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Aria Skyehawk

A rogue alchemist AKA the Icy Alchemist.

0 · 155 views · located in Amestris

a character in “A Tale of Transmutation”, as played by Alexius Valentine


Name: Aria Skyehawk
Age: 17
Position: Rouge Alchemist and Known Criminal. Used to be a state alchemist.
Title: The Icy Alchemist or Frozen Rose. As a criminal she is called "The Terror of Death"
Description: Aria stands at a small height of 5'1" and has a skinny yet lean build. She wears a black button down shirt that is open enough to just see a small part of her stomach and wears matching black pants that are leather. A necklace made of black ribbon with an ice blue rose is around Aria's neck, which gave her the other title of the Frozen Rose. In one of her pockets is the silver watch as certification as a state alchemist. From a distance, or a dark room, you could mistake her for a boy because of her hair, along with her monotone voice, and clothing.
You will probably only see Aria in this outfit if she ever removes the hooded cloak she wears on top of all this.


Aria is dark, negative, and depressing. She is a loner. She doesn’t like talking with anyone, unless they have something important to say. She likes being alone, usually outside with nature and spends most of her time playing with her yo-yo. Because of this, she has been known to be a Tsundere. A person that doesn't like other people.

Though at sometimes she can be nice in a way, well if she doesn't act stoic anymore.


Alchemical Specality: With transmutaion circles carved into her hand, can control water and ice. Since the human body is 70% water she can either freeze or boil a human to death. Her type of alchemy is the same to Issac the Freezers, also allowing her to freeze her blood into shapes at times. Though she does this rarely.

Another thing is this is good for medical situations like numbing a limb or freezing burns.

Equipment: The pocketwatch to show her certification as a state alchemist. She never got rid of this for some reason, which some believe she doesn't really hate alchemists. Inside the watch is a picture of her now deceased family.
Other then that she keeps some money on her.


History: Aria was born into a family living in Central. Her father was a Lieutenant and an alchemist, his job keeping him away from the family. Her mother and herself often wished he'd spend more time with them. Though one day he returned, this was when Aria was a state alchemist st age sixteen, and was driven mad for some reason. He started trying to kill everyone in sight with explosions of alchemy and soon destroyed the entire building of apartments, which killed him and Aria's mother. She survived since she created a shield of blood and ice to protect herself. Aria later learned a project her was sent to work on and guard. Though it had driven him mad and Aria's hated alchemists since then.
Quotes: "A thorn defends the rose, harming only those who would steal the blossom."
"While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die." *Smiles Creepyly*

So begins...

Aria Skyehawk's Story