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A Tale of Seven Children

The Renegade Headquarters


a part of A Tale of Seven Children, by zody.

"Welcome to the HQ, you'll probably like it here. Unless you're here to kill us, then you're fucked".

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The place where the Renegades are based, one side closed off by dangerous waters, and two others being protected by massive natural chasms. The only viable entrance is heavily fortified as well, so it is hard to enter without permission.
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The Renegade Headquarters

"Welcome to the HQ, you'll probably like it here. Unless you're here to kill us, then you're fucked".


The Renegade Headquarters is a part of The Earth, 2015.

2 Characters Here

Chang T. Wilson [1] "...Light and Dark, Good and Evil...pshhh, please spare me the cliche...I'm Gray" WIP
Ula Siofra [0] "Humanity is a sad thing...They strive so hard to own that which they find beautiful, but in the end, they can only destroy it."

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Character Portrait: Michael A. Malachim Character Portrait: Deon Morris Character Portrait: Sebastian 'Inferno' Character Portrait: Anders "Agony" Agni Character Portrait: Keilani Dreahen
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~ Sebastian's Story ~

Sebastian had been sent back towards his room, upon reaching it and opening the door, inside he saw some things that were not there when he woke up. Upon the chair Lucifer had sat on previously he saw a black case. Walking over with Lucifer not far behind, he could see a handprint of some sort on there. Placing his hand upon it, the case unlocked itself as he pulled his hand back and then opened it, raising his brows at what he saw inside. Inside was some sort of suit, along with a cape and a black cowboy like hat. On top of the hat was a card, to which Sebastian grabbed and looked upon, and saw the name 'Inferno' appear on it. "Inferno?" He asked out loud, furrowing his brows as he placed it down on the bed and did the same with the hat and cloak. He then took out the suit, placing it on the bed first before lifting it back up as he tried to examine it as best as he could. Two gloves fell off as he placed the suit back down and placed them on top of the hat, scratching the side of his head at all of this.

"Yeah, Inferno, I guess." He heard Lucifer say, watching her walk over to him and grin. "Looks like you have a sweet suit to show off to the others. Hurry up and put it on, I wanna see." He rolled his eyes at this as he sighed out. "Okay, okay..." He said as he took a hold of it and raised one of his legs, beginning to slip it on as he furrowed his eyes while struggling to get into it. "Oh son of a gun, come on! Come on, the other leg, the OTHER leg! Ahhh, why don't you go up properly?!? Okay, over the arms, over the -- NO! Over the arms! Okay... Up to the neck, up to the -- DON'T CHOKE ME!!" He stopped as he looked over at Lucifer suspiciously, who was looking away at the moment. He then smiled as he looked himself over, feeling like he was wearing a shed snakes skin, until he suddenly felt it tighten on him. "E-eh?" He said, watching it suddenly change over him as it became more suitable and became more fit to his size. "... Jesus, I'm not sure what to be scared of now. The mission, or the suit." He said again, then grabbed the gloves and put them on as they did the same. Then he took out the shoes and put them on as well, sort of mentally questioning how this all fit in that case.

"Well aren't you all well dressed, Mister Inferno... I wonder why that name was there anyway." He heard Lucifer say, seeing her with a smirk as she went over to him and put her arms over his shoulders and then whispered in his ear. "You look good, 'Bastian." She said, making Sebastian's eyes widen as he could only pat her back. "U-uh, thanks..." He said, pulling away as he grabbed a hold of the hat and placed it on his head, smiling at her as he then hugged her gently to him. ".... I uh, want to make it back, you know? So that I can, uh, catch up... I just feel like I've missed out on so much suddenly." He heard her give a laugh at this and pull him tighter, seeming to grow slightly younger in front of him. "A cool thing about me is that I can shift my age to whatever I want it to be, so the others might be a bit confused when we meet them." She then pulled Sebastian even closer, making her lips right beside his ear. "Don't worry, Sebastian, you're not behind at all. I'll try and get Deon to help you get your bearings, you're his brother, and he probably likes you."

Sebastian felt himself blush a bit at this, smiling and hugging Lucifer a bit tighter at this. ".... Thanks, Lucifer.. You know, I haven't seen Ash much, but you seem to have my back always... Promise me I'll see you when I get back... I promise to stay alive." He then smiled sweetly, only to hear her growl at this. "You always mention Ash.... Sebastian, I want to know something." She then pulled her head away from him and locked eyes with him. "Do you lover her?" She asked, making him raise his brows at her. "... Love? That's a bit of an exaggeration, isn't it?" He asked her, letting go as he grabbed the cape or cloak or whatever it was, and put it on. He then eyed Lucifer with suspicion. "Are you jealous?" He asked, only to hear a haughty laugh in response as she turned around. "Me? Jealous of her? I could kill her if I really wanted to, Sebastian. I don't have any reason to be jealous!" When she turned back to look at him, her expression was completely different now, contrary to what she had just said. "I'm serious though, Sebastian. Give me a straight answer." Sebastian sighed out at this as if he were caught between two walls. "... I don't love her. It's a silly crush." He tried to tell her.

But she didn't reply at first, she just stood there when a dark aura appeared around her form, gathering in intensity and lashing out at the closet things around her, which made him step back as this happened as he was one of them. The demonic tendrils grew longer and sharper, some of them even growing spikes and spines. Before he could do anything else though, Lucifer suddenly whirled around and gave him a goofy smirk. "Well come on then, don't wanna keep your girlfriend waiting now, do we?" She then gave him a grin before speaking out again. "I bet she'll just looove your new suit!" She then let out a few giggles and seemed perfectly normal, but to Sebastian, she wasn't. He then raced out of the room without another word, somewhat ready to go on this mission now.

~ Michael's Story ~

Scott walked into the room as he was greeted with a salute as he nodded towards him at this. He then heard his words as he struggled to make sure his pain wasn't noticed by him, which he thought he did an okay job of. "Roger Bucaneg. I've read your file. My name's Scott, second-in-command to Michael's division." He started off, before moving to a nearby chair and slowly settling down in it, his bandages noticed as he refused to wear a shirt while they were almost all over his upper body, although it was more due to the pain he felt when he tried to that bugged him. "Hmm, so that means the sixth child has been found... Interesting. Keilani Dreahen... I want a file request to be made on her at once, Renegade eyes only." He told him, then he was handed the report of the incident, taking it and looking it over as he nodded to mostly himself as he looked this over. "... Suspicious. We can't set up a crime scene, so we'll probably have to send one of our demon soldiers later to examine the ruins." He said as he then heard a small beeping sound as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small cellular device, turning it on as he raised a hand to Roger before holding it to his ear. "Report. ... I see. The final child has been found, you say? Good work men, now we can call in the -- wait what? ... You all are having tea on the way over? Why are you -- ... He made it? No, why are you all having -- ... No, I do not want some when he gets here -- ... I don't CARE how good it is! Just -- ... No, wait, no -- Jim? ....Jim?" He hung up then as he growled out of frustration and turned off the device, putting it away. "Damn Jim... One of these days he's going to get himself killed!"

Michael stood in his spot with Rin as he looked over at her. "... I think this will be good. Scott said to check something while we here... Let's see what we can find out." He said, holding out his hand to the machine as Rin did the same, both calling out at the same time "A.I. Activation!" At this, the screen suddenly became a blue blank as all was quiet for a few, before an intelligent sounding robotic voice spoke out from all around the main room to them. "A.I. Awakened. Michael and Rin acknowledged. Welcome home, Sniper." It spoke as Michael spoke out at this. "Scott told us he discovered something important about the children. He told us you had information about it?" The A.I. seemed to remain silent at this, the screen popping up with numerous blank screens before they all vanished just as quickly. "Ah, yes. There is a problem... Although I failed to inform Scott correctly of what this problem was." It spoke, as Michael waited for it to continue, a map appearing on the screen with numerous red markers.

"Right... Studies show that Sebastian's blood has revealed several spots that may have devil's blood in them. We have eliminated off almost all but two..." It said, as all the markers but two were left now on the map, as Michael looked to Rin with concern before looking back at the screen as the A.I. resumed. "Reports coming in state that the 7th child has been found, the moving marker represents him coming this way." This confused Michael, who looked to Rin with this confused look before looking back at the screen. "... But that means there is an eighth child we have yet to find." He asked the A.I. "Yes. Originally, there are suppose to be only seven children. There is, I'm afraid, an extra child." It said, as Michael furrowed his brows. "Explain." He asked it. "... I will try my best to. This extra child was not born with the devil's blood, the blood was given to this child after birth. I have sent a call out to one team for them to examine the area for this remaining child. After that, I will need a sample of each of the eight children's blood to examine, compare and contrast. I only need a drop from each, I already have one. If this last child is not found... We will never know who this extra child is."

~ Sebastian's Story ~

Sebastian was now in a forest-like setting, moving past the branches and bushes as he mumbled to himself in anger. "... Jeez, no wonder the guy's hard to find. The sun's going down, and there's barely any spots of sunlight... If Scott told me right, it's a vampire I have to face. Shouldn't be -too- bad... Right?" He was unaware, that as he mumbled to himself, a pair of rusty red eyes were watching his every move. Suddenly, Sebastian heard a voice call out in agony! "Hello? Is anyone there? I need help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" He stopped when he heard the voice, looking in it's direction as he raised his eyebrows. "H-hang on!" He cried out, running towards the direction of the voice as the eye growled to itself as it watched. "Damn it kid, NO!" But all too late, Sebastian was already heading to the building. "Please, help us! We can't get out of here by ourselves!" One voice cried out, but after a few tense seconds, another one cried out for him. "Please! I have a wife and kids, and they've probably been worried for ages!" Now his blood was pumped, and he rushed inside the building, feeling the instinct to help people in need out. "Hello! Tell me where you are! Tell me if you can see me! I'm right here!" He cried out, noticing a massive hole in the shack's floor. "Thank the lord boy, could you help us out of this hole?" He then rushed to the hole, looking down inside it for the people. "Hold on, I'm right here! I'm --"

"You shouldn't have come here, boy." The voice said, suddenly two shining white objects flew out of the hole, landing near him as his heartbeat suddenly increased. He noticed they were bones, bloodstains on them as he began to shiver at this. "... Oh this is bad isn't it?" Suddenly the eyes vanished, as he could hear the ruffling of a trenchcoat behind him, as he felt his suit tighten on him then. "Oh, indeed it is. Can you feel my aura draining your life-force already, fooling human child? I hope you can, because soon enough you will be mine to feast on!" He then turned around to look upon the vampire, Drayne, who grinned to reveal his teeth at him, making Sebastian suddenly regret coming here. "... Drayne, right?" He asked, watching as the vampire grinned, grunted and nodded all at once. His bald head showed off more of his already pale skin and some of his veins, but the horror was his face. His eyes were very demonic, more then the movies depicted they would be. Around his mouth and on his neck too was the dried up blood of his previous victims, Drayne must of been one of the types Scott had informed him of, although what the difference between A and B was anyone's guess.

~ Name: Drayne
Nickname: None
Type: Vampire Type A
Rank: C Rank
WDL Threat Level: Moderate ~

Drayne's fangs slide out of his mouth even wider as his disgusting smile brought shivers to Sebastian. "Now, are you going to let me eat you peacefully, or are you going to run home to your Mother?" The vampire asked, as Sebastian couldn't take it anymore. "... I'm sorry, I have to point this out. You are nothing like the movies say, you are nasty. Very, very nasty. I can see your veins, your neck looks horrible... I do -not- want to be a vampire if I end up becoming like you -- wait, I just sealed my fate, didn't I?" He asked, suddenly horrified at his own stupidity as the vampire laughed and pulled out a severed arm from behind his back and bit into it. Once the vampire was done, he threw it into the pile of blood-stained bones. "I happen to be a Type A Vampire, one of the more brutish ones.... Sadly, not many people know that, and you won't be an exception, since I'll be devouring your flesh before long enough. I do, however, give my victims some short reprieve before their death." Sebastian quickly looked to his side as he inched towards a broken pipe. "Do you?" he asked, grabbing a hold of it quickly as he kept it hidden from Drayne's sight. "Here's mine." He said, before quickly launching it at the window and shattering it, casting sunlight down near Drayne, but he quickly vanished in the sunlight.

From the front, Sebastian's suit was suddenly torn, his form staggering backwards as he was pushed more into the darkness, a sinister noise erupted out from the room as he had no idea where it came from. Then, a noise clattered behind him, and he raced forward just as his shoulder was just barely clawed by the vampire, although the suit was even more ripped now thanks to this. He then rolled towards the sunlight as the vampire attempted to tackle him, but he moved so that the vampire got into the sunlight, an angry and menacing yell came out of the vampire as he quickly vanished again. Sebastian got up as he let out a sigh of relief, only to feel himself get kicked in the side and get sent stumbling across the floor, stopping himself as he shook his head. "Ouch... That spot is my only hope." He said as Drayne suddenly appeared in front of him, preparing to claw his face as Sebastian quickly grabbed the nearest object and held it out in front of him, the wood shattering into pieces as both were cut in the process as the pieces passed them both. Sebastian then smacked one piece of the two halves across Drayne's face, hearing him yell out as he then rammed the other one into his chest and kicked the wood, cracking it slightly as Drayne was knocked back. Sebastian then raced towards the spot of sunlight, but had to jump as the cracked piece of wood came flying at him, shattering upon impact as Drayne was about to grab him when Sebastian entered that spot again, Drayne quickly pulling his hand back as he yelled out and vanished again.

Sebastian eyed the pieces of wood left as he got up and raced towards them, only to be pushed and sent stumbling forward, then grabbed by the throat from behind as he was raised into the air temporarily only to be slammed down into the ground on his back, grunting as he felt this. He looked up to see Drayne bearing his fangs at him. "It'll take more than that to kill me, child." Sebastian struggled within the vampire's grip, gritting his teeth as he glared at him and spoke through those gritted teeth. "... You know, one more thing before you bite me. For a vampire, you are pretty STUPID!" Drayne clutched Sebastian's head in his hands, hefting him up off of the ground as he slowly started to tighten his grip and grinned in anticipation of the new meal. "I think you'd be best barbequed, I think." Drayne spoke, but then released his grip as Sebastian was sent clumsily into the ground, the vampire staggered backwards as his chest was suddenly rippling and bubbling. Then, a strange creature came bursting out of the vampire's chest, a grin on it's face as it bowed to Sebastian, seeming to not be covered in blood at all as Drayne fell backwards. "'Ello there, 'Basty-wasty! How ya doin, this beautifl night, hm?"

Sebastian quickly stood up as he could see the vampire twitching, raising his brows as he looked back to the strange creature. "... Right, I got time now." He said to mostly himself. "Come on, to the forest!" He said, grabbing the strange human-like rabbit creature and racing quickly towards the forest. "... Okay, I need something to beat that guy. Sun's almost gone, and I -- well, I got nothing to capture him with!" The rabbit-creature then grinned and shrugged Sebastian off, forcing him to get sent flying into the next tree. "Oh, sorry. Are you alright!?" She asked, and just at that time, Drayne walked out through the door. "So, it seems that my food has got a friend, although your bursting from my chest was very.. distubing." The vampire said, the rabbit-like creature turning towards him, grinning and bowing to him. "Lunatic Eyes, at yer service! How ya doin Drayne? My Mistress has something she needs destroyed, and that thing happens to be you, my ugly-as-fuck friend!" The bunny-like creature then grinned and waggled her finger at the vampire as he ran towards them. The bunny-like creature then whispered to Sebastian gleefully. "Don't do anything, he's fucked anyways." She told him, which made him raise his brows at her. "... Look, I got to capture him, so I -- wait, WHAT?! I can't kill him!" He said out loud at the sudden realization of what was going on, quickly brushing himself off. "I got no other choice." He said, preparing to go into his transformed state, but found it was harder this time. He kept trying, and raced forward as he was about to shout at the vampire when a massive red wall appeared in front of him, forcing him to stop as he looked towards the rabbit grinning at him.

~ Name: Lunatic Red Eyes
Nickname: None known(?)
Type: Lunar/Earth Rabbit(?)
Rank: ?
WDL Threat Level: Kill on sight! ~

"I ain't gonna kill him... yet, anyways... What's that, Miss? Oh, I have to? Alright then." She then turned towards Sebastian with that grin of hers. "Well, no Vampire for you, my Mistress wants him dead. And I mean dead-dead.. Also, ya can call me Luneyes, it's just a nickname I was given." She then turned her attention to Drayne, who stopped in place suddenly as his eyes wondered around, as if there were things he was seeing that didn't exist. Lunatic then grew out a pistol, a plain old Glock from the looks of it, but when she pulled the trigger, it showed it definitely wasn't one. The bullet sped it's way into the vampire's chest and suddenly vanished. The vampire then grinned at her. "Is that all you have?" He asked, running towards her and prepared to strike her, when suddenly his body exploded which turned him into a pile of blood and guts, leaving only his head intact. "... H-hey! What was that for?! I needed him alive!? Please tell me he's alive..." He asked, with little to no hope of this happening. "Well, it'll be a bit hard now that he's all over the place, but take... this, and you'll be fine. A certain Phoenix will know what it is, I'm sure." She then reached into her skirt pocket and seemed to feel around a bit before pulling out a small bottle with a faded label and handed it to him. All Sebastian could make of the label was 'Ho_r_i E_ixi_', whatever that meant. He was then patted on the back as the rabbit still had a grin. "Oh, right. You don't want that, do you? Hang on a second." She said, turning around and reaching over to grab the bald head of Drayne. "This should do, considering it's his own head."

Sebastian felt his brows raise at the sight of the head being held out for him to take like it was a gift! "... H -- he's dead though..." He mumbled, but took the head either way, putting the bottle away quickly so he could have both hands on the bald head. "Ah well, you'll be let off, the Renegades aren't as dumb as the WDL are... Oopsie, I've said too much already!" She said to him, bowing quickly to him before looking into his eyes. "Don't ever try to find me again, or you will die. Also, I'm on the WDL's Most Wanted list, if you want to know, and I'm pretty high on there as well, and I'm not even trying!" She then turned around as a portal suddenly appeared in the fabric of reality, she then stepped inside and then turned to Sebastian, her eyes turning dangerous and cold. "Sebastian. Tread lightly, or you will perish soon enough, and my Mistress doesn't want that. Not one bit." With that, the portal closed, it was almost as if it wasn't even there, leaving Sebastian alone with just the bottle and the head. He sighed out and turned around, beginning to walk back the way he came towards the Renegade base. "... Well this is a crappy day." He then turned on the suit's mic. "Hello, who's this? Rin, is it? I'm making a quick call... Actually, it's more of an update -- yeah, it's about Drayne. Yeah, I think I got some good news."

"He's dead."

~ Kallos' Story ~

Kallos sat down in his throne as he chuckled. "Interesting... I finally have a chance to prove myself. Do not fail me now, my elemental warriors." He said, and at this, a figure would appear in the form of flames as they would vanish and he would emerge from them slowly. "... Kallos, is it now?" The humanoid demon asked, as a smirk came to Kallos. "Welcome, fire demon. I trust you finished business in hell then?" He asked, to which the fire demon nodded. "Indeed. Me and my blade did some good work today, and it also seems my father is as busy as ever. But I do fear he may get in the way of your plans." He said. Kallos chuckled darkly at this. "Nonsense. Our plan will be fine, we have three days after all. Brenhin's men will be recovering, making it the perfect chance for us to destroy the WDL once and for all!" He then pointed his arm at a door, revealing a tube that was sticking out of his arm. "Chill! Bellfoar! To me!" He called out, as Bellfoar would appear while Chill would walk out of the door and walk next to Bellfoar. "You two, we have business! Prepare yourselves, you will be the ones to set up the bombs! You have three days to do this, and make sure no humans get killed in the resulting explosions. You both know what must be done... In three days, the WDL will be gone from this world!"

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Character Portrait: Ashley 'Ash/Soot' Clade Character Portrait: Michael A. Malachim Character Portrait: Deon Morris Character Portrait: Sebastian 'Inferno' Character Portrait: Mireya Nightless Character Portrait: Anders "Agony" Agni Character Portrait: Keilani Dreahen
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ImagePitter Patter.

Pitter Patter.

Pitter Patter.

Pitter Patter.

Pitter Patter.

It was the sound of the falling rain as it kissed the soil to quench its thirst. The soft rustling of the wind passed by as if to embrace everything with melancholy. A scent of dampened grass and muddy soil created a calming perfume that further soothed the occupant of a certain room. The weather was certainly a soothing lullaby for the slumbering maiden sprawled upon the wooden floorboards. Her velvet locks cushioned and spread underneath her like silken spider webs. The light of the moon entered the room through the holes that littered the ceiling. It seems she was in an old abandoned shack. Her pale skin was illuminated by the moon making it glow like a diamond that perfectly contrasted her attire. She wore a flimsy black nightgown that reaches up to her ankles with laces as its details. One would wonder if she does not feel the chill that encloses the room due to the rain. The answer would be upon further inspection, she was sleeping with a rather composed expression. Her lips were slightly parted and her breathing was even. She was blissfully asleep.

"You sleep in the weirdest places, don't you?"

A voice. It was distant yet so oddly familiar. It was the thought that registered in her mind. Long eyelashes slowly fluttered as if a butterfly wishing the flower to open and it did. Sapphire blue eyes were finally revealed. The maiden roused from her sleep due to the voice that seems so close to her heart. However, she only saw a tattered wooden ceiling and the cold breeze sweeping with in the dimly-lighted room. It was odd as she did not mind the chill entering her body. For her, it was nothing to be bothered considering her choice of clothing. She slowly stood from her position and looked around her surroundings. The wooden floorboards creaked as she moved despite doing it gently. The walls that surrounded her showed age and the need for repair. Although, it did surprise her that despite the moon's light sipping through the holes above her. The rain that could still be heard pouring did not enter the room. In any case, she looked around for an exit and found a rather eccentric one. "A shōji door?" She muttered under her breath. A thoughtful look was visible on her face as she approached. "Am I in Japan?" She wondered to herself. Her hand reached for the door's handle to open it, however, she was prevented by what loomed behind those paper doors.

A shadow was behind these translucent paper doors. She wanted to say something however it seems that her voice was kept hidden within her. Furthermore, she found that she was being weird at the moment. She was in an old and dimly-lighted room with a rather provocative attire all alone. Now before her separated by a shōji door, an unknown shadow stood. She should feel fear and confusion. But, she only felt an eerie calmness which was not supposed to. It is why she found it odd for her to feel such a thing. She was not acting normal. In any case, she stood there silently as she waited for the mysterious shadow to do something. However, it also remained still. In which, she took the opportunity to study the shadow. She was certain that it was man with such slim yet masculine gait. He was taller than her and stood there calmly. From her position, she could make that the man was wearing a collared long sleeved shirt and pants. He seems to have mid-length hair that was quite messy. One of his hands was placed on his hip or perhaps inside his pockets as he stood with confidence in his opinion. Was this person that one who kept her here or the one one who would take her away? She finally touched the handle and was contemplating when to open the door.

"When you're sad, the whole world cries for you. I wonder who will you cry for?"

It was the same voice that woke her up. Her eyes of blue widened due to bewilderment. It also helped that the statement seemed to have unlocked her emotions. She was now feeling shock and at the same time desperation to know who was the man behind the door. Without much hesitation, she opened the door with great force as she simultaneously said, "Who are you!?" As the doors were opened, she could see a very familiar face looking down on her with slight surprise. A set of worried yet mischievous brown eyes accompanied by a small smirk upon that face which had made a lot of women's hearts captivated. "So, you're finally awake, Nightless?" Blinking her eyes for a few times, she released a small sigh. "What do you think you're doing Vince?" He leaned his face closer as there was only a few centimeters that separated their lips from closing the gap. "A kiss to wake the sleeping beauty." She rolled her eyes upon hearing his words. If she was like any other woman, she must have blushed and fall head over heels in love with him. He was not bad in the eyes and being one of the most wanted boyfriend in her school. She has no reason no to swoon over him. However, she was not just any other girl. Pushing him away, she stood and stretched her arms to loosen some of her muscles. It seems she had fallen asleep and had the same dream with the same results. "I didn't get to see his face..." She thought inwardly and dropped it as she felt Vince's arm over her shoulders.

"Can I have that kiss?" She coyly smiled at him and placed an index finger on his lips. "You could have done it anytime. Are you afraid of dying?" She leaned closer to him as Vince instinctively backed away. His reaction made her smirked as she remove his arm from her shoulders. "Don't worry you're not the only one afraid of dying." Vince blushed in embarrassment as he retorted to make up for his blunder. "I don't believe that kissing you will kill me!" The school bell rang signalling the end for today's classes. It seemed that she had skipped her afternoon classes as usual by taking a nap on the rooftop. Nightless as she is called proceeded to the door. But no before leaving Vince a few words with a smile. After all believe it or not, he was one of her limited close friends. "But, I do. See you later." With those words, she was gone leaving him alone. Vince shook his head and leaned on the railings. "A kiss to die for... More importantly, I'm impressed that she has yet to fail any of her subjects when she just comes to school to sleep." Looking down from building, he could see the other students leaving. "I wonder what she was dreaming about..."

"Master, I have reports that the children are being located one by one!" The one who had spoken was waving a sheet of paper happily along with a rather cheerful tone. It was quite contradictory. This was not because of the contents of the report but due to the identity of this person. "Master! Master! Master! Look! Look!" This was followed by an explosion that seemed to have missed the one speaking so exuberantly just a few centimeters from the head. This had effectively ended the zest. "Report Elegia." This was greatly different from the one before. It was cold and monotone. There was not even a hint of life or emotion behind that voice which seems to reverberate within the room who had only blue flames as its source of light. Elegia who was earlier cheery was now in a complete state of fear. Walking slowly towards the one called Master, the blue flames that lined the pathway revealed Elegia. It was female who wear a rather revealing dress. She was very attractive in every way. Long black hair arranged in half-ponytail, blue eyes filled with fearful respect, pointed ears, and a pair of purple horns on each side of her head respectively. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that she is a demon. "5 of the children are under the Renegade's jurisdiction. One is within Lord Loki's protection. One is under the veil and She is yet to be discovered. What do you wish to do, Master?" Elegia lowered her gaze as not to offend her master even further. "Just watch. She is of no use if she cannot accomplish much on her own." This was the answer of her master. "As you command, Master." Elegia stood from her position and bowed her head before leaving to do as she was told.

It was another busy afternoon at the Bonheuriffic Cafe. "Mireya, could handle table 5?" Sapphire blue eyes looked at the who called her first name. It was the only person she knew that calls her by that. Others find it more interesting to use her last name which was 'Nightless'. Well, she was not bothered by it. After all, it was still part of her real name not some alias. "Covering it, Janet!" She answered with a wink as she approached the said table. After school, she comes to this cafe to work. She serves as a part-time waitress along with one of her fellow co-workers, Janet. Vince had once told her that it does not fit Mireya working as such. However, this job was profitable in her opinion. Her salary covers most of her daily expenses and at the same time she gets to wear a rather cute uniform. No one really knows this and she would rather die than to tell. One of her main reasons applying for Bonheuriffic Cafe was the uniform. "Welcome to Bonheuriffic! May I take your order?" She smiled warmly at the customers who blushed at the sight of her. Jotting down the orders on her notepad, she cast a glance at one of the flowers at the nearby window sill. As Janet passed by her, she immediately whispered to the other girl. "Can you water that flower?" She pointed at it and smiled. "It's thirsty." Janet looked at her and then to flower for a brief moment in silence before smiling. "Sure. You heard it talk again?" Mireya nodded with her all-knowing smile. "Hey, I am the plant whisperer." Janet gave out a small laughter that earned some blushes from the male patrons. After all, Janet was also a beauty. She had this long black hair, ruby-red eyes, and fair skin. In short, Janet looks like an Asian Princess. It made Mireya wonder that perhaps one of the attractions here at the cafe was them the waitresses.

Soon, the work shift was over. Mireya said her goodbyes to her employers and at the same time to Janet and her other co-workers. She looked at her watch and it was a little past 11 in the evening. She had always been told to be careful since she goes alone. After all, the streets were dangerous especially for a girl like her. She lives on the other side of town while her fellow co-workers lived opposite hers. It even got more dangerous as there was news about a hospital collapsing and the reason for it is yet to be fully unraveled. Many concluded it was some sort of terrorist attack. Well, it did not concern her anyway. Finally reaching the subway, she waited patiently for a train and when it arrived, she chose a cart where there were least amount of people. She didn't like a crowd. Taking her seat, she took out her iPod and choose a song from her list. After choosing, she put on her earphones and leaned on her seat then closed her eyes as she waited to arrive at her destination.

Time passes by quietly but all things comes to an end at some point. Mireya felt eyes looking at her and they were heated with lust. She definitely knew much working at a cafe where most of the men have perverse fantasies. Opening her eyes, she met the gazes 5 drunk looking male passengers. It seemed that these men were acquaintances and by the look of their clothes, it seems they were office employees enjoying a night of fun. However, she has no intention of joining them in any way. She looked at her iPod and increased the volume as one of the men began to speak. Those words have no importance to her as she looked outside the window behind her. Her actions annoyed one of the men as he grabbed her arm pulling her up from her seat. This annoyed her as she kicked the said man in the place where the sun doesn't shine. The man instantly fell to the his knees while holding his family jewels in clear pain. The four men looked at her in disbelief and anger. They really disliked what she did. As for her, she released a sigh of frustration. "Don't blame me for what's going to happen next." She warned them with a deathly glare within those deep blue eyes. Her words only angered the men as they launched at her. "Amateurs." She muttered under her breath.

After a few minutes, the five men were lying unconsciously on the floor. Mireya looked at them with disdain while the train stopped at her destination. She run her fingers through her hair and exited the train without much another glance to the men she had beaten down in a plop. "That could not be even called a warm-up. Oh well..." She exited the subway and soon enough, she reaches her apartment. It was not luxurious or neither too worn-down. One could say, it was better than most of the other cheap apartments in the area. Taking out her keys from her pockets, she noticed a presence that was awkwardly familiar. Looking at her side where the light were flickering. It seems the landlord has yet to fix it despite her informing the man. "I have no time hide and seek." A laughter answered her as the it revealed itself. It was an odd-looking female with purple horns and quite the outfit. "Are you cosplaying or something?" She asked without much of a hesitation. "You have grown well. Tell me, how are you feeling Mireya?" She faced the mysterious woman and narrowed her eyes. "You know me, but I don't know you." The woman gave another laughter and vanished before her. "What the?" She looked surprised at what happened but even more when the woman appeared behind her with a whisper to her ear. "I know everything about Mireya. How you came to be and the results of that. From the moment you were born, you are a sinner like no other." Mireya quickly looked behind her with the intention of grabbing hold of the woman. "I don't understand what you're saying! Show yourself!" But, she saw no one behind her. "If you want to know, men will be coming for you. Go with them and seek your answers. Or, just stay here and forever rot." The voice seemed to surround her and it soon faded away in a distance.

Mireya looked at the night sky with confusion and at the same time with worry. Is this her past coming back for her? To be honest, she has no recollection of her memories before she was 7 years old. Everything was a blank. She tried many times to look back on it but, it was impossible. Nothing would come out. "Answers..." Taking a deep breath, she decided to think about what happened at the comfort of her house. But as she unlocked her door, men surrounded all possible exits that she could take and with weapons blazing as well. "She did say men would come... I bet she was referring to you guys." She said with a sigh and a carefree smile. "The massive demonic signal is gone Sir!" One of the men announced. "Sir, but the DNA signal... It's coming from her." The men all looked at Mireya in new light as she opened her door. "You know that is not a proper way to treat a lady. Well, I have some beer and snacks. I'll listen to you." She said with a rather calm voice and a smile. The men looked at each other as they lowered their weapons and accepted her offer.

The next thing that Mireya knew, she was in the Headquarters of the Renegade. She was soon brought to a man named Scott. It seems that the man would be talking to her about being one the Devil's children. Honestly, she was not certain how to digest all of the information. But, she had not much of a choice. For now, she would just take everything one at a time and then when she has much of a free time decide what to do on what she has come to know. Well, she only hopes that this Scott would be able to give her much reliable information. She needed to know as much as she could especially when that cosplaying woman had declared to know her from the moment she was born. Taking a deep breath, she entered the room after she had been given permission and looked at the man behind the desk. "This must be Scott..." She thought inwardly.

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"You're a strong girl, Keilani... You have to live..."

"I don't want to live anymore..." Slowly, cherry pink eyes caught sight of a rather unfamiliar ceiling. It was not from the dormitory or from the hospital. Keilani blinked a couple of times allowing her eyes to get accustomed to the lighting. Her mind was still a little hazy as she held her head with one hand. There was dull ache that resonated inside her skull. She was not sure what the cause was. However, it was not enough for her to ignore what had happened to her and what she had done. "I must be dead... So this must be hell... I thought it would have more impact..." Closing her eyes tightly, she could feel the tears starting to flow like an overflowing dam. The memories of her attack and the death of her mother weighed heavily on her physically and emotionally. This time she covered both of her face with her hands as she continued to cry silently. "So you're finally awake?" The voice startled her as she removed her hands from her face and looked at the one who spoke. "I'm sorry being a bearer of bad news. But, you're not dead and this is not hell. You're in the infirmary at the Renegade HQ."

With a suave movement of a hand, the white curtains that surrounded her bed gave way to reveal the one who spoke. "Keilani Dreahen, correct?" It was green-haired man in a white lab coat carrying a clipboard on one hand while the other prevented the curtains to fall between them. A stethoscope was over his shoulders and those green eyes that seems to bordering interest and at the same time boredom hidden behind his glasses looked at her unwavering. If Keilani had heard his earlier statement correctly, she was in an infirmary which makes him a doctor considering his apparel. "Yes." She softly answered the inquiry about her identity as the man took another look at the clipboard and nodded to himself. "Well, the injuries you sustained were minor and healed on their own as for exhaustion, you need to rest. With the reports that I gathered, it seems you pushed yourself too early than necessary." His latter statement made her looked away in shame. She was not sure what she did but the memory of her destroying her mother flashed through her mind. "In any case, we took a sample of your blood for analysis. For now, you should rest and regain your strength." After saying that the man turned his back at her and was about to leave.

Keilani instinctively grabbed his coat as she looked at him with pleading eyes. "If you're asking me to let you die, I can't do that. I'm a doctor." He held the hand that stopped him from leaving. "If I were you, I suggest to stop self-pitying yourself. Pathetic people are the worst." After saying that with such a harsh tone, he removed her hand from his coat and proceeded to leave as the curtains finally separated them. "Thank you... Doctor?" Hearing her voice from behind the white curtains, the man had a small smile. "Hyde." That was the end of it as his footsteps grew distant by the second. She took a deep breath and looked at the ceiling with a distant gaze. "Pathetic... I guess, I am..." It was then the vision of the silver-eyed blue man flashed through her mind along with his words. "Your father will not be allowed in Heaven and so is your mother. They are to be punished and be separated for eternity. Death will not grant them peace." She opened her eyes with urgency and leaned on to the headboard of the bed. "Who is that guy? What does he really meant by that? Mom..." She mused inwardly as she tried to make sense of everything that happened to her before she came here. "I wonder how everyone is...?" The faces of her grandparents, Fran, and Donna passed through her mind like a silent film. She wished they were fine but, she would also understand if they thought of her as a monster. After all, she is one.

"These results... It's impossible!" A frantic voice could be heard along the corridors leading to the laboratories. "I know but we have retried it many times and the A.I. always come up with the same results." Another voice piped in. There was great disbelief and fear in the tone being used. "But if this is true, what should we do?" There were a few murmurs after that statement. Everyone had their own opinions. It was then the entrance to the laboratory opened. "What is the ruckus all about? I could hear you all at the corridors." One of the researchers quickly approached the man who just entered. "Dr. Hyde! It's the 6th Child, Keilani Dreahen's blood analysis." The man offered a piece of paper that had the results with quivering hands. Hyde took the paper with curiosity and read the results in silence. But after a few seconds, his hand that held the paper trembled in disbelief. "Did the A.I. crosschecked this with all of the other blood samples we have?" A female researcher answered while checking the files within the computer. "Yes, Doctor. There is no mistake." Hyde released a large sigh as he took a seat and everyone else on the room had their eyes on him. "Send this to our leaders. It seems we have a taboo child."

"Cochabiel, you are a failure. You let the child live twice." This was the statement spoken with much anger and disappointment. Golden eyes bore down as silver-blue eyes met its gaze while grabbing hold of Cochabiel's collar. "Calm down, Raziel." The two looked at the one who spoke. "But the child still lives! You saw what she was capable of to do despite not being fully awakened! Her existence is a danger to everyone!" A pat on the head was all it took for Raziel to calm down his nerves as he removed his hands on Cochabiel's collar. He released an inelegant sigh at the same time and looked away. "It's true. However, it has been decided to have the Powers and the Archangels to handle this matter." Cochabiel stood from his seat and had a desperate look on his expression which was a first. "Jahoel! This is a business between our ranks! I will take care of the child right now!" Black eyes as if they were the darkness of the nights had a subtle glimmer of irritation which was enough for Cochabiel to stand down. "This does not concern us anymore." Raziel looked at Jahoel in confusion. "Why not? It was one of us who had conceived the child. It is our duty to bring it punishment and justice." Jahoel glanced at Raziel and then looked at one of the empty chairs. "It is an order and you know the only who can order us is not to be questioned at all cost." At that statement, there was silence that ruled over them. Jahoel approached the chair or rather the throne that too his attention. "I wonder if you truly loved your child."

"I'm definitely lost..." Keilani said with much dejection as she looked around the corridors. She had decided to leave the safety of the infirmary. It was not that hard since the guards that were there left their post for some unknown reason to her. In any case, she had no intention of escaping wherever she may be. She just needed to have some fresh air and to stretch her muscles. It might be better for her to move around than to sulk in her bed. Additionally, she doesn't like laying still in bed. It makes her feel so incompetent and at the very best pathetic. Although, it seems she does understand what Dr. Hyde was talking about exhausting herself greatly. She feels still a bit off. Feeling a little faint, she leaned onto the wall near her and sighed. "I think I pushed myself too far..." Taking a deep breath, she continued to walk hoping that she would be able to meet someone. It would be nice if she could ask for directions and that kind of sorts. In any case, she continued to walk around while using her hand as a support as she leaned closely to the wall. "I wonder where everyone is?" She mused inwardly as she continued to wander around the building.

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~ Sebastian's Story ~

The mission was over. Drayne was dead. He still couldn't believe that, after all he had done to try to prevent someone dying, it happened either way on this mission. The first thing he did when he got back inside was sigh out and shake his head a little. "... I really hate vampires now. More then I did before as a kid." He said to himself quietly, entering into the main room as he stopped when he noticed a few Renegade soldiers. "Oi, someone give this to that Scott guy when you see him..." He then held up the head of Drayne to a few Renegade soldiers, who could only stare in shock when they saw what it was. It wasn't because it was a severed head, but more because it was Drayne's head that scared them. He then threw it lightly at two of them, who ended up stumbling around before they both caught it and quickly ran off with it, the other one just snickered and followed after them. He rolled his eyes once he was gone and sighed out again. "... Now to find Deon I guess." It would take a few minutes later to find him, who was in nothing but his boxers and socks, which made Sebastian raise a brow at him. He saw Deon wipe his eyes and let out a yawn as he stood in front of him. "Konbanwa, Sebastian. How ya doin?" Deon asked him.

"Well considering I just saw a vampire have his chest bursted open by some rabbit like creature, then getting blown into a pile of blood and guts... I suppose it would be a regular day for you." He admitted to him, remembering something as he quickly reached into his pocket. "Oh, also, she told me to give you this..." He said, pulling out the empty bottle she gave him before and handed it to him. "... I have no idea why she gave me this. Crazy rabbit demons, I suppose..." He watched as Deon grinned and took the bottle from him, but when he looked at it, his expression vanished and his eyes suddenly became lifeless, distant and cold. They stood there in silence, before Quake appeared behind Deon and wrapped her arms around him. She then rubbed her hands all over him, obviously drunk, and this brought Deon back to reality. "What the fuck woman! --" He quickly stopped. "Quake. Get your hand out of my pants, please." Quake responded with a grin and withdrew her hand, then turned herself away before turning back to them and grinned again. "Nice package, Phoenix boy." She then gave a wink before turning away for a third time and left Deon to hang his head. "Don't ever tell anyone that happened.... I'm begging you."

Deon then shook his head and looked at the bottle. "Lemme guess, the rabbit burst out of the vampire, killed him and gave you this to give specifically to me? Of course." Sebastian blinked a little in response and felt himself shuddering a little after what he saw. "... Who says I will, huh? I don't want to talk about you and her doing it any way..." He said, before then letting out a sigh. "Yeah, pretty much... Also, I know her name now it seems. Lunatic Red Eyes. Heard of her? She seemed to know about herself pretty well..." When Deon looked back at him, he saw Deon's eyes, cold and dangerous like Lunatic's had been before she left. "Of course I know her, she works for the person who ruined my life. She vanished in a tear in time and space, right?" Sebastian, confused Deon knew this, blinked three times. "... Um, your starting to scare me now. And I mean, really starting to scare me right now. What am I missing here?" At this, Deon's eyes began to feel like they were drilling into his very soul, before he turned away and ruined the moment by letting out a laugh. "I'm just screwing with ya man. You seen Luci anywhere? She just vanished when you left." Sebastian was able to let him know what had happened earlier with him and Lucifer, but stopped when Deon clutched at his chest, a few drops of blood emitting from his mouth. Sebastian felt his heart race at the sight of the blood, his mind coming back to reality as Deon spoke again. "Control Room, now." Then, he was off for said location. "Oh damn it Lucy..." He mumbled before running off after Deon, who was almost at a running pace, but was slow enough for Sebastian to keep up with him.

When they arrived at the control room, they both found who they were looking for. "Fuck. -" He said, before coughing again and sending more blood splattering to the ground. "What the heck are you doing, Lucifer?" He asked, Sebastian feeling his heart sank as she turned around to him and her eyes glazed, they were lifeless, cold and burning with anger. "What am I doing? What am I doing!?" She said to him, holding up what seemed like a piece of paper at Deon. "The hell are you doing with the contract, Luci?.... You're going to break the seal, aren't you?" And then, the other six sisters of purgatory appeared, all of them looking from Deon to Lucifer and back again in fear. It was Asmodeus who spoke up first. "W-What's going on?" She asked, before receiving the hateful gaze of Lucifer. "I'm giving our 'master' a choice. Either he reseals our contract, or I kill seven people." She said to them. Sebastian, suddenly feeling guilty, tried to hide himself among the six sisters of purgatory. "You're an idiot, you know that? What the hell caused you to act so bitchy all of a sudden, huh?" Deon asked with a sigh, as Lucifer suddenly laughed and grinned in spite. "What caused me to act like this? My Pride was destroyed, that's all. Oh, and besides, I finally realised something as well!" She then turned towards Sebastian, making him shudder out of fear. "I figured out why I left the Orphanage, Sebastian. I left because...... because I..." Her head then fell for a moment, and with a concerned expression, Deon stepped forward. Her head shot up at this, an unearthly laugh escaping her lips before she spoke out to him. "Well, I mean. I used to like you, Sebastian. I used to care about you even more than myself.... but now...... Heh... Heheheheh.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" She then fell into a hysterical laughter before focusing her attention back on Deon.

"So what'll it be?" She asked him. Deon could only sigh out and lift his hands. "You know what I have to do, and I'll do it." Sebastian's heart was already sinking lower with each moment that passed by, before he heard someone whisper to him. "Sebastian, this is a Demon's Mental Break, if you weren't aware already." He looked over at one of the sisters, who's name was Mammon, as he began to shiver from what she said. "... I -- I did this...? I could make somene break like this unintentionally..." He needed all the comfort he could get right now, as he put his arms around himself and closed his eyes. "... I can't deal with this again... Not again..." He felt the one named Mammon pat his back. "No, it's probably been built up for a long time, ever since she rejoined us, probably. Just stay quiet, alright?" Deon, meanwhile, glared over at Lucifer and walked towards her. The dark aura was around her form once again, and the tendrils lashed out at Deon as he tried to get closer to her. He stopped only a few centimeters away, and then four tendrils shot through his chest and send a massive blood bloodsplatter onto the floor, which caused Sebastian to cling onto Mammon and hide behind her as it hit some of the sisters. Deon, however, only grinned and chuckled. "So do I have to fight you in your Demon Form as well, Lucifer?" He asked, as Lucifer shook her head at this. "No, you don't deserve to see that again, Phoenix." "... God, I can't do this again." Sebastian mumbled to himself, remembering when his mother was cut on that day, during the attack. He shuddered as he could again feel the heat coming from his scars, remembering when they were made on the same day. ".... Make it stop..." He mumbled out again, loud enough for only the sisters to hear. "... Make it stop, make it stop, make it stop, make it stop..."

Deon looked briefly to Sebastian and grinned, before looking back at Lucifer and nodding. "Go on, do it, Lucifer." He said, and quickly, the tendrils pulled in different directions and tore Deon apart, leaving only bloodstains, flesh and pieces of bones and organs. Sebastian had heard it all and let go of Mammon, backing away from the sisters. "... N-n-no! What did you - why did you - I can't have... I did this to him?" He held his head as everything became muffled to his hearing. ".... Why? Why is this even happening? Why?!?!" He called out, seeming to have some sort of breakdown from all this. Meanwhile, Mammon turned to Sebastian and was about to speak, when she heard a giggle. "Oh come on Mammon, you're too kind to men sometimes. You just have to-" But then, Mammon suddenly whirled around and glared at Lucifer. "SHUT IT BITCH! YOU THINK YOU KNOW HOW HUMANS FEEL!? NO, YOU DON'T! YOU'RE A GODDAMN DEMON, AND I WARNED YOU ABOUT GETTING INVOLVED WITH HUMANS, BUT OH NO! YOU HAD TO GO AND RUN AWAY BECAUSE YOUR PRIDE NEARLY KILLED US ALL!" Mammon then sighed and turned back to Sebastian, he could see a sad smile upon her face. "I'm sorry that you have to hear this, but it'll all be good soon, as long as Lucifer doesn't piss anyone else off, at least." He could hear again, was the first thought that came to his head. He frowned at her and clung on to her again, hiding his face in her shoulder. "... But he's hurt because of me... Oh god, why did she do that to him? I didn't mean to do this to her...." He tightened his arms around her, shaking as he felt like if he let go he was about to lose it... When heard a voice.

"Lucifer. Don't ever do that again, alright?" It said, and when Sebastian looked up, he found Deon standing there. He had just pulled his boxers back up and pulled a packet out of them, it was a cigarette packet. He was grinning at Sebastian, appearing to only have minor scars on his chest from where he was torn apart. Lucifer's head had gone down at this point, a single tear hitting the ground as she rushed over to him and catapulted herself into his arms. Upon impact, his smoke lit. "Easy now, Luci. I'm still injured, after all." He said to her, before looking back at Sebastian with a grin. "Don't worry about me, ever. I can't exactly die, anyways." Sebastian raised his brows at this. "... B-but... What... What did you do? Why did she make you do that?" He tried to ask through chattering teeth as if he was freezing at this point. Deon looked down at Lucifer who was clutching on to him desperately and blabbering nonsense. "I'm immortal, meaning that whenever I die, I come back again...." He said, turning to Sebastian with a grin and took a drag out of his cigarette, patting Lucifer's head, who was crying at this point. "Her stress built up to a level where she just... broke, for lack of better words. It isn't your fault either.... I don't think, anyway." Sebastian then let go of Mammon as he put a hand to his chest and fell to his knees.

Meanwhile, a male voice came to Deon in the form of a mic. "Oi, you awake? We have a problem.... It's Michael... I need you to send Satan, Asmodeus and Leviathan over to my location right now. I'm pulling off an emergency code for this." Deon then quickly turned after hearing this. "Satan, Asmodeus, Leviathan. Get to Michael, asap. I'll follow as soon as everything is settled here." He shook his head after they left and turned to Lucifer. "Luci, go to our room and get some sleep. We'll speak more in the morning." She looked at him, shaking slightly and was about to speak when he rubbed her head. "I forgive you, and so does everyone else." He said to her, and then, she was gone as well. Meanwhile, Mammon had crouched down next to Sebastian and was calling his name while shaking him. Deon then went over to them. "What's wrong now?" He asked, as Sebastian only wrapped his arms around himself again and continued to shiver. He tried to rub his shoulders for warmth as he stared at the ground only. Unable to speak at the time, he leaned into Mammon for warmth.

~ Kallos' Story ~

Kallos sat in his throne, seeming to move his hand towards Yami for an indication as he set three tubes into Kallos' back. His body then glowed bright purple for a few, as he closed his eyes and let out a sigh. Yami then backed away as he watched, Golem was taking a nap at this point. Photos and Kiba had grown quiet. Kalh merely sat and watched all of this, Itzhet was in his room meditating. "Everything is going well it seems." Kallos spoke, as Eppenos had sat down in his seat, which had been somehow expanded to fit his larger status then how most humans were suppose to look. "Now we just need to plan out the distraction... I could easily send Yami and Eppenos out to do the job, but... We need a third one for this." Kalh, at this, stood up from his seat. "Allow me, my lord. My grace and style will put those children to shame." He said, as Kallos shook his head. "... No. Not if they gather and gain up on you." Eppenos, to everyone's surprise, rose up. "I know someone who can help us out." He spoke, as Kallos turned to him. "... Who?" He asked. "Simple. The Wandering Blade. I can convince it... Right, Baphomet?" The sword, Baphomet, let out a mere growl in response that sounded like hundreds of dying souls.

~ ??? ~

"My liege, we have the reports on the children ready to go." A voice called out from one of the chairs in the darkness, the main demon in the room shifted in his seat. The Revolutionary Leader of Hell gave a smirk at this. "Show me them." He said, as he quickly turned and snapped his fingers. "Oh, Kallos isn't here today?" A voice spoke out, his cocky attitude and fast paced voice sounding throughout the room as his hologram appeared. "... You should know he will be informed later, Kappa." A feminine voice spoke this time, her hologram appearing too as the Kappa glared darkly at her. "... Still your tongue, Countess. Or maybe I should come to America and dissect your head? How would you like that, to feel my technology ripping you apart?!" The Revolutionary Leader then raised his hands. "... Enough, or I will send my warlords to both of you. Now, Kappa, you have a status report to make to Kallos later I hear. As for now though, show us the information we require." The Kappa remained silent for a moment, before letting out a sigh in defeat and pressing a few buttons. "... Very well. I will give my report on the ones we have seen in action so far. Be warned though, one of them may turn out t be --" At this, he was stopped when a fist slammed down into an armchair. "... Right. Here are the first five known children." And with that, it began with Deon's.

~ Name: Deon Morris
Nickname: The Executioner
Type: Half Phoenikoi/Half ?
Rank: S(?)
Overall Threat: Capture at any cost.
Additional Information: Deon Morris is currently one of the three known leaders of The Renegades. He was known as Hikari Scarlet when he was under the control of the WDL. Currently in possession of two demon weapons, Deon Morris in the past has slain many types of demons, some of his most notable accomplishments are several Demon Kings. Another notable accomplishment is the former demon Eclipse.
Special Power: His most unique ability appears to be where he can copy the powers of others through just physical contact. Currently this power is being examined as to the strengths and limits it can do. ~

~ Name: Chang T. Wilson
Nickname: None
Type: Half Demon(?)
Rank: D
Overall Threat: Capture on sight.
Additional Information: Chang T. Wilson was a snobby asshole who was known for getting into crimes in the past. Since his last sighting, no one on earth or hell has been able to locate him, but rumors spread he is being trained by the demon king Loki.
Special Power: None known. ~

~ Name: Ashley Clade
Nickname: None
Type: Half Demon(?)
Rank: D(?)
Overall Threat: Capture on sight.
Additional Information: Ashley Clade was known for keeping to herself before she was employed under the WDL's services and sent to it's academy. Since the invasion on the WDL, she has since left the WDL and has since been employed under the services of The Renegades. Last known sighting was of her handling The Monster Train, one of the WDL's most wanted known demons.
Special Power: None known. ~

~ Name: Devin Namach
Nickname: None
Type: Half Demon(?)
Rank: E
Overall Threat: Moderate.
Additional Information: Devin Namach was best known for being somewhat of an asshole and a smart ass to others being being employed under the WDL's services and sent to it's academy. Since the invasion on the WDL, Devin has been reported as missing and is currently being searched for by Angel, the new Archknight of the WDL.
Special Power: None known. ~

~ Name: Sebastian Thomas
Nickname: Inferno
Type: Half Demon
Rank: D
Overall Threat: Captured at all costs.
Additional Information: Sebastian Thomas was best known for being raised at an orphanage before he left it and went missing for a while before being captured by the WDL. During the last known sighting, he was reported to be missing before reappearing during the invasion on the WDL. Not known whether to be trusted or not, it is believed Sebastian is a dangerous threat if allowed to continue to grow. He has been sighted as serving under The Renegades, last sightings of Sebastian were seen fighting against Drayne, who has since been reported dead.
Special Power: None Known. ~

With the updates over, the Revolutionary Leader rose up from his spot as the holograms faded away from sight. Four figures appeared behind him, each of their eyes glowing red in the darkness as he walked out into the light from his base of operations. Outside, the sky was red as always, fire surrounded them as always, and the cries of demons being slain ran out throughout the land. "My warlords, destroy the demon kings who oppose us." He said, and without hesitation, the four vanished.

~ Michael's Story ~

Michael and Rin saw it all too quickly and it all happened way too fast for either of them to control it. The A.I. had reported significant readings from Sebastian's suit, but what he saw was the horrifying part. Sebastian's body underneath that suit was covered in demonic red symbols. To make matters worse, a demon Renegade soldier had found this and run right to them, complaining about what this all meant. He furrowed his brows and was forced to call in three of Deon's girls, who indeed did appear, which made him sigh out in relief. "... Thank goodness you are --" "AHEM!" He was stopped as he looked over at the Renegade soldier, who by now had a glare and had his arms folded across his chest. "Well? Show them already..." He told Michael, which made him growl as he turned his attention back to the computer. Pressing a few buttons, he brought up the suit's analysis of Sebastian. "... Girls, I want you to look closely at this... If you know what they mean, say it." He said, but before he could go on, the Renegade soldier came in again. "Of course they will. Every demon knows abut that monster!" Michael gave the soldier a glare this time, stopping him from ranting on, and then pressed another button. "... Right." He said, looking up at the screen, and that was when the demonic red symbols appeared on the analysis. "See?!" The soldier started. "Rin, why do you not agree with me?! The boy is a threat, and must be treated as such!"

"Ah, so Sebastian's a threat then? What a shame..." The voice said, making everyone raise a brow and look over to see... Deon in his underwear. With a grin on his face to top it all off! His head then went down and for a few tense seconds, everything was too quiet with him. "Well, in that case..." He then lifted his head up and a smirk plastered to his face. "You're gonna have to get through me first. He's my kid brother, and I don't intend on letting anyone hurt him." The three sisters who had come looked at each other and then spoke out in unison. "We'll protect him also." Rin, meanwhile, looked to the soldier and glared at him. "He's a KID, you can't kill a kid!" Michael looked back at Deon and then sighed out. "... I'm not saying we need to kill him, but... Well, these symbols... I'm sure you recongize them as well, don't you?" After he said this, the soldier intervened again. "It does not MATTER if he is a child! He carries the blood of that MONSTER in him! I am telling you now, if we do not capture him and sentence him to an execution, he will destroy EVERYTHING we have worked for!" The soldier's glare then went to Rin. "Children have died in the past, I can understand that, but this CHILD is a harbringer!" His attention shifted to Michael. "Isn't it your instinctual duty to eliminate the blood of that monster from this world?!?" He asked Michael. Michael, in return, only could look down and close his eyes. ".... We tried before, but he's too strong --" He stopped when the soldier's hand slammed down.

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT! We all could of tried, and --" "AND WHAT?!" Michael stepped in. "Have everyone DIE?! Is that what you want?!" The soldier then turned his attention to Deon. "Come on now, you must understand!" He then looked back towards Rin. "I am telling you, it is now or NEVER! We must act before it is too late!" Deon let out a sigh and scratched at the back of his head. "Yeah, didn't they say that I was the Harbringer of Death before?" He then grew a grin on his face. "And like I said, you're free to try and kill me, if you really want to have every single bone in your body broken ten times over. Be my guest." Deon then walked over to Michael and patted him on the back. "Calm down, you're meant to be the good guy out of us two." Deon turned away at this, taking his cigarette out of his mouth and blowing smoke out, as he watched it dance around on the air currents. "I'm aware of who that demon is, what it's capable of, and what it might do. But, for now, that's Sebastian out there, and I must admit, he's wearing a pretty nifty suit." Rin, meanwhile, rubbed her forehead and then glared at the soldier. "I'm out, you're free to do whatever you want, but Deon isn't joking." With those words, she left, and the soldier looked to Michael as he stood frozen to the spot with his hands clutched. "Listen to me Mi --" But Michael slammed his hands down to interrupt him. "... I'm calling a private meeting. Leave us." He looked towards the angry renegade soldier. "That's an order." He said, watching the Renegade soldier grit his teeth. "... Fools..." He mumbled, and then quickly walked away out of fear.

Michael turned around slowly as he opened his eyes and looked to Deon, a sad expression forming. "... Damn it Deon, I... I didn't think we'd have an issue like this." He said, sitting down as he put his face into his hands. ".... Damn it.... If every demon in here knows that the child has his blood in him.... Oh god help us all." Michael then felt Deon's hand on his shoulder as he banished the girls away from them. "Don't worry, we'll just keep it a secret for now, and if we have trouble in the ranks, then we'll deal with it there and then, but for now there's no need to freak out. Also, you can stop working so hard now, since me and Rin and back." Deon chuckled at this. "And besides, ya really think God above would help a bunch of Demons out?" Michael shrugged his shoulders at this. "... They say he works in mysterious ways..." He said to Deon, standing up and letting out a sigh. "... I will inform Scott to keep an eye on the suit readings from now on. I want all three of us alerted if the boy reaches critical emotional levels again... Whatever the hell just happened to him, it can't be allowed to happen again... At any cost, Deon. I know I've been working hard and I'm not as good as Scott is, but... I do know when times are needed to be called in. Even if some will disagree with it... I just never assumed something like that would ever happen to me." He looked in Deon's direction at this. "... I don't know how you can do it, but please... Don't let him reach this again. I'm going to have Scott run some tests on these symbols, but in any case... I fear that if Sebastian transforms again, he will lose control. Then again, I am talking to you... You'll find a way, you always do."

Deon sighed again and patted Michael on the shoulder. "Listen up, douchebag. If Scott was better than you, he'd be in the Leader seat right now, not you. Get it?" Deon looked away before he continued. "I'm sorry for getting caught by the WDL, as well. Rin shouldn't have come after me either." Deon then turned towards Michael and looked him straight in the eyes. "Michael, answer me honestly. How do you fell about Rin?" Michael looked at Deon and straightened his posture. "... You can take a guess, can't you? But it's not like I'm going to tell her or anyone else... Bah, listen to my own words. I'm a wreck already..." Deon laughed at this and patted Michael's back. "Yeah, she's alright ain't she? She probably feels the same way, given how you two act around eachother. And you're not a wreck, if you were you'd be on the ground crying like the little girl you are.... Anyways, how about I shout you a drink so you can loosen up a little?" Michael sighed at this. "... Thanks but no thanks. I need to keep an eye on things for now... So, how did the missions go? I hear one of your siblings went with you, while this child here went after a vampire... A type A vampire if I remember correctly..." Deon laughed and grinned at this, sitting on the edge of the table. "The mission went well. I got to fight again.... And I ran into a certain person." Michael rose a brow at this. "... Deon, please tell me it was The Nue. Medusa? Ronove, The Agent, I'll even take Miss Nuclear!" Deon's eyes suddenly grew cold and he locked them with Michael's own. "You already know who it was, so there's no point in trying to get out of it. It was Frankenstein, of course."

Michael put a hand on his face for a moment and then shook his head. ".... Lord help us all." He then removed a hand from his face and looked at Deon. "... Why now? Why of all times does he appear NOW?" Deon's eyes narrowed at this as he bit int his cigarette a bit. "You think I somehow know? He's always been there, ever since we last fought him, but he's just been in hiding." Deon then turned away and sighed. "Well, I'm off to sleep. You should get some as well, Michael. You deserve it." Deon patted Michael on the back again and stepped out of the room. But before he was out of earshot, Michael could hear one last thing. "Michael, it's back. The Madness. I'll be sleeping for a while, but I'm scared again, Michael. You know what happened when it was there last time." With that, he was gone. Michael then closed his eyes and sighed out once more. "... Two of the children are now in danger of themselves. What a nuisance... Adding work onto the work I already have to go here."

~ ??? ~

Eppenos found the location, an abandoned, old and broken looking building stood before him. He walked with stealth today, his movements quiet enough to take him inside despite in reality he was three stories high. He stopped before two old looking doors, he studied them carefully. Forced entry. A brief brawl that led inside. The familiar sensation of hatred and bloodshed he had endured many times himself in the past. He placed his hand gently upon both of them, seeming to study how well in place they were, before all too quickly pushing with violent force that it tore them down from where they were and sent them flying to the ground, and brought up for a cloud of dust around him. It didn't bother him in the least though, walking out of it as if it was normal air. Once inside, he noticed how much a wreck everything was - what had once been a normal building a few days ago had been hit by the apocalypse. Cars were destroyed, blood stains were everywhere, corpses were lying around all over the place, the usual stuff. He examined the cuts on each corpse for a brief second, that was enough for him though to know that it was here. "So... This looks like the perfect place for it to come to, perhaps... If it caused this, that is."

Just at this same time, Eppenos heard the sound of a sword being sheathed, and when the dust settled, a small child stood in the wake of the destruction and carnage it had caused. It turned to look at him, a maniac grin flashing across it's face before it seemed to 'vanish' before him. He did not move though, even when a blade appeared in front of him and went to slash his shoulder but stopped just centimeters away from his body. It was then the voice that sounded like a maelstrom of the voices of it's victims talked to him, sounding just like a demon would. "So, why are you to seek me out?" It asked him. He watched it so peculiarly and he wondered if he could perhaps make this blade his second, but Baphomet hated sharing the spotlight. Speaking of which, all too quickly Eppenos drew out his own demon weapon, who's aura clashed with The Wandering Blade's own. "You are the one with no name, but have taken the title of The Wandering Blade... Baphomet tells me of tales about you, and you are just as it described." A low growl came out of Baphomet in response, it's growls always were a mystery. It was unknown whether it was the many souls of fire demons inside it crying out in agony, or if it was Baphomet itself that called out from all these tortured souls. "We are here to hire your services... Temporarily, of course. We know of how much your hatred has grown over the years."

At this, the blade suddenly reacted by changing itself, making a surreal mouth appear along it's length with a tongue that seeped out and licked Eppenos. "You are Eppenos, wielder of Baphomet. Well met." It said, as the child that wielded it grinned deviously, his voice like gravel rubbing against rock. "Pray tell me why you are in need of my services?" He nodded at the demon's words before speaking himself. "One of my current partners, Balarus of Kallos, is in need of help for an attack tomorrow evening. There is a boy he is worried about, an unusual child who has the devil's blood in his veins. Sebastian. He needs to be dealt with tomorrow, while he is still inexperienced in the ways of fighitng in the real world. He needs you to do this, a strong and powerful demon like yourself. That all depends though... Are you up to the task?" He watched as the mouth of the blade grinned and it's tongue flapped around and salivated in anticipation. "Of course, I will take this task upon me.... What else will be happening, that day?" The child grinned at this, his eyes suddenly beginning to go dull. "Take me into your hands, and I will not try to take you over. I swear it on what I once was."

Eppenos looked at Baphomet, who merely growled in response. He placed Baphomet back into it's sheath and then took a hold of The Wandering Blade with one hand, pulling it from the child's grip before placing his other hand on it. His demon aura clashed with the demon weapon's at first, both fighting against one another before both would settle into acceptance. He was cautious though, and looked around for any signs. "Of course you do... For now, it seems you are trust-worthy. What else will be happening, well let me see... Ah yes, I will be fighting against a certain phoenix. A well known one, who holds two demon weapons in his possession. There will also be a girl there. Both are named Deon Morris and Ashley Clade. Although if you wish to know more, I will have to take you back to Balarus." Meanwhile, the child's eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed into fits at the floor, foaming at the mouth before suddenly exploding and sending blood and stuff out everywhere around the room. The tongue of the blade simply licked the blood off of itself and grinned widely. "I don't want to know more, as long as you can give me another host, a stronger one. The other requirement?" The mouth of the blade then grinned, growing to almost impossible lengths before speaking again. "I want blood. Lots, and lots of blood!"

Eppenos had not been disturbed by the child exploding, and simply shook his head when he found himself covered in blood. "A stronger host... Of course. And as for the blood... You will get it. Lots of it." He said, turning around and beginning to exit the building. "Tell me one thing though... How did you come to be though? Do you even remember anything about what you once were?" He watched as the mouth of the blade vanished and felt a great weight overcome it. Slowly, the metallic surface of the sword became like liquid and then a male form came out of it. It suddenly hardened into steel and it looked like a metallic statue, albeit with incredible detail. A few seconds pass, the figure seemed in many ways like a human, aside from a crown of small horns jutting out at odd angles from it's head. Scars adorned his face and body, with half of his face being nothing but bone. The figure was only seen down to it's hips, it smirked at him. "I was a brave knight, once. I found that there was not enough blood and then I became a Demon, able to satisy my hunger for chaos and violence on a daily basis. And then I became the weapon of a feared warlord, who was killed in battle by the teamwork of two other Demons, a Kasha and a Phoenix. If I could challenge them again, it would work out nicely for me." The figure's smirk turned more sadistic as it's eyes lit up in anger. Eppenos rose a brow in response, nodding his head, as he found this unusual for a demon weapon to do. "Interesting... A Phoenix and a Kasha? Tell me then... Do they happen to be named Rin and Deon Morris of the Renegades? If they are, don't worry... You will meet them again."

The figure responded with a grin. "I knew not the name of the Phoenix, but the Kasha is the one. I want her blood, and I want it now!" It commanded at him, it's previously smooth edge suddenly became serrated and the tip shot out to a few feet longer then previously, twisting like a snake's tail and spiking up like a lollipop jammed with needles. The figure gave a final grin before sinking back into the metal. "Make sure I get their blood soon, or I will not take up the mission." Eppenos merely nodded at this. "Yes, we will get you the blood you demand for. But we need to lure them out first, remember. They will be cautious if it's otherwise... The wait though, will be worth it. Just think of all the blood you will get, and that shall be rewarding enough for you." In response, the mouth of the blade would reappear, and began to laugh maniacally.

~ Sebastian's Story ~

It had been some time now since Sebastian had left Mammon and decided to head back to his room. He had thanked her for calming him down after the... Set of events that had happened today. He took off everything about his suit except for the hat, thankful his clothes were unharmed. He quickly checked in the closet, seeing a new outfit set for him as he nodded to himself. He decided to look for a shower, taking one after ten minutes of searching. He then headed back to his room and noticed one of the new outfits in it, putting it on as he put away his normal attire. It'll be clean when I wake up, right? He asked himself mentally, thinking about the past three days. "... I'm such a fool sometimes." He said, before locking the case again just to be certain and headed out of his room, locking it too. He kept his hat on his head as he wandered the halls of the Renegade base, deep in his own thoughts as he looked at his right arm and pulled up the sleeve of it. He watched the strange red demonic symbols again, his heart feeling like it took a huge leap forward before he quickly put his sleeve down quickly and sighed, lowering his hat a bit over his eyes. "... I feel like cr -- I mean, crude." He mumbled to himself. It was by chance that he caught sight of Claire and Kane, the former was clutching what looked like a clipboard to her chest while the latter had an arm around her shoulder. From what Sebastian could make out, he was chatting away, but the conversation became more intelligible as the two forces got closer to one another. "Yeah, I think it's a great idea." Kane said to her, giving her a wink and a thumbs up.

Sebastian looked up and felt his eyes widened a bit, quickly looking back down and lowered his hat again a bit. "... Don't spot me, don't spot me, don't spot me." He said quietly to himself, and started to walk past them, however he began to take his time in order to hear what they were saying. Unfortunately his clothes slightly resembled his old ones, plus his height, however he could listen into the conversation from this. "You really think so? It's not too corny? Or presumptious of me?" Claire asked, smiling a little as she laughed. "After all, I'm not in charge here. They might get mad me taking things into my own hands." "Nonsense. I think it's brilliant. And They seem friendly here, I can't imagine Deon saying no to an idea like that." They were so deep into the conversation, they had no idea he was about to pass them. This made him stop and look at them as he rose a brow at them. "... What are you two on ab -- DARN!" He realized his mistake too quickly, shaking his head as he sighed out. "... Hi guys." He said in defeat, his head hanging a little as he put a hand on his hat. "Huh? Oh, Sebastian. Didn't see you there pal." Kane said, turning to face him as he scratched the back of his head while giving a nervous chuckle. "Is there a rodeo on or something?" Claire asked, giggling as she gestured towards the hat.

Sebastian rose a brow at this and patted his hat a little at this. ".. No, I think that guy called Scott gave it to me as part of my new combat outfit." He gave a shrug at this. "... So what -are- you two talking about any way?" He asked them. "Oh, I meant no offence by it." Claire waved her arms in embarrassment at this. "It's cute. But um, well... It's a surprise. To be honest, if I knew you were so close by I woulda zipped my lips." Sebastian shrugged his shoulders to this. "... Well then I suppose -- wait, you think this make me look -cute-?!" His cheeks then lit up bright red as he didn't know what else to do. ".... Ummm, no offence." He quickly added in, lifting his hat up a little to reveal more of his face. "... Um, well..." He started off. "... A-anything going on with you two then?" He wanted to get off this subject so badly, he wanted to not think about something with him and the word cute! Claire giggled from seeing Sebastian flush over this, for some reason to only herself she was enjoying this. "Well, other than the party we're organising-" Kane started off, only to be stopped by a slap to the back of his head, Kane winced in pain as Claire rapped her clipboard intimidatingly before folding her arms in annoyance and sighing out. "I'm beginning to think subtlety isn't your strong suit Kane... Honestly, we were just talking about it being a surprise a second ago."

"Right, right, sorry..." Kane slowly sat back up after saying this, laughing mainly at himself. "Guess the cat's out of the bag now, huh? Hopefully you can keep a tighter lid on it then me Sebastian." Sebastian nodded in reply as he furrowed his brows at this, looking down at the ground as he went into his thoughts before coming to a conclusion. "... As long as we're showing secrets, I -- I have something to confess..." He then held out his right arm towards them as he quickly pulled his sleeve back to reveal the fading demonic red symbols on his skin. "... D-do either of you know what this is?" Kane looked bewildered when he saw it, but Claire narrowed her eyes as her expression turned serious. "They're the mark of the Inferno, a symbol of relation to an ancient demon king. Naturally, he was a ruler of the flame - and by that token, it would be prudent not to go showing that around." Sebastian quickly rose his brows at this as he lowered his sleeve. "Mammon warned me not to show this to anyone... I-Inferno? But that's suppose to be my alias... I thought Scott gave me that alias..." He shivered at this, taking a step back. "... N-no. I -- I'm making things worse just by being here?"

"Hey, chill out Sebastian. I don't know what all this Inferno business is about, but know you're a friend to me, so it doesn't change a thing in my book." Kane said to him, giving him a pat on the shoulder with a grin. "I'm sure you're the same, right Claire?" He asked her. "Right..." She said, her eyes remaining hard for a moment before she finally relaxed and smiled again. Sebastian, on the other hand, placed a hand on his hat and furrowed his brows. "... U-um, I originally came to ask about Ash, but nevermind... I need to stay away now... I-if it's not too much trouble to ask... When's the party going to be?" He asked. "Well, it's not going to be for a while yet. Me and Kane were just going to head out to grab some supplies, then set up for it early tomorrow morning for everyone to wake up to. A bit of a welcome for all of us, really." Claire explained to him, holding out the clipboard. "I've got a list of things to pick up here. If you like, you can come with us. After all, We could use a spare hand, and it'll certainly help you lay low."

Sebastian sighed out a little at this. "... S-sure... It's just... I wanted you to ask if you would talk to Scott for me..." He asked while looking over the clipboard. "... I just want to know if you trust me Claire." He said to her. Claire smiled a bit again and parted her fringe behind her hair to fix it. "Well, if you really want me to vouch for you, I'd be happy to. Not that I have much authority around here anyway." She laughed at this, turning down the hall as she gestured for them to follow. "As for the matter of trust, just keep in mind I've got my eye on you. That doesn't mean I'm not willing to give you a chance however." She winked, sticking out her tongue briefly. Sebastian felt himself smiling at this. "... O-okay! Let's do this then!" He said with excitement as he was cheered up a bit now. He then grabbed one of Claire and Kane's arms as he walked a little faster at this. "Keep up, slowpokes!" He said, as he felt like a little kid at the moment.

~ Michael's Story ~

Scott was having one busy day it seemed. Anders had just completed his test with Eclipse, although he had no idea if it was a success or a failure. Eclipse was confusing that way. Nodding to Anders, he patted him on the shoulder as he began to head out with two Renegade soldiers moving in to stand by Ander's sides. "Do what you like from here, these two will help you out or try to answer any questions you may have for them." He said, before leaving Eclipse's room with the door opened. The guards would most likely close the door on their way out. He shrugged his shoulders when he got several notifications all at once. ".. Jesus christ, calm down!" He said, rushing to Michael, who was still standing by the computer. "What's happening?" He asked, as Michael shrugged his shoulders. "No idea. Sebastian's suit readings are starting to act a little funny, he may be coming down with something..." Scott furrowed his brows at Michael's words. [b]"No doubt he's making things worse by walking around. We need to get him to the medics and fast, I don't want him dying now of all times."[/b] He said, when he looked over at a soldier who just came over. "Sir, we -- we have some bad news!" He said, as Scott rose his brows at this. "Calm down, tell me what happened." He asked, as the soldier looked up at him. "It's -- it's the new child we just brought in. She's missing!"

Scott's eyebrows rose up at this as he put a hand on his forehead. "... Oh jesus." He mumbled, looking over at Michael. "Keep an eye on things here." He said, and began to walk away, when anther soldier came over. "Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt, but you have a meeting in a few." This made Scott give the soldier a questionable look. "What for?" He asked. "It's... Um, another child, sir." He said, as Scott looked around at the other soldier. Quickly, he walked over to the computer and pressed a button as it began to track for Keilani. "Send one of the men that brought her in to --" He stopped as the computer started to detect something else approaching her position. "... Scratch that. Send a doctor over to them at once." He said, watching the soldier salute and quickly race off. He then followed the other soldier into a room where he sat down in his chair and waited. At this, a young woman was brought in, one with purple hair it seemed. "... Greetings." He said, a chair being pulled open for her. "Have a seat." He said, as once she was seated he would nod to the soldier who would stand by the door. "My name is Scott. I would like to know your name as well, because what I'm about to tell you will change your entire future from here on out. If you have any questions for me, ask them at any time." He told her.

~ Sebastian's Story ~

Sebastian at this time was making his way back to The Renegade base with Kane and Claire, listening to them chat on the way there. He had two bags in his arms, he stood in the center as he then saw the base coming into view. "So... Much.... Stuff. Just for one party. You two must of chosen a big room... Did you?" He asked. "Well, we were just going to deck out the main hall. Everyone'll probably be asleep by now." Claire said as she smiled cheerfully, seeming to be content with her one bag. Kane on the other hand got the burden with a heavy multitude of different things, seeming to be buried beneath the mountain of parcels. Sebastian nodded in response to her words. "Gotcha. Hopefully, we can sneak in and start setting things up before anyone notices us." He said, looking over at Claire. "Heh, yeah. I'm glad we managed to get everything though. Music, streamers, balloons, food, drink... And the cake! That looked scrumptious." Claire said, licking her lips a little as they then headed inside. Sebastian smiled again when he heard this, laughing a little once they were inside and headed for the main hall. "Yeah, I know right? Hey Kane, how you holding up?" He asked, glancing over at him. "I'm... Good! No problems here!" Kane said, poking his head out at this while taking careful steps. He had already fallen once on the way back, he could probably make it without more trouble. Sebastian chuckled at this as he raced towards the main hall. "RACE YOU THERE THEN!" He shouted out to them, as he tried to get to the main hall first.

"Ah, Sebastian wait!" Claire called out towards him, with concern in her voice. Sebastian tried to stop at this, but ended up spinning around as his eyes widened at this. "WHOA!" He cried out, increasing his speed temporarily which ended up slamming his back into a wall. He then collapsed onto his butt with the two bags falling into his lap. "Ahhh... Yeah?" He tried to ask. Claire giggled a little at this and then dropped her bag into his lap as well. "You need to carry my bag too." She then smirked and took off down the hall, having the current advantage. Sebastian gritted his teeth as he wrapped his arms around all three and then slowly stood up. "... C-crud." He mumbled out, increasing his agility again as he raced after her with the intent of getting past her in time, but he found that difficult when he found her there. Meanwhile, Kane continued to slowly shuffle down the hall. He had enough trouble keeping his balance at a walking pace... Catching her breath in the meantime, Claire began looking around the main hall, eyeing up where she'd like each of the decorations. When Sebastian got there, he ended up sliding in and just barely stopped beside her, panting as he put the three bags down and laid down on his back. "... Don't tell me I have to do you a favor?" She smirked at this. "Hmm... I'll think about it." She said, leaning over to the bag as she grabbed some balloons. "For now, let's get started on these. I was thinking three in each corner, tie some up in the center of the room..."

Sebastian got up at this and brushed himself off. "... Alright, I just -- feel a little -- light-headed right now... Is all." He mumbled before pulling out some items out of the bag. "You sure you're okay?" She asked as she leaned down and placed a hand on his forehead to check his temperature, making him stop and shiver a little at her touch. "... At least let me help before I pass out... O-or something close to that." He tried to get out. "Nonsense. If you're sick we need to get you treated..." She said, looking at him in concern and frowned. "You should've told me if you weren't feeling well. Me and Kane could've handled this." Sebastian gritted his teeth at this. "I'm not some little kid anymore. I --" He stopped and quickly put his arm over his mouth and coughed a little. "... Oops." He said, before falling forward at this. However, Claire caught him and and held Sebastian against her chest. "Kid or not, you need help. Don't be afraid to get some support." Sebastian then looked at her and blushed a little, looking away at this. "... Fine, fine..." He mumbled out. "Now come on. I'll take you down to the medical wing." She helped Sebastian up and Claire got an arm under him to support his weight. Sebastian looked down and shivered from her touch, leaning against her a little as he felt her begin to take him away at this. While they were walking, it seemed they encountered a pink haired girl, as Kane looked around at all this with a puzzled look. "... Um, am I suppose to be happy or worried about this?" He asked them all in general before any of them could speak.

~ ??? ~

"This area is already under our control... Submit to the uprising and you will be spared, but if you do not submit, then you will be wiped out along with the rest of his forces!" His voice called out to them all as several fights were happening at once, his four warlords ending their fights. The first warlord seen was dashing in at a wounded demon king, who began gathering up his attack inside his own body. The robed figured leaped up into the air and sent in several attacks that paralyzed the demon king to his spot, as the robed figure landed in front of him. "Sorry about this... But I have to wrap this fight up for my master." He said, before quickly drawing out his dagger and stabbing it into his knee. "Burning Crack!" He shouted out, as a tear opened up in his leg as he screamed out in pain. The dagger was pulled out as he turned around and put it away, walking away as the demon king exploded into multiple flaming pieces. "The demon king Vysral is dead."

~ Name: Spirited Kami
Nickname: The Flaming Spirit
Type: Shinigami
Rank: A
Overall Threat: Very high
Additional Information: Kami is one of the Revolutionary King's Warlords. Known as the Flaming Spirit mainly for his enhanced inventory, he was once regarded as being on par to match that of Loki's power, but this sadly will remain rumors.
Special Powers: Kami has the ability to enhance any weapon he has on him, the most common one seen and used is his Dagger of Fire, Trident of Water and his Gauntlets of Earth. ~

"Your ruler, the Devil, must be shown the error of his ways. As such, I have raged war against his council and have dedicated my entire forces to wiping them out! No longer will they rule over hell, not when I'm done with them, that is!" He cried out, as a figure with a hat on flew by them. "You will fall prey to my undead now!" He said, and kicked the demon king he was fighting down into the ground. He landed nearby him as he smirked while watching the dead around him come back to life. "W-what did you do?! No, my body -- stop, ah, ah, ahhhh!!!" The figure grinned darkly and began to walk away to leave them to their feast. "Demon king Jaragar, terminated."

~ Name: Kaku
Nickname: The Sinister Shadow
Type: Kasha
Rank: A-S
Overall Threat: Destroy at all costs
Additional Informatin: Kaku is one of the Revolutionary King's Warlords. Mainly known for either bringing back the dead or his tactical battle strategies and his viciously cruel ways to end his opponents, Kaku is believed to have gone insane from experiments on himself.
Special Powers: Besides being able to bring back the dead, Kaku does not have anything else known at this time. ~

"It is time to accept your fate. You will either follow me, or you will die just like your fellow 'protectors' have today." At this, a gigantic Demon King was sent crashing into the ground by a human sized figure way too small to have taken him on. The figure rose up with a grin on his face. "Heh! Can I get an extra, please?! This Unsur or whatever his name was just the warm up!"

~ Name: Kurai Honoo
Nickname: The Oppressor
Type: Youkai Dragon
Rank: A-S
Overall Threat: Eliminate on sight
Additional Information: Kurai is best known as being one of the strongest in the Revolutionary King's Warlords. Formerly having traveled around the world and hell itself, Kurai is said to have become bored with his current way of life and decided to start taking an interest in what his ancestor's use to do for fun. Kurai is also said to have a large stash of treasure he keeps for himself, and because of this he has been known for collecting rare artifacts, rare demon weapons and anything else his master requests of him.
Special Powers: Kurai has none known at this time. ~

"You will either bow or submit, for that is the way of the future! MY future! For I am the Revolutionary King!" He said, and turned away and headed back towards his base of operations, his three warlords appearing behind him and following him while also leaving the area they had just wrecked to crumble to it's demise. "... Oi, didn't I send four of you out?" He asked, as the other three shrugged. "He must of gotten lost again... That idiot, I can go find him for you if you so wish it my lord." Kami asked, but the Revolutionary King raised a hand in objection. "No. We left our message for a pretty good while... My focus is what is happening on the human world at this time. As this war approaches, the tension up there just rises up. I wonder if Kallos will truly succeed with his plan in the end..." He shrugged and headed inside with the other three. "I guess that's up to fate."

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"When you reach the bottom, the only way you can go now is up... What if it's a bottomless hole?"

"If you want to know, men will be coming for you. Go with them and seek your answers. Or, just stay here and forever rot."

Mireya looked at the man for awhile before taking up his offer to take a seat. After doing so, Scott as he introduced himself told her that what she was about to know will change her future. In her opinion, her life had already taken a 180 degree spin since that cosplaying woman appeared in front of her apartment. If that was not enough to give her hint that she is in some serious trouble, she does not know what would. In any case, she maintained her composure and nodded in understanding as her lips slowly parted. "Mireya Elea Nightless. Most just call me Nightless." She answered with a calm tone. From the gist, she was told by the soldiers who took her here. She has a blood of a demon coursing within her veins. Well, it would explain the slight quirks she could do. It also somehow alleviated her worries when they implicated that there were others like her. After all, it was kind of lonely being the only freak in all of these supernatural unfortunate events. "I just want to clarify some points. What am I exactly?" Her sapphire blue eyes stared with much serious intent behind it. There was a moment of silence between them as Scott started to explain. The one thing that immediately took her attention was the mentioning of the Demon responsible for her being different from the average human. "The Devil? As in the Devil in all those Doomsday, Occult, Horror films and stories?" She was truly astounded by that as her eyes slightly widened about that information. Scott answered her question to ease her doubts at the very least. "The Devil's child..." She muttered softly under her breath while looking at her hands. "These others that your people told me about. They have the same blood as me?" Her eyes did not return to look at Scott as she listened. It would seem that 6 of them had already gathered in this location. They were not related but due to the origins of their blood it does make them siblings in a sense.

Silence was between the two of them again. Mireya assumed that Scott was giving her to digest all of the information being given to her at the moment. She appreciated that as she closed her eyes briefly. Letting the thoughts float in her head and connect them to each other like puzzle pieces. She was only interrupted when Scott introduced to her the choices she could take as of now. Opening her eyes, she looked at him with much contemplation. "I can't go back now..." She said to herself. "I came here for answers. There is no way. I'm just going to run. This time I'm moving forward. I'll join you." Her words seemed to brought a sense of relief over Scott from what she could tell. "Well, you are an irresistible charmer. How could I refuse?" She said playfully with a wink just to lighten up the mood between them. It seemed she had returned to her carefree self. "In any case, I wanted to ask another thing. Well, technically I'm a high school student and have my studies. There is also this part-time job I have." Scott seems to be listening to her words waiting for her to continue on. "From the looks of it, I won't be able to attend to those anymore. I don't think it would be safe for anyone really. I was just wondering if you could send a message to some of my friends. I don't want them to worry. I already gave them too much trouble already." She knew that upon joining the Renegade as the organization was called would be a dangerous thing. There was no way she could involve her friends who knew nothing about this.

Scott seemed to agree with her favor and Mireya felt relief about it. Although, she was warned not to divulge anything about demons or about this place. Well, she was not that dumb and had no intentions of doing so in the first place. Anyway, she also has this feeling that the cosplaying woman would not easily let her go if she had chosen to stay away from all of these things. That woman was the one who wanted her to find the answers with these people. Which brings her to another question. "One last thing, there was this woman. Well, from the looks of it she was probably a demon with those horns. She was the one who told me to go with you. Is she working with you guys?" This question seemed to have put Scott in uncertain territory. It would seemed that the woman that came in contact with her was not one of the Renegades. If that was so, who was she really? The woman claimed knowing about her from the beginning. "I see... Don't sweat it. I think I can find out who she is eventually." She smiled to bring a sense of comfort while Scott informed her that he will be looking to it. With that, the dreaded test to join the Renegade's ranks was explained to her. She should have expected as much. There would always be a test. Well, she does not mind either way. It seemed quite interesting. She was supposed to hold something. It made her wonder if it was some kind of detector or a scanner of some sorts.

Soon, Scott and her were going to the room where her test should be done. Mireya took this opportunity to look around the building she was in more. It really looked like those secret military facilities that could be seen in fictional movies and such. There was even this atmosphere of mystery and grandeur at the same time. She really seemed to have taken a huge step towards the realm of the unknown in her opinion. After a few moments, they soon arrived. However, it seems there are circumstances that prevented her at the moment to do so. The object that she was supposed to hold was not in its case at all. This was enough to cause Scott to be extremely worried or more appropriately horrified. It also made her concern about it. This means it was not just a detector or scanner for something. It must be very valuable and at the same time dangerous. "I was supposed to hold something that troublesome?" She thought inwardly. Releasing a small sigh, she glanced at Scott who was now barking orders at the soldiers to look for it. This had certainly developed into a hairy situation and she had just arrived. It made her wonder if everyday life at this place would always be exciting to the point of death. Glancing at the empty case, she approached it and touched the glass. She cannot explain it however, she could sense a energy somewhat familiar to her. It still lingers. Looking at Scott warily, her carefree demeanor was forgotten once more. "What is it exactly that you want me to hold?"

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Taking another turn at the right, Keilani finally came face-to-face with three people who were also seemed a bit startled by her appearance. Two of them were boys and one was a girl. Leaning on the wall beside her, she placed her weight on it as she could see that her vision was starting to get a bit blurry. Her breathing was also getting too fast and shallow indicating that she was tired from walking around with no idea where to go in the first place. Hearing one of the males saying about whether being happy or not about this encounter, she glanced at him momentarily and then to the other two. It was then she noticed that the other male seemed to be also not in a good condition as hers. The woman was helping him and that was good to see. "I'm sorry... I got lost... If you could show me the way to the infirmary, I would greatly appreciate it." Her rose pink eyes reflected her sincere request as she stood before them while leaning against the wall similar to a fragile doll. It also seemed to be apparent that she had already come from there as she wore a white hospital gown with a sleeping robe over it to protect her from predatory eyes and the cold. Although, it could hardly do the latter. One would wonder what made her stray from there in the first place. Judging by her current condition, she was only hanging on by her sheer will to keep standing and awake. "I almost forgot to introduce myself. I'm Keilani Dreahen... It is nice meeting you..." She almost whispered and gave a small yet polite smile. There was no doubt that she was a beauty.

After saying her name, Keilani took notice of the male that seemed to be in a weakened condition as well. Somewhere deep inside her, she could feel her body repelling his presence vehemently as if his presence was a virus. It was like telling her to remove him before her which she does not truly understand. On the other hand, half of her body seemed to radiate a certain familiarity to the male. As if, she was supposed to know him from somewhere. However, she was pretty sure that she does not know him or even had seen him before this encounter. "Who is he?" She mused inwardly. This confusion prompted her to ask with the most innocent of intentions. "Do I know you?" Rose pink eyes gazed at the young man who was being carried by the woman. She had yet to know that the man's name was Sebastian. "Why do I feel so dejected and at the same time a sense of familiarity?" She inwardly thought as she felt another dull ache radiating around her head. Placing a hand over it, she closed her eyes and waited as the pain subsided to a tolerable degree. She was in no condition to decipher puzzling situations at the moment or much less walk around anymore. It was probably a reckless idea to leave the comfort of her bed to begin with. Taking a deep breath, she separated herself from the wall but not completely as one of her hand was on it to give her support and a sense of balance. Standing before them, she looked at them hoping that they can provide aid or even possible answers to where and why she is exactly here. All she knew was that she was in the headquarters of a group named Renegades. Other than that, she had not been told anything else. Everything around her was foreign and unknown.

"I told you to stay away. You never listen." It was the soft murmurs of Cochabiel as he looked at the endless greenery before his silver-blue eyes. The wind gently tussled his long silver-white hair as he stood on top of a small hill overlooking vibrant green fields. His attention shifted on his right hand that seemed to be cradling something precious. "Now, nothing remains of you." He whispered as he released the contents of his right hand which were strands of long brown hair. The wind took it and soon began to fade from his sight. "Will you mourn for eternity?" Looking over his shoulders, he saw Jahoel gazing at the sky behind him. "What do you want Jahoel?" His question was answered with a smile and a moment of silence before words were spoken. "I am here to make sure you are not disobeying the order." Cochabiel closed his eyes momentarily and then looked in front of him again. "The child is in the care of the one named Michael." Jahoel raised his right hand into the air as a lone bluebird perched on it as if it was a branch without hesitation. "He will be issued the order to kill the child. It is what you wanted to hear correct?" Cochabiel turned around to face Jahoel with a stern expression. Those silver-blue eyes showed serious intention as it met with indiscernible onyx black eyes. "Even with the child dead, a sin is still a sin, Cochabiel. It cannot be erased." Jahoel made the bluebird fly away from his hand with a slight nudge of his hand. "The child must die." Cochabiel answered with complete calmness as he walked passed Jahoel without saying another word.

"The orders are delivered.” Raziel appeared behind Jahoel with a discontented expression as Cochabiel walked passed as him without even acknowledging him. “You seem unhappy, Raziel.” Jahoel commented without looking at him for he watches Cochabiel slowly vanishing from their sights. “Are you worried that even the one that had sworn allegiance to Good would not kill the child even with instructions from God, himself?” Raziel released a sigh upon hearing the question and crossed his arms over his chest. He cannot help but to doubt what is about to happen. It would have been more easier for any three of them to do this. However, he had no intention of contradicting the order of their Creator. It is just that humans are troublesome creatures to begin with. “Other children who have the Devil’s blood are there as well. I am certain that it would not be easy to kill her and would get quite messy.” Raziel stated his opinion as he looked at the bluebird that had now decided to perched on his shoulder. Jahoel finally faced Raziel with a small smile. “It is not easy but not impossible to do so. You need not worry too much, Raziel. Perhaps, it is not even needed for any of us to do anything. The girl’s fate is already sealed.” Approaching Raziel, Jahoel patted the bluebird's head gently and afterwards the said bird begins to burn within. Soon enough, it crumbled into a piles of ashes. "You just stained my clothes." Raziel noted as he shrugged the ashes off his shoulder. "It is not something you cannot remove. Unlike, someone else's." Jahoel said with much subtle meaning as he walked away from Raziel without another word. Looking at the soot that stuck to one of his fingers, Raziel closed his eyes. "This is the right path. It must be."

Fran looked around the dorm room that she used to share with Keilani. It had become rather gloomy in her opinion. She was sitting on her bed just across Keilani's bed. So many things had happened at once. Even now, she could not still put everything together. It does not make much sense. May be, it was supposed to be that way. That night, Fran was just doing her usual activities. She was just hanging out and was about to get some snacks for some movie night when she found a bloody Keilani sprawled across the ground under the rain. The next thing she knew, Keilani lost her mother and then came the most frightening and at the same time unbelievable event. Keilani was not a normal human. Her best friend destroyed a third of a hospital without much difficulty and in the end disappeared as her power subsided. All of them that had witnessed this decided to keep it a secret. Most of them also normally deduced that Keilani must have died in that incident. However, Fran has feeling it was not the case. Standing from her position, Fran approached Keilani's desk. Her grandparents would be coming around tomorrow to take her personal affects. This would be the last time Fran would be seeing anything that Keilani owned. "Where are you Ila?" She said ever so softly as she took hold of some of the papers that were left on Keilani's desk. "These are her term paper... She finished it in such a rush." Fran said to no one in particular as she can feel tears streaming down her face. "Just be safe wherever you are Ila..." Placing down the papers, Fran seemed to disturb something as she heard something falling to the floor. Looking at it with curiosity, she lowered herself to pick it up. It was a small circular pendant. If she remembered it correctly, Keilani had always this with her. It made Fran wonder why Keilani does not have it with her this time.

Opening it, Fran saw a picture of Keilani's mother and probably Keilani's father. After all, the man and Keilani resembled each other very much. Fran closed the pendant and the held it close to her. The only thing she could do was to return this to her friend. However, she has no idea where Keilani is. She does not believe that Keilani is dead. So, she refuses going to the morgue or even a graveyard that does not have Keilani's body at all. Clutching the pendant tightly, Fran wiped her tears and took a deep breath. "Don't worry Ila... I'll make sure you receive this somehow." After making a promise to herself, Fran released a big sigh and decided that she should attend her classes now. Looking at the clock, she would be late and Keilani would probably scold her. Placing the pendant inside her pocket and grabbing her bad, Fran went to the door and opened it. "Hello there. I hope you don't mind me asking you about something very important." Fran looked at the person that blocked her exit. She was not sure why but she could feel the hairs at the back of her neck stand and she could feel shivers throughout her body. Every fiber in her being was telling her to run or even better close the door which she decided to do. "I'm sorry. But, I'm not feeling well at the moment. Some other time." With that said, Fran hastily closed the door but the person held the door with just one hand and it was enough to stop it from closing despite the great effort that Fran was using. This stunt surprised Fran greatly. "That is quite rude you know and here I was going to treat you nicely." She was very afraid when Keilani was out of control at the hospital but this fear she was feeling now was very different. It was like she was really going to die. "Who are you?" Fran managed to say before her voice fails her. The person simply smiled and Fran's eyes widened in horror as the door closed behind them.

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~ The Renegade Headquarters: Scott in Eclipse's Room ~

Scott stood there in disbelief for just a few. It only required a few minutes for him to register everything in, looking down at the head of Drayne, which he had put in here for a good reason and now it was cut and laid on the floor, to the empty case beside it. Scott's hand clutched slowly as he felt something going through his body, an emotion of such wrath that he felt he would of exploded had he not been human. He shook his head slowly, closing his eyes as he turned around and placed a hand upon his forehead, feeling the heat radiating from it. "Nothing... Change of plans." Scott told Mierya, who he had nearly forgotten about in his sudden rage. He took out his cell phone and quickly started texting, all the while his mind was quickly raging to form a plan. Once he had sent the text to Michael, he put the phone away and looked at Mierya. "I need you to go to where Michael is now, it's in the control room you briefly saw before. The one with the giant screen in it?" He said, watching her gain a confused expression as he looked away. As he looked away, an explosion came off nearby as it shook the very ground both of them stood on, Mierya would have trouble adapting to the base suddenly shaking while Scott held his ground. "No time to argue... GO!" He told her in such a harsh tone, he thought he might of seen tears start to form, though this might of just been his own mind playing tricks on him. With this done, the woman was gone, a demon was approaching him and all the while Drayne's head had vanished.

"My, my, Scott.... You've been busy. How are you, old enemy?" The demon spoke, gaining a sinister grin as he stopped and revealed his form before Scott. "... Tergun. What are you doing...?" He asked, watching the demon named Tergun gain a sinister grin on his face. "What do I want? It's called revenge, you stupid fool!" The demon spoke to him, wearing a uniform that looked similar to a human prisoner's, along with broken shackles being seen on his wrists and legs. The demon's skin looked metallic, his body stood at a mere five feet and six inches and his black hair and red eyes both made him look like a psycho. Sadly, he could not grow facial hair in the time he had been put away for these past two years.

~ Name: Tergun
Nickname: The Metal Kappa
Type: Kappa
Rank: C
Overall Threat: Capture on Sight (No longer in effect)
Threat Level: #101 on the WDL's wanted list (No longer in effect)
Additional Info: Tergun appeared two years ago leading the group he had dubbed 'The Metal Demons', who's goal was to make all machines in the country fail. Tergun's most unique ability was to be able to turn his body into metal at will, an ability he personally added instead of gained. Tergun's group ultimately was defeated and disbanded when Scott of The Renegades intervened with them, taking them down and sending them into The Renegade prison. Tergun has since been used as a prime example of how dangerous a Kappa can be and how they are always creating something new in the Demon World. ~

"I'm here to take you down, Scott Turner!" Tergun told him, seeming to walk closer as Scott moved back further into Eclipse's room. "... Are you sure this is the right thing to do?" Scott asked. Tergun, in return, gave one of his sadistic grins. "My men are waiting for me to break them out... My two year plan will finally come into play - NOW!" With that, Tergun made his move, and charged towards Scott.

~ ???, nearby a village close to the WDL... ~

"Oi, Bellfoar! Hurry up!" Chill's voice shouted out in the night, as the quick form of Bellfoar the Boom Racer came into his view. In just a short amount of time, Bellfoar had made it out of the town, stopping near Chill with a cocky grin. "What are you making me rush for, Chill? For being a guy we hired to help us out with the plan, you sure are making me want to kick your ass!" Bellfoar told him. Chill rolled his eyes at his comments and sighed, looking at the next town they were heading to. "... Whatever. I didn't ask to be hired, you know." Chill responded. "Ass! You could at least show some respect to a higher ranking demon in the group then you! I mean, I actually made the WDL's most wanted list, after all!~" He chuckled after this with such glee, his cheeks flushed a little. "Oh how I love it! To think that break out finally did it for them! I'm so happy, I could almost cry!" Chill, having had enough of this, intervened. "Enough of that foolish jibber-jabber! Remember the plan Bellfoar, we all have a role to play. Right now one of our own Shikigami is entering into the base to gain some information for us as well as a few other requirements. You may be higher then me, but you are weak in comparison." Chill then walked ahead, while Bellfoar's rage grew. "Weak...? DON'T CALL ME WEAK, JACKASS! I AM BELLFOAR THE BOOM RACER! THE FASTEST LIGHTNING DEMON IN THIS WHOLE REGION! What I don't have in strength, I make up for in speed! And that is all that counts! GOT IT?!"

+ Several years ago, during the Rebellion King's growing popularity... +

Bellfoar remembered the first time he met Kallos, who was still in his prime before the fatal fight that would bedridden him for a number of years following it. He was excited, this was finally his chance to prove himself to someone important! As he walked towards the crystal demon, his eyes lit up with such joy as he saw the demon before him. Kallos, during this time, let his looks be shown to the world. His appearance looked to be somewhere in his late twenties, his purple hair and purple crystal in his forehead stood out from everything. He looked quite amazing back then, his cape blowing behind him, his posture looking like a true leader's would and his eyes showing knowledge and the confidence this demon had. Stopping in front of him, Bellfoar saluted to him as Kallos nodded to acknowledge it, letting Bellfoar lower his arm. "Bellfoar of Lightning, eh?" Kallos asked. "NO, NO! That's what those lower lifeforms would like to believe! I am Bellfoar the BOOM racer!" Bellfoar said. Kallos' eye twitched, but he shrugged this off for now. "... Right. So, you want to join my group because...?" He asked Bellfoar. "Because you need a guy like me! Without me, there isn't a group at all! For I am Bellfoar, the fastest Lightning Demon you will see!" He boasted out to Kallos.

"... Fastest? But you are incredibly weak, are you --" "YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT!" Bellfoar cried out, a serious expression on his face as Kallos rose a brow with a puzzled expression. "... Let me explain. Do you judge a demon based on his appearance? NO! Do you judge a demon based on the weapons he wields? NOT AT ALL! You base him by his skills! If he is damn well useful, and can also prove it, he is worthy to become a KING! Do you know the tale behind my creation?! It is a tale that is both unique and rare among Lightning Demons!" As he kept on going, Kallos simply stood in silence until he came to the word demons. "... Um, I didn't ask you to --" "It all started years ago!" Bellfoar interrupted him. "You see, there was this great storm that was said to be greater then any before it! And well, as you can imagine, it was amazing to witness! All the thunder to hear, all the lightning to see, it was a great show worthy to carry me in it! Well, during that same night..."

+ The Present, Bellfoar and Chill nearing the next town. +

"... Ah jeez, it's going to rain, isn't it?" Chill asked in annoyance as he looked up at the clouds forming above them, narrowing his eyes as he could already hear the ominous thunder booming across the land. It was strange for a storm to suddenly appear during this night, but for Bellfoar, it was another piece of paradise. "Ahh, isn't it wonderful? A storm such as this to celebrate before the morning comes and my victory shall be upon me. I remember the plan in my head, yes I do Chill! But for now, let me enjoy this moment." Bellfoar said. He closed his eyes then and spread out his arms as the rain began to fall upon them, making Chill roll his eyes in annoyance. "Did I ever tell you of the time I joined Kallos when he was in his prime? I tell you, it was a wonderful day, full of charm, grace and tension! I can tell you, it wasn't easy to talk to him like I did, but oh boy, you could imagine the surprise he had on his face when he saw me..."

~ Back with Scott and Tergun's fight... ~

Things weren't looking good at first, as Scott barely had avoided Tergun's metallic punch. Tergun had calculated this already, and following one of the expected routes for a human to make, he quickly turned and aimed a roundhouse kick to Scott's head. Scott barely had time to react, and just narrowly leaned back away from the kick, obviously at a disadvantage. Tergun was a master strategist in battle, his intelligence only furthered this as he could calculate ten moves and not be stunned by the option you took. Scott was still recovering from his earlier fight at the WDL, as well as his human body being so limited. Tergun had two years to mentally prepare himself, and while his fighting style physically had decreased over the last two years, his mental thinking had only increased over time. Scott jumped back as Tergun threw two tiny little objects at him, both of them exploding near Scott and making him get sent back with smoke coming off his form as he landed on his feet and skidded back a bit. Tergun jumped out through the smoke and made his way towards Scott, as Scott pressed a button near him and the room suddenly sent dozens of lasers at Tergun. However, Tergun dodged and reflected them with relative ease, and upon reaching Scott, sent his right fist into his gut.

Scott nearly collapsed as he stumbled back, sending gas into Tergun's eyes as he did which had caught the Kappa off guard. Tergun screamed out as his eyes burned and he put a hand over them, shaking his head as Scott coughed out lightly at this and pressed another button. "I can still hear, Turner!" Tergun stated, suddenly leaping forward at him as Scott rolled to the side while two paralyzing nets were ejected and wrapped themselves around Tergun's arms, electrocuting him. As Tergun screamed in surprise, Scott got back up and panted as some of the bandages were coming off and some of the stitches were very close to re-opening. Tergun merely smirked and looked at him with confidence, even though his eyes still burnt a little. "How foolish, Scott Turner. You once again underestimated my capabilities." Tergun then broke free of the nets easily, shrugging his arms off as he walked towards Scott. "Now make this easier on yourself and let me -- me... Ugh!" He stopped as he noticed his body starting to stumble. "Something wrong, Tergun? I thought you were going to come after me?" Scott said. Tergun turned towards him and growled, leaping at him as he formed blades at the ends of his fingers. "Tough luck, Turner!"

Scott watched carefully until the right moment, then pressed another button as he leaned away from him, getting a few cuts on his right shoulder but worth it as the same gas but at a larger quantity was blown straight into Tergun's body while it was in mid-air. Tergun screamed out in pain as he hit the ground, rolling around as he felt the burning all over now. "W-what have you done to me, TURNER?!?" Tergun asked as Scott smiled a little, putting a hand over his new cuts that Tergun had made on his shoulder. "Surprised, Tergun? I'm not, to be honest. You thought you were clever back then when Deon and Rin vanished, leaving The Renegades without two important leader figures to guide them. I always have prepared for the day a demon outbreak would occur in this base, so... I rigged every room accordingly." This made Tergun's eyes widen as he struggled to get up. "For example, there is this one you are in right now, Eclipse's room. I have outfitted it with a deadly gas to only to demons with an unusually high defense. You chose the wrong day to fight me, Tergun. I allowed you to attack me before so that I could get an understanding of how weaker you have gotten over the past two years you have been locked away. I admit, you are smarter and more sharper then were back then, but you are in an environment only I can win in. The gas that I have been sending into you, by now, has started to leave a burning feeling on you, right? I know I cannot win as long as you possess such a body..." At this, Tergun had enough, and charged in his rage towards Scott. Scott sent his right fist into Tergun's stomach, bruising Scott's knuckles in the process, but also cracking Tergun's metallic stomach. "WHA --?!" Was all Tergun could get out as he collapsed.

"... So I weakened your metallic form with the gas. You didn't notice it when I released it in your face, but the metallic structure around your eyes was actually weakening because of the gas. The more gas I also send into you, the more it will start to make your metallic parts burn up kinetic energy, making you more exhausted every attack you make. I have outfitted this room if ever the chance came up that Eclipse should escape, but I did not think of having to have it used on you. You remember Eclipse, right? How lucky for me... That you based your current metallic body based on a sword's own blade structure!" At Scott's words, Tergun screamed out. "TURNER! I refuse to admit..." And at this, he charged for another attack, leaping at him as he returned his hands back to normal and hardened the metal on them both as he clutched them into fists, ready to strike them into Scott's chest. "... THAT YOU ARE SMARTER THEN -- UGH!"

He was interrupted this time by Scott, who sent a kick into the side of Tergun's head and caused it to break like his chest, while also bruising Scott's foot under his shoe. Tergun was sent collapsing to the floor as he stumbled around and hit a wall, laying there as he struggled to stand. "... Face it, Tergun. You have regressed too much to be able to stop me now." Tergun once again rose up and charged towards Scott, sending a quick punch at him despite the weight that was being dropped on it now. "SHUT UUPPPP!!!" He shouted and sent his quick punch into Scott's wounded shoulder, smirking as he saw Scott winch for a second, but was cut off as Scott punched him in the face with his other fist. Tergun was sent back at this as blood came from Scott's fist, Tergun's metallic skin breaking off as when he hit the floor, the rest of it breaking off as well, leaving Tergun unconscious with his normal Kappa form. Scott sighed out and lowered his arms to his sides, watching Tergun's form. "... I don't have time to deal with the likes of you. I have more important things to take care of... Sorry. Maybe next time, you'll be smart enough to try to escape first."

~ Meanwhile, in the control room with Michael... ~

Michael, at the time, was preparing to head off to bed after a long day's work. He sighed out and looked at the screen with a content little smile, turning around as he began to walk away when he felt the vibrations of his cell phone go off in his pocket. Reaching into it and pulling it out, he looked at the text he had gotten from Scott, and his eyes had widened at what he had seen.

'Eclipse is loose, gather up all the children at once. I also have figured out who the extra child is, but we'll talk more about that after this. For now, do what you must to get this done!' - Scott.

Michael had little time to react to all of this, suddenly panicking as his heart felt like it was being grabbed by someone! He quickly put the cell phone away and ran back to where he just was, slamming his hand down on a red button as the entire base had a certain red glow to it now with a feeling of urgency over them. Alarms began to go off, he could hear the sounds of soldiers rushing through the building who began to rush for weapons. To others like Rin, Quake and the Seven Sisters though, it meant they had to go to him. Now.

Rin had ran out of her room at the sounds of the alarms, she was still in her sleeping gown and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She then made it to the room fairly quickly, finding herself beside the towering figure of the Oni that Deon had fought earlier. "What is it, Michael?" She asked him. Michael let out a sigh and closed his eyes at this, shaking his head lightly. "... Emergency code number 104 has been activated." He told her, opening his eyes again as he looked at the screen. "... He's free." Rin's hand crept it's way up to her mouth as she gasped from the news, she knew exactly who he was talking about. "We need to find Deon, he's the only one of us not here so Eclipse might already have him!" She went to turn on her heel, but was stopped when a strong hand was put down on her shoulder. "He'll be fine, pussy-cat. He IS the Leader of the Rogue division for good reason, ain't he?" Michael, meanwhile, closed his eyes again as he continued on. "... Worse still, is the one who's supposedly wielding him." Quaked turned to Michael at this. "Who? One of the Children?" She asked the obvious.

Michael only nodded in silence at this, Quake sighed out at this and let go of Rin. "Let's go, Rin. We gotta stop Eclipse asap." Quake said, and went to step out of the room when Michael opened his eyes and turned to them. "... Wait a minute. I need one of you to stay behind here and another one of you to go to where Deon is. That same will be for the sisters, except the one going can only take four while the others remain here." Rin sighed from all of this. "Quake, you're a better fighter than me, you go." She spoke up. Quake then grinned and turned. "Of course, I'm gonna beat him up for making me miss sleep. Laters." With those words, Quake was gone. In the background, a giggle could be heard. "I still need to get Ash back for scaring me with her bike, among other things. I'll go as well." Asmodeus said to them, and before anyone could respond she was off bouncing behind Quake. Michael shook his head a bit, being thankful that Quake and Asmodeus were at least volunteering to go. He hoped they would make it in time, but things got out of hand. "... Now if only the other sisters would appear. I have a special assignment for them." And then, on Que, they giggled behind Michael. "We've been here the entire time, Mikey. Waddaya want?"

Michael sighed out a bit again, turning around to look at them. "I need three of you to go after Quake and Asmodeus to handle the Eclipse situation. He's free, and the entire place is in danger. The rest of you, I need you to gather up all the children and keep them safe at all costs. That includes freeing whoever is in Eclipse's control." All of the girls nodded in response and then vanished, leaving only Michael and Rin left. Rin let out a giggle at this. "Oh man, look at me. Always prided on being ready, and I'm standing here in my pyjamas while you're wearing proper clothes." Michael smiled a little at her words. "I was about to go to sleep, to be honest... Although I find it ironic, how we're always paired together... Um, don't take that the wrong way -- I didn't mean it like -- like -- um..." He stopped at this, having forgotten the crisis at hand for a moment. Rin merely giggled and put her head on his shoulder. "Oh come on Michael, is that really that bad?" Rin then grinned and poked her tongue out at him. Michael blinked a little at what she was doing and looked over at her. "... N-no... Not at all." He managed to mumble out, looking back at the screen. He suddenly found himself conflicted, to act upon this chance or to resume the mission at hand?

Rin closed her eyes slightly as her cheeks reddened. "So Michael, what's next?" She asked him. Michael once again blinked at this out of confusion as his heart leaped a little at this. He looked over at her, trying his best to avoid her cheeks. "... W-w-what do you mean next?" Rin's arm lazily found it's way to rest upon Michael's other shoulder, as she sighed in content. "You're an awesome standing post, ya know that Michael?" She said, letting out a tiny giggle at this. "And..." She started. Michael was blushing a bit as he stared at her hand. "... And?" He asked her, placing his hand on hers gently. He felt himself conflicted again until... "Zzzzzz." She was snoring! Her full weight fell on Michael as she shifted slightly and grinned in her sleep. "Fiiiiishies~" Michael in confusion blinked and sighed as he looked at the screen. "Excuse me..." A voice suddenly called out, a voice that made Michael get chills sent down his back and made him tense slightly. He looked over to see a figure in the shadows. "How did you...?" He tried to ask. "I have my methods, Michael." The figure responded back to him, leaning against a wall and taking a bite out of an apple in his hand. "What a wonderful thing, this planet is..."

Michael narrowed his eyes a bit at the figure's casual tone. "Who are you...?" He asked, the figure looking at him with serious eyes now. "I'm quite offended that you don't know anything yet, Michael... Perhaps my name will give you a little rememberance?" Meanwhile, Rin's ears fluttered, and her voice slithered out lazily into Michael's ear. "Michael, don't touch me there, it tickles!" She then suddenly fell to the floor and threw into a fit of laughter and tears. "O-Oh god, Mikey, s-stop tickling me! Nyahahahahaha!~" Michael suddenly turned to Rin and widened his eyes. "What did you --" He started to ask, but stopped as he looked over at the moving figure, who stepped out of the shadows at this. "..... I-impossible." He said, as the figure's angelic wings spread out from his back at this as it sent out feathers throughout the room and Michael suddenly had a feeling of peace from him. At this, Rin's cheeks grew slightly pink and she let out a moan. "M-Michael..... you're such a nice guy and.... mmph.... I-I..... ununh...." Then, her eyes snapped open as she looked around in fear. "W-what happened to me?!" She asked, as her cheeks grew even redder at this and she tucked herself into a ball on the floor, her tails went whipping around wildly.

Michael closed his eyes from this and sighed. ".... Oh geez... This was a bad time to be having a dream, RIN!" He said, hitting her little form lightly as he indicated to show some attention and concern towards the stranger, quickly turning to the figure like nothing had happened just now, he was lucky the figure didn't see it. "I am sorry to interrupt, but..." The figure said and bowed from his waist, before then raising it back up to look at him. "... I am Gabriel, of the New Angels." Gabriel said, which made Michael felt himself frozen to the spot at this. "... And I am here to train you to join our ranks."

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Mireya Nightless
"When you reach the bottom, the only way you can go now is up... What if it's a bottomless hole?"

"Interesting..." This was the perfect word she could use to describe the situation and Scott's current demeanor. His plans have been greatly altered. Mireya did not prod anymore since he seemed too much preoccupied already. Seeing he took out her cellphone, she made this an opportunity to look around further. There was a head on the ground. It was cut probably by something sharp. If she would take a guess, it must be a sword. In any case, she was not certain if the head was some kind of prosthetic, props, or the real deal. Well, she would not be surprised if it was the latter. Walking towards it, she lowered herself to the ground and stared at it like a curious child. Without any outside provocation, she slowly reached for it. However before she can reaffirm whether the sliced head was real or not, Scott had addressed her. In response, she quickly placed her hand back to her side and stood with an awkward smile. It was like she was caught doing something red-handed. "Yes?" She managed to say after her rather curious phase. Scott looked away as she wondered where was the control room again which gained her a perplexed expression. "Michael at the Control room..." She repeated his words in a condensed sentence. "...Okay, I guess. But wh--" Before she could finish her sentence, there was a huge explosion that rattled the entire building. She was not able to keep her balance as she did not expect that at all. As a result, she fell on her backside. "What was that?" She muttered under her breath with slight surprise and a tint of annoyance.

Scott suddenly spoke to her with such urgency and harshness. The explosion surprised Mireya but this left her speechless. Her eyes were enlarged to show her shock but slowly it narrowed down into irritation. She was not even arguing with him. He could have at least be sensible about some things. After all, she was literally blind to what was happening. "You don't have to yell at me. High and mighty." She said with much annoyance as she stood from her position. Being shouted is something that she does not like and angers her. Especially when she had not done anything remotely wrong. "I'm beginning to hate this place..." She said to herself without any concern if anyone else heard it. Taking one look at Scott with irritation, she left him without another word. It still did not fall on her how grave the situation was as she retraced her steps. The only thing she could do even though she hated to listen anymore to Scott's words at the moment was to go to Michael at the control room. Taking a deep breath, she eased herself for a moment. There was no use getting worked up over something like that. He was not worth her time. "Now, where was that room. A large monitor... I think I saw that around this hallway..." She spoke to no one in particular as she walked along the corridors and recalling from her memory the path. Turning at the corner, red lights suddenly filled the area as well as sirens. It was definitely an alarm. Releasing a sigh, she shook her head knowing that something big was happening now. "It would have been better if I stayed at home..."

After saying that, Mireya proceeded to the control room. She could feel that everyone was on hype. Soldiers filled the corridors carrying weapons. This was like one of those action movies that she had watched. Now, she was part of it. Soon enough, she was in front of the control room. She managed to avoid being trampled by the people running and rushing around. "Here it is..." She was about to open the door when she felt a certain presence that made her body experience electrical shocks. She moved away from the door and looked at it with disbelief and at the same time confusion. "What was that?" She asked to no one in particular and as she drowned the noise of the alarm and the people panicking. She could hear voices inside. "Is this the Michael person that Scott was talking about?" She wondered to herself as she took a deep breath and entered the control room. There was no use not continuing. After all, she did not want to waste her effort coming her. Upon entering, she saw three people inside. There were two men and one woman. The woman was on the floor pretty much like something took her favorite toy. But what interest her was a tail. "She has a tail? A tail?" She inwardly thought and looked at the man with the girl who seemed to be in shock. It was probably due to the man on the other side of the room with feathered wings. "I shouldn't think too much on it or I'll be insane..." She commented to herself. In any case, they seemed to be in the middle of something and as it would appear, she interrupted. "Oh... I'm sorry to interrupt. I was sent here by Scott for Michael?" She said while scratching the back of her head. "Although, I'm not sure why..." She said with a sigh and then looked at them with carefree smile. It was official. Mireya has either no sense of danger or urgency or she was totally ignoring it despite knowing.

"Master. It seems that there is movement from the rebels and as well with the heavens." Elegia reported with a lowered head as she was kneeling before the throne of her Master. Her voice was tinged with respect and understandable fear in the presence of such power and authority. "As for the child, she is now currently with the Renegades." She ended her report at that and waited for her master's response. Silence reigned between them. It was not comfortable as she dreaded each second that it passed by. Her master is known for being unpredictable and at the same time being coldly brutal. Keeping her head lowered, she maintained her composure. Soon, her patience had been rewarded. "I cannot wait to see how she would bloom. Don't you think so, Elegia?" Her master's voice flowed like calm yet devastating storm. The question pertained to her seemed to be more of a statement. At this point, she raised her head to look at her master. Her eyes met with those steel silver eyes that did not betray any kind of emotions or even interest. In her opinion, it was like having piercing daggers go through one's body infinitely. "I am certain that they would be able to do that job, Master." There was silence once more as her master continued to look at her. A few moments passed by before her master closed those steel silver eyes and spoke. "Continue to watch over her and as for other matters." There was a slight pause in the master's words before he proceeded. "Let them have fun. It is about time something interesting happens in our realm. As for the heavens, it seems they had finally lost their virtue of patience." After saying that, her master stood from the throne. "Go. I tire of your presence already." Hearing that, Elegia immediately stood and bowed lowly. "I will excuse myself now, master." When that was said, she left the throne room with haste. She did not want to irritate the master.

"What did the master said, Lady Elegia?" This was the question directed at Elegia at the very moment, the doors to the throne room closed. "I'm sorry to disappoint but we will just watch." This response made the one who asked released a rather loud disappointed sigh. "I have been wanting some action and it seems the others are having it." The statement made Elegia shake her head as she looked at the person with a stern expression. "I would warn you Alvanzo. Do not test the master's leniency." The one named Alvanzo stepped out from the shadows with a condescending smile. It was a rather handsome human-looking male. He had short maroon red hair and a pair of pale purple eyes. It would also appear that he was wearing a school uniform indicating that he was attending one or in disguise. "Don't worry. I won't dream about it. Although, this form is rather restricting you know." She closed her eyes and began to walk away from the area. "I don't hear Devant complaining about it." Upon hearing that Alvanzo's smile was replaced with a frown. "Don't remind me about that bastard!" His tone was with a deep grudge which made Elegia stopped from her tracks and looked at Alvanzo over her shoulder. "I don't care about the bloodbath between you two. This is an order assigned to both of you. I suggest you do it." Alvanzo looked away while making a fist with his right hand. "What's the use? She is not coming back to school anyway." Elegia knew there was truth in Alvanzo's words however, there was still something they should do. "I need you two to do something there. And plus... I highly doubt that she would just cut ties easily. That girl is quite an easy read." A malicious smile was upon lips as she looked before her and continued leaving while Alvanzo watched her disappear from sight. "It's finally starting, eh..."

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There was a momentary silence between them. It made Keilani slightly nervous. She wondered if she had said something offensive. Thinking back on her words, she lowered her head as a instinctively gesture. She was not certain what words could have cause unwanted feelings towards the three before her. Giving up on recalling, she decided to apologize. It was the only proper thing she should do. Raising her head, she caught the rather slack-jawed expression of one of the males who seemed to be holding some packages. His expression caused her curiosity as she was completely oblivious of how she looked in her current apparel. But before, she could ask what was the matter and to apologize. The female had took the initiative to speak. Her words eased Keilani's words. "Thank you very much..." As such, a grateful smile was present on her lips. She was glad that the people that she met by chance were headed to the infirmary and at the same time were quite nice. It did gave her sense of security at the very least. The woman, now known to her as Claire introduced the others as Kane and Sebastian. had decided to help her. Keilani wanted to say a word of refusal as Claire offered her shoulder to serve as a support. After all, Keilani did not want to bother them by adding more worries to them further especially noticing Sebastian's condition. However, she has a feeling that Claire would not have listened to her. Thus, she remained silent and accepted the friendly gesture.

Looking at the direction, the group was now heading. Keilani noticed that she was going completely the opposite direction. It seems that her sense of direction was greatly addled by her current condition. Her decision to leave her bed was starting to be one of her greatest regrets. However, her inner thoughts were stopped when she heard something or rather someone. She glanced at Sebastian who was now being helped by Kane. It seems that Sebastian was murmuring something. Although, she was not certain what he was saying. His voice was too low for her to understand especially when she her senses were not that acute at the moment. "Pardon me, I believe he was saying something... He must be hurt..." She said with sincere concern and it could also be seen across her face. Fortunately, Claire had good hearing and interpreted Sebastian's words for them to understand. It eased Keilani's worries that Sebastian was not speaking of pain or something related to that. Instead, Sebastian was asking if Keilani could help to remember her. "I am not sure if I could help with that... I just have this feeling I know him." Keilani said with such softness and filled with guilt that she could not properly express what she meant or be a help to Sebastian's query. Regardless, she did feel a bit at eased when Claire released a light chuckle at the situation. At the very least, someone can still find something to smile about what is happening. However, it disturbed Keilani when she noticed the sudden change in Claire's countenance. "Claire? What is wrong?"

Claire just tensed further without answering. This worried Keilani and it was then she followed Claire's line of sight to see what had made her seemed so cautious. Before them, Keilani could see another person in the distance. Specifically, it was a girl who carried a rather strange looking sword over her shoulders. More than that, Keilani could feel once more the sense of dejection and familiarity. "She is the same like Sebastian...?" She murmured to herself not certain if anyone had heard it. This made her confused as something within her body was slowly coming out. It made her fearful for she does not understand what was happening to her and even more around her. In any case, she dismissed such questionable thoughts for now. The expression the woman gave them was bloodcurdling. It was the look of pure desire to end something. Keilani had a feeling that something was a life. Glancing at Claire, Keilani could see that Claire was analyzing the situation. If a fight was to happen, Sebastian and her was in no condition. Honestly, the two of them would be a burden. Although, she was not sure about Kane. Keilani bit her lower lips in being helpless as of now. She heard Claire saying something about not getting them involved. But, Claire was cut off with a surge of black energy discharged towards Kane and Sebastian. "Kane! Sebastian!" Keilani shouted in surprise and great worry.

Everything was getting out of hand. Keilani looked in horror as the woman slowly approached her and Claire while speaking of having insurance of having no dirty tricks. Another question entered Keilani's mind. "Did Claire and this girl fought before?" But, she pushed the thought away for later as they were currently in a pinch. Keilani could feel Claire tensing up and knew that this was going to be inevitable. The woman was now almost upon them however, as if on cue, someone intercepted the woman. Keilani had yet another of those deja vu feelings she had with Sebastian and this woman. This time it was towards the male who asked if they were fine. Pink eyes gazed at the man with confusion and curiosity. "Why do I have the sense I know these three people?" Keilani inwardly thought as her eyes trailed to Sebastian, the newcomer, and to the female who had every intention to cause mayhem. It was at that moment she felt Claire dragging her away from the area. "Claire, is it fine to leave Kane, Sebastian and the one who helped us with that girl?" Keilani asked with concern as it was reflected completely in her eyes. However, her question did not even made Claire stopped as Keilani was still being dragged to safety. "Claire..." After saying that, Claire finally responded to Keilani. Claire told her to go to a person named Scott and go to somewhere safe. Soon, they reached a cross-way. Keilani looked at Claire with concern understanding that she intend to face the woman who stated her intentions clearly. That woman was after Claire.

It was at that moment the alarms sounded and everywhere red lights filled the hallways. If Keilani was not mistaken, it would appear that everyone had already found out what was going on. If not, it is still fine. This would make anyone in authority to be aware. Claire had told her where to go and to tell this Scott that Deon and Eclipse are fighting. Keilani knew that she should listen especially in her current condition. She feels so worthless and pathetic. It makes her so sick. She does not want to be a burden anymore or run away while others get hurt in the process. There was no way she could allow that even more now. "If I were you, I suggest to stop self-pitying yourself. Pathetic people are the worst." Those words echoed in her mind as she lowered her head. Her bangs hair covered her face from being seen as silence claimed her for a moment. "I'm sorry. I don't want to run away. I can't leave you alone." Declaring her intentions, Keilani looked at Claire who has her back turned to her with serious determination. There was no way talking Keilani out of her decision. It was a fact that she still feels weak. Her body was not yet it is peak condition. The ordeal she had been put through before coming her greatly put much exhaustion on her. However, she cannot let such a trivial matter to prevent her from doing something. "That woman is strong. I can feel it. You need all the help you can get." Upon saying that, Keilani stood beside Claire and looked in front of her. She was not certain what exactly she could do. In all honesty, she has yet to grasp what she had done at the hospital. "I will help you in any way I can... Also..." She glanced at Claire with gentleness and a certain understanding. "You don't want to hurt her at all... I can feel that." Keilani said with a small smile and then felt prickling sensation. It seemed that the girl was near their location. She truly wish that everything would just turned out fine.

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~ Renegade Headquaters: Michael in the Control Room... ~

Michael stood there in shock of the scene before him, Gabriel and Mierya had his attention for the moment it seemed. Glancing between the both of them at this, his mind went blank as he felt... Off for a moment. Something pulled at the back of his head, urging him to do something and put an end to it. But he ignored it, looking over at Mierya at this. "Scott, huh?" He said, turning his body fully towards hers at this. "I am Michael. Michael A. Malachim... You were sent here at a request for all of the Seven Children to be brought here... Although it seems we only have you here at the moment." He then turned and walked towards the computer, beginning to type into it as the screen quickly as it showed up with another child's face and a profile. "If you don't mind, I would like to sit you down and ask you about a few things... I'm sure this hasn't been an easy day, but I assure you, after this... Well, you can rest easier knowing tomorrow things will be easier for you all." Michael sat down at this, turning around to look back at her. "If you don't mind telling me a few things about yourself before the other children get here..."

Gabriel slowly retracted his wings as he looked over at the newcomer, seeming to wait until Michael was done to then raise a hand and make a tiny light appear for a few seconds before making it go away. A feeling of clam, peace and ease rushed towards her at this, although whether she would accept it to calm herself or not would be entirely up to her. After all, all this trouble for a new one in the works was quite troublesome. "Please child, do not be afraid of me. I am Gabriel of the New Angels, I will do you no harm. I represent humanity's kindness, after all." He said to her in probably the most calming tone she would ever hear. Gabriel then seemed to look a little more worried at her. "You mentioned Scott, did you not? I thought I sensed some tension coming from his way... That, and the obvious explosion." He then turned towards Michael. "Mind checking on that for me real quick?" He asked. Michael then spun around quickly and input a few things before letting a map show up, a red spot glowing near Eclipse's room went on and off. "Oh no... It seems someone broke into the prison and destroyed the entrance. I hope he's alright..." He said, turning back around as Gabriel sighed. "I do hope you got out of there in time, young lass."

~ Meanwhile, at the scene with Ash and Eclipse... ~

Sebastian felt horrible at this. His vision was fading in and out as all he could mostly see at this point were blurs and such, his body shaking violently a little at this as he could tell he was starting to submit to something he couldn't understand. As he struggled to get up from the sudden attack that had hit him and Kane, he placed a hand over his stomach and forced his legs to stand, even though he felt like they were about to give in at any moment. His breathing had increased, his heart beat was going off the charts and his body felt like it was on fire. He looked over at where Deon and Ash were to find Ash having stabbed Deon with the demon sword Eclipse, and Deon just stood there, helpless. He coughed a little into his arm as he then looked over in the direction Kane was, raising his right hand slowly and pointing one of his fingers towards a nearby door. He closed his eyes tightly for just a moment, almost going outcold in that one instant alone. "... P-please..." Was all he could call out towards him. This was when his shoulders were grasped and he was suddenly hoisted from the ground, momentarily making him feel like he was going to puke out right there. Quake grinned over at Kane, who was still beside them and poked him in the shoulder at this. "Listen up, Kane. Get Sebastian to a safer place, maybe the Infirmary or something, but you gotta get him there fast, alright?" She asked him, then shoved Sebastian into his arms. She the turned to Ash as she walked towards them with a grim look on her face. "Well, looks like Deon's little sister was weaker than I expected. Not good at all." Quake's fists clenched at this as she glared at her. "Bring it on, you've started this, now you're gonna finish it. With me!"

Kane could only nod in response to the Oni and hoisted Sebastian up as best as he could. He stumbled for a moment before then proceeding to run down the hall Quake had come from. He could just vaguely hear Quake challenging Ash behind him, but he didn't stop to see how it all was going to go from here.
“I’m not exactly interested in dealing with a girl passing off as a Unicorn. Why don’t you go shove that horn up your ass and then I’ll deal with your fat ugly face, hmm?” Ash spoke out with a sickly sweet voice, but the words she said harshly contrasted her intentions. But it seemed Quake wasn't taking it seriously in the slightest, so she started to stride in the direction Claire had went. Quake stood in place until Ash stepped to her side, which was when she shot her hand out and went to hit Ash in the side with it. "How about I shove my horn up your ass instead, bitch?" Quake then turned to look at Ash, but only after stealing a glance at Deon to see if he was okay. From what she could see, he was still standing, but didn't look like he was in need of help. It was this glance that caused her to fail to notice her fist went clean inside of Ash and was now lost in swirl of darkness. She then casually turned to Quake with her eyes flashing red. As Quake tried to pull her arm free from it, she felt as if it was stuck in solid concrete, finding no give or yield. "Lose something?"
Sebastian could only feel Kane tugging him along, closing his eyes tightly again as he felt something wrong again with his body. When he opened his eyes, he could barely just make out the door he had pointed to just a few ago. It was somehow a stroke of luck that he managed to find a figure literally forming into shape right in front of them. He felt his throat and voice were too weak to be able to tell Kane about the attacker, so he did the only thing he could do for him; push him out of the way as the figure charged at them. The next thing Sebastian could only feel was a sudden pain in his chest and back that made Kane's yell of surprise be completely blocked out as his eyes widened slightly from this realization of pain, looking down to see... Five claws piercing through his chest, one had even nearly gotten through his heart. He felt stone-like, even as the claws were pulled out of his body, a liquid-like shape reforming them into a blade as it quickly backed away, the only thing he could make out was that it had no legs. It was at this he collapsed onto a nearby wall and violently began to cough up blood, as the liquid creature launched itself in for another attack at Sebastian. Kane had been roughly shoved to the ground, turning in time to see Sebastian getting pierced. His eyes had widened in horror at this sight, watching the liquid monster retreat momentarily and quickly drew up to draw his katana. As the creature made to attack Sebastian, he stepped in between the two and cleaved the blade arm, having saved Sebastian from possibly the next fatal blow.
Quake's brow rose as her arm was lost in darkness, and she grimaced when she tried to pull it free. "What is this? Concrete? Well, you do know, right?" She then grinned and her eyes quickly flashed! "I CAN BREAK CONCRETE WITH EASE!" At this, Quake gave a mighty tug and swung her arm around, pulling it free from whatever Ash had done and quickly leaped back with a slight grin on her face. "Well damn, she's definitely stronger now. What do I do?" She asked herself, seeming to not notice her arm now dripping black with a viscous liquid. She also didn't seem to notice where Ash had been punched it was like nothing had even touched her. She could barely hear what Quake said next, as it was inaudible to all others but herself, and she saw her straighten up. "Well, let's do this properly then, shall we?" She asked, Ash had watched her patiently and listened to her challenge. "Your resolute to fight me, are you?" She asked, sighing as she shook her head. "Very well." And with sudden ferocity, Quake found her own right fist slamming into her own cheek, which sent her careening into the wall. Even after this, her own arm would continue to attempt to pummel at it's owner.
Sebastian felt weary at this time, he was unable to tell what had even happened to Kane, hoping he was alright and didn't get hurt like he had. He closed his eyes quickly when he heard the blade suddenly being stopped, and then... His hearing lowered. His eyes quickly opened as he realized he was suddenly lost. He could hear it slowly coming back, but it was already going fast. He then looked to the door from before and stumbled towards it, seeming to not notice Kane dealing with the demon as he opened the door and struggled to breath. He then took one last glance at where he had saw Kane before looking inside the room. "... Sorry. I can't go." He mumbled to mainly himself, although he hoped Kane could still hear it, before then wandering in and closing the door behind him, briefly locking the knob at his. Meanwhile, the Shikigami withdrew itself from Kane as it reformed into a more humanoid shape after this. it then walked closer to Kane ,and the closer he got, the more Kane could see it's jelly-like body. Barely able to be seen in it's chest were the two main parts to a sliced up head that looked to be being put back together in it's stomach-like area. "... If you do not allow me entrance into the room, I will have to take you out as well." It told him. Kane remained determined however, his eyes narrowing as he hunched down, blade at the ready. His body posture was all the message that was needed for it. It took the answer pretty well, narrowing it's eyes at him as it quickly reformed it's right arm into a more hammer-like shape and, raising it above Kane, aimed to slam it down on him, as it's jelly-like substance hardened!
"OOOOORAAAAA!" Quake shouted out, quickly leaping forward as she threw another attack in the direction of Ash. It was bad that her other limp was stuck in darkness, but she had barely managed to stop herself from being beaten so far. "Dammit." She mumbled. "Idiot." Ash mumbled, her hair extending quickly around up and around her as it formed into a wall of pinpoint spikes. Quake quickly found herself being thrown into the air as her eyes opened in shock, before the tendril of Ash's hair drove her into the ground and shot through her body. A gasp left her lips before she began to cough up blood and curl into a ball on the floor. "God... God dammit...." Was all she could get out at this. Withdrawing each of the hair strands from Quake, Ash sighed as she fondled her hair between two fingers. "I dunno if these red highlights are really me..." She rubbed the blood between her fingers and examined it momentarily, before leaving Quake to wallow in her own blood. All the while she headed towards Claire and, unknowingly another child, a song was just finishing as another fight nearby had quickly ended just as it had started...
Sebastian looked around the room as his blood fell to the floor and was making a mess as he stumbled over towards what he thought was the controls and began to grit his teeth. "... A computer? Then.... I can --" He stopped to cough up blood violently onto the floor as he gasped weakly afterword. ".... Got to.... Find it." He mumbled weakly now as he quickly began to try out all the buttons he could find in reach on the keyboard, unknowingly turning on the speakers. Kane had rolled to the side of the hammer as it hit the floor and he could send in a counter attack the heavy blow with with a quick sweeping strike at the torso. As the shikigami watched it's hammer hit the ground, it reformed it's arm back to normal as it began to unharden until it was then stuck in the torso. It slide back a little but stopped itself just as quickly, but Kane now felt something getting sticky. The sticky feeling was beginning to be a problem, for it would put down pressure on to him as time passed, and after a few steps back, Kane would take a moment to investigate what this was as he glanced at himself. He found a piece of the shikigami's own body now stuck on him, but just as quickly as finding this, the shikigami rushed in for another attack, now having it's fingers formed back into blades and they were all aimed at Kane's head.

Kane ducked swiftly at this and whipped his jacket off to remove the liquid pieces on him as he then threw it over the shikigami. He then took the momentary solace in blinding the creature, reaching his sword as he then muttered a prayer and ran his fingers up the blade before setting it alight and swung it once. A small fireball was aimed at his jacket, and upon contact, lit it up, setting the creature also on fire. Sebastain had done it, but he quickly noticed his breathing getting rapidly heavier. His heart felt like it was starting to fail on him, and he could only keep himself awake for a few more minutes as he continued to bled out. He gripped his chest lightly as he looked at the screen. "... Please.... Mother... Help them..." He mumbled, then pressed a button as music began to play at this moment. While the music was starting up, the shikigami screamed out as it was set alight and let out an inaudible scream, trying to shake it off and get the fire off. It rolled around on the ground as it stopped after this. It sizzled for a while and twitched slightly as it laid there with a burnt jacket. Pushing this off, it quickly formed into a ball the size of a basketball before weakly rolling away as the lyrics began to start.

~ Fly me to the moon. And let me play among the stars. Let me see what spring is like, on jupiter and mars. In other hands, hold my hand. In other words, darling kiss me. ~

"Do you like music, Sebastian?" A voice asked, as the young Sebastian laughed a little in reply as his mother smiled weakly, looking to the wall as unseen memories began to play in her head. "... This is a very special song to me, you know. Your father always use to say it was our song. The song that brought us together." She sighed out sadly, as Sebastian grabbed a hold of her hand and looked up at her with a gentle and sweet smile as the music played. His mother looked down and smiled, although he could see it in her eyes, the tears that were begging to come down again.

"You're not getting away!" Kane yelled and then lunged forward. Moments later, he then hit the floor and slipped on the tattered remains on the ground. The shikigami stopped and looked over at Kane, reforming suddenly into a snake-like shape. "Your friend is going to die in a few minutes from blood loss. I would worry about getting to him then me." With a sinister smirk after these words it quickly made off to escape with no one seeming to to be able to stop it. The only thing left of it would be a trail of goo it left behind.

~ Fill my heart with song, and let me sing forever more. You are all I long for, all I worship and adore! In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you. ~

Sebastian felt weaker, his blood was making a puddle underneath his feet as his ankles shook. Blood fell from his mouth onto the keyboard now as he felt paralyzed to the spot. I never meant.... To do this to you all.... I..... His thoughts were interrupted his heartbeat was skipped, and his chest burned with pain! He clutched what he could, but found his hands too weak. He heard the song, as tears fell down from his face. A sad smile was brought on his face. His mother. Ash. Claire. Lucifer. Chill. Kane. Deon. He thought himself a monster, and they were willing to sacrifice themselves for him? So why couldn't he... Try to do the same?

~ In other words, hold my hand. In other words, darling kiss me. Fill my heart with song. And let me sing for ever more. You are all I worship and adore. In other words, please be true. In other words, I love you. ~

Sebastian's body couldn't take it anymore, he felt himself slowly slipping. Was this how his mother had felt when she was dying? Was his very presence the only thing that brought her joy from the pain? Blood replaced the tears at this, as he took a step back as his heart skipped another beat.

All went quiet.

All was growing dark.

His hat fell to the ground.

His body collapsed on to it's back, his mind now blank, and his eyes growing dull, a sad little frown on his face.

His last thought before he faded into the world of darkness and began to enter into the stage of dying, was that someone heard that song and heard his prayer.

With that... Only a loud thud could be heard from the room to all around it. Blood escaped underneath the door.

The song was over.

And so also were his chances lowering of surviving.

Kane burst into the room at this time, and found himself looking at the dying Sebastian. His eyes were now only filled with horror as he quickly rushed through the blood in his way as fast as he could and stopped nearby, falling down onto his knees as he grabbed Sebastian and lifted him up, checking for any signs of a pulse on him. Meanwhile... "Dammit Ash, you stupid fucking bitch! Making me miss my goddamn beauty sleep because you ca- Wha?" Asmodeus observed the scene in front of her. Quake laying on the ground, coughing up her own blood, and Ash walking away as if nothing had even happened. Asmodeus didn't bother to even talk to Ash, because her primary concern was Quake. She picked the Oni up, hoisting her over her shoulder and nearly losing her balance, before taking off down the halls, in the direction of the infirmary.

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Mireya Nightless
"When you reach the bottom, the only way you can go now is up... What if it's a bottomless hole?"

Frankly, Mireya was not certain how to put everything around her in a perspective that would not have a positive result as her going insane or already one. Just a few hours ago, she was just this everyday ordinary high school student although, it might be too much to say 'ordinary.' Now, she was thrown into some kind of cheesy sci-fi/fantasy movie. Well, she did allow her curiosity to reign over her so the fault can't be blame on anyone else solely. Releasing a small sigh, her attention was then transferred to the man who had confirmed that he is Michael. He asked her to take a seat. Taking up on his offer, she found a nearby empty seat and made herself comfortable. Michael then spoke about having all of the seven children be gathered here. It seemed to be an order. This meant that she was going to meet the other people that were like her in a sense. Afterwards, a request to introduce herself was asked by Michael. She did not see anything terrible about so she obliged him as best as she could. "Mireya Elea Nightless. Most of the people tend to call me Nightless." Pausing for a moment, she wondered what she should speak about as a thoughtful look was present on her face. Few seconds passed and she continued on. "I'm 17 and a high school student. I work part-time at the Bonheuriffic cafe. Then just a while ago, I was told to have the Devil's blood."

From Mireya's outer demeanor, it would appear that she was taking everything in a stride but it does not mean she was oblivious to what was happening around her. Especially, the events happening outside the control room. However, there was nothing she could with just being impulsive and reckless. This much she knew. Even if she was supposed to have some powers. She had no idea how to invoke them as will. There was still a lot of things that she needs to understand first. Moreover, she was the type that needs to know the entire situation first before taking actions. It is in this kind of happenings that one should be calm. Although there are times, she could be reckless. But those moments are very rare. Glancing at the other female present in the room, she wondered if the woman with the tail was all right. She seemed flustered or worried about something. It would also appear that the woman was awaken from her sleep seeing her current appearance. On the other hand, the man with the wings introduced himself. "Gabriel?" Upon hearing this, she raised one of her eyebrows. "And he's Michael?" She asked while pointing at Michael who was in front of the large computer. "Angels and Demons... I believe I read that book somewhere." Speaking the latter part in a rather low volume, she truly wondered if the decision she made earlier would bite her back in the ass.

Dismissing such depressing thoughts for now, Gabriel spoke to Mireya in a very soothing voice telling her not to fear him. "He is an angel. I should not expect less, I guess..." Honestly, she was not afraid or even the slightest scared at the moment which was weird. But, it was probably because she was more confused and perplexed than anything. She inwardly commented as her attention was taken once more by Michael who began to bring up a 3D map of the facility they were in as Gabriel asked about Scott's current condition. It seemed that the angel had sensed great tension at her prior location. As if to confirmed this assumption, Michael declared that the prison's entrance was blown up. Everyone knows that a prison always contains prisoners that have probable reasons to be kept behind bars and with her own assumption, these prisoners would not be just some mad human scientists or something. "Is that why... He reacted that way?" She wondered to herself remembering Scott's disposition from before. Her eyes narrowed slightly as she finally realized what Scott's intention was. "He's reckless..." She muttered under her breath and glanced at Gabriel who had commented about someone getting out as she did not completely understood due to her inner contemplation. "That man is impulsive." This was the comment that left her lips. Clenching her hands into fists, she had sensed that something was off earlier. But, she was too focused on herself to think about anything else. If that man did not come out alive, she would probably bring him back from the grave just to lecture him about underestimating her. Closing her eyes, these thoughts continued on as she allowed tensed silence overcome her. Her expression appeared to be at peace but her thoughts were bordering annoyance and guilt. It was at that moment a song was played as it could be heard throughout the facility through the speakers. "This song..."

Opening her eyes, Mireya stood from her chair with alarm and looked at one of the speakers inside the control room. "Where is this coming from?" She asked with slight urgency in her tone as she looked at Michael. It was rather odd for her to feel such a sense of desperation within the song. More importantly, it was like hauntingly calling her. She was greatly confused but it was like something inside of her knew what was needed to be done. Soon, the location was given to her as it was pinpointed in the large monitor. Once, she knew where it was. She did not waste any time and left the room in a hurry but not without a few words towards Michael. "I'll be right back! Oh, and if Scott passes by. Tell him that I did what he told me and he should apologize for yelling at me. Later!" With a carefree smile and a wave, she was out of the control room before anyone could response to her words. She was now running along the hallways towards the source where the song was being played. After a few minutes, the song stopped as it had come to an end. This made her stopped briefly from advancing as she looked around her. "Something is not right..." She noted to no one in particular. There was this suffocating presence that was surrounding this block. She could feel it as if it was embracing in a death grip. It was similar to the one she had felt earlier in the room where Scott took her for a test. More than that, she was more concerned about the scent of blood assaulting her nostrils. She had been told to have a sharp sense of smell. Vince would always tease her being part dog or something. For that, she had always made sure Vince would regret teasing her about it. Although, she is slightly thankful for it. "It's coming over there..." Without anymore delays, she made her way towards the direction where the strong scent of blood was coming from.

"What happened here?" Mireya said in disbelief as she looked at the corridor that suffered quite the damage from a rather wild fight. More importantly, she was certain someone got heavily injured from the blood splatters on the floors and walls. She also noticed the blood that seeped underneath the door from one of the rooms there. Narrowing her eyes, she warily approached the said room and looked inside. There she saw two boys that she has no knowledge of their identities. One was holding another who was obviously in a critical condition. She threw her caution away out of window immediately and approached the two without minding the bloody scene that had unfolded before her. "Don't move him." She quickly instructed to the one holding the injured boy. It might aggravate the boy's injuries further. There was no use asking if the injured man was all right or what had happened to obtain such extreme damages. Those kind of details were irrelevant especially now. "It barely missed his heart." She noted as she looked at the extent of his wounds especially in the chest area. The boy's heart was slowly loosing its ability to pump. His heartbeat was getting faint by the second.This was not good at all. "Cut his shirt open! We have to stop his bleeding now." She instructed towards the other boy once more as she tore a sleeve of her shirt without much effort and hesitation. There was no available bandages or towels, so she has to improvise. "He is loosing too much blood and too quickly..." She muttered under her breath helplessly as she pushed her torn sleeve on the boy's chest wound. "I need to do something... I need to do something..." She repeated to herself inwardly like a mantra and as if on cue, her hands that were pressed on the boy's chest began to glow with a silver-white light. "Eh?" She had a bewildered expression on her face as she stared at her hands as if they were not hers to begin with.

Mireya could feel warmth emitting from the palms of her hands and at the same time tendrils coming out of them. There was also this sense of something within her being taken. She was not certain what was to make of it for now. But as she glanced at the injured boy, it seemed he was getting back his color and his heartbeat seemed to be slowly recovering. His heart was beginning to get stronger with each pulse it makes. "What am I doing?" She asked to no one in particular as this spectacle continued on. After a few moments, the light in her hands slowly faded and all that remained were hands. It was like the event did not happened at all. She removed her hands from the boy's chest and looked at them awkwardly. This was the first time that something like that ever happened to her. It was then she looked at the boy if he was fine. His injuries seemed to have closed up. His heart was also beating regularly and the deathly pale that overtaken his complexion returned to a healthy tone. He was now out of the woods. "I don't know what I did but it helped him... I guess..." She commented while looking at the other male present with a carefree smile. After doing that, she suddenly felt nauseous and at the same dead tired. "What's going on?" She asked to no one in particular as she held her head. It would also seem that everything around her was spinning which should not be possible. So, there was only one plausible conclusion. She was getting dizzy. "So tired..." She muttered softly as finally lost her consciousness and fell to her side towards the floor.

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Keilani's latter statement seemed to have caused Claire to reconsider her offer of aid. Although, Claire's next actions left profound questions echoing inside Keilani's thoughts along with the curiosity to learn and to know. The first thing that earned her query was the glasses that Claire procured. Keilani did not know that Claire had a bad eyesight since they were not bumping into things earlier while running. So, it was probably not due to that. Keilani wanted to ask her companion but, those rather serious eyes looked at her as if analyzing something very carefully. She could not help but to remain still and at the same time quiet. Thus, all she could do was formulate her own conclusions. Perhaps, Claire was like her, using the glasses only for protection rather than treatment. After all, a good eyesight was very useful in many tings especially with what was happening around them. However, Keilani could not be farther from the true purpose of the glasses that Claire was using. A few moments of silence passed between the two of them before Claire had spoken but not before putting away the glasses.

It was a relief to Keilani to hear that Claire had allowed her participation. But as one should expect, there was a condition. Keilani did not find any offense with it. After all, she was much more trouble considering her current physical condition. She was not in a best shape to fight in combat. Regardless, she was willing to do everything that was necessary and hopefully that everything that was about to happen would be on their side. Understanding the seriousness of the situation, Keilani nodded with determination. "I understand. I will do so." After saying that, Claire placed her hand on Keilani's forehead. This earned a rather confused look on the pink-haired girl's face. She did not shy away from the touch although, it was kind of awkward. "Is she checking if I have a fever?" This was the wandering thought that Keilani had at Claire's gesture. But before she could ask, Claire removed her hand with a rather pensive and impressed expression. It only made Keilani curious as to what Claire was doing by placing a hand on her forehead. "Was it that impressive for her to have a normal temperature despite being not in a sound physical health?" Keilani asked herself while placing her own hand on her forehead to check her current temperature.

At some point, Claire seemed to have noticed how confused and startled Keilani was with she was doing earlier. Especially when Keilani was now comically checking her own temperature. One would wonder if the pink-haired girl was really quite aware of the situation or perhaps. This was just her way of coping up with what was happening. Hearing Claire's apology and stating that the sword-wielding girl was her sister, Keilani removed her hand from her forehead and had a serious and understanding expression on her face. This explains why she felt that there was a connection between the two. However, what had occurred to make these two sisters be filled with hatred judging how Claire's sister wanted her dead. On the other hand, Claire wanted to save her sister. Probably, there was just a misunderstanding that was blown out of proportions. People do tend to let negative emotions grow rapidly while the positive ones are kept bottled. In any case, Keilani listened to Claire's explanation about what was happening to her sister and how she could help with this. In Keilani's understanding, she needed to enter Ash's mind. This was quite logical however, she was not sure how she could do that.

That was the moment that a white cat appeared. Claire called this feline Blanche. It would be the one that will take Keilani into Ash's psyche. Honestly, she wanted to say how cute the cat was and pet it. However, she knew that this was not the moment to do so. She could already feel the prickling sensation and familiarity getting stronger inside of her. This meant that Ash was getting closer to their location. It would seem that Claire had noticed this as well as the female tensed considerably. "Alright. I will do best." She said with much sincerity and determination. Turning her back at Claire, Keilani started to leave to find a safe place. It was then that Claire looked over her shoulders and apologize along with a thank you. This was where Keilani was certain that whatever that happened between the two sisters can be repaired. After all, it would always work as long as one of them cared. Because for certain, these feelings will be returned. "I'll bring your sister back. You should thank me by then. Be careful too, Claire." Keilani smiled at Claire gently and then gave the woman a wave and finally left with Blanche trailing after her. "Please... Be safe... Kane... Sebastian... Claire... Ash..." She whispered like a prayer finally learning the name of Claire's sister from their earlier conversation.

Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Hey Fran! Are you in there? I came to deliver some of our homework directly from the Professor! Fran! Fran! Open up!" These were the words of a very concerned female friend and a classmate of Fran. She continued knocking on the door of the dorm room while holding a bundle of papers indicating the homework from the classes that Fran had missed earlier in the day. However, there was still no reply from beyond the door and the female had a very worried look. "Did she left?" Releasing a sigh, she had concluded that Fran might have went to Keilani's grave or something along those lines. After all, almost everyone was saddened by the tragedy. "I'll just get this to her when she comes back." She murmured to herself. Backing away from the door, she was about to leave when the door opened. This made her confused and slightly surprised. "Fran?" She asked with concerned as she fully opened the door. It was then a horrible scent assaulted her nose. She instinctively covered her nose and looked around the dark room. "Fran? Fran? What is that awful smell?"

The female entered and stumbled through the dark room. She tried to find the switch to the lights. But, it would appear that the layout of this room was different from the others which was quite odd. Perhaps, she was just a bit frazzled. It is why she was having a hard time finding such an obvious object. The searching went on for a couple of minutes as she bumped into objects here and there. Her last collision was with something large on the floor. From the looks of it, she was stepping on some slightly sticky fluid. More importantly, the stench was stronger around this area. Thankfully, she was able to finally find the switch for the lights on a nearby wall. However, she had regretted that action with a horrifying scream that alerted almost everyone within the female dormitories. For inside the room, the light revealed the bloody corpse of Fran on the floor. She was lying face first on the floor with her blood pooled around her body. Fran's eyes was frozen in complete horror. It was very clear for anyone to see. Everything in the room was in complete disarray and most of them were not from the female classmate's doing. Soon, the room was flooded with other people due to concern and curiosity. All of them were shocked, screamed, silenced, and horrified by the scene shown to them.

"Keila, don't stay out in the rain. You might get sick!" It was the daily reminder and request of her mother, Sarah, every time Keilani would dance underneath the rain. She really find the tinge of coldness touching her skin so soothing to the senses. It was like a gentle prick to remind her that the world would always renew itself. Her eyes were closed as she twirled around while her clothes stick to her body like a second skin and this included her rose pink hair. Regardless, she did not mind her current appearance. She was having a lot of fun as her mother's call was drowned by the sound of the falling rain. Honestly, she was not sure what had caused her fascination with it or how it began. All she knew was that at this moment, she felt completely satisfied. Still, things would need to end at some point. In which, she could not sense the rain falling on her face anymore. Opening her eyes, she could see the ever familiar red umbrella clouding her vision of the dark skies and protecting her from getting wet any further. "You must be a water nymph in your past life, Keila." Turning around, she saw her mother looking at her with a stern yet warm golden brown eyes. At that point, she would give a rather childish smile and embraced her mother without regard that she was completely drenched. Afterwards, they would laugh together with the rain as their background.

"Mom..." Keilani murmured as she slowly opened her eyes feeling something wet on her cheek. Instinctively, she touched her cheek and wondered if she was crying. It seemed it was not her imagination that something wet was on her face but, it was not a tear. Looking above her, all she could see was complete blackness. She looked around her as well and was greeted with the same scene. "Where am I?" She asked to no one in particular and then she heard a meow. Looking at the other side, the presence of the white cat known as Blanche managed to remind her where she could possibly be. She was here within Ash's nightmare. Blanche took her in here when she was able to find a relatively safe and comfortable empty room. "Blanche, were you waking me up?" Remembering her cheek being wet. Blanche meowed at her and slightly tilted its head as if confirming her conclusion. She gave the feline a grateful smile and stood from her position. "Thank you." After saying that, she looked around her surroundings once more. She wondered where Ash could be in this seemingly black space. Although, she could still see Blanche and herself. As if to ensure this, she looked at her hands and they were still there. "It's good to know we can still see other people." She murmured under her breath. "We should get going Blanche. We need to find Ash and bring her back." Taking a deep breath, she began walking in front of her as Blanche followed her closely.

Keilani was not sure how much time had passed already as she walked within the dark realm. There was no way for anyone to know the time. She continued to search for Ash within this black void while Blanche kept her company all the way through. "I hoped that Claire would be fine outside there and everyone else as well." As if to ease her worries, the white cat rubbed itself on her leg. Looking at the feline, she gave it a gentle pat on the head and a smile. "Thank you. I should just believe they will be fine. For now, I have to find Ash in here." With a new determination, she continued her search. It did not take long for her to fulfill her purpose of coming to this place. For before her just few meters away, Ash was there sitting in a seemingly shadow-crafted chair and seemed to be in complete agony and depression. Even from this distance, she could tell much. After all, she was in that same position not in the distant past. Approaching Ash, Keilani was soon in front of her. "Ash..." She whispered as if it was something so fragile. Looking at Ash's form, she was so broken by something that Keilani had no idea about. Her pain seemed to pierce the pink-haired girl greatly.

Without any hesitation, Keilani embraced Ash. She placed Ash's head near her chest so that the girl could hear Keilani's beating heart. "I would not say that I know what you are going through because I don't. I have heard that hearing a beating heart calms people down." Closing her eyes, Keilani soothingly ran her hand through Ash's hair. "You don't know me and I don't know you. But... I can feel your pain. For that, I could say I know how it feels to have pain that you just want to die and get it over with." Blanche looked at the two girls as if understanding what was going on. "I can't even say that I'm over my own pain. It is still painful. Living is even more painful. But, you know." She stopped in mid-sentence and placed a gentle kiss on Ash's forehead. "Perhaps, someone would be willing to share that with you. Somehow, you will be able to stand and remain. Just like your name, Ash." Opening her eyes, Keilani looked at Ash with sincere gentleness. "Let's go back. Everyone is waiting for you. I will also be there to hold your hand if you want to." She ran her hand once more through Ash's hair and smile softly. "You're not alone anymore. I'll be there for you from now on."

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~ A room in the hospital area... A brawl between Shikigami and Transformed Anders begins! ~

As if the situation weren't dire enough, a fight had broken out between the Shikigmai and one of the seven children, Anders. As Anders got closer to the shikigami, he uses his jaunt ability to appear behind the shikigami, and then turned to swing his makeshift club at it. The shikigami, however, had noticed Anders using his ability and spun around to catch the club and stab the tips of it's claws into it, it's arms now having returned to a more human look. "Ohh... Are you letting up, Devil's Child?" It taunted him, but Anders simply smiled at the shikigami. Anders quickly moved back to his bed and sent three chains at the shikigami, all of them spread out so that it would be harder to avoid them. But, the shikigami saw through this, and letting go of the club, reformed one of it's arms into a shield and placed it in front of itself as the chain hit the shield. It then quickly moved out of the way of the other two. "I am beginning to see through your moves..." It taunted him again, as Anders picked up a larger shard of his broken guitar while still smiling. "That won't help you for much longer." He said, and then chucked the shard at one of the lights, shattering it in the process. The shikigami chuckled in response to this. "Trying to cover up your movements? Ah... Then let's do this right."

The shikigami picked up the two unconscious guards and then threw them at the door, watching as they hit it and broke right through it. It then shot out more of it's liquid to cover the entrance of where the door use to be. It then started to drip a little, before starting to send off liquid from it's own body and spread it across the floor. "... What will happen if you can't move with your feet?" It then watched as Anders jumped onto the bed to avoid the liquid coming. "I was always really good at that the floor is lava game." He then fades into the shadows, shooting out a projection at the shikigami, but vanished before it could hit. The shikigami smirked as it already knew who would win. "Illusions, huh? Do you not notice my body? I am a rare form of water demon... The Jello Demon! My ability is to be able to copy any shape or form as I please, and another one of my abilities is to also solidfy any body part I choose. Do you get it? I can easily fill this room with jello the size of a pond. Darkness won't help you... I am the better fighter here. You are but a newborn in the way of me. Unless you'd like to prove otherwise?"

~ Name: The Jello Demon.
Nickname: The Jello Shikigami
Type: Water Demon (Jello)
Rank: D
Overall Threat: Cunning from the sidelines, dangerous to any mortal it encounters. Must be captured if seen.
Threat Level: #257 on the WDL's wanted list
Additional Information: The Jello Demon, true to it's name, is a water demon who, instead of being made out of water, is really made out of jello. It is unknown how this came to be, but it is believed that around a hundred years ago it was created as a result of a demon's blood being part of the ingredient to make it. Once the jello was made, The Jello Demon was born. Being different from the rest of it's kind, it decided to become a Shikigami and would soon be employed under the services of Kallos. While it is a D ranked demon, it is very useful to it's master with it's unique abilities and unique body. ~

Anders then used his jaunt ability to a shadow that was behind the shikigami and sent three chains at it. Two of them hit the Shikigam's main body, the other hit the liquid that was being spread across the floor, although it more or less was being dragged along with it now more then anything. The shikigami once again chuckled. "What do you plan to do? I told you.... I'm Jello!" It then pierced holes rapidly in it's arms and chest, making a total of nine as each hole would release liquid like a broken pipe, adding to the already increasing liquid in the room. "Let's see... Nine holes. That means you have to seal nine different spots on my body at the same time. Or are you going to try to kill me still?" "I will kill you, now that the chains are attached, its only a matter of time." Anders responded, vanishing again as he reappeared back on the bed with another smile. "I'll give you credit though, it takes alot to get me to smile this much." The shikigami then narrowed it's eyes at him. "Now what are you on about? The chains are pointless... They cannot harm liquid." It told him firmly. "They won't harm the liquid, no, i'm going for something a little more vital than the stuff that makes up your body, something that not even your liquid form can protect from my chains, something you need to function." He then sent two more projectiles that seemed to almost hit the shikigami, but didn't. It was more like he was just teasing him now...

The shikigami rose a brow at him. "Oh? And what would that be, Devil's Child?" It asked him. "Its kind of sad that you can't figure it out, considering the clue i just gave you. and i can't just tell you, that would be stupid, its the biggest flaw in all action movie villans. they always reveal how their plan works." The Shikigami blinked at this. "Movies? Is that a human device? But I think I know what your on about... Sorry to dissapoint you. But a water demon doesn't function the same as a human. For you see..." It then grabbed a hold of one of the chains and started to spread out it's liquid across it, doing the same to the others. "... My body doesn't have a heart. I'm all water, punk!" It told him confidently. "You may not have a heart, but water dosn't just controll it self, also, i'm not a punk, i'm a goth, there is a very big difference there." Anders told the demon. The shikigami then tapped it's head lightly and split it open. "See? Nothing but water... You have no idea how to fight me." It then reformed it's head back in one piece. "I need to end this... NOW!" It then blasted out more water at him, making it so that the water was up to it's waist. "How about that?!? I've nearly filled the room with just about my liquid! The bed will be consumed and then YOU WILL!" It exclaimed to him. "You have to think some how." Anders said to it, as he leaped from the bed directly towards the shikigami.

The shikigami, in response, spread out it's arms as it chuckled. "Then try me!" It taunted him as he leaped. "One last chance! Or you will drown!" It told him, watching as he neared. As Anders got close enough, he touched the demon in order to try to send impulses throughout his body, to which the shikigami merely smirked at this action. "My, my... I don't know what your trying to do, but..." It then formed a spear-like shape as the liquid exited out of the hole in it's chest and sent it piercing through Ander's stomach. "... You are so slow~" It taunted him, grabbing a hold of the spear and pulling it out of him as it watched Anders put a hand to his wound. He then jaunts out of the room before he could fall into the liquid below him. The shikigami absorbed all the liquid back into him as he phased through the liquid covering the door's entrance. "... What a pain. But... Time to die." It then changed it's right arm into a blade again. "Any last words?" The shikigami asked him. "Thought you could see through my moves?" He then laughed before the jaunt pulls him back into the room. The shikigami rose a brow and smirked, tapping the liquid that sealed the door's entrance. "... Fool. You should of been more careful!" It's holes then closed up as it looked at Anders now trapped in the room. "My prisoner... How lovely~" The shikigami stated, before then heading off towards the control room. "Now... To do what I was meant to do. Assassinate the Half Angel!"

~ Meanwhile, in the control room, unaware of the intruder closing in on them... ~

Scott dragged along the defeated body of of The Metal Kappa, who was currently unconscious whilst being wrapped in chains that restrained him if he awoke. As he approached the control room, he stopped as the doors opened, and he walked inside to see three figures. He let go of The Metal Kappa once he was inside, laying him down on his back as he looked over to see Michael and Rin on one end and nodded to them. Then he looked over and saw... Someone with angel wings?!? This freaked him out for a few seconds, before suddenly he felt... Calmer. Gabriel looked over at him with an apologetic look at this. "I apologize in advance for not warning you sooner." Gabriel spoke, as he walked over and held out his hand. "I am Gabriel, of the New Angels." He said to him so calmly and with ease. Scott looked down at his hand with confusion as he blinked and took his hand slowly, shaking it as he put his other hand on the side of his head. "You look injured... Allow me." Gabriel said to him, holding his hands as a bright light surrounded Scott briefly, as all his minor wounds started to heal. "My god..." He said softly to himself, watching the glow fade away and Scott feeling much better now! "... I -- I thank you..." Scott said out of amazement, to which Gabriel smiled and merely nodded in response.

"How touching." A voice called out to them, as from above a liquid form fell upon them and reformed. The Jello Demon grinned demonically as it looked at them all. "An intruder? So... I assume you are the one who freed Tergun?" Scott asked him. "Indeed I am, if that's the metal punk I freed earlier that you are referring to! I am the Jello Demon... Nice to kill you all. Now, if you'll just stand still for a few..." The demon said, Scott gritting his teeth as he looked to see Drayne's fully restored head in it. "... I need that head." He mumbled to Gabriel. "So it shall be." Gabriel said, walking forward towards the demon as Scott backed up slowly. "Scott, what are you --" Michael started, but was interrupted. "Listen to me Michael, take Rin and get out of here now." He said to them, as Michael rose a brow. "What are you --" He stopped as Scott glared a little. ".... Ok." Michael said, quickly taking Rin's arms out of surprise and dragging her away before she could complain. Scott then looked forward at the demon. "Foolish angel... Get out of my way, now!" It spoke, as Gabriel stopped in place. "... No response? FINE!" It shifted it's fingers into blades as it moved forward at the angel, only to be stopped as Gabriel's hand struck into the Jello Demon and pulled out the head of Drayne, throwing it to Scott, who luckily caught it in time. "You... Will pay for that." The Jello demon mumbled as it backed away slightly.

Gabriel glanced over at Scott at this chance. "I need you to get out of here... What I'm about to do is almost strictly forbidden." He said to him, as Scott's eyes widened at the thought of what happened before one time with Michael. It was on accident, of course, so it didn't count against him. After all, he was still developing to control his powers. "... You mean you can -- you have control over THAT?" Scott asked, shocked at what Gabriel could do then what Michael did. "... Okay, I'll leave it to you then." He said, before quickly rushing off. Gabriel looked back to the Jello Demon at this. "... I believe it's time we both got serious, don't you agree?" He asked him, to which the Jello Demon furrowed his eyebrows. "What are you --" But at this, he was interrupted when an angelic light surrounded Gabriel's form as his wings fully spread out. The Jello Demon stopped momentarily, seeming to be overpowered by this as lights began flickering on and off throughout the base. Michael stopped briefly to protect Rin from this holy force, most of the Renegade demon soldiers were put off by this immense holy power. "So... I underestimated you." The Jello Demon managed to get out, as Gabriel narrowed his eyes at him. "You did. That was your mistake, and the best part is... I can concentrate the main power of this on you and not anyone else. If anyone will die from this... It'll most likely be you."

~ A meeting between high ranking demons begins... The rebellion's leaders meet in a special way! ~

The Revolutionary Leader sat down in his throne as he relaxed all tension from his body, seeming to concentrate now on three other chairs. Immediately, three figures appeared as they looked like they were holograms of some sort, only you couldn't make out much detail from them besides the tones in which they spoke. "Ah... Finally time for another one, eh? I see Kallos has been able to fit us into his busy schedule." The more intelligent one spoke first, seeming to tap it's fingers gently against each other. "A lot better then what can be said of you, short one." The countess spoke out next, as the intelligent one glared over at her. "Watch your tongue there, countess. Otherwise you may find it --" They were both interrupted as the Revolutionary Leader raised a hand to stop them. "Enough bickering. It is time we do this now. Kallos, give me a full report on the children." Kallos shifted at this, the tubes sticking out of his body could be barely made out. "Deon Morris is the same as always. Although currently, our spy reports he has been subdued by Eclipse." The intelligent one shifted at this uneasily. "That annoying sword? How did he get out?" He asked, as Kallos looked over at him. "I'm getting there." He responded, before looking back towards the Revolutionary Leader. "Sebastian Thomas nearly died tonight by our own spy. The children are very weak it seems... They are still at human level." The Revolutionary Leader nodded in response.

"Devin Namach is still missing, although whether he is being held captive by the WDL or is just simply on the loose is unknown. It is fully possible he is also dead since no one has seen him in a while. Chang T. Wilson is believed to be under the same category. Ashley Clade appears to have gone berserk, from what our spy has told us, she is also the one who freed Eclipse. It also seems they have three new children with them. From what our spy has told us from looking at some reports, he has discovered a few names. Keilani Dreahen. Anders Agni. And finally, Mierya Nightless. All of these names were confirmed because someone had written them down on paper. Keilani's was medical, Anders and Mierya were for recruiting." The Revolutionary Leader closed his eyes at this. "We will keep an eye out for them as well... But there is a problem with your report, Kallos. That means there are eight children in this world instead of the normal seven. Care to elaborate this for me?" He asked Kallos, who looked at him calmly, already having the answer as the Leader opened his eyes. "We believe there is an extra child, sir." The Leader rose his brows at Kallos. "An extra? Who?" But before he could go on, the intelligent one stepped in. "It is obviously Deon Morris. After all, he was not born of the generation the others are in. It only makes sense then." The Leader then shifted his eyes back to Kallos. "Who do you believe it is?" He asked him, as Kallos closed his eyes slowly while he thought. "... We believe it to be Sebastian Thomas. Both have had strange readings in the past, Ash's readings are normal compared to them."

"I see. Where is the spy now?" The Leader asked Kallos. "He is currently facing off against one of the New Angels." He confirmed, as the Leader nodded. The Countess looked over at the Leader. "New Angels? They sound like pansies to me." She said with a laid back tone, almost insulting them as it were. "The New Angels are a group of the former highest angels in heaven's ranks. They are all half angel, it is unknown how they are this way, but it is believed that they are the children of an angel each before they died." Kallos rose his brows at this confirming from the Leader. "Some of the angels are dead?" He asked in surprised. "Yes. Someone killed them, and now they have passed on their ranks to the New Angels. That is why they exist. We only have a few confirmed kills though... Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Camael and Sataniel have been missing." The intelligent one chuckled at this. "The rumor is pretty funny, how one of their own betrayed them and they succumbed to a deadly poison. Quite interesting... You would of expected better from them." He licked his lips at this. "You really are disgusting." The Countess commented to him. "So, I wonder... What happens if a child does die?" Kallos asked them. "That's easy." The intelligent one spoke. "They go back to they're creator." The Countess shook her head at this. "I thought they went to Purgatory?" The intelligent one smirked at this. "They have the devil's blood in them. Unless they were directly descended from him, which is an ill possibility, then they will make him more powerful until he dies. THEN they go to Purgatory." The Leader sighed at this. "Whether one is right or not does not matter right now. Kallos... I have a special job for you to do. It involves giving those Renegades... A little warning. I want all of the children alive and safe, if not, well.... Someone will die by my hand."

~ The brawl between Jello Demon and Gabriel of the New Angels! Who will emerge victorious?! ~

"This is going to be interesting then..." The Jello Demon said, extending his arms out as they formed into multiple blades. "Let's do this then!" He said, and came charging right for Gabriel. Gabriel sighed as he closed his eyes and held out his right had. "Sorry, guys... I got to hurt you for a second to defeat him." He then furrowed his brows as a ball of light was casted towards the Jello Demon. "Heh! What's that suppose to do to me?!? I can just --" But all at once, the ball of light collided with the Jello Demon as it left him stunned, a bright light engulfing him as his scream howled loudly throughout most of the entire base. The light sent out a holy radiance throughout the entire base, nearly making almost every demon stop as if a heartbeat had skipped. "Incredible..." Scott noted to himself. "Gabriel's holy powers are powerful enough to do THIS? ... I hope the children are alright, otherwise... I just hope this stops the Ash situation, or... God damn it, this is NOT my day!" He stated before continuing on. The Jello Demon struggled as liquid dripped down his body rapidly, he struggled to move as he felt enormous pain. "That won't be enough... That won't be enough to hold me down, angel! You will have to do better then that!!!"

"Is that right? Then I will need to take extreme measures... Prepare yourself, Demon. You are about to experience the most terrible pain you have ever felt." The Jello Demon's eyes widened, but before he could even move, Gabriel was already on the move. "Heaven's Restraint!" He called out, as light portals opened up around the Jello Demon and holy chains wrapped around his body rapidly, restraining him to the spot as he struggled to get free, but could not even morph to get out of them. "N-no! Wait! D - don't kill me! You can't kill me! You are an Angel, right?!?! RIGHT?!?!? YOU AREN'T MEANT TO KILL, YOU ARE MEANT TO BE HUMANITY'S KINDNESS!" The Jello Demon cried out in misery, as Gabriel narrowed his eyes at him. "I will not kill you... But. I know you nearly killed a life here today. And so... I will unleash my second weakest attack upon you." Gabriel then held his hands out in front of him as light began forming in front of him. The Jello Demon continued to struggle, his eyes widening as he saw the attack forming. "N-NO! T-T-T-T-THAT COULD KILL ME! AND EVERY OTHER DEMON IN HERE! YOU ARE MAD! MAAAADDDDDD!!!" He continued to shout, as for that moment alone, Gabriel... Turned dark. His expression became very serious and stern, his eyes piercing into the demon's eyes as he was held frozen to the spot. "Exactly... I wish to not see any more pain and suffering here. That is why... I am willing to risk knocking out every demon in here!!!" And with that, Gabriel closed his eyes for the upcoming attack. "Heaven's.... Rage." He spoke the words, and a beam of light was sent hurling at the Jello Demon. His stomach area was pierced clean through by the light as he lost consciousness at this point. A bright light enveloped the whole control room, and bright holy light quickly dispersed through the entire base. The outside of it glowed as it could clearly be seen in the night. It lasted for a total of three minutes before finally stopped, with the Jello Demon laying collapsed on the floor, twitching every now and then as Gabriel narrowed his eyes at him. "... Have a good night's sleep, monster." Gabriel turned to the monitor briefly, to see that every demon in the Renegades had survived the attack.

~ Confrontation! Dark Ash and Eclipse meet face to face! ~

Eclipse stood in the 'Center' of the Nightmare World. He wore purple robes over his body as he made himself look as royal as possible. He looked human, if it wasn't for those demonic eyes. "I already know someone is already in my world... Besides Deon. This one feels familiar." He spoke to mostly himself, seeming to be alone in his mansion-like place as he sighed out. "Better to go and investigate then let this person cause trouble. I can't have that, the stupid bitch would have my head if I failed to keep this world as it is..." With that, Eclipse 'vanished' and 'reappeared' outside in the Nightmare World, standing on the 'ground' as he looked around the 'area' he was in now. "So, where is this intruder? The person is around here somewhere, I know that for sure..." The place he was in now was made of pristine metal and benches with various breaker tubes and the like were scattered about. There were similar microscopes and other sorts of technical equipment that were on display, though jagged and fearful shadows tended to stretch from them in the haunting light of the laboratory. He then heard the faint sound of glass being tapped that came from a corner in the room. When he walked over into there, he found Ash, who was examining a test tube in scrutiny.

"My, my..." Eclipse mumbled to himself as he walked over casually to where Ash was. "... Oi, you are the one from earlier. Why don't you do me a huge favor, and go shit yourself now?" He said, all the while remaining calm as he did. "... Unless you aren't available for an appointment?" At this, he then brought a big smirk on his face, revealing his demonic fangs. "You don't scare me, fear monger." Ash told him, returning the tube to it's place in the rack. "This may be your world, but you're as petty and pathetic as always." Eclipse slowly shook his head at this. "Such confidence. Why don't YOU be the ruler of this damn place then?!? Oh, I forgot... You aren't a demon weapon, and even if you were, you would be pathetic compared to me." He told her, his smirk fading rather quickly at this. "... So, I wonder... What would you do if I showed you a few 'disturbing' facts to light?" He told her. "I have better things to do then rule over this dump." Ash seemed to reply casually, ignoring the rest of his comments as she strode away from him. Eclipse merely chuckled. "... Then, how was it to watch that young man die again?" He asked, as his smirk slowly returned to his face. "... Or how was it to find out your sister cheated on you? Does it make your blood boil? Does it make want you... Want to hit me for knowing your inner fears?" He began laughing like a madman at this. "... I should probably explain myself. In this place, I am god of this world. I see all of my victim's fears... And my, what a pleasant thing Deon is goig through again~ But, here's my little thing... I don't tell other people what I've seen, no matter who they are. Now, unless you want me to dive deeper into your inner fears... I am going to assume I have your attention on me now."

Ash, however, laughed at this. "You misunderstand. That's her fears." Turning, her eyes flash red at this. "Not mine. Tell me, what do you see in the depths of my fears, hmm? Or perhaps does it frighten you that you can't?" She then returned her own superior smirk, seeming to think she was in control of the situation right now. Eclipse laughed again at this. He quickly stopped himself this time as he glanced over his shoulder at her. "You aren't like Inferno, who's blood was created from the devil's own, and passed down through several generations of a family. I know your type... A newborn demon who's in way over her head and gains control over a weaker territory in order to avoid the big boys. I know what you are scared of quite easier then a human's, contrary to popular belief. You seem powerful, but in reality, you are unbalanced. You fear becoming one with your host because you do not wish to fade. You also are cunning, keeping away from death's door. But you also focus too much on power, and your powers are out of control as they are... Hell, the girl gets better performance rates then you do! Ah-hahahaha, YAH-AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA! If you'd like to show me otherwise though, we can do this all night my dear... Because I can keep going all night about what you fear. This is the NIGHTMARE world for a damn good reason! Tell me... Do you get off when you are in pain, are you afraid of not being in control? To feel the pain your host goes through as she fights her own battles, while you stay behind in the shadows in your true form... I wonder how big you are."

Ash simply smiled again. "Your guesses are amusing, but I'm afraid you can't startle me." Taking a seat on one of the benches, she absentmindedly played with a syringe she picked up. "Still, you're quite pathetic. If you're so powerful, then you shouldn't be concerned about little old me. Go back to the rock you crawled out from under before I get bored with you." Eclipse shook his head again as he chuckled at her response. "You two are the only ones I've had in the Nightmare World for ages... And amusing? I think I'm right here... Unless you have proof you are older then you seem. Until then, well... I'm going to have my fun. I was going to taunt that girl just now, but you've taken her away from me. So... I have to do it to you now." He told her. "Your taunts need some work." She told him, chucking the syringe and embedding it into the wall. Eclipse rose a brow at her. "So... What do you call yourself, dark spirit?" He asked. "That's a stupid question. Honestly, you're not very bright, are you?" She replied. Eclipse crossed his arms over his chest at this. "Explain. You look like the girl, yet you aren't really her." He said to her. "Why should I explain myself to a washed up loser like you? It's not like you're actually any threat to me." She laughed a little to herself as she turned to the nearby bunsen burner and fiddled with it to get it to light.

Eclipse snapped his fingers at this as, in an illusion, Ash's left arm started to bleed and soon, it would fall off, the arm looking like it had been severed. "... Nightmare World. Ruler of it. Hello? A newborn demon like you can't begin to even comprehend the years of pain and suffering most demons go through!" Not reacting in the slightest, Ash slowly pulled up her arm and watched the blood pool on the bench. "Tsk, what a mess..." Reaching over with her other arm, she made a sharp wrenching movement removing the rest of the limb and casually tossing it to the floor at Eclipse's feet, as he watched it fade away. Black ooze then began to secrete from her shoulder and flowed down to form a new arm in it's place, outfit and all, with no injury in sight. Eclipse shrugged his shoulders at this, the blood fading away. "So you avoided the nightmare... What a lovely surprise you are so full of. But... I must tell you that, well... Your stays in the Nightmare World are not that exciting, and I must expell you and Phoenix boy back to the real world. You don't mind, of course, do you?" He asked her. "Do as you will. It's of little consequence to me how you stroke that ego of yours." She told him, hopping from the bench and strolling past Eclipse, stopping once she was level with him. "But do bear in mind, I'm not so easy to get rid." Moving onward, she waved over her shoulder. "As he once said, the ash will always remain."

Eclipse rose his right arm up slowly as he cracked his neck. "... Ah, but you of all people should know... Once I let you back into the real world, every demon stronger then yourself will be hunting you down until the day you down. You are a danger, young lady..." He then lowered his arm and laughed. "... I'm just kidding! You can stay as long as you like really... Someone else can do the pain in the ass job of finding you and eliminating you." He then began to walk away. "... Besides, you are one of the devil's 'children' ..... Although I will tell you, there is a much greater threat to you then you realize. And you left him to recover... Want to know his name?" He asked her. "Names mean nothing to me." She stated simply, fading as she stepped through a doorway and into the laboratory.

~ Old nightmares! Sebastian's struggle in his own mind! ~

~ Lost.... I feel.... Lost. What is this feeling? Why have I never felt it before? I've lost so much blood... It was all over me. It was all over the controls. It was all over the floor, forming into some kind of puddle. My own pond. My own tomb. I hear voices... I hear Kane. And I hear someone else. I don't know who that is. I... Feel so lost. Like I'm inbetween worlds. Is this... What it feels like... To nearly die? I feel... So much better now. But... I feel... Like something's missing...
Maybe something IS missing.
What.... Is -- is that you?
Yes... It's me. I came to check on you. You nearly died back there, you know.
I don't care.... I just wanted to save her.
Oh, so you still want her, huh? It's always been about her, hasn't it? Right from the moment Arthur took you in, and then tried to make you all dogs. Now look where you've all ended up. Dogs. Miserable hunters meant to track down and kill demons. How pathetic. You have no free will of your own.
Who says I don't?
I'm not saying it's going to happen... I'm saying it has. Perhaps... A little dive into your memories will help you out? ~

It was a hot day for the orphanage... We were outside, the three of us. Rob, me, and Lucy. Lucy was my left hand, Rob was my right. Had I known this meant so much more, I would of found it funny then. But now, I find it tragic. Rob had hair, he wasn't blue. Lucy was... Still human. I was the first to talk. "Have you ever thought of the future?" I said. I sounded younger back then, looked younger too. Adults always said I looked too cute for my own good. I hated the attention I got from that. "The future? Of course I have. You aren't dying, are you?" Rob asked. He was... So nice back then. Him and Lucy were true best friends, no matter what happened, we stuck together. "Of course he isn't!" Lucy spoke up next. God do I miss seeing her like this, before she was... Crazy. "... You aren't dying, right Seby?" She asked me. "Of course not!" I replied. "It's just... I wonder if there's someone out there for me. That's all." Lucy and Rob both rose a brow at me. "What?" They both asked at the same time. "... A girl, okay!" I admitted to them. Both blinked at me... And laughed. "Don't laugh!" I tried telling them. "Rob, you can talk so easy with girls it's not even funny! And you, Lucy, you hang out with guys all the time!" Lucy punched me roughly in the shoulder. "Says who?" She asked. "Says the two guys you always hang out with." Rob interjected, laughing a little. At the time, they thought it was a joke, while I blushed for a few minutes. But then...

Soon it became me and Rob at the orphanage. It was cold this time, probably because the fan was on or something like that. I stared outside at the oncoming rain falling onto the ground. I felt... Lonely. "What's up, little man?" Rob asked me, hanging me a glass full of orange juice. I took it, and drank half of it quickly. "Whoa now!" He called out to me. "Drink slower, it'll help keep the taste in." He told me, raising a brow when he saw me just nod. "... You miss her?" He asked me. I sighed out and stood up. "Of course I miss her!" I admitted to him. "You two were all I had at this place, and now... Look at it. We're the only ones left of our group! Can you believe it?!" I told him. It was unfair... Everyone else had gotten adopted. Everyone but us. The outcasts. The loners. The non-normal people. "I could." Rob said, taking a slow sip of his juice. "... What's that mean?" I asked him angrily. "Well..." He started. "... Have you ever thought about what's beyond our grasp?" He asked me. "... If this is pay-back for that one time --" I started, but... "No. I'm serious. Demons, angels, humans... We are but the weakest part in this role! I mean, come on! Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like, to be well known for taking down one of the highest demons in the world?!?" He asked me. "... I think more of my personal life then my overall life, ok?" I told him. "... Still on about the girl thing. Why do you want a girlfriend so bad?" He asked me another question. "... Why?" I started. ".... Because... I want to know what love is like. How my mother felt when she was with my father... Something like that. Call it cliche if you want... But... It's how I feel."

~ Then that fight happened.
I don't want to remember it.
You have to. It was a big important part in how you came to be here.
I won't!
You won't?
I refuse...
Very well. But remember this... There is more then just Ash you know. Two more children have been found. And they are both females. Remember this, as you wake up in that bed of yours... And remember. I am always watching. After all... I only have one eye to do it with. ~

. . .

~ Deon and Eclipse, the reunion of two old foes! ~

Eclipse had just returned to his home as he cracked his neck slightly as he sighed out. "What a bitch..." He commented, walking over to a chair and sitting down in it. His attire consisted mainly of purple robes to make him look more royal then he already was. "Oh well, let her do as she wishes. I don't care anymore. I try to help warn her, and what does she do? 'Oh I can handle it all by myself, I'm sooo gorgeous that way!' BAH! Makes me sick that she even exists still... Oh well, she'll be defeated soon enough. That's MY revenge to HER!" He then laughed demonically. All at once, his door flew right open and slammed into the nearby wall, breaking through it as the leg of it's destroyer rested upon the floor. Deon stepped inside as his feet hit inside the room with a thud. His cigarette lit up in his hand as he looked around. "Eclipse, show yourself you asshole!" He demanded. The sound of three slow claps came to his ears then. "... You'll have to pay for that you know." He commented. He then stood up from his chair with a sigh out of annoyance. "Oh Deon, Deon, Deon... So quick, so rash, so... Dull! What business do you wish from me this time? Or... Is it me who wishes to know business from you?" He chuckled at this. "It was fun watching that scene again... Of the girl dying, being reborn into a demonic entity... Oh and the ending was SO priceless!" He chuckled darkly again at his own taunts.

Deon, however, simply grinned at him. And... That was it. Eclipse rose a brow at this action. "Did I go too far or something, young phoenix? I would of thought you would of been happier... Considering it is early morning now and all." He waited for a response, a taunt, a joke, something. Yet he got nothing. Only his eyes locking with Deon's. Eclipse blinked. ".... O..k then, don't answer me. Be as weird as you want, it makes no difference to me." Still he got nothing. Deon's hands were beginning to move unconsciously, his fingers being the starting point, twitching and moving in unknown patterns. His hands also began to clench and unclench at unknown points, his grin widened and the flame on his cigarette flared now. Eclipse sighed at this. "Oh dear... Insanity lost again, is it? How many times do we have to go over the same thing every time?" The fire in Deon's eyes sparked at this, and he cracked his neck. "Oh come on, Eclipse. You honestly didn't expect this to happen? Oh come on, have you really grown this dull?" Deon grinned again and his eyes widened, and out came the madman's laugh. Eclipse couldn't help but shake his head. "... I thought you were better then this." Deon's eyes widened as he hit the highest pitch in the laugh he could go, and dropped forward suddenly so that his spine was bent at a 90 degree angle. He looked up for a moment to lock his own maniac eyes with Eclipse's calm and calculating ones. "What's wrong, Eclipse? Can't handle it? You reap what you sow, right?"

Eclipse shrugged his shoulders at this. "I could honestly restrain you at any time, to be honest... I just don't yet because you seem to be torturing yourself rather then helping out others... Oh, but wait... I just remembered. You shouldn't be going crazy when someone very close to you is dying right now." All at once the sound of a blade being drawn emitted throughout the room as a cut appeared on Eclipse's neck, the sound reverberated throughout the room and Deon was now behind Eclipse, with a grin so wide that he could be mistaken for a Cheshire Cat. "Heheheheh, you let your guard down sometimes, Eclipse!" No blood came out of Eclipse's wound as he stood there, looking down at it. He pressed two fingers against it and closed it, sealing it as he sighed out, his form fading in and out for just one second, but Deon didn't seem to care too much, after all he didn't even bother to think something might of been up. "... No wonder she's so interested in you." He spoke. ".... And you don't seem to care whether that stupid oni you like dies from blood loss or not. Oh well, I can tell she's already dead anyway. Being dragged off like the corpse she is now... Oh, and what's this? More blood... Coming from one of your brothers it seems. The youngest... Yes. He was pierced, and he's lost so much blood now.~" Deon's grin slowly faded at this, and simply remained in the spot...

Eclipse then drew his iconic sword out and pierced it through Deon's back without hesitation, smirking as he did. "... Oh Deon, you are such a bastard. Allow me to... Show you what I mean." He told him, and then slowly pulled the blade out of Deon, who allowed this or try to resist. Deon, all at once, began to fade from the Nightmare World. "... I will allow you to return, if only to stop that crazy bitch from wrecking me like she did that vampire's head." He chuckled and sheathed his sword. "Enjoy watching Sebastian and Quake die... I know I will~" Deon growled at this. "Hey Ash, beat the shit outta him for me, will ya?" Eclipse grinned at this. "Ash?" He asked him. "I don't think you know where Ash is. The Ash I met a while ago just went to kill people... The Ash in the real world is going to kill people. And the Ash you know... Is being held captive! If you really want to be a hero for once, then just knock the stupid bitch out! Otherwise, Quake WILL die! You no longer have the time, reality is against you now! She is testing you here... Wanting to see if you will harm a sibling or not! Are you willing to harm her in order to stop her?!?! After nearly killing Sebastian and Quake?! Or.... Will you let the next person to die... Be Rin?" He chuckled at the fun, Deon's lower body was now gone, only his upper body remained. "... I wonder though. She seems to be very interested in your actions, your choices, how you affect the future of others. Rin, Michael and Scott all follow by morals... They never kill an innocent under evil influence unless that person is impossible to bring back. You were always the brute Deon... Think about it. You are nothing but a monster in your own right. I wonder.... If you killed this woman, would they hate you? Oh, who am I saying, of course they would! You would be hated among the Renegades! Ah-ha... Well, ta-ta~ I won't be able to see you off on your adventure most likely, but... I will be watching. Always~" And with that, Deon was back in reality... Eclipse having exited out of his body and fallen on the floor. "... Ow, ow, OW! Rough landing!"

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Mireya Nightless
"When you reach the bottom, the only way you can go now is up... What if it's a bottomless hole?"

Elegia sat upon her red velvet throne and released a rather heavy sigh. The servants and subjects that had welcomed her back had already left at her orders. She needed to be alone at the moment. It had been quite a long time since she had returned to her castle located at the center of her territory due to the orders of the Great King Paimon. There was not much of a difference. The sky was still ashen black with fleeting lightning that penetrated the dark clouds once in a while providing a certain gloomy illumination. The rumble of thunder could also be heard in the background as if to declare that its ruler had returned. Dragons of all sizes ruled the air in her dominion and the lands contained nothing more but barren rocks and jagged mountain ranges. The seas were still and lifeless. It was why she had been called as the Archduchess of the Wastelands. Regardless, she found comfort in these lands. The eerie calm accompanied occasionally by the sound of thunder or the roar of the dragons was similar to a frantic beating heart. For that matter, she liked staying in her lands no matter what others say about it. “I still have to work…” She muttered to herself in a rather disappointed manner. Looking at the papers in her hands that she had gathered, it would not be long when the rebellion would fully bare its fangs to Hell's denizens. Actually, it already has as there had been already reports about the demise of a few Lords and Nobles loyal to the Devil. Truthfully, she had grown quite weary about the matter. After all, rebellions in hell had become an annual occasion. Each of its residents had desired power even in the smallest of ways. It just that others want something bigger. “This only means that we should tread more carefully.”

Crossing her legs, Elegia lazily placed her chin on top of her right hand. She had been entrusted with a very specific mission that would break Hell if revealed. It was good to know that the rebels, solitary yet ambitious demons, and Heaven seemed to be unaware of the inner plans of the Devil. Well, it was better that way. This is why she could still move freely while everyone else fret over their own matters. "For now, everything is falling in their respective places..." Fully leaning on her throne, she closed her eyes momentarily. She had been made aware the rebels were not such small fries as the other rebellions had been in the past. They had evolved from a lint to a thorn to the Devil's rule. Regardless, she had noticed that the Devil was not that concerned about it. Actually, the Ruler of Hell find all of these interesting. Now, she fully understands that Master Paimon was truly the Devil's own son as they have the same outlook. They could be both arrogant or just confident. It was not also a secret that among all the Devil's children, the Great King Paimon was probably the most favored child among the rest. Adding to that, Master Paimon controls the one of the largest territories in Hell and commands 600 legions. One of those under the Master Paimon's jurisdiction was her. Honestly, she does not mind at all. For in the end, everything will only win if one was able to crush the other's trump card. As of now, no one was showing their aces. Thus, the climax was still far away.

"It depends on that one thing..." Elegia whispered to herself as she opened her eyes. "I should get back to work. Master would not be pleased if I went away too long." Standing from her throne, she looked to her right side where a large opened window can be seen. It showed a wonderful view of her territory. Her armies and generals were always on high alert and lookout since she mostly absent from her palace. Security of her dominion could not be lax despite being known as one of the most powerful demons in Hell, she still precautions whenever necessary. In addition, she does not like underestimating anything. Although, she appears to be carefree and has no worries. She was completely opposite of her chosen demeanor. Removing her eyes from the window scene, she began to exit her throne room. She just came back to put some things in order and to pick up as certain object. Now, she has done all that. It is time for her to return to her assigned mission and at Master Paimon's side. Releasing the papers that she held, it flew around her despite having no wind or even a light breeze. They fluttered around and soon enough they crumbled into wisps of sparkling light. The doors opened as she exited and the lights vanished into nothing. As the doors closed behind her, she had a small smile on her lips and murmured almost inaudible words. "Don't be a disappointment..."

Eyes of purple were filled with annoyance and deep seethed anger. The owner of those eyes was leaning on a stone pillar. "You sure take your time like a damn fox." This statement was spoken with clear dislike and blatant disrespect. As for the one being addressed, calm golden eyes met those very expressive purple eyes. "It is because I am not reckless like an oni." The one who spoke was quite a handsome young man with silver-white hair which enhanced his golden eyes and extremely pale skin tone. His physique was similar to that of runaway models and even more on how he presents himself. However at the very end of his statement, he was lifted by the collar and pushed towards a nearby wall with a certain amount of force for cracks appeared on the stone wall. "I dare you to say that again the high and mighty Devant." These words were delivered with rage and a threat but those golden eyes remained unmoved by the sudden violent action. "Alvanzo. I only speak the truth." Grabbing Alvanzo's wrists, Devant removed them with slight resistance. "Your actions proved it." After saying that, Alvanzo hesitantly released Devant while slapping the hands that held his wrists with disgust then he created a tolerable distance between them. "Good choice. As much as we want to tear each other's throat, we have other things to tend to right now." Devant stated with a suave confidence which only infuriated Alvanzo even further. "Shut up!" Alvanzo retorted as he walked away from his damnable partner. He would never understand the reasoning as to why the two of them were assigned to be partners. They could not tolerate each other's presence and would always yearn to kill each other. It had always been that way. Honestly, Alvanzo has no interests of changing that relationship between them anytime in the future.

Devant watched Alvanzo walked away. He straightened his clothes and dusted it as well in the process. There had been a few fragments of the stone wall that had fallen on his form. "So violent and crude. They are despicable creatures." He muttered to himself in a very cold manner as he stood straight and released a sigh. The idea of them being partners was truly a ridiculous idea to begin with. However, it was decided by the Master Paimon. As a result, they could not disobey. After all, it was an honor to receive such an order from such a great person in Hell. So here they were, they try to tolerate each other. He could say that their fragile relationship had improved for they are able to restrain themselves from killing each other. In his opinion, it was the best that anyone that knew them could expect. Because, he would not do anything further than that. For now, he would focus at the task at hand. He began to walk towards the direction where Alvanzo went. "Time to work." Soon enough, it came to his view the apartment complex where Mireya lived before being taken to the Renegade Headquarters. "Took you long enough." Alvanzo's words took Devant's attention. "You held me up remember?" This earned another deathly glare from Alvanzo as Devant simply walked passed him. Alvanzo clenched his hands into fists tightly as he held back the urge to tear Devant apart. He swore every time Devant opens his mouth it irritates him. "You're too slow." Snapping from his trance, Alvanzo looked at Devant and saw that he was already in front of Mireya's apartment door. "Say that again and I'll kill you." Devant released another sigh and shrugged his shoulders at Alvanzo's threat while he took something out of his pocket. "Forgive us for intruding Mireya." Devant said as the thing he took out was a key. Without delay, he was able to unlock the door and opened it.

"Why did you save him?"

"I saved someone?"

"Maybe... Did you want to be forgiven?"

"Forgiven for what?"

"You are truly a cruel and selfish person."

"Don't speak like you know me."

"But, I do. It is why I like you very much."

"Who are you?"

"Don't you know?"

"I would not ask If I know. So spill it."

"Listen well dear princess..."

The next thing that could be heard was a melody. Judging by how it was being played, the song came from a music box. It was a soothing tune. Somehow, doubts, fears, and sadness were erased from existence even if just for a bit. The melody had a playful nature to it at the same time a warmth resembling that of Spring. Mireya heard it as she slowly opened her eyes. What welcomed her sight was the clear skies that seemed to compete with her sapphire blue eyes. The scent of flowers blossoming filled the light breeze passing by. A fluttering butterfly came before her as it flew towards the clouds. She extended her hand upwards. It was an effort to reach out for the butterfly. However, it was a futile effort as the butterfly disappeared before her. She let her outreached hand fall to her side as the melody still surrounded her like an inescapable breeze. If she knew better, the song was lulling her to slumber and at the same time she had a feeling that this melody was very familiar. It was like she had used to listen to it always. This only provided her more questions than an answer. Closing her eyes in slight frustration, she heard the same voice that she had always heard in her dreams again.

"Do you remember? The day you were born."

"I don't."

"You have a one-track mind."

"I take that as a compliment."

"I intended it that way. You get things done at the very least."

"Tell me already, who you are. Who are you to me?"

"This melody was composed especially for one person. Can you guess who?"

"For you."

"It would be nice but no. It was for..."

The end of that statement did not come. Perhaps, it was carried away by the breeze. Incidentally, the melody had also come to a stop. Mireya felt that the calming environment she was in earlier was slowly dissipating. Opening her eyes, she saw something different from the skies before. Staring back at her was a pair of green eyes filled with horror and regret. She did not expect such a scenario as she reached out to the owner of those eyes but that person disappeared in a mist. Soon, she felt that the temperature was rising which was getting too close for comfort. Looking around her, she had witnessed the cause of this. Everywhere around her were flames growing larger by the second. It was engulfing everything that comes close to them. She looked for a way out but nothing was available as the fire had completely surrounded her. Standing her ground, she could feel the heat licking her skin. She was not sure what exactly she was feeling. The flames stalked towards her like a predator to a prey. She could not move from her position as there was no other place to run to. It was then she felt someone embracing and pulling her close from behind. Her eyes widened in surprise and at the same confusion. "Who are you?" She asked as she slowly turned her head to get a good look at the one embracing her. However, it was then that the fire finally engulfed her. "No!" She shouted in pain and horror. This is when she woke up in cold sweat unaware that she was currently in the presence of Kane and Sebastian.

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Empty eyes gazed back at Keilani; however, she did not allow it to dissuade her sincerest feelings. It was then Keilani saw a rather small glimmer of life within those dead-like eyes of Ash. At that moment, Keilani gave Ash a very gentle smile and as a response Ash embraced her with desperation. This gesture awakened a sense of protectiveness within Keilani as she returned the embrace. An offer of assurance and a safe haven from Ash's fears and loneliness. This moment was almost perfect if it was not interrupted by a familiar yet sarcastic voice that broke the spell of relief between the two ladies. It would seemed that Ash knew and found the source of that voice as she immediately removed herself from Keilani. This cause the pink-haired girl slight surprise and concern due to Ash's fearful expression and gesture. She reached out her hand to the frightened girl and was about to move forward when a floating red eye lifted itself from the floor. Now, Keilani understood the reason for Ash's dread. This made Keilani stopped from walking towards Ash while the eye circled around them. But, it was not long before it stopped behind Ash and whispered inaudible words.

Keilani was not certain what it could be about; however, she had a guess that it was something about her. This conclusion came from the sudden distrustful expression and gesture of Ash who stepped back away from Keilani in doubt. "Ash..." Keilani called out to her with much concern but she made herself stay in her current position. She had a feeling that whatever that shadowy figure revolving around Ash was something that the girl needed to affirm and fight without her aid. There are moments in one's life that no one would be able to help. One would need to help himself. But at the very least, Keilani could stay here before Ash and show her sincere support. She must believe in Ash that she would be able to overcome this hurdle on her own. "Ash, I believe in you." Keilani softly said with complete faith as she watched the events happening around Ash. In truth, Keilani was trying hard not to run towards Ash and help her. But, it was important for Ash to face this and win this one on her own. Keilani was certain of this as she was also having voice of hesitation within her.

Soon enough, the words from the shadowy presence begin to speak about taking revenge on Claire and even hurting an Oni. Keilani had no idea about the Oni part. After all, her knowledge about demons is as good as of toddler. However, these words were enough to push Ash into a violent reaction. This only meant that Ash knew there was truth in those words being spoke. For one will never be angry if what was being said is not true or at least a concern. The same goes when one gets into a fight with another. If one would notice, people only get into battles because they care about something or someone. People just take the emotion of concern as something related to hatred. The shadowy presence finally revealed itself as having the same appearance as Ash. This surprised Keilani but it does make sense. Ash's enemy, rival, nemesis, and other terms that could be use was herself to begin with. This person was also Ash. It was the one who represented the rage, hatred, fears, and doubts. The things that everyone has deep within them even Keilani and she knew this.

The debate between the two Ash had finally come to an end. Ash had finally made a stand and a decision to face the things that she fears. The other Ash walked away and soon faded to the darkness. Keilani felt admiration towards Ash in that very moment. The hardest thing that a person could do was to win against himself or even accept a part that one wishes to never exist. Removing her attention towards the other Ash, Keilani looked at the one in front of her. Her rose-pink eyes met Ash's eyes who had a wry smile on her face while asking for assurance about someone waiting for her return. The pink-haired maiden understand the meaning behind such a smile. It is not easy for someone to instantly change. No one can be like that despite how strong they claimed themselves to be. However, Ash took that one step and for now that was enough. Keilani gave a gentle and proud smile on her face towards Ash's words and decision. "Yes. Everyone. Claire and me. I promised. I will be with you from now on." She said with the sincerest of feelings as she approached and extended her hand towards Ash to take. "Let's go, Ash."

"That was rather dull." The moon's light illuminated the person who spoke. It was like a spotlight which was following every movement. Under the lunar light, it revealed a man with short jet black hair and his bangs fall slightly in his eyes and strands on the side of his bangs framing his face, his eyes are being covered by a pair of circular, heavily tinted, wire-framed orange sunglasses with goggle sidings. He donned an outfit that comprises a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, and a flamboyant, intricately knotted red cravat, covered by a full-length, red frock overcoat with cape, and he also wears a red fedora hat with a wide floppy brim. Another interesting thing to note is that he also wears a pair of white gloves that have five pointed emblem seals on them. "I thought she would put a little more excitement to it." He said with a rather disappointed tone. Stopping from his walk, he took out something from one of his pockets in his coat. The object taken shimmered like a fleeting star as the moon's light reflect upon the silver chain. But upon closer inspection, the silver-white light is not the only thing that glowed. It also had a red shimmer to it. This was probably due to the blood drops and markings that stained it. "At the very least, I had something to remember that Fraulein."

He dangled it before his face as a big sardonic smile decorated his lips. It showed those pearly white teeth but the defining trait of it was the two very sharp fangs that resembles more of a canine than human. "My dear Nathaniel. Your daughter has a very delicious friend." These words were tainted with sarcastic humor but at the same time a deep malice. "Protecting such a precious keepsake." The object that dangled was the pendant necklace that is owned by Keilani. It was now smudged with the blood hanging precariously on the side of circular pendant. He opened it and revealed the portrait of Sarah, Keilani's Mother, and Nathaniel, Keilani's Father. "I believe it is time for you to pay your debt my dear Nathaniel." His tone seeped out a rather insinuating innuendo as he pointed specifically at the pale-pink haired male picture. "Your lovely wife can't protect the sweet nectar anymore and we all know that you can't do much as well." The latter statement was spoken with a few fits of laughter in between. He seemed to enjoy talking to himself at the moment. A slight cold breeze passed by him as it lightly made the dangled pendant twirl. "Are you telling me that you haven't lost yet?" This question of his brought a rather maniacal laughter from him. It echoed through the rather empty park lane that he was walking through.

The park was in deadly silence as if his laughter caused great fear to even the trees and the winds. He continued to laugh as the moon casts it light on him. Soon enough, he stopped from his fit and gazed at the moon above him. "Ah... I see your point. Your still there, aren't you?" Lowering his head, the fedora hat's rim covered his face entirely from anyone's sight. There was a haunting silence from him. It was at that moment a couple that wanted to have some privacy chanced upon him. "Get a life, dude!" The man commented as the couple walked passed him while the girl giggled at this. The corner of his lips lift upwards as he raised his head. The glasses that covered his eyes was now hanging gingerly at the bridge of his nose. Thus, it revealed those blood red eyes that Fran saw for the first and the last time. The next thing that could be heard were bone-chilling screams and the noise of impending doom. After a few moments, he began walking once more as he pushed his glasses up to fully cover his eyes. "The name is Drakul not dude." Behind Drakul, trails of blood and bits of entrails could be found. "Shall we make a bet?" He asked to no one in particularly as he walked away from another freakish crime that would probably reported in the front pages of the morning paper. He closed the pendant and clutched it tightly in his hand. "I shall be with you soon, my sweet forbidden child of pleasures."

Crimson pink eyes opened immediately accompanied by a rather frantic beating of the heart and short yet quick breaths. Keilani blinked a couple of times before she had realized that she was back to the real world. She saw the familiar room that she had deemed to be safe for her to initiate her entrance to Ash's mind. Closing her eyes, she felt quite very drained. It made her wonder if such things were physically tiring. But no matter, she was more worried about Ash's whereabouts and if she was able to return as well. She slowly stood from her position as she used the wall near her as a support. It appeared that her already exhausted body was further drained from her current activities. Actually, she released a rather large yawn and at the same time, she could feel her legs about to give up on her weight. This was enough to tell her that she had thoroughly pushed herself in such current health conditions. Taking a deep breath, she began to garner enough strength for her to leave the room and find Ash and Claire. "I'm worried..." She softly whispered for it seemed that even speaking was beginning to be such a chore for her body.

Approaching the door, Keilani felt a something rubbing on her right leg. Looking at it, she gave it a small smile. It was Blanche. She was glad to see that her feline companion was safe. In addition, she should take Blanche for making sure that she and hopefully Ash had returned safely to this world. Mustering enough strength to lower herself, she patted Blanche's head gently. "Thank you for all of your help, Blanche. Did Ash managed to come back?" The cat looked at her innocently and gave a small nod. It seemed to understand her question without much effort. This made her smile with relief. "Will you take me to her and Claire?" Upon hearing her request, Blanche immediately went to the door. It waited for her to open the door as it was very willing to lead the way. This took her a few moments to connect the two things as she gave an awkward smile. "I'm sorry. I think my thought process was affected." She slowly made an effort once more to stand properly but ended up wobbling. Fortunately, she was able to use the door as a support to steady her feet. "I guess I need to take care of myself better." She softly lectured herself as she opened the door; however, what awaited her was someone completely unfamiliar to her.

It was a rather beautiful woman who had pale brown hair and matching eyes. She also donned an unfamiliar set of clothing. But what completely took Keilani by surprise was the pair of impressive white feather wings and a rather visible floating golden circlet on top of her head. This must be one of those halos. "Is she an angel?" This was the thought that entered her mind immediately. It also added to that she had this vague feeling of something holy or sacred coming from this mysterious lady. At the same time, she could feel the hair at the back of her head standing up. Well, she should not have herself ponder on this longer. After all, she was not in the best condition to do so. She should ask who was the strange woman before her. "Who---" Keilani was instantly cut off as the tip of a blade was pointed at her face. There was only a few centimeters between her and the glistening blade which meant it was very sharp. "Die you heretic." The female angel declared with clear volition and her eyes flamed with determination to eliminate Keilani without question. It was then a large explosion could be heard throughout the area as the entire Renegade Headquarters shook from the impact of the explosion.

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"Die you heretic."

Everything was suddenly surrounded in a brilliance of white and the sound of a massive explosion echoed. Instinctively, Keilani closed her eyes and braced herself for whatever was going to happen. After a few minutes, there was an eerie silence and a stillness so uncanny. Slowly opening her eyes, the room she had occupied was now in complete shambles. It had been now reduced into a pile of debris and she could even hear some fragments of the ceiling or walls falling to the ground. "Blanche?" She whispered first with worry. "Blanche?" She continued calling to the white feline. Her worry slowly grew from a seed into a plant. The cat remained unresponsive as she began to stir from her current position. It would seemed that the explosion had made her fly a good mile hitting a piece of stone wall that prevented her from going any further. It was then she felt a burning sensation and something wet flowing on her right shoulder like a broken dam. Looking at it, she now had finally realized that the blow the feathered-wing female dealt did not take her life. Instead, it had simply grazed her right shoulder with a piercing wound. Biting her lower lip in pain, she tried moving it but it was useless. It appeared that she had a broken right arm in the process. Regardless, she was not going to complain as she recalled the mysterious female's words. "She wanted me dead... just like that person..." She whispered to herself.

Her thoughts were disrupted when she heard movement coming from her left side. As a result, a few rolling rubble could be heard. "Blanche is that you?" Keilani asked with hope and concern as she gathered her will to stand up. In that action, she felt a bolt of pain from her right shoulder and back. It seemed that her collision with the stone wall did much damage than she had expected. But, it was not the time she should worry about that. "Blanche is that---" Eyes of pink widened in horror at the scene that unraveled before her. "The impure one must be destroyed." It was the female angel who looked at her with much disdain. However, it was not the cause of her horror but it was the Blanche badly hurt while being held by the angel through its throat. "Blanche!" Keilani shouted once her voice had returned to her. The pain racking her body and exhaustion were completely ignored. "Let Blanche go! It has nothing to with you or me! I'm the one you want!" She pleaded while she approached the stoic yet cold angel. "Anyone that helps the taboo child must be removed as well." It was then that she finally understood why such a close-range attack missed decimating her completely. Blanche must have interrupted the angel before the attack was launched. "Please... I beg you... Let Blanche go..." She reached out her bloody left hand from covering her right shoulder wound towards the angel. Tears fall from her eyes as she pleaded. There was still a good enough distance between the two of them as she continued walking forward. The angel remained unmoving and simply stood and pointed her spear at Blanche. "There is no mercy for sinners."

"Because you existed, she died."

Those words echoed deep within Keilani's mind along with the face of the one who told her that. It was like a silent film as the events of what occurred on the day her mother died along with the look of horror from her grandparents, Donna, and Fran played within her mind over and over again. The tip of the angel's spear began to glow and she knew the intention of that light. "No!" At the exact moment, the energy released from the spear was disintegrated into wisps of disappearing light. This surprised the female angel as she looked at her primary target. Keilani seemed to be in a trance much similar to the one she had at the hospital. Her eyes were now completely white and the rubble and debris near her were being disintegrated into dusts. "The power of disintegration as I have---" The angel was not able to finish her statement for she felt a powerful force directed above her. In reaction, she dodged it but not after seeing the damage on her former position. It was like a large amount of huge boulders were dropped on it. But, she did not see anything and it could not have been the the girl's disintegration ability. Moreover, the cat she held captive was now cradled in mid-air with nothing holding it at all. She had released the feline in her effort to avoid the blow. "I have not been informed about this... She must be a telekinetic."

After saying that, the angel felt another wave of invisible force with the intent to kill approaching her. Without a moment too soon, she dodged it and was surprised at the speed of the attack. It was like rain of daggers while looking at the pattern on the ground with a piercing mark. The taboo child must also have the ability to procure illusions. It was the logical conclusion as she could not see an object being moved by Keilani telekinetically. Due to her brief lapse in focus, one of the attacks managed to graze her on her chest slicing a portion of her clothing as well. "You..." The angel said with vengeance as the cut was now bleeding from the attack. "I am Galadriel, an Angel in the rank of Powers. I will not be defeated by a heretic like you!" Keilani appeared unconcerned by Galadriel's outburst. She was also not amused by the angel's bravado as Keilani appeared more like of a lifeless doll. But one would wonder what was manipulating her exactly. The only answer was to look inside her mind. Yet, it was something that could not be done at the moment. "Prepare to die in the name of God! You heathen!" With that said, Galadriel propelled herself forward while wielding her spear while Keilani gazed at her with those white eyes of hers unabashed and another large-scale explosion covered them from anyone's prying eyes while the impact resonated within the remaining structure at the sector the two females were in.

Soon, the three soldiers that had been ordered to investigate by Scott and directed by Michael arrived at the battle scene. It was unnerving to see the destruction that had been left in its wake. Half of the sector was already blown away in smithereens. A major renovation would be needed by the looks of it. More than that, the dust cloud that obstructed their view was slowly being lifted and what they saw was utterly horrifying. Galadriel appeared to be choking and was attempting to remove something around her neck which was nothing. At the same time, the female angel was bathed in her own blood. Her wings had been torn without much delicacy as the pair of feathered wings scattered on the ground. The other thing that was terrifying was the angel was now missing her lower limbs which could be seen littering the ground in various different pieces and sizes. It seemed they were butchered. The soldiers had never seen such a grotesque scene. Galadriel sensed the presence of the humans and managed to glance at them. Her eyes reflected the pain she was suffering but there was still the nobility of her kind. The unyielding pride of an Angel. "Run... Before she kills you..." Those were her last words as her head was cut into precisely four parts and fell to the ground with a bloody thud. The soldiers eyes widened in pure horror and trembled in fear.

One question plagued their minds. "Who did this?". As if to answer the silent inquiry, Keilani revealed herself as she stepped on one of Galadriel's head piece. Her eyes were still completely white and she was also splattered with blood. The white hospital gown that she wore was now stained with dirt, grime, and prominently by blood. Her right shoulder wound continued to bleed as it dripped to the ground like raindrops from the tip of her fingers. As a result of such injury, her skin was slowly becoming close to the paleness of death. It did not also help that she had acquired new injuries such a cuts and bruises not to mention she was already in a bad condition to begin with. She was in a complete mess but there was something unnerving about her current appearance. Looking at the head piece that she stepped on, it immediately disintegrated into dusts along with the other parts of Galadriel and her equipments. The soldiers who witnessed this put two and two together and realized that Keilani was now a threat not only to them but to everyone else. Without hesitation, they pointed their guns at her. "Do not move from the spot! Remain still and if you do, we will be forced to shoot you!" One of the men spoke and fear was evident in his voice. The other one quickly took out his RadioCom and began reporting the situation. "This is Unit 5 requesting immediate back-up! A hostile individual present! I repeat a child has gone---" The communication was cut as the RadioCom turned into dusts in his hand. "Ah!!!" He screamed in surprise and fear.

It served as a signal as the other two began shooting at Keilani. They unloaded all of their bullets out of fear for their own safety. The commotion attracted the other nearby units and watched in horror as the two soldiers now joined but the other one began shooting as if they were insane. Even more, the target was no longer visible due to the discharge of gunpowder and dusts as it the bullets hit some of the nearby structures. "Stop it already!" One of the soldier who recently arrived approached them and grabbed one of the men by the collar. "Snap out of it!" This is what some of the WDL soldiers witnessed as they also took the chance to observe the situation. After all, they had been told that everything had been settled and now there was another ruckus. The three soldiers regained their composure as they stopped firing as they also were out of bullets. "Did we get her?" One of them asked as the cloud of dusts slowly faded and what revealed them was unbelievable. Keilani stood before them unfazed. The bullets that should have been a direct hit floated before her. She had managed to block all of them effortlessly as she appeared before them still in a trance. The WDL soldiers quickly identified her as a, "A monster kill it!"

Keilani glanced at them as the WDL prepared to attack her and she slashed their bodies into half from the moment they run towards her. On the other side, she slammed something invisible into the Renegade soldiers taking advantage of her so-called blind spot as another explosion occurred giving a gory death that was hit directly. It was then that a form of an invisible giant hand could be seen as the blood stained it in specific portions. The rest of the men were fear stricken by such a brutal end and how emotionless the girl before them appeared to be. They had to retaliate if not they would die. Pointing their guns at her once more, this time she disintegrated the guns along with the bullets that she had blocked earlier. It was now a fact. She was not someone that can be stopped by the methods of humans. The Renegade soldiers along with some of the WDL trembled in fear but, they cannot show such pathetic cowardice in front of a monster. They swallowed their fear and decided to die fighting. This would have been granted by her if she had not heard. "Meow..."

Slowly, Keilani looked towards the source of the sound and found Blanche already up despite its injuries looking at her. It seemed that the feline was reprimanding her and at the same time persuading her to stop. Her eyes slowly receded back to its normal rose pink ones and the eerie presence she exuded dissipated as if it had never existed from the beginning. "Blanche..." She managed to say before falling to the ground as she had completely blackout from the damaging toll that her body took. Her invisible hand manifestations vanished completely as Blanche fell to the ground but as a cat, it managed to land on its paws. The feline approached Keilani and licked her cheeks an effort to soothe. The soldier slowly approached the fallen girl in fear that she would just wake up and kill them like the others. However, their worries were just in their imagination fortunately. However, there was one problem now. No one was willing to touch her or even willing to help despite the orders to have her be returned to infirmary. No one can blame them especially with what they had witnessed. The bodies of their comrades were all over the place as if they were just a butchered animal. This girl was dangerous in more ways than one.

One of the WDL soldiers present immediately expressed his opinion. "That girl must be put into execution immediately! This will be reported to our Commander!" With that said, the WDL left with the sincerest desire to see Keilani dead. As for the Renegades, they were split by their fear and duty. But, one of them began to carry Keilani. "What are you doing?" One of the soldiers asked. "Did you not see what she had done?!" The said soldier adjusted Keilani in his arms to make the girl comfortable while Blanche jumped and laid on her chest. "I arrived in time to witness her killing our friends." Another soldier joined in. "Then we should just let her die! We can report to Scott or Michael that we were too late. She is just too dangerous!" There was another soldier who shared the same opinion. "I agree! I'm already scared about Deon getting all crazy. I can't have another lunatic running around here!" The soldier carrying Keilani released a sigh and walked passed his fellow soldiers. "You're Renegade Soldiers not thugs or murderers. Remember that." It was then he left the scene and began heading to the infirmary while looking at Keilani's weakened form. "Are you going to wake up again asking me to kill you?" His voice had a bitterness in it while Blanche looked at the soldier curiously.

It was not that long. The soldier had finally arrived at the infirmary and found the presence of a young boy that he knew as Sebastian and one of the newest children, a female with purple hair named Mireya. It was what he had recalled in the files. He approached the remaining empty bed and gently placed Keilani on it. Blanche dismounted itself from Keilani and was now on the floor. The medical staff quickly crowded over Keilani seeing her rather drastic condition. Sebastian was on a critical level but due to a divine intervention the boy would live. He just needed to recuperate his blood loss. As for Mireya, she just needed rest. But as for Keilani, she needed medical treatment due to her injuries and blood loss and a lot of rest. "Will she be fine?" The soldier asked as one of the nurses looked at him. "She is one of the children, right? She should be. Don't worry too much Roger." Upon hearing that, Roger nodded and proceeded to leave Keilani in the care of the medical staff. As she continued to slumber deeply without the knowledge of what had transpired around her or what a terrible deed she had done earlier. One thing is for sure that when she opens her eyes, she would be facing her demons both old and new.

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"A Power had perished. She seemed to have awakened a new power." Raziel reported while looking at Jahoel who was sitting calmly on his throne with eyes closed. "We should handle this ourselves." The moment Raziel stated that Jahoel's midnight black eyes were seen once more. It had a piercing look that made Raziel visibly flinched. "An order is an order, my friend. There is nothing to be done about it." Upon hearing those words, Raziel looked away as he clenched his hands into tight fists. He was clearly disturbed by the turn of events and even more the rather uncaring view of Jahoel about this matter. "One of our own died. Galadriel died! And you don't even care at the very least." A sigh was the first answer that Jahoel had for Raziel's opinion about his standings and lack of emotions. "All things will come to an end at some point. Are you saying that Galadriel's death was not honorable? She had died doing her mission proudly." Raziel's golden eyes lit with flames of unspecified emotions as he immediately punched the headrest of Jahoel's throne which crumbled easily. He had barely missed the Jahoel's head in the process. "It could have been avoided and no one would need to die but that wretched child!" Jahoel met those burning golden eyes with his rather cold and enigmatic black ones. There was silence between them and it was full of pent-up tension. "Remember who you served Raziel. It is not ourselves." Jahoel stood from his throne and walked passed Raziel. "The orders have not changed. We will remain here as God had intended. Disobedience in any form will be considered treason. Remember that well."

After saying that, Jahoel was no where in sight and even his presence had vanished into nothingness. Raziel gritted his teeth on anger and irritation. He knew that Jahoel's words were absolutely correct. However, he cannot just more of the angels die for such a child that should have not exist from the very beginning. Removing his hand from the crumbled headrest, he lowered his head as it effectively covered his eyes from anyone's prying. "Because of your stupidity... Your weakness... This what happened. Are you happy now?" He muttered with much rage and disappointment. Lifting his head, he looked at one particular throne that had been vacant for a long time. "You are just good with being selfish. You are a selfish being." After saying that, he averted his eyes from the said throne and proceeded to leave the area as well. He should check with the Dominions and Powers of their next moves as God had yet to retract the order. But before he could, Raziel came face-to-face with Cochabiel. "You must have heard already, what happened on the mortal realm." Cochabiel closed his eyes and walked passed Raziel not confirming anything. "Among the three of us, you are the one oozing with such great intent to kill. You must feel so restless." Cochabiel noticed the destroyed throne of Jahoel's and answered. "Do not involve me in your childish frustrations." Raziel quickly turned around to face him with annoyance clearly shown on his face. "What did you say!?"

Cochabiel finally looked at Raziel with those silver-blue eyes that were vacant like those of a corpse. "She will die by my hands." His statement reverberated within the area with such strength of resolve and determination slightly flaring behind those silver-blue eyes. "Whatever you say." Raziel answered as he turned towards the exit once more and left the vicinity. As for Cochabiel, he took his seat on the throne made for him. He wanted to take a few minutes of rest from his duties. Closing his eyes, the faint scent of spring was noticed by him. It reminded him of a specific person that made the Heavens turned upside down with just a few of words. "She killed quite the amount of people. The child you wanted to protect so much is becoming of her true nature." Leaning on his chair, his eyes opened and looked at the clear blue skies above. "Will it be truly worth it when I crush her?" He softly muttered and felt a light caress upon his cheek. "You should have chosen me... You should have..." It was then he felt a cold presence embracing him in some manner. He allowed it knowing who it could probably be. "Thank you, Cochabiel... Thank you." It was whisper that seemed to float in air. Then, the presence vanished for anyone to notice or to feel. "It was not the words I wanted to hear." He answered with his tone brandishing the subtlety of sorrow while his eyes seemed to be glow with light disappointment. "It was not what I want..."

"Once upon a time, there was this princess who were best of friends with two princes from two different kingdoms. The first prince was known as the Good Prince as he is kind, charismatic, gentle, and understanding. While the other prince is known as the Bad Prince. It is because he is brash, haughty, and had a bad mouth to begin with."


"But one day, the princess was caught by an enemy who imprisoned her in a dark tower. When the two princes heard of this, they quickly rushed to save the princess. But along the journey, the Evil prince did everything he could to stop the Good Prince. For the Evil Prince knew how much the princess loved the Good Prince and he wanted to be the one to have that love."

It was at that moment eyes of pink were slowly revealed. The light coming from the bulbs irate Keilani's eyes for a brief moment as she closed her eyes once more. She was not sure why the story that her mother would often tell her when she was a child was suddenly a dream of hers. However, she had other matters to worry about. Opening her eyes, she assessed the familiar setting of the infirmary that she was in before. Somehow, she had managed to return her. Recalling the events, her eyes widened with worry as she quickly made herself stand from her bed. However, she was only successful to make herself a shot of pain throughout her body and feel how heavy her body felt at the moment. "Ah!" Instantly, she landed back on her bed as she exhaled deeply. Even with the best intention of her scream was just a mere whisper, she was much more weaker than she had originally thought at the moment. "I must know... if Blanche is okay..." She said in almost a whisper without even trying to do so. It was then she felt a eyes looking at her. Looking at the direction where she sensed it, her eyes widened with surprise this time around. It was a familiar face and somehow it soothed her in a way. "Ash... You're safe. I am so happy..." She said with much happiness as her eyes were beginning to glisten with tears.

"Because you existed, she died."

Those words haunted Keilani again as she looked away. "May I ask you something?" She murmured audibly. "Do you remember Blanche? Is she fine?" Her eyes returned to Ash's figure as her those eyes of rose pink were filled with hope and concern. They were almost desperate in a sense. "I cannot remember what happened when that woman tried to kill Blanche..." She whispered to herself as her memories were all muddled. It was probably due to the current condition or it was the natural reaction of the brain to protect its owner from traumatic experiences. In any case, she has no recollections of the deaths she had caused while she was on a rampage. Unbeknown to her, she was going to put into a trial for the crimes she had committed. At the same time, she had no idea that another piece from a distant past and a possible connection to her future was arriving at the Renegade Headquarters. The question will it be pleasantly and wreck havoc especially when everyone had just managed to get a semblance of peace.

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~ Saulkur's Appearance! ~

"My Lady Elegia, welcome back." It was one of the servants that had been waiting for Elegia's return. The Archduchess gazed at the male demon with curiosity as she had noticed his rather nervous gait. "Yes, I have although; it has not been that long." She greeted back while walking passed him as she was headed to her throne room. The said servant immediately followed her as he maintained a respectable distance between the two of them. "I'm happy about your arrival... But, you see..." She did not bother to look at the servant and stopped immediately before her throne room with a raised eyebrow. "I have a guest." The male servant nodded fervently while rubbing his hands in nervousness. Noticing this, she released a sigh and raised her right hand waving it for him to leave now. Following this the servant hurriedly bowed and left the place without a second look. As for the Archduchess, the large doors leading to her throne opened before her as she greeted her guest with a smile. "My, my, my, have you not traveled too far from your father's side?" She asked. "My father's castle is fine..." He stated, walking inside as his blue robes flowed about around him, his body looking human for the most part as what stood out was his light blue hair. He rose a brow as he looked at her. "I imagine you know what I am here then, Lady Elegia?" Crystal blue eyes glowed with an unspecified glint as Elegia walked ahead of the man and went straight to her throne before speaking.

"I'm glad to hear you father is doing fine." After saying that, she took her seat and looked at him in coy manner. "Perhaps. After all, it is just your imagination." She said with a smile on her face while her words were tinted with sarcastic humor. The son of Rhanksar rolled his eyes as he walked forward and stopped before her at this. "Right... So am I meant to get on one knee or sit beside you or what?" He asked with a seemingly casual tone, trying not to get wrapped up in her humor right now. Elegia released a small sigh and closed her eyes. "Take your seat, please." With that said, a stone chair came out of the ground directly opposite of hers. "Aren't you quite serious?" She noted as she leaned on her throne and crossed her legs in the process. "So, let's not waste time. What is it that you want exactly?" The son of Rhanksar took his seat as he looked at her with a risen brow. "I can't tell if you are trying to flirt or just want my attention... Either way - I’m not quite happy at the moment... It's why I'm here. It's about my little brother." He admitted to her. "You will know if I'm flirting and certainly I will let you know if I want you..." Elegia answered in a matter-of-fact tone accompanied by a smile. "So, it is about your brother." She spoke coyly while narrowing her eyes at him. "Are the instincts of being an older sibling tingling within you, hmm?" It was wrapped with subtle suspicion but more with humor than anything else. One would wonder if she was being serious but it was also a fact that the Archduchess had always been a serious person with just a carefree demeanor. "What can I do to ease your unhappiness?"

The son of Rhanksar shrugged his shoulders. "Well.... There is one thing." He said as he looked up at her. "... He's in love with a bitch. Another child who goes by the name of Ash Clade... I hate her for it. She doesn't even give a damn for god's sakes - pushing him aside like some toy. It bothers me... A lot. But there's nothing I can do about it - if I come in, it would ruin everything." Placing her elbow on the armrest of her throne, Elegia casually placed her chin on top of her hand and looked at him with interest. "So, he has entered puberty. How delightful." Closing her eyes momentarily, she waved her free hand to the sides. "I cannot intervene directly, yet." She said with slight disappointment and continued on. "However, there are other two children as the newest recruits. They are both females. As a matter of fact, I have a little birdie that told me that one of the females saved your little brother." Looking at him, there was a glint of auspicious meaning in those blue eyes of hers. "Emotions are so fickle. You will never know. But, what exactly do you want me to do?" The son of Rhanksar shrugged his shoulders at this. "... I wanted to know where you stood with Rhanksar and the Council of Hell currently - in case anything were to happen or turn up.." He said as he shrugged his shoulders lightly. "... I also need to know how the King's progress is going so far with his army." A smile was again present in her lips as Elegia listened to his words.

"You want to know my allegiance... I see..." She paused momentarily as she looked at the nails of her free hand. "As long as Rhanksar stands beside the Lord Devil. I will be his ally and as for the council, it is the same." Then, she shifted her attention to him once more. "As for the Master's army, he strengthens them even more. The borders of the inner sanctum are well protected. The Rebels will have a hard time penetrating it. As you can see, he is not much concerned. I am not sure whether that is confidence or simply something else." After saying that, she removed her chin from the top of her hand and her eyes narrowed to a certain degree. "But, what do you really want to discuss with me, son of Rhanksar?" The son of Rhanksar looked at her and sighed. "... It's Saulkur. And it's... Well... Nevermind." He said as he went to stand up at this. Saulkur's actions made Elegia sigh once more. He was the other person than the Master Paimon who had made her sigh more than once. "Do you not like me calling you by that title?" She asked nonchalantly before looking at him with curiosity. "So, you're not going to tell me your real intentions?" Running her fingers through her long black hair, she looked at him in a sideway manner. "I can be overbearing when I am oh so curious. You do know that don't you?" Saulkur stopped as he looked down at her and sighed. "... I'd.... Like.... A job." He tilted his head down at this, if there were an anime sweatdrop, one would be present right now. There was a moment of silence. It was like a ton of cold ice dropped on a desert. Time seemed to pass by ever so slowly and it was only interrupted with a delightful chuckle from Elegia. It had rather melodic tone to it as it echoed within the large throne room. She did mind her manners in front of Saulkur as she continued to show her mirth. "You--- Hahahaha!" Her words become incoherent but soon enough, she was able to settle herself. Taking a deep breath, she could tell that he must be annoyed at her reaction.

But, no one in their right mind would not laugh. "You never ceased to make me laugh. In any case, did you not ask Rhanksar, himself about this?" She coughed in between trying to control her bubbling laughter. "I'm just curious as you are his eldest son." Saulkur kneeled down in front of her and placed his hand on her shoulder. "... I meant in the human world." If it was possible to have Elegia's vein's popping on her forehead, it would have been done. "You should have completed your sentence." Glaring at Saulkur, she released another sigh. "Another reason, I don't get bored with you." Looking at the hand on her shoulder, she continued on. "Like I said, did you not ask your father?" This time she looked at Saulkur. "Although, I have an idea I could use you for." Saulkur sighed. "Father said it would be unjust for him to have any fake human businesses. It'd be a big demonic factory..." He shivered a bit at this and lowered his hand down to her hand. "... I just.... Need a cover for the human world, t-that's all..." He kept his best to look down at this. "...." Elegia listened to his words quite intently and had the idea that would what Rhanksar will tell his son. Looking at Saulkur's hand on hers, she then looked at him. "All right. I will give you a cover." She said with a very serious tone. The humor that was always present in her words had completely vanished. "I do have a reputation to uphold as an Archduchess and Liege to Master Paimon now."

Saulkur looked at the ground at this. "....And in return, I must do -- what?" He asked. Retrieving her hand from Saulkur's, Elegia looked at him intently before speaking. "Just watch. No matter what happens or even when your brother gets involved with my people at the human world. You must do absolutely nothing." She spoke every word with intent and seriousness. "I am certain he won't die that easily. He is your brother and even more Rhanksar's son." Saulkur sighed out and stood up slowly. "... Anything else you would like to tell me then?" He asked, not sure whether to stay or go at this point. Elegia tilted her head to side and had a thoughtful look. Her serious presence instantly dissipated. "One more thing. I always liked the starwberry frappe at the human world. Bring me some, it would be awhile before I return then. I do have my territory to handle at the moment and there is also the report... So, be a dear." She said with a very sweet smile. Saulkur felt one of his eyes twitch at this. "W-what do you take me for, a mate or a slave or... Some kind of s-servant?" He said as he closed his eyes then and sighed. ".... Oh god, it's going to be like this, isn't it?" A bright smile was on Elegia's face as if to confirm Saulkur's conclusion. "It is all of the above." Clapping her hands together, she gave him a wink. "Now, do hurry. I am quite parched, unless, you will kiss me to satisfy me for now." She said with a smirk on her lips with her eyes of blue glimmering with sarcastic humor.

Saulkur felt his brows raise at this. ".... Y-you can't be cornering me like this! If I do that, I'll.... Oh dear what, you are cruel, so cruel!" He said as he shook and looked around. ".... Those two are all I have?!? Are you mad?!?! Are you really really serious about this?!?! You devil woman.... Uggghhhhh..... Tell me it's your hand, tell me it's your hand please tell me!" Elegia cannot help but smile at the flustered Saulkur. She had always enjoyed teasing him when she has the chance. "Of course, a kiss should be proper here." She tapped her index finger on her lips playfully and then pointed at the door to the throne room. "Or you could just grab my strawberry frappe. They are two easy choices, really." Although, she had the idea what choice he would take. Saulkur blinked as he walked to her and knelt in front of you. ".... You really are crazy... You would send me on a fool's errand to earth without knowing my way around it?!?!" He told her. "It's not a fool's errand. I'll give you directions." Elegia handed Saulkur a piece of paper along with the intricate details of how to blend her strawberry frappe. "See, how considerate, I am." She said with much pride and a smile. Saulkur looked at it as he sweatdropped and looked back at her. ".... You know what? I'll take my chances." He told her. "Really? Then go and do it now. We don't have all day." Elegia said with slight impatience present in her tone. She waved her hand forward as a gesture for him to do what he had decided to do. Saulkur sighed. ".... If you are so impatient to wait..." He said, before reaching his hands up to grab her arms, making it look like he was using her as a means to get up. But instead, he quickly leaned in and .... She felt the rest.

Elegia watched him as he saw her fit to be used as a stand of sort. He really does have the nerve as she released a sigh. It was at that moment he made his choice. Her eyes widened a fraction showing her surprise. Saulkur slowly pulled away as he fully stood up then and looked down at her. "..... Well? Did you need five more seconds or was that enough to satisfy you?" He asked. "Just 50%... Don't be too cocky." Elegia had finally regained her former composure. "That will do for now. Now, go... I'll just inform Devant and Alvanzo about your arrival." After saying that, she looked away from him as a sign that she had ended their conversation. Saulkur huffed at this and turned around so his back was facing her, before vanishing in a bright blue light. When Elegia was certain he was gone, she immediately covered her face as it was beet reed. Despite her flirtatious way, she actually had never been kissed by anyone before and she would rather die many painful deaths than to admit that to him.

~ Sebastian and Mireya meet! ~

Sebastian felt his eyes slowly open as he forced himself to sit up on his bed. He flinched a bit, falling back down as he felt the pain from his wounds come into effect before he was able to get a good grip on the bed with his hands. He was struggling at this point, having to breath faster as well from this. He closed his right eye as the pain went through his body, and he tried to sit up again. "When you awake, you will get hurt again..." With those words, Mireya's eyes slowly opened. The light on the ceiling welcomed her. As her blurry vision returns to normal, the dream that she had faded into the deeper recesses of her mind. It was once more a forgotten memory. She moved her head to side and felt how limp her body was. There was no pain but she felt a bit lousy. It was then she caught sight of the boy she had saved earlier. "Don't move..." Sebastian stopped as he looked over towards her, his eyes watching her as he rose a brow at her. He found her purple hair rather unique and he found it to be quite -- different... I mean, he's seen two people with pink hair, brown hair, blonde hair, gray hair -- but purple?!? That got the job! He laid down on his back slowly as he looked over at her. ".... Who are you? I'm Sebastian... Sebastian Thomas." He admitted to her, feeling like utter crap at the moment - it was shown and heard! Mireya could identify that he was not feeling the best at the moment. She offered a weak yet small smile. She wanted to lightly chuckle but that was out of the question. Her battery is still empty to say the least. "Mireya Nightless... I helped you recover I think... So, don't move too much.."

Sebastian smiled slightly as he chuckled a little. "Really? I didn't even notice... But thanks. I would of died if you hadn't turn up." He said to her as he closed his eyes for a moment, taking in deep breaths as he relaxed himself before re-opening them. "... So uh, what does this mean? Do I owe you something now in return or are you just going to accept a hug?" Mireya closed her eyes and answered. "You're welcome..." She opened her eyes and then glanced at him. "I don't think so. Just don't push yourself. I don't want my effort saving you wasted now." After saying that, she tried to sit up but was unable to do so. "Still little tired..." Sebastian pushed his arms down on to the bed as he forced himself up at this. ".... Really? You are tired? I got stabbed through the chest all at once by five different things..." He sighed out at this. ".... I don't want to tell anyone this, but I'm hating how everything's getting so.... Dark suddenly." Mireya looked at him. "I noticed that you were like a dart board earlier..." Her eyes remained on him and understood what he meant. "There are just those days... All one can do not to be swallowed by it is to smile..." She said while ending her words with a smile. "Although, it may be ridiculous." Sebastian rose his eyebrows at her at this. "... How can you just sit there and still smile after all that's happened? Or what's to come?"

Mireya looked at the ceiling and then answered him. "If I don't, I might just break and right now, it won't do anyone good if I do especially myself." She closed her eyes and continued on. "I have to be able to move... So, I can help others from the darkness." Sebastian frowned at this as he heard her words. ".... Oh.... I.... I see. I wish I could follow that advice sometimes...." He admitted to her. Upon hearing this, Mireya let out a light chuckle and then spoke afterwards. "You'll be fine. You don't need to do things my way or or the way of others." Opening her eyes, she looked at him. "Just be yourself. It will work out. I do that and I'm still here." Sebastian nodded silently as he looked over at her and rose a brow. "... So... How old are you exactly? And why are you here?" He asked with a bit of caution, knowing he might be tredding on dangerous grounds. "17..." Mireya answered nonchalantly. "I believe I'm supposed to be one of the Devil's children or something. I didn't get much information about that for my liking..." Raising her hand, she looked at it remembering what she able to do earlier with Sebastian's injuries. "Are you also like me?" Sebastian rubbed the back of his head at this. "I am." He confirmed. "....15 years of age, can you believe it? Youngest of the group and yet all I can do is just... Run around and get injured."

Mireya looked at him with a small smile. "You saved someone, didn't you? I don't think that you just run and got injured." Lowering her hand, she looked at the ceiling again. "Being youngest doesn't mean you can do everything. But at the very least, you can learn more than others." Sebastian shrugged his shoulders at this. "... So uh.... Anything you want to do while we're here?" Mireya had a thoughtful look on her face. "I probably want to take a walk around." With that said, she took a deep breath and pulled herself up to sit which she did finally. Her purple hair fall around her like messy silk curtains. "But, we are not probably allowed to do so..." Releasing a sigh, she looked at him. "What do you want to?" Sebastian tilted his head at this. "...Can I.. Join you?" Mireya reached out her hand to him to take with a bright smile. "Sure. I could use a companion." Sebastian smiled and reached out for it, but instead fell on the floor with a loud yelp as he landed on it. He then climbed up the bed and took her hand, smiling at her. "I -- I'm okay..." He stated. Mireya eyes widened at the sudden drop and released a soft giggle. "You're funny. I like you." She said without hidden agendas or brazen flattery. It was the plain truth as she hold his hand and smiled warmly. "Shall we go, Sebastian?"

Sebastian blinked. "G-go? I thought we were staying here...?" He asked confused. Mireya nodded. "Yeah, we are." She winked at him and then laid back on the bed. "Let's play pretend!" She pointed at the ceiling and at the lights. "They are beautiful stars!" Sebastian blinked and laid next to her, blushing a bit from her winking. "... Y-yeah... T-They are...." He said a little nervous, not sure what to do at all... "Just think what you want to see and tell them... For example, we are in a meadow with the night sky above us." Mireya explained while glancing at him with cheerful demeanor. "It's good to think things that bring you comfort the most." Sebastian blinked, bushing a little more as he inched a little closer towards her. "...Um... Y-yeah...." He looked up at this as he felt his side touching hers. Mireya felt him moving closer to him and she did not mind at all. "The cold night wind blowing through us... The scent of flowers..." Upon saying that, her natural scent of roses could be smelled by those close to her. "It's relaxing... What about you?" Sebastian blushed more at this as he felt his eyes widen a bit. ".... Y-yeah...." He said, shivering a bit at this. "It's really nice..." Mireya murmured under her breath, Her head was now leaning onto his shoulder.

Sebastian smiled slowly at this and wrapped his arms slowly around her, closing his eyes as he moved his head so it could be leaning on hers. ".... It feels nice." He mumbled. "Hmmm..." Mireya murmured as she fully leaned on her and did not mind his actions and soon enough she had fallen asleep. Sebastian blinked as she did this and looked at her. "......" He felt himself sweatdrop as then the door opened and quickly, he fell out of the bed screaming and blushing like an idiot. "You two have been summoned to attend the trial... Um.... What's he doing on the floor?" The sudden commotion woke Mireya up as she sat up and looked at the person who entered. "What?" Then she looked around for Sebastian. "Sebastian?" Soon, she found him on the floor and looked at him awkwardly. "What happened? Did you roll off the hill?" Sebastian got up as he took her hand. "N-nothing.... Let's just go." He mumbled. Mireya looked at him for awhile before taking his hand. She would not pry into it further. "Okay." With that said, she followed him.

~ The Trial! The Ten Most Powerful Exorcists in the world! ~

Morning had come. The sun was in the blue sky, few couds were noticed and the arrivial of Angel brought suspense to all. His three personal Knights surrounded him as they lead him inside, making him feel like a king. Every demon watching tensed up, for some reason they found this all to be... Unusual. There had never been a time when such a large threat had come close to them before, the rare few who weren't there were lucky. They didn't get to meet Angel. As he sat down in his spot, nine holographic figures appeared in they're seats, each looking royal and dressed up for some reason for this. The main one slammed down a hammer, which made a loud echo go throughout the entire room, booming across everywhere. "Bring out the representatives for Ash Clade, Keilani Dreahen and bring out Mr. Morris himself!" The sound of a door being booted open filled the room. If anyone turned to see who did it, they would find the Ex-Leader of the Rogue Division grinning and blowing the smoke from his cigarette from his mouth. Deon cracked his neck and took a few steps forward, before noticing Angel sitting on his 'throne'. Deon grinned, and raised his hand at Angel, waving in a comedic fashion.

"Yoooooo!~ Angel! Remember me? I'm the guy who beat you up in third grade!" Deon suddenly looked down, and muttered to himself. "You're great, great Grandfather was a nice guy, ya know" Deon looked up, and yawned, crushing the cigarette in his hand and looking up at Angel. "So you're not restraining me.... At all?" Deon rubbed his brows, but let it slip. He'd expected some sort of re- His train of thought was cut off as shackles were placed around his wrists and ankles from behind, and he sighed. "Sneaky fuck"

In full business attire, Claire remained at her defendent bench,a briefcase by her side, her hair in a bun, and the ever formal reading glasses framing her face. Standing, she decided to introduce herself. "I will be conducting myself as the representative. I introduce myself to the court as Claire Clade, and am ready to proceed with the hearing, your honour."

Sebastian watched Claire appear, growing nervous as he shifted a little where he sat. Scott and Michael stood nearby, watching and waiting for them to speak up if anything should occur or happen. Everyone else was either seated/watching or waiting to hear what was going up first. The Ex-leader, the child who supposedly killed several soldiers or the person who nearly went on a rampage to destroy the entire base? "First things first..." The main exorcist said as he rose up to his feet, everyone fell silent at this, wondering which was to be done first. "Something unexpected has come to my attention. Angel and several of his witnesses have alerted me that this Keilani went on a sudden rampage after the Ash incident was over and decided to kill several soldiers under the Renegades and the WDL. Does anyone have to say anything against this, or... Shall we pass our verdict now?"

"Indeed your honour. I ask to humbly address the court?" Claire stood again, fully prepared for the coming examination.

"Very well.... You may speak." The main exorcist told her, several of the other holograms nodded in silence and obsevered Claire with caution.

"Firstly, I think the implication that Miss Dreahan made the 'decision' to attack Renegade and WDL forces has been taken completely out of context. Should she have come to such a conclusion as to purposefully eliminate those providing aid to her, she could easily have done so at any moment prior to the incident with Miss Ashley Clade, or during with much more devestating results. In this regard, the violence witnessed, though tragic, was in no way a premeditated action." As she spoke, Claire paced around the court, referring occasionally to a set of papers she carried with her.

Mireya attended the court hearing as she was asked to do so. She stood with Sebastian, Michael, and Scott as she watched the proceeding before her. She had never seen what Ash was capable to do; however, she did see her at the infirmary along with this Keilani person. From her personal opinion, they don't seem the type to be able to do such things that they were being accused of. However, there were a lot of things in this world that can't be explained by just looking. The same could be said about her she guess. "This is just for show. They already decided..." She said to no one in particular.

"It is of the opinion of the defence that instead, other motives played a much stronger role in the actions Miss Dreahan was made to take. Given the nature of the trauma she had endured, one can surmise that she was forced to take drastic measures to defend herself - Indeed, having been assaulted by comrade and foe alike, my client was both in a panicked state of mind, and uncertain who or what to trust in."

"But there was no evidence to support this." One of the other exorcists spoke out, everyone briefly gave they're full attention to this man. "Witnesses have claimed they saw nothing on the scene but bloodshed and violence. Clearly, this woman somehow decided that we were the enemy and treated us as such. Unless.... You have the evidence to contradict this?"

"Survival instincts can cause many things. I'm not admitting the events that followed weren't a tragedy, but merely suggesting that the intensity of the situation and pressure of the situation cause the subsequent accident. My client had just prior barely survived an intense fight for her life, and was likely still working on pure impulse. Intent to bring harm to the WDL or Renegades was never present."

"Given the general distaste by many soldiers to the children, it's quite possible a comment or action by one of them could have brought threat to Miss Dreahan's life, sparking the violent reaction from her out of self defence and fear." Claire adjusted her glasses, returning to stand by her bench for the moment. She coulda bring doubt into whether Keilani had done what she did, but she could call into question the motives and how it came about. That was her only angle of defence for the girl, and she wasn't about to let her down without a fight.

"Nonsense. WDL Warriors do not attack unless they see the situation is fit to do so. Every WDL guard last night was accounted for being at they're positions - not one of them gave a single insult, as far as I've heard. Allow me to demonstrate... Does anyone in here know of a single person who saw this Keilani when she went berserk?!?!" Silence filled the room. "No? Then how are we to believe what you say?"

"How are you to prove otherwise?" Claire retorted, simply. "Your accusations are as much baseless conjecture as my own."

Deon simply stood at the back of the room, and he cocked his head sideways. His smirk grew wider as Claire comtinued to impress him with her know-how and businesslike act. Deon didn't exactly care much, but he was being drawn in. If Claire did a good enough job and got Ash and Keilani out of their punishments, then he didn't even have to be here. Deon's grin faded as the room was reduced to silence, but with Claire's rebuttal, his smirk returned. "Not bad, Claire. Not bad at all" Deon shifted uncomfortably, and looked over the expressions of Angel and his elite Knights. Some of which Deon recognised, others he didn't much care for. He caught Angel's attention, and poked his tongue out at the newly elected Archknight, who gave Deon the bird, and Deon replied by mouthing 'I bet you'd love to, Angel'. Deon grinned as Angel realised he couldn't win, and sat down with a growl and a mumble about how he'd make Deon suffer. Deon simply snickered.

"No one is flawless. All it would take is one false move, one panicked moment of fear, and the whole situation could have been dragged out of hand. Who knows? Perhaps one soldier heard that a child was on rampage in the base, and assumed it was Miss Dreahen? Given the battle she had just been part of, no doubt my client looked the part of that description." Claire pressed her line of doubt, knowing full well that there was no hard evidence of Keilani's motives - How could there be?

"But --" He began, but the main one silenced him quickly with a wave of his arm. "Enough. I've had enough of this, it's clear that we do not have someone who knows the what-ofs about this incident. Now... I have a proposal to make." He said to everyone in the room. "Would Rin step forward please?"

Claire gave a bow, excusing herself and returning to her desk.

During the Trial, Rin had been sitting there patiently, hoping that she wouldn't be called out. Her hopes were shattered when she heard her name called, and she stood. Her entire body was shaking due to nervousness, but she took a few deep breaths and proceeded forward, locking eyes with the one who had called her out. "Yes, sir?"

"Rin of the Demons Division. Since it woud take such an incredible amount of time and patience to move Keilani to the WDL Academy, I am instead going to hold you responsible for training this child to control her powers. You will have two weeks to accomplish this, or... She will be sent to the WDL Academy at once. Am I understood?" Every holographic figure remained silent at first, but then slowly they nodded in response. It was clear this was the better decision to go with.

Rin sighed, and spoke. "Sure. I'll get her trained and ready to control her powers so that this type of thing won't happen again" On the inside, Rin was relieved that she hadn't been asked to get involved with Deon's case, and it probably showed on her face. She sighed again, and spoke. "Is that all, sir?"

"Yes. I will call you back when you are needed. Now.... It's time for the Ash incident. Is the defense ready?"

Rin nodded, and returned to her seat, breathing a sigh of relief. "Damn, that Angel guy kept looking at me weird"
Claire had taken the brief moment pause to remove her glasses, cleaning them and taking the time to recuperate a little. As she was summoned, she steadily donned them once more. "Of course your honour. I patiently await your opening assessment to the case."

"Very well. For this case, we have the most witnesses, the most evidence and we clearly have a possibliity of Eclipse lending help to this case. However... I am going to allow Angel to speak on my behalf on this case... Since he appears to be busy flirting with the damn Phoenix." At this, a nasty glare was given to Angel at this, then eight other glares were added.

The commentary about someone flirting with the one called Phoenix made Mireya release a light laughter. She just found it very funny in a sense and for one, she was not the type to hold back when it comes to humor. It would seemed that she was not really bothered by the seriousness of the situation. However, she does know what was going on at the moment. Truly, how could she not feel that this was so unrealistic. There were even floating bodies before them and the technical term for it was holograms. She was definitely in some cheap sci-fi movie. Where was the director? Covering her mouth, she noticed a few looks towards her. She quickly contained herself and gave a slight wave along with an apologetic smile. "Sorry... Do continue on..."

Deon grinned, and shouted in a teasing tone; "Not my fault I'm so damn hot!~" Angel shot out of his seat at this, and glared. "SILENCE! I SHOULD HAVE YOU KILLED ON THE SPOT, DAMMIT!" Deon simply laughed and jabbed back. "I'd loooove to see you try, Angel. You still owe me for saving your life ya know~" Angel growled and drew Excalibur, pointing it at Deon. "Shush, Phoenix, or your death will be swift" Deon let his head drop, and he muttured to himself, although everyone could probably hear him. "For the last time, you CAN'T kill me" Angel adjusted his tie, and turned to his superior. "I was not flirting, he was attempting to distract me so that his fellow felons could escape of devise a plan to escape" Angel coughed and turned to Claire. "I was given reports that Clade came into contact with the blade, Eclipse. After which she underwent a transformation into a 'darker being', or so it was said, and went on a rampage through this Base. We have numerous eye-witness accounts, evidence in our favour, and much more. What say you in her defence, Miss Clade?" Angel grinned and his eyes lit up. Either way, today was a victory for him.

"Indeed, there's no denying that the one known as Ashley Clade underwent a change, though it was not quite a transformation as has been suggested. Incidently, if it pleases the court, I would from now on prefer my client to be reffered to as either Ash or Ashley, for the sake of clarification between her and myself." Claire paused a moment, bringing up the point to help prevent any further confusion.

Angel sneered, and replied. "Fine, we shall address her as Ashley, for formalities sake. Now, moving on. Care to explain these changes to us, Miss Clade?" Angel's grin widened, until he noticed a certain Phoenikoi smirking at him from the corner of his eye. Angel growled, and spoke. "Pray let us get this over with quickly, his constant interruptions are driving me mad" Angel quickly turned back to Claire, and spoke. "Well, hurry up"

"As you wish. Transformation, as you referred to it, implies that Ash underwent a physical change. This assertion is entirely incorrect, as the physical body that was involved in the incident did not change in the slightest. Instead, at the core of this incident, is the mind." Claire paused, partially for dramatic effect, partially to allow for any interruptions.

Angel simply nodded, trying to ignore the Phoenix who insisted on making his concentration an impossible task. Angel shook his head and turned to Claire. "So you're stating that something or someone caused Ashley's mind to 'change' in a sense, awakening a sort of alter ego, I assume?" Deon smirked. "Still a douchbag"

"A secondary Persona indeed. An entirely seperate entity - One that is entirely different from that of the regular Ash, as I'm certain any of our witnesses can testify to." Claire waited, seeing if such a formality was necessary.

Deon coughed loudly, hoping that people would turn and look at him. "I would say 'Your Honour', but I have more respect for a Sake Dish than I have for you, Angel. Anyways, when I came across Ash, it only took my a little while to notice that it wasn't her. I mean come on, Ash is a snarky bitch, but she isn't a cold-blooded murderer. I have proof to that, too" Angel turned to Deon, and growled. "And what proof would that be?" Deon grinned. "Simple. Our fight with the Monster Train"

Scott closed his eyes as he adjusted his glasses, Michael remained silent and observing, Sebastian was too intent on listening to it all to be able to speak. "So it was your group who took down that thing." One of the exorcists spoke out. "Interesting... We had reports that Drayne and the monster train went missing around the same time. Only, as I recall... The head of Drayne is now being displayed to the demons of the Renegades as a symbol of hope. I wonder... Did you show it mercy?"

Deon grinned. "When we faught the Monster Train, both Ash and I realised that mercy wouldn't be a part of that fight. She visibly changed after we first entered to carriage. There was a young girl who was critically injured by the Demon, and almost immediately Ash changed from her usual demeanor to something.... She got all soft and mushy, pretty much. Even after we defeated the Train, I offered her the chance to finish it off for all of it's sins, but she refused" Deon grinned, and locked eyes with the Head Exorcist. "I know that the majority of us in this room would have killed it off without hesitation, myself included. Ash, on the other hand, still couldn't bring herself to do it, and shit was she happy when I told her that the girl was in Hospital, being treated" Deon laughed, and spoke. "But I'm not here to dwell on that. I came here with a more specific reasoning. Tell me, would you hear me out?"

The head exorcist sighed out as he shrugged his shoulders. "Speak."

Deon grinned. "I offer myself up as a tool of the WDL. You may do as you wish with me. Kill me, torture me, force me into slavery, whatever. I'll be your instrument of 'Divine Justice' or whatever. I, the Executioner, offer myself up to you so that you may do what you wish. I will not leave, I will not betray you, and I will do as you wish for me to until I have become obsolete and you lock me away for eternity, until I rot from the insine or become useful again" Deon looked up, seeing the manic victory in Angel's eyes. "But, there's one condition..." "It's simple and obvious, actually. In fact, I'd be surprised if you didn't already figure it out. You acquit Ash, Keilani, and anyone else in here of all charges, and allow them freedom in whatever they do, and you will not interrupt their lives again. Ever" "After all, an older Brother has to protect his siblings, right?"

Mireya raised an eyebrow upon hearing this statment from the Phoenix. She was not exactly certain how to put his words in context at the moment. This man who seemed to be the type of person who does everything he wants without much regard for anyone else just offered his freedom for someone. It was truly an interesting thing but somehow, she had a vague feeling that there was something more to this. More importantly... "Did he just said older Brother?" She said with a rather loud voice while looking at Deon curiously. She was pretty much certain that she had no relatives unless something came up. "Are you saying that pipsquek is my brother?" Looking at Michael, Scott, Sebastian and then back at Deon.

Deon turned to Mireya. "Did you just call me a pipsqueak?"

The room was loud at this point, and the head exorcist was looking mighty pissed. So pissed, a vein had formed on his forehead. In one quick motion, he slammed the gravel down hard enough to silence everyone talking in fear. "SILLLLLLLLEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNNNNNCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He demanded, the vein slowly dissapearing as he stood up to attention. "You are not siblings. You only share the Devil's blood, nothing more! Now... As for your 'request', I can not allow it. The children are too important to waste, and if they cause any trouble or become a threat like Mr. Chang was, then I have no choice but to do my JOB! However.... There is a solution. If... You take full responsibility for the events that have occured yesterday."

"...." Deon looked down, and closed his eyes. His base instincts were telling him to tell them he was joking, and for a few moments he felt like doing just that, but... He'd come here for a reason, and he'd been prepared for the worst. Deon looked up, his eyes blazing with intensity and determination, locking with the Exorcists own. "I do"

Mireya was about to answer Deon. She calls everyone smaller than her pipsqueak. However, the geezer with anger management issues intervened. She covered her ears in response as his voice was definitely that of nightingale. It was more fiiting for a crow. "Someone has menopause problems..." She muttered under her breath while pouting like much a child. It was then she looked at Deon again and heard his answer. She could not help but release a sigh. This man was either a genius or a fool.

"Very well! Miss Claire, in response to this, you will have one week to prove your sister is, in fact, a nice person and is not a threat to society. If you can not do this in one week... I will see to it she is sent to my personal dungeons!" He glanced at Angel before looking at Claire. "Are you both satisfied with my decision?"

"You are gracious and accommodating your honour. I promise my sister will undergo reformation for her attitude." Claire smirked a little at the private dig at her kin.

Angel simply growled and nodded. Rin, who was sitting within earshot of Mireya, sighed and whispered. "Just what the heck is Deon up to? Sure, he's strong enough to take on Angel and basically any Exorcist, but this.... This is a risk even for him" Rin glared at the Phoenix, who simply grinned, but his eyes were stern and determined, not cheerful and full of happiness. Rin furrowed her brows. "Something's definitely off"

"Very well! Now... For the final trial! Deon Morris!" He announced, everyone looking at him. "... You know the charges, you know the reasons, and you also know how you act. You also know the WDL guards you killed during the time Angel had taken Arthur's spot. Now.... Will the defense argue against this?"

"I believe the client would prefer to defend himself, your honour. However, should he require my consultation, I would be happy to oblige." Claire looked to Deon, allowing him the option.

Deon grinned as his name was called, and his prior demeanour returned. "YES, IT IS I! THE IMMORTAL! HAHAA!~" Deon grinned and cracked his neck. "I can argue that Angel's a dick and he deserved it. Also thanks, but no thanks Claire. You're a pretty good Lawyer though, take care of your sister or I'll kick your ass into the next century. Possibly literally" Deon turned back to the Main Exorcist and grinned. "Hey, not my fault I'm slowly going crazy. Ya know, kookoo? Gaga? Anyways, do I even need a trial, boss man?" "Blame the dude with the glasses that likes to dissect people and make them go crazy. Can I sleep in a nice cell now?"

Hearing the cat-girl's comment whose name was Rin, Mireya glanced at her. "If you say this is not normal, then it just means he has an ace under his sleeves." Crossing her arms over her chest, she cannot help but have a small smile. "Or he is just doing what he feels like at the moment, like a brother would do to his so-called siblings." Looking at Claire's direction, she closed her eyes momentarily. "Just like that Claire is doing for her sister." Then, she released a sigh while looking at Deon with a very comical depressing expression. "Or he is just a plain idiot. Hey, I've heard he's mad."

Deon sighed and slid to the ground, a yawn escaping his lips. "I haven't had a good sleep, aaages" Meanwhile, Rin turned to Mireya and smirked. "He isn't maad, he just likes toying with people, ya know? Besides, he's a good guy at heart, ask anyone who knows him really, and they'll say that to ya. He's just had a loooong past and sometimes he gets a little gaga because of it. By the way, my name's Rin, leader of the Demon's Division of the Renegades. You're Mireya, right?"

Raising a hand up slowly, the head exorcist snapped his fingers as he nodded. "... Everyone. Code. Nine." And all of a sudden, all the WDL guards, soldiers, knights and the like rose up and took out a white mechanically advanced gun, each of them pointing it at a Renegade soldier who was either a demon or who had demon blood. The only person who wasn't aimed at was Claire and Deon. "WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!?!" Scott shouted out as he saw everyone who was pointed at now had a red dot on they're forehead. "BE QUIET! I AM CALLING THIS INTO A SERIOUS ISSUE! Now... DEON MORRIS! If you say you are innocent and should receive the least of punishments, then I will execute everyone here with demon blood, who has even an INCH of demon blood, EXECUTED ON THE SPOT! If you say you are guilty... I will let them go. It is, after all, up to you... Mr. Madman's apprentice."

Mireya looked at Rin and smiled warmly as if she knew that from the very start. "I know. We are kind of related aren't we?" After saying that, she looked at Deon again who was yawning. "He is not that bad..." Hearing Rin's introduction, she turned to her and nodded. "Yeah. Nice to formally meet you Rin."

Claire remained still, watching the scenario unfold. Though she was prepared to take action, she was confident that they wouldn't act on such an unorthodox and bloody approach to the matter.

Deon ground his teeth in anger, before standing up. "Madman's Apprentice? That was a long time ago, my friend. Ah well, I guess I'll have to pay for my past. Again" Deon's expression turned stern, and his eyes blazed even stronger. "I will pay the full price for any and all sins and acts of unfair or criminal basis that I have committed. On the notice that you never, ever enter this place again, I will take full responsibility for any and all heinous actions or crimes I ever have or will commit" Deon's expression softened, and he spoke again, appearing calm and collected. "In other words, I admit it. I am Guilty"

Mireya's eyes narrowed at the sudden turn of events. It was just like she had commented earlier. "This is just for show. They already decided..." Her words from before flashed through her mind. She hated it when what she said appeared to be right at some point. Clicking her tongue, she looked at holograms and the one named Angel with cold authority. She was definitely not liking those guys. WDL or whatever they are if they do shoot, she would definitely show them they picked the wrong person to mess with literally.

Rin's eyes widened as the red dot appeared on her forehead, and she began to shudder. "Oh god, I hate lazers. It's like our bane. You know when you have a lazer and you mess with your cat with it? Well, that's a lazer and I'm a Cat, technically, sooo...." Rin closed her eyes and took deep breaths. "Don't chase the red light. Don't chase the red light" Each gun was put away at this and every WDL member waited for the command.

"Very well. As of this moment, the verdict is hereby passed. You are to be sentenced to be BANISHED from the Renegade forces FOREVER! You will be replaced, sadly... Don't worry. That is for another day that does not concern you. You are also sentenced to rot for 10,000 years in the dungeons of the WDL or otherwise, should you be moved. You are also at liberty to do WHATEVER Angel tells you to do, and if you leave WDL grounds, you will be turned to dust and sent to the bottom of the OCEAN!" With those words said, the exorcist leader looked over at Angel. "Take him away. Our business here is done." And with that, the 9 holograms vanished.

The tension and irritation that Mireya was feeling was immediately washed away upon hearing Rin's reaction. She could not help but laugh quite heartily. "So funny!" Once more, the question ws raised. Is she really treating the situation at hand seriously or just child's play. But, she regained her serious facade when she heard the annoucement for Deon's punishment. She covered her mouth and could not help but want to topple down those spoiled brats from their high and mighty position. After all, the bigger you are the further you fall. "Pretentious bastards." She said quite loudly without interest if any of those so-called WDL heard her.

Deon sighed, but a snarky comment still escaped his lips. "You CAN'T kill me, dammit!" Deon laughed, but Rin saw through it. "Imprisonment, the one thing that he's actually terrified of. Well shit, they must really hate him... And he's banished from the Renegades too. Fuck it all!" Rin booted the chair in front of her out of anger, and it's patron glared at her. "Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!" Meanwhile, Deon sighed, the fire in his eyes dying as he realised what would actually be happening to him. He sighed again, and let his head drop, but he still couldn't stop the smirk from appearing on hs face. "The things I do for my loved ones. Sheesh, I'm getting too old" Angel strode up to Deon, and grinned like he owned the world. "You're my tool of destruction now, Deon, and you-" Angel was cut off as spit hit him in the face. "Haha, gotchya!" Angel growled and punched Deon straight in the gut, and Deon simply laughed at him, which made Angel storm away in anger. A tall man in full armour approached Deon, and Deon spoke. "Excuse me sir, but could I get a glass of water?"

Scott closed his eyes tightly as Michael clutched his arms at this. "No.... This was all a set up." Michael mumbled to himself. "Of course it was. Keilani and Ash were only the diversions... They intended to either capture Deon or send him to oblivion. Damn it!"

Mireya looked at Scott, Michael, and then Rin. Hearing their comments, she then looked at Deon who was still acting all tough. "Then, I'll make a diversion."

Rin turned to Scott and Michael and glared. "What now!? You know how much he hates imprisonment, he goes on about it all the time! 500 years in that dungeon broke him, and now he's got 10,000 years!? Man, he'll be in a whole new world, and not only that! They'll probably forget about him, and probably on purpose too!" At Mireya's comment, Rin shook her head. "No. He's got a plan, he's got to. He's got that glint in his eye"

Mireya looked at Rin for a moment. "Then you should stop your commentary then" She looked at Deon "You'll just make it worse for him"

"Quiet! We already have a plan for Deon's division... You two just stop talking! NOW!" Scott whispered to them, glaring at them both before looking back at Deon.

With that being said, she jumped down from the platform she was in without much regard. Fortunately, she landed on her feet. "I finally got that perfect."

Rin watched as they put a bag over Deon's head and tightened it with a thick cord, and tied his wrists up with steel chains. A small box was brought in on a wheeler, and after reinforcing the steel bindings with leather straps, then threw him inside and tightened the clamps to keep him in place, and shut the lid. Angel entered the room, a smirk on his face. "Not so confident now, are you?" His only answer was a laugh. Angel glared, and observed as chains were placed around the box. Several vials filled with liquid were placed into holes on the box, and Angel spoke. "Pure Holy Water, it's a complete bitch to your kind, ya know" Angel laughed as the box was carted away, and he turned. "Anyone else wish to join him?" Angel's voice rang out in the clearing, full of pride and boastfulness. "Anyone, anyone at all?" Rin glared at the man, and clenched her fists. "If I could punch that fucker!"

Mireya smiled at Angel's cocky statements. She approached the man. "I have something to do for you." Without furter ado, she kissed Angel on the lips. It was trully a shocking dispaly. At that very moment, her passive ability that has no off-switch activated. She was sucking his lifeforce out of him. However, she was able to stop leaving enough for him to replenish within the next few days or months, whatever works and not die. "I have been told that my kisses are to die for. Thanks for the meal." She winked at Angel. One thing about Mireya when she hates someone or dislikes. She is not too subtle in showing it.

Angel staggered back, coughing violently. "What did you just do to me? You bitch?" From inside the now-leaving box, Deon called out. "Good game, kid!", followed by laughter. As the box was tugged out of the building, Angel regained his composure. "You'll pay for that, bitch!" And then Rin landed on him. Literally. Rin stood and dusted herself off, a grin on her face. "Ooopsie daisy~" Rin's voice was laden with sarcasm, and she winked at Mireya. "Man, I'm starved. Chat over lunch?" With that, Rin extended her hand to the other girl, a grin on her face. Angel stood, growling. "Heh, I'll make sure Deon pays the price for your idiocy, bitches" With that, he staggered away, still coughing.

Mireya took out something from her pocket and threw it at Angel. It was a rock. Janet had told her to always bring one for self defense especially when she goes home from work. It hit Angel squarely at the back of his head. "It would be best not to be such a spoiled little brat especially being a pansy." Her eyes that were smiling earlier were now glazed with a threat. "If you have something against me do it. If you get him involved, I swear the next kiss I'll give you will be your death." After saying that, she looked at Rin and smiled. "Sure! Let's have lunch!" Taking the girl's hand "Sebastian, come and join us!"

Sebastian blinked and walked over, titing his head a bit as he did. "..... Um..... Okay...." He said a bit nervously.

Then glancing at Scott who was not probably pleased with her actions and then Michael as well. "Let's eat... Oh you better give Deon something to eat" Looking at Angel with a deathly glare

Rin turned to Sebastian and grinned, and she glared at Angel after Mireya's statement was made, who simply give them the bird before disappearing through the door. Suddenly, someone nobody would've expected to enter, entered. Rin's eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open. "Oh god, Quake!?" The oni simply smirk and eyed them. "So, what'd I miss. Also, got any food, I'm hungry as an Oni after nearly dying can be!" With that, she let out a laugh, but was cut short by a coughing fit. "No jokes thought, I don't want to literally die of laughter"

Mireya looked at Sebastian and smiled warmly as she reached out her free hand to him. "Don't be too nervous. It's just lunch." Then, she glanced towards the newcomer with a curious look. "Quake? Like an earthquake?" She asked while blinking her eyes in a rather adorable manner.

Quake grinned, and spoke. "Well yeah, but I'll explain over lunch. Can we hurry up, it looks like you've got a ton of shit to tell me and I'm not supposed to be out here because I might 'die', but meh, it's too cramped in there for me, ya know?" Quake grinned, and motioned for Mireya, Rin and Sebastian to follow her, and possibly Scott and Michael too. "Come on, I want some Steaks!"

Scott and Michael both groaned out at this as they began to follow them. "Is she going to do the usual?"
"She is."
"Oh my god, stop her."
"I can't.... It's too late! She's up!"
"I'm going to die!"
"Me first, asshole!"
Sebastian blinked and wrapped his arms slowly around her arm and leaned close to her at this, acting more like a little child then before suddenly.

Mireya shrugged her shoulders and then took a deep breath. She was still not completely satisfied with the whole punishment deal for Deon. Somewhere inside her mind, she was thinking very complicated ideas. However on the outside, there was not a slightest hint of it. She simply smiled afterwards while looking Sebastian warmly .She did not mind at all "Alright! Time for steaks! I want the big ones!"

S: "I do too, but then again --"
M: "Quake eats everything."
S: "And she'll get the big ones."
M: "Always does man."
S and M: "ALWAYS!"

Quake grinned, and spoke. "No way, they're mine, shorty!" Rin simply sighed, and grinned. "Distractions, we need them" "Race ya there, kiddo!" With that challenge to Mireya, Quake dashed off, laughing heartily, leaving Rin shock. "W-Wait, you can't have them aaaaall!" With that, she took off too.

Mireya looked at Scott and Michael with disappointment. "You're men! Act like one! If not, I am calling you Sadist and Masochist from now on!" It was then she heard Quake's challenge. "Hey! I haven't agree yet! I change the deal! The slowest one wins all!"

~ Celebration or Otherwise?! ~

Quake sat at the table, grabbing the Steak and biting into it, juices spilling down onto her plate as she nommed away in happiness. Rin observed this, and faceplanted onto the table while Quake swallowed the Steak whole and shouted out. "GIMME MOAR!" Rin sighed. "Don't challenge her to a drinking competition, Mireya. Ever"

Michael sat next to Rin in total silence as he laid his face down on the table. You could hear him sobbing a little. Scott cleared his throat. ".... Quake. I have something to ask."

Quake looked at Scott, a steak hanging out of her mouth. "Wsh vht?" Suddenly, she flicked her head back and devoured the Steak whole. She wiped her mouth, and eyed Scott. "What's that?" Rin patted Michael on the back. "It's alright, I'll buy you a Steak later man. I'll buy everyone a Steak. Except Quake"

Mireya sat on her chair while eating a rather large piece of her steak. After swallowing the portion she placed in her mouth earlier, her eyes of blue looked at Rin in question. "Drinking contest?"

In response to that, Quake grinned widely. "Alcohol-wise, nobody here can outdrink me except Deon! Haha, I bet you can't even handle Sake, Kiddo" Rin buried her face into the table further, and sighed. Why did I even mention drinking?".

Scott felt his eye twitch at this as he sighed out, it felt more like a groan. ".... I need to ask you if you.... Will be the new leader of the Rogue's Division?" Meanwhile, Sebastian sat watching it all, leaning agaisnt Mireya as he clung to her arm like a frightened child.

The new steak in Quake's mouth dropped to the plate, and she leaned back in surprise. "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!?!?!?!?" In seconds, Quake's head joined Rin's and Michael's on the table, and she groaned. "Doesn't that mean I'll have to be SOBER?..." Rin patted Quake on the back. "It's alright Quake, sobriety can be fun too"

Scott goaned out. "... You know you are the only qualified person for the job! There's no one else here who can do it!" "I'll trade places." "SHUT UP MICHAEL!"

Mireya blinked her eyes a couple of times before digesting the information about a drinking contest. She was thinking of passing it up but upon hearing that she was not able to take it. Her eyes were filled with determination "I will take you on a drinking competition!" She said with intensity and then looked at Sebastian. "Don't worry. You want a piece of my steak?"

Quake's head shot up at the mention of a challenge, and she rocketed up from here seat and shouted. "500 rounds of Sake, right here right now! It's a Sake fight!" Rin lifted her head from the table, and slammed it down onto it again. "Gah, me and my big mouth" Meanwhile, Asmodeus and the Seven Sins were sitting nearby. "Quake's tits are biiiiiig!~" "Shut up, Az!"

Sebastian nodded at this as he looked up at her. Scott groaned. "....I forgot. We're stuck with them now..... I don't know what to do with them."

Suddenly, 1,000 Sake Gourds were placed in front of the group. 500 for Quake and 500 for Mireya. Each had about 5 liters of Sake in them, and that ended up being a LOT of Sake. Quake grinned, and spoke. "Hope ya can stomach this, Kiddo!" Rin just facetabled again.

Mireya handed it to Sebastian. "Here. You can have all of this! I'll just show this Quake who is boss!" After saying that, she faced Quake while rolling up her sleeves preparing for the battle. "Bring them on!" She smirked at Quake. "You'll bite the dust!"

Quake simply grinned, lifting up one of the Sake Gourds and pushing it to her lips, downing the entire thing and moving onto the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and then next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next, etc. Rin lifted her arm up to try and stop Quake and Mireya, but she just let it fall down onto the table in exasperation. "I give in, gimme some Sake"

Sebastian took the steak and began to eat it slowly while watching. Michael rose his head up. "Maybe we should leave and let them do they're thing..."

Mireya looked at the Sake and did the same thing. She was not going to lose. The one thing she hates the most than being yelled at is being told that she would lose or not be able to do something. She'll be damned before she let anyone get the best of her. Soon, she was emptying the Sake Gourds one by one. It was quite a sight really.

Within 5 minutes, Quake had finished at least 400 of her Gourds, and was still going. She grinned at the Bartend, who began reusing the gourds for more Sake, and an endless stream of Gourds kept piling up onto the table. Quake grinned at Mireya, and kept on drinking as if it wasn't even affecting her. "Getting hard yet, Kiddo?" From somewhere in the background, Asmodeus giggled uncontrollably. "Nyahahaha! Hard! Hahahaha!"

Michael watched from another table with Rin. ".... Yeah this is too far out of hand."

Rin lifted her head up, and looked at Michael. "Wanna have a contest of our own?" Rin laughed her cute cat-ish laugh. (Nyahahahahahaha~) and fell out of her seat. "Nyahahahaow"

Mireya glared at Quake. She wanted to wipe off that cocky grin on her face. "I'm not going to lose!" With renewed determination, she had just 50 sakes left before her and somehow, she seemed unfazed by the Sake she had drank.

Michael blinked. "A contest of what?"

Rin then sat up, and shrugged. "Iunno, waddabout Catn- I mean erm.... Uhh, Oooh Red Do- Uhmmm... Any ideas?" Quake grinned at her opponent, who seemed to be unphased by her alcohol intake. Quake downed yet another Sake Gourd, totalling her near the 700's now. "Hurry up, slowpoke. Or it's an automatic fail!"

Michael blinked again. ".....What are we on about? Drinking or what?"

Rin sighed and lay her head on the table. "I have no idea, man. No idea at all"

Mireya quickened her pace and was now matching up to Quake's intake in about 788 sake gourds. Still, she remained uninfluenced by the alcohol. Her eyes were focused on the goal. "No way!"

Quake grinned, downing yet another Gourd, but before she could grab another a man in a Doctor's Coat burst into the room, instructing Guards to grab her and take her away. Quake sighed, and put down the Gourd. "It's a tie for now, but I'm just gonna...." Quake quickly grabbed Mireya's remaining Steaks and the steaks of everyone else, then ran off to somewhere to nom on them all, laughing all the while. The man in the Doctor's coat was wearing nothing but a purely white loincloth underneath it, and he sighed, "Not again" The, he walked off. Rin facetabled again, and sighed. "We are the Renegaaaades, nyaa nyaa nyaa~"

Mireya blinked for a couple of times before she realized what was happening and when she did, "Hey! Wait a minute! I won't accept a tie!" She stood from her seat and was about to ran after Quake when she noticed the doctor in just a loincloth. "You wear something! Perverted doctor!" After saying that, she released a loud sigh and sat back on her chair while looking at Sebastian. "Can you do me a favor?" Her eyes that were alit with determination became hazy with drunkness. It would appear her sheer will power was the only thing that made her go through all of it. "I---" She was not able to complete her sentence as she fell asleep her head on the table.

Sebastian blinked as he looked around at this. "...................................."

Rin raised her head, and smiled. "Oh god, if Deon was here he'd be laughing his ass off right now, eh Michael?" With that, Rin succombed to sleep as well, her head hitting the table and her snoring beginning. "ZzzzzNyaa.... ZzzzzzNyaaa... ZzzzzNyaaa.... ZzzzzNyaaaa.... ZzzzzNyaaaa... ZzzzNyaaa"

Scott blinked. "Did no one go to sleep last night....?"

In an instant, Mireya was off to dreamland wherever that may be. Her breaths were even emphasizing that she was in deep slumber. Her face was now obviously red now as her cheeks were flushed. It was enough to say that she was definitely drunk.

Rin's head arose from it's place on the table, and she stood, rehearsing the steps to Thriller by Michael Jackson. She had this weird look on her face the entire time, a mix between unconsciousness and ecxtasy as she danced around everyone, and suddenly. Jiang-Shi. Jiang-Shi everywhere. Rin eventually DID stop dancing, but the amount of Jiang-Shi in the area was just... lots. LOTS of Jiang-SHi, man. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Jiang-Shi, man. Then she turned into her Cat Form and slept on Michael's head and pretended to be a hat that snored like "ZzzzzNyaaa... ZzzzzNyaaaa.... ZzzzzNyaaaa"

~ Disturbing Messages! A new terror appears on Earth! ~

The Jello Demon had rejoined with Bellfoar and Chill as they had finished setting up the bombs, when a strange new figure approached them. On his right arm was that of a purple armband with a silver pin. He stopped and drew his sword, aiming it at Bellfoar. "I am Middle 2nd Class of the WDL forces - Ronald! I am here to challenge you, Bellfoar the Boom Racer!" And with that, Ronald vanished from sight. Bellfoar's eyes widened as he looked around for signs of Ronald, only to be kicked in the side of his face as he was sent flying away from The Jello Demon and Chill, who both watched in surprise as Bellfoar was sent crashing into the ground suddenly. Getting up, Bellfoar growled as he looked at Ronald, who landed and aimed his sword at him. Angered by this, Bellfoar dashed towards Ronald, the two going into hated action. Meanwhile, The Jello Demon and Chill both looked back to see an Upper 1st Class approach them both. "If you gentlemen will allow Ronald to fight, I will only be here to make sure you do not intervene. Who am I, you ask? I am Upper 1st Class of the WDL forces - Timothy!"

~ -- ~

A Knight was helping Angel depart when he felt something troubling near by. He motioned for the others to go on ahead while he stayed behind, watching as a mysterious figure walked out of the shadows of the trees. "You... Yami?!" He asked as Yami rose his head up and smiled at him. Pulling his hands out of his pockets, Yami appeared above the Knight with quick speed and sent down a ball of shadows at him. The knight rolled out of the way as the shadow ball hit, expanding around for two miles before finally stopping. The knight rose up as he glared at Yami, who landed with grace and smiled as his hands were behind him. "So... You are the Yami I seek after all. Very well, since I already know your name, allow me to introduce myself!" And with that, the Knight drew out his sword as it glowed brightly in the morning sunlight, Yami raising a brow as he watched the Knight get into a stance. "I am Sir Melvin! COME AT ME, DEMON!" A smirk came on Yami's face as he threw his arms back and both dashed for one another.

~ -- ~

Scott felt something vibrating in his pocket as he put his hand in there and drew it out. His eyes widened with horror as he quickly got up and raced off. Three minutes later, they heard his voice ringing out. "ATTENTION EVERYONE! PREPARE TO DEFEND THE BASE! THREE HEAVY FIGHTS HAVE BEEN SPOTTED AND THEY ARE QUICKLY HEADING THIS WAY! I REPEAT, PREPARE TO DEFEND THE BASE FROM SHOCKWAVES!"

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The feeling that a hundred of solid steel were taken off was the one Keilani felt after hearing from Ash that Blanche was fine and just needed rest. It did not occur to her how she was able to save the white cat from a powerful being such as an angel. She released a very relieved sigh at this and calmly laid on her bed with her eyes closed. Her body muscles relaxed and the physical strain she placed on herself could be felt more vividly. It only meant that she was now more attuned to her condition. Her right shoulder delivered pain at an interval and she could not yet freely moved it. It was safe to conclude that it was still broken. Her body's regenerative abilities must have greatly slowed due to the exhaustion she had prior coming to the Renegade Headquarters and now coupled with what she had done earlier. Regardless, this was not something she was concerned about. She was more worried about the thought of losing someone in her midst. It would be devastating despite it being a cat. It was still a living being and a helpful companion even if their meeting was just for a brief moment. "Blanche is fine.." It was a statement that repeated within her mind for a couple of times before her attention was taken away once more by Ash.

At first, Keilani was not certain what Ash wanted to say. Although, she could tell that the black-haired girl seemed flustered about something. She was about to assure her that there was no need to tell her that "thing" if Ash was not comfortable about it. But before she could, the words were already spilled in a stuttering manner with a tint of sheepishness accompanying it. The slight blush had gone unnoticed by her. It appeared that Ash had thanked Keilani about saving Blanche and almost inaudible to the ears the words of gratitude in saving her as well. If it was not for the fact that the infirmary was dead silent, Keilani would have missed Ash's thank you. The older girl even told her not to tell anyone about this as she seemed to be leaving her. Well, she did not find anything odd about saying thank you or why would she have to tell others about this. It was quite obvious with Keilani's perplexed expression.

“Look I’m just… Not good at this sort of thing, okay? So just… Keep it to yourself alright?” I’m gonna get the nurse, see if she can help you and maybe take you to see Blanche…”

Then, something finally clicked inside Keilani's mind. Ash perhaps was not the kind that say thank you so casually or the kind to express her feelings most of the time. Judging by their encounter inside Ash's mind, she could tell that Ash had the tendency to cover up her feelings instead of telling them as it is. A small smile appeared on Keilani's face and it grew bigger upon hearing that she could see Blanche. It was highly unlikely for Keilani to speak what happened between the two of them with others. Still, she would honor the request asked of her. It was the least she could do. As the older girl took her leave without even glancing at her, Keilani took the small opening to say a few words despite how weak-sounding her voice appeared to be. "I won't tell and thank you, Ash." After saying that, she closed her eyes with a gentle expression on her face and felt the wave of sleepiness took over her. She welcomed it gratefully as all the worries she had were now washed away. Slowly, she drifted to slumber. Unknown to her, there were greater matters that everyone else was going on about as the trial about her rampage ensued or the verdict that Deon had taken for her and Ash. More importantly, the eyes of an arachnid filled with obvious malice gazed at her from an undisclosed location.

Time passed by like that as Keilani spent most of her time in the infirmary. She had the opportunity to see Blanche who was recovering better than her. If she had known better, the white feline seemed to be scolding her about something. As such, she found herself apologizing profusely. It was quite an awkward moment where the people present in that scene could not help but be baffled and find humor in it as well. In any case, The medical staff had reprimanded her to move so she would not overexert herself like before. So, she followed their advice and remained in her bed for quite some time. In that interim, she had been informed that a trial had gone underway in her absence. Claire had represented her in it and a man named, Deon took the full burnt of the verdict. She was not told of the exact details or the casualties involved in the case that was made against her. But, she was not completely unaware that something was being hidden from her. She constantly inquired about it but the answers would always be avoided or vague to conclude anything. All she was told is that she had lost control of her power and destroyed an entire section of the headquarters and the damage spread to the other parts as a result. There was this uneasy feeling once more lingering in her once more.

"I believe you have heard your verdict." Keilani looked at the direction of the voice and saw a familiar face. It was the man she had met the first time she woke in the infirmary. "Dr. Hyde..." The man gave a small smile and approached her bedside while looking at her charts as it would seem. "Do you really want to die that badly?" She looked away from the doctor knowing that her current medical findings were not very good. "I should have not strained myself too much." There was a moment of silence before she heard a loud sigh from the doctor. "At least, you know how to reflect. In any case, I have been asked to clear you. So, that you can start your training." Rose pink eyes were once more on the doctor as she listened to it intently. "So, I'm good?" He shook his head and looked dejectedly at her charts. "No. You are in no condition to do that and you know it." She looked at her hands that were clasped together on her stomach and had an expression of complete resignation. "Yeah..." Hyde lowered the charts to a nearby endtable and took out something from his pocket. "But Rin is insisting due to the lack of time. So, I am about to give you this." He handed her something which she took with curiosity. "What is this?" He pushed up his glasses to realigned it to his eyes before speaking. "A placebo. It will take the exhaustion and pains away for the whole cycle. But once you sleep, the toll that you added on that day would be added to the true condition of your body."

Keilani looked at the small vial in a new light. "So, I could train with this?" Hyde nodded and had a rather concerned look on his face. "I would not recommend this. The body could only take so much even if you are supposed to be special." He paused and then released another sigh. "Anyway, I told Rin not to put much strain on you hopefully and you are to report to me by the end of your training every day to check on your health." She gave him a smile of appreciation and held the small vial with blue liquid closed to her. "Thank you very much, Dr. Hyde. I will do as you say." He shook his head again lightly and took the charts he placed on the table. "Just take good care of yourself kid." After saying that, he was about to leave when she stopped him with a question. "Dr. Hyde. Can you tell me what really happened when my powers went out of control? Did I hurt anybody?" There was a looming silence between them and she can feel the tension that her inquiry had caused. "Doctor?" It was answered by a small sigh and then he looked over his shoulder to gaze at her. "You know, if you want to live a happy life, don't ask questions, you don't want to hear the answers to." He then continued his leave while she had a very perplexed and sad expression on her face. "Happy life... really..."

After a few hours, Keilani had been cleared to do some light training as she had been required to kept her powers in check for a short time of two weeks. Her teacher would be a person named Rin. Well, she was not opposed to that idea. However, she wondered how she will be trained when she, herself, does not know the very nature of her abilities. Perhaps, they have some equipment that could identify her powers without much trouble. She walked along the hallways while a group of Renegade soldiers escorted her. The men maintained a good distance from her and she could sensed the feelings of anxiety, fear, and hatred. They seemed to be heavily armed which even deepened her suspicions that she did not just damaged the structure in her outburst that she has no memories about. Truth be told, she had tried very hard recalling the events of that day. However, they were not there in her mind as if none of those memories existed in the first place. Lowering her head, she followed the men silently as she would be delivered to the training hall where the one called Rin was waiting for her.

Soon enough, Keilani stood before a very large door. She had heard that Claire would be teaching Ash, Sebastian, and Kane. It was a relief to hear that the two boys were doing fine. After all, the last time she saw them was when the dark Ash threw them away like garbage. In any case, she should be more concerned about herself. The soldiers opened the doors for her and she could feel the piercing looks directed on her. She bit her lower lip in sadness and confusion while giving a small nod of appreciation. "Thank you for your assistance." With that, she entered the room and the doors were quickly closed behind her. She looked at the doors for awhile before looking away with sadness. She really did not mind being hated although, she wanted to know the exact reasons for it. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she made herself forget those concerns for now. She should focused at the task in hand in which she opened her eyes and began walking forward. "Hello? I'm Keilani Dreahen. Is my instructor Rin here?" She asked with a very polite and timid disposition as she looked around the large room.

As she reached the center of the room, she stopped and looked around curiously. Her hair was put into a high ponytail so it would interrupt her line of vision if she was about to do some physical exercises. This time she wore a pair of jeans and some loose shirt she had been handed by one of the nurses. Her right arm is also placed in a sling as it yet to be fully healed. Despite that, she looked mundanely stunning in it. In any case, her clothes were still at her dormitory which made her wonder how Fran was doing. Releasing a soft sigh, she wondered if she had arrived early. She wanted to be distracted from the secrets that seemed to pile up one after another. "Anyone?"

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"I always wanted to be strong... So, this time..."

A loud ringing could be heard somewhere. It was then a hand reaches out from the sea of white blankets in an effort to turn off the source of the incessant racket. But apparently, it was just a dream as eyes of crystal blue were revealed covered in a morning haze. "Ugh... I hate mornings..." Mireya noted with annoyance as she held her head and closed her eyes once more in response. The ringing sound actually was coming from within her skull. She was having a terrible splitting headache which likely resulted from her friendly competition with Quake regarding about alcoholic beverages. "I should have said no..." She said with slight annoyance. In any case, she seemed to be in bed. Although, she was not sure how did she get into one or where she was exactly. One thing is for certain, she can't think straight with the agonizing pounding inside her head. It felt that someone inside her head was drilling a pin in her brain. "Aspirin... I need some..."

"Your awake." Scott said as he sat near her bed, reading some sort of medical-drama book. He closed it as he looked over at her from behind his glasses. "... You are lucky you didn't drag Sebastian with you." He told her. Mireya groggily looked at him and was not sure she got what he meant or if she even got his sentences correct. So, the only response she could have was "What?" Honestly, she can barely comprehend anything even her current condition. "Before we talk, can you give me some painkillers or can I get back to sleep?" She closed her eyes once more and held her head. "I need to get rid of this headache." He threw her a bottle of some. "Take some. You need to get up as soon as you can." She was able to clumsily catch the bottle and drank without much of any hesitation. Her goal was to have her headache gone as quickly as possible. Even if what she drank was poison, it was better to her. It only meant that she won't be having any headaches or migraines forever. After taking the contents of the bottle, she closed her eyes for a brief moment. "What's the hurry?" She asked with an obvious tone of sleepiness as she waited for the drug to take effect.

"You need a trainer - everyone else is being trained..." Scott said while rising up on to his feet. "... You don't have an assigned trainer. So, I'm going to give you one." Mireya opened one of her eyes and looked at him. Her face had this rather uncertain expression. She remembered what happened in the pseudo-trial and being taught to control her abilities are all good. Still, everything around here was going too fast for her liking. She was again being thrown into a loop in the loony bin in her opinion. "You're serious?" The response to her question came instantly without absolute certainty. "Of course I am. People are going to be after you - you also need to learn how to fight. Plus... There's The Extra Child." Opening her eyes fully, she felt the drug finally taking effect. The headache was slowly diminishing and she could begin to comprehend more clearly what was being told of her than earlier. "Extra child?"

"Yes. Originally, there were meant to be seven of you. But then it turned out, there were eight of you. And I know who it is..." Mireya had finally sat on the bed and looked at him curiously as she had stopped holding her head now. The headache had become bearable at this point. "Who would that be?" "You should know... You already met him." She had a thoughtful look for awhile as she enumerated the people she had met quite loudly and even using her fingers to count them. "Well, there are you... that Michael guy, Gabriel angel thingy... and that blonde hair guy and then Sebastian..." Scott raised a brow at this. ".... When did you start linking Angels and Demons as the same? I'm not on about Michael or Gabriel." She shrugged at this. "You said I met... So, I just thought of the people I encountered before which were guys since you say it’s a he..." Rubbing her temples in a circular manner, she closed her eyes for a moment and sighed. The pain may have subsided somehow; still her mental aptitude suffers from her heavy drinking session last night. "Adding to that, I'm not in my best thinking process..."

Scott sighed and walked to the door. "Come along... You can think on the way there." He told her. Mireya sleepily and begrudgingly stood from the bed. Honestly, she would rather sleep this off but judging by Scott’s demeanor, she would conclude that was not possible. She swayed a little bit as the aftereffects of her intoxication were still present. "Walk will be good and maybe some fresh air..." She muttered to no one in particular. Her purple hair fell around her like a curtain, although; they are quite a mess with some strands sticking out. It could also be said to her current attire. After all, she had not changed into some pajamas. Taking note, she smelled of sake. “I need a bath too…” He opened the door and walked out, heading towards Rin's division part of the base. "I must warn you though... Prepare for hell."

Mireya looked at him and smiled confidently. Her concerns about hygiene were forgotten. "I'm supposed to be of the Devil... Enough said, right?" She run her fingers through her hair as she straightened it and followed him. "What of the extra child? I don't see anything to fret about." She asked as an afterthought while fixing herself while walking. Scott sighed at this. "... You seven children have the power to change things as they are. You could either end up destroying heaven, or liberating us of the devil, the one responsible for turning you into what you are now. The Extra Child, however, was naturally born to be a monster. His purpose, if left uncheck, will make him strong enough to become the next devil." While listening, she was able to straighten her clothes to make herself presentable. On a note, she seemed completely unfazed by the information he was giving her. "Sebastian, right?" She nonchalantly asked while looking ahead of her. "What is your definition of a monster exactly?"

Scott raised a brow. "You aren't concerned? And let's see.... A monster is something that has no emotions, has ungodly powers and has a natural habit of destroying everything around it." Mireya looked at him with a completely calm expression. "And you see Sebastian like that?" He shrugged. "No... But I do know the dangers he may cause. I also know we are missing several children." She looked ahead of her again. "How sure are you that he is the extra child? The devil had always been a master of trickery... His spawns should I say can inherit such talents." She then looked at him again. The information about missing people like her was something new to her ears. "How many are we exactly here?"

Scott stopped in front of a door. "I compared his blood to everyone else's. And as of Deon's sentence... Three of the original children are now gone." With that, he slammed the door open. Mireya looked at the site beyond the opened door. It resembled one of those sets in the movies where a prisoner is taken for interrogation. "So, his strain is different." She walked ahead of him and looked over her shoulder. "5 of us huh?" She stood there for a brief moment and then asked him. "What if I become the Devil? Are you going to kill me?" Once more, the answer was spoken with certainty. "That's not possible. So you have nothing to fear... So, behave yourselves now." He said as he quickly slammed the door shut.

"... That ass." A female commented as she looked over at Mireya, but she could only see her eyes. "Name?" She asked. Mireya looked at the closed door with a bored expression. "That man has no imagination..." Upon hearing a female voice, she looked at the source only to see a pair of eyes meeting hers. "Mireya Elea Nightless. You can call me whatever you want within reason." The female rose up as she walked out of the shadows... Looking like a human woman it seemed. "All I heard was blah, blah smack me." She then quickly went to smack Mireya across the face before putting her hands on her hips. "Try that again." Mireya was really stunned at the sudden slap that met her cheek. She looked at the unknown female before her in annoyance and returned the favor without a word. There was no way she would allow anyone to hurt her for no good reason. Her eyes of blue darken with slight irritation. She already had a blazing headache waking her up, then accompanied by that bookworm Scott guy and now this, she would probably go "monster" mode right here, right now.

The female blinked as she was slapped back, her head barely moving as it did. She turned her head back to Mireya, before letting out a loud laugh and giving her a VERY tight hug. “You got balls, kid ~” She commented, not knowing she might be crushing the life out of Mireya. As for the one being hugged, Mireya knew instantly that there was something wrong with the female's head to begin with. However, she was now 100% certain that this woman was crazy or has split personalities along those lines. The female laughed and then gave her a hug that was literally to die for. She fortunately had placed her arms in front of her as to cushion the hug somehow. Still, she could feel her air supply being restricted slowly. "Can't--- bre-athe---" The female stopped as she let go, watching Mireya gasp for breath. "... How the hell are you so weak?" She commented. "You are one of the seven children! Ugh... We have a lot of work to do, kiddo." Mireya finally was able to catch her breath as she was released and glared at the female for calling her weak. "Don't you dare call me weak. You don't know the difference between of a friendly hug and a death hug." She straightened herself and felt a slight ache in her head. "Tsk. Shouldn't have drink..." She muttered under her breath and then sighed.

The female smacked Mireya on the back, which would probably make her nearly fall over. "Come on... We have a lot of work to do. First, I need some of your blood." She said. Mireya almost lost her balance if she did not have tight grip on her footing at the moment and could feel the veins on her forehead beginning to pound. "You don't know the word restrain..." She then looked at the woman incredulously upon hearing the need for blood. "Are you a vampire or something?" The female raised her brows. "I'm not undead, you ass! I might just break yours too for that... Just for that, I'm not telling you. Now just hand over a drop." Mireya raised an eyebrow at the woman's retort. "Who is being so emotional now?" She stared at the woman for a length of time and shrugged her shoulders. "I was just asking." She placed her right index finger near her lips and bit into the skin. Without ado, blood began to pool around the pierced skin. "Here you go." The female quickly took out a piece of paper and had the blood drop on it. "Good. Now heal yourself or something, I don't know." She said as she walked away and got out what looked like a scroll of sorts, putting the piece of paper on it, the blood slide down onto it.

Mireya shook her head and then just simply licked the remaining blood. The wound was not that deep and soon the wound closed on its own without any interference. "What’s that?" She looked at the scroll curiously now brandishing her blood. It made her wonder if had some invisible ink that needs blood to appear. Somehow, she feels it was becoming more of a cartoon than a sci-fi film. The female got on her knees and sat down on her legs as she watched the paper sink in and writing made out of blood in cursive. "Why don't you sit next to me and find out? Unless you’re scared I'm going to break you again?" She gave a confident smirk at her, challenging her. Mireya could feel the blood rushing to her head but it was not because of romantic reasons. It was due to being irritated so early in the day. "Hell no." She said with a flat tone and a tint of annoyance as she approached the female and sat beside her to look at the scroll. The female smirked at this. "Hah. So the rumors of you with Quake were true - whatever..." She said as she quickly closed the scroll again, only to open it as now six spots with cursive blood writing could be seen on it. "Here are your abilities. How do you want the order - major to minor, or minor to major?" She asked, glancing over at Mireya. "You know Quake?" Mireya asked curiously as the woman closed the scroll and when it was opened again there were cursive writings on it. The female laughed at this. "Of course I know her! She's one of the best people who was in the Rogue's Division! Now I hear from Scott she's being promoted! HAH!" She said as she sighed out. Mireya listened yet was not keen on the conversation as she was reading the contents of the scroll and did not even look at the female who asked her which way she wanted it to be read.

Mireya Elea Nightless' Demonic Power Results

Combat Specialist

Barrier Master

Plant Mistress


Kiss of Death

Touch of Heaven

"Major to minor, I guess..." Mireya answered offhandedly still looking at the scroll. "Okay... Here we go." She said. "Forecaster. Manipulation over weather. Barrier Master. Touch of Heaven. Your healing power. Combat Specialist. Kiss of Death. The power to steal life. Plant Mistress. Manipulation over Plants." Mireya listened to as the female spoke her listed abilities. She now understood why people die when she kisses them, hear the thoughts of plants, or healed Sebastian earlier. "These are my abilities?" She asked to no one in particular as her voice was obvious for the presence of disbelief. It was then she looked at the female beside her. "Who are you? What's your name?" The female looked over at her and raised her brows as she closed the scroll. "And I have reason to tell you this, how...?" Mireya stood and looked at the female casually. "I can't keep calling you. hey, oi, woman, female, or she-man. Do I?" Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she closed her eyes. "Adding that, you will train me with these so-called abilities of mine." She opened her eyes to emphasize a point. "And there is no way, I'm going to call you master or any of those titles."

The female smirked at this as she stood up and shrugged her shoulders. "You are something else... Fine. Call me S. That's all you need to know for now... Be careful though, I might end up hurting you in more than one way. So, you still up for my training or are you going to run with your tail between your legs?" Mireya narrowed her eyes at her. "S. I never run." She delivered that statement with complete confidence and an eerie sense of pride. "Bring it on." It was now accompanied by a confident smirked as her eyes of blue with determination. The female slapped her on the back at this. "Good! Don't pussy out on me!" Mireya almost fell flat to the floor but she had managed to maintain her balance and then glared at S. "I should explain to you the meaning of restraint, if we are going to have this trainer-trainee relationship." She noted and wondered inwardly what would be waiting for her.

"I am the Archduchess of the Wastelands. Don't you dare..."

Saulkur wondered through the place connecting two towers together, entering the next one as he found himself climbing up stairs again. "Good lord." He commented to himself at this as he made his way up further towards the top. "How many towers does this woman have to put up? I swear..." He said as he finally stopped at the top level, looking around as he saw a few doors. "Now... Where is her personal chambers or whatever the crap she calls it?" He said as he walked forward a bit. "What do you mean?" Elegia appeared right behind him with a raised eyebrow and a playful smirk on her lips. "Do you want to see me in bed that much?" She spoke that part by whispering in his ear similar to what a lover would do. Saulkur flinched as he turned around and looked at her, glaring at her as he snarled a bit. "The hell I would..." He retorted to her. "And for the matter... You probably wouldn't even do it any way for me." He said as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Aren't we touchy?" Elegia released a light giggle at his reaction. "Don't make it about me..." She leaned closed to him. "You're just too much of a coward to admit it." Smirking, she stepped back and crossed her arms over her chest. "Anyway, what do you want with me?"

Saulkur felt his eye twitch a little at this as he was just tempted to throw her... But he knew better. He had been raised better, besides... He liked her. He sighed out at this. ".... I came to say... T-thanks and all that." Elegia tilted her head to the side while looking at him for a moment of silence. Then, she gave a bright and sweet smile which was quite rare for anyone else to see. "You're welcome." But it soon disappeared as she returned to her infamous demeanor. "So, that is all you want from me? How disappointing." She released sigh while shaking her head. Saulkur felt his eye twitch a little more. ".... What?" He asked in a low deep tone. "You heard me." Elegia gave him a sly smile while leaning on the nearby wall behind her. "Or, have you gone deaf too?" She looked at him with disappointment and with a condescending tone as well. Saulkur walked towards her at this, stopping in front of her as he looked her dead in the eyes. "..... I came to ask how you do it.... You know... Act human and normal and all that?" He asked, obviously enraged.

"So, you want to learn from me?" Elegia looked at him with slight surprise. "So why are you so mad while you're the one asking a favor?" She met his gaze firmly. Saulkur felt his eye twitch again as he closed his eyes for a moment. "........ Nothing." Elegia find this reaction of his quite entertaining and funny. "You should speak now or forever hold your peace." She had a mischievous glint in her eyes as she flicked him on the forehead. "Anything to say before starting the lessons?" Saulkur opened his eyes and sighed. ".... The teasing.... Why is it needed? And why do you act like my superior all the damn time?" Elegia shrugged her shoulders. "Because I am." She said in a matter-of-fact tone. "In addition, it is fun teasing you." Pointing at him, she had a bright smile. "Aren't you my toy?" Saulkur felt his eyes widen at this. "T-TOY??!?!?!" Elegia nodded with much confidence. "Absolutely. I told you to kiss me and then you do so." She said with a smile while tapping his lips and then touching hers. "I always play with you all the time. You are such a good toy." She wrapped her arms around his neck and winked. Saulkur felt his teeth gritting at this as he felt she was mocking him. "T-T-T-T-T-T-T-Toy....? Toy....?!"

Elegia smiled happily. "Yes." She leaned her face closed to him that their lips were only a hair breath's away. "See, if I told you to kiss me you will just like last time." She looked at him mockingly. "Kiss me. Go ahead if you dare." Saulkur finally felt insulted enough. She was making fun of how he kissed her.... Well, he could kiss damn well fine! He wrapped his arms around her and pinned her back to the wall, pinning her head against it as well as she felt him begin to wildly kiss her. This was the second time that Elegia was taken surprised. Her eyes widened at the nature of his kiss. She had thought that he would just cower and just go silent like most of the times. Why was this happening and again? She removed her arms around his neck and placed it on his chest as she began pushing him away from her. Because at this moment, she could feel all of her blood rushing to her head. Saulkur grabbed her hands and pinned them to the wall, continuing to kiss her as he pressed his body up against hers, holding her against the wall as he kept it up this time. He was fully intent on making her pay for her insults. Elegia was surprised at that. She knew for a fact that when it comes to physical strength he was far stronger than her. However, she did not want to show him that he was getting to her. She resisted him and fought his hold on her. Even her words were getting muffled by his forceful kiss thus, she bit his lip to let her go.

Saulkur tightened his hold on her wrists by just a little bit, moving away from her lips quickly as she bit him briefly before she found him moving to the right side of her neck. She felt his lips just going place after place. "Stop it, Saulkur!" Elegia managed to say as he left her lips. She was really now flushed much like tomato. "Saulkur, stop it..." After about thirty seconds of this though, his lips went right back on hers. Tightly closing her lips, she could feel a moan almost coming out as she was able to stop it. But then, he returned kissing her and she continued fighting his hold. She would never beg or cry in front of him even when she was feeling that or the rather hot emotions flooding her due to his kisses. Saulkur chuckled on the inside at her pleas. He was getting to her - now to take it all the way home. He left her lips again to kiss the other side of her neck, doing it in several places before finding his way back to her lips, this time adding in a bit... 'More', to the kiss, she could feel the action happening all inside her mouth.

Closing her eyes, Elegia kept bottling her emotions. His kisses continued to be more forceful. She knew that there was something wrong with her senses at the moment. It is because she was gradually losing her grip on them. This was all new to her. Adding to that, it was a matter of pride to her. She would not let him hear a moan or even saying the word please. However, the next time he placed his lips on hers. There was something moving inside her mouth. Her eyes opened in shocked. Saulkur kept this up for a few before pulling his lips away and kissing the right side of her neck again, his arms letting go of her wrists and wrapping around her arms and back as he held her gently to him, rubbing her back gently as he wanted her to submit. To finally beg for him. To, perhaps in showing defeat, return the next kiss. "Saulkur." Elegia managed to say as he left her lips. She seemed so breathless. Her face was flushed and her eyes of blue was hazed by something she was truly ignorant about. At the same time, her breathing was a bit ragged. He finally released her and she felt relief but when he embraced her this time. "Are you done?" She managed to say clinging to her pride although, it was slightly unbelievable due to her current appearance. Saulkur glared at her as he was willing to let her body lean on his, but she wasn't giving in?!? He narrowed his eyes. "Almost." He stated, before then kissing her one more, he wanted a sign... ONE sign that she was giving in to him at last.

Elegia was then again placed into a heady kiss by him. She was not sure anymore what to do along with the tight gripped on her pride and at the same time about her confusing feelings that were slowly diminishing. Then, there it was a very subtle moan erupting from her despite how hard she tried to keep it away. Saulkur blinked at this as he slowly pulled his lips away from hers. ".... Did you just...?" He knew it was teasing in his mind, but on the outside, he appeared confused to her. Elegia knew what she had done and quickly covered her lips. She showed a weakness to him even if it was just for a short while. It was still a show of fragility in her part. She felt so embarrassed by it as she pushed him away from her without doubt. "Don't come for lessons to me!" She said in a rather loud voice as she headed for the safety of her bedroom. Saulkur blinked at this... "E-ELEGIA! Wait!" He cried out, rushing after her, but found himself tripping as he landed flat on his face. Not looking back, Elegia remained covering her lips as she finally entered her bedroom and made sure the doors were completely locked. After doing so, she leaned on the door and slowly fell to the floor. "What just happened to me...?" She embraced her knees closed to her while she buried her face in it. "It's his fault... not mine..."

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Looking around, Keilani was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable being alone in such a large and dimly lighted room. She had yet to see anyone here except for herself. Even more, her instructor was also nowhere in sight. She wondered if she had come a bit earlier than was scheduled. It would be better for her to ask someone about it. As such, she decided to head towards the door. There must be some guards beyond it. She could ask them but before it could be done. The room was instantly illuminated to maximum brightness. As a response, she covered her eyes from the sudden brightness which slightly irritated her cornea. She then heard something coming out from the floor. "What?" Adjusting her sight, she looked around to find several target objects being raised from the ground. Soon enough, they surrounded her with some functional walkway between the gaps of one target to another. Some of them had faces of people talking on the phone, carrying grocery bags, and all. Others were horrid monsters that had been depicted in fantasy stories and fairy tales. It made her wonder what these illustrated targets meant. "Welcome! Welcome! Sorry for the wait!"

Turning around Keilani, her eyes met a feminine figure with noticeable cat ears on the head and a swaying tail from behind the said person. It made her wonder if there was some kind of costume party or this just a habit of this person. "Who are you, if I may inquire?" The said person revealed herself fully and offered a small smile. "I'm your instructor, Rin. You're Keilani Dreahen, right?" Keilani upon hearing her answer immediately gave a polite bow. "Yes, that is my name." Rin gave a nod and then circled around her with curiosity gleaming behind her eyes. Keilani looked at her instructor with slight nervousness. "Is there a problem, Ms. Rin?" In an instant, Rin stood in front of Keilani and shook her head in disappointment. "Just call me Rin. Anyway tell me, do you know exactly the specifics why you were put on trial?" At the mention of this, Keilani had a hopeful look that she might gain information on the exact reasons of the accusations against her and the time limit for her training. "I was only told that I destroyed property..." Rin had a thoughtful look and slightly narrowed her eyes. "Nothing else? Don't you remember anything?" Keilani shook her head in answer. "None. I only remembered a woman with wings of an angel wanting to kill me and intent on harming Blanche.... After that, nothing." It was then Keilani had realized something. "Where is that woman? Is she fine?"

Rin was not sure whether Keilani was too kind-hearted or too naive. It was very uncommon to care for one's enemy, especially on Keilani's case where the said woman wanted her dead. Thinking about it, there had been reports about a sighting of woman with angelic wings who was killed upon the arrival of the response team. Perhaps, she should look into it more. There must be a clue there as to why Keilani had gone totally ballistic on her powers. In any case, she should answer the pink-haired girl who showed clear concern. "I am not sure. No one knows. She just disappeared." Upon hearing that, Keilani released a sigh of relief. "I thought... I might have hurt her..." Somehow, Rin looked away at these words. It was not her intention to lie, but, she cannot risk the possibility of Keilani triggering another out-of-control event. There was also the risk on her health which Dr. Hyde had strictly told her to take care. "Well, we are here to make sure that you will gain control of your abilities. So, you won't worry hurting anyone again... okay?" Rin changed subject while smiling at Keilani. The said girl was silent for a moment before giving a nod of understanding. "I understand... But, I am not sure what my power is really..." Rin smiled brightly at this and showed Keilani a scroll. "No worries! This will help just need a drop of blood from you." Keilani blinked a few times before looking at the scroll. "My blood?" Rin nodded to assure Keilani of the requirement. "Yup, let's get to it." Rin grabbed hold of Keilani's hand and then pricked her index finger with a needle she procured somewhere. At that action, Keilani jolted ever so slightly as the needle pricked her skin. Afterwards, a minute amount of blood pooled around the pierced skin.

"Here we go..." Rin announced to no in particular as she took a drop of the blood and opened the scroll to revealed a very old blank parchment. "Behold..." After saying that, Rin dropped the blood on the parchment. Keilani watched in wonder as the blood on the said scroll seeped. Seconds passed by and soon visible lines began to appear magically on the not so blank parchment. Keilani looked at the scroll with a childlike disbelief. She had never seen such things in real life. It had always been something she had deduced to be purely fictional. Soon enough, the lines began to connect and form cursive writings for the two of them to read and analyze. When it was done, Rin had a rather very pensive look on her face and at the same time with interest. "Interesting set of powers... I must say." Keilani read the writings on the scroll mentally.

Keilani Dreahen's Powers

The Void

Hands of Kali

Elemental Entity Creation


Mind Block


Afterwards, Keilani looked at Rin curiously. "What do they mean?" Keilani asked as she does not understand the nature of the powers listed on the parchment. "The first three are you major powers. The latter three are your minor ones." Keilani listened intently but there was still a question in her mind as she spoke again. "What is the difference between Major and Minor?" Rin looked at the ceiling of the room for some time before answering Keilani. "The major powers can only be accessed in your demon form being the Devil's Child. You will have one eventually..." Hearing that, Keilani looked at the scroll again and thought about her demon form. She never did once thought that this will ever happen to her. "The minor ones are something you will have to work hard on but at the same time, it can be used even right now." Rin continued on as Keilani had a rather brooding expression. "Don't worry. I'll help you along the way. Plus, the other children are also training like you." Gaining the knowledge that other children like her were also training, she wondered how Ash, Sebastian, Kane, and Claire were doing. Taking a deep breath, Keilani looked at Rin with a very determined expression. "You're a strong girl, Keilani... You have to live..." Those words echoed within her as her eyes of rose pink seemed to be alight with a spirit of accomplishment.

Keilani's words made Rin smiled at the younger girl. Rin had expected such a fragile little girl or even a monstrous one reading and hearing the reports about her slaughtering Renegade and WDL soldiers indiscriminately. "All right, let's get to it then! I want you to destroy the targets around us." Keilani looked around and nodded in understanding but before she could make a move. Rin wagged her right index finger at Keilani. "I'm not done yet. You must not move from your current position and destroy the targets only with the blue ribbon on them." Looking at the targets, Keilani noticed that the ones with blue ribbons were in various places inside the room with such an impossible arrangement. "Only them?" Rin nodded and had a rather glint within her eyes. "Yeah and if you missed and hurt another target. I will double your physical exercises." Blinking a few times, Keilani once more looked at the targets and knew that this would be difficult to do. "Use your power of deconstruction." Rin pointed out with her arms crossed across her chest. "But, I don't know." Rin released a sigh at this statement. "Focus... Think of deconstructing it to the tiniest detail. You are in a bubble." Listening to Rin's voice, Keilani closed her eyes and follow the directions.

The three tries that Keilani had done were unsuccessful; however, the fourth one was a miracle saver. She was able to focus her mindset on one of the targets without a blue ribbon which was just beside it. "This is going to be difficult..." Keilani noted while looking at the damaged target which was an image of a woman with a grocery bags. "Of course, it can't be easy all the time. By the way, your physical training was just doubled." Ending her statement, Rin had a smirk on her face. As for Keilani, she was very apologetic and at the same time concern about the physical portion of the training. As if understanding Keilani's concern, Rin recalled the words of Dr. Hyde. "Don't worry Keilani. The doctor will help us." Keilani gave a nod for mere acknowledgement and continued her training of deconstruction. It went for many hours before Keilani could disintegrate only the targets with blue ribbon but not without a few mishaps. Still, Keilani could only disintegrate objects at a very slow process. Adding to that, she still was a bad aim to be considered. The next portion of the training was for her to sense the emotions of other people. She is after all an Empath which Rin had a hard time. However, that will be for some other time. The doctor did told her not put too much strain on Keilani. "Let's end at this note for now." Upon hearing that, Keilani immediately fell to her knees on the floor and she was breathing heavily. "Hey, come let's get you fix up." Rin approached Keilani and handed the younger girl a helping hand. Keilani took it without any hesitation and had a grateful smile. "Thank you very much." Rin simply smiled and helped Keilani to the infirmary once more.

Michael would be looking over some notes for the day as he felt one of his brows twitching. "Frikking Rin with her frikking spells with her frikking cat tail with her frikking cat form with her frikking fraking everything." A knock was heard on the door. "Come in, come in." Upon hearing that, the door swung opened with one of the leading physicians and researchers in the Renegades rank entered. Green hair with matching green eyes behind thick-rimmed glasses looked at Michael and gave a slight bow of respect. "Good day to you"

"Ah, Dr. Hyde... Good to see you haven't morphed into Mr. J yet. So, what's up?" Hyde shrugged at the latter statement. It was not like he has an alter ego or anything. His name was just attached to the notable work about Jekyll and Hyde, characters in a fictional literature. In any case, he was not here for that running gag on his name. "Doing good, I was wondering if you have seen my report about Keilani Dreahen's blood sample."

"Ah, that.... No, not really. What's up with it?" At this answer, Hyde released a short sigh and then approached the desk. He looked at some of the papers and found the report at the very bottom. Pulling it out, he presented it to Michael. "It has angel blood." Michael nearly passed out at this. ".... What now?" Hyde nodded confirming what he had stated. "The declared Devil's child has angel's blood. Although, there are certain differences from yours."

"How so?" He asked, completely baffled. "Well, there are certain markers in the DNA that greatly differs but, also a subtle similarity..." Hyde pushed up his glasses from the bridge of his nose before continuing. "Safe to say, the only similarity would be it is holy blood but the origin and family tree... completely different."

"........ Wha?" Hyde shrugged at this. "That is all I could say since this is a different blood strain from yours." He also released another sigh. "We also don't have much concrete information on angels and things firsthand. Adding to that, we don't that have more blood samples to compare it to."

".... Very well. Continue to investigate this strange occurrence." Hyde nodded and then remembered something that he had also found odd. "There is also another thing..."

".... Oh lord, these kids. What is it?" Hyde looked at the report once more before speaking. "She shares similar markers with Sebastian. But, it is not definite to be certain of anything as the holy blood overpowers it."

"..... What's that suppose to mean?" Hyde looked at Michael. "I know that the children should have similar DNA structure when it comes to the Devil's blood making them their children." He paused for a moment and pushed up his glasses to realigned it with his eyes. "But we did find a more prominent structure in Sebastian differentiating him and with Keilani's as well..." There was silence once more. "I have no scientific proof as of now... However, there is a possibility of them being truly related..."

"...... Ugghhh.... Looks like I have no choice. Hyde, new task for you to do as of right now. You are to go to Scott and tell him to assign Sebastian and his new team to the Kallos case. Also, yes, we are going to have teams now. I only have two in mind however - but get to Scott, he'll know about them more then me." Hyde gave a small nod upon hearing the instruction. "Sure, You're the boss. But is this really fine? Assigning him to that case?"

"..... They want him so badly? They'll get him." Hyde released another sigh at this. "Okay. I'll be going now." With that said, he left Michael on his own again. Michael sighed once he was gone and sat down, putting his face in his hands.