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A Tale of Seven Children

The Earth, 2015


a part of A Tale of Seven Children, by zody.


zody holds sovereignty over The Earth, 2015, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Earth, 2015 is a part of A Tale of Seven Children.

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Sebastian 'Inferno' [41] "You don't have to like me. I just don't have to like you."
Michael A. Malachim [23] "I have to be thankful for what I've been given."
Kane O'Reilly [22] "I don't have faith I'll succeed. What I do believe, is that I won't give up until I do."
Devin Namach [16] "I am Devin, One of Seven."
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#, as written by zody
Epic Battle! - Michael vs Omega Part I!

Michael charged at Omega and clashed with him - his spear colliding with his sword as he struggled against him. Omega simply stood, hand outstreched as if he wasn't struggling at all. "Is this it, Michael?".
"You know my answer". He outstreched his left hand, sending a ball of holy light at Omega. Omega smirked, watching the ball fly through his body, and he drew back his fist and sent it straight into Michael's chin. Michael was hit and sent flying back. But he flipped around and stopped himself, glaring at Omega as he did. "... Hmm, odd. I thought only Deon was this strong. So... Tell me, 'friend.' How long have you and that girl been Phoenikoi?". Omega was simply silent, before vanishing suddenly and reappearing above Michael, sending his foot straight down at the Half-Angel. Michael grabbed Omega's foot at this, glaring at him as he did. "... So, you knew I knew. It figures... Who is this Mistress you work for?". Omega simply floated there, and moved his hand up to his mask. "I will not tell you her name, but her title. You may call her the 'Mirage Puppeteer'. Allow me to take off my Mask for a moment". Omega reached up and plucked off his mask, grinning. "Do you recognise me, Michael?". Michael felt his eyes widen as he saw him and jumped back at this, glaring at him as he did. "..... You son of a bitch".

Omega cocked his head to the side as if he was confused. "You.... know me?". Omega blinked, his eyes changing. "How do you... know me?".
"... So, you don't remember. A pity....". He said as he brought up a hand to his face. "Then allow me to ring a bell....

....With my full power."

Omega sighed. "The Mistress has a habit of erasing my memory. I guarantee you I am no longer who you think I am. Tell me... How do you know me?".
"..... Tell me..... Does the name *Spoilers* ring any bells?".
Omega was silent for a moment. "....It seems... familiar..... B-But I can't let you distract me! The Mistress sent me here with a definite mission, I never fail her". Omega growled and his eyes turned back to their prior color. "Tell me, why do you think I am here?".
"Is it because of the boy?"
Omega had pushed the mask onto his face, and his eye locked with Michael's own. "Sebastian?".
"Yes... You were after him...".
Omega laughed, a hollow, dead laugh. "Did it not occur to you that this was all a ploy to draw a certain person out from hiding?".
"..... A certain person? And is that person standing here right here?".
"They were foolish enough to put others before themself. Therefore, they shall pay with their blood".
Omega remained still, unmoving, as if something was stopping him. "....I don't know who you are talking about.... But I'll show you something you never knew about.... Something hardly anyone knows about". At this, a bright holy light surrounded Michael at this. ".... Something when we met, I never showed you or told you about to make you happy..." Omega remained unmoving. "So we HAVE met before.....".
".... Yeah.... You'll remember soon enough....".
With that, his holy light shot up into the air as it went sky-high, seperating clouds as the sky glowed brightly at this.

Omega vanished suddenly, slamming his knee into Michael. His knee hit Michael at this, but his knee was stopped as Michael locked eyes with Omega, his eye color changing to gray as he suddenly sent one hundred punches in just three seconds at him. Omega grinned, watching as every single punch went straight through him. "Like I said, they cannot touch me". Michael appeared behind Omega as he said this, sending three hundred punches every five seconds at him. Omega simply sighed, and flung his leg backwards into Michael's face. Michael grabbed his leg at this and struck two fingers into his leg. He then pushed Omega's leg away as he jumped back. Omega simply spun away, cracking his neck. "Is this all you have, Angel?". As he finished this, his leg suddenly glew as an explosion of holy as tall as a tower appeared where Omega just was. When the pillar of light vanished, Omega was still standing there, untouched. "Pathetic... Tell me about this... 'Deon' of which you speak".
".... Deon?"
Michael spoke, his tone having changed entirely. ".... The only thing I will speak of, is to eliminate the demon in front of me."

"Why am I not allowed to be curious about someone for which you seem to care. If he is stronger than me, then.... I wish to be able to match him! So that nobody can harm those that I care for, either!". Michael slowly began to rise into the air. ".... I am Archangel Michael! All demons shall fall at my hands if they threaten Heaven and The Holy One!". Omega sighed. "Why must you act when I am trying to allow you a chance to escape? I wonder how this... 'Deon'... saw you. I doubt it was in a good light".
"I do not know of who you speak of! I never made a pact with any demons, they are filth! They are disgusting, like you! After this, I will personally wipe out all demons currently on Earth!". Omega smirked. "And what you are saying right now is being broadcasted straight to your Renegade Base, my silly Half-Angel friend".
"A half angel exists?!?! Who dares to make such an ugly creature! I will personally wipe every one of them out! DO YOU HEAR ME RENEGADE BASE?!?! The Archangels will march down on your door step and DESTROY YOU!!".

Omega simply sighed. "Mistress, cut him off". Suddenly, all of Michael's power vanished without a trace. Nobody knew how, aside from Omega, and he spoke. "You are an idiot to let your power overwhelm you like that, Half-Angel". Michael suddenly stopped as he fell to the ground, completely unmoving as he lay there dying. Omega looked down, pointing at Michael and having a tendril shoot out and grab him. Omega took off his mask as Michael neared him and spoke. "Silly, silly Michael. Why did you do that?". Omega summoned another tendril and stabbed it through Michael's stomach, drawing it out again and then aiming it straight at Michael's throat. "Do not inform them of my identity, Michael. Or my Mistress will kill us all". Omega sent the tendril forward and- "OMEGA, I COMMAND YOU TO HALT!". The tendril stopped immediately, and Omega turned to the figure that had shouted.

"Lady Aurora?".

Aurora sighed, and spoke. "Put Michael down. He is not to be killed tonight, that is an order!". Omega's mask had vanished entirely, and his expression was that of an unsure child. "B-But Lady Re-". Aurora slammed her parasol onto the ground and Omega nodded quickly. "S-S-Sorry Lady Aurora! I'll make sure to put him down gently too!". Omega quickly erased the tentacles and dropped to the ground, placing Michael down gently. Omega kneeled down onto one knee and spoke. "Have I... Have I displeased you, Lady Aurora?". Aurora simply sighed, then smiled. "You are too eager to serve, Omega. Please, leave now. We have an event to prepare for". Omega nodded, and stammered slightly. "Y-Yes, Lady Aurora". Omega stole a look over at Michael, and then turned to Aurora. "Lady Aurora.... May I ask you something?". Aurora's eyes opened in shock. "You usually never ask anything of me. What is it you require?". Omega looked straight down, and spoke softly. "Who is.... 'Deon'....? That Half-Angel spoke of him, and I am... curious about him...". Aurora smiled. "I shall inform you later". Omega nodded, and then vanished. Aurora turned around, waving her parasol in a circle and opening a portal to the Renegades Headquarters. "Medics, please!". Quickly, the Medics rushed to Michael's side, picking him up and carting him off to the Infirmary. Scott looked over at Aurora as he saw her. ".... So you know something about Omega then that would of helped saved Michael back there?". Aurora ignored Scott, looking at the place where Omega had last stood. "Omega, you poor, poor child". Scott simply furrowed his brows and walked away.

An Interesting Morning! - The Purgatory Ball! Part I

It was morning... Everyone was either up or just getting up. Scott stood in Michael's place, tapping his foot impatiently as he looked around. Next to him was Rin, it was unknown if Quake would be attending this event or not. Near them were the gathered seven shikigami that served Deon. Near Lucifer could be seen Sebastian, who was trying his best not to move as much as possible. If anyone else was there, they should either be arriving, already there or.... Sleeping. Quake strode into the room, surprisingly sober looking for someone who was mostly drunk. "What're we here for, Scott?". Quake looked around at everyone who was there and sighed. "I've also decided to take you up on your offer". Rin looked at Quake, noticing her apparenty sobriety and grinned. "Good to know!". The Seven Sins all looked at each other, except Asmodeus who was busy giving S certain looks. S was blinking as she sat next to Asmodeus. "... I didn't know you could do that". Asmodeus simply smirked. "I can do a lot of things, S~".
"Yowsa~" S responded. Claire remained patient and relatively unamused by the antics of the others, sitting off to the side. In her lap, she stroked Blanche carefully. Ash and Noir did not appear to be in attendance.

"Ah yes Quake, have a seat". Scott responded. "Is everyone here then?" He asked. Given the silence, it could be assumed that was the case. Suddenly, Aurora stepped into the room, her green hair wet and slightly messy. "I must apologise for my lateness. A few ruffians thought it would be entertaining to sneak into your Headquarters and trample your Gardens. As a Flower Youkai I had to take action". She looked around and smiled. "We seem to be missing some people".
"They will be informed later either way... Have a seat then Aurora". Scott looked over at Rin. "I assume we are ready then...?". Aurora nodded and thanked Scott, taking a seat and placing her Parasol away. Rin looked at Scott and nodded. "You go first".

Scott sighed as he rubbed his forehead. "If anyone has any questions, speak them up when you can". He said before looking over some notes. "... First off, last night appears to have revealed a new threat to us. While Sebastian and Lucifer were out for whatever reasons they were out for..." Scott took this chance to glare at them both briefly, watching them flinch back before looking back to his notes... "... They encountered one of the newest threats to the world - Omega. We do not know who this person is, why he is causing such havoc on the world or why he attacked them last night. But we do know that he appears to have been after some fun, and he appears to also be very... Very powerful. Enough to take on Renegade Leader Michael Malachim last night and survive. Michael is currently recovering from said fight and could not be here today. They also encountered Eppenos of Flames, who was hostile and had the Demon Weapon, The Wandering Blade, with him. Eppenos' location is currently unknown, but the demon weapon was brought in last night and has been confined since".

Rin sighed, and spoke. "A demon calling himself Kallos, who we have identified to be called 'Balarus' thanks to Aurora, took over the television networks as I am sure you all are aware. He intends to attack the Main Base of the WDL, Angel D'Brightaine's current location and kill him in cold blood. I believe Kallos summed it up quite nicely indeed". Rin coughed and spoke again. "Hell has declared War on Earth".
"With this said... Michael has decided upon a plan last night that will assure everyone avoids a mess... He has formed two teams out of the children and has ordered both new teams to go out today, find Kallos and his men, and eliminate him before things get out of hand. The teams are as follows - team one will be of Sebastian, Claire and Kane. The other will be of Ashley, Keilani and Mireya. Michael threw in some last orders before going out to fight Omega last night it seems - he has ordered Lucifer to go along as a bodyguard for Sebastian and his team. Any questions so far?". Aurora raised a hand. "Yes?" Scott said.

"What do you plan to do if Omega strikes again, Mister Turner?".
"That depends on who he attacks... If he attacks Kallos - we shall leave it at that. If he attacks Angel, we may have to go in and help. If he attacks us -- well... Everyone will have to defend this base with they're lives I assume if worse comes to shove". Aurora sighed. "If only you knew". Aurora cleared her thoat and then began. "No doubt most of you have noticed by now that in some way you have ended up with an envelope in your possession. Inside said envelope was an invitation to something called the 'Purgatory Ball'. Also inside said envelope was something that only you should know. If only you should know it, then how did the Host of this Ball know about it? And aside from that, we have the issue of Omega. One of my passive abilities is to be able to 'Scan' things and find weaknesses or information about them through psycho-linking. In basis, I invade their mind and find information about them. Only people with stronger mental capabilities than me, and those are very very few, are able to stop it. Even then I can still get their name or at least one fact about them". Aurora sighed. "Omega.... Omega was completely unreadable aside from his power. He is.... He is unlike anything we've seen before. Unlike anything that I have seen before. If worst comes to worst, he and his partner, this... 'Blaze', will have the upper hand".

"Of course... Thank you. Now then, Rin.... Would you like to address about the seven sins or does anyone else have any questions first?". Silence filled the room, and Rin simply nodded and spoke. "Since Deon has been incarcerated by the WDL, the Seven Sins will be needing hosts to connect with, so that they don't, well, die. We need people that are heavily involved in one of the seven sins. Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony and Lust". Rin gave Asmodeus and S a look. "I trust that Lust has already found a partner?". S smirked. "Guilty as charged~ We ran off last night and got married! Then we ate hot dogs and tried out our new beds~" She snickered at the joking. "I bet you did...". Rin sighed. "I hope you heard every groan!" S commented. Rin just rubbed her forehead and sighed. "Anyway, any questions?".

Rin just glared. "Moving on, Scott?". Scott sighed. "Right.... If no one has any more questions - who wants to volunteer for one of the seven sins? Besides Lust."
"SHUT UP S!!!"
Quake put her hand up. "I'll go with Pride".
"You? Prideful?" Scott said sarcastically. Asmodeus smirked. "You are a pretty boastful bitch, ain't ya?~". Quake growled. "Just because Deon isn't here doesn't mean you can be an idiot, Az". Quake also glared at Scott. "Least I'm not a stuck-up douche like you!"., she said under her breath.
"What was that?" Scott asked. Quake grinned. "Oh, nothing".
"Lucifer... Do you accept?" Lucifer didn't even hesitate before nodding.

"Good... Meet up with her now and do the pact -- bonding --" Snickering came at this. "SHUT UP YOU TWO LUSTING PRICKS!!!" Rin looked at Scott. "What's next on the agenda? The envelopes?". Scott remained silent on this note. Sebastian spoke out at this. "I'll take Satan".
"OH THANK GOD -- I mean.... Satan, do you accept?" Satan looked at Sebastian, scoffed and nodded. "I figured you were Luci's". Sebastian got up and walked over to her. "I am... But this doesn't mean anything between us. This is just to keep you alive".
"What're you all up in my face for, shorty? You wanna start something with me, huh?". Scott cleared his throat. "Remember, everyone.... This isn't a donation or anything of the sort... It's to keep four people alive". Sebastian glared. "Just do the pact thing already".

Satan nodded, grabbed Sebastian and dragged him off like Quake had done with Lucifer. Claire patiently watched the show between the 'Sins' and there new compatriots, before nodding to herself. "Should it be acceptable, I will volunteer for Leviathan".
"Leviathan?" Leviathan looked over at Claire, and spoke. "Sure, but.... You don't seem very envious to me.... I envy you so much if you're hiding it!".
"Envy comes in many forms." Claire responded calmly, though the admission of some connection to the embodiment of jealousy was no easy task. Leviathan nodded once, muttering something about envying Claire's intellect before nodding and accepting. "We have Greed, Gluttony and Sloth left... Any volunteers?".
"If I may inquire - Who do each of you feel you would be most suited to forming a link with?" Claire looked to the remaining sins.

The three sins were quiet. Belphegor spoke up. "Rin, you really want to go back to bed don't you?". Rin nodded and motioned for her to come over. "I'll take Greed, if you don't mind me~". Aurora stood and bowed politely. Mammon grinned and joined her side. Rin spoke. "Gluttony, anyone?". It was at that moment that one mister Shinjei Kintaro walked into the room with a bucket of chicken in hand. Rin smirked. "I think we found our man, and he brought Chicken!". Scott blinked before adjusted his glasses at this. "Mr. Shinjei! What did I tell you about bringing food in front of the guests?!".
"Well I heard Beelzebub needed someone gluttonous and.. *Nom*... She...I... I eat a lot...*Nom* You know?".
"And this chicken is so good, too!". Beelzebub practically leaped over to him and started eating too. "Oh god it IS!".
"BEELZEBUB! Oh god, I'm just glad the sins aren't wearing they're traditional outfits... Or Mr. Shinji would be lustful right now".

Rin shouted, her voice echoing through the room ferociously. "OKAY EVERYONE, SHUT UP!". Needless to say, everyone talking shut up. "Now, the ENVELOPES, SCOTT".
".... Right.... The envelopes..... I assume from what Aurora said everyone got one. Inside, it should say.... Something only you would know. The unusual thing is, we do not know who sent it, why or when we are suppose to go.... That's all I know - Rin, anything else to bring up?"
"......Something weird.... Just happened...". Rin looked up, listening to something that nobody else could hear. Aurora simply smiled. "It seems that the Limousine has arrived....".
"Now of all times? We can't go now....". Rin pulled out her envelope, checking it over again and exclaiming in shock. "What the.... 'Time will be stopped in the Outside, so don't fret you won't miss a beat'?". Scott shook his head and left without another word. Sebastian blinked as he helped Lucifer up and walked with her. "Well then, I guess it's time for us to all leave?". Rin laughed and left too. "I feel it would be prudent to leave some behind. For security reasons. We have no idea whether this could be a trap or diversion." Claire stated astutely, a little surprised at how eager everyone was.

"Michael will be here. He will report to us at the first sight of anything unusual." Scott stated before leaving. Asmodeus smirked. "He got an invite too~".
"I don't care if he did or not... If it weren't for Omega, he wouldn't be recovering right now."
"I wonder what this Omega guy IS anyway?".
"We're about to find out..."

An Interesting Morning! - The Purgatory Ball! Part II

Rin had gotten dressed pretty fast, so had Quake and the seven sins. After a long ride in the limousine across lands that seemed.... so weird. So magical and yet they existed. Rin had left the car first just in case someone had it in for them, and she gasped. "This place is so....". Aurora stepped out of the Limousine. "...Home~". Rin looked at Aurora, who simply grinned. "My friend lives here, I call it home~". Rin looked back as Quake exited the Limo, letting out a 'Whooooo' as she saw the building before them. It was impossibly large, with the entirety of it being hidden behind a massive fence and gate. From where they were, they could barely see half of the mansion. "What... What IS this place?". Sebastian got out as he blinked and stood next to Lucifer. "..... Well fudge..." He mumbled. Scott looked at it with awe, unable to say anything. Mireya was not in the best of conditions at the moment; however, the invitation that she had received anonymously was not something she could ignore all together. As a result, she cannot help but go to where this invitation had told her to come. Soon enough, she had arrived to a place that she could only describe as something similar to wonderland or those scenes in children books. "Why is it that things get weirder and weirder...?" She mumbled mostly to herself. In any case, it was good to know that she had managed to borrow a dress to attend to such a formal function. Her clothes were still back at her apartment. Stepping out of the limousine, she was a simple yet elegant vision. She wore a simple pastel colored chiffon evening dress while her hair was left falling around her in a curly waterfall trend.

Keilani was rather shocked and at the same time curious about the sender of the invitation. Its content was prodding to her inner doubts and questions. There was no way she would allow this chance to pass her. It was her opportunity to get some answers. Thus, even with Dr. Hyde's protest due to her health, she borrowed a dress from Rin and attended the said ball. Upon arrival, she was stunned by the scenery. It was something that should only exist in one's imagination. Regardless, she slightly shook her head and focused at the task in hand.

It'd taken some time to convince Ash to join the others, both the idea of a ballroom event, and the fact she felt she had better things to do leading her to refuse the trip. Instead, she'd intended to train up in the Gym in preparation for her next spar with Claire. Eventually however, the enveloped secret, along with Claire's insistence had brought the girl along - though neither of the siblings had the time or wardrobe to dress up for the occasion - Not that Ash would ever wear a dress unless forcibly made to do so. Somewhat like a spoiled child, Ashley folded her arms and hmmphed every now and then as she followed along with everyone. Rin and Aurora lead the ground, Aurora pointing out objects and things of interest, and Rin 'oooh'ing and 'aaah'ing at every thing she pointed out. Eventually, Aurora led them to a rather large dome-roofed building further away from the massive mansion, and she spoke. "This is the Ballroom". Suddenly, a lunar rabbit bounced out in front of them and grinned. "Welcome back, Lady Aurora!". Aurora smiled politely and bowed. "Merry meet, Luna". The Lunar Rabbit grinned and spoke. "I'll let the others know that you're here!". After that, she bounced off into the building.

Aurora turned, and spoke. "Our Host is.... odd. Do NOT displease her". "I knew it. It's the same bunny who killed Drayne AND the one who appeared last night..." Mireya followed the group while taking occasional glances at her companions. It was qlso quite entertatining seeing Rin's reactions and the one named Ash acting much like a spoiled child. However, her attention was more focused at the one who invited them here. Normally, she would have tossed the invitation aside if it wasn't for its hidden message. As such, she was more here for the host than anything else. It only further her suspicions when she heard Sebastian mentioning about the bunny girl that appeared about killing someone. Keilani was walking behind the group while she looked around her. Somehow, it reminded her of the story Cinderella. In any case, she should sense tension among her companions. She was not sure if it was due to the eerie environment, or they also received messages that forced them to attend.. or Aurora's words of warning.

"Maybe it is a good thing Sebastian and Lucifer did something reckless last night..." Scott admitted. Remaining quiet and to the back, Ashley made a point of glaring at the overtly cheerful rabbit, along with eyerolling at the 'Best Behaviour' Comment. She wasn't exactly fond of this host, nor what they had written - So her mood was already rather sour. Sooner they got their answers, the sooner they could leave - that was her opinion on the matter. Suddenly, the door opened. And standing there was.... "Good evening, Lady Aurora". Aurora smiled. "It is good to see you again, Ronove". Scott rose a brow. "Nice to see you again, Ronove...". Ronove nodded and bowed. Mireya looked at the newest newcomer. It seemed that this was a familiar one as Scott knew the person, demon, or whatever it might be. She really didn't care about the pleasantries. She just wanted to know what was the purpose of making them come here. Actually, she preferred to sleep at this time. Sebastian blinked at this. "I'm just wondering who -else- got this invitation..."

Keilani looked at the one called Ronove curiously. She wondered if this person was the host or not. Scott shook his head. "If I say anyone, I'm gonna get jinxed". Mireya released a sigh. "Enough of the pleasantries". Ash nodded. "Finally, someone speaking sense. Let's just get this done." Stepping up, she began moving to head past and inside. Keilani looked at Ash and then to Mireya with concern. They both seemed annoyed at something. She hoped it won't anger their hosts. Suddenly, it was dark. Somehow the sun had just vanished, a beatufiul scarlet mist taking over the skies. The only light coming from the Ballroom itself. Once everyone was inside, the doors closed by themselves an the lights dimmed. In the middle of the dancefloor, a spotlight illuminated. Two figures stood there, a familiar blue-haired figure and another figure, his features covered by a mask. A very familiar mask. "Welcome to the Purgatory Ball! I do hope you enjoy your stay!~ This party.... Is to DIE for!~".
"I hope that wasn't a serious joke." Sebastian mumbled to himself.

Mireya raised an eyebrow at the events. "Is this some spoof episode or something?" She looked around to see if there was some hidden cameras. This was just getting too ridiculous for her tastes. "Let's just get this over with people". Bellfoar groaned to himself as he tapped the table. "God damn it all Golem, STOP BEING A DUMBASS AND USE A SPOON!". Golem scratched it's head as it look at it. ".... Does Golem eat puny spoon?". "HOW DO YOU NOT KNOW?!" Bellfoar slammed his face into the desk at this. A familiar voice rang out to Sebastian, and it's figure followed. Blaze stood there, a playful smirk on her face. "About time you guys got here, we've been waiting for you~". Sebastian rose a brow. "I see you recovered from last night... Looks like you'll be ready for when round two comes!" Blaze grinned. "You think you can handle me, eh Seb?~". "You!" Ash growled, stepping forward towards Belfoar with a glare. Oh, if someone had told her HE'D be here, she would've jumped at the chance to attend this little ball. Striding with full purpose, she was intent to start a ruckus here and now...".

Sebastian smiled at this. "I could of beaten you if Omega hadn't shown up!". "Ah don't bother Bellfoar." Itzhet told him as he patted his back. "Just relax and enjoy the party!". Blaze laughed. "Oh my, you really have NO idea who I am, do you?". "What Itzhet said." Kalhman said as he took a drink. "Oh lords and heavens, this drink is to DIE for!~" "I CAN'T RELAX WITH THIS IDIOT HERE! LOOK!" He sends a lightning bolt into Golem. "NOTHING!!!!!" He does it again and slammed his face into the desk again, banging his fists on it. "Party pooper." Was all Yami said. "I know enough that I could win." Sebastian said with confidence. Mireya watched the interactions between Sebastian and Ash. It was quite interesting to watch. Although, she was not here for some sad sob stories or rivalry ones. She should have just ignored the invitation as it was probably just some joke. Without another word, she turned her back and decided to head for the exit.

"Oh hello there, Ash, how are you tonight?". The voice snuck out from beside the girl. If she looked, she would see none other than Frank Enrique Steinbolt. "You got here late". "NOW, I MUST INTRODUCE YOU ALL TO THE ONE, THE ONLY.... OMEGA!". "You said it Yami." Balarus of Kallos spoke. "I just became an international terroist and here I am - enjoying a party like I am young again~". "You ARE young, Kallos". "So you are correct Yami!" Keilani looked around nervously. She was sensing a lot of emotions and noticed Mireya heading for the door. Everything was getting a bit confusing and the emotions flooding her were starting to be abnormal to her. "Ahhh, Omega returns..." Eppenos spoke with glee. "I wonder how he is at full power..." "I'm not interested in you." Ash practically spat, shoving the 'Doctor' aside, ignoring the declaration and various other happenings about the hall. She had a personal problem with that lightning jerk, and she'd take the chance here to settle it. "So Ash, I wonder how Deon is doing, hm? Or maybe.... Your Father?".

"What's this?" A sinister voice spoke as Ash felt an immense pressure crushing down on her as she felt like her entire body was being slammed down on by a giant boulder - three footsteps sounded like they were galaxies away as a figure approached her. In front of her stood a figure who's face could scare even the most terrifying warriors of hell... Rhanksar stood in front of her, glaring down at her as if he was ready to just erase her entire being. "Do you intend to ruin the Mistress' party with unneeded conflict?". Aurora strode up to Rhanksar, and smiled. "Rhanksar, what a pleasure to see you again!~". Mireya was out of the door as she released a sigh. She should have never listened to that cosplaying woman or demon whatemachacallit. It would have been better for her to have stayed out of these things. "Now, how do I get out of this place?" She mumbled to herself. Ash winced a bit, trying to force herself back up, shooting glares all around. Now she had a few people she needed to deal with. Belfoar or whatever his name was threatened her family - Now this crazy doctor from the train mentioned her father. Then this Rhanksar guy, the one fratenising with Aurora, was in the way of both of those. With a grunt, she tried to move, but the weight was just a bit too strong for her, so she instead simmered in anger on the floor.

Luna met Mireya outside, and smirked. "You don't leave until you're allowed". Rhanksar looked away, and the pressure was lifted off of Ash - as if she had just come back out of space. Rhanksar smiled as he turne to face Aurora. "Ahh, Lady Aurora..." He bowed from the waist slowly at her. "Good to see you are alive and well..." He looked behind him. "Allow me to introduce you to my son... Saulkur". "CAN'T TALK NOW DAD, GETTING THIS WONDERFUL DRRIIINKKK~". Rhanksar glared in his direction. ".... OKAY, I'LL BE RIGHT OVER! JUST, GIVE ME A MOMENT!". Rhanksar turned to Aurora's direction, rubbing his forehead as he did.

Keilani was not certain of what was happening as she went to Ash with worry. She looked at Rhanksar. "Please let her go". Mireya looked at the bunny girl from earlier. "There is no way I'm joining the circus de freak inside". "Oh don't mind me, Rhanksar! I'm well aware as to how disobediant a child can be. I DID raise a few of my own when Youkai-Human Relationships were allowed. A shame, though, that they stopped it". Aurora looked to Keilani with a warm smile. "She is fine, Rhanksar heres is just... stressing, I assume?". Luna looked at Mireya with a glare. "Well still, you can't leave. It's physically impossible". Keilani was thankful for this as she gave a grateful smile and looked at Ash with concern. "Are you all right?". "Someone who is so weak she can't even stand before my presence decided to look into my eyes and try to stare me down..." Rhanksar admitted. "A pity she failed at it". Aurora placed a hand on Rhanksar's shoulder. "Do not worry, now, introduce me to this son of yours, will you?". "Give him a moment... Let him have his damned fill".

"OH MY GAWWDDD, I NEED MORE OF THIS IN ME!". Mireya returned the glare back at Luna. "So, it is not mentally impossible isn't it?" With that said, she went towards a nearby pillar and plopped down on the floor without regard to her dress. "I'm sleeping. I am tired."Ash sat up, brushing herself down as she looked to Keilani before spitefully glaring at Rhanksar. "Yeah, I'm fine... I just can't stand this place... I am not acting friendly with these guys." She stated resolutely, folding her arms, but not backing down from Rhanksar. "Well now, isn't this party just fabulous?~". The blue haired girl waltzed over to them, followed by Omega. "And who are you may I ask, young lady, to speak to your fellow Guests like that?~". Her smile was polite, but her tone had a bitter, cutting edge to it. Elsewhere, Claire had moved over to meet a certain doctor. "This is the last place I would hope to see you." Her tone was laced with disgust, her usual friendly demeanour lost to Frank. Keilani nodded in understanding. She cannot blame Ash for acting like so. "I understand. Just please don't be too reckless...". Saulkur stumbled over as he stopped by his father's side. "HE-LLOOOO HOTNESS! I am Saulkur, king of the -- *hiccup* -- drunks, apparently...".

Frank turned to Claire, and smiled. "Oh, hello there miss Clade. Claire, right? Aaah, last time I saw you was when you were.... Oh my, such a long time ago". Frank smirked, and spoke. "I am not here to cause trouble. I am here on request. Aside from my homicidal tendencies, I am still a doctor". Rhanksar felt an eye twitch. "I thought it was common decency to give your own name first in introductions?" Ash looked to the girl, the annoyance and taunting in her voice flagrantly ignoring Aurora's and Keilani's advice. "Just stay away from us. I mean it." Claire gritted her teeth, showing more restraint than Ash could as she walked back to the group. Keilani looked at the blue-haired girl that approached them. Somehow, she felt oddly about this person. she was not certain why. In any case, she grabbed hold of Ash's arm in an effort to restrict her and at the same time to show her slight feeling of nervousness. "Ah, so true! Allow me to introduce myself. You may call me Remilia~ Ash, right? Your brother told me MUCH about you. Well, not really~". Remilia smirked, her fangs showing. She held up her wineglass. "You may think this is wine, but you are wrong. I am a Vampire, you see. Although the fangs and wings must've made it obvious by now". She cracked her neck and tapped Omega on the shoulder. "Omega, introduce yourself properly~".

As for Mireya, she had decided to keep in peace far from the ballroom. There was no way she is going to join in other people's problems. She was no saint and definitely not that nice for starters. She had too much problems on her own anyway. Closing her eyes, she began to slowly drift to slumber. As she said that, he took off his mask, revealing a young man with brown hair, his eyes both grey and speckled with star-like dots of gold. Her hair was of medium length, and it was slightly curly, too. "I am... Omega. I do not have much to say for myself other than I am....". Omega looked down at this. "Milady, may I take a walk outside?". Remilia nodded, and gave him permission. "You may~". With that, Omega left the Ballroom. "And Omega's gone - party pooper." Saulkur said. "Son, don't you have to go to a corner and cry somewhere?"
"... Wha --"

At this, Rhanksar, without warning, punched Saulkur clean in the face. It sent him flying, and into a corner he went. "... Give him a few, he'll be just fine." "Friendly fellow..." Ash muttered, before remembering she was supposed to introduce herself. "Just call me Ash. Though don't expect me to talk to you that much." Ash replied bluntly, finding the woman in front of her... distasteful, for some reason.An arm weakly rose up and waved. "I'M OKAY! JUST... DRUNK! AH-HAHAHAHAHAH -- OWWWWWWW!!!"
"Told you."

Keilani was thankful that Ash seemed to restrain herself. As such, she released a sigh of relief. Then, her eyes widened in surprise as Rhanksar punched his son. "Oh my! Will he be fine?" Not a moment too soon. Aurora let out a small laugh, and spoke again. "So, how's life Rhanksar?". Saulkur stood as if it was nothing. "The usual. I see my other son has decided to join... I see he has become more powerful then my reports said he was currently. Tell me - what did he do last night to obtain this sudden boost that can make him jump seven feet in the air?" Remilia smirked at Ash's comment. "Well then, don't mind if I throw you into Purgatory, eh?~". Remilia laughed lightly, and then left, suddenly vanishing into thin air. Keilani wondered if Mireya was fine. She did leave without saying anything to any of them. As for the one named Remilia, she felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand. "I wonder who she really is...". Blinking a moment, Ash reached forward to the spot where Remilia had once been, before sighing, rubbing her head and turning to Keilani and her question. "Don't know, don't care. She's just a creepy old vampire, so my plan is just to ignore her". "And Remilia's drunk again -- fan-fucking-tastic." Yami said as he shook his head.

Omega was wandering around outside without his mask when he came across Mireya. He briefly wondered who she was, but.... He was torn between speaking to her and simply walking past. "....". Keilani looked at Ash for a brief moment and nodded. "It is best to do that". And then, Illusions. Well, only one in particular. She tapped Ash on the shoulder and grinned. "Long time no see, hmm?~". Mireya was leaning comfortably on the pillar behind her. The dress sparwled on the floor like a pond underneath her. Her hair was still in a prim and proper manner with occasional strands of hair on her face. She seemed fast asleep as her breathing was both stable and even. However, the one thing noticeable about her expression was a slight twitch at the corner of her lips. Ash jumped a little, but quickly steadied herself, sighing and turning to face the 'principal'. "Well now this just keeps getting better and better..." She muttered, not exactly knowing where Illusion stood on the 'ally or enemy' side of things.

Omega simply stared at the girl for a while. She seemed to radiate a sense of wonder, but he felt... odd. As if he should just walk past quietly and not bother her. The more curious part of him decided that it would be fun to wake her up. "Darn...". So it was with that thought in mind that Omega was crouching next to Mireya, and tapping her on the shoulder gently. "I should at least give her a room...". Keilani looked at the person who suddenly appeared and surprised Ash in a very obvious manner. "You alright, Ash?" Then looked at Illusion curiously.


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~ Before the Bellfoar Mini-Story... Deon VS Samuel! ~

It had been some hours since Kallos had waged war against the WDL. Deon had been mysteriously moved for the morning into a large empty pool-like room, strapped to a cross-like part in the wall where he had been tortured by some impatient WDL members. A lone exorcist wondered into the room, closing the door behind him as he walked to where Deon was hanging on the wall. "Hello, Mr. Morris." The masked figure spoke. "... I see you are in terrible conditions. Tell me - do you know what I am?" "A douchebag Exorcist, most likely." Deon smiled politely. "Whoever you are, you seem to know of me." "I've heard so much about you, I wanted to see you for myself. That is why I made arrangements for us to meet here. Alone. With no one watching but my one true superior..." Deon smirked. "And who would that be, I wonder?" Deon's tone was slightly mocking and had a sweet edge to it. "You know him already, the new leader of the WDL. But I am being rude - allow me to introduce myself..." With that, the Exorcist grabbed his mark and took it off, throwing it to the side as the exorcist looked up to reveal a familiar face to Deon... "Devin Namach, correct? My, my, what did they ever do to you?" Deon glared around the room, hoping to aim it at Angel. "Devin? I am not this Devin of which you refer to.... I am Samuel D'Brightaine - younger brother to Angel D'Brightaine - my superior."

"So I was right when I said you were a douchebag then?" Samuel glared at him. "Be silent, demon... My codename is Demon, just so you know... Since you will not live long enough to tell the tale any way - it was I who helped Angel take over. He called on my services - I owed it to him since he did raise me when our parents died... I may be adopted, but I still have honor to show!" Deon laughed. "Well if you are Devin, you are sorely disillusioned. If you are 'Samuel' then you are an idiot anyway." "I said silence! I am one of the chosen Seven - born in to this world to save it from the foul demon that rules over Hell! It was I who read Arthur's mind, I who pinpointed and plotted when and where he would be - I who took Excalibur from him and gave it to my brother and I who has since earned the right to fight for my brother!" "You're also an ass." "It's a pity I was not born a half demon... Angel saved my life because it was not my fault I am born the way I am. My mother was attacked before my birth by a demon, and the attack lead me to gaining demonic powers. Cliche, I know, but nontheless... I, Samuel D'Brightaine, who could not even acquire a Demon Form, have been given hope!" He then pulled out a syringe and smirked, pointing it at his neck. "Behold! The Chimera Sample! Given to me by my brother... I have been given another chance - I have been given the right to fight... Now, Deon Morris, prepare to meet you're maker!" And with that, Samuel stabbed the syringe into his neck, sending the demon blood into his body.

Deon simply sighed. "Can you at least untie me first, dumbass?" Samuel chuckled and pulled the syringe out, dropping it as he stepped down on it with a sudden increase in strength. "No.... I will enjoy torturing you as my brother watches you suffer from above!" And then, Samuel started to shake as he screamed out in pain, his veins glowing red as his skin began to tear off, his upper body starting to grow as he began to turn demonic. Deon sighed and grinned. "See where that gets you, eh?" The transformation continued as Samuel's eyes turned yellow, his body turning green as his body changed and finally stopped. The newly transformed Samuel smirked as he looked at Deon. "So... Monster. What do you think of my new form?" "You look like a demonic, overgrown green phallus." The demon Samuel growled as he went to punch Deon in the stomach. Deon laughed. Samuel let out a loud roar at this, using his Soundweaving ability to attempt to make Deon's head blow up. Deon grinned, shouting along with Samuel just to toy with him. "You bastard!" Samuel shouted as the pool behind him began to rapidly fill with water. Using his telekinesis, he sent three syringes of holy water into Deon's chest. "I have plenty more where that came from, monster!" Deon laughed, "Oooooh, so scaaaary!" Samuel rose his hand up at this, hitting Deon in the head as he would accidentally break Deon's bindings and send him crashing towards the ground. Deon slammed into the ground before rolling onto his feet and smirking. "Like I said. Dumbass."

"Three days I was trained! Three days Angel helped retrained me from the ways Arthur had taught me! I was always weaker then everyone else - I was the weakest of the children! But now I will become the second most powerful. And then, THE most powerful - once I have devoured you!" Using his Blinking ability, he appeared in front of Deon and aimed to stab him with the front weird-arm things he had grown. Deon smirked, vanishing using his speed and sending a punch into Samuel's spinal cord. Samuel, to his surprise, would use his Blinking and Precognition ability to appear behind Deon. "Fool! I can tell what move you are going to make before you even make it! You stand NO chance!" Deon vanished again before appearing on the cross, sitting there and laughing. "I knew you'd do that..." Using his Soundweaving ability, he shouted out as the cross Deon sat on would explode. "Soon you will drown in a pool of holy water! And then, I will EAT you! I am the superior fighter here - I AM --" Deon slammed his foot into Samuel's head, and pushed himself away before shooting a few rounds into the demon. "Too busy with your own gloating, eh!?" Samuel screamed out as he gritted his teeth in anger. "How can this be? I don't understand... I knew you were going to do that, yet I couldn't react?!? Impossible! I am Samuel D'Brightaine - the second most powerful Exorcist in the WDL! I know... I'll read your mind and BREAK IT!" With that, Samuel went to use his telepathy to invade Deon's mind.

Deon simply grinned, reaching into his chest and.... pulling out a Scythe. "Well if it's mindgames you want, it's mindgames you'll get~" "W-what is that? That isn't registered in the WDL files... Answer me, demon! Where did you get that weapon!??!" Deon vanished, slamming the Scythe into Samuel and throwing him through the massive window that was behind them. "Hooooooome Ruuuuuuuuuuun!~" Samuel screamed as he was sent flying. Samuel then reappeared flying in the room, screaming as he fell into the pool of holy water - as several pipes in the room broke and the water began to rise above the pool's level. Steam rose out of the holy water as all was silent... ... Too silent. Deon grinned, watching the water and twirling his Scythe. "Meeeeoooooow~" Out of the water rose a much larger monster - Samuel, having mutated, roared out at him as some of his body glowed red from the holy water. However, it's new harder body reduced most of the effects of the holy water, although it could still be seen somewhat harming Samuel. Samuel then went crashing down at Deon as he went to bite his head. Deon smirked, rolling out of the way and slamming his Scythe into the things head with a grin. "Bullseye!~" The scythe was stopped as it was stuck within Samuel's head. It rose up as it shook it's head savagely side to side, trying to shake off Deon and the scythe off. When that failed, however, it roared out before diving down into the holy water and began to crash itself into the walls of the pool - cracking them and beginning to break them down as water began to rapidly fill in the cracks it made.

Deon kept hold of the Scythe, pulling himself forward and pulling a Knife out of his chest before stabbing it into Samuel's eye. "Haha!~" Samuel screamed out as in it's rage, it went crashing into the walls at a faster rate as on it's third try it broke them down - sending Holy water crashing in where the breaking wall was. The other walls soon followed suit - the entire floor soon collapsing as holy water rushed in - the entire floor soon being replaced in just mere moments by the water. Samuel began to rapidly swim around in it's newer environment, keeping underwater the entire time. Deon was running out of breath, and he needed to get to the surface because of both that and the holy water. "Gah..." Deon grimaced, tugging on his Scythe and having it not budge. Deon growled before pushing off of Samuel and shooting to the surface. As he reached it he took in a massive gulp of air and readied his Knife. "Fuck...." Samuel swam around Deon rapidly like a shark who had just found it's new food. He growled as then it went deep down to the new floor before stopping and shooting up like a missile. It then leaped out of the water and rose up near the ceiling, almost crashing into it as it faced downward and went down towards Deon, opening it's mouth as it aimed to swallow him whole. Deon smirked, letting Samuel slam down onto him as Deon's knife pierced his jaw and sent a massive cut through his entire body on the lower side. "Ha!" Samuel screamed out as it continued hurling down deeper into the room. The room shook wildly as Deon could tell it hit the bottom hard. "Ouch, that sounded like it hurt. Might be time for me to leave, it seems...." Deon looked up and found Angel, waving to him before swimming over to the broken window and preparing to jump out. "Suckers~"

However, before he could, Deon was smacked away by something rising up as the whole room shook. Samuel, having mutated once again, now was even larger and his color had changed due to the over-exposure of the holy water. A loud shriek that shook the entire room was sent out as it dived down - preparing for it's next strike. Deon somehow managed to land on a large chunk of building that wasn't underneath the Holy Water, and stood up. He looked around, trying to find Samuel before the demon could attack him. "Underneath, probably." The room shook as quickly shooting out with new speed, Samuel rose up and destroyed the piece of the building as Samuel continued rising up until it slammed Deon into the ceiling. It then backed away as he went to dive again, however, when it's tail came near Deon, the tail would smack him crashing down towards the holy water. Deon stabbed his knife into Samuel's tail before pulling another out of his chest and slowly pulling himself up towards the Demon's head, every stab with the knife going straight through Samuel's skin. Samuel's roar underwater shook the entire room and it crashed itself into the bottom before rising up and spinning around, swinging itself around as it sent Deon flying into a wall, creating cracks. Then, Samuel prepared for one final strike as it rose out of the water, heading straight for Deon as it let out a loud roar, aiming to either crash into him, or devour him.

Deon grinned, waiting until the last moment before springing forward and pulling his Scythe right out of Samuel's head and slashing it straight down his spine. "Haa!~" Samuel roared out as his body went out of control, slamming into the wall as the entire building shook and collapsed. As Deon fell down, his body became tangled up in Samuel's shrinking body as both were sent flying as the holy water carried them away until they were on WDL common grounds - Samuel now normal and surprisingly healed, with Deon not far away. However, Deon would discover Angel's best men surrounding him as they were heavily armed and ready to take him down as they waited for Angel to come. Samuel, meanwhile, rose up as he shivered. "I feel cold... I feel.... Weak.... I don't understand.... It's impossible! The Chimera Sample... I was suppose to continue to grow stronger until I died! Why?! MORRIS! Explain... Explain why I am suddenly in this form again?!?!" Deon looked up, and smirked. "Overexposure to my awesomeness, maybe? Or a chemical reaction between the Chimera Sample and the Holy water?" Deon shrugged. "Maybe Angel expected you to die sooner." Samuel gritted his teeth as he went to use telekinesis to throw a rock at him, but... ".... No.... My powers.... My powers aren't working! No... Why?! Why can't I do anything?!" He tried everything he could try - but nothing came. "Morris! What did you do to me?!" Deon held his hands out and did Jazzhands. "Maaaagiiiiiiiic!~"

Samuel gritted his teeth, but then saw Angel come over. "Brother! My powers... They aren't working! HE has done something to me - help me! I need you're help to figure out why they aren't working!" Deon smirked at Angel, who simply sighed. "Escort Samuel back to his Quarters unless he has something better to do." Angel then turned to Deon. "Go ready yourself for Kallos, Phoenix." Samuel gritted his teeth as he ripped himself free of the others as they helped him get up. Samuel then limped over to Angel. "Brother, wait! I need to know - tell me why! You said if I killed Deon Morris, I would become a Paladin and receive fame and fortune, and then we would rule over the WDL together! You promised!" Deon smirked, turning to Samuel. "Pretty shitty offer then, since it's impossible to kill me. I'm immortal, and Angel trolled you hard." "SILENCE, WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT! If my powers were working right now, I would --" Thwack! Deon's backhand sent Samuel into a nearby wall and then through it, and he smiled. "So, what was this about Kallos?" Samuel felt himself suddenly bleeding - his pain worse then ever as he looked down at the blood, his body shaking as he struggled on the spot. "..... No..... It can't be..... I'm..... Only human?" He mumbled weakly before looking up at Angel and started to crawl over to him. "..... Bro-ther..... Help..... Me...." Angel simply clicked his fingers and the guards began to pull Samuel away. "Sir, if I make make a suggestion..." A Master Knight spoke, causing the two pulling Samuel away to stop and look at him. Angel nodded.

"I say we finish the boy off and collect his blood. He has obviously lost his powers - he is worthless to our cause. Look at him... One hit from the phoenix paralyzed him from the waist down!" "I am not paralyzed!" Samuel retorted, trying to break free of the grip of the other two. "If I may do the honors?" The Master Knight spoke, taking out a bow and a holy arrow at this. Angel stood silent for a moment before speaking. "Make sure to get him in the knee for me." "In the knee?!?! BROTHER, HE'S GOING TO SHOOT ME IN THE HEAD!" "With pleasure, sir." With that, the Master Knight took aim and closed one eye. "BROTHER?!?! BROTHER, NO! STOP HIM, I BEG YOU! I'LL DO ANYTHING! ANYTHING!!!" "Tell me when to fire." The Master Knight spoke out, now pointing inbetween Samuel's eyes. Angel nodded. "Fire." As the arrow left the bow, something cut it clean in half and then slammed into the neck of the Master Knight. Deon pulled the knife out with a tug and kicked the man to the floor. "Ass." The two let go at this and left Samuel as finally, Deon was restrained by several Paladin and Master Knight's, as Samuel glared over at Angel and sneakily went out of sight as he took the arrow from the Master Knight's hand. He then raced Angel as his back was turned to him, aiming to stab him in the back of his neck. "DIE, YOU HERETIC!!!!!!!!!!!"

Deon sprung into action, knocking away the men and sliding forward, his foot slamming into Samuel's own and sending the man into the ground. Deon quickly sat on top of him and pulled both his arms behind his back and pushing his knife to his throat. "Shush..." "LET GO OF ME, YOU WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT!!!!" Samuel shouted, struggling as he gritted his teeth. "LET. ME. GOOOO!!!!!!" With the sound of air being sliced, Deon's eyes widened as he felt something slice through him. He looked down to see Excalibur's tip resting, embedded into Samuel's skull which it had sliced cleanly through. Deon blinked before holding his head. It wasn't enough though, because his entire upper body slowly slid in half. "The hell did you hit me for?" Angel smirked. "You don't die, therefore it doesn't matter what you go through." Angel motioned for Deon to be picked up, but Deon simply stood, holding himself together. Literally. Samuel's eyes widened, and in that one moment, his life... The life he thought was his... Flashed away and another life came before him. "....Hi.....Ka.....Ri....?" He mumbled before Excalibur was pulled out of him. And with that... Samuel was dead. And his body suddenly bursted with holy fire, as it burned away at everything that was once supposedly Samuel D'Brightaine. Flesh, blood, bones and everything else - destroyed in a moment. When the fires finally stopped - there was nothing but a permanent burn spot left in his place.

~ The Bellfoar Mini-Story begins! The first fight! ~

The two teams plus Lucifer all had arrived at the town... Standing in front of them were Bellfoar, Chill and The Jello Demon, all of them looking as though they had been waiting for them to get here. Bellfoar smirked confidently, Chill stood there looking calm and collected while not showing emotion, and the Jello Demon was busy staring at the sky as if bored by all of this. Bellfoar chuckled, making him the first to speak of the three. "So, the Children have finally arrived... I suppose you're here to fight us?" "Way to go Captain Obvious." Ash replied eyeing them over, and the surroundings. It didn't look like there was any people, or any traps per se... "Well.... Jello is the first opponent to be fought." At this, Bellfoar pushed the Jello Demon forward. "Huh, what?" He mumbled. "Oh right, whatever..." Bellfoar smirked at this. "Any volunteers?" "YEAH, ME!" Sebastian shouted out in response, taking a step forward. "I have unfinished business with that blue thing!" Bellfoar rose his brows at this. "Well... I guess that means Team Children is going up first. Kane, Claire, come forward and take a bow, would you kindly?!"

"That won't be necessary." Claire stated simply, taking a seat. "I have faith these two are quite capable of handling things for the moment. Consider this training." Commenting to Sebastian and Kane, the latter gave a nod, stepping up next to his partner. "I hope you've got as much confidence as her, because I'm scared out of my mind." Sebastian gave the Jello Demon a glare at this. "Fine by me... More Jello to beat." Mireya looked at the group of demons in front of her in a nonchalant manner. Actually, she was dragged her out of her bed and as of now is trying to figure out what is going on. As of now, she can compare to some showdown which she has no idea what is about. "I just want to sleep... Let's get this done..." The Jello Demon finally looked down at them at this. "I fought you two only a few days ago... I know how strong you both are, I can easily say... This is going to be even quicker then before." With that, the Jello Demon's fingers turned into blades. Shifting his stance back, Kane drew his blade, readying it above his head, prepared for battle. Sebastian watched as the Jello Demon began to walk towards them, slowly turning it into a jog before full out running on them. Sebastian looked to Lucifer quickly and smiled before looking back at the Jello Demon with a serious look. "Who follows who's lead?" Sebastian asked Kane.

"I'll move in first. Cover me." Darting forward, Kane moved in to meet the Jello demon halfway, eyes darting to each claw, prepared to slice or block them on reaction. Sebastian crossed his arms. "..... You could warn me when to cover you." He stated. The Jello Demon smirked as he stopped in front of Kane and rapidly began to stab each sword finger at him. Stepping back, Kane flipped his sword around, focusing before stabbing it cleanly into the ground. "Firewall!" A burst of flame shot up between him and the Jello demon, aiming to prevent the claws from reaching their target. Not only that, but hopefully it'd give Sebastian something to work with. The Jello Demon watched as it's fingers were burnt, only to swing it's foot around and slice them off, watching them dissolve away before reforming new fingers as the Jello Demon leaped away from the fire. "HA! Humans are only humans!" He stated as he landed and slide back a bit. "I can easily read every move you make, boy! There's nothing you can do to surprise me! I AM THE -- AGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Faster then Kane could keep up with, Sebastian was suddenly in front of the Jello Demon, his elbow having been slammed into his chest and been thrusted out the back. The Jello Demon could only stand there in shock and pain as Jello-like blood dripped down Sebastian's arm. Bellfoar frowned at this and began tapping his arm nervously, while Chill merely blinked as his reaction.

Kane froze a moment, withdrawing his blade and watching Sebastian in awe. Sebastian pulled his elbow free as he watched the Jello Demon put his hands over the hole, taking a step back as his body now was shaking. "You done playing around now?" Sebastian asked with a deadly tone to it. Kane hung his head a bit in shame. He was being serious the whole time... "Done...? DONE?!?! YOU THINK A MERE HALF-BREED CAN DEFEAT ME?!?! I'LL KILL YOU FOR THAT!" With that, the hole reformed and little dots began to form on the Jello Demon's body, each of them looking like bullets. "Kane, I wasn't talking to you! I need you to get out those ball things you used on Chill before..." "Huh? Oh-uh-y-right!" Kane knelt down, digging about his bag for the elemental rosary. Retrieving the necklace, he stood up, holding the cross close to him. "Alright, just let me know what you need!" "I know you'll be confused for a bit, but trust me... I'm going to tire him a bit... When I give the signal, you attack his wounds. Got that?" "But what if I miss?!" Kane stated for a moment, before shaking his head. No, he'd trained for this. He wouldn't miss. He couldn't let Sebastian down. He was an exorcist. "I have faith Claire trained you... Just as I have hope you have faith in my new abilities.... Now do me a favor. RUN OUT OF THE WAY NOW!!!"

At this, the Jello Demon roared out and sent hundreds of jello-bullets at them. Kane blinked. Then dived, tumbling into the nearby shrubbery for cover before taking off at a run. At this, Sebastian vanished from sight again. He reappeared behind the Jello Demon and sent a kick at him, but the Jello Demon was ready this time as he stopped sending out his bullets and spun around, using his arm to block Sebastian's kick. Then the two began throwing rapid punches at one another, locked in heavy physical combat. Lucifer smirked, standing near Claire and speaking. "Ever since he got that upgrade, he's been so much stronger! GO SEBASTIAN, GO!" "He's certainly come a long way." Claire mused, continuing to scrutinize the battle unfolding. Mireya's eyes were somewhat hazed as she watched the fight. However, it was something that had gone unnoticed. Sebastian ducked from one of the Jello Demon's attacks as Sebastian used this opening to rapidly punch him in the chest. The Jello Demon groaned out as pieces of him were sent flying in multiple directions, Sebastian making multiple holes in his chest. Then he stopped and took a step back as the Jello Demon quickly began to regenerate back. During this, the Jello Demon formed his fist into a hammer-like shape as he slammed it down towards him. But Sebastian raised a hand and stopped it, glaring at the Jello Demon as the Jello Demon struggled to even push it, but felt nothing. Sebastian then knocked his arm away and sent a foot up into his chin, and at this, a short sonic boom occurred as the Jello Demon was sent flying several feet up into the air, before blasting back down just as quickly and then with the third hit, was slammed into the ground by Sebastian's foot on his head, creating cracks on the ground as he did this.

Sebastian stepped back at this as he watched the Jello Demon weakly rise, glaring at Sebastian as he went to form his arm into something else, but Sebastian quickly moved in and punched him in the face, caving his face in as Sebastian backed away again. The Jello Demon's face soon returned to normal as he struggled to keep standing. ".... You.... What did you do?" The Jello Demon weakly mumbled. "Oh, you know... I ate some weird looking pills." Sebastian commented, glancing around to see where Kane was. "PILLS?! ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU CHEATED?" "Don't crap yourself now... I was joking." "I can feel it... You're power.... With each strike you make, I am coming closer to understanding how far out of league we are..." "Now you get it? Good god, I'm so bored with you already... But at the same time I want to make you pay..." "Learning is good... material" Striding forward, muttering words of prayer under his breath, Kane stepped up, tearing off the beads of his rosary and holding them between his fingers. Finally, he stood close enough to the demon to throw them demon. "...Bring forth salvation to this tormented demon's soul!" With a violent crack, Kane chucked the beads down into an explosion of flame. "WHAT?!" The Jello Demon exclaimed, before being caught in this as Sebastian stood in place calmly, watching the explosion in front of him as he narrowed his eyes.

".... That looked like it hurt a lot." Sebastian merely said as it started to die down. Kane knelt down before the demon's smoldering body, closing his eyes and drawing a cross across his chest. The Jello Demon laughed crazily as the smoke finally cleared, his body covered with multiple burn spots as he wasn't even shaking anymore. Then, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fell backwards and began to dissolve away. "Heh.... Nice work Kane." Sebastian then looked over towards Chill. Kane nodded, standing up. "You too." "So, you're next, right?!" Sebastian claimed. Chill smirked and shook his head at this. Sebastian rose a brow at this... Before a spear made out of Jello was sent at his left shoulder. Mireya's eyes returned to normal as she blinked a couple of times. With a slight half-step, Kane sliced the spear mid strike, holding his katana at the ready, prepared for any more deflections. "Hahahahahaha...." The crazy laugh returned, as in the distance a few feet away could be seen standing... The Jello Demon, with an arm missing and a portion of his right side gone. Smiling, he shouted over his shoulder to Claire. "You see that? I did it!" Kane seemed pleased with himself, while Claire simply nodded. Training his intuition was a wise move, however... "Don't let your guard down until your adversary is defeated."

The Jello Demon's arm returned as his smirk grew at this. ".... Yes.... Listen to the bitch." He said as his right side reformed as well. ".... Now... You've pissed me off.... It's time to -- UGH!!" The Jello Demon's body suddenly grew stiff as The Jello Demon gritted his teeth... Looking over towards Bellfoar, who was holding up a paper with a seal on it, the seal glowing brightly and obviously showing signs of it making the Jello Demon feel like he was burning. "..... Damn you..... Bellfoar! I'll kill you..... For that!" The Jello Demon said through his teeth. "You are a Shikigami serving Balarus of Kallos... You are a dog, nothing more to me. If you want, I'll just..." With that, Bellfoar generated lightning in his hand as he held his hand in front of the seal. "NO, STOP IT, NO! DON'T YOU DARE! BELLFOAR! I'LL KILL YOU! I'LL KILL YOU UNTIL YOU CHOKE ON YOUR OWN BLOOD!!" "Then you will obey and listen to me." The Jello Demon glared darkly at him in response. "Good." Bellfoar's hand returned to normal as the paper vanished, and the Jello Demon collapsed on to his knees, struggling to breath.

~ The twist! Bellfoar's scheme! ~

Bellfoar then looked over at Sebastian and Kane. "Very well done boys... But I have a proposal to make. You see... The truth of the matter is, right now I am merely stalling you with these fights so that the bomb I have set up will detonate." "BOMB?!" Sebastian said, suddenly having a look of panic on his face. "You'll tell us what where it is and how to stop it right now you scum!" Kane shifted into an aggressive stance. Bellfoar laughed at this. "... It? You mean them, don't you?" Sebastian glared at him. ".... What?" Bellfoar smirked at this. "Right now... In every town close to the WDL is a bomb... Made by me. Each bomb will go off at the same time when I want them to... And every town will be obliterated, along with every stupid human in them right now." "Let me guess.... Even if we found them, we couldn't deactivate them, right?" Sebastian guessed. "Correct. The only way to stop them... Is to defeat me." Mireya looked at the one called Bellfoar. "Beat him to a bloody pulp then." "With pleasure." Ash commented, punching her fist into her hand. "I was getting tired of sitting back." Chill cleared his throat at this. "... Unfortunately, you will have to play by our rules. Bellfoar here can make the bombs go off at any moment, any second, any time... If you really want to test him - do it now." "You cowardly bastard!" Ash growled, gritting her teeth. "I assume that means you believe us enough not to pull any stupid heroic stunts." Chill stated, looking over at Lucifer at this. "... Ah Lucy... You know me not to be a liar, right?"

"Either way..." Bellfoar resumed for Chill. "... It's time to make a deal. Sebastian, Kane... If you want to continue, why not make things... Interesting?" Sebastian glared at him. ".... What is it first?" Mireya stretched her arms and looked at the boys. Bellfoar chuckled. "Glad you asked... Why don't you step out of the fight and leave Kane here to fight the Jello Demon alone? Unless, of course... You want me to blow up several children at once right now?" Sebastian clutched his fists at this and started to shake. "I accept the challenge." Kane stated, without hesitation. Mireya raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. "Do that and then nothing is holding us back by annihilating you now." Bellfoar glared over at Mireya at this. "... Excuse me? Care to repeat your words?" Sebastian gritted his teeth. ".... It's not just one town he has right now.... He has several.... Who knows how many they have bombs in! It could be dozens!" Mireya smirked. "Why are you deaf or short on the brain function?" Mireya looked at Sebastian. Bellfoar narrowed his eyes at her. ".... Do you want an example right now?! Huh stupid brat?!" "I am aware of that." Sebastian briefly glared over at her before returning his gaze to Bellfoar. ".... Claire.... Can you kindly tell her to shut the hell up?" Mireya looked at Bellfoar again. "If he does it. he loses his leverage now... And if anything happens to the people I care about... I'll eliminate your entire existence now." "Revenge will help you little when you're ruminating over your decisions." Claire stated, looking to Mireya. "For now, we play his game."

Lucifer, who had been glaring at Chill for a while, spoke. "Chill, right? Is that your new name? Come on, where did you 'creative genes' vanish to, dickhead?" Lucifer growled. "What's the point of being our enemy, huh? I mean, it's not OUR fault that Sebastian's straight!" Lucifer glared. "If you want to fight us, fight us because of something aside from being rejected by Sebastian." "...Did I hear that right?" Ash paused a moment, feeling a little awkward. Chill glared at her. "... So he told you, did he?" Mireya looked at Claire and then closed her eyes. "Revenge is not even on my top list." Despite saying that, she remained silent. Especially upon hearing the next statements. Lucifer took a step forward, moving between Chill and Sebastian. "Yes, he did. Fuckwit. Tell me, why did you really become a Demon. Tell me it's not because of what happened. Please! Jesus, give me a good reason! So what?" Lucifer scoffed. "You're just some lovesick psychopath that's turned evil because he couldn't get what he wanted? The fuck man? I mean, sure, you were cool and everything but I MEAN COME ON!" Lucifer looked down. "GIVE ME A REAL REASON! TELL ME SOMETHING GOOD! SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T MAKE YOU LOOK STUPID, ROB! YOU USED TO BE AN AWESOME GUY TO HANG AND CHAT WITH, AND NOW LOOK AT YOU! WHAT THE FUCK MAN! WHAT THE FUCK!" Lucifer shook her head and growled. "I'm not Satan, so I won't continue this. The fact is, you were still my friend until I found out that you became a... a Demon. No, not a Demon. Demon's can be good or evil, you've just become... evil." Lucifer simply glared, then looked away.

"IT WASN'T MY CHOICE!" Chill finally bursted with emotion. Lucifer turned back to Chill, and spoke with an icy, poisonous tone. "Everyone has a choice." "Really? DO YOU KNOW WHAT KALLOS DID TO ME?!?! THE MONTHS OF TORTURE AND PAIN HE PUT ME THROUGH?!?! ONLY FOR ME TO AWAKEN AND MY FIRST ORDERS BE KILL THE MAN I LOVED?!?!" Sebastian sighed. "... In case no one's caught on.... He likes men." "YES, YOU ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE ROB! ALWAYS! YOU COULD'VE STILL SAID NO, BUT YOU KNOW, YOU GAVE IN LIKE USUAL! YOU USED TO BE STRONG, KIND AND... AND AWESOME, BUT NOW YOU'RE JUST A PUPPET ON ANOTHER BAD GUYS STRINGS! YOU USED TO BE INDEPENDENT, SMART AND CHARMING, NOW YOU'RE JUST.... You're just.... You're not even who you used to be anymore." Keilani remained quiet for the entire conversations. She was not sure what to do or say but she embraced herself. The burst of emotions were too much for her. She could feel as if it was hers which she doesn't understand why. Mireya opened her eyes and sighed. She was not that big on drama. "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT HE DID! IT WAS SO SUDDEN, I DIDN'T ASK TO BECOME AN ICE DEMON - LET ALONE ONE! HE SAID HE COULD TELL ME WHERE I COULD FIND HIM - I AGREED, AND HE FROZE ME! THE BASTARD FROZE ME UNTIL I LOST MY HAIR AND BECAME A FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Keilani stepped back further. She could feel her head about to burst. Mireya glanced at her and sighed. "YOU'RE NOT A FREAK, YOU'RE A DEMON JUST LIKE I AM! EVEN NOW YOU STILL HAVE A CHOICE WHETHER OR NOT YOU'LL OBEY HIM OR NOT! IF IT WAS ME IN YOUR POSITION YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO! I WOULD TELL HIM TO GO FUCK HIMSELF, YOU KNOW THAT!" Before Chill could reply, Lucifer marched over to him and slapped him across the face. "AND DIE?!?! YEAH, NICE GOING! BUT I HATE YOU! YOU TOOK HIM AWAY - YOU STOLE HIS HEART! WHEN YOU LEFT, ALL HE COULD THINK ABOUT WAS LUCY THIS, LUCY THAT! EVEN WHEN HE RAN AWAY, IT WAS TO FIND YOUR STUPID ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MAYBE IF YOU HADN'T COME AT ALL, I WOULD STILL BE HUMAN! BUT NO! ROB IS DEAD! NOW, STANDING BEFORE YOU, IS CHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And his eyes glowed bright blue as he was slapped, Lucifer could tell quicker then the others... He had a Demon Form. "Keilani, are you okay?" Mireya asked in a casual manner. She really has no interest with the dramatic banter going on. Keilani looked at Mireya and gave a rather weak smile. "I think so..." Lucifer didn't react much to Chill's change, she simply growled. "Yes. Rob is dead. I can see that now. You're not even like you used to be anymore. You're a pathetic, weak little idiot who couldn't handle being rejected... No, no. You're worse than that. You're like, the lowest form of Demon there is. You're not even a real Demon." Lucifer glared, and spoke. "What're you gonna do now? Kill me?"

".... Yes." And with that, a blue portal opened underneath them as both would fall into it before it closed on them. Sebastian narrowed his eyes at this. "Do not worry." Bellfoar stated. "Chill has only taken her some feet away to... Finish her off." Snapping his fingers at this, a gray portal opened near The Jello Demon and Kane. "... You two will go in there. Claire will follow to witness the fight - just in case things to sour." The Jello Demon responded at this, entering into the portal as he looked back at Kane as he was entering it. "You are lucky... You two will be the first humans to enter our base." With that, the Jello Demon vanished into the portal. Kane and Claire following suit before it too closed on them - Claire had seen the importance of the situation in entering the base, and Kane.... Well, he had a fight to finish with this prick. Mireya glanced over the events. "Then pull yourself together... it's about to get nasty." She warned Keilani. Bellfoar chuckled at this, looking over at the three girls as Sebastian walked off to the side. "Do not worry... He will only enter if you three are in trouble. So, with that said..." Bellfoar spread out his arm as lightning hit him, thunder sounding out afterword as the sky began to fill with clouds... ".... Let's do this~" Keilani's eyes widened in horror upon the sight of lightning an the rumble of thunder. She quickly held her head and crouched to the ground. Her body shivered in fear. Mireya looked at Keilani. "You okay?"

"Do you forfeit little lady?" Bellfoar said, taking a step forward as more thunder sounded out. Keilani didn't move from her position as she covered her face from everyone's sight. "Please..." Mireya stood in front of Keilani and narrowed her eyes. "Leave her alone." "Ha... This is too easy." Bellfoar stated, and charged forward!

~ Kane fights the Jello Demon! ~

The room had an empty feeling to it as they appeared in it. Around them were multiple holes in walls as the room felt too big to be a common room. They had been sent here for a purpose. They weren't given an idea of how big the base itself was, but the room was certainly around the same width as the town they had just left was. The Jello Demon stopped as he turned around to look at Kane and Claire. "So, Mr. Kane... Are you ready to die?" Kane gestured with a T symbol with his hands. "Uh, Time Out? I gotta consult with my coach." The Jello Demon blinked and sat down near a wall at this. "... Fine, do it." The two and the cat joined in a huddle, discussing the situation at hand. Nods were going around. The Jello Demon merely waited at this, tapping it's foot impatiently. "So uh, are there any rules Jelly?" Kane asked, sitting up a moment. The Jello Demon got up to his feet at this. "None that I can think of, no. Do YOU have any rules?" "Well... What happens if I win?" "Simple... I let you two go, and I'll show you to Kallos' room..." "And if you're dead?" Claire asked, Deadpan. "Then you cannot fulfill your mission... After all, only I out of the three of us know this base inside and out." "Soooo... How do I win?" Kane asked, scratching his head. "You defeat me to the point where I am unable to fight back... You'll see what I mean in a minute, but first... You are here to kill Kallos, I assume?"

"I'm here to protect people from harm. That's all." Kane had taken the time to step away from Claire and Noir, striding towards the center of the room. "Do you mind if I let you in on a little... Secret then?" "I'm listening." Kane nodded, having not drawn his sword. "Do you remember the bombs Bellfoar mentioned?" "How could I forget?" Kane muttered. "It's a lie, there are no bombs." "Then what am I here for? What's your plan?" Kane inquired. "We three are the distractions of the group... We are meant to fight until, well... The Renegade Base and the WDL Base have been completely infiltrated and destroyed. No doubt first the Renegade Base will fall, since Kallos plans on starting the attack early morning tomorrow..." "What?! Claire, we have to-" "Focus on the task at hand Kane. Do what you can, before attempting what you can't." Claire commented, calming him for the moment. Kane nodded, turning back to the Demon. "I won't let you do that." "Then let's make things interesting." And with that, the Jello Demon punched the wall near him as a tile of it broke to reveal a hidden lever. Grabbing it, the Jello Demon pulled it down as the entire room shook at this. Kane stumbled, but managed to hold his balance as he drew his sword. "What did you do?!"

The Jello Demon smirked as jello began to fill the room at this. "I think you know what I meant now..." With that, the Jello Demon ran past Kane and jumped head first into the jello. Then, a large amount of the room lowered from the rest in a pool-like shape as the jello began to fill the pool. "Uh, one of my rules is that you're not allowed to fill the room with Jello?" Kane stated feebly. "I think it's too late to make that rule now..." A much louder voice spoke, as a much larger version of The Jello Demon's upper body rose out of the growing jello, continuing to grow as more jello filled the pool. "Come on! How is this fair?" Kane whined, backing up some. "You should of reconsidered fighting a demon made entirely out of Jello then!" He spoke out before forming a sword from his body and pulling it out as the jello reached the top of the pool and stopped filling it at this. The Jello Demon then swung the sword it had formed from it's body at him. "Uh, Timeout again...?" Kane made the symbol before diving aside to avoid the jello blade, rolling once before taking off at a run. "Oh for the love of... Fine..." He pulled the blade up as he crossed his arms, waiting. Kane went back over to Claire, both discussing again for a brief while. "Would it be alright if you got rid of the pool? You can keep the jello, but uh... I need the space to run around." "So you want to drown in my jello?"

"Can't you just make it part of your body and make a nice flat floor?" Kane pleaded, putting his hands together. "I really don't want to swim in Jello..." ".... You think I'm going to do that?!? Are you stupid or something?! If I absorb this crap, I shrink down!" "Wait, what? Doesn't more Jello make you bigger?" Kane asked, looking very much stupid. "I'm merged with it.... That's how I'm so big! If I absorb it, it goes into me, therefore shrinking my body down in the process! I swear, I have to explain this every time to you mortals!" "Oh..." Kane thought a moment, before looking to Claire, who shrugged. "Well, I guess I'll just have to make do..." Kane sighed, slowly walking back to the spot he was in before. "Are we finally ready to begin then?!" Kane nodded, lifting up his sword. "Okay, let's do this!" "Good." At this, small dots appeared all over his body again, just like the last time it did this. "I'm tired of looking at you." Kane began fishing about in his bag, hurrying to find what he needed. The Jello Demon then rapidly fired down jello bullets at him. "Firewall!" Kane gave another shout as he made his shield, keeping his sword buried as the flames formed a barrier for him. "OH-ho, THIS again, huh?! Well, screw that! HERE COMES MY SWORD!" And true to his word, he thrusted the sword down at Kane.

With a wild swing, Kane threw his Holy water over the approaching Jello sword, trying to buy time. The Jello Demon stopped as he looked at the small little spots that now appeared all over his sword. ".... What the hell is this?!? Are you really this pathetic and weak?!?! Oh-ho, oh man... I'm sorry, this is too funny for me to waste..." The Jello Demon was chuckling at this. "Hey, gimme a break! I didn't know you could grow!" "I didn't know you were so weak... Look at you! Your so weak, your mother thinks you weren't worth being born!" The Jello Demon laughed at this. "You might be right, but that's not going to stop me." Kane sat up, his Rosary in hand as he muttered a prayer, before hurling the beads at the pool of Jello, Ice bursting forth as they made contact, aiming to freeze the base of liquid goo. "What the hell is this crap!? It's so.... Pathetic!" He laughed at this as he rose a hand and slammed his hand down at the ice, smashing most of it as he continued laughing. "How pathetic!" Running his hand along the blade of his sword, Kane muttered his prayer, making the Katana flame as he slashed, sending waves of fire at the Jello demon. "Ohhh right, like your attacks are going to do anything to me now..." The Jello Demon was hit by a few of these waves as he inhaled at this. He then blew out wind at the next waves of fire as he blew them out, and sent gusts of wind down at Kane.

Kane held his arm up to shield himself, waving his sword about. The shots were well off however, flying up well above the Jello Demon. Evidently he wasn't handling the wind well. The Jello Demon smirked as he stopped for a second and inhaled again, before blowing down harder at him. Kane staggered back, before falling over backwards, tumbling back with his bag to the wall. The Jello Demon laughed loudly at this. "Oh wow, look at you! You are suppose to be a man?!?! The CHILD was stronger then you're weak ass!" The Jello Demon continued laughing at this. Sitting up, Kane patted down his smoldering jacket before giving one final slash with his flaming sword. This one shot upwards, again, well above the demon. "I think that looks about right." He commented, appraising his work. The Jello Demon rose a brow at this. "What?! You completely missed me!" Kane pointed his thumb up. Above the Jello demon, was a strange set of symbols singed into the ceiling. The exact same as the seal that Belfoar had previously placed on him. Placing his hands together with his sword, Kane began to chant, the symbol rapidly brightening to a pulsating red. ".... Huh, something feels off about this situation.... Maybe I should look up." The Jello Demon did so at this. ".... Oh..... Should of seen that one coming." Kane continued to chant, praying that this seal would be enough to stop or eliminate the demon...

The Jello Demon started to yell out at this as his body started to glow at this, symbols rapidly appearing all over him as smoke started to come from each of them. "YOU RETARD! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT THIS SYMBOL EVEN MEANS?!?!?" Kane didn't respond, continuing his Mantra as he relaxed himself, focusing on nothing but his words and the symbols. "GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!" The Jello Demon then blew up - sending blood jello all over the room at this. Claire slowly lowered the barrier over herself and Noir, appraising the mess around them. Kane meanwhile, slowly opened his eyes, having stopped the chant at the slimy feeling over him. The Jello Demon, now back to his original size, climbed out of the pool as he panted at this. ".... Well that went wrong. I still have a few feet of jello left... I can probably still jump in there right now and kill him while his guard is down." "I wouldn't if I were you. Unless you feel like having that happen again." Claire commented from her seat, watching the Jello demon with scrutiny. "..... Do you know anything about Shikigami?" "Familiars. Yes, I'm quite informed about them." Claire responded, briefly glancing to Noir. "Then you should know that symbol he made is now ineffective..." "Perhaps. But it's quite easy to form a variation that will essentially perform the same act." The Jello Demon growled at this. "Now, I believe you made us a promise, correct?" Claire stood up, striding across the room.

The Jello Demon rose up to his feet at this. ".... So I did.... This way..." He stated as he began to walk out of the room. Claire kept her mind ready, focusing to be sure of any betrayal or trap on the demon's part. ".... Is the boy coming?" Kane was shaking off his jacket, wiping off strands of Jello as he hurried after them, Noir licking up some of the jelly in his hair. ".... Right." He stated and continued walking. It took several minutes to travel around the base's halls - Kane and Claire passed by several things at this - some of them were portraits of different Crystal Demons. Others were of noticeable family symbols - then they passed by portraits of each demon in the group... The Jello Demon, Kallos, Yami, Eppenos, Kalhman, Golem, Bellfoar, Itzhet and another rock demon they couldn't recognize... Golem and this rock demon had the same symbol on the bottom of they're portrait, while Yami had a similar looking royal symbol, but in darkness demon form. "So where are we going again?" Kane asked aloud, stopping at the pictures every now and then. "To Kallos' main room..." Claire would know about the symbols, Kane didn't notice them The Jello Demon stopped briefly to look at the portrait of the other rock demon. "Always wondered what the poor bastard looked like..."

"Who, this guy?" Kane asked, looking to the portrait. "This rock demon? This is Gaea - Demon King of Earth." "So is he dead?" Kane inquired, taking a guess from the Jello demon's tone. "No... He is dying though. Deon ended up nearly blowing up the bastard... Left him for dead - Gaea was then captured by the WDL and has been in there ever since. "His last son, Golem, is the only rock demon who can take his place currently... Sadly, he's too dumb for it. Gaea is the smartest rock demon in history yet... But let's keep moving on, shall we?" Kane nodded, feeling like he was on a museum tour. "Right then..." With that, the Jello Demon continued leading them on.

~ Lucifer confronts Chill! ~

Chill and Lucifer reappeared in the same town just several feet away from the fight. "... So... I still remember when you pierced my chest." Chill pointed to his chest at this, showing a little mark still left in the spot. "You WERE being a bit of a douchebag that day." Lucifer smirked. Chill glared. "... I'm tempted to use Demon Form, but... You're master is gone, and I have taken Sebastian away from you, so... You are powerless!" "So we can't just sit down and talk like adults, Rob?" "After you just slapped me? I only got one thing to say to you..." He pointed his hand at her. "Screw off." He then sent ice shards at her. Lucifer simply whistled as the Shards went straight through her. "You've forgotten my abilities already? Damn...." "You didn't use them much last time." He stated as he created an ice spear from his body and threw it at her. Lucifer simply moved a little to the left and sighed. "I'm sorry I slapped you, alright? It was just a spur of the moment thing, you know?" "So.... Demon form is the only thing that will work, huh? Fine... Demon form it is." At this, Chill's body was quickly frozen over. "Well, I guess talking to you isn't a viable option anymore, is it?" Lucifer sighed. "And I didn't mean to steal his heart either, Lovebird. I only found out a while ago.... Well I mean I knew he liked me, but not this much..."

"SILENCE!!!" At this, the ice shattered and up rose a nine foot version of Chill... His right arm having turned into an axe, and his form having changed. "Implying you can tell me what to do. Dumbass." "I know you hooked up with him.... I know it! Now... To freeze you." Chill's deep booming voice said as he rose up his axe arm and swung it down at her. Lucifer simply sighed, leaping out of the way and locking eyes with Chill. "I know that neither Deon nor Sebastian would want me to do this, but you're leaving me with no choice." Lucifer stood, floating into the air slightly and seeming to glow. "My Father was an Ancient, as were the fathers of my Sisters. My Father, the embodiment of Pride itself, Lucifer, has passed on his powers to me. I am not Lucy, or Luci. I am Lucifer, representation of the cardinal sin of PRIDE." Lucifer's eyes went cold and dark, and her tone had a bitter, icy edge to it. "I hereby decree that you will be sentenced to eternity in Purgatory, fool." With that, Lucifer held her hand out and a spear appeared, falling into it. Lucifer turned to Chill, and spoke. "Come." Chill stood there, watching her. "... What are you waiting for? Send me away then..." He spread his arms out at this. "... Good luck explaining to Sebastian why he couldn't save me though." Lucifer growled. "Oh shut up, I was being dramatic!" With that, she threw he arm back and then threw her spear straight into Chill, but instead of killing him, he was reverted back to his normal form.

Chill chuckled as he stood there back in his normal form. ".... That it?" He asked. Lucifer landed on the ground. "I told you I wouldn't fight you, Rob." "Then allow me to kill you." He said as he took out the spear without hesitation and threw it to the side. Lucifer sighed. "And do you think that will make Sebastian love you, or hate you even more, Rob?" ".... I intend to send him with you." "..... You serious?" "I wouldn't say it otherwise." "What the hell is wrong with you? We used to be so close, and now you're trying to kill us for... why again?" "Because I'm being punished for dis-obeying orders." "....Disobeying orders?" "Yes.... The day I introduced myself to you both as Chill. I left the base and went to Sebastian without permission. Everything I did that day was against what Kallos wanted me to do." ".....Thank you, then. For disobeying orders... I was told you were dead" "Rob is dead.... Chill is all that is left." ".......No....Rob is not dead....." "Really? Then you know a cure?"

"A cure for what, being a demon? There is no cure. It's all about how you act. You have Demons like Kallos who ARE evil, then you have demons like me who aren't. Then you have Demons like you who haven't chosen a side. You just need to pick the side you'd rather be on, or just not pick any. You always have a choice, Rob." "I already made my decision a looonnng time ago.." He looked behind himself at this. ".... Bellfoar is going full power soon. They must win... In order for Sebastian to fight me, one last time." "So you want to fight us?" "Not you.... Him. To the death." "What's the point of that!?" ".... You will see. Now go!" With that, Chill vanished into a blue portal. Lucifer was left there, alone. She looked around, then dropped onto her knees. "Think of Seb, think of Seb!" And suddenly she was with Sebastian, watching him. "Hmmmm....."

~ Meanwhile, at the Renegade Base... Quake VS Ronald Klutz! ~

Ronald appeared in the Renegade Base in a bright flash, stepping away from the holy device that had brought him in here. "Return." Ronald said quietly, as the device returned to his hand and formed into a gauntlet. "Now... To find the control room." Quake laughed and threw a rock at Ronald. "Yo pipsqueak, want some Sake?" Ronald caught the rock with his gauntlet, crushing it as he glared over at her. "Quake... I heard the news." Quake tossed another bit of steak into her mouth and grinned. "That today is Friday?" "No... But you know why I'm here. The control room... Take me to it. Now." "....Erm... Whyyyyyyyyyy?" "Angel's orders. I don't think you want to upset him, do you?" "He's gonna die anyway." Ronald draws out his sword at this. "Do not speak badly about him in such a manner!" "I'm an Oni. He's a disrespective, cowardly, cheatng, lying dog. Did you expect any different?" Quake stood, glaring daggers at Ronald. "Do you have a Farm?" "No... I don't think you are taking this seriously either." Ronald started to walk towards her at this. "... So I'll kill you." "Are you a clown in disguise? Ronald McDonald?" Ronald threw his sword at her. Quake caught it. "Oooh, thanks!" "Old man Ronald had a farm, e-i-e-i-o. And on that Farm they had a dick, e-i-e-i-o." Quake snickered. "How old are you anyway?" "Twenty-four." He stated, slowly twisting something on his gauntlet.

Quake smiled. "Wow, you're not old at all! So uhh, do you want your sword back, Clownface?" "Of course I do, you stupid demon." Quake smirked. "Too bad~" Then she snapped the sword clean in half with one hand. "... You shouldn't of done that." "No BEN, nooooooo! Haha, why not?" Ronald rose up his hand with the gauntlet on it as the gauntlet had a sinister purple aura around it now. The pieces of the sword glowed with this same aura as they all slowly rose off the ground. Then, every piece suddenly pointed at Quake as Ronald closed his hand into a fist, all the pieces flying at her at this. Quake simply ducked, rolling away and avoiding all of the shards. "Missed me, missed me, now ya gotta ki- On second thought, scratch that. You look like a horrible kisser." Ronald jerked his arm back at this comment as the pieces stopping and spun around quickly, all heading for Quake's back now. Quake laughed and ran behind Ronald. Ronald thrusted out his hand and stopped every piece. The handle came flying over as Ronald took a hold of it, every piece coming into place as once the blade was re-assembled, every crack on it glowed red as steam came from it until the cracks were gone. Once the blade was restored by the gauntlet, Ronald was sweating. Quake turned and punched Ronald in the face. "DONKEY PUNCH!" Ronald felt his eyes widen as he was sent flying into a wall from this.

Ronald slowly began to rise from the rubble he was put in, putting a hand over his face as he shuddered from his now bleeding armor. He grabbed a hold of his nose as he closed his eyes, taking sharp quick breaths as he prepared himself. Then he snapped it back into place and dropped his sword, screaming out as he collapsed, putting hands on his face as he shuddered from the pain. Quake walked over to Ronald. "Shit, didn't think you'd get sent flying like that. Heh, how damn strong am I~" Quake looked over at Ronald, and sighed. "Time to take you to the Infirmary?" "SCREW OFF!" He shouted as he got up and grabbed his blade, getting up to his feet as he panted, having one eye closed as he gritted his teeth. "I don't need help... .From a damn.... Dirty.... Demon!" Quake sighed. "I'm not dirty, I just had a shower, dumbass. Hence why I'm standing here in front of you wearing nothing but a towel?" Quake smirked and blew Ronald a kiss. Ronald gritted his teeth at this again. "Screw off.... Screw off! I will not accept help from you again! I DON'T NEED IT! I CAN DO IT! I CAN BEAT YOU!" He stumbled forward at this and swung his sword at her. Quake sighed again, ducking under his blow and slamming her fist into his chin. "Idiot." Ronald was sent flying back, landing on his back as his sword got stuck in the ground not too far off from his position. Quake spoke again. "Come on man, lemme get you to the Infirmary."

Ronald turned around on to his stomach as he slowly got up, nearly collapsing several times as he soon got up, his back to her at this. "... Tell me.... Does the name Ronald Klutz ring a bell?" Quake thought. "Hmmmm....Nope." "Of course you wouldn't remember me... That little boy who's home was attacked and burned down by demons. And when it came time for them to deal with me, you showed up.... And I remember what you did." He turned around and grabbed hold of the sword, pulling it out as he grabbed it with both hands. ".... Now I will kill you, and prove my worth to Angel D'Brightaine." Quake looked at Ronald, and dropped her hands. "You........" Quake looked down. "If I had arrived there sooner, I would've been able to save your Family...." Quake looked straight at Ronald, and glared. "You remember I saved you, so now you're here to kill me? By all means, try it." "SHUT UP! I know what you did! You got down in front of me when it was all over and gave me an apple... A DAMN APPLE OF PITY!" He pointed his sword at her. ".... THEN YOU HUGGED ME.... Kissed my forehead, and told me to forget about it! FORGET IT EVER HAPPENED! MY FRIENDS! MY FAMILY! BUT I DON'T NEED THEM! ANGEL SAYS I DON'T, SO IT MUST BE TRUE!" But at this, a wound opened up and blood splattered from his right shoulder, his arms lowering suddenly as the sword's tip hit the ground, unmoving as Ronald glared down at it.

Quake sighed. "Poor, deluded fool. You haven't chan- Whoa, you alright!?" Quake took a step towards Ronald, eyes filled with worry. "And it wasn't an Apple of Pity, kid. It was an apple of hope. Hope that you could get through all of that fine, and you have.... Aside from becoming Angel's puppet." "I DON'T NEED THIS SWORD!" He grabbed it with his left hand and threw it to the side, hearing it stab into a wall as he raised his gauntet. "AS LONG AS I HAVE THIS, IT DOESN'T MATTER! WHAT DO I CARE IF IT'LL SOON START DRAINING MY LIFE FORCE! NONE OF IT MATTERS!" He charged forward at her at this. "THIS GAUNTLET WILL BE YOUR DEATH ANY WAY!" Quake's eyes opened, and as Ronald neared her she grabbed him by the collar and pulled him close to her. "Calm down, I don't have any apples on me, Kid." Ronald gritted his teeth as he went to punch her with the gauntlet. "DON'T TOUCH ME! STOP IT! GET OFF! I DON'T NEED THIS!!! I DON'T NEED YOU!!!!" Quake remained still as Ronald hit her with the gauntlet, and she kissed him on the forehead. "It's alright, calm down Kid..." Ronald felt his eyes widen at this and his cheeks flushed. But then he gritted his teeth again. "S-stop.... Stop it... I -- I..." He gritted his teeth as he grabbed her wrists and raised them up forcibly. Then he placed his gauntlet in between them. "..... Break it now or I'll hit you again with it." Quake spoke. "What'll happen to you?"

"... It'll break the connection between me and the gauntlet. Once you break it... The WDL will lose all readings on my pulse and stuff. Therefore, they'll think I'm dead." Quake waited for a moment before crushing the Gauntlet, but not Ronald's hand or arm. "There." Ronald coughed violently at this, leaning on Quake's body as he felt himself grow weak at this. "Sir, we've just gotten a new report on Ronald Klutz's status." One WDL soldier stated. Angel looked over to the man and glared. "What of him?" "Well, it seems he has encountered Quake along the way, and, well... She just killed him, it seems." Angel was silent. "....Damn....He wasn't bad...." Angel quickly laughed, and strode away. Quake smirked. "So, how about we go grab you an Apple, eh Kid?" Quake hefted Ronald over her shoulder, and proceeded to the Infirmary. Ronald grabbed her hand as she went to pick him up. "... You forgot something." Quake eyed him. "What's that?" Ronald smiled as he looked up at her. Then he quickly leaned in and pressed his own lips against hers. Quake's eyes widened, but she didn't pull out of the kiss. After they had finished, Quake smirked teasingly. "Looks like I was wrong about you being a bad kisser after all~" Ronald smiled and leaned his head on her shoulder. "... I'd like some apples now." Quake simply grinned, and took Ronald to the Infirmary.

~ Rin VS Timothy Night! ~

Timothy walked silently into the control room as his eyes wondered around to look at it. "... What amazing technology." He spoke as he took out the disk. "... But unfortunately, it has to go." With that, he rose the disk and was about to put it into the computer for the control room. A loud cough could be heard from behind Timothy, and there stood Rin in full combat gear. "Luckily I was about to go practice. Who the heck are you?" Timothy stopped as he rose the disk up and crushed it in his hand. "... Timothy Night. You?" Rin smirked. "Leaving no evidence, eh? Call me Rin, leader of the Demon Division of the Renegades. Mind telling me why you're here?" Timothy turned around to face her. "... Simple. To eliminate my target." "And your target is...?" Rin smiled. "You, miss Rin." "Figures. So no talking? I'm usually against fighting, but..." Rin vanished, appearing behind Timothy and sending a boot into his face before grabbing him and throwing him through the door. In midair, Rin noticed his body preparing itself as he landed his feet gracefully against the wall as he dropped down and landed on all fours, getting up as he brushed his face off. "... Hmph. I heard you were always the weakest of the leaders. Now I see why." Rin rose a brow. "Erm, why?" "You are pathetically weak in comparison to Michael and Deon... Tell me, who replaced Deon?" Rin glared. "An Oni named Quake. Why's that?"

Timothy pressed a few buttons on his wrist. "Good. I just sent that information to Angel. Now I have to wait for Ronald Klutz to confirm he has killed her and I will proceed with you." Rin growled. "You're going after all the Leaders? What the heck are you doing?" "Right now, a demon named Bellfoar is fighting your friends with several others. They believed that if they distracted them, they could sneak into your base and plant some bombs in here. However, we have prevented that, in our own hopes of assassinating the Renegade's leaders so that it will fall and we will gain control over every soldier in here. Quite funny, really... How last night, Angel came up with the brilliant idea to evacuate all the towns and have everyone reside within the WDL grounds." Rin smirked. "So you wanna play with the kitty-cat eh? And you're going after the 'weakest'. Says SO much about you~" Rin smirked playfully and waggled her finger at Timothy. "Actually, I am the middle strongest. Ronald is the weakest, and Sir Melvin is the strongest... Oh, right, you know about him, don't you? I can tell by the look on your face, that you seem a little... Scared, in fact. That a Knight and two lower class WDL soldiers were sent in, under the illusion we were really investigating the Bellfoar case." Rin sighed. "Whatever, let's fight already. I usually avoid conflict but I can tell you're itching to brawl, right? And it's not like I have a choice."

"Ronald is still handling Quake, so... Not yet. But in the mean time, I can tell you how we plan to kill Kallos~" Rin smiled. "Oooh, do tell~ Maybe we'll use it when I beat your ass to the floor?" "..." Timothy started to chuckle. "... Actually.... We already have the meat shields pilled up." Rin's eyes widened. "W-What!? No way, Angel's going to-" Rin went silent, her claws extending fully as she glared straight at Timothy. "You're going down." Timothy continued to chuckle. "Not exactly... It was always Kallos' intention to drive the people away into the WDL grounds, so that he could mass slaughter them. So we're going to give him what he wants... But in the process, while he's killing them, we'll be killing them. And then who will be able to say they knew of our scheme? Every witness who could testify will be dead in the chaos!" "Except me, dumbass." "Who is going to believe you? You are the Renegades, a group of demons and humans who want to bring balance. The world will see this as a thank you to us, for avenging all those poor people..." At this, the device on Timothy's hand beeped as he looked at it. ".... Damn it. Ronald Klutz is dead?!" Timothy smashed the device on his hand and threw it aside, looking at her. "... I didn't expect Quake to be so cold hearted." Rin remained still. "Neither did I, actually.... Well, since the WDL is killing innocents, why can't we?" Rin laughed. "You're not really innocents, are you?"

"You don't know Ronald." Timothy sighed. "But any who, Angel has been performing illegal experiments as of late, and well... Let's just say I'm one of them." Rin rose a brow. "Oh, with Demon Blood I assume?" Timothy smirked. "Something of the sort... Let's just say.... ....I was bitten." "I hate Dogs." At this, Timothy's eyes glowed yellow as he growled and yelled out, his clothes tearing off as his form started to change, fur growing all over his body as he slammed down on all fours. "I hate Wolves, too." ... Then, when it was over, Timothy rose up in his Werewolf form as he growled at her. "I REALLY hate Werewolves." Timothy let out a howl at this as he got down on all fours and leaped at her. Rin barely managed to leap out of the way before Timothy landed where she was. Rin turned and spoke. "Bunch of Hypocrites!" Timothy quickly turned and ran at her, swinging his claws at her as he did. Rin ducked, dodging all of the claw swipes and sending in some of her own at Timothy. Timothy took them as he growled at her, acting as if they didn't even effect them. Then he swung a punch at her. Rin was hit by said punch and flew through the door, landing on her feet and wiping the blood off of her lip. "Ass."

Timothy jumped and landed in front of her as she was wiping the blood off, swinging his claws rapidly at her. Rin ducked and rolled away from Timothy, barely avoiding his attacks at this point. Timothy got on all fours and charged in at her, aiming to ram his head into her. Rin placed a hand on Timothy's head and used it to vault over him, realizing the close combat wasn't the best idea. "I'm still faster than him, so maybe if I.... Got it!" Rin bolted off down a nearby hallway. Timothy watched her run as he let out what sounded like a bark before running after her on all fours. Rin smirked, turning another corner and then sliding into a sideroom, leaving the door open behind her. Timothy rushed in after her, knocking the door down when he entered. As Timothy entered the room, he would find it empty aside from Rin standing there with a very peculiar gun in hand. "Bring it, drool-face." Timothy growled as he got on all fours and began to circle her at this. Rin smirked, twirling the gun in her hand and keeping Timothy in sight and at a distance. Timothy then began to have his eyes glow brighter yellow as he continued circling her, increasing his speed slowly as he did. Rin smirked, watching Timothy. Then Timothy let out a loud roar at this, the soundwaves would of entered into Rin's ears and completely throw off her senses temporarily. Rin blocked her ears, shaking her head before looking for Timothy again. Timothy landed behind her by this time as he slashed at her back.

Rin spun around just in time to fire a round at Timothy. The claw got her across her chest but her bullet slammed into his face, exploding and sending liquid silver all over the Werewolf. Timothy yelled out as Timothy stumbled back and then collapsed down on to the ground, seemingly unmoving... Rin growled, firing a few more rounds at him. "Stay down, dog." Each bullet was destroyed upon contact with something as Timothy slammed a hand on the ground and slowly rose up, revealing a barrier around his form before it faded away and he leaped at her, landing in front of her as when she went to shoot him, he bit down into the gun and ripped it out of her hand. Then he would spit it on the ground as he stepped down on it, looking at her as he leaped up and aimed to tackle her. Rin leaped away, extending her claws fully and growling. "I said stay down!" Timothy grinned at this. "Fuck you little bitch." "I bet you'd love to, but I've already got my eye on someone. And you're DEFINITELY not my type." "You smell like shit. Why would I want YOU?" "Iunno, why did you threaten to fuck me?~" "Because by that, I mean I'm going to tear you limb from limb with my bare teeth..." "So you're gonna eat me, are you?~" Rin snickered. If Deon could do it, so could she. Timothy inhaled at this as he let out another loud roar, sending out sound waves at her ears again. This time, Rin was prepared. She rolled backwards, away from Timothy and covered her ears as she did so.

Timothy this time leaped to one of the objects in the room as he grabbed it and threw it at her. Rin smirked as she sliced the object in half with her claws, and stood there with a grin on her face. "That it?" Timothy threw three more objects at her at this. Rin slashed them all apart. After she slashed the third one apart, Timothy charged in and aimed to ram her into a wall to finally knock her out. Rin didn't see this coming at all, but she quickly pulled out her rifle and smashed it across Timothy's face. "Oh-snaaaap!~" Timothy took the hit, but the rifle cracked upon contact as Timothy growled at her, now pissed off. And just as quickly as his rage came, he yelled out right in her face, sending the sound waves right there and then. Rin headbutted him. Timothy roared out as he shook his head. Then glared at her as his eyes turned red, before sending a quicker punch then before at her head. Rin was sent flying as the punch hit her and sent her into the wall. She remained there, dazed. "Awaaaaa?" Timothy then charged in and stopped in front of her, punching her down into the ground. "G-Agh!" Timothy then elbowed down into her face. Rin felt her cheek break as his elbow smashed into her. "Stupid little fucker. How dare you hurt me. How dare you use silver against me. I'll break you. Then I'll rip you to shreds. When someone finds your body, they won't know it's you, so you will be forgotten, left behind... I will kill everyone close to you! And then... I'll kill the man you love as I taunt him about how I killed you!"

"......" "Quake will scream as I do things to her... Oh you don't want to know how I handle my meals I like the taste of~" He smirked and punched down into her again. "... I will DESTROY the Renegade. And it will all have started thanks to you." Rin remained silent, letting Timothy beat into her. "Now.... To end this." He said as he got his claws to they're fullest, then went to stab into her chest. "It will be nice... WHEN YOUR MAN TELLS YOU HOW I WON!!!!!!!!" Boom! Timothy was sent flying into and through a nearby wall, then through a few more before a tail grabbed him and slammed him into the roof, then the floor. Timothy screamed out at this and then went to look at the one who had attacked him. Suddenly, from the dust came another tail that had a claw on it, cutting Timothy across the chest and letting the other tail grab him and slam him into the floor repeatedly. "AUGGHH!!!" Was all Timothy could say. "Show yourself, demon! Let me see you in your true form!" A voice, laden with hatred and danger, reached out to Timothy. "You'll only deserve to see me when you burn in hell, dog." "I don't care! Show yourself to me now!" Suddenly, a group of tails, around 18 more joined the two already facing Timothy. "Then I guess you shall die. You should start running, Dog." With that, the tails all sped at Timothy. Timothy rose up to his feet at this as he glared at her. "Repel." With that, the barrier appeared again. "Repel is one of my abilities... It has the power to destroy anything it touches. Your mere tails cannot possibly touch this without --"

One of the tails slammed against the barrier, slowly pushing through it as the tension in the room increased. "Tension BREAK!" Suddenly, the room exploded, everything inorganic exploded, including Timothy's barrier. Timothy felt his eyes widen as he moved to the side, the tail slicing his side as he stopped himself. "Man... What a pain in the ass. Well? Reveal yourself to me, demon!" Another tendril slammed into Timothy, going straight through him and then throwing him away. "Run, Dog." Timothy screamed out as he stumbled, catching himself. "REVEAL YOURSELF FIRST!! THEN I WILL RUN!" Suddenly, the doors to the room were grasped by claws and torn away, and a massive demon pulled itself inside. "Peek-a-boo!" "..... Well that's one big purple cat bitch. Oh right, running time. Doing that now." With that, Timothy returned to his human form as he put on a mask over his face before using a device similar to the one Ronald used before. He then went to jump into it, but was knocked way as it was destroyed. "... Shit." He said, before actually running away. The demon pulled itself forward and through the room as it's tails snaked after Timothy, not slowly, but with horrifying speed. It would take all he had just to avoid them.

Timothy ran outside as he looked around at this. "DAMN IT, where is THE CHOPPER?!?!" At this time, a chopper came down at this as a man looked out at this. "GET TO THE CHOPPER!" "MOVE!" He shouted, pushing the man out as he got into the chopper and it flew away quickly at this, boosting itself so as to avoid Rin. Luckily, Timothy was able to take pictures of Rin's form. Suddenly, a tail lashed out and grasped the Helicopter's rudder, pulling it down towards the ground. On the ground stood Rin in her normal form, but with innumerable massive tails all aimed straight at the Helicopter. "Mother fucker." Timothy said and jumped out. He transformed back into his werewolf form and as he lands, he helps break his fall with his increased agility and tougher body structure. He then raced away from the scene. Before Timothy could react, Rin was beside him, propelling herself at the same speed as him using her tails. Her eyes were a rusty crimson, and her wounds seemed to glow before healing and vanishing. Suddenly a tail flicked out and got Timothy in the stomach, flinging him down into a small ravine. Timothy screamed out as he spun around a little, growling as he began to climb out of the ravine. "Hello, Angel? Yeah, I'm coming. Just have men escort me to your room when I arrive. Why? I found the target... She's on her period. Yeah, it sucks, it does smell, I know. Yeah I'll inform you when I get back. Tim out~"

Another tail slammed into Timothy, hurling him into the air and then grabbing him and smashing him through a boulder before dragging him across the ground to lay near Rin's feet. "So, you're going to be escorted to Angel's room, hmm? I don't think so". With the, a tail reached out and caressed Timothy's face, before starting to choke him. "5 seconds headstart, then we play hide and seek~" Timothy choked at this. "... I think you're forgetting something." Rin growled, and asked. "What?" "My escort just arrived." And true to his word, a figure appeared at this, kicking Timothy out of Rin's grip as the figure vanished and appeared to catch Timothy, landing as Rin would recognize him... Rin growled, the tail moving from Timothy's neck to him arm and tugging, tearing it off with a sickening crunch and the sound of tearing flesh. "That's for pissing me off, Dog." Suddenly, the tails vanished, and Rin stood there, looking normal as ever. "Hey, Sir", she acknowledged the 7th Exorcist with a bow. Timothy howled out as he struggled, meanwhile, the Samurai looking Exorcist stared at her with no emotion in his eyes. "Hmm... Rin of the Renegades, correct?" Rin simply mocked his glare, and spoke. "Yes." The Exorcist had a symbol on his right hand glow as suddenly, a holy barrier surrounded Rin. "Do not follow us... Or I will be back for you." With that, the 7th Exorcist vanished and so did the holy barrier after a few minutes. Rin turned away, a tail suddenly growing from her. "Bunch of pricks!" With that, she returned to the Renegades Base.

~ Rin VS Timothy Night: Aftermath! ~

The 7th Exorcist set Timothy down as he looked towards Angel. "He will not be able to attend the battle, I'm afraid... The process of the mechanical arm replacement to fit for a battle is... Tedious, at best." Angel scoffed. "I should've warned you about her, if you hadn't awakened her Demon Form you would've been FINE!" Angel glared at Timothy. "You also revealed to her that we've been experimenting on our soldiers...." Suddenly, Angel pulled out Excalibur and placed it to Timothy's neck, before putting it away soon after. "Fools." "I have a suggestion..." The 7th Exorcist spoke. Angel glared at the man. "What?" The 7th Exorcist returned the glare. It was like this for a moment, as he was still in his Knight Mode... ".... Right. One of the brothers is currently in America right now, studying the demons there. You can send him there today, if you so wished. The higher brothers are... Most strict, as you know well from Adam's training of others." Angel nodded. "Hmm....." "But for now, I must go... I must return to Tokyo to investigate on this... Omega..." The 7th Exorcist began to walk out of the room. "... Oh.... And one more thing." Angel turned to him. "Hm?" The 7th Exorcist stopped briefly. "If you lose Excalibur, don't bother reporting back to Adam about the battle." Angel growled. "I won't." The 7th Exorcist nodded before walking out of the room. Angel picked up the phone and spoke. "Yes, I need a transport for a man to America. Thank you."

~ Shinji VS Melvin! ~

Melvin walked down the hall as he headed for the infirmary. "Michael A. Malachim.." He spoke quietly as he stopped before the infirmary. "... Time to die." Suddenly, the door opened and a man walked out, holding some chicken in a bucket, and eating away at it happily. He wasn't looking where he was going and so he bumped into Melvin. Melvin glared at him. "Who in the hell are you?" The man looked up, and instead of answering he offered Melvin the bucket. "Chicken?" Melvin knocked the bucket out of his hand. The man looked at the bucket, and sighed. "What was that for?" "I am Sir Melvin of the WDL... You will move aside so I can see Michael A. Malachim at once!" The man grinned widely. "Nice to meet you Melvin, my name's Shinjei Kintaro. Mikey ain't takin' visitors anymore, sadly." "That's too bad..." With that, Melvin hit Shinjei across the face. Shinjei fell to the floor, right next to his chicken, his backpack hit the floor first and Shinjei sighed. "Always the face, man." Shinjei looked up at Melvin and glared. "Douchebag." Melvin walked towards the door Shinjei came out of. Shinjei grabbed Melvin's foot in an attempt to stop him. Melvin stopped and went to kick Shinjei away. Shinjei rolled a bit before coming to a stop right next to his backpack as Melvin kicked him. "Prick!" "I am done playing games. I will kill you next time you try." Shinjei just lay there.

While Melvin's back was turned, Shinjei was fumbling with his backpack, pulling something out of it and then strapping it on. Melvin sighed and turned around at this. "What now?" That's when a gigantic metal fist went to grab him by the face. Melvin quickly drew his sword out and made a cut in the palm of the metal fist. "... What trickery is this?" "Trickery, oh no? Just the intelligence of a Kappa condensed into a Backpack~" Shin's tone was mocking as he picked up his bucket of chicken, which he had luckily forgotten to re-open when offering to Melvin. "I'll beat you by the time I finish the Chicken, alright?" "... You have a demon in that backpack?" "....No, dumbass. What I DO have though, is a Particle Cannon capable of leveling mountains in seconds, a laser-wire shooter, an electro-magnetic Blade and another bucket of chicken, among other things." ".... You what?" Shin sighed. "Fight me and find out, if you dare~" Melvin pulled out a gauntlet at this and put it on. "I have all this and you pull out a Gauntlet? Laaaame." Melvin clutched his hand as a demonic purple aura appeared around it. "Still laaaaaame." "Come at me then..." "What's the point if I can just stand here and stall you anyway?" Melvin turned around and went to punch the door at this. Shinjei whacked at him in the face with the metal hand.

Melvin blocked it with his gauntlet, the gauntlet easily holding it's own against the metal hand. Suddenly, another metal hand shot out and hit Melvin in the stomach. Melvin leaped up at this, slicing it with his sword as he then punched it with is gauntlet - it began to have multiple purple cracks appear on it as Melvin landed and watched the magic show begin - multiple mechanical parts were blown off the metal arm in rapid succession. Shinjei pulled out a gun and fired at Melvin. Melvin deflected it with his gauntlet. "Yo Beel? Game-time!" Suddenly, before Melvin could react, Beelzebub appear and slammed into his shoulder in her spear form. Melvin looked at her as he pulled her out of his armor and threw her towards the door. "You are only experiencing the warm up... Soon this gauntlet will have enough magic to destroy machines with a single touch." Beelzebub reformed into her female form, hefting a Machine Gun that looked oddly like a Browning. "What now, Shin?" Shin sighed. "Time to bring out the big guns, I guess." From the backpack popped up a small box, attached to a cord. "I will not allow you to use any of those." With that, Melvin held out his hand, and the Gauntlet started to send several magic blasts at them. Beelzebub turned into her spear form and Shin deflected or destroyed every magical blast. "Doone~" Suddenly, the box expanded and turned into a massive cannon that pulsed with magical energy. "Hide and Seek, Beel?" With that, Beelzebub shifted to her human form and started firing at Melvin.

Melvin furrowed his brows as his armor started to shine as the bullets hit it. If she aimed for skin, he simply knocked it away. "I will turn in this demon, and then kill you!" Shinjei simply grinned and fire his particle cannon straight into Melvin. The sphere would hammer straight into him, burning away his armor for a few seconds before exploding and sending him flying. Melvin hit a wall as he shook it off and turned a few knobs on the gauntlet. "Very well... Max bonding." With that, his veins on his arm would turn purple as his arm started to buldge - it also started to turn demonic and pulsate. "Pffft, Demon-killing Organisation... Uses Demon Power.... Hypocriiiites!" Melvin held out his hand as he sent more powerful magical shots at them. Shin then sent out a shot from his Particle Cannon, catching Melvin's shots and flying towards him and exploding. Melvin moved out of the way at this - his speed increasing as he sent a large magical shot at them. Shin fired repeated shots at Melvin. Melvin held out his hand as the purple aura came back - now taking the hits of each shot as it started to absorb the magic. Each time his arm only got bigger and bigger, looking more powerful with each shot it absorbed. Then Beelzebub shot him with her non-magical rounds. Melvin moved out of the way of those - his speed increased enough to match that of a Lightning Demon's. "I have absorbed enough magic to destroy that machine... It is futile to resist..."

Shin sighed. "Yeaaaaah, no." With that, a spray of Holy Water rained down on Melvin. Melvin rose a brow as he was hit, blinking as he looked around. "Fire Alarm went off, I activated it on you. Derp, sorry." "I don't see how I'm in trouble." "Your arm should start stinging soon enough, I think." Melvin rose his hand up, sending a magic blast into the roof above them - destroying the sprinklers. "You were saying?" Before Melvin could react, a metal fist slammed into his jaw. Melvin was sent back into a wall behind him. "Shazam mofo!" Melvin stood up, now his arm bodybulider sized. Shin smirked, a plan forming itself in his head, before he shot into Melvin repeatedly. Melvin furrowed his brows, absorbing the magic like before. Shinjei kept shooting into him, watching Melvin's arm get bigger and bigger. ".... Uh-oh, I should of seen this ahead of time." Shinjei charged up a massive shot, aimed straight at Melvin's arm, and fired. With that shot absorbed, his arm suddenly exploded, sending out powerful magic all over the hall. Shinjei spun around, away from the explosion and Beelzebub vanished. When it was over, Shin turned around and looked at Melvin. "Ouchie." Melvin stood there, now looking very close to a statue... His arm obviously gone along with the gauntlet. It was highly unlikely he was still alive after this. Shin just stared at the man, eyeing him suspiciously. Then cracks appeared all over Melvin's statue... Before it all shattered into pieces and dust.


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Raphael stood in the center of a room in the WDL basement, watching people in several tanks as he furrowed his brows. "Damnation indeed... Those gauntlets containing the Chimera Formula aren't doing as expected. Only Sir Melvin has used it to it's full power, and he has been reported missing... Damn those Renegades to the pits of hell!" He slammed his hands on the table in front of him as he looked up and rose his brows, vital signs being reported. "Oh damn it, not now... Tell Angel it's Samuels' original again. His vital signs are starting to change... Ever since Samuel died, this has been happening. I'm going to have to talk to Angel when he gets here with that scum."

Angel had been busy fretting over the whole Kallos Business before going back to the Chimera Testing Facility located under his Academy. He stepped inside and looked around, finding Raphael in the center. "Report?".

"Sir, it's Samuels' original again. His vital signs are acting up again... I don't think we will be able to restrain him this time."

Angel sighed. "Well then we shall simply take him under our control and give him a dose of the Chimera Formula as well. Simple really. We shall also make sure he is on our side, the same way we manipulated Deon". Angel looked over the room, and grinned. "Such a good Doctor".

"Sir... You do know he is half demon, right? Think of the side effects... Samuel was literally created to host the Chimera Formula from the reports... What if something goes wrong?"

Angel looked at Raphael. "No matter, he will be under our control..... Awaken him, the sedatives should keep him calm enough".

Raphael sighed out. "You heard the boss! Wake the poor boy up! And... Make sure he believes he is still Samuel D'Brightaine. We can't have him remembering he is Devin Namach!"

Angel grinned as the numerous servants rushed to do his bidding, and he grinned. "This is going well".

Raphael nodded. "... While this is occurring, I will send out the others to scout the area for Kallos or any of his men. I will return when you need me..." With that, Raphael spread out his angel wings and flew out, wasting no time with each beat of his wings, sending angelic feathers falling behind him. Angel looked at the angel for only a moment, then turned back to the men pulling Devin out of the tube. "How is he?".

Devin winced as he clutched his head, "He has a splitting headache, thanks for asking."

Angel looked at the man and spoke again. "Tell me your name".

Squinting at the blur in front of him, he replied "As if you don't know already." In truth he was having trouble remembering much of anything, the feeling of his head splitting in half making it hard to concentrate.

Angel smirked. "Right, Samuel my brother! How are you aside from your headache?".

He winced again as his headache spiked in time with the words. "Well the headache seems to be the worst of it, but both my legs could be broken right now and I probably wouldn't notice." Slight exaggeration never hurt anyone.

Angel nodded and produced a vial from his pocket, grinning and throwing it to Samuel. "This should help, it's an... energy booster". Angel smirked and turned away before grabbing something off of the table. "It works best if you inject it straight into your bloodstream, so the neck should do fine".

Devin grabbed the small container from where it landed in his lap and was about to pull the stopper when Angel spoke. He grinned and replied "I was just gonna drink it, but ok." He felt around blindly for a moment and then said "Someone pass me a damn needle." Another blur moved in front of him and He felt the cool glass of the syringe in his palm, then He squinted in concentration as he filled the syringe from the vial, flicking it a few times so that he didn't die and then plunged it into the vein in his elbow. Devin sighed in relief as his sight cleared up and the pain from his headache receded. "Much better, i'll have to get the recipe for this off of you sometime."

Angel simply smirked. "It's not my recipe I'm afraid. A good Doctor stopped by and gave it to me. Now, how're you feeling after taking the dose?"

A man appeared beside Devin, examining him and dotting down things on a notepad. Devin opened his mouth to reply, then snapped it shut again as he took in his surroundings. "Nice digs, this your top-top-secret super-duper science lab?" He walked over and examined the giant glass tube he'd just been pulled out of, "You had me in one of these things? No wonder I had a headache, small spaces never did agree with me." He looked back at Angel "Oh, I feel pretty good now actually, like I've got some extra energy to run off, which I probably do depending on how long you had me in that mother-of-all-test-tubes"

Angel smirked. "Indeed this is, although this place doesn't exist". Angel smirked. "It's good to see you up and running again, Samuel". Angel nodded to a nearby Scientist, who tapped Devin on the shoulder. "Sir, we need to run some tests if you will allow us. Then we will show you back to your Quarters for some rest if you wish".

"Sure thing buddy, what kinda tests are we talking about?" he replied. The man simply handed Devin a piece of paper and motioned for him to follow. "Hmm, blood test, reflex test, MRI, this all seems pretty stan- wait, what's a 'Diolithic Extrapolating Radio-Pulse' Doc?"

"Derp!" replied the nameless minion.

Devin blinked a few times, not sure if he heard correctly "Did you just say Derp?"

"Indeed, my good man. Derp is one of the most important tests we are going to run on you."

Devin just sighed and palmed his face, "If you say so Doc."


Devin looked around curiously, standing at the mouth of a long dark hallway that might have been grand and impressive at one point but now looked dank and worn. "The fuck are we doing here?" he said to the person next to him.

Angel walked forward at this. "You will see... I am going to show you a great example of what we, the WDL, are capable of. If you will follow me... And do try not to listen to the screams you hear. They are demons calling out to you, trying to trick you and bind you to be a slave."

Devin eyed the numerous side doors warily, expecting a Demon gimp to suddenly burst out of one and try to drag him inside. "Riiiiight, so this is just the build up to some grand point you are trying to make that will fill me with faith and fanaticism?" He barely managed to contain his snort of amusement.

"You have been faithful, brother... If it weren't for your prayers, you would probably be dead right now."

Devin made a neutral 'Hmmm' sound in the back of his throat as he followed his brother through a door that looked in much better condition than the others in the hallway. "So what is so important to the WDL that you keep it in a place that looks like its seen less action than a dick-less hermit?"

Angel stopped before a door. "... Well, I believe this will answer everything. His name..." Angel rose a foot and kicked the door open. "... Is Deon Morris."

"Oh great, it's the Douche-bag again...". Deon looked up from the floor, his eyes glittering with amusement. "So, what 'torture' will it be today, eh? Oh, and nice to know how much you love me".

Devin looked between the two in obvious confusion, "I thought this guy was on our side? Or at least, not on theirs."

"He is a demon... A scum of the earth who must know his place." Angel then turned back to Deon at this. "I'd like to introduce you to my brother... Samuel D'Brightaine."

Deon blinked, before grinning. "Ohohohoho~ Nice to meet you, Samuel. IF that's your real name of course~". Deon smirked, and spoke to Angel. "Better than using a false identity, eh Angel?". Deon grinned at the mockery of Angel's name.

Devin frowned at the chained man, then at his brother. "This is why you dragged me here? So we could play twenty questions with this fuckmook?" His eyebrows rose as something occurred to him, "Or did you want me to kill him for you?"

Angel smirked at this. "Oh you can't kill him." He said, before suddenly grabbing a spear next to him and throwing it at Deon's chest. Deon glared at Angel as the Spear went straight through his heart, and he sighed. "The fuck, man?". Then he smirked. "So 'Samuel', how long have you been serving the WDL?"

Devins' eyes widened, "Long enough to know that a spear to the heart kills just about anything." He leaned down to examine the apparently mortal wound. "How are you doing that, wait - scratch that, where in the seven circles of Hell can i get me one of those?"

"Fortunately... He is the last of his damned kind. Don't get too close though... He likes to spit at people like a camel. It's the only thing intelligent enough he can be on par with."

Deon smirked. "Says the man who works for the Company I've evaded for over 1,000 years".

"And look at you now... Responsible for the death of your kind."

"Responsible in what way? For letting Humans go on a killing spree?".

Devin pulled the spear out of Deons' chest and examined the tip closely, "This spearhead is Seraphim Steel, the holiest of metals, why isn't your flesh burning?"

Deon simply smirked. "A Magician never reveals his secrets".

Devin smirked right back and started stabbing him in other places that would normally cause a severe case of death. "Then I shall just have to search you for the answers."

"Enough, Samuel... You cannot do anything to him. I have already taken out his heart, and, well... You can see it's only made him smell worse after I crushed the damn thing."

Deon grinned. "So you let them Brainwash you, eh Devin? Tell me, do you know who Hikari Scarlet is?"

Devin frowned at his brother, then at the bloody grinning fool on the floor and jabbed him in the neck with the spear one more time. "We ask the questions here Mr 'please-stab-me-again', not you." He turned back to his brother "Is there any particular reason we came here then or were you just trying to discourage me from making friends with people like him?"

"A little of both." Angel admitted, walking over to Devin. "Hold out your hand."

Deon snickered. "...Heh, 'Brother'....".

Devin held out his hand warily, keeping the spear ready to stab the asshole on the floor if he tried anything. Angel put down an empty syringe into his hand. Deon knew it all too well. It looked exactly like the syringe Samuel had used to inject himself before. "Take this... And plunge it into his heart. Draw out as much blood as you can, and when it is full... Stab it and inject it into your right arm. Preferably where you can see a vein."

"Pfft, Demon hating organization... Using demon Blood...". Deon smirked. "Hypocrites".

Devin smirked as he drew the blood, "All's fair in Love and War." He looked sideways at his brother as he rolled his sleeve up and then plunged the needle into his elbow, emptying the thick red liquid into it. At this, Devins' veins started to glow red as his arm started to shake violently, feeling like it was burning itself as an aura appeared around him, violently growing in power as his body was suddenly filled with an incredible amount of pain. He couldn't hear, his vision became blurry.

Angel watched Devin start to fall, grabbing the syringe and throwing it aside as he chuckled. "Perfect... As I hoped... The blood is making the Chimera Formula start to go berserk inside his body. Oh, I tried to think of how to make Deon Morris serve me... And then it hit me. Make him responsible for another death. How was it, watching your race die before your eyes? How was it, watching your master die? How was it... To watch Samuel die right in front of you? They all died... Because of you. And now... You have just poisoned Devin Namach, the REAL one."

Deon growled. "Angel, I swear. You're gonna pay for all of this... How did you even GET the Chimera Formula!?"

Angel smirked. "Why, you can't tell?"

"........No way....".

"It was a gift, after all... I only expanded the gift as it was intended to be used."

".....So he's actually serious this time... Fuck..."

"But enough about the Formula..." Angel turned to Devin and smirked. "... What a sweet face to make as he slowly begins to go closer to death's door... How lovely, don't you agree? You have seen people die so many times... And now you lay here, watching Devin suffer as his mind is slowly broken." Angel lazily glanced at his watch. "Only one minute left until his body explodes into a permanent mutation... Tick, tock, tick, tock. Time is running out."

"That's a good song, actually". Deon looked up at Angel and spoke. "Once I get free from these chains..."

"Fifty seconds...."



"Thirty seconds... Do you admit submission to me yet, Deon?"


"We'll see... Twenty seconds. You have that long to decide."

"..........I hate you so much....".

"Eighteen... Seventeen... Sixteen..."


"Thirteen... Twelve..... Eleven..... Ten."

















"Fine what, Mr. Morris?"

"Fine.... I...." Deon visibly struggled with the words. "I....."

"You -what-?"

"The Executioner submits...".

"I never asked for the executioner.... I asked for Deon Morris to submit."

"Fine. I submit"

Angel smirked and pressed a button at this. "That's better.... Now he will regain control..."

Devin twitched and flopped around on the floor pathetically as his insides sorted themselves out. Angel chuckled. "... Only a fraction of the Chimera Formula remains in him. But that fraction can become bigger if I injected more... But that won't happen as long as you do what I say, Morris..."

Devin groaned pitifully as he blearily opened his eyes and tried to take in his surroundings. Angel turned towards Devin at this. "Rise... Devin Namach. You have done well." Devin struggled into a sitting position propped up against the wall, he took in the bloody and chained form across from him and the pompous asshole in the doorway, then looked down at the syringe and spear lying on the floor.

"Fuck me, that must have been one hell of a party."

Deon looked over at Devin. "Back to Devin now, eh?".

"No party, Devin... I imagine you remember Arthur, the man who recruited you into the WDL?"

Devin squinted at Deon, "Hey, I know you! Pinky right? I didn't recognize you without a couple of guys beating the crap out of you." He turned to look at Angel, "Yeah, I remember Captain Self-Righteous and his merry band of sycophants." He turned an unnatural pale as the blood drained from his face. "I also remember a blonde psycho-bitch playing head games with me in a limo." He frowned at the floor, "That actually happened didn't it?"

Deon laughed. "Oh man, is Pinky the best you can come up with? That's not even my real name!". Deon snickered.

Devin shrugged carelessly, wincing when his muscles protested. "I heard the stuck up biker-chick call you it and it just seemed appropriate." He glanced at Angel, "So, what the fuck guys? Who volunteered me to play hamster for your little white-coats?"

"It was Arthur's last test for you... To see if you were worthy of becoming a true member of the WDL. A true exorcist. Arthur is gone now, and I lead in his place. He has a reward waiting for you, all I ask..." He paused dramatically. " that you transform."

Devin nodded thoughtfully, "Is that all?" He asked nonchalantly. "Why didn't you ask earlier? Here let me just-" he struggled to his feet "-prepare myself." He reached deep into his jacket pockets and then pulled both hands out with his middle fingers raised. "Oh look, it seems you don't have the required skill points to make me transform."

Deon laughed at this, and spoke. "Oh man, I like this guy!".

Angel frowned. "So you would rather let a powerful weapon go to me then obtain it yourself?"

Deon looked at Angel. "...Weapon?".

Devin kicked Deon in the leg with what little force he could muster, "That's for fucking me up with your blood." He turned back to Angel, "Trust me, if I knew how to become a bad-ass Hellspawn there would be a lot more dead people in this room."

"Do it anyway. Or the weapon Arthur wanted you to have will be long gone."

Deon smirked. "Hey, I ain't the dickhead who took it without reading the warning labels! In other words; You done goofed!"

Devin ignored Deons' taunts and focused on the most important things, getting his hands on whatever Arthur 'I'm-the-strongest-man-in-the-world-except-i'm-dead-now' wanted to give him, and how the hell he was going to get away from this crazy motherfucker. "What sort of weapon are we talking about?

"Well... Imagine something like a sword. But that's all I'll tell you. Transform - now."

Devin glared at the self-important shit-stain in front of him. Who the hell did he think he was to order him about, the last guy who tried that got a knife between his ribs. 'Enough of this dicking around, I'm gonna rip his head off and shit down his throat.' As he though this Devin's body twisted and rippled, his muscles and bones shifting and growing into a demonic parody of an exoskeleton. With a thought Devin willed himself across the space between them, reappearing with an angry hiss. His burning yellow eyes conveyed a very clear message to the human as he raised his clawed hand to strike. Angel drew out Excalibur in a blur and pierced it's tip into Devins' chest. Pulling it out just as quick, the form Devin was in shattered and the pieces were absorbed back into his body, all the while Angel lazily put Excalibur back into it's sheath.

Devin screamed bloody rage as he fell to his knees, the shock of transforming and then shattering being too much for his already weakened form. He glared defiantly at Angel, "That's the last time you stick me with something dick-wad, now give me what is mine."

Angel smirked. "I am sort of impressed. You were able to take control... But, do you feel, better now? Almost... Reborn, in a way?" True to his word, Devin was slowly feeling better... And with it, he felt power. Power he had never had before. His body felt lighter, he felt like he could jump higher then ever before.

"I don't know how strong you have become, but, as far as I understand... When a demon takes control over his demon form, he gains some sort of... Power up, if you will. Now, I do believe I owe you... A reward. So, why not give you two?" With that, Angel snapped his fingers and the door they entered in opened with four figures walking in, holding two wrapped objects...

Devin rose to his feet slowly, not quite trusting anything at the moment, having gone from excruciating pain to blissful numbness and back again so many times today that he had lost count. He walked over to the four new figures and motioned to what they were carrying. "Come on then, show me what you've got."

One of the figures hissed from behind it's helmet at him as it and its partner slowly placed the larger object down first. "You will recognize this object as a sword... Open it." The two figures hissed again, and unwrapped the bindings to reveal a familiar sword laying there.

Deon watched the entire scene unfold, and sighed. "Great...."

"I believe you will sort of know this Sword." Angel glanced towards Deon at this. "After all.... The phoenix over there use to wield it, before I took it from his sheath."

The two other figures came forward and placed the other object down, throwing the bindings off to reveal two pistols that were smoking. Upon the bindings being released off of them, they gave a demonic growl as a sinister aura came off of them.

"Constructed, just for you... The newest demon weapon we've made..."

Devin reached in and picked up a pistol in each hand, hefting them slightly to get a feel for their weight, before settling them on his hips where they stayed of their own accord. Then he went over to the other weapon, the legendary Mokou, picked it up and swished it around a few times, before smirking at Deon and slapping it onto his back, where it stayed as if sheathed. "I'll take good care of this for you, until you find you have need of it again." Then he remembered the spear still lying on the floor and snapped his fingers, causing it to fly towards his hand where he caught it in mid air and then slung it over his other shoulder, point down and stuck fast. "Well, it's been a pleasure gents. We should do this again sometime, how about never?"

Angel smirked. "Oh no, you seem to be mistaken. By accepting those weapons, you have just promised to fight tomorrow... And if you don't show up, well... It's not going to look good for the Namach family."

Devin burst out laughing at the piss-poor attempt at a threat. "Oh you poor misinformed bastard. What makes you think I care what happens to the 'Namach Family'?" He wiped a fake tear of mirth from his eye. "They can burn in Hell for all I care, I washed my hands of them a long time ago."

Angel frowned at this. "... So you would rather die then fight for me?"

"At this rate it looks to me like I'm going to end up dead one way or another, I've almost died twice and the day's not even over yet. What exactly do you expect me to fight anyway? It's not like I know how to use any of the stuff you just gave me."

"How about your former friend... Ashley Clade?"

"The whacked out biker-chick? That bitch has more issues than playboy magazine, why would I fight her?"

"What would you want in return for fighting for me? Name it, and I can give it to you... Perhaps I'll even let you have the dumb girl as a token of my gratitude."

Devin frowned thoughtfully for a moment before speaking, "Now I know you've got it in for me. Not only do you want me to stick my neck out for you again, but the incentive you offer is a crazy-woman who's more likely to slit my throat while I sleep than give me the time of day." He laughed humorlessly. "You cannot give me what I want, but if the choices are fight or die, I'll fight and take what I can get." He paused. "I had a really nice knife once, it was as long as my forearm and shiny like a mirror." He sighed "It's probably in some rich bastards display case by now." He shook himself out of his memories. "Anyway, short blades are the only thing I've worked with before so if you can get me some new steel, that would be appreciated."

"You'll fight with the weapons you've got... Unless you want to spend the night here, sleeping under a bleeding carcass."

"I figured as much, you don't seem like the accommodating sort." He glanced at Deon slumped in the corner. "If I win I get the Clade girl and I get the pin-cushion over there. Those are my terms."

Deon looked up, and smirked. "So you're gonna torture me, eh?..... Damn...".

"Fine... But you will be watching over Deon tonight. If he escapes, I will find you." With that, Angel headed for the door, the four figures following.

Devin smirked at Angels' back as he left the room, then turned around and slid down the wall until he was sitting facing Deon. "Fuck a duck, that guy is nuts." He looked up at Deon and gave a half smile, "Do me a favor and don't escape tonight, If I die then you and the Clade girl are right fucked."

Deon returned the smile, and went to extend his hands before realizing his chains wouldn't let him. "Well, I'd better introduce myself properly, eh? And trust me, I'm fucked either way. I'll be sitting tight anyways." Deon smirked. "Right, Deon Morris, Leader of the Spec Ops Division of the Renegades. Nice to officially meet ya, Mr Namach." Deon smirked. "Or should I say, 'Little Bro'?"

Devin shrugged carelessly and leaned his head back against the wall. "Say what you like, it makes no difference to me." He fixed Deon with an intense stare. "They all hate you but most of them don't know why, they just hate because they are told they should." He snorted. "Zealots. What do these Renegades do that makes them different from the wankers around here?"

At this, a loud roar could be heard, along with some grumbling that passed by them. "Deon Morris... Gaea will crush you.... Gaea knows you are near.... Gaea will snuff you out like a bug." The giant form of Gaea walked by, restricted and dying in his current form, Gaea was dragged along towards a near by cell.

Deon smirked. "Well for starters we don't lock innocent people up or-.... Well shit, it's Him again..." He cupped his hands around his mouth. "YO GAEA! IN HERE!" He snickered. He could use this to his advantage.

Devin just raised an eyebrow in silent question.

Deon looked to Devin and grinned wider. "Let's just say he's an... old acquaintance of mine." Deon laughed a little, and continued. "The Renegades believe that it's not what you are that makes you, but how you act. We give everyone a fair go even if they're a Demon, and we only act if they're a proven threat to Humanity or other stuff. Think of us as the WDL, except less wanker-ish and less enthusiastic to lock people up. It's... hard to explain, actually..." Deon smirked. "It's been a while since we last saw each other. What've you been doing?"

Gaea looked over at them and growled. "Deon Morris! Gaea should destroy you where you lay, but Gaea has other means of doing so!"

Deon smirked. "Love you too, babe."

Devin smiled faintly at the description of the Renegades. "Sounds like you're a regular bunch of boy scouts. Me? That crazy fucker knocked me over the head the day that we got here. I've been chilling in a giant test tube since then and he only woke me up today. Which reminds me, what day is it?"

Gaea slammed his hand down at this, making the ground shake underneath them.

Devin growled deep in his throat, "Shut the fuck up you overgrown hunk of rock, we're trying to have a conversation in here!"

Deon blinked. "Well shit... I have no idea.... Hehehehhahahahahaha!". Deon laughed, and his eyes shone. "Oh man, you're not half bad, ya know?" He grinned slyly. "Funny thing is, I can leave at any time."

Gaea rumbled. "Should Gaea make another child, just so he can crush you for me? That would bring back honor to Gaea's family..."

Devin eyed the chains attached to his cell mate disbelievingly, "It sure doesn't look that way to me."

Deon grinned. "You think I want to make it obvious?". Suddenly, Deon's hand slipped through the chain and it fell, useless, to the floor beside him. Deon smirked. "Magic."

Devin's eyebrows rose towards his hairline, "Two things, Number one: how did you do that!? Number Two: what's with big and ugly out there, did you run over his dog or something?"

Deon smirked. "One, A Magician never reveals his secrets, and two...". Deon turned to Gaea. "Yo man, want a rematch? I'll beat you like a I beat those kids on CoD the other day! 1,300 to 1!"

Gaea let out a roar in response and made the floor shake again.

Deon let out a mocking fake roar and turned back to Devin. "Still confused? I'm a Half Demon, your older brother by blood. 1,300 years old and still one of the most dangerous things you'll ever fuck with. I'm also one of the last of my kind...."

"That seems rather contradictory. I poked you full of holes that would have killed anything else, wouldn't something with that sort of power be the dominant species on the planet?"

"Gaea hears you! Gaea can smell you! .... Even though Gaea doesn't have a nose."

Deon sighed. "Sadly no. We.... Well, let's just say that our genes are... pretty darn selective, just like those of a Nue. We can only breed with certain other Demons, or rarely humans, so yeah...". Deon laughed at Gaea's comment. "And apparently no brain, either!".

"I suppose that explains it, so why stay here and play captive then? If you could just waltz on out any time you like?"

Deon smirked. "As long as I'm here, the others will be alive".

"Gaea will enjoy watching Deon squirm, while his friends die by Angel's hands tomorrow!"

"What others do yo- PUT A ROCK IN IT YOU WALKING PILE OF RUBBLE!" He turned back to Deon. "What others? The Clade girl?"

"Any and all Demons in the entire Renegades. Clade, Ashley, by the way, Keilani, Sebastian, you. Probably everyone I know, actually.... Damn".

"If only the stupid phoenix knew!"

"....." Deon sighed, and summoning one of his guns, shot Gaea straight in the face. "Blockhead."

"But if I win tomorrow, then Angel has to give you to me but still hold up his end of your deal. Right?"

"AGGGHHH!! Deon uses cheap trick on Gaea! Gaea won't tell you Angel and Raphaels' plans now!"

"I hope so." Deon turned to Gaea. "Plans?"

Devin snorted, "Yeah right, Angel tells all his plans to you and I'm gonna propose on bended knee to the Clade girl tomorrow."

"Angel didn't tell Gaea! Gaea heard stupid angel boy and stupid human talking while Gaea was walking past! They thought Gaea was too old to hear them, too dead to care! But Gaea smarter then them! Gaea heard everything!"

Deon turned to Gaea. "Well waddaya know, you might've actually done something good or useful in your entire life. Feel good about it, man. Feel real good. Then tell me".

"Gaea won't tell scum like you! .... Unless.... You do Gaea a favor."

Deon sighed. "A favor?".

Devin huffed in amusement, "Here we go, let me guess, you want us to exact vengeance for you?" He paused for effect. "Or have you got an itch you can't quite reach?"

Deon laughed at Devin's joke. "Yep. Definitely my little Bro".

"Silence, scum! Deon hurt Gaea... So Deon help Gaea... Gaea knows of a special room, where demon weapons are forged. It is said this very room is where Arthur took Excalibur every day! Gaea needs the lava to survive... If Deon helps Gaea get to room... Gaea will tell you as he is preparing for his slumber over night."

Devin eyed Gaea skeptically. "How exactly will we get you to this room? You don't strike me as the stealthy type."

"All WDL soldiers and exorcists are preparing for tomorrow... The room will be unguarded..."

Deon smirked. 'Maaaybe I will."

"Gaea has all day... While you waste time sitting there... Gaea will remain sitting here until you have decided."

"Or I could just ask a certain someone for the plans whenever I like, you know. It's not as much of a one-way deal as you seemed to have thought it was, Gaea." Deon's eyes glinted mischievously, and his smiled seemed a little devilish.

"As you wish... But Gaea will enjoy watching Deon suffer as he was too late to save his brothers and sisters."

Devin snorted in morbid amusement. "You're surprisingly cruel for a talking lump of stone, you know that?"

Deon simply pulled out his other Revolver, and shot Gaea in the face again. "Silence, or I'll silence you permanently".


There was silence for a moment before Devin finally asked the question that had been bursting to get out since he entered the room.

"So... do you come here often?"