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Candice Hallows

"I'll always look forward. You should all aim to do the same."

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a character in “A Tale of Seven Children//Endless Hourglass”, as played by Tanman


Candice Hallows


~ Physical Profile ~

Name:Candice HallowsImage Titles: N/A
Physical Age: 26 True Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Non-Human
Subspecies: Medusa
Description: An average height female at 5'7", Candice is a mature, attractive looking female of fine complexion. Her face is angular and smooth, and she has long blonde hair she frequently changes to a myriad of styles. She has a fondness for being fashionable, which means she frequently changes up her outfits as well. That said, for work she frequently wears different suits, and isn't afraid to show off her figure in the appropriate situations.

However, one item of hers that never changes is that she is never seen without wearing some sunglasses, regardless of weather, light or time of day. Somewhat self-conscious of her height and features, she often enhances her features with makeup and heels. Though it's hard to tell with her sunglasses, Candice's eyes range from a bright-red to a soft golden glow. Though not always apparent, there are clear stress lines on her face, that she has trouble hiding other than maintaining a stern expression. When she does smile however, one can't help but feel the genuineness of the feeling.

~II. Mental Profile ~

Personality: Image
A wise woman, Candice is experienced, intelligent, efficient and capable. Though many see her coming off as stern and strict, she simply likes being in control, likes being organised, and genuinely sees dedication as being a sign of a strong character. Protective to a fault, she's often at risk of being a bit too restrictive to those she's put in charge of, though that's undeniably the result of some strong maternal instincts. A capable diplomat, Candice isn't fond of combat, and avoids it where possible, preferring discourse. Though she's aware that some things cannot be settled without violence, she doesn't particularly like it, and aims to teach her students that there's more than one way to fight in this world. An expert in non-humans and demons, she's capable and interested in talking about the subject, but would actually much rather talk about the latest fashion trends, the political climate, or her most recent novel.


In the right company, Candice's hard exterior can melt pretty quickly, and her more caring and motherly nature can show. Self-conscious, meticulous, insecure and far less rigid, she's not one to show her vulnerable side that often, but depending on the situation and her level of comfort she can relax and let her hair down to some degree. A lover of classical music and ballroom dance, she enjoys participating in them as a hobby, a fact that she's not afraid to show and talk about. A forward thinker, Candice isn't big on talking about her past or the mistakes that have been made, preferring to look forward to the future and what can be done to make progress. As far as the kinds of people she gets along with, anyone that isn't particularly rude or mean is a potential friend, particularly if they can hold a decent and civilised conversation. A lover of children and young adults, she remembers her own troubled childhood, and sees to it that she'd like to help them wherever she can, much like the help she received so many years ago.

Outside of work, Candice is still a bit fastidious, but not nearly as overbearing. She enjoys a drink and a laugh, and likes having the time to simply relax without having to worry about herself or anyone else. Sometimes, she likes to dress in front of the mirror and generally flaunt her confidence and figure, as well as mess around in some of her costumes from her younger years. Overall, when not stressed about her business, she can be calm, friendly and cordial. A pleasant, polite and all around nice person, though there's always the hint of somber sorrow floating behind her that only seems to be forgotten for a few moments. Though there are aspects of obsessive compulsive behaviour, it's more that Candice likes seeing things in order.

Looking Nice
A Certain Someone
Being in charge
Not being in charge
The Cold
Disobedient Children
Being Disorganised
Making Mistakes
Some of the WDL Staff
Being Oblivious

Fears: Using her Medusa Eyes. Losing those she cares for. The truth of her nature. Being ugly.

Hobbies: Piano, teaching, listening to music, dancing, fashion and dressing up.

Secrets?: She has many. Within the WDL, her status as a Non-Human is not public knowledge, not even her adoptive son knows.

Outlook on life: Life can be cruel. Though it may look pretty, it's always tinted by imperfections. Still, in spite of that, there is light in this world.

Affiliation: Stern but maternal teacher of the WDL

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good

~III. Statistics ~
Willpower: S

Faith: A

Mana Capacity: A

Magickal Proficiency: B

Physical Competence: SS

~IV. Innate Abilities~

- Active Abilities -

Image -Poison Fangs (A)
As much as she’s not fond of the fact, Candice is capable of injecting venom through her teeth. That said, she doesn’t tend to bite many people with such a lethal intention. She is also capable of biting without using her toxins, but why she’d need to do that is anyone’s guess…

-Gorgon Form (SS++)
If willing to forgo her human form, Candice is capable of changing into an abomination. A beast of nightmares, far more durable and dangerous than her more fragile self. Though her size does not change incredibly, her physical capabilities are greatly enhanced, and she gains a number of additional and upgraded senses and abilities to aid her in combat, ranging from a tremor-sense to a poisonous spit. Hair filled with snapping snakes, rough, course scales, a face of nightmares; few can stand looking at the Medusa before turning away in disgust.

- Passive Abilities -

-Eyes of the Medusa (SS)
Full, direct eye contact with Candice is capable of petrifying almost any living creature. The effect of this is permanent, and lethal, with only the most powerful of individuals capable of resisting this transformation. Indirect eye-contact, such as through mirrors or sunglasses, seems to bypass this ability.

-Hair of the Medusa (A)
By pulling hair from her head, Candice can transform them into a variety of poisonous snakes that intuitively follow her will. These can be thrown, left to spy or infiltrate areas, attack, all manner of things. The scale of the snake is directly proportional to the amount of hair she plucks.

-Claws of the Gorgon (S)
Candice’s nails are incredibly durable and sharp, capable of cutting most substances to ribbons. Though she keeps them short, she is capable of extending them into claws for combat use, and she’s highly proficient in using them.

-Scales of the Medusa (SS)
Candice's skin is incredibly durable - regular blades and weapons are incapable of piercing her body. Candice also has some degree of resistance to extreme temperatures, such as fire and ice, as well as some protection against magic and kinetic forces.

-Blood of the Gorgon (S)
Candice's blood actually works as a potent healing agent. Good luck getting any out of her though.

-Enhanced Body (S)
In addition to having an incredibly durable body, Candice’s physical capabilities are inhuman. The speed and strength behind her movements are not to be underestimated.

- Boundary -


~V. Acquired Magick ~

- Active Magick -

-Magic Fundamentals (B)
As a teacher at the WDL, Candice has done her best to acquire an adequate level of knowledge in all the known magical fields. Though the spells are not exactly the most potent, she’s versatile enough to understand the basics and fundamentals. As such, can still guide students appropriately and talk with them about the subject as an equal, demonstrating when necessary.

-Healing Touch (B)
Though nowhere near an expert level, Candice is practiced in the healing arts for emergencies. This can range from increasing the pace of healing, curing illness, or simply stabilising an individual.

- Passive Magick -

-Anti-Magic (B)
The only magic that Candice has taken considerable time to learn, she’s not capable of counter spelling in the traditional sense. Rather, she enhances her claws to allow them to cleave through most magic based projectiles safely, as well as interact with magical beings immune to physical slashing.

~VI. Acquired Skills ~

ImagePhysical Combat {Master}
Candice is highly experienced in fighting with her claws, as well as decently experienced in most martial arts and weapon usage, though the latter techniques are primarily to aid her in teaching, as she much prefers her own, more natural form of combat. With her natural abilities, it’s far more deadly than most can dream to reach.

-Marksmanship {Skilled]
Though not quite as much of a crack-shot as some people she knows, Candice knows her way around guns. Her aim’s good in a pinch, and she’s a confident shot, which helps her should she need to teach the students.

-Piano {Skilled}
Initially learned as a therapeutic task, Candice has continued to develop her musical skills to the point where she can confidently play the pieces she has learned.

-Ballroom Dancing {Skilled}
Another of Candice’s personal hobbies, Candice feels refined whenever she gets the opportunity to practice, but alas, none of her partners tend to be very capable in this area.

-Swimming {Skilled}
A lover of the beach and pools, Candice quite enjoys swimming and as such, has a refined form resulting in quite the fast pace.

Organisation {Legendary}
No one can fill a schedule and complete paperwork like Candice can. Her efficiency is something to truly behold, as long as she’s prioritising it.

Teaching {Master}
The professional love of her life, Candice wants nothing more than to share her wisdom and help those younger than herself reach their full potential. If what she manages to teach those exorcists helps even one of them live longer, that’s something.

Technology {Adept}
Although not something she especially focuses on, Candice is savvy around technology, and has a few programs to help her hack into some areas she shouldn’t.

~VII. Familiars ~


~VIII. Equipment~

- Weaponry -

-WDL Armory
Candice doesn’t tend to carry weapons around with her, but is in possession of standard exorcist weapons for training purposes. These range from swords to guns to magical aids.

- Vehicles and Constructs -


- Miscellaneous -

- Earpiece
Hidden inside her ear, Candice keeps a wireless earpiece for communication, though it’s often kept off. Who it contacts is known only by her…

Candice will rarely wear the same exact outfit, and as such, has an extensive wardrobe.

Always seen wearing some form of sunglasses, Candice owns more pairs of glasses than anything else, and often has a spare or two while wearing one pair.

~IX. Biography~

Though Candice prefers not to go into her past, for what it's worth, her recent history isn't all that bad. A non-human with ideals and dreams, Candice found herself wanting to do everything she could to respect the memory of some old friends. As such, she found herself joining the WDL to share their vision; to push the WDL to something greater, and see to it that they didn't stray from the path of heroism to one of tyranny. The WDL is and was a force for good, and Candice wants to see to it that it remains that way, and doesn't simply end up evangelically eliminating all non-humans and demons from the world. Dedicated to her adopted son Kane, as well as to future generations, Candice felt that she could best help through teaching and guidance, rather than setting a poor example with violence. She'd had enough of that stuff in her previous line of work.

Imparting her wisdom to students at the WDL, Candice teaches ethics mainly, but also demonology and non-humans. Though she is strict in her methods, she does want to be loved as a teacher and appreciated, and does everything she can to help her students to the best of her ability. Selflessly and tirelessly working to be the best she can, she's always looking forward to her next lesson and anticipating what needs to be done. To her, the demon children are just that, and with some love and careful discipline, they might grow up to be successful, capable adults able to protect this world from the inevitable looming threats.

~X. Miscellaneous~

Candice speaks in Colour #DFA900 of the Hex Code.
Candice almost never removes her sunglasses, and always has spares on hand.
Candice's face claim varies.

Main Theme: Eyes Open - Taylor Swift

So begins...

Candice Hallows's Story


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#, as written by Tanman
Candice Hallows

With a long sigh and whistle across her tongue, Candice Hallows sank back into her chair, taking a brief moment to lift her sunglasses and rub her eyes. After ensuring that her glasses were back into place, she opened her eyes once more to stare at the ceiling, watching the rotating ceiling fan for a few moments in silence before turning back to the papers. Illusion’s ability to acquire important information on the children was pivotal, but Candice wasn’t entirely sure if she timed it so poorly intentionally or if she was just unlucky. Having been assigned as the one of the children’s caretakers in addition to her standard duties, Ms. Hallows certainly had her hands full. Already, she’d had to delegate far more tasks than she would have liked, particularly when it came to the curriculum and education of their newest arrivals.

She’d heard tell that adjustment wasn’t going smoothly for Ashley; and as of yet, she hadn’t managed to catch Sibyl up enough to have both in the same remedial class. With the arrival of Jonathan and potentially the other children soon, it presented an opportunity to have them learn together, and perhaps develop important bonds with one another for the future. Certainly it would be more efficient at the very least, and as much as Candice liked her one on one sessions with the children, she was in desperate need of some more space in her schedule. Thankfully, she had reliable colleagues for the most part. Mori had been a blessing investigating Sibyl’s hearing difficulties; and although one of her charges, Rick was proving to be ever the reliable helper. Given his age and experience, he’d no doubt make a fine leader for the group once they were settled.

“Even so, to think that Johnathan survived such an incident…” Candice muttered to herself, flipping through the pages of the report. It seemed that they’d been too slow to act in retrieving him; and as a result, this incident was even worse than the one prior to Ashley’s arrival. At least then the child had been intact despite the losses. If it wasn’t for the miraculous talents of Dr. Minerva, the situation could already have escalated out of control, but as it stood, Johnathan was in safe hands now. Still, hopefully this incident wouldn’t have a lasting impact on his psyche. If he became unstable as a result of his incident, it could take months or even years before he’d be prepared to fight for the WDL in any capacity… Stopping to sip her tea, Candice sighed once again. “Not that it’s exactly fair to expect that of them. This isn’t a choice they get to make. Cursed by birth…” Subconsciously, Candice felt her hands tighten. She knew all too well the burden one’s lineage could hold.

No sooner had she reached for a pen to write out the plan going forward was there a knock at the door. Pivoting in her seat, Candice called for him to enter, her son, Kane, opening the door and poking his head through. “You’re still up Mom? Did you even sleep…?”

“You needn’t be concerned with my affairs Kane. You need to focus on your studies. I know you have class this morning.” There was a faint sternness to her voice, but a warmth too, as a smile flickered across her face. Candice couldn’t help but have a soft spot for the boy, and he’d matured so much in the past few months at the WDL.

“I know. I’m going. But if I don’t look after you, you certainly won’t. You’ll run yourself ragged if you keep working yourself to death.” Remaining at the door frame, Kane looked about the room, noting the uneaten dinner, now cold on her side table, as well as the pile of papers and files on her desk. Looking back to his mother sceptically, he continued. “I don’t suppose you’ll take today off to catch up on some rest?”

Stretching, Candice laughed, giving a shake of her head as she turned back to her paper. “No rest for the wicked, but thanks for your concern. I’m fine, really. I’m pretty in tune with my body, so I’ll be fine for today. Enjoy class sweetie, and make yourself dinner tonight. I might not be back in time to join you.” Beginning to write out her notes in earnest, Candice didn’t really hear Kane’s response as he left. She didn’t particularly like missing out on quality time with him, but she didn’t really have a choice given how suddenly this has all happened. Finalising her notes for Bailey and the other staff to accommodate her absence, Candice planned to drop it off to the faculty before making her way to the infirmary. Hopefully Mori wouldn’t mind looking after the ‘recruits’ one more day while she made arrangements with Eine and the others for Johnathan’s transport and accommodation.

Walking with high purpose, Candice almost collided with young Rick as he left Dr. Minerva’s office, and although she was quite pressed for time, she did make a point of stopping to comment. “Punctual as always Rick. At this rate you’ll have my position before long.” Stopping just outside Johnathan’s room, Candice turned towards him fully. “Thank you though. I appreciate all your assistance with our new recruits. I intend to be more involved in all of your studies from this moment, but it can’t be understated that you’ve been a wonder in getting them adjusted and accommodated to life here. I’ve already submitted the paperwork to organise Johnathan’s room on his recovery, but if you could keep abreast of the deliveries for the furnishings I’d appreciate it given you’ll be sharing the same apartment building.”

Taking on board Rick’s feedback, Candice stopped at hearing a certain comment, knocking before entering Eine’s office with her approval. “I imagine you’ve seen to his physical recovery.” Candice stated as she entered to take a seat, looking over Jonathan’s form for a moment before glancing back to Eine. “That’s another one we weren’t able to protect. We might need to push forward our efforts to bring the remaining children here.” Sighing again, Candice adjusted her seating as she met the Doctor’s gaze. “…The wheel of fate is turning… I hope this foreboding feeling is nothing more than uncertainty. For their sake.” Pausing to let Eine say her piece, Candice would further discuss any rehabilitation JoJo would need, as well as getting the latest bio-data in order to prepare any personalised curriculum he would need. They all needed to be prepared as soon as possible. Clearly, their enemies weren't intending to wait for them.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Rick Brackwall

First Illusion and now Eine. Plus with Jojo having arrived so closely to the arrival of Sybil and Ash the shadow of this closing date of the apocalypse looms further overhead with each given day. I can only wonder-

“Punctual as always Rick. At this rate you’ll have my position before long.”

Rick was stirred from his silent ponderings as Candice greeted him just barely out of Eine's office.

"Ah, hello Candice. Come to see the new arrival too I see. You do flatter but if you ask me you're ultimately irreplaceable."
He stated with a short nod of acknowledgement, standing with his hands folded behind his back in a stance which spoke of professional informality.

"The lifeblood of any institution is it's recruits after all. While I stand by my efforts to set an example for younger agents to work towards I am no veteran in the field of education. I dare say there are few here who have put in as many hours on duty
as you."

“Thank you though. I appreciate all your assistance with our new recruits. I intend to be more involved in all of your studies from this moment, but it can’t be understated that you’ve been a wonder in getting them adjusted and accommodated to life here. I’ve already submitted the paperwork to organize Johnathan’s room on his recovery, but if you could keep abreast of the deliveries for the furnishings I’d appreciate it given you’ll be sharing the same apartment building.”

"As a matter of fact I was just on that particular task. I'll be reviewing the paperwork to confirm what the shipments are bringing in and facilitating their transfer to his new lodging if needed."

After he had responded she continued on past into Eine's room. He too needed to be somewhere and that somewhere is where he went.

After guaranteeing Jonathan's personal belongings were accounted for and in the process of being moved, a task which took an undisclosed amount of time...

He returned to the Infirmary having straightened out that matter. Returning up to Eine's office he gently knocked upon the door. Aside from never barging into anywhere out of respect for people's privacy at work and at home he didn't want to walk in if she was privately discussing matters with any of the staff or other such guests.


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0.00 INK

tabbingVesper ran through the hallways without regard to the people that she had passed by. All that mattered to her was to confirm if that boy she had met long ago was indeed the same one mentioned in that note. he did not notice the people's gazes of surprise and disbelief as she ran past them. Her head was full of thoughts about the past that imprinted so strongly on her soul. The memories flooded her senses like an unforgiving wave which gave her a tunnel vision. Soon enough, she reached her destination. Forgoing with proper manners, she opened the door in a hurry as she made her entrance to the infirmary. The prim and proper Himemiya Princess was nowhere to be seen at all. Her face expressed her desperation. Her breathing was quick and ragged. She was still in her nightdress and her hair uncombed as it fell around her. She was clearly a mess.

tabbingIt did not matter at all. Vesper's purple eyes landed on the unconscious boy lying on the bed. Her face shifted into varying degrees of expressions. There was disbelief, relief, happiness, sadness, and concern. These myriad of emotions were uncommon to see on her at any given time. So, it was natural that the people who knew her were startled at the current her but that was not a concern at all. Her entire attention was focused on Jonathan as she approached him ever slowly as if she feared that if her actions were too fast, he will vanish into thin air. That is why it is not surprising that she did not notice the presence of another inside the infirmary.


tabbing"Oniisama..." Vesper's voice started as a faint whisper. She reached out to touch Jonathan as her fingers gently brushed his hair. "It really is you Oniisama..." Her voice finally gained strength as she finally touched his cheek. "I am so glad..." It was at that point her knees buckled as she fell. It was probably due to the tension finally being released from her body but she managed to stay by his bedside. Her face now leveled with his. "Oniisama, it's all right now." She caressed his cheek with care. "This time...I'll protect you."Her emotions finally settling down made her senses returned to her. That is when she noticed that she was not alone. Her head swiveled like a chair to see... "Dr. Minerva..."

tabbingVesper recalled what she did and her cheeks faintly flushed pink. She had been acting disgracefully before the doctor. She has also been rude. She got to her feet and quickly bowed her head before Dr. Minerva. "My apologies. There is no excuse for my rudeness." She kept her head lowered. It was truly embarrassing. She was unable to contain her emotions from spilling out. "But, I do hope that you forgive me just this one time..." She glanced at Jonathan. "I just wanted to know..." She finally raised her head and looked at Dr. Minerva with worry. From all of her actions, it can be seen that Jonathan Black is important to her. "What happened to him?"


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#, as written by zody
The Good Doctor.

Almost immediately after Rick had left, the good Doctor's eyes were glued to the files that practically spilled from the folder they sat in. Jonathan's wounds had been mostly tended to, of course, but that didn't mean he was safe. He needed to be more than strong if he was going to keep moving on.
While being a half-Demon certainly had its horrible downsides, and the Doctor imagined that Holy Water would leave an even more horrible mark, the regeneration afforded to Jonathan by the Devil's blood in his veins had made her job far too easy. In fact, considering his condition upon arrival into her care, the regeneration was likely the only reason he was waking up today at all.

The good Doctor, however, wasn't so buried in her thoughts as to be deaf to the world around her. Candice's voice reached her long before the teacher had finished her chat with Rick and reached the door to Jonathan's room, though even then, the Doctor was still leafing through the folder in her hands.
What bothered her was the nature of Jonathan's wounds. The soldiers who'd managed to pick Jonathan up hadn't quite managed to get a clear sight of the being that had assaulted the boy. Whatever it was, however, they were certain that it was injured. Certainly, it could've been a Tsuchigumo considering the venom in his system, but it was just as likely another Demon taking a Tsuchigumo's form, or purposefully attempting to hide its tracks.
It was remarkable, then, that he had both managed to survive and nearly fatally injure a monster in the span of a day. His powers must be quite dangerous, then.
She bit her lip softly before sitting upright, realising that she'd left poor Candice standing at her door for longer than was probably acceptable.

"Come in."

The reply to the knock was quick and to the point as the Doctor closed the folder and placed it on the table beside her patient's bed. She leaned over him, listening to Candice's footsteps as she entered and then spoke.
"I imagine you've seen to his physical recovery.” She heard the teacher take a seat in one of the other chairs in the room, though the Doctor took a few moments to respond. With closed eyes, she was quite still, running a hand across Jonathan's torso to make sure that she hadn't missed anything. With a satisfied nod to herself, she sat back in her seat and finally cast her gaze over to Candice.
An admirably reliable woman, though they didn't interact too much. They did, however, have much in common.

She met Candice's gaze, hidden behind her sunglasses, and listened to the teacher's words.
"That's another one we weren't able to protect. We might need to push forward our efforts to bring the remaining Children here." The sigh that followed gave the Doctor all of the information that she needed. Candice's shuffling in her seat only confirmed it. Uncomfortable was certainly a word that could apply to this entire situation; the possibility of the end of the world, the Devil himself rising from Hell once more, this time with a grudge.. Or something even worse.
And at the center of it was a group of people with barely any idea exactly what was going on. For a moment, the Doctor's face might've betrayed her stifled rage, but she was quick to keep her features stoic, as a professional should.
"... The wheel of fate is turning... I hope this foreboding feeling is nothing more than uncertainty. For their sake."
She certainly hoped that Candice was right, however..

"Indeed," the Doctor glanced over to Jonathan once more, narrowing her brows ever so slightly. "Though, that being said, if we were to simply kidnap them without warning, without them knowing, then why would they ever believe us? They wouldn't, nor would they open up to us, or begin to learn about their powers."
She paused once again, reaching up to gently caress the bandage that covered her face.
"As horrible as it is to condemn these innocent people to trauma, suffering and fear, it is a necessary evil. Ex malo bonum."
Turning to stare out the window of the infirmary room, the Doctor took a few moments to begin speaking.
"I have personally never been particularly eager in regards to the concept of 'fate' or 'destiny'. It always seems like such things are forced on innocent people, and those people are then dragged through the mud because of the 'whim of fate' or some excuse like that. I believe that humanity should forge their own path, and that our lives should remain in our own hands."
For a single moment, her grip on the arms of the chair tightened, cracking the wood ever so slightly. She felt her lips curling back in a snarl, but caught herself and took a deep, deep breath instead, calming herself and returning to her usual stoic demeanour. She scolded herself internally before taking a moment to turn back to Candice, staring into the woman's eyes once more. She placed her hands in her lap, one atop the other, and gave a faint smile.

It was ironic that someone with such feelings was eager to worship a God.

"With that out of the way.. What can I do for you, Candice?"

When Candice asked for information, the Doctor eagerly gave it, along with a copy of Jonathan's file as per usual for anyone that Illusion added to the 'List of Children'. When all was said and done, and Candice had gone on her way, the Doctor was left alone to leaf through her folder once more.

She lazily dropped it back onto her lap and leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes again.
She knew precisely what Candice had meant.
She, too, hoped it was just the teacher's gut.

The Vampire.

Illusion was, for once, actually doing her job.

The little girl was sitting in an adult-sized chair that was obviously far too large for her, her feet were nowhere near the ground. Despite that, she was very busy typing away at a laptop, a pair of glasses sitting on her pale face. With furrowed brows, Illusion was currents typing an email to organise a meeting a day from now. With the recent interest in the sudden recruiting of a bunch of random people, the questions about the knowledge of the time and location of the attacks, the questions about why, if the information was there, the attacks weren't prevented, and the new vendor with pink eyes residing in their compound..

The other members of the Council were antsy and annoyed to say the least. Illusion was going to silence them for the time being with some flimsy excuse she'd think up as she was-

Got it.
A small smile sat upon her face as she sat there, typing a little faster this time.

But a name was required.
A name..

She leaned back, cracking her knuckles and wiggling her fingers, staring blankly into space for a few moments before continuing.
Anti-Antichrist sounded pretty fun, but she doubted it'd be accepted.

A small smile crept across her face as she leaned in, continued typing, then paused and deleted something. The email was pretty basic, and she doubted she'd escape the day without having to go and start up a meeting, or having to attend a meeting that someone else started up. Regardless of that, she was pretty intent on this new name. It was simple, but still catchy.

She sat back once again, taking her glasses off of her face and handing them to another Illusion, who held them and looked over her work with a small smile, speaking the words she'd written in the email out loud to herself.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it's with great honour and excitement that I finally unveil to you the secretive program that both our Archknight Sir Evangelion and myself have been working on; the Seven Children of God.
The smirk on her face was full of amusement and maybe a little antagonism.


The Good Doctor.

After Candice had left, the good Doctor had been busy keeping an eye on Jonathan. She'd noticed that he was more than a little frenzied, even in his sleep, and despite the fixing she'd given his body, she was still well aware that his sleep was likely full of horrors that she didn't even know. Yet.
She'd ask him about the experience later on, but as for now, she'd be giving him plenty of rest.
She was studying the monitor beside his bed that he was linked up to when the door practically exploded open and a certain young girl charged into the room with an energy that the Doctor hadn't even seen from half of the people in this compound. She shot over to the bed, blind to anything but the man in it, and practically joined him under the blankets.
Needless to say, the Doctor was immediately taking advantage of her temporary invisibility to jot down the change in Vesper's behaviour and some of the things the girl was saying.
Perhaps they had a past together? Oniisama was something that Vesper seemed to be calling the boy, though the Doctor would have to either ask or Google it later on. She wasn't very good with languages other than German, Italian and.. another.

When Vesper finally realised that she and the bedridden 'Oniisama' weren't alone, her cheeks immediately flushed and she bowed as if she'd committed some sort of gross wrong. Clicking the lid back onto her pen and placing it in one of her pockets, the Doctor waved a hand. "Don't worry about it, Miss Himemiya. It's good to see you in a good mood."
The Doctor made her way back over to the bed, leaning over it and peering down at Jojo beneath her.

"But, I do hope that you forgive me just this one time..." The Doctor smiled softly, nodding.
"I just wanted to know..." To say that Jonathan Black was important to her was an understatement. It seemed like there was something a bit deeper than friendship between them. Her questioning despite her usual demeanour only reinforced the notion.
"What happened to him?"

The Doctor wished she could give a definitive answer, but alas, she wasn't Jonathan, nor did she feel inclined to poke around in his dreams or memories.
"He was attacked by what is very likely to be a Tsuchigumo. He barely managed to escape with his life, but he did. He also took it upon himself to get somewhere remote in order to try and avoid collateral damage. He's quite the hero, and he fought the Tsuchigumo off, to boot.
His body was burnt out from the battle, not to mention the serious injuries to his body, and the fact that he almost had his throat bitten out.. I've written a list of his injuries down on a piece of paper if you're particularly interested.

The Doctor shook her head, looking back over to Vesper with a faint smile.

"Your presence here is appreciated. If you know him, I'll allow you to stay for as long as you like. Consider it medical leave."

The 'Hero'.

To say that Jonathan's dreams were horrific would be an understatement. Every single bit of his mind was writhing and scuttling around, grabbing at him and making his heart pound. The giant spider monster leapt at him once more and he barely manage to claw out of the way. His body was sluggish, like he was running through jelly, and that thing was gaining on him. It jabbed at him with one of its legs and it pierced his side and he fell, tossing and turning in the air, through the pitch black void that dragged him deeper and deeper into his nightmares.
Something gentle brushed against his cheek and the momentum stopped.

"Oniisama, it's all right now."

He shot up in his bed in the infirmary, panting like he'd just rushed his way through three marathons without a single drop of water. He was covered in sweat, drenched in it, and he was nauseous to his stomach. He practically vaulted over the side of his bed, catching sight of the bucket, held by a woman he'd never seen before but was suddenly very, very happy to be seeing. He grabbed the bucket and threw up right into it, his entire body shuddering and quivering with the fleeting terror of his nightmares, and the reality that might as well have been a nightmare itself.
He took a few moments to catch his breath, choking on the taste of his bile before finally managing to calm himself properly.. or at least as close to properly as his poor self could manage. At any moment, he felt like he was going to pass out. His entire body felt sore, and his legs felt weak.

Until someone seized him by the shoulders, at least, and pulled him back over to the bed.
"You're safe now, Jonathan."
He thrashed in their grip, images of that horrible, horrible spider woman burning in his head. He flailed and kicked, screaming and shouting before finally, after a few moments, he began to calm down. The arms around his waist held him gently, and he began to breath again. He didn't even know he'd been holding his breath.

He was breathing hard, barely able to hold himself together, and with the help of the person holding him, he climbed up into the bed and slithered under the blankets. Unbeknownst to him, the Doctor had moved over to place a gentle hand on Vesper's shoulder. "He's had a rough night, Miss Himemiya."
It took a few moments for Jonathan to pull himself together enough to then exit the sheets, and when he did, he certainly didn't expect to see what he saw. Standing before him were two people; the first was the person whose voice he'd already heard. She was a tall woman wearing a pair of glasses, with dull pink hair falling down her back and a warm smile on her face.
She was clad in a pristine white suit, upon which she was wearing a pristine white lab coat. Her hands were covered in pristine white gloves, and her appearance would've screamed 'SCIENTIST OR MAYBE DOCTOR' if it weren't also for the armband around her bicep, clinging to her coat, and emblazoned with a bright red cross- the obvious sign for a medical professional.

However.. Jonathan's eyes were drawn to the other woman in the room, and his breath caught in his throat for a moment. Those purple eyes, that hair, the lovely skin..
Memories sprung forth from the back of his mind of his younger days, before the idiocy in London, and back to a time when..

Completely unaware of how horrible he looked, he sat there for a few moments, silent and with a jaw that was practically in his lap.
"I... Is that.. Vesper?"
His voice cracked a little as he spoke her name.
Surely it couldn't be, right? There was no way..

"Oniisama, it's all right now."
The words and the voice resurfaced in his mind and he gulped, suddenly aware of how absolutely exhausted he felt. His throat was dry, his body ached in places he never knew that his body could ache..
His hand shot up to his neck and grasped it, feeling the lack of any real hole there. He let out a long, relieved breath and his body relaxed a little.
Speaking of his body, he opened his eyes and glanced down at himself. He was practically covered in bandages, some of them bloody, some of them seemingly brand new. They covered the majority of his body, and his face had a few bandaids on it as well.

He felt like an anime character.
Though, with that being said.. Now he was waiting for the two people before him to respond to him.

The Good Doctor.

"My apologies, Vesper. Your reunion has to be put on hold for a few moments, I fear." The Doctor made her way over and grabbed a seat, pushing it over to the side of the bed that Vesper was standing on before returning to her own side of the bed and taking a seat. Jonathan visibly stiffened up at the change in her tone, but she flashed him a quick smile in order to soothe his concerns. Having seated herself, she picked up the clipboard that she'd been scribbling things down on, along with the folder full of pages stuff to the brim with information.

"My name is Doctor Eine Minerva. You may call me Doctor, Minerva, or Eine, whichever you'd prefer. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to ask you some questions. These may cause you to become uncomfortable, but we need answers in order to make sure that our version of events is correct."
The boy glanced over at her, then back over to Vesper before nodding his head and licking his lips. He was obviously nervous, and he had every right to be. Before she began, though, she leaned forward and placed a hand on one of his own, giving him that familiar warm smile once more.
"You really are safe here, Jonathan. If that monster comes for you, we'll be here to stop it. That being said, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have after I'm done with my inter.. questioning."
It was hard not to think of this as her interrogating an innocent young man, but procedure dictated this to be her duty, and on top of that, they needed to know more about the incident.

"Now, Jonathan, if you could recount the events of the night to me, please do. If it begins to feel like too much, or you want to stop, please do. Your health is my priority. Despite having to do this, I don't intend on harming you in order to do it." Her voice had lost a little of the warmth it had held as she reverted back to the viewpoint with which she was most familiar.
Cold, analytical, necessary in order to complete her task.
She had stopped crying over her patients years ago.

Jonathan took a deep breath, nodding to give his assent, and began to speak.
"Well, I woke up and, um, went to work like usual.."

The Good Doctor.

The story matched far too well. The corpses of his housemates, the destruction of property, the fleeing spider monster. All of it lined up with the narrative that they'd put down on paper. The Doctor uncrossed and then crossed her legs again, placing the folder down on the table beside her, along with the clipboard, and adjusted the glasses on her face. For a moment, she hesitated.
"Jonathan, may I call you Jojo?"

The boy, looking more than a little pale now, nodded quietly. He'd been brave to talk about what had happened so openly. It reminded her of the other Children's little chats with her, though none of those had been in a hospital bed..
Nor so quickly after they'd woken up from being unconscious. She took a moment to harden her heart once again before crossing her arms.

"Now, it's time for me to tell you some things." She paused for a moment, nodded to herself, then continued.
"The being that attacked you is called a Tsuchigumo. We believe that, as it wasn't a Demon and therefore wouldn't be aware of your.. circumstances.. the attack was orchestrated by a third party. Think of it like this; how convenient is it that an arachnophobe comes face to face with an arachnid Youkai for their first encounter with the supernatural? Especially since a Tsuchigumo would generally only be found in Japan, to find one so far abroad is more than a little suspicious. On top of that, if this were a random attack, the Tsuchigumo would not go after someone specifically as it did with you. The icing on the cake is that the attacker also knew enough information to call you out on being what you are."

"Am I really, um, Demonspawn?"
The Doctor paused. There was something in his eyes, something she was familiar with. That look of 'please don't be true'.
She wished she was able to deny it, but that would only cause more problems.
"Truth be told, Jonathan, with us in the WDL are several of you, and none of you are particularly chaotic, only chaotically peculiar." The warm smile on her face returned as she spoke, and he deflated a little. Not in a good way, but at least he wasn't freaking out again.

With a sigh, the boy rubbed his bandaged forearms and licked his lips nervously again. The Doctor leaned back, closing her eyes and speaking.
"The Warriors of Divine Light are an organisation hidden from society, dedicated to the protection of innocent people and the prevention of horrific events of the supernatural kind. We're based in Rome, where we now are, and our hope for finding the group of Devil's Children is to stop them from going berserk, and change them into heroes instead of the villains that they are supposedly destined to be." She sat up properly again, adjusting her glasses on her face, and gave the two people before her a smile.

"That being said.. Is there anything you'd like to do before your brother returns? He's going to take good care of you, but perhaps some sleep is in order to keep yourself going, Jojo?"
The boy hadn't spoken in a while, still processing what he'd been told. His fists clenched a little and he nodded to himself, biting his lip. He cast his gaze over to Vesper, then back over to the Doctor.

"How do I start?"

The Vampire.

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The Good Doctor.

Jonathan had decided to get some more sleep while he could. Bidding Vesper and the Doctor goodnight as he once again dozed off.
It took a good few hours, but eventually Rick returned. The Doctor looked up from the desk in her office and pushed her chair out, closing her laptop and pushing her chair back in before making her way over to the door. She opened it, nodded to Rick, and continued out into the hallway. She locked the door behind her and motioned for Rick to follow her back to room 7C, where Jonathan and, assumedly, Vesper were located.

"How has your day been, Rick? Did anything happen while you were seeing your brother's things to his room?"
The question was as genuine as ever, though the Doctor did pull out the glasses from her breast pocket as they walked and slid them on, obscuring her visage once more behind the 'normal' face.

Their pace was interrupted, however, by a voice from behind them.
Turning to check behind her, the Doctor caught sight of the familiar grin of her Principal.
"Auditorium C. It should be empty. Please bring the lovebirds in room 7C with you." With a cheeky grin, the Principal flopped backwards into a portal and vanished through it as it closed up. The Doctor turned to Rick, sighing softly and giving him a small smile.

"Shall we?"

The Vampire.

However much Illusion had been incredibly eager to pop up behind literally everyone in that same fashion, she was well aware how conspicuous that would be, and instead sent everyone involved a message on their WDL issued mobile phones. Those involved being Rick, Eine, Ash, Sibyl and Vesper. A small message, an easy message, the same one she'd delivered to the Doctor and Rick personally.

"Auditorium C asap. Should be empty. Being late will result in a Lusy Launch."

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