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Aaron Yun Chevalier

0 · 221 views · located in The United States

a character in “A Trip to Remember, a Trip to Never Forget”, as played by VisualSins


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The Person Pulling My Strings:VisualSins
Name: Aaron Yun Chevalier
Nickname(s): None
Number of Candles on My Last Cake: 18

Height: 6' 2''
Weight: 130LB
Eye color: Naturally black; Wears contacts, alot
Hair color: Naturally Dirty Blonde; Dyed brown-black

Am I “Normal“? Normal? Nope, no way, hell no. I'm definatly not normal, the reason been is that I can draw out people's greatest desires...not by touching them or anything it just comes at random; I'll never be able to control that, I've tried trust me. It usual is from people I've meet, seen, intracted with or are friends with...ot those who I'm very close to. But the weird thing is most of the desires I draw are usually in a grotesque kind of way, and they are always on eof the deadly sins...most of the time. I never show anyone the drawing of those episodes of mine for they'll get creeped out or something and I sure to hell! Don't want anyone to see them, they look so horrid, it'll give people nightmares. [Ex. Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride]

What’s Behind the Smile: TBA
A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane: TBA

Rain Drops on Roses:
+ His Friends
+ Spening time with his Friends
+ Music; Rock, Metal, Punk Rock, Visual Kei
+ Playing the Drums, Guitar, Bass, Violin, Paino
+ Martial Arts: Karate, Ninjutsu, Tai Kwon Do
+ Street Fighting
+ Summer Time
+ Horror, Action Movies
+ Roses/Gardinas
+ Smoking
+ Drinking Beer
+ Dogs
+ Rainy Days
+ Basketball
+ Soccer
+ Track
+ Bitter Stuff
+ Sketching
- His Father
- His Past
- His Life [Though his friends make it much better]
- Fakes
- Pointless Fights
- Arguing with Morons...
- Cowards
- Superbly Hot Days
- Stuck ups
- Being Told What To Do
- Weak Girls
- Soft Things
- Been dragged places without his consent
- ...Himself....Sometimes....
* Agraphobia- Fear of sexual abuse
* Arsonphobia- Fear of fire
* Nosocomephobia - Fear of hospitals
* Trypanophobia - Fear of injections
* Novercaphobia - Fear of step-mother
* Fear of turning out like his father
Skills/Passion: Besides him having the ability to draw out people's desires, musical talents in singing, violin, guitar, drums, and the bass, also martial arts there isn't much else Aaron is skilled at...maybe cooking but his average. His passion is drawing/sketching/painting and also his music which is something helps him remember his mom.

Don't you Dare Tell Them, But I...: TBA

-- Two Weeks worth of clothing, All Imported from Japan.
-- Bath Items/Dental Items
-- Make-up [Yes, he wears SOME make-up , got a problem?]
-- Cologne (2 kinds)/Deodorant (3 sticks)
-- Normal Shoes (2 pairs of Sneakers, 1 pair of Dress Shoes)
-- Party Shoes (2 pairs of Boots)
-- Some accessories (Unknown to everyone :P)
-- Guitar, Violin
-- Sketchbook/Pencils/Pens
-- 3 Good Books (Fanatsy of Course!)
-- I-pod Touch
-- $1,000 Dollars (Three saved up Paychecks, his Gold Visa (Stole it from his father)
-- Swim Suit (3 of them)
-- His ID [His legally 18 :P]; Fake ID [Says his 21 :3]
-- Video Camera/Digital Camera
-- His School bag that has other stuff in it (Basically School things...maybe ;P surpirse surpirse)
-- Towels (3)
-- Chargers for his electronics
-- Laptop (Black)
-- 3 Blankets (Small ones)
-- Sleeping Bag (Outside the Suitcase)
-- Other Random Items he THOUGHT to pack! (Mystery Oooo)

Anything Else?: Was in a band back in Japan called Iki Yoru, he was the Singer; He dresses in a style called Visual Kei, if you call it Emo dressing, Scene dressing or you call him Emo or Scene he'll kick you right in the face, so be careful! Favorite Song at the moment: DespairsRay - Love is Dead


So begins...

Aaron Yun Chevalier's Story