"Even death has a heart." WIP

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a character in “A Terror of Dragons”, originally authored by AphoticDreams, as played by RolePlayGateway



I am not your common thief. However, I do not steal for the poor; or even the rich. I steal so those who have: knows what it is like to not have.

Axel-Aintoinette, a human who strayed from his species. Taught magic by a mage who had fallen into madness, Axel steals the lives of the free, steals bread from the baker, steals blades from the knights. He spares no one.

Name: Axel-Aintoinette
A name is stolen, it's a common fact.

Gender: Male
Frankly, my gender does not matter,

Age is a matter of fact. Someone older than the hills can act as though they are younger than a leaf in spring.

Appearance: UNKNOWN- Known to have golden/green eyes as of a cat.
Familiar: A crow: Adept in stealing and information collection.
Magic: Axel has a basic knowledge of magic, even having a familiar. His magic revolves around stealing and death, making the concentration of his magic flow to his axe.
Personality: Cold and distant, aloof and astray, many words that fall under these categories can be used to describe Axel.

So begins...

Axel-Aintoinette's Story