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...And she has a 'hero complex' an inherent desire to help others, being unable to help herself, and compulsion to make the world right... She's trying to unlock the true meaning of her life. And she doesn't know who has the key.

0 · 351 views · located in A Tavern at the End of the World

a character in “A Tavern at the End of the World”, as played by Romaneck



Gender: FemaleBlack :Hair Color

Age: 26Green :Eye Color

Sexual Orientation:Heterosexual1.60 meters tall:Size

Race: HumanYou dont ask a lady that!( 64 kilos):Weight


:Physical Description :

Her first defining feature would be her big emerald green eyes, then one would notice that she comes across as a heavy woman since she isnt tall but her limbs are broad and on closer inspection one might see that she is well gifted with muscles.
More often than not she will keep her hair in control be it in brands, a curled ponytail ribboning on the backside of her head, or keep it simple with a hairnet
Like most women, if given the choice she will chose to look good and have elaborate clothing, perfume, some powdered eyelids or cheeks maybe even a lipstick... but her profession and lifestyle would have these opportunities as scarce
Said profession will have her be practical above all else, demanding her to even don a fake beard or worse, part with some elements of what make her human... all temporarily one would hope


Ashley is goal oriented and focused, if there is something to be done she will employ all of her resources to attain it, yet maintains enough control to not drop on recklessness, most of the time that is.
While that is on the professional level she is on the personal one as kind as she can allow herself to be knows that death is a very real and common thing that can happen to her and others she knows and abstains from developing deep emotions for others, they make people dumb
She will lie to herself however, she claims that she hates violence but one would not know when they look at her unleash her righteouss fury, since she is an approved agent of her order she immediately assumes that she is right in everything and she knows better, that if the order wants you dead you have already been trialed and judged and now its time to go and carry your very final and lethal sentence.
She is full of herself really, having been surrounded by the praises of her mentors and attained success at the trials given by the order, Ashley has not been one to taste failure often

Fears:Terrified of fire; mind you its not like a spark will have her shrieking and shaking, she is logical, but as soon as there are flames running out of control she might lose hers as well

Likes:-She will deny it but she loves being praised
-Fond of children
-Mostly because her lifestyle has led to her neglecting that aspect of hers, but she does enjoy grooming herself and looking out for her personal hygiene
-Has a taste for the refined culinary arts

Dislikes:-Loathers games of chance, includes but is not limited to : cards, dices, coin flips etc.
-Has an avid and burning hate for things that might cause addictions
-In turn leads to her hating people who fall to their addictions and cant be virtous like she is
-Dislikes arsonists, you can imagine why
-Cant stand people who prey on the weak, will most likely take action if this one shows up


Bio:Let me tell you about a family, my dear, and teach you why some things should always remain hidden

A long time ago there was a wealthy family, the Preiocas they were rich and influential family that regulated their merchant guild at their city, unknown to most of the local populace Craster Preioca was a formidable mage that was covering up his research for enchantments while funding it with his jewel crafting, he was not a mad man of any sort but he was obsessive in his behaviors, he always wanted it better, the time he spent in jewel crafting was a testament to it, he always rose up to match his competitors details and refinements... and his magical enchantment was no exception

His offspring were exceptional mages thanks to his research in magic, their bodies and energies where boosted, Damien, Esmerele and Violet had thus their destiny written before they were born, he wished them to be nurtured by his research... to carry on his legacy and become more than humans, worthy of the Preioca name, a yes how pride can blind us to reason.

Perhaps Craster should have seen coming, he knew that like most mages the children would wake their gifts when they reached puberty, Damien the firstborn male was 15, Esmerele was 10 and little Violet was 7, Craster had weighted many of his expectations on young Damien, the lad was breaking under the pressure you see, so much was expected of him and he simply did not had the maturity to deliver the results that were demanded, made worse since he was the only male

I dont know the why, or how but I do know the what and who, so ill tell you

Little Esmerele awoke to the inferno that was devouring her room, she was a playful child that sneaked out at night so fortunately the tree branch she used to sneak away when they grounded her was still there, and she could make her escape

Yet as she moved towards it and made her way down there were words in the air, even with the sound of the wood cracking and her very own sobs, there was something she made out amongst the whispers of that alien language, a word she knew too well


While her whole house burned down she crept in tears howling for anything and anyone to assist her, and there was mercy to be found in the Gods that day, as the foul purple flames consumed her house, something moved to help that little girl

As the fires died out, a group of odd individuals approached the little green eyed girl and asked for the reason behind the devastation, she told them about the odd flames and their stares changed into a frown, they told her they were her precisely to stop that from happening but regrettably they had been too late, what they could do however was provide her with what little comfort and see to it that she was delivered to a close friend or a relative.

But the girl would have none of it, she showed a determination to find out about the flames and if there had been any survivors even if it was against all odds, her rescuers were thrilled with such a fire in her, they told her the truth then

They were agents of an elusive organization that sought to bring order and justice through means that would not be available to others, they were the knife in the dark that was worth more than a thousand swords at dawn, they were the unsung heroes behind the demises of the most depraved villains and based on what she had told them they deduced what she had, Damien had been contacted by something and that had brought the tragedy of her family

They failed to tell her that she was also gifted, that her body accepted magic like few people did, that whatever her father had done to her made her an exceptional choice for the tasks of the order would carry out

Thus Ashley was born, the girl found among the ashes passed test after test and followed the instructions of her masters, she trained to become an agent, an instrument to their will and suffer no child be stripped from her parents if she could help it.

There also was something else, she had never put down... the night that marked her life, the little girl that broke in tears and was helpless and the woman who would slay wizards and fight from the shadows both had a word they would not forget and that they would pursue...


Calm now dear, I was just getting to how she got here, you see...


Currently tracking a pyromancer that might be Damien, this is a very personal quest and not approved by her order
Fulfilling her orders, currently is the retrieval of a book, she does not know much about its contents but she knows best not to ask


-Flow Disrupt:
Assassinating mages is no easy task, from where she comes from wizards can toy with reality and manipulate the elements to their wishes, being a mage herself however Ashley can nullify magic in an area for spans of whole minutes
Some wizards love to throw fireballs, summon demons and open portals but Ashley prefers to keep it simple
Her magic energies are focused in boosting her body, she will be able to extend her stamina beyond from what one could expect, her strength allows her to do feats that one simply would not suspect from such a short woman
-Essence shift
Some times it is required of her to kill someone who isnt a depraved wizard or a ruthless warlord but rather a well guarded figure, she cant fight armies and was never intended to do so
The Order gave her gear to be better at tasks like those, a mask that would shift her essence to infuse her very flesh with magic making her less of a physical creature and almost ethereal
While she is shifted she is a black shape that can pass over most physical impediments, but in this form she is extremely vulnerable to magic, it drains her sanity and stamina and restoring her corporeal form is no easy task

So begins...

Ashley's Story