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Kane O'Reilly

"I don't have faith I'll succeed. What I do believe, is that I won't give up until I do."

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a character in “A Tale of Seven Children//Endless Hourglass”, as played by Tanman


Kane O’Reilly


~ Physical Profile ~

Name:Kane O’Reilly Image
Titles: N/A
Physical Age: 19 True Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Subspecies: Klutz N/A
Description: A blonde haired pretty boy; Kane is actually fairly scrawny, short, and even younger looking then his age. With his bright blue-green eyes masked behind his messy hair, he always tends to look curious or naïve – a trait that reflects his optimistic tendencies. When on duty, he wears the typical garb that most exorcist recruits wear, but when given some spare time, he typically dons t-shirts and cargo shorts, occasionally with zip up jackets or hoodies. If he feels people aren’t respecting him enough, he does sometimes wear his black suit jacket with red shirt to give him a bit more of a formal appearance, but the effect is usually temporary ‘til his next slip up.

Due to his clumsiness, he often has the odd bruise or cuts on him, though he does his best to keep these hidden. He also has a few holy inscriptions tattooed onto his back in an ornate pattern, though he's rarely, if ever, shirtless.

~II. Mental Profile ~

Personality: Image

Kane is an optimist and a firm believer in the WDL and fighting against the demons. Filled with faith and inner strength, he’s the kind that won’t give up, and remains fairly cheery all the time. This can lead to him seeming naïve and child-like however, since he’s actually not too bright or wise; making him a gullible fool all too easy to manipulate or insult without him realising until a few moments later (“Hey!” Is quite possibly his most commonly used expression). The kind to passively agree to most anything, this can occasionally get him to make mistakes with his words, which can lead to him fumbling over his sentences and saying things he’ll regret later. The poor fellow has a habit of digging himself a hole, then making it even deeper as he attempts to make reparations.

A bit of a klutz, in some ways, Kane can seem quite hopeless; failing at tests, tripping over himself and causing accidents. Still, even though he’ll occasionally berate himself as useless, he’s quick to get back on his feet and remain determined to improve himself. Friendly to most everyone, he’s in awe of most higher level exorcists, revering them similar to the heroes in comic books. Kinda goofy with a weird sense of humour, he’s quite easy to take advantage of with his agreeableness, naivety and friendly nature, as he is often willing to help however he can. Amongst superiors in the WDL, he is a faithful, reliable and obedient student (Though ‘reliable’ is questionable considering how clumsy he is…)

Though Kane adamantly believes in the WDL cause, he doesn’t necessarily think that fighting is the only answer, or that all demons need to be eradicated. Perhaps demons aren’t inherently evil? Maybe everyone could get along peacefully? Somehow, he believes that to be possible – though maybe, certain things would have to be done before that could be the case. After all, no one could forget what sins the demon lords have committed. They can find absolution in death. Aside from his fairly strong view regarding the ‘evil’ demons, Kane wants to protect most all of mankind, and believes that everyone has the potential for good. In that regard, he's against the often brutal methods of the WDL, though understands that sometimes they're a necessity. Unlike other Exorcists however, he'd never take the opportunity to revel in another's suffering, demon or otherwise.

Ice Cream
Good Food
Reading (Particularly Detective Novels)
Being treated like a kid or inferior
Being Clumsy
Being Oblivious

Fears: Failing. His own ineptitude. Demons.

Hobbies: Cooking. Cleaning. Reading. Comics. Swordplay. Acting.

Secrets?: Kane is basically an open book, but sometimes, you can find new meaning in the pages you've already read.

Outlook on life: Life is precious, so you have to make each moment important. You've got to give it your all, and leave something that others will look up to and admire.

Affiliation: Enthusiastic Exorcist of the WDL

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good

~III. Statistics ~

Willpower: C+

Faith: C+

Mana Capacity: C+

Magickal Proficiency: C+

Physical Competence: C+

Kane-ness: EX

~IV. Innate Abilities~

- Active Abilities -


- Passive Abilities -

-Lucky..? (A)
Despite a horrible level of ineptitude, Kane seems to be fairly lucky that his clumsiness doesn't cause him more grief other than some mildly painful injuries. In spite of all the trials Kane seems to go through, he always seems to survive... Somehow. Kind of like a cockroach. This is not likely to be an actual ability, but instead fortuitous coincidence.

- Boundary -


~V. Acquired Magick ~

- Active Magick -

-Elemental Mastery (C)
Under tutelage from his aunts and uncles, Kane has become well versed using elemental magic, able to perform different controlling and conjuring of the different elements based on a variety of incantations and motions. The primary elements include Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, Thunder (Electricity), Ice, Light, Dark, Nature and Metal.

- Passive Magick -

-Elemental Imbuing {C+}
Kane's signature style of magic, the young exorcist is capable of granting magical elemental properties to weapons and other objects in order to alter or enhance their abilities. Typically, this would consist of things like coating his sword in a wreathe of flames, or enchanting his shotgun to fire freezing pellets. This provides him some degree of versatility, but does require a varying amount of time to perform the enchantment.

-Sealing Magic {C}
Well versed in magical rituals, Kane is capable of generating sealing talismans and barriers, preventing or restricting demons that are weak enough to be affected. The talismans can take the form of necklaces, paper seals, or many other trinkets; while the barriers are usually a large affair involving chalk symbols, candles, or intense prayer. Most sealing magic works to either limit demon powers, or to prevent their movement, and can be strengthened

~VI. Acquired Skills ~

Spellsword {Skilled}
Kane is actually surprising capable at multitasking both his magic and his physical abilities. Capable of simultaneously wielding his sword whilst enchanting it with spells is not a simple feat, as is being able to channel energy and magic through the sword itself. Maybe if Kane himself had some more potent magical abilities, he'd be far more formidable.

-Cooking {Skilled]
Kane has been heavily domesticated and instructed by his family. In particular, Candice has very high standards for living well, and as such, it's vital that Kane be able to adequately cook for himself, and potentially others. Kane is well versed in using fresh food, preparing it and experimenting with dishes in such a way as to make culinary delights.

-Cleaning {Master}
The only skill that Kane has that is perhaps more impressive than his cooking is Kane's ability to clean. Thoroughly attentive to detail, and yet extremely efficient and expedient, dirt and grime have nowhere to run before the powerful (cleaning) might of Kane O'Reilly!

-Swordsman {Skilled}
Training with his aunts and uncles was not limited to just magic; Kane is well versed in combat training, particularly in swords. Though he can perform a variety of styles, Kane prefers to fight with a one handed blade.

-Marksman {Adept}
Though Aunt Rinne may be the true legendary shot, Kane’s marksmanship isn’t quite to the same level. Perhaps that’s why he uses a shotgun rather than something more precise. Still, he’s better than most, and can certainly hold his own with a variety of firearms. Candice has her suspicions that perhaps there’s a reason Kane’s shots aren’t quite to a skilled calibre…

Dual Wielding {Skilled}
Kane is something of an oddball, in that he can wield both his gun and sword at the same time, uniquely utilising the benefits of both. That said, he’s still best at a closer range when using his weapons.

~VII. Familiars ~


~VIII. Equipment~

- Weaponry -

-Silver Katana
An ancient expertly crafted blade, it seems to be magically enhanced, at least in durability and sharpness and is Kane’s weapon of choice. One of many parting gifts from Kane’s family.

A specially designed, one handed shotgun; its light weight contrasts its startling power. Though reloading it while one handed can be slightly difficult, the weapon itself is capable of being ‘loaded’ with Kane’s magic for energy shots rather than traditional bullets and pellets.

A standard issue sidearm that can be useful in a pinch.

- Prayer Beads
A magical rosary of beads, Kane can pull and throw beads for different explosive elemental effects.

- Holy Water
Standard issue exorcist holy water has a variety of offensive and defensive uses against demons. Kane carries a few vials on hand.

- Vehicles and Constructs -


- Miscellaneous -

- Talismans
Kane has a variety of pre-inscribed Talismans for spells, particularly for sealing or containing demons. Additionally, he keeps a large number of blank ones on hand in case he needs to make more or different kinds on the fly.

-Chalk/Scented Candles/Rope/Lighter/Crucifix
For when a Talisman is not appropriate, Kane has the tools to create more ritual styled containment fields. That said, he doesn’t always carry his Mysticism bag everywhere.

~IX. Biography~

Kane never knew his parents. His birth ones anyway. His adopted parents told him that he'd been found in a casket, and they had no idea where he came from. Regardless, they assured him that he must have been loved, judging by the careful condition he'd been placed in the basket. They must have had their reasons for leaving him. Regardless, his new parents always stated how much they treasured him and his jovial nature. That he was honest, dedicated, earnest and hardworking was all they could ask for. Growing up in a shrine out in the mountains, Kane underwent various monk training in virtual isolation, honing his mind and body to channel spirits and energy. He was a bit of a shut in, but he didn't mind. His family and aunts and uncles were quite eccentric and entertaining; and even encouraged him to visit the nearby towns, and take his time while performing chores and the like. They wanted him to have a good and fulfilling life.

And yet...

The first time Kane saw demons, it was pretty overwhelming. They were clearly dangerous, but seeing his aunt dispatch them swiftly using the skills she'd been training him in was quite the eye-opener. He asked all sorts of questions about it, and learned of the dangers and troubles of the world. That demons existed and harmed the innocents... Well, that was something that he couldn't stand for. Further delving into his training, Kane implored his aunts, mother and uncles to help him learn to fight as well. Aunty Rin was one at the forefront of his training, enhancing his agility and marksmanship. Not quite to her level, but still, impressive all the same. He wanted to be a hero, like the ones in the comics his aunt got him. By the end of his training, he was a capable demon hunter and exorcist, even if he was a bit clumsy. Still, with only home schooling and a life of mostly isolation, he wasn't exactly well equipped to simply go out into the world and go exorcise demons. His mother, one Candice Hallows, gave a compromise.

With her considerable influence, Candice managed to get Kane an entry into the Warrior's of Divine Light, and although Kane may be a little out of his element, he's working hard to be like the many great heroes fighting the good cause against the demons of this world.

~X. Miscellaneous~

Kane speaks in Colour #A9A964 of the Hex Code.
Kane's face claim is Saber (Prototype) from Fate/Prototype

Main Theme: Angel With A Shotgun - The Cab

So begins...

Kane O'Reilly's Story


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#, as written by Tanman
Candice Hallows

With a long sigh and whistle across her tongue, Candice Hallows sank back into her chair, taking a brief moment to lift her sunglasses and rub her eyes. After ensuring that her glasses were back into place, she opened her eyes once more to stare at the ceiling, watching the rotating ceiling fan for a few moments in silence before turning back to the papers. Illusion’s ability to acquire important information on the children was pivotal, but Candice wasn’t entirely sure if she timed it so poorly intentionally or if she was just unlucky. Having been assigned as the one of the children’s caretakers in addition to her standard duties, Ms. Hallows certainly had her hands full. Already, she’d had to delegate far more tasks than she would have liked, particularly when it came to the curriculum and education of their newest arrivals.

She’d heard tell that adjustment wasn’t going smoothly for Ashley; and as of yet, she hadn’t managed to catch Sibyl up enough to have both in the same remedial class. With the arrival of Jonathan and potentially the other children soon, it presented an opportunity to have them learn together, and perhaps develop important bonds with one another for the future. Certainly it would be more efficient at the very least, and as much as Candice liked her one on one sessions with the children, she was in desperate need of some more space in her schedule. Thankfully, she had reliable colleagues for the most part. Mori had been a blessing investigating Sibyl’s hearing difficulties; and although one of her charges, Rick was proving to be ever the reliable helper. Given his age and experience, he’d no doubt make a fine leader for the group once they were settled.

“Even so, to think that Johnathan survived such an incident…” Candice muttered to herself, flipping through the pages of the report. It seemed that they’d been too slow to act in retrieving him; and as a result, this incident was even worse than the one prior to Ashley’s arrival. At least then the child had been intact despite the losses. If it wasn’t for the miraculous talents of Dr. Minerva, the situation could already have escalated out of control, but as it stood, Johnathan was in safe hands now. Still, hopefully this incident wouldn’t have a lasting impact on his psyche. If he became unstable as a result of his incident, it could take months or even years before he’d be prepared to fight for the WDL in any capacity… Stopping to sip her tea, Candice sighed once again. “Not that it’s exactly fair to expect that of them. This isn’t a choice they get to make. Cursed by birth…” Subconsciously, Candice felt her hands tighten. She knew all too well the burden one’s lineage could hold.

No sooner had she reached for a pen to write out the plan going forward was there a knock at the door. Pivoting in her seat, Candice called for him to enter, her son, Kane, opening the door and poking his head through. “You’re still up Mom? Did you even sleep…?”

“You needn’t be concerned with my affairs Kane. You need to focus on your studies. I know you have class this morning.” There was a faint sternness to her voice, but a warmth too, as a smile flickered across her face. Candice couldn’t help but have a soft spot for the boy, and he’d matured so much in the past few months at the WDL.

“I know. I’m going. But if I don’t look after you, you certainly won’t. You’ll run yourself ragged if you keep working yourself to death.” Remaining at the door frame, Kane looked about the room, noting the uneaten dinner, now cold on her side table, as well as the pile of papers and files on her desk. Looking back to his mother sceptically, he continued. “I don’t suppose you’ll take today off to catch up on some rest?”

Stretching, Candice laughed, giving a shake of her head as she turned back to her paper. “No rest for the wicked, but thanks for your concern. I’m fine, really. I’m pretty in tune with my body, so I’ll be fine for today. Enjoy class sweetie, and make yourself dinner tonight. I might not be back in time to join you.” Beginning to write out her notes in earnest, Candice didn’t really hear Kane’s response as he left. She didn’t particularly like missing out on quality time with him, but she didn’t really have a choice given how suddenly this has all happened. Finalising her notes for Bailey and the other staff to accommodate her absence, Candice planned to drop it off to the faculty before making her way to the infirmary. Hopefully Mori wouldn’t mind looking after the ‘recruits’ one more day while she made arrangements with Eine and the others for Johnathan’s transport and accommodation.

Walking with high purpose, Candice almost collided with young Rick as he left Dr. Minerva’s office, and although she was quite pressed for time, she did make a point of stopping to comment. “Punctual as always Rick. At this rate you’ll have my position before long.” Stopping just outside Johnathan’s room, Candice turned towards him fully. “Thank you though. I appreciate all your assistance with our new recruits. I intend to be more involved in all of your studies from this moment, but it can’t be understated that you’ve been a wonder in getting them adjusted and accommodated to life here. I’ve already submitted the paperwork to organise Johnathan’s room on his recovery, but if you could keep abreast of the deliveries for the furnishings I’d appreciate it given you’ll be sharing the same apartment building.”

Taking on board Rick’s feedback, Candice stopped at hearing a certain comment, knocking before entering Eine’s office with her approval. “I imagine you’ve seen to his physical recovery.” Candice stated as she entered to take a seat, looking over Jonathan’s form for a moment before glancing back to Eine. “That’s another one we weren’t able to protect. We might need to push forward our efforts to bring the remaining children here.” Sighing again, Candice adjusted her seating as she met the Doctor’s gaze. “…The wheel of fate is turning… I hope this foreboding feeling is nothing more than uncertainty. For their sake.” Pausing to let Eine say her piece, Candice would further discuss any rehabilitation JoJo would need, as well as getting the latest bio-data in order to prepare any personalised curriculum he would need. They all needed to be prepared as soon as possible. Clearly, their enemies weren't intending to wait for them.