A Terror of Dragons

A Terror of Dragons


When the dragons return for war, who will be strongest?

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Oreton, Terr: Thirdday, dusk.

The sun is setting on a small village. It is nestled in the valley of a few small hills, as is typical for this land of gentle sloping hillocks and pastureland. It's pleasant here all year round, never too hot to grow crops, and never too cold and wet to harvest them at the end of the year. The people here are descended from miners, but the mine is long since closed, and now the townsfolk mete out a simple existence working the land. Oreton is known for the grapes that grow on the hillside. They make sweet wine. When the sun sets behind the hills, it casts long shadows beneath a sky that burns all shades of amber. On the opposite horizon, a peaceful night looms, waiting for the sun's retreat so it can blanket Oreton in true night-time and the inhabitants can sleep away another cool night.

Squeals shatter the tentative silence, and the pitter patter of bare little feet on the dusty cobbles.

"No, daddy, no!"

The last pleading word of defiance is sweetly elongated and echoes into the hills as a little girl wobbles as fast as she can away from the mirthful arms of her father. He mock chases her, letting her enjoy her last few moments of would-be freedom before bed time. The hills are also home to bandits, and although the town guards are often enough to deter any trouble, the parents of this child will take no risks. Their worst fear is their little girl getting hurt.

Her father gathers his protesting child into his arms and bears her away to their home. It is modest, but there is space for her to grow. It is warm, and lit within by a comfortable fire which keeps their soup toasty. He ducks under the low eaves and pauses to admire the sunset with his wife. She kisses her daughter, and he kisses his spouse, and then the trio disappear into their house.

There is no one left in the streets moments later to witness the shadow that sweeps over the peaceful town.

What do you call a group of dragons? A group of antelope is a herd. A group of ferrets is a business. A group of skylarks is an exultation. Once upon a time, dragons roamed Terr alongside their human companions. So many races roamed the land. Dwarves in the southern mountains. Elves in their wooded cities. Humans on the ceaseless plains. Dragons in the endless skies. And more, no doubt, but these are the four that history remembers. The four lived, for the most part, peacefully in their separate territories, content to mine their ore, sing their songs, and soar the skies. It was mostly only in the White City that the four would meet and congregate in true multiculturalism. Here, they would trade and parley. They would give gifts to each other, and drink until the sun was high in the sky. In the White City, weapons were outlawed. So, the humans, and the dwarves, and the elves would abandon their knives and spears and go inside to treat. The dragons though? How does a great beast like he remove his claws, or his teeth, or remove the fire from his body? In the White City, it was trusted that the eldest of races would obey. As a gesture of goodwill, the dragons took from themselves and gave to the other races. To the elves, they gifted song, so that they could whisper to the trees that were their home and grow them stronger. To the dwarves, they gifted the sharpest of senses, to see sharper in the dark of their caverns. To the humans, they gifted magic, to heal their weak, and aid their strong.

And for millennia they were all content, in a slowly evolving world.

And then the human King Edacity took the throne, and he was hungry. He was hungry for the sweetest of meats, hungry for the buxomest of women, hungry for more land. They rebelled, and with the magic gifted to them by the dragons, King Edacity struck down the other race's consulates. The elves, retreated deeper into the Great Wood, unwilling to slaughter the innocent soldiers that King Edacity sent at them. The trees grew thicker in the Wood, and protected the elves within. The dwarves clashed greatly with the humans. They fought hard, first on the plains, and then on the hillsides, and then in their mines, where they perished.

But the dragons? How does one destroy the eldest of races?

King Edacity offered a truce, to treat with the Dragon Lord and offer fair terms. And while they did, the King's son snuck into their nests, and with a band of men, slaughtered their unguarded young and weak. They smashed their eggs, and, with great joy in the action, burned each to the ground. When the dragons returned home, all that could be heard that night was their mourning screeches. For two hundred years they wreaked their vengeance on humanity. They burned the White City to the ground. They devoured their sheep and cows, and burned their crops. For two hundred years this continued, long after the death of Edacity, and one by one, the dragons died. The few that remained, the smallest, eventually left. With mankind on the brink of extinction, the dragons left them to die.

A group of dragons is called a Terror.


Eight hundred years pass. Mankind grows, establishes itself once again. What little magic they have left is waning, but a new population grows, fed on the tales of wicked dragons and the legends of the White City and of Elves and Dwarves. Eight hundred years have passed, but the dragons are returning.


In this roleplay, players may play either a dragon, or human. You can be anyone, of any status or background (within reason). I have a plot in mind, which mostly revolves around the return of the dragons, and the ensuing war. Please find a race outline below!


The Dragon is a great beast, growing to at least twenty feet tall in adulthood. Typically, they have two hind legs, with their wings acting as elongated front legs when on the ground. They are often described as reptilian, due to their scaled bodies. Many myths state that there are breaks in the scales on their bellies. This isn't true. Each scale can be up to a foot long, and is incredibly strong. They can be of any colour, or sometimes gradient, with the strongest having brighter colours. Each foot is equipped with claws easily two feet long, and their maws are filled with two rows of sharp teeth. Inside their mouth, glands can be seen which eject a substance that becomes flammable when it meets the air - thus the fire breathing. They have massive heads, and are often crowned in spikes, which continue in a long ridge along their spine. Dragons can also swim for a short amount of time. they are built to be true predators, with sharp senses. On average, a dragon might live for nine hundred years, though they reach traditional maturity at two hundred years. They might not gain their full size until they are four hundred, and reach sexual maturity at one hundred and fifty years old. In a lifetime, a single female dragon can lay up to fifty eggs.

Dragons can not, however, communicate with mankind unless a telepathic connection is created. This can not be forced. Within their own kind, each dragon acts as an individual in a sort of hive mind, allowing easy communication between friends. They have strong family bonds, but reject the weak and uphold strength as an ideal. They have no gods, and each dragon is held accountable for his own actions. Their hierarchy is simple, as each dragon can sense the status of another upon meeting. Like mankind, each dragon has their own personality, made up of likes and dislikes, and form close friendships.

No one is sure where the dragons currently reside, however an island west of mainland Terr is thought to be their home.



Easily the most versatile of the four traditional races, mankind are spread across Terr and occupy many trades. Their civilisation is generally capitalistic, however trading materials for materials is common in markets and smaller towns. In general, mankind is fiercely stubborn but has a fascination with problem solving and developing their trades. There are several medium-large cities on Terr, with the largest being Canukin, their capital city. However, their current monarchs, King Deliberate and Queen Fair live in Reanduril, a port city on the Northern coast. It is not unusual for individuals to begin using a different name upon adulthood, though this is a modern fashion and is more common among those of higher status. Normally, a new name is taken either based on the individual's known traits, or traits they wish to embody.

Magic is cherished in Terr, although its strength is heavily depleted with the absence of the dragons. It elongates the user's life, and users are often required to specialise in a certain area to gain any true competency. Not all of mankind is able to wield magic. Those born with a predisposition to it usually become Mages, and they are equally coveted and distrusted, as it is common knowledge that magic is a vestige of Dragon times. Magic happens when the correct utterances are combined with the willpower of an individual with access to the Second Plane, which is thought to be the source of magic, and the origins on dragonkind. The Second Plane is not a place one can visit but is often thought of as a state of being. To learn how to access magic and become a Mage, one is normally required to attend the King's College, although rogue mage's often take on an apprentice. They are rare, but access to the Second Plane is thought to warp the stability of the mind, and encourage rash actions.



Any and all established characters will be put here!

Ryndei | Female | 300 years old | Bronze [Taken by Acoustic-Boom]
? | Male | ? | ? [Reserved by Necromantiae]

Darion Hein | Male | 24 years old | Courier [Taken by Acoustic-Boom]
River Stormsong | Female | 23 years old | Warrior [Taken by Owl Eyes]
Lucas Mui | Male | 17 years old | Rebel [Reserved by AskTheStaff]
Axel-Antoinette | Male | UNKNOWN | Rogue Mage [Taken by AphoticDreams]


Vilheynar | Male | Eight hundred and twenty-seven | Platinum | Dragon Lord
Eyneris | Female | Eight hundred and sixty-two | Gold | Dragon High Lady

Just Drakebane | Male | Forty three | King
Melody Drakebane | Female | Nineteen | Queen
Errion Stoner | Male | Fifty-seven | Mage-Lord



Hi guys! I'm Boom, new to the site, and this is a roleplay I've been plotting for a while! Although I'm new to this site, I have over a decade roleplay experience under my belt, so if you have any questions go ahead and ask them! I'm not super strict on rules - so long as everyone sticks to the site rules, that's good with me. Nevertheless, here are a few guidelines so that everyone's happy!
1) Please post the character you wish to play in the OOC before you expect me to accept it. It's nice to introduce yourself and put forward your suggestion. If I'm away from my desk for so long that I come back to a character waiting to be approved, but no introduction, I may not accept it. Just post in the OOC before you start your WIP! :) I'll almost definitely accept you!
2) If possible, I'd like to keep an even-ish ratio of male and female! And if you're up for it, you're more than welcome to make multiple characters.
3) Post length: There's certainly no maximum post length! I'm all about quality over quantity, so if things are a little slow, no worries! But please, more than one paragraph, if you can manage it!
4) I'm absolutely okay with swearing! Just don't overuse it.
5) I'm also absolutely okay with romance! Just do us all a favour and fade to black ;)
6) Please post regularly! At least once a week please people!
7) That's kind of it I think! If you have any questions, make sure you go ahead and ask them!

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Character Portrait: River Stormsong


Character Portrait: River Stormsong
River Stormsong

A river is an unstoppable force. You sure you want to clash with me?


Character Portrait: River Stormsong
River Stormsong

A river is an unstoppable force. You sure you want to clash with me?

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Character Portrait: River Stormsong
River Stormsong

A river is an unstoppable force. You sure you want to clash with me?

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Re: A Terror of Dragons

Hi guys! Sorry for the silence! My internet unexpectedly went down over the weekend, but looks like everything is okay now!

@Owl Eyes: She looks great! Approved! And super glad to have you with us :D

@Necromantiae: Consider him reserved!

@AskTheStaff: It took me a while, but I found him ;) Looks great! Consider him approved!

@Perpendicular: Welcome! I'm about to build my WIPs, so I'll also upload a template for you to use as well!

@AphoticDreams: Looks good! Approved!

@All: Everything looks good guys! I may request further details as things go. As for storyline, the human characters will all get together to meet with a mutual beneficiary, who'll give you a quest, should you choose to accept it! Likewise, the dragons will congregate, and begin to discuss plans of war! Ideally, I'd like to get the ball rolling on Friday!

Re: A Terror of Dragons

Sounds interesting, definitely want to reserve a male dragon

Re: A Terror of Dragons

Hi Boom :). I'll be making a female character, Storm Riversong. This rp looks fun!

EDIT: Renamed her River Stormsong. Idk man...

Re: A Terror of Dragons

I really like this concept! I submitted a character named Lucas Mui...if you can find him.

(I still have no idea how this site works as a whole, so forgive me if I did anything wrong. I really do want to join this RP and learn more about using this site.)

Re: A Terror of Dragons

Hey there, I would love to create a character but do you think you could give some sort of character skeleton? For things like images, bio, personality and other things needed for the RP.

Re: A Terror of Dragons

Hi! Love the idea of this RP!

I would like to request a character, I'll give some quick details and then create a WIP, maybe complete it:
A human rouge called Axel, I'll give in a picture and further details in the character details!

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