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Aurora Rose

"Do me a favor, and enjoy your life."

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a character in “A Twisted Fairytale”, as played by xLevesquex


Aurora Rose

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Basic Info

My name is not Sleeping Beauty. It's Aurora, get it right.

Aurora "Briar" Rose
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Briar or Sleeping Beauty
Okay, you must be way more hammered than I am right now.

5' 4"
And this is why I wear heels.

Curvy on her hips; C32 breast size.
Hair Color:
Golden Blonde with Dark Brown Roots (from dying)
Eye Color:
Clear Light Blue Eyes
Scars or Markings:
Infinity Tattoo; on Hip Bone
Black Rose with Vines; on Hand, Vines Wrapping Around Middle Finger

Brief Written Description:
Aurora has an oval shaped face and creamy pale skin. She has clear light blue eyes, and she often wears dark makeup, which brings out her eyes. She has long golden blonde hair with dark brown roots.

Quirks and Faults
Drinking Problem

  • Roses
  • Partying
  • Music
  • Sleeping
  • Movies

  • Prince Philip
    I don't hate him, but I definitely don't like him.
  • Being Bossed Around
  • Hangovers
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Frogs

Secretly, wants to travel the world!
Secretly, wants the perfect soul mate, even if she flirts now and then for the time being.

Secretly, has a fear of being rejected again.
Aurora's really scared of frogs!

Getting put into a deep sleep so easily and completely letting her defenses down, really made Aurora think about things. Aurora started going out more, making friends with people and she naturally was pretty popular amongst the citizens, considering she was a princess. At first she was gentle, kind, shy and sweet, but she didn't want to be that defenseless princess that could easily get put into an eternal sleep, she hated the thought of being the damsel in distress. So, Aurora started becoming a party animal and way more outgoing. Aurora's new personality includes more attitude and she's definitely a stubborn princess. Aurora embraces her independence more than anything and she can be quite irresponsible at times. Aurora might not look it, but she is actually very smart. Singing is definitely apart of her personality, Aurora has the voice of an angel. Her looks are also apart of her personality, since the fairies gave her the gift of beauty and the gift of song. Aurora is very daring and rebellious, and still acts like she's 18.

You all know how Aurora's life is. She was born in a kingdom to a family of nobles, and was betrothed to Philip before she ever fell in love with him. The Three Good Fairies gave her gifts. Flora, gives her the gift of beauty and Fauna gives her the gift of song. But before Merryweather could give Aurora her gift, a wicked fairy named Maleficent, curses Aurora, proclaiming that when the sunsets on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and die. Merryweather used her last gift to save Aurora, and make sure that she only falls into a slumber, that may only be awaken by her true love. The Three Good Fairies took Aurora deep into the forest, and changed her name to 'Briar Rose'. While out in the forest one day, her beautiful voice catches the attention of Prince Philip however, Aurora has no clue that they are betrothed, and Prince Philip believes her to be a peasant. When Aurora is brought back home and discovers that the long lost princess is her, she's devastated to find out that she is betrothed to a prince, not knowing that it is her true love. In the castle, Maleficent lures Aurora to a secret room, away from the fairies. Aurora is enchanted and forced to touch the spinning wheel, then falls into a deep sleep. The Good Fairies puts everyone else in the kingdom to sleep as well, and the spell would not be broken until the princess was awoken. The fairies find out who Aurora's true love is, and attempts too find him, but he is captured by Maleficent. The fairies go to rescue Prince Philip, who then kills Maleficent in dragon form and kisses Aurora. Then they lived Happily Ever After... or not. While the rest of the kingdom celebrated her return and awakening, she felt embarrassed. Aurora let her defenses down and had to be the damsel in distress. The fairies and the prince tried telling her that it was a curse, and it was meant to happen, but that didn't change the way she felt about the situation. Aurora and Phillip were wed, and she might've loved him, but she didn't know him. They settled in the cottage in the forest, but Aurora didn't want to spend the rest of her life married. Like said before, she loved him but it just went too fast. Aurora started going to the City of Royalty, were many Royals lived and she started socializing and making friends. At first, she was a bit shy but that blew over. After months of going to the city, for days or nights at a time, Phillip finally confronted her, saying he wanted someone who could settle down, but that's not who Aurora wanted to be, or at least not yet. She's always wanted to find her true love, and she found him. But she knew something wasn't right. They were polar opposites and that would only result in fights, and while Phillip was stuck in a fairytale, Aurora was facing the adventures of reality and being young and beautiful. Phillip did something that Aurora couldn't stand to do, he broke it off. Aurora was heartbroken for so long, but also somewhat relieved. She got funds from her family, who didn't want her and Phillip to split, because it would severe the bond between both of their kingdoms. Aurora didn't care what they had to say, and she left with her family funds. She got herself a high rise apartment in the city and started partying and drinking a lot. She also became close friends with Belle.

How often do you get online?:
How often can we expect you to be able to post?:
Everyday, and if not, then once every other day.
Password: ~Happily Ever After~

So begins...

Aurora Rose's Story

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Paris woke in his bed. He knew it was most likely morning but he couldn't tell how light it was, considering it was oddly dark. He rolled over and found himself landing face first on the flow with a loud thud as it knocked the air out of him. Letting out a small whine, he reached up and noticed he still had his sleep mask over his eyes. After a small sigh, he stood up fast and took the purple mask that had stitching that was meant to resemble eyes off his face and set it on his pillow. He looked around the now lit room and was pleased to see his lovely Snow still seamlessly sleeping on the other side of the bed. "I hope I didn't wake you, sweetheart." Paris whispered as softly as he possibly could as to no wake her anymore than he possibly could.

He walked around to Snow's side of the bed and pulled the blankets up gently over her shoulder and gave a quick soft peck on her forehead before scampering off to the large walk-in closet. Paris crossed an arm over his chest to put the elbow of his other arm in his hand and put his free one under his chin as he examined the clothes in the closet with a thinking look on his face. "What to wear. What to wear." He spoke, putting together in his head what he should wear. He carefully put together outfit after outfit together and decided between each one before raising his eyebrow as a smirk spread across his face. Grabbing a black tank-top with "I'm Fabulous!" cursive design written on it in a sparkly pink, a light leather light-pink gold-zipper jacket, black short-shorts, black studded short heeled boots and his favorite smoky-purple contacts, he skipped over to the 'powder room'.

Once there, Paris got right to work fixing his hair. Today though, he felt a little too lazy to gel it up, so he simply combed his bright pink hair over to the left of his face. He put a bobby-pin in the back to insure it from falling back over. He then left his bangs to fall in his face. After the hair was pretty much taken care of, his put in his contacts then went on to putting on the rest of his face. Mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, foundation, blush, lip stain, lip liner, lip stick, you name it, Paris Prince has it. And he uses it. He went in that room his almost-natural self with the copper-brown eyes and the tan-colored lips, and he came out his now usually purple-eyed pink-lipped self. He smiled to himself as he went as quietly as possible to the door of the bedroom before turning back to check if Snow was still there. Smiling as to see she was, he scampered down the stars and into the kitchen.

A little thing to know about Paris is the fact that the only things be can coke is anything sweet (like cake, cupcakes, cookies, etcetera) and fabulously juicy and tasty roasted chicken. That being said, Paris got out the ingredients to make blueberry pancakes. But, of course like any fabulous person, he needs a little fabulous music to cook to. Paris, in the most fabulous way possible, picked up the remote to the stereo system and turned the radio on. With much surprise and a great big smile on his face, an old favorite came on. 'My Pumps'. So, as Paris cooked, he danced slightly to the music as he slightly sang along and started putting pancake after pancake on a large plate in the middle of the island in the kitchen. Once they were all done, Paris grabbed a couple plates, forks, maple syrup, powdered sugar, chocolate syrup, and strawberries out and put them all nicely out on the island. Smiling and nodding slightly as he put his hands on his hip, giving a little hip pop and looking over his work. He then worked his way over to the stairs and yelled up with a smile. "Snow, darling, breakfast awaits!" He yelled with a smile before going back into the kitchen and starting a kettle of tea and pulling a picture of pink lemonade out of the fridge.


Phillip awoke to the sound of the birds chirping. He smiled as he woke opened his eyes to the first morning air and the sun just coming into view. Stepping down from his hammock and heading to house. It was a nice little wooden cottage. Once inside, he got himself a cup of coffee and the newspaper. Yes, Phillip, unlike most people, still read the newspaper. He didn't have a computer or laptop at his home. He didn't even need a T.V. there, but he liked to watch Sunday night football sometimes. After he found coffee grans in his coffee, he wrinkled his nose then sat the cup on the little table by the kitchen along with the newspaper.

Looking up at the calendar, Phillip was a little disappointed. It was one of those days where he had to go to the city. Letting out a sigh, he stood from his seat and walked off to the back room. At the moment, he was wearing an old worn out flannel shirt and old worn out brown pants with no socks or shoes. He was in a, what some people would call, homeless look. He grabbed his suite and laid it out on the bed before grabbing his black dress shoes and black dress socks. He stopped in the bathroom and shaved his face then went to put the suite on. He was all nice and situated.

Now, Phillip grabbed the briefcase from the floor of his closet. It didn't really hold much but paperwork for his fathers business, a few fountain pens and a few pictures of the city and it's people. This was Phillip's way of giving back by helping with the city's website. Now you know one of the reasons Phillip distances himself. Though, there was also Aurora. Phillip shook the thought of Aurora from his mind as he picked up his car keys and wallet. He then went out to his Cadillac and started out of his long drive to get to the dirt road that lead to the highway that lead into the city. One of the difficulties of living far into the wood.

As he drove, he put in his favorite CD in and his favorite song and part of his motto came on. 'Simple Life'. It would probably be an understatement to say this song was just Phillip's theme song. It was more like his way of life. He got to the city with a few hours to burn. So he did what he usually does while in the city. He parked his car in a parking lot building, he was on the third floor. He was fine with it though. With the song stuck in his head, he was fine with it. He grabbed his briefcase and started the long walk down.

After a while, maybe twenty minutes, he reached the sidewalk. It was obvious he was in a good mood today as he greeted everyone he passed. He then ducked into a coffee shop to grab a quick cup of coffee before heading off to work. Once in there though, he saw a familiar face. Wendy Darling. Nice girl, darling name. Phillip thought as he smiled and chuckled slightly at his comment about the girl. He walked past her on the way to the cash register. "Good morning, Wendy." He said to her with a smile before going up to order his black coffee and walking back to her. "I wish you a pleasant day." He added as he paused slightly in front of her table with a smile and slight nod.

"Well, I haven't the time to chat at the moment for I'm off to work, but it was a pleasure seeing you this fine morning." Phillip added, smile still on his face and a glow just steaming off him as he enjoyed his good mood. He then headed out of the coffee shop and down the sidewalk towards his work. He was certain nothing in the world could dampen his good mood. Nothing.

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Character Portrait: Aurora Rose
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Aurora yawned and sat up. She stretched and rubbed her eyes. Aurora looked around her room and it was surprisingly clean. Not that she was a slob, but it just wasn't usually so tidy. Aurora kicked the blankets off of her body and got up without bothering to fold the blankets. She looked at her alarm clock and it read '11:04'. She staggered towards her body sized mirror and took a look at herself. She raised an eyebrow and widened her eyes. She began chuckling quietly to herself at how terrible she looked. Her hair was completely messed up and unnecessarily wavy, she had smeared makeup around her eyes and she was wearing a white laced bra with black knee high socks and black short shorts. Aurora walked into her kitchen and seen a bread basket her counter. It was still warm, so she assumed it was homemade. Aurora picked up the card that was tied to the handle and it read her name. She opened it, and it read; 'Morning, sunshine. I hope you enjoy this homemade bread. Love, Ryan.' Aurora scoffed and ripped the card up, throwing it into the trash behind her. As if Ryan actually did something out of concern for someone else's feelings. Aurora picked up a loaf of the still warm bread and stuffed it in her mouth as she walked into her bathroom, getting ready to hop into the shower.

About 40 minutes later, Aurora came out of the washroom with new makeup on and was wrapped up in a towel. Aurora walked by the bread and eyed it with a smirk on her face. It was a bit cooler than before, but she was still hungry so she grabbed another loaf before running to her room. Aurora took her towel off and put on some white matching undergarments and an outfit suited to the weather. Aurora walked back into her bathroom to blow dry her hair and straighten her hair. Ashley grabbed a small handbag that matched her outfit and put her wallet and cellphone inside before grabbing her keys and rushing out the door. Ashley locked up her luxurious apartment and headed towards the elevator.

Ashley walked down the street and got eyed by people walking by. She just smiled a sweet smile and waved at them. She could hear some people saying her name to each other and small things like 'princess' or 'voice' and she chuckled. Just simple words that described her. Ashley walked into a small cafe and ordered a caramel frappuccino. She sat down at a circular table with a high stool. She pulled out her cellphone to check her schedule and began sipping from her straw. Life was good.