Issac Kain

The soon to be called Healing Alchemist

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a character in “A Tale of Transmutation”, as played by Soul_Alchemist


Name: Issac Kain, AKA Golem
Age: 19
Position: Hopeful State Alchemist
Title: The Healing Alchemist
Issac stands at six feet, with a lean, strong build, though it looks like he is much weaker than he really is. His skin has a healthy tan, his hair is long and dark brown, normally tied back in a ponytail, and his eyes are the same dark brown color. He can often be seen wearing black boots, jean pants, a loose button up shirt, and a long black jacket. He also always wears a pair of long, black gloves, though no one knows just why.


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Alchemical Specality:
Specaility 1, his most often shown talent comes in the form of manipulating stone and earth. He can create very intricately detailed statues and other such things, and is a near master of changing ordinary stone into metals or minerals, sich as steel or crystal
Specaility 2, what he will become famous for, his more secretive talent, healing wounds with alchemy. He can use alchemy to mend most wounds, such as cuts, rapidly, though they will always leave a perminate scar if he does this

Walking cane made of stone, created by alchemy by his late father
Medical notes
Satchel, black, with an transmutation circle on the side for decoration


Issac was born to an amature alchemist who's main profession was as a doctor. He grew up a short distance from the West and Central borders learning his father's profession as well as alchemy. It was obvious to his father that Issac was much more likely to succede as an alchemist, and so encouraged him to join the military when he grew old enough. At the age of 17 his father was murdered in his office when treating one of the State Alchemists sent by the military to investigate the area. The man was never caught, and was actually trying to kill the alchemist. After his burial Issac dug up his father's body, gathered supplies, and attempted to bring his father back to life. All that he created was a monster.

A week later he woke up in the very hospital where his father was killed. From his fingertips to halfway to his elbows were just gone, and the nubs already healed up. They had been taken by those inside the Gate, and he had been able to use his new knowledge to heal himself, though he passed out from the pain. Later on he gained automail parts to replace his missing ones. Now he has traveled to central to become a State Alchemist, just as his father wished.

Although Issac can heal wounds, he cannot create limbs to replace his own, and so he hopes to someday gain the ability to do so, not only for himself, but for others as well

So begins...

Issac Kain's Story