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"Lusy-chan is here! Or.. Or is she..?"

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a character in “A Tale of Seven Children//Endless Hourglass”, as played by zody



-| 'Illusion' |-


I. Physical and Mental Profiles

I. Physical Profile.

- Name -

+ The young girl goes by the name of 'Illusion', and not much else. She has names that she's prepared for emergencies, but there's not likely ever going to be a reason nor a time for her to make use of them.

- Titles -

+ Lord of Illusions.
+ Lord of [REDACTED]
+ Principal of the WDL Academy.
+ Loli-Principal.
+ The [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED]

- Physical Age -

+ Illusion seems to most often take the form of a rather young, petite girl with an age that's quite hard to nail down. She'd claim roughly 12. This is a question that's made even more difficult to answer despite its simplicity due to one simple reason; Illusion's powers.

- True Age -

+ Illusion is, like you might've guessed, not 12 years old. She is easily thousands of years old at this point but mentioning it might get you killed.

- Gender -

+ Illusion considers herself female.

- Race -

+ Demon.

- Subspecies -

+ Illusion is, via technicality, a type B Vampire.

- Description -

+ A little girl is precisely what Illusion comes across as being. Short, somewhat thin, completely flat-chested. Her angelic blonde hair frames her pale face quite well and contrasts with her almost glowing ruby-coloured eyes. Her lips are somewhat reddish as well, not too much to look like makeup, but enough to give away her identity as a blood-sucking Vampire of the type B variety. She has a bad habit of sometimes letting one of her fangs slip out onto her lip in plain sight, especially when she's in good company.

+ Her red eyes seem to constantly sparkle and shimmer with an amusement that seems just a tiny bit malevolent, although it's definitely your imagination. Her alabaster skin burns easily in the sunlight, she she's often standing in shaded areas or under her umbrella from which her unnatural eyes seemed to stand out even more than usual, often seeming to give off a light of their own. This is indeed the case, as Illusion is quite often to accidental perpetrator of scare pranks at night when an Exorcist rounds the corner and spots her eyes peering at them through the darkness.

+ Her hair tends to be tied up in a ponytail or a side ponytail and covered in some sort of random hat or head accessory she chooses from her rather.. unique.. wardrobe. Peeking out from her hair are one of the trademark signs of a Demon; the tops of her ears are tipped quite sharply. This, combined with her ruby eyes, make it almost impossible to confuse her for a normal little girl. Yet, for years, the people around her did exactly that bar a select few. Her nails are also quite sharp, capable of slicing through even solid walls with enough force behind the swing- she paints them a similar red to her eyes to round out her look. Aside from her nails and maybe a little eyeliner, Illusion's unmarred face is completely free of makeup at all times. For one, she's a Demon, and what kind of good anime Demon needs excessive makeup? Secondly, she's a little girl. Wouldn't that be a little odd?
To her, it would be, but that's a very biased opinion.
In this form, Illusion stands roughly at most adult people's waists. Not that it particularly matters when she can stand eye to eye with quite literally any being.

+Her usual outfits of choice range from a varying selection of lolita fashion- sometimes goth loli, sometimes bright pinks and pastel dresses and wide dresses. A mainstay of her outfit, however, is the armband around her right bicep- the mark that she is, in fact, the Principal of the Rome Academy. Needless to say that when members of foreign branches make their entrance and see this, it comes as quite a surprise to them and whoever they're with.

+ Something that does indeed merit mention is Illusion's varying other forms; specifically her adult form. While she's loathe to be seen in absolutely any capacity in this form, the older version of Illusion is essentially another being altogether; differing personalities, differing body types, and most notably differing fashion sense. As an adult Illusion wears her hair in a much larger array of styles, more often than not simply wearing her hair down or in a single high ponytail so that it falls down her back. Her choice of clothing is much more muted in regards to colours, often choosing more 'regular' or 'professional' attire to suit the situation. She does, however, favour slightly risque clothes that allow her to enjoy the stunned reactions of those who see what once a somewhat disconcerting little girl now in her possibly true form as a surprisingly well endowed and sultry woman.

+ As an adult woman, Illusion's features now lack the softness and cuteness of youth, instead replaced by a physique one could describe as curvaceous and defined. Her fingers are slim and long like those of a Princess, and her nails are ever so slightly longer. These hands are much more capable of butchery than those of her younger self, however. Her body is, as a type B Vampire, that of a beautiful and irresistibly alluring woman. A predator who stalks the night and seduces men and women both in order to suck the life out of them.
It seems that the type B Vampire isn't too far different from a Succubus, as many scholars seem to claim.
Her fangs, too, are longer, and gone is the habit of letting them slip. This Illusion is a 'mature, well-cultured and alluring woman' whereas her younger self is the 'childish, ever positive little girl'.
In this form, Illusion stands at roughly 5 feet and 9 inches.

+ Before Arthur became Archknight, Illusion spent the majority of her time around the Vatican City disguised as a young girl named Ana. She was almost identical to Illusion bar a few factors; her hair was a chocolate brown and fell down to just beneath her ears in a sort of messy bob. Her eyes were an amber hue, filled with kindness that settled well on her face alongside her cheerful smile. She tended to wear rather casual clothes that any young girl would wear, and was quite timid and shy when it came to interactions. However, Illusion is still Illusion; always has been, and always will be.
It was during this time she posed as Arthur's daughter to those who knew her bar the same few who knew what she truly was.
When the ruse as up, she gleefully resumed her life as her true self and made sure to injure Arthur with her words every now and then, specifically calling him 'Old Man'.

Funnily enough, there were some who found it more believable that she was a Demon in disguise rather than Arthur's actual daughter.

- Any differences from your provided image/s -

+ Lusy tends to wear a much wider variety of hats and accessories, along with clothing. Aside from that, there isn't much. She also lacks the, uh, rather large wings that her faceclaim has.

II. Mental Profile.

- Personality -

+ The little girl form of Illusion is precisely what you'd expect from a young lady. Aside from the odd remark or snarky response, Lusy acts much like a spoiled little child who, despite being spoiled, has a remarkably good ability to exercise good judgement and common sense. She may be a little girl who gets everything she wants, but she's not one to throw tantrums nor the type to whine. In serious situations or in the company of those she desires to keep good relations with, Illusion is the person you'd expect the Principal of the Academy to be. Professional, polite, and considerate, Illusion is arguably (although many will disagree) the best person for her job in the current state of things. Paired with Arthur, the two practically revolutionised the WDL and made it into the actual threat to Demons it is today. On top of that, Illusion considers herself somewhat of an ambassador of Human-Demon relations, something she takes very seriously and goes to great lengths to improve through any means possible. She is firm in her beliefs that even those exiled to Hell after their sinful existences are thrice judged by the Judges of Purgatory should be given a second chance after being sent there.
And those who're naturally born with Hell, why should they suffer in a world they were unjustly born into and forced to suffer within?
"Not all Demons are monsters" is what she would say if pressed.
Her relationships with several notable humans, even Exorcists who specialise in slaying her kind, are something she considers proof that her convictions are just and true.

+ Adult Illusion is much more a version of herself that comes across as the stereotypical Hollywood Vampire- which was inspired by tales of the beautiful and charming type B Vampires. Far from Nosferatu, the Adult Illusion isn't much different to any form of femme fatale that's appeared in the world, real life or fiction. Charming, courteous, seductive and charming, the adult Illusion is capable of making most people, even those not of the persuasion to bed her, open up to her in one way or another. Her speech is quiet yet speaks volumes, her disposition always welcoming and cheerful. She acts much like one would expect a rather young yet experience teacher to behave. The professional attributes that bleed through in her young self are on full display here as she is, truly, a mature and well-cultured woman.
Although even with that being said, both of these people are Illusion, and just as the little girl may turn taciturn, the adult may act somewhat silly at times.
Or unhinged, depending on who you ask.

+ That being said, Illusion is both a Vampire and Demon by nature, so one shouldn't underestimate her ability to kill nor her enjoyment of it. Like many Vampires she struggles greatly with her need for blood, but being the lucky girl is she's managed to find herself a steady supply of willing volunteers. Without blood, however, even the most well-regarded and kept-together Vampire falls apart to become nothing more than a blood-hungry fiend hellbent on devouring anyone and everyone in sight and even out of sight.

- Likes -

+ Raspberries, strawberries and cranberries; her favourite foods to snack on. Their colours make her happy, and their tastes make her happier.

+ Beetroot; she takes great joy in drinking the 'blood' that they 'bleed'.

+ Blood; as a Vampire she's very fond of the stuff, although she won't deny that it's more an instinctual desire than a conscious one.

+ Wine; Red wine is her common drink aside from her primary source of sustenance, but she often tries new types when out alone. White wine suffices too.

+ Tea; Something easy on the palate, gently warm on a cold day. It's always a nice thing for her to enjoy a beverage that's special yet not alcoholic. She's quite often seen with a new variety of tea she's trying out, even on hot days.

+ Shade; as a type B Vampire, Illusion's power is greatly dulled when in direct sunlight, unlike the type A Vampire who merely dies upon contact. Shade, then, is her natural ally alongside shadows. She adores sitting beneath a tall tree and reading a book, too, which makes shade something she really does quite enjoy.

+ A nice, simple, chicken parmigiana; one of her favourite dishes ever concocted- it needs no explanation.

+ Red; red in all its forms is something that catches her eye and shows in her taste in fashion and decor. It's only natural that the instinctive part of that that loves blood loves its colour. Although, deep down, there may be another reason.

+ Violin; an instrument she finds can show emotion and subtle feelings more than most others, she's admittedly a bit of a violin nerd and has even taught others how to play on occasion.

+ Piano; one of the only instruments she considers equal to the violin, Illusion also spent much time learning several classical pieces for her own enjoyment. If you ask her about her favourite piece, she'll never be able to give an answer.

+ Cute things; Illusion is well documented to have a rather obsessive disposition towards anything cute, plush, colourful or 'adorable'. This applies to almost any aspect of her life.

+ Respect; being in a position of authority naturally commands respect, but there are many who look at her with disdain, distrust or even hate due to her nature. She tends to let that slide out of respect and concern for injuring Human-Demon relations, but will reciprocate respect with the utmost respect, diligence and, in man cases, care. She returns niceties with greater niceties.

+ Being allowed to bite someone; as a Vampire, Illusion craves, no, needs blood. Usually having to trick a target into letting their guard down is the trademark of a Vampire, but Illusion holds herself to very high standards. Not as a Vampire, nor as a Demon, but as a person. People who allow her to drink their blood are automatically put on her good list, and she shows much concern over their health and wellbeing. She's become quite adept at sensing when a person is almost about to pass out from blood loss and takes great lengths to avoid causing any and all damage to those who allow her to drink.
On top of this, she tends to treat them like family and even tries to go long times without drinking blood. She's gotten very, very good at only drinking small amounts per day.

+ Swans; these birds, to her, symbolise elegance, eloquence, beauty, and a lack of fear to put one's neck on the line regardless of the circumstances. 'Elegantly capable' is the description Illusion would use to describe them.
Plus, what good little girl doesn't like swans?

+ Her adoptive Children; they're the world to her, and she will never abandon them. Many times she has fought viciously with words to keep them safe, even enduing ridicule and venomous insults at the hands of those who despise her and those she's close to just to keep their lives relatively smooth. After a certain even a few years ago, her protectiveness of her children only grew more and more prominent.
Some have even commended her on her devotion to her family, despite her monstrous nature.

+ Chess, Othello, and Shogi; a rather common like for many people are games of strategy and tact. Illusion is no different in any capacity. She's also quite skilled, so skilled that many people who enjoy the games have only challenged her once and never bothered to a second time. Such is the inevitability of her victory.

- Dislikes -

+ Extreme temperatures; not that they particularly affect her in any capacity, she just tends to not like going out into the desert in the middle of the day or stepping foot in Antarctica for no good reason.

+ Excess garlic; the taste makes her gag. It's a natural repellent for Vampires of both types and, due to the power of belief (Faith stat haha) it's hard for her to be around too much of it. It's also quite hard for her to digest, but not impossible. It will, however, leave her quite sick for a while after. Feeding her too much may actually even make her insides rupture.

+ Disrespect; part and parcel with the opposite in her Like section, Illusion greatly disdains those who show a lack of respect to herself, other persons and anything in general. Being a proper and polite person is something everyone should strive to do, unless one lacks the mental capacity to do so, of course.
She has a specific spite for those who insult her younger self's form, which she tends to nickname 'LoliLusion'. She plays rather mean pranks on them in retaliation.

+ Angel; over time, their relationship has become quite.. strained. While it's not that she particularly dislikes him, his adamant refusal to cooperate with Non-Humans and his vehement hatred of Demons does make it difficult to speak with him. After she revealed her true self, he felt betrayed and began to distance himself from not only her but even his adoptive father and his adoptive siblings too.
She understands his reasoning, however, as she's quite privy to his past. She hopes that one day they can finally see eye to eye and speak to each other on at least civil terms, but..

+ Idiots, idiocy and ignorance; self explanatory, really. Idiots ruin things for everyone, the concept of idiocy makes the world even more difficult than it already is, and ignorance is something that Illusion desires to stamp out- particularly ignorance of races in regards to other races.

+ Rap music; it's not that she dislikes the art form or expressing opinions, but the music is generally very violent (in regards to the old rap songs where they'd threaten violence and the like) or very indulgent and repetitive (songs about gettin' hoes and cash money and bitches yo). She has respect for those who create careers from anything, but the music simply isn't for her enjoyment.

+ Bad violin players; nothing grates on her nerves like the sound of a person trying and failing to play a violin. It hurts her ears, hurts her head, and hurts her soul. Naturally, this is why she's taught so many people how to play.

+ Zealots; she understands that, in her profession, there are many with personal vendettas or grudges towards their enemies. However, Illusion is of the opinion that one who allows their hatred for one being to cloud their judgement of all beings is no better than those they hate. A healthy amount of extremism is required in the field of Demon-Hunting, but letting that dictate your entire being is inexcusable, especially when innocent people suffer for your ignorance.

+ Not having blood; Illusion greatly worries about what may happen if she doesn't get blood on a semi-regular basis. She's gotten good at keeping her fangs dry for months at a time, but every Vampire has trouble. The length of time she goes without a meal dictates how big her meal must be. If she goes too long without having any blood, well..

- Fears -

+ Going berserk; when a Vampire doesn't have blood for an amount of time that varies on them personally, a Vampire degenerates into nothing more than an instinctual, murderous monster that will do absolutely anything in their power to secure a meal. Their humanity and consciousness don't fade as much as they shatter, losing themselves in a blind rage of desire, need, and unquenchable thirst. Illusion is horrified of what could happen should she not get enough blood into her system. She's not worried about the possibility of her death so much as she's worried about the possibility of murdering thousands of people before being put down.

+ The loss of those close to her; a simple enough fear, really, and self explanatory. She's a very protective mama bear.

- Hobbies -

+ Reading; Illusion can often be found with a book in hand and, not quite as often, a glass of wine to go with it. She tends to sit out in the shade of one particular tree on the WDL's grounds and sip a fresh bottle of red wine while devouring the pages of her new favourite novel. Sometimes she changes things up with tea, or even some finger foods.

+ Writing; she's often writing silly little stories in her spare time, penning poetry, making music, or sometimes even adding to her very, very long autobiography. The only writing she dislikes is paperwork, and she's particularly vocal in her dislike, no, her hatred of the stuff.

+ Drinking small amounts of blood; Illusion may be a Vampire, and she may be more than capable of going lengths of time without her source of sustenance, but that doesn't mean she doesn't enjoy it. Frequently she'll spike her wine with blood to add a 'kick' to it, or even drink a whole glass full. She actually has a freezer full of bags of blood specifically for this purpose. Plus, she doesn't want to bother people every time she gets a little thirsty.

+ Playing violin and piano; a source of calmness for her, she'll often play away at her instruments far away from the rest of the WDL's grounds, playing long into the night on her violin or reciting Clair de Lune as well as she can under the brilliant moonlight of a full moon. Regardless of the when and where, however, Illusion takes great pleasure in playing her instruments, alone or with others.

+ Shopping; how else would she find such lovely outfits? Whether window shopping, spending an entire day at the mall, or browsing for things online, Illusion tends to spend a bit too much time browsing the world for the next bargain for her to snap up.

+ Spending time with her family; she takes great pains to take care of those she considers her family. Even her partner, Arthur, is frequently left a homemade lunch sitting inconspicuously on his desk in the middle of the day. Her sons, too, are subject to her random meal dropoffs and even some of her coworkers and blood donors get the same treatment. However, Illusion's greatest delight is when she manages to wrestle her family (and herself) away from their unending jobs to spend some quality time together. Whether that be board games, a lighthearted comedy movie to brighten their moods, or going out to dinner together to get some chatting done, Illusion treasures every moment she spends with the people she loves.

+ Sleeping; a Vampire and their coffin are inseparable. Illusion will often rise to work late without anyone noticing since she always manages to appear before they do. She often wishes there were more hours in the day just so she could spend them snoozing.
Somehow she never suffers from bed head, though, the cheater.

+ Her job as the Principal; she takes great joy in wielding the power and authority of her position. Though she hates even the mention of paperwork, she works very hard to keep the peace, train the troops, finish the horribly dastardly paperwork and keep morale generally high. She even goes so far as to organise events all year 'round to force people to take breaks from the dark-painted reality in which many of them live. She spends a lot of time interacting with those around her, even those who openly despise her, because it's her job.
And she loves her job.

+ Chatting and gossiping; Illusion is without a doubt an absolute chatterbox once you get her going. She could talk for hours about a range of topics, whether it be languages, art, music, the current international events, Vampires, why she chose the particular dress she'd chosen to wear that day.. The list goes on and on and continues far too much longer than it should.
Still, though, she loves to chat, even for a short time.

- Secrets? -

+ Is really [REDACTED]
+ Part of the [REDACTED]
+ Her real [REDACTED] is [REDACTED]
+ Formerly known as [REDACTED] of [REDACTED]

- Outlook on life -

+ While Illusion spends the majority of her time being lazy, avoiding her duties (read: paperwork) and spending time shopping, she's a rather optimistic person at heart and is perfectly happy to work to make the world a better place in any way she can. Well aware of the schism between races and subspecies, Illusion is adamant about creating a bright and happy future for everyone who exists- whether they be Human, Demon, or anything in between.

She takes life day by day, in stride, never letting the events of the day prior weigh her down even if they should. This isn't to say she doesn't acknowledge the weight of certain situations, but..

To sum it up, Illusion thinks of life as one big game, one we should enjoy, and one we should aim for a good ending to.

- Affiliation -

+ Illusion works for the Warriors of Divine Light as the right hand of their current spearhead, and Principal of the main Academy in Rome. She's also a full-time Little Sister and a most-time Mama Lusy.

- Moral Alignment -

+ Neutral Good or Chaotic Good, depending on her mood and how one views her.

III. Statistics.

- Willpower -


- Faith -


- Mana Capacity -


- Magickal Proficiency -


- Physical Competence -



II. Innate Abilities.

- Active Abilities -







- Passive Abilities -




- Boundary -

+ Yes.


III. Acquired Magick.

I. Active Magick.

+ Analyse Magick ? - This Spell is generally a mainstay of any good Magick user and often one of the first Spells formally taught. This technique will not be able to analyse Magick above the specified yet unknown rank, nor will it allow the user to learn how to cast the Magick it analyses.










II. Passive Magick.

+ Detect Magick ? - This Spell, a mainstay in any Mage's arsenal, allows Illusion to detect any Magick around her in an area that isn't hidden by stealth Magick or the like that is more powerful than Illusion's own Detect Magick.

+ Magick Shield ? - This Spell is also a fundamental Spell given to any and all Mages expected to go up against those with higher physical capabilities than themselves. The Magick Shield is constantly active around the user, a subconscious barrier used to prevent serious injuries that would otherwise be inflicted. The general purpose of the Magick Shield is that it was created to help Mages survive being thrown through buildings, attempt to prevent injury from their own Magick being used in close quarters, and also to provide a degree of resistance against other damage. The Magick Shield, however, is created to deal with Magickal Beings- an Oni's punch will be absorbed by the Shield, of course, but a round from a rifle will still go straight through. The Shield is powered by the Mage's subconscious, lessening impacts with large objects, powerful blows, and making it possible for a sufficiently powerful Mage to shrug off even flames with it active. They also prevent Magicks being activated inside the body of a Mage, preventing the instant death of many Mages.

+ Sheer Willpower and Faith cannot destroy a Magick Shield, only enough firepower or the right type of attacks. Magick Shields are very thin, so anything capable of piercing them will do so. Bullets, spears, knives, thrusting attacks and the like will all penetrate the Shields unless the Mage has sufficient power to block the blow, making it bounce off as any other attack would. However, the Mana cost will grow quite high upon doing so and it requires the Mage's reflexive action to block anything particularly fast.

+ As a result, piercing weapons seem to be the greatest advantage against those who use Magick, alongside guns with rapid fire capabilities. Unfortunately, landing hits with either of those things on someone of Illusion's calibre is difficult, and consider who and what she is, may not even be worth the risk.




IV. Acquired Skills.

- Acquired Skills -

+ Battle Umbrella Proficiency (Legendary) - Illusion is a Master of Infinite Arms, skilled in the use of many, many weapons of any and all types. She is most proficient, perhaps barring her Aura Abilities, with her infamous Battle Umbrella. An unstoppable force with it in hand, Lusy rarely has to resort to her actual abilities due to her uncanny proficiency with the seemingly unwieldy weapon. She's never been beaten with it in hand.

+ Deception (Legendary) - Illusion's ability to deceive others is legendary to say the least. Everyone knows that she's a manipulative little brat, but that still avails them no defences against her. No matter who one is, no matter how strong or well off or 'untouchable' one is, Illusion is able to get to you. Falling for her pranks is difficult enough to avoid, but avoiding a truly earth-shattering deception on her behalf is impossible.

+ Crimson Ghost (Stealth) (Legendary) - She doesn't have a nickname like this for nothing. While it's not really a Skill so to speak, Illusion's ability to go unnoticed in even a full room is well-known. Only matched by a certain soldier working for a certain company. Illusion's nickname, the Crimson Ghost, comes from when she was the target of an attempted coup d'etat by a group of rebellious WDL employees who didn't take too kindly to her position of power. Unfortunately for them, they were killed without even seeing her face.

+ Psychology (Legendary) - Being as old as she, having done what she's done, and being capable of what she is, Illusion is beyond a master of Psychology of not just Humans, but other beings as well. If she wanted, she could be one hell of a psychiatrist. This goes hand in hand with her Deception skill.

+ Master of Infinite Arms (Master) - To say that Illusion is masterful in her ability to wield weapons is an absolute understatement. She can utilise arms from the likes of a spear, to a trident, to a chainsaw, to any type of firearms with absolute ease- as if she were born to do so. Her skills are untouchable on the battlefield, making her a threat that not many beings currently existing are willing to take on. Even Arthur considers her his superior, and considering Arthur himself is considered a match for the Devil even in his old age..
However, as Illusion tends not to fight much anymore, she's gotten more than a little lazy in her lack of practice. Don't discount her as very dangerous, however.
One should only allow themselves to give up skills like this when they're sure they no longer need a safety net to fall back on, after all.

+ Linguistic Knowledge (Master) - Illusion can speak many languages, some now dead. That's all. c:

+ Hand-to-Hand Combat (Master) - Illusion, somehow losing her weaponry and her Aura abilities, is still a threat to anyone foolish enough to challenge her. Her claws can rip a man in half without any exertion, her ability to grapple is only trumped by her ability to seamlessly dodge and misdirect attacks, all while taunting her opponent/s into a fervor that makes their movements sloppy and predictable. As with Master of Infinite Arms, Illusion's lack of need to engage in this kind of combat has made her sloppy, by her own admittance.

+ Violinist (Master) - A simple ability with a simple explanation- Illusion is a very good violinist, good enough to tutor others, even.

+ Pianist (Master) - As above, Illusion is a master of the piano and has taught several others.

+ Gunnery (Skilled) - You need to be able to aim a gun to hit things with it, and Illusion can do just that. She's nowhere near the best like that soldier is, but she's decent enough. Like Master of Infinite Arms, Illusion admits she's gotten a little sloppy.

+ Cook (Skilled) - She specialises in international dishes, and some of her own making.


V. Familiars.

+ Vivian, Illusion's pet Raven - Illusion spends a lot of time with this seemingly normal bird, although not many people even know it's her pet. She's trained it from birth as a personal messenger, scout, and general eyes in the sky for herself. The bird itself doesn't seem particularly special in any way aside from being very well trained, but considering who its owner is, perhaps..?



VI. Equipment.

- Weaponry -

+ The 'Battle Umbrella' - Illusion always carries it on her person. A custom-made parasol that, on one hand, can block out the light. On the other hand it's been fully customised and modified to be used as a multi-faceted weapon in Illusion's capable hands. It looks, from the outside, identical to a normal parasol and is almost as long as Illusion is tall. The tip can extend into a sharp spike for her to impale her enemies with. When the umbrella itself is opened up, the structural spines end in long, sharp tips as well, the interconnecting fabric ending in a thin layer of sharp metal which turns the thing into a sort of sharp, spiked mace. The middle structure of the umbrella can actually spin, turning the blades into somewhat of a saw that Illusion can use to slice through most materials and some metals. In this mode, the smaller spines retract to prevent them getting caught. On top of this, pressing a button can cause the umbrella sans handle to shoot off with a chain, normally hidden inside, attached. This allows Illusion to use the thing as a grappling hook or, in certain situations, a very dangerous flail.

+ The entire thing is controlled in a manner that none seem privy to, and Illusion herself keeps the know-how all to herself. The umbrella's fabric also boasts an unnatural yet remarkable denseness that allows it to deflect most bullets bar large rounds.
Of course, the umbrella is very good at keeping Illusion hidden from the sun, as it is an umbrella after all. It's slightly larger and thicker than your usual umbrella to accommodate all of the specific changes, but unless one were to see it in action, one would never know what it truly was.

- Vehicles and Constructs -

+ None as of the moment. She doesn't particularly need vehicles.

- Miscellaneous -

+ A mobile phone.

+ A second mobile phone for personal use.

+ Her clothes.

+ Her soul.


VII. Biography.



VIII. Miscellaneous.

+ Her faceclaim is Flandre Scarlet from the Touhou Project.
+ Her Hex Code is #FF0000.


VIX. Bonus Gallery.

"Fear not the bell that tolls for you."
"Is there, perchance, something wrong?"

So begins...

'Illusion''s Story


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#, as written by Zalgo
Birds were singing, flowers were blooming, the sun shined in through the window above his bed.

And the infirmary held new guests.

Rick Brackwall

With a yawn Rick rose from his sheets, the bed crinkling as he moved. The top of his bed was covered with blank white paper sheets which he slept upon. While most would find this uncomfortable and noisy he found the layer of paper over his bed to provide excellent comfort. It conformed to his body, the crinkling was of little note to him and he got to wake up to the smell of a new book. He certainly found paper had worked itself into his life in many ways both large and small.

He began his morning with a shower before dressing up in his standard issue uniform and preparing himself breakfast. His meal was a buttery salmon fillet with a side of toast and a refreshing mint tea. After eating he checked his phone to look up the latest news from the WDL's main board. While he often bemoaned the use of technology supplanting good old fashioned paperwork it did save him a bit of time as this way he didn't have to go down to the offices first to find out where else he was needed.

Navigating his way past the piles of papers that filled his apartment, piles which were stacked taller than he could see past and were so numerous that they only allowed for single person-width passageways between them, he made his way over to the door.

After leaving his apartment he made his way down over the bridge and on towards the infirmary. Since the morning was young the sounds of folks about the base were still low as many people were yet to finish their morning routines. Rick had made sure to get up early since he was expecting this arrival.

A shame this latest sibling should be arriving to our medical center as opposed to our greeting center. The thought crossed his mind as he approached the infirmary.

Rick entered the infirmary's front double doors. The place held all the hallmarks of a medical recovery facility, from the scent of disinfecting cleaning fluid in the air to the sounds of ailment. He approached the front desk where a nurse sat.

"Hello. I wish to see the patient that arrived four hours ago."

"Ah, hello Rick. You'll find him under Eine's care up in room 7C."

With a nod and a "Thank you." Rick proceeded over to the elevator where he proceeded up to their floor. Walking with a strong stride, not one of pride but of a focus to business, he eventually made his way up to the patient's room.

Inside the room, a very focused nurse was sat with her fingers pressed firmly against her temples.
Of all the things to have happened, this could possibly be the worst. She only hoped that none of the other children had to suffer these injuries on their way to their new home.
It would make an awful impression.
It did, however, mean that Eine was able to familiarize herself with her new charges.
And do what she did best.

She reached out and pressed both hands against the unconscious Jojo's temples. Looking over the clipboard in her hand once last time, she let out a loud, annoyed hiss and closed her eyes, focusing on the boy's body as she activated her powers.
"Shattered right shoulder with a puncture wound that exits the other side,
torn tendons in both arms,
two puncture wounds in his throat, barely missing his jugular vein,
a fractured left tibia and outright broken right fibula,
severe bruising and swelling on his left side and left side of his back,
minor internal organ damage- slightly healed via his own regenerative abilities kicking in to respond to the trauma..
a total of eight cracked ribs,
a minor concussion,
a small jaw dislocation,
minor impact damage to his spine and back, bruising around his right ankle,
several lacerations around his entire body, ranging from small and shallow to small but deep..
severe envenomation via injection through the neck, Tsuchigumo venom, treated upon arrival with possibility of relapse..
Mein Gott, someone certainly tried their best to kill you, didn't they, little Jonathan?"

"Indeed. For one so inexperienced he fared quite well, all things considered." Rick added, stepping into the room after he had made his presence known. He had caught her recap of his wounds as he was right at the door when she recited them. Rick gave a short nod to Eine before stepping aside to the corner of the room. "I do apologize for dropping in. I shall keep from distracting you any further."

With that said he looked over the body of the young man over from his side of the room as he waited for Eine to proceed with the mending, his arms behind him as he stood with almost military formality.

Eine turned, unsurprised, and gave Rick a small smile.
"Please, Rick, your presence is always welcome."
She sat for a while, marking down all of Jojo's injuries on the clipboard in her hand with remarkable speed.
Somehow her handwriting was very clear, something not many doctors could attest to.
"He did very well, indeed. He seems to be the frontline guard type. A Templar in his future with us, perhaps? He singlehandedly fought off a rather dangerous Youkai while also fighting off the venom coursing through his veins for several hours at least. It seems having that gives one quite a potent bonus."

Standing up, Eine reached over and brushed Jojo's hair from his face with a small smile. She shifted herself, reaching over and clamping both of her hands against his temples once more as tightly as she could while remaining gentle.
A final check to make sure nothing was missed.
And, indeed, nothing had been missed.

Eine's closed eyes narrowed a little but she began chanting under her breath, a soft and steady melody that made the skin beneath her palms glow ever so softly.
"Please forgive this trespass, but it is for your own good."
Dropping back into her chanting, the green glow began to shoot through Jojo's exposed torso. His body was covered by a sheet from the waist down, but he was mostly exposed otherwise.
Rick, due to this, would be able to watch as the green glow spread through his body to the injuries he'd sustained, pausing there and growing brighter. Large clumps of green under Jojo's skin began to glow brighter.
There was a crack as the glow in his left leg suddenly vanished, sparkling brightly before fading out. Jojo's broken leg and the bruising around it had been fully healed.
In a realm of her own, Eine slowly, one by one, healed Jojo's wounds. She even healed a scar on his chin where he'd cut himself shaving to be nice.
Several minutes passed before all of the green glow on Jojo's body vanished and Eine slowly sat back, reaching over to the bedside table and grabbing a small cup of water, taking a sip.
Putting it down and swallowing, she turned to Rick with a small smile.
"Now, Rick, how may I assist you?"

Rick watched with due interest as she performed her healing arts. Her skill and ability were both quite the treat to witness no matter how often they required. Indeed, They were required often. He had been fortunate in only occasionally requiring her services. One's first demon hunts were rarely ever clean kills, a standard which held true for even Rick himself.

"I had come to check on the condition of our new arrival here. It seems we were slow to the punch in retrieving him given the injuries he sustained." He briefly looked down at Jojo's unconscious form before looking back to meet Eine's own eye.

"In any case is there a possible estimate as to how long before he awakens? I wish to greet him and bring him up to speed at the earliest opportunity, especially given the circumstances of his arrival."

Eine reached up to stroke her bandaged chin, casting her gaze over to Jojo for a moment before looking back to Rick.
"Physically, he'll be fine to awaken any time after half an hour from now. Mentally, he may require at least another six hours rest. He's been through a lot, after all. If you'd like I can alert you as soon as he awakens? It wouldn't be much trouble at all."

"That would be ideal. Given the time projected I'll attend to another matter for now. I should be available long before he emerges from his rest if all goes accordingly." Rick walked over, seemingly scanning his body with a look of some concentration.

Such potential... All tucked away inside an unassuming body.

Returning from his thoughts he turned back to face Eine. "I suspect we'll be expecting more arrivals. With any luck they should be retrieved significantly less maimed than this one. I will be free until otherwise noted by my superiors as this situation takes precedent over my other duties."

Eine gave him a quick nod and a small smile.
"I do hope you enjoy meeting your new, ah, friends. I too, hope they will be arriving with less injuries. While I am confident in my ability to heal them, I am sure they would much appreciate not having to be healed in the first place."
The German accent was much easier to handle now, having become used to speaking English instead of her native German.
"As for you, Rick, how are things? I do hope you have been taking good care of yourself lately. Miss Illusion tells me you are working on a super secret project that even she is not informed of."
There was a coy smile on her face now as she reached for the cup of water again.
It really was true that the Principal had an odd way of knowing things.
She was also a chatterbox, which wasn't the best trait, but it was Illusion so it was forgivable.
At least by some people.

Rick had always found her accent easier to navigate given his background. Despite that due to his long years in service to the WDL his accent was more Italian than German by now however.

"I do have some side projects underway. Testing the results of my studies is an endeavor without end as there will always be need for more understanding. As for anything else I cannot confirm nor deny what she may or may not be referring to." Rick paused to allow her a moment to drink her water.

"How fairs your work lately? Have we been improving on our mission casualty to success ratio as of late?"

Eine smiled.
"Now that Medics are officially allowed to attend the battlefront due to the extra training on Defensive Magick, our casualty rate has dropped quite well. However, there are still those instances where death cannot be avoided. Those instances, I expect, will be handed over to you and your new, erm, soldiers." She paused on that last word.
None of them asked for this, did they? Did they sin in past lives so badly that these lives were tainted before they were even born?
Surely not even the worst sinner deserved what these poor children were going to suffer through.
Especially if..

"Rick, I would like a personal favour. How is your knowledge on the Despair War?"

Rick's expression did not change from his usual calm and collected self but his smile did fade to a neutral line of a more serious nature. In truth he was vaguely taken aback by her sudden interest in his knowledge of the war.

"I have studied the Despair War to a thorough degree. What is it that you require?" His tone inflection was a subtle change towards a note of curious concern. He knew Eine well and would happily carry out most requests issued by her but it was rare of her to ask.

"If you happen to come across any Demons coloured blue and black, please notify me immediately."
Her soft tone was gone, replaced by harsh and cold words that came through tight lips.
Her gaze cast down towards the floor as she slowly stood up, adjusting the collar of her lab coat before looking Rick dead in the eyes.
"If there are any remaining, the coming times would be a chance for them to become prominent once again. I pray that you make sure that none of your companions fall to that particular darkness. We were given a warning, and our time is almost up. Please exercise caution, Rick. You missed the war, but the aftermath may still claim you yet. Abyss Demons, if anything, are cunning and remorseless."

Rick nodded, taking the seriousness of her request to heart.

"I shall bring any indication of such demons to your attention in immediate measure. Be they the real deal or simply shadow demons of a similar appearance I'll show no less than full diligence in keeping yourself as well as both Arthur and Illusion apprised of their sightings."

He stepped up to Eine, still only just within arms reach.

"There is few matters I regard more seriously than the due date we were issued. The fact that my siblings are showing only highlights the gravity of this upcoming situation. Make no mistake, I am looking into this to find out just why this is all coinciding as it is and by who's hands it's being set into motion by."

With one glance at the clock his expression switched back to a mildly friendlier one, his smile returned.

"Alas, I do enjoy speaking with you but I must be off to a meeting while our friend here is still in recovery."

He began towards the door, his hand on the knob as he looked back to Eine.

"If no more people show up with critical injuries don't forget to unwind. Such opportunities might be scarcer in the future."

Eine let a soft chuckle escape her lips.
"Trust me, Rick, I know. Make sure to follow your own advice, however. Even a hero needs a break sometimes."
She gave him a quick wave and nod as he left, settling back down into her seat to finish off the information on the clipboard before getting back to her usual workday.
Eine's reaction to Rick's mention of the potential puppetmaster only surfaced after his departure, a long, tired sigh dragging itself out of her throat as she leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes, her hand darting up to her forehead.
"Lord please don't let this turn into another Despair War."

Last Night.

A soft knock on the door of one of the WDL's premier Exorcists and winner of the 'Most Conveniently Placed Child of the Devil' award was the very quick indicator that a visitor had arrived at his own little slice of Eden.
Well, maybe not Eden, but something like that.

Illusion was usually the type to ignore doorbells and knocking considering she could quite easily transport herself to any inch of the compound's three sections with ease but in this case she felt a bit of respect for one Rick Brackwall's privacy was an important part of their good relationship.
It wasn't easy to convince someone in his situation that not all Demons were bloodthirsty, murderous monsters.
Illusion had tried her best however.

Standing at the entrance to the doorway she reached up and idly tucked an annoying bit of hair back into place with a pout upon her face.
Patience wasn't one of her virtues, however.

Rick sat as his desk, leaned over a small rectangle of card paper. While writing was never necessary in most circumstances given he could just fake the motions and have the words appear under his pen in this case it was strictly necessary as the process required a physical medium to complete the enchantment. His focus on the etching of arcane symbols was as keen as a surgeon's operation. There was a knock at the door.

He sighed. He was three quarters of the way through with what was both a difficult and delicate process. He hadn't written a spell this small before, the smallest prior was about the size of an envelope. He couldn't be so rude as to ignore a guest at his doorstep however and so against his first inclination he released hold of his pen, the tool remaining upright in the exact position he was holding it when the knocking began, and stood up from his both finely carved and thoughtfully padded chair. Walking from his desk he navigated the towering stacks of papers which formed a veritable maze across the area of his entire apartment all the way over to his door.

Standing proper, still dressed in his finely pressed WDL uniform for the evening, he took a quick peak at the door's peephole to confirm it wasn't the wrong demon waiting on the other side for him before opening the door.

"Hello Illusion. To what do I owe the honor of this visit?" He answered the door, a voice strong yet airy. He was ever polite with a cool level tone to his voice. While it might not of been readily clear there was a pleasant undertone to his words as he was usually quite happy to see her. Though often strange she supported him throughout the hard times such training has brought him over the years. A veritable kindness he was keen to repay someday.

Illusion looked up at the man before her- something she'd found more than a little funny. She'd watched him grow from slightly taller than her to a height that made her the perfect level for him to lean on.
She certainly hoped he wouldn't do so, however.
The undertone of his voice didn't go unnoticed, however, and Illusion's already wide smile grew into a wider grin.
"Ricky! I'm sorry to bother you in such a busy time, but I do come on business. May I come in?"
Of course she wasn't hindered by any 'vampiric laws' that prevented her from walking in but she was a respectful and courteous person nonetheless. She wouldn't make her move until Rick had invited it.
She slowly levitated up so that she was on better height terms with him, she didn't want to strain his neck after all. It's one of the most important parts of the human anatomy after all.

Rick nodded, smiling pleasantly as he stepped aside to allow her passage inside. "Of course. I'd be remiss to put lesser matters before a visit from yourself." Of course she wasn't the only one who took precedence over his work. They were few but each equally important both to him and in the scope of things as he saw it, either by the station they held or by the knowledge which they dealt with.

Illusion casually floated past Rick, a small smile on her features as she looked through the room and made sure not to knock over any of the many stacks of paper that were nearby.
Nearby meaning everywhere.

She floated a little further into the apartment before turning midair and giving him a formal bow.
"We've found more of you. Arthur and I have agreed that you should be informed so you may prepare for their arrival which could, ah, really be any time from now. I wouldn't exactly rush them, but.. well, you know how it is with Demons casually sliding into their lives and deciding to eat their neighbors and all that nonsense."
She gave Rick a moment to process the information and interject. He was a curious man and she knew that he'd have at least some questions. It was her job as a Principal to make sure any queries were answered.
It also helped that she actually enjoyed her time with Rick unlike the time she spent with a certain other Exorcist's mood swings.

After all this time of complete silence from the world at large after his arrival the sudden news of the discovery of new sons and daughters of the devil left him a bit stunned. It only showed in a slight raise of the brow as he took a moment to consider her meaning.

With a small gesture, not unlike the turning of a page in a book, the door gently closed behind them. The face of the door from the interior wore a veritable mesh of scrolls which were hung from the door by thin strips of clear tape. These scrolls were primed to harmlessly incapacitate mundane intruders and trap more supernatural entities. It was a likely needless measure given the WDL's wards and general security but for Rick nothing was ever a guarantee. It was better to have a defense that never saw use than to lack a defense when it counted.

With the room closed off to the possible roaming listener he felt it appropriate to continue the discussion. "I see. I appreciate the forewarning. I also suspect you know that I'll have a number of questions regarding them." He leaned back on seemingly nothing, letting the scrolls he kept under his suit support him as a wall would. Awaiting Illusion's response he placed the tips of his fingers together, bridging his fingers against each other in a small arch for the time being.

Illusion gave Rick a small smile.
"Six, including yourself. We even have files on them courtesy of an, uh, a new acquaintance of mine. That's also what allowed us to bypass our lovely little Demon sensors if you're curious about that. I'd recommend going out and seeking her out when you have the time, she might be able to offer you a rather nice deal." Illusion's eyes sparkled with amusement.
"If you're so curious.. I can have the files with you by tomorrow morning if you'd like to peruse them yourself. It'd be much better for you to read those than for me to spend time going into each and every detail of their life and, yes, trust me, I have them under surveillance as we speak." Illusion looked to the side as one of her portals appeared- a tiny, fingertip-sized portion of reality itself cracking and peeling away like shards of a mirror and, behind it, there was two people standing inside of a busy fast food restaurant. "Any other questions I haven't thought up? I'd rather not grab them before we need to, however, so kidnapping them is out of the question completely."

Rick closed his eyes and listened close as she relayed the details to questions she had apparently already thought up. Yet another one of those times where her reasoning as to these convenient coincidences left something to be desired. Though the thought of using mental magic to intrude brought a vile feeling to his gut it had passed his mind more than once the possibility of looking inside to see where she pulls these insights from.

Rather than be distracted by a reoccurring concern he decided to turn his mind back to graver matters. Having spent so many years as the only one of the seven to have been found he had mixed feelings towards the idea of finding the others. On one hand it would accelerate Arthur's plan of turning the seven into a weapon against the forces of hell and subsequently allow them to help these poor souls learn to appreciate the peace that order brings. On the other hand it was prophesied that with the coming of the seven children the apocalypse would begin. While helping his new siblings was a task of great importance he had hoped that unlike him the other six would never be discovered and thus be allowed to disappear from the earth without any cause for turmoil. The risk that their souls might be intrinsically tied to hell where they'd become tools of the devil was present but so was the risk that they'd all be gathered in one place, setting terrible machinations into motion.

As it stood the latter seemed to be the most likely to occur now that they were found. It was simply a matter of time.
"There is no need to show our hand. Let them enjoy their lives free of the strife hell is bound to offer." A firm statement. His hands slipped past each other, elegantly snaking one arm over the other as he crossed them. He opened his eyes to look directly into Illusions own scarlet irides.

"It is imperative we are ready to act should hell's own find any one of those five." He broke eye contact, looking aside while taking his right hand and giving a quick circular spin gesture as a means of dismissing any potential intensity from his serious as it was far from necessary given the present company. "Naturally I'd like to see the files on my half-siblings as soon as possible so I can get ahead on preparations. Also, given how resourceful your acquaintance is a meeting with her would be of great interest as well."

Letting his left arm drop to his side he took his right arm and set it across his chest, closing his eyes and issuing Illusion a standing bow. "Though one such as I orders not one of your esteem. It is but the suggestions and requests of your humble exorcist."

Illusion chuckled softly under her breath. "Trust me when I say that once Hell enters their lives it won't be pretty. After all, it's always nice to go for a trip to Greed and watch people get melted alive in molten gold." Illusion cocked her head to the side slightly. "Well, Ricky, you know how quick I can be." Slipping her hand into a small portal beside her as the prior one 'repaired' itself Rick would feel a quick tap on his shoulder from behind before Illusion pulled her hand free and the portal shut itself on both ends. "I might personally be involved in the act of snapping up all of your new brothers and sisters. A kind of safety net if you will. You'll be able to see the files soon, although if you head over to meet our new mutual acquaintance you'll find the source of those files ready and willing to give them to you to peruse.. and perhaps another deal might be headed your way. A particularly special one."

The smile that split Illusion's features made no attempt to hide the amusement.
"Feel free to request as you will, Rick. You're very dear to both Arthur and myself and your station has only increased considering the, ah, coming events. I've no real clue what the Devil plans for you and your new siblings but I'll be trying my best to avert the Apocalypse alongside everyone else here. That includes ensuring the safety of you and everyone else here."
Illusion paused for a moment, reaching in to yet another portal and pulling forth a very familiar sword. It was a lovely thing, Excalibur, and it seemed to radiate its very own light as Illusion brandished it.
Well, she didn't brandish it, she sat it on her lap, still in its sheath, and watched it for a few moments.
"I believe we can avoid the end of the world. If we can prevent someone like that Demon God then I'm sure we can stop Devi." Her eyes flicked up to match Rick's own.

Rick met her own eyes in return.

"There is little doubt we'll succeed." He then turned and proceeded towards the windows in front of his desk. Beyond the lovely silhouettes of roman architecture the moon hung high up in the night sky. It was as luminescent as it was round, currently at it's fullest for this one night of the month. He gazed up at the moonlight, his mind left to wonder of matters well out of his control.

"The question remains: Is time with us... or against us?"


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#, as written by Tanman
Ashley “Ash” “Soot” Clade

2 Months Prior to the Fifth Child’s Awakening.

“What am I even doing…?” Ash mumbled to herself, sipping from the can of drink she’d purchased, swirling it a little to check that there was still some more liquid inside before sculling the rest. The tall, cool, beauty dropped the can to her feet before crushing it, stopping to stare at the crumpled mess a moment before kicking it away across the dirt road, frustration creeping up on her. Standing beside her bike on a dirt road, the only real scenery of note was the dilapidated bus stop and vending machine that had initially drawn her attention. Sadly, the map on the shelter wall she’d been hoping to utilise was far too vandalised to be of much use. All around, tall grass blew steadily in the wind, with no echoes of civilisation anywhere else in sight. She’d chosen here for one specific reason, and quite simply, she knew no-one could sneak up on her in a place this open.

It was all still so surreal. One moment, she’d taken a trip out of town to cool her head, the next; a bunch of suits had surrounded her and began spouting nonsense about demons, devil-children and some holy faction. Personally, she thought they were some wack job cultists with a few screws loose, and had no intention of going with them. Though that still didn’t explain why she’d left her home, driven off into the night, and now found herself in the middle of nowhere contemplating how she was going to get herself a proper meal. Did she believe in the crazy stuff they said? No. At least… Not all of it. The magic one of those weirdos had demonstrated was certainly enough of an eye opener that there were things in this world she didn’t understand. Then there were the things they said about her… And her family.

“If you’re not a threat to them, then those that are coming for you will be.”

Ash frowned a bit at the memory, recalling the look in their eyes, the tenseness they were trying to hide. Despite outnumbering her six to one, she knew fear when she saw it. They were scared of her, and with their hands ever so subtly ready to draw their weapons should she do anything… Too sudden. It made her feel incredibly uncomfortable. Just what did they see in her? Sighing again, she wiped the sweat from her brow, walking back over to her bike to get on the move once more, when she heard it. Low at first, but steadily getting closer. Shifting slightly to get a look over the horizon, she saw the faint glint of light reflecting off a vehicle. Squinting, she slowly began to recognise the features. It was them. Ugh, she thought she’d have made more distance between them by now. She’d told them she’d think about it and give them an answer later. She never actually expected them to find her again after that.

Climbing back onto her bike, she prepared to take off in the opposite direction, pulling on her helmet. What she saw when she looked up again stopped her in her tracks. From the opposite direction was another identical vehicle, cutting off the only other route out of the area unless she wanted to go cross country. Swearing under her mask, Ash resigned herself to meeting these weirdos again, though she didn’t remove her helmet in case she needed to make a quick exit. Flicking up her visor as the goons came to a stop in front of her, the suit in the first vehicle got out, giving her a somewhat calm wave.

“Ashley Clade? You’re certainly not making this easy for us. I told you to wait for our next contact.” He chuckled slightly, a tall, broad shouldered man with black glasses and reddish brown hair. He looked like a stereotypical FBI agent, maybe a bodyguard, though Ash refrained from such comments, instead shrugging. “What can I say? I’m not good with instructions.” Slowly, she attempted to start moving forward to drive around the hummer by mounting the gutter. He didn’t move to stop her, but only spoke as she got next to him.

“So, I take it that’s a no to our proposal then?” He asked, rhetorically, but quickly continued as he saw that Ash hadn’t stopped. “Though tell me, what’s your plan little lady? You got somewhere to stay? Money? A Job? Not only that, but we know you’re already being targeted by some unsavoury groups.” He turned to watch Ash’s back, and smiled again as she stopped, glancing back over her shoulder. “None of your business bub, unlike you losers, I’m perfectly competent to survive on my own.” Ash went to kick her bike up to the next gear, but the voice stopped her once more as he took a different tactic.

“Jean wasn’t it? Your youngest sister? It’d be a shame if something happened to her…” The man trailed off, and Ash turned to face him immediately, teeth gritted as she caught every bit of the sinister undertone in his voice. “Just what are you saying?” She practically spat, hands clenched tighter to the handlebars of her bike. The man simply shrugged, shaking his head. “Nothing like what you’re thinking. I’m merely thinking for your family. We wouldn’t do anything to them, but the demons certainly would to get to you. Of course, if you were to come along with us, we’d be able to organise some formal protection for your folks. Without that, well, I suppose there’s no telling what could happen to them…” He trailed off again as he began climbing back into the hummer. Ashley swore under her breath.

“Bastard… So that’s how you’re going to play it, huh?” Tearing off her helmet, she bore hatred through her stare at the man, who stopped partway through closing the door. “You make it sound like it’s a bad deal. You’ll be provided accommodation, training for your abilities, and the chance to help the whole world if you want to. Better than wandering around aimlessly.” He slammed the door, leaning out of the window. Ashley growled a bit in detest, but knew he was at least partly right. Riding up to the window, he gestured his hand out to shake. Ashley didn’t take it. “My name’s Harken. So, we got ourselves a deal?” The man asked, leaving his hand floating between them.

“I agree to this, and you promise to protect my family?” She asked as the man nodded. Ash continued. “Then I just have to do some training or something?” He nodded again, smiling. “Think of it like school.” He added, causing Ash to involuntarily groan. She hated school. It brought up nothing but bad memories, and a reminder of how different she was. Besides, how could anyone learn in an environment like that? You were better off doing than listening. Despite the side track in her mind, when she came back to reality that hand was still sitting there in front of her. Begrudgingly, she shook it. “Fine. I don’t like it, but I’ll play your stupid game… For now. So, what’s next?” Harken withdrew his hand, beginning to wind up the window. “Ditch the bike and get in.” Harken was suddenly caught by surprise as Ash’s hand obstructed the window, keeping it open. “Uh-uh, my baby comes with me, or you can kiss my ass goodbye.” Folding her arms in front of her, Harken took a moment to look to his partner, before back at Ash.

“Fine then. Just keep close behind us and we’ll take you to the WDL grounds.” With that, he closed the hummer, Ash left staring at her own reflection in the impermeable blackness. She looked tired, annoyed, a piercing stare to her blue eyes… But nothing that should have threatened these guys. In the window, there was nothing but a black shadow of herself. Certainly no demon. As the first Hummer turned to head down the road, the second came up behind her, a pair of rapid honks from behind her indicating that the ‘WDL’ wanted her to pick up the pace. “Yeah yeah, I’m going.” Snapping the visor shut, Ash revved her engine and began driving away. Despite being in the middle of nowhere, she knew that she was heading the opposite direction of home. If only she’d known then what she was getting herself into.

The crash had come out of nowhere. The explosion sent Ash tumbling to the road in what would have been a lethal landing if not for the good fortune that her bike swerved at the last moment, giving her a few rough rolls across the ground rather than a shattered skull. In front of her, the Hummer seemed to do a full frontal flip before slamming into the nearby rocks, the screech of splintered metal and shattered glass filling the air as the windshield shattered and the bonnet crushed into the occupants. Behind her, the second Hummer slid to a stop as the remaining four exorcists clambered out of the vehicle to secure the scene, quickly moving to help Ash to her feet, while two of them went to investigate the wreckage.

“My my, that was beautiful! Not as charming as seeing a painting of blood, but even I must admit, absolute destruction has its appeal!” The voice drew everyone’s immediate attention as a figure climbed atop the smoking wreckage of the crashed Hummer, clapping his hands in amusement. He looked to be a young fellow, with long white hair to the small of his back, and clad in some punk ensemble of torn red jeans, chained belt and tight black vest with fur collar. Skipping off the end of the hummer as he dropped to the ground, the WDL weren’t any sort of fools. The two agents opened fire, shredding some bullets into the man as he fell to a knee, gritting his teeth a little. Despite that, a smirk crossed his face as blood started seeping from his wounds, before breaking into full blown laughter

“Heheheheh-AhahahahaHA! I always have trouble getting started, so I really must thank you two.” Slowly, the man began to change as the blood flowed from his wounds, reshaping and moving as if it was alive, coating up his body and flowing around his hands into a seamless second skin. The white of his eyes changed completely bloodshot, and even his hair shimmered and grew crimson like liquid death. Standing, he didn’t give the agents another chance to fire as he crossed his arms over in front of him, slashes of blood flying through the air and cutting into them like deadly blades.

Horrified, Ash was paralysed with shock and fear as she watched the scene with the other two agents, the demon turning to face them as he held a hand over his right eye, clutching his head as he licked his lips. “I can smell it you know. Taste it, even. This bloodhound couldn’t mistake it anywhere. Your potent demon blood. I’ll make it a part of me as I watch the life drain from your face!” The menace and maniacal look in his eyes showed that he wasn’t kidding, and in a flash, he was there, shoving the agents aside like ragdolls as he grabbed Ash by the neck, lifting her from the ground as she thrashed about. “The sound of your heart beating so fast, it drives me wild! I can’t decide if I want to drink from there or your neck!”

“Hands off her you demon!” Charging at the monster, the male of the two WDL agents closed the gap, though was quickly and easily knocked aside by the blood lord. Turning back to the prey in his grip, he hadn’t noticed the small grenade that had been dropped at his feet until the explosion sent him and Ash flying through the air. Hitting the ground hard, Ash bounced a couple of times on the rough road as she cried out in pain, ending up face-down amongst a pile of debris. The taste of blood in her mouth was sickening, but it brought her back to her senses. Her vision was swimming, her head was spinning, but it was the metallic taste that reminded her just where she was, and the danger before her. Pushing off the asphalt, she coughed a couple of times to clear her throat of the mess, holding her head. Around her, embers floated in the breeze, remnants of the destruction that had been wrought by their attacker, the overturned Hummer nearby completely crushed across the front, the occupants inside likely having met a gruesome demise as splinters of metal pierced through the unrecognizable remains of their bodies. Harken had been driving that car.

Ash didn’t have time to feel sickened or remorse as she was hauled to her feet by her arm, dragged away from the scene of the battle as the female of the suits grabbed her. She was shouting instructions that she couldn’t quite hear past the ringing in her ears. Shaking her head to try and clear the cobwebs in her mind, she caught sight of their attacker once more as he held aloft the ‘hero’ from before by the top of his head, laughing maniacally as he squeezed, shattering his skull in a spray of blood. Ash stared, transfixed and horrified as their assailant turned to face them, the blood that splattered out from dead WDL member suddenly congealing and forming together into a large mass above him before the sphere underwent a body wide tremor, snapping into the shape of a scarlet spear. Catching it in his hand, the crimson warrior stalked towards the two with murderous intent, a wicked smile across his face. Ash had been sceptical the whole drive with the WDL, but there was no question now. This was a demon. Forcefully shoved away from the approaching evil, Ash finally focused enough to hear what the last of her escorts was saying to her.


Somehow, her feet managed to find a way to work as she scrambled away, not looking back to see what would happen to the woman that so bravely decided to stand against that monster. She didn’t know where she was going, but she had to get away. She hadn’t signed up for this. She hadn’t wanted this. She hadn’t wanted any of this! The bloodcurdling scream behind her abruptly stopped, sending shivers down Ash’s spine. But she didn’t stop. Breathing ragged, heart pounding; she knew she hadn’t escaped him yet. She remembered what he said. He could sense the blood pumping through her veins. Still, there was no way she could escape him. There was nowhere to go, and she was injured. There was no way she could get away. She was going to die.

A roar filled the air near her, though it wasn’t human or bestial in nature. It was a machine. Ash jumped back, startled as her motorcycle slid to a stop in front of her - with no rider. Her personal Ninja and escape ticket had just arrived. She wasn't sure how in the hell her motorbike had gotten to her, but she wasn't about to look a gift horse in the mouth. Straddling the seat, she revved the engine twice, looking over her route. Gunning it and filling the air with the smell of burning rubber, she shot off, leaving the nightmarish scene behind her. Reaching a crossroad, she leaned to the right for the turn, only to find her bike veer and fly to the left, bewildered as she went down this other road, her eyes went wide as before her, a golden and shimmering wall seemed to form. As she approached it at rapid pace, the cloudy and sparkling mist spread, forming an open portal leading somewhere Ash had never seen before. She didn’t get time to contemplate the scenery as they tumbled through, screeching to a stop before softly tapping against a wall.

Panting, shaking and exhausted, Ash fell against her motorbike, trying to make sense of everything that happened. Her knuckles were white from hanging on so tightly, and there was the unstoppable trembling throughout her body. It wouldn’t be long before she was rushed by WDL members, infirmary staff and more. At some point, she realised she was given a sedative, and after that, the rest was a haze as she drifted off to unconsciousness…

In the time following that incident, slowly, Ash began to acclimatise to her new life at the WDL. After the initial whirlwind of medical treatment, questioning and being confined to her ward, Ashley was eventually informed about where she was. It turned out she was in Rome (If she needed any further indication of supernatural forces, travelling across the globe in a split second probably counted) and the WDL or Warriors of Divine Light; whatever they called themselves, they apparently ran this place as some sort of training academy for exorcists. At least, that’s what they seemed to call them. She thought exorcism only applied to ghosts, but apparently it was a catch all term for demons too. She’d thought about asking why exorcists were letting a half-demon like her live, but decided better of it. It’s not like she was complaining about being allowed to live. Not that she was entirely on board with the idea that she had devil blood in her at all. It didn’t make sense. But then again, neither did anything that had happened in the past 24 hours.

Regardless, it seemed that the WDL intended for Ash to become an exorcist. Well, that wasn’t entirely right. They intended for her to be a student exorcist. Which meant classes. And studying. It meant school. Ash almost preferred the idea of fending off demons by herself back home. At the very least, she didn’t have to start immediately. The doctors wanted to be sure she was fine and were running the odd tests as they kept her in the ward. At the same time, preparations were made for her to acquire her own, personal dorm room on campus. When she was finally discharged, Ash had to admit, the accommodation didn’t entirely suck. A bit too white and gaudy for her taste, but she’d be able to redecorate over time. If she planned on staying that long. She didn’t have much to her person, and her motorbike was kept at a nearby garage, so she’d have to make do with the provided furnishings. It was going to be weird looking after herself though – She’d lived at home all her life, and had avoided the chores of cooking and cleaning for as long as she could. It wouldn’t be that hard… Right?

It had been a couple of months since her arrival, and life had changed a lot for Ash. She’d initially met up with her ‘siblings’ a couple of times, but not for anything major. Just introductions and pleasantries for down the road. To be honest, she hadn’t really paid much attention to them; only vaguely recalling their names and appearances. Unlike them, she was in something of a remedial class cramming in knowledge around basic demonology, WDL history, the works. The material was sort of interesting, at least the demon stuff; but it was still written tests, books, slideshows… God, were they trying to kill her with boredom? It kept her pretty busy with all the classes, but at least there was no uniform. Plus she got something of a wage, and was free to explore the little surrounding town and purchase what she wanted. Slowly but steadily she was furnishing her property, and even though it was hard, she was surviving living in her dorm room on her own. Even if it was a bit of a dishevelled mess... And the fridge was filled with microwave and other quick fix meals… Heck, studying was taking like, all of her energy to stay awake, she didn’t have time to cook or clean or any of that dumb stuff!

Well… What study she did do, that is. Despite her claims to the contrary that she was doing fine in class, Ash rarely turned up on time, rarely stayed for the whole lesson, and rarely scored over 60% on any given test. She was a truant and a delinquent, which was something of a novelty at the WDL considering most people that were getting involved in such things were voluntary zealots. It wasn’t like they could suspend her or expel her either, so at the moment, there hadn’t been any real repercussions other than disapproving looks and the occasional stern words. About the only time Ash had a positive retention rate was when something cool was involved, like firearms training or any of the hands-on physical classes. Still, that didn’t translate to success on the written material, so Ash found herself wallowing in repeat lessons and a slovenly lifestyle.

At least… She probably would have, but a certain someone wasn’t content to let her be the dunce of the academy. Ash wasn’t entirely sure what to make of Rick. He was weirdly friendly, overly polite, and quite frankly, needed to learn to loosen up. Though she’d been initially hostile towards her ‘sibling’, he’d earned a begrudging respect through his sheer perseverance and unwavering fortitude in dealing with her. Though he wasn’t much for socialising, and he came off a bit stilted and forced; Ash had to admit he knew his stuff, and was probably better at teaching it then those lectures she’d attended. At first, she’d simply planned to con him out of some free food when he came by to coach her; but it seemed she was the one that was tricked into giving him a chance. Now it was almost a regular thing that he’d visit her throughout the week to ask her questions about the material and then reinforcing the things that Ash hadn’t listened to or hadn’t attended. Still, it was working. She was at least passing now. Slowly but steadily, she could start reciting different demons, their weaknesses, and even a bit of the WDL’s previous leaders and historic achievements.

Still, Rick wasn’t always there to keep an eye on Ash. And she wasn’t a good student. With a long yawn and a rolling stretch, Ash got herself out of bed, wading through the sea of clothes she had previously dumped on the floor in order to reach the bathroom. Lazily showering and preparing for the day, Ash picked out the cleanest of her clothes to wear before wandering out to the hall, meandering to the kitchen and making a sloppy brunch while watching television, eating at the bench from a bar stool. Glancing around the room, since the show wasn’t particularly interesting, Ash came to notice the plate with a slice of cake left at her front door. Blinking a bit in surprise, she moved up, picking it up to have a look and spotting that it also had a letter neatly sitting behind it. Picking both up, Ash made her way back to the fridge, setting the chocolate cake inside before opening up the letter to read the content. Her face immediately settled into something of annoyance, tossing the paper into the trash.

That weird principal vampire had a strange sense of humour. She looked like a little girl, acted like one, and other than clearly having demonic powers, Ash had no idea how she qualified or retained her position. Regardless, that weird semi-threat complaint wasn’t going to do much. Ash was doing the closest approximation to her best, and she’d get to class when it suited her. Still, a new kid, huh? She knew about that other girl… Sibyl was it? She was new, so was this another one of the apparent demon children? Well, she’d meet and speak with them at some point, probably. If it was anything like her or Sibyl’s introduction to the place they’d have a chance for a formal meeting. For now, she had class to get to. And not because the note told her to – she was late already. Slipping on her jacket at the door, Ash began hiking to class, hands in pockets as she took a leisurely stroll.


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#, as written by zody
The Good Doctor.

Almost immediately after Rick had left, the good Doctor's eyes were glued to the files that practically spilled from the folder they sat in. Jonathan's wounds had been mostly tended to, of course, but that didn't mean he was safe. He needed to be more than strong if he was going to keep moving on.
While being a half-Demon certainly had its horrible downsides, and the Doctor imagined that Holy Water would leave an even more horrible mark, the regeneration afforded to Jonathan by the Devil's blood in his veins had made her job far too easy. In fact, considering his condition upon arrival into her care, the regeneration was likely the only reason he was waking up today at all.

The good Doctor, however, wasn't so buried in her thoughts as to be deaf to the world around her. Candice's voice reached her long before the teacher had finished her chat with Rick and reached the door to Jonathan's room, though even then, the Doctor was still leafing through the folder in her hands.
What bothered her was the nature of Jonathan's wounds. The soldiers who'd managed to pick Jonathan up hadn't quite managed to get a clear sight of the being that had assaulted the boy. Whatever it was, however, they were certain that it was injured. Certainly, it could've been a Tsuchigumo considering the venom in his system, but it was just as likely another Demon taking a Tsuchigumo's form, or purposefully attempting to hide its tracks.
It was remarkable, then, that he had both managed to survive and nearly fatally injure a monster in the span of a day. His powers must be quite dangerous, then.
She bit her lip softly before sitting upright, realising that she'd left poor Candice standing at her door for longer than was probably acceptable.

"Come in."

The reply to the knock was quick and to the point as the Doctor closed the folder and placed it on the table beside her patient's bed. She leaned over him, listening to Candice's footsteps as she entered and then spoke.
"I imagine you've seen to his physical recovery.” She heard the teacher take a seat in one of the other chairs in the room, though the Doctor took a few moments to respond. With closed eyes, she was quite still, running a hand across Jonathan's torso to make sure that she hadn't missed anything. With a satisfied nod to herself, she sat back in her seat and finally cast her gaze over to Candice.
An admirably reliable woman, though they didn't interact too much. They did, however, have much in common.

She met Candice's gaze, hidden behind her sunglasses, and listened to the teacher's words.
"That's another one we weren't able to protect. We might need to push forward our efforts to bring the remaining Children here." The sigh that followed gave the Doctor all of the information that she needed. Candice's shuffling in her seat only confirmed it. Uncomfortable was certainly a word that could apply to this entire situation; the possibility of the end of the world, the Devil himself rising from Hell once more, this time with a grudge.. Or something even worse.
And at the center of it was a group of people with barely any idea exactly what was going on. For a moment, the Doctor's face might've betrayed her stifled rage, but she was quick to keep her features stoic, as a professional should.
"... The wheel of fate is turning... I hope this foreboding feeling is nothing more than uncertainty. For their sake."
She certainly hoped that Candice was right, however..

"Indeed," the Doctor glanced over to Jonathan once more, narrowing her brows ever so slightly. "Though, that being said, if we were to simply kidnap them without warning, without them knowing, then why would they ever believe us? They wouldn't, nor would they open up to us, or begin to learn about their powers."
She paused once again, reaching up to gently caress the bandage that covered her face.
"As horrible as it is to condemn these innocent people to trauma, suffering and fear, it is a necessary evil. Ex malo bonum."
Turning to stare out the window of the infirmary room, the Doctor took a few moments to begin speaking.
"I have personally never been particularly eager in regards to the concept of 'fate' or 'destiny'. It always seems like such things are forced on innocent people, and those people are then dragged through the mud because of the 'whim of fate' or some excuse like that. I believe that humanity should forge their own path, and that our lives should remain in our own hands."
For a single moment, her grip on the arms of the chair tightened, cracking the wood ever so slightly. She felt her lips curling back in a snarl, but caught herself and took a deep, deep breath instead, calming herself and returning to her usual stoic demeanour. She scolded herself internally before taking a moment to turn back to Candice, staring into the woman's eyes once more. She placed her hands in her lap, one atop the other, and gave a faint smile.

It was ironic that someone with such feelings was eager to worship a God.

"With that out of the way.. What can I do for you, Candice?"

When Candice asked for information, the Doctor eagerly gave it, along with a copy of Jonathan's file as per usual for anyone that Illusion added to the 'List of Children'. When all was said and done, and Candice had gone on her way, the Doctor was left alone to leaf through her folder once more.

She lazily dropped it back onto her lap and leaned back in her chair, closing her eyes again.
She knew precisely what Candice had meant.
She, too, hoped it was just the teacher's gut.

The Vampire.

Illusion was, for once, actually doing her job.

The little girl was sitting in an adult-sized chair that was obviously far too large for her, her feet were nowhere near the ground. Despite that, she was very busy typing away at a laptop, a pair of glasses sitting on her pale face. With furrowed brows, Illusion was currents typing an email to organise a meeting a day from now. With the recent interest in the sudden recruiting of a bunch of random people, the questions about the knowledge of the time and location of the attacks, the questions about why, if the information was there, the attacks weren't prevented, and the new vendor with pink eyes residing in their compound..

The other members of the Council were antsy and annoyed to say the least. Illusion was going to silence them for the time being with some flimsy excuse she'd think up as she was-

Got it.
A small smile sat upon her face as she sat there, typing a little faster this time.

But a name was required.
A name..

She leaned back, cracking her knuckles and wiggling her fingers, staring blankly into space for a few moments before continuing.
Anti-Antichrist sounded pretty fun, but she doubted it'd be accepted.

A small smile crept across her face as she leaned in, continued typing, then paused and deleted something. The email was pretty basic, and she doubted she'd escape the day without having to go and start up a meeting, or having to attend a meeting that someone else started up. Regardless of that, she was pretty intent on this new name. It was simple, but still catchy.

She sat back once again, taking her glasses off of her face and handing them to another Illusion, who held them and looked over her work with a small smile, speaking the words she'd written in the email out loud to herself.
Ladies and Gentlemen, it's with great honour and excitement that I finally unveil to you the secretive program that both our Archknight Sir Evangelion and myself have been working on; the Seven Children of God.
The smirk on her face was full of amusement and maybe a little antagonism.


The Good Doctor.

After Candice had left, the good Doctor had been busy keeping an eye on Jonathan. She'd noticed that he was more than a little frenzied, even in his sleep, and despite the fixing she'd given his body, she was still well aware that his sleep was likely full of horrors that she didn't even know. Yet.
She'd ask him about the experience later on, but as for now, she'd be giving him plenty of rest.
She was studying the monitor beside his bed that he was linked up to when the door practically exploded open and a certain young girl charged into the room with an energy that the Doctor hadn't even seen from half of the people in this compound. She shot over to the bed, blind to anything but the man in it, and practically joined him under the blankets.
Needless to say, the Doctor was immediately taking advantage of her temporary invisibility to jot down the change in Vesper's behaviour and some of the things the girl was saying.
Perhaps they had a past together? Oniisama was something that Vesper seemed to be calling the boy, though the Doctor would have to either ask or Google it later on. She wasn't very good with languages other than German, Italian and.. another.

When Vesper finally realised that she and the bedridden 'Oniisama' weren't alone, her cheeks immediately flushed and she bowed as if she'd committed some sort of gross wrong. Clicking the lid back onto her pen and placing it in one of her pockets, the Doctor waved a hand. "Don't worry about it, Miss Himemiya. It's good to see you in a good mood."
The Doctor made her way back over to the bed, leaning over it and peering down at Jojo beneath her.

"But, I do hope that you forgive me just this one time..." The Doctor smiled softly, nodding.
"I just wanted to know..." To say that Jonathan Black was important to her was an understatement. It seemed like there was something a bit deeper than friendship between them. Her questioning despite her usual demeanour only reinforced the notion.
"What happened to him?"

The Doctor wished she could give a definitive answer, but alas, she wasn't Jonathan, nor did she feel inclined to poke around in his dreams or memories.
"He was attacked by what is very likely to be a Tsuchigumo. He barely managed to escape with his life, but he did. He also took it upon himself to get somewhere remote in order to try and avoid collateral damage. He's quite the hero, and he fought the Tsuchigumo off, to boot.
His body was burnt out from the battle, not to mention the serious injuries to his body, and the fact that he almost had his throat bitten out.. I've written a list of his injuries down on a piece of paper if you're particularly interested.

The Doctor shook her head, looking back over to Vesper with a faint smile.

"Your presence here is appreciated. If you know him, I'll allow you to stay for as long as you like. Consider it medical leave."

The 'Hero'.

To say that Jonathan's dreams were horrific would be an understatement. Every single bit of his mind was writhing and scuttling around, grabbing at him and making his heart pound. The giant spider monster leapt at him once more and he barely manage to claw out of the way. His body was sluggish, like he was running through jelly, and that thing was gaining on him. It jabbed at him with one of its legs and it pierced his side and he fell, tossing and turning in the air, through the pitch black void that dragged him deeper and deeper into his nightmares.
Something gentle brushed against his cheek and the momentum stopped.

"Oniisama, it's all right now."

He shot up in his bed in the infirmary, panting like he'd just rushed his way through three marathons without a single drop of water. He was covered in sweat, drenched in it, and he was nauseous to his stomach. He practically vaulted over the side of his bed, catching sight of the bucket, held by a woman he'd never seen before but was suddenly very, very happy to be seeing. He grabbed the bucket and threw up right into it, his entire body shuddering and quivering with the fleeting terror of his nightmares, and the reality that might as well have been a nightmare itself.
He took a few moments to catch his breath, choking on the taste of his bile before finally managing to calm himself properly.. or at least as close to properly as his poor self could manage. At any moment, he felt like he was going to pass out. His entire body felt sore, and his legs felt weak.

Until someone seized him by the shoulders, at least, and pulled him back over to the bed.
"You're safe now, Jonathan."
He thrashed in their grip, images of that horrible, horrible spider woman burning in his head. He flailed and kicked, screaming and shouting before finally, after a few moments, he began to calm down. The arms around his waist held him gently, and he began to breath again. He didn't even know he'd been holding his breath.

He was breathing hard, barely able to hold himself together, and with the help of the person holding him, he climbed up into the bed and slithered under the blankets. Unbeknownst to him, the Doctor had moved over to place a gentle hand on Vesper's shoulder. "He's had a rough night, Miss Himemiya."
It took a few moments for Jonathan to pull himself together enough to then exit the sheets, and when he did, he certainly didn't expect to see what he saw. Standing before him were two people; the first was the person whose voice he'd already heard. She was a tall woman wearing a pair of glasses, with dull pink hair falling down her back and a warm smile on her face.
She was clad in a pristine white suit, upon which she was wearing a pristine white lab coat. Her hands were covered in pristine white gloves, and her appearance would've screamed 'SCIENTIST OR MAYBE DOCTOR' if it weren't also for the armband around her bicep, clinging to her coat, and emblazoned with a bright red cross- the obvious sign for a medical professional.

However.. Jonathan's eyes were drawn to the other woman in the room, and his breath caught in his throat for a moment. Those purple eyes, that hair, the lovely skin..
Memories sprung forth from the back of his mind of his younger days, before the idiocy in London, and back to a time when..

Completely unaware of how horrible he looked, he sat there for a few moments, silent and with a jaw that was practically in his lap.
"I... Is that.. Vesper?"
His voice cracked a little as he spoke her name.
Surely it couldn't be, right? There was no way..

"Oniisama, it's all right now."
The words and the voice resurfaced in his mind and he gulped, suddenly aware of how absolutely exhausted he felt. His throat was dry, his body ached in places he never knew that his body could ache..
His hand shot up to his neck and grasped it, feeling the lack of any real hole there. He let out a long, relieved breath and his body relaxed a little.
Speaking of his body, he opened his eyes and glanced down at himself. He was practically covered in bandages, some of them bloody, some of them seemingly brand new. They covered the majority of his body, and his face had a few bandaids on it as well.

He felt like an anime character.
Though, with that being said.. Now he was waiting for the two people before him to respond to him.

The Good Doctor.

"My apologies, Vesper. Your reunion has to be put on hold for a few moments, I fear." The Doctor made her way over and grabbed a seat, pushing it over to the side of the bed that Vesper was standing on before returning to her own side of the bed and taking a seat. Jonathan visibly stiffened up at the change in her tone, but she flashed him a quick smile in order to soothe his concerns. Having seated herself, she picked up the clipboard that she'd been scribbling things down on, along with the folder full of pages stuff to the brim with information.

"My name is Doctor Eine Minerva. You may call me Doctor, Minerva, or Eine, whichever you'd prefer. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to ask you some questions. These may cause you to become uncomfortable, but we need answers in order to make sure that our version of events is correct."
The boy glanced over at her, then back over to Vesper before nodding his head and licking his lips. He was obviously nervous, and he had every right to be. Before she began, though, she leaned forward and placed a hand on one of his own, giving him that familiar warm smile once more.
"You really are safe here, Jonathan. If that monster comes for you, we'll be here to stop it. That being said, I'm happy to answer any questions you may have after I'm done with my inter.. questioning."
It was hard not to think of this as her interrogating an innocent young man, but procedure dictated this to be her duty, and on top of that, they needed to know more about the incident.

"Now, Jonathan, if you could recount the events of the night to me, please do. If it begins to feel like too much, or you want to stop, please do. Your health is my priority. Despite having to do this, I don't intend on harming you in order to do it." Her voice had lost a little of the warmth it had held as she reverted back to the viewpoint with which she was most familiar.
Cold, analytical, necessary in order to complete her task.
She had stopped crying over her patients years ago.

Jonathan took a deep breath, nodding to give his assent, and began to speak.
"Well, I woke up and, um, went to work like usual.."

The Good Doctor.

The story matched far too well. The corpses of his housemates, the destruction of property, the fleeing spider monster. All of it lined up with the narrative that they'd put down on paper. The Doctor uncrossed and then crossed her legs again, placing the folder down on the table beside her, along with the clipboard, and adjusted the glasses on her face. For a moment, she hesitated.
"Jonathan, may I call you Jojo?"

The boy, looking more than a little pale now, nodded quietly. He'd been brave to talk about what had happened so openly. It reminded her of the other Children's little chats with her, though none of those had been in a hospital bed..
Nor so quickly after they'd woken up from being unconscious. She took a moment to harden her heart once again before crossing her arms.

"Now, it's time for me to tell you some things." She paused for a moment, nodded to herself, then continued.
"The being that attacked you is called a Tsuchigumo. We believe that, as it wasn't a Demon and therefore wouldn't be aware of your.. circumstances.. the attack was orchestrated by a third party. Think of it like this; how convenient is it that an arachnophobe comes face to face with an arachnid Youkai for their first encounter with the supernatural? Especially since a Tsuchigumo would generally only be found in Japan, to find one so far abroad is more than a little suspicious. On top of that, if this were a random attack, the Tsuchigumo would not go after someone specifically as it did with you. The icing on the cake is that the attacker also knew enough information to call you out on being what you are."

"Am I really, um, Demonspawn?"
The Doctor paused. There was something in his eyes, something she was familiar with. That look of 'please don't be true'.
She wished she was able to deny it, but that would only cause more problems.
"Truth be told, Jonathan, with us in the WDL are several of you, and none of you are particularly chaotic, only chaotically peculiar." The warm smile on her face returned as she spoke, and he deflated a little. Not in a good way, but at least he wasn't freaking out again.

With a sigh, the boy rubbed his bandaged forearms and licked his lips nervously again. The Doctor leaned back, closing her eyes and speaking.
"The Warriors of Divine Light are an organisation hidden from society, dedicated to the protection of innocent people and the prevention of horrific events of the supernatural kind. We're based in Rome, where we now are, and our hope for finding the group of Devil's Children is to stop them from going berserk, and change them into heroes instead of the villains that they are supposedly destined to be." She sat up properly again, adjusting her glasses on her face, and gave the two people before her a smile.

"That being said.. Is there anything you'd like to do before your brother returns? He's going to take good care of you, but perhaps some sleep is in order to keep yourself going, Jojo?"
The boy hadn't spoken in a while, still processing what he'd been told. His fists clenched a little and he nodded to himself, biting his lip. He cast his gaze over to Vesper, then back over to the Doctor.

"How do I start?"

The Vampire.

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The Good Doctor.

Jonathan had decided to get some more sleep while he could. Bidding Vesper and the Doctor goodnight as he once again dozed off.
It took a good few hours, but eventually Rick returned. The Doctor looked up from the desk in her office and pushed her chair out, closing her laptop and pushing her chair back in before making her way over to the door. She opened it, nodded to Rick, and continued out into the hallway. She locked the door behind her and motioned for Rick to follow her back to room 7C, where Jonathan and, assumedly, Vesper were located.

"How has your day been, Rick? Did anything happen while you were seeing your brother's things to his room?"
The question was as genuine as ever, though the Doctor did pull out the glasses from her breast pocket as they walked and slid them on, obscuring her visage once more behind the 'normal' face.

Their pace was interrupted, however, by a voice from behind them.
Turning to check behind her, the Doctor caught sight of the familiar grin of her Principal.
"Auditorium C. It should be empty. Please bring the lovebirds in room 7C with you." With a cheeky grin, the Principal flopped backwards into a portal and vanished through it as it closed up. The Doctor turned to Rick, sighing softly and giving him a small smile.

"Shall we?"

The Vampire.

However much Illusion had been incredibly eager to pop up behind literally everyone in that same fashion, she was well aware how conspicuous that would be, and instead sent everyone involved a message on their WDL issued mobile phones. Those involved being Rick, Eine, Ash, Sibyl and Vesper. A small message, an easy message, the same one she'd delivered to the Doctor and Rick personally.

"Auditorium C asap. Should be empty. Being late will result in a Lusy Launch."

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