Alleysea Goldenleaf

A girl who must save her land

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a character in “A Way Out”, as played by Katharos


Name:Alleysae Goldenleaf
Race:Human with a tinge of elf, or so her father once said because of her small frame and pointy face.
Hometown:Edetser , the capital of Thrut


Virtues: ((good personality traits)) A girl who was taught that kindness will always win, she tries to be kind to all. She rarely lies and is honest about all of her dealings. She believes in honor and has the highest of expectations for herself.
Vices: She has a quick temper and even as she expects the best of herself she also holds the others to the same rule. She rarely stops to rationalize something and when she does it's too late and refuses to apologize. She also dresses in the best of clothes and is very prideful.

Strengths / Skills / Powers: She knows alot about healing and the properties of plants and thus carries a pouch of dry herbs and poultices with her. She can feel when someone is lying to her ...not that it works too well.
Weaknesses / Deficits: She can't run very fast and it's too short for her liking .

So begins...

Alleysea Goldenleaf's Story