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Raine Knight


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a character in “A World For Stars”, as played by AvalonKnight



♦ The Basic's ♦

Full Name:
Raine | Capricorn | Knight

Rain | Ray | Knight

Appearance Age:
Eight-teen | 18

Real Age:
18,000 years old

Which member of the Zodiac are you?:

January | 1st

Status Title:


Romantic Interest:

♦ My Appearance ♦

Physical Appearance:
Raine is a beautiful young woman. She has a lean yet curvy body that's all soft, smooth pale ivory. She has long snow white wavy hair that falls to the center of her back but she usually has it tied back in a ponytail. She stands at a fairly tall, 5'8" and has a long looking gracefully body that, though it may not look it, is all deadly, lean muscle from years of training. Raine has blazing emerald green eyes that darken and lighten with her current mood, these gorgeous eyes are framed with thick black lashes. She has a heart shaped face and pale pale lips. Raine doesn't wear make-up. Raine likes to stick to traditional Zodiac garments but when she isn't you will find her with a tomboyish look. No matter where she goes she always carries her swords with her.



Eye Color:
Emerald Green

Hair Color:
Snow White

Scar's/ Tattoo's/ etc:
Raine has the mark of the Capricorn on her left hip.

♦ Dig A Little Deeper ♦


♦ Night
♦ Food
♦ Music
♦ Her swords
♦ Being in animal form
♦ Reading
♦ Drawing | Painting

♦ The Dark Reflection
♦ Unjustified Murder
♦ Coffee
♦ Drugs | Alcohol
♦ Greedy Asshole Humans
♦ Demon Spirits
♦ War

♦ Raine is a very talented swords woman. She can beat nearly everyone she knows.
♦ She is also very good at hand to hand combat.
♦ She can speak many different languages.
♦ She is battle smart, planning out her form of attack before attacking on it.
♦ Raine is able to shape-shift into anything she can imagine from years of honing her abilities.
♦ She is very skilled in blood manipulation.

♦ Jasper | At even the slight mention of Jasper, her brother, Raine becomes blank minded and will drop whatever she is doing to find him if she has a lead.
♦ Emotions | Since he brother ran away Raine has shut down her emotions and when they are brought back up its hard for her to control them.
♦ Rampage | Because of the Demon Spirit blood flowing in her veins Raine has fits of rage. This only happens when her emotions get the best of her.

♦ Raine hates being cold.
♦ She plays with her hair when she's nervous.
♦ She hasn't cried for 13,000 years.
♦ Though she may be silent Raine is very protective of the other Zodiac members.

♦ What I'm All About ♦

♦ Shape-shifting
♦ Blood manipulation

Capricorn Wide Sword | 2 Long Swords

Kind | Silent | Authority | Protective
Raine has shut down most of her emotions. She is afraid of them, afraid that if she got angry enough the Demon blood in her vein's would take over and she would become her dark self, that she seems to fight off every day. She has named this dark side of her, Nyx. Raine and Nyx are two very different people. While Raine is kind, caring, protective and quiet Nyx is murderous, damned, heart-less, selfish and loud.

Raine lived a pretty simple life. Unlike most of the other Zodiac she grew up a small cottage just outside of the city, in a small patch of forest. Her father, the previous Capricorn spirit, is now a decorated war hero, being one of the spirits that had locked the Demon Spirits away into the Dark Reflection. Raine had an older brother, Jasper, whom thought he was to be the next Zodiac spirit. But when the time came for their father to pass down his title he chose Raine, because her connection with the star's and the power of the Capricorn was stronger in her then her brother. Jasper was furious. Because the Zodiac are some of the most powerful and respected spirits around, Jasper had dreamed his whole life of becoming one. And since Capricorn magic was one of the strongest in the Zodiac, Jasper wanted that power but what he didn't understand is that you have to be born with it, not have it given to you. And Raine was born with a power even greater then her father's. In rage Jasper killed their father and left Raine to pick up the piece's. Jasper decided to go to the Dark Reflection, evil having consumed his heart and no matter how much he hated it, he couldn't kill Raine. Now years later Raine is still trying to find her brother, being the only pure spirit that can cross the void between the mirrored worlds, because her mother was a demon spirit. But the more she goes into the Dark Reflection the more her spirit turns dark, Raine now fights an internal battle with herself. Raine lives alone in that same cottage, training day by day so that when she finally meets her brother again she will have the strength to bring him back.


So begins...

Raine Knight's Story

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Raine sighed as she made her way through the busy, morning streets of the Kingdom. Reluctantly she and the other member's of the Zodiac had promised to meet at a popular coffee shop, Spirited Away (how original lol), for breakfast. It was their way of 'getting to know each other better' but to Raine it was just a huge waste of time. Sure they haven't had any demon sightings on Earth for the past few days but that doesn't mean they should relax, if anything they should prepare for something big.

"Look mommy its Capricorn!" Raine heard a voice of a child, turning her head slightly to see a little red haired girl with big blue eyes full of wonder. She had a big smile plastered on her face as she tugged on her mother's skirt, whom in response turned her head in a bored like manner. She most likely didn't believe the child. But once her blue eyes landed on Raine they widened in shock and wonder as Raine placed. What was the big deal? Yes the Zodiac were some of the most powerful spirits and Raine herself ranked pretty high on that scale but still she was in all do respect, still just a spirit like them. Raine gave them a small smile and a wave before rounding a corner but out of the corner of her eye she saw them both with huge smiles on their faces.

Well maybe this day won't be so bad after all.

She reached the steps of the large cafe and entered, unsurprised to see some many people in the area. Raine walked up to the person that would show her to her table, to which she was sure Chastity had reserved. Raine had to keep reminding herself to not change into animal form with that blonde ball of energy around.

"Hello I'm here for a table for 12, I'm Raine Knight" Raine said polity. The woman looked annoyed as she glanced down at the reservation book but Raine saw her eyes widened once she saw whom her name was under. The woman's head instantly snapped up, Raine was surprised she didn't get whip-lash.

"Of course Miss.Knight, you are the first to arrive let me show you to your table" the woman said calmly, though Raine could hear the under toned nervousness.

"Lead the way" Raine said kindly and the woman nodded before stepping out from behind the desk and leading the way. She walked Raine through the lower level of the cafe and onto the second floor, having to walk up a spiral staircase of brass before reaching the bright red room. The tables up here were bigger and more spread out, everything looked much fancier then down stairs.

"I will send someone up to take your drink order in a moment Miss.Knight" the woman said polity.
"No its ok I can wait until the rest of my companions arrive thank you" Raine said kindly and the woman nodded before rushing back downstairs and Raine took a seat that the table with a silver name plate that said Zodiac.

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Seven Enemies. Five minutes left.

The blond quickly dodged the strikes of two enemies with ease, before grabbing both of their staffs easily. Using force, he kicked at their legs, before jumping backward out of the way as the two collided heads.

Five More.

Tadashi quickly turned, punching the next enemy in the stomach, before uppercutting the chin. The man fell over, and hit the ground with a thud. The next one again, tried to sneak up on the Earth warrior, but he quickly jabbed behind him with an elbow to the chest, knocking the wind out of him, before grabbing the man's hands. Using his own weight, the man flipped and fell to the ground in front of him with a groan.

Three more.

The last three ran and basically burst out of hiding, and tried to charge at him. He stomped his feet, and soon a large piece of earth came in front of him. he moved his hands, and soon the earth easily knocked the last three over before the rock fell to the ground as his control was gone. He heard the groans and moans of the twenty men on the floor around him.

He checked his watch, panting a little, as then adrenaline worked its way down. It had taken him five minutes in all to defeat them. Still not good enough. He walked back to the entrance of the small training ground in his home, walking out back into the corridors of teh house where a man stood waiting for him.

He simply blinked, and the man began to speak.

"Sir, you do have a meeting with the other Spirits today. It's almost time to meet them." His blue eyes reflected boredom toward the other man, who simply shrugged and said "To keep up with each other I would assume."

Tadashi nodded briefly, before turning towards his room. He opened it, went into the bath room, slipping of his shirt and clothes and showering briefly, at least to get the sweat off. As he went out and dressed himself in his usual attire, another knock came from the door.

"You are also required to bring the sword, Tadashi."

A scowl made its way to his face, as he buttoned up his black over coat. He walked over, grabbing the sword and strapping it to the side of him, like it should be. Slipping the gold portal key into his pocket, he walked out.

The trip to the small shop was brief, and uneventful as the young Zodiac opened the door. The scowl still present on his face, he walked to the lady, who had stopped to look at him.

"Twelve. Tadashi Renichi." He stated, as he watched the woman nod fast before stuttering a welcome. His cool blue irises narrowed, into a glare as the woman still began blabbering about the others who did not arrive yet. With that done, the woman walked toward the table with Tadashi following behind.

As they reached the table, he caught sight of the other Zodiac that was here. She didn't look very happy about this either he mentally noted to himself. As the waitress stuttered more to the intimidating Taurus he just gave her a bored look, that clearly said "Get Lost." As the woman scampered off, he checked the small gold pocket watch in his pocket. he'd give this ten minutes before leaving.

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Image Chastity Pure

Chastity considered today to be a very special day. Seriously, today she wouldn't sleep in or even be early, she told herself that she had to be "fashionably late". I know, not very responsible of the Virgo, who is recognized as exactly that, but what can you do? Chastity flipped up the sheets she had spread half way across her bed. She put her long blonde hair back in a bun, which made her think. Maybe I should cut this again, I've been wanting a change. Chastity told herself she'd do exactly that after she went down to put some tea on. Chastity put water inside a pot for tea then placed it on one of the elements on her stove. She heated up the element, going quickly into her living room to check the grandfather's clock she had. She still had a lot of time. Chastity ran upstairs and into her bathroom. She pulled her long hair out of it's bun, then yawned. Stretch. Wiping the sleep out of eyes. Okay, after that cycle played itself twice, Chastity grabbed a brush and brushed through her thick golden locks. Her hair was very, very healthy and it had somewhat of a glow to it. Chastity loved that about her hair. She pulled a pair of hair dresser styled scissors and snipped her hair so that it'd go just down past her shoulders. She made sure it was all even and thinned out before smiling at herself and running back downstairs. It wasn't a perfect job, but she wasn't a hairdresser. Chastity got out a tea cup and put some herbs together and made her own tea bag. She placed the homemade tea bag inside of her tea cup and poured the now boiling water into the tea cup. She grabbed her tea by the handle and gently touched the other side of the cup for support. Even the cup was hot, and it made Chastity flinch slightly before she ran upstairs once more, into the bathroom and placed the tea cup on her toilet seat. Chastity pulled her fingers away quickly and blew on them, as if that would help. Chastity began to undress and tried testing her tea out one last time. Nope, still boiling.

After Chastity took at least half an hour cleaning her hair, conditioning it and scrubbing down the rest of her body, she bunched her now short hair together and squeezed the water out of it. She grabbed her towel and wrapped it around her body. The tea was now luke warm, but Chastity didn't mind. After drying her body off completely, she wrapped the towel around her body completely. She grabbed a skin moisturizer that she had made herself and spread it along her arms, legs, and stomach. She also rubbed some in on her face before flashing herself a smile in the mirror and skipping out of the bathroom with her tea. When Chastity was back in her bedroom, she quickly made her way to the balcony door that she left open all night by mistake. No wonder it's so cold in here! Chastity thought to herself sliding the door shut. Chastity took her towel off to put on undergarments, then she sat down in front of her mirror again.

Chastity really hated wearing makeup, she said it felt "unnatural". The only form of makeup that Chastity enjoyed wearing would have to be anything that colored her lips. Chastity sighed and in the end, she chose not to wear makeup and made her way towards her wardrobe. Chastity really enjoyed making clothes, that was one of the things she did in her free time. Chastity searched through her large white wardrobe and smiled as she found the perfect thing. It was a strapless white short dress underneath with frilly edges. Over top of it, it a light pink floral designed dress that split open from under her chest and went down. The dress went all the way down to her ankles in the front and it got shorter in the back. Chastity grabbed it and happily slid it on.

The best part about this dress, is that it wasn't tight or uncomfortable at all. She took the towel that was still wrapped on her head and she let it down. She grabbed her natural hair product, made by herself, and began rubbing it through her hair. The purpose of it was to make it tame by the time it fully dried. Chastity had thick hair, so it was always either wavy or curly without her needing to do anything. Quite honestly, it was a huge pain. Chastity twirled around in her body mirror for a few moments before flashing herself a smile. She chugged down her tea and grabbed a flower clip for her hair quickly then ran downstairs.

Chastity put her tea cup in the sink, then skipped happily towards the entrance door to her house. Her long white purse was sitting on a table she kept near the entrance. Chastity grabbed it and stuck her clip inside, she would put it on after her hair dried a bit. Chastity got out a pair of shoes that she didn't wear too often. They were white sandal/heels with a little bow at the back. She kept them by the door and ran back upstairs again to brush her teeth quickly. She checked her appearance one final time in the mirror and smiled.

Chastity never really tried this hard, but she really hoped to get along with the other Zodiacs, like how she got along with Cancer. Since the first time they met, she just loved being around her. Thinking about Eva, Chastity remembered that she was going to call her to make sure she was awake. Chastity knew how much her friend loved sleeping and of course she loved it as well, but she would actually wake up when she had to. Chastity had an old styled phone, so she dialed Eva's number. After a few rings, there wasn't any answer.

Chastity sweat dropped and put the phone down. I hope she's actually awake... Chastity grabbed her purse and slid on her heels before finally walking out the front door. She didn't bother having a key for her house, because she had faith that all the light spirits in this world wouldn't do rob others like humans or dark spirits. Of course they weren't perfect, but Chastity believed in them, almost too much. Chastity sighed at the thought, which also led to another thought. Oh, geez! I almost forgot the key! Chastity ran back inside and searched around for it, eventually finding it on the table she has near the entrance. I swear I looked there like, four times...

Chastity was walking down the road and towards the cafe. That was actually a usual cafe that Chastity liked visiting. Most of the spirits looked at Chastity as she walked by, except not all of them were "starstruck" or "in awe". Some of them actually sneered at her. Other spirits mainly did this because she was such a weak Zodiac. Even the other Virgo's before her were strong. But then there were people who actually had respect for her and they'd smile and wave, then Chastity would do it back to them. She was even familiar with some of them because she'd stop and chat once in a while. Chastity seen the cafe come into sight and she started running towards it excitedly.

After stepping up the stairs to the cafe, Chastity stopped. She looked at herself in the reflection of the window and dug through her bag. She found her clip that was decorated with flowers and pulled back part of her hair. She clipped it at the side of her head and ran her fingers through her hair a few times. Chastity smacked herself in the forehead. Chastity, you idiot, you were going to be fashionably late, not arrive on time with damp hair... Chastity exhaled and took a step inside. She smiled at the lady upfront and spoke up.
Table twelve, please. My name's Chastity Pure.
The lady plastered on a fake smile before leading nervous Chastity to her table. Chastity stood in front of two other Zodiacs and yes, she was slightly nervous.

OOC: 1st. Yes, me and the owner of Cancer discussed our friendship already, so I didn't make up the part about us being friends. >.<
2nd. Although you probably don't care, the way she looks and is dressed is simply the picture I added with the post.
3rd. OMG, pointless and long. T^T

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The view outside of her room was beautiful, with lush trees, bustling wildlife, and a beautiful body of water not that far away from her window on the families property, so as much as Imi would of preferred to stay home this morning she pulled herself out of a relaxed state and began to get ready.

After she dressed herself in a short fitted purple top an a pair of purple shorts with hanging suspender straps and matching boots she'd quickly make her way down the stairs to be greeted by her mother and three of her elder brothers.
The five would commence in casual friendly conversation until Imi went into the hall closet and pulled out her swords - attaching them to the right side of her hip, followed by her Meteor Hammer* - which she attached to the left side of her hip before closing the closet door. Her daggers on the other hand were already hidden on herself from back when she was getting dressed, as well as her key - which was snug under her bust.

"Off to start a war dear?" her Mother joked, to which they all laughed for a moment before Imi made mentioned of the breakfast meeting with the rest of the Zodiac.

"Well we love you, be well."
"I love you too Mother, an I always am."

After a quick wave and nod towards everyone in the room Imi would head out the door and make her way into the city.

Between her bright colorful hair - which was pulled up into a long ponytail at the moment - and her height, which almost always increased by a few inches thanks to her boots, Imi easily stood out amongst the crowd, but due to her well known personality instead of fleeing from her a lot of people, mostly children, usually felt comfortable to approach or walk beside her, not just stand back and stare in awe, though much to her irritation she couldn't shake the intense fear and admiration some people seemed to have for her.

"Imi! Imi!!! Over here!" a small young boy called out as he ran towards her with a purple pumpkin.
"A purple pumpkin??" she'd whisper to herself in confusion before the boy plopped down on his rear end a few feet from her out of exhaustion - a sight that caused her to laugh under her breath.
"Look look what I have for you, It matches your clothes! And your hair! Well not exactly but enough, see!!?"

The child-like speech was enough to cause a smile to appear on her face, but the fact that the boy was holding up the Pumpkin towards her made the Zodiac smile even wider.

"Thank you, um...what's your name again?" she'd ask as she took the Pumpkin, which was slightly smaller than a basketball. Imi had told so many children that they could call her by her first name that she sometimes forgets who's who.
Before the boy could clue her in on his identity though a man came yelling towards them - scolding the child like only a father would for taking the pumpkin without asking. However when the man noticed the purple fruit in Imi's hand he instantly began to apologize for yelling. She'd attempt to hand the crop back but the man was too afraid to accept it, so instead Imi pulled out a small handful of money that amounted to more than enough to buy three or four pumpkins and dropped it in the mans apron pocket before rubbing the top of the boys head.
"There, your son found you a customer then."
Imi smirked before continuing through the market and heading towards the Coffee shop.

Once inside Spirited Away Imi walked towards the hostess who seem a bit scared as she started up at her.
"G-Gemini? the woman stuttered while nervously tapping her foot on the ground.
"What's wrong?" Imi asked a bit baffled, but the girl in front of her began to apologize profusely for her behavior, claiming nothing was wrong before telling Imi to follow her.

Ignoring the comments and stares from around the first floor as they approached the staircase Imi again questioned the girl about what was wrong and why she was apologizing.
"I'm sorry, I don't want to bother you, I apologize if I'm bothering you." she'd again say before leading Imi into the room where there other Zodiacs were already sitting.
"W-would you like anything as you wait?" she'd ask Imi with her head hung low.
"Well yes, I'd like you to stop looking at the ground for one, and two, stop apologizing to me for you haven't done anything wrong, okay? You've actually be very helpful."

The girl was taken aback by her comments and smiled only slightly as she looked up an nodded, then quick like a rabbit she'd scurry out the door without another word.

"What a frazzled girl." Imi mentioned before taking a seat across the table from the other three who had arrived first - placing the pumpkin down on floor beside her. She smiled and nodded her head slightly in Tadashi's direction, fully expecting nothing in response from him, and then smiled with a small wave towards Raine and Chasity before taking a look around the room, where she'd eventually spot a television. Not wanting boredom to set in she'd create an exact replication of herself in a millisecond in front of the TV and then have the replication turn it on and randomly surf through the channels until she hit a news station.
"Meh, I guess that's fine." Imi muttered, before turning her chair sideways so that she could see the TV yet remain partially facing the room door and table.
As she began to watch the breaking news report her replication across the room would vanish in the same cloud of sky-blue dust it appeared in.

* ((The Meteor Hammer is explained in my CS in case you missed it! xD))

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Kira closed her eyes, smoothing out the creases of her eyelids, as she submerged herself underwater. Everything was completely different underwater. The only sound you could hear was the light dance of rushing water and the only feeling you felt was that of being weightless. She slowly opened her eyes under water and looked up at the blurry mixture of the sky and the water. If she had it her way Kira would live her life in water.

She stayed under water for a few more moments then she slowly brought herself up to the surface, a shiver running down her spine from the cool awakening of air brushing against her skin. She stood there for the next minute in silence, the ends of her white dress floating to the surface of the water.

"Kira... you have to get out now.." She told herself, walking towards the area where the green grass and blue depth of water met. ''

The weight of her dress seemed to be significantly more as she hoisted herself onto land. Every single piece of clothing she owned she had swam in at least once. When she wanted to swim she didn't wait to prepare herself suitable clothing to wear into the water. She didn't want to waste time thinking about petty things like that, so she usually swam in whatever she was wearing at that moment.

Kira sat on a small corroded log, wringing her fingers around her long, black hair and watching as the water droplets fell from her hair and landed on the grass. She then ran over to a small cottage and slipped on a white dress that fell just past her knees. She walked over to the mirror and stared at herself, putting on a blue choker that matched the color of her eyes. Sure, she didn't look like the type to wear dresses but she actually really liked wearing dresses. They gave a lot more room to fight and she loved the way they floated in water. She walked over to her bed and slipped on a pair of worn, black converse then headed back to the mirror.

She gave one more look at herself and then headed towards the decided location she was supposed to meet everyone at. After wondering around for thirty moments she finally found Spirited Away. She pushed a strand of black hair behind her ear and walked in.

"Kira Reindl, table for twelve." She stated.

As the waitress checked the list and began talking, Kira caught a glimpse of the table.

"I'll go myself." Kira said, interrupting the waitress. She walked to the table where a few people sat already. Her eyes looked around for a moment, studying each of them, and then she plopped down in a seat near the end of the table.

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Leo opened his eyes and drudged over to the alarm clock going off across the room. He growled and slapped the top of it, tapping it off and resetting it to wake him up tomorrow. Arching his back, he stretched out. Going downstairs, Leo went to start on his breakfast. He soon remembered he was eating with the others. "I'll still be hungry..." He took tomatoes off the table and would eat them on the way.

Going back to his room, he got dressed. He took off his pajamas, and replaced them with jeans. He covered his bare chest with a white t-shirt. Yanking up socks, he laced up his scuffed, worn boots. Leo reached his arm into a olive drab button up shirt. He left the top two buttons undone though. He was almost ready to go out.

Returning to the table, he took two things off his chair. His dark blue hat and his jacket. He also snatched a plastic soda bottle with clear liquid at the bottom of it, and a strip of white powder rolled up in plastic wrap. Once outside, he unscrewed the cap of the bottle and put the roll into it. Quickly tightening the cap, he shook it, watching the bottle expand slightly as the contents fizzed inside. Leo smiled and threw it. He watched it's path until it finally hit the ground and exploded. The bottle went flying after the loud pop. He loved explosions. They were one of the purest forms of energy he could find.

After the shenanigans, Leo started off towards Spirited Away. Taking a tomato out, he started eating one. "Shit, forgot salt." He shrugged it off and kept walking. Some where frightened when he passed them, surprising them by suddenly coming up next to him. He didn't get why, he wasn't trying to be quiet, and it was kind of hard with his big boots on the asphalt. He stepped over a puddle easily, his long legs going across it. Another women wasn't having such a good time. He looked back and saw her. He went to the other side and held out a hand, smiling. She took his hand as he helped her over. "Thank you!" Leo smiled. "No problem.." He kept on his way to the cafe, not taking too long to reach it.

Opening the door, he put his forearm against it and walked into it. He always opened doors this way. As he entered he reached up and took off his hat. "Leo, table for twelve?" The waitress looked up from what she was doing, only to look to Leo's chest. Her eyes widened as she kept looking up. "Right upstairs, but, you're already there." She giggled and Leo went upstairs. He heard her talking to the others, and something about falling from a beanstock.

Seeing the other five, he was happy, knowing at least they were here so far. He had started another tomato when he saw Chastity simply standing there. Her back was to him as she just stood in front of them. He smiled and came behind her. He reached down and poked her shoulders. "Ah!" He laughed and moved to the side to get a seat. There was Raine, and this time Leo was determined to try and get something out of her. In one smooth motion he put his hat on her and turned it backward, grinning.

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#, as written by phnx

Ryu grunted as he felt something probing him in the ribs. "Come on get up, you have to go." He heard a female voice say. To be honest Ryu wasn't quite sure who the voice belonged to. "Yes, yes, I'm going." He muttered, his words silenced by the pillow. Turning over onto his back, he repeated what he said In case Yuki, he was fairly sure that was her name, didn't hear him the first time. He got up from the bed and stretched, his spine crackling slightly. "Your things are on the chair." The woman yelled from the bathroom. His kimono and the rest of his things were indeed messily draped over the chair.

Ryu flet around his kimono until he found a little pocked, he took out a golden key and smiled to himself. Yuki was still in the bathroom when he got dressed. He closed his eyes and thought of a street in the Kingdom's centre, gripping the golden key with his right hand he pushed it into the air and turned. A bright portal appeared in the middled of the bedroom. He peaked his thread through just to make sure it was indeed the street he imagined and stepped into it only a moment later. After he passed through the door close and dissappeared.

"Are you done? I'm going to be late for wo..." The woman asked stepping out of the bathroom but was answered with silence. Ryu was gone, the only trace of him ever being here were the still messy sheets and the cigarette stub on in the ashtray on the night stand.

It was still early and Ryu decided to go home and change before meeting with the other Zodiacs. He entered the large but empty house and headed straight towards the shower. Water was dripping from his damp hair, rolling down his chest and back before it reached the towel wrapped loosely around Ryu's waist. He stood in front of his closet picking out an outfit. Should he wear something special? I has been a long time since he last saw the other Zodiacs. He ended up choosing his usual outfit, he always did. I was often that he spent at least an hour judging his clothes but picked one of his red kimonos in the end. When he finally looked at the time it was later than he thought it would be so he quickly put in his hair piece, grabbed his sword and headed towards Spirited Away.

In the morning while the streets were still empty he moved around the city at a quick pace but that was definitely not the case now. A group of girls approached him, he is very popular with the ladies, and tried to convince him to go on a date with him. He smiled his winning smile and as gently as possible turned down their offers. Ryu does like the attention his looks bring him but not when it's about to make him late. Being fashionably late is fine but he hated the thought of arriving last. A dozen of broken hearts and a half an hour later he got to the Café.

He entered the coffee shop and smiled at the receptionist. She blushed as he took her hand and kissed it. "It's alwasy a pleasure." At the corner of his eye he saw the group. "I'll show myself to the table." He sat down on the empty chair next to Imi. He greeted everyone with a simple nod and took out a cigarette. He lit it by snapping his fingers which crated a small flame.

"So..." He stated exhaling the smoke and raising his eyebrows a bit. "Miss me much?"

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The vision of the target reflected dimly in the pool of his eyes, wavering back and forth as he focused on the single object in front of him. Nearly twenty strides away, the striped target sat, the neon colours standing out brightly against the pale landscape of long grass and dim blue sky. He took in a deep breath, tasting the cool, earthy air, feeling the edge of the feather on his cheek, listening to the sound of the wind brushing against the grass. Short locks of his nearly navy blue hair fell in front of his vision, though he did not move. He was completely focused on this one act, this stream of events that would send the arrow flying towards the centre of the target. Still holding his breath, he stared so intently that the rest of the background blurred out around him.

Then, he let go. His breath huffed out, the arrow jerked forward with such sudden force and speed that the feather left a small red line against his cheek. The arrow twisted briefly around the front of the bow, flexibly bending around its shape, then twisting through the air before landing right in it's spot...a mere centimetre away from the red circle, the very edge of the tip of the arrow just a sliver to the side. His lips parted slightly in shock, he lowered his weapon with defeat, his shoulders shrugging. The quiver of arrows on his back lurched downwards, the arrows knocking against eachother. The sound of failure. How had this happened? He never missed, especially when he was standing still. There was no challenge to the shot, besides the distance. No movement, nothing stressing him, how had he done this? Kai narrowed his eyes, grabbing his quiver off of his shoulder, holding it in the same hand as the bow. He must have been bothered by something, there was a thought at the back of his mind, never fully surfacing.

And then he remembered it. That meeting with the rest of the Zodiacs, the one that probably started a few minutes ago. Kai glanced down at his wrist instinctively, searching for a watch, then realized he wasn't wearing one. Muttering a curse under his breath, he dropped his bow and quiver to the soft grass, and turned around, rushing towards his home behind with a sense of urgency. He was never late for anything, and this would certainly not be his first time! How could he have forgotten about this? While Kai was pondering all of his mistakes, and still feeling pretty bitter about missing his target, he readied himself for the visit, running a hand through his hair, throwing on a burgundy long sleeved shirt with a loose neckline, and a long white jacket overtop of that. Frantically searching for his key, and a watch, took a minute or two, and though he knew they probably wouldn't mind much, he definitely would have it on his mind all day that he was late.

He usually would have walked to the destination, or at least gone somewhere close and walked from there, but he obviously didn't have the time for that. Kai threw his arm up into the air, the key tight in his grip, and twisted it mid-air. He didn't even glance once at the swirling portal in front of him before stepping in. In the blink of an eye, he was in front of the quaint cafe, staring ahead at the tall doors. He slipped the key inside a pocket of his coat. The sun was much brighter here rather than on the plains where he was, and the buzz of conversation was a shock to his system. He didn't go out all that often. The Zodiac glanced around briefly before pulling open the door, and stepping inside. The smell of coffee and baked goods washed over him, the sound of conversation even louder than outside. Kai made his way forwards towards the woman standing at the front, hunched over a small table, obviously the hostess.

"Hello," he greeted briefly, raising her attention, before continuing on. "Kai Loncarski, for a table of....twelve." It was then that he glanced at a clock on the wall. He was only a few minutes late, but he felt nearly devastated. This never happened...usually he was early, often there before the host, but not today apparently. He let out a quiet sigh, and glanced over to the woman again, who's eyes were running over the paper in front of her. They suddenly lit up, and she raised her head, smiling at him politely.

"Right this way." she spoke, starting towards the back of the restaurant. Kai had to watch to make sure was avoiding the people sitting at their tables, though muttered a quiet 'sorry' whenever he bumped into someone. Eventually she got to a tall metallic staircase. Kai raised a hand to stop her in her steps, casting her a weak smile.

"I can make my way from here, thanks." and with that, he stepped away, starting up the staircase. Each step creaked underneath his weight, causing his way up to be a rather noisy one. The spiral staircase itself made him a bit nervous, he could just imagine his foot slipping through between the stairs and his leg just snapping. Kai dismissed the thought with a slight shake of his head, getting finally to the top of the second floor. The room nearest him was the one he heard slight conversation coming from. He peered inside the red room, noticing the familiar faces of the other Zodiacs. Without a word, he stepped in and the first thing he did was glance up at the clock. The one in the room was a few minutes fact, according to that clock, he was right on time. Kai looked at his watch though anyways as a force of habit, raising his eyes only to glance at each person. Breathing in, he could taste and smell the scent of cigarette smoke in the air, and he glared slightly.

Like the blunt person Sagittarius naturally was, he spoke up right away.

"I know I didn't miss your little smoking habit." he said bitterly, raising an eyebrow, hoping that Ryu would get the hint. Hopefully he wasn't too dense to understand that.

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Image A ringing noise cut through the silence of Eva's dream. Well, I guess it would barely be considered a dream; more like dreamless sleep. Either way, the noise still disturbed the Cancer's sleep. Not enough to make her wake up, though, or even enough to make her realize that her phone was ringing at all. It was just warm... And soothing...

Eva heard the ringing more clearly now, and she could feel herself waking up.. She lifted her eyelids just enough to see her bedside table, but closed them automatically after. It was one of those mornings where she went to bed early last night and got an amazing sleep, but she was dead tired regardless. All she wanted to do was stay curled up in the warm blankets with her head rested on her soft pillow and sleep. Eva sighed longingly and rolled over, her eyes still clamped shut. That'll be the day... She thought to herself, smiling a little.

After about ten minutes of just laying in her bed - in her warm, soft bed - she finally began gradually stretching out her legs, letting out a good, long yawn. Eva opened her eyes just enough to see the usual red carpeted room with white walls and brown furnishing. She was about to close them again, but shot them open instead. She sat up, leaning forward ever so slightly so her head was facing the covers below her, and scratched the back of her head. She looked up for her to be greeted by the sight of her mirror, which hung on the wall opposite to her bed. Her long, silver hair looked as though someone had came in her sleep and tied each individual strand together in tiny little knots. The bags under her eyes looked like they could actually carry something. Eva's hand met her forehead and she looked to the ceiling. This is going to be a pain! She felt an wave of frustration wash over her.

Eva swung her legs over the side of her bed and stumbled over to her desk, her eyes still looking as if they were about to pop out of their sockets. She ran her hands all over her desk, desperately trying to find a hair brush to fix the disaster that was her hair. Once she found it, she automatically began running it through her thin hair. "One brush, two brush, three brush..." Eva kept on counting until she reached one hundred, her eyes gradually . Once she did, she put the brush down only to realize that her hair was extremely staticy from how quickly she was brushing her hair. Eva sighed. "I guess it doesn't matter," She said confidentially, placing her hands back to her side and smiling her odd smile in the mirror. "It's not like nobody will want to be with me just because my hair looks bad."

Although Eva said this, she still rushed to the bathroom and attempted covering the bags with makeup. It didn't cover it completely, but she looked less tired. While she was at it, she also decided to cover up the scar on her left cheek. Once she finished, Eva opened a cupboard and grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste, applied it to the brush and began brushing her teeth, all the while wondering why she hadn't made any products herself for everyday things such as these. It never really occurred to her to make anything like this; Her beloved gun was enough for her.

Once Eva finished, she ran back into her room and pulled out the outfit she usually wore. She slipped off her pajamas and put each piece of clothing on with care. She debated whether or not she should include the hat, but in the end she decided to put it on.

Once Eva was finished, she looked in the mirror and smiled in her odd way. That's much better! She thought, extremely satisfied with her appearance, despite her hair still being a little messy and the bags under her eyes still visible upon closer inspection.

Eva moved closer to the mirror and looked at her eyes. Huh, they're red today. She began to get slightly nervous. I hope nobody thinks I'm evil or something...

Eva shook her head, put her smile back on and walked out the door. As she was walking to the cafe where they would all be meeting, she noticed a few people smiling at her. Every time this happened, she would always wave and smile back at them. She wasn't one of the most well known Zodiac signs, but every now and then someone would recognize her. She was grateful for every time.

Eva entered the cafe casually. She walked up to the waitress and smiled. "Table twelve, Eva Pudritz," She said in a friendly tone. The waitress smiled back at her and led her to the table, but it wasn't necessary. Eva could easily recognize Chastity. Regardless, Eva let the waitress lead her to the table.

Eva wouldn't call the air around their little group friendly, but it wasn't like it was bitter, either. It was more... Smooth and flowing. It wasn't a bad start, but Eva was crossing her fingers that things wouldn't turn out to be bitter. Unpleasant feelings was something she did not take very well. Once they actually got there, Eva thanked the waitress and took a seat beside Chastity. "Hello," Eva said in a clear voice, still smiling. She felt slightly nervous but overall joyed about what they were doing today. The only thing that Eva didn't like was how early she had to get up.

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Image Chastity Pure

Chastity still stood there while even as Imi and Kira entered. Ugh, what am I doing? It's not like I've never met them before or anything... Chastity sighed. It has actually been quite a while since they've been in contact, she's only kept really close contact with Eva. By the time Chastity realized that Imi had waved at her, she had already turned towards the television and Chastity mentally hit herself for missing that. Chastity always had her head up in the clouds, it was almost a bad habit, but she enjoyed her own little world at the same time. Just as she was about to finally walk towards the seat, she felt a tap on her shoulder and her heart skipped a beat.

Chastity spun her head behind her and seen someone's... chest? She tiled her head slightly before looking then seeing a certain laughing Zodiac. Chastity still had her hand on her chest from getting so freaked out and she blushed then pouted her lip out.
N-Not funny.
She looked away, still embarrassed. Chastity also went to sit down and moments later, Ryu came in. Chastity rolled her eyes when he asked if anyone missed him. But she laughed when Kai came in and made a comment on his smoking habit. She covered her mouth to prevent them from hearing her laugh. When she was calmer, she rested her face on her palm and looked out the window.

One time- no, multiple times, she has been walking down the street and had seen women completely crowded around Ryu. This bothered Chastity because she didn't believe in shamelessly flirting with everyone, but to just find that one person that you'll spend the rest of your life with, but she also knew that probably would also not be possible. I mean, really. Would you want to be around the same person for millenniums? It's not like Chastity didn't know why they did that though. I mean, yeah, he was incredibly handsome and- Chastity smacked her hands against her cheeks and blushed. NO. Bad thoughts! Chastity sighed and kept her head down, not wanting anyone to see her red face, although it was probably too late for that. When Chastity heard a familiar voice, she lifted her head up and smiled at who was sitting beside her.

Eva! I thought you were going to be even later than this...
Chastity finally spoke more than two words with her soft, feminine voice. She wrapped her arms around Eva's shoulders, hugging her from the side and pressing her cheek against Eva's scarred cheek. However, something was bothering her... Something staticy? Chastity pulled away and Eva's mop of static was sticking to Chastity's dress and even her hair. Chastity covered her hand over her mouth and chuckled softly. She always knew that Eva had troubles with her difficult hair, even if it was so thin. She'd always brush it too much or put the wrong thing in her hair. Chastity laughed at her every time this happened.

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Imi noticed every arrival and would nod casually to acknowledge the Zodiac who entered before going back to the news - which dished out a mixture of funny, depressing, and just plain weird stories via the anchors. However when one of the Zodiacs sat beside her, or in Imi's case in front of her since her chair was turned sideways, she'd look towards them and quickly notice it was Ryu - lighting up a cigarette.

"So...miss me much?" he'd ask, but before anyone at the table could respond Kai - who was walking through the door - spoke up first, quick to criticize Ryu's smoking habit.

Imi couldn't help but laugh under her breath at the interaction between the two.
"This is starting to look and sound a lot like those family reunions filled with people who rather not be attending." she'd say to no one in particular before shifting in her seat some to switch which leg crossed over the other.

It was after her comment that she'd notice Chastity turning completely red and hanging her head low in embarrassment. Though unsure Imi assumed it had something to do with Ryu since blushing women around him seemed to be an oddly common occurrence, which caused her to look at him questioningly for a second before staring back over towards the flush woman.
"I don't get it...." she'd think to herself. After living for such a long time working with a man who was incredibly attractive was no different than working with a man who resembled a toad for her.

Eva's arrival would snap Imi out of her thoughts and prompt her to look towards the doorway for a moment, but when the two girls began to converse she'd look forward at Ryu again.

"What exactly is it? Do you carry an infatuation spell or something to cause girls to go absolutely soft around you?" she joked quietly.

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Raine huffed as she felt something plop down on her and twist back. Her eyes shot over to the big figure beside her. Leo. Raine only gave him a small smile and took off the hat, placing it on his lap.
"Wearing hats at a table is bad manner's" she said stoically. Though she didn't want him to think she was upset or anything so she just smiled at him before turning towards the rest of the table. They were only missing a few more but the other's tardiness was irritating to her.

"Imi, Ryu's ability to obtain woman is that of the same as a male peacock, he is brightly colored and puffy giving his body form more appealing to females, though it would have to be females with simple tastes because I to don't see the big whoop of his appearance and a major off-put is his attitude, cocky and ill mannered" Raine said dryly, no emotion shown nor felt as she stated an obvious fact of the Aries Zodiac. The sharp scent of cigarette smoke wafted into Raine's sensitive animal like nose and she gave out a soft, choking noise and covered her nose with her hand.

"Please try not to forget the fact that one of your Zodiac companions has a very sensitive nose to that of an animals, my heightened sense of smell can not tolerate such pungent odors like that cancer stick you are sucking on" Raine growled, narrowing her eyes at the man as they shifted to a golden color, showing her irritation. Call her a stick in the mud, Raine didn't care. There was one thing she couldn't stand and that was pungent odor's.

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Image Eva rolled her eyes at Chastity. "Come on, you should know I'm more sensible than that," She smiled her odd little smile at her. She tried to hug her back when she hugged her from the side, but she found it slightly difficult to wrap her arms fully around her. Once Eva let go, she realized that her hair was sticking to Chastity. Eva heard a little giggle escape Chastity's mouth. She sighed and hung her head in shame. "Yeah, my hair did not cooperate at all with me this morning, as usual," She looked back at Chastity with a pained look on her face.

"... Like that cancer stick you are sucking on," Were the words Eva heard coming from Raine's mouth. She automatically snapped out of it and looked at her leader, confusion clearly displayed. Eva unconsciously moved forward in her chair a little bit and slammed her hand on the table in front of them. "What the hell did you mean by that?" Eva said, her voice full of disgust. She glanced around the room and out of the corner of her eye saw Ryu smoking a cigarette and suddenly realized what Raine had meant. Eva looked at Raine, then let out a sigh of relief and slumped back in her chair. "Sorry," Eva said, her eyes looking up at Raine with her eyebrows arched upwards.

After a few moments of sitting in silence, a sudden thought occurred to Eva and she smacked her forehead. "Chastity," She said, turning to her friend with a worried look on her face. "I completely forgot my gun," She looked at her with a face full of fear. "What if someone comes into my house and steals it?" She said dramatically, sweeping her hand in front of her and swooping it back up to her chest, clenching her fist. She looked off into the distance, her face still keeping the worried look.

(OOC: Arg, I'm really sorry I'm typing in OOC at the end of a post. >.< I just wanted to say sorry to the people that roleplay Ryu, Raine and Ichiro. I originally planned to include you guys in my post, but then I got a different idea and changed it right after I tagged you guys and I don't know to delete them sooooo... Yeah... Sorry about that~ ^.^')

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Her head rested against the wall of the shower, water running down her body as she let out a sigh. Every fiber of Grace's being was aching and sore. Grace had been training for the past few days, doing everything she possibly could of to keep herself occupied. Groaning as she got out of the shower, drying off her body and then her hair, getting ready to meet everyone at Spirited Away.

Pulling out her outfit for today, an elegant white dress with a white jacket with of course an under layer of shorts, Grace finished brushing her hair rather quickly and was out the door with her weapon strapped onto her back and her key in her jacket's pocket. Setting foot onto the busy street, Grace's movements were quick and careful to not to trip on her way there. She certainly didn't want to be the last one showing up at the café.

The sounds and sights were always the same no matter how much she was in a crowded locations. It wasn't as if she hated them, she was simply paranoid by how easy it would be for people to sneak up on her. It was irritating, to say the least. Taking a short cut every now and again, Grace would wave to the children that seemed to notice her, even stop for a brief second to say hello.

Eventually, Grace had made it to the Spirited Away café. Walking up quietly to the lady in front of her, Grace's words were brief as she looked the women dead in the eyes. "Grace Amara, table for twelve." Her tone of voice was rather blank, and so was her expression as the women seemed to quickly inform her of where to go. "Thank you, I'll be fine going myself." With that, Grace turned and slowed her pace to the group, eventually she forced the corners of her mouth into a slight smile as she came into sight.

"Good morning everyone, I hope I'm not to late, am I?" It didn't take long for her to notice the clear irritation at Ryu's smoking from a few of her fellow Spirits. "Jeez, isn't it way to early for this?" Grace sighed, her face now flat of all emotions. Trying to draw her attention to anything else as she took the empty seat next to the smoker, she questioned her own sanity for doing so. "It's nice to see everyone again... Even you, Ryu." Grace slowly turned her head to glace at the man, getting a strong whiff of the smoke as her body broke into a shiver of disgust.

"Ryu, if you need a smoke, why don't you go outside to do it? I'll even stand out there with you, just so Raine doesn't have to smell that any longer. Besides, the smell will take awhile to leave the room at this rate." Grace offered, looking over to the man as she tucked her rather bruised hands into her jacket pocket. "It'd be easier this way." It was a waste if he simply put out the cigarette anyway, after all it looked like he just now lit it. Not to mention she didn't exactly like sitting still to begin with.

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Ichiro heard a light whooshing sound, then a thunk. Moments again, another whoosh, then a thunk. His eyes began to open slowly, and his curiosity grew. In an apartment where only he resided, he wondered who had made their presence known, without him even letting them in. And then it hit him. Well, almost. The kunai missed his face by mere centimeters, as the laugh of his sister (the elder of the two, and master of teasing Ichiro) echoed out in his bedroom. His eyes opened slowly, and focused immediately on her. Why was she upside down?

She wasn't.

As the sun had risen mere moments ago, his sister had let herself in and arranged his bedroom so that she could hang him upside down from his wardrobe, just to be able to savour the moment when he woke up and finally realised that she'd been teasing him once again. It kind of helped that she was here though, or Ichiro may have never bothered getting out of bed in the first place. Not that he had a choice in the matter right now, since his soft, warm bed was all the way over on the other side of the room. "Please get me down from here."

Ichiro, still parading around the room in his underwear, handed his sister her kunai back, after having to pull several from his wardrobe doors. She laughed lightly, patting his shoulder as she pocketed the kunai. "There may still be hope for you yet. Now don't you have somewhere to be?" were her words she spoke as he got dressed in his usual outfit. His sister had already disappeared before he could awkwardly thank her for his wake-up call, and so he went downstairs instead, grabbed his kusarigama and his 'Scorpion's Stinger', along with a golden key and a pair of sunglasses, then headed out into the street.

Gently, Ichiro pushed his sunglasses further up his nose as he entered a rather quiet street, eyeing as a young lady's attention sparked, merely by his presence around her. His casual stroll began building up into a slight jog. He didn't need any attention right now. He had places to be... And people to meet. His weapons clanged and shook as his walking got quicker and quicker, which didn't bother Ichiro that much, since he could manipulate his weapons, and they felt lighter than air to him, but could pack a punch for anyone else.

Time passed, and Ichiro let out a light sigh as he turned a corner into a busy street. Was this the street? He couldn't remember. He'd stopped to ask directions to this so called 'Spirited Away' place, but the man he had stopped simply ignored him and moved along like he hadn't even existed in the first place. It infuriated him. It was people such as that which didn't make him want to ever be around the kingdom at this time ever again. He didn't even feel like he wanted to meet up with anyone at the coffee shop, nor anywhere else for that matter. Every little thing about today had already scratched away slowly at his patience. What could any activity possibly do to salvage it, and spark his intrigue? Underneath the tinted glass, Ichiro's eyes burned a bright, fiery amber, which was an indication that his patience was wearing very thin. He marched along, sticking out like a sore thumb against the rest of the crowds, with all his weapons and odd-looking clothing. He didn't care that much. He was already late. The best he could hope for would be that he saw friendly faces when he finally arrived. Or at least an angry Eva. He could deal with that. He found it sweet that she cared. Not many people genuinely did.

As he entered the café, the waitress sank back a little, watching such a tall and slender man arrive with such huge weapons about his person. He smiled ever so slightly, as his eyes turned back to a soft red. "Table for twelve. Ichiro Nakamura." He slid his sunglasses down a little, which immediately sparked the waitress' attention and made her forget about how intimidated she felt when he had first entered. He laughed a little, the smirk remaining on his face as he pushed the tinted glass back over his eyes and directed himself to the table.

As he approached his fellow zodiacs, he slung his weapons down behind an empty seat, which shook the floor a little, surprisingly without breaking it. His eyes scanned each of the zodiacs that had already arrived, and he smiled a little. "It's been a long time. Apologies for my lateness." He kept his sunglasses on as he sat at the table. He didn't want to give a bad impression of himself by bringing unwanted attention to their table.

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Leo laughed at Chastity's reaction, and was glad that Raine put his hat in his lap, instead of throwing it or letting it just drop to the ground. He just shook his head and at Ryu's cockiness. He could see the tension between him and Kai, and took note of it. Soon everyone was starting to go back and forth. Eva soon came to Raine, concerned and whispered to her. Leo got ready for yet another potential skirmish. She seen went away and he wasn't as worried, but he still had to pay attention to all the others. It seemed to him that there wasn't any real meeting, just a group bickering with one another.

He rolled his eyes and growled slightly, looking around. Holding his hand up, he tapped his finger, counting off who was there. He mumbled to himself the number. "Yea.. k, we're good." He turned to Raine again and put his hat in her lap. "Hold this please?" He stood up and looked over the others. "Aight, we're all heyah. Now, y'all complainin' 'bout da smoke, but really, tink of it dis way. At least it's covahin' his normal smell." Leo smiled and chuckled. "Okay, aight, I'm gon go get downstayahs and get da drinks." He started his way back downstairs and found a waitress. "Oh uh.. we're ready ma'am." He went back upstairs, looking to see that she was coming up too. "Don't worry, dey don't bite, I made shuwa dey ate befowah dey came." He smiled to her as they came to the table. She laughed and asked what they wanted.

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#, as written by phnx

Ryu was sitting on the chair thinking this little reunion might have been a good idea after all, it was nice seeing the other Zodiacs after such a long time. Well he was thinking it until Kai showed up. "I know I didn't miss your little smoking habit." The way Kai spoke tempted Ryu to give him the finger. But it might be a bit too early for that so he just made eye contact with the other while he took a long drag from his cigarette and blew out the smoke right into Kai's face.

His smoking crated obvious tension but he honestly couldn't care less. Ryu's attention drifted from the programme Imi was watching to her breasts. He couldn't help himself the girl had an amazing set of tits. When she turned her attention back to him he quickly diverted his glance towards where Eva and Chastity were sitting. Getting caught at staring at Imi's boobs might earn him a hit on the head with the Meteor Hammer and he most certainly didn't want that.

"What exactly is it? Do you carry an infatuation spell or something to cause girls to go absolutely soft around you?" Ryu took a drag from his cigarette and cleared his throat. He opened his mouth with a smile but before any sounds could come out Raine started answering for him. "Imi, Ryu's ability to obtain woman is that of the same as a male peacock, he is brightly coloured and puffy giving his body form more appealing to females, though it would have to be females with simple tastes because I to don't see the big whoop of his appearance and a major off-put is his attitude, cocky and ill mannered."

The expression on Ryu's face changed instantly, he looked ready to slit Capricorn's throat. Could he get away with burning her alive? Probably not. As he turned towards Raine his face took on a completely new look. He was now wearing a fake tight-lipped smile. He started in a overly-dramatic voice. "Oh, my deepest apologies, how could I have possibly forgotten that you have the nose of a critter." As he spoke his voice filled with more and more venom. "Also I don't think someone who looks like they crawled out of a grave this morning is entitled to criticize my appearance.

He took no notice of Grace's and Ichiro's arrival and kept his eyes locked on Raine's. Everyone was looking at him now, he liked attention but not this kind so he shook his head and sighed. After Leo decided to go get the waitress Ryu took one final breath of the smoke and stubbed the fag on the inside of his forearm.

Leaning against the back of his chair Ryu sighed for what must have been the tenth time. He crossed his legs and started fiddling with his fingers, he was not pouting, maybe a bit. He finally acknowledged the newly arrived Zodiac's presence with a nod to Ichiro and a wink to Grace.

Once Leo came back with the waitress the usual seductive smirk. He was a frequent visitor of Spirited Away so he remembered the waitress, unfortunately he didn't remember her name. He was troubled with the we hooked up but I can't remember your name curse. After a quick glance at her name tag while she was distracted with taking the others orders he spoke. "Thank you Fei, I'll have the usual. The girl blushed at the sound of her name and Ryu's smile widened, flirting always made him feel better.

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Image Chastity Pure

Chastity instantly knew that a few people witnessed her blush, because then Imi and Raine started talking about it. Chastity frowned slightly. Of course they had to go and say that. She shook her head. Chastity always hated her dirty mind. She believed in romance, sure, but the things her sick mind came up with sometimes made her want to claw her own brain right out of her head. I'm getting old, I've seen too much... Chastity sighed. Chastity was snapped out of her thoughts when her intimidating friend slammed her hand on the table, clearly angry or upset towards something that Raine said. Chastity laughed a bit when her friend slumped back down into her seat. She honestly didn't know what had happened, she completely blanked out after Raine made that comment about a peacock.

Chastity was just about to go back into daydream mode when she heard her name. She looked over at Eva, who wore a very serious expression on her face. Chastity never was and never has been scared of the look on her face, although she knew how intimidating it seemed. She actually admired this, almost envying the respect her friend must've gotten, not that she knew. Eva was being way over-dramatic and that's another thing she loved about Eva. It amused Chastity. She laughed at Eva,
Oh come on, Eva. I don't think anybody would steal or anyone even would dare to steal from a Zodiac... unless it was me.
Chastity scratched the back of her head and laughed nervously at the last part of her sentence. She slumped down in her seat and sighed. Chastity did have a point. If there was any least intimidating Zodiac, it would definitely be Chastity. She didn't know how to fight and everyone in the Spirit World knew it.

When Grace entered, she also made a comment on Ryu. Chastity exhaled. It comes as no surprise to me that everyone is paying attention to him, especially the girls. Although it's not exactly positive... Even if Grace and Ryu were probably about to go have some alone time with the "cancer stick", Chastity still smiled and waved at Grace. Chastity turned back to Eva and pat her on the shoulder.
It's alright, Eva. I can go and get it back for you.
Chastity seen Ichiro sit down and she thought that this was the perfect opportunity to escape. Honestly, she couldn't stand being around the smoke or the bad attitude anymore, both were making her feel sick. She knew that Ichiro and Eva got along well, but Chastity didn't know Ichiro too well. Sure, she would probably rather be around him than some people in the Zodiac group, but she still wasn't too familiar with him. As Chastity was about to stand up, she heard something that added on to how sick she felt.

Also I don't think someone who looks like they crawled out of a grave this morning is entitled to criticize my appearance.

Okay, at that point, it was official in Chastity's mind. She was not going to get along with this guy. Chastity knew how intimidating she wasn't, but she glared at him, even while the waitress was getting her order.
I'm fine, excuse me.
Chastity slammed her hands against the table as she stood up, then made her way angrily towards the girls' washroom. She just did not understand! How would any girl want to be with him? Chastity whipped her key out of the chest area in her dress and opened a portal. Chastity hopped inside and she was inside Eva's house. Being alone would probably let Chastity cool down a bit. Chastity searched around the house for a few minutes before she realized some obvious places she could've checked... Like sitting up against the wall right beside the entrance. Chastity sweat dropped at her own stupid mistake. She grabbed the sniper... with much effort. Actually, she could hardly hold it up firmly in her arms, so she let her arms hang slightly. She set it down on the ground for a moment so she could open a portal, leading her back into the girls' washroom.

As soon as Chastity hopped out of her portal, she was startled by a very loud scream. There was a woman standing in front of her, trying to peacefully wash her hands but then a certain Zodiac came jumping out of a portal and into a public bathroom. That's basically what it looked like and Chastity knew that. She sweat dropped and apologized, before putting her key back into her bra. She stopped. Wait, why am I keeping it in there? She blushed to herself before sliding it in her heel. She'd find a better place for that after. And so then, a weak little blonde Zodiac walked through the cafe holding a sniper rifle in her arms.
Hey, Eva! I got your-
And as if on cue, Chastity tripped and landed on her hands and knees, the gun falling on the ground. Chastity pulled the back of her dress down, not wanting to show more than she needed, but instantly realized she had better things to be worrying about. She just dropped Eva's baby.

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Raine's eyes slightly widened. Had she offended them? She hadn't meant to but it seems that she had. Raine stood up from her chair.
"Ryu, rather your quip at my appearance is valid or not I am sorry for my unappealing self, and also I didn't mean to offend you I was just simply stated what I thought to be a fact, I am sorry, it seems I was mistaken, and I am also sorry for my tone when I mentioned your smoking once again I didn't mean to offend you its just that it is burning my senses and from what I can tell a few other's, I thank you for putting it out but if of next time could you please open a window before you start" Raine said stoically, she had thought these people would know by now that she never means to offend or upset, Raine just stated facts. Raine was about to apologize to Eva when her attention was swiftly brought to a falling Chastity. In moments she was by the girls side, concern etched in her green orbs as she gently took the girls arm and helped her up. Her eyes quickly scanned over the girl to make sure she wasn't injured and when she found she wasn't she yet her soft hold on Chastity go and gracefully bent down to pick up the gun. She gave Chastity a warm smile before turning to Eva and handing her the gun.

"It seems kind Chastity had gotten this for you and Eva, I hope you know I didn't mean to offend you neither, I would never want to upset anyone and it seems I have and I apologize from now on I will call it a cigarette, it was my verbal mistake and I hope you can forgive me" Raine said polity.

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Leo saw Ryu quickly jump in as he returned. He didn't seem to notice him exit, which disappointed him slightly. He paid attention to the ladies too, but he at least noticed when a large mass gets up and walks through the room. Leo snarled as Ryu took an attack on Raine. Although in his own ideologies there were two different groups of spirits, he still took an attack on one of them as an attack on him. He tried to stay neutral though.

It was when Chastity stormed out that he couldn't take it anymore. He knew Ryu was looking for a fight with everyone. He turned to try and stop Chastity before she left but when she went to the ladies room it was too late. Leo turned back around and snarled again, growling slightly. He went to Ryu, but was distracted as Chastity fell. Raine quickly took over and helped her. He still went to her, taking out his handkercheif, so she could clean her face. He offered it to her and looked over. He dapped her cheek with it, then lightly tapped it with his fingers. "You okay bub?"

Once finished, he went back to Ryu. Leo was glad that he got distracted, he calmed down a bit. "What's your problem here? You come here, make the room smell, then go insulting people? Is that what you do? You come in here, pick on my friends," Leo spoke with his hands a lot, and motioned over the whole room, "Just to impress some girl?" motioning the waitress. He knew he was speaking with his accent, but he didn't really care what people thought about it. He just knew that Ryu was being aggressive with everyone, and he had to play peacekeeper.