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Aerys Targaryen

"Im not mad im just mistaken".

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a character in “A Time of Thrones”, as played by Ashtonwolf




The Basics

Name:Aerys Targaryen
Affiliation: House Targaryen

charming, generous, handsome and resolute, although quick to anger when people are very vile and very cocky towards him in which he ends by setting them on fire in return. Aerys can be quite jealous and suspicious at times when he's alone at night because he's afraid someone might actually come so close to killing him he will finally die,and sometimes when he's sleeping.Out of all his cockyness he is very nice and treats other's as they would do him and he thanks them as he hopes they will serve him one day and that his father might die quickly,so he could take over the throne and conquer the world as he knows his bloodline would see him as "The Great One" one day when he could rule the seven kingdoms.
Aerys was born to Aegon and Rhaenys Targaryen in the year of 243AL .As Aerys grew up being very strong but a bit of a wimp,he was much liked around his family as that was the thing he cared about most.He wanted to be a knight so badly that he followed them everywhere,until battle.So,instead of fighting he played with his sister for the while named Jaehaerys. He felt as if she was his partner in crime as they helped each other out,until he became of age and he was knighted at the age of 18 as he was coming closer to fighting and being on the Throne of his many ancestors.He eventually figured out that he wouldn't be fighting until he became king after he knew his father kept him back from fighting,and he found more than actually obeying the rules and fighting while he was starting to become of the age where he could do anything he wanted and found himself sneaking out every night to go to bars and avoids getting caught until he finally will and when he does,he plans on going to Red Keep for a brief time.


(this is just because I would like to know these things to make sure this roleplay goes smoothly)

How often are you online?:All the time
How often do you think you'll be to post?:Anytime
How much do you know about Game of Thrones and/or the A Song of Ice and Fire series?:Read three of the books now and seen the first season of the show
Do you like chocolate?:All kinds
Password (Character sheets without the password will not be accepted. This shows me that you actually read the rules):Iron Throne

So begins...

Aerys Targaryen's Story

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Aubrey Stark

Aubrey barely heard her brother as she had rushed ahead but she certainly knew what it meant for him to gallop past on his stallion, calling back to her. The brunette shook out her long curls, cheerful laughter escaping her lips as she grinned. She flicked the reins and, a determined look in her eyes, the bay picked up speed. Her hair fanned out behind her in the wind, not that she really cared. After all, Aubrey was well known for being able to do many things as though she had no cares in the world.

" You watch it Bren," She called after her younger brother, her brown eyes sharp and amused as her horse's powerful muscles moved beneath her saddle. " Or I shall beat you again!"

Her laughter followed them as they raced toward King's Landing, both siblings in apparent good spirits.

Elaena Targaryen

" Willem Lannister," the middle princess said softly, smiling slightly even as she fought her feelings of uneasiness. She had thought well of the man when he had been but a boy but, now, those kind thoughts had changed into distrust over his motives. After all, the Lannister was quite the womaniser and she wasn't as fond of him now as she had when they'd been children. Her younger brother, Rhaegar, and Willem had been close enough as children and had sparred in the yard while Elaena had watched, clapping and cheering for both young boys. But Willem Lannister was now a man and men often had their priorities in an odd order, according to Elaena.

She kept her tone distant but maintained the polite demeanour she knew was necessary, not exactly pleased that this was the first person she was to meet this day.

" But it's best to be early than late, is it not?" Elaena remarked, raising an eyebrow at the blond male as she drew herself to a stop to stand on the floor beside the man. Willem truly did frustrate her with his confidence in his appearance and charming words. But, at the same time, he interested her and drove her insane. An odd combination, if she ever did say. " Of course, my father's name day is a celebration to look forward to," she added as she raised her head to meet his eyes directly.

She gave a slight nod of her own, deciding not to risk even an improper curtsey due to her placement by the steps, with her hands clasped in front of her long skirts. Though this position was disturbed momentarily as Willem took her hand and pressed his lips to it before allowing it to drop, the princess pulling it back to where she had had it previously. The feel of his warm lips on her skin made her nervous and she found herself wishing Rhaegar was right beside her, this very instant.

" Thank you, my lord," Elaena replied politely, slipping back into the formalities she should have used when she'd first seen him. To her, he would always appear the handsome young man he had always been but would always hold the devilish charm of a man who had needs. The fair-haired royal's blue eyed gaze shifted around the room, curious herself as to where her brother would be.

She shook her head, her long hair rustling over the back of her gown as she moved. " I have not seen him," Elaena said, her annoyance seeping into her tone. " I've only just returned from riding my horse and so haven't seen most of my family for a better part of the day." She turned her body, her head up as she looked up the stairs before glancing back to Willem. " Have you checked his chambers yet? He may still be there."

The nineteen year old gave him a long look before turning and slowly walking off, " Good luck with finding my brother, good sir." She very nearly had to spit the word good out from her lips, believing he truly wasn't due to his habits.

Vysenia Targaryen

The young girl had been so caught up in the colours and types of flowers that she hadn't heard the footsteps coming up behind her until her mother's kind voice spoke. Vysenia jumped a little, startled as she turned to see Rhaenys kneeling on the grass beside her.

" Mother!" The girl cried cheerfully, shifting to hug the beautiful blonde woman who had, in fact, been the one to give birth to Vysenia. " Are the preparations complete for father's name day?" Vysenia was very obviously excited to see others close in age to herself as well as close, or as close as they can get, to her status as Princess of Westeros. " There will be dancing, right?" The girl hoped to dance with her father and brothers, even Aerys with his scary personality. Maybe Rhaegar would even spare a dance with his younger sister, although he never did seem to have an interest in the girl.

Finally, she remembered the question her mother had asked and, with a light blush settling over her pale cheeks, she answered clearly and almost wistfully.

" I was admiring the flowers," the blonde princess murmured as she turned to the plants in question, " I was thinking of how the Mother of the Seven must have been so careful in creating them, so proud of them." A thought popped into Vysenia's mind as she looked over at her mother, her dark blue eyes shining contentedly as her lips turned up in a small smile. " Much like you are of us," she added softly.

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Aubrey Stark

Aubrey smiled sweetly at her brother as Brennidon responded graciously, helping her from her place on her tall bay mount so her feet were on the cobblestone road. " Thank you, dear brother." she said thankfully before carefully taking her hand back from her brother. She used this soft feminine hand to gently pet the beautiful horse as he spoke to the stable hands who had come up to the siblings.

After her horse was taken away Aubrey turned her head to look at her younger brother, who took her arm in his, and nodded.

" I believe now is as good a time as any, Bren." She murmured, the small smile on her lips growing slightly as she revealed her perfectly straight teeth to her sibling. " Shall we go then?" Aubrey asked as she took a few steps forward, lightly tugging Brennidon as she fought to hold her laughter.

She wanted to see everyone. She wanted to meet anyone. But, most of all, she wanted to thoroughly enjoy herself this Name Day.

Elaena Targaryen

Elaena noticed as her elder brother Aerys walked by outside and stood swiftly, realizing it was about time the princesses and princes met with their family in the throne room to greet their guests. With her long hair gently blowing behind her, the nineteen year old made her way to the main throne room where several of her family members waited patiently.

She took her place near Jaehaerys, her elder sister, who stood by their mother's throne. Elaena gave her sister a lovely smile, her eyes reflecting this also and showing it was not forced. " Are you looking forward to seeing the Great Houses?" She asked her sister softly, sticking to her Jaehaerys' side as she joined her two siblings in waiting for the rest of their family.

(I will post Vysenia's after the Rhaenys responds... I just wanted to get these two up for now before I forget.)

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Aubrey Stark

The middle child of Edrick Stark felt perfectly at ease as she, accompanied by her brother, walked through the slums of King's Landing. Brennidon, on the other hand, seemed to be quite anxious as he pulled Aubrey closer and was that his hand on his sword she saw? She glanced to her brother, eyebrow raised as she glanced to his sword and back to his pale features. As they left the area, she hoped he was aware of the teasing and jesting comments that would come up from just this alone.

Walking through the gate, Brennidon turned to her and spoke with a smile on his lips. Aubrey couldn't help the grin that spread over her own lips, revealing her pearl-white teeth. " It is," she agreed, her tone seeming more excited than before.. if that was even possible. " But I can't wait for this celebration to begin so I can dance," Aubrey added though she left out a portion of her words; with all the young men. The Stark was practically like a child when she was allowed near boys who were not her family or of lower class. Fair game was fair game though and Aubrey loved to flirt with and tease practically any handsome man she came across. Even Brennidon knew of the trouble she'd gotten herself into in the past due to her bold and flirtatious nature.

" Hm, father?" She turned her head to look and felt her smile dim slightly, turning more demure and proper than displaying her confidence, as she also spotted Lord Kale Baratheon. She hid the jealousy she felt as she witnessed her elder sister, Alyria, meet her betrothed, Steffon Baratheon, for the first time in years.

Vysenia Targaryen

As her mother and herself entered the throne room, Vysenia sped up to sit by her sisters. " Good afternoon," the younger girl said cheerfully to her siblings, a lovely smile on her still maturing features as her long blonde hair shifted over her shoulders. Of course, she became silent as soon as she sat, comfortable but proper, and watched her sisters and mother greet each other.

Elaena Targaryen

As their mother came forward, Elaena stood and returned Rhaenys' loving embrace before releasing the Queen to allow Jaehaerys to be hugged as well. " Thank you, mother," the curly haired blonde said softly, giving an informal curtsey in greeting. Her mother tucked a loose strand of her hair behind Elaena's ear and she couldn't help the smile that spread over her lips at the memories this brought forth. Many days of just sitting with her mother as a child, reading books with her siblings and making sure they got to bed with loving kisses and hugs from her.

The middle princess returned to her seat as she looked to the doors, waiting to see Rhaegar and her father, Aegon. Perhaps she should have stayed with Willem those few extra moments to remind her brother to come to the throne room.

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Rhaegar Targaryen

Willem was exactly right... it had been too long. He couldn't even remember the last time they had seen each other. His great friend had definitely grown into more of a man since the last time they had spoken. He was taller than Rhaegar himself, of course he had two years on the young Targaryen. His friend began talking rapidly, and Rhaegar couldn't do anything but smile. The excitement was plain on Willem's face, and in his words.

When he finally stopped to breathe, Rhaegar couldn't help but bellow out a laugh, echoing off the stone walls. "Ah, my friend, you haven't changed a bit!" he exclaimed, taking a step back.

"I'll make you a deal. You get one Greyjoy brother, and I get the other!" He smiled, his white teeth gleaming. "Of course then, that means next I'll have to unhorse you myself!" He laughed again, clapping his hand on his friend's shoulder. He chose not to respond to Willem's mention of the girls. His friend didn't know about his love for his sister, Jaehaerys. No one did. And he wanted to keep it that way. He had no idea what his father would think, let alone his friends who didn't understand the Targaryen way of marrying sister and brother. And if his friend found out it wasn't just for duty, but also for love? He didn't want to think of it.

He waved a hand, not caring that his friend had so much to talk about. "Being a prince is boring," he responded. "Although I have become quite skilled with a bow. You and I must go in to the yard and-"

"My lord," a guard said, approaching from the doorway. Rhaegar turned reluctantly away from his friend to the guard. "Your mother requests your presence in the Great Hall."

So it was time already? He silently cursed the guard for interrupting his reunion with Willem. "Very well, I will be there shortly," he replied to the guard before dismissing him. He turned back to his friend. "Alas, it seems I must go. But we will talk later." He embraced his friend once more before leaving for the Great Hall. As he walked inside, he noticed that all the ladies of his family were already present, sitting in their respective places, and his elder brother, the heir, sat next to his father's throne. He scowled.

He approached his mother first, bowing slightly, though not smiling as he addressed her. "Mother, you look absolutely beautiful." He moved to Jaehaerys, and her beauty made him pause. Her gown was breathtaking, and the low plunging neckline immediately drew his eyes. He felt warmth rising to his cheeks, and he quickly kissed her hand saying, "You look lovely, my sister." He exchanged pleasantries with his other two sisters, before taking his place beside his youngest sibling, Vysenia. He sat still, a neutral look on his face. He wasn't looking forward to seeing and watching all the royal families shower his older brother with nice words, while Rhaegar himself would be almost nonexistent. The families would spend more time being friendly with the future king than the younger brother who wouldn't amount to much.

Alys Greyjoy

She had enjoyed exploring the city, seeing both the beautiful and downtrodden parts. All of it was absolutely fascinating. Most citizens just stared at her, obviously not knowing who she was. Perhaps they were confused why such a beautiful woman was wearing breeches and a tunic, instead of a gown like most ladies. Or perhaps they sensed that she was higher born than she looked. Either way, she graced them with a smile before moving on.

As she emerged from an alleyway, she saw that she was right near the docks. She scanned the boats, and her eyes instantly found her brother's ship, Lady Amalya. She quickly made her way through the throngs of people, searching for her brothers. After searching, she found they had just walked off the boat. She took off at a dead run, throwing her arms around Donnel when she reached him, squealing with delight. She clung to him for a good minute, before releasing him and stepping back. "Brother, it is good to see you," she said, a large smile on her face. She glanced over at her younger brother. "Harlon, how did you like the trip?" she asked, placing her hand on his shoulder for a moment.

She listened to their responses, smiling the entire time. She felt whole again now that she knew Donnel was here in King's Landing with her. Before she could say anything else to him, her father's guard approached them, Duncan. "My lady, I am glad to have found you," he said to her, before also addressing her brothers. She listened to them exchange words for a few moments, before growing bored. She grabbed a spare horse that had come with the guard, and hopped on. "I will see you at the castle, brothers!" she exclaimed, before turning the horse around and letting him gallop down the street.

The people parted before her, grumbling that she was coming down the streets so quickly. She hardly cared though, loving the feeling of her hair flowing behind her, as red as fire. When she reached the castle gates, she dismounted the horse and handed him off to the stable boy. He took the horse to the stables while she looked around in awe. The castle was so large! She walked around a little, not really knowing where she was going. She wondered if she would run into anyone from the other families, and if they would even know who she was.

Aeron Stark

A huge grin lit up Aeron's face at his father's words. His father and brothers were normally much too busy to practice dueling with him. The thought excited him. "With one condition," he said, "I get to use a real sword!" He giggled, finally stopping circling his father's horse, and riding to the left of him.

He gave a shout of surprise as his father lifted him up onto his large horse. He felt so tall! He laughed as the horse turned through the streets with ease, people scrambling out of their way, not wanting to get trampled. When he looked ahead, he saw the black stag on a gold field, the banner of the Baratheons. Behind their banner loomed the walls of the Red Keep, so large they made him feel like the tiniest ant.

The two houses rode together the final distance to the castle gates, where he found the rest of his family waiting. He found that his eldest sister was waiting for the eldest Baratheon, and they exchanged pleasantries. Aeron really wasn't interested in hearing what they had to say, so he hopped off his father's horse, landing swiftly on his feet.

He walked around his father's horse, finding Callum Baratheon with his family. "Callum!" he called happily, smiling and waving.