play, although the mass had begun to reach out to him and stroke him. He ignored it, but it's attempts at getting his attention were growing stronger as it's hands reached out and wrapped themselves around him. The mass was still forming itself, but it's form had begun to change into that of a woman. Preying on weaknesses and fears was why Madness drove people, well, mad. The hands slowly moved up and down his chest, intent on forcing him to submit and give them his attention, but Deon simply remained focused on the guitar, playing a song that he was taught while still a child.

Deon sighed in relief as the arms let go of him, and the girl stood up, her tuxedo shining brightly in the artificial light of the room. Suddenly, the floor of the room began to... change. The red-black tiling changed into grass, and the roof vanished and the brightness of the sun shined into the room, and the walls peeled away to reveal a luscious grassy scene full of life and beauty, a stark contrast to the closed in darkness of the room. Deon looked around in awe, and instead of the anthropomorphic form of the Madness in front of him, there stood a beautiful woman. Deon couldn't make her out, but he felt himself drawn towards her. as soon as their hands touched, he felt himself catapulted out of the dreamworld and back into reality. His eyes opened, and they locked with the eyes of the woman he'd just met in his dreams. Deon licked his lips and swallowed to wet his throat. His blinked a few times, and spoke.

"Am I like, dead or something?".

"No, you're just a bit stupid from smacking your head so hard, handsome".

"Nice sense of humour".

"Nice abs".

"Yep. I'm definitely dead".

"And stupid, too".

"Oh shush, Miss....".




A few hours had passed before Deon had fully recouperated, but he'd busied himself by helping out with the garden. Aurora had been kind enough to let him use her shower, and his hair was still damp and wet from it, laying down across his face. He turned and grinned at the woman who sat under the shade of a parasol, sipping tea and smiling at him. "You're a good Gardener, you know". Deon laughed as he pulled a weed from it's place. "Well, I've have a looong time to get better at it, haha~". The happiness in his voice was because of two things. One; He was socialising with someone he'd never met before, and they didn't think badly of him, and two; The Madness had receeded, and he was content with that. He looked up at the sun, and spoke. "What time is it, Miss Aurora?". Aurora pulled a pocketwatch out of her pocket and looked it over, a smile on her face. "It's almost midnight". As Deon turned to face her, she giggled at the expression of shock on his face. "They call this the 'Garden of the Sun' for a reason, you know". Deon chuckled and returned to his work, and eventually Miss Aurora joined him. At her touch, the weeds came away easily, and the plants stood upright and reached for the sun, getting stronger and stronger as she stroked them lovingly.

They worked on on the Garden for quite a while, and eventually they were both worn out and laying under the parasol Aurora used for shade to rest under. Deon sighed and watched the clouds in the sky, and Aurora spoke. "So, what shall you be doing in the outside world when you return. Presumably soon, am I right?". Deon nodded, and sighed. "Yeah, as much as I love this place I gotta get back. In fact, I might as well get it over and done with now, shouldn't I?". Deon sat up, and grinned. Aurora sighed, and poked Deon on the arm. He turned and eyed her, and she smirked. "Any requests of me, since your expedition is most likely doomed?". Deon's expression turned serious. "Well, I might need your help with one thing...". Aurora grinned, and nodded. "Well....".


Deon's Return - Isn't Something.. 'off'?

The inside of the Renegades Base was cool because of the air-conditioning, and Deon grinned as he stepped through yet another portal-thing with Eclipse in hand. He turned down the corridor, and those who saw him gasped in awe or shock. He knew where everyone was, in the Courtroom. Outside the door were two Guards, but they gave him no trouble as he booted the door down and grinned. "Sup guys!".

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"A Power had perished. She seemed to have awakened a new power." Raziel reported while looking at Jahoel who was sitting calmly on his throne with eyes closed. "We should handle this ourselves." The moment Raziel stated that Jahoel's midnight black eyes were seen once more. It had a piercing look that made Raziel visibly flinched. "An order is an order, my friend. There is nothing to be done about it." Upon hearing those words, Raziel looked away as he clenched his hands into tight fists. He was clearly disturbed by the turn of events and even more the rather uncaring view of Jahoel about this matter. "One of our own died. Galadriel died! And you don't even care at the very least." A sigh was the first answer that Jahoel had for Raziel's opinion about his standings and lack of emotions. "All things will come to an end at some point. Are you saying that Galadriel's death was not honorable? She had died doing her mission proudly." Raziel's golden eyes lit with flames of unspecified emotions as he immediately punched the headrest of Jahoel's throne which crumbled easily. He had barely missed the Jahoel's head in the process. "It could have been avoided and no one would need to die but that wretched child!" Jahoel met those burning golden eyes with his rather cold and enigmatic black ones. There was silence between them and it was full of pent-up tension. "Remember who you served Raziel. It is not ourselves." Jahoel stood from his throne and walked passed Raziel. "The orders have not changed. We will remain here as God had intended. Disobedience in any form will be considered treason. Remember that well."

After saying that, Jahoel was no where in sight and even his presence had vanished into nothingness. Raziel gritted his teeth on anger and irritation. He knew that Jahoel's words were absolutely correct. However, he cannot just more of the angels die for such a child that should have not exist from the very beginning. Removing his hand from the crumbled headrest, he lowered his head as it effectively covered his eyes from anyone's prying. "Because of your stupidity... Your weakness... This what happened. Are you happy now?" He muttered with much rage and disappointment. Lifting his head, he looked at one particular throne that had been vacant for a long time. "You are just good with being selfish. You are a selfish being." After saying that, he averted his eyes from the said throne and proceeded to leave the area as well. He should check with the Dominions and Powers of their next moves as God had yet to retract the order. But before he could, Raziel came face-to-face with Cochabiel. "You must have heard already, what happened on the mortal realm." Cochabiel closed his eyes and walked passed Raziel not confirming anything. "Among the three of us, you are the one oozing with such great intent to kill. You must feel so restless." Cochabiel noticed the destroyed throne of Jahoel's and answered. "Do not involve me in your childish frustrations." Raziel quickly turned around to face him with annoyance clearly shown on his face. "What did you say!?"

Cochabiel finally looked at Raziel with those silver-blue eyes that were vacant like those of a corpse. "She will die by my hands." His statement reverberated within the area with such strength of resolve and determination slightly flaring behind those silver-blue eyes. "Whatever you say." Raziel answered as he turned towards the exit once more and left the vicinity. As for Cochabiel, he took his seat on the throne made for him. He wanted to take a few minutes of rest from his duties. Closing his eyes, the faint scent of spring was noticed by him. It reminded him of a specific person that made the Heavens turned upside down with just a few of words. "She killed quite the amount of people. The child you wanted to protect so much is becoming of her true nature." Leaning on his chair, his eyes opened and looked at the clear blue skies above. "Will it be truly worth it when I crush her?" He softly muttered and felt a light caress upon his cheek. "You should have chosen me... You should have..." It was then he felt a cold presence embracing him in some manner. He allowed it knowing who it could probably be. "Thank you, Cochabiel... Thank you." It was whisper that seemed to float in air. Then, the presence vanished for anyone to notice or to feel. "It was not the words I wanted to hear." He answered with his tone brandishing the subtlety of sorrow while his eyes seemed to be glow with light disappointment. "It was not what I want..."

"Once upon a time, there was this princess who were best of friends with two princes from two different kingdoms. The first prince was known as the Good Prince as he is kind, charismatic, gentle, and understanding. While the other prince is known as the Bad Prince. It is because he is brash, haughty, and had a bad mouth to begin with."


"But one day, the princess was caught by an enemy who imprisoned her in a dark tower. When the two princes heard of this, they quickly rushed to save the princess. But along the journey, the Evil prince did everything he could to stop the Good Prince. For the Evil Prince knew how much the princess loved the Good Prince and he wanted to be the one to have that love."

It was at that moment eyes of pink were slowly revealed. The light coming from the bulbs irate Keilani's eyes for a brief moment as she closed her eyes once more. She was not sure why the story that her mother would often tell her when she was a child was suddenly a dream of hers. However, she had other matters to worry about. Opening her eyes, she assessed the familiar setting of the infirmary that she was in before. Somehow, she had managed to return her. Recalling the events, her eyes widened with worry as she quickly made herself stand from her bed. However, she was only successful to make herself a shot of pain throughout her body and feel how heavy her body felt at the moment. "Ah!" Instantly, she landed back on her bed as she exhaled deeply. Even with the best intention of her scream was just a mere whisper, she was much more weaker than she had originally thought at the moment. "I must know... if Blanche is okay..." She said in almost a whisper without even trying to do so. It was then she felt a eyes looking at her. Looking at the direction where she sensed it, her eyes widened with surprise this time around. It was a familiar face and somehow it soothed her in a way. "Ash... You're safe. I am so happy..." She said with much happiness as her eyes were beginning to glisten with tears.

"Because you existed, she died."

Those words haunted Keilani again as she looked away. "May I ask you something?" She murmured audibly. "Do you remember Blanche? Is she fine?" Her eyes returned to Ash's figure as her those eyes of rose pink were filled with hope and concern. They were almost desperate in a sense. "I cannot remember what happened when that woman tried to kill Blanche..." She whispered to herself as her memories were all muddled. It was probably due to the current condition or it was the natural reaction of the brain to protect its owner from traumatic experiences. In any case, she has no recollections of the deaths she had caused while she was on a rampage. Unbeknown to her, she was going to put into a trial for the crimes she had committed. At the same time, she had no idea that another piece from a distant past and a possible connection to her future was arriving at the Renegade Headquarters. The question will it be pleasantly and wreck havoc especially when everyone had just managed to get a semblance of peace.

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"I wanted you to depend on me even just for a bit..."

Gruesome. Horrifying. Grotesque. The words could go on forever; however, they would not be enough to fully describe the scene unwittingly discovered by a 7-year old boy or the police that came to investigate the reports. It goes without saying that this scene would be haunting everyone's memories for the longest time. "Whoever did this is twisted." The chief investigator commented while looking at the pictures of the crime scene that were taken before the clean-up crew arrived. "Do we know the victim?" The investigator asked while glancing at his partner. "Vince Garown. Age 17. High School Student at Steinfeld Academy just a few blocks from here. His parents are currently overseas but we have informed them and would be arriving tomorrow." His partner flipped through the pages of the small notebook in hand. "I asked around and no one had seen anything suspicious." A remorseful sigh escaped from the chief investigator's lips. "We should probably get more information at his school then." His partner nodded in agreement as he put away the small notebook into his chest pocket. "You know there had been a lot of killings going around these days..." The investigator nodded and looked at the antenna of a certain roof. "Yeah. Earlier, it was this murdered female college student, a couple, and now this... They get younger each time." Another sigh released but this time it was with disappointment and irritation. "The suspect could it be the same?" His partner noted while looking at the pictures laid on the hood of the car.

The pictures showed the untouched scene that a 7-year-old boy had found who was probably scarred because of this. A skinless human body was skewered into the antenna of the boy's home located at the roof. Blood dripped like rain from that position and some of the innards were coming out due to the incessant pecking. Yes, pecking. The crows were already having a grand time of feeding on such a delectable carcass along with the scent of death filtering the air. As for the skin, it was located at a nearby elementary school. It was raised as a flag for all to see. A lot of the parents were horrified at this knowledge and their children were scared and traumatized by it. The authorities quickly took it down. There was no need for anyone to say that this crime was done on purpose and the criminal wanted it to be known. It was like taunt, a challenge, or an invitation. But, to whom? The police or someone else entirely. Needless to say, whoever did this was a complete psychopath, a madman. "There is that chance. The perp does not care being seen or his work publicized." The main investigator answered while lighting a cigarette to calm his nerves. "I'll make the bastard who did pay." After stating that, the chief investigator crushed the empty pack of cigarettes in his hand.

"Let's go then. We got to gather intel, right?" His partner reminded while opening the passenger door of their car. "We can't waste any time." The chief investigator puffed a smoke and had a smirk on his face. "Of course." But before he could enter the driver seat, one of the policemen ran towards him. "Wait! Sir!" The two men looked at the one running and then stopped before them in a very exhausted manner despite being younger than the two. He seemed to have run for some time probably searching for them among the crowd. "What is it?" The chief investigator asked as the younger man who immediately straightened himself and handed him something. "It was found near the crime scene. We suspected it to be at the body judging by the blood. It might fallen from the crows." The chief investigator took it and despite the blood caked on it. The object was certainly a Polaroid picture. His partner looked at him curiously. "What is it?" Upon hearing that question, the picture was handed to him. "This is the victim and a girl?" The chief investigator narrowed his eyes. "Look at the back." His partner did as he was instructed and there were written words as he read it. "Mireya, I'm so sorry..." The investigator finished his cigarette and threw it to the ground as he crushed at the sole of his shoe. "We got a name."

"You'll live long, kit?"
"More than you will."

Blood red eyes peeked hungrily behind the orange glasses as it gazed at the infamous headquarters of the Renegades. Drakul had finally arrived and he could smell the fear, anxiety, anger, depression, and blood. However, it seemed that he was a bit late for the festivities. Now, all he could see were soldiers patrolling the vicinity and most of them were from the WDL if he was not mistaken which he is sure he is not. There was restlessness in the air. He could almost taste in deliciously. But more importantly, he could smell the lovely scent of the forbidden child. It gently tickles his senses. "I can't wait to devour my sweet." But before he could disappear in his spot, there was another scent that lingered and it was lot more close to him than he desired. "If it isn't the kit." From the dark shades of the trees, golden eyes peered and soon it revealed Devant who approached Drakul and stopped within an acceptable distance. "If it isn't the old man." He countered back. "What brings you out this time around?" His question hanged in the air for a few minutes before it was answered. "Food. It has always been that." Drakul answered with a brilliant smile on his face. "What about you? Last time, I heard you don't like getting involved." It was spoken with a tone of interest and sexual innuendo but to what isn't very clear.

"You become more idiotic the last time I saw you." Devant retorted and ignored the sexual tone that Drakul had used. "If you are going in, I will stop you." His eyes of gold flashed with serious intent as it narrowed even his body posture suggested how serious the kitsune was in his words. "It's good to see that the boogers you have as kit are already gone." Drakul smirked at this as he faced Devant fully. "I am wondering how you would stop me. In that form against me, you are an insect. No, a dust." He walked towards Devant and stopped until there was only a few centimeters between them. "Who is your master? The Renegades or WDL? How low have you fallen oh, so noble Devant?" Closing the gap between them, Devant grabbed hold of Drakul's collar and his eyes of gold that even Alvanzo has a hard time of having it show any sign of emotion was now burning with annoyance. "I am not a pet of those low-life humans." Drakul grabbed hold of Devant's hands and pried them away from his collar. "Then what are you? Despite you're grown-up appearance, you are still just a kit." Devant backed away from Drakul and calmed himself. It had been quite a long time since he had allowed his emotions show so freely. "Do you really want to cause all that chaos for your food?"

Drakul smirked and then turned around to face once more the Renegades' Headquarters. "I simply do what I want. Who or what gets involve is no of consequence to me." Straightening his attire, he looked over his shoulders. "A little exercise won't be bad as well. I do need to stretch my bones." Devant released a sigh as he closed his eyes. "The children are there. They are the Devil's possessions. More importantly, one of them is very important to me and my goals at the moment." Opening his eyes again, he pointed his index finger at Drakul. "I could careless about the humans. For now, I can't allow you to do as you please." At the end of Devant's statement, Drakul released a very hearty chuckle. He was even grabbing his stomach to control himself from the mirth. "What are you laughing at?" Devant asked with his eyes narrowed angrily. "You." Drakul answered while looking at the silver-haired kitsune. "It was a good decision for me to save your life back then. Ain't it kit?" Devant remained silent while still pointing his index finger at Drakul. "The Devil you say? The boy has still a lot to learn. A brat will always be a brat, I see..." With that said, Drakul had regained his composure and cracked his neck in the process. "I''ll listen to you once. The child you want. I'll let you have it. But the one named Keilani is mine alone. Comprende?"

Devant lowered his raised hand. He knew very well that Drakul was letting him go easily. The truth remains in his current restricted form, he was at a huge disadvantage. He was not even sure if he could compete fairly even if he is in his true form. "Fine. It's a deal." Drakul had a cocky smile on his face and looked at Devant before returning his attention the headquarters below. "Shall we take a look inside?" After saying that, Drakul placed his right hand in front of his lips and removed the white gloves by biting it. "Something interesting is abound to happen." He noted and when his hand was free from the glove, he bit the tip of his index finger and let the blood trickle down to the ground. "As long as you don't make a mess. I don't care." Devant said returning to his normal and cold, calm self. The blood that dripped to the ground began to form into spider-like creature. It's body appeared to be tar and even having its color instead of crimson. Drakul covered his hand again with his gloves as the spider-creature scurried off to take surveillance inside. "You should be more sociable kit. Ladies won't like you." Devant huffed at the commentary as he turned his back at Drakul and decided to leave. "Just behave." Devant disappeared into the trees beyond. As for Drakul, his lips displayed a toothed grin showing his pearly white teeth and fangs. "The same could be said about you." Turning his back at the headquarters, he had decided to leave as well but not before glancing at the place where the forbidden child was. "The desire grows fonder with separation they say... Until, I taste you my sweet." Then, Drakul walked away as tendrils of shadow circled around him and he was gone without a trace.

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~ Saulkur's Appearance! ~

"My Lady Elegia, welcome back." It was one of the servants that had been waiting for Elegia's return. The Archduchess gazed at the male demon with curiosity as she had noticed his rather nervous gait. "Yes, I have although; it has not been that long." She greeted back while walking passed him as she was headed to her throne room. The said servant immediately followed her as he maintained a respectable distance between the two of them. "I'm happy about your arrival... But, you see..." She did not bother to look at the servant and stopped immediately before her throne room with a raised eyebrow. "I have a guest." The male servant nodded fervently while rubbing his hands in nervousness. Noticing this, she released a sigh and raised her right hand waving it for him to leave now. Following this the servant hurriedly bowed and left the place without a second look. As for the Archduchess, the large doors leading to her throne opened before her as she greeted her guest with a smile. "My, my, my, have you not traveled too far from your father's side?" She asked. "My father's castle is fine..." He stated, walking inside as his blue robes flowed about around him, his body looking human for the most part as what stood out was his light blue hair. He rose a brow as he looked at her. "I imagine you know what I am here then, Lady Elegia?" Crystal blue eyes glowed with an unspecified glint as Elegia walked ahead of the man and went straight to her throne before speaking.

"I'm glad to hear you father is doing fine." After saying that, she took her seat and looked at him in coy manner. "Perhaps. After all, it is just your imagination." She said with a smile on her face while her words were tinted with sarcastic humor. The son of Rhanksar rolled his eyes as he walked forward and stopped before her at this. "Right... So am I meant to get on one knee or sit beside you or what?" He asked with a seemingly casual tone, trying not to get wrapped up in her humor right now. Elegia released a small sigh and closed her eyes. "Take your seat, please." With that said, a stone chair came out of the ground directly opposite of hers. "Aren't you quite serious?" She noted as she leaned on her throne and crossed her legs in the process. "So, let's not waste time. What is it that you want exactly?" The son of Rhanksar took his seat as he looked at her with a risen brow. "I can't tell if you are trying to flirt or just want my attention... Either way - I’m not quite happy at the moment... It's why I'm here. It's about my little brother." He admitted to her. "You will know if I'm flirting and certainly I will let you know if I want you..." Elegia answered in a matter-of-fact tone accompanied by a smile. "So, it is about your brother." She spoke coyly while narrowing her eyes at him. "Are the instincts of being an older sibling tingling within you, hmm?" It was wrapped with subtle suspicion but more with humor than anything else. One would wonder if she was being serious but it was also a fact that the Archduchess had always been a serious person with just a carefree demeanor. "What can I do to ease your unhappiness?"

The son of Rhanksar shrugged his shoulders. "Well.... There is one thing." He said as he looked up at her. "... He's in love with a bitch. Another child who goes by the name of Ash Clade... I hate her for it. She doesn't even give a damn for god's sakes - pushing him aside like some toy. It bothers me... A lot. But there's nothing I can do about it - if I come in, it would ruin everything." Placing her elbow on the armrest of her throne, Elegia casually placed her chin on top of her hand and looked at him with interest. "So, he has entered puberty. How delightful." Closing her eyes momentarily, she waved her free hand to the sides. "I cannot intervene directly, yet." She said with slight disappointment and continued on. "However, there are other two children as the newest recruits. They are both females. As a matter of fact, I have a little birdie that told me that one of the females saved your little brother." Looking at him, there was a glint of auspicious meaning in those blue eyes of hers. "Emotions are so fickle. You will never know. But, what exactly do you want me to do?" The son of Rhanksar shrugged his shoulders at this. "... I wanted to know where you stood with Rhanksar and the Council of Hell currently - in case anything were to happen or turn up.." He said as he shrugged his shoulders lightly. "... I also need to know how the King's progress is going so far with his army." A smile was again present in her lips as Elegia listened to his words.

"You want to know my allegiance... I see..." She paused momentarily as she looked at the nails of her free hand. "As long as Rhanksar stands beside the Lord Devil. I will be his ally and as for the council, it is the same." Then, she shifted her attention to him once more. "As for the Master's army, he strengthens them even more. The borders of the inner sanctum are well protected. The Rebels will have a hard time penetrating it. As you can see, he is not much concerned. I am not sure whether that is confidence or simply something else." After saying that, she removed her chin from the top of her hand and her eyes narrowed to a certain degree. "But, what do you really want to discuss with me, son of Rhanksar?" The son of Rhanksar looked at her and sighed. "... It's Saulkur. And it's... Well... Nevermind." He said as he went to stand up at this. Saulkur's actions made Elegia sigh once more. He was the other person than the Master Paimon who had made her sigh more than once. "Do you not like me calling you by that title?" She asked nonchalantly before looking at him with curiosity. "So, you're not going to tell me your real intentions?" Running her fingers through her long black hair, she looked at him in a sideway manner. "I can be overbearing when I am oh so curious. You do know that don't you?" Saulkur stopped as he looked down at her and sighed. "... I'd.... Like.... A job." He tilted his head down at this, if there were an anime sweatdrop, one would be present right now. There was a moment of silence. It was like a ton of cold ice dropped on a desert. Time seemed to pass by ever so slowly and it was only interrupted with a delightful chuckle from Elegia. It had rather melodic tone to it as it echoed within the large throne room. She did mind her manners in front of Saulkur as she continued to show her mirth. "You--- Hahahaha!" Her words become incoherent but soon enough, she was able to settle herself. Taking a deep breath, she could tell that he must be annoyed at her reaction.

But, no one in their right mind would not laugh. "You never ceased to make me laugh. In any case, did you not ask Rhanksar, himself about this?" She coughed in between trying to control her bubbling laughter. "I'm just curious as you are his eldest son." Saulkur kneeled down in front of her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "... I meant in the human world." If it was possible to have Elegia's vein's popping on her forehead, it would have been done. "You should have completed your sentence." Glaring at Saulkur, she released another sigh. "Another reason, I don't get bored with you." Looking at the hand on her shoulder, she continued on. "Like I said, did you not ask your father?" This time she looked at Saulkur. "Although, I have an idea I could use you for." Saulkur sighed. "Father said it would be unjust for him to have any fake human businesses. It'd be a big demonic factory..." He shivered a bit at this and lowered his hand down to her hand. "... I just.... Need a cover for the human world, t-that's all..." He kept his best to look down at this. "...." Elegia listened to his words quite intently and had the idea that would what Rhanksar will tell his son. Looking at Saulkur's hand on hers, she then looked at him. "All right. I will give you a cover." She said with a very serious tone. The humor that was always present in her words had completely vanished. "I do have a reputation to uphold as an Archduchess and Liege to Master Paimon now."

Saulkur looked at the ground at this. "....And in return, I must do -- what?" He asked. Retrieving her hand from Saulkur's, Elegia looked at him intently before speaking. "Just watch. No matter what happens or even when your brother gets involved with my people at the human world. You must do absolutely nothing." She spoke every word with intent and seriousness. "I am certain he won't die that easily. He is your brother and even more Rhanksar's son." Saulkur sighed out and stood up slowly. "... Anything else you would like to tell me then?" He asked, not sure whether to stay or go at this point. Elegia tilted her head to side and had a thoughtful look. Her serious presence instantly dissipated. "One more thing. I always liked the starwberry frappe at the human world. Bring me some, it would be awhile before I return then. I do have my territory to handle at the moment and there is also the report... So, be a dear." She said with a very sweet smile. Saulkur felt one of his eyes twitch at this. "W-what do you take me for, a mate or a slave or... Some kind of s-servant?" He said as he closed his eyes then and sighed. ".... Oh god, it's going to be like this, isn't it?" A bright smile was on Elegia's face as if to confirm Saulkur's conclusion. "It is all of the above." Clapping her hands together, she gave him a wink. "Now, do hurry. I am quite parched, unless, you will kiss me to satisfy me for now." She said with a smirk on her lips with her eyes of blue glimmering with sarcastic humor.

Saulkur felt his brows raise at this. ".... Y-you can't be cornering me like this! If I do that, I'll.... Oh dear what, you are cruel, so cruel!" He said as he shook and looked around. ".... Those two are all I have?!? Are you mad?!?! Are you really really serious about this?!?! You devil woman.... Uggghhhhh..... Tell me it's your hand, tell me it's your hand please tell me!" Elegia cannot help but smile at the flustered Saulkur. She had always enjoyed teasing him when she has the chance. "Of course, a kiss should be proper here." She tapped her index finger on her lips playfully and then pointed at the door to the throne room. "Or you could just grab my strawberry frappe. They are two easy choices, really." Although, she had the idea what choice he would take. Saulkur blinked as he walked to her and knelt in front of you. ".... You really are crazy... You would send me on a fool's errand to earth without knowing my way around it?!?!" He told her. "It's not a fool's errand. I'll give you directions." Elegia handed Saulkur a piece of paper along with the intricate details of how to blend her strawberry frappe. "See, how considerate, I am." She said with much pride and a smile. Saulkur looked at it as he sweatdropped and looked back at her. ".... You know what? I'll take my chances." He told her. "Really? Then go and do it now. We don't have all day." Elegia said with slight impatience present in her tone. She waved her hand forward as a gesture for him to do what he had decided to do. Saulkur sighed. ".... If you are so impatient to wait..." He said, before reaching his hands up to grab her arms, making it look like he was using her as a means to get up. But instead, he quickly leaned in and .... She felt the rest.

Elegia watched him as he saw her fit to be used as a stand of sort. He really does have the nerve as she released a sigh. It was at that moment he made his choice. Her eyes widened a fraction showing her surprise. Saulkur slowly pulled away as he fully stood up then and looked down at her. "..... Well? Did you need five more seconds or was that enough to satisfy you?" He asked. "Just 50%... Don't be too cocky." Elegia had finally regained her former composure. "That will do for now. Now, go... I'll just inform Devant and Alvanzo about your arrival." After saying that, she looked away from him as a sign that she had ended their conversation. Saulkur huffed at this and turned around so his back was facing her, before vanishing in a bright blue light. When Elegia was certain he was gone, she immediately covered her face as it was beet reed. Despite her flirtatious way, she actually had never been kissed by anyone before and she would rather die many painful deaths than to admit that to him.

~ Sebastian and Mireya meet! ~

Sebastian felt his eyes slowly open as he forced himself to sit up on his bed. He flinched a bit, falling back down as he felt the pain from his wounds come into effect before he was able to get a good grip on the bed with his hands. He was struggling at this point, having to breath faster as well from this. He closed his right eye as the pain went through his body, and he tried to sit up again. "When you awake, you will get hurt again..." With those words, Mireya's eyes slowly opened. The light on the ceiling welcomed her. As her blurry vision returns to normal, the dream that she had faded into the deeper recesses of her mind. It was once more a forgotten memory. She moved her head to side and felt how limp her body was. There was no pain but she felt a bit lousy. It was then she caught sight of the boy she had saved earlier. "Don't move..." Sebastian stopped as he looked over towards her, his eyes watching her as he rose a brow at her. He found her purple hair rather unique and he found it to be quite -- different... I mean, he's seen two people with pink hair, brown hair, blonde hair, gray hair -- but purple?!? That got the job! He laid down on his back slowly as he looked over at her. ".... Who are you? I'm Sebastian... Sebastian Thomas." He admitted to her, feeling like utter crap at the moment - it was shown and heard! Mireya could identify that he was not feeling the best at the moment. She offered a weak yet small smile. She wanted to lightly chuckle but that was out of the question. Her battery is still empty to say the least. "Mireya Nightless... I helped you recover I think... So, don't move too much.."

Sebastian smiled slightly as he chuckled a little. "Really? I didn't even notice... But thanks. I would of died if you hadn't turn up." He said to her as he closed his eyes for a moment, taking in deep breaths as he relaxed himself before re-opening them. "... So uh, what does this mean? Do I owe you something now in return or are you just going to accept a hug?" Mireya closed her eyes and answered. "You're welcome..." She opened her eyes and then glanced at him. "I don't think so. Just don't push yourself. I don't want my effort saving you wasted now." After saying that, she tried to sit up but was unable to do so. "Still little tired..." Sebastian pushed his arms down on to the bed as he forced himself up at this. ".... Really? You are tired? I got stabbed through the chest all at once by five different things..." He sighed out at this. ".... I don't want to tell anyone this, but I'm hating how everything's getting so.... Dark suddenly." Mireya looked at him. "I noticed that you were like a dart board earlier..." Her eyes remained on him and understood what he meant. "There are just those days... All one can do not to be swallowed by it is to smile..." She said while ending her words with a smile. "Although, it may be ridiculous." Sebastian rose his eyebrows at her at this. "... How can you just sit there and still smile after all that's happened? Or what's to come?"

Mireya looked at the ceiling and then answered him. "If I don't, I might just break and right now, it won't do anyone good if I do especially myself." She closed her eyes and continued on. "I have to be able to move... So, I can help others from the darkness." Sebastian frowned at this as he heard her words. ".... Oh.... I.... I see. I wish I could follow that advice sometimes...." He admitted to her. Upon hearing this, Mireya let out a light chuckle and then spoke afterwards. "You'll be fine. You don't need to do things my way or or the way of others." Opening her eyes, she looked at him. "Just be yourself. It will work out. I do that and I'm still here." Sebastian nodded silently as he looked over at her and rose a brow. "... So... How old are you exactly? And why are you here?" He asked with a bit of caution, knowing he might be tredding on dangerous grounds. "17..." Mireya answered nonchalantly. "I believe I'm supposed to be one of the Devil's children or something. I didn't get much information about that for my liking..." Raising her hand, she looked at it remembering what she able to do earlier with Sebastian's injuries. "Are you also like me?" Sebastian rubbed the back of his head at this. "I am." He confirmed. "....15 years of age, can you believe it? Youngest of the group and yet all I can do is just... Run around and get injured."

Mireya looked at him with a small smile. "You saved someone, didn't you? I don't think that you just run and got injured." Lowering her hand, she looked at the ceiling again. "Being youngest doesn't mean you can do everything. But at the very least, you can learn more than others." Sebastian shrugged his shoulders at this. "... So uh.... Anything you want to do while we're here?" Mireya had a thoughtful look on her face. "I probably want to take a walk around." With that said, she took a deep breath and pulled herself up to sit which she did finally. Her purple hair fall around her like messy silk curtains. "But, we are not probably allowed to do so..." Releasing a sigh, she looked at him. "What do you want to?" Sebastian tilted his head at this. "...Can I.. Join you?" Mireya reached out her hand to him to take with a bright smile. "Sure. I could use a companion." Sebastian smiled and reached out for it, but instead fell on the floor with a loud yelp as he landed on it. He then climbed up the bed and took her hand, smiling at her. "I -- I'm okay..." He stated. Mireya eyes widened at the sudden drop and released a soft giggle. "You're funny. I like you." She said without hidden agendas or brazen flattery. It was the plain truth as she hold his hand and smiled warmly. "Shall we go, Sebastian?"

Sebastian blinked. "G-go? I thought we were staying here...?" He asked confused. Mireya nodded. "Yeah, we are." She winked at him and then laid back on the bed. "Let's play pretend!" She pointed at the ceiling and at the lights. "They are beautiful stars!" Sebastian blinked and laid next to her, blushing a bit from her winking. "... Y-yeah... T-They are...." He said a little nervous, not sure what to do at all... "Just think what you want to see and tell them... For example, we are in a meadow with the night sky above us." Mireya explained while glancing at him with cheerful demeanor. "It's good to think things that bring you comfort the most." Sebastian blinked, bushing a little more as he inched a little closer towards her. "...Um... Y-yeah...." He looked up at this as he felt his side touching hers. Mireya felt him moving closer to him and she did not mind at all. "The cold night wind blowing through us... The scent of flowers..." Upon saying that, her natural scent of roses could be smelled by those close to her. "It's relaxing... What about you?" Sebastian blushed more at this as he felt his eyes widen a bit. ".... Y-yeah...." He said, shivering a bit at this. "It's really nice..." Mireya murmured under her breath, Her head was now leaning onto his shoulder.

Sebastian smiled slowly at this and wrapped his arms slowly around her, closing his eyes as he moved his head so it could be leaning on hers. ".... It feels nice." He mumbled. "Hmmm..." Mireya murmured as she fully leaned on her and did not mind his actions and soon enough she had fallen asleep. Sebastian blinked as she did this and looked at her. "......" He felt himself sweatdrop as then the door opened and quickly, he fell out of the bed screaming and blushing like an idiot. "You two have been summoned to attend the trial... Um.... What's he doing on the floor?" The sudden commotion woke Mireya up as she sat up and looked at the person who entered. "What?" Then she looked around for Sebastian. "Sebastian?" Soon, she found him on the floor and looked at him awkwardly. "What happened? Did you roll off the hill?" Sebastian got up as he took her hand. "N-nothing.... Let's just go." He mumbled. Mireya looked at him for awhile before taking his hand. She would not pry into it further. "Okay." With that said, she followed him.

~ The Trial! The Ten Most Powerful Exorcists in the world! ~

Morning had come. The sun was in the blue sky, few couds were noticed and the arrivial of Angel brought suspense to all. His three personal Knights surrounded him as they lead him inside, making him feel like a king. Every demon watching tensed up, for some reason they found this all to be... Unusual. There had never been a time when such a large threat had come close to them before, the rare few who weren't there were lucky. They didn't get to meet Angel. As he sat down in his spot, nine holographic figures appeared in they're seats, each looking royal and dressed up for some reason for this. The main one slammed down a hammer, which made a loud echo go throughout the entire room, booming across everywhere. "Bring out the representatives for Ash Clade, Keilani Dreahen and bring out Mr. Morris himself!" The sound of a door being booted open filled the room. If anyone turned to see who did it, they would find the Ex-Leader of the Rogue Division grinning and blowing the smoke from his cigarette from his mouth. Deon cracked his neck and took a few steps forward, before noticing Angel sitting on his 'throne'. Deon grinned, and raised his hand at Angel, waving in a comedic fashion.

"Yoooooo!~ Angel! Remember me? I'm the guy who beat you up in third grade!" Deon suddenly looked down, and muttered to himself. "You're great, great Grandfather was a nice guy, ya know" Deon looked up, and yawned, crushing the cigarette in his hand and looking up at Angel. "So you're not restraining me.... At all?" Deon rubbed his brows, but let it slip. He'd expected some sort of re- His train of thought was cut off as shackles were placed around his wrists and ankles from behind, and he sighed. "Sneaky fuck"

In full business attire, Claire remained at her defendent bench,a briefcase by her side, her hair in a bun, and the ever formal reading glasses framing her face. Standing, she decided to introduce herself. "I will be conducting myself as the representative. I introduce myself to the court as Claire Clade, and am ready to proceed with the hearing, your honour."

Sebastian watched Claire appear, growing nervous as he shifted a little where he sat. Scott and Michael stood nearby, watching and waiting for them to speak up if anything should occur or happen. Everyone else was either seated/watching or waiting to hear what was going up first. The Ex-leader, the child who supposedly killed several soldiers or the person who nearly went on a rampage to destroy the entire base? "First things first..." The main exorcist said as he rose up to his feet, everyone fell silent at this, wondering which was to be done first. "Something unexpected has come to my attention. Angel and several of his witnesses have alerted me that this Keilani went on a sudden rampage after the Ash incident was over and decided to kill several soldiers under the Renegades and the WDL. Does anyone have to say anything against this, or... Shall we pass our verdict now?"

"Indeed your honour. I ask to humbly address the court?" Claire stood again, fully prepared for the coming examination.

"Very well.... You may speak." The main exorcist told her, several of the other holograms nodded in silence and obsevered Claire with caution.

"Firstly, I think the implication that Miss Dreahan made the 'decision' to attack Renegade and WDL forces has been taken completely out of context. Should she have come to such a conclusion as to purposefully eliminate those providing aid to her, she could easily have done so at any moment prior to the incident with Miss Ashley Clade, or during with much more devestating results. In this regard, the violence witnessed, though tragic, was in no way a premeditated action." As she spoke, Claire paced around the court, referring occasionally to a set of papers she carried with her.

Mireya attended the court hearing as she was asked to do so. She stood with Sebastian, Michael, and Scott as she watched the proceeding before her. She had never seen what Ash was capable to do; however, she did see her at the infirmary along with this Keilani person. From her personal opinion, they don't seem the type to be able to do such things that they were being accused of. However, there were a lot of things in this world that can't be explained by just looking. The same could be said about her she guess. "This is just for show. They already decided..." She said to no one in particular.

"It is of the opinion of the defence that instead, other motives played a much stronger role in the actions Miss Dreahan was made to take. Given the nature of the trauma she had endured, one can surmise that she was forced to take drastic measures to defend herself - Indeed, having been assaulted by comrade and foe alike, my client was both in a panicked state of mind, and uncertain who or what to trust in."

"But there was no evidence to support this." One of the other exorcists spoke out, everyone briefly gave they're full attention to this man. "Witnesses have claimed they saw nothing on the scene but bloodshed and violence. Clearly, this woman somehow decided that we were the enemy and treated us as such. Unless.... You have the evidence to contradict this?"

"Survival instincts can cause many things. I'm not admitting the events that followed weren't a tragedy, but merely suggesting that the intensity of the situation and pressure of the situation cause the subsequent accident. My client had just prior barely survived an intense fight for her life, and was likely still working on pure impulse. Intent to bring harm to the WDL or Renegades was never present."

"Given the general distaste by many soldiers to the children, it's quite possible a comment or action by one of them could have brought threat to Miss Dreahan's life, sparking the violent reaction from her out of self defence and fear." Claire adjusted her glasses, returning to stand by her bench for the moment. She coulda bring doubt into whether Keilani had done what she did, but she could call into question the motives and how it came about. That was her only angle of defence for the girl, and she wasn't about to let her down without a fight.

"Nonsense. WDL Warriors do not attack unless they see the situation is fit to do so. Every WDL guard last night was accounted for being at they're positions - not one of them gave a single insult, as far as I've heard. Allow me to demonstrate... Does anyone in here know of a single person who saw this Keilani when she went berserk?!?!" Silence filled the room. "No? Then how are we to believe what you say?"

"How are you to prove otherwise?" Claire retorted, simply. "Your accusations are as much baseless conjecture as my own."

Deon simply stood at the back of the room, and he cocked his head sideways. His smirk grew wider as Claire comtinued to impress him with her know-how and businesslike act. Deon didn't exactly care much, but he was being drawn in. If Claire did a good enough job and got Ash and Keilani out of their punishments, then he didn't even have to be here. Deon's grin faded as the room was reduced to silence, but with Claire's rebuttal, his smirk returned. "Not bad, Claire. Not bad at all" Deon shifted uncomfortably, and looked over the expressions of Angel and his elite Knights. Some of which Deon recognised, others he didn't much care for. He caught Angel's attention, and poked his tongue out at the newly elected Archknight, who gave Deon the bird, and Deon replied by mouthing 'I bet you'd love to, Angel'. Deon grinned as Angel realised he couldn't win, and sat down with a growl and a mumble about how he'd make Deon suffer. Deon simply snickered.

"No one is flawless. All it would take is one false move, one panicked moment of fear, and the whole situation could have been dragged out of hand. Who knows? Perhaps one soldier heard that a child was on rampage in the base, and assumed it was Miss Dreahen? Given the battle she had just been part of, no doubt my client looked the part of that description." Claire pressed her line of doubt, knowing full well that there was no hard evidence of Keilani's motives - How could there be?

"But --" He began, but the main one silenced him quickly with a wave of his arm. "Enough. I've had enough of this, it's clear that we do not have someone who knows the what-ofs about this incident. Now... I have a proposal to make." He said to everyone in the room. "Would Rin step forward please?"

Claire gave a bow, excusing herself and returning to her desk.

During the Trial, Rin had been sitting there patiently, hoping that she wouldn't be called out. Her hopes were shattered when she heard her name called, and she stood. Her entire body was shaking due to nervousness, but she took a few deep breaths and proceeded forward, locking eyes with the one who had called her out. "Yes, sir?"

"Rin of the Demons Division. Since it woud take such an incredible amount of time and patience to move Keilani to the WDL Academy, I am instead going to hold you responsible for training this child to control her powers. You will have two weeks to accomplish this, or... She will be sent to the WDL Academy at once. Am I understood?" Every holographic figure remained silent at first, but then slowly they nodded in response. It was clear this was the better decision to go with.

Rin sighed, and spoke. "Sure. I'll get her trained and ready to control her powers so that this type of thing won't happen again" On the inside, Rin was relieved that she hadn't been asked to get involved with Deon's case, and it probably showed on her face. She sighed again, and spoke. "Is that all, sir?"

"Yes. I will call you back when you are needed. Now.... It's time for the Ash incident. Is the defense ready?"

Rin nodded, and returned to her seat, breathing a sigh of relief. "Damn, that Angel guy kept looking at me weird"
Claire had taken the brief moment pause to remove her glasses, cleaning them and taking the time to recuperate a little. As she was summoned, she steadily donned them once more. "Of course your honour. I patiently await your opening assessment to the case."

"Very well. For this case, we have the most witnesses, the most evidence and we clearly have a possibliity of Eclipse lending help to this case. However... I am going to allow Angel to speak on my behalf on this case... Since he appears to be busy flirting with the damn Phoenix." At this, a nasty glare was given to Angel at this, then eight other glares were added.

The commentary about someone flirting with the one called Phoenix made Mireya release a light laughter. She just found it very funny in a sense and for one, she was not the type to hold back when it comes to humor. It would seemed that she was not really bothered by the seriousness of the situation. However, she does know what was going on at the moment. Truly, how could she not feel that this was so unrealistic. There were even floating bodies before them and the technical term for it was holograms. She was definitely in some cheap sci-fi movie. Where was the director? Covering her mouth, she noticed a few looks towards her. She quickly contained herself and gave a slight wave along with an apologetic smile. "Sorry... Do continue on..."

Deon grinned, and shouted in a teasing tone; "Not my fault I'm so damn hot!~" Angel shot out of his seat at this, and glared. "SILENCE! I SHOULD HAVE YOU KILLED ON THE SPOT, DAMMIT!" Deon simply laughed and jabbed back. "I'd loooove to see you try, Angel. You still owe me for saving your life ya know~" Angel growled and drew Excalibur, pointing it at Deon. "Shush, Phoenix, or your death will be swift" Deon let his head drop, and he muttured to himself, although everyone could probably hear him. "For the last time, you CAN'T kill me" Angel adjusted his tie, and turned to his superior. "I was not flirting, he was attempting to distract me so that his fellow felons could escape of devise a plan to escape" Angel coughed and turned to Claire. "I was given reports that Clade came into contact with the blade, Eclipse. After which she underwent a transformation into a 'darker being', or so it was said, and went on a rampage through this Base. We have numerous eye-witness accounts, evidence in our favour, and much more. What say you in her defence, Miss Clade?" Angel grinned and his eyes lit up. Either way, today was a victory for him.

"Indeed, there's no denying that the one known as Ashley Clade underwent a change, though it was not quite a transformation as has been suggested. Incidently, if it pleases the court, I would from now on prefer my client to be reffered to as either Ash or Ashley, for the sake of clarification between her and myself." Claire paused a moment, bringing up the point to help prevent any further confusion.

Angel sneered, and replied. "Fine, we shall address her as Ashley, for formalities sake. Now, moving on. Care to explain these changes to us, Miss Clade?" Angel's grin widened, until he noticed a certain Phoenikoi smirking at him from the corner of his eye. Angel growled, and spoke. "Pray let us get this over with quickly, his constant interruptions are driving me mad" Angel quickly turned back to Claire, and spoke. "Well, hurry up"

"As you wish. Transformation, as you referred to it, implies that Ash underwent a physical change. This assertion is entirely incorrect, as the physical body that was involved in the incident did not change in the slightest. Instead, at the core of this incident, is the mind." Claire paused, partially for dramatic effect, partially to allow for any interruptions.

Angel simply nodded, trying to ignore the Phoenix who insisted on making his concentration an impossible task. Angel shook his head and turned to Claire. "So you're stating that something or someone caused Ashley's mind to 'change' in a sense, awakening a sort of alter ego, I assume?" Deon smirked. "Still a douchbag"

"A secondary Persona indeed. An entirely seperate entity - One that is entirely different from that of the regular Ash, as I'm certain any of our witnesses can testify to." Claire waited, seeing if such a formality was necessary.

Deon coughed loudly, hoping that people would turn and look at him. "I would say 'Your Honour', but I have more respect for a Sake Dish than I have for you, Angel. Anyways, when I came across Ash, it only took my a little while to notice that it wasn't her. I mean come on, Ash is a snarky bitch, but she isn't a cold-blooded murderer. I have proof to that, too" Angel turned to Deon, and growled. "And what proof would that be?" Deon grinned. "Simple. Our fight with the Monster Train"

Scott closed his eyes as he adjusted his glasses, Michael remained silent and observing, Sebastian was too intent on listening to it all to be able to speak. "So it was your group who took down that thing." One of the exorcists spoke out. "Interesting... We had reports that Drayne and the monster train went missing around the same time. Only, as I recall... The head of Drayne is now being displayed to the demons of the Renegades as a symbol of hope. I wonder... Did you show it mercy?"

Deon grinned. "When we faught the Monster Train, both Ash and I realised that mercy wouldn't be a part of that fight. She visibly changed after we first entered to carriage. There was a young girl who was critically injured by the Demon, and almost immediately Ash changed from her usual demeanor to something.... She got all soft and mushy, pretty much. Even after we defeated the Train, I offered her the chance to finish it off for all of it's sins, but she refused" Deon grinned, and locked eyes with the Head Exorcist. "I know that the majority of us in this room would have killed it off without hesitation, myself included. Ash, on the other hand, still couldn't bring herself to do it, and shit was she happy when I told her that the girl was in Hospital, being treated" Deon laughed, and spoke. "But I'm not here to dwell on that. I came here with a more specific reasoning. Tell me, would you hear me out?"

The head exorcist sighed out as he shrugged his shoulders. "Speak."

Deon grinned. "I offer myself up as a tool of the WDL. You may do as you wish with me. Kill me, torture me, force me into slavery, whatever. I'll be your instrument of 'Divine Justice' or whatever. I, the Executioner, offer myself up to you so that you may do what you wish. I will not leave, I will not betray you, and I will do as you wish for me to until I have become obsolete and you lock me away for eternity, until I rot from the insine or become useful again" Deon looked up, seeing the manic victory in Angel's eyes. "But, there's one condition..." "It's simple and obvious, actually. In fact, I'd be surprised if you didn't already figure it out. You acquit Ash, Keilani, and anyone else in here of all charges, and allow them freedom in whatever they do, and you will not interrupt their lives again. Ever" "After all, an older Brother has to protect his siblings, right?"

Mireya raised an eyebrow upon hearing this statment from the Phoenix. She was not exactly certain how to put his words in context at the moment. This man who seemed to be the type of person who does everything he wants without much regard for anyone else just offered his freedom for someone. It was truly an interesting thing but somehow, she had a vague feeling that there was something more to this. More importantly... "Did he just said older Brother?" She said with a rather loud voice while looking at Deon curiously. She was pretty much certain that she had no relatives unless something came up. "Are you saying that pipsquek is my brother?" Looking at Michael, Scott, Sebastian and then back at Deon.

Deon turned to Mireya. "Did you just call me a pipsqueak?"

The room was loud at this point, and the head exorcist was looking mighty pissed. So pissed, a vein had formed on his forehead. In one quick motion, he slammed the gravel down hard enough to silence everyone talking in fear. "SILLLLLLLLEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He demanded, the vein slowly dissapearing as he stood up to attention. "You are not siblings. You only share the Devil's blood, nothing more! Now... As for your 'request', I can not allow it. The children are too important to waste, and if they cause any trouble or become a threat like Mr. Chang was, then I have no choice but to do my JOB! However.... There is a solution. If... You take full responsibility for the events that have occured yesterday."

"...." Deon looked down, and closed his eyes. His base instincts were telling him to tell them he was joking, and for a few moments he felt like doing just that, but... He'd come here for a reason, and he'd been prepared for the worst. Deon looked up, his eyes blazing with intensity and determination, locking with the Exorcists own. "I do"

Mireya was about to answer Deon. She calls everyone smaller than her pipsqueak. However, the geezer with anger management issues intervened. She covered her ears in response as his voice was definitely that of nightingale. It was more fiiting for a crow. "Someone has menopause problems..." She muttered under her breath while pouting like much a child. It was then she looked at Deon again and heard his answer. She could not help but release a sigh. This man was either a genius or a fool.

"Very well! Miss Claire, in response to this, you will have one week to prove your sister is, in fact, a nice person and is not a threat to society. If you can not do this in one week... I will see to it she is sent to my personal dungeons!" He glanced at Angel before looking at Claire. "Are you both satisfied with my decision?"

"You are gracious and accommodating your honour. I promise my sister will undergo reformation for her attitude." Claire smirked a little at the private dig at her kin.

Angel simply growled and nodded. Rin, who was sitting within earshot of Mireya, sighed and whispered. "Just what the heck is Deon up to? Sure, he's strong enough to take on Angel and basically any Exorcist, but this.... This is a risk even for him" Rin glared at the Phoenix, who simply grinned, but his eyes were stern and determined, not cheerful and full of happiness. Rin furrowed her brows. "Something's definitely off"

"Very well! Now... For the final trial! Deon Morris!" He announced, everyone looking at him. "... You know the charges, you know the reasons, and you also know how you act. You also know the WDL guards you killed during the time Angel had taken Arthur's spot. Now.... Will the defense argue against this?"

"I believe the client would prefer to defend himself, your honour. However, should he require my consultation, I would be happy to oblige." Claire looked to Deon, allowing him the option.

Deon grinned as his name was called, and his prior demeanour returned. "YES, IT IS I! THE IMMORTAL! HAHAA!~" Deon grinned and cracked his neck. "I can argue that Angel's a dick and he deserved it. Also thanks, but no thanks Claire. You're a pretty good Lawyer though, take care of your sister or I'll kick your ass into the next century. Possibly literally" Deon turned back to the Main Exorcist and grinned. "Hey, not my fault I'm slowly going crazy. Ya know, kookoo? Gaga? Anyways, do I even need a trial, boss man?" "Blame the dude with the glasses that likes to dissect people and make them go crazy. Can I sleep in a nice cell now?"

Hearing the cat-girl's comment whose name was Rin, Mireya glanced at her. "If you say this is not normal, then it just means he has an ace under his sleeves." Crossing her arms over her chest, she cannot help but have a small smile. "Or he is just doing what he feels like at the moment, like a brother would do to his so-called siblings." Looking at Claire's direction, she closed her eyes momentarily. "Just like that Claire is doing for her sister." Then, she released a sigh while looking at Deon with a very comical depressing expression. "Or he is just a plain idiot. Hey, I've heard he's mad."

Deon sighed and slid to the ground, a yawn escaping his lips. "I haven't had a good sleep, aaages" Meanwhile, Rin turned to Mireya and smirked. "He isn't maad, he just likes toying with people, ya know? Besides, he's a good guy at heart, ask anyone who knows him really, and they'll say that to ya. He's just had a loooong past and sometimes he gets a little gaga because of it. By the way, my name's Rin, leader of the Demon's Division of the Renegades. You're Mireya, right?"

Raising a hand up slowly, the head exorcist snapped his fingers as he nodded. "... Everyone. Code. Nine." And all of a sudden, all the WDL guards, soldiers, knights and the like rose up and took out a white mechanically advanced gun, each of them pointing it at a Renegade soldier who was either a demon or who had demon blood. The only person who wasn't aimed at was Claire and Deon. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!?!" Scott shouted out as he saw everyone who was pointed at now had a red dot on they're forehead. "BE QUIET! I AM CALLING THIS INTO A SERIOUS ISSUE! Now... DEON MORRIS! If you say you are innocent and should receive the least of punishments, then I will execute everyone here with demon blood, who has even an INCH of demon blood, EXECUTED ON THE SPOT! If you say you are guilty... I will let them go. It is, after all, up to you... Mr. Madman's apprentice."

Mireya looked at Rin and smiled warmly as if she knew that from the very start. "I know. We are kind of related aren't we?" After saying that, she looked at Deon again who was yawning. "He is not that bad..." Hearing Rin's introduction, she turned to her and nodded. "Yeah. Nice to formally meet you Rin."

Claire remained still, watching the scenario unfold. Though she was prepared to take action, she was confident that they wouldn't act on such an unorthodox and bloody approach to the matter.

Deon ground his teeth in anger, before standing up. "Madman's Apprentice? That was a long time ago, my friend. Ah well, I guess I'll have to pay for my past. Again" Deon's expression turned stern, and his eyes blazed even stronger. "I will pay the full price for any and all sins and acts of unfair or criminal basis that I have committed. On the notice that you never, ever enter this place again, I will take full responsibility for any and all heinous actions or crimes I ever have or will commit" Deon's expression softened, and he spoke again, appearing calm and collected. "In other words, I admit it. I am Guilty"

Mireya's eyes narrowed at the sudden turn of events. It was just like she had commented earlier. "This is just for show. They already decided..." Her words from before flashed through her mind. She hated it when what she said appeared to be right at some point. Clicking her tongue, she looked at holograms and the one named Angel with cold authority. She was definitely not liking those guys. WDL or whatever they are if they do shoot, she would definitely show them they picked the wrong person to mess with literally.

Rin's eyes widened as the red dot appeared on her forehead, and she began to shudder. "Oh god, I hate lazers. It's like our bane. You know when you have a lazer and you mess with your cat with it? Well, that's a lazer and I'm a Cat, technically, sooo...." Rin closed her eyes and took deep breaths. "Don't chase the red light. Don't chase the red light" Each gun was put away at this and every WDL member waited for the command.

"Very well. As of this moment, the verdict is hereby passed. You are to be sentenced to be BANISHED from the Renegade forces FOREVER! You will be replaced, sadly... Don't worry. That is for another day that does not concern you. You are also sentenced to rot for 10,000 years in the dungeons of the WDL or otherwise, should you be moved. You are also at liberty to do WHATEVER Angel tells you to do, and if you leave WDL grounds, you will be turned to dust and sent to the bottom of the OCEAN!" With those words said, the exorcist leader looked over at Angel. "Take him away. Our business here is done." And with that, the 9 holograms vanished.

The tension and irritation that Mireya was feeling was immediately washed away upon hearing Rin's reaction. She could not help but laugh quite heartily. "So funny!" Once more, the question ws raised. Is she really treating the situation at hand seriously or just child's play. But, she regained her serious facade when she heard the annoucement for Deon's punishment. She covered her mouth and could not help but want to topple down those spoiled brats from their high and mighty position. After all, the bigger you are the further you fall. "Pretentious bastards." She said quite loudly without interest if any of those so-called WDL heard her.

Deon sighed, but a snarky comment still escaped his lips. "You CAN'T kill me, dammit!" Deon laughed, but Rin saw through it. "Imprisonment, the one thing that he's actually terrified of. Well shit, they must really hate him... And he's banished from the Renegades too. Fuck it all!" Rin booted the chair in front of her out of anger, and it's patron glared at her. "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!" Meanwhile, Deon sighed, the fire in his eyes dying as he realised what would actually be happening to him. He sighed again, and let his head drop, but he still couldn't stop the smirk from appearing on hs face. "The things I do for my loved ones. Sheesh, I'm getting too old" Angel strode up to Deon, and grinned like he owned the world. "You're my tool of destruction now, Deon, and you-" Angel was cut off as spit hit him in the face. "Haha, gotchya!" Angel growled and punched Deon straight in the gut, and Deon simply laughed at him, which made Angel storm away in anger. A tall man in full armour approached Deon, and Deon spoke. "Excuse me sir, but could I get a glass of water?"

Scott closed his eyes tightly as Michael clutched his arms at this. "No.... This was all a set up." Michael mumbled to himself. "Of course it was. Keilani and Ash were only the diversions... They intended to either capture Deon or send him to oblivion. Damn it!"

Mireya looked at Scott, Michael, and then Rin. Hearing their comments, she then looked at Deon who was still acting all tough. "Then, I'll make a diversion."

Rin turned to Scott and Michael and glared. "What now!? You know how much he hates imprisonment, he goes on about it all the time! 500 years in that dungeon broke him, and now he's got 10,000 years!? Man, he'll be in a whole new world, and not only that! They'll probably forget about him, and probably on purpose too!" At Mireya's comment, Rin shook her head. "No. He's got a plan, he's got to. He's got that glint in his eye"

Mireya looked at Rin for a moment. "Then you should stop your commentary then" She looked at Deon "You'll just make it worse for him"

"Quiet! We already have a plan for Deon's division... You two just stop talking! NOW!" Scott whispered to them, glaring at them both before looking back at Deon.

With that being said, she jumped down from the platform she was in without much regard. Fortunately, she landed on her feet. "I finally got that perfect."

Rin watched as they put a bag over Deon's head and tightened it with a thick cord, and tied his wrists up with steel chains. A small box was brought in on a wheeler, and after reinforcing the steel bindings with leather straps, then threw him inside and tightened the clamps to keep him in place, and shut the lid. Angel entered the room, a smirk on his face. "Not so confident now, are you?" His only answer was a laugh. Angel glared, and observed as chains were placed around the box. Several vials filled with liquid were placed into holes on the box, and Angel spoke. "Pure Holy Water, it's a complete bitch to your kind, ya know" Angel laughed as the box was carted away, and he turned. "Anyone else wish to join him?" Angel's voice rang out in the clearing, full of pride and boastfulness. "Anyone, anyone at all?" Rin glared at the man, and clenched her fists. "If I could punch that fucker!"

Mireya smiled at Angel's cocky statements. She approached the man. "I have something to do for you." Without furter ado, she kissed Angel on the lips. It was trully a shocking dispaly. At that very moment, her passive ability that has no off-switch activated. She was sucking his lifeforce out of him. However, she was able to stop leaving enough for him to replenish within the next few days or months, whatever works and not die. "I have been told that my kisses are to die for. Thanks for the meal." She winked at Angel. One thing about Mireya when she hates someone or dislikes. She is not too subtle in showing it.

Angel staggered back, coughing violently. "What did you just do to me? You bitch?" From inside the now-leaving box, Deon called out. "Good game, kid!", followed by laughter. As the box was tugged out of the building, Angel regained his composure. "You'll pay for that, bitch!" And then Rin landed on him. Literally. Rin stood and dusted herself off, a grin on her face. "Ooopsie daisy~" Rin's voice was laden with sarcasm, and she winked at Mireya. "Man, I'm starved. Chat over lunch?" With that, Rin extended her hand to the other girl, a grin on her face. Angel stood, growling. "Heh, I'll make sure Deon pays the price for your idiocy, bitches" With that, he staggered away, still coughing.

Mireya took out something from her pocket and threw it at Angel. It was a rock. Janet had told her to always bring one for self defense especially when she goes home from work. It hit Angel squarely at the back of his head. "It would be best not to be such a spoiled little brat especially being a pansy." Her eyes that were smiling earlier were now glazed with a threat. "If you have something against me do it. If you get him involved, I swear the next kiss I'll give you will be your death." After saying that, she looked at Rin and smiled. "Sure! Let's have lunch!" Taking the girl's hand "Sebastian, come and join us!"

Sebastian blinked and walked over, titing his head a bit as he did. "..... Um..... Okay...." He said a bit nervously.

Then glancing at Scott who was not probably pleased with her actions and then Michael as well. "Let's eat... Oh you better give Deon something to eat" Looking at Angel with a deathly glare

Rin turned to Sebastian and grinned, and she glared at Angel after Mireya's statement was made, who simply give them the bird before disappearing through the door. Suddenly, someone nobody would've expected to enter, entered. Rin's eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open. "Oh god, Quake!?" The oni simply smirk and eyed them. "So, what'd I miss. Also, got any food, I'm hungry as an Oni after nearly dying can be!" With that, she let out a laugh, but was cut short by a coughing fit. "No jokes thought, I don't want to literally die of laughter"

Mireya looked at Sebastian and smiled warmly as she reached out her free hand to him. "Don't be too nervous. It's just lunch." Then, she glanced towards the newcomer with a curious look. "Quake? Like an earthquake?" She asked while blinking her eyes in a rather adorable manner.

Quake grinned, and spoke. "Well yeah, but I'll explain over lunch. Can we hurry up, it looks like you've got a ton of shit to tell me and I'm not supposed to be out here because I might 'die', but meh, it's too cramped in there for me, ya know?" Quake grinned, and motioned for Mireya, Rin and Sebastian to follow her, and possibly Scott and Michael too. "Come on, I want some Steaks!"

Scott and Michael both groaned out at this as they began to follow them. "Is she going to do the usual?"
"She is."
"Oh my god, stop her."
"I can't.... It's too late! She's up!"
"I'm going to die!"
"Me first, asshole!"
Sebastian blinked and wrapped his arms slowly around her arm and leaned close to her at this, acting more like a little child then before suddenly.

Mireya shrugged her shoulders and then took a deep breath. She was still not completely satisfied with the whole punishment deal for Deon. Somewhere inside her mind, she was thinking very complicated ideas. However on the outside, there was not a slightest hint of it. She simply smiled afterwards while looking Sebastian warmly .She did not mind at all "Alright! Time for steaks! I want the big ones!"

S: "I do too, but then again --"
M: "Quake eats everything."
S: "And she'll get the big ones."
M: "Always does man."
S and M: "ALWAYS!"

Quake grinned, and spoke. "No way, they're mine, shorty!" Rin simply sighed, and grinned. "Distractions, we need them" "Race ya there, kiddo!" With that challenge to Mireya, Quake dashed off, laughing heartily, leaving Rin shock. "W-Wait, you can't have them aaaaall!" With that, she took off too.

Mireya looked at Scott and Michael with disappointment. "You're men! Act like one! If not, I am calling you Sadist and Masochist from now on!" It was then she heard Quake's challenge. "Hey! I haven't agree yet! I change the deal! The slowest one wins all!"

~ Celebration or Otherwise?! ~

Quake sat at the table, grabbing the Steak and biting into it, juices spilling down onto her plate as she nommed away in happiness. Rin observed this, and faceplanted onto the table while Quake swallowed the Steak whole and shouted out. "GIMME MOAR!" Rin sighed. "Don't challenge her to a drinking competition, Mireya. Ever"

Michael sat next to Rin in total silence as he laid his face down on the table. You could hear him sobbing a little. Scott cleared his throat. ".... Quake. I have something to ask."

Quake looked at Scott, a steak hanging out of her mouth. "Wsh vht?" Suddenly, she flicked her head back and devoured the Steak whole. She wiped her mouth, and eyed Scott. "What's that?" Rin patted Michael on the back. "It's alright, I'll buy you a Steak later man. I'll buy everyone a Steak. Except Quake"

Mireya sat on her chair while eating a rather large piece of her steak. After swallowing the portion she placed in her mouth earlier, her eyes of blue looked at Rin in question. "Drinking contest?"

In response to that, Quake grinned widely. "Alcohol-wise, nobody here can outdrink me except Deon! Haha, I bet you can't even handle Sake, Kiddo" Rin buried her face into the table further, and sighed. Why did I even mention drinking?".

Scott felt his eye twitch at this as he sighed out, it felt more like a groan. ".... I need to ask you if you.... Will be the new leader of the Rogue's Division?" Meanwhile, Sebastian sat watching it all, leaning agaisnt Mireya as he clung to her arm like a frightened child.

The new steak in Quake's mouth dropped to the plate, and she leaned back in surprise. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!?!?!?!?" In seconds, Quake's head joined Rin's and Michael's on the table, and she groaned. "Doesn't that mean I'll have to be SOBER?..." Rin patted Quake on the back. "It's alright Quake, sobriety can be fun too"

Scott goaned out. "... You know you are the only qualified person for the job! There's no one else here who can do it!" "I'll trade places." "SHUT UP MICHAEL!"

Mireya blinked her eyes a couple of times before digesting the information about a drinking contest. She was thinking of passing it up but upon hearing that she was not able to take it. Her eyes were filled with determination "I will take you on a drinking competition!" She said with intensity and then looked at Sebastian. "Don't worry. You want a piece of my steak?"

Quake's head shot up at the mention of a challenge, and she rocketed up from here seat and shouted. "500 rounds of Sake, right here right now! It's a Sake fight!" Rin lifted her head from the table, and slammed it down onto it again. "Gah, me and my big mouth" Meanwhile, Asmodeus and the Seven Sins were sitting nearby. "Quake's tits are biiiiiig!~" "Shut up, Az!"

Sebastian nodded at this as he looked up at her. Scott groaned. "....I forgot. We're stuck with them now..... I don't know what to do with them."

Suddenly, 1,000 Sake Gourds were placed in front of the group. 500 for Quake and 500 for Mireya. Each had about 5 liters of Sake in them, and that ended up being a LOT of Sake. Quake grinned, and spoke. "Hope ya can stomach this, Kiddo!" Rin just facetabled again.

Mireya handed it to Sebastian. "Here. You can have all of this! I'll just show this Quake who is boss!" After saying that, she faced Quake while rolling up her sleeves preparing for the battle. "Bring them on!" She smirked at Quake. "You'll bite the dust!"

Quake simply grinned, lifting up one of the Sake Gourds and pushing it to her lips, downing the entire thing and moving onto the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and then next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, etc. Rin lifted her arm up to try and stop Quake and Mireya, but she just let it fall down onto the table in exasperation. "I give in, gimme some Sake"

Sebastian took the steak and began to eat it slowly while watching. Michael rose his head up. "Maybe we should leave and let them do they're thing..."

Mireya looked at the Sake and did the same thing. She was not going to lose. The one thing she hates the most than being yelled at is being told that she would lose or not be able to do something. She'll be damned before she let anyone get the best of her. Soon, she was emptying the Sake Gourds one by one. It was quite a sight really.

Within 5 minutes, Quake had finished at least 400 of her Gourds, and was still going. She grinned at the Bartend, who began reusing the gourds for more Sake, and an endless stream of Gourds kept piling up onto the table. Quake grinned at Mireya, and kept on drinking as if it wasn't even affecting her. "Getting hard yet, Kiddo?" From somewhere in the background, Asmodeus giggled uncontrollably. "Nyahahaha! Hard! Hahahaha!"

Michael watched from another table with Rin. ".... Yeah this is too far out of hand."

Rin lifted her head up, and looked at Michael. "Wanna have a contest of our own?" Rin laughed her cute cat-ish laugh. (Nyahahahahahaha~) and fell out of her seat. "Nyahahahaow"

Mireya glared at Quake. She wanted to wipe off that cocky grin on her face. "I'm not going to lose!" With renewed determination, she had just 50 sakes left before her and somehow, she seemed unfazed by the Sake she had drank.

Michael blinked. "A contest of what?"

Rin then sat up, and shrugged. "Iunno, waddabout Catn- I mean erm.... Uhh, Oooh Red Do- Uhmmm... Any ideas?" Quake grinned at her opponent, who seemed to be unphased by her alcohol intake. Quake downed yet another Sake Gourd, totalling her near the 700's now. "Hurry up, slowpoke. Or it's an automatic fail!"

Michael blinked again. ".....What are we on about? Drinking or what?"

Rin sighed and lay her head on the table. "I have no idea, man. No idea at all"

Mireya quickened her pace and was now matching up to Quake's intake in about 788 sake gourds. Still, she remained uninfluenced by the alcohol. Her eyes were focused on the goal. "No way!"

Quake grinned, downing yet another Gourd, but before she could grab another a man in a Doctor's Coat burst into the room, instructing Guards to grab her and take her away. Quake sighed, and put down the Gourd. "It's a tie for now, but I'm just gonna...." Quake quickly grabbed Mireya's remaining Steaks and the steaks of everyone else, then ran off to somewhere to nom on them all, laughing all the while. The man in the Doctor's coat was wearing nothing but a purely white loincloth underneath it, and he sighed, "Not again" The, he walked off. Rin facetabled again, and sighed. "We are the Renegaaaades, nyaa nyaa nyaa~"

Mireya blinked for a couple of times before she realized what was happening and when she did, "Hey! Wait a minute! I won't accept a tie!" She stood from her seat and was about to ran after Quake when she noticed the doctor in just a loincloth. "You wear something! Perverted doctor!" After saying that, she released a loud sigh and sat back on her chair while looking at Sebastian. "Can you do me a favor?" Her eyes that were alit with determination became hazy with drunkness. It would appear her sheer will power was the only thing that made her go through all of it. "I---" She was not able to complete her sentence as she fell asleep her head on the table.

Sebastian blinked as he looked around at this. "...................................."

Rin raised her head, and smiled. "Oh god, if Deon was here he'd be laughing his ass off right now, eh Michael?" With that, Rin succombed to sleep as well, her head hitting the table and her snoring beginning. "ZzzzzNyaa.... ZzzzzzNyaaa... ZzzzzNyaaa.... ZzzzzNyaaaa.... ZzzzzNyaaaa... ZzzzNyaaa"

Scott blinked. "Did no one go to sleep last night....?"

In an instant, Mireya was off to dreamland wherever that may be. Her breaths were even emphasizing that she was in deep slumber. Her face was now obviously red now as her cheeks were flushed. It was enough to say that she was definitely drunk.

Rin's head arose from it's place on the table, and she stood, rehearsing the steps to Thriller by Michael Jackson. She had this weird look on her face the entire time, a mix between unconsciousness and ecxtasy as she danced around everyone, and suddenly. Jiang-Shi. Jiang-Shi everywhere. Rin eventually DID stop dancing, but the amount of Jiang-Shi in the area was just... lots. LOTS of Jiang-SHi, man. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Jiang-Shi, man. Then she turned into her Cat Form and slept on Michael's head and pretended to be a hat that snored like "ZzzzzNyaaa... ZzzzzNyaaaa.... ZzzzzNyaaaa"

~ Disturbing Messages! A new terror appears on Earth! ~

The Jello Demon had rejoined with Bellfoar and Chill as they had finished setting up the bombs, when a strange new figure approached them. On his right arm was that of a purple armband with a silver pin. He stopped and drew his sword, aiming it at Bellfoar. "I am Middle 2nd Class of the WDL forces - Ronald! I am here to challenge you, Bellfoar the Boom Racer!" And with that, Ronald vanished from sight. Bellfoar's eyes widened as he looked around for signs of Ronald, only to be kicked in the side of his face as he was sent flying away from The Jello Demon and Chill, who both watched in surprise as Bellfoar was sent crashing into the ground suddenly. Getting up, Bellfoar growled as he looked at Ronald, who landed and aimed his sword at him. Angered by this, Bellfoar dashed towards Ronald, the two going into hated action. Meanwhile, The Jello Demon and Chill both looked back to see an Upper 1st Class approach them both. "If you gentlemen will allow Ronald to fight, I will only be here to make sure you do not intervene. Who am I, you ask? I am Upper 1st Class of the WDL forces - Timothy!"

~ -- ~

A Knight was helping Angel depart when he felt something troubling near by. He motioned for the others to go on ahead while he stayed behind, watching as a mysterious figure walked out of the shadows of the trees. "You... Yami?!" He asked as Yami rose his head up and smiled at him. Pulling his hands out of his pockets, Yami appeared above the Knight with quick speed and sent down a ball of shadows at him. The knight rolled out of the way as the shadow ball hit, expanding around for two miles before finally stopping. The knight rose up as he glared at Yami, who landed with grace and smiled as his hands were behind him. "So... You are the Yami I seek after all. Very well, since I already know your name, allow me to introduce myself!" And with that, the Knight drew out his sword as it glowed brightly in the morning sunlight, Yami raising a brow as he watched the Knight get into a stance. "I am Sir Melvin! COME AT ME, DEMON!" A smirk came on Yami's face as he threw his arms back and both dashed for one another.

~ -- ~

Scott felt something vibrating in his pocket as he put his hand in there and drew it out. His eyes widened with horror as he quickly got up and raced off. Three minutes later, they heard his voice ringing out. "ATTENTION EVERYONE! PREPARE TO DEFEND THE BASE! THREE HEAVY FIGHTS HAVE BEEN SPOTTED AND THEY ARE QUICKLY HEADING THIS WAY! I REPEAT, PREPARE TO DEFEND THE BASE FROM SHOCKWAVES!"

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The feeling that a hundred of solid steel were taken off was the one Keilani felt after hearing from Ash that Blanche was fine and just needed rest. It did not occur to her how she was able to save the white cat from a powerful being such as an angel. She released a very relieved sigh at this and calmly laid on her bed with her eyes closed. Her body muscles relaxed and the physical strain she placed on herself could be felt more vividly. It only meant that she was now more attuned to her condition. Her right shoulder delivered pain at an interval and she could not yet freely moved it. It was safe to conclude that it was still broken. Her body's regenerative abilities must have greatly slowed due to the exhaustion she had prior coming to the Renegade Headquarters and now coupled with what she had done earlier. Regardless, this was not something she was concerned about. She was more worried about the thought of losing someone in her midst. It would be devastating despite it being a cat. It was still a living being and a helpful companion even if their meeting was just for a brief moment. "Blanche is fine.." It was a statement that repeated within her mind for a couple of times before her attention was taken away once more by Ash.

At first, Keilani was not certain what Ash wanted to say. Although, she could tell that the black-haired girl seemed flustered about something. She was about to assure her that there was no need to tell her that "thing" if Ash was not comfortable about it. But before she could, the words were already spilled in a stuttering manner with a tint of sheepishness accompanying it. The slight blush had gone unnoticed by her. It appeared that Ash had thanked Keilani about saving Blanche and almost inaudible to the ears the words of gratitude in saving her as well. If it was not for the fact that the infirmary was dead silent, Keilani would have missed Ash's thank you. The older girl even told her not to tell anyone about this as she seemed to be leaving her. Well, she did not find anything odd about saying thank you or why would she have to tell others about this. It was quite obvious with Keilani's perplexed expression.

“Look I’m just… Not good at this sort of thing, okay? So just… Keep it to yourself alright?” I’m gonna get the nurse, see if she can help you and maybe take you to see Blanche…”

Then, something finally clicked inside Keilani's mind. Ash perhaps was not the kind that say thank you so casually or the kind to express her feelings most of the time. Judging by their encounter inside Ash's mind, she could tell that Ash had the tendency to cover up her feelings instead of telling them as it is. A small smile appeared on Keilani's face and it grew bigger upon hearing that she could see Blanche. It was highly unlikely for Keilani to speak what happened between the two of them with others. Still, she would honor the request asked of her. It was the least she could do. As the older girl took her leave without even glancing at her, Keilani took the small opening to say a few words despite how weak-sounding her voice appeared to be. "I won't tell and thank you, Ash." After saying that, she closed her eyes with a gentle expression on her face and felt the wave of sleepiness took over her. She welcomed it gratefully as all the worries she had were now washed away. Slowly, she drifted to slumber. Unknown to her, there were greater matters that everyone else was going on about as the trial about her rampage ensued or the verdict that Deon had taken for her and Ash. More importantly, the eyes of an arachnid filled with obvious malice gazed at her from an undisclosed location.

Time passed by like that as Keilani spent most of her time in the infirmary. She had the opportunity to see Blanche who was recovering better than her. If she had known better, the white feline seemed to be scolding her about something. As such, she found herself apologizing profusely. It was quite an awkward moment where the people present in that scene could not help but be baffled and find humor in it as well. In any case, The medical staff had reprimanded her to move so she would not overexert herself like before. So, she followed their advice and remained in her bed for quite some time. In that interim, she had been informed that a trial had gone underway in her absence. Claire had represented her in it and a man named, Deon took the full burnt of the verdict. She was not told of the exact details or the casualties involved in the case that was made against her. But, she was not completely unaware that something was being hidden from her. She constantly inquired about it but the answers would always be avoided or vague to conclude anything. All she was told is that she had lost control of her power and destroyed an entire section of the headquarters and the damage spread to the other parts as a result. There was this uneasy feeling once more lingering in her once more.

"I believe you have heard your verdict." Keilani looked at the direction of the voice and saw a familiar face. It was the man she had met the first time she woke in the infirmary. "Dr. Hyde..." The man gave a small smile and approached her bedside while looking at her charts as it would seem. "Do you really want to die that badly?" She looked away from the doctor knowing that her current medical findings were not very good. "I should have not strained myself too much." There was a moment of silence before she heard a loud sigh from the doctor. "At least, you know how to reflect. In any case, I have been asked to clear you. So, that you can start your training." Rose pink eyes were once more on the doctor as she listened to it intently. "So, I'm good?" He shook his head and looked dejectedly at her charts. "No. You are in no condition to do that and you know it." She looked at her hands that were clasped together on her stomach and had an expression of complete resignation. "Yeah..." Hyde lowered the charts to a nearby endtable and took out something from his pocket. "But Rin is insisting due to the lack of time. So, I am about to give you this." He handed her something which she took with curiosity. "What is this?" He pushed up his glasses to realigned it to his eyes before speaking. "A placebo. It will take the exhaustion and pains away for the whole cycle. But once you sleep, the toll that you added on that day would be added to the true condition of your body."

Keilani looked at the small vial in a new light. "So, I could train with this?" Hyde nodded and had a rather concerned look on his face. "I would not recommend this. The body could only take so much even if you are supposed to be special." He paused and then released another sigh. "Anyway, I told Rin not to put much strain on you hopefully and you are to report to me by the end of your training every day to check on your health." She gave him a smile of appreciation and held the small vial with blue liquid closed to her. "Thank you very much, Dr. Hyde. I will do as you say." He shook his head again lightly and took the charts he placed on the table. "Just take good care of yourself kid." After saying that, he was about to leave when she stopped him with a question. "Dr. Hyde. Can you tell me what really happened when my powers went out of control? Did I hurt anybody?" There was a looming silence between them and she can feel the tension that her inquiry had caused. "Doctor?" It was answered by a small sigh and then he looked over his shoulder to gaze at her. "You know, if you want to live a happy life, don't ask questions, you don't want to hear the answers to." He then continued his leave while she had a very perplexed and sad expression on her face. "Happy life... really..."

After a few hours, Keilani had been cleared to do some light training as she had been required to kept her powers in check for a short time of two weeks. Her teacher would be a person named Rin. Well, she was not opposed to that idea. However, she wondered how she will be trained when she, herself, does not know the very nature of her abilities. Perhaps, they have some equipment that could identify her powers without much trouble. She walked along the hallways while a group of Renegade soldiers escorted her. The men maintained a good distance from her and she could sensed the feelings of anxiety, fear, and hatred. They seemed to be heavily armed which even deepened her suspicions that she did not just damaged the structure in her outburst that she has no memories about. Truth be told, she had tried very hard recalling the events of that day. However, they were not there in her mind as if none of those memories existed in the first place. Lowering her head, she followed the men silently as she would be delivered to the training hall where the one called Rin was waiting for her.

Soon enough, Keilani stood before a very large door. She had heard that Claire would be teaching Ash, Sebastian, and Kane. It was a relief to hear that the two boys were doing fine. After all, the last time she saw them was when the dark Ash threw them away like garbage. In any case, she should be more concerned about herself. The soldiers opened the doors for her and she could feel the piercing looks directed on her. She bit her lower lip in sadness and confusion while giving a small nod of appreciation. "Thank you for your assistance." With that, she entered the room and the doors were quickly closed behind her. She looked at the doors for awhile before looking away with sadness. She really did not mind being hated although, she wanted to know the exact reasons for it. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she made herself forget those concerns for now. She should focused at the task in hand in which she opened her eyes and began walking forward. "Hello? I'm Keilani Dreahen. Is my instructor Rin here?" She asked with a very polite and timid disposition as she looked around the large room.

As she reached the center of the room, she stopped and looked around curiously. Her hair was put into a high ponytail so it would interrupt her line of vision if she was about to do some physical exercises. This time she wore a pair of jeans and some loose shirt she had been handed by one of the nurses. Her right arm is also placed in a sling as it yet to be fully healed. Despite that, she looked mundanely stunning in it. In any case, her clothes were still at her dormitory which made her wonder how Fran was doing. Releasing a soft sigh, she wondered if she had arrived early. She wanted to be distracted from the secrets that seemed to pile up one after another. "Anyone?"

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"I always wanted to be strong... So, this time..."

A loud ringing could be heard somewhere. It was then a hand reaches out from the sea of white blankets in an effort to turn off the source of the incessant racket. But apparently, it was just a dream as eyes of crystal blue were revealed covered in a morning haze. "Ugh... I hate mornings..." Mireya noted with annoyance as she held her head and closed her eyes once more in response. The ringing sound actually was coming from within her skull. She was having a terrible splitting headache which likely resulted from her friendly competition with Quake regarding about alcoholic beverages. "I should have said no..." She said with slight annoyance. In any case, she seemed to be in bed. Although, she was not sure how did she get into one or where she was exactly. One thing is for certain, she can't think straight with the agonizing pounding inside her head. It felt that someone inside her head was drilling a pin in her brain. "Aspirin... I need some..."

"Your awake." Scott said as he sat near her bed, reading some sort of medical-drama book. He closed it as he looked over at her from behind his glasses. "... You are lucky you didn't drag Sebastian with you." He told her. Mireya groggily looked at him and was not sure she got what he meant or if she even got his sentences correct. So, the only response she could have was "What?" Honestly, she can barely comprehend anything even her current condition. "Before we talk, can you give me some painkillers or can I get back to sleep?" She closed her eyes once more and held her head. "I need to get rid of this headache." He threw her a bottle of some. "Take some. You need to get up as soon as you can." She was able to clumsily catch the bottle and drank without much of any hesitation. Her goal was to have her headache gone as quickly as possible. Even if what she drank was poison, it was better to her. It only meant that she won't be having any headaches or migraines forever. After taking the contents of the bottle, she closed her eyes for a brief moment. "What's the hurry?" She asked with an obvious tone of sleepiness as she waited for the drug to take effect.

"You need a trainer - everyone else is being trained..." Scott said while rising up on to his feet. "... You don't have an assigned trainer. So, I'm going to give you one." Mireya opened one of her eyes and looked at him. Her face had this rather uncertain expression. She remembered what happened in the pseudo-trial and being taught to control her abilities are all good. Still, everything around here was going too fast for her liking. She was again being thrown into a loop in the loony bin in her opinion. "You're serious?" The response to her question came instantly without absolute certainty. "Of course I am. People are going to be after you - you also need to learn how to fight. Plus... There's The Extra Child." Opening her eyes fully, she felt the drug finally taking effect. The headache was slowly diminishing and she could begin to comprehend more clearly what was being told of her than earlier. "Extra child?"

"Yes. Originally, there were meant to be seven of you. But then it turned out, there were eight of you. And I know who it is..." Mireya had finally sat on the bed and looked at him curiously as she had stopped holding her head now. The headache had become bearable at this point. "Who would that be?" "You should know... You already met him." She had a thoughtful look for awhile as she enumerated the people she had met quite loudly and even using her fingers to count them. "Well, there are you... that Michael guy, Gabriel angel thingy... and that blonde hair guy and then Sebastian..." Scott raised a brow at this. ".... When did you start linking Angels and Demons as the same? I'm not on about Michael or Gabriel." She shrugged at this. "You said I met... So, I just thought of the people I encountered before which were guys since you say it’s a he..." Rubbing her temples in a circular manner, she closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. The pain may have subsided somehow; still her mental aptitude suffers from her heavy drinking session last night. "Adding to that, I'm not in my best thinking process..."

Scott sighed and walked to the door. "Come along... You can think on the way there." He told her. Mireya sleepily and begrudgingly stood from the bed. Honestly, she would rather sleep this off but judging by Scott’s demeanor, she would conclude that was not possible. She swayed a little bit as the aftereffects of her intoxication were still present. "Walk will be good and maybe some fresh air..." She muttered to no one in particular. Her purple hair fell around her like a curtain, although; they are quite a mess with some strands sticking out. It could also be said to her current attire. After all, she had not changed into some pajamas. Taking note, she smelled of sake. “I need a bath too…” He opened the door and walked out, heading towards Rin's division part of the base. "I must warn you though... Prepare for hell."

Mireya looked at him and smiled confidently. Her concerns about hygiene were forgotten. "I'm supposed to be of the Devil... Enough said, right?" She run her fingers through her hair as she straightened it and followed him. "What of the extra child? I don't see anything to fret about." She asked as an afterthought while fixing herself while walking. Scott sighed at this. "... You seven children have the power to change things as they are. You could either end up destroying heaven, or liberating us of the devil, the one responsible for turning you into what you are now. The Extra Child, however, was naturally born to be a monster. His purpose, if left uncheck, will make him strong enough to become the next devil." While listening, she was able to straighten her clothes to make herself presentable. On a note, she seemed completely unfazed by the information he was giving her. "Sebastian, right?" She nonchalantly asked while looking ahead of her. "What is your definition of a monster exactly?"

Scott raised a brow. "You aren't concerned? And let's see.... A monster is something that has no emotions, has ungodly powers and has a natural habit of destroying everything around it." Mireya looked at him with a completely calm expression. "And you see Sebastian like that?" He shrugged. "No... But I do know the dangers he may cause. I also know we are missing several children." She looked ahead of her again. "How sure are you that he is the extra child? The devil had always been a master of trickery... His spawns should I say can inherit such talents." She then looked at him again. The information about missing people like her was something new to her ears. "How many are we exactly here?"

Scott stopped in front of a door. "I compared his blood to everyone else's. And as of Deon's sentence... Three of the original children are now gone." With that, he slammed the door open. Mireya looked at the site beyond the opened door. It resembled one of those sets in the movies where a prisoner is taken for interrogation. "So, his strain is different." She walked ahead of him and looked over her shoulder. "5 of us huh?" She stood there for a brief moment and then asked him. "What if I become the Devil? Are you going to kill me?" Once more, the answer was spoken with certainty. "That's not possible. So you have nothing to fear... So, behave yourselves now." He said as he quickly slammed the door shut.

"... That ass." A female commented as she looked over at Mireya, but she could only see her eyes. "Name?" She asked. Mireya looked at the closed door with a bored expression. "That man has no imagination..." Upon hearing a female voice, she looked at the source only to see a pair of eyes meeting hers. "Mireya Elea Nightless. You can call me whatever you want within reason." The female rose up as she walked out of the shadows... Looking like a human woman it seemed. "All I heard was blah, blah smack me." She then quickly went to smack Mireya across the face before putting her hands on her hips. "Try that again." Mireya was really stunned at the sudden slap that met her cheek. She looked at the unknown female before her in annoyance and returned the favor without a word. There was no way she would allow anyone to hurt her for no good reason. Her eyes of blue darken with slight irritation. She already had a blazing headache waking her up, then accompanied by that bookworm Scott guy and now this, she would probably go "monster" mode right here, right now.

The female blinked as she was slapped back, her head barely moving as it did. She turned her head back to Mireya, before letting out a loud laugh and giving her a VERY tight hug. “You got balls, kid ~” She commented, not knowing she might be crushing the life out of Mireya. As for the one being hugged, Mireya knew instantly that there was something wrong with the female's head to begin with. However, she was now 100% certain that this woman was crazy or has split personalities along those lines. The female laughed and then gave her a hug that was literally to die for. She fortunately had placed her arms in front of her as to cushion the hug somehow. Still, she could feel her air supply being restricted slowly. "Can't--- bre-athe---" The female stopped as she let go, watching Mireya gasp for breath. "... How the hell are you so weak?" She commented. "You are one of the seven children! Ugh... We have a lot of work to do, kiddo." Mireya finally was able to catch her breath as she was released and glared at the female for calling her weak. "Don't you dare call me weak. You don't know the difference between of a friendly hug and a death hug." She straightened herself and felt a slight ache in her head. "Tsk. Shouldn't have drink..." She muttered under her breath and then sighed.

The female smacked Mireya on the back, which would probably make her nearly fall over. "Come on... We have a lot of work to do. First, I need some of your blood." She said. Mireya almost lost her balance if she did not have tight grip on her footing at the moment and could feel the veins on her forehead beginning to pound. "You don't know the word restrain..." She then looked at the woman incredulously upon hearing the need for blood. "Are you a vampire or something?" The female raised her brows. "I'm not undead, you ass! I might just break yours too for that... Just for that, I'm not telling you. Now just hand over a drop." Mireya raised an eyebrow at the woman's retort. "Who is being so emotional now?" She stared at the woman for a length of time and shrugged her shoulders. "I was just asking." She placed her right index finger near her lips and bit into the skin. Without ado, blood began to pool around the pierced skin. "Here you go." The female quickly took out a piece of paper and had the blood drop on it. "Good. Now heal yourself or something, I don't know." She said as she walked away and got out what looked like a scroll of sorts, putting the piece of paper on it, the blood slide down onto it.

Mireya shook her head and then just simply licked the remaining blood. The wound was not that deep and soon the wound closed on its own without any interference. "What’s that?" She looked at the scroll curiously now brandishing her blood. It made her wonder if had some invisible ink that needs blood to appear. Somehow, she feels it was becoming more of a cartoon than a sci-fi film. The female got on her knees and sat down on her legs as she watched the paper sink in and writing made out of blood in cursive. "Why don't you sit next to me and find out? Unless you’re scared I'm going to break you again?" She gave a confident smirk at her, challenging her. Mireya could feel the blood rushing to her head but it was not because of romantic reasons. It was due to being irritated so early in the day. "Hell no." She said with a flat tone and a tint of annoyance as she approached the female and sat beside her to look at the scroll. The female smirked at this. "Hah. So the rumors of you with Quake were true - whatever..." She said as she quickly closed the scroll again, only to open it as now six spots with cursive blood writing could be seen on it. "Here are your abilities. How do you want the order - major to minor, or minor to major?" She asked, glancing over at Mireya. "You know Quake?" Mireya asked curiously as the woman closed the scroll and when it was opened again there were cursive writings on it. The female laughed at this. "Of course I know her! She's one of the best people who was in the Rogue's Division! Now I hear from Scott she's being promoted! HAH!" She said as she sighed out. Mireya listened yet was not keen on the conversation as she was reading the contents of the scroll and did not even look at the female who asked her which way she wanted it to be read.

Mireya Elea Nightless' Demonic Power Results

Combat Specialist

Barrier Master

Plant Mistress


Kiss of Death

Touch of Heaven

"Major to minor, I guess..." Mireya answered offhandedly still looking at the scroll. "Okay... Here we go." She said. "Forecaster. Manipulation over weather. Barrier Master. Touch of Heaven. Your healing power. Combat Specialist. Kiss of Death. The power to steal life. Plant Mistress. Manipulation over Plants." Mireya listened to as the female spoke her listed abilities. She now understood why people die when she kisses them, hear the thoughts of plants, or healed Sebastian earlier. "These are my abilities?" She asked to no one in particular as her voice was obvious for the presence of disbelief. It was then she looked at the female beside her. "Who are you? What's your name?" The female looked over at her and raised her brows as she closed the scroll. "And I have reason to tell you this, how...?" Mireya stood and looked at the female casually. "I can't keep calling you. hey, oi, woman, female, or she-man. Do I?" Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she closed her eyes. "Adding that, you will train me with these so-called abilities of mine." She opened her eyes to emphasize a point. "And there is no way, I'm going to call you master or any of those titles."

The female smirked at this as she stood up and shrugged her shoulders. "You are something else... Fine. Call me S. That's all you need to know for now... Be careful though, I might end up hurting you in more than one way. So, you still up for my training or are you going to run with your tail between your legs?" Mireya narrowed her eyes at her. "S. I never run." She delivered that statement with complete confidence and an eerie sense of pride. "Bring it on." It was now accompanied by a confident smirked as her eyes of blue with determination. The female slapped her on the back at this. "Good! Don't pussy out on me!" Mireya almost fell flat to the floor but she had managed to maintain her balance and then glared at S. "I should explain to you the meaning of restraint, if we are going to have this trainer-trainee relationship." She noted and wondered inwardly what would be waiting for her.

"I am the Archduchess of the Wastelands. Don't you dare..."

Saulkur wondered through the place connecting two towers together, entering the next one as he found himself climbing up stairs again. "Good lord." He commented to himself at this as he made his way up further towards the top. "How many towers does this woman have to put up? I swear..." He said as he finally stopped at the top level, looking around as he saw a few doors. "Now... Where is her personal chambers or whatever the crap she calls it?" He said as he walked forward a bit. "What do you mean?" Elegia appeared right behind him with a raised eyebrow and a playful smirk on her lips. "Do you want to see me in bed that much?" She spoke that part by whispering in his ear similar to what a lover would do. Saulkur flinched as he turned around and looked at her, glaring at her as he snarled a bit. "The hell I would..." He retorted to her. "And for the matter... You probably wouldn't even do it any way for me." He said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Aren't we touchy?" Elegia released a light giggle at his reaction. "Don't make it about me..." She leaned closed to him. "You're just too much of a coward to admit it." Smirking, she stepped back and crossed her arms over her chest. "Anyway, what do you want with me?"

Saulkur felt his eye twitch a little at this as he was just tempted to throw her... But he knew better. He had been raised better, besides... He liked her. He sighed out at this. ".... I came to say... T-thanks and all that." Elegia tilted her head to the side while looking at him for a moment of silence. Then, she gave a bright and sweet smile which was quite rare for anyone else to see. "You're welcome." But it soon disappeared as she returned to her infamous demeanor. "So, that is all you want from me? How disappointing." She released sigh while shaking her head. Saulkur felt his eye twitch a little more. ".... What?" He asked in a low deep tone. "You heard me." Elegia gave him a sly smile while leaning on the nearby wall behind her. "Or, have you gone deaf too?" She looked at him with disappointment and with a condescending tone as well. Saulkur walked towards her at this, stopping in front of her as he looked her dead in the eyes. "..... I came to ask how you do it.... You know... Act human and normal and all that?" He asked, obviously enraged.

"So, you want to learn from me?" Elegia looked at him with slight surprise. "So why are you so mad while you're the one asking a favor?" She met his gaze firmly. Saulkur felt his eye twitch again as he closed his eyes for a moment. "........ Nothing." Elegia find this reaction of his quite entertaining and funny. "You should speak now or forever hold your peace." She had a mischievous glint in her eyes as she flicked him on the forehead. "Anything to say before starting the lessons?" Saulkur opened his eyes and sighed. ".... The teasing.... Why is it needed? And why do you act like my superior all the damn time?" Elegia shrugged her shoulders. "Because I am." She said in a matter-of-fact tone. "In addition, it is fun teasing you." Pointing at him, she had a bright smile. "Aren't you my toy?" Saulkur felt his eyes widen at this. "T-TOY??!?!?!" Elegia nodded with much confidence. "Absolutely. I told you to kiss me and then you do so." She said with a smile while tapping his lips and then touching hers. "I always play with you all the time. You are such a good toy." She wrapped her arms around his neck and winked. Saulkur felt his teeth gritting at this as he felt she was mocking him. "T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Toy....? Toy....?!"

Elegia smiled happily. "Yes." She leaned her face closed to him that their lips were only a hair breath's away. "See, if I told you to kiss me you will just like last time." She looked at him mockingly. "Kiss me. Go ahead if you dare." Saulkur finally felt insulted enough. She was making fun of how he kissed her.... Well, he could kiss damn well fine! He wrapped his arms around her and pinned her back to the wall, pinning her head against it as well as she felt him begin to wildly kiss her. This was the second time that Elegia was taken surprised. Her eyes widened at the nature of his kiss. She had thought that he would just cower and just go silent like most of the times. Why was this happening and again? She removed her arms around his neck and placed it on his chest as she began pushing him away from her. Because at this moment, she could feel all of her blood rushing to her head. Saulkur grabbed her hands and pinned them to the wall, continuing to kiss her as he pressed his body up against hers, holding her against the wall as he kept it up this time. He was fully intent on making her pay for her insults. Elegia was surprised at that. She knew for a fact that when it comes to physical strength he was far stronger than her. However, she did not want to show him that he was getting to her. She resisted him and fought his hold on her. Even her words were getting muffled by his forceful kiss thus, she bit his lip to let her go.

Saulkur tightened his hold on her wrists by just a little bit, moving away from her lips quickly as she bit him briefly before she found him moving to the right side of her neck. She felt his lips just going place after place. "Stop it, Saulkur!" Elegia managed to say as he left her lips. She was really now flushed much like tomato. "Saulkur, stop it..." After about thirty seconds of this though, his lips went right back on hers. Tightly closing her lips, she could feel a moan almost coming out as she was able to stop it. But then, he returned kissing her and she continued fighting his hold. She would never beg or cry in front of him even when she was feeling that or the rather hot emotions flooding her due to his kisses. Saulkur chuckled on the inside at her pleas. He was getting to her - now to take it all the way home. He left her lips again to kiss the other side of her neck, doing it in several places before finding his way back to her lips, this time adding in a bit... 'More', to the kiss, she could feel the action happening all inside her mouth.

Closing her eyes, Elegia kept bottling her emotions. His kisses continued to be more forceful. She knew that there was something wrong with her senses at the moment. It is because she was gradually losing her grip on them. This was all new to her. Adding to that, it was a matter of pride to her. She would not let him hear a moan or even saying the word please. However, the next time he placed his lips on hers. There was something moving inside her mouth. Her eyes opened in shocked. Saulkur kept this up for a few before pulling his lips away and kissing the right side of her neck again, his arms letting go of her wrists and wrapping around her arms and back as he held her gently to him, rubbing her back gently as he wanted her to submit. To finally beg for him. To, perhaps in showing defeat, return the next kiss. "Saulkur." Elegia managed to say as he left her lips. She seemed so breathless. Her face was flushed and her eyes of blue was hazed by something she was truly ignorant about. At the same time, her breathing was a bit ragged. He finally released her and she felt relief but when he embraced her this time. "Are you done?" She managed to say clinging to her pride although, it was slightly unbelievable due to her current appearance. Saulkur glared at her as he was willing to let her body lean on his, but she wasn't giving in?!? He narrowed his eyes. "Almost." He stated, before then kissing her one more, he wanted a sign... ONE sign that she was giving in to him at last.

Elegia was then again placed into a heady kiss by him. She was not sure anymore what to do along with the tight gripped on her pride and at the same time about her confusing feelings that were slowly diminishing. Then, there it was a very subtle moan erupting from her despite how hard she tried to keep it away. Saulkur blinked at this as he slowly pulled his lips away from hers. ".... Did you just...?" He knew it was teasing in his mind, but on the outside, he appeared confused to her. Elegia knew what she had done and quickly covered her lips. She showed a weakness to him even if it was just for a short while. It was still a show of fragility in her part. She felt so embarrassed by it as she pushed him away from her without doubt. "Don't come for lessons to me!" She said in a rather loud voice as she headed for the safety of her bedroom. Saulkur blinked at this... "E-ELEGIA! Wait!" He cried out, rushing after her, but found himself tripping as he landed flat on his face. Not looking back, Elegia remained covering her lips as she finally entered her bedroom and made sure the doors were completely locked. After doing so, she leaned on the door and slowly fell to the floor. "What just happened to me...?" She embraced her knees closed to her while she buried her face in it. "It's his fault... not mine..."

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~ Bellfoar VS Ronald! ~

Bellfoar felt himself slide back as he stopped himself. He gritted his teeth as he looked forward at his opponent, who stood ready for another exchange in blows, Ronald aimed his sword at him. "Stand, demon!" He shouted out with anger for the demon, it was obvious he had been trained to hate demons even from just looking at them. Bellfoar rose up quickly from his knees at this, Ronald responding by charging in quickly again. Bellfoar sent in a quick lightning bolt at him, to which Ronald responded by dashing to the side from. Ronald then leaped and sent his sword down for Bellfoar's head, Bellfoar moving back with quicker speed as he reappeared a few feet away. "Stand still, demon!" Ronald cried out, charging in once more as Bellfoar furrowed his brows and stomped his foot on the ground. On his feet appeared two boots, both of which began to glow brightly. Ronald stopped himself as he recognized them. "The Speed Boots?! But, how --" He was stopped by Bellfoar calling out. "SPEED ON!" He shouted, and with that, he was gone. Ronald was suddenly hit in the stomach by one of Bellfoar's feet, which sent Ronald flying back. Stumbling across the ground, he finally stopped when he slide across the ground and was left lying there. "You are lucky I held back... Now... What will you do now?" He asked, but before he could go on, a mysterious figure in a cloak appeared between the two.

~ Chill and The Jello Demon VS Timothy! ~

Chill found himself get hit by a kick as he stumbled back, while The Jello Demon aimed an attack for Timothy's head, but failed when he was knocked away. Jello rolled across the ground for a bit before stopping and began to get up. "Damn it all..." He mumbled, raising himself up as he shook his head. "Who is this guy?" He asked, as the man approached them both. Timothy stood there with a death glare that was suited for an assassin. Timothy then raced forward and appeared in front of the two, kicking them both in the stomach as Timothy used this to hurl himself back. He then landed on his feet as the two stumbled again, allowing him to race forward at this. Jello and Ice were sent flying at him, but he quickly moved to the side of this and pulled out a pole, spinning it in his hands as he spun himself around and smacked the two with it across they're faces. Then he used it to break the Jello Demon in half, then spinning it around in his hands to slam one end of it into Chill's chin and send him flying on to his back. "Hmph... This isn't worth my time." Timothy stated, as a mysterious figure appeared before him. "It's time to go, sir." The figure responded, holding an unconscious Ronald over one arm. "Very well..." Timothy said, and as The Jello Demon and Chill got to they're feet, they saw the two vanish.

~ Yami VS Sir Melvin! ~

Sir Melvin watched as Yami kept appearing and vanishing before him, as if the darkness demon were taunting him to strike first. "Do not mock me, you ignorant thing!" Melvin shouted out as he sent out three chains towards Yami. Before they could get him, he vanished again, the chains wrapping around only air as they fell to the ground. Yami then appeared in front of him and kicked towards his face, but Melvin blocked it with his right arm, holding off the demon with it as he did. A mini-shock wave happened as the two collided, Yami kicked off of Melvin and gracefully landing on his feet, spreading his arms out as two shadow balls appeared in front of him. Melvin readied himself as Yami threw both at him, to which Melvin spun around and sliced through both dark balls, making them dissolve. Yami charged forward at him and began sending a barrage of punches and kicks towards him, each time Melvin was able to block each blow that was sent at him, both of them creating shock waves with each collision they made with each other. Finally, it seemed the demon Yami had enough of it and leaped back, pulling on two gloves as darkness formed around him. "Ah, a demon's own invention to power himself up... Heh, try me!" Melvin shouted out with confidence, meanwhile Yami was forming darkness around Melvin.

Yami then clapped his hands together as a tornado of shadows suddenly formed around Melvin, making wind be blasted into him from this as the darkness became more and more harder to see through until it was completely dark. Then, it formed from a tornado into a ball that was around Melvin's size, keeping him trapped in it as Yami smirked upon seeing this. But then, cracks of light formed on the ball as a sword pierced through it, cutting it in half as it dissolved away, the light fading just as Melvin's form could be seen. Yami felt his eyebrows colliding with one another as he dashed forward, Melvin responding by doing the same. They both collided with each other, fists meeting sword as the ground around them began to shake from the collision. Then, after one minute they both leaped back and landed on they're feet as they stared each other down. Then, the mysterious figure appeared at Melvin's side. "Sir, it is time to go." He commented while holding the unconscious Ronald over his shoulder. "Hold on a minute while I --" He stopped when looking forward, to find the demon Yami having vanished. "... Ugh, very well. Let us go." He said, and the two then left the scene, they're missions done.

~ S VS Mireya, part one?! ~

S stood ready at one side of the room, her arms were folded across her chest as she watched Mireya. "Well? If your going to learn how to use your abilities, attack me already. Or do you want a kiss first?" She teased, aiming to piss her off. Mireya glared at her and could feel her eyes twitched. "Kiss me and you're dead." She retorted at her while wondering how would she attack S. It was already much proven that S was more physically stronger than her. It was not like she could punch her or anything like that. "How could I attack you when I don't how to use them in the first place? Shouldn't you teach me like concentrate or something along those lines?" S yawned a little at this. "You apparently know how to use that kiss... You just need to do something similar with the rest. Like, I don't know... I'm not one of the Devil's 'chosen ones' or anything. So until you can transform... I'm just going to have to beat it out of you." Mireya released a sigh at this. "My kiss has no off switch. Even if, I don't want to use it." She pointed at her lips. "It still works." She then had a rather disbelieving look on her face. "Beat me? Really now? Moreover, I am just new with this devil thingy."

S laughed. "You obviously can't beat me... You're just too pathetic, too weak... Besides, your kiss does have an off switch... It just has more power over you then you do over it." "Thank you for pointing that out." Mireya sarcastically said while still glaring at S for laughing. "Pathetic? Weak?" She could feel her patience wearing thin. "I told you not call me that!" S shrugged. "What's wrong? Can't handle a girl?" She teased again. "You're not a girl at all." Mireya said in a deadpanned voice. She could feel the pain of her headache crawling back in. "Tell me why Scott chose you as my trainer." She noted while rubbing the bridge of her nose. S smirked. "Because you can't handle my challenges. Can you, little girl? Come on, you can't beat me. Not a chance, not a chance~" She wagged a finger at her. Mireya crossed her arms over her chest. "Are you even a challenge to begin with?" S got a serious face for a moment before punching the wall behind her, making a dent appear in it as several large cracks came across the dent. Mireya whistled at S' little show. She raised an eyebrow at this. "That supposed to scare me then?" She smirked at this. "Why not attack me instead?" She then had a thoughtful look. "Or are you the one who is really afraid?" S rose her right foot at this as she stomped on the ground, making the entire room start to shake rapidly at this. Then, a crack started to appear on the ground of the room as it quickly began to head towards Mireya's position whilst the room's floor began to split in two. Mireya was startled at this as she slightly wobbled and then, she noticed the crack approaching her position and subsequently the room splitting apart. She stepped to the side avoiding the crack directly.

S crossed her arms over her chest at this. "You were saying?" She asked, before grabbing both ends of the room and slamming them together, the gap becoming a crack, and the crack vanishing as the floor was suddenly repaired. "... This is a special room for a good reason. It allows you to use your powers without any consequence, well, except to the people around you... You still want to try me then?" Mireya straightened herself and run her fingers through her hair. "You're a coward." She looked at S haughtily. "That is what I am saying." She stretched her arms upwards and the tilted her head to the side. "Come. Let me see you can do to me. All you did is just play with the room. Nothing impressive." S sighed and quickly ran in front of her, then stopped as she pulled back her fist and aimed to punch Mireya in the gut. Blue eyes began to darken as Mireya caught the fist with her hand and then delivered a blow with her elbow with the other arm towards the back of S' neck. S smiled at she let it hit her, but barely moved as Mireya could feel her own hand shaking just from catching the blow... "Not bad, not bad! I see the scroll was right after all about that whole specialist crap..." She then kicked at Mireya's arm to knock it away from her fist. "Come on, I'll let you have this one for free. Hit me!" Mireya looked at her hand and she felt the strength of the punch directed at her. It was clear that she was not that physically apt in that department. Looking at S once more, she stepped back after her arm was kicked. She subsequently delivered a roundhouse kick to S' face. S closed her eyes as the foot hit her cheek, being held in place against her body as she looked at Mireya. To her, she felt like a wall of steel. "That's it?" She asked, grabbing her leg. "You may look slim and all, but in reality, your just paper~" She then aimed to slam her elbow down on her leg.

It was then a seemingly invisible field surrounded Mireya's leg to meet with the incoming elbow. The effect would be to return the amount of force that it had received to the one who hit it in the first place. S rose a brow as she felt it, chuckling a little as she shook her arm off. "What was that? The barrier thing I assume?" She shook her head a little at this. "... Your getting closer, but not close enough. Your barriers can't last forever..." Mireya retracted her leg and was also surprised at that sudden appearance of the field. Her blue eyes seemed not only to darken further but appear to be in some sort of a haze. She narrowed her eyes at this and the she felt the so-called barrier disappear around her leg. After that, she attacked once S once more this time with a chain of punches and kicks. S watched as she was hitting her with punches and kicks as she blinked at this. ".... Um... I didn't know you were into me so soon." She said as she then knocked away one of her arms and then grabbed her by the face. "Come along then!" She shouted, before raising her off her feet and throwing her at a wall. Before colliding with the wall, the barrier surrounded Mireya in protection. it cushioned her momentum as such, she stood looking at S while the barrier dissipated. "Aren't you irritated?" There was this voice that echoed in her mind. It has a familiarity to it. "Go ahead... Like at that time..." She shook her head as if trying to remove the voice. "Shut up" She retorted. "Just like before..." Her eyes widened as she felt emotions of hatred and depression fill. The atmosphere within the room differ and the temperature began to drop rapidly to an absolute zero. S watched with a risen brow at this. "Oh? What's all this suddenly...? Maybe you're finally coming out of the closet?" She taunted.

Mireya held her head as if in pain. The ceiling of the room begin to be filled with looming dark clouds as crackles of thunder and gleaming lightning peeked behind it. "At least... when you're angry... the world is angry as well..." The voice continued to haunt her. S' words were drowned by it. "I said shut the hell up!" She yelled as lightning begin to dance all around them and wind out of nowhere filled the room in a torrent. S stood in place as the light show began, watching Mireya as she merely blinked at this. "... Well now.... Looks like we're halfway through, aren't we?" She said with a smile. "This time... you won't kill an innocent..." Upon hearing those words in her head, a raging storm was now present within the room. Mireya's position was the only part that was not affected by the sudden weather tempest in the room. The floor surrounding her began to be lifted as vines began growing around her. S blinked at this as she saw plant-life begin to grow. "I guess that means we only have one more left to control, don't we?" She smirked, crossing her arms across her chest. "... Come on then. You've almost got them all unlocked - just focus. Come on, I'm waiting for you to give me your best shot!!" The plants growing began to stop upon reaching the ceiling. The flowers at its tip began to bloom. Instead of beautiful bloom, it resembled a Venus flytrap with its fangs all directed at S. Mireya slowly removed her hands from her head and then looked at S with eyes that were in complete trance. "Feed." It was said in a whisper but it was enough for the plants to attack S. At the same time, she closed her eyes as the lightning now aimed to hit S as well. S watched the two come for her as she moved to the side and kicked the plants in the way of the lightning, looking over at the Venus flytrap's head as she leapt up and landed on the plants, snapping them almost all the way off. She then grabbed the Venus flytrap's neck part and goes to snap it before then tearing it off and throwing it onto the ground. "You've lost control, haven't you? Pathetic, Mireya... I thought you had it more in you then that."

Mireya looked at S and then smiled. It was so empty that it resembled a corpse. A barrier surrounded S as it locked her up in a small bubble. At the same time, the torn plant heads' regenerated. As for her, she raised her right hand upwards as lightning began to gather around it. "Thank you." It was then the concentrated power she gathered aimed at S. The plants heads' directed at S as well. Then, it was released not to cripple but to kill. S smiled at this. "I did say... Your barrier can't last forever." At this, time seemed to slow down as S concentrated, energy building up inside her body as she held her arms across her. Then, thrusting them out, a large shock-wave was sent out as the barrier was destroyed and a light appeared around S now. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" S' scream could be heard throughout the entire room as if echoing, the plants around her shirevling up as the clouds would part. Then once she was done, she collapsed to a knee, still smirking as she tilted her hat down a bit. Mireya had a disinterest look on her face as the wind gathered underneath her feet. Lightning circled around her as she approached S and then delivered a blow to S' face. This time powered by a tornado and enhanced by lightning. It was released resembling a shotgun as the trail it left carved the floor in half. The room shook as well at the force being released. S smirked as she raised her right arm up in a block, letting it get hit instead as she stood up after it hit, letting out a loud laugh. ".... Hey Mireya, what rhymes with pain?" She asked with a smirk, even though her arm was numb.

Mireya did not respond as she simply grabbed S by her neck. This time it was easy as her strength seemed to be enhanced. She raised S in a choke hold and those eyes remained vacant. S whistled at this as she felt her choking her. "He-llo~" She said as she grabbed a hold of her arm with her good hand at this. "Gain?" She then thrusted her knee at Mireya's gut, aiming to knock the wind out of her and send her flying into a wall. Mireya felt that connect with her gut but, she didn't relinquish her hold on S. Instead, she flew to the wall with S tagging along. She really felt the strength behind the thrust but the barrier cushioned the blow and at the same time the wind current soften it as well. She then punched S to the face with another force similar to the earlier she released. S closed her eyes as she felt herself move faster then before, vanishing from sight as she appears a distance away from Mireya at this. ".... Ah, now this isn't fun anymore. Now... Well, it's pointless to keep trying, so..." She opens her eyes and looks at Mireya. "Ah, just do what you want. I don't care any more... It's not fun when your own ally is trying to kill you." "Ally, who told you were mine." Mireya took back the force she released and directed it to the ceiling blowing it up in the process. The huge explosion caused a lot of dusts. She then ran her fingers through her hair again. S sighed out. "Oh shut up.... I was talking to Mireya, not whatever the bloody fuck you are." She said as she fixed her hat a little at this.

"And what makes you think, I'm not Mireya?" Eyes of blue remained in a haze as Mireya raised her hands in front of her and lightning touched each fingertips. S smiled a little. "You want to kill.... Your eyes say everything. So what, you going to beat me to death or what?" Mireya pointed her charged fingertips at her own neck. "Let's activate the other two skills simultaneously, shall we?" S blinked at this. "And those would be...?" She asked. "Death and Life." Mireya smiled with such an empty visage. With that done, she fired all the charged lightning fingertips at herself and the explosion covered her. S stood there as she sighed out. ".... So..... Tell me. Miss M.... Do you want to see me at full power?" When the explosion cleared off, Mireya laid on the ground bleeding now to death. S looked at her as she saw her lying there. "......... Da fuck?" Was all she could get out. Mireya was getting paler every second. Her body was broken and even some of the bones were sticking out of her skin. The heartbeat was slowly coming to a stop. S walked over towards her slowly as she knelt down beside her and rolled her on to her back. "..... I don't get it." Was all she could say.

Mireya slowly opened her eyes and instinctively grabbed onto S. Her lips met hers and the transfer of life began as the wounds began to regenerate. As for S, she was being drained of her own life as some of her cells began to degenerate from the sudden pull. When Mireya was satisfied, she removed her lips from S. "Thank you once more." She was back to good condition as if nothing happened. However, the same could not be said to S as it only left a fragment of a life-force in her judging the life-threatening wounds Mireya had. The rate of exchange was equal. S blinked as she did this and flushed a little as she felt her life force being drained. Once Mieya was in seemingly perfect condition, S smirked as she began chuckling of all things. "Oi.... I didn't say.... We could KISS YET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She shouted out as suddenly, her power began to skyrocket. Her life-force was suddenly returned to her as her ears became more pointy and her eyes changed to almost snake-like. "..... Fine.... Now we're on even terms..... Witness my -- Demon Form." And at this, her appearance became more beautiful. Her hair was longer, her skin looked smoother, her charm seemed to have increased beyond that of any human woman's and her eyes just seemed to sparkle. S smirked despite all these changes as she tilted her hat again, two bat-like wings ripping out of her back. Mireya could tell S was now in a whole different league. ".... Allow me to introduce myself properly. I'm Succubus, one of the Demon Division's most well known fighters. I have a severe rivalry with Quake and Rin and I love to tease any one I please...." Mireya stood up and ran her fingers through her hair. She stretched her arms upward and bend her body sideways as well. Her eyes were still dimly haze then looked at S. "I guessed that part."

S chuckled a little. "Thanks for the kiss though... It really inspired me...." She teased, taking a step forward, and despite the room having healed at this point, the room was suddenly filled with an IMMENSE pressure that caused it to shake and nearly fall apart. ".... Sorry that I'm only at 50% full power in this form, I would be at my full strength, but, well.... That kiss blew me away." She said as she stretched out her wings. ".... Got a transformation or should I proceed with the ass-kicking now?" "Transforming is not an option." Mireya said in a matter-of-fact tone. There was not even room for arguments or anything else. Her eyes looked at the ceiling which she had blown up. S suddenly vanished from sight and appeared behind Mireya. "Over here, sweet lips~" She whispered into her ear before suddenly ramming her knee into Mireya's back. The collision would of caused the ground to form a small crater underneath them, it was clear S' strength was tremendous now - equal to that of an Oni's even. Mireya felt the blow but the barrier once more halved the strength of it to her body. Still, it made her fall to her knees. S looked over at Mireya as she fell on her knees. "Well? You wanted a fight - you got one!" Mireya looked at S without even a tinge of emotion or something that could say she was bothered by the demon form or such. Instead, she stood up and dusted her clothes as if nothing was wrong. "Will this be to the death, or are you just going to be my toy?"

S furrowed her brows at this, and sent her fist towards Mireya's stomach. She intended to knock her out. Mireya bent her body forward as if to appear that she had been directly hit. However, she grabbed the fist with one hand and slowly stood properly before S. "Answer." Her grip on the fist tightened as a something invisible around Mireya began to be apparent. Eyes of blue darken further but now glowed menacingly. S furrowed her brows as she kicked her arm away and then proceeded to punch at the barrier with two fists this time. Mireya flippantly looked at the arm that was kicked by S. The seemingly invisible force around her began to be tangible as it seemed to be her powers leaking like tentacles. They hit the ceiling, walls, and floors leaving gaping craters while the ceiling were blown as the skies from outside could be seen clearly. Her body seemed to be surrounded by something. Grabbing both fists, she bent them without much effort wanting to break them. S gritted her teeth at this. ".... Fuck it."

She then concentrated as she released energy again like before - only this time it had a more tremendous effect in the room. Mireya was unswayed by the action and soon enough, she was surrounded by a translucent light. Her gripped on S' fists remained. After a few minutes, she threw S towards the wall like a rag-doll. As the light that encased Mireya began to unravel someone else. S slammed her feet on the wall as she got down on her feet and sighed out. "...." Mireya looked at S with the darken blue eyes which had regained its bright quality once more. There was also a confident smile present on her lips as she stood there with a raised brow. "Warm up is done right, S?" She was completely in a different form. Her purple hair were braided into long twin-tails and black with cross buttons adorned her hair. She wore a body-fitting attire that seemed to be reminiscent of those cyber costumes.

~ Sebastian's training! ~

Sebastian looked at the ice and walked over to it, putting his hands out facing it. Nothing happened though. He blinked and waited a few more seconds, before thrusting his hands out again. "OH MAGICAL POWERS! COME UNTO ME!" He shouted out, but felt dumb after saying that out loud. He focused as he closed his eyes, gritting his teeth as he tried, but only felt a fart come out. He flushed and collapsed, twitching a little on the ground after doing this. He got up and after a few minutes, rubbed his hands together and focused on the emotion of hate. "Hate.... Hate..." He said to himself, focusing on the ice cube, but then felt a yawn come out. ".... No, NO! I don't want to do that... Come on!" He then slammed his hands on the ice cube. "HATE! HATE! HATE! HAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He shouted out at this, and a miracle happened. An aura of radiation heat surrounded him and rapidly began to melt the ice cube, but he was too far into the power to notice. He gritted his teeth as the heat radiation increased until it bursted and then vanished! He felt himself stagger back and lean against a wall, gasping for air as a burnt spot was left where he formerly stood, the wood of fire was blazing with fire as he collapsed near it. "... I prefer cold right now."

Of course, given how quickly Sebastian had achieved his task, Claire was still absent with Ash. In fact, the only person around was Kane, who was taking the time to refill his glass after another less then gracious fall. Sebastian felt his eyes roll as he shook his head and sat up. He looked around him as he shot his arms up into the air. Of course, given how quickly Sebastian had achieved his task, Claire was still absent with Ash. In fact, the only person around was Kane, who was taking the time to refill his glass after another less then gracious fall. Sebastian felt his eyes roll as he shook his head and sat up. He looked around him as he shot his arms up into the air. "I did it! I did it, ha ha h -- WHA?!" And then, Kane would hear the idiotic screams of Sebastian as he started running around like an idiot while his butt was smoking. "WHA, WHA, WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY ASS IS ON FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Looking over to Sebastian, Kane was quick to hurry over with his glass, chucking the water straight at his rear in the hopes of extinguishing the flame. Sebastian felt the liquid hit him as he collapsed and rolled around in circles like an idiot. He soon got up and sighed out in relief. "That's all good no --" He stopped as the fire from the log began to spread somehow. He must of let out more then he hoped for! "........ FIIIIIREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Quick! Grab the water cooler!" Running over to the dispenser he'd been using for his training, Kane began wrenching off the bottle on top. "FEAR NOT, YOUNG ONES!" A large demon in a suit that hid his face arrived, bringing out a large fire extinguisher as he did. "I HAVE SENSED THE DANGER! AND I AM HERE TO EXTINGUISH THE SOURCE!" "W-W-W-WAIT, THAT THING WILL --" "QUIET, YOUNG LAD! NOW, LET THE AWESOME MIGHT OF THE CAPTIAN OF THE BLASTER BOYS TAKE CARE OF THIS!" "KAANNNNEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Kane turned, just as he managed to pull the large bottle free, carrying it towards the fire. "FIIIIIIRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" And then, everything went wrong. The fire extinguisher blasted out some powerful force into Kane and Sebastian, sending poor Sebastian flying away into a wall as the suited demon holding it was seen flying all over the room with it. Then after several minutes, he landed and acted as if the incident was totally normal to him. "Another job done! If I had been here a few minutes earlier, you both would of been totally screwed!" And with that, he departed. Sebastian collapsed and his body rolled over to the now empty burnt spot with the charred remains of the burning wood near him. It took him a few minutes to regain his thoughts. "..... That reward better be worth it. Kane?!?"

Dazed and upside down, water the bottle from the water dispenser was embedded into the wall, liquid trickling out and drenching Kane underneath it. Sebastian sat up as he moved his hand in front of his face, trying to see clearly. "Kane?!" He called again, doing his best to try and stand, but failed and only ended up sitting up as everything began to clear up. "At least you get a reward..." Kane mumbled as he began to reorient himself, sitting up and wiping the foam from around him. Sebastian brushed himself off as he looked over to where he heard the mumbling. "You met her before I did! How the heck are you complaining of all times!?!" "I guess you're right. Still, She's probably going to be pretty mad if she comes back to see this..." Scratching his head, Kane looked over the mess they'd made. Sebastian sighed and sat down with his legs crossed at this, clapping his hands together as he closed his eyes. "Stand back." He said and increased the head radiation around him. The foam slowly began to fade around them, but it was taking time this time. A few minutes passed by and it was still slowly going away, while Sebastian was starting to sweatdrop like mad.

Kane watched in partial amazement, and a little envy. Sebastian already seemed to have mastered his task, while he doubted he'd be able to take a few steps without dropping the glass. Sebastian concentrated harder... And this is where Kane began to see Sebastian's lack of control. The ground underneath him began to form a burnt spot, just like the one from before. "W-whoa whoa! Watch it! Don't start burning things again!" Sebastian quickly stopped the burn stop at his words, but steam was beginning to emit from his body at this... "Uh, Sebastian-" Kane was really getting worried now, and contemplated running to get Claire. Sebastian opened his eyes as the last of the foam vanished - he gasped for air and fell on his back. ".... Water." He managed to strain out. "What? Oh, uh, right!" Running back over to the cooler embedded into the wall, Kane managed to prise it free before returning to Sebastian, holding it steady for him to drink from. Sebastian opened an eye at him. ".... Just pour it on me." Nodding, Kane dunked the last of the water over Sebastian's head. Sebastian coughed at this as he sat up and held out an arm towards Kane.

Reaching down, Kane decided to help him up. Sebastian felt himself get up to his feet and sigh out. "...T-thanks.... S-she better get here...." "Well, I can't say I expected you to nearly burn down the place. She's probably doing some special training with Ash." Kane concluded, looking to the double door the two had gone through earlier. Sebastian collapsed again at this. "Whoah, hey, easy there. Need me to take you to the medical wing again?" Sebastian sighed out. ".... Just tell me when she gets here...." At that, there was a loud thud against the double doors, a huge dent mark present. Sebastian glanced over towards it. "..... Another break in?" He mumbled. Drawing his sword, Kane remained focused on the door, but no other sounds were heard... Sebastian tried to sit up again at this. ".... Should you open it?" "Me?" Kane blinked, looking it over. "Claire did say not to open it under any circumstances..." He added, clearly uncertain. Sebastian glared. "And if she's dying?" He asked. "Uhh... Wouldn't she um... Open the door if they were in trouble?" Sebastian rose a brow. "It might be locked on they're side." "Arrgh! Alright, we're in this together, yeah? If I open it, it was a joint decision... Right?" Sebastian sighed. "Yes, yes.... Now do it!" Nervously swallowing, Kane gripped the handles, and... "Aw man I can't do it!" Kane chickened out, letting go and stepping back from the door.

Sebastian quickly got up at this and stomped toward it. "For the love of.... Fine, you big sissy! I'll do it!" And with that, Sebastian quickly grabbed the handles and went to open the doors. As the doors spread wide, Sebastian had only a moment to react as a streak of light shot towards him, a beam of energy rippling with power. Sebastian felt his eyes widen as he underwent his super speed, grabbing Kane and having him stay behind one of the doors. "..... Da hell was that?" He asked. With the doors now open, the intense sounds of battle echoed throughout the hall, impacts, explosions, clashes... Sebastian listened to them as he felt his eyebrows raise slowly at this, looking over at Kane. "Maybe we should close it." Kane was looking to here the laser had impacted, a deep singed mark on the wall... Sebastian looked at him. "Screw that..." He said as he walked over to one of the doors and looked over it to try to see the action going on in it. Inside, he could catch the slightest glimpse of Ash, a dark aura surrounding her as she locked blades with Claire, her sister holding a brilliant sword of light in the clash as they fought for superiority. Sebastian felt his eyes widen as he looked over at Kane. "Jesus.. They're fighting with swords.... And they both have auras." Slowly, cautiously, Kane peeked his head out to watch, just in time to see the two girl's separate. Ash reacted first, waving her hand as coiling shadows rose up from the floor, chasing down the running Claire and attempting to ensnare her legs. Leaping, the psychic-femmefatal dived towards the wall, but not before firing off another beam of energy at Ash. Swiftly, Ash's Hair moved, swirling in front of her to block and deflect the beam, glancing to where Claire had fled to.

In the split second Ash had been distracted, Claire had closed in behind her, charging up energy in her hands and reaching round for a hard shove to her back, the impact causing a rippling explosion that sent Ash into the far wall. Sebastian looked at him. "... I think we should close it before they notice." At those words, a sharp meow sounded behind Sebastian. Sebastian looked over to see what it was. ".... A cat?" He asked. Noir sat behind the two, snickering a little. Sharply, both Kane and Sebastian felt a firm hand on the top of their heads. "So, how goes the training?" Claire asked, her voice sickly sweet and pleasant. Sebastian felt himself going to collapse again at this. Kane simply stuttered some as Claire laughed, glancing back over her shoulder. "That'll be it for now Ash. I'll take it as my win." Sebastian caught himself as he glanced over at her. ".... Uh, I saw nothing." He said to her. "Sebastian, do you remember what happened last time we met and you tried to lie to me?" Claire mused, leaning in close to him. Sebastian took a step back. ".... Uhhhhh...... If I said maybe, would you take that?" Laughing some more, Claire sat back up, stretching as she looked over the training room. "Well, I suppose you can just be thankful you completed your task." Looking back to Sebastian, Claire headed over to her bag, pulling out her purse before heading back over to him. Sebastian continued to shake as he watched her. "As promised, here's your reward." Pulling out a large, crisp $100 bill, Claire handed it towards Sebastian... Tugging it away when he reached for it. "Now, this is to be spent so that you and my sister can get the time to chat. I haven't forgotten what you first came here for, and she'll need to do something fun to take her mind off her bruises."

Sebastian blinked as he looked at her. "....Wha.... What?" He asked. "Just take her out somewhere, get a bite to eat, maybe do something fun, and then you can work through whatever you want to ask her. She needs to be on her best behavior too, given her trial the other day. Noir will accompany you just to make sure you don't get into any trouble." Sebastian gulped at this. "....O-okay..." Patting Sebastian on the head, Claire next turned to Sebastian. "As for you, it seems we're going to have to intensify the training a little bit, hmm?" Kane had attempted to sneak off during the interrogation, but found himself being dragged back by the collar. Sebastian looked at Claire and sighed. "...Um.... C-claire?" "Yes Sebastian?" Sebastian remained silent for a moment, but he looked down at this. "...N....Nevermind... I still need that money, you know?" "Oh right, I almost forgot." Laughing she dropped the note into his hands, turning back to the room where she'd been fighting Ash. "Come on sis, you can't stay in there moping all day!" Grumbling, Ash was pulling herself from the rubble as she dusted herself off, slowly trudging back into the hall with Sebastian and Kane. Sebastian looked at her as he glanced over at Claire. He frowned for a few seconds before sighing out and shaking his head and looking over at Ash. "... Let's just go." He said. "I hear that..." Ash grumbled, heading out the hall towards the garage. "You can't drive, right? We'll take my bike." Sebastian blinked. ".... Okay." He said, and they were off to find her bike.


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#, as written by Tanman
“So, where’d you want to go?” Ash asked casually, fixing her hair as she started pulling on her helmet, taking a moment to grab the spare and toss it Sebastian’s way. She didn’t get why her sister was making her shepherd this kid around, but it was a bet, and she’d lost it fair and square. Not that it was ever in her favour. Watching Sebastian catch the helmet, Ash continued to make some last minute checks on Umbra as he spoke. “I remember there being a sort of fancy restaurant several miles from here... It's not that expensive, but it has some really good food."

“You want to eat somewhere like that?” Ash asked a little bluntly turning to face him. She was never that big of a fan of ritzy places like that – Especially if the food wasn’t worth the amount you were paying. “I hate to break it to you but I’m not exactly rolling in cash at the moment.” As if to answer her concerns, Sebastian began waving around a crisp $100 bill, causing Ashley to raise an eyebrow. “I appreciate the gesture, but I’d like to pay my own way, thanks.” Folding her arms, she watched Sebastian sigh – Maybe he was a little annoyed at her? Well, she wasn’t about to let some kid treat her to things. She had some pride to maintain. He seemed to accept that for the moment, inquiring into just how much she had on her.

“About $40, give or take.” Ash estimated, not bothering to check her pocket. For now, it seemed he had his heart set on things, so she may as well get it over. Whistling in her head, it took only a moment for Umbra to come driving into the garage, sliding to a stop in front of them as Ash climbed aboard, Noir leaping to snuggle into her lap. “Well, get on. You’ll need to direct me.” With another heavy sigh, Sebastian climbed on, Ash speeding them out and off through the streets. It was a quiet ride, Sebastian occasionally speaking up to direct her. Finally however, she coasted to a stop outside the place, kicking the stand and removing her helmet. “So, this the place, huh?”

Sebastian nodded and took off his as well. "Yeah... This is where Lucy, me and.... Someone else, use to go... Or whatever she calls herself now -- Lucifer or some bull like that." Ash noted the annoyance in his tone, but decided to ignore it, instead deciding to make some idle conversation. “You could afford something like this?” Sebastian sighed as he got ready to head in. "Yep... Lucy always had the money somehow - me and Rob... Well, we use to be thankful, despite wondering how she had it. Now that she's a demon -- one of those seven demon girls... It just doesn't feel like the same girl I grew up with."

"People change. It's kind of inevitable." Ash commented, pushing open the door and heading inside, taking a moment to look over the interior as Sebastian slowly following in after her. "Yeah... I guess. I just wish Deon had told me sooner about it... Oh well, let's just enjoy the day." Ash nodded a little at his comment, before heading over to the one of the waiters, asking for a table and being escorted to one of the back seats. After politely declining entrées, she began to examine the menu, looking for something tasty, and in her price range. It was all pretty fancy, but she’d probably end up going with something basic like a risotto. Not glancing up as Sebastian began speaking, as his voice lowered she was forced to drop her menu in order to listen in. "... So uh, do you ever know what happened to those two we met at that church?"

“Can’t say I have any idea. I’m sure they’ll turn up eventually.” Ash responded dismissively, having not really thought on their disappearance up until this point. Honestly? She was just thankful she was still alive and okay – as selfish as that concept may have been. "So... How was it? The WDL, I mean?" Sebastian prodded her again, causing Ash to sigh and rest her chin in one hand, leaning on the table. “It was different. Kind of like going back to school. We didn’t exactly get to stay there that long though.” Sebastian nodded at this. "So I remember... You aren't curious how Hell is like?"

“Not particularly. I imagine I’ll find out myself one day.” Ash chuckled a little to herself, closing her eyes. "... So is this a hint you want me to stop asking questions then?" Sebastian asked, causing Ash to open her eyes to regard him. Shifting to sit back, she folded her arms behind her head. “No, it’s alright. I’m just not that good at keeping conversation.” Ash responded truthfully, not entirely used to this sort of setting. Sebastian seemed a little taken aback, but his curiosity continued. “.... Oh. Well, I was wondering if you could tell me more about yourself."

"Like what?" Ash asked, looking to see where the waiter was so they could order. Honestly, for a high quality place like this… “Like.... What do you do in your free time?" Sebastian spoke again, Ash almost having forgotten he was there. Shrugging she settled back into her seat. “Normal stuff mostly. Working on my bike and driving it around. I used to play some videogames back at home, but we don’t exactly have that luxury here.” Ash sighed a little, thinking back to her normal life back at the house. It seemed so distant now… "Who knows, maybe you could ask them if you could go home... Even though some of us don't have homes to go back to." He admitted as he shrugged his shoulders. "But I'm probably boring you telling stuff like that."

"I guess this place is probably what you'd consider home now. The Renegades I mean." Ash mused slightly, wondering if she though of the Renegades as home too. She hadn’t been there that long, but… "... No. Not really. It's an army to me - nothing more." Ash blinked a little at Sebastian’s comment, a bit surprised by it. "Guess you're not too fond of the atmosphere there, huh?" Ash tried to make some ‘friendly’ talk, but all that seemed to do is bring up more unpleasant memories for the boy. ".... No. I almost died there - while you were fighting that other demon. Another demon showed up and stabbed me through the chest in five different spots at the same time and I nearly died of blood loss..."

"Oh uh... Wow. Kinda awkward..." Ash mumbled, not really sure what to say in response. That feeling persisted as Sebastian continued. ".... You know, ever since I've been brought into that church, I've been thinking to myself. Of how some feelings started to nag at me, I started contemplating what obsession felt like... Then I went into hell, and I felt like I died a thousand times over - no, more then that. When I got out of it, I felt like I had died a hundred times. But the obsession was still there... Then I met someone else and I started to think of what it means to know someone before having feelings for them. Then I met Lucifer, who went crazy from liking me so much.... As I stood there, on the line between life and death, I played a song my mother used to play for me... A song, she said that she and my dad used to dance to or something like that... I tried to send a message, I tried to use it to help, but... In the end, it was pointless." He sighed and put his forehead on his hands. "... I guess that pretty much sums up everything I've been doing since I got out of hell."

Remaining silent, Ash thought to herself about what she should say. Was it appropriate to say something? She had no idea if she was supposed to be trying to comfort him or what. It was times like this she wished she had Claire around, so that she could come up with something smart or philosophical to say. Maybe even crack a joke if it looked like it might work. But Claire wasn’t here, and she had no idea what to say, so she remained silent. It was probably thankful that the waiter arrived then to take their order, Ash ordering her meal and then retreating back into quiet solitude. Sebastian seemed to do the same, happily speaking with the waiter before returning to a sombre expression, clasping his head and leaning over the table. Ash sighed. “So did you actually come out here to enjoy yourself or are you just going to mope?”

Sebastian looked at her. "You aren't exactly helping me enjoy this. Someone I've been waiting to talk to for days now - and suddenly it feels downhill." Ash frowned, annoyance beginning to creep into her voice. "What exactly do you want from me? I already told you I'm not good with this sort of thing..." Her frown persisted, even as Sebastian tried to explain himself. "I wanted to get to know you better, okay? I just didn't want us to forget we even existed... Ugh, that sounded better in my head."

“I’m not even sure I understand what you mean by that…” Ash muttered, placing a hand to her forehead. Sebastian didn’t seem fit to explain it, and instead, decided to go with a more simple request. “Never mind.... I want to be friends." He stated simply, Ash sighing a little as she looked to him. “Simple enough kid. It’s not like I can ignore you if we’re going to be working together.” Glancing up, it seemed the waiter was approaching, which made it seem like a good place to stop. She’d thought that they’d come to a good agreement, but it seemed Sebastian didn’t think the same. "... That's partners. Just... Forget it. It's obvious this isn't going to work." Ash went to interject before the food arrived, forcing her to hold her tongue as she accepted her plate. Finally, after the waiter vacated, she was able to speak her mind. “Alright, I get it. You want me to be your friend – But honestly, I don’t get what more you want me to do. We’re gonna be working mostly, and I can’t imagine you’re gonna want to hang out with me during your breaks.”

"..... I honestly don't know myself any more. I'm so confused... I don't even know who I am any more." Sebastian mumbled, looking quite pathetic in his sorry state. Honestly, it was sad how messed up this kid had gotten from becoming involved in all this. “You’re you. I think that’s pretty obvious. And you make yourself into whoever you want to be.” Ash stated, beginning to munch on her food. She wasn’t sure if what she said made sense, but hopefully Sebastian got it. What he said next, probably was indicative that Ash had been missing the point the whole time.

"There's three people I like right now and I'm not sure who I'm supposed to try and... See if they feel the same and want to try something." Ash nearly choked on her food, taking a moment to chug down some water before eying Sebastian warily. “So that’s what this is about. You took me to this fancy restaurant because…”

"Because I was asked to help you take your mind off of pain." He finished for her. "... Something wrong with helping others out?" Ash blinked a little, before breathing an internal sigh of relief. “No, no. There’s nothing wrong with that. Anyway, I’m not exactly the kind of person you should turn to for love advice. I’ve been burned and burned far too many people already…” For a moment, Ash's mind drifted back to that night...

"So? I'm already asking you for a reason." Sebastian’s words put Ash’s back up once more as she returned to alertness – but, seeing as he was being rational about this, she could probably play it calm, let him down easy… “If you’re interested in me, I’d say there’s way better fish out in the sea. I don’t think we’d work out – And you’re a bit young.”

"... I've been trying to get over you ever since I recovered from the whole stabbing - trying to bring you back through a song - it got ignored and I ended up nearly dead for no reason... No, it's someone else I was on about."

“If that’s the case, then I think it’s quite clear that I’m not right for you.” Ash stated calmly, eager to sway any lingering thoughts about her he may have had. It was amazing how emotionally confused this boy was… "..... I -- ugh.... Look, I need to know things about your sister, okay?"

“Wait wait wait, hold up. You’re asking me about Claire?” Ash pinched the brow of her nose. This was getting more and more awkward by the second. Sebastian gave a subtle nod and yes, causing Ash to run her hand through her hair. Ugh, this wasn’t exactly what she’d thought she was getting herself into when she’d agreed to that bet… "Excuse me miss." A man working for the restaurant said as he had just come over. "You have a visitor outside who wishes to speak to you."

“Huh? Oh, sure. I’ll be back in a sec Sebastian.” Sitting up eagerly, Ash was happy to take whatever chance she could for some fresh air and to clear her thoughts. Stepping outside, she saw a cloaked figure leaning on the wall as he looked over at her, his eyes hidden in the darkness of his hood. "I don't have much time, so I'll make this short and quick." He stated, as she saw lightning literally travel across his body, the man skulking towards her. "My name is Bellfoar. Bellfoar the Boom Racer. Your family probably will know my name, as well as the name of our leader - Balarus of Kallos. Yes, he is back... And I want you to make sure they know somehow. Oh yes... I think you see where I'm going with this." He stated with a confident smirk, walking around her slowly now in circles. "We want the Evolution Child. If you do not bring him to us by 9 AM, we will take extreme measures. A town full of people will be blown to shit, we will torture the Renegades and... Your last name IS Clade... Right?"

"That's right. And you should know that the only thing I'll be giving you is my fist to your face." Ash responded, her eyes narrowed and her body tense.

"Try me." He responded, as she saw lightning arcing across his face again, his smirk present hidden beneath the sparks. If he was so confident, she’d have to use that opportunity to lay a beating down. Ash started moving up towards him, cracking her knuckles, then, well before she reached him, Belfoar's shadows swirled beneath his feet, entangling them as she came in for a heavy punch to his face. At first, it seemed like she was right on target… But then, right as she was about to make contact, a sharp bright light shot up between her target, and as Ash's fist collided with his face, she felt electricity coursing into her arm, sending jolts of pain through her, and the whole limb numbed, the occasional zap of pain still intermittently hitting her once she’d recoiled. Bellfoar shook his head as he looked at her. "Oh I know all about you, miss Clade... You see... I'm a Lightning Demon. Do you know that means for you?"

Wincing from the shocks still punishing her, Ash held her arm and glared at the ‘Boom Racer’. "That punching you wasn't my smartest move?" She retorted hotly through gritted teeth, which only seemed to widen the smirk on the lightning demon’s face. "That, and I can cancel out your little abilities on me. But we will meet again, soon I hope. Remember, the Evolution Child... Or your parents are mine."

"What?!" Ash's heart leapt in her throat, her body trembling from more than just the shocks for a moment. "You're bluffing!" Her accusation flew out in denial, but she wasn’t given an answer. Instead, the demon took off like a rocket, his laughter and a flurry of papers left in his wake as the wind whipped about. That bastard… What he was doing was lower than… Ugh, that piece of shit scumbag! Turning, Ash kicked the wall – hard - frustration building up inside her. Well, there was nothing she could do about it for now – She’d have to get back to Sebastian just to make sure he wasn’t in danger, and then, she’d probably have to speak to Claire and see what she thought about the whole thing. Flexing her arm to try and get rid of the last of the jitters, Ashley slowly made her way back into the restaurant.

The setting changes from The Earth, 2015 to The Renegade Headquarters

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Looking around, Keilani was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable being alone in such a large and dimly lighted room. She had yet to see anyone here except for herself. Even more, her instructor was also nowhere in sight. She wondered if she had come a bit earlier than was scheduled. It would be better for her to ask someone about it. As such, she decided to head towards the door. There must be some guards beyond it. She could ask them but before it could be done. The room was instantly illuminated to maximum brightness. As a response, she covered her eyes from the sudden brightness which slightly irritated her cornea. She then heard something coming out from the floor. "What?" Adjusting her sight, she looked around to find several target objects being raised from the ground. Soon enough, they surrounded her with some functional walkway between the gaps of one target to another. Some of them had faces of people talking on the phone, carrying grocery bags, and all. Others were horrid monsters that had been depicted in fantasy stories and fairy tales. It made her wonder what these illustrated targets meant. "Welcome! Welcome! Sorry for the wait!"

Turning around Keilani, her eyes met a feminine figure with noticeable cat ears on the head and a swaying tail from behind the said person. It made her wonder if there was some kind of costume party or this just a habit of this person. "Who are you, if I may inquire?" The said person revealed herself fully and offered a small smile. "I'm your instructor, Rin. You're Keilani Dreahen, right?" Keilani upon hearing her answer immediately gave a polite bow. "Yes, that is my name." Rin gave a nod and then circled around her with curiosity gleaming behind her eyes. Keilani looked at her instructor with slight nervousness. "Is there a problem, Ms. Rin?" In an instant, Rin stood in front of Keilani and shook her head in disappointment. "Just call me Rin. Anyway tell me, do you know exactly the specifics why you were put on trial?" At the mention of this, Keilani had a hopeful look that she might gain information on the exact reasons of the accusations against her and the time limit for her training. "I was only told that I destroyed property..." Rin had a thoughtful look and slightly narrowed her eyes. "Nothing else? Don't you remember anything?" Keilani shook her head in answer. "None. I only remembered a woman with wings of an angel wanting to kill me and intent on harming Blanche.... After that, nothing." It was then Keilani had realized something. "Where is that woman? Is she fine?"

Rin was not sure whether Keilani was too kind-hearted or too naive. It was very uncommon to care for one's enemy, especially on Keilani's case where the said woman wanted her dead. Thinking about it, there had been reports about a sighting of woman with angelic wings who was killed upon the arrival of the response team. Perhaps, she should look into it more. There must be a clue there as to why Keilani had gone totally ballistic on her powers. In any case, she should answer the pink-haired girl who showed clear concern. "I am not sure. No one knows. She just disappeared." Upon hearing that, Keilani released a sigh of relief. "I thought... I might have hurt her..." Somehow, Rin looked away at these words. It was not her intention to lie, but, she cannot risk the possibility of Keilani triggering another out-of-control event. There was also the risk on her health which Dr. Hyde had strictly told her to take care. "Well, we are here to make sure that you will gain control of your abilities. So, you won't worry hurting anyone again... okay?" Rin changed subject while smiling at Keilani. The said girl was silent for a moment before giving a nod of understanding. "I understand... But, I am not sure what my power is really..." Rin smiled brightly at this and showed Keilani a scroll. "No worries! This will help just need a drop of blood from you." Keilani blinked a few times before looking at the scroll. "My blood?" Rin nodded to assure Keilani of the requirement. "Yup, let's get to it." Rin grabbed hold of Keilani's hand and then pricked her index finger with a needle she procured somewhere. At that action, Keilani jolted ever so slightly as the needle pricked her skin. Afterwards, a minute amount of blood pooled around the pierced skin.

"Here we go..." Rin announced to no in particular as she took a drop of the blood and opened the scroll to revealed a very old blank parchment. "Behold..." After saying that, Rin dropped the blood on the parchment. Keilani watched in wonder as the blood on the said scroll seeped. Seconds passed by and soon visible lines began to appear magically on the not so blank parchment. Keilani looked at the scroll with a childlike disbelief. She had never seen such things in real life. It had always been something she had deduced to be purely fictional. Soon enough, the lines began to connect and form cursive writings for the two of them to read and analyze. When it was done, Rin had a rather very pensive look on her face and at the same time with interest. "Interesting set of powers... I must say." Keilani read the writings on the scroll mentally.

Keilani Dreahen's Powers

The Void

Hands of Kali

Elemental Entity Creation


Mind Block


Afterwards, Keilani looked at Rin curiously. "What do they mean?" Keilani asked as she does not understand the nature of the powers listed on the parchment. "The first three are you major powers. The latter three are your minor ones." Keilani listened intently but there was still a question in her mind as she spoke again. "What is the difference between Major and Minor?" Rin looked at the ceiling of the room for some time before answering Keilani. "The major powers can only be accessed in your demon form being the Devil's Child. You will have one eventually..." Hearing that, Keilani looked at the scroll again and thought about her demon form. She never did once thought that this will ever happen to her. "The minor ones are something you will have to work hard on but at the same time, it can be used even right now." Rin continued on as Keilani had a rather brooding expression. "Don't worry. I'll help you along the way. Plus, the other children are also training like you." Gaining the knowledge that other children like her were also training, she wondered how Ash, Sebastian, Kane, and Claire were doing. Taking a deep breath, Keilani looked at Rin with a very determined expression. "You're a strong girl, Keilani... You have to live..." Those words echoed within her as her eyes of rose pink seemed to be alight with a spirit of accomplishment.

Keilani's words made Rin smiled at the younger girl. Rin had expected such a fragile little girl or even a monstrous one reading and hearing the reports about her slaughtering Renegade and WDL soldiers indiscriminately. "All right, let's get to it then! I want you to destroy the targets around us." Keilani looked around and nodded in understanding but before she could make a move. Rin wagged her right index finger at Keilani. "I'm not done yet. You must not move from your current position and destroy the targets only with the blue ribbon on them." Looking at the targets, Keilani noticed that the ones with blue ribbons were in various places inside the room with such an impossible arrangement. "Only them?" Rin nodded and had a rather glint within her eyes. "Yeah and if you missed and hurt another target. I will double your physical exercises." Blinking a few times, Keilani once more looked at the targets and knew that this would be difficult to do. "Use your power of deconstruction." Rin pointed out with her arms crossed across her chest. "But, I don't know." Rin released a sigh at this statement. "Focus... Think of deconstructing it to the tiniest detail. You are in a bubble." Listening to Rin's voice, Keilani closed her eyes and follow the directions.

The three tries that Keilani had done were unsuccessful; however, the fourth one was a miracle saver. She was able to focus her mindset on one of the targets without a blue ribbon which was just beside it. "This is going to be difficult..." Keilani noted while looking at the damaged target which was an image of a woman with a grocery bags. "Of course, it can't be easy all the time. By the way, your physical training was just doubled." Ending her statement, Rin had a smirk on her face. As for Keilani, she was very apologetic and at the same time concern about the physical portion of the training. As if understanding Keilani's concern, Rin recalled the words of Dr. Hyde. "Don't worry Keilani. The doctor will help us." Keilani gave a nod for mere acknowledgement and continued her training of deconstruction. It went for many hours before Keilani could disintegrate only the targets with blue ribbon but not without a few mishaps. Still, Keilani could only disintegrate objects at a very slow process. Adding to that, she still was a bad aim to be considered. The next portion of the training was for her to sense the emotions of other people. She is after all an Empath which Rin had a hard time. However, that will be for some other time. The doctor did told her not put too much strain on Keilani. "Let's end at this note for now." Upon hearing that, Keilani immediately fell to her knees on the floor and she was breathing heavily. "Hey, come let's get you fix up." Rin approached Keilani and handed the younger girl a helping hand. Keilani took it without any hesitation and had a grateful smile. "Thank you very much." Rin simply smiled and helped Keilani to the infirmary once more.

Michael would be looking over some notes for the day as he felt one of his brows twitching. "Frikking Rin with her frikking spells with her frikking cat tail with her frikking cat form with her frikking fraking everything." A knock was heard on the door. "Come in, come in." Upon hearing that, the door swung opened with one of the leading physicians and researchers in the Renegades rank entered. Green hair with matching green eyes behind thick-rimmed glasses looked at Michael and gave a slight bow of respect. "Good day to you"

"Ah, Dr. Hyde... Good to see you haven't morphed into Mr. J yet. So, what's up?" Hyde shrugged at the latter statement. It was not like he has an alter ego or anything. His name was just attached to the notable work about Jekyll and Hyde, characters in a fictional literature. In any case, he was not here for that running gag on his name. "Doing good, I was wondering if you have seen my report about Keilani Dreahen's blood sample."

"Ah, that.... No, not really. What's up with it?" At this answer, Hyde released a short sigh and then approached the desk. He looked at some of the papers and found the report at the very bottom. Pulling it out, he presented it to Michael. "It has angel blood." Michael nearly passed out at this. ".... What now?" Hyde nodded confirming what he had stated. "The declared Devil's child has angel's blood. Although, there are certain differences from yours."

"How so?" He asked, completely baffled. "Well, there are certain markers in the DNA that greatly differs but, also a subtle similarity..." Hyde pushed up his glasses from the bridge of his nose before continuing. "Safe to say, the only similarity would be it is holy blood but the origin and family tree... completely different."

"........ Wha?" Hyde shrugged at this. "That is all I could say since this is a different blood strain from yours." He also released another sigh. "We also don't have much concrete information on angels and things firsthand. Adding to that, we don't that have more blood samples to compare it to."

".... Very well. Continue to investigate this strange occurrence." Hyde nodded and then remembered something that he had also found odd. "There is also another thing..."

".... Oh lord, these kids. What is it?" Hyde looked at the report once more before speaking. "She shares similar markers with Sebastian. But, it is not definite to be certain of anything as the holy blood overpowers it."

"..... What's that suppose to mean?" Hyde looked at Michael. "I know that the children should have similar DNA structure when it comes to the Devil's blood making them their children." He paused for a moment and pushed up his glasses to realigned it with his eyes. "But we did find a more prominent structure in Sebastian differentiating him and with Keilani's as well..." There was silence once more. "I have no scientific proof as of now... However, there is a possibility of them being truly related..."

"...... Ugghhh.... Looks like I have no choice. Hyde, new task for you to do as of right now. You are to go to Scott and tell him to assign Sebastian and his new team to the Kallos case. Also, yes, we are going to have teams now. I only have two in mind however - but get to Scott, he'll know about them more then me." Hyde gave a small nod upon hearing the instruction. "Sure, You're the boss. But is this really fine? Assigning him to that case?"

"..... They want him so badly? They'll get him." Hyde released another sigh at this. "Okay. I'll be going now." With that said, he left Michael on his own again. Michael sighed once he was gone and sat down, putting his face in his hands.