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Brie Watson

"The only time I'll smile is when I'm devouring a meal. And, on special occasions, that is."

0 · 712 views · located in Tokyo; Japan

a character in “A Tragedy”, as played by Rhianoue



β™ͺ London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. London Bridge is falling down.
My. Fair. Lady. β™ͺ




Normal || Blumenkranz | Sawano Hiroyuki ||
Angry || eXORCIST | Hiroyuki Sawano ||
Emotional || Lilium | Kumiko Noma ||


β™” || Name || β™”
Brie Watson
β™” || Alias || β™”
"Call me anything, I don't mind~"
Doctor (Because she likes to dissect and open her 'meal' before consuming)

β™” || Sane or Insane? || β™”
"Well, that is certainly one rude and blunt way to ask."
It's seems although she is sane, but if she were, she is very close to becoming insane.

β™” || Age || β™”

β™” || Role || β™”
Kakuja #3

β™” || Kagunes || β™”
"I specialize in defense, but that doesn't keep me from tearing apart another ghoul."
Besides the kagune that covers her body, Brie's other kagune is an koukaku.

β™” || Gender || β™”

β™” || Sexuality || β™”
Asexual | Bisexual

β™” || Nationality || β™”
100% British

β™” || Face Claim || β™”
Five | Zankyou No Terror

β™” || Height || β™”

β™” || Weight || β™”

β™” || Hair Color || β™”
"Just like snow..."

β™” || Eye Color || β™”
"Red is such a putrid color..."
Purple | Red

β™” || Skin Tone || β™”

Imageβ™” || Birthmark/Piercing/Tattoo/Scar/Noticeable Features || β™”
Brie has two birthmarks, both that look incredibly similar to a regular scar, only a bit thicker and more unnoticeable. She hates them because it seems to ruin her appearance, despite the fact that they're practically invisible. One lays on her collar bone, usually being hidden by her clothes, and the other is on the front of her waist, also usually being covered by clothes, obviously. Piercings are a yes, as Brie has one on both her ears, often putting earrings in both of them. She has no interest in a tattoo. She says that they're pretty to look at, but not something she'd want. Scars are actually a no, thankfully for her, because she eats humans and ghouls weekly (sometimes even daily), so all wounds are shut tight. Besides that, her white hair and unique, purple colored eyes are what draws people's attention away from the fact that she's a kakuja. Maybe also the fact that she's 29, still wears a uniform, but looks years younger.

β™” || Personality || β™”

{Calm | Sadistic | Selfish | Insane}
Brie, despite slowly losing her mind and being a kakuja, it actually very calm. Some could say that she is apathetic about many things because of this, which is, truly, the case. She cares little for many things except for her two kakuja she knows best, August and Avi, but it's not her apathetic behavior towards things that people see, it's just her calm state. Brie can hold her temper, and often, you won't see a frown on her face. She is a strategist after all, which would mean that she's basically ready for anything. She's planned her moves if this or that situation happened and is prepared for anything. That's why nothing seems to come off as very surprising to her most of the times. They ran into a ghoul investigator? Not a surprise. A ghoul had their kagune ripped out?
Not a surprise. A woman was eaten by several ghouls in a dangers ward? Definitely not a surprise. Brie is able to maintain her cool and keep her mature personality, no matter what happens.

Brie is also sadistic and can be called a sadist, but only when it comes to her food. She doesn't quite do things purposely, but when she does, she makes one hell of a story with it. Brie is known almost everywhere as the 'Doctor' because she has a tendency to find her favorite parts of her meal and then leave the leftovers behind for all to see. She is one of the more well-known kakuja because of her unique way of feeding, and because she has no care who comes to her, as she is completely confident in her ability to kill anyone. Out of every meal, she will take her favorite; the heart. If she's feeling very hungry, she may take more, but that alone is enough for her. The dissection is usually before the human/ghoul dies though, making it a very slow and painful death for
some. Other might get lucky and die immediately.

Brie is a kakuja, and only shares when she is in the mood, even towards her fellow kakuja, making her quite a selfish person. If she weren't a kakuja, she could be considered a solo player, because she lives for herself. She doesn't (exactly) let anyone hold her back or hold her down. Nothing limits her. Nothing at all. Some foolish ghouls come to her, asking for mercy and for her to spare them meat, but just because she is large on the news does not mean she is forgiving. No, in fact, any ghoul on TV is most likely the exact opposite. Those who try to live off her are usually killed after their first beg for food and instead become her own food that she stores in her fridge. Sometimes, if she's in a bad mood, she'll even kill an advertisement man who's just trying to hand out flyers. In other words, it's best just to avoid her as a whole because she'll kill, eat, and destroy when she's in the mood for it.
Finally, Brie is going insane. She hopes not to lose whatever sanity she has left, as it is the only thing that allows her to think clearly and have an actual conscience. It's easily shown when you compare what she does to her prey's bodies today to those from only a few months ago. There is a large difference, and Brie's starting to feel like she will no longer be herself anymore. Her body is changing, her kagune is becoming more deadly, and the wanting to eat more ghouls is beginning to overpower the wanting to eat more humans. When the time comes that she feels she will not be able to control herself, that is when she will purposely kill herself, to die while still sane.

β™” || Likes || β™”
βœ“ Eating || "Ah... Human flesh tastes so good... However, ghouls taste horrid. They're hard to chew, and don't have much flavor either... But at the same time... It's addicting..."
βœ“ Kakuja || "I'm not shamed to say I cannibalize. Now, ghouls fear me and my kin. We are more powerful than them, and we can eat all we'd like~"
βœ“ Chess || "It's all about strategy, my specialization. It's also like life itself... All about planning ahead of time, but if your opponent happens to strategize better than you... You're gone. Just like that."

β™” || Dislikes || β™”
βœ— Humans || "Oh, do not get me wrong. I love the way they taste.... But humans themselves are digesting creatures, the way they live and act, how they lie to one another and kill each other. I share no pity for them, as they deserve none. This is why us ghouls exist; to get rid of such an inferior species."

βœ— Music || "So much noise... Too many different sounds to focus on... How do you expect me to love something so loud and obnoxious?"
βœ— Restrictions || "Don't hold me back, or I'll kill you. No on restricts me, especially when I'm hungry. I'll rip your body in half to get to my meal if necessary."

β™” || Fears || β™”
βœ„ Dying || "I am a monster. I am a demon, which is exactly why I don't want to die. I want more time in this glorious life to tear people apart and eat until I'm content. Death puts a chain on me and limits all that I can do. I hate it."
βœ„ Losing Complete Control || "If I'm not the same in this body, it's just like dying."
βœ„ Not Knowing What's Going On || "I am a strategist. If I don't know what's happening, I don't know what to do next. It is unacceptable."

β™” || Bio || β™”
Brie started out as a regular ghoul, just like all ghouls. Surprisingly, she used to be normal. Brie's parents, grandparents, and ancestors all originate from Britain, and so she is British and British alone. However, both her parents met in Japan, despite them not being Asian the least bit, and after they got married, Brie was born, also in Japan. Her parents, while she was young, were planning on moving back to Britain, but thought that there would be no sources of refuge there, since the only ghouls they knew of were in Japan, therefore staying. This explains why Brie looks nothing Asian, but resides in Japan anyways.

She grew up like any normal girl did, although she was a bit more violent, seeing how she was a ghoul, and after graduating high school, she began to go out with this one man she appeared to love. Brie was very anxious though, because she didn't know whether or not this man was a ghoul or human. If he were a human, she'd have to give up on him and never see him again. She knew that sort of relationship wouldn't work, but in the end, she was the one who caught him feeding on a dead human outside the college grounds. And so, from that point, the two were completely dedicated to each other.

A few years later, after Brie graduated from college, majoring in psychology, her husband majoring in engineering, they began to raise a family together. They bought a house, and not so long after, Brie was pregnant with his child. She gave birth around a few months later, naming their daughter Amber for her brownish red hair from her father. Brie's life was filled with happiness and joy in the beginning, she loved her child and her husband, until things began to change only three years after the baby was born.

Her husband and her began to get into more and more fights. They were over silly things too, like who was supposed to change Amber's diapers, or who was supposed to cook that night. Brie was being more reasonable than her husband in every situation, especially when he decided to leave her, taking the baby with him. Brie woke up one morning to her bed empty and her money gone, along with her one and only child. Something clicked inside of her on that day, and she quickly found her husband, or who used to be her husband. He had been in his house, trying to nurse a crying three-year-old child.

Without thought, Brie began to fight with him. She fought a legit, ghoul vs. ghoul fight with her husband, and he gave up, surrendering to the woman, the creature that used to be his wife. Her mind was swirling, and she couldn't think straight, and so she bent down and tore off a piece of flesh from his shoulder, chewing, then swallowing. 'How disgusting...' is what the woman thought, but something kept on telling her to eat, and eat, and eat, and that something eventually drove her to devour her child. Brie had eaten her own three-year-old child that she worked so hard to raised and did so much to get back only to lose her to cannibalism.

Brie still thinks about her child, three years later, and how insane she went back then, but almost everything inside her relating to her old self has died entirely. But new things rise, such as her new love for Aviana and August, her two 'children' as she puts it. But that love will not sustain long, as she is very slowly losing her mind.

β™” || Other || β™”
-Brie calls Avi : darling, love, or Little Avi
-Brie calls August : brat, little one, or child.

So begins...

Brie Watson's Story


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--------Date; May 12th
----------------Time; 8:45 AM
---------------------Weather; Cloudy ; Slight drizzle
-----------------------------Location; Tokyo ; Anteiku
Rhiannon had already woken up that morning, at a time far earlier than she preferred, and got dressed in her uniform, getting ready for work. Her car was an old one, one she had gotten for a cheap price since she was saving most of her money for a professional camera, so the car practically looked like a piece of crap, but no one seemed to bother her about it.

The drive from her small apartment to Anteiku was a mere ten minutes, fifteen if the stoplights decided to turn red on every turn. Today, all the lights were green, so she made it to work early. Rhiannon's stomach wasn't feeling very well when she began to walk through the doors though. She had some time to go down to the fridge to get her 'meal' before working. If she went to work while hungry, who knew what would happen to the costumers...

That's right, Rhiannon was a ghoul, but unlike some, she didn't crave the killing of humans nor the wanting to create chaos. She was peaceful, and actually envied humans more than anything. However, a ghoul was a ghoul. Nothing would change that. Rhiannon's attempts to digest human food had, overtime, ruined her health as a ghoul, and her fighting capabilities. Her rinkaku could hardly be called a way of selfdefense. It couldn't be used as a weapon either. All that human food and lack of actual human meat made her too weak to hunt for herself, therefore making a job at Anteiku hitting two birds with one stone; she had a source of food (although only when she desperately needed it) and a source of money.

Rhiannon didn't wave to anyone inside the cafe since she really began to feel the hunger. Thankfully, Anteiku wouldn't actually open for human customers for another 15 minutes, because if there were any humans in the room, they'd see a girl with ghoulish red eyes stumbling to the back of the cafe. 'I-I need to eat...' She thought, trying her hardest to contain the monstrous hunger. She found herself disgusting, ugly, and horrifying when she was truly hungry.

Once she made her way towards the secret fridge, the one that stored all the meat specifically and only for ghouls, she opened it up immediately. She could feel that urge to feast on something living nearby. No matter how human she wanted to act, a ghoul would always hunger for human flesh. Rhiannon grabbed a package and tore it open as quickly as possible before grabbing the piece of red meat and stuff it in her mouth. A satisfying feeling came over her.

The heavy breathing slowed down, the red in her eyes faded away to their usual hazel color. The girl had an urge to cry as she chewed the food, and then swallowed, but it was something that had to be done. She wasn't going to cry over something that silly. After heading to the bathroom afterwards, to clean up her face, fix her hair, and try to look normal again, she cleared her throat, and headed back to the cafe floor, where they would open shortly.

Rhiannon put on her usual normal-looking smile. At first glance, or maybe even second or third, Rhiannon looked just like a normal person. "Sorry about that sight." The waitress apologized to those who were in the room. She was about to recommend opening the shop early before the news on the TV caught her eye.

"-and yet another attack by a ghoul had happened, despite CCG assuming that they'd take care of the situation." On the TV, a man holding a microphone was speaking into the camera in front of what looked like a crime scene, but nothing could be seen due to the angle the cameraman chose. "The body appears to have been opened, and with the condition the rest of it is in, it appears to be the work of a ghoul, but not just any ghoul, a kakuja. The woman who was murdered this very morning has been confirmed to be a ghoul, and it has been known that only cannibalistic ghouls, or kakuja, eat their own kind. Lately...-"

"Huh..." Rhiannona murmured. "It looks like they're becoming more active lately. I didn't expect the population of cannibals to be so high though..." Rhiannon sighed with a shake of her head and had a seat at one of the vacant tables. The rising population of kakuja was a concern nowadays, but it wasn't only for humans. The lives of ghouls were at stake too.