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Hamasaki Saya

a ccg investigator

0 · 394 views · located in Current Day in a way Fantasy Ghouls.

a character in “A Tokyo Ghoul Based Role play”, as played by Touka White Rabbit Kirishima


A normal girl called saya she works in ccg but have a feeling not all ghouls are bad and not all humans are good .....
but .. even she knows that she is very loyal to her job and training thinking this is the only place that accepted her and gave her home to stay since childhood
alot of action will happen u are the one who will decide saya fate
will she keep being loyal or everything will change also her life ? there is no looking back after all
so enjoy

starter : .......
it was a very cold night .........
a girl with brown short black hair .. blue eyes and tall uniform was walking around wondering if there is something unusual is going on or it is just another quiet night

she was happy inside herself thinking it is great to see the life is normal without a fighting or chaos ....

So begins...

Hamasaki Saya's Story

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