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A Tale Of Two Heavens - War Of The Species

A Tale Of Two Heavens - War Of The Species


A Half Angel and Half Demon must fight their Fates and prevent a huge war from breaking out. Meanwhile, the angels and demons try and recruit them to their cause...

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A War is about to break out. And there is nothing most people can do to stop it.


A Tale of Two Heavens
Once upon a time, the beautiful land of Aeralanor was unified. Two kingdoms - the kingdom of the Angeloras and the kingdom of the Deronilas lived together in harmony. The kingdoms were places of extreme beauty - the Angelora Kingdom was surrounded by forests and elegant structures that touched the skies. Waterfalls and rivers flowed through in melodies of their own. Flowers of every colour dotted the fields. And the Deronila kingdom was just as beautiful, with stone castles reaching just as high as Angelonora's structures, and homely villages dotted the countryside. Wild jungles stretched out beyond the expanse of the North Castle, where the most important of the Deronila kingdom lived. But it was not to be. When the Humans came, the two Kingdom's unities were ripped apart.

While the arrival of the humans brought hard workers, courage, and new ideas to Aeralanor, they also brought many a bad thing. They brought lust, greed, and jealousy to Aeralanor. In the time of their arrival, they called the great continent of Aeralanor 'The Two Heavens', because of it's great beauty and power. In their greed, they burned down the jungles of Deronila, and killed the animals of Angelora. They destroyed the stone castles of Deronila, and contaminated the waters of Angelora. And, worst of all, they killed citizens of both mighty kingdoms.

Angry at what the Humans had done, the two Kingdoms became separate from each other. The Angelora kingdom - now come to be named the Angels by humans - wanted to teach the Humans about what was right, and what was wrong, while the Deronilas - now known as Demons - wanted to eradicate them in revenge for the losses they caused. This brought the kingdoms into turmoil. Arguments would break out on the streets, with both sides, until eventually both Species' pulled back into their own Kingdoms, only coming together to fight or negotiate. Two statues were built in the great valley between the two kingdoms - both showing the prosperity to each kingdom, yet warding off intruders from entering.

After that point, many humans were murdered by the Demons, or taken from their homes. The Angels tried to help them, to teach them, but their methods never seemed to get through. Methods were becoming more and more radical, as more and more Angels were sent to combat the Demons. More and more murders were committed, until it seemed like war between the two was inevitable. Two people led each side - Castiel, leader of the Angels, wanting to destroy the Demons now more than ever, for reasons kept to himself. And Amos, King of the Demons, who seeks to eradicate the Humans before they destroy any more of his home.

But that was long ago. It's now 100 years into their future, and the Humans live in one huge city just off the coast. But the Angels and Demons are coming... And only a Half Angel and a Half Demon can stop them.

Can they bring what was once lost back to Aeralanor?

Prophecy says that only mixed blood may win a war or stop it. And after years of research, they have been finally found, in the middle of the Human city. They must find out who they are and stop the war before they are caught, or worse...


Half Demon
Male || AGE || FC: Brenton Thwaites || Taken by: XXX

Male || AGE || FC: Ben Barnes || Reserved/Taken by: Kai

Demon 1
Female || AGE || FC: Lyndsy Fonseca || Reserved by: Psychopathicgun

Demon 2
Female || AGE || FC: Devon Jade || Reserved/Taken by:XXX

Demon 3
Male || AGE || FC: Dane DeHaan || Reserved/Taken by:XXX

Demon 4
Male || AGE || FC: Kellin Quinn || Reserved/Taken by:XXX

Demon 5
Male || AGE || FC: Jeremy Dufour || Reserved/Taken by:XXX

Angel 1
Female || AGE || FC: Michelle Trachtenburg || Reserved/Taken by: Horseygirl

Angel 2
Female || AGE || FC: Ah Ra || Reserved/Taken by:XXX

Half Angel
Female || AGE || FC: Elle Fanning|| Taken by: Sanarith

Male || AGE || FC: Sam Way || Reserved/Taken by:XXX

Angel 3
Male || AGE || FC: Brenton Thwaites || Reserved/Taken by:XXX

Angel 4
Male || AGE || FC: Adam Gregory || Reserved/Taken by:XXX

Angel 5
Male || AGE || FC: Alex Watson || Reserved/Taken by: XXX

Character Sheet:
  • All character's age must be 16+
Code: Select all
[center][img]NAME HERE. I usually use for names.[/img]
    [img]IMG HERE[/img]
    [font=Edwardian Script ITC][color=ADD][size=200][i]"QUOTE HERE"[/i][/size]
    [size=150]Theme Song = [url=ADD]THEME SONG HERE[/url][/size][/color][/font][/center]
    [center][color=ADD][font=Edwardian Script ITC][size=300]A Lesson In Me[/size][/font][/color][/center]
    [center][left][img]IMG HERE[/img][/left]
    [right][img]IMG HERE[/img][/right]
    [font=georgia][b]Full Name: [/b]






   (This is your character's species, role in society, and where they reside currently. Details about all three are required.)
    [center][color=ADD][font=Edwardian Script ITC][size=300]A Lesson In Anatomy[/size][/font][/color][/center]
    [right][img]IMG HERE[/img][/right][center][font=georgia][b]Hair Color:[/b]

    [b]Eye Color:[/b]




    [b]Piercings: [/b]


    [b]Character Color:[/b]

    [b]Description:[/b] [/font][/center]
    [center][color=ADD][font=Edwardian Script ITC][size=300]A Lesson In Psychology[/size][/font][/color][/center]
    [center][left][img]IMG HERE[/img]
    [img]IMG HERE[/img]
    [img]IMG HERE[/img]
    [img]IMG HERE[/img]
    [img]IMG HERE[/img][/left]
    [u][i]{FIVE TRAITS HERE}[/i][/u]

    -At least 2- (Allergies, Sickness, Addictions, Traumas, habbits etc)

   -Only One powerful, or a few semi-powerful ones. - Detailed description required, including weaknesses -

    [left][img]IMG HERE[/img]
    [img]IMG HERE[/img][/left]
    [center][font=georgia][size=150][b][u]Strengths and Weaknesses[/u][/b][/size]
    [b][size=120][color=#0c8a26]Character Skills/Talents:[/color][/size][/b]

    [b][size=120][color=#750808]Character Flaws/Weaknesses:[/color][/size][/b]


    [center][color=ADD][font=Edwardian Script ITC][size=300]A Lesson In History[/size][/font][/color][/center]
    [center][left][img]IMG HERE[/img]
    [img]IMG HERE[/img]
    [img]IMG HERE[/img][/left]

    [b]Place Of Origin:[/b]

    [b]Birth Date:[/b]



Toggle Rules

(Okay, so these disappeared... So here's the updated version! -_-)

1. Follow ALL the rules. This includes my own and roleplaygateways. Failure to abide by the rules will result in a warning and a request to edit your post, and then a report.
2. Absolutely no godmodding or mary-sues/gary-stus.
3. This roleplay is set in a different universe where modern inventions such as cars, mobile phones, and computers DO NOT EXIST. If you are to travel, you are to do it by horse or any other method except modern ways. Breaking this rule will not get reported, only requests to edit.
4. This is a semi-literate roleplay! I expect posts every two days at least, and a PM/note on OOC if to tell me that you are not going to be here.
5. STAY COMMITTED! Please, PLEASE, do not post twice and then leave.
6. Reserve your character OOC. It is okay to change the face claim if you post it with your initial reservation.
7. Romance is allowed, but please fade to black when the clothes come off.
8. Keep swearing to a minimum. It's allowed but I don't expect vulgar language in every sentence.
9. Blood and gore is allowed, but keep it moderate.
10. To be allowed into this roleplay, please state your reason for playing an angel or a demon (Or if you take the Half Demon, a reason for that too.)
11. It is first come first served, but there MUST be a reservation first otherwise I cannot accept your character.
12. Be kind and courteous OOC. Keep drama IC.
13. PLOT, TALK AND CONVERSE OOC! Keep in contact with each other.
14. Have fun!

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