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Aubrey Stark

" Winter is coming and only Stark's are well equipped for it."

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a character in “A Time of Thrones”, as played by crybloodredtears


Aubrey Stark


The Basics

Name: Aubrey Stark
Age: 18
Affiliation: House Stark (Lady of Winterfell)
Gender: Female


Aubrey is a rather intelligent young woman as well as being quite observant to the goings on around her. She may not always appear to be overly compassionate, seeming somewhat cold as she retains a calm demeanour, but she truly is sensitive. She cares very deeply for each of her family members and is loyal to the point of being willing to do absolutely anything for them, no matter what. She is obedient, for the most part, but occasionally embraces her mischievous side to satiate the never-ending curiousity that she holds within her. Aubrey is proud of her family but is willing to cooperate with people from others families, though she sometimes feels uneasy about this as she knows how simple it is for people to turn on each other. She appears to be quiet, sweet and polite at first, though she shows her true flirtatious and somewhat bold nature after only a short time of knowing people. She also happens to be more than a little stubborn and hates to back down from practically anything.


Aubrey was born in her home of Winterfell, a noble Lady from birth. She grew up happily and quite close to her younger brother of a year, Brennidon Stark. Aubrey always remembers her family being of the size it is currently though remembers a few times, very long ago, when her mother and father were upset over the loss of a child. She was somewhat spoiled growing up although, in her eyes, not as much as her elder sister Alyria whom she isn't too close to but loves all the same.

She grew up with tutors and lessons everyday which she truly hated for most of her life. Though, she is quite aware the will help her when she is to become a wife and keep track of her husband's house. Aubrey is quite pleased she is not betrothed but, at the same time, somewhat disappointed as, when she was younger, she thought she'd have at least one or two children by her current age. She had also thought she'd have a loving husband but she's aware that this may never be so; she may end up with someone cruel and uncaring.


How often are you online?: Everyday.
How often do you think you'll be to post?: Whenever I need to; I'm online everyday so I can post pretty often if needed.
How much do you know about Game of Thrones and/or the A Song of Ice and Fire series?: I've watched nearly every episode of Game of Thrones but haven't read the books, sadly. I wish.
Do you like chocolate?: Actually, only a little. :p
Password: Iron Throne. :)

So begins...

Aubrey Stark's Story

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#, as written by Brock10

Edrick breathed in the warm air of the castle known as the Red Keep, riding up to colossal gates of the capital of his beloved Westeros. A breeze rippled through the party of riders, the Direwolf their emblem. His horse, jet black, snorted at the warmth, not used to the weather. It was a Winter Horse, built of ice and steel, not of this softer Southron metal. His daughter, Alyria rode ahead with his son and heir Brandon. Alyria was betrothed to Steffon Baratheon, and soon, they would be married. His son rode quietly, a mixture of scholar and warrior, admiring the art and beauty of the city and also studying it for weaknesses, the perfect hybrid. His son Brennidon rode beside him, and his Direwolf beside him. He was alert, watching and breathing in the air. Aeron rode behind them, a contingent of Grey Cloaks guarding the youngest like Wolves protecting the youngest of the pack.

He smiled at the honesty, the power, the strength and the North in his children, the finest people in the world. They deserved the life they were about to get. But, Edrick was still not happy. He loved Aegon, his king, his lord, and his friend, and was loyal to the core of his bone. But, in his heart, he hated politics. And being the Hand of the King required him to get involved in politics. Petty disputes, money problems.... these were just some the things his oldest friend had tasked him with. And although Edrick would do whatever his King needed him to, it broke his heart to have to. He missed Winterfell and the bitter cold of the North. He missed his wife, and visiting the Godswood every night. He missed home. He had been travelling before, but he had not always been heir to Winterfell, and when he was, he was younger. He was an older man now, and wanted to prepare his home for the storm that was coming, for something was. Wildling reports were rising south of the Wall, and he was worried. But now was not the time for that. Now, it was time to face his duty, and to honor his King. He turned to his son, and spoke in his usual Northman tone.

"Son, Brennidon, I feel I should tell you something. As Hand of the King, it is now my duty to.....unite the Kingdom as much as Aegon does. So, when the Greyjoy's come to say, I am going to negotiate a marriage between you and one of the daughters. When they arrive, as will all the Houses for Aegon's name day, become friends with them. Get close to them. You will need to. Son, you may hate me for this, but in time, you will understand. It is time you gain a wife."

Edrick slowed his horse down, waiting for Brennidon's reaction the the new task Edrick had just given him.

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Aubrey Stark

The young teenage woman sat comfortably atop her horse, a lovely bay with long black mane and tail. She adjusted her riding clothes, a long grey skirt with a matching jacket. Both were warm and well-suited for life in the north at Winterfell, her home.

Aubrey's expression remained calm as she glanced around, hardly betraying the welling excitement she felt within. She noticed her father, Edrick, and younger brother, Brennidon, were riding side by side and decided to catch up for a moment. With a flick of the reins and a gentle nudge Aubrey raced ahead to join the men, her horse snorting as it picked up the pace. She slowed to a trot beside her family members, looking to them both with a smile.

" I assume it will be fine if I rode ahead, just for a little while." She stated lightly, laughter evident in her tone as she glanced toward Alyria and Brandon, her elder siblings. " I'll be near them," Aubrey added as she gave another flick of her reins and leaned forward, urging the mare forward wordlessly, as the graceful creature neighed excitedly and galloped ahead. " Good girl," she murmured, rather pleased with the horse.

She came upon her sister and brother, flashing them both an excited smile as she slowed to match their pace.

" So," Aubrey began, an eyebrow raised as her brown eyes twinkled mischievously. " Either of you up for a race?"

Elaena Targaryen

Elaena felt free.

Her beautiful chestnut horse galloping beneath her, his body moving with strength and speed, and the wide open sky above her. Elaena's long platinum blonde curls were pinned up, only a few loose over her shoulders, and she was wearing a black hat over top with a blue ribbon trailing behind her. A solid black jacket, long blue skirt and high black boots that were mainly hidden made up her riding attire.

This was the Princess of Westeros' favourite part of life, even with that stupid Guard following her. Her father, King Aegon Targaryen of Westeros, had insisted the Guard go with her for safety though this was pretty normal for the girl. She, along with the rest of her family, was well aware of her lack of strength and need for protection.

She turned around to look back as the powerful animal ran along the green meadow to look at the older man and his steed. " Can you not keep up, Sir Ferdain?" The Princess laughed, feeling quite comfortable in the saddle as she nudged the large animal to go faster. " I shall meet you back at the castle," the blonde called loudly over her shoulder with another contented laugh as she raced back to the dirt road that lead back into King's Landing. She followed it for a few minutes before slowing her horse as its hooves made contact with the cobblestone pathway that lead directly to the castle, her home.

Elaena found herself at the stable within a quarter of an hour and slipped from the back of her mount, the animal breathing heavily from the exercise. She moved toward his head and smiled as she kissed the top of his nose, still holding the reins lightly in her hand as she patted his side. " I should take you out more often, Aenys," the blonde murmured sweetly as she passed the reigns to a stable-hand. " Thank you," the Princess said gratefully as she gave her horse one last look, " Be good."

With these parting words to her beloved stallion, she was gone and walked into a side door only to be rushed off to her bed chambers. It appeared she was in need of a bath... Who knew? Though she had plenty of time before the Houses would arrive.

As it turned out, she was very nearly wrong when a servant called out to make it known the first of the Houses had been sighted entering the gates and Elaena was just finishing having her long hair brushed and pulled back from her face with a jewelled clip. A matching necklace and earrings, gold with sapphires, seemed to go well together with her ivory dress with the lovely embroidery and long train. One extra accesory, a golden ring with the Targaryen family crest etched into it, was the final piece to her outfit as she slowly and gracefully made her way down the steps.

Vysenia Targaryen

" Rhaegar?" The young Targaryen called as she rushed from room to room, down halls and countless stairs. Was her brother out for the morning? Where on Earth could the male be?

Vysenia, with her long dark golden hair and kind blue eyes, sighed as she stopped in the corridor to stand at a window and look out at the courtyard. Lovely blue, violet and red flowers bloomed near the stone walls in the flowerbeds. They appeared to be looking up toward the sky, reaching toward the warmth of the sun's rays. This made the youngest royal calm down from worrying over her elder brother. After all, a seventeen year old man should be able to look after himself.. Right?

With this thought in mind, a slow smile spread over her youthful features as she made her way down the stairs and out to the very courtyard she had been staring out at. Her pale blue dress fanned out behind her, a golden necklace with a pendant in the shape of a seven-pronged star within a circle and a circle within it. The symbol of the Faith of the Seven.

The young girl knelt to gently touch one of the violet flowers' petals, her touch as light as a feather, as she gripped her pendant with her free hand. " The soil is as fertile as the Mother," Vysenia said quietly, her gaze on the flowers. " to allow such lovely flowers to grow here." Her tone was happy as she said this, closing her eyes to imagine the face of the Mother planting each seed with care and tenderness. How like her to picture her own mother's face, unblemished with beautiful eyes and long golden hair, as the Deities'.

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A strong white Courser stallion snorts and swings its bushy tail side to side as it smacks the nagging flies out from the sky. A strong young man saddled on this warhorse clothed in a brigandine with the dire wolf symbol on its chest and a studded leather cuisse and greaves to finish up the attire. He looked like any other man in the Stark guard heading down a dusty trail with King's Landing in sight, yet he was no simple guard. He was of Stark bloodline. Brennidon Stark was who he was; the fourth child, second son of Edrick and Dyanna Stark.

Brennidon kept a hand on his bastard sword sheathed to his side as his mount walked in a steady trot along his father. His eyes scanned the horizon looking for anything to cause him to draw that blade. Once in a while though when no one was looking he would bring his eyes upon King's Landing and a slight glimmer of anticipation. Anticipation of seeing the capital of the Westros and what pleasures and secrets it holds, however, he wouldn't let his eyes linger for to long. Soon after he would be looking at across the horizon again for trouble. He was doing this for about a silent hour before his father spoke.

What his father said struck him as a surprise; he was not expecting that this trip would possibly lead him to marry a Greyjoy. Yet he knew his father was a man who knew best, so Brennidon nodded and responded, "Father, of course I will try my best to please you. I will do whatever you think is best father. I wish to talk to you about this later father though" As soon as his last words slipped from his lip Aubrey on her bay saying that she was going ahead "I will go with you Aubrey" Once Aubrey left and trotted her way up to the oldest siblings, Brandon and Alyria Stark, he turned back to father and said, "Father please give me my leave"

Then with a flick of the reins the stallion raced away from his father pasting Aubrey. He turns his head to look behind at Aubrey and yelled, "Come on. Or you are going to lose!" He smiles and turns back to towards King's Landing.

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Aubrey Stark

Aubrey barely heard her brother as she had rushed ahead but she certainly knew what it meant for him to gallop past on his stallion, calling back to her. The brunette shook out her long curls, cheerful laughter escaping her lips as she grinned. She flicked the reins and, a determined look in her eyes, the bay picked up speed. Her hair fanned out behind her in the wind, not that she really cared. After all, Aubrey was well known for being able to do many things as though she had no cares in the world.

" You watch it Bren," She called after her younger brother, her brown eyes sharp and amused as her horse's powerful muscles moved beneath her saddle. " Or I shall beat you again!"

Her laughter followed them as they raced toward King's Landing, both siblings in apparent good spirits.

Elaena Targaryen

" Willem Lannister," the middle princess said softly, smiling slightly even as she fought her feelings of uneasiness. She had thought well of the man when he had been but a boy but, now, those kind thoughts had changed into distrust over his motives. After all, the Lannister was quite the womaniser and she wasn't as fond of him now as she had when they'd been children. Her younger brother, Rhaegar, and Willem had been close enough as children and had sparred in the yard while Elaena had watched, clapping and cheering for both young boys. But Willem Lannister was now a man and men often had their priorities in an odd order, according to Elaena.

She kept her tone distant but maintained the polite demeanour she knew was necessary, not exactly pleased that this was the first person she was to meet this day.

" But it's best to be early than late, is it not?" Elaena remarked, raising an eyebrow at the blond male as she drew herself to a stop to stand on the floor beside the man. Willem truly did frustrate her with his confidence in his appearance and charming words. But, at the same time, he interested her and drove her insane. An odd combination, if she ever did say. " Of course, my father's name day is a celebration to look forward to," she added as she raised her head to meet his eyes directly.

She gave a slight nod of her own, deciding not to risk even an improper curtsey due to her placement by the steps, with her hands clasped in front of her long skirts. Though this position was disturbed momentarily as Willem took her hand and pressed his lips to it before allowing it to drop, the princess pulling it back to where she had had it previously. The feel of his warm lips on her skin made her nervous and she found herself wishing Rhaegar was right beside her, this very instant.

" Thank you, my lord," Elaena replied politely, slipping back into the formalities she should have used when she'd first seen him. To her, he would always appear the handsome young man he had always been but would always hold the devilish charm of a man who had needs. The fair-haired royal's blue eyed gaze shifted around the room, curious herself as to where her brother would be.

She shook her head, her long hair rustling over the back of her gown as she moved. " I have not seen him," Elaena said, her annoyance seeping into her tone. " I've only just returned from riding my horse and so haven't seen most of my family for a better part of the day." She turned her body, her head up as she looked up the stairs before glancing back to Willem. " Have you checked his chambers yet? He may still be there."

The nineteen year old gave him a long look before turning and slowly walking off, " Good luck with finding my brother, good sir." She very nearly had to spit the word good out from her lips, believing he truly wasn't due to his habits.

Vysenia Targaryen

The young girl had been so caught up in the colours and types of flowers that she hadn't heard the footsteps coming up behind her until her mother's kind voice spoke. Vysenia jumped a little, startled as she turned to see Rhaenys kneeling on the grass beside her.

" Mother!" The girl cried cheerfully, shifting to hug the beautiful blonde woman who had, in fact, been the one to give birth to Vysenia. " Are the preparations complete for father's name day?" Vysenia was very obviously excited to see others close in age to herself as well as close, or as close as they can get, to her status as Princess of Westeros. " There will be dancing, right?" The girl hoped to dance with her father and brothers, even Aerys with his scary personality. Maybe Rhaegar would even spare a dance with his younger sister, although he never did seem to have an interest in the girl.

Finally, she remembered the question her mother had asked and, with a light blush settling over her pale cheeks, she answered clearly and almost wistfully.

" I was admiring the flowers," the blonde princess murmured as she turned to the plants in question, " I was thinking of how the Mother of the Seven must have been so careful in creating them, so proud of them." A thought popped into Vysenia's mind as she looked over at her mother, her dark blue eyes shining contentedly as her lips turned up in a small smile. " Much like you are of us," she added softly.

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Laughing he looked back at Aubrey as his pure white warhorse gallop down the dusty trail. He yells behind him, "You wish you could beat me. Last time was all luck. This time I will win and we will have to bow down to me as the winner" Brennidon smirks then turns around back towards the King's Landing. He flicks his mounts reins to increase the speed of the beast and leans in his head closer to the white mane of the warhorse. His thickly furred grey cloak, a symbol of the Grey Guards, bellows the speeding wind.

It seemed a blur as his sister and him raced through the outskirts until them cam near the gates into the man city. He was still leading, but Aubrey's horse is slowly creeping up upon him. Brennidon prayed to the Old Gods that they would let him win. To his excitement Brennidon came to the gates with Aubrey just on his heels, again Brennidon prayed thanks to the Old Gods as he slowed down his steed to a trot and finally to a complete stop. Triumphantly he turned to his sister and exclaimed, "Nice race my sister, but this time Brey I won. I think a good break from our saddles would do us good from our race. Do you want to take a walk the rest of the way to the keep. We can meet father there" Smoothly and effortlessly he demounts from his steed.

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Rhaegar Targaryen

The notched arrow released, soaring through the air and landing a few inches left of the center of the target. Cursing, Rhaegar strung an arrow again, this time focusing harder, and he managed to land it closer to the center. A grin spread across his face, and he strung a third arrow, having it hit just shy of the center. He lowered the bow, and moved to the next target, loosing three more arrows. He wasn't so accurate, and tossed the bow aside in frustration. He was talented with the bow, everyone told him so. Yet his consistency still wasn't where he wanted it to be. His father would probably curse him if he knew he was out in the yard shooting arrows. He was already dressed in his best, black silk breeches matched with a black doublet, complete with dragon's head studs.

He knew the Houses were probably arriving at this very moment, so reluctantly he headed back inside the keep. He just hoped he didn't run into Aerys until the actual festivities had begun. He was going to see him enough in the coming few days as it was. He wandered through the keep, looking for any of his sisters or parents, but the castle seemed unnaturally quiet. A few serving girls passed him, all smiles and batting eyelashes, but he did not feel like giving them the time of day. So he just kept walking.

Eventually, he heard voices, one which was surely his sister Elaena, and the other surprisingly familiar as well. "It can not be..." he said to himself as he quickened his pace. He hadn't expected any of the families to actually make it to the Red Keep yet. As he turned a corner, he saw the back of none other than Willem Lannister.

His sister seemed to have disappeared, but there was his best friend in all of Westeros. "Willem!" he exclaimed, and he couldn't help but let a large smile spread across his face. It had truly been to long since he had seen his friend. He approached him, bringing him into an embrace. Willem was more of a brother to Rhaegar than Aerys would ever be. Willem being here would make it easier to take his mind of his true brother, whom he disliked greatly.

"It is good to see you, my friend!" he said as he pulled away from the golden-haired man.

Alys Greyjoy

Half of Alys' family had arrived in King's Landing, and she hoped the rest would be arriving soon. They hadn't arrived too long ago, after the exhausting journey from Pyke. They had sailed down to Lannisport, and from there taken the Goldroad all across Westeros to eventually enter the city through the Gate of the Gods. It had been a long trip, but one filled with joy for her. She had never been off of her Iron Islands, and to see such drastically different landscape excited her. Everything was so lush and green, so beautiful. She didn't think she'd ever want to return to Pyke.

For the trip on land, she had worn simple attire, brown woolen breaches and a white tunic, dressing as her brothers and father. If not for her gorgeous mane of red hair, people might have mistaken her for a boy. Once inside the city, she had decided to explore, knowing that the locals would have no knowledge of who she was. She felt safe as she wandered, watching people from all walks of life in the squares.

She slowly made her way towards Aegon's High Hill and the Red Keep, not feeling any need to rush. After thinking about it, she decided to head for the docks first, hoping to see her brother's ship Lady Amalya. She had missed Donnel greatly on their trip, not getting to share her first trip off the Iron Islands with her favorite brother. Even more, she would have wished to be on the ship with Donnel instead of Harlon, but it wasn't so. Harlon had gone to observe a true captain, and Alys was already extremely skilled at commanding ships herself.

Alys wondered to herself if she would spy any other families while she was out. She would now if they were coming, she was sure. A large convoy of knights would follow any of the houses where they went, and so far no such procession had come her way.

Aeron Stark

Aeron watched as all of his siblings eventually got ahead of their procession, and Aubrey and Brennidon took off racing towards the large town. He had been lagging behind the rest of his family, too distracted by watching the scenery to care what his family was up to. He was much too curious, and darted back and forth between the procession, making sure he saw everything there was to see. Eventually, he decided to catch up with his father, and nudged his small grey horse to go slightly faster.

As he rode up beside him, looking even smaller than normal, he turned and said, "They're acting like me, father." He gave a big grin, watching his siblings actually have as much fun as he normally did all the time.

He nudged his horse forward again, and started circling his father's horse with his own, laughing while he did so. This was how Aeron normally was, acting like a fool and laughing all the while. His family normally found him quite charming, though how the other houses would react was yet to be seen.

"So, father, what will we do once we reach the castle?" he asked, still circling his father's horse. "Can we do something fun?" He waited for his father's response, only imagining what he was going to say.

His bright blue eyes watched as the gates got closer and closer, looming high above his tiny frame.

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Aubrey Stark

" I have no need to wish," the lovely young woman called as she found herself catching up, more quickly as the seconds passed. Her tone was matter of fact as she watched her brother's smirk grow. She would wipe it off his face soon enough, Aubrey thought as the bay managed to reach the warhorse's flanks. She turned her dark head, brown eyes glancing over at her younger brother, even as the gates loomed up ahead. She knew she wouldn't win this one but, of course, there would be others. After all, Aubrey and Brennidon were practically famous for their competitive and close bond.

The pair entered the gates, nearly side-by-side but Brennidon certainly was the winner. Just as she had predicted. He literally won by the nose of his horse as it had stretched it's neck in the effort it was spending to maintain the speed. Immediately after entering the city, Aubrey pulled gently on the reins to signal to her horse to slow down. She came to a stop not far from her brother, the bay's sides covered in sweat from the workout, and leaned over to pat the mare's neck. " We almost did it girl," she said lightly, her gaze coming up at the sound of her brother's voice to look at him.

" It was a rather good race, though a pity someone younger than I won." Aubrey shook her head slowly, her curls sliding over her shoulders as she laughed. " Congratulations but I do not, however, concede defeat. I shall win the next one, Bren." The Stark smirked, confident in her own words, as she nodded in agreement. " But yes, a break would be quite welcome." If she could get down from the saddle, anyway. She felt like her legs may be numb by this point as the ride had been long and tiring and their race had certainly jolted her around a bit.

" Would you mind giving your sister a hand down?" Aubrey asked politely, trying to regain her sense of propriety. She was expected to behave a certain way within the walls of the gates, after all. Being a woman.

Elaena Targaryen

Elaena heard her brother's voice as she left the room, a small smile appearing on her lips as she didn't even bother to turn. Thank you Rheagar, she thought as she released a small breath she hadn't been aware she'd held after speaking to Willem.

How that man managed to get under her skin so easily was beyond her but, as usual, she always maintained her usual air of courteousness. He was so, so, so.. She couldn't even think of a word that would properly fit him. She hoped to the Seven that her father, King Aegon, would never consider Lord Willem Lannister of Casterly Rock as a suitable husband for Elaena. The princess hated to think poorly of her father but that would be the worst mistake of his lifetime, if he chose this.. if not, well, she'd be rather pleased.

With these thoughts in mind, Elaena made her way to one of the many front rooms and sat on a bench by the window. She turned her head to look out of the room to watch as their guests arrived. They would all be here shortly, especially if the rest of the Lannisters weren't too far behind Willem.

Vysenia Targaryen

The smile that lit up Vysenia's expression was one of the light from the sun shining upon the land in the morning, forcing the darkness and shadows to flee. Her eyes were bright and happy, almost child-like in her excitement. " I can't wait," she said softly, " and of course I will dance with you, mother. As every year, it has turned into tradition." The youngest princess replied, hugging her mother tightly for a moment before releasing the woman as Rhaenys tucked a stray strand of her golden hair behind Vysenia's ear.

Her tinkling laughter rang out clearly in the courtyard as her mother scooped her up, her delight blatantly easy to read on her features. " Does it never? Truly?" She asked, ever the curious child she had been mere years ago.

Vysenia found her eyes drawn to a new voice, Ser Alyn, a knight her mother spoke to of the Great Houses arriving. Rhaenys stood now, pulling her daughter up as she did so, and the princess brushed any bits of grass from her long skirts before moving to her own which she had graduated from ankle length a few years back. She was now the proud owner of all dresses made to touch the floor, though she did trip on the hems occasionally.

She nodded, her smile growing as her eyes showed her barely contained excitement. The celebration was that much closer now.

" Callum and Aeron will be here," Vysenia exclaimed, nearly jumping with joy. Callum was her betrothed, yes, but she was quite fond of him as her best friend. Or close friend at least. Aeron, on the other hand, was only her friend so far. She hadn't met him many times before but he was a rather nice boy and he would allow Vysenia to join in with their games, regardless of their differences in gender. She rather enjoyed the sweet young Stark for his company and honesty.

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"Yes of course dear sister of mine. It is the least I can do for you M'lady" He courteously said trying to act the way the commoners and other nobles expected him to act, yet it was difficult since most of his time if not with his family was in the company of the Grey guard. Those guards don't have the cleanest mouths or the most well-mannered behaviors, so they are not the best role models for a young noble that has to survive in a world of nobility. However Brennidon tries his best to behave the way he is suspected to be, proper and respectful, yet sometimes he makes mistakes. Luckily these were not one of these days.

He walks over to her and takes her hand with his own. Using his hand as a support he moves his other arm under both of her legs and gently lowers her onto the cobblestone road. As soon as helped his sister off her horse two stable hands that had the House Targaryen three head dragon on their bright yellow tunics. Brennidon said in an autocratic tone, "Stable hands bring my sister and my steeds to the Targaryen stables. When you get there feed them and make sure they have fresh hay in the stall with a full bucket of clean water. That will be all" They both bowed at the same time and replied simultaneously, "Our pleasure sir. Enjoy your visit here in King's Landing." They bow one more time and then head off with the reins of the two horses in their hands towards the Red Keep stable.

Shivers went down his back. He hated speaking in that kind of autocratic manner. It made him feel like he was better than the men and he hated feeling that way.

Brennidon turned his head to the side taking her arm and smiled at his sister, "Are you ready to go to the Red Keep Brey?"

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Aubrey Stark

Aubrey smiled sweetly at her brother as Brennidon responded graciously, helping her from her place on her tall bay mount so her feet were on the cobblestone road. " Thank you, dear brother." she said thankfully before carefully taking her hand back from her brother. She used this soft feminine hand to gently pet the beautiful horse as he spoke to the stable hands who had come up to the siblings.

After her horse was taken away Aubrey turned her head to look at her younger brother, who took her arm in his, and nodded.

" I believe now is as good a time as any, Bren." She murmured, the small smile on her lips growing slightly as she revealed her perfectly straight teeth to her sibling. " Shall we go then?" Aubrey asked as she took a few steps forward, lightly tugging Brennidon as she fought to hold her laughter.

She wanted to see everyone. She wanted to meet anyone. But, most of all, she wanted to thoroughly enjoy herself this Name Day.

Elaena Targaryen

Elaena noticed as her elder brother Aerys walked by outside and stood swiftly, realizing it was about time the princesses and princes met with their family in the throne room to greet their guests. With her long hair gently blowing behind her, the nineteen year old made her way to the main throne room where several of her family members waited patiently.

She took her place near Jaehaerys, her elder sister, who stood by their mother's throne. Elaena gave her sister a lovely smile, her eyes reflecting this also and showing it was not forced. " Are you looking forward to seeing the Great Houses?" She asked her sister softly, sticking to her Jaehaerys' side as she joined her two siblings in waiting for the rest of their family.

(I will post Vysenia's after the Rhaenys responds... I just wanted to get these two up for now before I forget.)

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Aubrey Stark

The middle child of Edrick Stark felt perfectly at ease as she, accompanied by her brother, walked through the slums of King's Landing. Brennidon, on the other hand, seemed to be quite anxious as he pulled Aubrey closer and was that his hand on his sword she saw? She glanced to her brother, eyebrow raised as she glanced to his sword and back to his pale features. As they left the area, she hoped he was aware of the teasing and jesting comments that would come up from just this alone.

Walking through the gate, Brennidon turned to her and spoke with a smile on his lips. Aubrey couldn't help the grin that spread over her own lips, revealing her pearl-white teeth. " It is," she agreed, her tone seeming more excited than before.. if that was even possible. " But I can't wait for this celebration to begin so I can dance," Aubrey added though she left out a portion of her words; with all the young men. The Stark was practically like a child when she was allowed near boys who were not her family or of lower class. Fair game was fair game though and Aubrey loved to flirt with and tease practically any handsome man she came across. Even Brennidon knew of the trouble she'd gotten herself into in the past due to her bold and flirtatious nature.

" Hm, father?" She turned her head to look and felt her smile dim slightly, turning more demure and proper than displaying her confidence, as she also spotted Lord Kale Baratheon. She hid the jealousy she felt as she witnessed her elder sister, Alyria, meet her betrothed, Steffon Baratheon, for the first time in years.

Vysenia Targaryen

As her mother and herself entered the throne room, Vysenia sped up to sit by her sisters. " Good afternoon," the younger girl said cheerfully to her siblings, a lovely smile on her still maturing features as her long blonde hair shifted over her shoulders. Of course, she became silent as soon as she sat, comfortable but proper, and watched her sisters and mother greet each other.

Elaena Targaryen

As their mother came forward, Elaena stood and returned Rhaenys' loving embrace before releasing the Queen to allow Jaehaerys to be hugged as well. " Thank you, mother," the curly haired blonde said softly, giving an informal curtsey in greeting. Her mother tucked a loose strand of her hair behind Elaena's ear and she couldn't help the smile that spread over her lips at the memories this brought forth. Many days of just sitting with her mother as a child, reading books with her siblings and making sure they got to bed with loving kisses and hugs from her.

The middle princess returned to her seat as she looked to the doors, waiting to see Rhaegar and her father, Aegon. Perhaps she should have stayed with Willem those few extra moments to remind her brother to come to the throne room.

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Brennidon Stark
In the bellowing wind both the gray dire wolf banner of the Stark family and the golden stag banner of the Baratheon family flap in the air. Both powerful families and about to be united through marriage. As he stared at the banners without looking at his sister he said, "Brey. When I look at those banners I just can't help, but think about who I am going to end up with." He takes a deep breath and tears his eyes away from the banners and looks Aubrey in the eyes. "Father is going to marry me to one of the Greyjoys. I don't want to disappoint father, but I don't know if I want to get marry. Ah!"

He closes his eyes and rubs his temple as a migraine starts to develop. Brennidon then takes a step forward and tugs lightly on his sister's arm, "I think we should go see father now"

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Aubrey Stark

The brunette couldn't hide the shock that appeared across her expression as her brother outright admitted about his impending marriage to a Greyjoy. Not that she had any actual issues with that particular House but she just didn't trust them.. But, on the positive side, they had two amazingly handsome young sons. Aubrey found herself sinking into her own thoughts for a moment.

Donnel, the eldest brother, had been married once before but his wife had died of illness, or so she'd heard, and left him heartbroken. Apparently he was searching for another wife to appease his father's wishes. And then there was Harlon, the youngest male Greyjoy, who was just as handsome in his own right and, so she heard, quite a nice young man as well. Aubrey knew for a fact that if her father ever asked her opinion on whom she wished to marry, she'd probably bring up either name. Which, sadly, brought her back to Brennidon...

" You are going to get married too?!" She exclaimed, her dark eyes showing the hurt and how unhappy this information made her. " Why you? Why not marry me, who is older than you, to a Greyjoy?" The Stark wrenched herself away, clearly upset but her voice was a bit softer as she continued. " Why can't I, I who has wanted such a thing for years, be the one to be married?"

Aubrey's eyes flashed as her brother rubbed his head in pain and moved to comfort him, her own misery forgotten as she moved her hands to gently grasp his arm. But Brennidon had already stepped forward and tugged her to follow as he spoke, to which she nodded.

" Of course," the lady responded, her tone proper and her expression calm, as they walked toward their sire.

Elaena Targaryen & Vysenia Targaryen

" You're almost late, dear brother." Elaena murmured , not turning her head as Rhaegar sat in his seat and become as still as stone after having spoken to both herself and Vysenia.

The younger girl turned to look at the male who sat beside her, her bright eyes wide with excitement. " Are you not looking forward to seeing everyone, Rhaegar?" Vysenia asked softly, reaching out her arm to lightly touch her brothers with her fingertips. It had appeared he wouldn't pay attention and so she had done this so not to be ignored. " As well as the dancing and the tournament that will occur?" Her lips turned up into the tiniest of smiles, obviously showing she was trying to contain her own cheer.

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Willem Lannister

How right Rhaegar was. Being a prince was a dull affair, riddled with responsibility and a future that was determined for you. Being a Lannister, however, or more accurately, being rich, was quite the opposite. What Willem wouldn't have given to not be a prince, to not have all the responsibilities saddled on him, and to maintain his wealth...well, it was too good of a life to hope for. Still, he had a right to dream.

"When all this royally dull business is through here," he called as Rhaegar left to join his family, "you and I will see what trouble we can get up to!"

Willem sighed when Rhaegar was gone, knowing that he needed to rejoin his own family as well. The sooner this was over, the better. It was impossible to experience a city trapped in a keep like this. He walked swiftly back towards the entrance of the Great Hall, passing various people, some he recognized, some he didn't, few he was interested in speaking with. He knew how these reunions of the Houses worked. This was a time for alliance building and backstabbing, political pandering and arse-kissing to get one's House on top. Willem wanted no part of it. Some of these people were nice enough, but the young Lannister prince would much rather spend time among the honest common folk of Kings Landing, and in the company of good friends, rather than licking the boots of those who you wanted something from.

He passed Joanna, who had just engaged in conversation with Brandon Stark, he who had so famously granted Willem's sister her lofty title. He was tempted to interrupt with some playful, teasing comment, but instead gave his sister a small smile and a knowing wink, before heading off without a word. Joanna was likely at the forefront of his father's power games he so loved to play. He felt sorry that she probably didn't have much choice in where her life was to go from here.

"Father," he called, seeing Tybolt a ways past Joanna, and coming to a stop at his side. "Sorry for running off like that, I simply had to find Rhaegar before all this royal...well, before the celebrations began."

He'd been about to speak negatively about Uncle Aegon's whole nameday affair, but thought better of it at the last second. He and his father had quite different ideas about responsibility, and Willem had no doubt that Tybolt did not think kindly about Willem's obvious aversions to it.

Donnel Greyjoy

The eldest Greyjoy hardly had time to recognize his sister before she threw herself on him. He laughed at the warm embrace, smiling at her when she finally released him. "Likewise, Alys. I'm glad to see the city doesn't daunt you. It's a bit much to take in on your first trip here."

Donnel was quite protective of his younger sister, and had been somewhat worried about how she would fare in a city like King's Landing, but judging from her state of excitement, Donnel guessed she was doing fine. One of his father's men, Duncan, approached then with a horse brought for Alys. He greeted the three Greyjoys, stating his intention to return Alys to her father's side, and to summon Donnel and Harlon as well. They needed to greet the King.

"No doubt we'll need to greet the Lannisters too. I know they've sorely missed our company. We'll catch up with you at the castle, then."

Donnel hadn't brought any horses aboard Lady Amalya. He detested having the animals aboard his ships. All they did was get in the way, and shit on the decks. He was a skilled rider, of course, but horses didn't belong on boats anymore than boats belonged on land.

His sister then rode off with Duncan, leaving Donnel and Harlon alone with the crew once more. Donnel noted that they looked eager to be away from the ship, to explore the city as they would. Donnel adjusted the shield slung across his back, and patted Harlon on the shoulder.

"We'd better get going, father won't want us to be late. Just...remind me to leave the axe at my belt if any of the Lannisters get out of hand. I'm likely to start a war if there's another brawl between our fathers like last year."

Callum Baratheon

It was a big meeting of the Stark and Baratheon Houses, with Callum's father greeting Edrick Stark, his brother Steffon reuniting with his betrothed, Alyria, Brennidon and Aubrey conversing off to the side...Callum suspected it was because there wasn't a Baratheon near their ages. Callum himself hadn't become too close to either of them, though he thought them nice. Brandon Stark was the only one not present, having disappeared into the Great Hall after telling Callum to keep Aeron out of trouble. Callum laughed at that. No one could keep Aeron out of trouble. He watched Brandon leave. Callum had excitedly informed Steffon last year that the eldest Stark thought Joanna Lannister was some kind of queen of beauty and loveliness or something, only to be told that all the Seven Kingdoms already knew.

And there was Aeron. Callum grinned from ear to ear, waving at his friend from atop his horse.

"Tell me you've got something in mind for what to do when all the greetings are done," he said. Aeron always had the best ideas, even if they occasionally got him into trouble. The young Baratheon always seemed to have significantly more fun when Aeron Stark was around.