yuna phonix

a demoness who likes fire

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a character in “A Tale of Seven Children”, as played by GoldenRayne


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Name: Yuna Eclipsha Phoenix
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Basic Description: A girl demon who has a scarred back and has pet snakes, and has a bull whip, as well as wings she has strong intellect, when it comes to meeting others. Some think she is part phonix


Major Abilities: Serpent fire, Shadow fire whip, shadow darts

Minor Abilities: Shadowed aura, snake bite

Special Ability: Hell raven shadow- yes when angered a black aura seems to cover where she is making her impossible to find.

Likes: snakes, fire, being in the dark, meeting others to talk to
Dislikes: being ignored, loneliness, puzzles, ice

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