Alexa Traven

Once Vampire royalty, now a member to The Acadmey

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a character in “A Time for Harmony”, as played by AvaShadows


Alexa Traven is a vampire. At 24 years old she has only known one thing, to fight. Fighting and politics, as her family sits upon the council that has ruled their species. At least the council that did rule. Now a new council has been formed, which her parents are still in, but things are quite different. She has always exceled at fighting and loved every minute of hunting the werewolves. She has never truly let anyone in and trusts no one. She is ill tempered and has a smart mouth and tends to be quite arrogant. She is not happy about being chosen to attend the Academy. She could think of much, much better things to do than train along side a were or human.

So begins...

Alexa Traven's Story