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Notable NPCs

Characters that don't have a page of their own- temporarily or permanently.

0 · 1,415 views · located in The Earth, 2017

a character in “A Tale of Seven Children//Rebirth”, as played by zody



- Name -
+ "My name is Arthur Lucius Evangelion."
- Age -
+ "I am 46 years of age."
- Gender -
+ "I am a male."
- Race -
+ "I am a full-blooded human."

- Major Abilities -
+ Light of the Heavens - Arthur holds Excalibur close, and both he and the blade begin to glow. Once his body becomes bright enough, Arthur sends out a massive shockwave capable of leveling even buildings- just after that comes the even more massive wave of destructive Holy Light, purging anything in its path.
+ Holy Rain - Arthur raises Excalibur, and the Heavens open up. Rain hammers the area Arthur designates, before lightning begins to strike. The area becomes a storm zone, with Arthur the only being safe. A massive whirlwind of lightning, rain and wind ravages the area. However, the storm only serves to distract Arthur's enemies- up above them, thousands, maybe millions of arrows fire down upon the area, piercing anything nearby and destroying everything in the region. Once all the arrows hit, they all connect to form one large area of spell circles, all of them exploding with Holy Light to cleanse the Earth of anything caught in the range of the arrows.
+ Holy Eruption - Arthur raises Excalibur, a large spell circle appearing around him. The longer he raises Excalibur, the more its blade grows, and the larger the circle becomes. The ground begins to rumble when the ability is at full power. When Arthur slashes downwards with Excalibur, the spell circle explodes vertically with Holy Light that comes from the ground, incinerating any Demons nearby.

- Minor Abilities -
+ Sword of Justice - Arthur enchants Excalibur's blade, transforming it into a glowing blade of Holy magic. It grows to triple the length, and sears anything it touches. This lasts for as long as Arthur deems necessary- Excalibur powered by a direct link with the Heavens.
+ Self-Infusing - Arthur channels both the power of Excalibur and the power of the Heavens through a rune on his chest, granting him insanely improved stats and raising his strength to that of roughly an SS Demon. This is why Arthur is considered the strongest man on Earth. His power is insane, his strength immeasurable- his will of steel is indomitable.
+ Exorcism Arts - Being the Archknight, Arthur is by far the most skilled person on the planet when it comes to Exorcism Arts. He's capable of doing almost anything- and he's on an even higher level due to his use of Excalibur and his direct link to the Heavens.

- Excalibur Abilities - (Excalibur has its own skillset that it adds onto that of its wielder.)
+ Power Drain - Considered one of Arthur's Minor abilities due to it really being Excalibur's, this creates a field that drains the magical power and lifeforce of anything of evil intent, alongside anything with Demon blood, around it. It's so powerful, in fact, that even an A Rank Demon would be unable to fight after 30 seconds.

- Special Ability -
+ Left Eye of Heaven - "When I remove this eyepatch, you face the sight of God himself."

- Likes -
+ "No."

- Dislikes -
+ "No."

- Biography/History -
+ "No."

- Other -
+ "No."

ImageImageImageImageImageImageName: This individual had always been known as Z.
Nicknames: With a one letter name, there's no need to shorten it.
Aliases and Titles: People spoke of Z, as Sweet Lips or Riddle.
Physical Age: Described as someone in the age of early 20's.
True Age: It was never recorded, never heard, and never said.
Gender: Defined as being Male, but mistaken as Female sometimes.
Race: No one knows exactly what, but Z is surely not human.
Subspecies: If anyone would reveal what race Z is, then maybe.

Major Abilities: Z has indeed incredible powers and that would go without saying, but to know is to force the hand of Riddle.

Minor Abilities: Well, Z won't mind to showcase. But, no one has really made this person exude that effort to have it manifest. There is that one time that a supposedly irrevocable power was shattered by him with just a flick of a finger.

Special Ability: Like anyone else, Z has indeed a uniqueness reserved for him. No one has ever seen it though.

Likes: Payment | Deals | Information | Debt

Dislikes: Too much effort

Biography: Now, this information is a roller coaster ride. Nothing is exact. Nothing is proven. All are speculations of fantasy. The only thing is certain. Z is someone that knows what others want to know. Z is someone that is not to be trifled with and quite known among the circle of demons, non-humans, and human linked to the supernatural.

Faction: Absolutely Neutral, Z's Side.

Rank: S | Though, many had noted he could possibly be above it.

001 - Reaper


002 - Knight


003 - Berserker


Not sure but she'll pop up.



Name: Sasha
Physical Age: 16
True Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Nekomata

Major Abilities:
+Ventriloquism: Sasha can speak freely without opening her mouth. Someone unfamiliar with this ability might suspect that it’s some kind of telepathy, but it’s closer to audio projection. She also happens to be pretty good at mimicking voices.

+Vertigo: By snapping her fingers, she can make someone suddenly see upside down.

+Hide: Sasha turns an object invisible. If she turns her clothes invisible, it will make her invisible as well.

Minor Abilities:
-Street Magician: Sasha conjures one of the following things (and maybe some others):
A cloud of edible rainbow confetti that comes in twelve different flavors, including maple and red bean | Candy | Playing cards | Smoke | A helium balloon | A coin

-Clear: Sasha makes something that’s dirty into something that’s clean. By extension, she can dry things that are wet, erase faint scars, clear up blemishes, etc.

-Recolor: Sasha changes the color of an object to something else.

Special Ability:
>Nine Lives: Sasha can revive from being killed up to nine times. She can choose to revive someone else, but it will use up all of her remaining lives.

[Arcane Affinity] Sasha is peculiarly skilled at detecting the presence of anything magical - holy, demonic, you name it. She seems to have no trouble handling and identifying such items as well, allowing her to deal with even cursed objects.

[Cat] Her senses are fairly sharp and she knows how to always land on her feet.

Faction: N/A

Rank: D


~ Physical Profile ~

Name: Geppetto.
Physical Age: N/A.
True Age: 10.
Gender: Nope.
Race: Demon.
Subspecies: Puppet.

Standing at only three feet tall this small terror looks a great deal like what he is: An evil puppet. His features tend to be rather menacing though this can often change depending on the body. Often he'll have junk stuck in in place of missing parts, making do with what he's got. Overall he's a jittery maniac, often fixed with a devilish grin, especially when he's scheming. What he wears is extremely variable as he goes from disguise to disguise with great rapidity

Any differences from your provided image/s: No matter what he wears he'll always have a set of pockets on his clothing of choice.

~ Psychological Profile ~


An easily excitable demon with big dreams and a lot to prove.

He's easily characterized by his lust for glory and his love for human pop culture. He'll go above and beyond to gain any measure of fame or recognition. He tries to think outside the box, trying things which either fail or succeed spectacularly. No matter what he does though he is no subtle fellow. His excitement and desire for recognition well exceeds his ability to manipulate others.

In truth he's rather child like in his manner. Unrefined and more concerned with spectacle opposed to effectiveness. He does harm not really out of malice but with a zeal for approval combined with an eagerness to play with power.

That's not to say he isn't aware of some hard truths. Living in hell as one of his strength means knowing his own mortality well. He's kept well to the shadows and he is quite sneaky when he needs to be. He doesn't much care for hiding himself however, preferring to be the center of attention when he can seize it.

- Guns.
- Explosives.
- Action Movies.
- Horror Movies.
- FPS's.
- Praise.
- Crazy Schemes.
- Winning.


- Being Bossed Around.
- Bullies.
- Being Scolded.
- Being Laughed At.
- Romantic Movies.
- Getting Bored.
- Failing.


- Mixing Chemicals.
- Sneaking Around.
- Stealing Things.
- Hotwiring Cars.
- Acrobatics.
- Picking Locks.
- Mixing Drinks.


- Demon Lords and any demon significantly stronger than him.


- Brainstorming new schemes.
- Stealing things.
- Watching movies.
- Making bombs.


Outlook on life:

Some day he'll become the greatest demon to have ever lived and then all the people who bullied him and said he couldn't make will come and lick his boots and all the cool demons will like him and everything great for him will happen always. He's just gotta prove to the higher ups he has the potential.

Affiliation: Hell.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
~ Combat Profile ~

Major Abilities:

+ Spirited Retreat

It's never good to go into a plan without an escape plan and Geppetto's plan is particularly slippery. At any time he can eject his soul from his current body and escape either back into hell or into a nearby inanimate body. His soul cannot escape if it is trapped with magic however.

Minor Abilities:

- Recycled Parts.

He's unique for a puppet as the parts composing his body are largely disposable. If he looses an arm he can reconnect it and it will resume functioning. The more damaged a limb is the less optimally it will perform.

Geppetto can also can make replacement limbs out of any makeshift material. The material will animate no differently than his starting limbs however their durability and weight will play into account. Parts that were previously operational like guns or other devices will continue operating as they did previously instead of serving as the limb it's replacing. He will however have control over the device attached as he would a living limb.

- Master of Disguise.

Okay, perhaps he's not a master of disguises. This ability grants him the power to conjure forth any disguise he wishes. The disguises come with clothing, makeup, fake prosthetics and props. The props only function to mimic their real counterparts in aesthetic. He can don these disguises instantly, spinning in a blur only to appear in his disguise of choice.

- Really Deep Pockets.

Geppetto's pants pockets can be used to hold a wide variety of things, more things than you'd assume pockets could hold.

His pockets can stretch out to the circumference of a sewer manhole cover and can house up to a shipping container's worth of contents. Whatever he wants out of his pockets always come right to his hands when he reaches in.

Equipment: His clothing, a lot of various guns, many types of bombs, knick-knacks and plenty of ammo.
Minor Skills:

- He's fast.
- He's agile.
- He's sneaky.
- That's about it.
~ Faction Profile ~

Faction: Hell.
Rank: E
Class: Handsome Mastermind and Ultimate Warlord (Self assigned)
Title: The Puppet Master (Self awarded, nearly nobody calls him that.)
Loyalty Level: 3/10 He wants somebody to like him. His allies don't seem to like him much back.

~ Miscellaneous ~

Biography/History: There once was a puppeteer, down in the dark depths of hell. He made puppets and held puppet shows for his fellow demons. He had the ability to make his puppets come alive, to act and perform for him on their own right.

He was crafting one particular puppet however it did not come out right. It's eyes seemed to drift to the sides, it's wicked grin was askew. With just a head, a body and an arm made the puppeteer simply decided to discard the half made puppet, leaving it among his pile of other spare puppet parts and other materials.

This puppet, despite it's unfinished state, had been kept in his hands long enough for it to have come to life however. In the darkness of the attic where it was kept this puppet spent it's birth crawling with it's one arm through the darkness. It learned to move in the state was at however, making due as it was. Then it saw the crack.
An ever so slight crack in the floor boards led the puppet to see the shows that went on below. Brothers and sisters to him were all dancing and acting out plays while demons all laughed and applauded along. Seeing the puppets who were whole made this puppet realise that he was incomplete. He'd need more than just an arm if he were to join them.

With determination he put together the rest of his limbs, attaching them to himself with a great deal of patchwork. A hand with only three fingers and a thumb, a glove with a patch sewn over the hole on it's back, one wooden leg which was longer than the other and a pair of brown cobbled shoes with uneven shoe laces. His efforts paled in comparison to even the discarded works of the puppeteer but he wasn't going to be daunted in his ambition.

One day as the other puppets were acting out on stage the puppet managed to jimmy open the lock on the attic door, slipping out from the dark recesses above and rushing out into the theater, his wooden heart alight with joy.
None were glad to see him. The audience was confused and annoyed by his interruption, the other puppets were surprised and shocked by his reveal and the puppeteer though surprised was ultimately disappointed. The failure he had hoped to forget was not only alive much to his surprise as he never knowingly gave the puppet that gift but it was now public knowledge. The only answer was to destroy the puppet lest it ruin his reputation.

The puppet stood awaiting applause and cheers yet only received startled gasps and disgruntled grunts. He turned to see his very creator coming towards him, hammer in hand. The glint in the demon's eye was enough warning for him. He started running, the puppeteer giving chase, and fled out through the door into the dark and twisted streets of Ashanty, a small and poor town in the midst of hell.

For many years the streets were what he called home. Geppetto, as he now called himself, lived a hard life, sticking to the dingy corners where other demons weren't already hiding. Anytime a powerful demon would pass through the lesser demons would scatter and he was no exception. He had to steal, beg and take whatever work anyone would give him simply to get by. He had to be sneaky since the tougher of the smaller demons frequently liked to trounce the lesser demons and scour them for belongings. His life was hard but living down the shame of his past was even harder.
Of course the latest war on humanity rolled around so now there's work to be done. Where there's work to be done Geppetto is almost always guaranteed to show, trying his hardest to get the job so he can be given the opportunity to impress others.


~ Physical Profile ~

Name: Mitra
Physical Age: N/A
True Age: 683
Gender: Male
Race: Elemental Demon
Subspecies: Fire Demon

~ Psychological Profile ~

Personality: Mitra is a wily creature, perfectly aware of the fact it's nowhere near strong enough to control it's own land nor influential enough with the elder Demons, the cunning beast long ago threw its lot in with a far greater power, namely that of the Demon Lord Brenhin. Such was the creatures initiative, intellect and discretion that he managed to rise quickly in the eyes of the Lord of Deceit, eventually becoming the trusty aide of the mighty Lord and standing as his steward and vizier whilst the ancient Demon Lord is otherwise unavailable.
Likes: Surviving. Power. Recognition.
Dislikes: Being spurned. Needless action. Bluntness.
Strengths: Wit, misdirection.
Fears: Destruction.

Affiliation: Brenhin's Demonic Forces
Moral Alignment: Lawful Evil

~ Combat Profile ~

Major Abilities:
+ The Mirror Flame- Mitra has been blessed with a rare ability, namely that of being able to split himself into two different forms, one comprised of smoke and fire and ash and one of flesh and blood and bone. To defeat one would return it to the other and to defeat the other would return it to one. One would need to destroy Mitra when both of his twin forms are reconnected.

Minor Abilities:
- Silver-tongued- Mitra is at heart a sycophant in order to survive, it is this kowtowing nature that has given the Demon that knowledge to say the right honeyed words to whisper softly in the ears of those greater than he.

Equipment: Mitra was granted centuries ago an ancient blade, great and long and black as pitch, by his master. It soon came about that the gift was as much a binding as it was a tool for the sword called insidiously out in the mind of it's wielder, calling always to drink the blood of Demons and to absorb their essence though for what purpose is not known. Mitra only barely has enough control over the sword to keep it from turning on himself but it is not unknown for it to bite down upon those sworn to Brenhin.

~ Faction Profile ~

Faction: Demons of Brenhin
Rank: C Rank Demon
Class: Steward
Title: Grand Vizier of the Lord of Deceit
Loyalty Level: 7

~ Miscellaneous ~

Other: hexcode colour - #4eb8b0

So begins...

Notable NPCs's Story


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The warmth, the scent, the voice and everything else in between had brought nostalgia into a sweet reality for Vesper. The one she had known as her brother figure was truly before her. That alone was enough to bring a small, yet unassuming smile to her face. Unfortunately, it cannot be seen due to her current gesture much like an infant seeking security by nuzzling her face at Jonathan's neck. That expression alone was a secret just for her.

It was in that kind of state she was that her surroundings and the presence of others had fallen to a level of zero awareness or more commonly known as, ignored; invisible. She was not even aware of her compromising position in line with her dress. Her attention fully taken by Jonathan and their surprising reunion. That was why other dialogues passed through her like a film of nothingness. She was only returned to the true world when she felt the warmth she had missed and clung to was gone from her grasp. This was absolutely not a voluntary action on her part.

This was done by the individual that she had collided with earlier whom, of course if asked, she would simply reply of not knowing or remembering. However, it seemed that certain rudeness was not forgotten by Ashley Clade. Her deep violet eyes were now clear from her imposed haze and registered the appearance of the black-haired girl. However, there was no resentment, just a very brief sense of disappointment. Then, it returned to its empty ones. It seemed reasoning also returned to her. After all, she had been raised as a proper girl if ever. Etiquette was something that had been drilled into her.

But to say, she was intimidated by the other girl's gaze. That was not going to happen. Actually, she felt anything. She simply walked passed her and went to Jonathan's side. This time however, she didn't clung to him. She was satisfied just being in that close range to him as she stood still, similar to a porcelain doll on display. The only difference she was now observing other things and other people within the auditorium. That's how she had noticed Rick and of new faces. There was a tall and brown male who is actually Caius and then a younger girl with a scarf who is actually Vistra. Was it cold? A thought that briefly entered her head. There was also a older female not far, sitting on one of the seats.

Despite the fact she had been staying here for a few months, she hardly knew anyone except that of Rick and Illusion. She was not easily the kind to be associated with after all. Anyways, it seemed the purpose of them being in here had finally began. Illusion welcomed them and sparingly gave details like them being children of the Devil and them staying here and watched over by the Warriors of Divine Light. Then, another person came with an entourage of intimidation, authority, and power. She felt that and more so when she was gazed upon by this person who called himself Arthur Evangelion. It reminded her... of someone.

Fear. The right response when Arthur, the Leader, displayed his power that was meant to fill them with dread. She did feel that, but having it too much fear in her life had caused her to react blandly to it. She simply stood there like a doll, beautifully emotionless. Additionally, she believed that she had no reason to go against him. That's why when it's over and Illusion took over again. She didn't do anything or ask. She was just satisfied with being by JoJo's side.


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Character Portrait: Jonathan Black Character Portrait: Ashley 'Ash/Soot' Clade Character Portrait: 'Illusion' Character Portrait: Vesper Himemiya Character Portrait: Caius Grady Character Portrait: Rick Brackwall
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"Do you honestly think
that something I resisted
for so long will be accepted
without resistance, come on
be realistic. This world is
not of sweets and honey."

At this moment, Caius had every reason to just hightailed it. There was that man-woman, he's referring to Illusion at this point, and then, this punk. He was even dragged to some place that said to be Rome, so basically he had thrown on the other side of world. That was just perfect for him to think he was in some crazy institution. The only thing that prevented him to just leave was the condition of the kids. That male trap mentioned the orphanage. It was enough for him to be very cautious and he didn't want to do anything too reckless, but then again, thinking too much was never his forte. His head was already hurting from this confusion.

Because of the bizarre events surrounding him right now, he really didn't notice the one he had dubbed as rule-kisser asking him who he was. He was instead waiting solidly on the confirmation from that punk if he was that stupid brat some years ago. Unlucky for him, that punk in his memories and this guy in front of him was the same. He was really close to facepalming himself right now. That's when he gazed at the other guy present who commented about JoJo having a lot of friends that included him. All right, he would need to correct that. "Hey." He called out to the two-eyed color kid, now that he took enough time to look. "That." He pointed at JoJo and then to himself. "And me are no friends."

After that, there was another newcomer. A girl who was contrasting in color to the one he had identified with a pretty butt. She's more direct in her show of annoyance by manhandling the other girl away from JoJo. As for him, he was cleaning his ear with his little finger. This place is crazy.

Anyway, the rocker emo chick from the looks of it demanded answers. He would like that as well, but before anything else. Someone else came, a pair of females. Really, what is it with girls popping around. It's not like he wasn't enjoying it, but being a minority in terms of gender, doesn't sit well with him. The older woman said something about running mouth, so he looked at the girl who was deposited like some luggage. This one was much younger just looked at them and had unimpressive introduction. He could only sigh at that. This was getting too old too quickly for him. He was about just a few seconds away from bolting out. He'll just deal with kids in his own way, but before he could take another step, the baby disaster in disguise appeared.

"Tsk." He clicked his tongue as a reaction and Illusion as she introduced herself before spoke. She even bragged about her taking him down a peg. That was a fuckin' lucky shot. Next time would be very different as he simply crossed his arms over his chest and huffed. "Hmph." Anyways, she then introduced that rule-kisser as Rick. He looked at the two-eyed kid from the sides. No wonder, the guy had that kind of impression. That one had been here longer than most of them apparently. He also noticed the sword hanging by the waist. He's not scared of a toothpick, but it also meant this nerdy-looking guy can at least fight.

Setting that aside for now, he continued listening to Illusion. She was still insisting he was some hell spawn along with the rest. At the same time, his eyes narrowed. The end product of what that Thumbelina said was, he and the others were their personal hamsters for a more common use term, prisoners. That really doesn't sit well with him at all. She then said about not believing in the supernatural of whatever. "I don't believe you. You're clearly crazy from where I stand with all these stupid mumbo jumbo." He was not going to fall to this freak show. It was probably some elaborate shit-show and he won't take part in it.

"I'm going." He turned his back and was about to take a step to leave, but that was then he felt an overwhelmingly strong presence. It made the hair at the back of his neck stand and with the timely words of Illusion giving a name to it, Arthur. He looked over his shoulder and saw a man who seemed to be carved from a mountain. This made him taking a step towards the exit rather hard as the man called Arthur spoke. He turned around to face the newcomer. As it would appear, that stone-faced geezer was the leader of the band group Illusion told him about earlier. The guy even said that they were his students. As if he needed some strange man to tell him what he should do or not, he really had enough of those type of guys.

The Arthur guy finished up, but not before demonstrating that intense presence. Caius looked at the lights as it blinked. The special effects team was really doing their job well. It was really top notch and once he felt eyes on him. He met it without hesitation. They were the eyes of that Arthur. Right now, he could feel every sense in his body to tell him to run. That never happened before and that made him confused as he could feel the sense of cold water being thrown at him. His eyes narrowed as he made fists with his hands. He knew that his body wanted to tremble, but hell he would allow that to happen. That's why his nails dug deep into his skin. Letting pain overcome that implicated fear on him, he won't cave in. He also didn't avert his eyes as Arthur delivered his threat.

When the guy was gone, it was like the heavy atmosphere dispersed. Caius finally released his hands from its clenched form as blood slowly dripped down to the floor. He then glanced at Illusion who smiled like everything was on cue. He clicked his tongue again in irritation. "Questions, then tell me. Where is the fuckin' exit?" He shook his head and those golden eyes that were radiant like the blazing sun gazed intensely at Illusion. "I don't want to be a part of this shitty production. Find yourself another child of the devil or whatever." He stretched his neck as if in preparation of things getting rough. "Capisce ?" Yeah, he was not going to believe in those make-believe stories. He's no idiot.


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Image It was around that time that set up against one wall, an intercom speaker flared into life, a short electronic tone accompanied by a voice that didn't sound like it came from a person.It was off. Metallic-sounding. It sounded like a recording through autotune or pitch correction, something that might have possible...had it not started out addressing Caius' demand to leave.

"A notice that if you attempt to leave without the permission of an officer, I'm authorised to initiate a lockdown sequence on the building, and you can all camp out there until your friend cools his jets."

A brief pause.
"More generally, let me introduce myself to all of you.
I am O.R.I.N, the WDL's network maintenance system.
I can see virtually everything that goes on in the facility and I have complete control of the security technology in all the complex's buildings.
I have no need to consider what you want.
I also have no need to be scared of reprisals for not considering what you want.
I thought I would remind you of that while you think over how you're going to react. Do choose carefully as you only get one chance to give a first impression, and triggering the blast doors is a very bad way to make a name for yourself.
ORIN out."

Somewhere within the core of the base, a figure leaned her forehead against her palms and sighed deeply.

The training was not exactly off to a good start.

Still even without advanced trend-plotting functions and algorithms she could have seen it coming. That was what happened when you pulled in untrained brats and expected them to take some kind of responsibility for their own nature.

People were, for the most part, a very irritating and complicated variable that made getting things done far more difficult than it needed to be. That was even without factoring in abilities and what these... individuals were going to attract by being present.

If it were up to her they would not be doing this at all.
Of course, no decisions of great importance were up to her.

The task of ORIN was to make sure things that other people decided to do would work out.

And that task would, if necessary, see her using the WDL security system on their newest recruits.

The figure, an angular-looking woman dressed in dark grey, sat back in the high-backed chair an action that disturbed several cables that rose up from her shoulders to disappear somewhere into sockets up in the ceiling. She'd needed to correct some problems with the wireless network, something that needed a form of direct connection, and fluctuations in the general power supply had required she establish the link via cable in order to charge the facility's internal batteries in case of any more flickers.

Just as well. If she was going to remotely go toe to toe with some angry new arrival then it would be embarrassing to have the power cut out.

It meant ORIN was stuck in the network core for a while, but that was not a problem. The WDL's network had plenty of things to keep her busy.

By her estimate, she had about five seconds to wait for a response. Not a lot of time for an ordinary person.
But time was relative.

A human only perceived seconds as the shortest amount of useful time because a human body was slow and unwieldy and needed more time to accomplish anything of note. A computer could make thousands of calculations in the space of a second. Her time spent waiting to see how people might respond to her introduction gave ORIN ample time to check the battery levels, run a ping check on the wireless network, examine each of the facility's external cameras for any kind of unwanted activity, and try to settle on some demeaning nicknames for some of the new recruit... though she decided that she might wait on the last one in order to settle on what she thought would be the most cutting.

It was with those things set that the woman snapped back to the previous camera and re-opened the sound feed.
If nothing else was going to come of this questionable venture, she could at least get a bit of sport out of it.


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#, as written by Tanman
Ashley “Ash” “Soot” Clade

Despite Ash attempting to take some semblance of command, it seemed her request was to be interrupted as another pair of girls made an entrance. With little hesitation and zero ceremony, the first of the two -an older looking lady with an eerily similar expression of annoyance to Ashley - dumped the second girl to the floor before striding to the corner to sit, making some offhand and grouchy comments about them. For some reason, Ash couldn’t help but smirk at the attitude of the woman, and didn’t even have a quip to comment on her.


Ash turned her gaze down to the other one on the floor, distracted momentarily with the pathetic looking kid. Seeing as she’d stopped just in front of her, Ash squatted down, extending her hand out to help get her off the floor. “Hey loser, try not to look so pathetic on the first day.” Hauling the younger teen to her feet, Ash appraised her appearance a bit, noting the numerous scars running along her arms. Those weren’t the kind of things healthy people had, and so Ash scratched the back of her head and turned away. Perhaps she should’ve cut that one a bit more slack.

Her thoughts on the matter were interrupted as an annoyingly familiar sing-song voice filtered in, Ash spinning to locate the source, distracted enough that Vesper was able to simply slip past her to stand with JoJo. Watching the mystical light show, Ash quickly realised that explained how the tiny girl got into bed with her. Folding her arms, she listened to the speech without interrupting. They were getting the answers she wanted, so she wasn’t about to start something now. Taking note that her ‘kindred-spirit’ in the corner was known as Rianne, as well as the look Illusion gave her regarding how violence and antisocial behaviour was tolerated, Ash simply snorted a bit, keeping her arms folded. Being called a doggo was mildly amusing though.

So, the nerd boy in a suit was Rick? Geez, poor guy. She didn’t even have to try to think of an insult to name him with a name like Richard. Still, that dweeb was going to be their instructor? He didn’t look like much. Well, she was going to enjoy making a loser like him regret taking the position. If he wanted her respect, he was going to have to earn it. Until then, she’d make sure to make his life a bit of a living hell. Smiling again, Ash looked forward to making that whiny baby tear his hair out in frustration.

"This is your place of residence from this day forth, where you shall be required to attend classes on magic, combat and the usage of useful devices such as vehicles, coffee machines and magic seals. You will be staying here for the rest of your lives and your every need will be attended to due to your unusual circumstances. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Warriors of Divine Light's Exorcist Academy and live long and prosper." Illusion elaborated, Ash pausing to take it all in. Combat classes? Magic? Well, they were in for a rude awakening when Ash prominently displayed that she couldn’t do a thing other than order around a motorbike. Looking over the rest of the sorry crew, none of them looked particularly special. She thought that they were all half-demon children? Somehow, Ash felt they were all going to be pretty unspectacular. Then again… Reminded of that bloody man that had attacked her, Ash unintentionally shivered a bit. Maybe looks could be deceiving. Demons didn’t have to look like monsters to be one.

"I don't believe you. You're clearly crazy from where I stand with all these stupid mumbo jumbo." The tall boy spoke up, and Ash eye rolled a bit, looking to him in disdain. Really? After all this he still couldn’t accept that maybe there were some things they didn’t understand? Granted, Ash had probably had a much more horrific induction to the WDL, but that Illusion chick was more than enough proof that there were supernatural forces afoot. Still, someone else would likely show him just how stupid he really was.

Just as Ash was thinking that, that someone decided to make their presence known. Ash was a pretty tough girl. Say what you want about her attitude, but she had a glare that could make people wither in moments. The fact that this man managed to shatter that demeanour with just his presence was impressive to say the least, as Ash took a cautious step back. There was certainly something intimidating about the head of the WDL, and that was before he’d even opened his mouth or blown up the lights with nothing but the act of barely drawing his sword. Still, Ash had a reputation as a bad-ass to keep. She wasn’t about to let him intimidate her. Much.

“He doesn’t look that tough…” Ash whispered leaning down towards Vistra. She looked impressionable enough for Ash to manipulate somewhat. With that said, she sat back up, before the big lughead started making another big deal and throwing another tantrum. Honestly, what was he, a two year old? Ash didn’t like this place any more than he did, but she at least had the common sense to realise they were stuck here. She was actually about to say something about his ignorance before jumping slightly as another new almost electronic voice came out behind them. Ash looked around a little confused until her eyes settled on the speaker and camera in the corner of the room, affixing it with a bit of a glare. So they were being monitored by some defence system. Wonderful.

“You hear that dumbass? You’re stuck here - like me - like it or not. If you can look past your own stupid, selfish needs for one second, maybe you could see that this isn’t some dumb joke. ” Striding up towards Caius, Ash was happy to get into his face with a sneer, condescendingly speaking to him like he was some child. “Believe me, if I had a choice I’d go back to my normal life without all you losers in a heartbeat, but I’m stuck with all of you, and you’re stuck with me. We don’t have to get along, but it looks like we’re gonna have a job to do, so we may as well shut up and play along for now.” Stepping back away from Caius, Ash turned to the rest of the group, tossing her hair a couple of times as it got tangled.

“I’m Ash, by the way. May as well get these introductions out of the way.”


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#, as written by Zalgo
Rick Brackwall

Rick had turned and stood at attention as was formally expected as soon as he had arrived. He stood before the demonstration of power from the esteemed leader of the WDL, ever still despite all things considered. The lights had become so bright however that he had to shield his eyes, bringing a hand up to provide shelter to them without necessarily obscuring his view of Arthur. Only when the lights burst did his hand waver slightly, his will to not falter before Arthur strong enough to hold his composure during the event.

As Arthur bid them good day and left the auditorium Rick was still mildly robbed of words, not just from the display of power but from the revelation that he was to serve as this groups leader, at least for the challenge ahead. He wanted to volunteer to help guide the newer members through so as to ease their transition and smoothly bring them up to speed. Never did he suspect that instead he would be nominated for the task by the head of the WDL himself. Having his seniority recognized by the highest authority in the organization was quite the honor.

Of course that also meant that the responsibility was greater in turn. Arthur expected results and Rick had every intention to deliver them. However...

"I don't want to be a part of this shitty production. Find yourself another child of the devil or whatever."

This was going to be easier said than done given the belligerence a few of them were already displaying. He was about to speak but the situation seemed to roll away from him over a very short but active period of time.

"A notice that if you attempt to leave without the permission of an officer, I'm authorised to initiate a lockdown sequence on the building, and you can all camp out there until your friend cools his jets."

It seemed his new comrade's antics had drawn the attention of ORIN. If she decided to they were not going to be going anywhere which would make his job of introducing all the newcomers to the WDL significantly harder. She proceeded to introduce themselves as well as make some points, albeit in a rather threatening manner.

Next up of course was Ash, confronting Caius on his actions.

“You hear that dumbass? You’re stuck here - like me - like it or not. If you can look past your own stupid, selfish needs for one second, maybe you could see that this isn’t some dumb joke. ”

She proceeded to march up to Caius's face, trying no doubt to stare him down.

“Believe me, if I had a choice I’d go back to my normal life without all you losers in a heartbeat, but I’m stuck with all of you, and you’re stuck with me. We don’t have to get along, but it looks like we’re gonna have a job to do, so we may as well shut up and play along for now.”

He appreciated her task oriented sentiment however arguing with her comrade was only going to create division when what he needed was to better bring them together. He needed teamwork, not corporal punishment and belittlement.

"Okay, I think I've heard enough."

Rick had the composure not to put a palm to his face but was certainly struck with the urge to.

"Hey, loser." She directly addressed Ash "You sure as hell don't have to get along with me, but you're gonna want to get along with everyone else, so you can start by dropping that attitude before I beat the snot out of you. Don't waste my time, don't waste Rick's time, and don't waste the WDL's time. We need you all to cooperate. You know what doesn't entail? Acting like some playground bully because your insecurities keep you awake at night. 'Shut up and play along for now,' don't give me that crap. No one's ever worked properly as a team with a mindset like that, so why don't you get your head out of your fucking ass."

At last there was a moment to interject. Rick took the opportunity to get some words in lest the arguing spread and infect the fellow children's morales.

"Thank you Rianne."

He started, smiling largely to hide his cringe at the sharpness of her words. It was good that she was assisting him with the situation however her strong wording was in definite need for refinement. Choosing to let what was said thus far to sink in for Caius and Ash Rick opted instead to turn towards the other remaining children, all no less valuable than the other at this point.

"Hello. I'm Vistra. It's nice to meet you all, even with all this going on. And I suppose this would make us half-siblings? I've always wanted an older brother and sister."

Vistra greeted them all. She certainly was a strange one, reactions being atypical to his expectations but her demeanor was quite welcome.

"It is good to meet you Vistra. It is indeed true that we are siblings by blood. I welcome the opportunity to better relate now that we're all brought together."

He looked over, addressing the other non-argumentative members generally.

"At this point however we are united not only by blood but also by circumstance. I understand the situations that you all arrived under were less than ideal but with your cooperation that will change."

He maintained a fair tone of seriousness, giving their arrival the respect it deserves.

"As they say, A rocky start is simply the beginning of a thrilling hike."

He smiled more, interjecting some levity while lightening up so as to create a less intense atmosphere.

"Come now everyone. Whilst Illusion and our esteemed leader Arthur have given you all some explanation regarding our role in the WDL I suspect you are all full of questions still yet to be answered. It is my express pleasure to satisfy any curiosity and I'll be seeing to it that you are optimally comfortable and informed. Follow me to the projector room and afterwords I'll help guide you all to your respective dormitory rooms. If anyone's interested after that I'll still be available to give a tour of this establishment."

Smoothly he turned, gesturing for them to follow him out the door. As he stepped through he threw open both of the double doors in a grand gesture, unveiling the city of Rome in it's full glory to all stepping through.

Sometimes a bit of theatrics could be more powerful than technology and even magic at times. Rick certainly hoped it could keep their interest on him as opposed to just fighting each other like a wild pack of dogs.


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Could you guess where you would end up by the sunset, when looking upon the rising sun with those barely open eyes? There was a certain mystery in where a person's day would go, Yohan had certainly seen his fair share of horrors and joys. Sure, he couldn't imagine ever having been kidnapped when he was a child. Okay, training had been rough and seemingly impossible to struggle through. Fine, he could admit he saw action first hand and was quite good when given a blade to work with. The one thing you would never expect, however, is literal trash being dumped over you in a sudden rush, leaving you wanting to just hide from the world and not get mocked by peers, only for his eyes to tilt up as the bin itself crashed over him as if they were in a cartoon.

Yohan had been called many a thing before in the past. He had heard every typical insult out there, every mocking tone you could imagine, but being literal trash had been taken to a whole new meaning today. Dare he look upon what had smeared itself all over his form, shall fate leave a foul stench over him until he gave in and took a shower, or perhaps God was just a giant dick and saw potential for a funny laugh out of one random person. Today, he had become chosen to become a living joke of so many things. Even inside his own head, he could hear a voice laughing viciously, reminding him ever so much of the hyena.

He could faintly make out the voice of the person who he had caught eye of before, saying something about of an apology towards him before stopping because he didn't know his name. Well, first impressions are everything, the voice in his head took the time to sound it's opinion. Normally Yohan would care about standards and bars being set and such, but when you were literally covered in trash, you could only realize the bar had been set pretty low already, so you may as well go all the way with it. "I'm trash." The look on Yohan's face said it all, the way he looked at Kane, the way he couldn't help but give a small smile while his hands were brushing off the trash from his head. It all screamed out, I should be angry here, but I'm going to roll with this.

"Eh, call me Yohan." Deciding to get serious after his attempt at lightening the mood up, if only to give the other person some comfort, he looks down at the bin for a brief time before looking back up at him. "You know in reality, I probably should of moved to a better location. I'm not exactly one hundred percent paying attention either here, so, I kind of set myself up for something like this to happen." Yohan wasn't exactly lying about anything here. He had poorly chosen a spot to look upon a classroom through, on top of looking back on past events. "I guess this is a lesson for the both of us to be a little more careful, huh?" Normally, he would of said something a bit more mean spirited in this situation, by all means, he should be yelling that he was literally covered in trash. However, the moment he heard his voice and actually got a good look at his expression, well, Yohan started feeling bad for the guy. And the more he thought it over, the more it did seem like it was his fault. At least, that's what he wanted to believe.

~ Meanwhile, in another location. . . ~

The man couldn't see a thing, he struggled to be free with little to no success. He had not seen light for what felt like hours now, was this a sack over his head? He had no idea how this had even happened, he was off to return home after a busy day's work when a painful blow to the gut left him helpless to his kidnappers. He had already given up hope of calling for help, no one was coming for him, wherever he had been taken. He felt his knees hit the ground as his arms pressed harder against his back from what felt like the men who had assaulted him. The sack is pulled off rather roughly, but the man quickly wished it had just been left over his head at what he was witnessing.

Red. The room he was currently in had a red mist spreading around within the air, and the source of it seemed to be several demonic looking jar's that were just barely left open to allow the mist to escape. The figures he could make out within this red mist all appeared humanoid looking enough, but each of them had a pair of red eyes that watched him almost like a hungry beast would it's prey. But before he could comprehend that he could die here, music started to play and start to make the red eyed figures start to sway side-to-side almost as if they were in a trance with the music. Cackles, giggles, even some snickering began to escape the mouths of these figures with red eyes as he looks straight ahead to see a black cloaked figure sitting on a throne that he could only describe to be made out of one of hell's pits. The way it almost seemed to be taunting his very eyes by leering over with it's little demons that seemed carved into it's very being made him lean back, making it even more horrifying when the cloaked figure rose up from it's throne and seemed to rise over him for a moment like a shadow.

A hand slips out of the cloak and grabs a hold of it before throwing it off with little to no care, covering over someone swaying nearby as the figure revealed before the man caused him to squint his eyes and close his mouth very tightly. This man with his very typical villains black suit and red tie, his features young and charming, but nothing that would really scream that his looks put an instant desire in just any person, reminded him of a certain figure who most would prefer to call dead by this point. Yet here he stood, his black eyes staring wickedly at him as a devious grin spread across his face with almost no hesitation. Taking up a cane in his right hand and spinning it around joyfully, the black suited man who only called himself by the name of (00) Lucifer walked down three steps down a short set of stairs before his throne and made his way to stand right in front of the man.

"When thrown down into a dark pit by the villain, does the hero receive help or get ignored and left to rot? Which do you think is more likely, priest?" (00) Lucifer asked, setting the cane down in front of himself and resting both hands upon it's top. As the priest goes to speak, he finds the cane suddenly being smacked across his face. "Ah-ah-ah, I didn't give you permission to speak. You are not under God's domain here." Rubbing his cane with his left hand, Lucifer's eyelids drop halfway as his pupil's shoot back and forth before he clears his throat to get the swaying figures attention on him. "I think the answer is obvious for me. Leave the poor fool to rot in the pit. And, come on, I'm never wrong. SAYS WHO?!" He raises up his arms as he speaks, cane held in the left hand, both hands reach up to move behind his ears as he opens his mouth with a wicked grin smeared over his face.

"You! Lucifer, The Devil!" This caused his grin to become even more wicked and spread out, his hands moving away from his hand as he takes a hold of his cane with both hands and seemed to almost hum himself in sync with the music before stopping before his throne. "So you all say. But you added a little detail I didn't teach you to say. We've been over this, who ever said I was The Devil?" He turns to the figures, his mouth closing while the grin remained. "Let's try this again. SAYS WHO?!" The figures look at each other with a childlike look to them now, all of them turning towards him as they begin to speak. "You, Luci--" They are interrupted by a whip that moves itself past the throne and almost strikes one of the figures, all of them suddenly becoming wide eyed and rushing off to the farthest corners they could away from the throne. "Y-you, Lucifer, The Devil!" The priest found this odd, as he watched (00) Lucifer gain a menacing grin from this.

"Oh, they will learn eventually." He shook his head playfully as he made his way back over to the priest, grabbing him by his collar and forcing him up to his feet as he begins to walk through the red mist with him. It was impossible to make anything out here, but as questions fill the priest's mind, (00) Lucifer continued to run his mouth. "No hard feelings, my man. I enjoy pleasure and business together if possible, but recently I have been met with some rather disturbing news. It's troubling to think that there are just some people you want to get your hands on, but can't. Oh well, to me, everyone has a number of how much they are worth above their head. You would go for, uh, about forty I'd say." He made no hesitation to be blunt with the priest about his personal life, something the priest found he could do without. But this information did get him curious, Lucifer was troubled by something and needed him for something? He had no idea what it could be for though.

But he soon wished, again, that he didn't find out. Lucifer made a rough push on him to send him tumbling forward and ending up on his back as he noticed something being placed quickly over his neck. "I wish I could just sell you off to some lowly demon wanting a human toy, but I need to send a message and I have chosen you for this duty! Boy, you are going to regret killing all those demons now I bet, eh?!" A wicked laugh escaped (00) Lucifer's mouth before he continued rambling. "Well, at least try to look good as a message, okay?" Lucifer's mischievous attitude seemed to all wash away as his expression transformed into the dark and serious one people had come to associate his image with. With a snap of his fingers, one of the red eyed figures appeared by his side and handed him a cigar. Lucifer took it and put it into his mouth, with the red eyed figure casting a quick fire on it's end as smoke began to emit from it. Lucifer grabbed a hold of it and pulled it away, puffing out smoke from his mouth as he looked over towards said red eyed figure. "The blade is sharpened, yes?" The priest had only a few seconds to realize what was going on before the blade came crashing down and silencing any further thoughts. Guess he had sharp wit.


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Helena was not exactly overjoyed by the situation. She'd followed along, mostly feeling too sick and unsure of the situation to formulate any other plan, and was rather regretting it. As she'd walked the events leading up to her arrival had become more clear to her. The men, the van, the people holding a gun to her father's head..

As the group settled down Miss Kingsley sat hunched up in her seat, casting her eyes round the room and trying to work out some way to escape from this horribly unexpected situation. She considered the possibility of writing instructions to call the police surreptitiously on a napkin and seeing is she could slip it to a waiter without attracting suspicion... but soon came to the realisation that everyone was speaking Italian..a language she had very little grasp of.

Would it get to someone who could read it before anyone noticed what she was up to? Seemed unlikely.

"I don't want anything." she murmured, before good old British social conditioning kicked in to some extent.
"Still don't feel so good, I mean...thanks anyway."

It wasn't as if they seemed like horrible people on the surface. The young man who seemed to be leading things had helped her to her feet, and she was still clasping the vial the silvery-haired girl had given her, unsure if she should try it.

There was at least one person, a dark-haired woman, who was being quite rude, and this prompted a mildly disapproving look from Helena beneath her hair in response to being glared at, but she had far more pressing things on her mind at the time.

They seemed friendly enough.. although from what she could tell many were in a similar situation to her. Yet she appeared to be the only one noticeably panicked by the development. She was happy to admit she'd lived a pretty sheltered life in rural England, but she didn't think that being captured and taken hundreds of miles away was something you ever became indifferent to. Was this some sort of cult?

The appearance of someone who was both outside the immediate group, and appeared to be an English speaker, caused Helena's gaze to snap up rather pleadingly in her direction. Maybe she could slip something to this woman and get her to call the police? Her father must have reported her missing by now...if he was safe.. who could even say. Regardless at least through that she might be able to get away from this madness. She didn't want to 'learn how to defend' herself. She'd never had any need to until someone had decided to kidnap her. Mostly Helena Kingsley just wanted to go home.


By all accounts it had been quite an eventful morning. The first intruder had been swiftly dealt with and escorted down to detainment. You couldn't simply stroll up to the HQ and begin snooping around without expecting retaliation.

The 'special' new trainees appeared to, for the most part, be a bunch of entitled children, so perhaps their title was appropriate. If it was up to her these creatures would be nowhere near the place, but it was made pretty unequivocal in discussions that it was not up to her. Until, at least, they gave her some reason to react.

Leaning back in her chair, ORIN moved her attention to more routine duties, the reboot. In order to properly maintain the system, she needed to update fundamental parts on a regular basis. In order to do that, she needed to restart everything, even her own internal components.

The software update generally happened only once a month and in itself only took a minute or so. For most people it would have been imperceptible. Some of the remote terminal screens could be seen to restart themselves, and network connections appeared out of action momentarily. Within the control room ORIN was sat silently, eyes shut, waiting for the restart. Most people might have been disconcerted as having to shut off large sections of their own mind in order to restart them whilst being completely aware of it, but she had extensive experience of it. Sit still, eyes shut, empty mind..

And it was back up.

She took a few moments to review all the files, make sure things were all in order...

It seemed off.

She was almost certain the file pattern was different. They were all legitimate files though. Metadata indicated they’d all been around a while.

ORIN frowned. Something about it bothered her.

Quickly though, her attention was taken with far more immediate problems, first they appeared to have another unexpected guest. ORIN homed in on Rinne and ran her data through the check. WDL contract, it appeared. Worth keeping an eye on, but nothing that needed immediate attention.

What she discovered next however, did,
as heat sensors in the lower levels indicated something very unwelcome.

Almost instantly ORIN snapped onto the surveillance system for the detainment level in order to catch sight of the demonic manifestation attacking the guards on the monitor. Almost immediately she had flagged the area and opened a communication line with any high level personnel and exorcists in the complex at the time.

Demon sighted in Detainment. Deploying standard protocol and awaiting permission to terminate.” she announced, switching to the feed inside the cell, as she brought the heavy reinforced barrier hissing down across its front, the airtight seal shutting with a slight puff of air.

It would not, in theory, take too long to douse the whole room in holy water. The loss of the prisoner was a very minor concern as far as ORIN saw it. It was the job of other people to pontificate over matters (and she was aware if the irony there), it was her job to act upon these matters.

A demon had infiltrated the bases in broad daylight and was, it appeared, making an effort to possess the newly imprisoned intruder. This was exactly the sort of situation she was designed to counteract. ORIN's eyes narrowed as she poised over defence activation codes.

People were always so painfully slow to respond.

Awaiting permission.


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If you wanted a thankless job, specimen technician for the WDL was probably a pretty good one. Art Hunter found himself in the role of carting bits of demon all over Europe in order to return things for study in Vatican City.

Surprisingly enough, a job that centred around demon corpses was surprisingly uninteresting work. Mostly because demons ceased to be especially dynamic when they had no head or only half a body.

Most of the time at least.

At the outside of the WDL compound, a van pulled up into place at the barrier level with the exorcist on duty. Some squeaky electronic music pulsed out of the window as a dark-haired man in his twenties sat in the driving seat, numerous fast food coffee cups scattered round the other seat and a look of profound disinterest on his features.

“Hey Hunter. Want me to report you in?”

The technician looked round with a shrug of his narrow shoulders.

“It’s fine. Got to cart all this crap in anyway.” he replied.

What he was bringing wasn’t really something you wanted to leave lying around somewhere. You didn’t really get along too far by trusting WDL cadets to exercise common sense.

A couple of minutes later Hunte ended up pulled up outside the block used for research. He hopped out of the seat, disturbing his collection of coffee cups and cereal bar wrappers, unhooked a white coat from the side to throw over the jeans and T-shirt he’d been wearing, and opened the back. Inside there was a gurney, and strapped down on top of that a translucent rectangle of plastic. Any close inspection would be able to work out the misty shape inside was looking suspiciously humanoid in shape..but the puddle of green around the shape’s head, like some sickly chartreuse halo, was not something you’d ever really associate with a human body.

Pushing dead stuff around was not exactly difficult, but it did kind of limit your options. It wasn’t especially heavy, but he wasn’t going to fling something like that over one shoulder and carry it up some steps. All that green goop could be poisonous..or..acidic...or how it reproduced. All kinds of horrible options. And the young man didn’t feel sufficient levels of zealous commitment to the WDL to risk his own life to get them a research specimen.

He pushed the gurney up to the usual door, approached the intercom sat beside it, and pressed the button.

“ORIN, technician A Hunter, signing in. One deceased specimen. Unknown species. Something gross. Here to report to Lovette for where to assign this thing.”

No answer.


Still no answer.
“This is about last week? Very mature. I’m not going to pretend the chimunk voice was not funny ORIN. You can’t ask this of me. I’m only one man.”

At continued lack of response, the young man sighed deeply, and snapped the channel on the intercom.
“Lovette let me in. ORIN is sulking and I’m not abandoning a cadaver in the car park.”


ORIN, for what it was worth, was not ignoring Technician Hunter’s requests out of spite, (even if she might’ve been tempted she wasn’t quite that petty) but was more down to her having far more important things to contend with before she let anyone in.

She wanted to scream at Angel for being a negligent prick and not dealing with the potential massive security risk that had presented itself, but she was also pretty certain that between his contempt for her and how far his head was lodged up his own ass, any amount of lecturing from her was not going to sway him to do any more than he already was.

Instead she set about instructing all the staff in the detainment level of evacuate the area and reconvene on all exits, while she pulled down all the blast doors and sealed off the area, including ventilation and water. Nothing was going to get out of that place. If no-one else in the organization was going to be on this, she most certainly was.

ORIN threaded her gloved fingers together, elbows leant on the table as she scrutinized the cameras. Lovette could handle whatever that idiot technician wanted, she wasn’t there too-

ORIN stopped.

ANOTHER manifestation?

“Lovette what in the hell are you doing and why is there some fracture in reality in your office?” she called down the intercom, before snapping over to the higher staff channel once again.

“Seeing as it appears we’re simply no longer bothering with actually stopping demons anymore, I’m going to assume none of you esteemed people are interested in the fact that yet another entity has managed to infiltrate the complex. But considering that, despite the apparent apathy towards the safety of the base, it is still my purpose to detect security risks, I felt it necessary to send you a courtesy call.”


Helena bristled a bit at the response from the individual she’d spoken to about the food.
It hadn’t really been a big request in her eyes, but it had been met with pretty undisguised hostility.

With renewed despondency and interest in eating anything once again gone, the young woman rested her chin on her arm again and took instead to idly rolling the vial back and forth between her hands and trying to work out how she was going to escape as soon as she got the chance. Maybe if she stuck around until everyone else had wandered off she could sneak out..

As such it took her a moment to realize she was being addressed, ending up regarding Vistra a little bit like a rabbit in headlights whne met by the apparent concern.
“Oh. Yeah. Not so bad I guess. I just hadn’t done...whatever that was before. Disappearing some place and reappearing. That was pretty new. It’s probably just because of that. And whatever people knocked me out with and stuff. I’m doing my best to be calm and collected and all but...not super okay with all this.” she explained, twisting her fingers in the sleeves of her dinosaur sweater.

This was really not a good day.

Upon Dawn's offer Helena came to grasping the ginger ale in her hands, not really too inclined to start drinking it but also not wanting to imply that she didn't appreciate the gesture. After some of her previous interactions Helena concluded it was easier and better to just play along.
"Oh yeah, thanks." she responded.
"I'll try that."

Wait until these people leave her alone, and then make a break for it. Couldn't be too hard...right?


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#, as written by Zalgo
Rick Brackwall

It was a long night. After finally managing to draw a spell upon a playing card he rested for the remainder of the night. He wanted to continue but without enough rest he would be exhausted for the trip tomorrow. Not that he was going to get much rest trying to sleep however. What few nights that went by without that same nightmare were a blessing. This was nothing new to him though. He was complacent in knowing that there was little reprieve from the nightmares. What he felt was not so much a sense of fear but a reluctance to live it all over again. Alas, he retired to his bed all the same.

Seven o'clock. The clock rang right on the minute, waking him by the same hour he had been awoken almost every night for many years now. Silencing the loud beeping box he arose, tired but for the most part rested. It was not the first time that night he had woken, the nightmare doing well in keeping him from sound sleep.

Out from his bed Rick went through the usual morning routines. Down in the cafeteria he had a bare bones breakfast, an assortment designed to give him an optimal amount of nutrients and proteins for the day. Back at his room he reviewed the notes he took the day before. It didn't fail to bother him, the arrangement he had made with Asmodeus. He did not fail to consider the fact that he couldn't trust that the death pact she placed upon him might work differently than she described. With the idea that someone else could pull the plug on him at any moment it certainly gave him a number of things to dwell upon.

He was checking over his inventory of spells when his phone gave a light beep. A text on his phone from the principle issuing the time their expected to show for preparations before they set off. Since he was for the most part prepared he was able to get ready at a comfortable pace. He donned his outdoor attire, a WDL uniform tailored for extensive travel and managing less than optimal weather. For scrolls he had twenty two various sheets of paper adhering to his body. They ranged from pamphlet sized to a regular scroll sheet size and they all simply clinged to him beneath his shirt and pants. A fair majority of them were attack spells since he figured there'd be little rush in the casting of utility spells in most foreseeable situations.

With his pack on his back, his pens in his pocket, his sword at his hip, his clip board with paper on his belt and his special magnifying glass in his other pocket he set out through the front door and on his way to the auditorium.

Rick arrived at the auditorium exactly on time, even taking the effort to wait outside a bit before entering when the clock hit twelve. He entered to see both Illusion and Chief Medical Officer Eine awaiting them.

"Good morning Ms. Illusion. Guten nachmittag Eine."

Rick bid good morning to each of them respectively.

Illusion, a wide smile on her face, gave Rick a cute bow and a wink. "Mornin', Ricky!". Standing beside her in her pristine white suit, Eine bowed at the waist, a small smile on her face. "Guten tag, Herr Rick. Wie geht's?" Straightening up, she spoke again. "I'll be accompanying you and the other to ze- to the Boot Camp." She went silent again, however, and awaited his response. Ever since that day, Eine had been much more relaxed around him. He defied her self loathing, after all.

"Mir geht es gut. Wie geht es dir?" He answered back to her question, a friendly greeting all the same.

"I'm honored to have you along for their initiation. I must say I'd hope none of them require any sort of medical attention before the end but with civilians taken in times of uncertainty the possibility of a mishap can't be underestimated."

Walking along further into the room Rick acknowledged Illusion's greeting with a slight nod as he'd already greeted her. As he stopped he looked around momentarily to see if any of the others were arriving yet before looking back to Eine.

"Ja, mir gehts gut. Danke schön." She smiled politely at Rick. "I do hope nobody is hurt too badly, however.." She paused, giving a worried look over to Illusion, who was busy conveniently looking the over in the other direction. Eine muttered something under her breath. It was obvious there had been some sort of conversation before Rick had arrived, and probably not a good one.

"In the case of an accidental injury, however, I'll be around to patch up anyone who's been hurt. Of course, I've been selected to come along, and viewed all of the files." She narrowed her eyes as Jojo and Dawn entered, whenever they did, a look of concern crossing her features. "However, I've been.. assured that there will be no bear traps this time around. We have other staff accompanying us, however they have not been briefed on your.. special circumstances, something we wish to cover before we head off. As always, keeping your secret is paramount- you're regular, albeit new, recruit Exorcists."

Illusion chimed in at this, her smile warm and kind. "Ah, but Lusy brought along a friend! Zadkiel will be there, too, to take the suspicion off of the newbies! Lusy did a smart thing, so nobody will know much!" She turned back, swaying side to side and humming quite loudly. Eine clenched her fists, very subtly, but she still clenched them.

She was withholding information.

Rick could tell something was on Eine's mind as she was normally less tense in general conversation, especially just between them. Of course he was wiser than to simply pry when there were ears nearby to overhear, specifically the ones of Jojo and Dawn in this case.

"That is quite good, as is bringing Zadkiel. As I'm attending as both a senior exorcist to them and as their leader I should be able to keep the other six along and sequestered to the best of my abilities."

He then turned to greet the other two who had arrived, along with anyone else who showed. "Ah, welcome. We'll be briefed on today's event when everyone is present."


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