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Aerys Targaryen I

"I'm Defile and I'm your King".

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a character in “A Time of Thrones”, as played by Fruity_Loopsxx


Aerys Targaryen


The Basics

Name:Aerys Targaryen
Affiliation: House Lannister


Well every Targaryen has it's ups and downs right ? When he was really young people didn't actually care about him and he became so cocky over those situations it was clearly easy to see through him.Sometimes he can be fierce and sometimes he can be a really soft boy,and that ends up with the knights calling him a whiny bitch.

As he grew older men respected him and his loyalty became something of a miracle to others as the woman considered him charming but he knew that if he ever fallen in love with a whore his father would disown him and he wouldn't rule the throne as it would go to his brother and he knows that might possibly happen.

He wouldn't say he was bastard at the time but his friends were loyal to him before they tried to kill him after luring him into the woods and getting a girl to seduce him until he had a guard brutally murder his friends and he watched them burned as it aroused him and he enjoyed the pain they faced which is why he would later be called "The Mad King".


He was born in Kings Landing in 243AL.He was cherished as the first child of the family and lived through the family house as the only heir to the Iron Throne.It was not long after his sister Jaehaerys was born to rule as princess.He grew up as a young and healthy boy as he grew closer to his sister before he stopped playing and started to wear the man's boots in the house.He acted as of high purpose and was not a good boy to begin with.Yes,he was selfish and unkind but that never mattered to him in the first place.His parents Aegon and Rhaenys loved him to death but as the others were born he felt as if he was losing attention and thrived to get it back.

Some people say he was unspoken for and was not the true heir to the throne and those people had been resulted to being burned,hanged,or murdered by a hired assassin.He was very sadistic throughout his works as he planned for attacks on other provinces and his father could see something inside him.Aerys was his first son and he might of regretted him.He was also getting closer to his manly hood he was getting much closer to wearing the crown and now his father was getting a bit old and in a few years that crown would be his and he was counting on it.

He had gained new friends and found his newly family members and now he was hoping that on his father would give him something of honor and he was right.On that special day his father gave him he family crest sword which he named "Tiber" and brought it on himself to make it a blood sword.He now had been awaiting the devious plot of what was gonna happen when the other families were coming on King Aegon's Nameday and he was now excited for this day was going to be one to remember.


(this is just because I would like to know these things to make sure this roleplay goes smoothly)

How often are you online?:3 times per hour
How often do you think you'll be to post?:As much as my hand doesn't bleed
How much do you know about Game of Thrones and/or the A Song of Ice and Fire series?:Read Two books and i've seen both seasons of the show
Do you like chocolate?:Yes,Yes,Yes,Yes,YES
Password (Character sheets without the password will not be accepted. This shows me that you actually read the rules):Iron Throne

So begins...

Aerys Targaryen I's Story

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Character Portrait: Aubrey Stark Character Portrait: Vysenia Targaryen Character Portrait: Rhaenys Targaryen Character Portrait: Brennidon Stark Character Portrait: Aerys Targaryen Character Portrait: Aegon V Targaryen Character Portrait: Rhaegar Targaryen Character Portrait: Willem Lannister Character Portrait: Elaena Targaryen Character Portrait: Aerys Targaryen I
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Aubrey Stark

Aubrey barely heard her brother as she had rushed ahead but she certainly knew what it meant for him to gallop past on his stallion, calling back to her. The brunette shook out her long curls, cheerful laughter escaping her lips as she grinned. She flicked the reins and, a determined look in her eyes, the bay picked up speed. Her hair fanned out behind her in the wind, not that she really cared. After all, Aubrey was well known for being able to do many things as though she had no cares in the world.

" You watch it Bren," She called after her younger brother, her brown eyes sharp and amused as her horse's powerful muscles moved beneath her saddle. " Or I shall beat you again!"

Her laughter followed them as they raced toward King's Landing, both siblings in apparent good spirits.

Elaena Targaryen

" Willem Lannister," the middle princess said softly, smiling slightly even as she fought her feelings of uneasiness. She had thought well of the man when he had been but a boy but, now, those kind thoughts had changed into distrust over his motives. After all, the Lannister was quite the womaniser and she wasn't as fond of him now as she had when they'd been children. Her younger brother, Rhaegar, and Willem had been close enough as children and had sparred in the yard while Elaena had watched, clapping and cheering for both young boys. But Willem Lannister was now a man and men often had their priorities in an odd order, according to Elaena.

She kept her tone distant but maintained the polite demeanour she knew was necessary, not exactly pleased that this was the first person she was to meet this day.

" But it's best to be early than late, is it not?" Elaena remarked, raising an eyebrow at the blond male as she drew herself to a stop to stand on the floor beside the man. Willem truly did frustrate her with his confidence in his appearance and charming words. But, at the same time, he interested her and drove her insane. An odd combination, if she ever did say. " Of course, my father's name day is a celebration to look forward to," she added as she raised her head to meet his eyes directly.

She gave a slight nod of her own, deciding not to risk even an improper curtsey due to her placement by the steps, with her hands clasped in front of her long skirts. Though this position was disturbed momentarily as Willem took her hand and pressed his lips to it before allowing it to drop, the princess pulling it back to where she had had it previously. The feel of his warm lips on her skin made her nervous and she found herself wishing Rhaegar was right beside her, this very instant.

" Thank you, my lord," Elaena replied politely, slipping back into the formalities she should have used when she'd first seen him. To her, he would always appear the handsome young man he had always been but would always hold the devilish charm of a man who had needs. The fair-haired royal's blue eyed gaze shifted around the room, curious herself as to where her brother would be.

She shook her head, her long hair rustling over the back of her gown as she moved. " I have not seen him," Elaena said, her annoyance seeping into her tone. " I've only just returned from riding my horse and so haven't seen most of my family for a better part of the day." She turned her body, her head up as she looked up the stairs before glancing back to Willem. " Have you checked his chambers yet? He may still be there."

The nineteen year old gave him a long look before turning and slowly walking off, " Good luck with finding my brother, good sir." She very nearly had to spit the word good out from her lips, believing he truly wasn't due to his habits.

Vysenia Targaryen

The young girl had been so caught up in the colours and types of flowers that she hadn't heard the footsteps coming up behind her until her mother's kind voice spoke. Vysenia jumped a little, startled as she turned to see Rhaenys kneeling on the grass beside her.

" Mother!" The girl cried cheerfully, shifting to hug the beautiful blonde woman who had, in fact, been the one to give birth to Vysenia. " Are the preparations complete for father's name day?" Vysenia was very obviously excited to see others close in age to herself as well as close, or as close as they can get, to her status as Princess of Westeros. " There will be dancing, right?" The girl hoped to dance with her father and brothers, even Aerys with his scary personality. Maybe Rhaegar would even spare a dance with his younger sister, although he never did seem to have an interest in the girl.

Finally, she remembered the question her mother had asked and, with a light blush settling over her pale cheeks, she answered clearly and almost wistfully.

" I was admiring the flowers," the blonde princess murmured as she turned to the plants in question, " I was thinking of how the Mother of the Seven must have been so careful in creating them, so proud of them." A thought popped into Vysenia's mind as she looked over at her mother, her dark blue eyes shining contentedly as her lips turned up in a small smile. " Much like you are of us," she added softly.

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Character Portrait: Aerys Targaryen I
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Aerys Targaryen

Aerys Targaryen,eldest son of Aegon and Rhaenys Targaryen and the heir to the iron throne mocked his bard for failing to sing the right song on the day in which he would see everyone from the different houses all come together to meet on his own father's day. As soon as his bard "Gres" stopped singing as Aerys snapped with anger."Do you even know how to sing peasant ? It's clearly too hard to tell coming from that horrible sound".His bard bowed."Im so sorry my lord I never meant to displease you lord just,just please I never meant to do ".Aerys sharpened his tone and smacked him ."You will not do this on my father's name day scoundrel and I refuse to do so". "He whispered" .Aerys looked towards his bed and picked up his sword." I want you to take my sword,go outside and attack the guards and say my name again and again".His bard with a look of a fool walked outside and after he closed the door Aery's smiled to the noise to men killing his bard and Aerys was pleased.

Aerys was a older man in his early twenty's who was the brat of the lords to the knights and the kin of kin to the squire's. He struck fear into almost everyone under him and below him. The thing that's so defile about him was the fact that he looked like a little boy who could do no harm but in truth he was a monster to those he struck that power was something to live for. He left his room he looked at the decapitated body of his bard and told the guards to dispose of it for now until further notice.

As soon as he walked towards the high castle door a man came towards him with message that his dog died of rare cases and that the dog would be taken away from the household.He glanced to see his sister sit in one of the rooms as the guest would soon arrive for the name day and Aerys wanted his guard to get there on time .

He walked towards the lesser chambers and came across his personal guard "Sander". Sander, a strong young lad in his thirty's who was quite agile and yet he never actually relied to doing his own job while protecting Aerys wasn't on that list of his. Aerys mocked Sander until his guard finally withheld it."Listen you little brat do i really look like I give a damn about your little father's name day ? well you got me wrong on that one and i'm only doing this for the money,not to save your ass".

Aerys stood back for a brief second as Sander smiled for a moment."Stunned are you my lord ?". Sander then mocked aerys and left for aerys to have a silent moment. suddenly in fright,he left the lesser chambers and came to the main room and sat down next to his father's seat awaiting for everyone else to come .