Lance Ironheart

'I have found a home here. I will protect it with all my life.'

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a character in “A Tale of Seven Children//Rebirth”, as played by afreerobin



~ Physical Profile ~

Name: Lance Ironheart
Physical Age: 24
True Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Subspecies: N/A
Description: He has a cross tattooed across his back
Any differences from your provided image/s: Lance is slightly more buff
~ Psychological Profile ~

Personality: Lance seems aloof at first, though he's really just socially awkward. He always had a hard time making friends and it stayed with him all his life. He isn't mean by any extent, but will harm without hesitation if ordered to do so.

If you take time to get to know him you will see that Lance is a very kind, very open individual. He likes helping others when he can, and will go out of the way to do so unless ordered not to.

Overall the most important thing to him is the WDL, followed by his mother.

Likes: The WDL, Arthur, Training, Earning respect, cats

Dislikes: Disobeying, bullies, sour foods, hurting the innocent

Strengths: Very fit, follows orders, good strategist, has a lot of stamina.

Fears: Hurting someone he loves, losing the WDL, being let go

Hobbies: Sparing, teaching, making tea

Secrets?: Lance Ironheart doesn't sound like a real name, does it?

Outlook on life: There's a reason for fighting and a reason for acting with mercy. The WDL tells Lance these reasons.

Affiliation: Loyal member to the WDL
Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral

~ Combat Profile ~

Major Abilities:
+ Excellent shot. Nine out of ten times won't miss a shot.
+ Very good at snapping bone.

Minor Abilities:
- Quick learner with guns
- 20/20 vision

Special Ability: N/A
Equipment: Daggers, brass knuckles, energy bars, two handguns, Secret romance novels shhhhs
Minor Skills: Lance is a black belt, along with a a speaker of English, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese and Romanian.


~ Faction Profile ~

Faction: WDL
Rank: Middle 2nd Class: Purple Armband + Silver Pin
Class: Close Range
Title: N:A
Loyalty Level: 10/10 Lance owes the WDL his life. There isn't anything he wouldn't do for them.

~ Miscellaneous ~

Biography/History: Lance grew up in a hard home. His father was an alcoholic who'd beat his wife and kid for kicks. His mother worked two jobs and was hardly ever home. He spent most of his time picking fights at school and stealing to earn money for his mother.

When he was thirteen his father died of alcohol poisoning. While Lance wasn't upset about his death, his father did make a good amount of money. Most was spent on alcohol, yes, but they did pay rent with it. The money gained by Lance and his mother wasn't enough to keep them in a home. From fourteen to nineteen Lance was homeless, dropped out of school and did what he had to sob his mother could surivive.

Finding a Demon had been an accident. It was rampaging the home he was stealing from, attacking him and the home around him. Despite doing not so great things to survive Lance was a good man. He attacked the demon, annoying it enough to make it run.

The police had arrived shortly after, arresting Lance and not believing his Demon story. It was Arthur who gave him a new option. Join the WDL or stay in Prison. Needless to say he chose not to be imprisoned. Besides, a home and protection for his mother wasn't something he could turn down.

He worked his way through the ranks, realizing the he enjoyed this work. He soon became extremely loyal to the WDL, and by extension Arthur. He owes his life to the man, and practically worships the ground he walks on.

Other: TBA

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So begins...

Lance Ironheart's Story


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Lance sighed, his fingers stroking his cat AJ. He was a long haired, browned eyed, black cat with a single white sock. His name was very thoroughly thought out. Lance spent weeks thinking just what name would be worth his amazing kitten. In the end it seemed obvious. AJ, aka, Arthur Jr. A regal cat like this deserved a name that he could live up to. A name that all would respect. Lance could think of no other person that was perfect enough to name a cat after.

The Seven was here. The kids that everyone kept going on, and on, and on , and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and- oh. He was getting off topic. Lance stood, and AJ hopped nimbly to his shoulder. It wasn’t a strange sight to see Lance walking around with his cat. They were almost joint at the hip. If you wanted to find Lance, look for Arthur or AJ. He’s always near at least one.

’Well, AJ,’ He gave the cat a fond pat and was rewarded with pleasant purring. ’Let’s go see these kids. Maybe we’ll be impressed?’

The walk wasn’t long to get where we wanted. Although, he could stop for a quick drink before meeting them. The staff lounge was near anyway. He opened the door, raising his eyebrows when he spotted Madison.

AJ jumped from his shoulders and pushed his head into the arm of Madison. He meowed, clearly seeking affection. Lance took a seat and nodded towards his friend. ’Hey Maddie. What’s up?’


Even after Candice left, and the Children had long since filed out to go on their tour, Madison remained in the staff room. He wasn’t lying about his desire to introduce himself to the newcomers, but Candice had been right- swarming them within hours of their arrival would most likely overwhelm them. So, with little else to do with his time, he had resigned himself to take care of a few schedules that he had been saving for his return to work. Better to get it out of the way now instead of later, when they would be expected to pack their things and head out with their trainees.

Especially considering the sheer amount of things that Madison planned to take along with him.

Kicking back the dregs of his tea, the researcher settled himself into one of the several armchairs scattered about the room, plunking his laptop onto his knees as he did so. The radio had been switched again, and was now humming a rift of tinny swing as Madison worked. It was a bit old-fashioned, yes, especially when he had a nice new set of earbuds somewhere within his purse, but Madison enjoyed the old fashioned. Perhaps it was due to his upbringing. Perhaps.

Madison peered into his cup, frowned, then put the laptop to the side so he could get more tea.

He had just placed the kettle back when Lance strode in. Madison immediately brightened up with a smile, and, fingers wrapped securely around his prize, he spun on his heel to face the other.

“Good morning, Lance. AJ.” Madison was very much aware of the cat’s name, and also found it very much charming. As he went to grab a bit more milk from the fridge, he paused to give the cat a brief petting under his chin before moving on.

“I’m doing wonderfully, thank you for asking. Candice and I just saw the recruits’ orientation- some of them were understandably confused, but I’m hoping that things will turn out alright in the end.” Madison took a large swig of the still-hot tea, winced a bit, and went on.

“What about you two? I hope your day has been going well so far.”


AJ purred and happily lapped up the milk. Lance grinned and leaned back in his chair. ’I swear, one day AJ’ll like you more than me. You trying to steal my cat?’ As if to just rub it in his owner's face, AJ began to rub on Madison’s legs. Lance chuckled,shaking his head. ’Figures. You can curl up in Maddie’s bed tonight then, sit on his face.’ The cat simply meowed back.

Deciding to leave an argument with his cat for later he turned his attention back to Madison. He always loved the smell of tea, especially when Madison made it. He had special touch Lance always wanted. [color=#2e66a]’So, what did you think of them? Anything super cool about them? Cool power’s that’ll impress Arthur?’[/color]


Madison gave a gentle laugh, lowering himself back into his seat (a lovely velvet thing that he tended to stroke whenever he was in thought) and placing the mug on the stand beside him. The mug was replaced with the laptop, and he began to idly tap on the keys as Lance spoke- not writing anything of substance, but simply giving his hands something to do. However, as AJ winded himself between his ankles, the laptop was once again neglected in favor of the cat.

“I’m more of a bird person, really,” Madison said, “but I wouldn’t be opposed to AJ stopping in for a visit or two from time to time. I’ll put out a bit of tuna, pour some of that fancy cat wine from Japan- it’ll be a real treat.” His fingers scratched at a spot right behind AJ’s ear, and Madison briefly wondered if he should just pick the cat up and plop him in his lap for easier access, but decided against it. He didn’t want to spook AJ, after all.

“I didn’t see much of them to say,” he admitted. “The only person who used any power was Rick, and we already know what he can do. The rest mostly just asked questions- some of them called home before they left to look around. I suppose that’ll make camp even more spontaneous, though.” A sip.

“Would you like some tea, Lance?” Madison asked. “There should be a fair amount left in the kettle. It’s chai, if you don’t mind.”


Lance nodded, humming as Madison explained that we saw. So they didn’t know much about the kids yet. He wanted to be there when they finally showed what they could do. If it was anything compared to Rick’s powers, then he assumed it would be amazing. They had to be rather strong after all, being half demons. He hoped they liked cats.

As AJ continued to nudge Madison, Lance stood, walking over to the kettle. ’I’d love tea Maddie. You always make the best. Though I’ll get it, wouldn't want to upset AJ there. I really do think you’ll find him in your bed one day.’ After pouring himself a cup Lance returned to his chair. He took a sip and sighed happily. The only thing better than smelling tea, was drinking it. Chai wasn't even one of his favorites, but Madison made it so well that he found himself drinking it as fast as he could.

’Great as always Maddie. You have to teach me your secret someday, okay? I want my future kids to drink this stuff.’ Of course, if he even had kids. Lance always found himself attracted to guys, and while not all men were biologically the same as him, his current love interest would most likely not ever want a family with him. Besides, wouldn’t that make him Madison’s other father? Not only weird, but would ruin his whole dream of passing down tea knowledge.

Lance shook his head, ridding himself of the strange fantasy he thought up. Maddie, his kid. Ha.

’Anyway, um, Maddie.’ He took a moment to clear his throat and put his cup up. ’Wanna go check these kids out in person?’


[color=]“There isn’t much of a secret to it, really. As long as the leaves aren’t poor quality, and you remember to take it off the plate once it’s done, it should turn out alright no matter what.” The laptop was now completely neglected, placed on the arm of Madison’s seat as he used both hands to fuss over A.J. “Bird person” or not, Madison wasn’t about to ignore such a friendly animal. One hand travelled back beneath A.J’s chin, and the other gingerly stroked against the creature’s back. “Well, if he ever ends up wandering in, I’ll make sure to let you know. I wouldn’t want to make you worried,” Madison said. It was highly doubtful that A.J. and Lance wouldn’t eventually seek each other out themselves- the two were almost always attached at the hip, and cats had a nose for their masters- but the offer still stood.

At Lance’s own suggestion, Madison straightened, rubbing his hands together to rid them of any fur that might have gathered there. “That would be lovely,” Madison smiled. “Hopefully they won’t mind us tagging along for the tour. I wouldn’t want to be a nuisance.” If he had noticed Lance’s momentary drift, Madison didn’t comment on it- instead focusing on shutting down his laptop and sliding it into its case.