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A Tinseltown Affaire...

A Tinseltown Affaire...


(CLOSED 1x1) - Two famous stars, from completely different backgrounds, will soon meet and become part of one anothers lives.

591 readers have visited A Tinseltown Affaire... since I'm a Radical Dame! created it.


A private 1x1 between I'm a Radical Dame! & MoonRoseAngel666.

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It was Saturday, her day off, so the last thing Nebraska felt like doing was answering the phone at 6:35am. But when the distinctive "Girls Just Want to Have Fun!" ringtone of her boss, Victoria's Secret CEO Sharen Jester Turney, rang out for the third time, she lifted herself up from the pillow, grunted, and then slung her legs over the side of her California King.

"Seriously?" she said into the phone, groggily. "It IS Saturday right!??"
Sharen completely ignored her smart tone. "Be in at 8:00am hun, we're going over the latest campaign! Remember, I told you all about it last night at dinner!"
Her bosses tone was rather peppy, but it did nothing to excite her...and instead, Nebraska rolled her eyes.

She had assumed the whole "I have a huge campaign audition tomorrow, you're going to love it!" comment the other night, was just Sharen talking. But apparently it wasn't, and now she was due in. "Yeah yeah, i remember! Gimmie a few hours?" she asked jokingly. Sharen laughed. "You got half that missy!" she'd say, before hanging up.

After slowly standing up from her bed, Nebraska made her way into the bathroom, and stripped out of her black PINK! tee, and magenta bottoms, before turning on the shower. She'd let the water warm for a couple of minutes, and pull her hair out of the bun she had put it in the previous night, before sliding the long glass shower door open, and walking in underneath the beautiful rain-shower-head.

She wouldn't spend her usual twenty+ minutes under the water, and instead was out in less than ten.
Nebraska almost walked into her room without a towel on, until she remembered where she was.......her fathers house. And sure enough, as soon as she walked out into her room, w/ a long towel wrapped around herself, the door swung open and in ran her nine year old half-brother, Jack - the earliest riser in the house. "DEAD!" he shouted, as he held up his white Ipad, placed the target over her head, and then pressed "Shoot!".
"Are you kidding!?? Give me that thing!" she yelled, before lunging towards him and pulling the ipad out of his hand.

Jack tried desperately to get the device back, but seeing as how Nebraska towered over him, he failed miserably with each and every jump.
"Ohhhh!" Nebraska suddenly said, relieved, as she looked at the screen. "You're playing that psychotic game....where you line the camera up on people and like, shoot them........My bad!"

"DUHHH! What the heck did you think DEAD meant!? Now give it back!.........Please?"

"Yeah since it's not the camera, here. Now go out there and shoot the dog or your mom or something."
Jack jumped for joy when Nebraska handed him the Ipad back, and quickly ran out the room yelling for the dog, Riley, to "come"

After laughing for a second, she closed the door, and made sure it was locked this time, before dropping her towel on the floor.
She had enough clothing inside her closet to clothe an entire small nation, and this wasn't even as full as her main closet back home, which had nearly every piece of VS clothing she had ever modeled in, inside of it
But being in a hurry, she walked into the closet, and with quick-like precision picked out a beautiful yellow & pink seashell bra, with matching bikini-bottoms attached to it. After slipping the set on, she then picked out a pair of paint-splattered denim shorts, an a lime green belly shirt with black stitching-design at the top.

Nebraska was dressed in a record five minutes, and hurriedly moved on to her damp hair........which she'd blow dry, and then place in a long braid over her left shoulder.

Seconds after throwing her keys, and red Samsung Galaxy Note, inside her large green Balenciaga bag, she slipped on a pair of two inch Manolo Blahnik denim boots and ran out her bedroom door.

"BRASKA!!" yelled her 11 year old half-sister Lily-Rose, as she walked into the massive living room. "Hey! How come you look so beautiful in the morning, and i look like a zombie, hmm?" she'd ask, causing Lily to smile from ear to ear before flouncing back down on the couch.
In reality Nebraska had photoshop-flawless skin and was damn near photoshoot-ready, without a stitch of make-up on. But she still grabbed a pair of large Prada cat eyed sunglasses and slipped them over her eyes, theatrically acting as she had to cover her "zombieish" all-natural appearance, in the face of Lily-Rose......she lived to make her only sister feel beautiful.

She then spotted Vanessa, Johnnys current wife, out the corner of her eye and said "Morning". The two didn't dislike one another & usually got along, but it was painfully obvious to Nebraska, that Vanessa loathed the topic of her mother......and was extremely jealous whenever Heidi was around, even though she met Johnny long after his and Heidi's "relationship" was over. And being highly protective of her mother, who is also like a best friend, Nebraska has a slight level of animosity towards Vanessa whenever she senses a Heidi-related attitude creeping up.

"Where's dad??" she asked out loud, but instead of getting an answer, she'd hear Jack scream "DEAD!" again, while backing down the stairs in front of Johnny - who was wearing a pair of black sleep-pants, and a white t-shirt, as he theatrically played as if he was shot in the chest, until he spotted Nebraska.
"Leaving us so early? On a Saturday no less? I'm hurt." he said, as he rounded the staircases final few stairs.
"Sorry, Sharen called! And when Sharen calls, you know we usually have to run."
She'd hug her dad, and wave goodbye to everyone else, before opening the front door.
"Alright then, i'll txt you you." her father said, and she'd say "love you too back to him, before running out towards her orange 2011 Inferno Corvette

Living in a gated community kept the paparazzi from camping outside your house, here in Malibu.......but it didn't keep them from camping outside the front gate. So even though her side windows were tinted, she knew her car would likely be recognized, and didn't bother pulling down the sun visor.

Sure enough, before the gates even opened to let her out, the cameras began to flash. Nebraska never could understand why anyone would waste their entire day snapping pictures of people doing everyday things, in the hopes of catching SOMETHING news worthy. But it was pretty much sweat off her back at this point, and when the gates opened she zoomed out in a hurry.

Most paparazzi knew better than to follow her onto the freeway, seeing as how the traffic was a beast in LA. But a few excited rookies couldn't help themselves, and she quickly lost them, before the traffic turned bumper-to-bumper.

It would take her a little over an hour to get to Hollywood, where Sharens office was.

Once parked in the reserve lot across the street, she'd face only a couple of photographers, as she crossed the street......smiling halfheartedly, before running into the office building and heading straight for the Elevator.

Once inside she slid her glasses atop her forehead, pressed "6", and then stepped back.
Suddenly, a huge gasp came from beside her, and Nebraska turned her head to see a young girl, likely 11 or 12, standing beside her father wide-eyed. She smiled.
"H-hi!" the girl responded nervously, with a gigantic grin on her face.
"What's your name?"
"Um, R-rose."
"Pretty name! My sisters name is Lily-Rose."
"I-i know!"
The father hadn't paid Nebraska much mind, until his daughter made reference to knowing her sister.

"You know this woman?" he asked, and his daughter quickly shook her head 'Yes'
"T-that's BraskaJ daddy! She's Johnny Depps daughter!"

Nebraska wasn't wild about huge hordes of fans, but little moments like this, she really enjoyed.
"Johnny Depp? That crazy pirate?? You're kidding!" the businessman said, before taking his sunglasses off to get a better view.
"He's not actually a pirate in real life you know.......that would be, strange."
The young girl laughed, and then took out her phone. Before she could ask, Nebraska had bent down a bit to reach Rose's level and wrapped her arm around the girls shoulder.
"You, don't mind!?"
"Heck no, there's nothing better than cam-pictures for twitter, right!?"
"Thanks so much!!" said Rose, before taking a set of three shots.

The father daughter duo would get off on floor four, and Nebraska would remind the girl to tag her in her twitter post so she could respond, before riding up two more floors and getting off herself.
She'd get a few stares here and there as she made her way back to Sharens office, but not nearly as many as she'd receive on the street, seeing as how the people here, knew her.

"Late as always" her friend Adriana Lima said as she walked into Sharens office, before sticking her tongue out at her friend.
"Hey, it's 8:37am! That's not bad for someone who had to sit through all that damn traffic!!" Nebraska would say, before throwing her bag on the floor with Adrianas and Denise Vasi's, who were both sitting in front of Sharens desk, with one empty seat beside them.....which Nebraska quickly took her place in.

"Okay okay, chitty chat aside! Lets talk male models and boxers!"
The girls eyes went wide.
"What!? This is a MALE audition?" Denise complained, "Why are we here then!?"

"Well if you'd cool your jets some, i'll tell ya!"
Denise playfully rolled her eyes, and the two other girls giggled a bit, before Sharen spoke up again.
"So, we're auditioning a small lot of male models, from all over the globe, to be in our 2012 Spring campaign. For now, it'll simply be a few shoots for our next two catalogs, but i'll be asking a few to stay for the Fashion show in three weeks!
Now before you repeat yourself Denise, i asked you all here to go with our promotional agents to pick these guys up."

"Count me in baby!!" Adriana said enthusiastically. Nebraska couldn't help but laugh.
"Desperate much?"
"Oh please, i'm single and LOOKING!"

"This isn't a social call girls, Denise, i need you to go to the train station to greet a few coming in from the mid-west & Canada. Adriana, you'll be meeting several at LAX, and Nebraska, you'll have to drive all the way out to Ontario with Tamara.......for some reason one of the models couldn't catch a flight into LAX, so you'll be out a while"
"Woah, Ontario??? What the hell!"
"I know, but at least Tamra is going, and it'll be more than just you and a guard, ya know?"
Nebraska nodded her head slowly, before standing. She had met Tamara, an promotional agent AND assistant to Sharen, several times before and enjoyed her company enough to know the ride wouldn't be unplesant.

"I suppose...." she said softly, as Denise and Adriana giggled to themselves over meeting the models. Nebraska however was rarely impressed with the vain air-headed men Sharen chose to pose for VS, so her mood was a bit casual......especially after leaning she'd be driving for two hours to meet one model, while her friends would be right in town, meeting several each.
"Okay i see why you called us here now, wine and dine, make a good impression, such and such!" Denise beamed, before hi-5ing Adrian.
"You guys are silly."
"And your nuts, if you're not even SLIGHTLY excited over hot European models!" said Adriana.
"Well some are American, some are European, and Some are know me, i like 'em in all different colors and shapes!"
"Hot European, Asian, AND American models!?? SIGN ME UP!"

Nebraska wouldn't get to enjoy the casual chit-chat for long, seeing as how she would be first to head out.

"Have fun you two!!!" Denise called out to Tamara and Braska, as they headed towards the elevator.

"Gees, you'd think they had never seen a male before wouldn't you?" the older woman who bore a striking resemblance to Halle Berry, would say, just as the two walked onto the Elevator. Nebraska laughed softly.
"Ah, they just haven't grown out of that horny schoolgirl phase yet!"

The two would both slide their Sun Glasses on before quickly rushing into the white stretch limo directly outside the office building.
Thankfully the small group of photographers were so busy harassing someone else, by the time they noticed the the limo doors open, they were closing again.

Tamara sat on the same side as Nebraska, while the two body guards named Greg and Antonio, sat across from them.......and didn't speak.
"Gees, what is this....the secret service!? she thought to herself as she studied their dead serious expressions. But after a quick shrug of the shoulders, Nebraska leaned back in her seat, grabbed a cold bottle of Heineken from the refrigerator beside her, and turned on the flat screen tv - which dropped down in-between the two seats, blocking 80% of the guards view of her and Tamara.


The movie "Sucker Punch" had just gone off, as the limo pulled into Ontario International Airport.

"I'll step out first, and then you two......Antonio will take up the rear." said Greg, and that he did.
The driver would be get out as well to smoke a cigarette, and watch as the foursome made their way inside....with no cameras in sight.
Nebraska however would keep her glasses on, until reaching the proper spot in the terminal - according to Tamaras paperwork.

"Okay, i'll be right back!" Tamara said, before walking over to a nearby desk, and returning minutes later with a large white-bard that read "Miyamoto".
"Yeah, that's his name. I think it's um, Russian?"
Nebraska laughed to herself, as she took the board from Tamara, and then pulled her sunglasses back over her eyes, as more people started to pass her.
"Russian? No, not in the least. More like Asian.....i'm thinking Japanese, if my slight j-pop knowledge is serving me well. Speaking of J-pop.....i think there's a singer named Miyamoto! That's probably how i know it's Japanese!" Nebraska said, before handing the board back to Tamara, who turned it out towards the escalators.

"Yeah well, Russian Japanese, i could care less, i just hope he sees the sign!"

The two would stand side by side, with the 5'11 model - now standing at 6'1 thanks to her heels - easily towering over the 5'5" Tamara. A bodyguard would be on each end, leaving the two women boxed in as they waited.
Neither were exactly sure who they were looking for since Sharen had accidentally left the photograph out of the they hoped against all hope, that he'd notice THEM instead of it having to be the other way around.

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Character Portrait: Yaten (Kou) Miyamoto
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'The angel of three lights'.

What a joke. He'd always hated that nickname and was glad when he and his friends had graduated high school and decided that it was time for the band to split. Not wanting to be remembered solely for his role as the bass player for the youngest rock-band in history to make it to the top of the J-rock charts and for being known world-wide, Yaten had chosen to go into modelling in the hopes that he could make a name for himself on his own and do something that wouldn't associate with his former career. Of course, his love of music hadn't left him at all. He'd simply been taking a hiatus for the passed ten years while he sought out new challenges centered around other things, now he was working on his first debut album as a solo artist and would be preparing to go on tour around Japan at the end of the year.

Unfortunately, those plans had been put on hold for the time being because much to his disapproval, his agent had gone and scheduled an audition for a new modelling contract with a fashion magazine without his knowledge. The real kicker about it though was that the magazine in question wasn't located anywhere in or near Japan, it was in America. The former rock-star turned model would be flying over there this coming Friday and would arrive at the airport sometime on the Saturday, then would have to head straight over to the venue where the audition was being held without any time to relax or freshen up.


For one of the most sought after male models in the world, he almost never had trouble keeping his private life to himself. The paparazzi and the media left him alone for the majority of the time because they were afraid he'd blow up at them or something. Yaten was known for being a calm and collected person, however he also had a knack for telling the truth about virtually everything in the way that he saw it, and could often come across a lot more harsher than he intended. He was also stubborn, selfish and incredibly hard to approach if you were someone who wasn't used to being around him.

It made getting contracts like the one he would be flying to America for quite hard to obtain, because most were uncertain about hiring a model who wasn't the easiest person in the world to please.


Friday morning came much quicker than he would have liked. Yaten was already up, showered, dressed, packed and ready to go by the time his agent called him on his cell-phone to remind him that he had to make sure he was ready by noon.

"I know, I know." The blonde groused down the phone's receiver, performing one final check on the contents of his suitcase and making sure he wasn't going to forget anything. "The plane leaves at 2pm, so make sure I have my ticket on me and that I call the cab as soon as I get off the phone to you so that I can get there on time. Is there anything else, 'Mum'?

His agent snickered down the phone from the other end of the line and then hung up on him without another word. He was used to him being an ass and knew better than to grace him with an answer when he used sarcastic remarks like that. Grumbling to himself about having someone he didn't need keeping tabs on him all the time, Yaten rang for the cab and locked up the front door to his apartment before heading outside to wait.


He spent the majority of his time on the plane asleep. Since he knew he would need it if he was going to look his best for the audition and hopefully avoid showing any jet-lag he may or may not have when he got off the plane otherwise. Tomorrow would be a huge day, but at least it would be interesting.


The plane arrived at the airport in America sometime the next day, though he was too tired to really bother checking the time and instead went straight down to the area where the flight attendant had informed him to collect his luggage from. Lucky he'd learned to speak fluent English during his final two years at college, otherwise this trip would prove to be more of a nightmare than it already had been.

After he collected his luggage, Yaten returned to the main section of the airport and scanned the crowd with his eyes in search of the person he'd been told would be holding up a large sign with his name painted on it that had been sent from the magazine company to escort him to his rehearsal.

Twenty minutes passed before he finally caught sight of a blonde woman holding up the sign in question and knowing that she was most likely the person sent for him, he headed in her direction.

"Why in the world did they give me a 'woman' driver?
" He muttered in slightly accented English, the evidence of his Japanese origin clearly reflected in his voice as he spoke loud enough for her to hear. With a shrug of his shoulders, he moved passed her in the direction of where he thought the car park was and automatically seemed to expect her to follow. "Whatever, come on. Let's go, I refuse to be late."

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Nebraska and Tamara were conversing with each other about random things, when suddenly the two bodyguards leaned down and whispered; "Someones approaching"

Instantly they stood up straight and put welcoming smiles on their faces......but what they got in return, was far from welcoming.
"Why in the world did they give me a 'woman' driver?" said a young Asian man, as he walked directly towards the two of them.
Before either could respond, he'd push himself in-between, and then pass, the two women in a hurry. "Whatever, come on. Let's go, I refuse to be late."

After staring each other for a moment, Tamara rolled her eyes and Nebraska broke out in a small laugh.
"You've got to be kidding me." she whispered to herself.
"Did that boy just call me a DRIVER!?" Tamara muttered lowly, obviously annoyed.
"Um no, i'm pretty sure he was talking to me....." Nebraska said, before lifting up her glasses a bit."which is crazy, since i didn't know hired drivers dressed as fashionable as little ol' me!."
She'd laugh a bit, before dropping her glasses back over her eyes and lifting her knee up to break the sign in half. Once broken, she'd walk over towards a nearby trash can and throw it away.

"You do know that was Airport property, right?."
"Oh wells."
"This ought to be one fun ride...."
"Tell me about it...."

The two women, and the two guards, followed the impatient young man towards the doors.
"Hey look, i just googled Miyamoto and "Model".....i'm pretty sure i found him!" Nebraska whispered to Tamara, before showing the woman a Google Images result on her phone. "Pity. I was hoping this was the wrong guy....."

As they walked out the door, Nebraska scanned over Yaten's wiki page, and then showed it to Tamara.
They'd both stand several feet back from the limo, and read the page.....until realizing everyone else had filled into the car, causing them to quickly do the same.


As the limo pulled out of the airport, everyone was silent.
Tamara, still slightly annoyed, chose to sit in-between the two bodyguards.......leaving Nebraska to sit across the way with Yaten. But instead of attempting to start a conversation with the guy she found a bit snobby, Braska simply turned on a re-run of the entertainment show "Showbiz Tonight" and began texting.......until spotting her mother on the TV halfway into the drive.
The topic at hand was her mothers show, Project Runway. But it quickly morphed into a conversation about her mothers divorce from SEAL.......and when one of the gossipy-commentators made a snide remark, Nebraska couldn't help but curse under her breath, before shutitng it off in frustration.

The rest of the ride was silent......and she largely ignored her friends peppy messages about the models they had just picked up, and instead spent her time texting her younger sister Lilly Rose.


A stretch Limo is definitely a sign of money or celebrity-status in Hollywood....but it could also be a sign of a bunch of other random things. So at first they went largely unnoticed. But as they pulled closer to Chateau Marmont, a popular hotel for the who's who of Hollywood, a small crowd of people began to follow them, until they were stopped outside of the hotels gates, as the limo pulled inside.

No one was snapping photos yet, but Nebraska was sure when the drivers door opened, the flashes of camera-phones would begin........and sure enough, they did.

"So Mr. Mee-yah-moto?" Tamara said as they sat in the vehicle, sounding out Yatens surname rather dramatically....which caused Nebraska to snicker a bit as she threw her phone into her bag and then slung it over her shoulder. "We'll bring your bags inside and place them on hold at the main desk, but we'll only be checking in five of the fifteen models. Nebraska here will show you what conference room to go into.......the others have arrived already, so everyone's wait on us."

The two guards would climb out first, followed by Tamara, and then Nebraska - who waved at the small crowd of people behind the gates before walking inside.

Thanks to the guards, Yaten wouldn't have to carry his bags inside, and instead only had to watch as the two guards and Tamara headed for the front desk.

"Well, we haven't been formally introduced, but something tells me you don't really care since apparently i look like a limo driver to you." she said in a friendly yet sarcastic tone, before sliding her sunglasses up over forehead. "So, follow me your highness and i'll show you to the conference might wanna smile though, if you're even interested in getting the gig."
She wouldn't wait for a response, before turn and walking down a hallway to their right.
Figuring he was behind her, she didn't look back once she reached a pair of double doors. The Chateau Marmont had multiple conference rooms available to be rented out by the hour......but this one was by far the largest, and included a stage. So Nebraska knew it was the one Sharen would of chosen.......and without knocking, she walked in.

At first her entrance went unnoticed as the large group of people sitting and standing around the long white conference table, conversed with one another......but the second Adriana spotted her, she waved her friend over.
"Braska! Finally!! We've been here forever!"
"Yeah well you guys didn't have to go to Ontario, so stuff it missy!." she responded with a smile.

Her friends would begin to introduce her to some of the male models, who all smiled cheekily at her. But they wouldn't get far into the naming of names, before Sharen stepped up onto the wide stage in the front of the room and began to hush everyone - telling them all to take a seat.

Once Tamara arrived, there were fifteen male models, Nebraska and her two friends, and three agents, all inside the room. Making the total number of people around the conference table that could seat 30, 21.

"Okay okay, enough chatter you guys and dolls! We're getting a late start as it is.
So my name is Sharen Turney, and i'm the CEO and President of Victoria's Secrets Megabrand and Intimate Apparel.......but i'm sure you know that already.
To those of you from other states, welcome to Cali! And to those of you gracing us from other countries, welcome to the states! I see a bunch of yummy potential, but for our Spring 2012 swimwear catalog, we only have room for 5 men. And there will only be room for three out of the five, in the fashion show......"

Sharen would go on for the next few minutes to explain that this was the first year Victoria's Secret would attempt to include men in it's swimwear section, and that they wanted to start small. If things went well, and sells at least matched expectations, they'd look to perhaps hire some of male models for the long term.

"So for now, if you wouldn't mind, i'd like for all of you gorgeous men to come back stage with me, and strip! We've got a skeleton crew for make-up, and apparel back here, and then we're going to see who of you can shine in front of these lovely women, and that lovely cameraman, the best! So, Chop Chop! Girls, get comfy!"

The photographer on scene was Lester Crymes, the man behind most of the VS catalog shoots. And as he and his crew of three began to set the camera and background scenery up on stage, Nebraska, her friends, and the promotional agents, would converse about the models....once they left.

"Well, sounds like you all had a much more pleasant experience than me and Tamara!" Nebraska said, after listening to her friends and the others speak for more than half an hour.

"What!??" Denise said, shocked. "That guy you walked in with was a quite a bit of handsome! How couldn't you have a pleasant experience??"

"Oh hunny that man might be handsome, but the personality is lacking......severely." Tamara threw in.

"Well personality lacks with all of them, they're men....AND models, what do you expect?" Adriana joked, and everyone laughed.

"Yeah well i'm sure none of the other models thought you guys were their limo drivers!"
Her friends eyes went wide in disbeleif, before the group began to snicker again.

They'd continue on this way until Sharen walked back out on the stage, and began the audition phase.

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Character Portrait: Yaten (Kou) Miyamoto
4 sightings Yaten (Kou) Miyamoto played by MoonRoseAngel666
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Character Portrait: Nebraska Jones Klum


Character Portrait: Nebraska Jones Klum
Nebraska Jones Klum

The popular daughter of two of Hollywoods most loved stars.


Character Portrait: Nebraska Jones Klum
Nebraska Jones Klum

The popular daughter of two of Hollywoods most loved stars.

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Character Portrait: Nebraska Jones Klum
Nebraska Jones Klum

The popular daughter of two of Hollywoods most loved stars.

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trakira wrote:So is this just like a 2 player roleplay?


Yup! A 1x1 means just me and one other person. But like the main page says, it's between me and a friend of mine, so it's closed now. =)

Re: No Title ATM.

So is this just like a 2 player roleplay?

A Tinseltown Affaire...

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