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Drizella Tremaine

"Ooh, a prince!"

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a character in “A Twisted Fairytale”, as played by Rage&Pride




Basic Info

Drizella Tremaine

Ugly Stepsister 2






119 lbs

Slim hourglass shape

Hair Color:
Dark Brunette, Sometimes with lighter brown highlights

Eye Color:

Scars or Markings:
None really other than the light speckle of rather light freckles across her face

Brief Written Description:
Drizella is a rather short girl who tends to wear dresses fragrantly. She does have a light speckle of freckles across her face, but they're not too noticeable due to the high amount of makeup she wears. She always has makeup on, always. Even if it seems like she's "going natural", she's not.

Quirks and Faults
She tends to stare off into space a lot. That being said, she can sometimes be staring at you like she's listening, but she wont hear a word you say. Her faults include her anger problem. Yes, Drizella has an anger problem, even though it's not noticeable, it's there.

*Putting People Down
*Eligible Men
*Getting What She Wants

*Small Animals
*Not Getting what she truly wants

To marry her own prince one day. To be excepted and please her mother.

Failing her mother and not being successful. Not living up to her mothers dreams.


Drizella, in Cinderella's happily ever after version, is portrayed as haughty, abusive, sadistically cruel and highly unorganized. This is, unfortunately, all true but she's rather organized. It doesn't really show much though, as she keeps it under tight wraps. She can probably be defined as a sociopath or psychopath for she doesn't really give a hoot what anyone gets hurt by. She also doesn't care what people think of her, unless they're her mother. She has a high respect for her mother and only wants to please her. The only way to please her mother is to marry a prince. That being said, she resents Cinderella for marrying a prince. On a few last notes, Drizella has an anger problem. It might not be noticeable now when someone makes her angry, but she'll start planning for revenge right away. She also hates when people, like her sister, doesn't listen to her and that can make her get physical.


Drizella grew up with her sister. They were the only daughters of Lady Tremaine. They didn't really have a father, as their mother was too picking when looking for someone. Then their mother got married to a guy who had had a wife before her and had a child. From the first looks of his daughter, Drizella didn't like her. She was too pretty and nice, not at all like her or her sister. After a little while, Cinderella's father died. After the death, Drizella, her mother, and her sister take over the estate and force Cinderella into servitude. The make her clean the enormous home they live in, wash their clothes, cook their food and serve it to them, and live in a cold and filthy room. Drizella and her sister tormented her, and Drizella would just laugh at her. She was jealous, Drizella was. She was jealous of the girl from being so kind-hearted and loveable. It made her sick. She'd just smile and laugh sadistically as Cinderella was tormented not only by herself and her sister, but by their cat Lucifer as well. One day, the King calls a ball for the Prince to find himself a wife. Excited that she may finally fulfill her mothers wishes, Drizella gets ready. She get's disappointed though when her mother agrees that Cinderella may come along. After Cinderella comes out before they leave and Drizella's mother points out the beads around Cinderella's neck that were clearly hers, even if she threw them out, Drizella pulled at the beads and ripped up Cinderella's gown and left for the ball. It was fabulous, the ball was. Drizella loved it, plus she was sure she'd get the prince in her grasps. But just before she could, a mysterious beautiful gown had taken him into a dance. As it was close to midnight and the ball was ending, Lady Tremaine decided it was time for her and the girl to leave. With all disappointment, Drizella agreed and went back home with her mother and sister. The next day, word comes that the duke will be coming to the homes to find a girl to fit a slipper and marry him. Beleaving she could squeeze into it, Drizella goes and prepares, even saying to herself "I'm going to marry a prince!". Unfortunately, as we all know, that didn't happen and it was Cinderella who got to. Since then, she's become a quite successful woman working at a store for the richer and more classy people of the land and still tries her best to sway any "prince" she sees.

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Happily Ever After

So begins...

Drizella Tremaine's Story

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Paris didn't even care about the little swat Snow gave him with the newspaper. He knew that was her thing. But he didn't hold back any chuckles. He just found her so cute. Everything the girl did was just so her. Nothing was too girly or whatever else you want to call it, but it was real. It was how she was. And Paris just loved it all. And loved her all. Every last inch of her. He smiled as he made his way back to his tea and took a few sips of hit before looking in the closest shiny-reflective thing, that being the stainless still fridge that was still so new, it was reflective like a mirror. He looked at his reflection and check his makeup. This was a habit of his, checking his makeup after eating or drinking something.

He then ended his little make-up-check-up with a slight pouted model like look before turning around to see Snow doing one of her fantastic little gymnastic bends. His eyebrow spiked up slightly before he made his way over to a cabinet. He hadn't eaten much, so he decided he might as well get himself something. So he got himself a white-chocolate covered granola bar and ate that as he sipped on the rest of his tea and leaned against the counter while he watched Snow.

Once he was done with that, he saw Snow on her last bite and headed over to the other room. He had to find his sunglasses. He needed them. Before he made it there, though, he was stopped by a bouncing Snow-bunny. He smiled and let out a small laugh. "Well, I was thinking we could go get some ice creams then go window shopping. How about that?" Paris said with a smile as he poked Snows nose. Yeah, he knew she didn't like being poked, but she was just so tempting to poke with all that damn jumping. He then went around her to the other room, the living room. It was a big room with a big flat screen TV and a big leather couch to fit a lot of people. He strutted around as he looked for his sunglasses and finally found them on the coffee table. He snatched them up and put them on his head. They weren't over his eyes, but on top of his head. He walked back over to Snow before raising his eye brow at her. "You are gonna change, right?" He added, adding to the fact she was still wearing her pajamas. "We should get a puppy." Paris added randomly before heading back up the stairs, his heels clicking on the ground as he walked, and into their room to pick out a purse.


Drizella awoke at the sound of her alarm clock. It was time for her to head to work. She stood up and went right to work at getting ready. Picking out something to wear, she settled with a red velvet dress that showed some cleavage and black heels. She then went to brushing out her hair. It was always fairly easy to brush it out. Now, off to work. She picked up her little black purse that had various items, from money to her apartment keys. After this, she headed to the elevator. She encountered a rather old looking man. Though he stared at her, she completely ignored him. He was just some creepy old guy she didn't want to deal with.

Once out of the building, she strides down the sidewalk. Sidewalks were full of four types of people. The people you know and hate. The people you don't know, but hate. The people you know and are okay with. And then everyone else you don't know, but you don't have anything against them. In Drizella's mind, it was full of two types of people. The people you know and hate and the people you don't know, but hate. Yes, Drizella, in a few words, hates everyone. She wouldn't admit it, but she just doesn't care for people. They shows her psychopathic personality as she doesn't really feel any real feelings toward anyone, but she can fake it.

After walking past a few shops, Drizella made it to work. It was a high class shop where only the richest people go and buy clothing and such. And Drizella works there. This job, to her any ways, is the best job ever. She see's most of the princes here and helps then pick something out, it's her job but she'd do it anyways. This morning, though, it seemed kind of dead, to say the least. So not it's a waiting game. Just as a lion waits for the pray, Drizella waits for the Prince.

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Snow shrugged to herself as he called for her to calm down, knowing fully well that she'd calm down a bit once she'd left the house. Although, she'd still be super excited about getting a cute little puppy! Who wouldn't? As Paris made his way down the stairs, Snow grinned in glee. She'd always wanted a pet, but when she was younger she didn't even get sea monkeys. Then again, her nutty step-mother wan't exactly the sanest woman she'd ever met. She all but skipped out the door as Paris opened it, kissing his cheek playfully on the way; but not before sliding her sunglasses down the the bridge of her nose. She always liked to wear sunglasses, even in the winter. It made her look all mysterious, and the looks she gets are quite amusing. Apparently, sunglasses are classed as some "sexy accessories" lately. Not that it really mattered to her, she couldn't care less. But either way, the looks on their faces are quite a funny sight.

She nodded slightly as he mentioned how they should get a pomeranian and suggested aloud "that, or a husky, ooo! Or we could get a poodle. Oh, what about a chihuahua?" She'd listed three breeds already, and loved every one of them ideas. But she had to say that she liked the idea of a pomeranian. It'd totally suit them. Plus, they're so darn fluffy! Snow entwined her fingers with his as they held hands, almost instinctively. She knew where they were headed first, to the shop where that Drizella works. She despised how that girl acted like she didn't exist and always flirted with Paris. I mean, there's a ring on his finger and a girl on his arm... Take a hint, girl! It really frustrates her, and this time she knew she was going to yell at the girl until she got it into her head.

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Paris let a few small laughs escape his mouth as Snow suggested different breeds they could possibly get. They were all great ideas, but Paris liked the idea of a Pomeranian the most. They were just so cute and fluffy and defined fabulousness! It would just boost the fabulous meter that himself and Snow held. And, damn, that would bring it all around the meter three times more! That's a lot considering him and Snow bring it around three times already, three times more would leave the meter in need of massive repairs.

"Yeah, we'll just have to see what's the most fabulous little puppy there." Paris said as he unlatched the little gate. He let Snow go throw it first before stepping out of the yard after her and closing the gate behind him, re-latching it. "But first we got to stop at the shop to get these fabulous heels I ordered." He added. But, he knew Snow probably already figured they were going to stop there first. Paris has to stop there every time he goes out somewhere. Whether it be to pick something up or just look at the new things they have. This time, it would be for some fabulous black heels.

Knowing perfectly well that Snow wouldn't want to stay there long due to Drizella, Paris thought he'd give the store a call. So, at that thought, he pulled his phone out and gave it a call. Who else was to pick up than Drizella. "Hey, girl! I'm coming over with Snow to pick up those fabulous heels I ordered. Can you have them waiting at the front, please? Thank-you!" Paris hanged up the phone and put it back in his pocket. He then smiled over at Snow. "Now we wont need to stay with that flirty bitch now." He said it with a smile and a slight laugh, but he was dead serious. He didn't like the girls flirting at all.


At getting the call that Paris would be coming to pick up his shoes, Drizella jumped at the name of Snow. Honestly, Drizella couldn't care less about the girl. There was just that fact that she was married to Paris. And Drizella, being how she is, just wants to piss the girl off as much she can. A sadistic smile crossed across her face. She's learned through multiple conversations that Snow has a particular hate of apples. So, how better to piss the girl off but by lightly various candles around the store that smell of apples. She even took an air freshener that smelled of apples and sprayed it all over the place, mostly in the front area since that's mostly where they'd be. And, to make it ever so worse, Drizella went next door to a grocery store. She bought some apples and took them back to her store. Pouring some small necklaces and bracelets out of a basket, she put the apples in it.

A sadistic smile crossed her face at her handy work. If someone was to state that Drizella went out of her way to piss anyone who got themselves a prince off, they would be perfectly right. She went to the back of the store and found the box with Paris' shoes in it and walked them back up to the front of the store. The only thing she has to do now is wait. So, she went behind the cash register and sat on the stool as she pinned a smile on her face and waited for Paris and Snow to walk through the door.