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Maya Grayson

{Slight WIP nearing completion}

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a character in “A World of Mist”, as played by Circus Freak




“All living things contain a measure of madness,
that moves them in strange,
sometimes inexplicable ways.
This madness can be saving;
it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt.
Without it,
no species would survive.”
- Yann Martel

Ambient Themes
In the House, In a Heartbeat||John Murphy||Ghosts I-5||Nine Inch Nails
Lavanya||ES Posthumus||Unstoppable||ES Posthumus
I Know You Are But What Am I?||Mogwai||Home||Gustavo Santaollala
Autumn Leaves||The Best Pessimist



☠Full Name☠
Maya Renee Grayson

Mai (Pronounced "my")








Maya is the kind of woman to yell at someone, and then turn around and worry about whether or not they were hurt. She is someone who worries most of the time, always wanting to make sure that everyone is okay, and generally acting like a mother hen. She hovers a lot, and can be a little annoying at times but genuinley cares for others and hates to see anyone hurt.
On the flip side however Maya has a general lack of care for her own safety. In a fight she will put herself on the line for someone else, and holds little respect for her own life. As capable as she is she often has doubts about her own ability. Another thing about Maya is she likes to fix and build things because it helps to fill a hole. She doesn't view herself as particularly useful until she can see the finished product come to life.
Can be quick-tempered, and hates being uncomfortable. There are days that Maya shouldn't be approached, and those days are mostly obvious. She will be really impatient, sarcastic, and have a generally angry look about her. She tries to avoid the others on these days though, as a last concious act of kindness. It can be noted that she also gets snappish if interrupted while at work on something, and hates to be rushed when it is not in her power to hurry anymore than she is trying.

- Fixing
- Building
- Hopeful
- Quick-Thinking

- Survivors Guilt
- Loud
- Easily Distracted
- Easily hurt by words






☠Primary Weapons/Long Range☠
- Browning Auto-5 (For Long-Range, Visible)
- Smith and Wesson Model 59 (More for mid-range, Concealed)

☠Secondary Weapon/Short Range☠
- Trench Knife (Extreme Close-Range, Concealed)

☠Other Equipment☠
- Tool kit (Kept In Duffel)
- Waterskin (To Share)
- Siphon Hose (Looped On Belt)
- Mini Gascan (Empty, Tied To Duffel)
- Journal (Kept in Duffel)
- Duffel Bag (Holds Most Of Her Equipment)





So begins...

Maya Grayson's Story


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"Hidden in plain sight."
~ G H O S T ~

A vicious snarl emitted from Ghost's right, who's glowing eyes glanced over at the young giant feline who crouched beside her. Ghost hissed, the sound completely nonhuman. The hiss silenced the mountain lion, who Ghost had named Leo causing the large docile cat to curl into Ghost's side, warming the area. Leo purred as Ghost stroked his head as she continued to look through the scope of her sniper, watching the action that had caused Leo to snarl. Two heavily armed men had just killed a fleeing couple and were now stringing up the carcasses.

'Cannibals' Ghost thought bitterly as she watched the scene. The coppery scent of blood mixed with the fresh scent of rain, both scents twirling together and making a rather unpleasant odor attack Ghost's sensitive nose. Her stomach flipped, making her feel sick as she glared through the scope at the backs of the receding men.

"Disgusting men" Ghost growled once the men completely disappeared. Slowly she crawled out from her hiding place she and Leo had slept in overnight. It was only two old dumpsters with a cardboard box over top of them and a trashcan in front of her, but with Ghost's senses and Leo warmth it wasn't such a bad night. But the wake up call was rather disturbing, the screams of the couple had been rather heart wrecking and gut twisting.

Leo followed loyally beside Ghost as they wander around the abandoned, decrepit city. The city was surprisingly bare no more humans and no zombies, Ghost couldn't even hear anything but the cheery chirp of morning birds and the random caws of a raven. Yet even in this state of stillness Ghost was ridge and ready to pounce.

They walked through the city for a while, looking for anything of use. There was one building with a high density of spores and Ghost signaled the cougar to stay put while she venture forward. Fungal growth covered the walls of the foggy room, the only scents in the room was death and the rank smell of trash. Ghost sighed and started to head out of the building when she heard Leo's snarl. Ghost sniffed in worry and rushed out, leaving the building just in time. A V2 zombie was readying itself to pounce on the stiffened feline. The bony, hollow looking creature gurgled and hissed, its lengthened claws pointing hazardously at Leo. Ghost's thundering growl made the V2 swiftly look at her, giving Leo the moment to hide behind Ghost who was now positioned to attack. Removing her hood and mask Ghost's glowing icy eyes met the dull glowing crimson of the zombies. The white haired woman pulled back her lips in a snarl, flashing her lengthy canines in a threatening manner. With pinky length canines, white hair, glowing eyes and retraceable lengthening claws Ghost looked bit terrifying then the zombie in front of her. The zombie tried to step closer but Ghost snarled and stood her ground, swiping her claws at the monster. The zombie hissed and stepped back but Ghost didn't give it a chance to flee. She pounced, elbowing the zombie in the throat and pushed it to the ground, the hybrid woman landing on top of it. Without hesitation Ghost ripped the zombies throat up and took off its head, throwing it on the ground before crashing it under her boot.

Ghost hissed one last time before grabbing and putting back on her cloak and mask before patting Leo and on the head. Leaving the decapitated body of the dead zombie behind Ghost and Leo continued to wander around.