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Alexis Alice Mayes

0 · 199 views · located in The United States

a character in “A Trip to Remember, a Trip to Never Forget”, as played by IceFoxJess



The Person Pulling My Strings: IceFoxJess
Name:Alexis Alice Mayes
Nickname(s): Lex, Lexy
Number of Candles on My Last Cake: Eighteen

Height: Five foot, six inches
Weight: Hundred and eight pounds
Eye color: They are a bright blue. I guess they could be called eithe baby or maybe sky blue.
Hair color: Blond with black underneath

Am I “Normal“? No such luck. I have Pyrokinesis. From what I’ve Googled on it, it’s the ability to start, extinguish, and control fire. Personally the most I can do on the control thing is barely control the flames I start. I’m not the best in the world, I have a lot of work to do if I really want a bit more control over it. Piece of advice, if I get too mad, throw water on my head, I can’t do a whole lot if I get distracted.

What’s Behind the Smile: Alexis has a bad habit of saying what she thinks at times, even if it‘s more then a little insensitive. It’s not like she always means to, it just slips out. She tries her best to try and watch her mouth when she talks to her friends or their parents, but she’s the kind of girl who calls people on their bull. Alexis at heart is a loving girl, but she has trouble showing it at times. Some could call her blunt, sarcastic, even at times a little mean, but that's not all true. It’s more of a face she’s put up for people she hardly knows or likes.

Alexis is the girl you can count on to have your back, to be there for you when you need someone to back you up, and try to make things right. You could kill the Pope in Italy and she would yell she helped just to try and get some of the Catholic mob’s attention off you. Alexis is the girl who would jump out of a third story window into the bed of a pickup truck full of a pillows and a mattress or two, on a dare. She see’s everyday could be her last, so why waste it. She might not always thinks before she acts but if she does someone wrong, and she doesn't think they deserved it, or if she plainly just gets caught she’ll own up to it with that cocky grin or smirk on her face. Alexis has had a bad habit of getting herself in trouble with her mischievous attitude. She was probably the first fourth grader to ever put the paints in the art room on a spring loaded pad, that she ‘barrowed’ from her brothers, and caused her own self decorating adventure on the pail yellow class room, not to mention what got on her and her classmates. Some could say Alexis is easily flustered which is actually pretty true, she blushes at the drop of a hat.

Though Alexis isn’t all smiles and giggles. She easily gets annoyed, but she’ll stomach it if it’s for a friend, she’ll bite her tongue and go on. Though once she is mad it’s either she lash’s out and doesn't stop until she either draws tears or blood or just until she gets even. Though on very rare occasions she’ll forgive without returning the hurt, but you better watch it, she won’t do it twice. Alexis, on her own is actually not as tough as she acts, most of it is either her inability to really think before she acts, which makes her seem brave, she just doesn't back down from a challenge, it doesn't mean she’s not scared the whole time she does it. Alexis has a frail side to her but she tries her best to not show it too often, but in all Alexis is a sweet, fun loving girl who just has a bark that matches her bite.

A Little Stroll Down Memory Lane:
Alexis is the youngest of four kids having an elder sister, Rachel, she’s plainly the supportive, party girl who has always helped Alexis get in and out of trouble, even though she is the eldest of the Mayes kids. Then their are the twins, Daniel, the responsible, serious, book worm of the two; it’s no exaggeration to say that he took an almost maternal role of the house, being that their parents are never home, so Daniel took the role of a mother of sorts, being the fact he took care of most of the house work, and cooking, and kicked the other kids butts in gear to take care of the chores he assigned them. He is also the one who will sit there and listen to what's on your mind, not a judging thought crossing his mind, though like Jax he doesn't much care for Alexis hang out with or going on this car trip with guys, to him she’ll always be that innocent bright eyed little girl clinging to her teddy bear who needs her big brothers to protect her at every turn. Then last, but not lest is Jax, the more out going, always smiling, overly protective, womanizer of the twins. He was in the closest thing you could call a gang in Willow brooks a few years back, he isn’t as involved as he use to be, not wanting his family to mixed up in that anymore, but he still keeps in touch with his friends. He took the role of the overly protective sibling, an almost fatherly role in the house. Scaring away anyone he thought would do his sibling harm, and if scaring doesn't work...Well Alexis never did know what happened to that creep who used to date Rachel.

Now their are her parents, Gina and Greg Mayes. Gina works out of town as a traveling photographer, a successful one, but at the cost of being successful she is almost always gone, hardly ever home for holidays or birthdays, but she always remembers to send her kids presents from her travels. Then theirs her dad, Greg, he is a doctor, a surgeon actually, on quite a few occasions he’s been called out of town for consults and such, but usually he’s either at work, asleep, or out with some friends, but a few of the kids belive he’s out with one of the nurses from the hospital. Which honestly piss’s Jax and Daniel off, poor Alexis refuses to fully acknowledge the very likely true fact, and Rachel...Well Rachel is hard to tell on this. Maybe the absents of her parents is what made Alexis such a little handful, always seeming to cause some sort of mischief around town, pulling some pranks on people, more often then not on the crabs and hateful teachers. Though she always had a reason she thought was good, be it for them hurting some poor animal who was on their lawn, for unfairly punishing somebody. Though if it concerned the school slut, Tonya Clarks, it was mostly out of pure meanness, and a little pay back; ever since kindergarten it seems the two girls had loved nothing more then to torture the other. It all started with Alexis accidentally knocking a thing of finger paints on Tonya’s snot green sundress, and the Tonya poring a carton of milk down the back of Alexis shirt, and well, things just got worse from their.

Though Alexis has done more then just cause trouble for some of the most distasteful bunch that she didn’t consider good in her book, like for instance three Christmases back, the mayor was trying to get it where no one wasn’t allowed to call a Christmas tree a Christmas tree, it could only be called a holiday tree. Now that motivated Alexis to do something productive. She got her friends and a few kids from school to sit out with her in front of the town hall protesting this, and well before she knew it, ten kids turned to thirty, thirty to sixty, then finally most of the schools student population was out their protesting, one kid even brought their laptop and projector, they played Christmas songs out of the cars all day and night while they had Christmas movies playing on the wall of the building next to the town hall. It was one hell of a time, and in the end they won.

Alexis is glad for the break from Willow brooks, and the fact she gets to spend it with her friends and the fact her crush, or more like crush’s, are among that group makes it all the better. This is going to be one hell of a road trip she’ll never forget.

Rain Drops on Roses:
Music. Mostly Rock, metal, a little pop, classical and Visual Kei. {She found it while boredly searching for music on YouTube}
Playing pranks
Sweets, chocolate especially.
Roses, and Orchids
Skelanimals. {What can she say? Their cute!}
Enjoying a good smoke.{Especially when she’s stressed}
Secretly she likes to cook/people liking her cooking.
Star gazing.
Animals and Kids.
Hanging out with her friends and siblings.
Playing in snow/Snow
Gentle rain
Comedy movies, Action flicks, Horror movies and romance comedies.
Thrills {Rock climbing, bungee jumping, Paragliding, ect}
Someone running their fingers through her hair.
Soft fuzzy things
Taking pictures and recording

People thinking she’s useless because she’s a woman
Crying in front of people
Losing her lighter.
Thunder storms
Animal and child abuse.
Her klutzy moments.{I swear it gets me in the most awkward situation's at times.}
Unbearably hot days.
People making fun of her because she is at times childish.
Being ordered around by people she doesn't like or respect.
Queen Bee sluts/Girls who think they can have what ever and do what ever they want using Sex and money.
Being trapped in the dark
People who try to get rid of Traditions. {Like the Christmas tree thing.}
People who constantly wine and complain.

Fears: Alexis is scared of storms, always has been since she was a little girl. Then she scared of being in the dark by herself. Then finally she is scared of spiders, they creep her out to high heaven, she‘s take snakes over spiders any day.

Flaws: Alexis doesn't always think before she acts , which in many cases could be considered one hell of a flaw Another being once she gets an idea to do something she doesn't stop until it is accomplished, so I guess one thing to call her would be stubborn. Some other flaws of hers as well are, that once she gets mad or upset she doesn't get over it until she either gets even or finally vents it all. Which can be bad for her health if she tries to repress it.


Skill: She is skilled at drawing/Sketching. She's an okay fighter, not all that strong, but she's good at thinking on her feet. She's a fast runner so it’s useful, more often then not. She has a photographic memory, and she is a decent cook.

Passion: Alexis is an artist at heart, she admires all forms of art, be it the painted, the culinary, the music or even the photographic arts. Maybe that's why she still holds her mother in slight regards. Though Alexis dreams to pursue a career in art after attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, but she also has a love for cooking so she’s slightly leaning towards going to the Culinary Institute of America, but in the end Chicago might be her choice.

Don't you Dare Tell Them, But I...:{Will choose the two guys she’s crushing on when the profiles are up. Though feel free to have some one crushing on her first. ;3}

* About two weeks worth of cloths.{Shirts, tank tops, skirts, shorts and pants, including panties and bras. Thank God for laundry mats!}
* Three pairs of flip flops
* Three clubbing outfits
* Toiletries.{Two bottles of shampoo, one strawberry, the other orchid, two bars of dove soap, two bottles of body wash, both one cherry blossom and almonds and a bottle of vanilla body wash, two tubes of spearmint toothpaste and a tooth brush.}
* Hair brush
* Hair accessories{Scrunches, bands, pins, hair clips.}
* Make-up
* About ten or twelve accessories
* Three sticks of Deodorant, two bottles of body mist and one bottle of perfume
* Two pairs of tennis shoes and a pair of high tops.
* Ten DVDs{Three Action flicks, three Horror, three romance comedies, and one anime}
* one night gown, three PJ’s, two pairs of Victoria Secret boxers, with t-shirts, one over sized t-shirt, and one pair of short shorts and a tank top.
* Her I-Pod touch
* Four hundred dollars in cash and her fathers Visa card with a nine hundred dollar limit and her fathers Debit card with a five hundred dollar limit.
* A deck of cards

Duffel bag:
* Four bikinis.
* Two board shorts
* Three towels
* Three pairs of high heels
* Two pairs of boots.
* Deflated beach ball
* Portable DVD player
* Transformable Diego the skelanimal pillow{What? It’s soft!}
* First aid kit
* Fake ID that says she’s Twenty one
* Two packs of filtered cigarettes
* Pocketknife{You never know when you need a pocket knife.}
* Pepper spray her brothers made her pack
* Three box’s of chocolate pocky, two of vanilla, and one of strawberry.
* An extra box of Band aids, extra roll of bandages and tape
* A small bottle of rubbing alcohol and a small bottle peroxide
* Sketch pad, four number two pencils, one pack of color pencils, and erasers.
* Her digital camera
* Her DVD Players car charger
* Her Cell’s car charger
* Her cameras wall charger
* Two small hand bags{Yeah, she is pack exstra pures...What the clubbing outfits need pures that match...}

Her purse:
{Even Alexis doesn't go anywhere without her purse.}
* Her Samsung propel {It might be a little out dated, but she thinks it’s cute and it works.}
* Her strawberry flavored lip gloss and her cotton candy lip gloss
* Chap stick
* two of her navel rings
* ]Note pad
* Two colored ball point gel pens
* Alive
* A small bottle of Coco butter lotion
* Her Green plastic lighter
* A Matchbook

Anything Else?: Alexis has her navel pierced and her ears pierced twice, but usually only wears one pare of earrings at a time.

So begins...

Alexis Alice Mayes's Story