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The Plague Doctor

The grave awaits.

0 · 559 views · located in The Earth, 2017

a character in “A Tale of Seven Children//Rebirth”, as played by Zalgo



~ Physical Profile ~

Name: The Plague Doctor.
Physical Age: Unknown.
True Age: Unknown.
Gender: Male.
Race: Non-Human.
Subspecies: Reaper.
Description: None have seen under the garb for a very long time.
Any differences from your provided image/s: The colors of his clothing are a bit more faded, worn out even.

~ Psychological Profile ~


Quiet, ominous and steadfast. He does his job, moving from site to site and performing his duties. Not much else can be said about him. Not much else is known.


- Getting the job done.
- People who help him dig graves.


- People who dig up the bodies he buries.
- Binding magic.

Strengths: Burying the dead. Knowing when death is nigh.
Fears: Unknown.
Hobbies: Unknown.
Secrets?: Unknown.
Outlook on life: Unknown.

Affiliation: Unknown.
Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral.

~ Combat Profile ~

Major Abilities: Unknown.

Minor Abilities:

- Phantom Gate.

He is able to vanish, teleporting to any location he knows at will.

- Kit of The Conjured.

Anytime he appears he summons forth his garb and his trusty shovel. Damage to his garb seems to last only until it is summoned once more.

- Death Watch.

An ability of rather ominous quality, The Plague Doctor can sense when death is a prominent possibility in the future. The closer he is to the site where the death is to take place the stronger this feeling grows. This sense extends for about a couple miles in radius.

Special Ability: Unknown.


His shovel is a potent magic item, nearly as legendary as himself. It's head can break all but the most powerful materials and magical items it strikes. A useful quality for digging. Also a useful quality for dispatching nuisances. It's essence is tied deeply to his own. The Plague Doctor and it are basically one and the same, for one is almost never without the other.

Aside from that his only other equipment is his garb.

Minor Skills: Digging, guiding souls to their afterlife, is surprisingly skilled in spear use.

~ Faction Profile ~

Faction: Reapers.
Rank: A
Class: Soul Tender.
Title: Omen of Death.
Loyalty Level: 10/10 He serves his purpose.

~ Miscellaneous ~


The Tale of The Plague Doctor is the only known evidence this mysterious figure even exists.

It begins in the early years of the black plague. A man had returned from war to his small village. He took up the recently developed craft of his late father, the resident doctor. In the man's absence the plague had spread to this village and to his father no less. When the man took up his father's mantle the mayor of the town approached him with a request. He asked that the victims of the plague be killed and buried so as to prevent risk that they'd spread the disease to those that still lived.

The man accepted the offer. He crafted for himself a garb which would protect himself from infection and went to work. Whenever a villager became sick with the plague he'd quietly enter their home and cut them down with the edge of his father's shovel. Afterwords he'd bury them, ensuring the bodies did not spread the disease further. Entire families met their end like this.

Of course there was no stopping it. One by one, person by person The Plague Doctor killed them without care for their pleas. They were sick. Soon the only two people left alive were him and the mayor. The mayor's plan to protect himself from sickness by having The Plague Doctor put the sickly to death had come to naught. He was sick with the plague.

The mayor begged to be spared but The Plague Doctor no longer could hear his words. With one deadly smash he caved the mayor's head in with the flat of the shovel's head. The mayor was buried in his deceased wife's own garden.

With that the only one left from that village that he needed to bury was himself. As he walked up to the tree up on the hill near his home he saw an open grave already made for him. When he approached that grave he saw a stone stairwell leading down into the depths of the earth. He walked down these steps the earth filled in behind him, burying him as he descended into his grave.

If everyone died though, then who witnessed this and told the tale? Apparently the bard who had spoken of this tale had heard it from a man who claimed to have heard it from another man who claimed he could speak to crows. The story thus had been considered as little more than a macabre work of fiction. After all, only a fool would listen to a tale from a man who'd speak to madmen that believed they could speak with birds, right?

So begins...

The Plague Doctor's Story


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#, as written by Zalgo
Rick Brackwall

The last couple days were largely helter skelter and this bus ride was no different. The driver's failure to pick up Jojo's tag-along hadn't gone unnoticed.

"Excuse me, Bonito, You appear to have left-" He was briefly cut off as the bus accelerated suddenly, causing him to shift a bit before steadying himself.

"You appear to have left a student behind." He informed the driver. As he was at the front of the bus he only had a cursory idea as the the conversation that was being carried out behind him. Apparently Jojo was asking to what might of been bothering Helena. It seemed appropriate since she looked well worse for wear.

The drive was far from smooth, the bus jumping with every irregularity in the road along with the swaying that followed whenever Ash looked to pass them. The choice of music that was blaring wasn't much too pleasing to the ear either. While the others seemed tossed about Rick himself was faring fairly well. The various spell papers which clung to him like a second skin, concealed well beneath his uniform, also served a secondary use. By manipulating the paper and exerting force to direct where they go it subsequently directed where he'd go too. With the number of papers currently gripped to him able to exert the sum of their strength on both his torso and limbs controlling his own body's motions was child's play.

He kept apprised of the conversations underway in general, a fairly easy task since their numbers were few. Out of the seven of them two were still back at base and one was outside riding her motorcycle in lieu of joining them on the bus. This left just four of them, three if he didn't count himself. With that and both Illusion and Eine aboard the number of ongoing conversations were few, letting him pay better attention to what was being said overall.

Among the things he noted he could hear Helena speaking just prior to each bump they went across, as if anticipating each small jump and motion the bus was making. Towards the end he couldn't hear her all too clearly all the way from the front seat but he picked up on her mentioning Dawn's name.

As he was about to lean in to hear her better the bus took a sudden right turn, sending most of it's passengers towards the left wall. Rick obviously remained comfortably in his seat but the sudden turn had interrupted his focus. What he saw out the right windows took a sudden precedent over Helena's words at that moment as he spotted something that could only be well described as... Foreboding.

A strange figure stood around the edge of the woods, not far from the corner where the dirt road starts. This unknown person was clad in the dark attire of a plague doctor's uniform, an old make at that. The figure was still, standing with his shovel in hand, the head of which was buried slightly in the dirt he stood on. Beside the man was a grave dug out of the ground, the hole quite deep from what he could see.

What more was that this figure seemed to be watching them through the windows of the bus. Who he was looking at was unclear but it was evident that he was watching them through the cold dark spaces behind the lenses of his mask.

"What the..." Words failed Rick as the moment passed and the bus left the mysterious stranger to his grim task. Even still, through the back window the man could be seen watching them depart further into the woods. Rick simply sat back into his chair, looking forward as he dwelt on the matter. He seemed lost at thought as he mulled over just what that was.

Who was he? Why was he digging a grave? Why was he looking at them for so long? Why was he dressed so strange? Why was he digging the grave right by the path to their camp? All these questions and more flooded Rick's already crammed brain. What was the most agonizing was that for how unusual it seemed there was nothing about that event that specifically defied mundane explanation. It was the simple fact that all these particular details when combined formed a scene which was worryingly uncanny.

At last they finally stopped at camp, the bus coming to a slow still.

"Well here you go kiddos, have fun at school. I'll be... Somewhere if you need me."

Rick saw little need in igniting an argument with the bus driver but his expression said enough. Rick was by and large displeased with his failure to take the whole gathering along and chose only to make this known by the manner by which he passed, leaving the driver sternly unspoken to.

Once past Rick let the matter fade from his conscious thought, his mind falling back to thoughts of the strange plague doctor they passed by not too long ago. Standing proper as he awaited the rest of their exits from the vehicle he simply stood, his mind mulling over those very thoughts as he tried his best to appear not entirely lost in his thoughts, a definite falsehood as he was anywhere but in the moment at hand.


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#, as written by zody
-| 'Illusion' |-Image

Illusion smiled warmly, hovering midair as Zadkiel met her halfway, obviously ecstatic to be seeing her again. It absolutely warmed her heart to hear him so happy, and she couldn't help smiling happily as he spoke. "You didn't tell me you were going to be on the bus too! It feels like only yesterday since I last had the privilege of your company, how are you? Is work going alright? They didn't give you any trouble when they arrived did they?"

In his excitement, he made sure to dump a lot of questions on her, didn't he? Although.. she didn't exactly mind. Zadkiel was one of the few who actively spoke to her, and they shared a thing in common in terms of being viewed as.. different.. by the majority of staff at the WDL. "Well, I originally wasn't going to take the bus, however.. plans changed." She chuckled softly. "Besides, aren't meetings all the sweeter when they're a surprise? And, Zadkiel, wasn't it only yesterday that we did meet?" She paused, a small smirk on her lips now, replacing her smile, although her shining eyes were still twinkling with happiness. "Work is going as well as usual, Zaddie, but you know.. All those people looking at me so meanly because I'm a little girl devil.. It truly, truly breaks my poor, innocent heart!" She turned away, pretending to wipe up some tears before turning back to the angel before her. "Some of them are, erm, rowdy. You'll figure out which ones right away, I'm sure. Poor little babies are still confused and tired.." She looked over at the children, observing another Illusion down below, listening on the phone.

In one hear, Illusion heard Vesper's calm voice leaving the phone, and the Illusion on the ground chuckled. "So half of our party was left behind? What kind of driver are we employing, exactly? I'll see to it that he gets his pay taken away for making us take this action.. Ah well." The Illusion on the ground spoke loudly enough for everyone nearby to hear, a smug smirk on her face. "Stay where you are. I'll be there in a jiffy~"

In the other ear.. "Oh I''m letting myself get distracted again, let me do the official shpeel first then we can back to catching up. I'm glad you're looking good as always though." Illusion gave him a nod, watching him float down to the ground. "The same to you, Zadkiel."

It was a simple enough matter, really. First, the Illusion on the ground created a portal a millimeter off the ground in the Boot Camp. Then, she made an identical one that spread in a cracked circle around the garage group. They would've fallen for a millisecond, yes, but that was better than falling through a crack fully, no? Then, she simply lifted the second portal up until it was clear of the garage group's heads, and it vanished into nothingness. It was an odd thing, like having a curtain raised to expose something behind it. Shazam. Who else could do something so cool as a multiple person near-instant teleport? Nobody, that's who.

Eine gave Lusy a look, who grinned sheepishly. "Miss Eine, allow me to show you to your guest room." The small vampire broke apart while she spoke, a second her leading Eine away. The doctor looked back at those gathered there and nodded politely. She made a point to look at Rick, Jojo and Dawn before moving past. Jojo himself had his phone out, ready to text Dawn back, but he quickly pocketed the device and moved over to Dawn, smiling. He looked around for Helena, too. He'd chat with her after they got.. whatever the glowing man had to say out of the way.

Illusion smirked, slowly floating down to the ground behind Zadkiel and flipping herself upside down, her smile never abating as she shrugged simply. "The answer to your question, Zaddie-waddie~".

-| ? |-
-| Jonathan Black |-Image

A little while earlier, Jojo had caught sight of Zadkiel, and his jaw had dropped. It took every ounce of self control to not immediately run over and grab one of his fancy, glowing wings and gush about how awesome it was. His attention, honestly, was more fixated on those than Zadkiel himself. Looking the man over as he spoke, however, he started. "Wait, whoa, an angel?! That's awesome!" He stopped himself, coughing and looking over at the others. His phone buzzed in his pocket, and he fished it out to answer it, but.. Jojo stopped as he felt Zadkiel's gaze land on him, and he met the angel's gaze with a warm smile. Hopefully they could all get along. Even if they were demons, Zadkiel got along well enough with Illusion, so..
"And may I be the first to welcome you to the Boot Camp, I have been assigned to assist in your training and when that is complete I will be working alongside you all in the field some day as a senior field agent. Now, please do introduce yourselves and ask any questions you.... Hold on... Where's the rest of you?" Jojo looked over to Bonito, then back to Zadkiel. However, before he could answer, a certain vampire did a certain magick trick and suddenly the question was already answered. Jojo almost immediately moved over to Dawn, tossing a look over to Helena and pocketing his phone. He gave a glance to the others that'd been brought by Illusion, giving Vesper a warm smile, before turning back to Hel, then back to Zadkiel. He'd have to grab the two of them and chat sometime later on. Hel still looked like hell, but he couldn't blame her. Hopefully she'd get some quality sleep while she's here. He tapped Dawn's arm, turning his head to her but keeping his eyes on Zadkiel. "We'll chat later."

Jojo once again couldn't help but marvel at the magickal world. Illusion was exerting absolutely zero force, it was literally as if her personal gravity had been modified and she hung from the air like the air was her floor. Zadkiel, an angel, stood before them with his glowing, majestic wings.
This was definitely an anime.

"Ah, man, they're all gathered up together all nice and stuff.. That's a bit boring. Super boring, really." The maskless figure hummed to themselves as they walked down the path towards the Boot Camp, humming ever louder as they eventually passed a spot where a lone figure was digging several graves. Pausing just past them, the maskless figure spun on their heel. "Whoa! That's a lot of graves there, friendo! You must've dug those all a bit early, though.. Ah well."
No reply from the gravedigger.
"Ah.. Not a talker, are we? Jeez. You're not even gonna, like, watch?"
No response.
"What's the point of digging these graves if you're not gonna be there to- Actually, you know what, nevermind. I'll drag their corpses here myself, free of charge, masky!"
Still, no reply.
"Heh. How boring. I like it when people talk, y'know? Ah well, I'll seeya in a bit, masky! Make sure those things are still nice and ready for me! Ciao! Just don't dig too many, or I'll have to fill that one, too, mhm?"
Raising a hand in farewell, the maskless figure left the masked figure to their task. Humming loudly again as they walked, their cloak swirled with darkness as a mask appeared covering their head completely, hiding it from sight.
"Man, I must be about to get one hell of a kill streak. Sounds great!"