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Rinoa Alexandros

"Our past will guide our future.."

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a character in “A Thousand Year War”, as played by TragicHeroine


Rinoa Alexandros
Back Story:
Rinoa grew up in the small town of Vale. Her father was a high priest of their town. Her mother died from an attack from Aya. Being the daughter of a priest, she was taught to practice the traditions. This sparked her interest in the past and ever since then she's read the stories of the Gods. She grew obsessed with the summoners who once protected our world in exchange for their own lives. This heroism struck a chord to her since her mother was killed.
She read all the ancient books and the process of being a summoner. Her father, for the longest time, refused to let her in the Chamber of Faith. That's where the summoners used to pray, but her father has lost faith in the Gods and spirits. He's seen countless candidates attempting to become a summoner. Some even lost their lives trying to pray to the spirits. Her father didn't want the same faith for his daughter. He's already lost his wife, he doesn't want to lose anyone else.
But Rinoa insisted. One night, she sneaked out of their home and entered the Chamber of Faith. The doors get sealed and no one is to enter until the person is granted being a summoner or not.
After three days of waiting, a beam of light shot up to the sky and Rinoa was granted the title of a Summoner.
Being a summoner gives her the ability of healing. She's able to patch up wounds and cuts, but anything dealing with a lot of blood lose and death is out of her powers.
(Both shown in the picture)
Oblivion - A light, thin sword that is extremely sharp; like a samurai sword.
Windbreaker - A heavier set with a curved blade on one end.
She's very good with face-to-face combat. Her swords are extensions of her arms; anything that stands in the path of her swords will be obliterated. She has cat-like reflexes and is more of a defensive character than an offensive one. Her magic isn't the strongest, but being a summoner gives her the ability of white magic.
Rinoa lacks upper body strength. She's able to carry the Windbreaker but anything heavier will throw her off balance. When is comes to chasing others, she's not the fastest runner.
Body markings:
Every summoner receives a marking on their right arm to brand their success of becoming a summoner. Her marking is from her Hometown which has a Phoenix as their tribal mark.
Love Interest

So begins...

Rinoa Alexandros's Story


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The dimly lit hall was silent. There stood the High Priest Alexandros, Rinoa's father. Awaiting behind the Chamber of Faith. It's been sealed with forces stronger than any man. His daughter was inside there. It's been three days since she's gone in. No one's heard anything emit from behind the stone doors. Many of the villagers have offered their prayers and blessings, in hope for Rinoa's safety. It can quite ominous when it comes to what the spirits will do. Considering the fact that the practice of becoming a summoner has almost become forbidden because of the number of deaths that has occurred. The Gods were gone and the spirits are not happy.
Other than the fact of displeasing the spirits, Aya, the Goddess of Chaos, has taken over our world. She's crowned herself queen with the Gods' absence. The temples of each cities are the only safe haven from Aya. Each temple is protected by their rightful guardian spirit which gives her no power over. To Aya, we are nothing but puppets and she's the puppeteer.

The silence was broken with a piercing gasp. Bursting through the stone doors of the Chamber of Faith. Alexandros jumped to his feet and ran at the door.
"RINOA!!" he shouted in fear. Her faith was bounded to the those before her. He fell to his knees and tears ran down his cheeks. The stone doors rumbled as they pulled away from one another. Rinoa was laid down on the floor. Her father ran to her and took her in his arms. At first, he clenched her hard, but then he felt her breath sweep his neck. She groaned in weakness.

"Did I do it...." her eyes struggled to stay open. A smile lightened up her father's face as he held his daughter closer.
"You've done it. A summoner is here once more." she smiled at him shakily and passed out from her tiresome quest.
It was night time. The sky was clear and the night was still.
"Father, I must go to Serserus. My duty is to find the orbs." Rinoa looked to the ground. It broke her heart to leave her father, but she was chosen to do this task and she can't just let it go.
Her father didn't say a word. He sat on the floor, quietly meditating. A few moments passed and he stood up. Approaching his daughter, he picked up his sword.
"This is the Windbreaker. He's always done his job and he was your mother's. I know they both will take care of you." he handed her the sword. A small smile and a soft tear fell down Rinoa's cheek.
The next morning, she was set off. Her whole village watched and wished her the best.
"Wait!" her father exclaimed. "You are now Lady Rinoa. Don't ever forget that. The spirits chose you of all people. Don't let anyone abuse you for your power." he held her once more. Rinoa nodded and climbed up her black stallion. Kicking her heel to the side of the horse, the horse jolted off into the Terra Forest.


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Character Portrait: Rinoa Alexandros
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Serserus was a long journey, northeast from her town. Serserus is known for being a fisherman's town. It was a peninsula and sea life was abundant there. It's always warm in the day and cooler at night.

The Terra Forest was quiet. Day was quickly turning to night. It would be a good idea to start setting up a camp site before it gets too dark outside to gather some resources. Pulling back the ropes of her horse, she was able to stop Char from his gallops. She tied his bridle to a tall oak tree and removed the tarp from his back. Gathering some sticks, she was able to make shift a small tent for the night. All she needed was a log and some dry grass for fire and she would be all set.
After a while, she was able to gather up a log, some sticks and dry grass. Now comes the relentless task. Starting the fire. She knew it took patience and the right technique. So, she sat down with her back to the oak and began to rub the stick on the log, hoping for the best.
Her father was never the survivalist, considering he was a priest ,adventures was never his thing. Starting a fire was something Rinoa had only read about in her books, but have never actually attempted until now.