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Kanato Minene

A simple hybrid who lives her life seeing the positive side of things.

0 · 405 views · located in Current Day in a way Fantasy Ghouls.

a character in “A Tokyo Ghoul Based Role play”, as played by Kanato


NAME: Kanato Minene
NICKNAME: Kanato, or Nato
GHOUL NAME: Angel, or Crow
AGE: 19
HAIR COLOR: Brown/Auburn (Extremely long, sometimes held in braids that run down her back. When her hair's down, it's beneath the knees.)
EYE COLOR: Light brownish red
BUILD: Small, skinny
GENDER: Female
HEIGHT: 160 cm
WEIGHT: 47 kg
WEAPON(S): Her feathery, bird-like kagune
PERSONALITY: Kanato is a very happy girl, despite being a ghoul/human hybrid, she manages to make the best of it, and see the bright side of things. She tends to see the “Glass half full” rather than empty. She also seems to have a fragile state of mind when it comes to people bringing up her past. She’s also very innocent, and kind hearted. She’s willing to help others no matter the cost, even if it doesn’t work to her benefit.
POWERS: This isn’t really a power, but Kanato can oddly see a few weeks or days ahead of time. To add onto her powers, her human and ghoul parts intertwined as she grew older, adding human strength onto her ghoul strength, speed, and agility, making her abnormally stronger than the usual Ukaku kagune user.
HISTORY: Kanato was always so elegantly energetic, Alert, active… and free. She cared for others, but at the same time, was her own free spirit. She loved being herself, and hoped to be happy, and in a better world someday, as she dreamed she would make it a better place. She always believed that “One person can make a decision, and make a difference with small actions”. She only wanted to make a change… because no one else would. Her parents thought of her as a mistake.. Before her parents’ died. And, from that day on.. Ren became a foster child. She moved between lots of different families. Her birth father killed her birth mother, then himself after he went insane. When she was 5 years old. She never could settle quite right into a good foster home. Some of the foster families who would take her in were merely interested in the financial support that they’d get from adopting a child. The families would often refuse to feed or clothe her. Even when she was in a good home with a good family, the old memories still haunted her, breaking her fragile sanity into a million pieces. She would have nightmares of her mother’s screaming and bleeding, and her father screaming for her, claiming to be after her next. By the time she was in high school, she completely snapped. She started to see things and act out in class. Students and teachers merely thought she was hyperactive, and thought she was seeking attention, so the students would bully her, making her life a living hell. As this progressed.. She would often paint, draw, and write extremely dark, fantastical things. All the while, her condition was getting worse, the voices, and images became more realistic and more demanding, She was sent to a mental institution, where her life grew worse. She would laugh, cry, and feel random emotions and different, and the utmost oddest times. Even within seconds. She would lash out at nurses, doctors, and other patients. She would talk to herself.. She even made up her own friend. Her name was “Charlotte”. She would often be seen alone. In patches of flowers, when given the opportunity.. She often sang a song to herself.. But. Oddly enough.. It never changed. It was that same old song. A song her birth mother would sing to her when she had nightmares. One day, the mental ward she was in had been overrun by ghouls. She’d been taken, but she was already a human/ghoul hybrid. She had been born like that. The other ghouls saw potential in her abilities.

So begins...

Kanato Minene's Story

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